Descendants of Philippe du TrieuxDescendants of Philippe du Trieux

Generation Two

2. Maria Truax (Philippe du Trieux); baptized 5 Apr 1617 at Leiden, Holland; married Cornelis Volkertsen Viele, son of Volkert Maertnesen Seylemaecher and Marritjen Jens, before Jan 1641; married Jan Peek 1650; died before 1684 at Schenectady, NY?

She was also known as Maria du Trieux. She was banished from New Amsterdam in 1664.

Pieter Wolphersen was also known as Wolphersen van Couwenhoven.

Known children of Maria Truax and Pieter Wolphersen were:

Cornelis Volkertsen Viele died circa 1649.

Cornelis Viele was probably born in Hoorn, North Holland. Certainly a trader and tavern-keeper of New Amsterdam in 1639; probably a sailmaker and trader of Hoorn. A document dated June 5, 1614 states that Cornelis Volkertszen, Bookseller resided at Hoorn on the Nieuwland (street) in the house called "`t Vergulde Claver" (the golden clover). He was an investor in the ship "The Fortuyn" which explored the Hudson River in 1613 just four years after Henry Hudson (1609). He was also an investor in the New Netherland Company formed to explore and settle New Amsterdam. He evidently followed his investment by settling in New York.

Known children of Maria Truax and Cornelis Volkertsen Viele were as follows:

Jan Peek was born circa 1615 at Netherlands. He died after 1664 at New Amsterdam. He was also known as Jan Peake. He immigrated before 1650 to New Amsterdam.

An early settler of New Amsterdam, where for many years he and his wife kept an Inn. Frequent prosecutions were instituted against them for selling spirits without license and for selling to the Indians. The creek at Peekskill takes its name from him.

Known children of Maria Truax and Jan Peek all born at New Amsterdam, New Netherland, were as follows:

3. Sarah du Trieux (Philippe); born circa 1625 at New Amsterdam, New Netherland; married Isaac De Forest, son of Jesse De Forest, 9 Jun 1641 at New Amsterdam, New Netherland;3 died 9 Nov 1692 at Albany, NY.

She was also known as Sara Philips.

Isaac De Forest was baptized on 10 Jul 1616 at Leyden, Holland. He died in 1674 at New Amsterdam, New Netherland. He emigrated in 1637 from Netherlands on the ship Renselaerwyck.

Known children of Sarah du Trieux and Isaac De Forest were as follows:

4. Susanna du Trieux (Philippe); born 1626 at New York, NY; married Evert Janse Wendell 31 Jul 1644 at New York, NY;3 died 1660 at Albany, NY.

Evert Janse Wendell was born in 1615 at Emden, East Friesland, Germany. He married Marytje Abrahamse Van Deusen, daughter of Abraham Pieter Van Deusen, circa 1663. He married Ariaantje ? after 1665. He died in 1709 at Albany, NY. He was also known as Evert Jansen. He immigrated in 1640 to New Amsterdam, New Netherland. He moved to Fort Orange (Albany), NY, in 1651.

Evert came to New York in the service of the Dutch West Indies Company. He lived in New York City until about 1651 when the family moved to Albany. He was a cooper and import merchant. He was an elder in the Dutch Church, 1656, Orphan-Master, 1657, Magistrate, 1660, 1661. In 1663 at the time of his second marriage, Evert and his second wife, Marytje, signed a prenuptial agreement which gives the name of his first wife, the names of her children except for Thomas, then an adult, and the ages of the children.

Known children of Susanna du Trieux and Evert Janse Wendell were as follows:

5. Abraham du Trieux (Philippe); born 1632 at New Amsterdam, New Netherland; married Hestor ?; died after 20 Aug 1662.4

He was a skipper. (Although these children are generally attributed to Abraham Du Trieux, there is almost no evidence to support their relationship. There is even a theory that Hestor, mentioned as a baptism witness, was actually one of his sisters and not his wife).

Hestor ? was also known as Rosella ?

Known children of Abraham du Trieux and Hestor ? were as follows:

6. Rachel du Trieux (Philippe); born 1635 at New Amsterdam, New Netherland; married Hendrick Van Bommel circa 30 Sep 1656 at New York, NY;3 married Dirk Janse de Groot 22 Jul 1677.5

She was also known as Rachel DeTru. She was also known as Rosella Du Trieux. She lived at Marckvelt Straat (Marketfield Street), New Amsterdam, New Netherland.

Known children of Rachel du Trieux and Hendrick Van Bommel were as follows:

Dirk Janse de Groot was born at Groet, Holland. He married Wybrug Jans. He was also known as Dirck Jansen.

Known children of Rachel du Trieux and Dirk Janse de Groot were as follows:

7. Rebecca du Trieux (Philippe); born circa 1636; (she may have been born 1643 ); married Symon Symonse De Groot, son of Symon de Groot.

Symon Symonse De Groot was born circa 1620 at Netherlands. He immigrated before 1643 to New Amsterdam; on the Prince Mauritz. He moved to Schenectady, NY, in 1662. In 1690 his sons were kidnapped in the Indian / French attack.

Simon Symonse Groot came early to New Netherland in the service of the West India Company as boatswain of the ship Prince Mauritz. In 1645 he was living in New Amsterdam (NY city) he then came to Beverwyck (Albany) in 1654. In 1662 he moved his family to Schenectady. Where the house he lived in was to remain in the family for over 100 years. On Feb. 8, 1690 the French and Indians atacked the Fort. Symon's 5 sons were taken prisoner and marched up to Canada. It took two weeks to get there through the cold and snow. Symon Sr. and his wife escaped all the horror because they were in Albany at a Baptism. Symon was a farmer by trade, and so were most of his sons. Phillip's son opened the 2nd grist mill in the area.

Known children of Rebecca du Trieux and Symon Symonse De Groot were as follows:

8. Isaac du Trieux (Philippe); baptized 24 Apr 1642 at New Amsterdam, New Netherland;10,11 married Maria Wilemse Brouwer, daughter of Willem Brouwer and Elisabeth Drinckvelt; died circa 1702 at Schenectady, NY.

There was originally some confusion as to whether Isaac and his brother Jacob were the sons of Philippe Du Trieux Sr., or of his eldest son Philippe. It is now generally accepted, however, that they are of the second generation of this family and not the third, and that Philippe Jr. never married or had children.

Isaac was the progenitor of the Schenectady branch of the Truax family. He settled on the ’second flat“ of the Mohawk River (now the town of Rotterdam) as early as 1670 along with his cousin, Jacobus Peek (Maria's son). Isaac was probably a tavern-keeper like his sister, and it appears that several generations of his descendants carried on the family business. Isaac married Maria Willemse Brouwer some time before 1683. Maria was the daughter of Willem Brouwer and Elisabeth Drinckvelt. Willem Brouwer was an early resident of Beverwyck, having settled there as early as 1657.

At various times in its early history, Schenectady suffered from the attacks of the French and the Indians. The most memorable of these attacks was in February, 1690. Schenectady is said to have had at this time about 80 houses and 400 inhabitants. Six months earlier, fifteen hundred Indian warriors had attacked the French Canadian town of Lachine, apparently in an effort to please their English allies who had just declared war on France. The citizens of Lachine did not yet know about the war, so the town was unfortified and undefended when the Indians descended and slaughtered 24 men, women and children. Then they razed the town and took about 70 prisoners, many of whom were never seen again. The French assumed, rightly or wrongly, that the English were behind the attack, and decided to respond in kind in the winter of 1690. It was under these circumstances that an expedition was sent by the French from Canada, with the intention of striking a blow at Albany (then called Orange) or Schenectady (then called Corlard).

The French, under Lieutenants Le Moyne de Sainte Helene and Dailleboust de Mantet, organized a party consisting of about 210 men, including 16 Algonquins and 80 Iroquois from the Sault. After marching five or six days from Montreal, they considered whether to try to take Orange, which was the capital of New York, or whether to attack the more vulnerable Corlard. On the advice of the Indians, they chose the latter course and headed towards Schenectady. The attack was a brutal one, as described by Mons. de Monseignat, Comptroller-General of the Marine in Canada:

"The signal of attack was given Indian fashion, and the entire force rushed on simultaneously. M. de Mantet placed himself at the head of one detachment and reached a small fort where the garrison was under arms. The gate was burst in after a good deal of difficulty, the whole set on fire, and all who defended the place were slaughtered. The sack of the town began a moment before the attack on the fort. Few houses made any resistance. The massacre lasted two hours. The remainder of the night was spent in placing sentinels and in taking some rest. The house belonging to the minister [Rev. Peter Tassemaker] was ordered to be saved, so as to take him alive to obtain information from him; but as it was not known, it was not spared any more than the others. He was killed in it and his papers were burnt before he could be recognized."

Every house in town but two was set ablaze. The French lost only two men in the attack on the town, although they lost another 19 on the difficult journey back to Canada. Of the inhabitants of Schenectady, 60 were slain in the massacre, 27 were carried into captivity, one (or possibly more) escaped to Albany, and the remainder probably fled for refuge to their friends and neighbors who were settled along the river. One of these survivors was Isaac Du Trieux. He received "8 ells of pennestout and 40 ells of linen" as a refugee of the massacre.

(information taken in part from "The History of Schenectady County").

Maria Wilemse Brouwer was baptized on 4 Jun 1653 at Albany, NY.7

Known children of Isaac du Trieux and Maria Wilemse Brouwer were as follows:

9. Jacob du Trieux (Philippe); baptized 2 Dec 1645 at New Amsterdam, New Netherland;3,12 married Lysbeth Post, daughter of Lodewyck Post and Agnietje Bonen, 26 Sep 1674 at New Orange, NY; died 27 Dec 1709 at Newcastle, DE.

He was the progenitor of the 'New Scotland branch.' He sold his land in New Jersey in 1708 and moved to New Castle Co., Delaware.

Lysbeth Post was baptized on 18 Jul 1655 at New Amsterdam.3 She died in 1733 at Delaware.13 She was also known as Elizabeth Post.

Known children of Jacob du Trieux and Lysbeth Post were as follows:

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