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Kety, pow. Oswiecimski, woj. Malopolskie, Poland

Map Coordinates: Latitude: 49° 54'00"N Longitude: 19° 16'00"E.

Kety is located 34 miles (55km) south of Krakow.

The town of Kety is located in the southwestern part of Poland, in the foothills at the northern side of the Carpathian Mountains known as the Beskids (Beskidy Zywiecki). Founded in 1277, Kety was acquired by the Austrian-Hungarian Empire in the first partition of Poland in 1772. In 1900, it had a population of 5,479 people. By 1960, it had grown to 6,581. Estimates for 1993 give the population at 19,600. Kety is home to a woolen manufacturer and a major industrial plant that trades its stock publicly on the stock market. There is even a large supermarket with an in-store ATM machine. Grampa would never recognize the place!

Kety even has it's own official home page.

Visit Kety from the comfort of your own computer ! This link will show you some photos of the town.

Do you want to read about the history of Kety?


Luzna, pow. Gorlicki, woj. Malopolskie, Poland

Map Coordinates: Latitude: 49° 43'00"N Longitude: 21° 03'00"E

Luzna is 22.7 miles (10km) WNW of Gorlice, and 12km ENE of Grybow.

Luzna and Sekowa are located in southeastern Poland, closer to the Russian border. Also part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire at the turn of the 19th century. Gorlice is the closest recognizable town. Luzna now has a web site. You can view it here

There are also some photos available through the Photo Gallery.

Because Luzna is so close to Gorlice, you can get a good idea of the area by checking out Gorlice. So, I am providing some links for you to follow. For a description of Gorlice in Polish, check out the Encyklopedia. If you would prefer, you can read the history of Gorlice in English.

Would you like to visit the official homepage of Gorlice? Once you are in the home page, click on "Historia miasta" for a history of Gorlice in Polish.


Sekowa, pow. Gorlicki, woj. Malopolskie, Poland

Map Coordinates: Latitude: 49° 37'00"N Longitude: 21° 12'00"E

Sekowa is located 14.9 miles (5km) West of Gorlice. Sekowa was founded in 1363. I have been able to find some information on the internet for you. FOTO OF CHURCH IN SEKOWA.

Do you want to read about the history of Sekowa?


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