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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Wills and Administration


ABEL William Poundall, Markeaton 1919
ABELL Thomas, Mackworth, Markeaton 1900
BRUCKHOUSE (BROOKHOUSE) Edward, Mackworth 1642
BRUCKHOWSE (BROOKHOUSE) Joan, Mackworth 1637
CALVER Edward, Mackworth 1640
GILDER William Rev, Mackworth Vicarage  1886
HAWLEY George, Mackworth 1628
HOWE Jonathan, Mackworth, Dbys 1759
HUNT Robert, Mackworth 1640
HUTTON Sarah, Mackworth 1908
JOHNSON Jane, Mackworth 1897
JOHNSON Job, Mackworth 1903
JOHNSON Joseph, Mackworth 1858
JOHNSON Mary, Markeaton 1868
JOHNSON Thomas, Mackworth 1898
JORDAN Daniel, Mackworth 1864
KELLY Patrick, Mackworth 1925
KNOWLES Thomas, Mackworth 1899
LING Samuel, Markeaton 1886
LUDLOW William, Markeaton 1904
MADDOCKS Richard made 1857, Proved 1862, of Mackworth, mentions dau Millicent wife of Barnabas LOWE a joiner, "now residng in America".
MADDOCKS Richard of Mackworth baker and farmer, mentions dau Sarah HINDMARSH wife of Joseph of Blenkinsopp, Northumberland, gamekeeper. Made 1857 Proved 1862 /29
MADDOCKS Richard, Mackworth 1862
MADDOCKS Richard, Mackworth 1892
NEWTON William, Mackworth and Burton upon Trent, Staffs  1907
PEELER John, Mackworth 1647
POTTER Samuel, Mackworth, Dbys 1876
RICHARDSDON John, Thornhill Farm, Markeaton, Mackworth 1859
ROOME William, Mackworth 1869
SADLER Thomas, Mackworth 1639
SEALE (SEAL) John, Mackworth, Markeaton 1748
SHARRATT John, Mackworth 1905
SPENCER Catherine, Mackworth 1737
SPENCER Edward, Mackworth 1719
SPENCER Joseph, Mackworth 1743
SPENCER Mary, Mackworth 1724
SPENCER Stephen, Mackworth 1800
SPENCER Thomas, Mackworth 1732
SPENCER Thomas, Mackworth 1777
THORNTON George, Markeaton Dbys 1859
THORNTON Mary, Markeston Dbys and Willington Dbys 1870
TOMLINSON George, Mackworth Dbys 1909
TURNER Ralph, Mackworth 1647
MACKWORTH Administrations
ELVASTON Ralph, Mackworth 1648 Adm
MARTYN (MARTIN) Ann, Mackworth, Markeaton 1678 Adm
MUNDY Emily, Markeaton 1859 Adm
SEAL John, Mackworth 1712 Adm
SEALE (SEAL) Elizabeth, Mackworth 1721 Adm
SEALE (SEAL) Gregory, Mackworth 1682 Adm
SEALE (SEAL) John, Mackworth 1593 Adm
BEALE Isaac, Mapperley 1928
JOHNSON Josiah, Mapperley 1864
POUNDALL John, Mapperley, Dbys 1890
SEXTON Mary, Mapperley Dbys 1926
TRUEMAN Elizah, Mapperley Dbys 1876

MAPPERLEYAdministrations (parish from 1870, see also Kirk Hallam )
WATHEY Hannah, Mapperley 1871 Adm
BASSETT John, Mappleton, Dbys 1892
GLADWIN Richard Henry Goodwin, Mappleton 1895
HOOPER Samuel, Mappleton 1865
JOHNSON Ann Beatrice Goodwin, The Callow 1878
JOHNSON John Goodwin, Callow Mappleton  1872
PLANT Francoise Moonclomah, Mappleton, Dbys 1928
SMITH Ann, Callow 1858
SWINDELL Samuel, Mappleton, Dbys 1882
WARRINGTON Jane, Mappleton Dbys 1867
MAPPLETON Administrations
HILL John, Mappleton 1861 Adm
JOHNSON Martha Elizabeth Goodwin, Mappleton 1874 Adm
MASKERY Thomas, Mappleton 1863 Adm
MAULTON Elizabeth, Mappleton 1860 Adm
ASTON Richard, Marchington 1642
BAXTER William, Marchington 1638
GILBERT John, Marchington 1645
JENINGES (JENNINGS) John, Marchington 1628
MARTYN (MARTIN) Thomas 1715
MYNORS Walter, Marchington 1645
SMITH Richard, Marchington Woodlands 1645
SPENCER Ralph, Marchington 1715
SPENCER William,Marchington 1725
TOWERS Robert, Marchington 1645
WINDSOR William, Marchington 1639
MARLPOOL (Separate parish 1908, see also Heanor.)
OXLEY Richard, Marlpool, Dbys 1920
WADKINSON William Henry, Marlpool Dbys 1919
BATES Charles of Marple Bridge and Cubbington Warwickshire mentions son in law George EYRE of Cubbington and wife Hannah dau of Charles BATES. Will made 1868 Proved 1872 /33
BAXTER Maria Howard, Marple Bridge 1860
BEEBEE Walter Willis Kempson, Marple Bridge 1925
GEE Daniel, Marple Bridge  1867
KNOWLES Elizabeth, Marple Bridge 1923
LEE Abel, Marple Bridge nr Holyvale 1904
LEVERMORE James Luke, Marple Bridge 1875
MARSTON Wills (The Wills here listed for Marston, may refer to Marston on Dove, Marston Montgomery or Marston north of Stafford )
JOHNSON Arthur, Marston 1650
SHERLEY (SHIRLEY) John, Marston 1641
SMITH Richard, Marston 1631
TALLIS Thomas, Marston 1642
WOLLEY John, Marston 1642

MARSTON Administrations (The Administrations listed here may refer to Marston on Dove, Marston Montgomery or Marston north of Stafford )
PRIME John, Marston 1647 Adm
MARSTON MONTGOMERY Wills (As so many places are simply termed "Marston " see also" Marston on Dove" and the Wills and Administration listed under "Marston".)
ALLCOCK William, Marston Montgomery 1886
BECK William, Marston Montgomery 1903
GADSBY Robert Haper, Marston Montgomery 1866
IRELAND John, Marston Montgomery 1642
JEFFERRY Ann, Marston Montgomery 1872
JEFFERRY George William, Marston Montgomery 1924
JEFFERRY Thomas, Thurvaston 1899 (may be Thurvaston in Sutton on the Hill parish)
JEFFERRY William, Marston Montgomery 1873
LOTON Anthony, Marston Montgomery 1640
LOUNDES Jane, Marston Montgomery 1859
OAKDEN Elizabeth, Marston Montgomery 1919
OAKDEN Robert, Marston Montgomery 1867
OAKDEN Robert, Marston Montgomery 1913
PRINCE George, Marston Montgomery 1893
PRINCE Thomas, Marston Montgomery 1874
PRINCE William, Marston Montgomery 1870
SILCOCK George, Marston Montgomery 1880
SILCOCK John, Marston Montgomery 1876
SILCOCK Thomas, Marston Montgomery 1877
SILCOCK William, Marston Montgomery 1876
SKIDMORE Joseph, Marston Montgomery 1889
TWIGG Enoch, Marston Montgomery Dbys 1889
TWIGG Sarah, Marston Montgomery Dbys 1859
WATSON Eliza, Marston Montgomery Dbys 1890
WATSON Stephen, Marston Montgomery Dbys 1889
WILKINS Joseph, Marston Montgomery Dbys 1873
WILSON Sarah, Marston Montgomery Dbys 1900
CHAMBERLAIN John Conway, Marston Montgomery 1871 Adm
JEFFERY George, Marston Montgomery 1867 Adm
JEFFERY Leah, Marston Montgomery 1875 Adm
MARSTON ON DOVE Wills (See also Marston Montgomery and those Wills and Administrations listed under "Marston". )
ADAMS John, Marston on Dove?, Hilton 1871 (there is also a Hilton nr. Tibshelf.)
ADAMS John, Marston on Dove?, Hilton. 1896 (there is also a Hilton nr Tibshelf.)
ALLISON John, Marston on Dove, Hatton 1906
ARCHER Humphrey, Hilton 1860
ARCHER James Hackett, Hilton 1893
ARCHER Jane, Hilton 1881
ARCHER John Charles, Hoon Hay 1898
ARCHER John, Hilton 1892
ARCHER John, Will made 1864 Proved 1866 of Blakelow House nr Hilton p.Marston on Dove, mentions "son William, supposed to be in America and has not been heard of by me a long time past".
ARCHER Mary, Hilton 1925
ARCHER Mary, Malthouse Hatton 1925
ARCHER Robert, Hoon Hay 1885
ARCHER Samuel, Hilton 1903
ARCHER Thomas, Hatton 1924
ARCHER Thomas, Hoon Mount, Hilton 1873
BAGNOULD (BAGNOLD) Walter, Marston on Dove 1652
BROWN John, Hilton, grocer, mentions Ann FROGGATT wife of William of Birmingham. 1858. 1858/40
BULL James, Marston on Dove 1841
BUTLER Richard, Marston 1640 (may be Marston Montgomery )
COSSEN Richard, Marston 1650 (may be Marston Montgomery)
CRESWELL Robert, Hilton 1647 (may be Hilton in p.Tibshelf)
FAULKNER Samuel, Hatton 1885
FAULKNER Samuel, Marston on Dove 1858
FEARN Caroline, Hilton 1927
FEARN Phoebe, Marston on Dove 1911
FEARNE Ellen, Hatton, Marston on Dove 1640
HALL William, Marston 1641 (may be Marston Montgomery)
HILL John, Marston on Dove 1835
HILL Sarah, Marston on Dove 1812
HOULT Edward, Hilton, Marston on Dove, Dbys 1884
JACKSON George, Hilton 1905
JACKSON George, Hilton Common 1858
JACKSON James, Marston on Dove 1888
JACKSON Mary, Hatton 1910
JACKSON Priscilla, Hatton 1871
JACKSON William, Hilton 1864
JACKSON William, Marston on Dove 1890
LABAN James, Hilton 1900
LABAN Miriam, Hilton 1904
LEEDHAM Edwin, Hatton 1913
LEEDHAM John, Hatton 1891
LESLIE Alexander Charles Robert, Hatton 1926
LOWNDES John, Marston on Dove 1911
LUCAS George, Hilton 1903
MARSH James, Marston on Dove 1872
MARTIN Francis, Marston on Dove, Hilton 1770
MARTIN Stephen, Marston on Dove, Hilton 1775
MARTIN Thomas, Hilton, Marston on Dove ? 1754
MARTIN William, Marston on Dove 1773
MARTIN William, Marston on Dove 1810
MEEKE Thomas, Marston on Dove?, Hilton 1634 (there is also a Hilton nr Tibshelf) n.b. this Will may be lost.
MOORCROFT Mary Ann, Hatton 1916
OULSNAM James, Hilton, Marston on Dove, Dbys 1890
OWEN Thomas, Hatton, Marston on Dove, Dbys 1903
PROUDLOVE Ellen, Hilton 1898
RADFORD Thomas Smith, Hilton 1894
RILEY Ann, Hatton 1906
ROE Thomas, Hatton 1886
ROSE Joseph, Hilton 1879
RUDGE Joseph, Hatton, Tutbury Staffs 1925
RUTLAND John, Hilton 1927
RUTLAND William, Hilton 1898
TURNER Thomas, Hilton Dbys 1887
TWIGG Charlotte, Hilton Common Dbys 1899
WALKER Elizabeth, Hatton Dbys 1883
WALLIS Esther, Hatton Dbys 1922
WALLIS Patience, Hatton Dbys 1906
WALLIS Thomas, Hatton Dbys 1885
YOUNG John, Marston on Dove 1694
YOUNG Robert, Hilton ( Marston on Dove ?) 1725
YOUNGE John, Hilton ( Marston on Dove ?) 1627
MARSTON ON DOVE Administrations ( See also Marston Montgomery and those Wills and Administrations listed under the name of " Marston".
ARCHER John, Marston on Dove 1861 Adm
ARCHER Thomas, Marston on Dove 1861 Adm
BLOOD Ann, Hilton, Marston on Dove 1863 Adm
FURNESS Sarah, widow of Marston on Dove. Administration granted to Hannah ROBINSON wife of Edward ROBINSON and niece of Sarah FURNESS. 1719 72/6
GELL Margaret, Marston on Dove 1858 Adm
HARPER Thomas, Hatton, Marston on Dove 1869 Adm
HARRISON Dorothy, Marston on Dove, Hatton 1647 Adm.
LABAN Samuel, Hilton, Marston on Dove 1870 Adm
NOON Joseph, Hilton, Marston on Dove 1873 Adm
PICKERING John, Hilton, Marston on Dove 1873 Adm
ROSE Dorothy, Marston on Dove 1872 Adm
RUSHTON David, Marston on Dove 1862 Adm
SPURRIER George, Marston on Dove 1873 Adm
YOUNG John, Marston on Dove 1720 Adm.
(n.b. this maybe just near Matlock,)
ADDY John, Matlock 1862
ALLSOPP Emma, Matlock 1918
ALLSOPP Thomas, Matlock 1911
ALSOP Ann, Matlock 1864
ALSOP Dennis, Matlock 1628
ASHTON Florence Maria, Matlock 1922
ASHTON Maria, Matlock 1913
ASKEW John William, Matlock 1895
BAGSHAW John, Matlock 1888
BAGSHAW Robert, Matlock 1895
BAGULEY Mary Ann, Matlock 1925
BAILEY Henry Edwin, Matlock 1888
BALGUY Francis Caulfield, Matlock 1924
BALLINGTON Ellen, Matlock 1905
BALLINGTON George William, Matlock 1917
BALLINGTON George, Matlock Bank 1881
BALLINGTON John, Matlock 1860
BALLINGTON Thomas, Matlock 1926
BAMFORTH John, Matlock 1858
BANCKES Edward, Matlock 1649
BANNISTER Frederick George, Matlock 1922
BARGH Sarah, Matlock 1902
BARKER Bradshaw, Matlock 1880
BARNES Charles Arthur, Matlock Bath 1927
BARNES Samuel, Matlock 1893
BARNWELL ------, Matlock 1889
BARTON George, Matlock 1875
BARTON Martha, Matlock Bank 1884
BATEMAN John, Matlock 1904
BATEMAN Louisa, Matlock 1919
BEACHCROFT George Henry, Matlock 1849  V6/251
BEACHCROFT Henry George, Matlock 1849 V6/8
BECK Thomas, Matlock 1896
BELLIS Jane, Matlock 1895
BENNETT Frank Harper, Matlock 1910
BENTON Mary, Matlock and Bloxwich 1908
BILLAM Ephraim, Matlock 1880
BIRD Charles William, Sheffield late of Matlock 1888
BLACKWELL John, Matlock 1869
BLACKWELL Joseph, Matlock 1867
BLACKWELL Ralph, Matlock Scarthin Nick 1839 V6/11
BLACKWELL Ralph, Scarthin Nick 1839  V6/269
BLACKWELL Ralph, Scarthin Nick miner, 1839  V6/15 
BLOOM Ada, Matlock 1926
BODEN Ann, Matlock 1922
BODEN Anthony, Matlock, Scarthin Row 1849 V6/9
BODEN Anthony, Scarthin Row p.Matlock 1849  V6/259
BODEN George, Matlock 1921
BODEN George, Matlock Bank 1871
BODEN John, Matlock 1902
BODEN Peggy, Matlock formerly Crich 1863
BODEN Peter, Matlock Scarthin Nick 1819 V6/12
BODEN Peter, Scarthin Nick 1819  V6/270
BODEN Peter, Scarthin Nick, miner 1819  V6/14
BODEN Samuel, Matlock Bank 1876
BODEN Sarah, Matlock 1903
BODEN Sarah, Matlock Scarthin 1847 V6/5
BODEN Sarah, Scarthin Nick 1847  V6/235
BODEN Thomas, Matlock 1866
BODEN Thomas, Matlock,Scarthin 1829 V6/2
BODEN Thomas, Matlock,Scarthin c 1843 V6/3
BODEN Thomas, Scarthin Nick 1829 V6/223
BODEN Thomas, Scarthin Nick 1843 V6/224
BODEN William, Matlock 1921
BODEN William, Matlock 1925
BOTTOMLEY Mary Ann, Matlock Bank 1884
BRADBURY James Richard, Matlock 1904
BRADLEY George, Matlock 1814 V6/1
BRADLEY George, Matlock 18814  V6/132
BRADLEY Joseph, Matlock 1875
BRADLEY Lydia, Matlock 1754  V40/27
BRADSHAW Hannah Jane, Matlock 1908
BRADSHAW Thomas, Matlock 1928
BRAMAH Annie, Matlock 1926
BRAMAH Ellen, Matlock 1928
BRELSFORD Joseph, Matlock Bank 1877
BRENTNALL PAUL, Matlock 1637
BRIDGE Andrew Bunting, Matlock 1893
BRIDGE Harriet, Matlock Bridge 1898
BRIGHTMORE William, Matlock 1895
BROOKES Marian Martha, Matlock Green 1904
BROOKHOUSE Joseph, Matlock 1862
BROOKS Elizabeth, Matlock 1907
BROOKS James, Matlock 1898
BROOKSBANK Charles James, Matlock 1909
BROOKSBANK Susan Sarah, Matlock 1923
BROWN Mary Ann, Matlock 1901
BROWNSON Sarah, Matlock 1867
BRYAM Benjamin, Matlock 1860
BRYAN Benjamin, Matlock and Belper 1914
BUCKLEY Mary, Matlock 1897
BUCKLEY Samuel, Matlock 1905
BUCKLEY Thomas, Matlock 1893
BULLOCK Thomas, Matlock 1886
BUNTING Andrew B, Matlock 1856
BUNTING Andrew B., Matlock 1856
BUNTING Anthony, Matlock 1704
BUNTING Anthony, Matlock 1704
BUNTING Anthony, Matlock 1730
BUNTING Job, Matlock 1809
BUNTING Mary, Matlock 1742
BUNTING Samuel, Matlock 1742
BUNTING William, Matlock 1664/5
BUNTING William, Matlock 1720
BUNTING William, Matlock 1780
BUNTINGE Henry, Matlock 1615
BURTON William Wollatt, Matlock 1920
CANTRELL John, Matlock 1905
CAPENHURST Jane, Matlock and Kirby Bellairs, Leics. 1874
CARDIN Michael, Common Wood, Matlock 1859
CARDIN Mordecai, Matlock 1888
CARDING Joseph, Matlock 1906
CARDING Priscilla, Matlock 1873
CARDING Thomas, Matlock 1879
CARLINE James, Starkholmes 1904
CARLINE James, Starkholmes 1907
CARLINE Joseph, Matlock 1878
CARLINE Thomas, Starkholmes 1870
CARLINE William, Matlock 1886
CARLINE William, Starkholmes 1863
CARLINE William, Starkholmes 1887
CASH Josiah, Matlock Bridge  1878
CASTLE Harry Merry, Matlock 1899
CAULDWELL John, Matlock Cliff 1904
CAULFIELD John Kitchener Burgoyne, Matlock Bank 1874
CHALIONOR Mary Frances, Matlock 1915
CHALLAND Henry, Matlock 1925
CHALLAND Mary Frances, Matlock 1925
CHAPLAIN John, Matlock and Kegworth Leics 1880
CHESTER Thomas William, Matlock 1923
CLARKE Anne, Matlock 1886
CLARKE Fanny Agnes, Matlock 1918
CLARKE John Jospeh, Matlock 1928
CLARKE Mary Anne Poore Corden? Matlock 1890
CLAY Francis, Matlock Green 1888
CLAY Harry, Matlock 1919
CLAYTON George, Matlock 1914
COCKAYNE Mary, Starkholmes 1890
COCKER Stephen Purim,Matlock 1917
COLLINSON Charles, Matlock 1897
COOPER Ann, Matlock 1879
COOPER Ann, Matlock 1915
CROFT Annie Elizabeth, Matlock 1923
CROWDER William, Matlock 1900
CURRELLY Charles, Matlock Bridge 1874
DAKIN Samuel, Matlock 1921
DAKIN Samuel, Matlock 1921
DANIELS Sarah, Matlock and Stockport Ches 1879
DAVENPORT John, Matlock  1900
DAVENPORT Mark, Cleric, Matlock 1916
DAVIES Horatio, Matlock 1888
DAVIS Alice, Matlock 1917
DAVIS George, Matlock 1902
DAVIS Ruth, Matlock 1911
DAVIS William, Matlock Bank 1862
DICKENS John, Matlock 1807
DICKIN John, Matlock 1807
DOAR Arthur Edward, Matlock 1910
DOUGLAS Alfred Henry, Matlock 1893
DOUGLAS Alfred, Matlock 1908
DOUGLAS Rachel, Matlock 1911
DOXEY Eva Rebecca, Matlock 1922
DRABBLE Frederick Henry, Matlock 1918
DRABBLE George, Matlock 1880
DRABBLE Mary Anne, Matlock 1926
DUNK Henry Bishop, Matlock 1919
DUNLOP Isabella, Matlock 1921
EATON Elizabeth, Matlock 1927
EDGE Mary Ann, Willersley Cottage Matlock 1876
EDGE William, Matlock 1915
EDWARDS Harry, Matlock 1926
ELLIOTT James, Matlock 1820
ELSE An, Matlock 1909
ELSE Charles, Matlock 1865
ELSE Elizabeth, Matlock 1923
ELSE Fanny, Matlock 1900
ELSE George, Matlock 1923
ELSE J. ,Matlock 1917
ELSE John, Matlock 1895
EMERY Henry, Matlock 1901
EVANS Sarah, Matlock 1905
EVANS Sarah, Matlock 1915
EVANS Thomas, Matlock 1905
EVANS William, Matlock 1915
FARNSWORTH Fanny, Matlock 1913
FARNSWORTH Hannah,Matlock 1872
FARNSWORTH Henry, Matlock 1917
FARNSWORTH John, Matlock 1864
FARNSWORTH Kezia Mary Helen, Matlock 1915
FARNSWORTH Richard, Matlock 1901
FERN Annie, Matlock 1922
FERN Martha, Matlock 1915
FLYNT Thomas 1642
FOSTER Mary Ann, Chesterfield Hydro, Matlock 1922
FOX Elizabeth, Matlock 1921
FOX Elizabeth, Matlock, Starkholmes and Wirksworth 1908
FOX Esther, Matlock 1854
FOX George, Matlock 1905
FOX Henry, Matlock 1701
FOX John, Matlock 1864
FOX Joseph, Matlock 1869
FOX Luke William, Matlock 1905
FOX Luke, Matlock 1860
FOX Luke, Matlock 1885
FOX Mary, Matlock 1893
FOX Micah, Matlock 1813
FOX Samuel, Matlock 1798
FOX Samuel, Matlock 1832
FOX Samuel, Matlock 1852
FOX Samuel, Matlock 1860
FOX Samuel, Matlock 1885
FOX Samuel, Matlock 1918
FOX William, Matlock 1788
FOX William, Matlock, Starkholmes 1863
FOXE Edmund, Matlock 1636/7
FRECKINGHAM Henry, Matlock 1880
FRITH William, Matlock 1893
FROGGATT John, Horse Shoe Inn, Matlock 1873
FROST Mary Jane, Matlock and Nottingham Notts 1892
GARNETT William Henry, Starkholmes 1924 
GARTON Anna Maria, Lumsdale Matlock 1905
GARTON Edward Hull, Lumsdale Matlock 1906
GARTON Emma, Lumsdale Matlock 1901
GARTON John, Lumsdale Matlock 1862
GARTON Mary, Lumsdale Matlock 1873
GAUNT William, Matlock 1899
GESSEY Josiah, Matlock 1925
GLOVER Harriett Elizabeth, Matlock 1924
GLOVER William Henry, Matlock 1923
GOODLAD Frederick, Matlock 1920
GOODWIN Eliza, Matlock 1918
GOODWIN George William, Matlock 1916
GOODWIN John, Matlock 1887
GOODWIN Thomas, Matlock 1904
GOULD William, Matlock,Scarthin Row 1854 V6/14
GOULD William, Scarthin Row p. Matlock 1854  V6/275
GREATOREX Job, Matlock 1905
GREAVES John, The Rocks, Matlock 1859
GREAVES Louisa Jane, Matlock 1880
GREAVES William, Bow Wood, Matlock 1919
GREENHOUGH Edward, Matlock 1899
GREENHOUGH Lucy Ann, Matlock 1917
GREGORY Arthur, Matlock 1899
GREGORY Jacob, Matlock Bank 1882
GREGORY Joseph, Starkholmes p.Matlock  1887
GREGORY Margaretta, Matlock 1911
GREGORY Sarah, Starkholmes p. Matlock  1886
GREY Hannah Elizabeth, Matlock 1924
GREY William Rutter, Matlock and Australia  1875
GROCOTT James, Starkholmes  p. Matlock 1925
GWYNNE Amelia Caroline, Matlock and Ripley  1926
HALL Ann, Lums Hill Matlock 1876
HALL Mary, Knowleston Place, Matlock 1870
HALL Robert, Matlock 1922
HALL Sarah, Matlock 1893
HANCOCK William, Matlock 1904
HAND Emma, Matlock 1907
HAND Emma, Matlock 1907
HAND Henry, Matlock 1909
HAND Henry, Matlock 1909
HARDY Sarah Wilhelmena, Matlock 1922
HARDY William Henry, Starkholmes, Matlock 1918
HARPER Lucy, Matlock 1913
HARRIS Charles Henry, Matlock 1915
HARRIS Louisa Sophia, Matlock 1908
HARRIS Walter Noel, Matlock 1911
HARRISON Margaret, Matlock 1918
HARRISON William, Dean Hill House, Matlock 1896
HARTLE Robert, elder, Matlock 1876
HARWARD Arthur, Matlock Bank 1880
HATFIELD Ann, Matlock 1909
HATFIELD Francis, Matlock Bank 1882
HAWLEY George, Matlock 1858
HAWLEY George, Matlock 1885
HAWLEY James, Matlock 1892
HAYNES John, Matlock Bank 1876
HEAD William Beachey, Matlock and Blackpool Lancs 1877
HEALD Horace, Matlock 1921
HENDRY David, Matlock 1869
HENDRY Mary, Matlock 1875
HENSTOCK Agnes, Matlock 1622
HENSTOCK Agnes, Matlock widow. 1622
HENSTOCK Copernicus, Matlock 1900
HENSTOCK John, Matlock husbandman 1608
HENSTOCK Richard, Matlock (Lea Mill) 1838
HENSTOCKE John, Matlock 1608
HIGGS John, Cleric, Matlock 1895
HIGGS Richard, Matlock, butcher,  written 1821  V21/141
HILL Ann, Matlock 1710
HILL Daniel, Matlock 1686
HILL Daniel, Matlock 1686
HILL Daniel, Matlock 1743
HILL Isaac, Matlock and Sheffield Yks 1888
HILL John, Matlock 1906
HILL Nathaniel, Matlock 1762
HILL Philip, Matlock 1733
HINCKLEY Jane, Matlock 1896
HINCKLEY Philip, Matlock 1896
HIRSTHOUSE Ann, Matlock 1899
HOBSONS Anne, Matlock 1890
HODGKINSON Agnes, Matlock 1909
HODGKINSON George, Matlock 1921
HODGKINSON James, Matlock 1874
HODGKINSON John James, Matlock 1922
HODGKINSON Joseph, Matlock 1923
HODGKINSON Joseph, Matlock Bridge 1882
HODGKINSON Lindsey, Matlock 1893
HODGKINSON Mary Jane, Matlock 1904
HODGSON Herbert, Matlock 1928
HODKIN Anne, Matlock 1928
HODKINSON (HODGKINSON ?) George, Matlock 1921
HODSON John, Matlock and Middlesex  1889
HOLE George, Matlock 1896
HOLE Henry, Matlock 1891
HOLLIS Jemima, Matlock 1899
HOLMES Esther, Matlock 1925
HOLMES Hannah, Matlock 1913
HOLMES James, Matlock 1904
HOPE Mary, Matlock 1912
HORTON John, Matlock 1887
HOYSTED Charles William, Cleric, Matlock 1916
HURD Daniel, Matlock 1921
HURD John, Matlock Bank 1868
HURD Sarah Jane, Matlock 1924
HURSTHOUSE John, Lumsdale, Matlock 1886
HURSTHOUSE Samuel, Matlock 1895
HYDE James Bartlett, Matlock 1926
IBBOTSON John, Matlock Green 1890
JACKSON Anne, Matlock 1923
JACKSON Sarah, Matlock 1907
JENNINGS Fanny Wyatt, Starkholmes 1928
JERRAM Martha, Matlock 1927
JERRAM William, Matlock 1917
JOLLEY Esther, Matlock 1905
KEETLEY Annie Emma, Matlock 1913
KEWLEY Margaret Jane, Matlock 1922
KING William, Matlock 1908
KIRKLAND Charles, Matlock 1904
KIRKLAND Emily, Matlock 1907
KIRKLAND Emma Ann, Kirkland 1925
KNIGHTON Benjamin, Matlock and Staveley 1916
KNOWLES Adam, Masson Side Matlock 1878
KNOWLES Adam, Matlock 1901
KNOWLES Alice, Matlock 1904
KNOWLES Elizabeth, Matlock 1918
KNOWLES Elizabeth, Matlock 1926
KNOWLES Elizabeth, Matlock 1927
KNOWLES Elizabeth, Starkholmes 1885
KNOWLES Frederick, Matlock 1911
KNOWLES George, Matlock 1896
KNOWLES Hannah, Matlock 1921
KNOWLES Job, Matlock 1880
KNOWLES John, Starkholmes 1906
KNOWLES Sarah, Knowleston Place Matlock 1871
KNOWLES William, Matlock 1902
KNOWLES William, Matlock 1914
LEACROFT Augusta Caroline, Matlock 1894
LEACROFT Catherine Carpenter, Dale Cottage Matlock 1907
LEACROFT Mary Ann, Tor House Matlock 1869
LEACROFT Richard Becker, Matlock 1863
LEEDHAM Maria, Matlock 1887
LEEYS Thomas, Matlock 1797
LENTHALL Eliza, Matlock 1900
LEROY George, Matlock 1920
LEWIS John, Matlock 1888
LITCHFIELD Martha, Matlock 1913
LOMAS John, Matlock 1914
LOUKES James, Matlock Dale 1884
LOWE Catherine Hannah, Matlock 1911
LOWE Samuel, Matlock 1923
LOWE William Henry, Matlock 1928
LUDLAM Henry, Matlock 1907
LUDLAM Henry, Matlock 1925
LUDLAM Mary, Matlock 1867
LUDLAM William, Matlock Moor 1869
MALCOMSON Abraham Bell, Matlock 1889
MARGERISON William Arthur, Matlock 1917
MARJERRISON James, Matlock Green 1913
MARRIOTT James, Megdale, Matlock 1859
MARRIOTT John Walter, Matlock 1901
MARRIOTT John, Dimple, Matlock 1886
MARSDEN William, Matlock 1889
MARSHALL Mary, Matlock 1879
MARTIN Ellen, Matlock 1873
MARTIN George, Matlock 1869
MARTIN John, Matlock 1723
MARTIN Joshua, Matlock 1841
MARTIN Sarah, Matlock Bank 1885
MARTIN Tacey, Martin 1847
MARTIN Thomas, Matlock 1702
MARTING (MARTIN) Ann, Matlock 1816
MASKREY Sarah, Matlock 1881
MELLAND John, Matlock Green 1922
MIDDLETON William, Matlock 1899
MILLS Hannah, Matlock 1917
MILLWARD John, Matlock 1909
MITCHELL George, Matlock 1901
MOORE Peter, Matlock 1875
MOORE William Harrison, Matlock 1913
NEAL Emily, Starkholmes p. Matlock 1916
NEAL John, Matlock 1881
NEAL Luke, Matlock 1889
NELSON William Turner, Matlock and Colwyn Bay, Wales  1893
NUTTALL Elizabeth, Matlock 1914
OATES Jonathan, Matlock 1866
O'CONNER Anne, Matlock 1894
PEARSON Ellen Matlock, Dbys 1860
PEARSON Louis, Matlock, Dbys 1915
PEARSON Sarah, Matlock, Dbys 1893
PEGLAR George, Matlock Bridge, Dbys 1898
PIDCOCK Bridget, Matlock 1718
PIDCOCK Joseph, Matlock 1721
PIDCOCK Thomas, Matlock 1724
PIDCOCKE (PIDCOCK) Anthony, Matlock 1641
PIDCOCKE (PIDCOCK) George, Matlock 1661
PIDCOCKE (PIDCOCK) John, Matlock 1665
PILKINTON Isabella, Matlock House 1898
PIPE Henry, Matlock Bridge, Dbys 1909
POLLITT Elizabeth, Matlock, Dbys 1922
POTTER Ann Stoppard, Holt Cottage, Matlock Bridge, Dbys 1875
POTTER Charlotte, Matlock, Dbys 1887
POTTER Henry, Matlock Bank, Dbys 1881
POTTER James, Matlock, Dbys 1923
POTTER Mary, Matlock, Dbys 1895
POTTER Samuel, Matlock, Dbys 1901
POTTER William, Matlock Scarthin Nick 1845 V6/10
POTTER William, Scarthin Nick 1845  V6/267
POTTER William, Scarthin Nick,labourer 1845  V6/17
POYSER William, Matlock 1921
PRIDE William, Matlock 1922
RANSOME Mary Ann, Matlock 1924
RAWSON Ann, Common Wood, Matlock 1869
RAWSON David, Matlock 1885
RAWSON Thomas, Matlock 1887
RHODES Joseph, Matlock 1925
RICHARDS Robert, Matlock 1916
RICHARDSON Emily Ellen, Matlock 1928
RIDE George, Matlock and Bradley 1925
RILEY William Henry, Matlock 1917
ROBINSON Elizabeth Mary, Matlock 1928
ROBINSON Thomas, Matlock 1857 V6/15
ROBINSON Thomas, Matlock 1857  V6/7
ROBY Sarah, Matlock 1889
ROLLEY Ann, Bow Wood p.Matlock 1852  V6/241
ROLLEY Ann, Matlock, Bow Wood 1852 V6/7
ROPER Elizabeth, Matlock 1892
ROPER James, Starkholmes, Matlock 1865
ROUSE Elizabeth, Matlock 1919
ROUSE John, Matlock Bank 1860
RUSSWURN Summer Charles Abbot, Matlock 1902
SHARKEY Thomas, Matlock 1921
SHARP Eliza Ann, Matlock 1926
SHARP Thomas, Matlock 1916
SHAW Archelaus, Matlock 1877
SHAW Elizabeth, Matlock Bank 1880
SHUTES William, Matlock Bridge 1885
SIMPSON Mark, Matlock, Dbys 1903
SKIDMORE John, Matlock 1860
SKIRROW Robert, Matlock 1874
SLATER George, Matlock 1919
SLATER Hannah, Matlock 1884
SLATER James, Matlock 1902
SLATER Jane, Matlock 1899
SLATER John Job, Matlock 1920
SLATER John, Matlock 1909
SLATER William, Matlock Bank 1877  
SMEDLEY William, Matlock Bath 1816 V6/13
SMEDLEY William, Matlock Bath 1816  V6/13
SMEDLEY William, Matlock Bath 1816  V6/271
SMITH Ann, Matlock 1895
SMITH Henry, Matlock, Vicar 1640
SMITH Job, Malvern House, Matlock 1907
SMITH Job, Matlock 1912
SMITH John Walter, Matlock 1928
SMITH Joseph, Matlock 1876
SMITH Lydia, Matlock 1903
SMITH Mabel, Matlock 1922
SMITH Mary, Matlock 1882
SMITH Mary, Matlock 1917
SMITH Selina Maria, Matlock 1906
SPENCER Richard, Matlock 1707
SPENCER Robert, Matlock 1681
SPENCER Timothy, Matlock 1842
SPENCER Timothy, Matlock, yeoman. 1814
STARKEY William, Matlock 1902
STATHAM Abanathan Daffin,Matlock 1874
STATHAM Ann, Starkholmes 1887
STATHAM Emma, Matlock 1916
STATHAM George, Matlock 1916
STATHAM George, Matlock 1919
STATHAM Isaac, Matlock 1894
STATHAM Joshua, Matlock 1874
STATHAM Louisa, Starkholmes,Matlock 1918
STATHAM Luke Robinson, Matlock 1900
STATHAM Samuel, Starkholmes 1924
STATHAM Sarah, Matlock 1887
STATHAM Sarah, Matlock 1894
STATHAM Solomon, Starkholmes, Matlock 1886
STATHAM William, Matlock 1903
STATHAM William, Starkholmes, Matlock 1864
STEEL Ann, Matlock and Sheffield,Yks. 1876
STEEL Elizabeth spinster of Matlock formerly of Sheffield Yks, mentions sisters Ann STEEL, Sarah STEEL, Mary STEEL 1877/58
STEEL Elizabeth, Matlock and Sheffield Yks. 1877
STEEL Sarah, Matlock 1900
STEPHENSON Georgina Slater, Matlock 1910
STEVENS Charles, Matlock 1873
STEVENS Frederick William, Matlock 1882
STEVENS Sarah, Matlock Bridge 1880
STEVENS Thomas, Matlock 1903 
STOCK Ada Mary, Matlock 1926
STOCKER Henry Frederick Christian, Matlock 1917
STONE James, Matlock 1811
STONE John, Matlock 1852
STONE William, Matlock 1808
STONE William, Matlock 1852
STORER Catherine, Matlock 1895
STRANGE Elizabeth, Matlock 1922
SWINDELL Ann, Matlock, Dbys 1922
SWINDELL Samuel, Matlock, Dbys 1917
SYBRAY Charles Bower, Matlock, Dbys 1881
TAVERNER John, Matlock Dbys 1893
TAYLOR Ann, Matlock Bank Dbys and London 1879
TAYLOR Eliza, Matlock Dbys 1893
TAYLOR George, Matlock Dbys 1861
TAYLOR Gervase, Matlock Dbys 1904
TAYLOR John, Bow Wood Matlock Dbys 1866
TAYLOR Mary, Castle Top, Matlock Dbys 1864
TAYLOR Peter, Matlock Dbys 1890
TAYLOR Timothy, Matlock Dbys 1903
TAYLOR William, Castle Top, Matlock Dbys 1862
TODD Alexander, Matlock Dbys 1897
TOMLINSON George Edward, Matlock Dbys 1919
TOMLINSON Hannah Sophia, Matlock Dbys 1923
TOMLINSON Mary Ann, Matlock Dbys 1890
TOMLINSON Mary Ann, Matlock Dbys 1916
TOMLINSON Matilda, Matlock Dbys 1928
TOPLIS John, Matlock Dbys 1923
TOPLIS John, Matlock,Scarthin Row 1855 V6/4
TOPLIS John, Scarthin Row p.Matlock 1855
TOPLIS Lydia, Matlock Dbys 1927
TOWLE Hannah, Matlock Dbys 1912
TRICKETT John, Matlock 1857  V43/7
TURNER Arthur, Matlock Dbys 1879
TURNER James, Matlock Dbys 1899
TURNER John, Matlock Dbys 1898
TURTON Ellen Elizabeth, Matlock Dbys 1928
TWIGG George, Matlock Dbys 1903
TWYFORD Mary Jane, Matlock Dbys 1920
UNWIN Elizabeth Swallow, Matlock Dbys and Sheffield Yks 1880
UTTLEY Clara Louisa, Matlock Dbys 1925
WAGSTAFF Thomas Richard, Matlock Dbys 1914
WALKER Eliza, Matlock Dbys and Middlesex 1889
WALKER James, Starkholmes Matlock  Dbys 1923
WALKER Job, Matlock Dbys 1894
WALKER Thomas, Starkholmes Dbys 1877
WALL George, Matlock Dbys 1902
WALL George, Starkholmes Dbys 1913
WALL Gillah, Matlock Dbys 1914
WALL Henry, Riber Dbys 1861
WALL Thomas, Matlock Dbys 1894
WALTERS Charles, Matlock Dbys 1900
WALTON Elizabeth, Matlock Green Dbys 1891
WALTON George, Matlock Dbys 1868
WALTON Hannah, Matlock Dbys 1868
WALTON William, Matlock Dbys 1883
WARD Catherine, Matlock Dbys 1885
WARD George, Matlock Dbys 1898
WARD Samuel, Matlock Dbys 1866
WARD Thomas, Matlock Bank Dbys 1885
WARD Valentine, Matlock Dbys 1895
WARD William Henry, Matlock Dbys 1914
WAREING Esther, Matlock Dbys 1911
WATKINSON Maria, Matlock Dbys 1896
WATKINSON Mary Ann, Matlock Dbys 1896
WESTON Anthony, Matlock 1891
WHEATCROFT Evelyn Anne, Matlock 1898
WHEATCROFT John, Matlock 1905
WHEATCROFT Nathaniel ,Willersley, Matlock 1882
WHEATCROFT William, Matlock 1863
WHEELDON Ann, Matlock 1886
WHEELDON John, Matlock 1895
WHEELDON John, Wensley and Snitterton, Matlock 1905
WHEELDON Joseph, Matlock 1905
WHEELDON Joseph, Matlock Moor 1890
WHEELDON Moses, Matlock 1860
WHITE Charles Frederick, Matlock Dbys 1924
WHITTAKER Edwin, Matlock Dbys and Lanes, Anglesey Wales 1880
WHITTAKER Henry, Matlock Dbys 1895
WIGGLESWORTH Isabella, Matlock Bridge Dbys 1878
WILCOCKSON Joan, Matlock 1639
WILDGOOSE Anthony, Matlock Bank Dbys 1868
WILDGOOSE Betsey , Matlock Dbys 1889
WILDGOOSE John, Matlock Dbys 1899
WILDGOOSE John, Matlock Dbys 1903
WILDGOOSE Lawrence Thomas, Matlock Dbys 1921
WILDGOOSE Lawrence, Hurst Farm, Matlock Dbys 1869
WILDGOOSE Richard, Matlock Dbys 1895
WILDGOOSE Robert, Matlock Dbys 1900
WILDGOOSE Thomas, Matlock Dbys 1902
WILKINSON Joe, Matlock Dbys 1927
WILLGOSS Ruth, Matlock Dbys 1887
WILSON Ann, Matlock Dbys 1915
WILSON Luke, Matlock Dbys 1865
WILSON William, Matlock Dbys 1888
WOLLEY (WOOLLEY) Francis, Matlock 1642
WOOD Mary, Matlock Dbys 1919
WOODCOCK Charles Cleever, Dalefield House, Matlock Bank Dbys 1869
WOODHEAD Joseph, Matlock Dbys and Rowsley Dbys and Gamersal ? 1877
WOODHOUSE James, Matlock Bank Dbys 1868
WOODINGE Richard, Matlock 1650
WOODIWISS Henry, Matlock Dbys 1888
WOOLLEY Mary, Matlock Bank 1883
WOOLLEY William, Riber, p.Matlock 1677
WRAGG Ann, Matlock Dbys 1879
WRAGG Samuel, Matlock Bank Dbys 1881
WRAGG Sarah, Matlock Dbys 1914
WRIGHT Charles, Matlock Dbys 1869
WRIGHT Emmie, Matlock Dbys 1927
WRIGHT George Wheeldon, Matlock Dbys 1891
WRIGHT George, Matlock Dbys 1866
WRIGHT James, Matlock 1802 CTW/17
WRIGHT James, Matlock Dbys 1865
WRIGLEY Joseph, Matlock Dbys 1906
WRIGLEY Sarah Ann, Matlock Dbys 1925
YOUNG Charles, Matlock Dbys 1890
YOUNG John, Matlock 1836
YOUNG John, Matlock 1852
YOUNG John, Matlock Dbys 1908
YOUNG Richard, Matlock Dbys 1897
YOUNG Samuel, Matlock 1820
MATLOCK Administrations
BODEN Anthony, Matlock 1865 Adm
BUNTING Reuben, Matlock Green  mentions Maria BUNTING 1860 
CAPENHURST Jane 1873 formerly of Matlock late of Donisthorpe
CARDER Henry 1860 Matlock
CARDING Solomon 1862 Matlock Bridge died Snitterton
DERBYSHIRE George 1864 Matlock Bank
FARNSWORTH Thomas 1873 Matlock
FOX Esther, Matlock 1863 Adm
HADFIELD Mary Ann, 1863 Adm
HENDREY Abraham 1869 Matlock
HOLMES Ann mentions James HOLMES 1871
HURSTHOUSE Godfrey, Matlock 1649 Adm
LEACROFT Richard Brooke 1874 Matlock
LEEYS Thomas, 1774
LEEYS Thomas, 1797
MALTBY Mary 1868 Matlock
MARSH Matthew, Matlock 1865 Adm
MARTIN Francis 1868 Matlock
MILNES Charles, Wood End, Matlock  mentions Mary MILNES, Henry MILNES Darley Dale 1858
PARKINSON Henry 1869 Matlock
ROBINSON William died 1850, mentions Jane Sophia ROBINSON. Adm 1870
SPENCER Edmund, Matlock, High Leas. 1635 Inventory.
STONE Lydia, Matlock, died Belper  mentions Thomas BRACE Middleton by Wirksworth 1860  
WALKER Ann 1860 Matlock
WALKER Sarah Ann 1858 Lea Wood, near Matlock
WALKER Sarah Ann, Lea Wood near Matlock  mentions William WALKER  1858
WALKER William, Matlock 1647 Adm
WALTERS Elizabeth, Matlock 1875 Adm
WHEATCROFT Mary Ann, Willersley, Matlock  mentions Nathaniel WHEATCROFT yngr.  Willersley Cottage 1858
WIGLEY Anthony, Matlock 1639 Adm
WILCOCKSON Eliza, Matlock 1863 Adm
WILDGOOSE Francis, The Hurst, Matlock mentions Laurence WILDGOOSE  1858
WILDGOOSE George 1864 Matlock died Dove Holes
WOOD William, Matlock 1642 Adm
WORTHY John mentions Martha WORTHY 1870
WRIGHT Charles, Matlock  mentions Hannah WRIGHT, William WRIGHT. 1858
MATLOCK BANK Wills Parish from 1886
ADDY John, Matlock Bank 1882
ALLEN Edward, Matlock Bank 1927
ALLSOPP Mary, Matlock Bank 1910
BALLINGTON Thomas, Matlock Bank 1887
BIRKS George, Matlock Bank 1907
BODEN Maria Capper, Matlock Bank 1910
BODEN William, Matlock Bank, Gate Inn 1896
BRAMWELL Henry, Matlock Bank 1887
BRIGGS Luke, Matlock Bank 1908
CARLINE Ann, Matlock Bank 1890
CARLINE George, Matlock Bank 1892
CARLINE Titus, Matlock Bank 1892
CLARE James, Matlock Bank 1898
DAVIS Ralph, Matlock Bank 1896
DOXEY William, Matlock Bank 1907
FARNSWORTH Ernest Richard, Matlock Bank 1909
FRECKINGHAM Richard, Matlock Bank 1891
GOODLAD Emmanuel, Matlock Bank 1906
GOODLAD Frederick, Matlock Bank 1891
HAZZLEDINE Edgar, Sycamore House, Matlock Bank 1898
HILL William, Matlock Bank 1907
LEE Henry James, Matlock Bank 1927
METTAM John, Matlock Bank 1911
NICHOLLIS Alfred, Matlock Bank 1908
OAKLEY Walter John, Matlock Bank 1913
ORTON Rebecca, Matlock Bank 1900
SHAW Ellen, Matlock Bank 1887
STEVENS Edward George, Park Square, Matlock Bank 1904
STEVENSON Matthew, Matlock Bank 1888
TOPLIS Marcus, Matlock Bank Dbys 1897
WAGSTAFF Joseph, Matlock Bank Dbys 1888
WARD George, Matlock Bank Dbys 1892
WARD James, Matlock Bank Dbys 1896
WILSON William, Matlock Bank Dbys 1905
WOODHOUSE Alfred, Matlock Bank Dbys 1889
WRIGHT Sarah, Matlock Bank Dbys 1886
YOUNG Mary, Spring Villa, Matlock Bank Dbys 1907
MATLOCK BATH Wills Parish from 1843
ADAM Joseph, Matlock Bath 1871
ALBARN James Curtill, Matlock Bath 1881
ALLEN James, Matlock Bath 1899
ALLEN John, Matlock Bath 1868
ASLETT George, Matlock Bath 1912
BARKER William Ross, Matlock Bath 1883
BARKER William, Matlock Bath 1890
BARNES Charles Arthur, Matlock Bath 1927
BARNSLEY Thomas, Matlock Bath 1890
BARTON George, Matlock Bath 1875
BIDDLE Alfred, Matlock Bath and Beeston,Notts. 1876
BIDDULPH Elizabeth, Matlock Bath, Scarthin 1915
BIRD Thomas, Matlock Bath 1901
BODEN Abel, Matlock Bath 1861
BODEN Ann, Matlock Bath 1902
BODEN Joseph, Matlock Bath 1868
BODEN Sarah, Scarthin Nick, widow draft Will  1847  V6/235
BODEN William, Matlock Bath, Scarthin Row 1869
BRIDDON George, Matlock Bath 1899
BROOKS Samuel, Matlock Bath formerly of Sheffield Yks 1869
BROOMHEAD Elizabeth, Matlock Bath 1893
BROWN John, Matlock Bath and Stockport Ches 1878
BROWN William, High Peak Matlock Bath  1905
BRUCE Jane Georgiana, Matlock Bath 1872
BRYAN Daniel, Matlock Bath 1924
BRYAN Elizabeth, Matlock Bath 1924
BUCKLEY Anna, Matlock Bath 1904
BURY James, Riversdale, Matlock Bath  1878
BUTTERWORTH Alice, Matlock Bath  1927
BUXTON Herbert, Matlock Bath 1913
CARDING Ann, Matlock Bath 1906
CHADWICK Robert, Matlock Bath 1880
CHAPLAIN Louisa Theodosia, Matlock Bath 1904
COOPER Thomas, Matlock Bath 1926
CROWDER Eliza, Matlock Bath 1917
CURSHAM Harriette, Matlock Bath 1894
DALE Charlotte, Matlock Bath, Terrace Cottage 1864
DAVIS Ralph, Matlock Bank 1896
DENNIS Esther, Matlock Bath 1917
DICKINSON Frederick George, Matlock Bath 1923
DOXEY Obadiah, Matlock Bath 1910
DOXEY William, Matlock Bank 1907
EATON Charles, Matlock Bath 1889
ELLIS George, Matlock Bath 1867
ELSE William, Matlock Bath 1905
EVANS John, Matlock Bath 1890
EVANS Mark, Matlock Bath 1888
FARNSWORTH Ernest Richard, Matlock Bank 1909
FARNSWORTH William James, Matlock Bath 1917
FERRIMAN Elizabeth, Matlock Bath 1909
FISHER John, Starkholmes, Matlock 1904
FLETCHER Mary, Matlock Bath 1871
FRECKINGHAM Richard, Matlock Bank 1891
FROGGATT Benjamin, Matlock Bath 1865
FROGGATT William, Scarthin Lodge Matlock  1875
FROST Maria, Matlock Bath 1916
GITTINS Hannah, Woodland Terrace, Matlock Bath 1875
GOULD Margaret, Matlock Bath 1927
GREAVES James, Matlock Bath 1866
GREGORY Edward, Matlock Bath 1886
HACKWOOD Richard Warwick, Matlock Bath  1900
HARDSTAFF George, Matlock Bath  1871
HARDY Sarah, Matlock Bath 1910
HENSTOCK James, Matlock Bath 1923
HIGGOTT Elizabeth, Chapel Hill, Matlock Bath 1886
HIGGS Elizabeth, Matlock Bath 1904
HIGTON Mary, Matlock Bath 1898
HODGKINSON Thomas, Matlock Bath 1910
HOLLOWAY William Henry, Matlock Bath 1884
HOPE Joseph Jackson, Matlock Bath 1899
HOPE Sarah Eleanor, Matlock Bath 1906
HOULGATE Mary Ann, Matlock Bath 1888
HOWE Mary Anne, Matlock Bath 1916
HOWE Mary Anne, Matlock Bath 1916
HOWE William Elliott, Matlock Bath 1891
HOWE William Elliott, Matlock Bath 1891
HUDD Joseph, Matlock Bath 1908
HURD Elizabeth, Matlock Bath 1902
IVATTS Mary Brown, Matlock Bath 1864
JEFFREY William, Matlock Bath 1928
JOHNSON Margaret, Matlock Bath 1891
JORDAN Emma, Matlock Bath 1908
KAY Henry, Matlock Bath 1899
KING Anthony, Matlock Bath 1869
KING James, Matlock Bath 1871
KING Lexcey, Matlock Bath 1920
KING Thomas, Matlock Bath 1885
LADD Thomas Henry, Matlock Bath 1923
LAND Frederick, Matlock Bath 1922
LATHAM Edward, Matlock Bath 1883
LATHAM John Rev, Matlock Bath and Little Eaton 1879
LEES William, Matlock Bath 1920
LOWE Francis, Matlock Bath 1918
MELLER Charles Mathias, Matlock Bath 1904
MORDLE Frederick Dare, Matlock Bath 1923
MOSLEY Richard, Matlock Bath 1927
OGDEN Elizabeth, Matlock Bath 1921
OGDEN Francis, Matlock Bath 1887
OGDEN John, Matlock Bath 1924
OGDEN Mary Ann, Matlock Bath 1918
OLIVER Joseph, Matlock Bath 1884
OLIVER Mary Eliza, Matlock Bath 1924
PEARSON Annie, Matlock Bath, Dbys 1908
PEARSON Eliza, Matlock Bath, Dbys 1912
PEARSON Ellen, Matlock Bath, Dbys 1883
PEARSON James, Matlock Bath, Dbys 1875
PEARSON Joseph William, Matlock Bath, Dbs 1915
PEARSON Louisa, Matlock Bath, Dbys 1923
PEARSON Lydia, Matlock Bath, Dbys 1903
PEARSON Mary Ann, Matlock Bath, Dbys 1903
PEARSON Thomas, Matlock Bath, Dbys 1869
PEARSON William, Matlock Bath, Dbys 1884
PICKERING Mary, Matlock Bath, Dbys 1869
POUNDALL Thomas, Matlock Bath, Dbys 1906
PRICE Margaret Alderson, Matlock Bath 1928
PRINGLE Fanny Nelson, Matlock Bath 1912
PRYER Matilda Lydia, Matlock Bath 1925
RADFIRTH George, Matlock Bath 1874
RADFIRTH George, Matlock Bath 1885
RATCLIFFE Hannah, Matlock Bath 1897
REEDS Joseph, Matlock Bath 1914
REEDS Peter, Matlock Bath 1923
ROBINSON Samuel, Matlock Bath 1918
ROLLEY Josiah, Scarthin Nick, Matlock Bath 1865
ROWLAND Eliza, Matlock Bath 1914
ROWLAND George, Matlock Bath 1912
ROWORTH Edward Simms, Scarthin, Matlock Bath 1922
STEVENSON William, Matlock Bath 1874
STONES Maria Yelverton, Matlock Bath 1900
STORER Joseph, Scarthin Row, 1875
TAYLOR James, Matlock Bath Dbys 1887
THICKETT Annie, Matlock Bath Dbys 1904
THICKETT Mary, Matlock Bath Dbys 1900
TOWLE George, Matlock Bath Dbys 1883
TOWNDROW Bessy, Matlock Bath Dbys 1917
TOWNDROW Phoebe Ann, Matlock Bath Dbys 1914
WALKER George, Matlock Bath ,miner draft Will 1849  V6/258
WALKER George, Matlock Bath Dbys 1873
WALKER Lydia, Matlock Bath Dbys 1890
WALKER Thomas, Matlock Bath Dbys 1870
WALKER Thomas, Matlock Bath Dbys 1900
WALTERS Ann, Matlock Bath Dbys 1899
WALTHALL Sarah, Matlock Bath Dbys 1910
WARD Martha, Matlock Bath Dbys 1909
WARD William, Matlock Bath Dbys 1877
WARDLEY Anne Allen, Matlock Bath Dbys 1919
WARDLEY James, Matlock Bath Dbys 1892
WASS Mary Matlock Bath widow draft Will and codicil  c1848  V6/236
WASS Mary, Matlock Bath widow draft Will 1851  V6/272
WASS Mary, Matlock Bath widow draft Will  1849  V6/240
WASSE Catherine, Matlock Bath widow draft Will  1850  V6/253
WHEAT Susan, Matlock Bath 1899
WHEATCROFT Edward, Matlock Bath 1882
WHEATCROFT Henrietta, Matlock Bath 1879
WHEATCROFT Maria, Matlock Bath 1916
WHEATCROFT Sidney Frederick, Matlock Bath 1907
WHITTAKER Mary, Matlock Bath Dbys 1922
WIGLEY Fanny, Matlock Bath Dbys 1870
WILLIAMSON Charles, Matlock Bath Dbys 1896
WILLIAMSON Mary Ada, Matlock Bath Dbys 1899
WINGFIELD Sarah, Rockland House, Matlock Bath Dbys 1870
WOODFIELD William, Matlock Bath Dbys 1901
WYVILL Benjamin Taylor, Matlock Bath 1920
WYVILL William Herbert, Matlock Bath 1919

MATLOCK BATH Administration
BLACKLOCK Ellen, Matlock Bath 1873 Adm
HOPKINSON William, Matlock Bath, formerly of Nottingham. 1874 Adm
SMITH John, Matlock Bath, Scarthen Row 1869 Adm
STONE Catherine, Matlock Bath, Scarthen Row 1869 Adm
THORPE Sarah, Matlock Bath 1874 Adm
BATEMAN Hugh 1856
HAMBLETON Thomas, Matherfield, Mayfield? 1649
HILL John 1661
HILL John, 1572
HILL Mary 1704
HODGSON Thomas, Matherfield, Mayfield 1649
HYLL Thomas 1544
JACKSON Edward, Mayfield 1850
LEES John, Mayfield?, Mathfield 1802
LEES Josiah, Mayfield?, Mathfield 1795
NICHOLAS John, Matherfield, Mayfield 1648
SHARPE Annie, Mayfield, Staffs 1919
MAYFIELD Administrations
BAGGSLEY William, Matherfield, Mayfield? 1638 Inventory
FROST William, Matherfield, Mayfield? 1648 Adm
MEASHAM included parts of Donisthorpe and Oakthorpe, transferred to Leics. 1897
ABNEY William Wooton 1866 Measham
ABNEY William Wooton, Measham Hall 1866
ADEY Thomas 1908 Measham
ADEY Thomas, Measham 1908
BALL John, Measham 1864
BALL John, Measham 1873
BALL William, Measham 1902
BATCH Thomas, Measham 1649
BILLSON John, Measham 1896
BONSELL George, Measham Leics. 1922
BONSELL William, Measham, Leics. formerly of Woolwich 1924
BONSER Elizabeth, Measham, Leics. 1917
BOSS William, Measham 1858
BOURNE Thomas, Measham 1914
BRADFORD James, Leics. Measham,Donisthorpe 1890
BRADSHAW Fanny, Measham 1910
BROOKE John, Measham 1637
FISHER Mary, Leics. Measham 1909
FOWLER George, Leics. Measham, Donisthorpe 1886
GOACHER William, Leics. Measham, Oakthorpe 1860
HARDING Edward Corbett, Leics, Measham 1926
HARDING Matilda, Leics. Measham 1909
HART Joseph, Leics. Measham 1891
HARVEY Sarah, Leics. Measham, Oakthorpe 1875
HAYWOOD John, Leics. Measham, Oakthorpe 1910
HILL John, Measham?, William HILL Executor, Measham. Leics. 1771 V1/21
HODSON Mary Ann, Leics. Measham 1914
HODSON William Frederick, Leics. Measham 1905
HOGG Thomas. Leics. Measham, Oakthorpe 1890
HOGG William. Leics. Measham, Donisthorpe 1905
HUNT Eliza 1866 of Measham, mentions " Edwin SHARPE of Sandiays Gunpoolie, Plantation Kumaon, East India".
HUNT George, Leics. Measham 1860
IRONMONGER John, Leics. Measham 1869
JACKSON Charles, Leics. Measham 1876
JERVIS Ann, Leics. Measham 1877
JEWIS John Allen, Leics. Measham 1872
JEWSBURY William, Leics. Measham, Donisthorpe 1919
KENDRICK William, Leics. Measham 1904
LEAVESLEY Hannah, Leics. Measham 1867
LILLEY Elizabeth, Leics, Measham 1863
LILLEY Hariett, Leics. Measham 1906
LILLEY John, Measham 1906
LILLEY Joseph. Leics. Measham 1883
LUNN George, Leics. Measham 1877
MARTEN Agnes, Measham 1573
MASSEY John, Leics. Measham, Oakthorpe 1731/2
MASSEY William, Leics, Measham 1903
MASSEY William, Leics. Measham, Oakthorpe 1840
MOORE Amelia, Leics. Measham 1905
MOORE Charles,Leics. Measham 1884
MOORE John, Leics, Measham,Donisthorpe 1894
MURBY John, Leics. Measham 1869
NEWBOLD Robert, Leics, Measham,Donisthorpe 1893
ORGILL Mary, Leics. Measham 1894
PARRITT Thomas, Leics. Measham 1909
PATTRICK William, Leics. Measham 1891
READ Mary Ann, Measham 1895
RICE John, Leics, Measham 1889
RICE Thomas, Leics. Measham 1861
RYLEY Thomas William, Leics. Measham 1895
SADDINGTON Edwin, Leics. Measham 1915
SALE George, Leics. Measham,Oakthorpe 1890
SHUTTLEWORTH William, Leics. Measham,Oakthorpe 1916
SIMMONDS Joseph Wilkes, Measham House, Measham  1862
SMITH Elizabeth, Leics. Measham 1896
SPENCER Francis, Measham 1774
SPENCER John, Leics. Measham 1894
SPENCER William, Measham 1718
STEVENSON Edward, Leics. Measham 1864
SUTTON Richard, Leics. Measham 1915
TALBOT Thomas, Leics. Measham ?, Acresford 1905
TAYLER (AYLOR) Abraham, Measham 1650
TEBBETT Reuben Leics. Measham ,Donisthorpe 1921
TUNNICLIFFE William, Leics. Measham,Oakthorpe 1892
TURNER William, Leics. Measham, Donisthorpe 1889
WADE John, Leics. Measham 1914
WALKER John Knight, Leics. Measham 1917
WALKER Mary,Leics. Measham ,Acresford 1871
WHITWORTH John, Leics. Measham 1889
WILEMAN Henry, Leics. Measham 1865
WINTER William, Leics. Measham 1867
WYATT John, Measham  1865
WYATT Stephen, Leics. Measham 1919
YEOMANS Jane, Leics. Measham 1909
YEOMANS Samuel, Leics. Measham 1874
MEASHAM Administration
ALEXANDER Nicholas, Measham 1649 Adm
BEET William, Leics. Measham 1869 Adm
HUNT Amelia, Leics. Measham 1867 Adm
HUNT Eliza 1865
HUNT Eliza, Leics. Measham 1865 Adm
JONES Mary, Leics. Measham 1869 Adm
PICKERING Martha, Leics. Measham 1872 Adm
PICKERING Thomas, Leics. Measham 1871 Adm
SEALE (SEAL) Robert, Measham 1582 Adm
STEVENSON George, Leics. Measham 1866 Adm
WHITWORTH John, Leics. Measham 1869 Adm
ADCOCK Frank, Melbourne 1916
ADCOCK George, Melbourne 1912
ADCOCK Mary, Melbourne 1912
ADCOCK Stephen, Melbourne 1871
ADCOCK William Haims, Melbourne 1887
ADDISON Sarah, Melbourne 1874
ADKIN George, Melbourne 1911
ANDREWS James, Melbourne 1892
ANDREWS Joseph, Melbourne 1928
ARCHER Henry, Melbourne 1901
ASTLE John, Melbourne 1896
ASTLE John, Melbourne 1923
ASTLE Richard, Melbourne 1910
AUDINWOOD Elizabeth Ann, Melbourne 1915
AUDINWOOD William Henry, Melbourne 1922
BACKLER Fanny, Melbourne 1892
BARTON Jonathan, Melbourne 1874
BARTON Thomas, Melbourne 1899
BARTON William, Melbourne 1858
BATES John Taylor, Ashby Rd, Melbourne  1875
BATES Walter, Melbourne and Blackburn Lancs. 1879
BODEN Robert, Melbourne 1649
BULLOCK Elizabeth, Melbourne  1896
BULLOCK Joseph,  Melbourne 1898
CALOW John of Melbourne fwk. 1833 MIS50/47 Will of
CANTRELL Ann, Melbourne 1851  V109/22
CANTRELL Bryan, Melbourne 1663
CANTRELL Catherine, Melbourne 1681
CANTRELL Elizabeth Robins, Kings Newton, widow. 1856 V4/37
CANTRELL Hugh, Melbourne 1794 V4/39
CANTRELL John, Kings Newton 1671 V4/28
CANTRELL John, Melborn 1676
CANTRELL John, Melbourne 1695
CANTRELL Joseph, Kings Newton 1836 V4/32
CANTRELL Samuel, Melbourne 1697
CARTLEDGE William, Kings Newton 1833 V4/10
CHADWICK Thomas, Melbourne 1670/1
COCKAYNE William of Beeston Notts and of Kings Newton p.Melbourne mentions wife Ann. made 1873 Proved 1877 /16
DALLMAN Augustus, Melbourne 1862
DALLMAN Elizabeth, Melbourne 1911
DALLMAN Francis William, Melbourne 1896
DALLMAN Hugh, Melbourne 1924
DALLMAN Mary Beechon, Melbourne 1899
DALLMAN Robert, Melbourne 1869
DALLMAN William, Melbourne 1911
DENT Joseph Kings Newton yeoman. 1739 MIS50/52 Will of
DENT Robert of Kings Newton labourer. 1824 MIS50/49 Will of
DOLMAN Alfred Decimus, Melbourne 1859
DOLMAN Bernard Chapman, Melbourne 1868
DOLMAN Emma Rebecca, Melbourne 1885
DOLMAN Francis Ross, Melbourne 1869
DOLMAN James Joseph, Melbourne 1859
DUNNICLIFF Francis, Melbourne 1916
DUNNICLIFF Harriett, Cliff Cottage,Melbourne 1875
DUNNICLIFF John, Melbourne 1869
DUNNICLIFF John, Melbourne 1899
DUNNICLIFF Mary Ann, Melbourne 1923
DUNNICLIFF Mary, Melbourne 1887
DUNNICLIFF Rebecca, Melbourne 1911
DUNNICLIFF Thomas, Melbourne 1915
DUNNICLIFF William, Melbourne 1887
EARL Harry, Melbourne 1899
EARL John, Melbourne 1882
EARP Daniel, Melbourne 1868
EARP Daniel, Melbourne 1895
EARP Edmund, Melbourne 1867
EARP Elizabeth, Melbourne, Kings Newton 1917
EARP Henry Webster, Melbourne 1893
EARP Henry, Melbourne 1896
EARP James, Melbourne 1894
EARP John , Kings Newton 1917
EARP John, High St. Melbourne 1861
EARP John, Melbourne 1883
EARP Joseph, Kings Newton 1916
EARP Mary, Melbourne 1868
EARP Samuel, Kings Newton 1804 V4/40
EARP Sarah, Melbourne 1895
EARP Thomas Haimes, Melbourne 1865
EARP Thomas, Melbourne 1912
EARP William, Kings Newton 1862
FOX Frederic Francis, Melbourne 1883
FOX Henry, Melbourne 1843
GARDNER John, Melbourne 1869
GARRATT W. Melbourne 1919
GARRATT William, Melbourne 1909
GATES William, Melbourne 1927
GRAY Thomas, Kings Newton 1827 V41/3/td>
HARPER George, Melbourne 1880
HARPUR Sarah Ann, Melbourne 1900
HARROLD John, Melbourne 1888
HOLT Ann, Melbourne 1873
HOLT Ann, Melbourne 1889
HOOD Dorothy, Melbourne 1641
HOOD George, Melbourne 1640
HORSLEY James, Melbourne 1871
HORSLEY Thomas, Melbourne 1860
HORSLEY William, Melbourne 1869
HOUGH Charles, Melbourne and Ashby de la Zouch Leics 1896
HOULT Herbert, Melbourne, Dbys 1927
HYDE Thomas, Melbourne 1884
HYLL William, Melborn 1542
INCE Mary Ann, Melbourne 1889
INCE Mary, Kings Newton 1861
INCE Matilda, Kings Newton 1872
JACKSON Edmund, Melbourne 1896
JACKSON Emma, Melbourne 1900
JACKSON Fanny, Melbourne 1917
JACKSON Francis, Melbourne 1928
JACKSON Isaac, Melbourne 1914
JACKSON Jane, Melbourne 1893
JACKSON Joseph, Melbourne 1894
JACKSON Martha, Melbourne 1870
JACKSON Mary, Melbourne 1890
JACKSON Moses, Melbourne 1894
JACKSON Samuel, Melbourne 1875
JACKSON Thomas, Melbourne 1869
JACKSON Thomas, Melbourne 1928
JACQUES Emanuel, Melbourne 1888
JEFFERSON Joseph, Melbourne 1865
JEFFERSON Mary, Melbourne 1900
JELFS Henry, Melbourne 1898
JEPHSON Henry, Melbourne 1901
JOHNSON John, Melbourne 1879
KENNING Abraham, Kings Newton 1807 V4/23
KING Henry, Melbourne 1896
KIRKMAN Joseph, Melbourne 1867
KNOWLES John, Melbourne 1905
LAGER Edward, Melbourne 1886
LAGER Mary, Melbourne 1861
LAGER Mary, Melbourne 1900
LAGER Mary, Will made 1854, Proved 1861, of Melbourne, Derbyshire, mentions. " dau Mary MUNDAY now residing in the United States of America".
LOAKE William, Melbourne 1924
MARSON William, Melbourne 1881
MARSTON Annie, Melbourne 1925
MARTIN Edward, Melbourne 1921
MARTIN Ellen, Melbourne 1700
MARTIN William, Melbourne 1683
MOLLOY Austin, Melbourne 1895
MOORE Jane, Melbourne 1924
OSBOONE (OSBORNE?) William, Melbourne 1563
OSBORN Edward, Melbourne 1687
OSBORNE Margaret, Melbourne, Newton Regis 1701
OSBORNE William, Melbourne 1669
OWEN George, Melbourne, Dbys 1928
PEAT Josiah, Melbourne, Dbys 1907
PEAT Mary, Melbourne, Dbys 1915
PEAT Sarah Ann, Melbourne, Dbys 1885
PEAT William, Melbourne, Dbys 1859
POLLARD Mary, Melbourne, Dbys 1885
PORTMORE George, Melbourne, Dbys 1870
REDFERN Mary, Melbourne 1878
REEVES Elizabeth, Melbourne 1904
REEVES William, Melbourne 1870
RICHDALE Sarah, Melbourne 1863
RIMINGTON Ann, Melbourne 1896
RIMINGTON Robert, Melbourne 1894
ROBIN Leonard Philip, Melbourne 1919
ROBINSON Samuel, Melbourne 1886
ROBY Samuel, Melbourne 1910
SALSBURY Alfred, Melbourne 1899
SALSBURY Edmund, Melbourne 1890
SALSBURY Frances, Melbourne 1910
SALSBURY Joseph, Melbourne 1859
SALSBURY William,Melbourne 1878
SALSBURY James, Melbourne 1898
SMITH Ann, Melbourne 1926
SMITH Arthur, Melbourne 1886
SMITH E.S., Melbourne 1919
SMITH Elizabeth, Kings Newton 1895
SMITH Ernest William, Melbourne 1924
SMITH Francis, Melbourne 1862
SMITH Isaac, Melbourne 1913
SMITH James, Melbourne 1859
SMITH Mary, Melbourne 1876
SMITH Robert, Kings Newton, Melbourne 1905
SMITH Thomas, Melbourne 1926
SMITH William, Melbourne 1868
STOCKS Eva, Melbourne 1913
STONE Samuel, Melbourne 1889
SYLVESTER Maximilian, Melbourne 1894
TAFFT Ann, Melbourne Dbys 1895
TAFT Dorothy, Kings Newton Dbys 1868
TAFT Thomas, Kings Newton Dbys 1861
TAGG Alice, Melbourne Dbys 1858
TAYLOR Elizabeth, Melbourne Dbys 1894
TAYLOR Thomas, Melbourne Dbys 1916
TAYLOR William, Kings Newton Dbys 1866
THOMPSON Edward, Melbourne Dbys 1914
THOMPSON Mary, Kings Newton Dbys 1893
THOMPSON William, Melbourne Dbys 1893
TIMMS Thomas, Melbourne 1860
TIRRELL John als HALL, Melbourne 1639
TIVEY Emma, Melbourne 1900
TIVEY James, Melbourne 1882
TIVEY Sidney, Melbourne 1907
TIVEY Thomas, Melbourne 1902
TIVEY William James, Melbourne 1922
TIVEY William, Melbourne 1886
TIVEY William, Melbourne 1927
TOMLINSON Ann, Melbourne 1892
TOMLINSON Hannah, Melbourne 1892
TOMLINSON Jane, Melbourne 1910
TOON Charles, Melbourne 1863
TOON Fanny, Kings Newton 1924
TOON Frederick, Kings Newton 1922
TOON James, Melbourne 1886
TREDINNICK Annie, Melbourne Dbys 1897
TUNNICLIFF George, Melbourne Dbys 1884
UNDERWOOD Thomas, Melbourne 1647
VERNON John, Kings Newton Dbys 1872
VERNON Thomas, Kings Newton Dbys and Hitchin Herts 1879
WAKEFIELD Joseph, Kings Newton 1769 V4/22
WALDEN George, Melbourne Dbys 1918
WARD Emma, Melbourne Dbys 1909
WARD Thomas, Melbourne Dbys 1901
WARD Wallis, Melbourne Dbys 1925
WARD William, Melbourne Dbys 1881
WARREN Ann, Melbourne Dbys 1897
WARREN Joseph William, Melbourne Dbys 1921
WARREN Lucy, Melbourne Dbys 1916
WARREN Samuel, Melbourne Dbys 1884
WEBSTER John Henry, Melbourne Dbys 1921
WEBSTER Robert, Melbourne Dbys 1903
WHITEHEAD George, Melbourne Dbys 1871
WHYMAN Thomas, Melbourne Dbys 1907
WILLIAMS Henry Charles, Melbourne Dbys 1921
WILLIAMSON Annie, Melbourne Dbys 1905
WILSON Edward, Melbourne Dbys 1902
WILSON Emma, Melbourne Dbys 1922
WINNALL Sarah Jane, Melbourne Dbys 1900
WORRALL Ann, Melbourne Dbys 1890
WORRALL Elizabeth, Kings Newton Dbys 1863
WORRALL Joseph, Kings Newton Dbys 1879
WORRALL Thomas Herbert, Melbourne Dbys 1921
WRIGHT George, Melbourne Dbys 1916
WRIGHT Martha, Melbourne Dbys 1926
WYLES Thomas, Kings Newton Dbys 1915
MELBOURNE Administrations
BERRESFORD Lucy  Melbourne  (died 1870) mentions Joseph BERRESFORD 1873
BOSTOCKE John, Melbourne 1640 Adm
BROOKES Joseph  Melbourne  mentions France?s BROOKES 1872 
CANTRELL John Kings Newton yeoman, Inventory 1615 V4/27
CARTWRIGHT William, Melbourne 1844  V109/23
DALLMAN Robert  Melbourne mentions Hannah DALLMAN  1867
ELLIOTT John, Melbourne 1647 Adm
ENSOR Mary  Melbourne mentions William ENSOR 1873
FRYER William, Melbourne 1889  V109/30
JACKSON Joseph  Melbourne  1860
JONES Richard, Melbourne, Vicar. 1639 Adm.
KINCEY George  Melbourne  mentions Thomas KINCEY  1867
LOVATT Sidney, Melbourne  mentions Emma LOVATT, Basford, Notts 1858
MARPLES Mary  Melbourne mentions Samuel Edward MARPLES Melbourne 1870
MARTIN William, Melbourne 1710 Adm
NOON Elizabeth, Melbourne  (died 1855)  mentions William NOON Coalville, Leics, John NOON, Bedford, Beds. 1858 
ROBEY James  Melbourne mentions John ROBEY, Mary ROBEY 1863 
ROEBOTHAM Thomas, Melbourne 1639 Adm
SNAPE John, Melbourne  mentions John SNAPE Melbourne, Henry SNAPE Melbourne 1858
SOFFE Elizabeth Sophia  Melbourne mentions Annie CROWDER Derby 1864
SPEAR William  Melbourne (died 1861) mentions William SPEAR Melbourne grandfather, Robert SPEAR  1866
TIMMS Sarah  Melbourne mentions Frederic William TIMMS  1863
ARDERN James, Ludworth 1904
ARDREY William Howarth, Ludworth 1906
ARNFIELD Elizabeth, Mellor 1877
ARNFIELD James, Longshaw Clough Mellor 1860
ARNFIELD John, Mellor 1871
ARTINGSTALL John, Ludworth 1899
BEARD Samuel, Hill Top, Mellor 1864
BEARD William, Higher Bradshaw  1877
BEARD William, Ludworth 1866
BECKWITH Richard, Marple Bridge, Ludworth 1877
BUNTING Samuel, Mellor 1822
FREEMAN Matthew, Mellor 1859
GEE Isaac, Ludworth Dbys and Ardwick Lancs  1863
HADFIELD Charles, Mellor farmer 1883
HAGUE John, Mellor 1759 M194
HALL Henry, Ludworth 1879
HYDE Betty, Marple Bridge 1908
HYDE Jonathan, Marple Bridge 1887
HYDE Margaret, Ludworth 1876
HYDE Thomas, Ludworth 1879
JOWETT Elizabeth, Mellor 1866
LEES James, Mellor 1880
LITSTER (LISTER ?) William, Compstall 1881
LIVERSLEY Thomas, Smithy Lane, Ludworth 1873
LIVESLEY Thomas, Smithy Lane, Ludworth 1873
LOMAS Richard, Mellor 1883
LOWE James, Mellor 1892
MARCHINGTON Philip, Mellor 1893
PEMBROKE Margaret, Ludworth, Dbys 1908
PICKFORD Joseph, Mellor, Dbys 1914
PLATT Hannah, Ludworth, Dbys 1879
PLATT James, Laver Fold, Ludworth, Dbys 1875
POTTS Ellen, Mellor, Dbys 1891
POTTS Henry, Ludworth, Dbys 1891
POTTS Thomas, Cote Green, Ludworth, Dbys 1871
PREVO Amanda, Mellor 1912
RATCLIFF Thomas, Mellor 1884
RATCLIFFE Hugh Goddard, Mellor 1879
RATCLIFFE Joseph, Hempsfield Cottage, Ludworth 1873
REDFORD Isaac, Higher Bradshaw, Mellor 1880
REDMAN John, Compstall 1895
RHODES James, Horsepool, Mellor 1877
RICHARDSON James, Compstall Road, Ludworth 1859
RICHARDSON Thomas, Mellor 1862
RIDGWAY John Hudson, Ludworth 1885
ROWBOTHAM Jane, Compstall 1922
ROWBOTTOM Samuel, Ludworth 1896
RUSHTON Mary Ann, Mellor 1923
SIDEBOTHAM Helen, Copmstall Rd Ludworth 1868
SIDEBOTHAM James, Mellor 1916
SIDEBOTHAM John, Ludworth 1912
SIDEBOTHAM Samuel, Ludworth 1859
SWINDELLS Ann, Ludworth, Dbys 1890
SWINDELLS Martha, Ludworth, Dbys 1889
THORNELEY Sarah, Longhurst Lane, Mellor Dbys 1882
THORNLEY Aaron, Ludworth Dbys 1905
TURNER Betty, Lower Cliff, Mellor Dbys 1873
VARDEN Emma, Marple Bridge Dbys 1920
WALLER Thomas, Mellor Dbys 1864
WALLWORK Mary Elizabeth, Marple Bridge Dbys1925
WHEELDON Joseph, Marple Bridge Dbys 1884
WHEELDON Mary, Mellor Dbys 1888
WHITAKER John, Mellor Dbys 1861
WILD Peter, Mellor Dbys 1896
WOOD Ann, Hollywoods Mellor Dbys 1880
WOOD John, Mellor Dbys 1872
WOOD Mary, Mellor Dbys 1901
MELLOR Administrations (Separate p. in 1859, see also New Mills and Glossop)
BATTLEY Samuel, Marple Bridge 1874 Adm
CHEETHAM Ann Ratcliff, Marple Bridge 1871 Adm
FOX Robert, Marple Bridge 1871 Adm
GEE Betty, Marple Bridge 1871 Adm
GEE Henry, Marple Bridge 1871 Adm
GEE Susannah, Marple Bridge 1871 Adm
HIBBERT Emanuel, Marple Bridge 1875 Adm
HYDE John, Mellor 1873 Adm
STORER Jane, Ludworth, p. Mellor 1874 Adm
WOOD Mary, Ludworth, p. Mellor 1870 Adm
WOOD Ralph, Ludworth, p.Mellor 1864 Adm
WOOD Ralph, Ludworth, p.Mellor 1868 Adm
WRIGHT Mary, Marple Bridge 1862 Adm mentions William WRIGHT, Great Antrobus Ches.
ALT William, Mickleover  1553
AULT William, Mickleover 1876
AXON Thomas, Mickleover 1882
AYRE Arthur Sissons, Mickleover 1928
AYRE Christiana Mary, Mickleover 1915
AYRE Henry Edward, Mickleover 1926
BOTHAM William, Mickleover 1637
COTTCHETT Thomas, Mickleover 1628
COWPER Mary, Mickleover 1639
DAKIN George, Mickleover 1906
DAKIN George, Mickleover 1906
DAKIN James, Mickleover 1901
DAKIN James, Mickleover 1901
DAKIN John, Mickleover 1877
DAKIN John, Mickleover 1877
FRENCH Mary Ann, Mickleover 1917
GAMBLE Emma, Mickleover 1923
GAMBLE Joseph, Mickleover 1923
GARDINER Thomas, Mickleover 1901
GARNHAM Harry John, Mickleover 1924
GARRETT Elizabeth, Mickleover 1890
GARRETT Thomas, Mickleover 1879
GREEN Abraham, Mickleover 1887
HUNT Ralph, Mickleover 1646
LEES Thomas, Mickleover and Swinscoe Staffs 1885
LYCETT Susannah, Mickleover 1919
PEGG German, Mickleover, Dbys 1864
PLUMMER James, Mickleover, Dbys 1928
PORTER John, Mickleover 1628
POTTER Alfred, Mickleover, Dbys 1900
POTTER Benjamin, Mickleover, Dbys 1897
POTTER Elizabeth, Mickleover, Dbys 1875
POTTER Esther, Mickleover, Dbys 1908
POTTER Joseph 1869, of Mickleover, mentions" Robert WALLIS deceased, died Melbourne Australia", owing testator £120.
POTTER Joseph, Mickleover, Dbys 1869
POTTER Lydia, Mickleover, Dbys 1911
POWELL Bertram, Mickleover, Dbys 1928
RADFORD Maria, Mickleover 1915
REDFEARN William, Mickleover 1859
ROOME Maria, Mickleover 1916
ROWAN Marriott Logan, Mickleover 1922
RYLEY Matilda, Mickleover 1924
RYLEY Robert, Mickleover 1865
RYLEY Robert, Mickloever 1884
RYLEY Thomas, Mickleover 1899
SAIL (SEAL?) William, Mickleover 1778
SHEPPARD Gabriel, Mickleover 1649
SHIRLEY Philip, Mickleover 1911
SIMPSON Louisa, Mickleover, Dbys 1887
SIMS Charlotte, Mickleover, Dbys 1927
SPENCER Ann, Mickleover 1838
SPENCER Elizabeth, Mickleover 1660
SPENCER Gabriel, Mickleover 1640
SPENCER John, Mickleover 1668
SPENCER John, Mickleover 1700
SPENCER Paul, Mickleover 1731
SPENCER Paul, Mickleover 1752
SPENCER Paul, Mickleover 1803
SPENCER Paul, Mickleover 1836
SPENCER William, Mickleover 1641
SPENCER William, Mickleover 1660
STEVENS James, Mickleover 1896
STORER Frederick, Mickleover 1928
STORER Philip, Mickleover 1900
STORER Robert, Mickleover 1891
STORER Robert, Mickleover 1920
STORER William, Mickleover 1877
SWINDELL Joseph, Mickleover, Dbys 1923
SWINSON Sarah Ann, Mickleover, Dbys 1896
TEMPEST Fanny, Mickleover Dbys 1916
VALE Albert William, Mickleover Dbys 1889
WADE Christiana, Mickleover Dbys 1891
WADE Edward Job, Mickleover Dbys 1903
WADE George, Mickleover Dbys 1864
WADE Mary Rose, Mickleover Dbys 1864
WADE Samuel, Mickleover Dbys 1889
WADE Samuel, Mickleover Dbys 1891
WALKER Charles, Mickleover 1918
WALKER Robert, Mickleover brickmaker. 1664 V98/37
WALL George, Mickleover Dbys 1907
WARNER John, Mickleover Dbys 1920
WARNER William, Mickleover Dbys 1911
WATSON John, Mickleover Dbys 1862
WATSON John, Mickleover Dbys 1876
WATSON John, Mickleover Dbys 1884
WATTS George Edwards, Mickleover Dbys 1926
WHITWORTH Arthur, Mickleover Dbys 1912
WHITWORTH Grace, Mickleover Dbys 1918
WHITWORTH Thomas, Mickleover Dbys 1907
WILD Ellen, Mickleover Dbys 1925
WILD William, Mickleover Dbys 1920
WILSON Samuel, Mickleover Dbys 1912
WRAGBY Tom, Mickleover Dbys 1917
WRAGG Samuel, Mickleover Dbys 1869
WRIGHT Amelia, Mickleover Dbys 1883
WRIGHT Christopher,Mickleover Dbys and Sadler Gate Derby Dbys 1875
WRIGHT John, Mickleover Dbys 1872
YATES Thomas, Mickleover Dbys 1914
YEOMANS Mary, Mickleover Dbys 1886
MICKLEOVER Administration
DANE William, Mickleover, died Lunatic Asylum, mentions Uriah DANE of Eyam 1873 Adm
DEAVILLE Sarah, Mickleover 1873 Adm
HOBSON William, inmate County Lunatic Asylum, Mickleover, mentions William
HOBSON Camberwell, Surrey. 1872 Adm
HUNT Ralph, Mickleover 1647 Adm
HUNT Thomas, Mickleover 1869 Adm
RADFORD Ann, Mickleover 1859 Adm
RYLEY Sarah, Mickleover 1874 Adm
SHELDON Joseph, Mickleover, formerly Edensor.1864 Adm
SIMS Edward William, inmate County Lunatic Asylum, Mickleover, mentions Alice
SIMS Sydnope Hall, near Matlock Bath, (actually Darley Dale) 1871 Adm
SPENCER Richard, Mickleover 1641 Adm
SPENCER Robert, Mickleover 1583 Adm
STANLEY John, Mickleover 1647 Adm
WATSON Ann 1865
WATSON Ann, Mickleover 1865 Adm
WOOLLATT John, Mickleover 1873 Adm
ATTERBURY James, Middx late Stapehill Dbys. 1891
BATEMAN Julia, Middx, Whestone, Dbys? 1924
BENNETT Grace, St Martin in the Fields, Middx widow 1732 V4/52
CANTRILL Edward, Middx and Derby 1879
CLARKE Hannah, St Marys
Islington, Middx.made 1750 V20/20
DAUGHTON Louisa, Middx, Old Douthgate 1922
DAVIS Samuel, Middx Brunswich Sq and Derby
DEIVEY Herbert Rev, Middx 1900
ELLIOT Edward, Middx, Hampstead 1869
EVEREST Frank, Middx 1897
FLETCHER Lucy, Middx, Maida Vale Paddington 1907
FOX Elizabeth, Islington, now of Cheltenham 1823 V21/22
FOX Laetitia, late of Islington now Cheltenham 1836 V21/23
HARDSTAFF Samuel, Middx. Camden late of Ashbourne, Dbys 1861
HAYGARTH Richard, Rev. Muswell Hill, Middx. 1848 V4/42
HILTON Thomas, Middx and Belper Dbys. 1889
HODGKINSON Ann, Middx. 22 Prince Gate 1874
HODSON John, Middx and Matlock, Dbys 1889
LALLEMAND Henri, Middx. 1901
MACE Isaac, Middx. Poplar and Long Eaton 1882
OLDHAM Thomas, Bloomsbury,Middx 1811 V2/107
SELFE Walter Frederick, Middx. 1898
SMITH James, Middx. St Johns Wood 1875
SMITH William Willmot, Middx. Hendon 1908
STONES Edward, St Martin in the Fields, Middx 1806 V2/108
STORER Alfred Henry, Middx. and Tibshelf, Dbys. 1889
THACKER Dorcas, Eagle St, St Andrews, Holborn, Middx 1710   V64/17
TAYLOR William Grimwood, Middx. and Derby 1890
TURNER James, Middx. Islington 1909
WALKER Eliza, Middx. and Matlock, Dbys. 1889
WALKER Mary Anne, Middx. 1889
MIDDLESEX Administration
CORY Humphry, Parson Green, Middx Administration granted to John MOSELEY,neph. 1757 V20/21
LOWNDES Henry, St Marylebone, Middx. 1837 V8/12
MIDDLETON Wills This could refer to Middleton by Wirksworth or Middleton by Youlgreave (See also Wirksworth and Youlgreave)
GARRATT Francis, Middleton 1628
GORTON Robert, Middleton 1640
GREISBROOKE John, Middleton 1640
HALL Thomas, Middleton 1639
HALL William, Middleton 1649
HAWKESFORD Thomas, Middleton 1648
MONGUMBERY (MONTGOMERY) Hugh, Middleton 1640
SHELDON Joseph, Middleton 1848
TOMPSON John, Middleton 1646
MIDDLETON Administration. This may refer to Middleton by Wirksworth or Middleton by Youlgreave. It may also be referring to Stoney Middleton. (See also Wirksworth, Youlgreave)
JACKSON Anne, Middleton 1649 Adm
MUNGUMBRY (MONTGOMERY?) Hugh, Middleton 1641 Adm
RYDIARD William, Middleton 1639 Adm
WILSON William, Middleton 1648 Adm
ADAMS Edward, Middleton by Wirksworth 1852  V6/159
ADAMS Elizabeth, Middleton by Wirksworth 1894
ADAMS Emma, Middleton by Wirksworth 1871
ADAMS Job, Middleton by Wirksworth 1910
ADAMS Mary, Middleton by Wirksworth 1900
ADAMS Obadiah, Middleton by Wirksworth 1868
ADAMS Obadiah, Middleton by Wirksworth 1891
ADAMS Robert, Ivonbrook Grange 1888
ADAMS Robert, Middleton by Wirksworth 1864
ALLEN Ann, Middleton by Wirksworth 1876
ALLEN Martha Elizabeth, Middleton by Wirksworth 1880
ANDREW John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1867
ANDREW John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1886
ASHOVER Francis, Middleton by Wirksworth 1885
AXE Samuel, Middleton by Wirksworth 1919
BARNES John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1904
BARNSLEY Richard, Middleton by Wirksworth 1928
BATEMAN Robert, Middleton by Wirksowrth  1890
BEESON Mary, Middleton by Wirksworth 1868
BEESON Robert, Middleton by Wirksworth 1858
BEESON Thomas, Middleton by Wirksworth 1882
BRAILSFORD Joseph, Middleton by Wirksworth 1898
BRAILSFORD Joseph, Middleton by Wirksworth 1916
BROOKES John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1916
BROOKS Daniel, Middleton by Wirksworth 1867
BROOKS Daniel, Middleton by Wirksworth 1917
BROOKS John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1870
BROOKS John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1878
BROOKS John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1882
BROOKS Joseph, Middleton by Wirksworth 1868
BROOKS Martha, Middleton by Wirksworth 1925
BROOKS Samuel, Middleton by Wirksworth 1865
BROOKS Thomas, Middleton by Wirksworth 1869
BROOKS William, Middleton by Wirksworth 1916
BUCKLEY Benjamin, Middleton by Wirksworth 1863
BUCKLEY Eliza, Middleton by Wirksworth 1900
BUCKLEY James, Middleton by Wirksworth 1882
BUCKLEY James, Middleton by Wirksworth 1885
BUCKLEY Samuel, Middleton by Wirksworth 1859
BUCKLEY William, Middleton by Wirksworth 1879
BUCKLEY William, Middleton by Wirksworth 1889
BUTLER Richard, Middleton by Wirksworth 1897
BUXTON Joseph, Middleton by Wirksworth 1878
BUXTON Wiliam Roper, Middleton by Wirksworth 1919
CLAYTON Benjamin, Middleton by Wirksworth 1860
CLAYTON Benjamin, Middleton by Wirksworth, draft Will 1855  V6/276
CLAYTON Benjamin, Middleton by Wirksworth, draft Will, c.1853 V6/233
DOXEY Aaron, Middleton by Wirksworth 1873
DOXEY Ann, Middleton by Wirksworth 1862
DOXEY Ann, Middleton by Wirksworth 1872
DOXEY Anthony, Middleton by Wirksworth 1870
DOXEY Charles, Middleton by Wirksworth 1876
DOXEY George, Middleton by Wirksworth 1896
DOXEY George, Middleton by Wirksworth 1906
DOXEY Jacob, Middleton by Wirksworth 1872
DOXEY John, Middleton 1893
DOXEY John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1869
DOXEY John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1878
DOXEY Nehemiah, Middleton by Wirksworth 1877
DOXEY Robert, Middleton by Wirksworth 1871
DOXEY Samuel, Middleton by Wirksworth 1876
DOXEY William, Middleton by Wirksworth 1883
DOXEY William, Middleton by Wirksworth 1922
GODBEHERE Joseph, Middleton 1895
JEPSON Edward, Middleton by Wirksworth 1890
JEPSON John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1890
JEPSON Sarah, Middleton by Wirksworth 1888
JONES William, Middleton by Wirksworth 1896
KEELING Dorothy, Middleton by Wirksworth 1868
KENWORTHY George, Ivanbrook Grange 1893
KILLER Adam, Middleton by Wirksworth 1893
KILLER Esther, Middleton by Wirksworth 1882
KILLER Henry, Middleton by Wirksworth 1858
KILLER John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1906
KILLER Joseph, Middleton by Wirksworth 1917
KILLER Louisa, Middleton by Wirksworth 1927
KILLER Mary, Middleton by Wirksworth 1878
KILLER Sarah, Middleton by Wirksworth 1858
KILLER Sarah, Middleton by Wirksworth 1917
KILLER William, Middleton by Wirksworth 1885
LESTER James, Middleton by Wirksworth 1925
LONGDON Job, Ible 1859
MARCHINGTON Joseph, Ible 1898
MOORE Gamaliel, Middleton by Wirksworth 1851 V6/185
MOORE John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1884
MOORE Mary, Middleton by Wirksworth 1882
POUNDALL Mary, Middleton by Wirksworth, Dbys 1882
RAINS James, Middleton by Wirksworth 1867
RAINS Josiah, Ivonbrook Grange 1871
RAINS Robert, Ivonbrook Grange 1916
RAINS Thomas Henry, Ivonbrook Grange 1919
RINGROSE Maria, Middleton by Wirksworth 1917
ROOSE Ellen, Middleton by Wirksworth 1913
ROPER Francis, Middleton by Wirksworth 1860
ROPER Francis, Rise End, Middleton by Wirksworth 1869
ROPER Godfrey, Rise End, Middleton by Wirksworth 1900
SLACK Daniel, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1894
SLACK John, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1864
SLACK John, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1876
SLACK Joseph, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1892
SLACK Samuel, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1858
SLACK Thomas, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1883
SLACK William, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1888
SPENCER Arthur, Middleton by Wirksworth, Rise End, miner 1853
SPENCER Benjamin, Middleton by Wirksworth, lead miner 1883
SPENCER Daniel, Middleton by Wirksworth, miner 1889
SPENCER Francis, Middleton by Wirksworth, butcher 1875
SPENCER Francis, Middleton by Wirksworth, miner 1874
SPENCER Hannah, Middleton by Wirksworth widow 1863
SPENCER Hannah, Middleton by Wirksworth, widow. 1848
SPENCER Isaac, Middleton by Wirksworth, miner 1847
SPENCER Isaac, Middleton by Wirksworth, yeoman 1865
SPENCER James, Middleton by Wirksworth 1878
SPENCER Job, Middleton by Wirksworth, Book keeper 1861
SPENCER Job, Middleton by Wirksworth, Quarry agent 1856
SPENCER Job, Middleton by Wirksworth, shoemaker 1879
SPENCER John, Middleton by Wirksworth, Barmaster 1867
SPENCER John, Middleton by Wirksworth, mine agent. 1889
SPENCER Reuben, elder, Middleton by Wirksworth 1855
SPENCER RICHARD, Middleton by Wirksworth, butcher 1875
SPENCER Robert, Middleton by Wirksworth 1857  V6/180
SPENCER Robert, Middleton by Wirksworth miner.1862
SPENCER Thomas, Middleton by Wirksworth, innkeeper 1892
SPENCER Thomas, Middleton by Wirksworth, lead miner 1879
SPENCER William, Middleton by Wirksworth, farmer 1860
SPENCER William, Middleton by Wirksworth, farmer, 1850
WALKER Abraham, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1878
WALKER Adam, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1871
WALKER Andrew, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1901
WALKER David, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1865
WALKER Hugh, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1889
WALKER Joseph, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1875
WALKER Martha, Middleton by Wirksworth 1892
WALKER Thomas, Middleton by Wirksworth 1882
WATKINSON Elizabeth, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1893
WEBSTER Thomas, Ible 1917
WEBSTER Thomas, White Cliff, Ible 1870
WRAGG Nathaniel, Middleton by Wirksworth Dbys 1858

BATEMAN Lydia, Middleton by Wirksworth 1860 Adm
BROOKS John, Middleton by Wirlsworth 1862 Adm
ELCE Job, Middleton by Wirksworth 1862 Adm
FROST Elizabeth, Middleton by Wirksworth 1872 Adm
HALL Gilbert, Middleton by Wirksworth 1871 Adm
SHELDON Abernethy, Middleton by Wirksworth 1868 Adm
SPENCER John, Middleton by Wirksworth 1869 Adm
SPENCER Thomas, Middleton by Wirksworth 1865 Adm
ALLCOCK Joseph, Milford 1866
ALLSOP Elijah, Milford 1912
ALLSOP George, Milford 1904
ALLSOP Joseph, Milford 1891
ASHMORE Frederick, Milford 1879
BELLABY John, The Chevin, Milford 1922
EYRE Joseph, Milford 1877
EYRE Maria, Milford 1885
GILLOTT Eliza, Milford 1900
GILLOTT Joseph, Milford 1878
HOTCHKISS Mary, Milford 1866
JORDAN Samuel, Milford 1881
LANDER George, Milford 1898
LEES Eliza Pearson, Milford 1927
LEIGH John, Milford and Cheshire 1882
POULSON Amos, Milford, Dbys 1928
REYNOLDS Sarah, Makeney 1879
RODGERS Robert, Milford 1864
SIMS Joseph, Milford, Dbys 1891
SIMS Mary, Milford, Dbys 1863
WAKE Tom, Milford Dbys 1924
WATSON John, Milford Dbys 1888
WHEATCROFT  John, Milford 1861
WOODWARD James, Milford Dbys and Holbrook Dbys 1877
WRAGG John, Milford and Derby 1886
WRAGG Samuel, Milford 1875
YATES Samuel, Milford 1882
YATES William, Milford 1876
ZIBOLT Eugene, Milford 1919
MILFORD Administration (see also Duffield)
ALLCOCK Joseph, Milford 1866 Adm
COOPER John, Milford 1859 Adm
HALL Mary, Milford 1871 Adm
HOLFORD Joseph, Milford 1862 Adm
HOLMES Lydia, Milford 1874 Adm
MORRELL Hannah, Milford 1865 Adm
POLLARD Thomas, Milford 1862 Adm
SMITH Lydia, Milford 1864 Adm
YEOMANS William, Milford 1860 Adm
MILITARY These Wills simply state regiment etc. and no indication in listings of village town etc. where the testator might be from.
HOWETT Robert Plunkett, Sherwood Foresters 1916
JACKSON Frederick, Border Regt of Infantry 1919
MONTFORD Douglas Raymond, Indian Army 1920
SIMS Douglas, 10th Sherwood Foresters 1919
WAINE Sydney George, Durham Light Infantry 1925
ASHMORE Samuel, Monyash 1863
ASHMORE Thomas, Monyash 1884
ASHTON Amy, Monyash widow. 1713   V61/18
BALL Joan, Monyash 1637-8
BATEMAN William, Moniash 1755
BOAM Hugh, Monyash 1630
BONSALL Elizabeth, Monyash 1866
BONSALL Hannah, Monyash 1859
BONSALL Joseph, Monyash 1891
BONSALL Richard, Monyash 1864
BONSALL William, Monyash 1898
BRADSHAWE Margaret, Monyash 1639
BRIDDON Samuel, Monyash 1855 V100a2/11
CARDER Anne, Monyash 1635-6
FROST Alice, Monyash 1634
FROST George, Monyash 1644-5
GIBBS James, Monyash 1905
GOODWIN George, Monyash 1631
GOODWIN George, Monyash 1634
HOUSLEY John, Monyash 1893
HOUSLEY Thomas, Knot Low, Monyash 1875
John BOWMAN Monyash mentions Thomas HOPKINS Nottingham, wholesale grocer. Made 1855. 1858/47
MASLAND Lawrence, Monyash 1628-9
NAYLOR Sarah, Monyash 1858
NAYLOR Thomas, Monyash 1883
NAYLOR Thomas, Monyash 1917
NEALOR Roger, Monyash 1633
NEEDHAM George, Monyash 1636
NICHOLSON Richard, Monyash 1628
NICHOLSON Richard, Monyash 1628
PRINCE Ann, Monyash 1891
RAWORTH Richard, Monyash 1641-2
RIDER Ralph, Monyash, Dbys yeoman, 1709    V61/17
WHEELDON Joseph Dunn, Monyash Dbys 1908
WHITE John, Monyash, Dbys 1872

MONYASH Administration
ASHMORE Elizabeth, Monyash 1860 Adm
ASTON William, Monyash 1637 Adm
BARKER George, Monyash 1823  V97/1/23
BOTHAM Thomas, Monyash 1637 Adm
BOTHAM Thomas, Monyash, 1637 Inventory
BRAMWELL Dorothy, Monyash 1871 Adm
COPESTAKE Joseph, Monyash, mentions Edward COPESTAKE of Derby, mentions Francis and Benjamin MELLOR, 1866 Adm
DUNN James, Monyash, mentions Richard DUNN of Priestcliffe. 1861 Adm
GIBSON Robert, Monyash 1633 Adm
GILMAN Thomasin, Monyash. Mentions dau Ellen TITTERTON of Sheen, Staffs. 1862 Adm
GILMAN Thomasin, Monyash. Mentions Joseph GILMAN Longnor, Staffs. 1861 Adm
HARRISON Henry, Monyash 1640 Adm
HARRISON Roger, Monyash 1641 Adm
MILNER Thomas, Monyash 1635 Adm
NEALOR (NAYLOR?) Roger, Monyash 1633 Adm
SLACK George, Monyash 1637 Adm
WRIGHT Edmund, Monyash 1632 Adm
ALDRED Isaiah, Morley 1915
ALLSOP Anne, Morley 1884
ALLSOP Patience, Morley 1873
ALLSOP Samuel, Morley 1891
ALLSOP Thomas, Morley 1886
BADSLEY or BAGLEY George 1619/20 MIS44/18
BAKER George als STABLES, Morley 1640
BATEMAN Thomas Keelinge, Morley and Alvaston 1887
BENNETT William 1647 MIS44/21
BREEFE George, Morley 1638
DAKYN (DAKIN) Henry, Morley 1646
ELLIOTT Thomas, Morley 1628
FERRIBIE George 1631 MIS44/14
HEWETT William 1575/76 MIS44/22
JOHNSON Frederick, Morley 1905
KERRY Anthony, Morley 1919
LACEY John, Morley 1860
LACEY Mary, Morley 1880
LEESON Robert, Morley 1912
LINGS Richard, Morley 1900
MARTIN John, Morley 1719
MARTIN John, Morley 1731
MARTIN Robert, Morley 1722
MARTYN (MARTIN) Edward, Morley 1685
NICHOLSON Elizabeth. Inventory only 1626. MIS44/23
PEAT Joseph, Morley, Dbys 1916
POTTER John, Morley Dbys and Derby Dbys 1895
PYM John, Morley 1647
RYLEY (RILEY) Thomas, Morley 1639
SEALE (SEAL) John, Morley 1666
SEALE John, Morley 1671
STORER William 1535 MIS44/24
TAYLOR Esther, Morley Dbys 1904
VICKERS Humphrey 1636 MIS44/15
VICKERSTAFF Amelia, Morley Dbys 1924
VICKERSTAFF George Dawson, Morley Dbys 1925
WAWEN? (Warren?) Henry 1613/14 MIS44/20
WEBSTER James, Morley Dbys 1908
WHITTAKER Joseph, Morley Dbys 1894

MORLEY Administrations
MARTIN Thomas, Morley 1719 Adm
SIDDOW Anthony, Morley 1641 Adm
WEBSTER William, Morley 1873 Adm
note: Morton may refer to other places outside Derbyshire of the same place name.
BUNTING Elizabeth, Morton 1832
BUNTING John, Moreton 1844
BUNTING John, Morton 1697
BUNTING John, Morton 1744
BUNTING John, Morton 1791
BUNTING John, Morton 1814
BUNTING Lawrence, Morton 1673
BUNTINGE Nicholas, Morton 1587/8
CALOE (CALOW) Thomas, Brackenfield 1666 CTW/101
CLAY Edward, Morton 1649
CLAY John, Morton 1641
EAYRE Richard, Morton 1688
EAYRE RICHARD, Morton, Dbys 1618
EAYRE William, Morton 1722
EIRE Robert, Morton 1576
ELLIOTT Francis, Moreton 1824
ELLIOTT John, Moreton 1829
EYRE Jonathan, Morton 1772
EYRE Michael, Moreton 1710
EYRE Robert, Moreton 1680
EYRE William, Morton 1532
FLOWER Eleanor als PALLETT, Morton 1650
HANLEY Henry, Morton 1641
HANLEY Thomas, Morton 1649
HILL Thomas, Morton 1822
HOLE Ann, Brackenfield made 1714,proved 1726 V2/46
HOLE Henry,Brackenfield 1704 V20/15
HOLE Job, Brackenfield 1747 V2/35
HOLE John, Brackenfield 1717 V2/34
HOLE Richard, Brackenfield 1733 V2/47
HOLE Richard, Brackenfield 1776 V2/48
JACKSON George, Morton 1640
JOHNSON James, Morton 1878
JUFFKINS Job, Morton 1906
JUFFKINS Sarah, Morton 1890
LIMB James, Brackenfield farmer. 1825 V2/28
LINACRE James, Morton 1891
LOMAS Henry, Morton 1901
LOVEROCKE (LOVEROCK) Francis, Morton 1640
LUDLAM John als PIGGIN, Morton 1641
MILNES George, Brackenfield fwk.1829 V2/16
POTTS Robert, Morton, Dbys 1916
REVELL John, Morton 1799 Probate only V2/123
REVELL John, Ogston 1699 V2/121
REVELL William, Morton, 1646
SAUNDERS Ann,Brackenfield 1923
SAUNDERS William, Brackenfield 1841 V2/19
SAXELBY Amy, Brackenfield 1862
SAXELBY Thomas Stanley, Brackenfield 1866
SAXELBY Thomas, Ogston 1859
SMITH Samuel, Morton 1712 V2/84
SPATMAN John, Road Nook, Morton 1707 V20/3
SPENCER George, Woolley 1579
SPENCER Lion, 1612
SPENSER (SPENCER) George, Morton, Woolley 1579
STRAW Benjamin, Morton 1879
STRAW George, Morton 1881
STRAW Hannah, Morton 1884
SYKES Ann, Morton, Dbys 1892
TAYLOR Samuel, Morton Dbys 1878
TURBUTT William, Ogston 1838 V2/119
WASSE (WASS) Henry, Morton 1641
WETTON William, Morton 1768 V2/110
WHARTON John, Morton 1646
WHAWELL John, Morton Dbys 1885
WHETTON William, Morton Dbys 1917
WILLIAMSOM William, Morton Dbys 1899
WRIGHT Arthur Barber, Morton Dbys 1889
WRIGHT Edward, Brackenfield 1767 V2/116
WRIGHT Henry, Morton 1640
WRIGHT Leonard, Morton 1639

MORTON Administrations
EYRE Henry, Morton 1649 Adm
KNIFTON Francis, Morton 1874 Adm
RIGGOTT James, Morton 1860 Adm
TURBUTT Gladwin, Morton 1872 Adm
ARCHER Samuel, Mercaston 1903
BAMFORD Robert, Mugginton 1629
BAMFORD Robert, Mugginton 1637
BAMFORD Robert, Weston Underwood 1637  V7/5
BATEMAN William, Mugginton 1822
BATES Francis, Mugginton 1880
DAWES Francis, Mugginton 1649
FOX Richard, Mugginton 1663
FOX Stephen, Mugginton 1813
GADSBY William, Ravensdale Park 1898
HILL Hugh, Mugginton 1669
HILL James, Mugginton 1802
HOOSON George, Weston Underwood 1915
HOPE Charles Robert Rev, Mugginton 1871
HOUGH Elizabeth 1865 of Weston Undeerwood, widow, mentions "Fanny wife of John HILLHOUSE of Ovens District in Australia".
HOUGH Elizabeth, Weston Underwood 1865
HUNT William, Mugginton 1787  V7/6
HUTCHINSON Thomas, Mugginton 1858
JEFFERRY George, Ravensdale Park 1906
JOHNSON Albert John, Mugginton 1919
JOHNSON John, Mugginton 1866
JOHNSON William, Mugginton 1909
KAY Thomas, Mugginton 1926
KNIFTON Curtis, Mercaston 1898
LAND Sarah, Mugginton 1909
LANE John, Mugginton and Barrow on Trent 1881
LEES Frances, Weston Underwood 1898
MARPLE Robert, Weston Underwood 1881
MILLER James William, Mugginton 1921
MILLER James, Underwood (Weston Underwood ? ) 1893
MILLER John, Weston Underwood 1922
OAKLEY Thomas, Weston Underwood 1904
OAKLEY William, Mugginton 1917
POYSER Thomas, Mugginton 1862
RATCLIFFE Hugh, Mugginton 1628
RIDE George, Mercaston 1887
RIDE Hugh, Weston Underwood 1913
SALT Mary, Mugginton 1865
SALT William, Mugginton 1864
TEMPEST William, Mugginton Dbys 1900
THOMPSON George, Weston Underwood Dbys 1869
TRAVIS George, Mercaston ,miller farmer ,draft Will  1851  V6/245
TRAVIS George, Mercaston Dbys 1870
VICARS Thomas, 1754
VICKERS Thomas, 1811
VICKERS Thomas, Mugginton Dbys 1811
WALKER Elizabeth, Mugginton Dbys 1885
WALLIS George, Mugginton Dbys 1893
WALLIS Thomas, Mugginton, Mercaston 1646
WARREN Rebecca, Weston Underwood Dbys 1874
WEBSTER George, Mercaston Hall Dbys 1866
WEBSTER George, Mugginton Dbys 1880
WHEELDON George, Mugginton Dbys 1862
WHEELDON Sarah, Mugginton Dbys 1884
WHEELDON William, Mugginton Dbys 1866
WILLMOTT William, Leasows Mugginton 1865

MUGGINTON Administrations
DALE Robert, Mugginton 1649 Adm
DRAYCOTT Eliza, Weston Underwood, Mugginton 1866 Adm.
HOLMES George, Mugginton 1868 Adm
HUNT J. Weston Underwood, Mugginton, died 1843. 1862 Adm
MURFIN Jonathan, Mugginton 1870 Adm
RADFORD George, Ravensdale Park, Mugginton 1867 Adm
RATCLIFFE John, Mugginton 1640 Adm
WHEELDON Mary, Mugginton 1875 Adm

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.