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Rusyns or Ruthenians are a nationality without a county. The Rusyn villages are located south of the Polish border, high in the Carpathian Mountains of northern Slovakia. They are very accessible through the Dukla Pass, which is a major passageway throught the mountains, used by conquering armies as well as travelers throughout history. It was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire at the turn of the 19th century immigration. Information on villages and surnames are found in a variety of databases. So you need to keep an open mind when researching in this area. For some of the websites where you can find information, see the list under Favorite Websites.

You can find all of the villages if you can find "SVIDNIK". Svidnik is south of the Polish border, located on the Ondava River. It is the center of culture, education and politics in the area. In 1960, the population of Svidnik was reported to be 1,015 people. By 1991, it had grown to 11,520 people!

At this time, I do not have much information about these towns. As research continues, I will update links and information about Rusyn roots.


Map Coordinates: Latitude: 49° 23'00"N Longitude: 21° 29'00"E

Roztoky is located 16.3 miles (4km) south of the Polish border, 10km WNW of Svinik, and 2km west of Keckovce.

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Map Coordinates: Latitude: 49° 23'00"N Longitude: 21° 31'00"E

Keckovce is located 16.1 miles (4km) south of the Polish border, 2km east of Roztoky.



Map Coordinates: Latitude: 49° 18'00"N Longitude: 21° 27'00"E

Ortutova is located 22.2 miles (16kmk) south of the Polish border, 13 km south of Roztoky, and 9 km WSW of Svidnik.



Map Coordinates: Latitude: 49° 15'00"N Longitude: 21° 32'00"E 25.3 miles S

Mlynarovce is located 3-1/2 miles south of Rovne, 7 WSW of Svidnik.


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