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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Wills and Administration


NEW MILLS Wills (See also Glossop, Hayfield)
ALLEN John, New Mills 1874
APPLEYARD William, New Mills 1914
BATES John, New Mills 1884
BEARD James, New Mills 1922
BEARD John, New Mills 1860
BEARD John, Pleasant View, New Mills 1872
BEARDWOOD William, New Mills 1914
CLARKE Mary, New Mills 1888
GASKILL Kezia, New Mills 1912
GODDARD Heskey, New Mills 1888
HADFIELD Charles, Rowarth 1895
HALL Elijah, Ravensleach, Ollerset 1867
HALL Levi, Ravensleach, Ollerset 1872
HOPWOOD John, Low Leighton 1866
HORROX John, New Mills 1873
HOWE John, New Mills 1895
HYDE Joseph, New Mills 1897
INGHAM James, High St 1866
INGHAM Martha, Watford Villa 1875
JACKSON Sarah Butler, New Mills 1906
JACKSON Thomas Richard, New Mills 1860
JEPSON Henry, New Mills 1922
JOULE Ann, Hague Bar Whitle Thornsett 1871
KELSALL George, New Mills 1883
KNIGHT Mary, New Mills 1875
LIEVESLEY Timothy, New Mills 1910
LIIVESLEY Alfred, New Mills1907
LIVERSLEY Alfred, New Mills 1907
LIVERSLEY John, New Mills 1897
LIVESLEY John, New Mills 1897
LONGSON Joseph, Briergrove, New Mills 1859
LONGSON William, New Mills 1866
LOWE Elizabeth, New Mills 1879
LOWE James, New Mills 1886
LOWE Martha, New Mills 1893
MARSH Mary, Ollerset, Dbys 1884
MOORE John, New Mills, Dbys 1928
PEARSON Betty, New Mills, Dbys 1859
PEARSON George, New Mills, Dbys 1880
PEARSON John, Lane Side, nr New Mills, Dbys 1887
PEARSON Margaret, New Mills, Dbys 1901
PLATT Joseph, New Mills, Dbys 1886
PLATT William, New Mills, Dbys 1871
POLLOTT John, New Mills, Dbys 1899
POTT Ann, Hague Bar, Dbys 1871
POTT Joseph, New Mills, Dbys 1906
POWNALL Ann Martlew, New Mills, Dbys 1889
PRATT JOHN, New Mills 1908
PRITCHARD John, Brookbottom 1895
PURSSGLOVE Joseph, New Mills 1870
REDFERN Mary, New Mills 1885
REECE Peter, Ringstones, Rowarth 1876
RICHARDSON Joseph Peter, New Mills 1922
RIGG John, New Mills 1869
ROBERTON John, New Mills and Chorlton cum Medlock, Lancs 1876
ROE Francis, Rowarth, Thornsett 1878
ROWBOTTOM Abraham, New Mills 1883
ROWCROFT William, Thornset 1882
RUMNEY Edward Bryan, New Mills and Manchester, Lancs 1883
SALISBURY Henry, New Mills 1896
SAXON Wright, Little Mill, Rowarth. 1882
SHUFFLEBOTTOM Joseph, New Mills 1873
SIDEBOTHAM James, New Mills 1869
SIDEBOTHAM Joel, New Mills 1882
SIDEBOTTOM Elizabeth, New Mills, Dbys 1915
SIDEBOTTOM Jane, New Mills, Dbys 1894
SIMISTER Elisha, New Mills, Dbys 1867
SIMPSON Dinah, New Mills, Dbys 1917
SIMS Samuel, Low Leighton, New Mills, Dbys 1869
STOTT John, New Mills 1894
SWINDELLS Joseph, New Mills, Dbys 1886
WALKER Charles, New Mills 1878
WALKER Charles, New Mills Dbys 1878
WALTON Elizabeth, New Mills Dbys 1884
WHARMBY George, New Mills Dbys 1867
WHARMBY John, New Mills Dbys 1870
WHARMBY Thomas, New Mills Dbys 1888
WRIGHT Jane, New Mills 1892
WRIGHT Thomas, New Mills 1890
WYATT Dennis, New Mills and Birch Vale 1892
WYATT James William, New Mills 1884
WYATT John William, New Mills 1893
WYATT John William, New Mills 1923
WYATT Joseph, New Mills 1886
WYATT Joseph, New Mills 1889
WYATT Samuel, Newtown, New Mills 1926
WYATT Sarah, New Mills 1899
YATES John Robert, New Mills 1909
NEW MILLS Administrations (Bowden Middle Cale,) Separate parish 1831, with part of Mellor Chapelry. Includes Beard, Ollersett, Thornset and Whitle, hamlets originally in Hayfield, which see.)
ARNFIELD Thomas, New Mills 1872 Adm
BEARD William, New Mills 1861 Adm
HANDFORD Joseph, Beard 1875 Adm
HOWARD Samuel, New Mills 1863 Adm
OLDFIELD James, New Mills 1872 Adm
PARKER William, New Mills 1875 Adm
RICHARDSON Edward, New Mills 1863 Adm
ROWCROFT Aaron, Thornset 1866 Adm
SIMISTER Rachel, New Mills 1870 Adm
SLATER John, New Mills 1865 Adm
TOMLINSON Mary, Thornset 1871 Adm
WILD James, Thornset 1873 Adm
WRIGHT Joseph, New Mills 1874 Adm
ALLEN Phillis, Newbold 1889
ALSOP Dorothy, Newbold 1872
ALSOP William, Newbold Moor 1864
ALSOP Zachariah, Newbold Moor 1906
BATES Henry, Newbold 1892
BEACH Samuel, Newbold 1903
BEARD James, Newbold 1871
BOOKER John, Newbold 1888
CZAJKOWSKI Walery, Newbold Moor  1904
GAUNT Frank, Newbold 1900 
GEARY Samuel, Newbold 1898
GILL Thomas, Newbold 1865
GLADWIN James, Newbold 1877
GLEDHILL Godfrey, Grove Hill Newbold 1878
HARKER James, Newbold 1903
HOULT George, Newbold, Dbys 1867
HOWDEN Ann, Highfield Road, Newbold, Dbys 1873
KAY Mary, Stonegravels Newbold 1874
KAY Samuel, Newbold 1892
LANCASTER John Henry, Newbold 1905
LANCASTER Samuel, Newbold Grove 1876
LEE Mary, Newbold Moor 1870
LONGDEN George, Upper Newbold 1911
LONGSON Elizabeth, Brockwell Newbold 1879
LONGSON Henry, Newbold 1925
LOWE Eliza, Newbold Moor 1918
LOWE Samuel, Newbold 1891
LUCAS Bernard Maynard, Highfield Newbold 1863
LUCAS Eliza, Newbold 1881
MADIN Aaron, Newbold 1875
MADIN Sarah, Newbold Moor 1877
MANKNELL William Samuel, Newbold Moor 1906
MARSDEN Anne, Newbold, Dbys 1867
MITCHELL Ann, Newbold 1881
MITCHELL Henry, Newbold 1879
MOODY Rebecca, Newbold Moor 1874
PEARSON James Jervis, Newbold, Dbys 1865
PILKINGTON John, Newbold Moor, Dbys 1904
PILKINGTON Mark, Newbold Moor, Dbys 1919
PILKINGTON Sarah Ann, Newbold Moor, Dbys 1912
PILKINTON John Sheldon, Newbold, Dbys 1902
PRESKEY Kezia, Dunstan 1870
PROCTOR George, Newbold 1868
REDFORD Henry, Newbold 1905
RIGGOTT Robert Cyril, Newbold 1920
ROWE George, Newbold Moor 1906
RYDE Charles, Newbold 1876
SIMPSON Elizabeth, Newbold Moor, Dbys 1917
STEVENSON Mary, Newbold and Chesterfield 1869
SWALLOW John Kinder, Newbold 1890
NEWBOLD Administrations (Separate parish 1861, see also Chesterfield,Brampton, Whittington.)
FREARSON Samuel, Newbold 1867 Adm
MAGNESS Thomas, Newbold 1872 Adm
RODGERS Thomas, Newbold Moor 1874 Adm
ALLCOCK Annie Catherine, Newhall 1928
BEARD James, Newhall 1904
BODDIS John, Newhall 1877
EAMES Ann, Newhall 1904
EAMES George, Newhall 1906
EAMES Henry, Newhall 1883
EAMES Joseph, Newhall 1901
EAMES Mary, Newhall 1885
EARP Edwin, Newhall 1907
GOADSBY George, Newhall 1899
GOUGH Benjamin ,Newhall 1860
GOUGH Benjamin, Newhall 1887
GOUGH Mary, Newhall 1894
HOSKISON Fanny, Newhall 1921
HYDE Joseph, Newhall 1928
INSLEY Catherine Elizabeth, Newhall 1917
INSLEY Sarah Ann, Newhall 1902
INSLEY Thomas, Newhall 1862
INSLEY William, Newhall 1874
JONES Francis, Newhall 1912
KILLINGLEY Thomas, Newhall and Burton on Trent Staffs 1886
KYNNERSLEY William, Newhall 1862
LAPEA John, Newhall 1873
LOCKER Clement, Newhall 1927
LOCKER Josiah, Newhall 1901
MANSFIELD Charlotte Emily, Newhall 1897
MANSFIELD Elizabeth, Newhall 1918
MOIR John Hay, Newhall 1911
MOON Edith, Newhall 1915
PAYNE Thomas, Newhall 1914
PEACE John, Newhall 1879
PEACE John, Newhall 1917
PEACE John, Newhall 1922
PEACE Jonathan, Newhall 1912
PEACE Thomas, Newhall 1900
PERCIVAL Joseph, Newhall, Dbys 1915
PERRY William, Newhall, Dbys 1925
PICKERING Alice, Newhall, Dbys 1913
PICKERING James, Newhall, Dbys 1888
PICKERING John, Newhall, Dbys 1881
RAFELL Ann, Newhall 1924
RAFFELL Anthony, Newhall 1903
RODBOURN Thomas, Newhall 1888
SMITH Albert, Newhall 1926
SMITH John, Newhall 1893
STALEY Alfred Thornton, Newhall Dbys 1917
STALEY Daniel, Newhall Dbys 1885
STALEY Elizabeth, Newhall Dbys 1908
STALEY Fanny, Newhall Dbys 1864
STALEY Francis, Newhall Dbys 1914
STALEY Frederick, Newhall Dbys 1927
STALEY George, Newhall Dbys 1898
STALEY Hannah, Newhall Dbys 1905
STALEY Henry, Newhall Dbys 1880
STALEY James, Newhall Dbys 1896
STALEY James, Newhall Dbys 1896
STALEY James, Newhall Dbys 1906
STALEY James, Newhall Dbys 1926
STALEY John, Newhall Dbys 1876
STALEY John, Newhall Dbys 1911
STALEY John, Newhall Stapenhill Dbys 1865
STALEY Joseph, Newhall 1896
STALEY Joseph, Newhall Dbys 1919
STALEY Joseph, Newhall Stapenhill Dbys 1858
STALEY Paul, Newhall Dbys 1904
STALEY Robert, Newhall Dbys 1858
STALEY Robert, Newhall Dbys 1910
STALEY Thomas, Newhall Dbys 1866
STALEY Thomas, Newhall Stapenhill Dbys 1867
STALEY William, Newhall Dbys 1862
WALKER Arthur, Newhall 1913
WALKER Arthur, Newhall Dbys 1913
WARREN Samuel, Newhall Dbys 1915
WARREN William, Newhall Dbys 1880
WARREN Willoughby Harold, Newhall Dbys 1914
WARRINGTON James, Newhall Park Dbys  1880
WARRINGTON John, Newhall Park Farm Dbys 1865
NEWHALL Administrations
BARKER Ann, Newhall died Leicester and Rutland Lunatic Asylum. 1874 Adm
FARMER Frederick Harrington, Newhall 1872 Adm

BLADON Thomas, Newton Solney1639
BULL Samuel, Newton Solney 1799
BYARD Thomas, Newton Solney 1641
BYARDE William, Newton Solney 1646
DICKEN Joseph, Newton Solney, 1808
DICKIN John, Newton Solney 1800
DICKIN Joseph, Newton Solney 1709
DOCKSEY Ann, Newton Solney 1902
DOCKSEY Thomas, Newton Solney 1900
EYRE William, Newton Solney 1835
GARRATT Joseph, Newton Solney 1884
GASKIN Luke, Newton Solney 1888
GIFFORD William, Newton Solney 1649
HINLEY William, Newton Solney 1649
HOOD Thomas, Newton Solney 1923
HULME William, Newton Solney 1628
MARBROW Edith Georgina, Newton Solney 1909
PEARSALL Elizabeth, Unicorn Inn Newton Solney 1896
SEALE Richard, Newton Solney 1637
SIMPSON John, Newton Solney 1718
NEWTON SOLNEY Administrations
GIBSON James, Newton Solney 1858 Adm
RATCLIFF Sarah, Newton Solney 1869 Adm
RATCLIFF William Henry, Newton Solney 1868 Adm
WORTHINGTON Calvert, Newton Solney 1872 Adm
ALLEN Thomas of Roston, mentions George BURTON of Boothen Wood Terrace, Stoke on Trent, Staffs. Will made 1866 Proved 1868 /32
ALLEN Thomas, Norbury, Roston 1868
APPLEBY Thomas, Norbury, Roston 1864
BROWNE Thomas, Norbury 1544
BURY Thomas, Norbury, Vicar 1650
CLARKE John, Roston 1866
CLARKE John, Roston 1868
HIBLYN Joan, Norbury 1640
HIBLYN Ralph, Norbury 1641
HUDSON Charles, Gib Hey Farm, Roston  1907
LEE Matthew 1826
LEES Thomas, Norbury 1639
LOMAS Thomas, Norbury 1641
MARTIN John, Norbury 1769
MASKERY Thomas, Norbury 1886
MASKREY Frances, Norbury 1870
MASSEY Bartholomew, Norbury 1721
MASSEY Batholomew, Norbury 1804
MASSEY John, Norbury 1800
MOULD Thomas, Roston 1868
NORRIS William, Norbury 1647
ODHAM Mary, Norbury 1872
ORPE John, Birchwood Moor, Norbury 1876
ORPE William, Birchwood Moor, Norbury 1860
PAKEMAN John, Norbury 1864
PAKEMAN John, Norbury 1864
PARTON Richard, Norbury 1649
PRATT Anne, Norbury 1649
RANDELL Joseph Lumley, Roston 1908
RATHBONE Katherine, Norbury 1639
SELLOR Thomas, Norbury 1628
SMITH Bartholomew Massey, Roston 1884
SMITH George, Norbury 1882
SMITH John Barholomew Massey, Roston 1900
STEWARD Francis, Norbury 1649
SWETNAM (SWETTENHAM) Thomas, Norbury 1649
UTTING Joseph, Roston, Norbury  1861
VIGARS Ann, 1819
VIGARS John, 1789
WALKER Joseph, Roston, 1760  V64/18
WATKIN John, Norbury 1636
WHITEHURST THomas, Norbury 1647
YATES Margery, Norbury 1647

NORBURY Administrations
BURTON Edward, Roston, Norbury 1864 Adm
CLARKE John, Roston, Norbury 1870 Adm
GORSE Thomas, Roston,Norbury 1872 Adm
SELLOR Thomas, Norbury 1628 Adm
WHITTERANCE Edward, Norbury 1873 Adm
ALGRAVE Mary of Letheringsett, Norfolk 1722 M53/42 P
BOWER Everard Hollier Spring Rev. Norfolk, late of Holbrook 1893
CLARK John, Norfolk, Great Yarmouth and Bolsover Dbys 1878
COLEMAN Samuel, Norfolk, Norwich and Ashbourne 1878
CROXALL Thomas, Norfolk 1899
FLINT Elizabeth, Norfolk, Sheringham Hall 1905
GARNER William, Norfolk 1915
PYE George, Norfolk and Glossop 1870
SMITH John Charles, Norfolk and Buxton 1892
SPENCER Charles, Kings Lynn 1842
SPENCER Charlotte, Shipdham 1852
SPENCER Esther, Lynn 1830
SPENCER John, East Dereham 1825
SPENCER John, Aldburgh 1839
SPENCER John, Feltwell 1840
SPENCER John,Feltwell 1852
SPENCER Peter, Langley 1846
SPENCER Thomas, Swaffham 1832
COLLUMBELL William, Normanton. 1628
COOKE Anne, Normanton 1647
HOPE William, Normanton Barracks 1888
JACKSON John, Normanton 1889
JERRAM William, Normanton  Pear Tree Estate 1872
KIDD Walter, Normanton 1922
KINNERLEY Ellen, Old Normanton 1911
KNIGHT Henry, Normanton 1916
LAING Ellen Elizabeth, Normanton 1914
LAMBERT George Frederick, Normanton 1887
LAMBERT James Harrison, Normanton 1926
LANE Sarah, Normanton 1859
LAWRENCE Ellen, Littleover Lane, Normanton 1927
LEWIS Louisa Ellen, Normanton 1909
LIMBRICK Frederick John, Old Normanton 1927
LOMAS John, Old Normanton 1915
LUDLAM John, Normanton 1639
MINION Clara, Normanton by Derby 1906
SPENCER John, Normanton nr Derby 1728
STENSON John, Normanton 1642
STENSON William, Normanton 1631

ABBOTT Matthew, North Wingfield, Pilsley 1869
AINSWORTH William, North Wingfield, Clay Cross 1890
ALLEN William, North Wingfield, Pilsley 1870
ASHLEY Charles, Old Tupton 1909
ASHLEY Thomas, Old Tupton North Wingfield 1874
ASHMORE Henry, Holmgate 1864
BACON Thomas, North Wingfield 1637
BEARDMORE Thomas, North Wingfield 1860
BONSALL Matthew, Pilsley 1787 V2/109
BRAILSFORD Francis, Coney Green,p. North Wingfield 1748 CBA/59
BRAISLFORD John, Smithy Moor. 1816 V2/70
BROCKSOPP John, Stretton Hall revoked Will, 1782 CBA/64
BUNTING Francis, North Wingfield 1829
BUNTING Lydia, North Wingfield 1844
BUNTINGE Edmund, North Wingfield 1627
CLAY Francis, North Wingfield 1647
CLAY Francis, North Wingfield 1709 V18/16
CLAY Richard, North Wingfield 1714 V18/17
CLAY Sarah widow of John CLAY North Wingfield 1795 CBA/34
CROFTS James, Woolley Moor 1849 V2/43
ELLIOTT Francis, North Wingfield 1825
ELLIOTT Francis, North Wingfield 1825
ELLIOTT Francis, Woolley Moor. 1825 V2/20
EYRE Ellen, North Wingfield 1627
EYRE Richard, North Wingfield 1559/60
EYRE Thomas, North Wingfield 1552
FOX Charles, North Wingfield 1854
FOX Sarah, North Wingfield 1853
GIBSON Samuel, North Wingfield 1916
GILL Hannah, North Wingfield 1880
GLADWIN Mary, Tupton 1888
GLEW John, Woolley Moor 1683 V2/52
GLEW Richard, Moorwood Moor. 1671 V2/51
GODBER Eliza, North Wingfield 1890
GODBER John, North Wingfield 1889
HAWKESLEY James, jnr. Handley. 1744 V2/58
HAWKESLEY John, snr, Handley 1788 V2/62
HAWORTH Stephen, North Wingfield 1642
HOLLAND John, Ford. 1807 V2/56
HOLLAND John, of Ford, 1713  V2/132
HOLLAND Mary, Ford, North Wingfield 1839  V40/7
HOPKINSON Thomas, Carcliff House, North Wingfield. 1842 M201 Will of
HOUGHTON Thomas, Tupton North Wingfield 1868
HOUNSFIELD John, North Wingfield, Dbys 1861
HOUNSFIELD Thomas, Tupton, North Wingfield 1826 M85/2
HOUSELEY Benjamin, North Wingfield, Dbys 1906
HOWETT William, North Wingfield, Dbys 1917
JACKSON John 1800
JACKSON John, North Wingfield 1800
JENKINSON J W  Tupton 1919
JOHNSON Sarah, North Wingfield 1889
KEETON Martha, Tupton 1875
LANGHORNE Thomas, Ford House 1872
LEE Elizabeth 1786
LEE Elizabeth, North Wingfield 1786
LEE William, North Wingfield 1909
LEES Jane, New Tupton 1878
LINACRE Ann, Holmgate North Wingfield 1868
LINFORD James, New Tupton 1908
LITCHFIELD William, North Wingfield 1889
LOMAS Ann, Woolley Moor 1878
LOMAS Julia Berry, Woolley Moor 1882
LYNAM John, North Wingfield 1896
LYNEHAM John, North Wingfield 1648
MARRIOTT John, Stretton, North Wingfield 1868
MARRIOTT William, Ankerbold, North Wingfield 1875
MARSH Sarah, North Wingfield 1891
MARSHALL Joseph, Stretton Hillside 1783 V2/115
MARTIN Samuel, North Wingfield 1824
MARTIN Samuel. 1824
MILNES George, North Wingfield 1888
MILNES Thomas, Handley, North Wingfield 1868
MILWARD John, Clay Lane. 1773 codicil 1774 V2/72
OLDFIELD Hannah 1852
OLDFIELD Humphrey 1764
RIGGOTT John, Woolley Moor 1896
ROBERTS Dorothy, North Wingfield 1862
ROBERTS Jane, Highfields, North Wingfield 1914
ROOTH Elizabeth, Shelton? (Stretton?) North Wingfield 1868
ROOTH John, Stretton, North Wingfield 1888
ROOTH Maria, North Wingfield 1900
SADDINGTON Elizabeth, North Wingfield 1917
SADLER James, Holmgate, North Wingfield 1882
SIMPSON George, North Wingfield, Dbys 1918
STEVENSON John, Holmgate, North Wingfield 1830 M85/8
STEVENSON John, Holmgate. made 1830,proved 1839 V2/44
STONE James, North Wingfield 1894
STOPARD George, New Tupton 1914
STOPARD William, Tupton 1881
STOPPARD Ann, Tupton Moor 1865
STOPPARD William, New Tupton 1895
SWINSCOE Emma, Woodthorpe, Dbys 1928
TAYLOR John, Woolley Moor. 1840 V2/64
TUPMAN Thomas, North Wingfield 1628
VICKARS Christopher, North Wingfield 1641
VICKARS John, 1768
VICKARS John, North Wingfield 1768
VICKARS Margaret, North Wingfield 1650
VICKERS William, 1757
VICKERS William, North Wingfield 1757
WALKER Peter, Ford 1757 V2/55
WASS Mary draft Will, of Woodhead p.North Wingfield, mnetions servant Richard HAWKSLEY. 1748 CBA/58
WILSON Thomas, Coney Green,North Wingfield 1812 CTW/83
WRAGG Lydia, Stretton widow. 1769 CBA/65
WRAGG William, Stretton Hall 1746 CBA/53
WRIGHT Joseph, Handley 1717 V2/53
WRIGHT Richard, Ford. 1746 V2/54

NORTH WINGFIELD Administrations
ALWOOD John, North Wingfield 1646 Adm
AMERY Henry, North Wingfield 1628 Adm
BARLOW Joseph, North Wingfield 1867 Adm
BARNARD-HANKEY John Bellingham, North Wingfield 1869 Adm
BRANLEY George, North Wingfield 1859 Adm
ELLIS Elizabeth, North Wingfield 1872 Adm
GULLIVER George, North Wingfield 1865 Adm
HODGSON Ellen, North Wingfield 1870 Adm
JOHNSON George, North Wingfield 1863 Adm
KEETON Richard, North Wingfield 1874 Adm
LOMAS William, North Wingfield 1862 Adm
MARRIOTT John, Woolley Moor, p Nth Wingfield died 1853. 1860 Adm
MATHER Luke, North Wingfield 1868 Adm
ROOTH William, North Wingfield 1866 Adm
SAMPSON Luke, North Wingfield 1866 Adm
SHARPE Mary, North Wingfield 1860 Adm
SPENCER James, North Wingfield 1870 Adm
STANLEY Abner, North Wingfield 1867 Adm
THORPE William, North Wingfield 1860 Adm
WHITE Alfred, North Wingfield 1872 Adm
BOWN David, Northants. Kettering 1922
BRENTNALL John, Northants. Northampton late Ilkeston Dbys.1888
CAMPBELL Barbara Jane, Northants, Northampton late Mackworth Dbys. 1888
CHAMBERLAIN Maria, Northants. Northampton 1898
COLES George, Northampton, Northants 1640 V4/56
DUDLEY Henry Thornton, Northants and Staffs. 1904
FLESHER Elizabeth or Eliza, Northants, Tiffield and Derby 1885
GLOVER Joseph, Northants. Kettering and Tideswell, Dbys 1882
LESTER John Wilfred, Northants. Kettering 1925
MINSTRELL Lois, Northants. and Derby 1865
MITCHELL Mary, Northants. Peterborough 1900
PEABODY Joseph, Northants. Northampton 1905
WAGG H. Northants. Northampton 1919
CLARKE Jane Colquhoun, Northern Ireland, Co. Fermanagh 1928
GILLESPIE Thomas, Northern Ireland, Belfast 1899
SPEIR Hugh of Belfast, in the Kingdom of Ireland. 1690 Adm (Ches)
CLARKE George, Northumberland 1901
CLEGG Joseph James, Northumberland, South Shields 1919
GAUNT Harold, Northumberland 1917
HALL George, Northumberland and Bradley Old Park 1877
HOARE Francis Rev., Northumberland?, Newcastle and Derby 1893
MCCALL George, Northumberland, Corbridge on Tyne 1896
SHAYLER Reuben, Northumberland, Newcastle on Tyne 1909
SMITH Thomas, Northumberland, South Shields 1898
STEEL John, Northumberland?, Newcastle and Derby 1894
NORTON includes Hemsworth, Greenhill and Bradway. Norton Woodseats, Norton Lees. Transferred to Sheffield City between 1901-1933 and to Diocese of Sheffield 1974
ALLIN John Snr., Norton 1642
ANDERTON John, Norton 1629
ANDREWS William Evans, Yks. Norton 1882
ASHTON Frederick, Norton Lees, 1887
BARNES John, Norton 1647
BEARDSHAW James, Norton 1889
BOOKER George, Norton 1883
BOOKER John, Norton 1883
BOOKER William, Green Hill, Norton 1879
BROOKES Jane, Norton 1649
DOXEY George, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1894
FAWCETT George Watkin, Yks. Norton 1898
FAWCETT George, Yks. Norton 1863
FORD Alfred, Yks. Norton 1914
FOX Anthony, Yks. Norton 1743
FOX Edward, Yks. Norton 1895
FOX Ellen, Yks. Norton 1833
FOX John, Yks. Norton, Greenhill 1869
FOX Joshua, Yks. Norton 1770
FOX Samuel, Yks. Norton, Bradway 1877
FOX Samuel. Yks. Norton 1850
FOX Thomas, Yks. Norton 1762
FOX Thomas, Yks. Norton 1854
FOXE Richard, Yks. Norton 1570
GASCOIGNE Mary, Norton 1897
GASCOIGNE Mary, Yks. Norton 1897
GASCOIGNE William, Norton 1876
GASCOIGNE William, Yks.Norton 1876
GIBSON Abraham, Yks. Norton 1897
GIBSON Mary, Yks. Norton, Greenhill 1880
GILBERT John, Norton Woodseats and Sheffield. 1885
GILL Eliza, Yks. Norton 1903
GILLATT Elizabeth, Yks. Norton 1899
GILLATT Mary Ann, Yks. Norton 1899
GILLATT Samuel, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1863
GILLOTT John, Yks. Norton, Lightwood 1858
GLADWIN John, Yks, Norton Grange 1890
GLOVER Charles, Yks.Norton, Maugherhay 1859
GOODLAD Peter, Yks. Norton, Hemsworth 1869
GREEN John, Norton 1790 (maybe Norton in Shrops)
GREEN Joseph, Norton 1788 (maybe Norton in Shrops)
GREEN Joshua, Norton 1823 (may be another Norton in Shrops)
GREEN William, Norton, then in Dbys, 1708/9
HAMPTON Hugh, Norton 1623
HANDLEY Elizabeth, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1886
HANDLEY William, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1865
HARDY Henry, Yks. Norton 1886
HARDY Samuel elder, Yks. Norton, Hazelbarrow 1878
HART Henry, Yks. Norton 1898
HATTERSLEY Mary Ann, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1891
HATTERSLEY Tomas, Yks. Norton 1896
HAVENHAND Hugh, Yks,. Norton Woodseats 1900
HAWLEY Albert, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1908
HAZARD Frances, Yks. Norton 1909
HAZARD Thomas Oldfield, Yks. Norton 1901
HEMMINGS George, Yks. Norton 1875
HERRING John, Yks. Norton, Greenhill 1877
HEWITT Samuel, Yks. Norton ,Bradway 1873
HIBBERD Henry, Yks. Norton 1894
HILL Thomas, Yks, Norton, Meersbrook Park 1919
HODGKINSON George, Yks. Norton Hazlehurst 1859
HOE Harriett, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1890
HOLLINGWORTH Valentine, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1890
HOLY Thomas Beard, Yks. Norton, Norton House 1867
HYDE John, Norton 1650
IBBOTSON Annie Jane, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1912
INGALL Thomas, Norton and Sheffield Yks 1893
JACKSON Benjamin, Norton 1804
JACKSON Margery, Norton 1850
JACKSON Mary, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1915
JACKSON Robert, Norton 1856
JACKSON Thomas, Norton 1801
JENKIN James, Norton 1868
JONES Ellis, Yks. Norton 1901
KELVEY William, Norton 1886
LEE James 1798 this may be another Norton, not in Derbyshire
LEE Thomas 1798 this may be another Norton not in Derbyshire
LEVICK Annie Maria, Norton Lees and Sheffield Yks 1870
LINNEKER John, Backmoor Norton 1858
LINNEKER John, Yks. Norton, Blackmoor 1858
LISTER George, Yks. Norton,Lightwood 1884
LISTER Nicholas, Norton and Sheffield 1888
LISTER Sarah, Yks. Norton, Greenhill 1873
LISTER William, Yks. Norton, Greenhill 1877
MARTIN John, Norton 1830
MERCER William, Yks. Norton Lees 1899
METHLEY John, Yks. Norton 1890
METTAM Kezia, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1886
MOODY George, Yks, Norton Woodseats 1900
MOORE Elizabeth, Yks. Norton 1891
MOORE Joseph, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1896
MORTON Burles Maj. ,Yks. Norton Woodseats 1924
PARKER Sarah, Yks. Norton Lees 1877
PAXFORD Thomas, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1893
PAYNTON Anthony, Norton 1628
PERKINGTON William, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1876
PITCHFORD Sarah, Yks. Norton 1893
POWELL Sarah, Woodseats, Sheffield, 1918
POWELL William, Woodseats 1920
POWELL William, Yks. Norton 1882
RADFORD Jane, Yks. Norton Lees 1883
RAWLINS Joseph Benjamin, Yks. Norton 1895
RAY Gervase, Yks. Norton Lees 1882
REANEY Charles, Yks. Norton 1897
REANEY John, Yks, Norton ,Greenhill 1865
REVELL Henry, Norton 1886
RICHARDSON James, Yks. Norton 1880
RIXON Francis, Yks. Norton 1902
ROBERTS George, Norton and Sheffield Yks 1883
ROBERTS Mary Ann,Yks. Norton, Bishopsthorpe 1873
ROBINSON Richard, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1902
RODGERS John, Yks. Norton Lees and Durham,Sunderland 1858
ROWLINSON Robert, Norton 1649
ROWLINSON Thomas, Norton 1650
SHELLIE Thomas, Norton 1648
SHELTON Arthur, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1877
SHELTON Robert, Yks. Norton, Backmoor 1875
SHERWOOD Thomas, Yks. Norton 1868
SHORT Elizabeth Ann, Yks, Norton Woodseats and Chesterfield, Dbys. 1908
SIMPSON Emily, Meersbrook, 1916
SINGLETON Catherine, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1899
SMITH Benjamin, Yks. Norton, Mount View 1872
SMITH Edward, Yks. Norton Batemoor 1873
SMITH Joseph, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1893
SMITH Nicholas, Norton 1650
SMITH Sarah, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1893
SMITH Thomas, Yks. Norton 1891
SMITH William, Yks. Norton 1883
SQUIRES Ann, Yks, Norton Woodseats 1869
STANIFORTH Thomas, Yks. Norton 1880
STEVENSON Thomas, Yks. Norton, Mangerhay 1858
STRINGAR (STRINGER) Thomas, Norton 1629
STYRING Richard, Yks. Norton, Greenhill 1887
THORPE Mary, Norton and York Yks 1892
THORPE Samuel, Yks. Norton 1891
TINGLE Henry Robinson, Norton and Sheffield Yks 1880
TOMLINSON Richard, Yks. Norton 1896
VEALL James, Yks. Norton Woodseats 1875
WILDGOOSE Sarah, Yks. Norton 1889
WILLIAMSON Salome, Norton Dbys 1895
WILSON Thomas, Yks. Norton, Greenhill 1862
WINDOW Minerva, Yks. Norton, Derbyshire Lane 1877
WOOFINDIN Verdon, Yks. Norton 1888
WORTLEY John, Yks. Norton and Meersbrook 1887
WREAKS William, Yks. Norton, Hemsworth 1877
NORTON Administrations
BARSTOW Joseph, Norton 1863 Adm
BELFIELLD Henry, Norton 1646 Adm
BOWER Thomas, Norton 1640 Adm
BRAILSFORD Henry, Greenhill, died 1854, Admin. 1858
BRAILSFORD Henry, Greenhill, Norton (died 1854)   mentions Ann BRAILSFORD, Joseph BRAILSFORD, Sheffield, Yks. 1858
BRAILSFORD Henry, Norton 1858 Adm
BUNTING Mary Ann, Maghathay, Norton  mentions Joseph BUNTING 1858
BUNTING Mary Ann, Maghathay, Norton. 1858
BUNTING Mary Ann, Norton 1858 Adm
DYSON John, Bradway, Norton  mentions Samuel COGGIN of Sheffield, Yks. 1858
DYSON John, Bradway. 1858 mentions Samuel BIGGIN Sheffield.
DYSON John, Norton 1858 Adm
ELVIDGE Ann, Norton 1874 Adm
FOX Harriet, Norton 1867 Adm
GIBSON William, Norton 1862 Adm
GILLOTT Robert, Norton 1628 Inventory
HAWKSLEY George, Norton 1870 Adm
HAWKSLEY George, Norton 1875 Adm
MAKINSON George, Norton 1862 Adm
OUTRAM Joseph, Norton 1870 Adm
PEARSON Harriet, Norton 1864 Adm
PEARSON John, Norton 1860 Adm
PEARSON Sarah, Norton 1875 Adm
RAMSDEN James, Norton 1866 Adm
REANEY Ann, Norton 1861 Adm
REANEY Ann, Woodseats, Norton. 1861
REANEY John, Norton 1862 Adm
SPENCER Lion ( Lyon ) Norton, Dbys. 1612 Adm
TYZACK Mary, Norton 1875 Adm
WAKEFIELD Henry, Norton 1648 Adm
WALKER Mary, Norton 1861 Adm
WARD William George, Norton 1862 Adm
WHEATLEY Elizabeth Ann, Norton 1862 Adm
WOOFINDIN Alfred, Norton 1868 Adm
ANDREW John Henry, Notts. Nottingham 1924
ARTHUR Sarah, Notts, Mansfield 1928
ATKIN Thomas, Stapleford, Notts 1768  V21/169
BACON John William, Notts. Mansfield 1918
BALL Charles, Notts. Cuckney 1913
BARBER Edward, Nottingham, Notts, maltster. 1710  V5/59
BARDWELL Thomas, Notts. Stapleford 1927
BARKER John, Notts. Nottingham 1922
BARLOW Henry John, Notts. East Retford 1917
BARTON Mary Ann, Notts. Calverton 1860
BATES Stephen, Notts. Nottingham 1875
BAYLEY Mary Ward, Notts, Beeston 1911
BEELEY George, Notts Nether Langwith, Cuckney 1874
BEETON James, Notts, Attenborough and Long Eaton 1888
BELL Rosa, Notts. Stapleford 1919
BENNISTON Amy, Notts. Southwell and Ironville Dbys 1886
BEXON Amos, Notts. Hucknall Torkard 1926
BISHOP George, Notts, Nottingham 1907
BLOXIDGE Rebecca, Nottingham,Notts 1779  V20/8
BLOXIDGE Rebecca, Nottingham,Notts. 1779 V2/112a
BOOTH William, Notts. Stapleford 1904
BOWER Arthur William, Notts. Mansfield 1915
BOWER Benjamin, Notts. Skegby and Staveley Dbys 1880
BOWES John Gething, Notts. Nottingham 1897
BOWETT Mary Ann, Notts. Warsop and Scarcliffe Dbys 1882
BOWRING Samuel Richard, Notts. Sutton in Ashfield 1913
BRAMELD Herbert Frederick Neville, Notts, Nottingham 1899
BRANNAN Mary Ann, Notts. Nottingham 1916
BREESE James William, Notts. Stapleford 1928
BREWSTER Ann, Notts Welbeck, Fish Pond Lodge 1908
BREWSTER Mary Lucy, Notts. Newark
BREWSTER Richard, Notts. Welbeck 1900
BROADHEAD Joseph, Notts. Stapleford 1909
BROOKS James, Notts, Nottingham 1901
BROWN Caroline, Notts Eastwood and Long Eaton 1884
BROWN Mary, Notts. Rufford 1875
BROWN Sarah, relict of Samuel BROWN Lenton, Notts 1734/5 V4/12
BRUINSON John, Notts Nottingham late of Pinxton Dbys 1891
CHAPPELL Margaret, widow of John, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. 1741 cocicil 1743.  V20/22 
CHAWORTHE George, Wyerton, Notts  1589  V18/78
CHOULERTON Edward, Notts, Nottingham, Linton Dbys ? 1910
CLARK John, Notts. Selston and Pinxton Dbys 1881
CLARKE George, Notts. Selston, Westwood 1872
CLAY Emma, Notts. Kimberley 1927
COCKAYNE William, Notts. Beeston and Kings Newton 1877 BROOKSBANK William George, Notts. Bulwell 1919
COCKBURN Robert, Notts. Eastwood 1928
COOK Peggy, Notts, Nottingham 1863
COOKE Isabella, Notts and Derby. 1892
COOPER John, Notts Dunham on Trent nr Newark 1923
COOPER Thomas, Notts. Mansfield 1925
COWLISHAW Matthew, Notts. Worksop 1928
CRESSWELL Samuel, Notts. Nottingham 1897
CRISP Sarah, Notts. Nottingham 1864
CROFT John, Notts. Nottingham and Tibshelf Dbys 1889
CROMPTON Edward Arthur, Notts. Nottingham 1903
CROOKS Herbert, Notts. Papplewick 1922
CROPPER William, Notts. Nottingham 1911
DAVIES Aaron, Notts. Hucknall Torkard 1872
DAVIS Mary, Notts, Lenton 1899
DAVY Henry, Notts, Mansfield and Langwith 1902
DAVY Henry, Notts. Mansfield, Langwith 1902
DENNIS John, Notts. Eastwood 1912
DOAR John Frederick, Notts. Beeston 1902
DODSON Matthew, Notts. Sutton in Ashfield and Tibshelf 1884
DRING William, Notts. Jacksdale 1899
DUCKMANTON Hannah, Notts. Sutton in Ashfield 1912
DUCKMANTON John, Notts Sutton in Ashfield 1915
DUNNICLIFF John Dearman, Notts. Hyson Green 1866
EARL David, Mansfield, Notts. 1793 V18/64
EARL William, Mansfield, Notts 1793 V18/58
EATON Richard, Notts, Nuttall and Derby 1884
EDGE Elizabeth, Notts. and Nether Langwith 1917
ELLIOT Anne, Notts. Sneinton 1868
ENGLAND Valentine, Notts. Stapleford 1922
EVANS Thomas, Notts, Greasley and Youlgreave Dbys 1877
FIDLER Jasper, Notts. Nottingham 1867
FIDLER John, Notts Nottingham 1867
FIELDING William, Notts. Mansfield 1909
FINLAYSON Henry, Notts. Nottingham 1922
FLETCHER Barnett, Notts. Carlton 1922
FLETCHER Isaac, Notts. Holme Pierrepoint 1866
FLETCHER William, Notts. Warsop and Whitwell Dbys 1892
FOSTER Robert Henry, Notts. Nottingham 1915
FRETWELL Mary, Notts. Mansfield Woodhouse 1925
FROGGATT Elnor, Nottingham, Notts 1734  V28/3/9
FROGGATT William, Notts, Nottingham 1898
FROST Mary Jane, Notts. Nottingham and Matlock Dbys 1892
GADSBY Matthew, Notts. Mansfield 1866
GAHAGAN Patrick John, Notts. Worksop 1914
GOLLIN Martha, Notts. Bingham 1863
GOOD Edward, Notts. Sneinton 1927
GOODSON Sarah,vNotts. Nottingham and Buxton, Dbys 1882
GOULD Mary, Notts. Newark 1897
GREEN George, Notts. Bulwell 1912
GREGORY Charles, Notts. Nottingham and Ilkeston Dbys 1878
GROVES William Henry, Notts. Nottingham 1897
GUEST Eli, Notts. Sutton in Ashfield 1927
HALL Joseph, Notts. Newark 1859
HALLOWES Elizabeth, Nottingham, Notts. 1721  V7/8
HANCOCK Jane, Notts. Nottingham 1894
HARDY Joseph, Gunthorpe, Notts ?  1921
HARLOW George, Notts. Jacksdale 1913
HASLAM Martha, Notts. Lenton 1899
HASLAM Thomas, Notts. Huthwaite 1924
HATFIELD David, Notts. Nottingham 1899
HAYLOCK Dinah, Notts. Sutton 1895
HEALD Mary, Notts. Selston 1912
HEATH Matthew, Warsop Park, Notts 1790  V13/50
HEGGS Lucy Ann, Notts. Nottingham 1895
HEMSLEY Sarah, Notts. Mansfield Woodhouse 1909
HENDERSON Janet, Notts. Edwinstowe 1918
HEWITT Hannah, Notts. Nottingham and Sandiacre, Dbys. 1892
HICKLING Mary Ann, Notts. Nottingham 1912
HILL Elizabeth, Notts, Mansfield 1847
HILL Faith, Notts. Carlton ,Gedling. 1842
HILL Francis, Notts Hucknall Torkard 1778
HILL John, Notts Costock 1821
HILL John, Notts, Nottingham 1840
HILL John, Notts. Hucknall Huthwaite 1837
HILL John, Notts. Lound 1790
HILL John, Notts. Mansfield 1837
HILL John, Notts. Teversal 1845
HILL Joseph, Notts. Mansfield 1843
HILL Mary, Notts. New Basford 1845
HILL Matthew, Notts. Elkesley 1833
HILL Robert, Notts Weston. 1845
HILL Robert, Notts, Skegby 1752
HILL Thomas, Notts. South Clifton 1830
HILL William, Farmsfield, Notts 1908 V2/118a
HILL William, Notts, Car Colston 1849
HILL William, Notts. Elkesley 1815
HODGKINSON Amelia, Notts? Kirkby 1895
HODGKINSON Lucy, Notts. Kirkby in Ashfield 1895
HOLLAND Thomas, Notts. Basford 1872
HOULDSWORTH John Wilson, Notts. Nottingham and Heanor Dbys. 1915
HUNTINGTON Samuel, Notts. Nottingham 1877
JACKSON George Thomas, Notts. Bestwood Park 1917
JEPSON Mary Ann, Notts. Nottingham and Derby 1888
JEPSON William, Notts. Retford 1925
JOHNSON Fanny, Notts. Nottingham 1923
JOHNSON William, Mansfield, Notts  1842  V64/21
JOHNSTONE John, Notts,. Nottingham 1914
KEELING Brithannah , Notts. Nottingham and Derby 1864
KIRKHAM Elizabeth, Notts. Burton Joyce 1861
LANCASTER Sarah Jane, Notts. Nottingham 1894
LANGTON Alfred Smith, Notts. Kimberley 1928
LAUNDER Frances, Nottingham, Notts. 1819  V5/17
LEMPRIERE Hannah, Blidworth, Notts 1905
MACHIN Anthony, Notts. Mansfield 1892
MALLINDER John Thomas, Notts. Nottingham 1920
MALTBY Levi, Notts.New Houghton 1926
MANTON Edward, Notts. New Houghton 1916
MARSH Ann, Notts. Sutton Bonnington 1919
MARSHALL John, Notts. Jacksdale, Friezeland 1926
MARTIN Mary, Strelley Hall, Notts 1831
MARTYN Elizabeth, Radford, Notts? 1546 (may be lost)
MCCALLUM Alexander Blake, Notts. Kimberley 1903
MILNER Lucy Grace, Notts. Nottingham, Goose Gate 1873
MITCHELL Tom, Notts. Langwith nr Mansfield 1926
MOORE John, Notts. Nottingham and Derby 1907
MORTON Samuel Edwin, Notts. West Bridgford 1873
MOSS Joseph, Notts. Bagthorpe, Selston 1874
NEWTON James, Notts. Nottingham 1892
NEWTON Nathan, Warsop, Notts copy Will 1759  V13/48
NORMAN Sarah, Notts. Nottingham 1905
OXLEY Elizabeth, Notts. Southwell and Belper Dby. 1878
PARKER Francis, Southwell, Notts. 1645  V7/4
PEPPER Susan, Notts. Ratcliffe on Trent 1915
PETTINGER Joseph, Upton p Headon, Notts 1710  V21/171
POTTS Charles, Notts. Castle and Lowdham 1928
PRINCE Sarah, Notts. Eastwood 1866
RATCLIFF Robert James, Notts. Nottingham and Heanor Dby 1882
RAWSON Henry Notts. Mansfield 1926
REDGATE George, Notts. New Basford 1904
RIPPINGALE ---------, Notts. Farnsfield 1862
ROBINSON Benjamin, Notts. Nottingham late Ilkeston Dby 1888
ROBINSON George, Notts. Farnsfield and Derby 1880
ROBINSON Robert, Notts. Cossall 1900
SANDERSON Georrge, Mansfield, Notts 1851 V62/10
SELBY William, Notts. Nottingham, Hulland St. 1870
SEVERN John, Notts. Brunsley 1913
SHEPHERD Harriett, Notts. Nottingham 1912
SHEPPERSON Samuel, Cuckney, Notts 1764  V3/44
SHEPPERSON Samuel, Cuckney,Notts 1764 V4/44
SHILLITOE Isabel, Notts.Nottingham All Sts.and Ripley Dby 1877
SHOWELL Harriet, Notts. Nottingham 1908
SIMPSON Elizabeth, Nottingham,Notts 1805 V2/94
SIMS John William, Notts. Nottingham 1928
SISSON John, Notts. Eastwood 1895
SISSON Thomas, Notts, Bagthorpe, Selston 1928
SMITH Charles Henry, Notts. Nottingham 1922
SMITH Charles,Notts. Nottingham 1901
SMITH John, Nottinghamshire and Long Eaton 1905
SMITH Thomas Bertram, Notts. Mansfield 1915
SMITH William, Notts. Nottingham 1926
SPENCER Ann, Notts. Walkeringham 1807
SPENCER Anne,Gotham, Notts 1679
SPENCER Catherine, Searlby, Notts 1726/7
SPENCER Dorothy, Colston Basset, Notts 1822
SPENCER Edward, Gotham, Notts 1646
SPENCER Elizabeth, Gotham, Notts 1704
SPENCER Elizabeth, Rempstone, Notts 1601
SPENCER Epiphanias, Everton, Notts 1806
SPENCER Gabriel, Rempstone, Notts 1738
SPENCER George, Bawtry, Notts 1727
SPENCER George, Grasscroft p. Greasley, Notts 1726
SPENCER George, Newark, Notts 1741
SPENCER George, Notts. Kimberley 1810
SPENCER Griffin, Shelton, Notts 1666
SPENCER Griffin, Shelton, Notts. 1666
SPENCER Henry, Notts, Gotham 1638
SPENCER Hugh, East Bridgford, Notts 1619
SPENCER John, Adbolton, Notts 1772
SPENCER John, Adbolton, Notts 1831
SPENCER John, Clifton, Notts 1831
SPENCER John, Colston Basset, Notts 1730
SPENCER John, Gotham, Notts 1676
SPENCER John, Gotham, Notts 1713
SPENCER John, Gringley, Notts 1723
SPENCER John, Gringley, Notts 1755
SPENCER John, Gringley, Notts 1756
SPENCER John, Nottingham, Notts 1660
SPENCER John, Notts. Gringley on the Hill 1751
SPENCER John, Notts. Mansfield 1757
SPENCER John, Walkeringham, Notts 1853
SPENCER Margaret, East Leake, Notts 1681
SPENCER Margaret, East Leake, Notts 1682/3
SPENCER Mary, Blyth, Notts 1766
SPENCER Nathaniel, Nottingham, Notts 1722
SPENCER Nicholas, Nottingham, Notts 1621
SPENCER Richard, Gotham, Notts 1785
SPENCER Richard, Notts. Ruddington 1674
SPENCER Robert, Hodsock, Notts 1755
SPENCER Robert, Hodsock, Notts 1800
SPENCER Robert, Serlby, Notts 1705/6
SPENCER Roger, Treswell, Notts 1609
SPENCER Samuel, Walkeringham, Notts 1819
SPENCER Samuel, West Leake, Notts 1668
SPENCER Sibill, South Wheatley, Notts 1592
SPENCER Thomas, Awsworth, Notts 1751
SPENCER Thomas, Cropwell Bishop, Notts 1647
SPENCER Thomas, North Wheatley ,Notts 1685
SPENCER Thomas, North Wheatley,Notts 1713
SPENCER Thomas, Notts. Awsworth 1750
SPENCER William, Barton in Fabis, Notts 1671
SPENCER William, Bingham, Notts 1843
SPENCER William, Clayworth, Notts 1606
SPENCER William, East Markham, Notts 1807
SPENCER William, Everton, Notts 1822
SPENCER William, Gringley, Notts 1810 
SPENCER William, Nottingham, Notts 1783
SPENCER William, Nottingham, Notts 1806
SPENCER William, Plumtree Notts 1785
SPENCER William, Rampton, Notts 1714
SPENCER William, Sneinton, Notts 1753
SPENCER William, Stanford on Soar, Notts 1624
SPENCER William, Walkeringham, Notts 1815
SPENSER Mary, Westhorpe, Notts 1850
SPENSER Thomas snr, South Wheatley, Notts 1573
SPENSER Thomas, South Wheatley, Notts 1573
SPENSER Thomas, South Wheatley, Notts 1632/3
STEVENSON Anne, Notts. Nottingham 1910
SWAIN Samuel, Notts. Mansfield 1915
SYKES Robert Langley Rev of Nottingham 1852, Manor of Ilkeston tenant V30/15
TAGG Henry, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire 1920
TAYLOR William, of Teversal Notts , property in North Wingfield. Dbys  1848  V2/65
THEAKER Elizabeth, Notts. East Bridgford 1904
THICKETT William, Notts. Nottingham and Bonsall Dby 1876
THOMPSON John, Warsop, Notts  copy Will  1726/7  V13/47 
THOMPSON Mary Emma, Notts. Gedling 1924
TOMLINSON Annie, Notts. Nottingham 1915
TOON William Benjamin, Notts. Nottingham 1925
TROTTER Elizabeth, Notts. Nottingham and Derby 1893
TRUEMAN Thomas of Greasley, Notts, 1850 , Manor of Ilkeston tenant V30/16
TUNNICLIFFE Joseph, Notts. Beeston 1905
TURNER Arthur Hall, Stapleford Notts 1928
TURNER Sarah Ann, Notts. Epperstone 1914
UNTHANK Helena Hemsley, Notts. Nottingham 1903
WALBY John, Notts. Nottingham 1896
WALKER John, Greasley, Notts 1843 V6/80
WALTERS Mary, Notts. Arnold, Nottingham and Derby 1882
WARD James, Notts. Trowell, Swancar Bridge 1928
WARD Joseph, Notts. Bulwell 1915
WELLS Richard, Notts. Woodborough 1869
WESTON Eliza, Notts. Eastwood 1925
WHITE George, Notts. Nottingham and Tansley Dby 1884
WHITE James Baily, Notts. Warsop Park 1873
WHITTMORE Francis, Laxton, Notts. 1649
WIGLEY Benjamin, Nottingham, Notts. 1740 V28/3/3
WIGLEY Joshua, Clipstone, Notts. 1791   V28/3/5
WIGLEY WIGLEY Ann, Nottingham, Notts, widow 1762 V28/3/4
WILLIAMS Sarah, Notts. Stapleford 1925
WILLIAMSON Samuel Porter, Mansfield, Notts 1912
WILSON Samuel, Notts. Bestwood and Long Eaton 1881
WOOD John, Notts. Farnsfield 1863
WOODHEAD Mary, Notts. Mansfield 1858
WOODWARD Ralph, Notts. Newstead, Parsonage 1923
YOUNG Isaac, Notts. Old Lenton 1869

HOLDEN Ann, Wathnall (Watnall?) 1773 Adm
HOLDEN Ann, Wathnall (Watnall?) 1775 Adm
ADAMS Henry, Ockbrook 1878
ADAMS James, Ockbrook 1872
ADDERTON Emma, Ockbrook 1923
ADDERTON William, Ockbrook 1909
AGARD Anne, Ockbrook 1870
AGARD Elizabeth, Ockbrook 1872
ALLCOCK Robert Charles, Ockbrook, Borrowash 1928
ALLEN Ann,Ockbrook 1877
AULTON William, Borrowash 1912
BARRON Benjamin, Borrowash 1908
BARRON Esther, Borrowash 1926
BARRON John, Borrowash 1906
BARRON William, Borrowash 1920
BARTON Sophia,  Ockbrook  1858
BARTSCH Sarah Moss, Borrowash 1901
BATTELL Edward, Ockbrook 1649
BATTELL William Snr., Ockbrook 1629
BATTELLE Thomas, Ockbrook Dbys 1738  V95.2/14
BATTELLE William, Ockbrook Dbys 1757  V95.2/16
BECK William, Ockbrook 1866
BOWER Selina Asenath, Ockbrook 1900
BOWYER George, Ockbropk  1910
BROOKS Ann, Ockbrook 1899
BUCK Mary, Ockbrook 1921
BURROWS Elizabeth, Ockbrook 1897
BURROWS  William, Ockbrook 1926
COLLUMBELL Christopher, Ockbrook 1647
CONNGBELL? Dorothy, Ockbrook 1648
COOPER John, Ockbrook Dbys 1804  V95.2/9
COOPER Thomas, Ockbrook Dbys 1815  V95.2/10
DALBY Francis, Ockbrook Dbys 1764  V95.2/19
DYCHE John, Ockbrook,Borrowash 19191
DYCHE William, Ockbrook,Borrowash 1868
ELLIOTT Samuel, Ockbrook 1801
GARNER Elizabeth, Ockbrook 1879
GIBSON Catherine of Ockbrook, spinster mentions Rev Charles Stead HOPE of Winnington, Lancs., W J CARTWRIGHT Clerk to Messrs FREETH BROWN and ROBINSON Solr Nottingham, Emma WOOLLEY Nottingham spinster, William Henry GIBSON of Sitapore, Dept of Oude India. 1877 /5
GIBSON Catherine, Ockbrook 1877 
GILBY John Smith, Borrowash  1897 
GLASS Sarah, Ockbrook 1867
GRUNDY Jos. Ockbrook  butcher, 1817  V97/1/26*
HARRISON Edward, Borrowash 1727  V29/59
HATTON Harriet, Borrowash 1907
HOOLEY Mary Ford, Borrowash 1894
HOOLEY William, Ockbrook 1892
HOUGHTON Edmund, Borrowash 1914
JACKSON Charles, Borrowash 1918
JACKSON Mary, Ockbrook 1877
JERROM Thomas, Ockbrook 1869
JOHNSON James, Ockbrook Dbys 1753  V95.2/4
JOHNSON Samuel, Ockbrook Dbys 1683  V95.2/3
JUFFS James, Borrowash 1915
KEENAN Mary, Borrowash 1895
KEENAN Thomas, Borrowash 1872
KERBY Isaac, Borrowash 1903
KERRY Anne, Ockbrook 1865
KERRY Elizabeth, Ockbrook 1898
KERRY George, Shacklecross 1927
KERRY Mary Elizabeth, Ockbrook 1897
KERRY Robert, Ockbrook 1873
KERRY Robert, Ockbrook 1902
KIRKMAN John, Ockbrook 1863
LA TROBE Ann, Ockbrook 1872
LAKIN John, Ockbrook 1866
LAKIN John, Ockbrook and Leics. 1885
LAKIN Mary, Ockbrook 1908 
LAMBERT Daniel, Borrowash 1924
LAMBERT William, Ockbrook 1909
LANDER George, Borrowash 1876
LANE Trophimus, Borrowash 1920
LANGFORD John, Ockbrook formerly of Harbury Warwicks 1865
LAYLAND Ann, Ockbrook 1869
LEAVER William, Ockbrook 1874
LEWSLEY Ernest, Borrowash 1927
LEWSLEY Thomas, Borrowash 1921
LILEY Lydia, Ockbrook 1875
LINGS Joseph, Ockbrook 1905
LINGS William, Ockbrook 1891
LISTER James Edward, Ockbrook 1867
LITCHFIELD Ann, Borrowash 1892
LITCHFIELD John, Borrowash 1891
LOMAS Lucy, Borrowash 1910
LOMAX Henry, Borrowash 1888
LUXTON Sarah, Borrowash 1927
MACHIN Joseph, Borrowash 1895
MITSON Sarah, Borrowash 1908
MOORE Harriett, Borrowash  1926
MOORE Henry Bernard, Borrowash 1923
OSBORNE Martin, Ockbrook 1640
OSBORNE Richard, Ockbrook 1639  V95.2/33
OSBURNE (OSBOURNE) Richard, Ockbrook 1639
OSBURNE James, Ockbrook Dbys 1684  V95.2/21
PEARSON Eliza, Borrowash, Dbys 1886
PEAT Henry, Ockbrook, Dbys 1894
PEAT Reuben, Ockbrook, Dbys 1880
PEGG Thomas, Ockbrook, Dbys 1924
PHIPPS Charles, Ockbrook, Dbys 1896
PHIPPS Frances, Borrowash, Dbys 1866
PHIPPS Thomas, Ockbrook, Dbys 1792  V95.2/12
PIGGEN Robert, Ockbrook 1619  V95.2/32
PIGGIN Robert, Ockbrook 1671 V95.2/36
PIGGIN Robert, Ockbrook Dbys 1701 V95.2/37
PILLING Margaret Ethel, Borrowash, Dbys 1927
POTTER William, Ockbrook, Dbys 1928
REDGATE Ada, Ockbrook 1925
REDGATE William, Ockbrook 1883
RICE Edward Benjamin, Borrowash 1906
RICHARDSON Timothy, Ockbrook 1893
RICHDALE Thomas Arthur, Ockbrook 1895
ROBERTS John, Ockbrook 1629
ROBINSON Thomas Gamble, Borrowash 1910
RUSHTON Aaron, Borrowash 1928
SEAL Thomas, Ockbrook 1853
SHAW Ann, Ockbrook 1879
SHELTON Richard,Ockbrook 1647
SIMPSON Mary, Ockbrook 1895
SIMS Robert, Borrowash, Dbys 1882
SIMS Winnifred Mary, Borrowash, Dbys 1922
SPENCER Richard, Ockbrook, Bartlewood Lodge, 1878
STEPHENS Samuel, Ockbrook Dbys 1756  V95.2/11
STEVENS James, Borrowash 1884
STEVENSON James Arthur, Ockbrook 1896
STEVENSON Maria, Borrowash 1927
STONE Eliza Ann, Borrowash 1914
STONE Isaac, Borrowash 1910
STONE John, Borrowash 1917
STONE Sophia, Borrowash 1891
STONE Thirza, Ockbrook 1847
STREET Ann, Borrowash 1881
WHEATCROFT Edward, Ockbrook 1863
WHEATCROFT Mary Ann, Ockbrook 1865
WHEATLEY Mark, Ockbrook 1909
WHEATLEY Mark, Ockbrook 1921
WHEATLEY William, Ockbrook 1859
WHELDON John, Borrowash 1872

OCKBROOK Administrations
CHEVIN Robert, Ockbrook 1872 Adm
DOWMAN William, Ockbrook 1864 Adm
DYCHE Mary, Ockbrook 1858 Adm
ELLIOTT Samuel, Ockbrook 1801 Adm
GREGOR Matilda Elizabeth, Ockbrook 1873 Adm
HARRISON Mary, Ockbrook 1870 Adm
HOLT William, Ockbrook 1867 Adm
HUBBERSTY John, Ockbrook 1869 Adm
NOTON Sarah, Ockbrook 1871 Adm
PLACKETT John, Ockbrook 1858 Adm
ROBERTS Richard, Ockbrook 1629 Adm
STEVENS Joseph, Borrowash 1866 Adm
STEVENS Martha, Borrowash 1866 Adm
WATTS Eliza, Ockbrook 1860 Adm
WHELDON John, Ockbrook 1864 Adm
ALLSOP Thomas, Osmaston by Ashbourne 1883
ALTON Samuel, Osmaston by Ashbourne 1862
SPENCER William, Osmaston by Ashbourne 1731
OSMASTON BY ASHBOURNE Administrations (see also Ashbourne )
CARGEY George, Osmaston by Ashbourne 1867 Adm
TAYLOR Maria, Osmaston, died 1863, mentions Owen TAYLOR Snelston. 1866 Adm
OSMASTON Wills (may refer to Osmaston by Derby or Osmaston by Ashbourne.)
HURD Richard, Osmaston 1640
MART William, Osmaston 1825
ROWLSTON (ROULSTONE) William, Osmaston 1639
SHAWE James, Osmaston 1628
SPENCER Hannah, Osmaston singlewoman 1777
BAGSHAWE Charles Edward, Oxford, late of Buxton 1891
NORTHEND John, University College, Oxford 1671 V20/29
SHERWIN Samuel, Oxon,Oxford 1906
WELLS William, Oxon. Hook Norton 1870
PACKINGTON parish once partly in Derbyshire and Leics. Entirely Leics from 1884.
EVERARD Sarah Packington widow, mentions, William SANDERS of Botcheston, Leics, Executor 1858 /78
JUDD Thomas, Packington 1647
MORREY Elizabeth, Packington 1628
MORREY Hugh, Packington 1628
STORER Benjamin, Leics. Packington 1862
TAYLOR Elizabeth, Packington 1628
TAYLOR Ellis, Packington 1628
WARD William, Leics. Packington, Breach Farm 1861
WELLS Thomas als MURCOT, Packington 1639
PACKINGTON Administrations
HOLYLAND John died 1850 Admin. 1858 mentions Mary BERKIN Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.
KNIGHT Robert, Packington 1627 Adm
LEES William, Packington 1873 Adm
SMITH Robert, Packington 1628 Adm
WARD Elizabeth, 1861. mentions Thomas GRIMLEY of Bedford.
HILL Ellen,Pakistan,Karachi 1918
ALLSOP Henry, Parwich 1868
ALSOP Francis, Parwich 1879
ALSOP George, Parwich 1892
ALSOP Thomas, Parwich 1866
ALSOPP William, Parwich 1640
ALSOPP William, Sen. Parwich 1640
BERYSFORD Robert, Parwicke 1520
BRINKCLIFF Mary Parwich, made 1788 Proved 1794 MIS66/16
BRINKCLIFF Mary, Parwich made, 1788. V66/16
EYLEY William, Parwich 1649
FERNIHOUGH John, Parwich 1879
FERNIHOUGH William, Gotham, Parwich 1896
GERARD William, Parwich 1888
GOULD Thomas, Hakeslow, Parwich c 1856. V6/7/1
KEELING Elizabeth, Parwich 1889
KENDRICK Hannah, Parwich 1918
KENDRICK William Frank,Parwich 1880
KIRKHAM Albina Katharine, Parwich 1913
KIRKHAM Anne, Parwich 1899
KIRKHAM George, Bridge House, Parwich 1874
KIRKHAM George, Parwich 1875
KIRKHAM William, Parwich 1910
LEES George 1812
LEES George, Parwich 1812
LEES Joseph 1820
LEES Thomas 1809
LEES Thomas, Parwich 1809
LEEVING Thomas, Parwich 1639
PRINCE James, Parwich 1890
ROE George, Parwich  1719?  V97/1/49
ROE William 1804 M1S44/47
ROYLEY Anne, Parwich 1650
SHELDON John 1853
SHELDON John, Parwich 1853
SWINDELL John, Parwich 1871
SWINDELL Samuel, Parwich 1849 V100a2/3 (endorsed as incorrect)
PARWICH Administration
ALSOP Ralph, Parwich 1647 Adm
BRINDLEY Thomas, shopkeeper and carrier. 1865
DAKEYNE George, Parwich 1861 Adm
GOULD Frederick, Parwich 1869 Adm
GOULD John, Parwich 1649 Adm
HOPKIN Samuel, Parwich, 1858 Adm
LEES William, farmer. 1865
LEEVING Thomas, Parwich 1642 Adm
SMITH John, Relieving Officer. 1865

BAGSHAW Francis, Peak Forest 1633
EYRE Henry, Peak Forest 1724
EYRE Mary, Peak Forest 1702
EYRE Rowland, Peak Forest 1711
EYRE Rowland, Peak Forest 1735
FOX Martha, Peak Forest 1801
FOX Thomas, Smalldale 1761
GOODDEN Stephen, Peak Forest, Smalldale 1649
HALLAM George, Peak Forest 1641
HILL Adam, Peak Forest 1701
HILL Adam, Peak Forest 1774
HILL Adam, Peak Forest 1822
HILL Dorothy, Peak Forest 1745
HILL Ellen, Peak Forest 1796
HILL George, Peak Forest 1827
HILL Henry, Peak Forest 1763
HILL Henry, Peak Forest 1823
HILL John, Peak Forest 1831
HILL Richard, Peak Forest 1698
HILL Richard, Peak Forest 1782
HILL Thurstan, Peak Forest 1769
HILL William, Peak Forest 1739
JACKSON Jane, Peak Forest 1818
LOMAS John, Peak Forest 1917
LOMAS Joseph, Peak Forest 1920
LOMAS Joshua, Peak Forest 1887
LONGDEN Ann, Peak Forest 1866
LONGDEN ANTHONY. Peak Forest?, Nether Grettrix 1647
LONGDEN James, Peak Forest 1890 
LONGDEN Joseph, Peak Forest and Chapel en le Frith 1885
MIDDLETON John, Peak Forest, Smalldale 1650
NEEDHAM Robert, Peak Forest 1649
WHITE William, Peak Forest 1629

PEAK FOREST Administration
BAGSHAW Francis, Peak Forest 1641 Adm
BEARDMORE Hannah, Peak Forest 1868 Adm
CRESSWELL Ralph, Peak Forest 1634 Adm
CROSSLAND Rebecca, Peak Forest 1859 Adm
FLETCHER Francis, Peak Forest 1865 Adm
HALL Nicholas, Peak Forest 1637 Adm
PEARSON Thomas, Peak Forest 1637 Adm
ROBINSON Anne, Peak Forest Smalldale 1635 Adm
TOWNSEND Edmund, Peak Frost, (Peak Forest?) 1632 Adm
VERNON John, Peak Forest 1867 Adm
WARD John, Peak Forest 1637 Adm
WATTS Thomas, Peak Forest 1866 Adm
WELD Lancelot, Peak Forest, Smalldale 1649 Adm
WILDE Launcelot, Peak Forest? Smalldale Head 1629 Adm
WINTERBOTTOM Jonathan, Peak Forest 1867 Adm
nb There is a Pentridge in Dorset, of which these below are unlikely to be connected and also a Penkridge in Staffs.
BARTON William, Pentrich 1891
BATE Mathew, son of Thomas BATE, Ripley,p.Pentrich 1641
BRAMLEY Edward, Pentridge (Pentrich?) 1639
BROMLEY Matthew, Pentridge (Pentrich?) 1637
COWPER John, Pentridge (Pentrich?) 1648
JESSOP John, Butterley Hall 1869
JESSOPP Elizabeth Lydia, Butterley Hall 1882
JOHNSON Benjamin, Pentrich 1876
KENNING Sarah, Waingroves 1881
LAMB George, Butterley Park Farm 1906
PATERSON Eleanor, Buckland Hollow, mentions Daniel PATERSON Mile End London.
POWER Charles, Pentrich, Dbys 1867
POWER John Moore, Pentrich, Dbys 1891
POYSER Thomas, Marehay 1917
ROWE Isaac, Pentrich 1884
STEVENS Thomas, Pentrich 1893
SWINSON Sarah, Pentrich, Dbys 1863
TAYLOR Henry, Pentridge (Pentrich) 1678 V1/13
Thomas BISHOP Standard Hill, Nottingham, Eliza wife of Francis DURNNRETT? Belize, British Guiana. made 1855. 1858/33
YOUNG Hannah, Pentrich 1841
PENTRICH Administration
BOWLER Joseph, Codnor Gate, Pentrich 1873 Adm
FARNSWORTH Sarah, Pentrich 1872 Adm
HENRY William, Pentrich 1863 Adm
LUDLAM Henry Golden Valley, Codnor Park, coal agent, mentions Jinney
Attenborough LUDLAM, Westwoodville, Notts. widow. 1865
MARTIN Thomas, Butterley, coachman, mentions William MARTIN Holyhead, Anglesea. 1865
PARKER William, Codnor Gate, p.Pentrich, book keeper. 1865
PARKER William, Codnor Gate. 1865 Adm
SMITH Mary, Pentrich 1874 Adm
STABLES William, Marehay stone mason, mentions Roseanna FOWKES 1865
STABLES William, Pentrich 1865 Adm
STORER John, Pentrich 1860 Adm
SUTTON John, Pentrich 1875 Adm
PILSLEY (nr North Wingfield) Wills.  Pilsley became a separate parish 1874 before re-joining North Wingfield 1970. See also North Wingfield.
PURVINGTON John, Pilsley 1885
RAY Eliza, Pilsley 1902
REYNOLDS Thomas, Pilsley 1921
STONE Samuel, Pilsley  1926
ALEXANDER Joseph, Pinxton 1906
ALLCOCK Harvey, Pinxton, Wharf. 1884
ALLCOCK William, Pinxton 1895
ALLIN James, Pinxton 1912
HOUGHTON Mary, Pinxton 1901
HOUGHTON William, Pinxton 1872
JOHNSON William, Brookhill (unsure of location, may not be Pinxton) and Brimington 1886
KING Arthur, Pinxton 1905
KING Henry, Pinxton 1910
KING John, Pinxton 1887
KNIGHTON Robert, Pinxton 1876
KNOWLES John, Pinxton Wharf 1868
KNOWLES Sarah, Pinxton 1891
LEE Martha, Pinxton 1912
LITCHFIELD James, Pinxton 1869
MARRIOTT William, Pinxton 1916
MARSHALL Samuel, Pinxton 1900
NUTHALL John, Pinxton 1860
OWEN Charles Gustavus, Pinxton 1879
PEPPER George, Pinxton, Dbys 1914
PITT Mary, Pinxton, Dbys 1925
REYNOLDS Thomas, Pinxton Wharf 1883
RHODES George, Pinxton 1881
RODGERS Edward, Pinxton 1640
SHAW Alfred, Pinxton 1895
SHOOTER Sarah, Pinxton 1928
SPALTON John, Pinxton 1649
STERLAND John, Pinxton 1876
STERLAND Richard, Pinxton 1879
STRAW William, Pinxton 1884
STRAW William, Storth Lane, Pinxton 1882
WHITE John, Pinxton 1649
WOOD Christopher, Pinxton 1649

PINXTON Administrations
CLAYTON Harriet, Pinxton 1867 Adm
CLAYTON Henry, Pinxton 1871 Adm
ENSOR Elizabeth, Pinxton 1869 Adm
STREY Abraham, Pinxton 1650 Adm
WILSON Rev Peter, Pinxton 1858 Adm
BANCKES (BANKS) Richard, Pleasley 1649
BEARD John Wood, Pleasley 1885
BUNTING Robert, Pleasley 1667
BUNTINGE Nicholas, Pleasley 1608
CLAY (CLAY?) Thomas, Pleasely 1647
FOX Joseph, Pleasley 1817
FOX Samuel, Pleasley 1820
GILL James, Pleasley 1911
GILL Jane Ellen, Pleasley 1916
HORNER Richard, Pleasley 1909
HUTCHINSON Anthony, Pleasley 1628
JACKSON Matthew, Pleasley 1836
LAWRENCE Benjamin, Stoney Houghton 1915
LEE James, Pleasley 1878
MALTBY Levi, New Houghton 1926
MANTON Edward, New Houghton 1916 
OXENHAM Thomas Henry, Pleasley 1897
PAGET Joseph, Stuffynwood and Pleasley 1896
PEARSCE William, Plealsey Works 1818 V33/1
RENSHAW Benjamin, Pleasley 1919
SADLER William, Pleasley 1858

PLEASLEY Administrations
BUTLER Ellen, Pleasley 1639 Adm
CARDING Maria, Pleasley 1859 Adm
CUTLER James, Pleasley 1861 Adm
MORRICE (MORRIS) John, Pleasley 1639 Adm
RHODES Hannah,Pleasley 1868 Adm
SPRAY Hercules, Pleasley 1639 Adm
WASS John, Pleasley 1868 Adm
WILSON John, Pleasley 1859 Adm
ALLCOCK Joseph, Quarndon 1882
ALLCOCK Thomas, Quarndon 1894
ASHTON Catherine, Quarndon 1891
ASHTON Job, Quarndon 1891
AULT William, Quarndon and Derby 1883
BEARD Mary, Derby  formerly of Quarndon  1875
EATON Elizabeth, Quarndon 1881
FEARN Thomas, Quarndon 1891
GAWLER Jane Cox, Quarndon 1918
HACKETT John, Quarndon 1869
HAMPSHIRE Charles, Quarndon 1884
HAMPSHIRE Frank, Quarndon 1927
JACKSON Henry, Quarndon 1836
JACKSON William, Quarndon 1880
JOLLEY William, Quarndon and Derby 1887
KEELING Jane, Quarndon 1895
KEELING William, Quarndon 1867
KNIGHTON Alice, Quarndon 1895
LOFT Edward, Quarndon 1886
LOWE Herbert, Quarndon 1903
LOWE Thomas, Quarndon 1862
LOWE William, Quarndon 1890
MARSHMAN Harriett, Quarndon  1868
NOURSE George, Rev. Quarndon 1911
PARKER George James, Quarndon 1923
RADFORD Mary Buttle, Quarndon and Smalley 1882
RATCLIFF William, Quarndon 1889
RICHARDSON Ernest, Quarndon 1919
RICHARDSON Mary Elizabeth, Quarndon 1916
RICHARDSON Mary, Quarndon 1881
RICHARDSON Violet Ann, Quarndon 1923
RICHARDSON William Milward, Quarndon 1922
ROE Mary Ann, Quarndon 1889
SADLER Robert, Quarndon 1888
SADLER Sarah, Quarndon 1873
SIMPSON John James, Quarndon, Dbys 1876
SIMPSON Thomas Marcus, Quarndon, Dbys 1864 
SITWELL Dorothy Wilmott, Quarndon, Dbys 1863
SITWELL Selina, Quarndon, Dbys 1872
SMITH Alfred, Quarndon 1911
SMITH Daniel Jackson, Quarndon 1925
SMITH Francis, Quarndon 1918
SMITH George Fearn, Quarndon 1927
SMITH Martha, Quarndon 1883
SMITH Sophia, Quarndon 1905
SMITH William, Quarndon 1880
SMITH William, Quarndon 1891
SMITH William, Quarndon 1894
STEVENS Emily, Quarndon 1895
WALKER Katherine, Quarndon 1647
QUARNDON Administration
AULT Thomas farmer, mentions William AULT Kedleston.
AULT Thomas, Quarndon 1865 Adm
HARDING Anne, Quarndon 1867 Adm
HARDING William, Quarndon 1872 Adm
HAYWOOD James, Quarndon 1867 Adm
ROBINSON Frances Elizabeth, Quarndon 1870 Adm
SIMPSON Ann, Quarndon 1866 Adm
SOWTER John, Quarndon 1868 Adm
WARDLE William, Quarndon 1860 Adm
WHITE William, domestic servant mentions Mary BOALER of Middx. sister. 1865
WHITE William, Quarndon 1865 Adm
ARCHER Thomas, Radbourne 1903
BREWOOD Francis, Radbourne 1641
BREWOOD Robert, Radbourne 1641
DRAYCOTT Charles of Radbourne farmer, mentions dau Hannah wife of Joseph WELCH of Horninglow, Staffs. Made 1869 Proved 1877 /36
GARRATT William, Radbourne 1907
HOUGH John, Radbourne 1660
HOUGH John, Radbourne 1663
LEE Elizabeth, Radbourne 1900
MERREY (MERRY) John, Radbourne 1643
MUSGROVE Edward, Radbourne 1875
ROWAN Stephen Frederick, Radbourne 1919
WALKER Elizabeth, Radbourne Dbys 1889
RADBOURNE Administration
BOTHAM Sarah, Radbourne 1870 Adm
MORLEY John, Radbourne 1870 Adm
POLE Rev Henry Reginald Chandos, Radbourne 1866 Adm
YOLE Francis Henry, Radbourne, mentions John Gill YOLE of Bampton, Devon. 1870 Adm
RAVENSTONE partly in both Leics and Derbyshire, entirely Leics since 1884
HALLAM William, Leics. Ravenstone 1859
HUNT John, Leics. Ravenstone 1864
NOON Ann, Leics. Ravenstone 1881
TURNER Thomas, Ravenstone 1640
WOOD Edward, Leics. Ravenstone 1874
RAVENSTONE Administration
HUNT Ann, Ravenstone 1867 Adm
WEBB John Edward Joseph, Ravenstone 1867 Adm
WOOD William, Ravenstone 1867 Adm
ADAMS James Percy, Repton 1926
ALLSOP Henry, Repton 1878
BROWN John, Milton p.Repton 1641
BULL Richard, Repton 1805
BULL Richard, Repton 1836
CANTRELL als PRATT Mary, Repton 1698
CANTRELL Gilbert, Repton 1668
CANTRELL Godfrey, Repton 1628
CANTRELL John, Repton 1661
CANTRELL John, Repton 1697
CANTRILL Elizabeth, Repton 1690
DETHICK Ann, Repton,spinster 1838 V34/9
FISHER John, of Repton 1747-49 Will and codicil of - MIS50/53
FOX Richard, Repton 1593
GARNEYS William, Repton 1882
GASKIN John, Milton 1907
GIBSON Joseph, Repton 1888
GILMAN Alice, Repton 1924
HANLEY William, Repton?, Milton 1650
HARE John, Repton 1864
HAYWOOD Ralph, Repton 1736  V33/33
HIDE Gilbert, Repton 1641
HILL Hastings, Reppington 1666
HILL Joan, Repton 1673
HILL John, Repton 1671/2
HILL John, Repton 1680/1
HILL Richard, Repton 1586
HILL William, Repton 1613
HOPKINS Anne, Repton and Dunstall Staffs 1886
HUGHES William, Repton?, Milton 1643
JARMAN Hugh, Repton 1914
JENNINGES (JENNINGS) George, Repton 1648
JOHNSON William, Repton 1897
JONES Elizabeth Joanna, Bower Hill Repton 1865
JOYNES John, Repton 1647
LEIGH Thomas, Repton?, Milton 1812
LEWIN Mary, Repton 1865
MADDOCKS Thomas, Repton 1858
MARPLES Eliza, Repton 1890
MARPLES Ellen, Ridgeway House, Repton 1860
MARPLES James, Repton 1889
MARSHALL Hannah, Repton 1862
MARSHALL Hannah, Repton 1881
MARSHALL Henry, Repton 1875
MARSHALL John, Repton 1861
MARSHALL Mary, Repton 1883
MARSHALL Sarah, Repton 1899
MARTIN Joan, Repton 1634
MARYOTT (MARRIOTT?) Thomas, Repton 1639
MEAKIN Charles, Repton 1868
MEAKIN Peter, Repton 1873
MEAKIN William, Repton 1869
MEASHAM Ann Elizabeth, Repton 1900
MEASHAM Mary, Repton 1914
MEASHAM Robert, Repton 1872
MESSITER George Malim, Repton Priory 1874
MOULDE Elizabeth, Repton 1628
MUGLISTON Anne, Repton 1897
MUGLISTON George, Repton 1888
MUGLISTON Georgina, Repton 1890
MUGLISTON James, Repton 1881
OWEN Ann, Repton 1877
OWEN William, Repton 1861
PATTINSON John, Repton 1881
PATTINSON John, Repton 1913
PATTINSON Walter, Repton 1927
RATCLIFFE Timothy, Repton 1640
ROBERTS Richard, Repton 1886
ROWLAND George, Repton 1894
ROWLAND Louisa, Repton 1913
SHORTHOSE Henry, Repton 1901
SHORTHOUSE Joseph, Milton, Repton 1858
SHORTHOUSE Joseph, Milton, Repton 1877
STEVENSON Percy, Repton 1919
STEVENSON Selina, Milton 1923
STEVENSON Thomas, Milton 1915
TURNER John, Repton 1646
TURNER Richard, Repton 1647
WARD Francis, Repton 1642
WARD Jane, Repton 1646
WARD Philip, Repton 1640
WAYTES John, Repton 1613 V4/37
WEATE Henry, Repton 1659 V4/36
WILDER Anne, Repton 1650

REPTON Administrations
ALSOP Ann, Repton 1872 Adm
ARMSON Enoch, Repton 1867 Adm
BEAMOND John, Repton 1638 Adm
CANTRELL Henry, Repton 1628 Adm
DALE Jonathan Rev, Repton 1872 Adm
DUMELOW Thomas, Repton 1872 Adm
FARMER Thomas, Milton, p. Repton 1869 Adm
FARMER Thomas, Milton, p. Repton 1870 Adm
HANLEY William, Repton?, Milton 1649 Adm
MEAKIN Elizabeth, Repton 1869 Adm
MEASHAM Ann Rebecca, Repton 1862 Adm
MOLL Edward, Repton  mentions Herbert MOLL Castle Donnington, Leics. and Henry MOLL 1858
SMITHARD Emily, Repton 1875 Adm
THORP Aaron, Repton 1869 Adm
TWIGG John Hanbury, Repton 1871 Adm
RIDDINGS Wills (See also Somercotes and Alfreton )
BOOKER Joseph, Riddings 1900
GEE John, Riddings 1878
GEORGE Thomas, Riddings 1917
GIBSON William, Somercotes 1879  
HORSLEY Henry, Riddings 1869
JACKSON Ann, Riddings 1918
KERRY Millicent, Riddings 1914
KIRK Francis, Riddings 1871
KITCHING William, Riddings 1865
LANGTON Samuel, Riddings 1877
LEE John, Riddings 1882
LEE William, Riddings 1926
LYGO John, Riddings 1915
LYGO John, Riddings 1916
LYGO Mary, Riddings 1895
MACHIN Joseph, Riddings 1887
MALTBY George, Somercotes 1870
MALTBY George, Somercotes 1886
MALTBY Joseph, Riddings 1884
POXON Joseph, Somercotes 1894
RADFORD James, Somercotes 1880
RICHARDSON Hannah, Somercotes 1885
RILEY Samuel, Riddings 1873
ROGERS Annie Sarah, Riddings 1921
ROSE Ann, Pye Bridge 1884
ROWE William, Birchwood 1896
SHARP Joseph, Riddings 1919
SHORTLAND Matilda, Riddings and Grappenhall Ches. 1874
STORER Jonathan, Somercotes, Riddings 1862
STORER Lydia, Somercotes, Riddings 1878
WELBORN Fletcher John, Riddings 1914
WELBORN John, Riddings 1914
RIDDINGS Administrations (see also Alfreton, Swanwick)
MOAKES Mary, Somercotes 1874 Adm
PALMER Ann, Somercotes 1872 Adm
TOPHAM Elizabeth, Riddings 1872 Adm
RIDGEWAY (RIDGWAY) Wills. Originally in Eckington parish.Separate parish 1843 with Troway. Re-united with Eckington 1970.
Note; there is also a Ridgeway near Sawmills, Ambergate area.
STONES Hannah, Ridgway 1888
RIPLEY (Once Township in p.of Pentrich, which see, Chapelry 1821, became separate parish 1855, has Bpt and Bur from 1821, Marr from 1838.)
ABBOTT Daniel, Butterley Park  1923
ABBOTT John, Ripley 1872
ALLEN Elijah, Ripley 1914
ALLSOP James, Ripley, Marehay 1901
ALTON James. Ripley 1865
ARGILE William, Ripley 1894
ARGYLE Alfred, Ripley 1917
ARGYLE Erasmus, Upper Hartshay 1877
ARGYLE William, Ripley 1878
BARTON Sarah, Ripley 1905
BARTON Sarah, Ripley 1905
BATES Ralph, Ripley 1879
BATES Ralph, Ripley 1879
BEASTALL Charles, Ripley 1876
BEASTALL Charles, Ripley 1876
BEASTALL John, Ripley 1864
BEASTALL John, Ripley 1864
BEDNALL Mary Ann, (also BROWN), Ripley  1927
COX Thomas Hutton, Ripley, grocer mentions brother Henry Frederick COX of Nottingham, hosier. 1872 /2
GARNHAM Robert, Ripley 1863
GELSTHORPE Charles, Ripley 1885
GENT Joseph, Ripley 1928
GIBSON Christopher, Ripley 1889
GIBSON John Thomas, Marehay 1918 
GWYNNE Amelia Caroline, Ripley and Matlock 1926
HARRISON John Joseph, Ripley 1889
HARRISON Joseph, Ripley 1894
HAWLEY Alfred, Ripley 1900
HAWLEY Levi, Ripley 1901
HAWLEY Mary, Ripley 1903
HAYNES Charles, Ripley 1870
HAYNES George, Ripley 1890
HAYNES Hannah, Ripley 1899
HOUGH Sarah Ann, Marehay 1919
HOULSON Martha Ellen, Ripley 1879
ILLSLEY William, Ripley 1874
JOHNSON George, Ripley 1880
JOHNSON George, Ripley 1896
JOHNSON Harriet, Ripley 1896
JOHNSON John, Ripley 1893
JOHNSON Rebecca, Ripley 1925
JONES Richard, Ripley 1876
JORDAN John Weston, Ripley 1924
JOWITT Nathaniel, Ripley  1927
KEMP Emma, Ripley 1917
KEMP George, Ripley 1901
KERRY George Henry, Ripley 1890
KERRY George, Ripley 1883
KERRY Joseph, Ripley 1887
KERRY Mary Ann, Ripley 1895
KIRKLAND John, Ripley 1928
KNOTT Richard Alfred, Ripley 1916
KNOWLES Joseph Frederick, Ripley 1923
LAWTON Frank, Ripley 1928
LAYLAND Catherine, Ripley 1901
LEE Benjamin, Ripley 1879
LILLEY William, Ripley 1922
LLOYD David, Ripley 1866
LOMAS Eliza, Ripley 1863
LOMAS John, Ripley 1858
LORD George Arnold, Ripley 1917
LOWE Robert, Ripley 1878
LOWE William Roper, Ripley 1869
LYNAM Harriet, Ripley 1907
MARRIOTT Francis, Ripley 1888
MARRIOTT John, Ripley 1859
MOORE Charles Henry, Ripley 1882
MOORE Thomas, Ripley 1900
MURFIN John, Ripley 1911
MURFIN Mary, Ripley 1903
MURFIN William, Ripley 1906
NICHOLS Susannah, Ripley 1926
OTTEWELL George, Ripley 1913
OTTEWELL Isaac, Coppice Farm,Ripley 1877
PAINTER Henry, Ripley 1915
PAINTER Henry,Ripley 1893
PAINTER Joseph, Waingroves 1886
PEARSON Richard John Thomas, Marehay, Dbys 1922
PEGG Elizabeth, Ripley, Dbys 1893
PETERS Samuel, Ripley, Dbys 1905
POTTER Thomas, Hammersmith, Ripley, Dbys 1867
PROOM Thomas, Ripley 1879
PURSGLOVE Samuel, Ripley 1881
PYWELL Samuel, Butterley Hill 1861
REDFERN William, Ripley 1890
REVILL Reginald, Ripley 1918
RHEAD Lilian Elizabeth, Ripley 1920
RIGHTON William, Ripley 1863
RILEY William, Ripley 1881
ROBERTS Thomas, Ripley 1884
ROBINSON Samuel, Green Hillocks, Ripley 1872
ROE Titus, Ripley 1908
ROOKS William Henry, Upper Marehay 1927
ROWE Thomas, Marehay 1924
ROWLAND George, Ripley 1882
ROWLAND George, Ripley 1918
SHARDLOW Elizabeth, Ripley 1879
SHARDLOW Frederick, Ripley 1872
SHARDLOW Thomas, Ripley 1915
SIMPSON Samuel, Ripley, Dbys 1873
SMITH Daniel Marehay 1867
SMITH Eliza, Ripley 1924
SMITH Henry, Ripley 1871
SMITH Isaac, Ripley 1880
SMITH Isaac, Ripley 1920
SMITH Thomas, Ripley 1926
SMITH William Walker, Ripley 1921
STEVENS Michael, Moseley St Ripley 1870
STEVENS William, Ripley 1879
STEVENS William, Ripley 1905
STONE David, Ripley 1887
STORER Sarah Ann, Ripley 1926
WALKER Emmanuel, Marehay Dbys 1928
WALKER Mary, Ripley Dbys 1920
WALKER Samuel, Ripley Dbys 1920
WALL Henry, Ripley  1856  V33/3
WALL John, Ripley Dbys 1898
WALL William, Ripley Dbys 1886
WALLER James, Ripley Dbys 1886
WYLD Joseph, Ripley 1840
WYLDE George, Ripley 1847
RIPLEY Administration
BLOUNT George shopkeeper 1865
BLOUNT George, Ripley 1865 Adm
BRYAN Selina, Ripley 1866 Adm
BUNTING Robert, Ripley died 1857. 1863 Adm
CAULTON Mary, Ripley 1875 Adm
COOPER Samuel, Ripley 1868 Adm
ELSE Sarah, Ripley 1862 Adm
HINE Daniel Benjamin, Ripley 1859 Adm
ILLSLEY Thomas,Ripley 1859 Adm
KNIGHTON William, Ripley 1867 Adm
MARTIN Thomas, Ripley 1865 Adm
MATHER Alfred, Ripley 1868 Adm
OAKDEN Joseph, Ripley 1866 Adm
RIGHTON Mary Lowes Hill, Ripley, mentions Henry RIGHTON, Limehouse, Middx. 1865
RIGHTON Mary, Ripley 1865 Adm
STACEY Charles Tom, Ripley 1867 Adm
SWIFT Francis, Ripley 1864 Adm
THORMAN John, Ripley 1869 Adm
TIDMARSH Samuel, Ripley 1872 Adm
WALKER Jeremiah, Ripley 1875 Adm
WALKER Joseph, Ripley 1866 Adm
WHYSALL Abraham, Ripley 1866 Adm
WHYSALL Abraham, Ripley 1867 Adm
WILKINSON John, Ripley 1868 Adm
WOOLLEY George, Ripley 1871 Adm
ABBOTT John, Risley 1872
ABBOTT Thomas, Risley 1872
BLUNTSTONE Isabel, Risley 1628
BUNTING William Risley 1820
FOX John, Risley 1809
HUTCHINSON Thomas, Risley 1914
JACKSON William, Risley 1909
PLUMB Mary Ann, Risley Post Office, Dbys 1907
SKEAVINGTON Sarah, Risley, Dbys 1867
SMITH Edward, Risley 1821  V29/64
RISLEY Administration (see also Wilne and Sandiacre)
YOUNG Charles, Risley 1866 Adm
ADDAMS Francis, Rocester 1629
ADDAMS Robert, Rocester 1640
BENTLEY Thomas, Rocester 1649
BOTT Henry, Rocester 1640
COWPER Joan, Rocester 1650
MEARE Anne, Rocester 1628
MEARE Anne, Rocester 1628
PRINCE Uriah, Cornbridge, Rocester, Staffs. 1864
SMITH Joan, Rocester 1642
SMITH Joan, Rocester 1642
TRENTHAM Francis, Rocester 1628
TRENTHAM Francis, Rocester 1628
WALKER Ellen, Rocester Staffs and Eaton Doveridge Dbys 1881
WILD John, Rocester 1849

ROCESTER Administrations
BOTT John, Rocester 1640 Adm
FELTHOWSE (FELTHOUSE) William, Rocester 1641 Adm
GALLIMORE Richard, Rocester 1649 Adm
BOYLSTON John, Rolleston 1647
BROGREAVE Mary, Rolleston 1647
DURANT Eliza, Staffs. Rolleston 1903
DURANT William, Staffs. Rolleston 1903
ELEY William, Staffs. Rolleston 1892
ROWELL Henry, Staffs. Rolleston 1911
ROLLESTON Administrations
TOOBIE ( TOOBY) William, Rolleston 1650 Adm
BULL Joseph, Rosliston 1813
COX Henry, Rosliston 1732
COX Thomas, Rosliston 1728
INSLEY James, Rosliston 1872
LEEDHAM John, Rosliston 1865
LEEDHAM William, Rosliston 1876
PIPE James, Rosliston, Dbys 1858
ROSLISTON Administrations
THOMPSON Elizabeth, Rosliston 1864 Adm
ROWSLEY (as in "row" a boat) Wills & Admins (see also Darley Dale and Youlgreave)
ELLIOTT Peter, Rowsley 1867 Adm
BECK William, Rowsley 1876
BECK William, Rowsley 1876
GODDARD Joseph, Rowsley 1925
HAWLEY John, Rowsley 1865
HAWLEY John, Rowsley 1865
PUGH Lydia, Rowsley 1918
PUGH Lydia, Rowsley 1918
PUGH Thomas, Rowsley 1926
PUGH Thomas, Rowsley 1926
RICHARDS Thomas, Rowsley 1909
RICHARDS Thomas, Rowsley 1909
TRAVIS John, Little Rowsley 1860 Adm
RAVENHALL Mary Ann, Rutland, Oakham 1915
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.