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This page is specifically designed to aid in the search for the surnames of my family. If you are involved in a search for MARTIN, HAILE, PARISH, LOGAN, JACKSON, CRANFORD, NORTON, or PHILLIPS, please investigate the following pages. Use the Surname Search to see what names are available. Also leave a message in the query section if you are looking for a link to any of these surnames but didn't find it here. Other searchers will be looking. You may want to join the mailing list for any of the surnames.

These surnames all have southern origins. The following states are represented: Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, and Tennessee. They served in the military during every major conflict of this nation from the Revolutionary War to the Gulf Conflict (Desert Storm), including thirteen who fought for the Confederate States of America (CSA) during the Civil War. There has been a migration to the West, specifically Washington and California during the latter part of this century, but the vast majority still remain in the south. Please browse these pages, read the stories, view the photos, and enjoy yourself. I welcome you to our family and hope you find a link. Please leave your comments on departing.

I hope we can help with your search, good luck in your quest.

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  • Kever Descendant Tree (PDF)
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The Martin Family History Book in PDF Format

Southern Roots Volume 1
The Ancestors and Descendants of Hubert Munsey Martin

Introduction Dedication and Table of Contents
Chapter 1 European Ancestors, Martin and Kever, Scots-Irish and Palatine German
Chapter 2 Hubert Munsey and Maud Ulan Martin
Chapter 3 North Carolina Ancestors, Martin, Kever, Norton, and McKnight
Chapter 4 Alabama Ancestors, Cranford and Phillips
Chapter 5 Military Heritage, Revolutionary War and Civil War
Chapter 6 Historical Timeline (Not Included Here)
Chapter 7 Researcher's Notes, Tommy Martin Family
Chapter 8 The Martins and the Stuarts
Chapters 9, 10, 11, 12 Too large to download
Index Index, Research Notes, and Bibliography

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