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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Wills and Administration


BROCKLEHURST Thomas, North Wales. 1895
CROSBEE Mary, Wales, Rhos on Sea, Denbigh. 1926
GILES Arthur William, Wales Monmouthshire, Newport. 1919
GILES Elizabeth Hannah, Wales, Monmouthshire, Newport 1898
HARRISON Francis, Wales, Glamorgan, Tondio 1870
JACKSON George, Wales, Rhyl and Buxton, Dbys 1886
MORLEY Thomas, Wales, Swansea and Derby 1878
NELSON William Turner, Wales, Colwyn Bay and Matlock, Dbys 1893
PARKER George, Wales, Wrexham 1894
POST Edwin, Wales, Swansea 1915
POWEL William, Newport 1864
RICKARD Charles Alfred Mead, Wales, Swansea, Sketty 1925
ROBERTS Samuel, Wales, Flint, Catch Halkyn 1915
ROPER Sarah, Wales, Glamorgan, Cowbridge 1911
SNELL Frederick Bennetts, Wales, Flint, Rhyl 1918
SOAR Mary Dulcie, Wales, Pembroke, St.Davids 1927
SPENCER Isaac, Caldicot 1853
SPENCER James, Bedwellty 1852
SPENCER John, Guilsfield 1771
SPENCER Mary, Holyhead 1851
SPENCER Samuel, Holywell 1779
SPENCER Thomas, Landyrnog
SPENCER William, Bedwellety 1852
WARD John, Cardiff Wales 1922
WHITTAKER Edwin,Wales, Anglesey, Lanes and Matlock Dbys. 1888

WALES Administration
SPENCER John, Wales, Montgomery, Guilsfield 1771 Adm

BEALE Ann, Walton on Trent 1896
CLAYTON Thomas, Walton on Trent 1646
COULTON Richard, Walton on Trent 1646
GREEN Robert, Walton 1722 (maybe Walton in p.Chesterfield Dbys)
GREEN William, Walton on Trent 1741
LAWRENCE James, Walton on Trent 1870
NEVALL (NEVILLE) Christopher, Walton on Trent 1646
NEVALL (NEVILLE) William, Walton on Trent 1646
REDFERN James, Walton on Trent 1897
ROBINSON Mary, Walton on Trent 1880
SHAKESHAFT Thomas, Walton on Trent 1877
SHOTTON William, Walton on Trent 1865
TOMLINSON William 1861 Walton upon Trent, mentions "sister Ellen TOMLINSON of Little Bray, Ireland".

WALTON ON TRENT Administration
CORBETT Richard als BOULD, Walton on Trent 1646 Adm
HILL Thomas, Walton on Trent, 1874 Adm
HOLLIER Richard Stanley, Walton on Trent 1870 Adm
PAGE Jane, Walton on Trent 1867 Adm
TAYLER (TAYLOR) Ralph/Benedicta, Walton on Trent 1649 Adm
WARDLOW Wills (See also Hope  Great Longstone and Bradwell)
ALSOP Thomas, Wardlow 1909
BENNETT Thomas, Wardlow 1640
BOAME (BOAM) William, Wardlow 1637
HAWKSWORTH Thomas, Wardlow Miers 1876
JAMES Francis, Wardlow 1631
JENKINSON Henry, Wardlow 1638

WARDLOW Administration
BRAMALL Thomas, Wardlow 1632 Adm
ELDERBIE Francis, Wardlow 1629 Adm
GRUNDY Robert, Wardlow 1629 Adm
HILL George, Worslowe, (Warslow, Staffs.? Wardlow?) 1635 Adm
ADCOCK Annie Camilla, Sutton Coldfield, Warwicks. 1922
ALLEN Francis, Tamworth, Warwickshire 1909
AMON William of Bulkington Will proved 1552
ARNOLD Henry, Warwicks, Atherstone and Wirksworth Dby.1890
BAKER Elizabeth, Warwicks, Newton Lodge 1870
BARBER George, Warwicks. Warwick late Borrowash Dby 1916
BATES Charles, Warwicks, Cubbington 1872
BAZLEY Mary Ann, Warwicks, Leamington Spa 1928
BIRCH Edwin, Warwicks, Coventry, Earlsdon 1926
BLEWS Frances Emma, Warwicks, Sutton Coldfield 1895
BLEWS Mary Ann, Warwicks, Sutton Coldfield 1894
BLOXHAM Rhoda, Brailes, Warwicks 1898
BRIDGES Frederick William, Warwicks. Birmingham and Norton 1893
BUCKLEY Ann, Warwicks, Birmingham 1895
BUSH John Edward, Warwicks. Sutton Coldfield 1924
CARTWRIGHT Emma, Warwicks, Saltby 1902
DALLOW William Austin, Warwicks, Birmingham 1896
DAVIS Francis, Warwicks, Coventry and Chesterfield 1885
DEACON John Charles Hall, Warwicks, Warwick. 1901
FORTNAM Eliza, Warwicks. Kenilworth 1924
FOSTER Richard, Warwicks. Birmingham 1928
GARTON Eli, Warwicks. Leamington 1912
GLISBEY William Howard, Warwicks. Birmingham, Moseley 1928
GOLIGHTLY William, Warwicks. Birmingham and Ambergate Dbys 1887
HARDING Thomas, Birmingham Warwicks and Appleby Magna, Leics   1882
HAYNES Maria, Warwicks. Birmingham, Moseley 1903
HEATH William of Bulkington Will proved 1552
HEATON Harriett Ann, Warwicks. Erdington, Park Villa 1871
HOLMES Alfred Hewston, Warwicks. Meriden 1927
HOLT Richard Thomas, Warwicks. Aston 1927
HOPLEY Maria, Warwicks. Arrington, Royce Farm 1870
HORE William of Bulkington Will proved 1534 
JACKSON Sarah of Bulkington Will proved 1842
JENNENS John, Warwicks. Birmingham and Wirksworth Dbys 1880
JONES Marianne, Warwicks. Birmingham 1896
KNIGHT Samuel Peake, Birmingham,Warwicks. Commercial traveller, 1857 CBA/31
KRULL Johann Henrich, Erdington, Birmingham,Warwicks 1897
KYNE Roger of Bulkington Will poroved 1530
KYNE Roger of Bulkington Will proved 1529 
LANGFORD John, Warwicks. Harbury late of Ockbrook, Dbys 1865
LEE Thomas of Bulkington Will proved 1791
LEES Elizabeth, Warwicks. Birmingham 1918
LYE William of Bulkington Will poved 1530
MARTIN Sarah of Bulkington Will proved 1822
MARTIN Thomas of Bulkington Will proved 1846
MARTYNE William of Bulkington Will proved 1547
NARRAN Andrew of Bulkington Will proved 1629
OGDON Mary, Warwicks. Leamington 1863
OSBORNE James, Warwicks. Birmingham 1822
OSBORNE William, Warwicks. Coventry 1773
OSBORNE William, Warwicks. Coventry 1773
PAXTON Richard, Warwicks. Kenilworth 1909
PEARSON Elizabeth, Rugby, Warwickshire, 1927
PENNESTONE Francis, Warwicks. Snitterfield 1869
PIPES Eliza, Warwicks. Water Orton 1918
PURDY Charles, Warwicks. Birmingham 1899
READ Rachel, Warwicks. Sutton Coldfield 1912
READ Sarah Fisher, Warwicks. Stratford on Avon 1923
ROBERTS John, Warwicks. Nuneaton and Salop, Whitchurch 1906
ROBINSON William, Warwicks. Solihull 1863
ROGERS William of Bulkington Will proved 1649
SIDDANS Jane, Warwicks. Atherstone 1922
SILCOCK George, Warwicks. Leamington and Somersall 1876
SLINGSBY Elizabeth of Bulkington Will proved 1647
SPENCER Alice, Warwicks Kingsbury 1826
SPENCER Ann, Warwicks. Nuneaton 1756
SPENCER Ann, Warwicks. Sutton 1708
SPENCER Bartholomew, Warwicks. Offchurch 1640
SPENCER Benjamin, Warwicks, Chilverscoton 1770
SPENCER Charles, Warwicks. Sutton Coldfield 1829
SPENCER Christopher, Warwicks, Kings Newton 1697
SPENCER Christopher, Warwicks, Kings Newton 1730
SPENCER Edward, Birmingham 1852
SPENCER Eleanor, Warwicks, Seckington 1681/2
SPENCER Elizabeth, Arley 1843
SPENCER Elizabeth, Warwicks, Kings Newton 1736
SPENCER Elizabeth, Warwicks. Mancetter 1843
SPENCER Elizabeth, Warwicks. Newton in the Thistles 1649
SPENCER Elizabeth, Warwicks. Wolvey 1780
SPENCER Francis, Austrey 1724
SPENCER Francis, Warwicks. Kingsbury 1761
SPENCER Henry, Austrey 1636
SPENCER Henry, Warwicks, Kings Newton 1625
SPENCER James, Astley, Warwicks 1822
SPENCER Jane, Warwicks, Kenilworth 1818
SPENCER John, Austrey 1633
SPENCER John, Austrey 1752
SPENCER John, Austrey 1777
SPENCER John, Austrey 1795
SPENCER John, Birmingham 1829
SPENCER John, Birmingham 1830
SPENCER John, Warwicks, Harbury 1801
SPENCER John, Warwicks, Kingsbury, Heath houses 1671
SPENCER John, Warwicks. Newton in the Thistles 1811
SPENCER John, Warwicks. Newton Regis 1710
SPENCER Joseph, Atherstone 1776
SPENCER Joseph, Atherstone 1782
SPENCER Joseph, Atherstone, Warwicks 1823
SPENCER Patience, Warwicks. Polesworth 1728
SPENCER Ralph, Warwicks, Mancetter 1615
SPENCER Richard, Austrey 1729
SPENCER Richard, Austrey 1797
SPENCER Richard, Kings Newton 1672
SPENCER Richard, Warwicks, Kings Newton 1599
SPENCER Richard, Warwicks. Nuneaton 1737
SPENCER Robert, Austrey 1592
SPENCER Robert, Warwicks, Kings Newton 1691
SPENCER Robert, Warwicks. Newton Regis 1616
SPENCER Robert, Warwicks. Newton Regis 1721
SPENCER Robert, Warwicks. Wolvey 1754
SPENCER Samuel, Birmingham, Aston 1832
SPENCER Sarah, Warwicks. Nuneaton 1856
SPENCER Thomas of Bulkington Will proved 1618
SPENCER Thomas, Astley, Warwicks. 1853
SPENCER Thomas, Austrey 1821
SPENCER Thomas, Birmingham 1856
SPENCER Thomas, Warwicks, Newton Regis 1664
SPENCER Thomas, Warwicks. Middleton 1683
SPENCER William , Austrey 1681
SPENCER William, Atherstone 1794
SPENCER William, Austrey 1603
SPENCER William, Austrey 1723
SPENCER William, Birmingham, Aston 1837
SPENCER William, Birmingham, Aston 1844
SPENCER William, Warwicks, Coventry 1854
SPENCER William, Warwicks, Kenilworth 1679
SPENCER William, Warwicks. Monks Kirby 1701
SPENCER William, Warwicks. Nuneaton 1751
SPENCER William, Warwicks. Nuneaton, Attleborough 1854
SPENSER (SPENCER) George, Warwicks. Nethercote 1560
SPENSER (SPENCER) John, Austrey 1562
SPENSER Simon, Warwicks, Lillington 1593
STEVENSON Samuel, Sutton Coldfield,Warwicks. c.1707 V4/69
TRUEMAN Mary, Warwicks. Birmingham 1894
VAUGHAN Sarah, Warwicks. Birmingham 1906
WALKER Ann, Birmingham, Warwicks 1912
WINTERS George, Warwicks. Chilvers Coton 1926
WOODS William, Warwicks. Hartshill 1897
YATES Ann Darwin, Warwicks. Birmingham and Derby 1886
WARWICKSHIRE Administration
OVERTON Richard of Bulkington Adminsitration 1647
SPENCER Henry, Atherstone, 1723 Adm
SPENCER John, Austrey 1731 Adm
SPENCER John, Middleton 1708 Adm
SPENCER Sarah, Birmingham,Aston 1735 Adm
SPENCER Sarah, Coventry 1775 Adm
SPENCER Temperance, Austrey 1691 Adm
WESSINGTON Wills (Parish since 1859, see also Crich)
FOX William, Wessington 1896
INNOCENT John, Bridge Meadow, Wessington 1871
JACKSON Mary, Wessington and South Normanton 1879
KEY John, Wessington 1882
RADFORD Mary, Wessington 1898
RADFORD William, Broomhouse, Wessington 1874
RILEY Thomas, Wessington 1909
WHEATCROFT William, Wessington 1884
WESSINGTON Administration
WRAGG Joseph, Wessington 1869 Adm
BARTON John, West Hallam  1862
DARE William Charles, West Hallam 1927
GRUNDY Ann, West Hallam and Crich  1860
HALLAM Absalom, West Hallam 1880
HART Zachariah, West Hallam 1905
HARTSHORN Samuel, West Hallam 1912
HARTSHORN William, West Hallam 1873
HARVEY Mary, West Hallam 1921
HASLAM John, West Hallam 1871
HASLAM John, West Hallam 1874
HOBSONS Eliza,v West Hallam 1928
HOLLINGWORTH Bridget, West Hallam 1648
HOLLINGWORTH Francis, West Hallam 1646
HOLLINGWORTH John, West Hallam 1862
HOLLINGWORTH Thomas H, West Hallam 1860
HOLLINGWORTH William, West Hallam 1874
LEES Mary, West Hallam 1921
LEES Mary, West Hallam 1925
MARTIN Francis, West Hallam 1832
MARTIN Francis, West Hallam 1855
RABY Samuel, West Hallam 1898
RICHARDSON John, West Hallam 1918
RICHARDSON Sarah, West Hallam 1926
ROSELL (ROSSELL) Edward, West Hallam 1639

WEST HALLAM Administration
EVANS Richard, West Hallam 1864 Adm
HALLAM John, West Hallam 1647 Adm
HOLLINGWORTH Henry, West Hallam 1640 Adm
HUNT Catharine, West Hallam 1869 Adm
LINGS George, West Hallam 1872 Adm
MILNES Elizabeth, West Hallam died 1872. 1875 Adm
MILNES Sarah Elizabeth, West Hallam 1875 Adm
SMART Samuel, West Hallam 1873 Adm
FAVILL Jane Anne, Westmorland, Ambleside 1897>
JACKSON Robert Hall, Burton, Westmorland 1856
THEXTON Agnes, Westmorland and Liverpool, Lancs 1900
(There is a Weston upon Trent in Staffordshire and Derbyshire)
ARCHER Robert, Ashbourne and Weston on Trent 1885
AUDINWOOD Mark, Weston on Trent 1882
BILLINGE Agnes, Weston on Trent 1917
BROWNE Thomas, Weston upon Trent 1648
GRATWICH Robert, Weston upon Trent 1650
HICKINBOTHAM Elizabeth wife of William, Weston on Trent 1829 V4/19
HICKINBOTHAM William, Weston on Trent 1827 V4/18
HOLDEN Ann, Weston on Trent 1767
HOLDEN John Rev., Weston on Trent 1759
LEEDHAM William, Weston on Trent 1800 V4/17
PAWFREMAN (PALFREYMAN) Francis, Weston on Trent 1649
PAWFRIMAN (PALFREYMAN) Richard, Weston on Trent 1628
PEGG James, Weston on Trent, Dbys 1905
PEGG Mary Ann, Weston on Trent, Dbys 1907
PHILBRICK Elizabeth, Weston on Tret, Dbys 1898
PORTER John, Weston on Trent, Dbys 1902
PORTER Mary Ann, Weston on Trent, Dbys 1904
ROSE William, Weston on Trent 1892
SHREEVE Richard, Weston on Trent 1906
SHREEVE William, Weston on Trent 1886
SPENCER George, Weston on Trent 1855
SPENCER John, Weston on Trent 1837
SUTTON Alice, Weston on Trent 1639
WESTON UPON TRENT Administration
HENSHAW John, Weston upon Trent 1858 Adm
WARD Frances, Weston upon Trent, 1861 Adm
WHITFIELD Wills, Parish 1846.(see also Glossop and Hadfield)
APPLEYARD Grace, Whitfield Green 1875
GARRATT Samuel, Hadfield 1866
GARSIDE John, Whitfield Green 1886
GARSIDE Joseph, Whitfield 1870
JACKSON Solomon, Padfield 1862
KAY Janet, Littlemoor and Bury Lancs 1862
KERSHAW Robert, Whitfield 1864 
LEE David, Hadfield 1864
LEE Joshua, Lower Barn Hadfield 1871
LEES Henry, Wooley Bridge 1871
LONGBOTTOM Ralph, Hadfield 1874
MALTBY Jacob, Whitfield 1859
MARRIOTT John, South Head Farm, Hadfield 1868
MARSDEN Wiliam, Whitfield 1900
PLATT John, Spring House, Hadfield,Dbys 1858
PORTER John, Whitfield, Dbys 1891
PRIESTNALL Hannah, Whitfield 1863
ROBERTS John Hyde, Brosscroft, Padfield 1874
ROBINSON Charlotte, Whitfield 1881
ROWBOTTOM Micah, Whitfield 1876
SHORE Jonathan, Waterside Hadfield, Whitfield 1873
SIDEBOTTOM William, Lower Barn, Hadfield, Dbys 1866
WARBUCK Alice, Hadfield Dbys 1865
WARHURST James, Hadfield Dbys 1873
WHITFIELD Administration
NEWTON Ann, Whitfield. died 1868. 1875 Adm
ALDAM Alfred, Whittington, Whittington Grange 1876
ALDAM Juliet Whittington, Whittington Park 1875
ALLEN Job, New Whittington 1889
ARMEFIELD (ARMFIELD) Arthur, Whittington 1646
ATKIN Henry, Old Whittington 1919
ATTENBOROUGH Philip, New Whittington 1926
BACON Francis, Whittington Moor,Newbold 1926
BAILEY Joseph Wiggin, Whittington 1884
BAKER John George, Old Whittington 1925
BALL Esther Ann, New Whittington 1909
BALL Isaac, New Whittington 1868
BALL Joseph, New Whittington 1910
BAMFORD George, New Whittington 1901
BARGH Ann, Whittington 1890
BARGH James, Old Whittington and Brampton 1880
BARGH John, Old Whittington 1900
BARGH Joseph, Whittington 1867
BARGH Thomas, Whittington 1879
BARGH Thomas, Whittington Moor 1869
BARKER Charles, Whittington 1897
BARKER John, New Whittington 1872
BARKER Robert, Whittington Moor 1903
BATE James, Whittington 1648
BATES David, Whittington Moor  1891
BATES Richard, Whittington Moor 1891
BEARD Godfrey, Whittington blacksmith 1713 C/SHE/5
BEARD Joshua, Whittington soap boiler 1756 C/SHE/10
BEAVINGTON Alfred Isaac, New Whittington 1927
BELFITT Charlotte, Whittington Moor 1896
BELLAMY Olive, Whittington 1889
BERRIDGE William, Whittington 1875
BIRKBECK Charles, Old Whittington 1900
BONSON George, Whittington Moor 1916
BRADSHAW John, Old Whittington 1903
BRIGHTMORE Herbert, New Whittington 1872
BROWN Jabez, New Whittington 1901
BUTLER Elizabeth, Whittington 1873
CADMAN James, Whittington Moor 1913
CAMM Henry, Whittington 1896
CANTRELL William, Old Whittington 1915
CARRINGTON Lydia, Whittington 1898
CAYTON Joseph, New Whittington 1913
CLARKE James, Old Whittington 1911
CLEMENTS John Henry, Whittington 1897
COLLIS John, Chesterfield formerly of Whittington 1861
COOKE Emma, Whittington 1898
COOKE Harold, Whittington Moor 1907
COOKE William, Whittington 1879
COOPER George, Old Whittington 1902
COOPER Mary, Old Whittington 1908
COPLEY George, Whittington Moor 1916
CORY Emily Ann, Old Whittington 1891
CROWTHER Alfred, Whittington Moor 1908
CUTTS Harriet, Whittington Moor 1913
DANN Martha, Whittington, Whittington Moor 1926
EDGE George, Whittington 1646
FOX Sarah Ann, Whittington,Old Whittington 1900
FREEMAN Amos Briscoe, New Whittington 1915
FREEMAN Amos, New Whittington 1891
GREEN Elizabeth, Whittington 1845
GREEN Henry, Whittington, Dbys 1759
GREEN John, Whittington  1824
GREENE Dorothy, Whittington 1790
HARDY William, Whittington 1879
HOLMES Elizabeth, Whittington 1642
HOPKINSON George, New Whittington and Belper 1884
HOWARD Charles, Whittington,Dbys 1896
JAMES William, Whittington Moor 1881
JAMIESON Ann Elizabeth, Whittington Moor 1924
JENKINSON George, Whittington 1858
JENKINSON Henry, Holly Cottage  Old Whittington 1896
JOHNSON Elizabeth, Old Whittington 1889
JUBB Elizabeth, New Whittington 1886
KEY Mary, Sheepbridge Whittington 1871
KIRK John, Whittington 1892
KIRK Sarah, Whittington 1900
KNOWLES Dinah, New Whittington 1901
KNOWLES William, Whittington 1889
LANCASTER Ada, Whittington Moor 1922
LANE Richard, Whittington 1628
LAYCOCK Elizabeth, Whittington 1905
LAYCOCK George, Whittington 1880
LAYTON Thomas, Whittington 1927
LEAK Emma, Whittington 1908
LEAK Thomas, New Whittington  1898
LEE Ann, Old Whittington 1912
LIEVESLEY William John, Old Whittington 1912
LOMAS Elizabeth, Whittington Moor 1885
LONGDEN Herbert, New Whittington 1912
LONGDEN Matilda, New Whittington 1897
MARRIOTT James, Whittington Moor 1897
MARSDEN George, Whittington Moor 1887
MOODY Richard, Whittington 1866
MOODY William, Whittington 1861
MOORE James, Whittington Moor 1891
MOORE Matilda, Old Whittington 1890
MYCOCKE (MYCOCK) John, Whittington 1628
NUNNEY Samuel, Old Whittington 1920
PALMER Thomas, Whittington Moor 1908
PARKER James, Whittington 1911
PARKER William, Whittington 1646
PEGG Solomon, Old Whittington, Dbys 1896
PENDLETON Edah, Old Whittington, Dbys 1896
PENDLETON Samuel, Old Whittington, Dbys 1896
PENDLETON Thomas Blackburn, Sheepbridge, Dbys 1891
PORTMAN William, Old Whittington, Dbys 1915
POTT James, Whittington Moor, Dbys 1880
PRESTON Christopher, Whittington Moor, 1919
RADFORTH Frederick William, Whittington 1874
REDFERN Edward, Whittington 1920
REDFERNE (REDFERN) Godfrey, Whittington 1640
REYNOLDS Marella, Whittington Moor 1918
RICHMOND Phoebe, Whittington Moor 1919
ROBINSON Joseph, Whittington 1858
ROBINSON Robert, cleric, Whittington 1868
ROBINSON Sarah, Whittington 1871
ROBINSON Thomas Towndrow, Old Whittington 1899
RODWAY John, New Whittington 1920
ROGERS Eliza Annie, Old Whittington 1917
ROGERS John Jennings, Sheepbridge 1901
ROUVIER Thomas, Old Whittington 1877
ROWLAND James, New Whittington 1905
ROYSTER Thomas, Whittington Moor 1900
SADLER John, Whittington Moor 1904
SHARRATT Ann, Whittington Moor 1903
SHIRLEY Charles, Sheepbridge 1891
SMITH Aden, Whittington Moor 1909
SMITH Aden, Whittington Moor Dbys 1909
SMITH Alice, Old Whittington 1908
SMITH Alice, Old Whittington Dbys 1908
SMITH George, Whittington Moor 1905
SMITH George, Whittington Moor Dbys 1905
SMITH James, Old Whittington 1904
SMITH James, Old Whittington Dbys 1904
SMITH Rebecca, Whittington 1868
SMITH Rebecca, Whittington Dbys 1868
STEVENSON John, New Whittington 1900
STONES Samuel Henry, Old Whittington 1925
SWANWICK Elizabeth, Whittington 1893
SWANWICK Frederick,Whittington 1885
SWIFT Alfred, New Whittington 1900
SYDALL John, Whittington 1863
SYDDALL Joseph, Old Whittington 1917
SYDDALL Samuel,Whottington 1898
SYDDALL Sarah,Whittington 1890
SYLVESTER John, Sheepbridge, Dbys 1881
VICKARS Hugh, 1798
VICKERS William, 1799
WALKER Joseph, New Whittington Dbys 1877
WALKER Samuel, New Whittington Dbys 1899
WALKER Vanda, Whittington Dbys 1927
WALKER William, New Whittington 1867
WEBSTER John, Whittington Bridge 1879
WEBSTER Martha, Old Whittington 1898
WEM John, Sheepbridge 1884

WHITTINGTON Administration
BELFITT William, Whittington 1862 Adm
BOWER John, Whittington 1861 Adm
BRUNDALL Margaret, Whittington 1628 Inventory
BUTLER George, Whittington 1873 Adm
CALLADINE Robert, Whittington 1869 Adm
COOK Dorothy, Whittington 1871 Adm
COOK John, Whittington 1869 Adm
CUNDEY Joseph, New Whittington 1874 Adm
GILLETT Thomas, Whittington 1867 Adm
HOUSTON Caroline, Whittington 1869 Adm
HOUSTON George, Whittington 1867 Adm
JENKINSON Samuel, Whittington 1866 Adm
KAY John, Whittington 1865 Adm
KEY John, Whittington 1866 Adm
LUCAS Thomas Burton, Rev., Whittington 1866 Adm
METTAM Mary, Whittington 1862 Adm
METTAM Thomas, Whittington 1868 Adm
NAYLOR John, Whittington 1865 Adm
VICKERS John, Whittington 1868 Adm
WALKER Elizabeth, Whittington 1872 Adm
WRIGHT Francis, Whittington 1646 Adm
ALDAM Martha, Whitwell and Creswell 1884
APPLEYARD Grace, Whitfield Green 1875
BARBOR (BARBER) Brian, Whitwell 1636
BARTHOLOMEW George, Creswell 1923
BARTHOLOMEW Phoebe, Creswell 1884
BARTHOLOMEW Robert, Creswell 1872
BARTHOLOMEW Sarah, Whitwell 1869 
BATTERSBY Mary, Whitwell 1881
BEATTIE Elizabeth, Whitwell 1907
BULLOCKE Michael, Whitwell 1646
COZEN (COUSIN?) Brian, Whitwell 1641
GARRATT Samuel, Hadfield 1866
GARSIDE John, Whitfield Green 1886
GARSIDE Joseph, Whitfield 1870
GEE Maria, Whitwell Dbys and Stannington Yks 1880
GLOSSOP George, Whitwell 1873
GODLEY David, Whitwell 1915
GODLEY Francis, Whitwell 1921
GODLEY William, Whitwell 1879
GODLEY William, Whitwell 1902
GOODWIN Charles, Whitwell 1902
GREEN Ann, Whitwell, Dbys 1827
GREEN John, Whitwell, Dbys 1825
HARRISON Henry, Whitwell 1648
JACKSON John, Whitwell 1883
JACKSON John, Whitwell 1906
JACKSON Mary, Whitwell 1877
JOHNCOCK Amelia Ellen, Whitwell 1916
JOHNCOCK Caroline Bennett, Whitwell 1915
JOHNSON Anthony, Whitwell 1650
JOHNSON George, Whitwell 1876
KERSHAW Robert, Whitfield 1864 
LANCASTER Susanna, Whitwell 1888
LAUGHTON Edward, Whitwell 1895
LEGAT William, Whitwell 1889
LINDLEY Ann, Whitwell 1910
LINDLEY George, Whitwell 1900
LINDLEY John, Gypsy Hill Quarry Whitwell 1880
LINDLEY Joseph Pilkington, Whitwell 1917
LUDLOW Rebecca, Whitwell 1905
MADIN Joseph, Whitwell 1912
MARLOW William Henry, Whitwell 1912
MARSHALL Thomas, Whitwell 1642
MINKLEY George, Whitwell 1877
PEAT Mary, Whitwell, Dbys 1877
PRESLEY Hannah, Whitwell 1886
PRESLEY Horace, Whitwell 1918
PRESLEY Ralph, Whitwell  1886
RAWSON Mary, Whitwell 1896
RICHARDSON William, Whitwell 1913
ROGERS ANN, Whitwell 1878
ROTHERHAM Ann, Whitwell 1868
ROTHERHAM Thomas, Whitwell 1914
ROYSTON John, Whitwell 1871
SHORT Emma, Whitwell 1905
SHUKER George, Whitwell 1924
STOPARD Davis, Whitwell 1925
WOODHOUSE Robert Whitwell 1639

WHITWELL Administration
ALLISON William, Whitwell 1875 Adm
BRUNT George, labourer. 1865
BRUNT George, Whitwell 1865 Adm
COTES Thomas, Whitwell 1646 Adm
DRABBLE William, Whitwell 1872 Adm
ELLIS Sarah, Whitwell 1871 Adm
GLOSSOP Elizabeth, Whitwell 1872 Adm
HIND John, Whitwell 18870 Adm
JACKSON Sarah, Whitwell 1869 Adm
JOHNSON Elizabeth, mentions Miles Allitson VICKERS, Worksop, Notts. 1865
JOHNSON Elizabeth, Whitwell 1865 Adm
KNOWLES Adam, Whitwell 1867 Adm
LEE Roger, Whitwell 1647 Adm
LEVICK Samuel, Whitwell 1874 Adm
LINDLEY Mary, Whitwell 1871 Adm
ROBERTS John, Whitwell 1873 Adm
TURNER Eliza Olivia, Whitwell 1858 Adm
WALL David, Whitwell 1869 Adm
WHITEHEAD William, Whitwell 1639 Adm
WOODHEAD Brian, Whitwell 1641 Adm
WILLESLEY (Parish transferred to Leics in 1897.)
KNIGHT William, Willesley 1884
PRICE David Edwards, Leics.Willesley. Mentions Elizabeth GRIFFITHS, Llanfaes, Brecon, Wales. 1870 Adm
ADAMS Mary Ann, Willington 1888
ALLDRITT Sarah, Willington 1875
ALLSOP Frances, Willington 1862
ANGERER Jane Helen, Willington 1898
BROWNE Charles, Willington 1628
BULL Samuel, Willington 1849
BULL William, Willington 1851 .
EVERY Penelope, Willington 1892
GASKIN Edward, Willington 1876
GASKIN William, Willington 1889
GRETTON John, Willington 1648
HAYNES Frances, Willington 1873
HAYNES Harriet, Willington 1899
HAYNES James, Willington 1868
HAYNES John, Willington 1906
HAYNES Robert, Willington 1886
HOLLIS Thomas, Willington 1896
HOROBIN Maria, Willington 1901
HOROBIN William, Willington 1869
JAMES Benjamin, Willington 1925
JAMES Selina, Wilington 1925
JEFFERRY Alice, Willington 1924
JOHNSON James, Willington 1899
KEELING Francis, Willington 1920
KEELING John Staley, Willington 1870
KENT Ann, Willington 1894
KENT William, Willington 1858
KENT William, Willington 1892
KIRKLAND Mary Ann, Willington 1895
KIRKLAND Samuel, Willington 1891
LYDDON Eliza Sophia Lewis, Willington 1879
MORLEY John, Willington 1641
NUNN Catherine Fanny, Willington 1902
PACEY Mary, Willington 1878
PACEY Mary,Willington 1878
POMFRETT Thomas, Willington 1640
PRESTON Edward, Willington 1914
PROTHEROE Thomas Joseph, Willington 1914
RATCLIFF William, Willington 1902
SHORTHOUSE Ann, Willington 1904
SPENCER John, Willington 1722
SPENCER Sarah, Willington 1728
STEVENS John, Willington 1888
STEVENS Mary Pipes, Willington 1908
STEVENSON John, Willington 1629
STONE Annie, Willington 1917
STONE Robert, Willington 1910

WILLINGTON Administration
BURROWS Mary Ann, Willington 1864 Adm
COXE (COX) Richard, Willington 1648 Adm
GASKIN Ann, Willington 1874 Adm
SHORTHOSE Robert, Willington 1647 Adm
ADAMSON ANN, Draycott, Wilne 1921
ADAMSON Archibald, Wilne, Draycott 1917
ALLESTREE Thomas, Wilne, Draycott 1861
BATTELLE Jane, Draycott 1884
BATTELLE Peter Rowley, Draycott 1873
CLEATOR John, Draycott 1820  V29/65
COPE Mary, Draycott, Wilne 1646
FOSTER John, Draycott, Wilne 1649
GELSTHORPE Andrew, Draycott 1922
GIBB Hannah, Draycott 1923
GIBBONS Hannah, Draycott 1923
GILL Joseph, Draycott 1905
HALLAM Edmund, Draycott, Wilne 1628
JAMES Jonathan, Draycott 1870
JOHNSON Alphaeus, Draycott 1915
JOHNSON Catherine, Draycott 1872
JOHNSON Esther, Draycott 1899
JOHNSON Henry, Draycott 1921
JONES Maria, Draycott 1914
JOWETT Thomas, Draycott 1804  V29/63
KIRK Thomas, Draycott 1919
LEACROFT Frederick Richard, Draycott 1865
MACDONALD Caroline, Draycott 1901
MACDONALD Samuel, Draycott 1900
MEE John, Draycott 1654  V29/61
PEART Hannah, Draycott, Dbys 1883
PENDLETON John Robinson, Draycott, Dbys 1922
PLACKETT Henry, Draycott 1899
PLACKETT Thomas, Breaston 1867
PLACKETT William, Breaston 1863
PLATTS Katherine Frances, Draycott, Dbys 1911
PORTER Henry, Breaston 1866
POTTER Charlotte, Draycott, Dbys 1877
POTTER Richard, Draycott, Dbys 1868
RAINS Emily, Draycott 1924
RAINS John, Draycott 1919
RIMINGTON John, Breaston 1864
ROBINSON J. Draycott 1922
ROE Matthew, Wilne, Draycott 1649
ROWLEY Thomas, Draycott 1892
SEYMOUR Mary, Draycott 1878
SIBLEY Thomas, Draycott 1894
SMITH Amelia, Draycott 1924
SMITH Hugh Alexander, Draycott 1924
SMITH John, Draycott and Ambaston 1885
SMITH Joseph Botham, Draycott Fields, Wilne 1915
SPENCER William, Wilne, Draycott 1814
STEVENS Mary Ann, Draycott  1884
STONE Emma, Draycott 1928
TOWLE Thomas, Draycott 1800  V29/62
WOOD John, Wilne ?. Draycott 1651
WILNE Administration
CASTLEDINE William, Draycott, Wilne 1859 Adm
CLIFFORD John, Draycott,Wilne 1866 Adm
COOPER Jane, Draycott, Wilne 1870 Adm
DAFT William, Draycott, Wilne 1869 Adm
HALL Fanny, Wilne 1867 Adm
HEELEY George, Wilne, Draycott 1645 Adm
NIXON Thomas, Wilts. Malmesbury and Derby 1887
TODD Harold, Wilts. Salisbury 1916
TREDGOLD Vivian, Bulford Camp Post Office Wilts  1909 
WINGERWORTH (see also Chesterfield)
ALLEN Jane, Wingerworth 1920
ALLEN William, Wingerworth 1913
BOORE Gertrude, Wingerworth 1648
CLAY Richard, Wingerworth 1640
FLETCHER Francis, Wingerworth 1648
FLETCHER Thomas, Wingerworth 1640
GLADWIN Frances Stubbing Hall, Wingerworth  1818  V76/30
GREEN Matthew, Wingerworth, Dbys 1810
GREEN Roland, Wingerworth 1722
GREEN William, Wingerworth, Dbys 1812
HILL Thomas, Wingerworth 1585
HYLLS Robert, Wingerworth 1571
LENTHALL Henry, Wingerworth 1889
OLDFIELD Bartholomew 1830
OLDFIELD John 1832
RANDALL James, Wingerworth 1906
REVILL Richard, Wingerworth and Chesterfield 1874
REYNOLDS Francis, Wingerworth 1647
STEVENSON Enoch, Wingerworth 1889
STOLLARD James, Wingerworth 1905
WELCH George, Wingerworth 1923

WINGERWORTH Administration
FIDLER James, Wingerworth 1641 Adm
MOSLEY Thomas, Wingerworth 1640 Adm
REVEL Samuel Rev. Wingerworth 1869 Adm
SPENCER John, Wingerworth 1583 Inventory
TURNER Samuel, Wingerworth 1864 Adm
WINSHILL Wills (See also Burton on Trent. Separate parish 1869, transferred to Staffs. 1894)
ALLSEBROOK George, Winshill 1897
BEARDSMORE Wiliam Henry, Winshill and Burton on Trent 1887
EMERY Henry, Staffs, Winshill 1869
FAIRFIELD Thomas, Staffs, Winshill 1899
FEARN Ann Tunley, Staffs, Winshill 1888
FEARN John, Staffs, Winshill 1887
FENNELL Eliza, Staffs, Winshill 1907
FRENCH Benjamin, Staffs, Winshill 1892
GEE George, Winshill 1886
GIBB Joseph, Winshill 1912
GIBBONS Joseph, Winshill 1912
GILL Maria, Winshill 1896
HARDY Richard, Winshill 1880
HARDY Susannah, Winshill  1879
HARGREAVES Thomas, Winshill and Isle of Man  1890
HARRIS John Thomas, Staffs. Winshill 1892
HARVEY Samuel, Staffs. Winshill 1872
HAZLEHURST Edwin, Staffs. Winshill 1900
HOOD Julia, Winshill 1912
HOPKINS John, Winshill 1899
JACKSON Henry Hoskins, Winshill 1916
JACKSON Joseph, Winshill 1879
JACKSON William, Winshill 1862
JOHNSON Thomas, Winshill 1912
JOHNSON William Horatio, Winshill  1908
JONES Charlotte, Winshill 1897
JONES Christopher, Winshill 1900
JONES Margaret, Winshill 1909
JONES Mary Ann, Winshill 1881
JUKES Alfred George, Winshill and Burton on Trent Staffs 1883
KNOWLES Charles, Winshill 1919
KNOWLES Thomas, Winshill 1894
LEY George, Winshill 1886
LOWE John, Winshill 1873
LOWE William, Winshill and Burton upon Trent Staffs 1878
MALKIN Mary, Ashfield, Winshill 1880
MATKIN Daniel, Staffs. Winshill 1884
MCPHERSON Malcolm, Winshill 1899 
MEAR William, Staffs. Winshill 1876
MORRIS Ann, Staffs. Winshill 1895
NACHTIGALL Elivir Augustine, Winshill 1899
NADIN Helen, Winshill 1883
NADIN Joseph, Winshill 1879
NADIN Norman, Winshill 1882
NAYLOR Henry, Winshill 1905
NEWTON Richard, Winshill 1871
NOAKE Emanuel, Winshill 1891
PLANT John, Bearwood Hill, Winshill 1886
PLOWRIGHT William, Winshill, Staffs 1918
PRATT Ann, Winshill and Burton on Trent, Staffs   1887
RICE John, Winshill 1906
SANDERS John, Staffs. Winshill 1865
SHARRATT Thomas, Staffs. Winshill 1863
SLATER Thomas, Staffs. Winshill 1876
SMITH Henry, Staffs. Winshill 1901
SPOONER John Leggett, Staffs. Winshill 1879
TAVERNER John, Winshill Staffs 1892
TILLEY Hannah, Winshill Staffs 1904
TOMLINSON Elizabeth, Winshill Staffs 1880
TOMLINSON Robert William, Winshill Staffs 1898
WADSWORTH Hannah, Winshill 1926
WHEELDON Thomas, Winshill 1878
WILSON Ann Elizabeth, Winshill 1865
WILSON Hannah, Winshill 1880
WILSON James, Winshill and Saltaire,Yks. 1887
WILSON Jane, Winshill 1891
WILSON Sarah, Winshill, Burton on Trent 1858
WILSON Thomas, Winshill 1914
WRIGHT William, Winshill Staffs and Burton upon Trent Staffs 1889
YOUNG James, Winshill 1905
WINSHILL Administration
FEARN Ann, Winshill 1870 Adm
WATTS Lydia, Winshill 1869 Adm
WHITEHEAD Henry Egginton, Winshill 1871 Adm
ALLEN Alice, Winster 1920
ALLEN Edward, Winster 1915
ALLEN George, Winster 1862
ALLEN Mary, Winster 1888
ALLEN Peter, Winster, 1904
ALSOP Francis, Winster 1873
BATEMAN George, Winster 1886
BATEMAN Henry, Winster 1915
BATEMAN John, Winster 1895
BATEMAN Joseph, Winster 1829
BEARDOW John, Winster 1883
BLACKWELL Joseph, Winster 1835? V6/79
BLACKWELL Richard, Winster 1803 V6/78
DAWES Adrian, Winster 1648
DYKE William Rev, Winster 1870
EYRE Joseph, Winster 1743
EYRE Joseph, Winster 1747
EYRE Peter, Winster 1648
HARDY Joseph, Winster 1922
HARRISON John, Winster weaver 1744 V6/31
HENSTOCK Johanna, Winster 1847
HENSTOCK John, Winster 1846
HENSTOCK Lydia, Winster 1847
HOUSLEY Elizabeth, Winster 1900
INGHAM Daniel, Winster 1878
LEA Jane 1793 Adm.
LEE Thomas 1776
LEE Thomas 1776 Adm.
LOMAS Edward, Winster 1899
LOMAS George William, Winster 1922
LONGDEN James, Winster 1887
LONGDEN John, Winster 1861
LONGDEN Joseph, Winster 1894
LONGDEN William Winster 1864
MARCHINTON John, Winster shopkeeper. 1762 V6/32
MARSHALL Albert, Winster 1917
MARSHALL Alfred, Winster 1884
MARSHALL Sarah, Winster 1890
MOREHOUSE (MOORHOUSE) William, Winster 1647
MOZLEY Samuel, Winster 1879
NAYLOR John, Winster 1888
NEWTON Henry, Winster 1919
NEWTON John, Winster 1875
NEWTON Joseph, Newton 1912
NORMAN Henry, Winster 1900
ORME Elizabeth, Winster 1906
ORME Samuel, Winster 1875
ORME William, Winster 1912
RAINS Anthony, Winster 1876
RAINS Elizabeth, wife of Samuel, draft Will, Winster 1848  V6/237
RAINS Isaac, Winster 1894
RAINS John, Winster 1859
RAINS John, Winster 1918
RAINS William, Winster 1827  V6/238
RAINS William, Winster 1901
RAINS William, Winster 1918
ROBERTS Elizabeth, Winster 1871
ROBERTS Thomas, Winster 1873
ROPER Mary, Winster 1925
ROWLAND James, Winster 1898
ROWLAND John, Winster 1862
SALT Andrew, Winster 1885
SALT Isaac, Winster 1904
SALT Jane, Winster 1908
SHAW Alfred, Winster 1888
SHELDON Charles 1811
SHELDON Charles, Winster 1811
SMITH Anne, Winster 1926
SMITH Dorothy, Winster 1881
SMITH Hannah, Winster 1882
SMITH John, Winster 1894
SMITH Joshua, Winster 1921
SMITH Samuel, Winster 1873
SPENCER John, Winster yeoman, 1689
STALEY John, Winster 1648
STONE John, Winster 1903
STONE Joseph, Winster 1866
STONE Joseph, WInster 1910
TOMLINSON John, Winster 1649
WALKER Henry, Winster Dbys 1894
WALKER John Pulleine, Winster Dbys 1891
WALKER William, Winster Dbys 1885
WALKER William, Winster Dbys 1901
WILD William, Winster 1852
WINSTER Administration
BARNSLEY William, Winster 1868 Adm
BATEMAN Joseph, Winster 1859 Adm
BOAM James, mentions John BOAM 1870
BOAM James, Winster 1870 Adm
ELLIS Mary mentions William ELLIS 1870
ELLIS Mary,Winster 1870 Adm
LOMAS George, Winster 1868 Adm
MILNES Mary, Winster 1874 Adm
RAINS Isaac, Winster Bank 1869 Adm
WOOLLEY Samuel, mentions Stephen WOOLLEY of Burnley, Lancs. 1870
WOOLLEY Samuel, Winster 1870 Adm
note, places called Middleton may refer to Stoney Middleton or Middleton by Wirksworth or even another Middleton outside the County.
ABBOTT John, Wirksworth 1871
ABBOTT William, Wirksworth 1862
ACOTT Emily, Wirksworth 1904
ADDAMS James, Wirksworth 1642
ALLEN Alice, Winster 1920
ALLEN Edward, Winster 1915
ALLEN George, Winster 1862
ALLEN George, Wirksworth 1894
ALLEN Job, Wirksworth 1887
ALLEN Job, Wirksworth, currier 1854 draft Will V6/7/4
ALLEN John Smith, Bolehill Wirksworth 1868
ALLEN John, Wirksworth 1888
ALLEN Mary, Winster 1888
ALLEN Mary, Wirksworth 1893
ALLEN Mary, Wirksworth 1915
ALLEN Peter, Winster, 1904
ALLSOP Charles, Wirksworth 1885
ALLSOP Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1911
ALLSOP John, Wirksworth 1870
ALLSOP John, Wirksworth 1870
ALLSOP John, Wirksworth 1901
ALLSOP Mary, Wirksworth 1906
ALSOP Francis, Winster 1873
AMATT Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1861
ANABLE James, Wirksworth 1862
ANABLE Joseph, Wirksworth 1858
ARKWRIGHT Alfred, Wirksworth 1887
ARMEFIELD (ARMFIELD) John, Wirksworth 1646
ARMFIELD Joseph Alderwasley yeoman. 1744/5 MIS50/38 Will of
ARMSTRONG Catherine Ann, Wirksworth 1845  V6/193
ARNOLD Henry,Wirksworth and Atherstone 1890
AUSTIN Richard, Wirksworth 1886
BACON Francis, Wirksworth 1889
BACON John, Wirksworth 1887
BAGGALEY Ann, Wirksworth 1894
BAGGALEY Mary, Wirksworth 1897
BAGGALEY Thomas, Wirksworth 1891
BAKER Isabel, Wirksworth 1639
BALL James, Wirksworth 1640
BANKS James, Ible 1761 CTW/65
BARKER Charles, Bolehill Wirksworth 1906
BARKER Edward, Bolehill,Wirksworth 1830 V6/7/2
BARKER John, Wirksworth 1900
BARKER Mary, Wirksworth 1899
BARKER Samuel Poyser, Gorsey Bank Wirksworth 1914
BATEMAN Henry, Wirksworth 1844
BATEMAN James, Wirksworth 1823
BATEMAN Job, Middleton 1857
BATEMAN John, Middleton 1768
BATEMAN John, Wirksworth 1808
BATEMAN John, Wirksworth 1810
BATEMAN Joseph, Winster 1829
BAYLEY (BAILEY) Francis, Wirksworth 1640
BEARDLSEY Joseph, Wirksworth 1845  V6/194
BEESON Hannah, Wirksworth, Duffield and Derby 1879
BEESTON Thomas, Wirksworth 1903
BENT Esther, Alderwasley 1889
BIRCH Gertrude Mary, Wirksworth 1928
BIRCH William, Wirksworth 1917
BLACKWELL William, Wirksworth 1907
BLORE Simon, Hopton 1869 
BLUNDSTONE William, Longway Bank Wirksworth  c.1851   V6/249
BOLLINTON (BALLINGTON?) Edward, Alderwasley, Wirksworth 1638
BOOT Eleazer, Wirksworth 1872
BOOTH John, Wirksworth 1868
BOWMER Francis, Bolehill Wirksworth 1875
BOWMER John, Wirksworth 1868
BOWMER Joseph, Wigwell  1855 V6/173
BRACE Mary Jane, Wirksworth 1870
BRACIE George, Bigging (Biggin) Wirksworth 1649 (this may be Biggin nr Hartington )
BRADSHAW Joseph, Wirksworth 1794  V6/196
BREDDON William, Hopton, p. Wirksworth 1774 V18/7
BREWELL John, The Dale Wirksworth 1907
BREWER Eliza, Wirksworth 1902
BROCKLEHURST Ann, Wirksworth 1891
BROCKLEHURST Henry, Longway Bank Wirksworth 1861
BROCKLEHURST Richard, Wirksworth 1860
BROCKLEHURST William, Alderwasley 1872
BROOKES Hannah, Bolehill 1895
BROOKES William, Wirksworth 1898
BROOKS Annie, Wirksworth 1918
BROOKS Arthur, Bolehill Wirksworth 1918
BROOKS Charles, Wirksworth 1888
BROOKS Samuel, Bolehill Wirksworth 1883
BROUGH Eliza, Wirksworth 1894
BROWN George, Wirksworth 1877
BROWN Louisa, Longway Bank 1914
BROWN Thomas, Longway Bank 1898
BRUNT Frances, Wirksworth 1887
BRUNT George, Millers Green Wirksworth 1878
BRUNT Richard, Wirksworth 1885
BUCKLEY John, Steeple Grange Wirksworth 1882
BUCKLEY Joshua, Steeple Grange Wirksworth 1869
BUCKLEY Millicent, Bolehill Wirksworth 1878
BUCKNALL Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1911
BUDWORTH Henry, Wirksworth 1877
BULLOUGH Joseph, Wirksworth 1916
BUNTING Francis, Wirksworth 1695
BUNTINGE Robert, Wirksworth 1685
BUSH Thomas, Wirksworth 1875
BUTLER William, Wirksworth 1637
BUXTON Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1900
BUXTON Henry, Wirksworth 1639
BUXTON Henry, Wirksworth 1892
BUXTON Isaac, Holehouse Farm Wirksworth 1879
BUXTON Thomas, Wirksworth 1916
BUXTON William, Wirksworth 1886
BYARD John, Ashleyhay 1830  V6/198
BYARD John, Ashleyhay 1878
BYARD Joseph, Ashleyhay 1890
BYARD Thomas, Wirksworth 1911
CADMAN William, Wirksworth 1843 V6/7/5
CALDERBANK William, Alderwasley 1913
CANTRELL William, Wirksworth 1883
CARRINGTON William, Wirksworth 1869
CHADWICK Anthony, Wirksworth 1707
CHADWICK Anthony, Wirksworth 1728
CHADWICK Anthony, Wirksworth 1738
CHADWICK Elizb., Ashleyhay 1743
CHADWICK John, Wirksworth 1673
CHADWICK Richard, Wirksworth 1686
CHEADLE John, Wirksworth 1757  V6/152
CHEATLE Hannah, Wirksworth 1772  V6/154
CLARK Mary, Hare Runs House, Wirksworth 1907
CLARK Timothy, Wirksworth 1876
CLARK William, Wirksworth 1903
CLARKE John, Alderwasley 1885
CLARKE William, Alderwasley 1871
CLAY Henry, Wirksworth 1875
CLOUGH John  elder, Wirksworth 1843  V6/179
CLOUGH Sarah, Wirksworth 1867
COOPER Mary, Wirksworth 1883
CORDIN John, Ashleyhay 1890
CORDIN Mary Ellen, Ashleyhay 1891
COTTERILL John, Wirksworth 1863
COX John, Middleton 1705/6
COX John, Middleton 1726
COX John, Middleton, ( p Wirksworth ?) 1641
CRESSWELL James, Wigwell Wirksworth 1892
DAKIN Sarah Ann, Wirksworth 1912
DAWES Adrian, Winster 1648
DEAKIN Sarah, Wirksworth 1862
DEAN German, Ashleyhay 1862
DEANE Edward, Wirksworth 1642
DERBYSHIRE Joseph, Wirksworth 1858
DICKEN John, Wirksworth 1867
DICKENS Joseph, Wirksworth 1773
DICKENS Siyth, Wirksworth 1791
DICKIN Joseph, Wirksworth 1773
DICKIN Siyth, Wirksworth 1791
DYKE William Rev, Winster 1870
ELCE William Frederick, Wirksworth 1887
ELLICOCK Sarah Anne, Wirksworth 1906
ELLIOTT Henry, Wirksworth 1819
ELLIOTT Mary, Wirksworth 1819
ELSE James, Wirksworth 1882
ELSE Thomas, Wirksworth 1877
EYRE Christopher, Wirksworth 1561
EYRE John, Wirksworth 1562
EYRE Joseph, Winster 1743
EYRE Joseph, Winster 1747
EYRE Peter, Winster 1648
EYRE Stephen, Wirksworth 1538/9
FARNSWORTH George, Wirksworth  1921
FERNE John, Hopton 1636  V18/63
FERNE John, Hopton 1636  V18/63
FLETCHER Benjamin, Millers Green 1870
FLINT Adam, Sough Lane, Wirksworth 1905
FLINT Ann, Wirksworth 1873
FLINT James, Bolehill Wirksworth 1859
FLINT James, Wirksworth 1877
FLINT Joseph, Bolehill 1858
FLINT Joseph, Bolehill Wirksworth 1867
FLINT Joseph, Bolehill Wirksworth 1888
FLINT Mark, Bolehill Wirksworth 1884
FLINT Millicent, Bolehill Wirksworth 1910
FLINT Reuben, Bolehill Wirksworth 1885
FLINT Samuel Bolehill Wirksworth 1884
FLINT Samuel, Bolehill Wirksworth 1877
FLINT Samuel, Wirksworth 1859
FORD Anthony, Ashleyhay  1743  V21/142
FORD Joshua, Wirksworth 1882
FOULKS John, Wirksworth 1867
FOULKS Joseph snr, Breamfield Wirksworth 1865
FOX Caroline, Wirksworth 1906
FOX Elizabeth, Wirksworth and Starkholmes p. Matlock 1908
FOX Elizb., Wirksworth 1857
FOX Esther, Alderwasley 1775
FOX Henry, Wirksworth 1686
FOX John, Wirksworth 1767
FOX John, Wirksworth 1776
FOX Mary, Steeple Grange Wirksworth 1860
FOX Robert, Middleton 1585
FOX Robert, Middleton 1587
FOX Robert, Wirksworth 1754
FOX Robert, Wirksworth 1848
FOX Samuel, Wirksworth 1765
FOX William, Cromford 1848
FOX William, Grange Mill miller 1849 V6/91
FOX William, Wirksworth ,joiner 1823 V6/87
FOX William, Wirksworth 1751
FOX William, Wirksworth 1849
FOX William, Wirksworth 1889
FRITCHLEY Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1927
FRITCHLEY John Kinder, Wirksworth 1914
FRITCHLEY Joseph, Wirksworth 1891
FRITCHLEY Sarah Ann, Wirksworth 1900
FRITH George, Wirksworth 1889
FRITH Joseph, Wirksworth 1816  V6/135
FROGGATT Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1895
FROST Abraham,Wirksworth 1863
FROST Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1897
FROST Henry Clayton, Bolehill, Wirksworth 1873
FROST Joseph, Wirksworth 1860
FROST Robert, Wirksworth 1861
FROST Samuel, Wirksworth 1863
FROST William, Wirksworth 1860
FRYER John, Wirksworth 1867
FRYER Mary, Wirksworth and Cromford 1883
GABLE Joseph Thomas, Wirksworth 1895
GALLIMORE John, Wirksworth 1912
GAMBLE Percy, Wirksworth 1922
GANDY Thomas Edward, Wirksworth 1903
GELL William, Gorsey Bank 1828  V6/181
GELL William, list of surviving relaties  c.1828  V6/182
GIBB Thomas, Wirksworth 1865
GIBBONS Thomas, Wirksworth 1865
GIBBS Sarah, Wirksworth 1897
GILLETT Richard, Gilkin House, Wirksworth 1896
GILLOTT Benjamin Rice, Wirksworth 1875
GILLOTT John, Ashleyhay 1900
GILLOTT William, Wirksworth 1891
GLEESON James, Wirksworth 1896
GODBEHERE Thomas, Cromford 1699  V97/1/48
GOODWIN Frances Green, Wigwell Grange Wirksworth 1865
GRATTON Annabeth, Wirksworth 1859
GRATTON Charles, Wirksworth 1900
GRATTON Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1921
GRATTON John, Wirksworth 1873
GRATTON John, Wirksworth 1921
GRATTON Joshua, Wirksworth 1877
GRATTON William, Wirksworth 1858
GREATOREX Henry, Bolehill Wirksworth 1880
GREATOREX Henry, Wirksworth Moor 1887
GREATOREX John, Wirksworth Moor 1884
GREATOREX Mary, Wirksworth 1870
GREATOREX Thomas, Wirksworth 1884
GREATRAX (GREATOREX) Anne, Callow, Wirksworth ? 1640 (There is a Callow nr Ashbourne)
GREATRAX (GREATOREX) Joan, Ible, Wirksworth 1648
GREATRAX (GREATOREX) Thomas, Wirksworth 1640
GREAVES Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1863
GREEN James, Wirksworth 1844
GREEN John, Wirksworth 1714
GREENHOUGH George, Wirksworth 1904
GREENHOUGH John, Wirksworth 1865
GREENHOUGH John, Wirksworth 1882  V6/176
GREENHOUGH John, Wirksworth 1897
GREENHOUGH Joseph, Bolehill Wirksworth 1885
GREGORY Joshua, Middleton by Wirksworth 1813 V6/7/3
HALL Ann, Wirksworth 1885
HALL Caleb, Wirksworth 1867
HALL Catherine, Wirksworth 1882
HALL Gamaliel, Middleton by Wirksworth 1821  V6/167
HALL Job, Wirksworth 1882
HALL John Stephen, Godfrey House Wirksworth 1888
HALL Lydia, Bolehill Wirksworth 1863
HALL Thomas, Wirksworth 1639
HALL William, Wirksworth 1900
HALLAM Ellen, Bolehill Wirksworth 1867
HALLAM Joseph, Bolehill Wirksworth 1867b
HAND William, Wirksworth 1887
HANSON Samuel Wirksworth 1781  V6/136
HARDY John, Wirksworth 1862
HARLEY Samuel, Wirksworth 1847  V6/239
HARLEY Sarah, Wirksworth 1870
HARPER Frank, Alderwasley 1889
HARRISON Herbert, Bolehill Wirksworth 1915
HARRISON Mahalah, Steeple Grange Wirksworth 1923
HARRISON Millicent, Steeple Grange Wirksworth 1923
HARRISON Richard, Alderwasley 1904
HARRISON William, Wirksworth 1919
HASLAM Edward, Wirksworth 1828  V6/148
HATCHETT James, Wirksworth 1926
HATFIELD George, Wirksworth 1890
HAWLEY Abanathan, Wirksworth 1872
HEAP Edward Griffin, Wirksworth 1876
HENSTOCK Johanna, Winster 1847
HENSTOCK John, Winster 1846
HENSTOCK Lydia, Winster 1847
HERSON William, Wirksworth 1904
HIGTON Job, Cromford miner 1776 V6/86
HIGTON Paul, Wirksworth 1887
HILL Anthony, Wirksworth 1719
HILL Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1767
HILL John, Wirksworth 1775
HILL Nathaniel, Wirksworth 1789
HILL Ralph, Middleton 1632
HILL Robert, Wirksworth 1724
HILL Thomas, Middleton 1600
HILL William, Wirksworth 1691
HILL William, Wirksworth 1691
HILL William, Wirksworth 1758
HINSTOCK Peter, Wirksworth 1851
HODGKINSON John, Wirksworth, miner 1794 V6/103
HODGKINSON Joseph, Wirksworth 1894
HODGKINSON Thomas, Wirksworth 1890
HOLBROOK Emma, Wirksworth 1910
HOLDEN I. H. Mrs, Wirksworth 1800 CTW/72
HOLE Henry, Alderwasley 1879
HOLE Susannah, Alderwasley 1909
HOLLAND George, Wirksworth 1887
HOLLAND Hellen, Wirksworth 1806  V6/151
HOUSLEY George, Steeple Grange, Wirksworth, Dbys 1907
HUBBERSTY Ann Golding, Wirksworth 1896
HUBBERSTY Philip, Wirksworth 1882
HUNT Robert, Wirksworth 1903
HUNT Thomas William, Bolehill Wirksworth 1901
HUNT William, Bolehill Wirksworth 1882
HURT Albert Frederick, Alderwasley 1907
HURT Cecilia Emily, Alderwasley 1891
HURT Francis, Alderwasley 1861
HURT Susanna, Wirksworth, widow of Charles HURT 1835 V34/14
JACKSON Francis, Middleton 1847
JACKSON Robert, Wirksworth 1844
JACKSON Sarah, Wirksworth 1850 V6/254
JAMES John, Wirksworth 1892
JAMES William, Wirksworth 1886
JENNENS Anne, Wirksworth 1887
JENNENS John, Wirksworth and Birmingham Warwicks 1880
JEPSON Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1889
JEPSON Jonathan, Wirksworth 1850  V6/256
JEPSON Jonathan, Wirksworth 1865
JEPSON Stephen, Wirksworth 1899
JESSOP Mary, Wirksworth formerly of Bedford Row Middx 1807  V6/134
JESSOP Walter, Wirksworth 1809  V6/143
JESSOP William, Pittywood Farm 1883
JOHNSON Henry, Wirksworth and Handsworth Staffs 1886
JOHNSON William, Wirksworth 1909
JORDAN Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1894
JOWETT Daniel of Logway Bank, Wirksworth and late of Manchester, mentions Samuel RAINS Manchester Lancs. flour dealer. 1858 /146
JOWETT Daniel, Wirksworth and Manchester Lancs 1858
KAY Martha, Wirksworth 1875
KAY Thomas, Ashleyhay 1866
KAY William, Gorseybank 1860
KEELING Thomas, Callow 1866
KILLER James, Wirksworth 1875
KILLER Samuel, Wirksworth 1878
KILLER Sarah of Middleton by Wirksworth widow, mentions son Adam KILLER of Warwickshire, joiner. 1858 /145
KINGDON Joseph Francis, Wirksworth 1889
KNIVETON Charles, Bolehill Wirksworth 1858
KNIVETON Charles, Wirksworth 1890
KNIVETON James, Marsh Green Wirksworth 1896
KNIVETON John, Bolehill Wirksworth 1863
KNIVETON Samuel, Wirksworth 1864
LAMB William, Alderwasley 1870
LANCASHIRE Joseph, Wirksworth 1865
LAND George, Bolehill, Wirksworth 1863
LAND John snr, Wirksworth 1905
LAND Thomas, Bolehill 1891
LAWTON John Taylor, Wirksworth 1857  V6/131
LAWTON Mary, Wirksworth 1858
LEA Jane 1793 Adm.
LEE Richard, Wirksworth 1640
LEE Thomas 1776
LEE Thomas 1776 Adm.
LEES John, Middleton 1782
LOMAS Joseph, Wirksworth 1804 V6/6/6
LONGDEN Hannah, Ashleyhay 1863
LONGDON Robert Barker, Ashleyhay 1859
LOTT Anna Sophia, Steeple Grange Wirksworth 1909
LOWE Jane, Wirksworth and Ashover 1880
LUCAS William, Steeple Grange  Wirksworth 1881
MACBETH Andrew, Steeple Grange Wirksworth 1873
MACBETH Hannah, Wirksworth 1882
MADDOCKE (MADDOCK) Robert, Wirksworth 1628
MALIN Emma, Wirksworth 1927
MALIN George, Ashleyhay 1873
MANSFIELD Samuel, Wigwell Wirksworth 1899
MARSDEN Daniel, Wirksworth 1879
MARSDEN George, Wirksworth 1904
MARSDEN Henry, Wirksworth 1867
MARSDEN Lydia, Wirksworth 1868
MARSH John, Wirksworth 1870
MARSH Joseph Thomas, Wirksworth 1859
MARSH William, Wirksworth 1870
MARSHALL John, Wirksworth 1858
MART Thomas, Wirksworth 1804
MASKREY Edward, Gorsey Bank Wirksworth 1882
MASKREY Henry, Wirksworth 1865
MASKREY William, Gorsey Bank Wirksworth 1869
MASSEY Samuel, Wirksworth 1738
MATHER Dorothy, Wirksworth 1861
MATHER John, Wirksworth 1861
MATHER Mary, Wirksworth 1900
MATHER Thomas, Wirksworth 1876 
MELBOURNE Sidney, Wirksworth 1916
MELLER John, Wirksworth 1876
MELLOR Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1900
MEYNELL William, Knowle or Knabb Farm Alderwasley 1869
MILLINGTON Ann, Wirksworth 1893
MILLINGTON Thomas, Wirksworth 1882
MILNES James, Wirksworth 1855  V28/3/57
MOORE Anne, St Johns Street Wirksworth 1859
MOORE Gamaliel, Wirksworth 1878
MOORE John, Wirksworth 1885
MOREHOUSE (MOORHOUSE) William, Winster 1647
MOSS John, Wirksworth 1875
MOULD Edward, Wirksworth 1871
MOXON Joseph, Wirksworth 1892
MYCOCK Rupert, Wirksworth 1900
NEWTON Sally, Wirksworth 1858
NEWTON Thomas, Wirksworth 1872
NEWTON Thomas, Wirksworth 1893
NUTTALL William, Wirksworth 1828 V1/8
NUTTALL William, Wirksworth 1828 V1/8
OAKLEY Eleanor, Alderwasley 1923
OAKLEY Luke, Wirksworth 1879
OGDEN Sarah, Wirksworth 1877
OGDON Alice, Wirksworth 1873
OGDON Charles, Wirksworth 1883
OGDON Edward, Wirksworth 1902
OGDON Elizabeth Dean, Wirksworth 1891
OGDON Francis Walker, Wirksworth 1876
OGDON Hannah, Wirksworth 1894
OGDON John, Wirksworth 1875
OGDON Joseph, Wirksworth 1863
OGDON Mary, Wirksworth 1906
OGDON Samuel, Wirksworth 1899
OGDON Sarah, Wirksworth 1878
OGDON Sarah, Wirksworth 1882
OGDON Thomas, Wirksworth 1859
OGDON William, Wirksworth 1868
OLDFIELD Rebecca, Wirksworth 1892
OSBOURNE Agnes, Middleton 1574/5
OSBOURNE Edward, Middleton 1583
OSBOURNE Ralph, Middleton 1574/5
OWEN Frances Ann, Wirksworth 1897
OXSPRING David, Bolehill, Wirksworth 1875
OXSPRING John, Bolehill 1913
OXSPRING William, Bolehill, Wirksworth 1876
PEAL Charles, Wirksworth 1830 V6/214
PEAL Marcellus, Wirksworth 1886
PEAL Phineas, Ashleyhay 1875
PEARSON James, Wirksworth 1872
PEARSON Ralph William, Wirksworth 1883
PEAT Anthony, Wirksworth 1867
PEAT Job, Alderwasley 1863
PEAT John, Wirksworth 1908
PEAT Phineas, Coneygrave Farm Ashleyhay 1875 V6/215
PENNEY Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1893
PENNY Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1893
PHAVAY Francis Esq, Wirksworth formerly Alvaston  1841 V6/213
PICKARD George, Wirksworth yeoman, mentions bro Joseph Wilshaw PICKARD of Manchester, Lancs. architect. 1858 /185
PICKARD Gill, Wirksworth 1867
PICKARD Gill, Wirksworth 1871
PICKARD Joseph, Wirksworth 1902
PICKARD Mary, Wirksworth 1893
POTTER James, Wirksworth 1901
POYSER Grace Ann, Wirksworth 1900
POYSER John, Wirksworth 1890
POYSER Richard, Wirksworth 1859
POYSER Thomas, Wirksworth 1860
POYZER Anthony Wirksworth currier 1799 V6/77
POYZER Anthony, Wirksworth 1806  V6/165
POYZER John, Wirksworth 1861
RAINS Hannah, Griff Farm Hopton 1862
RAINS Isaac, Ivonbrook Grange 1825  V6/140
RAINS John, Griffe Grange 1858
RAINS Sarah, Hopton 1917
RATCLIFFE Sarah, Wirksworth and Ticknall 1892
REDFERN Job, Wirksworth 1859
REDFERN Samuel, Alderwasley 1873
REDFERN Sarah, Alderwasley 1875
REDGATE John, Alderwasley 1867
RICHARDSON Martha, Wirksworth 1901
RICHARDSON Richard, Wirksworth 1883
RICHARDSON William, Wirksworth 1909
ROBINSON William, Wirksworth 1887
ROOBOTTOM Edward, Wirksworth 1894
ROPER William, Wirksworth 1889
ROSEWARNE Ann, Wirksworth 1869
ROSEWARNE John, Wirksworth 1862
ROWLAND Samuel, Wirksworth 1877
RYDE Josiah, Wirksworth 1880
SANDARS Thomas, Alderwasley 1898
SANDERS Ann, Wirksworth 1864
SANDERS James, Wirksworth 1863
SAUNDERSON Thomas, Wirksworth 1628
SEAL Richard, Middleton 1718/9
SEALE John, Middleton 1670
SEALS Edmund, Hopton 1912
SEEDS John, Wirksworth 1901
SHAW Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1873
SHAW Mary, Wirksworth 1887
SHAW William, Steeple Grange Wirksworth 1851  V6/248
SHAW William, Wirksworth 1890
SHELDON Charles 1811
SHELDON Charles, Winster 1811
SHELDON Jacob, Wirksworth 1895
SHELDON John Wirksworth 1837
SHELDON John, Wirksworth 1817
SHELDON Joseph, Middleton 1848
SHELDON Robert, Wirksworth 1791
SHELDON Samuel, Wirksworth 1849
SHEPHERD Susanna, Gorsey Bank Wirksworth 1884
SILKSTONE Charles, Bolehill Wirksworth 1858
SIMMES (SIMS) Thomas, Wirksworth 1630
SIMS German, Alderwasley 1891
SIMS James, Alderwasley 1852  V6/158
SIMS James, Alderwasley 1860
SIMS William, Wirksworth 1859
SLACK Edward, Wirksworth 1884
SLACK Samuel, Bolehill Wirksworth 1885
SLATER John, Bolehill Wirksworth 1886
SLATER John, Wirksworth 1900
SMEDLEY Anthony, Wirksworth 1631
SMEDLEY Isaac, Wirksworth 1873
SMEDLEY James, Ashleyhay 1887
SMEDLEY Joseph, Wirksworth   V6/186
SMEDLEY Lucy, Ashleyhay 1897
SMEDLEY Lydia, Wirksworth 1864
SMEDLEY Mary, Longway Bank Wirksworth 1868
SMITH George, Alderwasley 1867
SMITH Hannah Massey, Ashleyhay 1902
SMITH Thomas, Bolehill Wirksworth 1927
SPENCER Alice als SOMNER, Wirksworth 1755
SPENCER Ann, Cromford 1690
SPENCER Ann, Middleton 1695
SPENCER Ann, Middleton 1741
SPENCER Ann, Wirksworth 1715
SPENCER Anthony, Gorseybank p.Wirksworth 1849
SPENCER Anthony, Middleton 1664/5
SPENCER Arthur, Middleton 1767
SPENCER Arthur, Rise End, Middleton 1853
SPENCER Arthur, Wirksworth 1803
SPENCER Benjamin, Wirksworth 1834
SPENCER Catherine, Wirksworth 1664
SPENCER Edmund, Middleton 1716
SPENCER Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1741
SPENCER Elizb., Wirksworth 1731
SPENCER Ellen, Idridgehay 1700
SPENCER Exuperius, Ashleyhay 1656
SPENCER Francis, Middleton 1793
SPENCER Francis, Middleton 1841
SPENCER George, Middleton 1638/9
SPENCER Grace, Wirksworth 1664
SPENCER Hannah, Bolehill 1885
SPENCER Hannah, Middleton 1848
SPENCER Hannah, Middleton 1855
SPENCER Henry, Ashleyhay 1649
SPENCER Henry, Holehouse p.Wirksworth 1720
SPENCER Henry, Middleton 1832
SPENCER Isaac, Middleton 1824
SPENCER Isaac, Middleton 1837
SPENCER Isaac, Middleton 1847
SPENCER Isaac, Wirksworth 1731
SPENCER Isabel, Wirksworth 1674/5
SPENCER James, Wirksworth 1848
SPENCER Job, Middleton 1742
SPENCER Job, Middleton 1840
SPENCER Job, Middleton 1856
SPENCER John, Ashleyhay 1616
SPENCER John, Ashleyhay 1836
SPENCER John, Brayfield, p.Wirksworth 1706
SPENCER John, Idridgehay 1700
SPENCER John, Middleton 1610/11
SPENCER John, Middleton 1641
SPENCER John, Middleton 1674
SPENCER John, Middleton 1709
SPENCER John, Middleton 1842
SPENCER John, Middleton 1843
SPENCER John, Winster yeoman, 1689
SPENCER John, Wirksworth 1664
SPENCER John, Wirksworth 1708
SPENCER John, Wirksworth 1759
SPENCER John, Wirksworth 1763
SPENCER Joseph, Bolehill 1812
SPENCER Mark, Middleton 1727
SPENCER Mary, Wirksworth 1883
SPENCER Peter, Middleton 1816
SPENCER Peter, Wirksworth 1739
SPENCER Richard, Ashleyhay 1728
SPENCER Richard, Ashleyhay 1838
SPENCER Richard, Ible 1702
SPENCER Richard, Spout, p.Wirksworth 1816
SPENCER Richard, Wirksworth
SPENCER Richard, Wirksworth 1558
SPENCER Richard, Wirksworth 1599
SPENCER Richard, Wirksworth 1649
SPENCER Robert of Middleton by Wirksworth miner, mentions dau Martha BLACK of Manchester, Lancs. Will made 1857 Proved 1862 /6
SPENCER Robert, Bolehill, Wirksworth 1731
SPENCER Robert, Brownhouse, p.Wirksworth 1666
SPENCER Robert, Ible 1814
SPENCER Robert, Middleton 1728
SPENCER Robert, Middleton 1857
SPENCER Robert, Middleton by Wirksworth 1728
SPENCER Robert, Wirksworth 1672
SPENCER Robert, Wirksworth 1675
SPENCER Robert, Wirksworth 1724
SPENCER Robert, Wirksworth 1728
SPENCER Robert, Wirksworth 1733
SPENCER Robert, Wirksworth 1881
SPENCER Samuel, Brayfield p.Wirksworth 1707
SPENCER Thomas, Cromford 1689
SPENCER Thomas, Ible 1687/8
SPENCER Thomas, Middleton 1619
SPENCER Thomas, Middleton 1671
SPENCER Thomas, Middleton 1729
SPENCER Thomas, Middleton 1830
SPENCER Thomas, Millhouses, p.Wirksworth 1734
SPENCER Thomas, The Ashe, Middleton 1660
SPENCER Thomas, Wirksworth 1660
SPENCER Thomas, Wirksworth 1687/8
SPENCER Thomas, Wirksworth 1698
SPENCER Thomas, Wirksworth 1716
SPENCER Thomas, Wirksworth 1868
SPENCER Thomas, Wirksworth 1890
SPENCER Tobias, Wirksworth 1674
SPENCER Wiliam, Wirksworth 1717
SPENCER William, Bolehill 1880
SPENCER William, Middleton 1610
SPENCER William, Middleton 1689
SPENCER William, Middleton 1850
SPENCER William, Wirksworth 1593
SPENCER William, Wirksworth 1663
SPENCER William, Wirksworth 1729
SPENCER William, Wirksworth 1856
SPENCER William, Wirksworth 1856  V6/177
SPENSER Agnes, Wirksworth 1572
SPENSER Cicely, Brownhouse, 1598
SPENSER Henry, Bowmer Lane, p.Wirksworth 1579
SPENSER Henry, Middleton 1578
SPENSER John elder, Ashleyhay 1553
SPENSER Richard, Wirksworth 1563
SPENSER Robert, Wirksworth 1557
SPENSER Robert, Wirksworth 1592
SPENSER Wiliam, Ashleyhay 1524/5
SPENSER William, Ashleyhay 1524/5
STAFFORD Francis, Wirksworth 1891
STALEY John, Winster 1648
STARKEY John H, Wirksworth 1925
STEAR Robert, Wirksworth 1875
STEEPLE George, Wirksworth 1720
STEEPLE John, Wirksworth 1730
STEEPLE John, Wirksworth 1732
STEEPLE Thomas, Wirksworth 1772
STEEPLES Annie Elizabeth, Wirksowrth 1913
STEVENSON James, Wirksworth 1879
STIRZAKER Richard, Wirksworth 1896
STONE Francis, Wirksworth 1900
STONE Joseph, Wirksworth 1892
STONE Samuel, Fishpond Farm, Alderwasley 1866
STORER Moses, Alderwasley 1914
STORER Sarah Ann, Alderwasley 1923
STORER William, Bolehill 1889
STREET Benjamin, Wirksworth 1888
STREET Elizabeth, Bolehill Wirksworth 1827  V6/219
STREET Samuel, Bolehill Wirksworth 1808  V6/220
STREET Samuel, Wirksworth 1865
SWAIN William, Millers Green 1813  V6/207
SYBRAY Robert, Alderwasley and Snitterton Hall 1879
SYMPSON (SIMPSON) Ellen, Wirksworth 1629
TATLOW Ann, Wirksworth 1861
TAYLOR Elizabeth Nuttall, Wirksworth 1876
TAYLOR George, Wirksworth 1871
TAYLOR Joseph, Wirksworth 1890
TAYLOR Thomas, Hopton 1890
TAYLOR Thomas, Wirksworth 1890
TAYLOR Thomas, Wirksworth 1914
THOMASSON Thomas, Wirksworth mentions wife Dorothy THOMASSON. 1682 CTW/1682
THOMPSON John, Bolehill Wirksworth 1911
THOMPSON Samuel, Bolehill 1900
TILL Samuel, Millers Green Wirksworth 1875
TIPPER Eliza, Wirksworth 1893
TIPPER William snr, Wirksworth 1834  V6/208
TIPPER William, Wirksworth 1775 V18/26
TOMLINSON Edward, Wirksworth 1890
TOMLINSON Francis, Hopton, p.Wirksworth c1719-23 V18/21
TOMLINSON George, Hopton, p.Wirksworth 1748 V18/22
TOMLINSON James, Wirksworth 1877
TOMLINSON John, Winster 1649
TOMLINSON Mary, Wirksworth 1867
TOMLINSON Mary, Wirksworth 1910
TOMLINSON Thomas, Wirksworth 1867
TOMLINSON William, Wirksworth 1884
TUNSTALL Mary, Wirksworth 1866
TURNER George, Wirksworth 1892
TWIGG Ann, Middleton by Wirksworth wid. 1751 CTW/47
TWIGG Henry, Wirksworth 1896
TWIGG Ruth, Wirksworth spinster. 1780 CTW/48
TWIGG William, Alderwasley 1916
UDALL William, Wirksworth 1877
WAINWRIGHT Isaac, Alderwasley 1921
WALKER Daniel, Wirksworth 1876
WALKER Eliza, Wirksworth 1888
WALKER Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1882
WALKER Hannah, Wirksworth 1895
WALKER Henry, Bolehill Wirksworth 1880
WALKER Henry, Wirksworth 1879
WALKER James, Bolehill Wirksworth 1878
WALKER John, Wirksworth 1858
WALKER Joseph, Bolehill 1889
WALKER Robert, Bolehill Wirksworth 1860
WALKER Samuel, Bolehill Wirksworth 1896
WALKER Samuel, Wirksworth 1879
WALKER Samuel, Wirksworth 1883
WALKER William, Bolehill Wirksworth 1870
WALKER William, Wirksworth 1879
WALKER William, Wirksworth 1881
WALL Charles, Wirksworth 1896
WALL Jane, Wirksworth 1874
WALL Richard elder, Wirksworth 1881
WALTON Alice, Wirksworth 1863
WARDMAN Anthony, Wirksworth 1867
WARDMAN John, The Dale, Wirksworth 1865
WARDMAN Patience, Wirksworth 1886
WARDMAN Samuel, Wirksworth 1894
WATERFIELD John, Wirksworth 1864
WATERFIELD John, Wirksworth 1890
WATSON George, Bolehill Wirksworth 1886
WATTERSON Martha, Wirksworth 1880
WATTERSON William Henry, Wirksworth 1879
WEBSTER John, Wirksworth 1868
WEBSTER Mary, Ashleyhay 1923
WEBSTER Thomas, Wirksworth 1892
WESTON John, Wirksworth 1923
WESTON William snr., Wirksworth 1832 V6/7/8
WESTON William, Wirksworth 1865
WESTON William, Wirksworth, farmer 1848. V6/7/9
WETTON Alice, Wirksworth 1916
WETTON Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1640
WETTON Thomas, Wirksworth 1913
WHEATCROFT Nathanile, Chapel Hill, Cromford 1862
WHITE Benjamin, Whitwells Alderwasley 1858
WHITE Elizabeth, Ironbrook Grange. widow. 1838 V2/119
WHITE Elizabeth, Ivonbrook 1838  V6/139
WHITE Emily, Alderwasley 1926
WHITE Joseph, Wirksworth 1868
WHITTAKER Abraham, Wirksworth 1890
WHITTAKER James, Wirksworth 1862
WHITWORTH John, Wirksworth 1877
WIGLEY Nehemiah, Wirksworth and Belper 1878
WIGLEY William, Ible 1789    V43/6
WILD Ann, Wirksworth 1825
WILD John, Wirksworth 1874
WILD Richard, Wirksworth 1815
WILD Thomas, Wirksworth 1705
WILD William, Winster 1852
WILD William, Wirksworth 1871
WILKINSON John, Wirksworth 1870
WILKINSON Mary Jane of Wirksworth and Spalding Lincs. mentions son Owen Dinham WILKINSON, "left home some years ago to reside abroad and has not for a considerable time been heard of ...I am fearful he is dead". Will made 1870 Proved 1872 /36
WILLIAMSON John snr, Wirksworth 1817  V6/1817
WILLOTT Mary, Alderwasley 1890
WILLOTT Susannah, Alderwasley 1892
WILSON Daniel, Wirksworth 1877
WILSON George, Wirksworth 1864
WILSON John Poyser, Wirksworth 1896
WILSON John, Wirksworth 1844  V6/197
WINFIELD James, Wirksworth 1647
WINSON John, Ashleyhay 1868
WINSON John, Wirksworth and Shottle 1879
WOOD Agnes Eleanor, Wirksworth 1892
WOOD David, Alderwasley 1876
WOOD Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1675  V29/5
WOOD Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1675  V29/5
WOOD Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1675  V29/5
WOOD Nicholas Price, Wirksworth Hall 1868
WOODHOUSE Grace, Wirksworth 1866
WOOLISCROFT Thomas, Hopton 1870
WRAGG Nathaniel of Middleton by Wirksworth, miner, mentions son John WRAGG of Sheffield. Yks, Peter WRAGG of Sheffield, Yks. 1858/186
WRIGHT Anne, Wirksworth 1894
WRIGHT Margaret, Wirksworth Moor 1883
WRIGHT Richard, Wirksworth 1910
WRIGHT William, Wirksworth 1859
YEOMANS Abraham, Longway Bank 1875
YEOMANS Anthony,Ashleyhay 1866
YEOMANS John, Wirksworth 1928
YEOMANS Lydia, Wirksworth 1870
YOUNG Adam, Wirksworth 1731
YOUNG James, Wirksworth 1729
YOUNG Samuel, Wirksworth 1819
YOUNGE Anthony, Wirksworth 1664
YOUNGE Samuel, Wirksworth 1855
WIRKSWORTH Administration
ALLEN Ann, Wirksworth 1863 Adm
ARKWRIGHT Francis, Cromford p.Wirksworth 1863 Adm
ASHMORE Thomas, Hopton, Wirksworth ? 1640 Adm (There is a Hopton in Staffs. )
BACON Sarah, Alderwasley, Wirksworth 1866 Adm
BODEN Ebenezer, Cromford, p.Wirksworth 1868 Adm
BRIDDON Anthony, Wirksworth 1639 Adm
BROUGH Mary, Wirksworth 1875 Adm
CANTRELL Elizabeth, Wirksworth 1873 Adm
CLOUGH Ann, Wirksworth 1866 Adm
DEAKIN William, Wirksworth 1858 Adm
DOXEY Thomas, Wirksworth 1863 Adm
EATON William, Cromford p. Wirksworth 1868 Adm
ERPE John, Hopton, Wirksworth? 1628 Adm (There is a Hopton in Staffs.)
FEARN Moses, Wirksworth, Ible, died Bonsall,1869 Adm
FLETCHER Jane, died 1838, Admin 1861, mentions husband John of Cheltenham.
FLETCHER Jane, Wirksworth 1861 Adm
GELL Thomas, Hopton, Wirksworth 1640 Adm
GRATTON William, Cromford p.Wirksworth 1640 Adm
GREEN Mary, Wirksworth, Cromford 1862 Adm
GRIFFITHS James William, Wirksworth 1860 Adm
HARLEY Daniel, Wirksworth 1870 Adm
HOULGATE Ann, Wirksworth, Ashleyhay 1868 Adm
JOHNSON George, Wirksworth 1871 Adm
MALIN George, Wirksworth 1866 Adm
MARSDEN John, Wirksworth 1862 Adm
MARSH Ruth, Wirksworth 1873 Adm
MASON Sarah, Wirksworth, Cromford, mentions John MASON Spital St, Sheffield Yks child. 1862 Adm
MATHER Thomas, Wirksworth, formerly of Leek, Staffs 1870 Adm
PEEL Peter, Wirksworth cordwainer. to Mary PEEL 1807 V6/26
REEVES Thomas, Wirksworth 1860 Adm
SHELDON Milicent, Cromford p. Wirksworth 1863 Adm
SIMS Robert, groom. 1865
SIMS Robert, Wirksworth 1865 Adm
SMEDLEY Mary, Wirksworth 1862 Adm
SPENCER Mary, Wirksworth, Ible 1866 Adm
SPENCER Thomas, Middleton by Wirksworth. miner died 1863. Adm 1865
SPENCER Thomas, Wirksworth, Alton 1872 Adm
STEEPLES William, Wirksworth, Hopton 1864 Adm
STORER John of Alderwasley, farmer. 1865
STORER John, Alderwsley, Wirksworth 1865 Adm
TILL Mary, Wirksworth 1868 Adm
TOMLINSON John, Wirksworth 1863 Adm
TURNER Robert, Wirksworth,Callow 1867 Adm
WALKER Charles,Wirksworth 1870 Adm
WALL Richard, Wirksworth 1874 Adm
WALLIS Joseph, Ashleyhay, p.Wirksworth 1861 Adm
WESLEY William, Wirksworth 1859 Adm
WHEATCROFT Nathaniel, Wirksworth 1869 Adm
WINT Mary, Cromford p. Wirksworth 1867 Adm
WOOD George, Wirksworth,Callow 1869 Adm
WOOD Samuel, Wirksworth 1865 Adm
WRIGHT George, Wirksworth 1860 Adm
YATES Mary, Wirksworth 1865 Adm
YONGE Thomas, Wirksworth 1677 Adm
YOUNG Benjamin, Alderwasley, Wirksworth 1873 Adm
ADCOCK Hannah, Woodville 1922
BODDICE Hannah, Woodville 1900
BODDICE John, Woodville 1914
GOODHEAD Ben, Woodville 1927
GOODHEAD Fanny Maria, Woodville 1926
HYMAN Harry, Woodville 1916
JACKSON William, Woodville 1924
JELLEY Maggie Lavinia, Woodville 1908
JOHNSON Miriam, Woodville 1905
JOYCE John, Woodville 1917
KELLAM Ernest Thomas, Woodville 1916
KINSEY Rebecca, Woodville 1898
KINSEY William, Woodville 1917
LANDER Alice, Woodville 1900
LEESE Richard, Woodville 1895
MANSFIELD Frederick Harold, Woodville 1901
READ George Simpson, Woodville 1860
RHODES Thomas, Woodville 1872
ROWLEY George, Woodville 1880
ROWLEY James William, Woodville 1927
ROWLEY Joseph Benson, Woodville 1894

BARNES Ann, Worcs. Kings Norton 1869
DALE Catherine Norris, Worcs. Worcester and Derby 1883>
GREGORY Harriett Worcs. Worcester and Derby 1892
JAUNCEY Caroline, Worcs. Worcester and Bakewell Dbys 1893
NORTHROP Frank, Worcester, Worcs 1925
SPRAGUE Hannah, Worcs. Worcester, College Green 1867
TALBOT George Ogden, Worcs. Kidderminster 1910
VALE William Humphrey Rev, Worcs. Malvern and Yks. Sheffield 1864
WORMHILL (see also Tideswell)
ADAMS Thomas Alderton, Wormhill 1880
BATEMAN Michael Wormhill 1852
DAKIN Edmund, Hargate Wall 1861 
GARLICK Joseph, Dale Head, Wormhill 1878
GARLICK Sarah,Upper End, Wormhill 1870
HILL Thurstan, Wormhill 1799
LEES Edward, Great Rocks Wormhill 1869
LONGDEN Thomas, Wormhill, Tideswell 1863
MICHELL (MITCHELL?) Leonard, Wormhill 1639
POTTS William, Wormhill, Dbys 1879
REDFERN George, Wormhill 1640
REDFERN Nicholas, Wormhill 1629
STORER Joseph, Wormhill 1870
SWAN Thomas, Wormhill 1636
WALL  Alsop, Wormhill Dbys 1910

WORMHILL Administration
GREATRAX (GREATOREX) Augustine, Greatrax, (Great Rocks?, Wormhill?) 1630 Adm
HADFIELD Samuel, Wormhill 1858 Adm
HADFIELD Samuel, Wormhill 1870 Adm
MAYSON James, Wormhill 1866 Adm
NEEDHAM Luke, Wormhill 1867 Adm
REDFERN John, Wormhill 1649 Adm
TAYLER (TAYLOR) Dorothy, Wormhill, Hargatewall 1637 Inventory
TAYLOR Dorothy, Wormhill, Hargatewall 1637 Adm
TAYLOR Thomas, Wormhill 1859 Adm
TORR Edward, Wormhill 1624 Adm
WAINWRIGHT Robert, Wormhill,Tunstead. 1872 Adm
WYLD James, Wormhill 1862 Adm
YEAVELEY Wills (Parish 1844, see also Shirley)
PEARSON Henry Spencer, Cleric, Yeaveley, Dbys 1884
POTTER Ann, Yeaveley, Dbys 1886
POTTER John, Yeaveley, Dbys 1866
YEAVELEY Administration
ROBINSON William, Yeaveley 1862 Adm
UDALL Thomas, Yeaveley, Stydd 1859 Adm
ADDY John Edwin, Sheffield, Yks. 1916
ALTON Ann, Treeton Yks 1918 
ANDERTON Thomas, Mirfield Yks 1928
ARTHINGTON Mary Hannah, Horsforth Yks 1928
ASKHAM John Holmfirth Yks and Hayfield Dbys 1898
ASPINSHAW William, Sharrow, Sheffield Yks 1925
AVES George, Sheffield Yks 1903
BARNES Elizabeth, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1925
BARRETT Thomas, Sheffield, Yks 1859
BATTY Joe, Yks. Sheffield 1921
BEE John, Yks ?, Meersbrook 1898
BEE John, Yks ?, Meersbrook 1898
BELL Fanny, Yks. Sheffield,Woodseats 1911
BILLINGE George, Youlgreave 1881
BILLINGE Isabella, Youlgreave 1897
BILLINGE William, Youlgreave 1870
BOTTOMLEY Jonas, Yks. Sheffield, Nether Edge 1927
BOWER Edwin, Yks. Sheffield 1917
BOWER John William, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1925
BRADBURY Lawrence Frederick. Yks. Sheffield 1919
BRADSHAW Annie, Yks. Sheffield 1923
BRAMALL John, Yks. Sheffield late Norton 1888
BRAMMER Sarah, Yks. Sheffield 1917
BRAMWELL Jane, Yks, York 1911
BRANDRETH Mary,Yks. Setwell 1862
BRANSON Ferguson, Yks. Sheffield 1895
BRAWN Martin Jeffrey, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1912
BRETHERICK Crissey, Yks, Leeds late of Derby 1890
BRIGGS Charles, Yks. Sheffield 1902
BRIGHT William, Yks. Sheffield 1917
BROADBENT Charles Edward, Yks. Sheffield 1866
BROADGATE William Henry, Yks. Sheffield .Norton Woodseats 1923
BROADHURST Sarah, Yks. Sheffield 1915
BROOKS Samuel, Yks, Sheffield, late of Matlock 1869
BROWN Charlotte, Yks. Sheffield, Meersbrook 1924
BROWN Frederick John, Yks. Sheffield Millhouses 1898
BROWNE Sarah Frances, Yks. Sheffield Eccleshall 1915
BURKINSHAW Jane, Yks. Wombwell 1920
CADMAN John Weston, Yks. Bradford 1902.
CARR Walter Thomas, Yks. Sheffield 1924
CASEY William, Yks. Conisborough 1898
CASSON Jesse, Yks. Sheffield 1900
CASTLE Annie Elizabeth, Yks. Sheffield 1916
CATERER Henry, Yks. Sheffield 1904
CAWTHORNE Elizabeth ,Yks Sheffield 1893
CHARLES Samuel, Kingston upon Hull 1692
CHARLES Samuel, Kingston upon Hull Yks minister 1692  V53/43
CHATTERTON Thomas Henry, Yks. Sheffield 1908
CHILD Frederick John Yks ?, Bradford 1905
CHRISTIE James, Yks. Sheffield,Endcliffe 1918
CHURCH William John, Yks. Sheffield,Moorhead 1897
CLARK Ethel Phyllis, Yks. Sheffield 1927
COOPER Rose Ann,Yks Swinton nr Rotherham 1909
CORRINGHAM Annie Elizabeth, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1917
COWLEY Frederick, Yks. Sheffield, Walkley 1902
COXON Sarah Ann,Yks Warter 1928
CRAPPER William, Yks. Ecclesfield and Grindleford Dbys 1888
CRISMAN Walter, Yks. Sheffield 1902
CROWTHER Sarah Ann, Yks. York 1901
DALE Mary Eliza, Yks. Sheffield ,Heeley 1927
DALTON Walton, Yks. Sheffield 1920
DARLEY George, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1917
DARLEY George, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1917
DARWIN Thomas, Yks. Sheffield 1897
DAVY Walter Scott, Yks. Sheffield and Dore, Dbys 1887
DERBYSHIRE Philip, Yks. Harrogate 1889
DONCASTER Charles, Yks. Sheffield and Totley Dbys 1885
DRAPER George, Yks. Rotherham 1919
DREWRY Maria, Yks. Harrogate 1863
DYSON William Henry, Yks. Sheffield 1925
EADON John, Yks ?, Meersbrook 1898
EADON John, Yks ?, Meersbrook 1898
ELAM Joseph, Yks. Sheffield 1895
ELLIOT John, Yks. Sheffield 1870
ELLIOT Thomas, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1913
ELLIS James, Yks. Sheffield 1893
ELLIS Lowther Ellerby, Yks. Barnsley 1916
EVANS John, Yks. Sheffield 1870
EVANS Mary, Yks. Wakefield and Belper, Dbys 1893
EYRE George Hardolph, Yks. Bawtry 1865
FARRAND Francis, Yks. Hemsworth, Norton 1859
FEATHER Charles George Brown, Yks Sheffield and Norton 1884
FENTON Fanny, Yks. Pateley Bridge and Lullington, Dbys 1908
FIDLER Frederick.Yks. Sharrow 1924
FIDLER Jasper, Yks. Sheffield and Chesterfield Dbys 1887
FISHER Sarah Ann, Yks. Sheffield 1920
FISHER Thomas, Yks. Sheffield, Norwood Grange 1871
FISHER William, Yks. Sheffield and Norton 1880
FITTON Ellen ,Yks. Sheffield 1925
FITZHERBERT Frances Elizabeth, Yks. York 1923
FITZHERBERT Frances Elizabeth, Yks. York 1923
FLETCHER George William, Yks. Sheffield 1918
FLOWER George, Yks. Sheffield and Norton 1880
FOSTER Alfred, Yks. Brampton Birchlowland and Brampton Dbys 1886
FOSTER Alfred, Yks. Brampton Birchlowland and Brampton Dbys 1886
FOX Hannah, Yks?. Norton ?, Greenhill 1874
FOX Hannah, Yks?. Norton ?, Greenhill 1874
FREEMAN Herbert, Sheffield. Yks 1924
FREEMAN-DILKS Herbert, Yks. Sheffield 1923
FURNISS Harriett, Yks. Sheffield and Stanfree, Dbys 1898
GALE Sydney, Yks. Sheffield 1905
GAUNT Robert, Yks. Sheffield 1902
GEE Maria, Yks. Stannington and Whitwell Dbys. 1880
GILBERT John, Yks. Sheffield and Norton Woodseats 1885
GILBERT Tom William, Yks. Sheffield 1914
GILL Edward, Yks. Sheffield, Walkley 1896
GILL Henry William, Yks. Sheffield 1899
GILL Mary, Yks. Sheffield 1902
GLOVER Henry, Yks. Sheffield ,Broakhill 1868
GOACHER Robert,Yks. Rotherham 1895
GODWIN Joseph William, Yks. Sheffield 1919
GOODWIN James,Yks. Sheffield and Norton 1884
GORDON Alexander, Yks. Sheffield 1908
GRATOREX Helen, Yks. Leeds 1915
GRATTIDGE James Edward, Yks. Leeds 1903
GRAYSON Michael, Yks. Sheffield 1917
GREAVES Arthur, Yks. Wales 1925
GREAVES Arthur, Yks. Wales 1925
GREAVES Edward, Yks. Sheffield 1912
GREAVES George, Yks. Sheffield 1901
GREEN William, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1918
HAGUE Thomas, Yks. Sheffield 1902
HALL Annie, Yks. Sheffield 1928
HALL Frederick, Yks. Goldthorpe, Bolton 1909
HALL Mary, Yks. Sheffield 1896
HALL William Finsell, Yks. Wortley and Chesterfield Dbys. 1879
HANSON John, Yks. Bradford, Haworth 1862
HARDWICK Edward Farrer, Yks. Tadcaster 1903
HARDY George Henry, Yks. Sheffield,Nethergreen 1900
HARPER Ann, Yks. Sheffield, Heeley 1923
HARRISON Elizabeth, Yks. Sheffield 1905
HARRISON Elizabeth,Yks. Sheffield 1892
HARRISON Sarah Ann, Yks. Huddersfield 1926
HARRISON Sarah Ann, Yks. Huddersfield 1926
HATTERSLEY Hannah Pinder, Yks. Sheffield 1910
HATTERSLEY Sarah Hannah, Yks. Sheffield 1911
HEATH Thomas, Yks. Broomhill (Sheffield ?) and Derby 1886
HEATH Thomas, Yks. Broomhill (Sheffield ?) and Derby 1886
HIDES Henry, Yks. Sheffield 1914
HILL David Henry, Yks. Sheffield 1912
HILL Isaac,Yks. Sheffield and Matlock, Dbys 1888
HINCHCLIFFE George, Yks. Penistone and Staveley, Dbys 1885
HIND George Herbert, Yks. Sheffield, Meersbrok 1918
HIND William, Yks. Sheffield and Whittington Moor Dbys 1884
HODGKINSON Eliza, Yks. Sheffield and Norton 1885
HODGKINSON James Henry, Yks. Sheffield, Meersbrook 1922
HODGSON George, Yks. Sheffield 1897
HOLME William, Rawridding in Dent, yeo.Yks 1730 V20/32
HOLY Daniel, Yks. Sheffield ,Burnt Stones 1871
HOPKINSON Stephen,Yks. Handsworth 1896
HORTON Margaret Ann, Ilkley, Yks 1894
HOSKIN Richard, Sheffield Yks 1900
HOUNAM John, Yks. Sheffield 1894
HUNTER William, Yks. Sheffield 1893
HUTCHINSON Elizabeth, Yks. Sandal Magna 1865
HUTCHINSON John Henry, Yks. Sheffield 1909
HUTCHINSON Stephen, Yks. Sheffield 1909
INGALL Thomas, Yks. Sheffield and Norton 1893
JACKSON Ann, Yks. Rotherham and Chesterfield Dbys 1880
JACKSON Christian, Yks. Kingston upon Hull 1850
JACKSON Shadrach, Yks. Swinton 1898
JACKSON William Kaye, Yks, Rotherham and Ashover Dbys 1877
JACQUES John George, Yks. nr Sheffield 1909
JAMES Sidney Frederick, Yks. Leeds 1927
JAMES Sidney Frederick, Yks. Leeds 1927
JENKIN Jonathan, Gleadless Yks 1868
JENKINSON George, Yks. Sheffield 1868
JESSOP Francis, Broomhall, Shefield made 1688  V18/2
JESSOP Mary, Broomhall Yks made 1745  V18/52
JESSOP William, Broomhall  Yks  1735  V18/51
JESSOP William, Broomhall, Sheffield 1733  V18/3
JOHNSON Arthur Alexander, Yks. Sheffield 1918
JOHNSON George William, Yks. Hornsea 1919
JONES Charles, Yks. Sheffield, Grimethorpe 1924
JUBB George, Yks. Hoyland 1867
KAYE Zillah, Yks. Haworth and Derby 1885
KETTLE Richard, Yks. Sheffield 1872
KING Mary, Yks Scarborough and Derby 1886
KIRK Ann, Yks. Sheffield 1906
KIRK Ann, Yks. Sheffield 1906
KIRK Joseph, Yks. Sheffield 1895
KIRK Joseph, Yks. Sheffield 1895
KNIGHTON Elizabeth Mary, Yks. Sutton on Sea. 1926
KNIGHTON Elizabeth Mary, Yks. Sutton on Sea. 1926
LEE Henry Dewce, Yks. Sheffield and late of Dore Dbys 1888
LEE Mary, Sheffield, Yks. widow. 1768 V2/12
LEVICK Annie Maria, Yks. Sheffield and Norton Lees 1870
LIDDLE Mary, Yks. Anston and Beighton 1885
LIDDLE Mary, Yks. Anston and Beighton 1885
LIDSTER Charles Bentley, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1906
LINDLEY Mary, Yks. Sheffield 1917
LINGLEY Elizabeth, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1926
LISTER Joseph, Yks. Sheffield, Meersbrook 1905
LISTER Nicholas, Yks. Sheffield and Norton 1888
LOMAS Elizabeth, Yks. Huddersfield, Nether Thong 1909
LOWE Susanna, Yks York and Belper Dbys 1877
LOY Jane, Yks. Sheffield and Baslow, Dbys 1896
LYGO Joseph, Yks. Sheffield and Hulland Ward, Dbys 1883
MACKIE Emily, Yks. Leeds 1901
MALLISON Thomas, Yks. Attercliffe Common 1904
MALLISON Thomas, Yks. Attercliffe Common 1904
MARPLES Joseph, Yks, Sheffield, Meersbrook 1905
MARSHALL George, Yks. Sheffield 1903
MARSHALL Leonard, Knaresborough 1772 MIS53/41
MARSHALL Margaret Raven, Yks. Sheffield 1863
MASON Arthur James, Yks. Sheffield 1900
MATTHEWS John, Yks. Huddersfield 1895
MAYNE Charlotte Elizabeth, Yks. Sheffield 1900
MCDONALD Alexander, Yks. Sheffield 1915
MCDONALD Alexander,Yks. Sheffield 1915
MCNAUGHTON James, Yks. Sheffield ,Totley Rise 1927
MCPHEE James, Yks. Sheffield, Totley Rise 1919
METHLEY James, Yks. Sheffield 1903
MILNER William Pashley, Yks. Ecclesfield,Norton 1884
MILNER William Pashley, Yks. Ecclesfield,Norton 1884
MITTON Isabella, Yks. Otley 1926
MITTON Isabella, Yks. Otley 1926
MOORE Walter Percival, Yks. Sheffield,Meersbrook 1922
MOREWOOD Joseph, Yks. Heeley and Eckington 1886
MORLEY Fred, Yks. Rotherham 1897
MORLEY Mary, Yks. Ecclesfield, Burrow Lee 1862
MORRIS Ellen,Yks. Bridlington and Mosborough Dbys. 1877
MORT William, Yks. Sheffield 1925
MORTON Alfred, Yks. Sheffield 1913
MORTON Francis Clarke Rev., Yks. Wadsley Parsonage, Ecclesfield 1875
MORTON Samuel, Yks. Sheffield and Belper, Dbys 1887
MURDOCH John, Yks. Sheffield and Dore 1926
MURRAY Michael, Yks. York 1898
MYCROFT Robert, Yks. Sheffield ,Woodseats 1909
MYERS Eliza, Yks. Middlesbrough 1907
NAYLOR Emma, Yks. Sheffield, Norton Woodseats 1903
NEALE Alfred Godius, Yks. York and Brampton, Dbys 1888
NEWTON Charles,Yks. Sheffield and Holloway Dbys 1898
NEWTON Francis, Yks. Sheffield 1904
NEWTON Francis, Yks. Sheffield 1904
NEWTON Harriett Hall, Yks. Sheffield, Handsworth 1906
NICHOLLIS Percy Horace, Yks. Sheffield 1919
NICHOLS Isaac, Yks. Stannington 1923
NICHOLS Isaac, Yks. Stannington 1923
NICHOLS Isaac, Yks. York and Derby 1889
NICHOLSON Elizabeth Howard, Yks. Scarborough 1873
NICKOLSON Margaret Hammond, Yks .Sheffield 1919
NOBLE Arthur James, Yks. Sheffield 1910
NORTHEND Richard, Hipperholme, Yks 1650 V20/28
OAKES Edward, Sheffield Yks 1827 BAR/19
OAKES Hannah, Shefield Yks 1850 BAR/16
OAKES Joseph, Sheffield Yks 1857 BAR/17
OAKES Mary, Leavy Greave, Sheffield,Yks 1831 CBA/11
OAKES Mary, Sheffield, Yks 1839 CBA/44
OATES William Henry, Yks. Sheffield ,Broomhill Park 1919
OGDEN Frederick,Yks. Sheffield 1916
OGDEN John William, Yks. Sheffield 1909
OLIVER Joseph, Yks. Welton 1909
ONEBYE Robert of Lindley. 1743 MIS53/39
ORAM George, Yks,Sheffield 1926
OSBORNE Thomas. Yks. Doncaster, Heathorpe 1921
PALMER Catherine, Yks. Sheffield 1898
PARK Mary Martyn, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1915
PARKES Henry. Yks. Batley and Ripley Dbys. 1876
PARKIN John William, Yks. Doncaster 1915
PARKINS Mary, Yks. Sheffield 1915
PARSONS Edwin, Yks. Sheffield 1895
PARSONS Edwin, Yks. Sheffield 1895
PATEMAN Mary, Yks. Sheffield 1923
PAUL Charles James, Yks. Sheffield 1905
PEARSON James, Sheffield, Yks  1902
PEEL Elizabeth, Yks. Sheffield 1910
PICKERING William, Yks. Sheffield 1900
PILLEY Joseph Henry,Yks. Sheffield 1921
PIPE Allen, Yks. Ecclesfield and Fairfield 1880
PORTER Elizabeth Amelia Lucas, Yks. Sheffield, Ecclesall 1923
POTTER Jarvis, Yks. Dodsworth 1907
POWELL Sarah, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1918
POWELL William, Yks. ?, Woodseats 1920
POWELL William, Yks. ?, Woodseats 1920
PROCTOR William RAITHLEY, Yks. Doncaster 1904
PURSLOVE Joseph, Silkstone Yks. 1778 BAR/14
RAWSON Walter, Yks. Sheffield 1911
RENSHAW Ralph, Yks. Sheffield , Park Wood Spring 1873
RIGG James Bell, Yks. Doncaster,Frickley 1928
RIGG James Bell, Yks. Doncaster,Frickley 1928
RIXON Mary, Yks. Sheffield, Meersbrook 1906
ROADHOUSE Albert, Yks. Sheffield 1928
ROBERTS George, Sheffield and Norton 1883
ROBERTS George, Yks. Sheffield and Norton 1883
ROBINSON Richard Belton, Yks. Kingston upon Hull and Derby 1912
ROBINSON Thomas Henry, Yks. Sheffield 1920
ROGERS Mary Ann, Yks. Sheffield,Meersbrook Park 1909
ROLLINSON Simeon,Yks.Sheffield and Little Chester Dbys 1881
ROSE Octavious Clarke, Yks. Sheffield 1913
RUSSELL Sarah Ann, Yks. Knaresborough and Derby 1878
RYALLS John, Yks. Sheffield 1890
RYALS William, Yks. Sheffield 1860
SANDERS Frederick,Yks. Sheffield 1920
SARGERSON Sarah Jane, Yks. Sheffield 1924
SCANTLEBURY Thomas, Yks. Harrogate and Derby 1884
SCHNEIDER George Martin, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1919
SCHOFIELD George, Yks. Sheffield 1864
SCHOFIELD Henry, Yks. Sheffield, Lees Hall, Meersbrook 1898
SCHOFIELD William, Yks. Sheffield 1913
SEED Harper, Yks. Sheffield, Totley Rise 1918
SELLARS William, Yks. Sheffield, Wardlow 1880
SHAW Thomas Walker, Yks. Sheffield, Heeley 1874
SHAW William, Great Houghton Yks. 1805   V31/4
SHEMELD James, Paddock Farm Sheffield,Yks 1814 CBA/7
SHEPHERD Annie, Yks. Sheffield, Meersbrook 1924
SHEPHERD Sarah, Yks ?. Thorne 1923
SHEPHERD Sarah, Yks ?. Thorne 1923
SHERMAN Rebecca, Yks. Leeds 1896
SIMPSON Emily, Yks. Sheffield, Meersbrook 1916
SKELTON Elizabeth,Yks. Sheffield 1925
SKIDMORE John, Yks. Sheffield and Ashford in the Water 1886
SMITH Etheldrida Louisa, Yks. Sheffield 1924
SMITH John James, Yks. Sheffield 1910
SMITH John, Yks.Sheffield 1902
SMITH Louisa Caroline,Yks ?, Meersbrook 1923
SMITH Louisa Caroline,Yks ?, Meersbrook 1923
SMITH Mary Ann, Yks. York 1895
SMITH Mary Ann, Yks. York 1895
SMITH Sarah Marshall, Yks. Sheffield ,Heeley 1905
SNOW Robert, Yks. Garforth 1875
SOMERFIELD Thomas, Yks. Healey (Heeley?) 1898
SOMERFIELD Thomas, Yks. Healey (Heeley?) 1898
SORBY John, Yks. Sheffield, Spital Hill 1861
SPENCER Joseph, Yks. Sheffield, Sharrow 1903
SPENCER Robert, Yks. Austerfield 1779
SPINK Elizabeth Amy, Yks. Harrogate 1917
SPINK Elizabeth Amy, Yks. Harrogate 1917
SPURR William Cooper, Yks. Sheffield 1924
STACEY Daniel, Yks. York and Dronfield 1893
STACEY Daniel, Yks. York and Dronfield 1893
STACKHOUSE Henry Foster, Yks. Whitby 1926
STACKHOUSE Henry Foster, Yks. Whitby 1926
STALKER Herbert, Yks. Scarborough and Derby 1886
STALKER Herbert, Yks. Scarborough and Derby 1886
STEEL Ann, Yks. Sheffield and Matlock 1876
STEEL Elizabeth, Yks. Sheffield and Matlock 1877
STOTT Elizabeth, Yks. Sheffield 1919
STUDDY Sarah Penelope, Yks. Doncaster 1912
SWINDEN Hannah,Yks. Sheffield and Dore 1884
THORNES Mary Ellen,Yks. Dewsbury 1908
THORNILEY Ann, Yks. Harrogate 1875
THORP William, Yks. Sheffield 1891
THORPE Mary. Yks. York and Norton 1892
THORPE Mary. Yks. York and Norton 1892
TIDY Sarah,Yks. Sheffield 1924
TINDALE Sarah, Yks. Sheffield,Attercliffe 1912
TINGLE Henry Robinson,Yks. Sheffield and Norton 1880
TODD Rose Hannah, Meersbrook 1896
TOMLINSON Joseph, Yks. Sheffield, Bramall Lane 1925
TOMLINSON Joseph, Yks. Sheffield, Bramall Lane 1925
TOON Henry, Yks. Barnsley, Wombwell 1927
TOON Henry, Yks. Barnsley, Wombwell 1927
TOPLIS Joseph, Yks. Selby 1907
TOPLIS Joseph, Yks. Selby 1907
TRAVIS John, Yks. York and Scarborough 1904
TURBUTT Richard, Doncaster 1757 V2/102
TURNER Ellen,Yks. York 1904
TURNER Ellen,Yks. York 1904
TURNER John, Yks. Sheffield ,Silver St. 1872
TURNER Mary Ann, Yks. Sheffield 1898
TURNER Richard, Yks. Leeds, Bickerton 1895
TYAS Elizabeth, Yks. Kingston upon Hull 1870
UNWIN Elizabeth Swallow, Yks. Sheffield and Matlock 1880
VALE William Humphrey, Eccleshall Sheffield Yks and Malvern Worcs 1864
VALENTINE Thomas,Yks. Sheffield,Woodseats 1909
VARNEY Harry, Yks. Sheffield , Sharrow 1912
VICKERS William Bramham, Yks. Sheffield 1895
WAGSTAFF Helen, Yks. York and Great Longstone Dbys 1893
WAGSTAFF Helen, Yks. York and Great Longstone Dbys 1893
WALGATE Charles Robert, Yks. Sheffield 1917
WALKER Elizabeth,Yks.Rotherham 1872
WALKER Elizabeth,Yks.Rotherham 1872
WALL Hannah, Yks. Sheffield, Eccleshall, Whirlow 1860
WARD Emma, Yks. Sheffield 1921
WARD John, Yks. York and Coal Aston 1891
WARD John, Yks. York and Coal Aston 1891
WARD Thomas, Yks. Leeds 1895
WARNER Joseph, Yks. Sheffield, Meersbrook 1907
WASTENEYS William, Yks. Barnsley late Dronfield Dbys 1890
WASTENEYS William, Yks. Barnsley late Dronfield Dbys 1890
WATERFALL Henry, Yks. Sheffield,Whirlow Cottage 1869
WATKINSON Harriet, Yks. Sheffield and Eckington 1878
WATKINSON Hester, Yks. Sheffield and Eckington 1882
WATKINSON Samuel, Yks. Sheffield late of Norton 1890
WHARTON Eleanor ,Yks. Harrogate 1904
WHITE Aurilian Horace, Yks. Hornsea 1916
WHITE Aurilian Horace, Yks. Hornsea 1916
WHITTELL Sarah, Fortis Green, Hornsey Yks 1837  V4/25
WHITWORTH William, Yks. Sheffield, Meersbrook 1913
WIGFALL Thomas Henry, Yks. Sheffield, Meersbrook 1914
WILDE Thomas, Yks. Sheffield 1860
WILKINSON Andrew, Boroughbridge Yks 1784  V18/54
WILKINSON James, Rev. Sheffield 1788 V18/55
WILKINSON Joseph, Yks. Sheffield and Dore 1885
WILLIAMS William Preece, Yks. Sheffield 1922
WILLIS Martha, Meersbrook Yks 1899
WILSON Elizabeth, Yks. Sheffield and Baslow, Dbys 1892
WILSON James, Yks. Saltaire and Staffs. Winshill 1887
WILSON James, Yks. Saltaire and Staffs. Winshill 1887
WILSON John George, Yks, Sheffield,Deepcar 1927
WILSON Thomas, Duke St. Sheffield 1858  V47/6
WINGFIELD Herbert Sidney, Yks. Sheffield, Woodseats 1911
WINTER Henrietta, Yks. Sheffield, Meersbrook 1925
WOLSTENHOLME Alfred, Yks. Sheffield 1914
WOLSTENHOLME Anne, Yks.Wakefield late of Belper Dby 1891
WOLSTENHOLME Anne, Yks.Wakefield late of Belper Dby 1891
WOLSTENHOLME James, Yks. Sheffield late of Derby 1889
WOOD John, Boston Spa Yks 1895
WORTLEY John, Meersbrook Yks and Norton 1887
WRAITH William Henry, Yks. Wakefield and Derby 1883
WRIGHT Jane, Yks. Sheffield, Walkley 1924
WYLD Robert Wickersley Yks.  1714  V76/20
YOUNGHUSBAND George, Yks. Sheffield 1912
ALLEN Barbara, Youlgreave 1628
ALLWOOD Elizabeth, Youlgreave 1894
BACH Mary, Youlgreave 1636
BALL William, Youlgreave 1649
BARGH Humphrey and Ellen, Youlgreave 1639
BARLOW Humphrey, Youlgreave 1642
BARLOW Humphrey, Youlgreave 1642
BATEMAN Thomas William, Youlgreave 1895
BEEBEE Jonathan, Youlgreave 1907
BIRDES Richard, Youlgreave 1637
BIRDS Sarah, Youlgreave 1903
BIRDS William, Youlgreave 1891
BRADSHAW Edward, Youlgreave 1639
BRADSHAW Elizabeth, Youlgreave 1640
BRUNT John, Youkgreave 1637
BRYAN Simon, Youlgreave, Congreave 1647
BUNTING Ellen, Yolgreave 1750
BUNTING Francis, Youlgreave 1747
BUXTON Francis, Youlgreave 1642
CADMAN Anthony 1649
CARRINGTON William 1628
COLUMBELL Peter 1642
DALE Stephen, Birchover 1849  V6/163
ELEY Christopher 1647
EVANS Grace 1641
EVANS Richard 1647
EVANS William 1640
EYRE Adam, Yolgreave 1683
EYRE Thomas, Yolgreave 1660/1
EYRE Thomas, Yolgreave 1718
EYRES Robert, Yolgreave 1730
FOX Francis, Yolgreave 1661
FOXE Francis, Youlgreave 1625
FOXE John, Youlgreave 1577
FOXE John, Youlgreave 1640/1
GARRATT George, Greenfield Harthill  1873
GARRATT John, Youlgreave 1885
GARRATT John, Youlgreave 1897
GARRATT Joseph, Youlgreave 1882
GARRATT Ruth, Youlgreave 1912
GARRATT Thomas, Youlgreave 1905
GARRATT William, Alport Youlgreave 1905
GARRATT William, Youlgreave 1860
GARRETT George, Youlgreave 1892
GARRETT William, Youlgreave 1876
GREGORY George, Stanton Hillside 1866
GREGORY Jacob, Stanton Hillside 1858
GREGORY John, Youlgreave 1874
GREGORY Sarah, Youlgreave 1892
GREGORY Thomas, Meadow Place, Youlgreave 1862
GRINDEY Isaac, Middleton by Youlgreave 1875
GRINDEY Isaac, Youlgreave 1892
GRINDEY James, Middleton by Youlgreave 1876
HALL Thomas, Youlgreave, Alport 1649
HENSTOCKE Edmund, Birchover 1619/20
HENSTOCKE William, Birchover 1619/20
HOLMES Anthony, Stanton Lees 1776 V100a2/1
HOLMES Anthony, Stanton Lees 1895 V100a2/2
HOLMES George, Stanton Lees 1768 V44/35
HOLMES Samuel of Youlgreave 1782 V44/36
JOHNSON George, Youlgreave 1891
JONES Sarah Bramwell, Youlgreave 1905
KEMP John, Stanton 1866
KENWORTHY James, Youlgreave 1876
KENWORTHY Thomas, Youlgreave 1894
KNOWLES Mary, Youlgreave 1898
LOMAS John, Youlgreave 1878
LONGDEN Richard, Youlgreave 1647
MARSDEN Abraham, Stanton Hillside, Youlgreave 1869
MARSDEN Joseph, Eagle Tor, Birchover 1868
MARSDEN William, Stanton Hillside 1873
MARSDEN William, Youlgreave 1904
MELLAND John, Alport 1765   V22/45
MOREHOUSE (MOORHOUSE) William, Youlgreave 1647
NEEDHAM George, Youlgreave 148
NUTTALL John, Youlgreave 1879
NUTTALL Joseph, Youlgreave 1894
NUTTALL Samuel, Youlgreave 1866
NUTTALL Samuel, Youlgreave 1892
NUTTALL Samuel, Youlgreave 1906
NUTTALL Thomas Clark, Youlgreave 1889
NUTTALL Thomas, Youlgreave 1875
NUTTALL William, Youlgreave 1904
OLDFIELD Edward 1808
OLDFIELD Elizabeth 1772
OLDFIELD Francis 1831
OLDFIELD George 1805
OLDFIELD James 1828
OLDFIELD John 1779
OLDFIELD Joseph 1763
OLDFIELD Margaret 1755
OLDFIELD Richard 1767
OLDFIELD Thomas 1805
OLDFIELD William 1770
OLDFIELD William 1784
OLDFIELD Windsor 1789 Adm.
PRIME Daniel, Birchover 1824  V6/147
PRINCE James, Stanton 1865
PRINCE James, Stanton 1865
PRINCE John, Stanton, p. Youlgreave 1871
PURSGLOVE William, Middleton by Youlgreave. 1906
REDFERN William, Middleton by Youlgreave 1867
RIDYARD William, Youlgreave 1642
ROBINSON Thomas, Stanton Hill Side 1868
ROE Margaret, Youlgreave, Allport, Alport? 1640
ROOSE Stephen, Stanton Hill Side 1868
ROWLAND Benjamin, Youlgreave 1895
ROWLAND Mary, Youlgreave 1887
ROWLAND Sephen, Youlgreave 1867
ROWLAND Thomas, Youlgreave 1866
RYDIARD (RIDYARD) George, Youlgreave 1639
SHELDON George 1799
SHELDON Hugh 1801
SHELDON Hugh 1810
SHELDON John 1784
SHELDON John 1806
SHELDON Richard 1844
SMEDLEY Francis, Youlgreave 1642
SMETHLEY (SMEDLEY) Francis, Youlgreave 1630
SMITH George, Youlgreave 1631
SPENCER Anthony ,Youlgreave tailor 1828
SPENCER Richard, Youlgreave, orebuyer, 1667
STERNDALE Robert, Youlgreave 1630
SWINDELL Jane, Youlgreave 1884
SWINDELLS John, Yolgreave 1860
SWINDELLS John, Youlgreave 1871
TAYLER (TAYLOR) Roger, Youlgreave?, Meadow Plecke, (Place) 1640
Thomas STALEY of Youlgreave mentions Isaac SHIMWELL of Manchester, Lancs.
WAGSTAFFE Francis, Youlgreave 1647

YOULGREAVE Administration
ALLEN Jonathan, Stanton Hill Side p.Youlgreave 1859 Adm
BASFORD Richard, Youlgreave 1640 Adm
CARRINGTON Richard, Youlgreave 1640 Adm
COOKE David, Youlgreave 1860 Adm
DAVIES O'Neale Youlgreave 1649 Adm
ELLIOTT John, Lathkill Lodge 1862 Adm
ELLIOTT John, Youlgreave 1862 Adm
FROST William, Youlgreave 1648 Adm
GREGORY Ann, Youlgreave 1868 Adm
HALLOWES Mary, Youlgreave 1647 Adm
HOLLIS Dennis, Youlgreave 1641 Adm
HOLMES Richard, Stanton p.Youlgreave 1875 Adm
KENWORTHY Sarah, Youlgreave 1873 Adm
MARSDEN John, Stanton Hill Side, p Youlgreave 1870 Adm
NEEDHAM Anthony, Youlgreave 1647 Adm
PRINCE John, Stanton Lees 1870 Adm
ROWLAND John, Middleton by Youlgreave 1862 Adm
SHIMWELL Joseph, Youlgreave 1862 Adm
SHIMWELL Samuel, Youlgreave 1872 Adm
SHINWELL Humphrey, Youlgreave 1864 Adm
SPENCER Henry, Youlgreave 1749 Adm
STEVENSON John, Stanton Lees 1872 Adm
TEASDALE William, Youlgreave 1874 Adm
ALLEN John, Yoxall 1650
ALLEN Thomas, Yoxall 1649
ANNELELY Mary, Yoxall 1641
ANNELEY Humphrey, Yoxall 1642
ARNOLD Thomas, Yoxall 1648
AVERILL William, Yoxall 1646
BANKES (BANKS) Mary Yoxall 1636
BARNES Eliza, Staffs. Yoxall and Ripley Dbys. 1882
BATKIN John, Yoxall 1643
BEARD Arthur, Staffs. Yoxall 1903
BIDDULPH George, Yoxall 1638
COOKE Eleanor, Yoxall 1650
DICKEN Hannah, Yoxall 1774
GOODWICH Elizabeth, Yoxall 1650
HALL Susan, Yoxall 1648
ILSLEY John, Yoxall 1646
JACKSON George, Yoxall 1813
JACKSON George, Yoxall 1828
JACKSON John, Yoxall 1645
JACKSON John, Yoxall 1841
JACKSON John, Yoxall 1853
JACKSON Joseph, Yoxall 1828
JACKSON Joseph, Yoxall 1830
JACKSON Mary, Yoxall 1648
KENRICKE William, Yoxall 1628
LEA Emote, Yoxall 1641
LEES William, Yoxall 1641
LESTER Elizabeth, Yoxall 1645
MAW William, Yoxall 1649
MAYER John, Woodmill, Yoxall, Staffs 1874
POTT John, Yoxall 1649
SHELLEY Alice, Yoxall 1647
SHELLEY Thomas, Yoxall 1647
SHIPTON William, Yoxall 1631
SPENCER Richard, Yoxall 1717
STONE William, Yoxall 1630
SWENSON Edward, Yoxall 1629
TOWERS Jane, Yoxall 1640
WILDEY Richard, Yoxall 1645
WOOD Anne, Yoxall 1636
YOUNG John, Yoxall 1778

YOXALL Administrations
ARCHER Thomas, Yoxall 1647 Adm
FERRERS Dorothy als TOMPSON, Yoxall 1648 Adm
ILSLEY Anne, Staffs. Yoxall 1649 Adm
JACKSON Ann, Staffs. Yoxall 1855 Adm
SPENCER Elizabeth, Staffs. Yoxall 1727 Adm
SPENCER Frances, Staffs. Yoxall 1710 Adm
SPENCER Francis, Staffs. Yoxall 1744 Adm
STEANE James, Staffs. Yoxall 1648 Adm

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.