Garner Gals' Genealogy

Garner Gals' Genealogy

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Welcome to our web site. Let us know if you find a connection to any family names that you're researching. We've made every effort to verify the information that we have; but, if you find any inaccuracies, we'd like to know about them. Our e-mail address is below. We want to thank those of you who have provided information for our various family lines. That's what doing genealogy is all about - not just searching for dead ancestors, but giving and receiving help from living, breathing, interesting people who share a common heritage. We hope to hear from you!
The sources for our data are not listed on this web site. But if you're interested in knowing where we obtained our information go to our Rootsweb Worldconnect site. Our sources for each event are listed at that site. Click this graphic to go to that site:
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Here are the families we're researching. Click on a name to see the lineage for that family.

pointDubuc/Dubuque pointFitzpatrick pointGarner
pointKemp pointKirby pointMarie/Marier
pointNealon pointRose pointRoy/LeRoy
pointToner pointWeston pointZisler/Zissler


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