Will of Nicholas Hobson


(daughters married into Bugg and Bacon families)

Source: Lunenburg County, Virginia, Will Book No. 1,
With Inventories, Accounts, Etc, 1746-1762


Page 216. Will. May 25, 1758. I, Nicholas Hobson, late of L, being very sick and weak in body - In the first place, all my just debts are to be paid.

To my son John Hobson - 400 acres in L on the branches of Meherrin, beginning at Hawkens' line and so down the road, taking in the houses where John Baken now lives.

To my son Mathew Hobson - 290 acres on Roanoke River, joining the line of Tandy Walker, deceased, in L. Also, 400 acres on Meherrin River, joining Hawkins' lower line along the said line. Also, a Negro girl named Pat and a feather bed and furniture and 5 cattle and a colt.

To my son Nicholas Hobson - the half of 880 acres whereon my dwelling house is, and 400 acres at the Lower Plantation. Also a young filly, 5 cattle, and a feather bed and furniture. Also, a young Negro girl named Lousey.

To my son William Hobson - the half of the aforesaid land where my dwelling house is, and where the lower field is, to be equally divided by my executors, and the said William Hobson on the upper Plantation and dwelling house and the said Nicholas to have the lower field in his half. I also give to William, a Negro wench named Sue, 5 cattle, and a feather bed and furniture.

To my daughter Obedience Bacon - 400 acres joining the above mentioned John Hobson, and running down the road for compliment.

To my daughter Agness Bacon - 490 acres on the branches of Latons Creek, and joining to James Bilbow's line.

To my daughter Sarah Hobson - 600 acres on the said Meherrin branches, part of the said tract of land which my son John and daughter Obedience had their part of, beginning at said Obedience's line, coming towards my old line. I also give her 5 cattle and a feather bed and furniture.

To my daughter Margrata Hobson - 250 acres, joining said Obedience and Sarah, and 5 cattle and a feather bed and furniture.

To my grandson Nicholas Bilbo - 250 acres on the branches of Meherrin, and joining the said Margreta and Sarah.

To my wife Agness Hobson - this Plantation as [I] live on, as long as she lives a widow. I also give her 1 Negro fellow named Simon, during her life, and 1 Negro fellow named Bob, during her widowhood, and then to be sold and the money to be paid to these 5 youngest children, if the 3 Negroes live until sold. But if they die before sold, then one of the boys should "Louse" his Negro, and the money he is sold for shall be paid to such of them as has the misfortune, or if there is more than one Negro that dies, then the money should be equally divided between as many of the 3 as should have such misfortune.

To my daughter Elizabeth Bugg - 1 cow and calf.

To my wife Agness Hobson - the rest of my estate, both real and personal.

Executors - my son John Hobson, and my wife, and Edward Goode.
Signed - Nicholas Hobson (N his mark).
Witnesses - Wm Stone, Jeremiah Hatcher, William McDow.

At Dec 5, 1758 Court, the will of Nicholas Hobson, deceased, was exhibited in Court by the 3 executors, and was proved by the oaths of witnesses Hatcher and McDow, and on the motion of the executors, certificate is granted them for obtaining a probate of the said will, they having first, with Joseph Freeman, John Ragsdale, and William Embry, their securities, entered into their bond for that purpose.

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