The Royal Genealogy of Janet Marie Haile

The Royal Genealogy of Janet Marie Haile

1. Janet M. Haile b. 18 Dec 1946 m. Tommy H. Martin, Heber Springs, AR. they have four children (surname Martin): Melissa, Tommy D., Allison, Justin. Janet Haile is the daughter of

2. Samuel Arthur Haile b. 8 March 1925 Heber Springs, Arkansas. Married Dorothy Logan of Tumbling Shoals, AR, 1946. Their other children were: Samuel A. Jr, Patricia, Donna, Stephen, Michael. His father was

3. Samuel Eugene Haile b. 18 June 1890, Cleburne Co. Arkansas. Married Gertrude Houston, 1932. Died 1943. He was one of the ten children of

4. George Washingtion Haile b. 23 July 1843 in Hickman Co. Tennessee. In 1869 He married May 2, 1868 Mary Ann Turner (daughter of Elisha and Martha Turner) who was born January 1852 in Humphrey Co., Tennessee. In 1873 George brought his family to Prairie Co., Arkansas. By 1900 George was living in Cleburne County, AR. (for proof of this connection see the United States Census 1850-1900). George died 16 May 1901 at Des Arc, Arkansas. He was the son of

5. Jonathan T. Haile b. 1815 in Mecklenberg Co., Virginia. Married Mary J. McCrary, dau of Joseph and Mary (Redden) McCrary. Resided at Hickman and Humphrey Co., Tennessee. Jonathan was the last of the children of

6. Thomas Haile, Jr. who married, as his third wife, Nancy Blacketter (who was the mother of Jonathan Haile), daughter of William, in Mecklenburg Co., Virginia in1805. In addition to Jonathan, he had a son named Gatewood Haile and another named Dudley Haile, thus, it is reasonable to conject that he was the son of Thomas Haile, Sr. who married Elizabeth Gatewood the daughter of Elizabeth Dudley (per Denzil Mauldin of Valdez, Alaska, leading genealogist of the Haile Family in the U.S.A.).

7. Elizabeth Gatewood of Essex Co. Virginia, married Thomas Haile, Sr. @ 1748. (See the Gatewood Family Genealogy, p. 157). She was the daughter of

8. Elizabeth Dudley who married Thomas Gatewood before 10 Dec 1716. (See ibid, p. 156). She is mentioned in her father's will. She was the daughter of

9. Richard Dudley named in the will of Thomas Saxe as the second son of 10. Edward Dudley born in Bristol, England and immigrated to Virginia before May 19, 1637, residing first in New Norfolk, later in York Co. where he purchased land. He was the son of

10. Robert Dudley of Bristol (for the following generations, see LIVING DESCENDANTS OF BLOOD ROYAL, Vol. 1, p. 126). He was the son of

11. Sir Robert Dudley, Knight, Collector of the Port of Newcastle,1603, Mayor of Newcastle. Sir Robert was knighted by the King James I (of the King James Bible fame). He married Anne Wood, the daughter of Christopher Wood. Sir Robert Dudley was the son of

12. John Dudley of Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland. His wife was Bridget Carre, daughter of William Carre. John was the son of

13. Richard Sutton, of Yeaworth, assumed the name Dudley. He married Dorothy Sanford, daughter of Edward Sanford of Asham. Richard was the son of

14. Thomas Sutton, died 1530, married Grace Trekeld, daughter of Lancelot Trekeld, Esq., of Yeaworth. Thomas was the son of

15. Sir Edmund Sutton, Lord Dudley, died after July 6, 1483 but before 1487, married to Matilda Clifford, daughter of Thomas de Clifford, 8th Lord Clifford. Edmund was the son of

16. Sir John Sutton VI, son of Sir John Sutton V. Born Dec. 25, 1400, will probated on Aug. 17, 1487. Also known as Baron Dudley, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Wounded at Bloreheath in 1459. Married Elizabeth Berkeley, daughter of Sir John Berkely of Beverstone

17. Sir John Sutton V, son of Sir John Sutton IV. Was Baron Dudley of Dudley castle, 1379 - 1407. Married Constance Blount, daughter of Sir Walter Blount of Barton. Constance died in 1432.

18. Sir John Sutton IV, Baron Dudley of Dudley castle married to Joan. John was the son of

19. Catherine de Stafford, married to Sir John Sutton III, Lord Dudley, son of Sir John de Sutton II, Lord Dudley of Dudley castle, of Stafford. Catherine was the daughter of

20. Margaret de Audley (i.e., Dudley), only daughter of Margaret de Clare. Married to Sir Ralph de Stafford, Earl of Stafford, fought at Crecy, a Steward of the Royal Household. She was the dau of

21. Margaret de Clare born ca 1292 and died April 13, 1342, was married April 28, 1317 to Hugh de Audley, Lord de Audley (Dudley), 8th Earl of Gloucester, Ambassador to France, 1341. Margaret was the daughter of

22. Joan Plantagenet, born in Acre 1272, died April 23, 1307. Married on April 30, 1290 to Sir Gilbert de Clare, Knight, 1243 - 1299, Earl of Clare, Hertford and Gloucester. Joan was the daughter of

23. King Edward I, 1239 - 1307. Marrried to Eleanor of Castille in 1254. This is the King who came into conflict with William Wallace, highlighted recently in the Academy Award motion picture, ≥Braveheart.≤ He was the son of

24. King Henry III, and Eleanor of Provence; he was the son of

25. King John I, famed signer of the MAGNA CARTA. heir to the throne of

26. King Henry II & Eleanor of Aquitane; he was the son of

27. Matilda who married Geoffrey V Plantagenet, duke of Normandy; she was born to

28. King Henry I (CLICK HERE for his ancestry.)

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