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Welcome to the home page of the Valleau Family Association. Founded in 1994, and present on the World Wide Web since 1996, we are dedicated to the discovery and preservation of the rich and varied history and genealogy of this family, celebrating our achievements of the past and challanging those that lay before us.

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The genealogy information is in the process of being updated. If you can't get to the page you want it is because that page needs to be uploaded to the website.

2002 REUNION JUNE 15-16

The 2001 Loyalist Landing Reenactment of June 16th appeared to be a success. The Valleau Family Association was there and a few of the family stopped by. Visitors solved a couple artist mysteries for us. Our display table drew compliments of many that stopped by. We will have our 2002 Valleau Reunion at this park on June 15th and 16th and we are still seeking a few local volunteers to help coordinate the event. If you would like to help with the 2002 reunion organizing, please email me, [email protected] so I can put you in touch with the other volunteers.
Click here for a map and other details.
Our booth at the event.


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If you have old photos of family and would like to display them in our picture gallery here's what we can do. The best situation is for you to get the picture scanned and send me the image file via email or diskette.I now have a scanner to scan your photographs. This method will require each picture to make 2 trips through the mail system, subject to loss or damage. So if you choose the second method send only items you have duplicates of or can afford to loose. Make sure all photos submitted are identified with both your name and return address and information on who is pictured in the image.

The January 2002 upload of data is complete. This upload contains over 15000 people, increasing by almost 4000 over the January 2000 refresh. You can still send in your updates and new stuff anytime!


Email me with your new additions for the next update.

I am taking orders the book "Pierre Fauconnier and His Descendants" by A. E.Helffenstein, MD (1911) through this website. This book describes the origins of the Valleau Family in the US and Canada, and more than 3000 Valleau descendants.To get the best discount I need to order 50 books from the publisher. I will place the order when I get deposits for 35 books. More than 105 copies of this book have been purchased by relatives through the Valleau Family Association. Email Rich Turnblom for details.

The VALLEAU REUNION REPORT, The newsletter of the Valleau Family Association is published one to three times yearly as I get material. It is only mailed to Association members. Samples of the newsletter are available.
Email me for a free sample.

John Valleau sent me a .gif copy of the VALLEAU crest.The crest now appears at the top of this page. Justin Valleau gave me some altered copies of this image to use as transparent .gifs for background on some of the linked pages.

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