300 Years, pg 106-110

PLEASE NOTE: We received the following from Mr. Earl K. Dille concerning page #110:

Actually there were two printings, and the second printing, undertaken less than a year after the first, corrects one mistake. In the middle of page 110, for H2. Clyde Henry Krager, Jr., the second edition shows the marriage date to Anna Belle Hinton (12-14-1947) where the first edition doesn't, and the four kids should have the last name of Krager, not Hinton, nor should they be identified as stepchildren as in the
first edition. If you have the first edition, just pencil in the corrections and go with it. As I said, there are many other additions and corrections which should be made but I guess as long as you say that all this was put out in 1965, people will understand that it is NOT
up to date. Best of luck, Earl


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