The Second Virginia Charter - May 23, 1609

The Second Virginia Charter - May 23, 1609

James, by the grace of God [King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, etc.] To all [to whom these presents shall come, greeting.]

Whereas, at the humble suite and request of sondrie oure lovinge and well disposed subjects intendinge to deduce a colonie and to make habitacion and plantacion of sondrie of oure people in that parte of America comonlie called Virginia, and other part and territories in America either apperteyninge unto us or which are not actually possessed of anie Christian prince or people within certaine bound and regions, wee have formerly, by oure lettres patents bearinge date the tenth of Aprill in the fourth yeare of oure raigne of England, Fraunce, and Ireland, and the nine and thirtieth of Scotland, graunted to Sir Thomas Gates, Sir George Somers and others, for the more speedie accomplishment of the said plantacion and habitacion, that they shoulde devide themselves into twoe colloniesthe one consistinge of divers Knights, gentlemen, merchaunts and others of our cittie of London, called the First Collonie; and the other of sondrie Knights, gentlemen and others of the citties of Bristoll, Exeter, the towne of Plymouth, and other places, called the Seccond Collonieand have yielded and graunted maine and sondrie priviledges and liberties to each Collonie for their quiet setlinge and good government therein, as by the said lettres patents more at large appeareth.

Nowe, forasmuch as divers and sondrie of oure lovinge subjects, as well adventurers as planters, of the said First Collonie (which have alreadie engaged them selves in furtheringe the businesse of the said plantacion and doe further intende by the assistance of Almightie God to prosecute the same to a happie ende) have of late ben humble suiters unto us that, in respect of their great chardeges and the adventure of manie of their lives which they have hazarded in the said discoverie and plantacion of the said countrie, wee woulde be pleased to graunt them a further enlargement and explanacion of the said graunte, priviledge and liberties, and that suche counsellors and other officers maie be appointed amonngest them to manage and direct their affaires [as] are willinge and readie to adventure with them; as also whose dwellings are not so farr remote from the cittye of London but that they maie at convenient tymes be readie at hande to give advice and assistance upon all occacions requisite.

We, greatlie affectinge the effectual prosecucion and happie successe of the said plantacion and comendinge their good desires theirin, for their further encouragement in accomplishinge so excellent a worke, much pleasinge to God and profitable to oure Kingdomes, doe, of oure speciall grace and certeine knowledge and meere motion, for us, oure heires and successors, give, graunt and confirme to oure trustie and welbeloved subjects,

Robert, Earle of Salisburie [Salisbury]
Thomas, Earle of Suffolke [Suffolk]
Henrie, Earle of Southampton
William. Earle of Pembroke [Henrie]
[Henrie] Earle of Lincolne [Lincoln]
Henrie, Earle of Dorsett [Dorset]
Thomas, Earle of Exeter
Phillipp, Earle of Mountgommery
Robert, Lord Vicount Lisle
Theophilus, Lord Howard of Walden
James Mountague, Lord Bishopp of Bathe and Wells
Edward, Lord Zouche
Thomas, Lord Lawarr
Wiliam, Lord Mounteagle
Raphe, Lord Ewre
Edmond, Lord Sheffeild [Sheffield]
Grey, Lord Shandis [Chandois]
[Grey], Lord Compton
John, Lord Petre
John, Lord Stanhope
George, Lord Carew
Sir Humfrey Welde, Lord Mayor of London [Weld]
George Pertie, Esquire [Percie]
Sir Edward Cecill, Knight [Cecil]
Sir George Wharton, Knight
Frauncis West, Esquire
Sir William Waade, Knight [Wade]
Sir Henrie Nevill, Knight [Nevil]
Sir Thomas Smithe, Knight [Smith]
Sir Oliver Cromwell, Knight
Sir Peter Manwood, Knight
Sir Dru Drurie, Knight [Drury]
Sir John Scott, Knight [Scot]
Sir Thomas Challouer, Knight [Challoner]
Sir Robert Drurie, Knight [Drury]
Sir Anthonye Cope, Knight
Sir Horatio Veere, Knight [Vere]
Sir Edward Conwaie, Knight [Conway]
Sir William Browne [Brown]
Sir Maurice Barkeley, Knight [Berkeley]
Sir Roberte Maunsell, Knight [Mansel]
Sir Amias Presou, Knight [Preston]
Sir Thomas Gates, Knight
Sir Anthonie Ashley, Knight [Ashly]
Sir Michaell Sandes, Knight [Sandys]
Sir Henrie Carew, Knight [Carey]
Sir Stephen Soame, Knight
Sir Calisthenes Brooke, Knight
Sir Edward Michelborne, Knight [Michelborn]
Sir John Racliffe, Knight [Ratcliffe]
Sir Charles Willmott, Knight [Wilmot]
Sir George Moore, Knight [Moor]
Sir Hugh Wirrall, Knight [Wirral]
Sir Thomas Dennys, Knight [Dennis]
Sir John Hollis, Knight [Holles]
Sir William Godolphin, Knight
Sir Thomas Monnson, Knight [Monson]
Sir Thomas Ridgwaie, Knight [Ridgwine]
Sir John Brooke, Knight
Sir Roberte Killigrew, Knight
Sir Henrie Peyton, Knight
Sir Richard Williamson, Knight
Sir Ferdinando Weynman, Knight
Sir William St. John, Knight
Sir Thomas Holcrofte, Knight [Holcroft]
Sir John Mallory, Knight
Sir Roger Ashton, Knight
Sir Walter Cope, Knight
Sir Richard Wigmore, Knight
Sir William Cooke, Knight [Coke]
Sir Herberte Crofte, Knight
Sir Henrie Faushawe, Knight [Fanshaw]
Sir John Smith, Knight
Sir Francis Wolley, Knight
Sir Edward Waterhouse, Knight
Sir Henrie Sekeford, Knight [Seekford]
Sir Edward Saudes, Knights [Edwin Sandys]
Sir Thomas Wayneman, Knight [Waynam]
Sir John Trevor, Knight
Sir Warrwick Heale, Knight [Heele]
Sir Robert Wroth, Knight
Sir John Townnesende, Knight [Townsend]
Sir Christopher Perkins, Knight
Sir Daniell Dun, Knight
Sir Henrie Hobarte, Knight [Hobart]
Sir Franncis Bacon, Knight
Sir Henrie Mountague, Knight [Montague]
Sir Georg Coppin, Knight
Sir Samuell Sandes, Knight [Sandys]
Sir Thomas Roe, Knight
Sir George Somers, Knight
Sir Thomas Freake, Knight
Sir Thomas Horwell, Knight [Harwell]
Sir Charles Kelke, Knight
Sir Baptist Hucks, Knight [Hicks]
Sir John Watts, Knight
Sir Roberte Carey, Knight
Sir William Romney, Knight
Sir Thomas Middleton, Knight
Sir Hatton Cheeke, Knight
Sir John Ogle, Knighte
Sir Cavallero Meycot, Knight
Sir Stephen Riddlesden, Knight [Riddleson]
Sir Thomas Bludder, Knight
Sir Anthonie Aucher, Knight
Sir Robert Johnson, Knight
Sir Thomas Panton, Knight
Sir Charles Morgan, Knight
Sir Stephen Powle, Knight [Pole]
Sir John Burlacie, Knight
Sir Christofer Cleane, Knight [Cleave]
Sir George Hayward, Knight
Sir Thomas Dane, Knight [Davis]
Sir Thomas Dutton, Knight [Sutton]
Sir Anthonie Forrest, Knight [Forest]
Sir Robert Payne, Knight
Sir John Digby, Knight
Sir Dudley Diggs, Knight [Digges]
Sir Rowland Cotton, Knight
Doctour Mathewe Rutcliffe [Sutcliffel
Doctor Meddowes [Meadows]
Doctor Tumer
Doctor Poe
Captaine Pagnam
Captaine Jeffrey Holcrofte
Captaine Raunne [Romney]
Captaine Henrie Spry
Captaine Shelpton [Shelton]
Captaine Spark [Sparks]
[Captain] Thomas Wyatt [Wyat]
Captaine Brinsley
Captaine William Courtney
Captaine Herbert
Captaine Clarke
Captaine Dewhurst
Captaine John Blundell
Captaine Frier [Fryer]
Captaine Lewis Orwell
Captaine Edward Lloyd [Loyd]
Captaine Slingesby
Captaine Huntley [Hawley]
Captaine Orme
Captaine Woodhouse
Captaine Mason
Captaine Thomas Holcroft
Captaine John Cooke [Coke]
Captaine Hollis [Holles]
Captaine William Proude
Captaine Henrie Woodhouse
Captaine Richard Lindeley [Lindesey]
Captaine Dexter
Captaine William Winter
Captaine Herle [Pearsel
Captain John Bingham
Captaine Burray
Captaine Thomas Conwey [Conway]
Captaine Rookwood
Captaine William Lovelace
Captaine John Ashley
Captaine Thomas Wynne
Captaine Thomas Mewtis
Captaine Edward Harwood
Captaine Michaell Evered [Everard]
Captaine Connoth [Comock]
Captaine Miles [Mills]
Captaine Pigott [Pigot]
Captaine Edward Maria Wingfeild [Wingfield]
Captaine ChristopherNewporte [Newport]
Captaine John Siclemore, alias Ratcliffe [Sicklemore]
Captaine John Smith
Captyn John Martyn [Martin]
Captaine Peter Wynne
Captaine Waldoe [Waldo]
Captyn Thomas Wood
Captaine Thomas Button
George Bolls, Esquire, Sheriffe of London
William Crashawe, [Clerk], Bachelor of Divinite
William Seabright, Esquire
Christopher Brook, Esquire
John Bingley, Esquire
Thomas Watson, Esquire
Richard Percivall, Esquire [Percival]
John Moore, Esquire
Hugh Brooker, Esquire
David Waterhouse, Esquire [Woodhouse]
Anthonie Auther, Esquier [Aucher]
Roberte Bowyer, Esquire [Boyer]
Raphe Ewens, Esquire
Zacharie Jones, Esquire
George Calvert, Esquire
William Dobson, Esquire
Henry Reynold, Esquire [Reynolds]
Thomas Walker, Esquire
Anthonie Barnars, Esquire
Thomas Sandes, Esquire [Sandys]
Henrie Sand, Esquire [Sandys]
Richard Sand [Sandys], Sonne of Sir Edwin Sandes [Sandys]
William Oxenbridge, Esquire
John Moore, Esquire
Thomas Wilson, Esquire
John Bullocke, Esquire [Bullock]
John Waller, [Esquire]
Thomas Webb
Jehughe Robinson
William Brewster
Robert Evelyn
Henrie Dabenie [Danby]
Richard Hacklewte, minister [Hackluit]
John Eldred, marchaunt [Eldrid]
William Russell, marchaunt
John Merrick, marchaunt
Richard Bannester, merchant [Banister]
Charles Anthonie, goldsmithe [Anthony]
John Banck [Banks]
William Evans
Richard Humble
Robert Chamberleyne, marchaunt [Richard Chamberlayne]
Thomas Barber, marchaunt
Richard Pevyrell, merchaunt [Pomet]
John Fletcher, merchant
Thomas Nicholls, merchant
John Stoak, merchaunt [Stoke]
Gabriell Archer
Franncis Covell [Covel]
William Bouham [Bonham]
Edward Harrison
John Wolstenholme
Nicholas Salter
Hugh Evans
William Barners [Barnes]
Otho Mawdett [Mawdet]
Richard Staper, marchant
John Elkin, marchaunt
William Cayse [Coyse]
Thomas Perkin, cooper
Humfrey Ramell, cooper [Humphrey James]
Henry Jackson
Roberte Shingleton [Singleton]
Christopher Nicholls
John Harper
Abraham Chamberlaine [Chamberlayne]
Thomas Shipton
Thomas Carpenter
Anthoine Crewe [Crew]
George Holman
Robert Hill
Cleophas Smithe [Smith]
Raphe Harrison
John Farmer
James Brearley
William Crosley [Crosby]
Richard Cocks [Cox]
John Gearinge [Gearing]
Richard Strough, iremonnger [Strongarm]
Thomas Langton
Griffith Hinton
Richard Ironside
Richard Deane [Dean]
Richard Turner
William Leveson, mercer [Lawson]
James Chatfeilde [Chatfield]
Edward Allen [Edward Allen Tedder]
Tedder Roberts
Heldebrand Sprinson [Robert Hildebrand Sprinson]
Arthur Mouse
John Gardener [Gardiner]
James Russell [Russel]
Richard Casewell [Caswell]
Richard Evanns [Evans]
John Hawkins
Richard Kerrill [Kerril]
Richard Brooke
Mathewe Scrivener, gentleman [Screvener]
William Stallendge, gentleman [Stallenge]
Arthure Venn, gentleman
Saund Webb, gentleman [Sandys Webbe]
Michaell Phettiplace, gentleman
William Phetiplace, gentleman [Phettiplace]
Ambrose Brusey, gentleman [Prusey]
John Taverner, gentleman
George Pretty, gentleman
Peter Latham, gentleman
Thomas Monnford, gentleman [Montford]
William Cautrell, gentleman [Cantrel]
Richard Wiffine, gentleman [Wilfin]
Raphe Mooreton, gentleman [Moreton]
John Cornellis [Comelius]
Martyn Freeman
Raphe Freeman
Andreau Moore
Thomas White
Edward Perkin
Robert Osey
Thomas Whitley
George Pitt [Pit]
Roberte Parkehurste [Parkhurst]
Thomas Morris
Peter Vaulore [Harloe]
Jeffrey Duppa
John Gilbert
William Hancock
Mathew Bromrigg [Brown]
Francis Tirrell [Tyrrel]
Randall Carter
Othowell Smithe [Smith]
Thomas Honnyman [Hamond]
Marten Bonde, haberdasher [Bond]
Joan Mousloe [John Moulsoe]
Roberte Johnson
William Younge [Young]
John Woddall [Woodal]
William Felgate
Humfrey Westwood
Richard Champion
Henrie Robinson
Franncis Mapes
William Sambatch [Sambach]
Rauley Crashawe [Ralegh Crashaw]
Thomas Grave
Hugh Willestone
Thomas Culpepper, of Wigsell, Esquire
John Culpepper, gentleman
Henrie Lee
Josias Kirton, gentleman [Kerton]
John Porie, gentleman [Pory]
Henrie Collins
George Burton
William Atkinson
Thomas Forrest [Forest]
John Russell [Russel]
John Houlte [Holt]
Harman Harrison
Gabriell Beedell [Beedel]
John Beedell [Beedel]
Henrie Dankes [Dawkes]
George Scott [Scot]
Edward Fleetewood, gentleman [Fleetwood]
Richard Rogers, gentleman
Arthure Robinson
Robert Robinson
John Huntley
John Grey [Gray]
William Payne
William Feilde [Field]
William Wattey
William Webster
John Dingley
Thomas Draper
Richard Glanvile [Glanvil]
Arnolde Lulls [Hulls]
Henrie Rowe [Roe]
William Moore [More]
Nicholas Grice [Gryce]
James Monnger [Monger]
Nicholas Andrewes [Andrews]
Jerome Haydon, iremonnger [Jeremy Haydon]
Phillipp Durrant [Philip Durette]
John Quales [Quarles]
John West
Madlew Springeham [Springham]
John Johnson
Christopher Hore
George Barkeley
Thomas Sued [Snead]
George Barkeley [Berkeley]
Ardhure Pett [Pet]
Thomas Careles
William Barkley [Berkley]
Thomas Johnson
Alexander Bent [Bents]
Captaine William Kinge [King]
George Sandes, gentleman [Sandys]
James White, gentleman
Edmond Wynn [Wynne]
Charles Towler
Richard Reynold
Edward Webb
Richard Maplesden
Thomas Levers [Lever]
David Bourne
Thomas Wood
Raphe Hamer
Edward Barnes, mercer
John Wright, mercer
Robert Middleton
Edward Litsfeild [Littlefield]
Katherine West
Thomas Webb [Web]
Raphe Kinge [King]
Roberte Coppine [Coppin]
James Askewe
Christopher Nicholls [Christopher Holt]
William Bardwell
Alexander Childe [Chiles]
Lewes Tate
Edward Ditchfeilde [Ditchfield]
James Swifte
Richard Widdowes, goldesmith
Edmonde Brundells [Brudenell]
John Hanford [Hansford]
Edward Wooller
William Palmer, haberdasher
John Badger
John Hodgson
Peter Monnsill [Mounsel]
Jahn Carrill [Carril]
John Busbridge [Bushridge]
William Dunn [Dun]
Thomas Johnson
Nicholas Benson
Thomas Shipton
Nathaniell Wade
Randoll Wettwood [Wetwood]
Mathew Dequester
Charles Hawkins
Hugh Hamersley
Abraham Cartwright
George Bennett [Bennet]
William Cattor [Cater]
Richard Goddart
Henrie Cromwell
Phinees Pett [Pet]
Roberte Cooper
Henrie Neite [Newce]
Edward Wilks [Wilkes]
Roberte Bateman
Nicholas Farrar
John Newhouse
John Cason
Thomas Harris, gentleman
George Etheridge, gentleman
Thomas Mayle, gentleman
Richard Stratford [Stafford]
Richard Cooper
John Westrowe [Westrow]
Edward Welshe [Welch]
Thomas Brittanie [Britain]
Thomas Knowls [Knowles]
Octavian Thome
Edmonde Smyth [Smith]
John March
Edward Carew
Thomas Pleydall
Richard Lea [Let]
Miles Palmer
Henrie Price
John Josua, gentleman [Joshua]
William Clawday [Clauday]
Jerome Pearsye
John Bree, gentleman
William Hampson
Christopher Pickford
Thomas Hunt
Thomas Truston
Christopher Lanman [Salmon]
John Haward, clerke [Howard]
Richarde Partridge
Allen Cotton [Cassen]
Felix Wilson
Thomas Colethurst [Bathurst]
George Wilmer
Andrew Wilmer
Morrice Lewellin
Thomas Jedwin [Godwin]
Peter Burgoyne
Thomas Burgoyne
Roberte Burgoyne
Roberte Smithe, merchauntaylor [Smith]
Edward Cage, grocer
Thomas Canon, gentleman [Cannon]
William Welby, stacioner
Clement Wilmer, gentleman
John Clapham, gentleman
Giles Fraunces, gentleman [Francis]
George Walker, sadler
John Swinehowe, stacioner [Swinhow]
Edward Bushoppe, stacioner [Bishop]
Leonard White, gentleman
Christopher Barron [Baron]
Peter Benson
Richard Smyth [Smith]
George Prockter, minister [Proctor]
Millicent Ramesden, widowe [Ramsdent]
Joseph Soane
Thomas Hinshawe [Hinshaw]
John Baker
Robert Thorneton [Thomton]
John Davies [Davis]
Edward Facett [Facetl
George Nuce, gentleman [Newce]
John Robinson
Captaine Thomas Wood
William Browne, shoemaker [Brown]
Roberte Barker, shoemaker
Roberte Penington [Pennington]
Francis Burley, minister
William Quick, grocer
Edward Lewes, grocer [Lewis]
Laurence Campe, draper
Aden Perkins, grocer
Richard Shepparde, preacher [Shepherd]
William Sheckley, haberdasher [Sherley]
William Tayler, haberdasher [Taylor]
Edward Lukyn, gentleman [Edwin Lukin]
John Francklyn, haberdasher [Franklyn]
John Southicke [Southwick]
Peter Peate
George Johan, iremonnger
George Yardley, gentleman [Yeardley]
Henrie Shelly [Shelley]
John Pratt [Prat]
Thomas Church, draper
William Powell, gentleman [Powel]
Richard Frithe, gentleman [Frith]
Thomas Wheeler, draper
Franncis Hasilerigg, gentleman [Haselrig]
Hughe Shippley, gentleman [Shipley]
John Andrewes, thelder, [doctor], of Cambridge [Andrews]
Franncis Whistley, gentleman [Whistler]
John Vassall, gentleman
Richard Howle
Edward Barkeley, gentleman [Berkeley]
Richard Knerisborough, gentleman [Keneridgburg]
Nicholas Exton, draper
William Bennett, fishmonger [Bennet]
James Hawood, marchaunt [Haywood]
Nicholas Isaak, merchaunt [Isaac]
William Gibbs, merchannt
[William] Bushopp [Bishop]
Barnard Michell [Mitchel]
Isaake Michell [Isaac Mitchel]
John Streat [Streate]
Edward Gall
John Marten, gentleman [Martin]
Thomas Fox
Luke Lodge
John Woodleefe, gentleman [Woodliffel
Rice Webb [Piichard]
Vincent Lowe [Low]
Samuell Burnam [Burnham]
Edmonde Pears, haberdasher
Josua Goudge [John Googe]
John St. John
Edwarde Vaughan
William Dunn
Thomas Alcock [Alcocke]
John Andrewes, the younger, of Cambridge [Andrews]
Samuell Smithe [Smith]
Thomas Jerrard [Gerrard]
Thomas Whittingham
William Cannynge [Canning]
Paule Caminge [Canning]
George Chaudler [Chandler]
Henrye Vincent
Thomas Ketley
James Skelton
James Montain [Mountaine]
George Webb, gentleman
Josephe Newbroughesmith [Joseph Newbridge, smith]
Josias Mande [Mand]
Raphe Haman, the younger [Hamer]
Edward Brewster, the sonne of William Brewster
Leonard Harwood, mercer
Phillipp Druerdent
William Carpenter
Tristram Hill
Roberte Cock, grocer
Laurence Grene, grocer [Greene]
Daniell Winche, grocer [Samuel Winch]
Humfrey Stile, grocer
Averie Dransfeild, grocer [Dransfield]
Edwarde Hodges, grocer
Edward Beale, grocer
Raphe Busby, grocer
John Whittingham, grocer
John Hide, grocer
Mathew Shipperd, grocer [Shepherd]
Thomas Allen, grocer
Richard Hooker, grocer
Laurence Munckas, grocer [Munks]
John Tanner, grocer
Peter Gate, grocer
John Blunt, grocer
Roberte Berrisford, grocer
Thomas Wells, gentleman
John Ellis, grocer
Henrie Colthurst, grocer
John Cranage, grocer [Cavady]
Thomas Jenings, grocer [Jennings]
Edmond Peshall, grocer [Pashall]
Timothie Bathurst, grocer
Gyles Parslowe, grocer [Parslow]
Roberte Johnson, grocer [Richard]
William Janson, vintener [Johnson]
Ezechiell Smith
Richard Murrettone [Martin]
William Sharpe
Roberte Ritche [Rich]
William Stannerd, inholder [Stannard]
John Stocken
William Strachey, gentleman
George Farmer, gentleman
Thomas Gypes, clothworker
Abraham Dawes, gentleman [Davies]
Thomas Brockett, gentleman [Brocket]
George Bathe, fishmonger [Bache]
John Dike, fishmonger
Henrie Spranger
Richard Farringdon [Farrington]
Chistopher Vertue, vintener
Thomas Baley, vintener [Bayley]
George Robins, vintener
Tobias Hinson, grocer
Urian Spencer [Vrian]
Clement Chachelley [Chicheley]
John Searpe, gentleman [Scarpe]
James Cambell, iremonnger [Campbell]
Christopher Clitherowe, iremonnger [Clitheroe]
Phillipp Jacobson
Peter Jacobson, of Andwarpe
William Barckley [Berkeley]
Miles Banck, cutler [Banks]
Peter Highley, grocer [Higgons]
Henrie John, gentleman
John Stoakley, merchauntailor [Stokeley]
The companie of mercers
The companie of grocers
The companie of drapers
The company of fishmongers
The companie of gouldsmithes
The companie of skynners
The companie merchauntailors
The companie of haberdashers
The companie of salters
The companie of iremongers
The companie of vintners
The companie of clothworkers
The companie of dyers
The companie of bruers
The companie of lethersellers
The companie of pewterers
The companie of cutlers
The companie of whitebakers
The companie of waxchaundlers
The companie of tallowe chaundlers
The companie of armorers
The companie of girdlers
The companie of butchers
The companie of sadlers
The companie of carpenters
The companie of cordwayners
The companie of barbor chirurgions
The companie of painter stayners
The companie of curriers
The companie of masons
The companie of plumbers
The companie of inholders
The companie of founders
The companie of poulterers
The companie of cookes
The companie of coopers
The companie of tylers and bncklayers
The companie of bowyers
The companie of Retchers
The companie of blacksmithes
The companie of joyners
The companie of weavers
The companie of wollmen
The companie of wood monnvers
The companie of scrivenors
The companie of fruterers
The companie of plasterers
The companie of brownebakers
The companie of stacioners
The companie of imbroderers
The companie of upholsters
The companie of musicions
The companie of turners
The companie of baskettmakers
The companie of glasiers
John Levett, merchaunt [Levet]
Thomas Nomicott, clothworker [Nomicot]
Richard Venn, haberdasher
Thomas Scott, gentleman [Scot]
Thomas Juxson, merchauntaylor [Juxon]
George Hankinson
Thomas Leeyer, gentleman [Seyer]
Mathew Cooper
Gorge Butler, gentleman
Thomas Lawson, gentleman
Edward Smith, haberdasher
Stephen Sparrowe
John Jones, merchaunt
[John] Reynold, brewer [Reynolds]
Thomas Plummer, merchaunt
James Duppa, bruer
Rowland Coytemore [Coitmore]
William Sotherne [Southerne]
Gorge Whittmoore, haberdasher [Whitmore]
Anthonie Gosoulde, the younger [Gosnold]
John Allen, fishemonger
John Kettlebye, gentleman [Kettleby]
Symonde Yeomans, fishmonger [Simon]
Richard Chene, gouldsmithe
Launcelot Davis, gentleman [Clene]
John Hopkins, an alderman of Bristoll
George Hooker, gentlernan
Roberte Shevinge, yeoman [Chening]

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