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~Welcome to my home page~

I have created this page as a way to give you an idea of the family history that I have collected.  My hope is that you will find some relatives here that we share.

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What's Here
The Williams Connection The Descendants of John Williams and Selina Brewster
Including my great-grandmother, Catherine Cordelia Williams
Williams Connection Photo Gallery
The Ancestors of John Williams and Selina Brewster
Here you'll find Mayflower passengers and other early Massachusetts and Connecticut settlers, Palatines who settled in New York, and both Loyalists and Patriots in the Revolutionary War
The York Connection The Descendants of Thomas York and Mary Dickens
York Connection Photo Gallery and the Perry Connection Photo Gallery
York Letters
The Descendants of Timothy Hall and Ann Palmer
The Descendants of Thomas York and Alice Boreman
The Ancestors of Alice Boreman
The Ancestors of Mary Dickens
Mostly brick walls.  Any suggestions?
The Scottish Connection The Descendants of William Cochran and Margaret Watson
The Descendants of John Rodger and Janet McFarlane
The Ancestors of John McKaig and Margaret Allan
Scottish Connection Photo Gallery
The Richardson Connection The Ancestors of Charles Augustus Richardson and Emma Curtis Rand
A Chronology of a Boston Printing Company
Richardson Connection Photo Gallery
The Descendants of Abraham Avery and Rebecca Stevens
The Descendants of John Rand and Betsy Babcock
The Brehm Connection The Ancestors of Carl Henry Brehm and Alice Elizabeth Lambert
Brehm Connection Photo Gallery
The Campbell/Millard Connection The Ancestors of Alvah Millard and Elsie Viola Joitel
The Anderson Connection The Ancestors of Ruben Alexander Anderson and Helene Louise May
The Loucks Connection The Ancestors of Charles Elmer Loucks and Caroline Adelaide Tull
Loucks Connection Photo Gallery
The Hilton Connection The Ancestors of Lindon Robert Hilton and Beryl Edna Campbell
The Shahan Connection The Ancestors of Howard Emery Shahan and Sharon Coward
The Pennsylvania Connection The Ancestors of Robert Monroe Bucher and Elizabeth Ann Matlack
The Johnson Connection The Ancestors of John Everett Hale Johnson and Phyllis Marie Smith
The Merrill Connection The Ancestors of Raymond Leslie Merrill Jr. and Laura Davis
The Koenig Connection The Ancestors of Clarence King and Virginia Dieball
The Fredendall Connection The Ancestors of William George Fredendall and Evaline Franklin
The Ryan Connection The Ancestors of Scott Ryan and Eileen Thompson
Summaries Surname Index for all of the above charts
Given Name Index (Norwegian)
Given Name Index (Swedish)
A general introduction to all of the ancestor charts


Is the family history bug giving you an itch?  There are many opportunities for you to scratch it.

1. Do you have some old letters or diaries that you might be interested in transcribing and sharing?  See Charles Bartholemew Richardson text for some examples.

2. Is there a particular ancestor or cousin that is of interest to you?  How about writing a biography and sharing it here?

3. Are you interested in military history?  Some details of the wars that these people fought in would be very helpful.

4. Want to fill in missing information?  As you go through the charts, you will see lots of people with events where the information is missing or incomplete.  And there are also many Brick Walls which I have listed separately.  I listed them by century because the records involved are quite different.

For further information, write to me: Shirley York Anderson

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