The Ancestors of Alice Boreman

The Ancestors of Alice Boreman

A Research Status Report

The ancestors of Alice Boreman have eluded me for years.  I am publishing this in the hopes that someone out there can help to get me past the brick wall.

This material represents research in progress.  Use of terms such as may, possibly and probably means that this is speculation only and should not be repeated as fact.  Further research probably can only be done on site in England and some at least must be done in London.

The notation after the person's first name denotes their generation.  The generations are going back from Thomas1 York, and are noted as letters rather than numbers.

The sources are mentioned in the body of the text.  Further description of some sources is in the endnotes.  All locations are in England, and are in Northamptonshire unless otherwise indicated.

ThomasA York was married on 27 Aug 1775 at Long Buckby to AliceA Boreman (Church of England, Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, Parish register for 1775).  See The Descendants of Thomas York and Alice Boreman for their children.

AliceA Boreman was born by 1757, as she would have had to be at least 18 years old to have been married by banns, rather than with a parent's permission.

Although the Boreman name appears in many other towns in Northamptonshire, it is not a name that occurs in the Long Buckby records prior to Alice's marriage, except for a Joseph Boreman in the 1777 Militia List whose name was drawn but he found a substitute.

No baptism of an Alice Boreman has been located yet.  She may be somehow connected to the following family:

Joseph Boreman (elder), grazier of Hollowell. His will(4), signed 4 Aug 1747, proved 23 Apr 1748, names wife Sarah and children: Joseph (oldest), Thomas, John, Alice (m. William ?Eagson), and Sarah (m. William Gout).  Keziah Dickens of Hollowell was one of the witnesses.

Other Boreman records that may be relevant:

Joseph Borman m. Sarah Harish 16 Nov 1724 Pistford (IGI)(5)..

Alice Boreman, daughter of Robert and Mary Boreman, baptized 2 May 1756 at Biddenden, Kent (IGI).  The Boreman name occurs frequently in Kent, and the name Alice is common among them.

Alice Boreman, widow, buried 22 Jan 1741 (Brington parish register)

Joseph Boreman buried 29 Nov 1721 (Brington parish register). Joseph Boreman, husbandman, will(6) dated 14 Apr 1722. (He seems to be a good possibility as the father of Joseph jr. who is probably the same as Joseph of Hollowell.)

Children of Joseph Boreman jun. (Brington parish register): John buried 23 Aug 1716, Elizabeth buried 1 Nov 1720.

Joseph (of Little Brington) buried 11 Jan 1747 (Brington parish register)

Sarah Boreman, widow, buried 2 Nov 1762 (Brington parish register)

The following seems likely to be one of the sons of Joseph Boreman Jr., but not the father of AliceA:

(Brockhall parish register unless otherwise indicated) Thomas Boreman, grazier of Brockhall, buried 5 Sep 1770; Elizabeth Boreman buried 27 Jun 1773 - affidavit by Susannah Cleaver (there are references to a Cleaver family in Henry York's letters).

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth Boreman: Sarah baptized 21 Dec 1741; Hester/Esther baptized 24 May 1743; Elizabeth baptized 14 Feb 1744/5, buried 12 Mar 1769; Anne baptized 6 Mar 1746/7, buried 23 Jun 1770; Mary baptized 24 Nov 1748; Joseph baptized 1 Sep 1750 (Bishop's Transcript); Thomas baptized 20 Feb 1725; Katherine baptized 30 Aug 1753, buried 13 Aug 1770; John baptized 3 Aug 1754 (either he died young or he is the same as the 1755 John); John baptized 23 Aug 1755 (Bishop's Transcript); Bridget baptized 14 Feb 1757; Edward baptized 14 Jan 1759; Francis baptized 28 Aug 1760; Valentine baptized 3 Mar 1762; Charlotte baptized 12 Apr 1764.

The will(7) of Joseph Borman's widow Elizabeth, signed 25 May 1773, proved 16 Oct 1773, named as one of her executors her brother-in-law John Boreman of Hadlow Kent, officer of Excise.  John Folrvell?, husbandman of Floor and one other were named guardians of 11 children.

Joseph Borman, age 61 [born circa 1751], d.3 Mar 1812, buried 8 Mar. (Brockhall Bishop's Transcript)

Valentine Boreman, chemist & druggist, Farthingstone (admin)(8).

There are two Joseph Boreman's that could be the son of Joseph Jr., but again with no child Alice:

(Brockhall parish register) Children of Joseph and Ann Boreman: Ann baptized 14 Feb 1757, Mary baptized 29 Apr 1759, Martha baptized 11 Jan 1761, Joseph baptized 27 Jul 1766.

(Guilsborough parish register) Children of Joseph and Deborah Boreman: Sarah baptized 21 Sep 1751; Mary born 2 Dec/baptized 2 Jan 1754/5; Joseph baptized 25 Jul 1755; Elizabeth baptized 9 Aug 1757.

No records have been located for their brother John.  Apparently he is the John Boreman of Hadlow, Kent, named executor in Elizabeth's will.  If he was to fulfill that function, he must have been a frequent visitor to the Long Buckby area.  Excise office records are at the Public Record Office in London and have not yet been examined.  He may not have been in Hadlow when his children, if any, were born.  The Hadlow parish register(9) has a child of John Borman born in that period, but not Alice.

When did AliceA (Boreman) York die? There are several possibilities in the Long Buckby parish register, but no other information has been found that will help to determine which is her:

  1. Alice York, widow, buried 10 Jul 1798;
  2. Alice York, widow, buried 5 Feb 1827 age 91 [born circa 1736] (she seems a little old but not impossible, would have been 45 when last child was born in 1781; however, husband Thomas, possibly born in 1755, seems unlikely to have had a wife 20 years older)
  3. Alice York, buried 10 Aug 1837 age 80 [born circa 1757] (she is the right age but there is no mention that she is a widow).

The possibility that Alice remarried was considered.  There is no record of a marriage in Long Buckby of Alice York other than that to William Warren.  As the Long Buckby parish register lists births of children of William and Alice in 1806, 1808 and 1813 (at least) it is unlikely that the mother was AliceA Boreman, who would have been at least 56 years old in 1813.

One of the widows listed above is probably the widow of the Samuel York, husband of Alice, who was buried on 9 Mar 1791 at Long Buckby (Long Buckby parish register).  Their children were baptized in 1757 and 1758.


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