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This is your opportunity to view Eastern Europe without ever leaving your living room (or whatever room you have located your computer!)

Visit the Carpathian Mountains, or visit one of my towns in Poland. Not every town has photos available right now. But keep coming back to visit! Eventually, I hope to have photos of each town for you to look at!

The Carpathian Mountains

  • The Virtual Map of the Carpathian Mountains

    These beautiful photographs were taken by Michal Jaworski, who takes you on a trip through the Carpathians with his photos.

    According to Mr. Jaworski, there are about 400 pictures covering the Polish and Ukrainian part of Carpathian Mountains. Before WW2, the majority of those areas belonged to Poland (parts to Czech Republic and Romania). Now those areas are divided between Ukraine and Poland. The photographs take you on a tour of the mountains near "such towns like (Polish names) Stanislaw�w, Lw�w, Kolomyja, Przemysl, Ustrzyki G�rne, Rafajlowa, Osmoloda. Pictures are collected into virtual-trips. The visitor can have a virtual walk with possibility of having a glance left, right or back (it should work like that...)" This site is described as ". . .quite a nice concept in traveling via the Internet."

    Instructions in polish are available under the button with "?" mark. Mr. Jaworski has promised that eventually, the instructions to this site will be in English. Be patient!

    To navigate this site, click on the Indeks (Rolodex cards) in the top left hand column. Click on the first link Masyw Tarnicy i Halicza. Next page click on Dolina Wo�osatego z Prze� Bukowskiej. You will get a beautiful photo of snow in the mountains. There will be a small red box on each page in the upper right hand corner. The caption tells you where each photo was taken. After you view the current photo, click on the box to see the next photo.

    When you are done viewing those sites, click on the "Back" button in your tool bar at the top of your screen on the left. This will bring you directly back to the main page. When you get back to the page with the Dolina Wo�osatego z Prze� Bukowskiej link, go to the next link.

    If you click on a red dot in the middle of a photo, that will show you some breath-taking close-up photographs.








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