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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Wills and Administration


ADAMS Samuel, Sandiacre 1870
ARABIN Enoch, Sandiacre 1892
ARABIN Joseph, Sandicare 1897
BARSBY James, Sandiacre 1915
BASTABLE George, Sandiacre 1921
BASTABLE Sarah, Sandiacre 1925
BLUNDSTONE William, Sandiacre 1638
DALE Richard, Sandiacre 1887
DAVIES Richard, Sandiacre 1918
DOAR Abraham, Sandiacre 1926
DOAR Anna, Sandiacre 1919
DOAR John W. Sandiacre 1915
DOAR John, Sandiacre 1868
DOAR William, Sandiacre 1866
DOAR William, Sandiacre 1897
DODSON William Frederick, Sandiacre 1912
GARGILL John Robert, Sandiacre 1924
GREEN John, Sandiacre, Dbys 1849
HORROBIN Joseph, Sandiacre 1925
JARVIS Ann, Sandiacre 1885
JOHNSON Thomas Webb, Sandiacre 1909
KIDDEY Henry, Sandiacre 1872
LAKIN Ann, Sandiacre 1912
LAKIN James, Sandiacre 1869
LAKIN James, Sandiacre 1898
LAKIN James, Sandiacre, wheelwright. 1814 M140
LAKIN Samuel, Sandiacre 1869
LARGE Alfred, Sandiacre 1926
LARGE Harriet, Sandiacre 1917
LONGMIRE William Albert, Sandiacre 1911
LOUND Robert, Sandiacre 1647
MACKAY Emily, Sandiacre 1923
OLDERSHAW Thomas William, Sandiacre 1859
OLDERSHAW Thomas, Sandiacre 1908
OLDERSHAW William, Sandiacre 1878
PACEY Walter John Robert, Sandiacre 1916
PACEY Walter John Robert, Sandiacre, Dbys 1916
PEEL Frank, Sandiacre, Dbys 1873
PLUMB Thomas, Sandiacre, Dbys 1864
PORRI Augustine, Sandiacre, Dbys 1910
PRIOR John, Sandiacre 1870
RADFORD John, Sandiacre 1881
REPTON Thomas, Sandiacre 1872
RICKARD Catherine, Sandiacre 1881
RICKARD William, Derby Canal Office, Sandiacre 1866
RIDE Ann, Sandiacre 1872
RIDE John, Sandiacre 1871
RIGBY John, Sandiacre 1876
RIGBY Joseph, Sandiacre 1874
RIGBY Thomas, Sandiacre 1895
ROBINSON Daniel, Sandiacre 1872
ROSSELL George, Sandiacre 1901 
ROWSON Matilda, Sandiacre 1878
SCATTERGOOD Edward, Sandiacre 1630
SIBSON John, Sandiacre 1898
SIMPKIN Charles, Sandiacre, Dbys 1908
SPENCER George, Sandiacre 1717
STEVENS James, Sandiacre 1884
STEVENS John, Sandiacre 1861
STEVENS John, Sandiacre 1872
STEVENS Matilda, Sandiacre 1893
WILLIAMSON Bartholomew, Sandiacre 1628
SANDIACRE Administrations
BAILEY Samuel, Sandiacre 1873 Adm
CROFTS Francis, Sandiacre 1859 Adm
GOODWIN Samuel, Sandiacre 1872 Adm
KIDDEY Thomas, Sandiacre 1859 Adm
WALKER Henry, Sandiacre 1861 Adm
WINROW John, Sandiacre 1860 Adm
SAWLEY (See also Long Eaton, separate parish from 1864)
ALLEN Ann, Sawley 1917
ALLEN James, Sawley 1897
ALLEN John Henry, Sawley?, New Sawley 1913
ALLEN William, Sawley 1916
BATES William, Sawley 1899
BUNTING William, Risley 1820
CLARKE Martha, Sawley 1924
CLATWORTHY Henry Benjamin, Sawley 1922
CLATWORTHY John Webb, Sawley 1926
ELLIOTT Thomas, Sawley 1804
ELLIOTT Thomas, Sawley 1804
ELLIOTT Thomas, Sawley 1826
ELLIOTT Thomas, Sawley 1826
FOX John, Risley 1809
GANDAY Joseph, New Sawley 1900
GREEN Matthew, Sawley, Dbys 1769
HARDY Thomas, Wilsthorpe 1902
HARRIMAN Charlotte, Sawley 1918
HARRIMAN Elizabeth, Sawley 1903
HARRIMAN Joseph Frederick, Sawley 1899
HARRIMAN Joseph, Sawley 1871
HARRIMAN Mary, Wilsthorpe 1859
HARRIMAN William, Wilsthorpe 1883 
IRONMONGER William, Sawley 1866
JONES John Draycott made 1837 Proved 1842
KNIGHT Elizabeth, Sawley 1899
LEITH Philip, Sawley 1730  V29/15
LEYLAND Wiliam Alfred, New Sawley 1923
LOWNE John, Long Eaton  1728  V37/26
MARSHALL Harriett, Sawley 1865
MEADS Thomas, Sawley 1885
MELLORS Elizabeth, Sawley 1866
MORLEY William, New Sawley 1902
MORRIS George, Sawley 1914
NORTH Samuel, New Sawley 1921
OLDHAM William Long Eaton made 1821 Proved 1827. MIS50/23 Will of
POXON Thomas, Sawley 1881
POYSER John Fesant, New Sawley 1900
REYNOLDS Reuben, Wilsthorpe 1915
RICE Thomas, New Sawley 1911
RICHARDS Arthur, New Sawley 1918
ROBINSON Frederick William, Sawley 1893
SHELDON Thomas, 1841
SHELDON Thomas, Sawley 1841
SIMPKIN William, Sawley 1867
SIMPSON George, New Sawley 1915
SIMPSON James Percival, New Sawley 1917
SMITH Albert Newsum, New Sawley 1904
SMITH Anne, Sawley 1908
SMITH Catherine, Sawley 1868
SMITH Elizabeth, Sawley 1876
SMITH George Henry, New Sawley 1928
SMITH George, New Sawley 1918
SMITH Hannah, Sawley 1875
SMITH John Bonsall, Sawley 1911
SMITH John, Sawley 1859
SMITH John, Sawley 1862
SMITH Joseph, New Sawley 1928
SMITH Robert, Sawley 1887
SMITH Thomas, Sawley 1875
SMITH Thomas,  Ivy House,  Sawley 1874
SPENCER Thomas, Sawley 1843
SPENCER Thomas, Sawley, Long Eaton 1700
STONE George, Sawley,Long Eaton 1827
STONE John, Sawley, Long Eaton 1820
TOMASIN Henry Long Eaton 1854 MIS/631 Will of
SAWLEY Administrations (see also Long Eaton)
BROOKS Samuel, Long Eaton, Sawley 1861 Adm
BUSH Richard, Long Eaton, Sawley 1860 Adm
DAY Elizabeth, Sawley 1858 Adm
HARRIMAN William, Sawlwy Grange 1871 Adm
MANCHESTER Martha, Sawley 1861 Adm
SHEPHERD John, Sawley 1861 Adm
SMITH Elizabeth, Sawley 1874 Adm
SUMMERS Thomas, Long Eaton, Sawley 1861 Adm
WEST George Small, Sawley 1867 Adm
WRIGHT Ann, Sawley 1859 Adm
ARMSTRONG Edwin, Scarcliffe Lanes 1915
ARMSTRONG John, Palterton 1868
ARMSTRONG Joseph, Scarcliffe Lanes Scarcliffe 1867
ASKEW George, Scarcliffe 1900
ASKEW John, Scarcliffe 1916
BAGSHAW William, Scarcliffe 1761 V2/4
BUTCHER Thomas, Scarliffe 1646
BUTCHER William, Palterton p.Scarcliffe 1648
EADSON John, Scarcliffe 1861
FARMERY Ann, Palterton 1872
GODBER Amy, Palterton 1912
GODBER William, Palterton 1900
GREEN Robert, Glapwell Dbys 1788
GREEN Robert, Glapwell, Dbys 1804
JACKSON George, Scarcliffe 1829
JEFFERRY George, Scarcliffe 1893
JOHNSON Samuel, Scarcliffe 1892
JOHNSON Sarah, Scarcliffe 1892
KITCHIN ( KITCHEN ) Henry, Scarcliffe 1629
LEES Annie Eliza, Scarcliffe 1902
LUDLAM John, Scarcliffe 1652
MANDEVILLE Thomas, Scarcliffe 1646
PEACE John, Scarcliffe 1646
REVELL Elizabeth, Scarcliffe spinster 1757 V2/39
REVELL William, Scarcliffe 1728 V2/38
REVELL William, Scarcliffe c1757 V2/40
REVELL William, Scarcliffe made 1761 proved 1772
RODGERS Elizabeth, Scarcliffe 1921
SCHOFIELD George, Scarcliffe 1899
SCORER Isabella, Scarcliffe 1861
SCORER William, Scarcliffe 1864
SIMPSON George Henry, Palterton, Dbys 1917
SPRIGG George, Scarcliffe 1637

SCARCLIFFE Administrations
HAY Godfrey, Scarcliffe 1640 Adm
NAYLOR Joseph, Scarcliffe 1859 Adm
PEACE John, Scarcliffe 1641 Adm
THORNELEY William, Scarcliffe 1639 Adm
WARNER Samuel, Scarcliffe, 1860 Adm
BAKER Daniel Seddon, Scotland, Edinburgh 1913
GAYS Margaret Robertson, Scotland, Perthshire Nuthill 1924
HADDEN John, Scotland, Aberdeen 1894
PAYNE Dick, Scotland, Midlothian 1919
SMITH John, Scotland, Glasgow, Paisley Road. 1906
SNADEN James White, Scotland, Alloa, Clackmannan 1924
SOUTHERN Arthur Thomas Alexander, Scotland, Corpach by Fort William 1905
VEITCH John, Scotland, Roxburgh, Midlem Mill 1860
WALKER Jessie, Scotland, Craige by Dundee and Birch Vale, Dbys 1921
WHITEHEAD James Smith, Scotland, Edinburgh 1928
ADAMS John, Scropton, 1876
AGARD Charles, Foston 1680  V22/8
ALLEN Annie, Scropton 1910
ALLEN David, Scropton 1861
ALLEN David, Scropton 1899
ALLEN Mary, Scropton 1892
ALLSOP William, Scropton, Foston 1889
ARCHER John, Scropton 1872
ARCHER John, Scropton 1922
ARCHER John, Tutbury and Scropton House 1877
BRIDGE Stephen, Scropton 1637
HAMPSON John, Scropton 1628
HARPER Thomas, Scropton 1872
HOPKINS John William, Scropton 1877
JACKSON John, Scropton 1843
JACKSON John, Scropton 1853
JACKSON John, Scropton 1854
JACKSON Samuel, Scropton 1854
JACKSON William, Foston 1886
JENNYNS ( JENNINGS ) William, Scropton 1641
JOHNSON Thomas, Scropton 1880
KNIVETON Joseph, Foston 1882
KNIVETON Patience, Foston 1892
MANLOVE Joseph, Foston 1893
REEVE George, Scropton 1882
REEVE John, Scropton 1863
TWIGG John, Scropton 1688 CTW/45

SCROPTON Administrations
AGARD Felicia Lady, Foston p.Scropton 1640 Inventory
BARROWS James, Scropton 1866 Adm
FAULKNER James, Scropton 1863 Adm
HOPKINS George, Scropton 1874 Adm
JOHNSON John, Scropton 1869 Adm
NEWTON Edward, Scropton 1641 Adm
SLATER Mary, Scropton 1874 Adm
WOOD John, Scropton 1641 Adm
SEALE Leicestershire Wills
GREENE Richard, Netherseale, Leics. 1640 V4/55
LEE Elizabeth, Netherseale, Leics. widow 1718 V4/53
SPENCER Ann, Staffs, Seighford 1814
SPENCER John, Staffs, Seighford 1631
SPENCER John, Staffs. Seighford 1662
SPENCER Richard, Staffs, Seighford 1705
SPENCER Richard, Staffs, Seighford 1733
SPENCER Richard, Staffs, Seighford 1737
SPENCER Thomas, Staffs, Seighford 1764
SPENSER Joseph, Staffs, Seighford 1736
ADAMS James, Shardlow 1889
ALLEN James, Shardlow 1889
BEALE Thomas, Shardlow 1917
CANTRELL Robert, Shardlow 1664
DAKIN Thomas, Shardlow 1882
DARLINGTON William, Shardlow 1919
FOX Joseph, Shardlow 1901
GLENN Ernest, Shardlow 1915
GLENN George, Shardlow 1924
GREENE Jane, Shardlow, Dbys 1744
HARDY Joseph, Shardlow 1863
HARDY Mary, Shardlow 1883
HOUGH Joseph, Shardlow 1883
HUSTON John, Shardlow 1868
IRONMONGER Jane, Shardlow 1897
IRONMONGER John, Shardlow 1876
JONES Michael Thomas, Shardlow 1863
MANSFIELD John, Great Wilne 1882
MARSHALL Ann, Shardlow 1891
MOODY William, Shardlow
MOORE Elizabeth, Wilne Farm, Shardlow 1906
MOORE Joseph, Shardlow 1900
MOORE Thomas, Shardlow 1876
PLACE Jane, Cavendish Bridge, nr Shardlow, Dbys 1896
PLACKETT James, Shardlow, Dbys 1889
RADFORD Henry John, Shardlow 1871
RADFORD Joseph, Shardlow 1912
RATCLIFFE George, Shardlow 1911
ROBERTS Catherine, Shardlow 1903
ROBERTS Emma, Shardlow 1912
ROBERTS William, Shardlow 1904
ROBERTSON Harriet, Shardlow 1897
SHARDLOW Aaron, Shardlow 1897
SHARDLOW Mary, Shardlow 1919
SHARDLOW Michael, Shardlow 1863
SHARDLOW Administrations
ASTLE Joseph, Shardlow 1873 Adm
CLARKE George, Shardlow 1874 Adm
CORBETT George, Shardlow 1859 Adm
CROSSLEY Henry, Shardlow 1866 Adm
DERBYSHIRE William, Shardlow 1869 Adm
ROBERTS William, Shardlow 1870 Adm
SEPHTON Thomas, Shardlow 1861 Adm
SIMPKINS Thomas, Shardlow 1872 Adm
SMITH Ann, Shardlow 1874 Adm
WILD Sarah, Shardlow 1865 Adm
BULLOCKE Ellen, Sheen 1637
COCKE Anne, Sheen 1648
CRICHLOWE (CRITCHLOW) Nichoals, Sheen 1629
CRITCHLOW John, Sheen 1649
GIBBS George, Staffs. Sheen 1906
MORTE Gervase, Sheen 1628
PERCIVALL Anne, Sheen 1650
PERCIVALL John, Sheen 1649
SHELDON Benjamin, Sheen 1788
SHELDON Matthew, Sheen 1818
SHELDON Thomas, Sheen 1789

SHEEN Administrations
CRITCHLOW Henry, Sheen 1649 Adm
WARD Gervase, Sheen 1642 Adm
BONELL Anne, Sheldon 1636
BOWER John, Sheldon 1638
BRAGG William, Sheldon 1646
CANTRELL Mary, Sheldon 1627
DICKEN William, Sheldon 1758
DICKIN Cornelius, Sheldon 1729
FROST Francis,Sheldon 1637
FROST George, Sheldon 1636
GOODALE (GOODALL) Helen, Sheldon 1646
GOODALE (GOODALL) John, Sheldon 1645
GREAVES Richard, Sheldon 1637
HARRISON Henry, Sheldon 1637
ORTON William, Sheldon, Vicar 1628
RADFORD Alice, Sheldon 1641
ROBINSON Richard, Sheldon 1634
SHELDON Margaret, Sheldon 1647
SMITH William, Sheldon 1641
SOMERLAND Elizabeth, Sheldon 1649
TAYLOR John, Sheldon 1639
WADCOCKE George, Sheldon 1647
WALL Anthony, Sheldon 1648
WHITE Thurstan, Sheldon 1635
WHYTE (WHITE) Peter, Sheldon 1642

SHELDON Administrations
BARKER Godfrey, Sheldon 1637 Adm
BORE John, Sheldon 1637 Adm
BROOKES William, Sheldon 1641 Adm
BURRS Thomas, Sheldon 1637 Adm
CHAPMAN Henry, Sheldon 1637 Adm
DALE Roger, Sheldon 1645 Adm
GOPSALL Arthur, Sheldon 1646 Adm
HARRISON Robert, Sheldon 1643 Adm
STOCKDALE Joshua, Sheldon 1630 Adm
WHITE Stephen, Sheldon 1645 Adm
ALLAN Eliza, Shirebrook 1919
INGRAM Joseph, Shirebrook 1907
JOYCE Herbert Woodley, Shirebrook 1920
LUCAS John, Shirebrook 1886
SHIREBROOK Administrations Separate parish 1849, prevously in Pleasley.
LUCAS John, Shirebrook 1871 Adm
ALLEN Joseph, Shirland 1893
ALLSOP John, Shirland, Higham 1872
AMERY John of Hogham 1649
BEASTALL William, Toadhole Furnace  1870
BINGHAM James, Higham proved 1702 V2/95
BOOT Joseph of Higham 1770 MIS50/56
BOWER Robert, Higham proved 1720 V2/89
BOWER William, Shirland Delves, Shirland 1750 V20/34
BRADDOW Peter 1640
BRAILSFORD Joseph, Shirland 1784 V2/86
BUNTING William, Shirland 1671
BURNHAM Jonathan, Shirland 1797 V2/105
CLAY John, Shirland 1865
CLAY Richard, Higham 1832 CBA/35
CLAY Thomas, Higham 1766 V2/57
CLAY William, Shirland 1908
CLAY William, Shirland Park Shirland 1871
CORBETT Martha, Shirland widow, 1840 CBA/29
CUPIT Augustus, Shirland 1881
CUPIT Fanny, Shirland 1888
CUPIT Richard, Shirland 1888
CUPIT Thomas, Shirland 1904
DANNAH Joseph, Shirland, Stonebroom 1869
ELLIOTT Edmund, Higham 1704 V2/77
ELLIOTT John, Shirland 1826
FOLJAM Francis, Storth Lane, Shirland proved 1690 V2/83
GRAINGER Francis, Micklehill, Shirland 1678 V2/93
GREEN Edward, Higham,probate Inventory 1761 V2/100
GREEN Elizabeth, Higham, Dbys 1751
GREEN Grace, Shirland 1740
GREEN Jonathan, Higham. 1727/8 V2/30
GREEN Jonathan, Shirland 1728
GREEN Lydia, Shirland spinster 1778 V2/99
GREEN Simon blacksmith aged 81,Higham 1721 V2/96
GREEN Simon, Higham 1720
HARDY Susannah, Shirland 1915
HARVEY John Henry, Shirland, draft Will c1847 V6/7/18
HILL Robert, Higham, 1778 V2/91
HILL William, Higham 1768 V2/90
HODGKINSON William, Higham 1798 V2/92
HOPKINSON Eliza, Shirland 1890
HOPKINSON Joseph, Shirland 1884
HOPKINSON Richard, Shirland 1872
HOPKINSON William, Toadhole Furnace 1878
HUTCHINSON Mary, Shirland 1919
JOHNSON Elizabeth, Shirland 1911
KNOWLES William, Shirland 1907
LAMB James, Shirland 1925
LAMB Mary, Shirland 1903
LAMB Robert, Shirland 1904
LEE Benjamin, Shirland Delves 1912
LEE Elizabeth, Stonebroom 1902
LEE John, Shirland, Higham, 1645
LEE Richard, 1785 Adm.
LEE Richard, 1786
LEE William, Shirland 1640
LUDLAM Elizabeth, Shirland 1641
LUDLAM Thomas, Shirland 1748 V20/27
LYNAM James, Shirland 1884
LYNDLEY (LINDLEY) Richard, Shirland 1646
MARRIOTT Mary, Shirland Park 1869
NEWTON Robert, Shirland 1641
OLDHAM John, Shirland 1787 V2/131
PAGE Charlotte, Shirland 1897
PAGE Charlotte, Shirland, Dbys 1897
PEERS Hannah, Shirland, Dbys 1909
PENDLETON Richard, Stretton, Shirland, Dbys 1873
PRESCOTT Emily, Higham 1926
PRESTWIDGE George, Higham 1670 V2/78
PRESTWIDGE George, Higham 1730 V2/80
PURDY James, Higham, Shirland 1865
PURDY Martha, Higham 1898
PURSGLOVE John, Shirland 1876
RADFORD Daniel Wagstaff, Shirland 1896
RAWSON Joseph, Higham and Shirland 1906
RAWSON Thomas, Higham 1874
REDFERN George, Shirland 1891
RHODES Jeremiah, Shirland 1914
RICE Charles William, Shirland Lodge, Shirland 1872
SHORE Robert, Stonebroom 1878
SIDDALL Samuel, Higham, Shirland 1859
SIDDALL Thomas Mortimer, Hallfield Gate 1866
SIMPKIN William, Shirland, Dbys 1888
SLEIGH William, Shirland 1723 V20/5
STOCKS William, Shirland 1696 V2/79
STONES John, Shirland 1812
STONES Thomas, Shirland 1823
STRUTT Henry, Shirland 1642
TATEHAM (TATUM) Daniel, Shirland Park 1762 V2/87
TAYLOR John, Higham 1801 V2/114
TOWN John, Rector, Shirland. 1744 V20/7
TOWN John, Shirland 1744 V2/111a
WAINWRIGHT James, Higham 1734 V2/81
WEBSTER Miles, Barley Mow Inn, Higham, Shirland1873
WEBSTER William, Higham, Shirland 1873
WETTON Mary, Shirland, widow 1783 V2/111
WHITE Thomas, Higham, shopkeeper 1834 V2/113
SHIRLAND Administrations
ASKEW Elizabeth, Higham,p Shirland 1859 Adm
BRADDOW Alice, Shirland, 1642 Adm
CLAY John, Shirland 1873 Adm
DAVENPORT William, Shirland 1864 Adm
FRISBY Sarah, Higham, p.Shirland 1865 Adm
FRITCHLEY George, Shirland 1867 Adm
FRITCHLEY Joseph, Shirland 1867 Adm
FROST Millicent, Shirland 1860 Adm
HADFIELD Ann, Shirland 1869 Adm
LEE John,Shirland 1646 Adm
LEE Richard, Shirland 1785 Adm
NORTHEDGE James, Shirland 1640 Adm
PURDY Martha, Shirland 1871 Adm
RADFORD Jane Burnham Wagstaff, Shirland 1872 Adm
STONE John, Shirland 1781 Adm

ASPINALL Humphrey 1628
ASPINALL Humphrey, Shirley 1628
BACH Elizabeth, Shirley 1628
BOWLER Nathaniel, Shirley 1649
BULLOCKE John, Shirley 1649
DAKIN Joseph, Shirley 1884
DARBYSHIRE George, Shirley 1891
DARBYSHIRE John, Yeaveley,Shirley 1869
GILMAN William, Shirley 1889
JACKSON John, Shirley 1816
JACKSON Joseph, Shirley 1832
JACKSON Joseph, Shirley 1891
JACKSON Samuel, Shirley 1852
LEMON John, Shirley 1870
MASKERY Ann, Shirley Common Bridge 1896
MASKERY Joseph, Shirley 1885
MASKREY Catherine, Shirley 1923
MASKREY Joseph, Shirley Common 1875
OLIVER Edward, Shirley, 1641 Deed of Gift.
PEGG John, Shirley 1641
RADSHAW William, Shirley 1899
ROBERTS Louisa, Shirley 1928
SPENCER Edward, Shirley, Yeaveley 1636
STEEDMAN Walter, Shirley 1630
STRONG William, Shirley, Yeaveley 1641 Deed of Gift
SWINDELL Samuel, Shirley Mill, Dbys 1891
WALKER Charles 1870, Shirley Lodge, Derbyshire mentions "bro Joseph (WALKER) in Van Diemans Land, (Tasmania, Australia)

SHIRLEY Administrations
BULLOCKE John, Yeaveley p. Shirley,1649 Inventory.
CLARKE Rev John, Shirley 1861 Adm
GELSTHORP Sarah, Shirley 1866 Adm
HUNT Mary Ann, Yeaveley,p. Shirley died 1854, mentions William HUNT Salford, Lancs. 1871 Adm
MASKREY Mary, Shirley 1864 Adm
NASH Mary, Shirley 1862 Adm
OAKDEN John, Shirley 1860 Adm
PEGG Edward, Shirley 1640 Adm
STEEDMAN John, Shirley, Yeaveley 1639 Adm
TITTERTON John, Shirley 1860 Adm
WIBBERLEY George, Shirley 1869 Adm

ABEL John, Shottle 1922
ADSETTS Sarah, White House, Shottle  1870
ADSETTS William, Shottle 1870
ALLSOP William, Shottle 1870
ALLSOP William, Shottle, Postern 1869
ALSOP Charles, Shottle, Postern 1874
BEARDSLEY Isaac, Shottle 1871
BEARDSLEY Willam, Shottle 1899
GARRATT William, Shottle 1879
HAND Ellen, Shottle Gate 1927
JACKSON George, Shottle 1872
JACKSON John, Shottle 1880
LANE Henry, Shottle 1871
LEEDHAM, Mary, Shottle and Sudbury  1885
MALIN Joseph, Shottle 1862
OSBESTON Lydia, Shottle 1873
OSBISTON Joseph, Shottle 1870
REDFERN Henry, Shottle 1869
RICHARDSON George, Shottle 1882
ROWLAND Samuel, Shottle 1872
ROWLAND William, Shottle 1896
WINSON John, Shottle and Wirksworth 1879
SHOTTLE Administrations (see also Duffiled, Turnditch)
BRAYFIELD Joseph, Shottle 1868 Adm
FLETCHER Joseph, Shottle 1867 Adm
GOODWIN Thomas, Shottle 1871 Adm
HEPWORTH Francis, Shottle 1866 Adm
HEPWORTH Louisa, Shottle 1872 Adm
SMEDLEY William, Shottle 1861 Adm
WILSON John, Shottle 1869 Adm
BEAVER Hugh, Sweeney Hill, Shropshire and Manchester, Lancs.  1863
CORBETT James, Brosley made 1805 Proved 1819
CORFIELD Frederick Channer, Salop, Cardington and Codnor Dbys.1905
FORD Richard, Salop, Little Drayton 1863
GRETTON Walthall, Shropshire, Whitchurch 1864
HOLDER Thomas, Shropshire, Wem and Mickleover, Dbys 1884
MORRALL George Lee, Salop, Hampton Loads 1926
MORRIS Louisa, Salop. Culmington 1926
PEARSON John, Kinlet, Shropshire and Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1882
PHILIPS Mary, Salop 1895
ROBERTS John, Whitchurch Shropshire and Nuneaton Warwicks. 1906
SITDOWN John, Salop. Shifnal 1921
SPENCER Ann, Shropshire, Whitchurch 1721
SPENCER Ann, Shropshire, Whitchurch 1737
SPENCER Daniel, Shropshire, Whitchurch 1737
SPENCER Daniel, Shropshire, Whitchurch 1743
SPENCER James, Shropshire, Whitchurch 1795
SPENCER John, Salop, Shrewsbury 1764
SPENCER John, Shropshire, Whitchurch 1594
SPENCER Martha, Salop, Prees 1746
SPENCER Mary, Shropshire, Whitchurch 1750
SPENCER Richard, Salop, Kemberton 1809
SPENCER Sarah,Salop, Kemberton 1818
SPENCER Thomas, Shropshire, Whitchurch 1684/5
SPENCER William, Salop, Prees 1738
SPENSER (SPENCER) Agnes, Salop, Shiffnall 1544
SPENSER (SPENCER) Andrew, Salop, Prees 1724
STANWORTH Charles, Salop, Newport 1912

SHROPSHIRE Administrations
SPENCER John, Salop. Prees 1738 Adm
SPENCER Thomas, Salop. Kynnersley 1790 Adm

SIERRA LEONE Administrations
REFELL Ann Sierra Leone Adm.  1887   V21/172

SINFIN Wills   See
BEARDSLEY William, Smalley 1904
BLUDWORTH Gabriel, Smalley 1637
BYNGHAM John, Kydesley 1556  V44/16
ELLIOTT Thomas, Kiddesley Park, Smalley? 1628
FAIRBROTHER Walter als AUSTEN, Smalley 1647
FARNSWORTH William, Smalley 1892
JAMES Robert, Smalley 167 V44/17
KERRY Charles, Smalley Belper and Standon Beds. 1908
KERRY Richard, Smalley 1886
KYTE Mary, Smallley 1923
KYTE Robert, Smalley 1897
MARTIN Christopher, Smalley 1854
MARTIN Thomas, Smalley 1774
MOORE Thomas, Smalley 1647
OLD Christopher, Smalley 1641
POTTER John, Smalley, Dbys 1891
RADFORD John of Smalley 1830 V53/27
RADFORD John, Smalley 1866
RADFORD Mary Buttle, Smalley and Quarndon 1882
RATCLIFFE William, Smalley Green 1928
RAYOR Elizabeth, Smalley 1869
RICHARDSON Harriet, Kidsley Park, Smalley 1880
RICHARDSON Henry, Kidsley Park, Smalley 1862
RILEY Mary Ellen, Smalley 1922
ROE Alice, Smalley 1888
RUDKIN Sarah, Smalley 1917
SANDON Richard, Smalley 1641
SEVERN Samuel, Smalley Common 1871
SMEETON Thomas, Kiddesley 1632 V44/12
SMITH Thomas, Smalley 1640
STANLY Mary, Smalley ? 1601  V44/13
WELLEMOT Francis, Smalley 1545  V44/19
SMALLEY Administrations
BROWN Samuel, Smalley 1869 Adm
FOULKES Richard, Smalley 1860 Adm
HUDSON Louisa, Smalley 1870 Adm
OLDKNOW Henry, Smalley 1866 Adm
WALKER Frederick, Smalley 1859 Adm
WILLDEN Mary, Smalley 1874 Adm
CROWTHERS John, Smithsby (Smisby?) 1628
Esther MARSH Smisby, spinster, mentions Sarah widow of my late bro John, now or late of Manchester, Lancs. Made 1855, Proved 1858 /79
GREEN Nicholas, Smisby 1715
HARRIS John, The Annies Hole, Smisby 1865
HILL George, Smisby 1833
HILL Samuel, Smisby 1799
HILL Samuel, Smithsby 1825
HOLMES Abraham, Smethesby (Smisby?) 1629
HULL Ellen, Smethesby (Smisby?) 1628
INSLEY Henry, Smisby 1912
MARSH Esther, Smisby 1858
NEWTON Richard, Smisby?, Smethesby 1639
NUTT George, Smisby 1860
NUTT Thomas, Smisby 1880
PEAKE Thomas, Smisby?, Smithsby 1628
RICE John, Smisby 1919
WYATT Edward mentions son in law Charles SWINDELL of Blackfordby, Leics. Will made 1847 Proved 1863 /72

SMISBY Administrations
PAGE Georgina Annie, Smisby 1874 Adm
PICKE Edward, Smisby?, Smethsby 1648 Inventory
RADFORD Gilbert, Smisby?, Smethdby 1648 Adm
RADFORD Gilbert, Smisby?, Smethsby 1649 Inventory
TOONE George, Smisby?, Smethsby 1648 Adm
ALLEN Ann, Snelston 1879
BATES William, Snelston 1886
BURTON John, Snelston 1819  V64/19
COPESTAKE William, Snelston Dbys 1817 V5h/23
DOCKSEY Robert of Snelston  1704   V8/17
FEARN Robert, Snelston 1877
GADSBY Ann, Snelston 1873
GADSBY Thomas, Hedlow Fields, Snelston 1867
HAMPSON John, Snelston Dbys 1792  V5h/3
HARRIS James, Snelston 1864
HOPE George, Snelston 1871
HUDSON William, Snelston Dbys 1812  V5h/22
MARTIN Dorothy, Snelston 1844
MARTIN George, Snelston 1841
MOULT William, Snelston 1896
MOUNTANEY Richard, Snelston Dbys 1842 V5h/20
RAWLINS Mary Ann, Snelston 1886
WIBBERLEY John, Snelston Dbys 1783 V5h/19
WRIGHT Samuel, Snelston Dbys 1791 V5h/13
SNELSTON Administrations
OAKDEN Edward, Snelston 1864 Adm
STUBBS George, Snelston 1862 Adm
WALKER Edward, Snelston 1873 Adm
WHICK Henry,Snelston 1875 Adm
SOMERCOTES Wills (Separate parish 1898. Originally in Alfreton but part formed part of Riddings in 1835. In 1898 became a separate parish which included that part of Somercotes still in Alfreton. See Riddings and Alfreton )
AMOS Catherine, Somercotes 1922
BULLOCK Lucy Ann, Somercotes  1920
COLLEDGE Thomas, Somercotes 1915
COLLIER John, Somercotes 1899 
EVERLEY Charles, Somercotes 1922
FARNSWORTH Elizabeth,Somercotes 1909
GEE Hiram, Somercotes 1920
GEE Isiah George, Somercotes 1911
JACQUES Daniel, Somercotes 1922
JEPSON George, Somercotes 1913
LOWE Francis, Somercotes 1918
MADDISON Joseph, Somercotes 1915
STOPPARD Henry, Somercotes 1925

BOWRINGE Ralph, Somersall 1628
EVERLEY Charles, Somercotes 1922
PAKEMAN John, Somersall Herbert 1863
PLYMMER (PLIMMER ) Anne, Somersall Herbert 1642
STUBBINGS Richard, Somersall Herbert 1747, Administration granted 1813. V5/18

WATSON Mathias, Somersall Herbert 1640 Adm
ANDREWS Elizabeth, Somerset, Bristol and Hathersage 1888
BASKERVILLE Ralph, Somerset ,Bristol 1906
CAVE Ida Gabriella, Somerset, Bath and Derby 1912
COOKE Llewelyn, Somerset, Taunton 1920
CUBLEY Ann, Somerset, Cheltenham and Derby 1872
ECKFORD Walter, Somerset, Bristol and Derby 1876
GLOVER Thomas, Somerset, Bristol and Derby 1892
HODGES Elizabeth, Somerset, Bristol,Clifton 1867
MAKIN George, Somerset, Dunster 1923
NEWMAN Catherine, Somerset, Tiverton on Avon nr Bath 1905
ROPER Elenora Simpson, Somerset, Bath 1895
SPENCER Ann, Backwell, Somerset 1817
SPENCER Ann, Newton St Loe, Somerset 1853
SPENCER Elizabeth, Cheddar,Somerset 1820
SPENCER Joan, Sth Brent 1814
SPENCER John,Cheddar, Somerset 1842
SPENCER Mary Ann, Bath, Somerset 1846
SPENCER Mary, Shepton Mallet 1817
SPENCER Paul, Cheddar, Somerset 1848
SPENCER Thomas, Cheddar Somerset 1840
SPENCER William, Cheddar, Somerset 1837
STAFFORD John, Somerset, Bath 1896
TURNER Robert, Somerset and Ashbourne Dbys 1892
TURTON Henry, Somerset, Bath and Derby 1881
WILLIAMS John Skidmore, Somerset, Bristol and Derby 1884
WILSON Sarah Whittaker, Somerset, Bristol Hampton Park 1872
BROWN Abraham Harrison, South Africa and Belper 1884
GOODWIN Martha Alice, South Africa and Ashford, Dbys 1904
ALLEN James, South Darley, Wensley 1866
ALSOP Anthony, Wensley, draft Will 1832. V6/7/22
ALSOP John, South Darley, Wensley 1860
ALVEY Samuel, South Darley 1904
GIBSON Charles, Oaker 1893 
GILLATT William, Wensley 1895
GILLATT William, Wensley 1914
MARSDEN Adam, Oaker 1871
MARSDEN Alice, Cross Green 1872
MARSDEN Andrew, Oaker Side, South Darley 1882
MARSDEN Benjamin, Cross Green 1860
MARSDEN Benjamin Clayton, South Darley 1902
MARSDEN Joseph, Wensley 1867
MARSDEN William, Oaker 1862
MARSDEN William, Wensley 1864
SOUTH DARLEY Administrations (parish since 1845)
DERBYSHIRE Frederick, Wensley,South Darley 1870 Adm
POTTER George, Wensley, South Darley, died 1849. 1869 Adm.
YATES Elizabeth, Wensley, South Darley 1869 Adm<
ADSETTS John, South Normanton 1926
ALLCOCK Charles, South Normanton 1904
ALLCOCK Robert, South Normanton 1869
ALVEY Thomas, South Normanton 1874
ALVEY William, South Normanton 1897
ANTCLIFFE John, South Normanton 1914
ASKEW Sydney, South Normanton 1926
BACON George, South Normanton 1919
BACON James, South Normanton 1903
BACON John, South Normanton 1890
BACON Samuel, South Normanton 1914
BACON Tarlton, South Normanton 1912
BACON William, South Normanton 1865
BASFORTH Thomas, South Normanton 1649
BENT William, South Normanton 1897 
BERESFORD George, South Normanton 1650
BONSER Sarah Jane, South Normanton 1924
BOOTHBY James, South Normanton 1885
BOWER Martha, South Normanton 1885
BUNTINGE Thomas, Sth Normanton 1558
BUNTINGE Thomas, Sth Normanton 1578
BUNTINGE Walter, Sth Normanton 1570/1
DABBE (DOBB?) John, South Normanton 1628
EYRE John, Sth Normanton 1811
EYRE John, Sth Normanton 1848
EYRE Matthew, Sth Normanton 1825
EYRE Richard, Sth Normanton 1618
FOX Thomas, Sth Normanton 1705
GELSTHORPE John, South Normanton 1891
GELSTHORPE John, South Normanton 1896
GENT Edmund, South Normanton 1920
GENT John, South Normanton 1864
GENT Thomas, South Normanton 1868
GENT Thomas, South Normanton 1887
GENT William, South Normanton 1861
GENT William, South Normanton 1911
GILL Sarah of Sth Normanton widow, mentions niece Frances Mary DODSLEY wife of Robert DODSLEY of Skegby 1872 /10
GILL Sarah, South Normanton 1872
GREENSILL Eliza, South Normanton 1916
JACKSON Mary, South Normanton and Wessington 1879
JEPHSON Edward, South Normanton 1859
KIRK Samuel, South Normanton 1903
KYTE William, South Normanton 1906
LOMAS George, South Normanton 1881
LOMAS Mary Ann, South Normanton 1869
LOMAS Ralph, South Normanton 1877
LOMAS Thomas, South Normanton 1880
LONGMATE George, South Normanton 1925
MACHIN Richard, South Normanton 1864
MARRIOTT Ann, South Normanton 1919
MARRIOTT Lucy, South Normanton 1870
MARRIOTT Lydia, South Normanton 1905
MARRIOTT W., South Normanton 1648
MART Ellen, South Normanton 1909
MART William, South Normanton 1893
MARTIN James, South Normanton 1897
MARTIN Jane, South Normanton 1901
PAGE George Gill, South Normanton, Dbys 1924
PEPPER James, South Normanton, Dbys 1883
PURSGLOVE Isaac, South Normanton 1900
REVELL Ann South Normanton, Inventory 1595 V2/143
REVELL Edward, South Normanton 1629 V2/144
RHODES David, South Normanton 1862
RILEY George, South Normanton 1858
ROBINSON Dorothy, South Normanton 1920
ROBINSON Nicholas, South Normanton 1595 V2/149
ROWE John, South Normanton 1866
ROWLEY James, Spring Cottage Stapenhill, farmer, mentions wifes dau in law Francis ELTON widow of William ELTON of Austrey, Warwicks. 1858 /144
SHARDLOW Sarah, South Normanton 1928
SMITH Edward, South Normanton 1628
SMITH Edward, South Normanton 1629
SPENCER Alice, South Normanton 1775
SPENCER Thomas, South Normanton 1752
STOCKS Jacob, South Normanton 1913
STONE William, South Normanton 1874
WRIGHT Joseph, Hill Top, South Normanton 1830 V26/25

SOUTH NORMANTON Administrations
BACON Stephen, South Normanton 1875 Adm
GENT William, South Normanton 1867 Adm
HALLAM George, South Normanton 1869 Adm
MARRIOTT John, South Normanton  Inventory  1781  V6/339
MARRIOTT Samuel, South Normanton 1861 Adm
REVELL Edward, South Normanton 1639 Adm.
RILEY Ann, South Normanton 1859
SHORE Robert, South Normanton 1859 Adm
WILSON Ann, South Normanton 1868 Adm
ALBIN Elizabeth, South Wingfield 1646
BANCKES (BANKS) Edward, South Wingfield 1638
BEASTALL William, Shaw Wood Farm, Oakerthorpe  1898
BUNTING John, South Wingfield 1835
CANTRELL Thomas, South Wingfield 1695/6
CHADWICK Charles, South Wingfield 1771
CUPIT Edward, South Wingfield 1860
CUPIT Elizabeth, South Wingfield 1904
CUPIT William, South Wingfield 1883
HALL Mary Ann Elizabeth, South Wingfield Park and Crich 1865
HALTON Hannah, wife of John HALTON, Wingfield Manor. 1735 V2/5
HALTON Imanuel, South Wingfield, Cleric  1875
HAMBLETON Harry, South Wingfield 1924
HANDLEY Frances, South Wingfield 1888
HANES William, Oakerthorpe, p.South Wingfield  1631  V32/22
HARVEY George, South Wingfield 1875
HARVEY James, South Wingfield 1862
HARVEY Joseph, South Wingfield 1859
HARVEY Kitty, South Wingfield 1895
HARVEY Sarah, Oakthorpe (Oakerthorpe ?) 1875
HASLAM William, Longcroft House, South Wingfield 1862
HAWKSLEY James, South Wingfield 1878
HAWKSLEY James, South Wingfield 1879
HEPWORTH Jospeh, South Wingfield, 1788 V2/88
HILL Elizabeth, South Wingfield 1825
HILL Francis, South Wingfield 1734
HILL Hugo, South Wingfield 1746
HILL James, South Wingfield 1853
HILL John, South Wingfield 1623
HILL Jonathan, South Wingfield 1816
HILL Thomas, South Wingfield 1598
HILL Thomas, South Wingfield 1832
HILL William, South Wingfield 1866
HOLE George, Birkin Lane, South Wingfield 1858
HOPKINSON Thomas, South Wingfield 1914
JACKSON Joseph, South Wingfield 1905
KAY John, South Wingfield Park 1887
LEE John, Church Lane South Wingfield 1875
LESTER Stephen, South Wingfield 1903
LIMB Alice, Moorwood Moor, South Wingfield 1870
LIMB James, South Wingfield 1883
LIMB Job, Mooorwood Moor, South Wingfield  1879
LUDLAM John, Moorwood Moor 1928
LYNAM James Jemmy, South Wingfield Park 1858
LYNAM Mary, Oakerthorpe 1918
LYNAM Samuel, South Wingfield 1918
OLDFIELD John 1761
PEARSON Eliza, South Wingfield, spinster,1839 V34/13
PEARSON Thomas, South Wingfield 1833 V34/12
ROUND Abraham, South Wingfield 1915
SADLER James, Moorwood Moor, South Wingfield 1869
SUTTON Anthony, South Wingfield, baker. 1674 V2/113a
SUTTON Margery, South Wingfield 1631
SUTTON Thomas, South Wingfield 1646
WETTON James, South Wingfield 1877
WETTON Samuel, South Wingfield 1899
WETTON Thomas, South Wingfield 1875
WHEATCROFT George, Dale Bridge (South Wingfield ?) 1896
WHEELDON Myrah, Dale Bridge, South Wingfield 1898
SOUTH WINGFIELD Administration
FAULKNER Benjamin, South Wingfield 1861 Adm
GODBER George, South Wingfield 1858 Adm
POUNDALL Hannah, South Wingfield 1867 Adm
SAYLES William of Morewood Moor, Lic Vict. 1865
SAYLES William, South Wingfield 1865 Adm
SMITH George, South Wingfield 1642 Adm
SUTTON Richard, South Wingfield 1646 Adm
SUTTON Richard, South Wingfield 1647 Inventory
WILLIAMSON Hannah, South Wingfield 1864 Adm

ALDRIDGE Dennis, Spondon 1916
ANTILL Charles, Spondon 1868
ANTILL Thomas Atkinson, Spondon 1919
ASHBY Ann, Spondon 1882
ASHBY Joseph, Spondon 1877
ASHBY Mary, Spondon and Borrowash 1883
ASHBY Thomas, Spondon 1877
ASHBY William, Spondon 1858
ATKINSON Roger, Spondon 1641
AUKLAND Mary, Spondon 1889
BACON Elizabeth, Spondon 1892
BAMFORD Richard, Spondon 1647
BARROW Dorothy, Spondon 1883
BARTON William, Spondon 1892
BARTON William, Spondon 1902
BAYLISS Richard, Spondon 1902
CLARK Edward William, Spondon 1911
CLARKE Annie, Spondon 1920
CLEWES John, Spondon 1867
CLEWES Sarah, Spondon 1890
COOKE Sarah Ann, Spondon 1811
COOKE William, Spondon 1871
COPE Charles, Spondon 1928
COPE William,Spondon 1914
COX George, Spondon 1906
COX Jeanette, Spondon 1903
COX Maria, Spondon Hall 1881
COX Samuel Walker, Spondon 1879
COX William Thomas, Spondon Hall 1877
COXON Charles, Spondon 1917
COXON Francis, Spondon 1919
COXON Martha, Spondon 1887
COXON Peter, Spondon 1880
COXON Peter, Spondon 1888
COXON Peter, Spondon 1913
COXON Thomas, Spondon 1860
COXON Thomas, Spondon 1888
COXON Thomas, Spondon 1921
CROSSIE Jemima, Spondon 1923
FOX Catharine Spondon 1705
FOX Henry Spondon 1538
FOX Henry Spondon 1661
FOX William Spondon 1673
FOXE Ellen Spondon 1648
FOXE John Spondon 1636/7
FOXE Richard Spondon 1613
FOXE Richard Spondon 1625
GASKIN William, Spondon 1900
HOSKISSON Thomas, Spondon 1899
INCHLEY Eleanor, Spondon 1899
JACKSON Henry, Spondon 1868
JAMES John, Spondon 1920
JERRAM William Henry, Spondon 1877
JOYCE William Henry, Spondon 1893
KERRY Hannah, Spondon 1897
KERRY Henry, Spondon 1863
KING Elizabeth, Spondon 1896
KIRKLAND Emma, Spondon 1917
KIRKLAND Joseph, Spondon 1906
KIRKLAND William, Spondon 1860
KIRKLAND William, Spondon 1913
LACY Thomas, Spondon 1642
LAMBERT John, Spondon 1905
LAMBERT William, Spondon 1905
LANCASHIRE Sarah, Spondon 1913
LATHER Elizabeth, Spondon 1907
LEWTY James Stanley, Spondon 1921
LIEWSLEY Amos, Spondon 1917
LILLY Oliver Morgan, Spondon 1915
LILLY Sarah Jane Louisa, Spondon 1906
LITTLE Luke, Spondon 1898
LOCKEY John, Spondon 1628
LOCKOE John als JOHNSON, Spondon 1646
LONGDEN Hannah, Spondon 1885
LOWE William Drury, Locko Park Spondon 1877
MACCONELL John, Spondon 1918
MADDOCKS Joseph, Spondon 1928
MADDOCKS William, Spondon 1869
MADDOCKS William, Spondon 1902
MARTIN Dorothy, Adm. 1616
MARTIN Ralph 1609
MARTIN Robert 1684
NICKLINSON Henry, Spondon and Derby  1867
OSBORNE Eliza Catherine, Spondon 1836
OSBORNE Isaac, Spondon 1739
OSBORNE Isaac, Spondon 1782
OSBORNE James, Spondon 1782
OSBORNE Joseph, Spondon 1778
OSBORNE Joseph, Spondon 1792
OSBORNE Joseph, Spondon 1827
OSBORNE Joseph, Spondon 1834
OSBORNE Joseph, Spondon 1853
OSBORNE Mary, Spondon 1827
OSBORNE Mary, Spondon 1830
OSBORNE Mary, Spondon 1835
OSBORNE William, Spondon 1788
OSBORNE William, Spondon 1836
PEAT Ann, Spondon, Dbys 1866
PEAT John, Spondon, Dbys 1873
PEAT William, Spondon, Dbys 1895
PORT Frances, Spondon, Dbys 1897
PORTER Joseph, Locko Park Farm, Dbys 1864
PORTER Sarah, Spondon, Dbys 1904
POTTER Ann Williamson, Spondon, Dbys 1898
POTTER James, Spondon, Dbys 1901
POTTER John, Spondon, Dbys 1867
POTTER Joseph, Spondon, Dbys 1882
PRATT Abraham, Spondon 1898
PRIESTLAND Edward, Spondon 1915
RAYNER Richard, Spondon 1871
RICHARDSON Ellen, Spondon 1912
RICHARDSON Henry, younger, Spondon 1878
RICHARDSON Mary, Spondon 1875
RICHARDSON Sarah, Spondon 1878
RICHARDSON Thomas, Spondon 1897
ROBERTS Thomas, Spondon 1919
ROWBOTTOM Isaac, Spondon 1894
ROWLSTON William, Spondon 1863
SALE Alice Mary, Spondon 1920
SIMS Alice Mary Anne, Spondon 1926
SIMS Alice, Spondon 1915
SIMS Job, Spondon 1883
SMEDLEY William, Spondon 1650
STEVENS Henry, Spondon 1904
STEVENS Robert, Spondon 1906
STEVENS Sarah, Spondon 1919
STEVENS William, Spondon 1904
STEVENSON George, Spondon 1912
STEVENSON Mary, Spondon 1922
STONE Matthew, Spondon 1898
SWINDELL Ann, Spondon 1763  V29/60
TAYLER (TAYLOR ) John, Spondon 1647
TOMLYNSON (TOMLINSON) Katherine, Spondon 1641
WILCOCKSON Thomas, Spondon 1647
WILCOXE (WILCOX) Elizabeth, Spondon 1649

SPONDON Administration
ABBOTT John, Spondon 1873 Adm
BENNETT John, Spondon 1873 Adm
BIDEN Anna, Spondon 1862 Adm
COPE Mary, Spondon 1873 Adm
HOLBROOK John, Spondon 1860
mentions John HOLBROOK of Gloucester, Glos.
HOLBROOK John, Spondon 1860 Adm
SMITH Thomas, Spondon 1647 Adm
TWIGG Joseph, Spondon 1869 Adm
TWIGG Joseph, Spondon 1874 Adm
WHITTINGHAM Richard, Spondon 1647 Adm
WINTERTON Edward, Spondon 1874 Adm
DENHAM Mary, Staffs. Stafford 1927
GREEN Ann, Stafford, Staffs  1703/4
GREEN Ann, Stafford, Staffs 1743
GREEN Elizabeth, Stafford, Staffs 1770
GREEN John, Stafford, Staffs 1741
GREEN Margaret, Stafford, Staffs 1708
JACKSON George, Stafford 1830
JAMES John Robinson, Staffs. Stafford 1906
LEE Francis, Stafford 1800
LEE John, Stafford 1779
MARTEN (MARTIN) Elizabeth, Stafford 1740
MARTIN Abraham, Stafford 1735
MARTIN Abraham, Stafford 1749
MARTIN Ann, Stafford 1702
MARTIN Elizabeth, Stafford 1612
MARTIN Richard, Stafford 1605
MARTIN Richard, Stafford 1822
MARTYN (MARTIN) William, Stafford 1680
MILWARD Robert of Stafford 1671 OK231 Copy Will of
ORME Thomas, Staffs. Stafford 1897
ROBINSON John, Stafford, Staffs 1906
ROBINSON Mary, Stafford, Staffs 1897
SPENCER Sarah, Stafford 1754

STAFFORD Administration
MARTEN (MARTIN ) Elizabeth, Stafford 1696 Adm
SPENCER Abraham, Stafford 1752 Adm
ALTON Sarah Louisa, Staffs. Lichfield 1905
BAKER Joseph, Staffs. Walsall 1916
BEARDSLEY Samuel, Tamworth,Staffs 1760 V4/73
BELFIELD Thomas George, Staffs. Branston 1922
BENTON Mary, Staffs, Bloxwich and Matlock 1908
BODEN Rosa Emily, Staffs. Fisherwick nr Lichfield 1926
BOTHAM Thomas, Staffs. Needwood 1907
BROWN Mary, Staffs. Collingwood and Hilton 1885
BULLOCK Mary, Cheadle, Staffs. and Derby  187
CATER Charles, Staffs Walsall late of Stapenhill 1891
DERBYSHIRE George, Staffs. Stoke on Trent 1890
DODSWORTH Thomas, Walton, Staffs. 1684 V98/22
DODSWORTH Thomas, Wolton, Staffs 1685 V98/23
EAST Charles, Staffs. Stoke on Trent and Buxton, Dbys 1880
EATON Arthur James Winfield, Staffs. Broctor Camp 1919
ELCOCK Mary, Staffs. Dudley 1916
FEAR David John, Staffs. Brockton Camp 1917
FERNYHOUGH John, Staffs. Draycott in the Clay 1872
FIELD Henry, Staffs. Longnor 1871
FINNEY Jane, Staffs. Mayfield and Ashbourne Dbys 1879
GEE Harvey, Staffs. Hanley 1863
GILLARD Mary, Staffs. Lichfield 1868
GREATOREX SUSEY, Staffs. Anslow 1928
GRESLEY Charles, Dunstal, Staffs 1724 V4/1724
HARRISON Herbert, Staffs. Newborough 1901
HASKEW James, Staffs. Hopwas and Derby 1884
HEYWODE William, Stanelowe, Staffs 1529/30 V4/49
HILL Eliza Fox, Staffs. Newcastle 1917
HILL Joseph, Staffs, Ashley 1900
HOPE Richard Mellor, Staffs. Newborough Parsonage 1871
HOPKINS Ann, Staffs. Dunstall and Repton, Dbys 1886
HUMPHREY Charlotte, Staffs. Fulwood 1907
JACKSON Julia, Staffs. Hanley and Tibshelf Dbys 1890
JACKSON Thomas, Staffs. Swinscoe, Blore 1863
JOHNSON Henry, Staffs. Handsworth and Wirksworth Dbys 1886
JONES Jeremiah, Staffs. Stafford and Ilkeston Dbys. 1888
KAY Fanny, Staffordshire 1912
LEES Thomas, Staffs. Swinscoe and Mickleover Dbys 1885
LINDLEY James, Staffs. Tipton and Derby 1865
LOCKER William, Staffs. Cheadle 1894
LUCAS William, Staffs. Stafford 1896
MEADEN Annie, Smallthorne, Staffs and Chesterfield Dbys 1919
MELLOR Robert, Staffs. Leek and Priestcliffe, Dbys 1882
MELLOR Thomas, Staffs. Wetton and Hartington 1910
MELLOR Thomas, Staffs. Wetton and Hartington, Dbys 1910
MOORE William, Edingale, Staffs 189
MYCO Rayner, Lichfield Staffs  1925
NEVILL Hugh, Staffs. Stafford and Stanton 1889
PRINCE Uriah, Staffs. Rocester, Cornbridge 1864
REDFERN Ann, Staffs Colwich and Boylestone, Dbys. 1882
RICHARDS Harriet, Staffs, Barton under Needwood 1922
RICHARDSON Ellen, Staffs, Cauldon, Broomyshaw 1927
ROWELL Henry, Staffs. Rolleston 1911
SALT Sampson, Staffs. Upper Ilkstone and Griffe Grange Dbys 1877
SHAW Joseph, Staffs. Rocester, Banks Farm 1866
SHIRES George, Staffs. Newcastle under Lyme, Keele 1868
SMITH Ann, Staffs. Harlaston 1874
SMITH George, Staffs. Stafford and Derby 1893
SMITH Thomas, Staffs. Hanbury, Thorney Hill 1872
SMITH Thomas, Staffs. Mayfield, Butterton 1863
SMITH Thomas, Waterfall,Staffs. 1708  (Copy made 1770) V20/30
SPENCER Francis Staffs. Colton 1833
SPENCER Francis, Staffs. Colton 1819
SPENCER Francis, Staffs. Colton 1826
SPENCER Francis, Staffs. Stow 1804
SPENCER Francis, Staffs. Stowe, Little Haywood 1758
SPENCER Hannah, Staffs. Bilston 1831
SPENCER James, Staffs. Burslem 1854
SPENCER John, Staffs. Drayton Bassett 1790
SPENCER John, Staffs. Stoke on Trent, Lane End 1829
SPENCER John, Staffs. Tamworth 1806
SPENCER John, Staffs. West Bromwich 1857
SPENCER Mary, Staffs. Kingswinford 1743
SPENCER Samuel,Staffs. Bilston 1846
SPENCER Thomas, Staffs. Drayton Bassett 1779
SPENCER Thomas, Staffs. Hopwas 1835
SPENCER Tomas, Staffs. Burslem 1820
SPENCER William, Staffs. Cheadle 1778
SPENCER William, Staffs. Cheadle 1778
SPENCER William, Staffs. Colton 1802
TIMBS Richard, Wolverhampton Staffs 1913
TOMLINSON Jacob, Lichfield Staffs 1872
TOMLINSON John, Mayfield Staffs and Sturston Dbys 1875
TUNNICLIFFE MARY, Staffs. Abbots Bromley 1898
TYTHER William, Staffs. Handsworth 1899
WALKER Arthur Fredrick, Handsworth, Staffordshire 1926
WALKER Ellen, Staffs. Rocester and Eaton, Doveridge,1881
WARD Anne, Staffs. Stafford and Turnditch, Dbys 1891
WHITWELL Edward, Staffs. Wolverhampton and Derby 1880
WILLIAMS Joseph, Staffs. Wednesbury 1873
WILSON Thomas, Staffs. Sandon 1863
WOOD John, Staffs. Lichfield late of Stapenhill, Dbys. 1876
WOODHOUSE William, Smethwick and Dudley Staffs 1912
WOOLFRASTON Humphrey, Statfold, Staffs 1591 V4/50
WOORE Luke, Newcastle under Lyne Staffs 1873
WRIGHT John, Tamworth Staffs and Eyam Hall Dbys 1881
ALLCROFT John, Stanley 1859
ALLPORT Matilda, Stanley, Stanley Common 1896
BARTON Arthur, Stanley 1860
GIBSON Alfred Augustus, Clerk, Stanley  1867
HIBBERD William, Stanley 1642
KAY William, Stanley 1911
LITTLEWOOD Godfrey, Stanley 1639
LOMAS Thomas, Stanley 1914
LONGDEN Ann, Stanley Common 1912
LONGDEN Jonathan, Stanley Common 1900
MALYN (MALIN) John, Stanley 1640
POXON Mary, Stanley 1882
WRIGHT Mary, Stanley 1629
STANLEY Administration
BARTON William, Stanley 1873 Adm
CANNER John, Stanley  mentions John CANNER Stanley 1859
CORBETT Jane, Stanley 1872 Adm
GRUNDY Mary, Stanley  mentions Henry GRUNDY Nottingham, Notts, James GRUNDY Walton on the Wolds, Leics. 1859
STANTON This place could be any of the Stantons in Derbyshire, Stanton in the Peak, Stanton Lees, Stanton by Dale, Stanton nr Newhall or Stanton by Bridge. Or any Stanton in Staffs. See other Stantons by their full title.

BEARDSLEY Mary, Stanton 1638
CAULTON Richard, Stanton 1640
DEACON Margaret, Stanton 1645
DUDLEY Exuperius, Stanton 1640
HARPAR Thomas, Stanton 1629
KIRBY William, Stanton 1647
MORRICE (MORRIS) John, Stanton 1628
OSBORNE Richard, Stanton 1650
PYM Henry, Stanton 1628
SHEPPARD Richard, Stanton 1640

STANTON Administration
BOSTOCKE Ralph, Stanton 1640 Adm
COOKE Francis, Stanton 1647 Adm
HAMPTON Francis, Stanton 1641 Adm
KILVERT William, Stanton 1629 Adm
LAWRENCE William, Stanton 1641 Adm
MASSIE (MASSEY) John, Stanton 1641 Adm
WOLFRESTON Humphrey, Stanton 1648 Adm
ASHER Joseph, Stanton by Bridge 1876
MEE Francis, Stanton by Bridge 1641
POYSER John, Stanton by Bridge 1883
RATCLIFF Edward, Stanton by Bridge 1880
ROBERTS John, Stanton by Bridge 1926
ROBERTS William, Stanton by Bridge 1892
ROULSTON Joseph, Stanton by Bridge 1894
SIMMS John, Stanton by Bridge, Dbys 1888
STANTON BY BRIDGE Administration
FIELDING William, Stanton by Bridge 1859 Adm
MILLS SARAH, mentions Elizabeth ASHER. 1865
SIMS Alice, Stanton by Bridge 1861 Adm
ABBOTT Jane, Stanton by Dale 1859
BAGGALEY Robert, Stanton by Dale 1640
BARTON Thomas, Stanton by Dale 1867
BATTY James, Stanton by Dale 1895
BLUNSTON John, Stanton by Dale 1867
BROWNELL Joan, Stanton by Dale 1647
CHADWICK Hannah, Stanton by Dale 1837
CHADWICK Thomas of Stanton by Dale, farmer mentions Frederick PIGGIN Stapleford, Notts butcher and farmer, Elizaabeth wife of Joseph HARRISON of Stramshall, Staffs, Mary WALKER of Stramshall, Staffs. Emily WALKER of Stramshall, Staffs. William WALKER of Stramshall, Staffs. cattle dealer, Richard WALKER Stramshall, Staffs. farmer, Eliza Ellen HOLLINGWORTH Uttoxeter, Staffs. John BENNETT Stramshall, Staffs. publican and blacksmith. 1862 /16
FOXE Peter, Stanton by Dale 1603
GRUNDEY Maurice, Stanton by Dale 1650
HOWARD John Garton, Stanton by Dale, Dbys 1862
LAKIN Robert, Stanton by Dale  1859
PEGGE John Blake, Stanton by Dale, Dbys 1912
PHEASANT John, Stanton by Dale, Dbys 1890
RILEY Dorothy, Stanton by Dale and Ilkeston 1874
RILEY Elizabeth, Stanton by Dale 1912
RILEY Thomas, Nutbrook Junction 1885
SLATER Reginald, Stanton by Dale 1648
STANTON BY DALE Administration
EVERSFIELD Sarah, Stanton by Dale 1859 Adm
HALL Felicia, Stanton by Dale 1867 Adm
HALL Joseph, Stanton by Dale 1867 Adm
THURMAN Mary Ann, Stanton by Dale 1873 Adm
STANTON IN THE PEAK Wills (Separate parish in 1876, see also Youlgreave.)
GILBERT Theophilus, Stanton 1883
GLADWIN Charles, Stanton 1887
GLADWIN James, Stanton in the Peak 1924
GLADWIN John, Stanton Moor Side 1878
GLADWIN Mary, Stanton in Peak 1922
GLADWIN Robert, Stanton Hill Side 1908
GLADWIN William, Stanton in the Peak 1900
GREGORY Jacob, Stanton Hillside 1877
GREGORY John, Birchover 1885
GREGORY Joseph, Stanton Hillside 1878
GREGORY Priscilla, Birchover 1894
GREGORY Samuel White, Birchover 1894
LOXLEY John Swyer, Stanton Hilside 1894
MARSDEN Alice, Stanton Hillside 1895
MARSDEN Ann, Stanton Hillside 1879
MARSDEN Elizabeth, Warren Carr 1909
MARSDEN Jacob, Stanton Hillside 1878
MARSDEN John Henry, Stanton 1913
MARSDEN John, Birchover 1921
MARSDEN John, Pilhough 1879
MARSDEN Joseph aka POTTER , Warren Carr 1911
MARSDEN Robert, Stanton 1885
PRESTON Thomas, Stanton Lees 1890
PRINCE James, Stanton 1865
PRINCE James, Stanton 1891
PRINCE John, Stanton 1871
PRINCE John, Stanton in the Peak 1903
PRINCE Mary Ann, Stanton in the Peak 1918
PRINCE Peter, Stanton in the Peak 1904
RAINS Charlotte, Birchover 1876
ROBINSON Ann Swemam, Birchover 1892
ROBINSON Mary Swetenham, Stanton 1895
ROBINSON Mary, Birchover 1883
ROBINSON Mary, Birchover 1884
ROBINSON Mary, Stanton Hill Side 1878
ROBINSON Susannah, Birchover 1892
SIDDALL Charles, Stanton 1901
SIDDALL Edward, Stanton in the Peak 1915
STEVENSON John, Stanton Lees 1925

ABBERLEY William, Stapenhill 1911
ADAMS George, Stapenhill 1897
ALLDRID John, Stapenhill 1868
ALLEN James, Stapenhill 1903
ASBURY James, Stapenhill 1878
ASBURY John, Stapenhill 1921
ASBURY Joseph, Stapenhill 1897
ASHMORE Edward, Stapenhill 1628
BARSON William Widdowson, Stapenhill 1907
BASS Anne, Stapenhill 1859
BATEMAN Charles, Stapenhill 1915
BATES Joseph, Stapenhill 1918
BEARD Thomas, Cauldwell 1892
BECKWITH Annie Amelia, Stapenhill 1907
BECKWITH John, Stapenhill and Leicester, Leics. 1892
BISHOP Humphrey, Stapenhill 1647
BISHOP Humphrey, Stapenhill 1647
BULL John, Stapenhill 1763
COLLINGWOOD Richard, Calwell, Stapenhill 1645
DODSWORTH Bertha Anne, Stapenhill 1909
DODSWORTH Joseph, Stapenhill 1875
EYRE Joan, Stapenhill 1671
EYRE Thurstan, Stapenhill 1647
FOX Frances widow of Timothy FOX of Caldwell, Stapenhill, made 1706, proved 1711V21/17
FOX Timothy, Stapenhill, Caldwell 1710 V21/16
GAINES Ann, Stapenhill 1896
GARTON Zadok, Stapenhill 1910
GILBERT William, Stapenhill 1912
GLOSSOP Joseph, Stapenhill 1884
GLOVER Mary Jane, Stapenhill 1910
GOACHER Alfred, Stapenhill 1910
GREEN Samuel, Stapenhill, Dbys 1806
GREGORY William, Stapenhill 1647
HARLOW Elizabeth, Stapenhill 1915
HARRIS Jane, Stapenhill 1904
HEANES Francis, Stapenhill 1629
JACKSON Francis, Stapenhill 1649
JACQUES James, Stapenhill 1919
JAMES Lydia, Stapenhill 1891
JOHNSON George Robert, Stapenhill 1899
JOHNSON George Thyoth, Stapenhill 1924
JONES Joseph, Stapenhill 1882
KEELING Elizabeth, Stapenhill and Chesterfield 1886
KITE James Henry, Stapenhill 1918
KNIBBS Thomas, Stapenhill 1908
KNIGHT Gawen, Newhall, Stapenhill ? 1649
LAKIN Frederick John, Stapenhill 1863
LAKIN Henry, Stapenhill 1906
LAKIN John, Stapenhill 1870
LAKIN William, Stapenhill 1909
LAMBRICK Samuel Sadler Sydney, Stapenhill 1902
LAMBRICK Sarah, Stapenhill 1894
LATHBURY Clara Jane, Stapenhill 1893
LATHBURY Mary widow of Stapenhill mentions Helen CORNE of the Hough, Castle Church, Staffs Will made 1844 Proved 1858 /276
LATHBURY Mary, Stapenhill 1858
LEA Thomas 1811
LEA Thomas, Stapenhill 1811
LEE Annie Juliette, Stapenhill 1903
LEE John William, Stapenhill 1913
LENCH Mary, Stapenhill 1908
LESTER Thomas, Stapenhill 1883
LIMER Annie, Stapenhill 1911
LITTLEFORD Susanna, Stapenhill 1867
LOVATT William, Stapenhill 1904
LOWE Fanny, Stapenhill 1890
MADELEY Edward, Stapenhill 1894
MARSH William, Caldwell 1919
McDERMOTT Louisa, Stapenhill 1905
MYATT Ann, Stapenhill 1879
MYATT Thomas, Stapenhill 1863
MYOTT George, Stapenhill 1924
MYOTT John, Leicester and Stapenhill 1892
NADIN Adelina Emilia Duclos, Stapenhill 1892
NADIN Nathaniel Guy, Stapenhill 1880
PEARSON Margaret, Stapenhill, Dbys 1879
PERCIVAL Martha, Stapenhill, Dbys 1891
PIDDOCK Morris, Stanton Manor House, Stapenhill, Dbys 1880
PINFOLD George, Stapenhill, Dbys 1895
PRATT Mary Ann, Cauldwell, Stapenhill  1875
PRICE Jesse, Stanton, Stapenhill 1881
PRINCE Uriah, Stapenhill 1912
PROUDMAN Mary, Stapenhill 1928
PRYCE Sarah, Stapenhill 1928
PULFORD Horace, Stapenhill 1913
RACH William, Cauldwell, Stapenhill 1867
RADFORD Ann, Stapenhill 1895
REDFERN Frances, Stapenhill 1924
REDFERN John, Stapenhill 1884
REDFERN John, Stapenhill 1918
REDFERN Thomas, Stapenhill 1905
REEVE Arthur Jackson, Stapenhill 1926
REEVE Catherine, Stapenhill 1909
REEVE Ursula, Stapenhill 1907
RICE James, Stapenhill 1899
RICHARDSON Mary, Stapenhill and Burton on Trent Staffs 1887
ROWLEY Henry, Stapenhill 1920
ROWLEY James, Spring Cottage, Stapenhill 1858c
RUTLAND John, Stapenhill 1902
SAVILLE Laura Maria, Stapenhill 1924
SCATTERGOOD John, Stapenhill 1886
SCATTERGOOD Robert, Stapenhill 1873
SCATTERGOOD Samuel, Stapenhill 1895
SEALE Richard, Stapenhill 1611
SEVERN Mary, Stapenhill 1903
SEYNUOR, (SENIOR, SEYMOUR?) Thomas, Stapenhill 1641
SHARP John, Stapenhill 1895
SHREEVE Frederick William, Stapenhill 1926
SIDDON William of Newhall ?  1784  V8/15
SIMNETT Samuel, Stapenhill 1878
SINKINS Eli, Stapenhill 1902
SINNETT John, Stapenhill 1864
SKELLETT William, Stapenhill 1892
STREET Edward, Stapenhill 1887
THORNEWILL Thomas 1871 of Newhall p.Stapenhill mentions "dau Harriett wife of Alfred HAYS of Castlemaine, Australia".
WALTERS George, Stapenhill Dbys 1871
WARD Hannah Brunt, Stapenhill Dbys 1926
WARD Joseph, Stapenhill Dbys 1904
WARREN Elizabeth, Stapenhill Dbys 1882
WARREN Hannah, Stapenhill Dbys 1875
WARREN John, Stapenhill Dbys 1873
WARREN Joseph, Stapenhill Dbys 1880
WARREN William, Stapenhill 1876
WARRINGTON Thomas, Stapenhill Dbys 1920
WATSON William, Stapenhill Dbys 1882
WEBSTER George, Stapenhill Dbys 1878
WHITTINGHAM Thomas, Stanton Dbys 1869
WHYATT Luke, Stanton Colliery House, Dbys 1926
STAPENHILL Administration
CHALLENGWOOD (COLLINGWOOD?) William, Caldwell, Stapenhill 1647 Adm
COOKE Robert, als BARNES, Stapenhill 1645 Adm
COX Elizabeth mentions William COX, Lichfield, Staffs. 1865.
COX Elizabeth, Stapenhill 1865 Adm
DALTON Francis, Stapenhill 1867 Adm
HENNEYS Francis, Stapenhill 1629 Adm
HOLLAND Alice, Stapenhill, Caldwell 1649 Adm
LAKIN Elizabeth, Stapenhill 1863 Adm
MANT Newton, Stapenhill 1869 Adm
PRATT Edward, Stapenhill, Cauldwell 1875 Adm
SEALE John 1609 Adm.
STANLEY Mary, Stapenhill 1872 Adm
SWANE (SWAN, SWAIN?) Richard, Stapenhill 1639 Adm
TAYLOR Harriett, Stapenhill 1868 Adm
WAKELIN Richard, Stapenhill 1628 Adm
WARREN John, Stapenhill 1866 Adm
WOODCOCK Henry, Stapenhill 1874 Adm
WRIGHT Anne, widow, Stapenhill 1704 Inventory. V98/23
AWCROFT Robert, Staveley 1649
BABBS William, Staveley 1905
BACON John, Marsden Moor 1915
BACON Thomas, Staveley
BAKER Edward,Woodthorpe 1910
BAMFORD William, Mastin Moor 1924
BARGH Mary, West Handley 1914
BARGH Robert Henry,Staveley 1911
BARGH Robert, West Handley 1909
BARGHE Richard, Staveley 1640
BATES Aaron, Staveley 1891
BATES George, Middle Handley 1858
BATES George, Middle Handley, mentions Mark BATES of Ohio, America, Arthur BATES Sheffield, Sarah BATES Sheffield Yks Joseph BATES of Sheffield, Yks. Will made 1855 Proved 1858 /257
BATES John, Staveley 1903
BATES  Clara Agnes, Staveley 1915
BILBIE Peter, Staveley 1649
BOWDEN Elizabeth, widow of James BOWDEN ,Staveley 1826  V64/16
BRAMMALL Roland, Staveley 1647
BROWNE Peter, Staveley 1638
CADMAN Peter, Inkersall, Staveley 1646
COOPER Thomas, Staveley 1649
CRESWICKE Nicholas, Staveley 1649
Eliza OLIVENT Staveley Woodthorpe wiodw, mentions John CHARLESWORTH Stockport Ches. Executor. 1858/56
GARDINER John, Staveley 1885
GASCOIGNE George, Staveley 1650
GLOSSOP Elizabeth, Staveley Woodthorpe 1882
GLOSSOP John, Staveley 1860
GODBER George, Staveley 1899
GOODHEAD Henry, Staveley 1885
HALL James of Staveley, grocer, mentions brother Samuel HALL of Bury, Lancs?, wifes niece Elizabeth DARCH wife of William DARCH of Liverpool, Lancs., John APPLEFORD, Alfred APPLEFORD, Martha APPLEFORD children of my late sister Elizabeth wife of David APPLEFORD of Hammersmith, Middx. 1872 /120
HOLT Ann, Staveley 1887
HOLT John William, Staveley 1886
HOLT John, Staveley 1869
HOOLE Edward, Staveley 1894
HORNE Joseph, Staveley 1884
HUTCHINSON Elizabeth, Staveley 1646
INNOCENT Richard, Staveley 1640
JOHNSON Joseph, Hollingwood Common 1869
JONES John, Norbriggs 1927
KEETON William, Staveley 1885
KELLER Thomas, Staveley 1899
KELLIER William, Handley Staveley 1869
KILL Henry John, Staveley 1890
KILL Henry John, Staveley 1906
KITCHIN John, Staveley 1884
KITCHIN Thomas, Staveley 1885
KNIGHT Elisha Jabez, Staveley 1863
KNIGHTON Benjamin, Staveley and Matlock 1916
KNIGHTON George Harry, Staveley 1902
KNIGHTON William, Staveley 1888
KNOTT William, Staveley 1925
KNOWLES John, Staveley 1906
LANGLEY William, Staveley 1906
LEE John, Staveley Woodthorpe 1897
LIEVESLEY William Wilson, Staveley 1907
LILLYMAN Charles, Staveley 1898
LITTLEWOOD Peter, Staveley 1642
LITTLEWOOD Thomas, West Handley.  1718/19  V41/59
LONGMATE James, Staveley 1893
LUDLAM Mary, Staveley Woodthorpe 1876
LUNN Richard, Staveley 1879
MACFARLANE James Duncan, Staveley 1886
MADEN (MADIN) John, Staveley 1640
MADIN Joseph, Walton, Staveley 1869
MADIN Oliver, Staveley 1874
MARPLES Frederick, Staveley 1892
MARPLES Thomas, Staveley 1882
MARRIOTT Ann, Staveley 1860
MARRIOTT Ann, Staveley 1882
MARRIOTT George Waterhouse, Staveley 1878
MARRIOTT Matthew, Staveley 1873
MARRIOTT William, Staveley 1875
MARSHALL Edward, Staveley 1640
MARSHALL Oliver, Staveley 1646
MARTEN Richard, Staveley 1545
MASON Alice, Staveley 1649
MILNER Benjamin, Staveley 1890
MILNER Charlotte ,Staveley 1903
MINORS Arabella, Field House, Staveley 1875
OLIVENT Eliza, Staveley Woodhouse 1858
OSBORNE Godfrey, Staveley 1755
OSBORNE Mary, Staveley 1749
OSBORNE Mary, Staveley 1759
OSBURNE James, Staveley 1608
OWEN Ellen, The Hague, Staveley 1865
PEARSON William, Staveley, Dbys 1884
PRESTON Daniel, Barrow Hill, Staveley 1896
PURSER William, Staveley 1892
RATCLIFFE Thomas, Staveley 1872
REDFERN Mary, Staveley 1885
REDFERN Peter, Staveley 1894
RENSHAW Joseph, Woodthorpe, Staveley 1863
RENSHAW Samuel, Bank House, Staveley 1858
RHODEN Catherine, Staveley 1890
RICHARDSON George, Netherthorpe, Staveley 1919
RICHARDSON Thomas, Staveley 1913
RIDGWAY James, West Handley 1882
RILEY Fanny, Staveley 1920
RIMINGTON Francis, Staveley 1924
ROBINSON Cecil, Staveley 1900
ROBINSON Sarah, Staveley 1899
ROBINSON Thomas, Staveley Works and Clay Cross 1870
RODGER Benjamin, Middle Handley 1865
RODGERS Benjamin, Staveley 1875
RODGERS Elizabeth, Staveley 1921
RODGERS Frances, Staveley Netherthorpe 1861
RODGERS John, Staveley Netherthorpe 1879
RODGERS Robert, Staveley 1879
RODGERS Sarah, Staveley 1891
ROGER Henry, Staveley 1628
ROGERS Thomas, Staveley 1887
SALES William, Staveley 1881
SIDDALL George, Staveley 1911
SMITH Elizabeth, Staveley 1628
SMITH Joan, Staveley 1628
SPRENTALL Samuel,Staveley made 1748 V20/33
STEEVENSON John Snr, Staveley 1640
STONE John, Staveley 1908
STONES Durham, Staveley 1922
STONES Samuel, Staveley 1908
SWIFT Ann, Staveley 1920
SWIFT Robert, Netherthorpe, Staveley 1860
SWIFT Sarah, Handley 1863
SWIFT Sarah, Staveley 1873
SWIFT William, Staveley 1874
SWYFTE (SWIFT) Elizabeth, Staveley 1629
SYDDALL Samuel, Handley Common, Staveley, Dbys 1870
TURNER Henry, Staveley 1639
WHITTACRE (WHITTAKER) Robert, Staveley 1646
WILSON Anchor, Staveley 1629
WOODHEAD Edmund, Staveley 1629

STAVELEY Administration
CADMAN Peter, Staveley 1647 Adm
CROSSLEY Benjamin, Staveley 1870 Adm
DEANE Thomas, Staveley 1646 Adm
DUDLEY Thomas, Staveley 1860 Adm
DYSON Septimus, Staveley 1862 Adm
FRANCE Sarah, Staveley 1867 Adm
HENDERSON Alexander Ferguson, Staveley 1862 Adm
HOBSON George, Staveley 1874 Adm
JEBSON John, Staveley 1874 Adm
LEE Mary, Staveley 1875 Adm
MACFARLANE Rev Edward Mactier, Staveley 1875 Adm
MARPLES Ann, Staveley 1865 Adm
MARPLES John, Staveley 1874 Adm
MARSDEN William Masland, Staveley 1874 Adm
MARSHALL William, Staveley 1648 Adm
MIDDLETON George, Staveley 1871 Adm
MULLINS Alexander, Staveley 1859 Adm
NEWHAM Roger, Staveley, Vicar 1648 Adm
RENSHAW Elizabeth, Staveley 1865 Adm
RODGERS Elizabeth, Staveley 1873 Adm
STANSELL Peter, Staveley 1647 Adm
SWIFT Richard, Staveley 1863 Adm
WARD Francis, Staveley 1647 Adm
WILKSON Elizabeth 1858 Adm
AMERY Thomas, Stone 1640
AUSTEN James, Stone 1640
BARNES Thomas, Stone 1639
BEARDSLEY Mary, Stone 1639
BOTT Anthony, Stone 1636
BOULD Richard, Stone 1636
CHAPMAN John, Stone 1629
CLARKE Richard, Stone 1629
EMERIE (EMERY) Anne, Stone 1648
EMERY Margery, Stone 1629
GRATWICH Thomas, Stone 1642
GREEN George, Stone, Staffs 1799
GREEN George, Stone, Staffs 1802
GREEN George, Stone, Staffs 1826
GREEN Margery, Stone, Staffs 1717
GREEN Richard, Stone, Staffs 1831
GREEN Thomas, Stone, Staffs  1705/6
GREENE George, Stone, Staffs 1749
HAWKINS Francis, Stone 1640
HAWKINS William, Stone 1628
HEAWARD Robert, Stone 1640
HODSON Francis,Stone 1648
JACKSON Edward, Staffs. Stone 1850
JACKSON John, Staffs. Stone 1838
JACKSON John, Staffs. Stone 1856
JACKSON Robert, Staffs. 1835
JACKSON Silas, Staffs. Stone 1853
JACKSON Thomas, Staffs. Stone 1809
JACKSON Thomas, Staffs. Stone 1821
JACKSON Thomas, Staffs. Stone 1833
JONES Jeremiah, Stafford Staffs and Ilkeston 1888
KIRKE (KIRK) Henry, Stone 1642
MARTIN Abraham, Staffs. Stone 1821
MARTIN Catherine, Staffs, Stone 1768
MARTIN Ellen, Staffs. Stone 1749
MARTIN Ralph, Staffs. Stone 1615
MARTIN Ralph, Staffs. Stone 1615
MARTIN Ralph, Staffs. Stone 1702
MARTIN Ruth, Staffs. Stone 1724
MARTIN Thomas, Staffs. Stone 1717
MARTIN Walter, Staffs. Stone 1765
MARTYN (MARTIN) Walter, Staffs. Stone 1672
MAXFIELD John, Stone 1641
PEPPETT William, Stone 1648
PLANNTE (PLANT) William, Stone 1628
READE (READ) Wiliam, Stone 1648
SALE John, Stone 1648
SMITH Ralph,Stone 1640
SNAPE William, Stone 1628
SPENCER John, Staffs. Stone 1817
SPENCER Mary, Staffs. Stone 1805
UNDERWOOD Thomas, Stone 1648
WATKINS John, Stone 1642
WILDBLOOD Richard, Stone 1640
WOLLASTON Samuel, Stone 1628

STONE Administrations
BEARDSLEY Thomas, Stone 1636 Adm
CANTRELL William, Stone, 1640 Adm
COCKNIDGE John, Stone 1647 Adm
COLLIER Stafford, Stone 1629 Inventory
DITCHFIELD Thomas, Stone 1640 Adm
DONCASTER Anne, Stone 1628 Adm
FRAUNCIS James, Stone 1644 Adm
GRATWICH Joan, Stone 1644 Adm
HAWKINS Thomas, Stone 1644 Adm
HURDMAN Richard, Stone 1640 Adm
HURDMAN Richard, Stone 1642 Adm
SAVISSE Robert, Stone 1640 Adm

ASHTON Robert, Stoney Middleton Esq. 1683 CO/2
ECHES (ETCHES?) George, Stoney Middleton 1649
GARRATT Christopher, Stoney Middleton 1642
GODDARD Ellen, Stoney Middleton 1862
GODDARD James, Stoney Middleton 1859
GODDARD Thomas, Stoney Middleton 1904
HOWSON Thomas, Stoney Middleton 1628
LANCAKE John, Stoney Middleton 1865
MARPLES Isaac, Stoney Middleton 1862
MARSHALL Henry, Stoney Middleton 1860
MASON Clara, Stoney Middleton 1908
MASON Samuel, Stoney Middleton 1864
NUGENT John, Craigsted House, Stoney Middleton 1908
REDFIRTH Elizabeth, Stoney Middleton 1860
RIDDLESDEN Mary, Stoney Middleton 1919
ROBINSON Joseph, Stoney Middleton 1894
STONE Thomas, Stoney Middleton  1883
SWINDELL Charles, Stoney Middleton 1860
WHITE Francis, Stoney Middleton 1649

STONEY MIDDLETON Administrations
BAGSHAW Robert, Stoney Middleton 1641
EIDSON Thomas, Stoney Middleton 1862 Adm
FROGGATT James, Stoney Middleton 1864 Adm
HINCH Thomas, Stoney Middleton, mentions Philip HINCH, Fairfield. 1871 Adm
WARDLE John, Stoney Middleton 1641 Inventory
STRETTON This Streeton could be Stretton en le Field, Streeton nr North Wingfield or Stretton nr Stapenhill.

STRETTON Administrations

SWAN William, Stretton 1647 Adm
STRETTON EN LE FIELDS Parish included part of Oakthorpe Transferred to Leicestershire 1897
ATKINS Katherine, Stretton en le Fields 1629
FRYER Benamin, Leics. Stretton en le Fields 1870
GOODALL Thomas, Leics. Stretton en le Fields 1868
MOXON James,Leics. Stretton en le Fields 1875
PRATT James. Leics. Stretton en le Fields, Oakthorpe 1864
SMITH George, Stretton en le Field 1860 Adm
ALLEN Enoch, Sudbury, Aston 1879
ALLEN Joseph, Sudbury, Aston 1879
ALLEN Thomas, Sudbury 1890
ALLEN Thomas, Sudbury, Somersall 1869
ALSOPP John, Sudbury 1646
BANCKES (BANKS) Elizabeth, Sudbury 1648
BANISTER (BANNISTER) Thomas, Sudbury 1639
BANKES (BANKS) Thomas, Mackley, Sudbury 1641
BUCKLEY John, Sudbury 1647
GARRATT John 1860 of Leathersley p.Sudbury, Derbyshire, mentions "dau Elizabeth BROOKE wife of James of Melbourne in the Province or Colony of Victoria in Australia".
HARESTAFFE John, Sudbury 1646
LATHBURY Maria, Mackley Sudbury 1862
LAWLEY Alice, Sudbury 1916
LAWLEY Arthur Henry, Sudbury 1915
LAWLEY Hugo, Sudbury 1890
LAWLEY Mary, Sudbury 1889
LEEDHAM Eleanor, Sudbury 1896
LEEDHAM Mary, Sudbury and Shottle 1885
LING James, Sudbury 1884
LIVESAY Elizabeth, Sudbury 1893
MADELY William, Sudbury 1642
MARTIN Charles, Sudbury 1904
NOONE Henry, Sudbury 1645
PEERS Edward, Sudbury Vicar. 1646
PRINCE Lucy Minerva, Sudbury 1905
PROVERBS Sarah Ann, Sudbury 1915
TOMPSON John, Sudbury 1648

SUDBURY Administration
ALLEN Charle, Sudbury 1871 Adm
ALLEN Charles, Sudbury 1871 mentions John Wm Wolfenden, Tutbury Staffs
BARLOW George, Sudbury 1648 Adm
BROWNE Margaret, Sudbury 1647 Adm
COPE Grace, Sudbury 1642 Adm
GARRATT Mary, Sudbury 1868 Adm
HARRISON Thomas, Sudbury 1640 Adm
ROGERS Henry, Sudbury 1863 Adm
WOOLLEY Samuel, Sudbury 1861 Adm
PAYNE Mary Emma, Suffolk 1928
ANDREWS Henry, Surrey, Peckham 1914
BRANCH Alice, Surrey, E.Sheen 1927
DREW Annie, Surrey , 1868
EDWARDS Mary, senior, widow, Walton on Thames, Surrey  1757  V22/33
FARR Frank, Surrey, Brixton 1914
GAMBLE Ann Sharpe, Surrey, Clapham 1868
HOBSONS Jemima, Surrey, Blackheath and Derby 1885
MACFARLAND James, Surrey, Guildford 1899
MOORE Edith, Surrey, 1902
NEWTON Edith Eleanor, Surrey, Hazlemere 1926
NORRIS Mary Massey, Surrey, West Croydon 1910
ROBINS William, Surrey and Buxton Dbys 1878
SHORE Eliza, Surrey, Thames Ditton, Weston Green 1872
SLATER Alexander, Bengal Place, New Kent Road, Surrey 1856    V5/63
SMITH Walter, Surrey 1910
WARNER Sarah, Surrey , Weybridge Park and Chesterfield 1913
WHITELEY William Arthur, Surrey, Balham 1922
BRIGGS Kate, Sussex, Hastings 1927
RAE Ida, Sussex, Eastbourne 1928
SEELEY Annie, Sussex, Eastbourne 1928
SMITH Elizabeth, Sussex, Hove 1898
SMITH Isabella March, Sussex, East Marsden 1875
SNELL Amelia Ann, Sussex, Sedlescombe 1921
SPENCER Ann, Arundel ,Sussex 1800
SPENCER Charles Arundel, Sussex 1781
SPENCER Christopher, Westborne, Sussex 1705
SPENCER George, Goring, Sussex 1754
SPENCER Henry, Amberley, Sussex 1632
SPENCER Henry, Horsham, Sussex 1681
SPENCER Henry, Horsham, Sussex 1722
SPENCER Joan, Burpham. Sussex 1761
SPENCER John, Horsham, Sussex 1740
SPENCER John, West Wittering, Sussex 1593
SPENCER Mary, spinster, Horsham,Sussex 1771
SPENCER Matthew, Warnham, Sussex 1765
SPENCER Richard, Goring, Sussex 1690
SPENCER Robert, Burpham, Sussex 1752
SPENCER Thomas, Goring, Sussex 1709
SPENCER Thomas, Horsham, Sussex 1771
SPENCER William, Burpham, Sussex 1758
SPENCER William, Goring, Sussex 1702
SPENSER Abraham, Hartfield, Sussex 1768
SPENSER Christopher,Brighton, Sussex 1830
SPENSER Henry, Southwick, Sussex 1561
SPENSER Henry, Sydlesham, Sussex 1563
SPENSER John, Hartfield, Sussex 1795
SPENSER John, Hooe, Sussex 1589
SPENSER Joseph, Hartfield, Sussex 1750
SPENSER Joseph, Withyham, Sussex 1783
SPENSER Robert, Rodmell, Sussex 1576
SPENSER Thomas, Lewes, Sussex 1584
SPILLER William, Climping, Sussex 1685
SPINKERNELL Edward, Angmering, Sussex 1705
SUTTON This Sutton could be any of the Suttons in Derbyshire, Sutton on the Hill, Sutton cum Duckmanton (Sutton in the Dale, Sutton Scarsdale), or even Sutton, Staffs.
OSBASTON Thomas, Sutton 1649
ROWE John, Sutton, 1641

SUTTON Administration
ALSOPP John, Sutton 1642 Inventory
ALSOP George, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1871
BUNTING John, Duckmanton 1839
BUNTING Obadiah, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1813
DICKEN George, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1788
GAUNT Thomas, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1899
GLADWIN Daniel, Duckmanton 1876 
HYLL Ralph, Sutton le Dale 1548
LAKIN Thomas, Duckmanton 1863
LANCETT John, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1628
LONGDEN Sarah, Duckmanton 1924
MARRIOTT George, Duckmanton 1887
MARRIOTT John, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1646
ROGERS Joseph, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1641
RUDD James, Duckmanton 1896
RYLEY (RILEY) John, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1628
SIMS John, Duckmanton, Dbys 1897
SIMS Samuel, Sutton cum Duckmanton, Dbys 1883
STANLEY Edward, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1640
STEVENSON Thomas, Duckmanton 1878
ALSOP Sarah, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1863 Adm
CROFT Joseph, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1861 Adm
CROFTS Joseph, Sutton cum Duckmanton, died 1861 Inkersall. 1872 Adm
HOLE John, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1869 Adm
JOHNSON Sampson, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1862 Adm
MARRIOTT Elizabeth, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1647 Adm
MASSEY Richard, Sutton cum Duckmanton, Duckmanton 1599 Adm.
STANLEY Richard, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1639 Adm
WINGFIELD Richard, Sutton cum Duckmanton 1866 Adm
ARCHER Samuel, Osleston 1882
ARCHER Samuel, Osleston Hall 1925
ARCHER Sarah, Sutton on the Hill 1903
ARCHER Thomas, Sutton on the Hill 1899
ATKINS John 1628
AUSTIN  John, Osliston and Thurvaston 1871
AUSTIN George Thomas, Sutton on the Hill 1900
BULL Samuel, Sutton on the Hill 1846
EARE George or Gregory, Sutton on the Hill 1615/6
FOX Francis, Sutton on the Hill 1698
HANSON William, Sutton on the Hill 1640
HARPER Thomas, Croppo, (Cropper?) Sutton on the Hill 1877
HAWKSWORTH Alice Edith, Sutton on the Hill 1926
HAWKSWORTH Elizabeth Ann, Thurvaston 1924
HILL John, Sutton on the Hill 1789
HOLDEN Rev Robert, Sutton on the Hill 1762
HOLDEN Robert,Rev. Sutton on the Hill 1762
HOUGH William, Sutton on the Hill 1671/2
HOUGH William, Sutton on the Hill 1725
JOHNSON William, Sutton on the Hill 1628
MILWARD Eld, Sutton on the Hill 1860
MILWARD James, Upper Thurvaston 1858
OSBORNE Charles, Sutton on the Hill 1832
OSBORNE William, Sutton on the Hill 1804
PAKEMAN Francis, Sutton on the Hill 1865
PAKEMAN Sarah, Sutton on the Hill 1881
PEGG Samuel, Osliston, Sutton on the Hill, Dbys 1893
POTTER Charles, Thurvaston, Dbys 1885
POTTER Isaac, Osleston and Thurvaston, Dbys 1860
ROSE George, Ash, Sutton on the Hill 1873
ROSE John Stonier, Ash, Sutton on the Hill 1880
ROWE Robert, Sutton on the Hill 1641
SEILE (SEAL) Humphrey, Sutton on the Hill, Osliston 1614/5
SISSIONS John, Sutton on the Hill, Dbys 1921
SISSIONS William, Sutton, 1910
WAST William, Sutton on the Hill 1640
BASFORD Sarah, Swadlincote 1898
BEARD James, Swadlincote 1912
DALE Mary Ann, Swadlincote 1920
FREEMAN Agnes, Swadlincote 1924
HARDY Sarah Ann, Swadlincote 1913
HOSKISON Henry, Swadlincote 1912
HUCKER Thomas, Swadlincote 1913
ISON James, Swadlincote 1864
JAMES Elizabeth, Swadlincote 1907
JONES Charles Isaac, Swadlincote 1914
JONES Thomas, Swadlincote 1893
JONES Willoughby, Swadlincote 1898
KNIGHT Louisa Bryan, Swadlincote 1902
LACEY Betsy,Swadlincote 1920
LACEY Ellen Elizabeth, Swadlincote 1909
LAKIN George, Swadlincote 1917
LEE Reuben, Swadlincote 1907
LITHERLAND John Bradshaw, Swadlincote 1906
MASON William, Swadlincote 1896
MASSEY Agnes Sarah, Swadlincote 1909
MASSEY Eli, Swadlincote 1913
MASSEY George, Swadlincote 1899
MIDDLETON Joseph, Blackfordy,Leics and Swadlincote 1879
MIDDLETON William, Swadlincote 1898
NEEDLE Letitia, Swadlincote 1911
NEEDLE Sarah, Swadlincote and Lancashire  1882
NEWBERRY John, Swadlincote 1913
NEWBOLD George, Swadlincote 1926
NEWBOLD Sarah, Swadlincote 1875
POYNTON John, Swadlincote 1902
POYSER Catherine, Swadlincote 1912
POYSER Samuel, Swadlincote 1917
POYSER Sarah Ann, Swadlincote 1916
PRICE John, Swadlincote 1893
PRINCE William Taylor, Swadlincote 1866
RICHARDSON John Barron, Swadlincote 1922
RILEY George William, Swadlincote 1894
RILEY John, Swadlincote 1870
ROSE John, Swadlincote 1911
ROUGHTON Charles, Swadlincote 1873
ROULSTON Richard, Swadlincote 1906
ROWLEY John Fletcher, Swadlincote 1867
ROWLEY John Hunt, Swadlincote 1882
ROWLEY Samuel Hunt, Swadlincote and Church Gresley 1905
SABINE Arthur, Swadlincote 1903
SABINE Thomas, Swadlincote 1873
SALISBURY George, Swadlincote 1906
SHARPE Edmund, Swadlincote 1894
STEVENS John Robert, Swadlincote 1880
STIRLAND Annie, Swadlincote 1911
SWADLINCOTE Administration (see also Gresley)
HEADLEY John Thomas, Swadlincote 1863 Adm
TURNER George, Swadlincote 1868 Adm
WATERS Lucy, Swadlincote 1871 Adm
SWANWICK WILLS ( Separate parish 1861, see also Alfreton)
GEE John Atkin, Swanwick 1919
HOOL William, Swanwick 1912
HOPKINSON George, Swanwick 1913
LIMB George, Swanwick 1903
LOMAS John, Swanwick 1873
LOMAS Margaret, Swanwick 1878

SWANWICK Administration (see also Alfreton, Riddings)
ATKIN Elizabeth, Swanwick 1874 Adm
ROBINSON Mary, Swanwick 1862 Adm
WOOD Ellen, Swanwick 1861 Adm
WOOD Susanna, Swanwick 1861 Adm
ADAMS Charles, Swarkestone 1859
ADAMS Elizabeth, Swarkestone 1868
ADKIN George, Swarkestone 1889
ASHMORE Francis, Cattle Bridge nr Swarkestone 1863
BATES Harriet, Swarkestone 1873
BATES Thomas, Swarkestone  1865
BULL John, Swarkestone 1814
LAKIN Thomas, Swarkestone 1909
MASSEY John, Swarkestone 1740
MASSEY John, Swarkestone 1803
MASSEY Sampson, Swarkestone 1764
MASSEY William Jolland, Swarkestone 1813
POYSER Edith, Swarkestone 1918
POYSER John, Swarkestone 1893
ROBOTHAM Mary, Swarkestone 1896
SPENCER John, Swarkestone 1684
STORER Ellen, Swarkestone 1640
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.