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Arranged with the cemeteries in alphabetical order.   Within each cemetery unit, the entries are by headstone indicated by numbers (the numbers themselves have no relevance, it is just a way to group people from individual headstones), e.g.:  if there are 5 names on one headstone, each of those individuals have the same number.  Each entry includes additional information and source information.  The "additional information" was taken from the gravestones.   There are discrepancies with some entries due to deterioration of the gravestones themselves and interpretation by the various source people.  I have tried to note the discrepancies so the user can make their own assessments.

Isle of Islay Cemetery inscriptions by Cemetery


Surnames in alphabetical order.  Similar names are grouped together, e.g.:  McFee, McFie, MacDuffie, MacPhee and McPhee appear together as if they had the same spelling.  No conclusions about surnames, e.g.:  a son was buried by his mother (maiden name on headstone, no married name indicated) so I have her sorted with her maiden name, after all, the son could have been illegitimate.

Uncle Lee says, look for your ancestor by surname!

Isle of Islay Cemetery inscriptions by Surname



Maiden names in alphabetical order.  Similar names are grouped together. Islay gravestones, as in written records, show women by their maiden names.  However, I did not assume maiden names always equaled surname since even married women could be buried with their birth families.  Only where indicated or where age indicated that it was unlikely that a female was married did I give the maiden name as the surname.

Oh, the fair young maidens...

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