Hoyle and Ethelene

Thomas "Hoyle" and Ethelene Parish Martin


Ethelene Ellen Rose Parish

Ethelene Ellen Rose Parish was born December 24, 1927 at Concord, Cleburne County, Arkansas to Harvey and Ara Parish. She was the only child of Harvey and Ara to survive infancy, two others dying at a very early age. She graduated from Concord High School and married Hoyle Martin on December 24, 1945. Being the only child gave her an independence she carried with her all her life. She was engaged in various business ventures most of my school years, including a beauty shop and dress shop. Occasionally, her and my father tried their hand at managing my grandparents hotel, but it just didn't seem to suit them. When she finally retired, she had been a cosmetology inspector for the state of Arkansas. Her and my father still reside in Heber Springs, AR.


Thomas 'Hoyle' Martin

Hoyle Martin was born December 27, 1924 at Banner, Cleburne County, Arkansas to Hubert and Maud Martin. He was the youngest of 13 children, 10 survived infancy, 7 boys and 3 girls. He attended Concord High School. He served as an infantryman during WWII with the 95th Division of Patton's Third Army in the European Theater. Upon return from WWII he married Ethelene Ellen Rose Parish on December 24, 1945. My dad never talked much about WWII, I guess we're alike in that respect, I don't talk much about Vietnam either. He spent his working life at many different jobs. He had a real gift with math and took naturally to anything mechanical. He worked in the engineering department during the construction of the Greer's Ferry Dam, and spent the vast majority of his later years as an outboard motor mechanic. I was then and continue to be amazed at his capacity for manual labor. I have seen him wear down men half his age when doing difficult work.

The Hoyle Martin Family

About 1945


About 1951

Top: 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1995
L to R: Tommy, Hoyle, Ethelene, and Dennis
Bottom: Family Visit, 1986
Seated L to R: Sherry, Dennis, Ethelene, Summer, Hoyle
(my parents and Dennis' family)
Standing L to R: Brian (Dennis' son), Tommy, Allison, Janet, and Justin

To the union of Hoyle and Ethelene, two sons were born. Tommy Hoyle (me) February 18, 1947 and Dennis Dane, January 18, 1950. During my early years we lived various places in the vicinity of Heber Springs, the one I most remember was at the "Y" on "top of the mountain". When I as about 9 years old we moved into "town" and bought the house my parents continue to live.

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