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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Wills and Administration


IDRIDGEHAY Wills (includes Alton both formerly in Wirksworth, Parish formed with Ireton Wood and part of Shottle, formerly in Kirk Ireton and Duffield respectively, which see.)
GALLIMORE Georgiana, Idridgehay 1887
GAMBLE John, Idridgehay 1878
GAMBLE Thomas, Idridgehay 1877
HUTCHINSON Frederick, Ireton Wood 1878
JEBB Henry, Idridgehay 1892
MOORE Ellen, Idridgehay 1909
SIBBALD David, Idridgehay 1926
ILAM Wills
BROWNE Anthony, Ilam 1648
PORT Robert Snr, Ilam 1649
ABBOTT William Readyhoff, Ilkeston 1906
ADAMS Edward, Ilkeston 1886
ADCOCKE Michael, Ilkeston 1628
ADLINGTON William Sampson, Ilkeston 1890
ALDRED Aaron, Ilkeston 1927
ALDRED Joseph, Ilkeston 1872
ALDRED Walter, Ilkeston 1928
ALLEN George, Ilkeston 1898
ALLESTREY Robert, Ilkeston 1648
ALLIOTT Ann, Ilkeston 1898
ALLIOTT Ann, Ilkeston 1898
ALSOP Sarah, Ilkeston 1880
ARAM Eli, Ilkeston 1917
ARAM James, Ilkeston 1873 
ARAM Samuel, Ilkeston 1914
ATTENBOROUGH Isaac, Ilkeston 1862
ATTENBOROUGH Isaac, Ilkeston 1894
ATTENBOROUGH Mark, Ilkeston 1859
BARSBY John, Ilkeston 1920
BATES John, Ilkeston 1876
BEARD Peter, Ilkeston 1899
BEARDSLEY Amos, Ilkeston 1909
BEARDSLEY Amos, Ilkeston Common 1882
BEARDSLEY Elizabeth, Ilkeston 1920
BEARDSLEY Hannah, Ilkeston 1891
BEARDSLEY Isaac, Ilkeston 1907
BEARDSLEY James, Ilkeston 1907
BEARDSLEY John, Ilkeston 1875
BEARDSLEY Joseph, Ilkeston 1926
BEARDSLEY Luke, Ilkeston 1899
BEARDSLEY Mark, Ilkeston 1877
BEARDSLEY Mark, Ilkeston 1900
BEARDSLEY Mark, Ilkeston 1914
BEARDSLEY Mary, Ilkeston 1896
BEARDSLEY Richard, Hunger Hill, Ilkeston 1859
BEARDSLEY William, Ilkeston 1888
BEARDSLEY William, Ilkeston 1889
BEARDSLEY William, Ilkeston 1893
BEAUMONT Ruth, Ilkeston 1925
BENNET Edward, Ilkeston 1639
BLUNDELL George, Ilkeston 1902
BOSTOCK George, Ilkeston 1919
BOSTOCK Hannah, Ilkeston 1895
BOSTOCK Henry, Ilkeston 1898
BOSTOCK Job, Ilkeston 1915
BOSTOCK John, Ilkeston 1859
BOSTOCK John, Ilkeston 1882
BOSTOCK John, Ilkeston 1892
BOSTOCK Sarah, Ilkeston 1891
BOSTOCK Thomas, Ilkeston 1891
BOSTOCK Thomas, Ilkeston 1903
BOSTOCK William, Ilkeston 1880
BOSTOCK William, Ilkeston 1891
BOSTOCK William, Ilkeston 1923
BOWLER Fred, Ilkeston 1898
BOWLEY Henry, Ilkeston 1919
BRENTNALL Elijah, Ilkeston 1875
CHADWICK Charles, Ilkeston 1838
COX Humphrey, Ilkeston 1727
EYRE Thomas builder 1845, Manor of Ilkeston tenant V30/10
FOX John, Ilkeston 1875
FRETWELL John, Ilkeston 1898
FRITCHLEY William, Ilkeston 1873
FULWOOD Moses, Carr St. Ilkeston 1874
GHENT Nathan, Ilkeston 1864
GODDARD Henry Isaac, Ilkeston 1899
GODDARD James, Ilkeston 1869
GODDARD James, Ilkeston 1891
GODDARD John, Ilkeston 1914 
GREEN Elizabeth Ellen,Ilkeston 1890
GREEN George, Ilkeston, Dbys 1846
GREEN Henry, Ilkeston 1869 
GREEN John, Ilkeston 1888
GREEN Mary Ann, Ilkeston, Dbys 1846
GREEN Moses, Ilkeston 1897
GREEN Sarah, Ilkeston, Dbys 1846
GREEN William, Ilkeston, Dbys 1846
GREGORY Charles, Ilkeston and Nottingham 1878
GREGORY John, Ilkeston 1881
GREGORY William, Ilkeston 1650
HARDYMAN Frederick, Ilkeston 1900
HARRIS James, Ilkeston 1926
HORSLEY Ann Dorothy widow, 1855 Manor of Ilkeston tenant V30/11
HORSLEY Ann Dorothy, Ilkeston 1860
HORSMAN Margaret, Ilkeston 1920
HORSPOOL Mary Louisa, Ilkeston 1912
HOUGHTON Ephraim, Ilkeston 1917
JACKSON Anna Joanna, Ilkeston 1813
JACKSON William, Ilkeston 1812
JAMES Thomas Roe, Ilkeston 1863
JOHNSON David, Ilkeston 1877
JONES Jeremiah, Ilkeston and Stafford Staffs 1888
KEELING Joseph, Hallam Fields 1918
KEELING Stephen, Ilkeston 1905
KEELING William, Ilkeston 1895
KELLY Henry, Ilkeston 1910
KING John James, Hallam Fields 1901
KNIGHTON Joseph, Ilkeston 1865
KNIGHTON Thomas, Ilkeston 1903
KNOTT George, Ilkeston 1922
LANES William, Ilkeston 1915
LEBETER John, Ilkeston 1907
LEBETER Lydia, Ilkeston 1910
LEE John, Ilkeston 1864
LEE Thomas 1781
LEEMING Elinus, Ilkeston 1902
LEVERS Clare Alice, Ilkeston 1926
LEVERS Richard, Ilkeston 1879
LISSETT Mary, Ilkeston 1910
LITTLEWOOD Ann, Ilkeston 1866
LONGDON Elizabeth, Ilkeston 1925
LOVE George, Ilkeston 1924
LOWE Christopher, Ilkeston 1845  V29/35
LOWE Francis, Ilkeston 1639
LOWE Isaac, Ilkeston 1910
LOWE John, Ilkeston 1805  V29/34
LOWE John, Ilkeston 1886
LOWE Mary, Ilkeston 1885
LOWE Samuel, Ilkeston 1880
LYNAM William, Ilkeston 1895
MALTBY George, Ilkeston 1924
MALTBY Joseph, Ilkeston 1904
MANNERS Ellen, Ilkeston 1909
MANNING Robert George, Ilkeston 1921
MARSHALL Catherine, Ilkeston 1867
MARSHALL Robert, Ilkeston 1900
MARSHALL Susan, Ilkeston 1889
MARSHALL William, Ilkeston 1877
MARTIN Priscilla, Ilkeston 1892
MITCHELL Henry, Ilkeston 1881
MITCHELL Thomas, Ilkeston 1882
NUNNERLEY Edward, Ilkeston 1905
OLDHAM Ellen, Ilkeston 1921
ORCHARD Elizabeth, Ilkeston and Little Hallam 1873
ORCHARD Henry Martin, Ilkeston 1866
ORCHARD James, Little Hallam 1872
PARKINSON Mary, widow 1838, Manor of Ilkeston tenant V30/12
PEARSON Edith Harriet, Ilkeston, Dbys 1898
PEARSON George, Ilkeston, Dbys 1859
PICKERING Francis, Ilkeston, Dbys 1880
POLLARD Samuel, Ilkeston, Dbys 1869
POTTER Alfred, Ilkeston, Dbys 1926
POTTER Ann, Ilkeston, Dbys 1873
POTTER Elizabeth, Ann, Ilkeston, Dbys 1925
POTTER Sarah, widow 1852, Manor of Ilkeston tenant V30/13
POUNDER William, Ilkeston, Dbys 1901
PRATT Robert James, Ilkeston 1916
PURCELL Mary, Ilkeston 1873
RADFORD Harry, Ilkeston 1921
RAYNOR Isaac, Ilkeston 1927
REDDINGTON John, Ilkeston 1909
REDDINGTON Robert, Ilkeston 1918
REILLY Thomas, Ilkeston 1908
REVILL Ruth, Ilkeston 1894
RICHARDS Samuel, Ilkeston 1902
RICHARDS Samuel, Ilkeston Common 1874
RICHARDS William, Ilkeston 1913
RICHARDSON Elizabeth Burgin, Ilkeston 1886
RICHARDSON John, Ilkeston 1882
RICHARDSON Joseph, Ilkeston 1877
RICHARDSON Robert Burgin, Ilkeston 1882
RICHARDSON Sarah Burgin, Ilkeston 1896
RIGLEY Samuel Charles, Ilkeston 1922
RILEY Dorothy, Ilkeston and Stanton by Dale 1874
RILEY James, Ilkeston 1871
RILEY Samuel, Ilkeston 1877
RILEY Thomas, Ilkeston 1856. V22/25
RILEY Thomas, Ilkeston 1863
ROBERTS Benjamin Wood, Ilkeston 1927
ROBINSON Annie Mary, Little Hallam Ilkeston 1919
ROBINSON Benjamin, late of Ilkeston, now Nottingham Notts 1888
ROBINSON John Vaughan, Ilkeston 1910
ROBINSON Nicholas, Ilkeston 1640
ROBINSON Sarah, Ilkeston 1898
RODDIS Walter, Ilkeston 1917
ROE T.E.  Ilkeston 1924
ROLLASON Charles Henry, Ilkeston 1918
ROWELL Martha, Ilkeston 1923
RUSSELL Lewis, Ilkeston 1893
SEVERN Job, Ilkeston 1903
SEVERN Joseph, Ilkeston 1884
SHAKESPERE William, Ilkeston 1909
SHAKSPEARE Ann, Ilkeston 1914
SHEPHERD Matthew, fwk 1857, Manor of Ilkeston tenant V30/14
SIDDON Joseph, Ilkeston 1876
SILVESTER Thomas, Ilkeston, Dbys 1915
SIMPSON Isaac, Ilkeston, Dbys 1927
SIMPSON James, Ilkeston, Dbys 1911
SISSON Ezekiel, Ilkeston, Dbys 1923
SISSON Thomas, Ilkeston, Dbys 1893
SMITH William, Ilkeston 1628
STEVENS William, Ilkeston 1901
STEVENSON James, Ilkeston 1913
STEVENSON John William, Ilkeston 1924
STEVENSON Joseph, Ilkeston 1906
STIRLAND Elizabeth, Ilkeston 1913
STRAW Dorothy, Ilkeston 1897
STRAW Philip, Ilkeston 1897
STRAW Wheatley, Ilkeston 1891
STRAW William, Ilkeston 1927
SWINDELL Joseph, Ilkeston, Dbys 1913
SYSON John, Ilkeston, Dbys 1871
TRUEMAN Richard, Ilkeston 1641
WEST Thomas, Ilkeston 1919
WHEATLEY John, Pimlico, Ilkeston 1869
WHEATLEY Samuel, Ilkeston 1906
WHEATLEY Samuel, Ilkeston 1910
WHEATLEY Thomas, Ilkeston 1923
WHEELDON Sarah, Ilkeston 1908
WYER Charles, Ilkeston 1913
WYER Elizabeth, Ilkeston 1922
YATES Isaac, Ilkeston 1904
YEOMANS Charles, Ilkeston 1922
YEOMANS Elizabeth, Ilkeston 1901
ILKESTON Administration (see also Cotmanhay and Shipley, Heanor)
ALLCOCK Frederick Abuker, Ilkeston 1866 Adm
BAILEY Gilbert, Ilkeston 1874 Adm
BAMFORD Thomas, Ilkeston 1861 Adm
BOWER Elizabeth of Little Hallam, p Ilkeston, mentions Francis BOWER of Sittingbourne, Kent 1865
BOWER Elizabeth, Ilkeston 1865 Adm
CARRIER Samuel, Ilkeston 1872 Adm
CLAYWORTH William, Little Hallam. 1873 Adm
COLLUMBINE Robert, Ilkeston 1648 Adm
COWLISHAW John, Ilkeston  mentions Heirom BLOUNT creditor, Ruth COWLISHAW widow, Catherine COWLISHAW, Annie COWLISHAW, Sarah Elizabeth COWLISHAW, Bertha COWLISHAW, Elizabeth Ann COWLISHAW, Henry Charles COWLISHAW.    1858
EVANS George, Ilkeston 1871 Adm
FOX George, Ilkeston 1875 Adm
GODBER Edwin, Ilkeston 1871 Adm
HARTOP Henry,Ilkeston 1869 Adm
HICKMAN John, Ilkeston 1874 Adm
HUNT Thomas, Ilkeston 1647 Adm
HUTCHINSON John, Ilkeston 1858 Adm
HUTCHINSON John, Ilkeston  mentions Joseph HUTCHINSON Ilkeston  1858
HUTCHINSON Joseph, Ilkeston 1862 Adm
JOHNSON Ann, Ilkeston 1859 Adm
JOHNSON Thomas Rudd, Ilkeston 1873 Adm
LEE Thomas, Ilkeston 1863 Adm
MASON Sarah, Ilkeston 1861 Adm
OSBORNE John, Ilkeston 1743 Adm
POTTER Samuel, Ilkeston 1861 Adm
POTTER Samuel, Ilkeston 1874 Adm
ROLLISON Harriett, Ilkeston 1864 Adm
SMALL Lambert, Ilkeston 1873 Adm
SMITH George, Ilkeston 1872 Adm
SMITH Joseph, Ilkeston 1861 Adm
SMITH Richard, Ilkeston 1863 Adm
STRAW Thomas, Ilkeston 1863 Adm
WRAGG Ann, Ilkeston , died 1856  mentions Edwin WRAGG Ilkeston 1858 
WRIGHT Sarah Ann, Ilkeston 1872
TAYLOR George, India and Littleover, Dbys. 1892
DAVYS John, Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. wine merchant and Thomas DAVYS of Ashby de la Zouch, Charlotte HICKMAN READER dau of Henry READER late of Aylesbury, Bucks all mentioned in Will of Mary READER of Ingleby. 1858
ALLSOPP George, Codnor Park 1911
BATES John, Ironville 1889
BEARDALL John, Codnor Park 1891
BEASTALL John, Codnor Park 1926
HARDY Thomas, Ironville 1894
JOHNSON Joseph, Codnor Park 1887
JOHNSON William, Ironville 1879
JOWETT Peter, Ironville 1864
KANE William, Codnor Park 1893
KNIGHT Elizabeth, Ironville 1864
KNIGHT Joseph, Ironville 1859
LANE Samuel, Codnor Park 1890
LEADBEATER William, Codnor Park 1892
LEE Hannah, Ironville 1884
LINDLEY Thomas, Ironville  1862
LLEWELLYN Mary, Ironville 1909
LUDLAM Henry, Codnor Park 1909
MALIN Job, Codnor Park 1891
PURSGLOVE John, Codnor Park 1863
PURSGLOVE Louisa, Codnor Park 1920
ROSE William, Ironville 1883
SHORT James, Codnor Lane, Codnor Park 1871
STORER Maria, Ironville 1900
IRONVILLE Administration (see also Alfreton, Codnor and Loscoe, Codnor Park, Pentrich, Riddings.)
CASSON John.Rev, Ironville 1869 Adm
FEATHERSTONE John Tyler, Ironville 1866 Adm
BROWN John, Isle of Man, Douglas and Higham Dbys 1884
CROFTS Sarah Ann, Isle of Man 1903
HARGREAVES Thomas, Isle of Man, late Winshill, Staffs 1890
JACKSON William George, Isle of Man, Douglas. 1852
MCGEORGE Sarah Dawson, Isle of Man, Ramsey and Buxton, Dbys. 1886
FOX Samuel, Kedleston 1901
PACKARD H.C. Kedleston 1926
PACKARD H.C. Kedleston Rectory 1926
KEDLESTON Administration
SALT Elizabeth, Kedleston 1868 Adm
BEECHER Charles Walter, Tunbridge Wells, Kent 1918
CADE Penelope, Greenwich, Kent 1866
COOPER Thomas Buddo, Blackheath, Kent 1907
DILKES William, Kent, Maidstone and Derby, Dbys 1868
FERRY Henry Rumsey, Kent, Lewisham 1901
GROOMBRIDGE Richard of Hunton Kent Copy Will 1742  V13/39
MEADER Joseph, Kent, Tonbridge 1920
POLLARD Elizabeth Ann, Kent, Woolwich 1925
SHEPHERD Edward, Kent, Shortlands and Matlock,Dbys. 1881
SPENCER Francis, Kent. proved 1728
SPENCER George, Chatham, victualler 1749
SPENCER Henry, Brompton in Chatham, shipwright 1818 Adm
SPENCER John, Seal, potter 1771
SPENCER Joseph, Chatham cordwainer 1743
SPENCER William, Chatham, shipwright 1751
SPENCER William, Chatham, shipwright 1724
WINTERS Mary Emily, Kent, Dover 1928
WOOD Joseph, Kent, Plumstead 1918
BEARD Arthur, Killamarsh 1919
BECKETT Mary, Upperthorpe  1865
BRAY Michael, Killamarsh 1642
CROOKES Henry, Killamarsh 1640
DALLEY William, Killamarsh 1918
EMSON Robert Ernest, Killamarsh 1908
HAWLEY Francis, Killamarsh 1646
HOPKINSON Ann, Killamarsh 1910
HUTCHBY Ann, Killamarsh 1905
HUTCHINSON Robert, High Moor, Killamrash 1877
KNIGHTON Aaron, Killamarsh 1902
LEAH Samuel, Killamarsh 1866
LOWE William, Killamarsh 1870
MALLENDER Charles, Killamarsh 1921
MALLENDER Thomas, Killamarsh 1889
MALLINDER Ann, Killamarsh 1859
MALLINDER Ann, Killamarsh 1879
MALLINDER Frederick, Killamarsh 1927
MALLINDER George, Killamarsh 1861
MALLINDER George, Killamarsh 1890
MALLINDER James, Killamarsh 1890 
MALLINDER John, Killamarsh 1862
MALLINDER John, Killamarsh 1897
MASON Charles, Killamarsh 1905
NUTTRELL Mary Ann, Killamarsh 1892
READ Robert, Killamarsh 1878
RIVINGTON William, Killamarsh 1886
ROBINSON Albert Cookson, Killamarsh 1906
ROSE George, Killamarsh 1867
ROSE William, Killamarsh 1880
RUDD John, Killamarsh 1909
SITWELL Robert, Killamarsh 1641
STONES George, Killamarsh 1861
STOREY Charlotte, Killamarsh 1886
TURNER John, Killamarsh 1640
WHITE John, Killmarsh 1646

KILLAMARSH Administration
BAILEY Elizabeth, Killamarsh 1870 Adm
HANCOCK Ann, Killamarsh 1870 Adm
HEWIT Humphrey, Killamarsh 1649 Adm
HUTCHBY Thomas, Killamarsh 1872 Adm
HUTCHINSON Hannah, Killamarsh 1859 Adm
LANT Ann, Killamarsh 1873 Adm
RICHARDSON Eliza, Killamarsh 1864 Adm
SENIOR John, Killamarsh 1858 Adm
WARD Turner, Killamarsh 1874 Adm
WATKINSON John, Killamarsh 1867 Adm
BOOTE Cecilia, Kirk Hallam 1647
COWPE Anthony, Kirk Hallam 1647
GREEN Thomas, Kirk Hallam, Dbys 1855
HARDY John, Kirk Hallam 1880
HARDY Joseph Potter, Kirk Hallam 1885
HUNT Edward, Kirk Hallam 1647
MARTIN Samuel, Kirk Hallam 1827
MARTIN Samuel, Kirk Hallam, Mapperley 1828
MARTIN Thomas, Kirk Hallam, Mapperley 1848
RICE Samuel, Kirk Hallam 1906
WHEATLEY Robert, Kirk Hallam 1646
KIRK HALLAM Administration
COULSON Caroline, Kirk Hallam 1865
MARTIN Francis, Kirk Hallam, Mapperley 1867 Adm
POTTER Isaac, Kirk Hallam, Mapperley 1859 Adm
WALTERS Joseph, Kirk Hallam, Mapperley 1862 Adm
ALDRED Mary, Kirk Ireton 1850  V6/150
ALDRED William, Kirk Ireton 1849 V6/149
ALSOPP Roger, Kirk Ireton, Biggin 1641
COWPER Edward, Kirk Ireton 1649
DAWSON Robert, Kirk Ireton 1795  V97/1/52
DEANE Edward, Kirk Ireton 1640
GELL Robert Will made 1866 Proved 1870, of Kirk Ireton Clerk, mentions "nephew Frederic GELL, Lord Bishop of Madras".
GREATOREX Margaret. Ireton Wood, widow. 1717  V28/3/8
GREATOREX William, Kirk Ireton 1865
HAYNE Robert, Kirk Ireton 1772  V6/199
HIGGOTT Rowland, Kirk Ireton 1640
HOON Samuel, Kirk Ireton 1868
IRETON German, Little Ireton  1543/4  V4/10
KIDDEY Edwin, Kirk Ireton 1879
LEASON Elizabeth, Kirk Ireton 1902
LEEDHAM Joseph, Kirk Ireton 1869
MILLWARD Mary, Kirk Ireton 1873
MILLWARD Robert, Kirk Ireton 1866
PEAT Harriet, Kirk Ireton, Dbys 1895
PEAT John, Kirk Ireton, Dbys 1869
PEAT Thomas, Kirk Ireton, Dbys 1881
PICKERING Samuel, Ireton Wood 1840  V6/192
REPTON Samuel, Kirk Ireton 1893
SPENCER Ann, Kirk Ireton 1723
STORER John, Kirk Ireton 1630
STORER John, Kirk Ireton 1646
STORER John, Kirk Ireton 1928
STORER Richard, elder, Kirk Ireton 1798  V97/1/51
TOPLES (TOPLIS) Anthony, Kirk Ireton 1640
TWIGG Henry, Kirk Ireton 1646 CTW/43
TWIGG Ralph, Kirk Ireton 1691 CWT/46
TWIGGES Henry, Kirk Ireton 1646

KIRK IRETON Administration
PICKERING John, Kirk Ireton 1873 Adm
SPICER Richard, Kirk Ireton, Vicar 1647 Adm
SPENCER Thomas, Kirk Ireton 1721 Adm
SPENCER William, Kirk Ireton 1687 Adm
ADLINGTON Joseph, Kirk Langley 1903
ALLCOCK Edward, Kirk Langley 1860
ALSOPPE Thomas, Kirk Langley 1627
ARCHER Daniel, Kirk Langley 1912
AULT Thomas, Kirk Langley 1860
BARTON John, Kirk Langley 1875
CLARKE Samuel, Kirk Langley 1921
FRANKE John, Kirk Langley 1641
GIBBS William, Kirk Langley 1911
HOUGH Peter, Kirk Langley 1649
KIRKLAND Charles, Kirk Langley 1894
KIRKLAND Edward, Kirk Langley 1879
KIRKLAND Henry, Kirk Langley 1869
KIRKLAND Henry, Kirk Langley 1876
KNOWLES John Ball, The Hall, Kirk Langley 1887
LOWNDES John, Kirk Langley 1915
OWEN Arthur Harry, Kirk Langley, Dbys 1904
PARKER Richard, Kirk Langley 1642
POYSER John, Will made 1862 Proved 1866, of Langley, mentions "nephew James JOHNSON residing on the Continent of America".
POYSER Sarah, Kirk Langley 1884
RADFORD Sarah, Kirk Langley 1927
RADFORD William, Kirk Langley 1916
ROBINSON William Daniel, Kirk Langley 1923
SPENCER David, Kirk Langley 1814
SPENCER William, Kirk Langley 1848
STONE Elizabeth, Kirk Langley 1882
TAYLER ( TAYLOR ) Elizabeth, Kirk Langley 1639
KIRK LANGLEY Administration
ALLCOCK Rosanna, Kirk Langley 1870 Adm
HANDFORD Charles, Kirk Langley 1869 Adm
PEDLEY Catherine, Kirk Langley 1872 Adm
PICKERING John, Kirk Langley 1874 Adm
SPENCER Isaac, Kirk Langley 1827 Adm
CANTRELL Margaret, Kniveton 1641
COCKAYNE Thomas of Kniveton made 1848, Proved 1859, mentions "sister Mary wife of Thomas TRAVIS in America"
DANIELS George, Kniveton 1860
HARRIS Joseph, Kniveton 1877
HOUGH Joseph, Kniveton 1865
MILWARD John, Kniveton 1883
REDFERN Samuel, Kniveton 1861
REYNOLDS George, Kniveton 1927
ROBOTHAM Henry, Kniveton 1895
KNIVETON Administrations
BARTON Emma, Kniveton 1865 Adm
BARTON Joseph, Kniveton 1874 Adm
HOUGH John, Kniveton 1858 Adm
WIGLEY Ann, Kniveton 1869 Adm
ALLEN George Peter, Manchester. Lancs 1905
AMATT Richard, Lancs. Manchester 1867
BALSHAW William Leak, Lancs, 1925
BARNES Henry, Anfield Cottage, Walton on the Hill 1865 CBA/47
BARROW (BURROW?) Ellen, Liverpool widow 1762 V2/103
BATES Walter, Lancs. Blackburn and Melbourne Dbys 1879
BATTERSBY Thomas, Lancs Openshaw. 1928
BEARD Peter, Lancs, Heaton Norris and Whaley Bridge Cheshire 1885
BEAVER Hugh, Lancs, Manchester and Salop, Sweeney Hill 1863
BEDFORD Charles Frederick, Lancs. Manchester 1915
BEECHER Charles Walter, Tunbridge Wells, Kent 1918
BENNETT Mark, Lancs. Manchester 1926
BENSON John, Lancs. Lancaster late of Buxton Dbys 1891
BOUGHEY Thomas Matthew, Lancs. Manchester Whalley Range 1909
BOWLER James, Lancs. Liverpool, Myrtle St. 1866
BRADLEY Ann, Lancashire, Denbigh and Bakewell 1881
BRAYSHAW Rachel Ann, Lancs. Manchester 1895
BROADBENT George, Lancs. Manchester, Droylsden 1889
BROWN Alice, Lancs. Farnworth nr Bolton 1904
BROWN John Clafton, Lancs. Manchester late of Glossop 1888
BROWN William Henry, Lancs. Liverpool and Ripley Dbys 1873
BUCKLEY John Holroyd, Lancs. Blackpool 1900
BURDEKIN Thomas Pierson, Lancs. Manchester 1896
BUTLER Edwin, Lancs. Manchester, Longsight 1910
CADE Penelope, Greenwich, Kent 1866
CAVE Sarah, Lancs, Latham and Glossop 1887
CHISNALL James, Lancs. Manchester late of Derby 1891
CLARKE Dorothea Mary, Lancs, Manchester, Withington 1889
CLAYPAM Henry, Lancs, Lancaster and Chapel en le Frith 1888
COOPER Josiah, Lancs. Manchester and Glossop 1886
COOPER Thomas Buddo, Blackheath, Kent 1907
COOPER William, Lancs, Liverpool 1875
CRABTREE Jessie, Lancs. Didsbury 1923
CRIPPIN Susan Kate, Lancs. Pendleton 1903
CROOK Richard, Lancs. Lancaster 1894
CROSS Richard, Lancs. Manchester 1863
CRUTTENDEN William Courtenay Lancs. Heaton Norris 1875
DAVIDSON James. Lancs. Manchester 1870
DAVIES Amelia Maria, Lancs. Manchester 1904
DILKES William, Kent, Maidstone and Derby, Dbys 1868
DUMPER Katherine, Lancs. Manchester 1905
DYSON Samuel, Lancs. Rochdale 1905
EARLE Henry, Lancs. Manchester and Whaley Bridge, Ches 1877
EASTAFF Thomas William, Lancs. 1914
ECKERSLEY Lucy, Lancs. Manchester, Greenhays 1898
ELLIS Mary, Lancs. Manchester 1911
EYRE John, Lancs. Manchester and Bradwell, Dbys 1905
FALLOWS Hannah, Lancs. Manchester, Didsbury 1897
FARROW John Stanley, Lancs. Manchester 1922
FARTHING Henry John, Lancs. Chorlton cum Hardy 1907
FERRY Henry Rumsey, Kent, Lewisham 1901
FISHER George, Lancs. Manchester 1897
FLETCHER Samuel, Lancs. Radcliffe 1909
FOSTER George, Lancs. Ashton under Lyne 1868
FRYER Martha, Lancs. West Didsbury 1914
GEE Isaac, Lancs. Ardwick and Ludworth, Dbys 1863
GILES Nathan, Lancs. Liverpool and Bakewell, Dbys 1895
GOODIE George, Lancs. Chorlton upon Medlock and Rowsley, Dbys 1863
GREAVES John Thomas, Lancs. Oldham 1915
HALL Samuel, Lancs. Manchester 1917
HARDY Herbert Waters, Lancs. Heaton Norris 1917
HARRISON Samuel, Lancs. Stretford 1859
HARRISON William, Lancs. Ardwick and Litchurch, Derby 1880
HAWTHORN Flory (Florence), Lancs. Manchester, Crumpsall 1928
HEAD William Beachey, Lancs. Blackpool and Matlock 1877
HIGGINBOTTOM Joseph, Lancs. Ashton under Lyne and Charlesworth, Dbys. 1877
HILL Mary, Lancs. Manchester and Castleton, Dbys 1882
HODGKINSON Agnes, Lancs. Preston 1917
HOLDEN John, Lancs. Burnley 1922
HOLT Mary Jane, Lancs. Pendlebury 1927
HOWARD Ralph William, Lancs. Manchester and Cheshire 1869
HOWE Martha Swann, Pendlebury,Lancs and Tideswell 1883
HUDDLESTONE William Henry, Lancs. Salford 1912
HUGHES Phoebe, Lancs. Salford 1895
HULME Ann, Lancs. Manchester and Padfield, Dbys 1885
HUNT William, Lancs. Salford 1909
ILLINGWORTH ----------, Southport Lancs and Chesterfield 1890
INGLETT Eliza Stewart, Lancs. Salford 1895
JACKSON Emma, Lancs, Liverpool 1849
JACKSON John, Lancs. Oldham 1910
JACKSON William, Lancs, Liverpool and Staffordshire, West Bromwich 1843
JENKINSON Thomas, Lancs. Manchester, Denton 1875
JOHNSON Elizabeth, Lancs. Southport 1895
JOHNSON James, Lancs. Clayton le Moors 1911
JOHNSON Percy, Lancs. Manchester and Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1882
JONES Elizabeth, Lancs. Waterloo and Derby 1885
JOWETT Daniel, Lancs. Manchester and Wirksworth Dbys 1858
KAY Janet, Lancs. Bury and Littlemoor, Glossop Dbys 1862
KENNERLY Emily. Lancs. Manchester and Derby 1890
KNOWLES Robert, Lancs. Lancaster and Buxton, Dbys 1891
KNOWLES Robert, Lancs. Lancaster and Buxton,Dbys. 1891
LEAY Sarah, Seaforth Lancs later of Derby 1861
LEDGER Herbert Gowing, Blackburn Lancs 1919
LEECH Robert, Lancs. Manchester, Openshaw 1912
LEES John Joseph, Oldham Lancs 1925
LEVER Samuel, Lancs. Manchester, Lower Broughton 1913
LINNEL George, Levenshulme Lancs and Derby  1881
LONGDEN Robert, Lancs. Manchester and Burbage 1887
LORD Edmund, Lancs. Lancaster 1903
LORD John, Kearsley Lancs and Derby 1880
LOUIS Alfred, Lancs. Manchester and Buxton 1889
MASSEY Mary, Heywood Lancs and Glossop Dbys 1881
MCWHAE Margaret, Lancs. Liverpool, Everton 1912
MEADER Joseph, Kent, Tonbridge 1920
METCALFE Samuel, Manchester Lancs and New Mills Dbys 1892
MILLS Jane, Oldham Lancs 1913
MITCHELL Emma, West Gorton 1928
MONTGOMERY Robert, Manchester and Southport 1910
MONTGOMERY William Arthur Patrick, Lancs. Lancaster and Littleover Dbys. 1891
MORGAN Hannah, Lancs. Lancaster and Parwich, Dbys 1888
MORTON Catherine, Hulme, Manchester, Lancs and Buxton  1881
NADIN Joseph, Manchester Lancs and Crewton p. Boulton 1924
NEEDLE Sarah, Lancashire and Swadlincote Dbys 1882
OVEREND John, Salford, Lancs 1900
PARKER Harriet, Lancs.. Lancaster,Unstone 1916
PEARSON Emma, Liverpool, Lancs 1918
PEARSON Joseph, Ashton under Lyne, Lancs 1916
PEARSON Robert, Lancs.Manchester, Chorlton on Medlock 1870
PENISTONE Elizabeth, Blackpool, Lancs 1925
PHILIPS Joseph Bernard, Lancs. Lancaster 1914
PLATT Annie, Blackpool, Lancs and Stoney Houghton, Dbys 1922
POLLARD Elizabeth Ann, Kent, Woolwich 1925
PORTER Albert, Darwen, Lancs  1924
POXON Eliza, Ashton under Lyne Lancs 1868
PRATT William John, Manchester Lancs and Fairfield 1889
PROCTOR Florence Nightingale, Manchester Lancs 1922
RAINS William, Lancs. Manchester 1900
RATCLIFFE Annie Sarah, Blackpool Lancs and Glossop 1892
RATCLIFFE William, Oldham Lancs and Glossop 1890
REDDISH Henry, Manchester Lancs and Glossop 1878
REES Richard Wilkins, Lancs. Manchester 1915
RICHARDSON John, Lancs. Manchester, Moss Side. 1928
RIGHTON Jane, Southport Lancs 1925
ROBERTON John, Chorlton cum Medlock Lancs and New Mills 1876
ROSTRON Thomas, Edensfield Lancs and Buxton 1885
RUMNEY Edward Bryan, Lancs. Manchester and New Mills 1883
SHALLCROSS James, Ashton under Lyne, Lancs 1897
SHAW Joshua, Lancs. Manchester, Didsbury and Chesterfield, Dbys. 1887
SHEPHERD Edward, Kent, Shortlands and Matlock,Dbys. 1881
SHIMWELL Isaac, Lancs. Manchester 1875
SHORE William, Lancs. Manchester and Buxton 1877
SIMISTER Margaret, Lancs. Manchester, Hulme and Derby 1881
SIMPSON John, Lancs. Manchester 1908
SMITH Caroline, Rochdale Lancs 1917
SPENCER John, Liverpool, mariner 1778
SPENCER Robert, Walton, Fazakerley 1639
SPENCER Thomas, Lancs, Liverpool, Walton 1668
STALEY Isaac, Deansgate, Manchester draft Will. 1847 V6/B7/24
STANFIELD William, Lancs. Manchester 1914
STEEPLES Mary, Lancashire and Holloway, p Crich Dbys  1883
STOREY John, West Gorton, Lancs. 1877
SWAFFIELD Eliza, St Helens Lancs and Derby 1891
SWINSCOE John, Lancs. Manchester, Ardwick 1913
SYSON Henry James, Lancs. Manchester, Longsight 1895
TATAM Mary, Lancaster  1903
THERNWELL Joseph, Manchester Lancs and Longstone Dbys 1863
THEXTON Agnes, Lancs. Liverpool and Westmoreland 1900
TWIGG Henry, Salford Lancs and Ashover  1879
UNWIN Charles Oakes, Lancs. Liverpool,Bootle 1915
WAGSTAFF Charles Emanuel, Lancs. Liverpool and Crich, Dbys. 1885
WALKER Matthew, Ainsdale Lancs and Burbage Dbys 1887
WALMSLEY Joseph, Bury, Lancs 1901
WALSHAW William Alexander, Lancs. Manchester, Moss Side 1920
WARBURTON William, Manchester Lancs and Castleton Dbys 1883
WARREN David, Hazles, Huyton, Lancs. 1841 V98/35
WHITE John, Rev. Lancs. Manchester, Clayton 1924
WHITE Robert, Lancs. Manchester and Baslow,Bubnell 1873
WHITNEY Denis Henry, Manchester Lancs and Derby 1885
WHITTAKER Henry, Lancs. Lancaster 1895
WILLIAMS George Henry, Manchester Lancs and Chapel en le Frith Dbys 1877
WILLIAMS John Birkett, Liverpool Lancs 1867
WILLIAMS Thomas, Southport Lancs 1905
WILSON Margery, Aigburth,Liverpool spinster 1874 CBA/37
WILSON Selina, Manchester Lancs and Glossop Dbys 1891
WINTERS Mary Emily, Kent, Dover 1928
WITHAM Samuel, Lancs. Liverpool, Everton 1919
WOOD George, Lancs. Lancaster 1894
WOOD Joseph, Kent, Plumstead 1918
WOOD William Preston, Salford 1917
WRIGHT Robert Newton, Lancs. Manchester, Stretford 1926
WRIGLEY Arthur Edward, Salford Lancs  1922
WROE Sarah, Lancs. Lancaster and Derby 1890
YOUNG James, Lancs. Lancaster 1904

LANCASHIRE Administration
DICKEN Roland, Lancashire, Liverpool 1747 Adm

BUNTING Jane, High Langwith 1856
BUNTING John, Langwith 1721
BUNTING John, Langwith 1833
BRIGGES (BRIGGS) Hugh, Langwith Bassett 1640
PAWSON Richard, Langwith, 1647
WOOLLEY Thomas, Langwith Bassett 1640

LEEK parish
ADDERLEY John, Leek 1649
ADSHEAD Ralph, Leek 1629
ASHENHURST John, Leek 1628
BADDALEY Thomas, Leek 1629
BADDELEY Thomas, Leek 1628
BARKER Thomas, Leek 1647
BATEMAN William 1838
BATEMAN William 1855
BOTT Lawrence, Leek 1628
BOWEN Thomas, Leek 1638
BOWYER Francis, Leek, Vicar. 1649
BRASSINGTON Ralph, Leek 1650
BRIDGEWOOD John, Leek 1629
BRINDLEY William, Leek 1640
BROUGH Katherine, Leek 1641
BRUNT Elizabeth, Leek 1641
CARLEIL William, Leek 1629
CASIE Richard, Leek 1640
CHADWICK Charles 1837
CHALNOR (CHALLONER?) William, Leek 1640
CLAYTON Robert, Leek 1641
CLEWLOWE (CLULOW) Robert, Leek 1649
CLOWES Samuel, Leek 1642
CLOWES Thomas, Leek 1648
CLULOWE Robert, Leek 1629
COOKE Timothy. Leek 1650
COWAP John, Leek 1650
CUNLIFFE John, Leek 1641
DACON Robert, Leek 1640
DAVELL (DEVELL) John, Leek 1628
DAVENPORT William, Leek 1641
DEVELL Alice, Leek 1648
DEVELL John, Leek 1650
FAIREFIELD John, Leek 1646
FINNEY Ellen, Leek 1628
FOX Edward 1585
FOX John 1726
FOX William 1663
GARDNER Ralph, Leek 1640
GENT William, Leek 1650
GOODFELLOW Ellen, Leek 1640
GOODWYN (GOODWIN) John, Leek 1641
HAND Martha, Leek, Staffs 1926
HEATON John, Leek 1628
HEATON Thomas, Leek 1640
HILL Robert 1756
HILL Robert 1799
HOLME George, Leek 1641
HOWELL Thomas, Leek 1640
JACKSON John, Staffs Leek 1836
JACKSON John, Staffs. Leek 1852
JACKSON Joseph, Staffs. Leek 1851
JACKSON Parnell, Leek 1628
JACKSON Thomas, Staffs. Leek 1815
JOHNSON John, Leek 1640
LEE Thomas, Leek 1640
LEES Ann 1819
LEES George 1814
LOWNDES Matthew, Leek 1647
MALKYN (MALKIN) Thomas, Leek 1646
MELLOR Joseph Mixon Hay, Leek Staffs and Black Bank  1904
MELLOR Robert, Leek Staffs and Priestcliffe Dbys 1882
MILLS William, Leek 1642
MONFORD Ralph, Leek 1650
OLDHAM John, Leek 1628
PHILLIP Richard, Leek 1641
PILSBURY William, Leek 1640
PLANT William, Leek 1640
RIGGE Richard, Leek 1647
ROTHWELL Joan, Leek 1629
SHELDON Charles, Leek 1844
SHELDON David, Leek 1831
SHELDON John, Leek 1797
SHERRATT William, Leek 1649
SKIPPLEBOTHAM Richard, Leek 1631
SMITH Dorothy, Leek 1631
SMITH Richard, Leek 1646
STUBBES (STUBBS) Anne, Leek 1630
TAYLER ( TAYLOR ) John, Leek Frith 1647
TOFT Andrew, Leek 1639
TOFT Ralph, Leek 1639
TOFT Richard, Leek 1640
TRAFFORD Anne, Leek 1648
TURNOCK William, Leek 1641
VICARS Paul, Staffs. Leek 159
WARDLE Henry, Leek 1647
WARDLE James, Leek 1647
WATSON Thomas, Leek 1639
WOOD William, Leek 1640

LEEK Administrations
ARMET William, Leek 1640 Adm
BENTLEY John, Leek 1638 Inventory
BOND Richard, Leek 1647 Adm
BOWERS Thomas, Leek 1639 Inventory
BROUGH Robert, Leek 1640 Adm
CARLEIL William, Leek 1629 Inventory
DOWNING John, Leek 1631 Adm
EDGE Richard, Leek 1647 Inventory
GOODWYNE (GOODWIN) Thomas, Leek 1649 Adm
HARRISON Thomas, Leek 1644 Adm
HOLLAND Ralph, Leek 1641 Adm
HULME James, Leek 1641 Adm
HYDE John, Leek 1648 Adm
JOHNSON John, Leek 1641 Adm
MEYOTT (MYOTT) Thomas, Leek 1641 Adm
MORRIS George, Leek 1650 Adm
ROWLEY John, Leek 1648 Adm
SHERRATT Anne, Leek 1640 Adm
SHERRATT William, Leek 1647 Adm
TATTON Robert, Leek 1647 Adm
TOMPKINSON William, Leek 1647 Adm
TRAFFORD Anne, Leek 1646 Adm
WARDLE John, Leek 1640 Adm
WASHINGTON John, Leek 1628 Inventory
WATSON John, Leek 1639 Adm
ANTHONY Eliza, Leics. Leicester 1926
ARMESTON William, Kilby Leics 1681  V95.2/51
ARMSON John, Breedon on the Hill,Leics. 1826 V4/26
BANKS George Thomas, Leics. Snarestone 1926
BASSETT John James, Albert Village 1926
BATES John. Leics, Kegworth 1897
BECKWITH John, Leicester, Leics and Stapenhill 1892
BELL Edward Tipper, Leics, Leicester 1874
BENT William, Leics, Leicester 1902
BIRD George Bertie, Leics. Loughborough 1927
BIRD Mary Ann, Leics. Worthington 1905
BLACKETT Flora Ann, Leics. Illston on the Hill 1927
BONSELL George yeoman of Leics mentions bro William BONSELL. Will made 1847 Proved 1862 /14
BONSELL George, Leicester 1862
BOURNE Mary, Leics. Oakthorpe 1871
BROADHEAD Agnes, Leics. Leicester 1916
BROWN Henry, Leics. Leicester 1916
BURLEY Joseph, Leics. Leicester 1922
CAPENHURST Jane, Leics. Kirby Bellairs and Matlock 1874
CARTHY William, Leics. Bottesford 1862
CHAPLAIN John, Leics. Kegworth and Matlock Dbys 1880
CHAPMAN Elizabeth, Leics. Quorndon 1868
CLARKE Elizabeth, Leics, Loughborough 1897
CLULOW John, Leics. Appleby Wigston and Hartshorne 1886
COTTON Helena, Leics, Long Whatton 1909
CRAMP Thomas, Leics. Leicester 1903
CRANE James, Leics Loughborough 1905
CROSS Frederick. Leics. Wilson 1872
CURZON John Leics. Breedon on the Hill and Derby 1864
DAWSON Elizabeth,Leics. Leicester 1913
DERBYSHIRE Elizabeth. Leics. Loughborough, Thorpe Acre 1928
DRAYTON Gratia, Leics, Leicester 1864
ELLIS John, Leics. Mount Sorrel 1869
FERRABY Harriet, Leics. Husbands Bosworth and Buxton Dby 1888
FEWKES John, Leics. and Church Gresley 1870
FISHER James, Leics. Loughborough 1909
FOWLER Dorothy, Leics. Leicester and Breedon 1891
FOX Joseph, Leics. Coalville 1928
GARNER John, Leics. Glenfield 1919
GEE Thomas, Leics. Leicester 1902
GITTINS Edward, Leics. Loughborough 1865
GOODYER Elizabeth, Leics. Leicester and Buxton, Dbys 1885
HARDY Catherine, Leics. Kegworth 1914
HARDY Joseph, Leics. Breedon, Wilson 1867
HARTSHORNE Frederick, Market Bosworth, Leics. 1926
HAYES John, Leics. Leicester and Pleasley Vale, Dby 1893
HEALY Elizabeth, Leics. Castle Donington and Litchurch, Dbys 1877
HENWORTH Thomas, Braunstone, Leics. 1612 V5/70
HODGKINSON George, Leics. Kirby Bellairs 1917
HODKINSON (HODGKINSON ?) George, Kirby Bellars, Leics 1917
ILIFFE Hannah, Leics. Leicester 1904
JACKSON John Thomas, Leics. Loughborough 1910
JAMES Mary, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch 1867
JONES William, Leics. Leicester 1903
KEMPSTER Susan Ann, Leics. Grumley Hall 1926
KIDDEY John, Leics. Long Whatton 1869
LAKIN John, Leics. and Ockbrook, Dbys. 1885
MIDDLETON Joseph, Leics. Blackfordy and Swadlincote 1879
MOORE Eleanor, Leics. Diseworth 1928
MOORE William, Leics. Whitworth and Long Eaton, Dbys 1896
MYOTT John, Leics. Leicester and Stapenhill 1892
ORD Elizabeth Bilsdon, Leics. Leicester 1895
PEAT William, Leics. Leicester 1902
PERCIVAL Charles, Leics. Leicester and Church Gresley 1892
PRESTON Mary Ann, Leics. Melton Mowbray 1915
PYMME Ann, Beaumanor, Leics. 1751   V28/3/12
RATCLIFF John, Leics. Wilson 1871
RIMINGTON Mary Ann, Leics. Bottesford, Easthorpe 1917
ROBERTS Mary Ann, Leics. Leicester 1912
SHARPE Elizabeth,Leics. Hathern 1920
SHARPE Emily, Leics. Hathern 1927
SHARPE William, Leics. Hathern 1925
SHAW Ann, Leics. Leicester and Derby 1886
SHIELD Frederica Phillippse, Leics. Queniborough and Duffield,Dbys 1878
SISSON Maria, Leics. Kegworth 1876
SMITH Ambrose, Leics. Leicester 1901
SMITH Sarah, Leics. Loughborough and Derby 1896
SPEARE (SPARE) Thomas, Netherseal 1718
SPEARE Thomas, Netherseal 1728
SPEARE William, Netherseal 1735
SPEED Edward ,Loughborough 1687
SPEED William,Loughborough 1671
SPELL Alexander, Holwell 1702
SPELL James, Burton Lazars 1744
SPELL Mary, Billesdon 1662
SPENCE Anne ,Leicester 1677
SPENCE Elizabeth, Market Harborough 1697
SPENCE Isabella, Leics 1667
SPENCE John, Market Harborough 1738
SPENCE John,Leicester 1749 Ad.
SPENCE Miriam,Market Harborough 1748 Adm
SPENCE Peter Market Harborough 1670 Adm
SPENCE Robert, Leicester 1698
SPENCE Samuel,Easton Magna 1749
SPENCE Thomas, Edmonthorpe 1675
SPENCER Ann, Cosby 1760
SPENCER Ann, Leicester 1857
SPENCER Ann,  Cosby 1776
SPENCER Ann,Borough of Leicester 1826 Ad
SPENCER Ann,Glooston 1820 Adm
SPENCER Ann,Leicester 1806
SPENCER Anne, Thrussington 1715
SPENCER Anne,Enderby 1732 Adm
SPENCER Anthony,Nether Broughton 1685
SPENCER Benjamin, formerly Narborough, now Leicester 1807
SPENCER Benjamin, Swinford 1812
SPENCER Charles, Enderby 1802
SPENCER Charles, Thorpe Acre 1711
SPENCER David, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch 1749
SPENCER Dorothy,Wanlip 1742
SPENCER Edward, Woodthorpe, p.Loughborough 1812
SPENCER Elias, Scraptoft 1777
SPENCER Elizabeth ,Ashby de la Zouch 1769
SPENCER Elizabeth, Melton Mowbray once of Rotherby 1821 Ad.
SPENCER Elizabeth,elder, Stoughton, 1773
SPENCER Francis, Ashby de la Zouch 1774
SPENCER Francis, Turville but late of Earl Shilton 1851
SPENCER Gabriel, Shepshed 1688
SPENCER Gabriels ,Sileby 1679
SPENCER George, Leicester 1835
SPENCER Henry,Hoton 1837
SPENCER Jane, Leicester, spinster 1807 Ad
SPENCER John, Ashfordby 1844 
SPENCER John, Cranoe 1808
SPENCER John, Cranoe 1809 Ad.
SPENCER John, Cranoe Lodge 1767
SPENCER John, Enderby 1812
SPENCER John, Hathern 1817
SPENCER John, Ibstock 1836 Ad.
SPENCER John, Leicester, 1763
SPENCER John, Oadby  1814 Ad.
SPENCER John, Sapcote 1791
SPENCER John, Sapcote 1830
SPENCER John, Sileby 1852
SPENCER John, snr. Stoughton 1768
SPENCER John, Thrussington 1817Ad
SPENCER John, Thurmaston 1761
SPENCER John, Witherley, later of Stoke Golding 1762
SPENCER John,Swinford 1787
SPENCER Jonathan, Stoughton 1760
SPENCER Joseph ,Sileby 1796 Ad
SPENCER Joseph, Leicester St Mary 1843
SPENCER King, Cosby 1770
SPENCER Mary, Ashby de la Zouch 1784
SPENCER Mary, Leicester 1807
SPENCER Mary, Skeffington 1837
SPENCER Mary,Leicester All Saints 1766
SPENCER Mary,Leicester St Nicholas 1795
SPENCER Nathaniel, Lt HM 79th Rgt Foot now Lt Leicestershire Militia.1783
SPENCER Peter,Kilby 1763
SPENCER Richard ,Leicester 1767 Ad.
SPENCER Richard ,Leicester Forest 1811 Ad.
SPENCER Richard, Hoton 1808
SPENCER Richard,Leicester 1820
SPENCER Richard,Long Clawson 1753
SPENCER Richard,yngr, Snarestone 1842 Ad
SPENCER Robert, Leics. Countersthorpe 1681
SPENCER Robert,Leicester 1791
SPENCER Samuel, Glooston 1816 Ad
SPENCER Samuel,Nailstone 1827 Ad
SPENCER Sarah,widow Leicester 1821
SPENCER Susannah, widow of Thomas, Stoughton, 1761
SPENCER Thomas, Ashfordby 1833 Ad
SPENCER Thomas, Aylestone 1840
SPENCER Thomas, Cosby 1780 Ad 
SPENCER Thomas, elder, Melton Mowbray 1854 Ad
SPENCER Thomas, elder, Stoughton 1755
SPENCER Thomas, Sapcote 1811
SPENCER Thomas, snr, Ashfordby 1792
SPENCER Thomas, Stoughton 1764
SPENCER Thomas, Witherley 1773 Adm
SPENCER William ,Earl Shilton 1847
SPENCER William ,Sapcote 1839
SPENCER William, Enderby 1776
SPENCER William, Enderby 1782
SPENCER William, Enderby 1833
SPENCER William, Leic. Great Appleby 1634
SPENCER William, Leicester 1771
SPENCER William, Mountsorrel 1842
SPENCER William, Overseal 1854
SPENCER William, Sapcote, but late of Knossington 1824
SPENCER William, Shermans Lodge, 1778
SPENCER William, Sileby 1814
SPENCER William, Thorpe Acre 1835
SPIERS Sarah, Burbage 1741
SPRECKLEY Henry, Eaton 1724
SPRECKLEY John, Saxby 1702
STEPHENS Elizabeth, Leics. West Leigh 1900
TAYLOR Edward, Leics. Breedon on the Hill 1909
THOMASON Joseph, Leics. Leicester and Derby 1881
THORP Joseph, Leics. Leicester 1898
WATSON Isaac, Leics.?, Quorn 1859
WATSON John, Leics. Normanton on Soar 1861
WEBB Mary Margaret, Leics. Peating Magna 1927
WEBSTER Hannah, Leics. Nether Broughton and Dale Abbey Dbys. 1870
WEST Henry Hale, Leics. Leicester 1886
WILLIAMSON Charles, Leics. Great Peating 1875
WOLLASTON William, Shenton Leics  copy 1769 Will of 1688  V95.2/50
WOODWARD Thomas Edward Corben, Leics. Rearsby 1926
ALLSOP John, Skirbeck Quarter, Skirbeck, Lincs.  1715  V76/26
BEARDMORE Ralph, of Stamford, Lincs. 1743 V30/6
BOOTH John Shepley, Lincs, Elsham Brigg 1900
BROWNSON Ann, Lincs, Boston 1899
DAWSON Edward, Lincs. Lincoln 1896
FLETCHER George, Lincs. Fishtoft 1898
GRAHAM Thomas William, Lincs. Grimsby 1921
GREENSMITH John Francis, Lincs, Wadingham 1895
HANSON Eliza, Lincs. Lincoln 1898
HARWARD Anne, Lincs, Spalding 1867
HAYES George Henry Rev. Lincs. 1911
HILL Hannah, Lincs, South Witham 1836
JACKSON William, Lincs. Grantham 1907
KNIGHTON Elizabeth Mary, Sutton on Sea Lincs 1926
MARRIOTT Anthony, Grantham fellmonger  1812   V6/183
MASON Sabina Fanny, Lincs, Rigsby and Derby 1887
PLAISTER Kate Mary, Lincs. Spalding 1927
PORTAS William, Lincs. Little Steeping 1913
Sarah Emma BELCHER, Lincs. Thurley and Darley Dbys 1879
SCOTNEY Charlotte, Lincs. Grimsby 1921
SHILTON John William, Lincs. Lincoln 1911
SLAGG John, Lincs. and Renishaw, Dbys. 1882
SMEDLEY Samuel, Lincs. Lincoln 1894
SMITH Gertrude, Lincs. Skegness 1914
STENNETT Thomas, Lincs. Bracebridge 1926
SWAN Abraham, Lincs. Boston and Derby 1886
TAYLOR Julia, Lincs. Lincoln 1901
THOMPSON James, Lincs. Lincoln and Derby 1889
WARD Emily, Lincs. Sleaford 1867
WILKINSON Mary Jane, Lincs. Spalding 1872
WILLIAMSON Ann, Lincs. Skegness and Belper, Dbys 1888
LITTLE EATON Wills (separate parish in 1862, originally chapel of ease in p. of Derby St Alkmund. See also DERBYand DERBY ALL SAINTS for additional Wills and Administrations.)
BIRKINSHAW Eliza, Little Eaton 1926
BIRKINSHAW Frederick John, Little Eaton 1905
BIRKINSHAW Walter Henry, Little Eaton 1913
HARLOW Frederick, Little Eaton 1891
HARLOW Hannah, Little Eaton 1912
HORSLEY Mary, Little Eaton 1882
JOHNSTON Sarah, Little Eaton 1897
KERRY Charles, Little Eaton 1912
LATHAM John Rev, Little Eaton and Matlock Bath 1879
MILWARD George, Little Eaton 1869
PRATT Thomas, Little Eaton 1918
RHODES John, Little Eaton 1901
ROWLAND John, Little Eaton 1893
SHARPE Robert, Little Eaton 1882
SHARPE Sarah, Little Eaton 1920
STONE Ann, Little Eaton 1870
STONE Charlotte, Little Eaton 1899

LITTLE EATON Administration
BOAM John, domestic servant died 1844 Leamington, Warwicks, Adm. 1865
ASKEW William, Little Eaton 1875 Adm
BOAM John, Little Eaton, died 1844, Warwicks.1865 Adm
BOAM John, Little Eaton 1865 Adm
BOAM John, quarryman. 1865
JOHNSON Joseph, Little Eaton 1865 Adm
POOL Joseph blacksmith. 1865
POOL Joseph, Little Eaton 1865 Adm
ABBOTT Mary Ann, Littleover 1865
ABBOTT Thomas, Littleover 1898
ARCHER Mary Ann, Littleover 1897
ARCHER William, Littleover 1858
GARDINER Laure Isobelle Sophie, Littleover 1911
GARDINER Laure Sophie, Littleover 1927
GASCOYNE George, Littleover 1896
GASCOYNE George, Littleover 1916
GASCOYNE Joseph Henry, Littleover 1928
GIBSON Hannah, Littleover 1879
GIBSON John, Littleover 1868
GIBSON Richard, Littleover 190
GREEN Robert, Littleover, Dbys 1850
HARPUR Mary (Dame) Littleover 1647
HARPUR Mary, Littleover 1640
HOLDEN JOHN, Littleover 1820
HOLDEN JOHN, Littleover 1822
HOLDEN William, Littleover 1830
ICKARS Thomas, 1752
JACKSON Ellen Selina, Littleover 1927
JOHNSON Thomas, Littleover 1898
JONES William Littleover 1875
KIRKLAND George, Littleover 1916
KITLEY John Masters, Littleover 1903
LINDLEY Samuel, Littleover 1904
LOVEDAY Emily Jane, Littleover 1927
LOVEDAY Henry Herbert, Littleover 1914
MOCKRIDGE Elizabeth, Littleover 1922
MONTGOMERY William Arthur Patrick, Littleover and Manchester Lancs 1891
PAGE Elizabeth, Littleover 1900
PAGE John Henry, Littleover 1918
PAGE Mary Elizabeth, Littleover 1928
PEGG Joseph, Littleover, Dbys 1877
PEGG Thomas, Littleover, Dbys 1859
PEGGE Arthur James, Littleover, Dbys 1910
PEGGE Mary Ann, Littleover, Dbys 1899
PEGGE William Henry, Littleover, Dbys 1920
PIKE Arthur Greatorex, Littleover, Dbys 1919
PORTER George, Littleover 1650
POTTER Mary, Littleover, Dbys 1905
PRICE Elizabeth, Littleover 1872
RADFORD Eliza, Littleover 1916
RADFORD Ellen, Littleover 1917
RADFORD William, Littleover 1862
RATCLIFF James, Littleover 1896
RENWICK Martha, Littleover 1919
ROBINSON Arthur, Littleover 1916
ROE Emma, Littleover 1911
ROOKER Mary, Littleover 1926
SHREEVE Charles, Littleover 1902
SMITH Alfred, Littleover 1920
SMITH John, Littleover 1862
SMITH Joseph, Littleover 1893
SMITH Martha, Littleover 1886
SMITH Sarah Martha, Littleover 1914
STEVENSON Anthony, Littleover 1890
STEVENSON Hannah, Littleover 1902
STEWART Esther, Littleover and Durham 1889
STEWART Jean, Littleover 1892
STEWART William, Littleover 1891
STORER John, Littleover 1896
SWINDELL Elizabeth, Littleover, Dbys 1925
SWINDELL William, Littleover, Dbys 1869
SWINGLER Joseph, Sydney House, Littleover, Dbys 1906
SWINGLER Thomas, Littleover, Dbys 1928
TIMMS Hannah, Littleover 1918
TIMMS Joseph, Littleover 1911
TWIGG William, Littleover 1640
VICKARS (VICARS, VICKERS) Thomas, Littleover 1752
WADE Randall als BULLOCK, Littleover 1646

LITTLEOVER Administration
BRIERS Caroline, Littleover 1873 Adm
BULLOCK Joseph, Littleover 1872 Adm
OSBORNE Charlotte, Littleover 1866 Adm
PARKER Richard, Littleover 1873 Adm
PEGGE John, Littleover 1874 Adm
TABBERER John, Littleover 1642 Adm
WALKER John, Littleover 1864 Adm
WILSON William, Littleover 1628 Adm
YOUNG James, Littleover 1875 Adm
BAGSHAW Elizabeth, Parliament St, Westminster 1797 V2/137
BELFITT Hannah, London and Derby 1879
BOULDERSTONE Eliza, London, Fulham, and Derby. 1880
BOWIE David D., London 1918
BRADSHAW Richard, Dover St,London 1791 V26/6
BRADSHAW Richard,Dover St. London. 1791 V26/11
CARTER Frederick James, Londow SW. 1926
CASH George, London, Hampstead 1913
CHAPLIN Susanna, St Annes Westminster  1722  V18/57
CLARKE Samuel, Sir. London 1733 V38/5
COOPER Thomas, London 1917
DALE John, Custom House, London 1734 MIS53/21
ETHERDEN William Oliver, London 1916
EVERITT Frederick, London, Islington 1921
FOSKETT Richard, South Tottenham, London 1926
FRITH Anne Marischal, London 1902
GAYLOR Norman Edward Johnson, London and Belper Dbys 1883
GELL Daniel, Great Sanctuary,Westminster. 1763 V4/6
GRAHAM James, London and Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1891
GRESELY Ann, St Johns, Westminster. 1709 V4/61
HALL Hannah, London, Westminster and Alvaston 1885
HART Sarah, London 1919
HEATHCOCK Joseph of Islington Will 1814 MIS5/62
HILLIER Stephen, London, Chelsea 1899
HISLOP William Henry, London, Westminster St Georges 1865
HOLMES Sarah, London, late of Hasland Dbys 1876
HOWARTH John, London, Kings Cross 1873
LANGFORD William Henry, London 1917
LEA Mary Ann, Fulham London S W  1926
LEES George Wyld, London and Bagshaw Hill Bakewell 1867
MAUNDRELL James, Chelsea and Litchurch Derby 1872
MAYHEW Thomas, London and Hassop Dbys 1877
MOREWOOD Gilbert, London. 1654 V4/74
ORCHARD Elizabeth, Westminster 1927
ORTON Henry, London and Kings Newton  1880
PEAT Albert, Y.M.C.A.  London 1919
POWELL Margaret, 45 High St, Marylebone, London  1873
PRICE Henry Charles, London 1922
RADFORD William, 8 Buckingham St Strand and Hereford 1862
SAVIDGE John, Great Tower Street, London, cooper. 1773 V21/21
SHORTT William James Alldersey Capt. London 1898
SIMPSON Charles, Antill Road, London 1872
SPENCER Richard, London 1811 property in Staffs.
SPENCER Richard, London linen draper 1811
STOCKHAM Annie Fanny, Chelsea, London  1925
TAYLOR Ann, London and Matlock Bank, Matlock Dbys 1879
THEXTON Elizabeth, Clapham London 1911
LONG EATON (See also Sawley, Long Eaton previously part of Sawley until 1864)
ABBOTT John Palmer, Long Eaton 1916
ADKIN Ernest, Long Eaton 1918
ALLCOCK William, Long Eaton 1898
ALLEN George, Long Eaton 1909
ALLEN John Henry, Long Eaton 1889
ALLEN John, Long Eaton 1900
ALLEN Sarah Ann, Long Eaton 1925
ALLOITT William, Long Eaton 1923
ATTENBOROUGH Ida Kate, Long Eaton 1901
ATTENBOROUGH John, Long Eaton 1871
ATTENBOROUGH Joseph, Long Eaton 1884
AUSTIN Ann, Long Eaton 1903
AUSTIN Elizabeth, Long Eaton 1875
AUSTIN Elizabeth,Long Eaton 1893
AUSTIN John, Long Eaton 1892
AUSTIN Joseph, Long Eaton 1886
AUSTIN Sarah, Long Eaton 1898
BARSBY Joseph, Long Eaton 1888
BATES Mary, Long Eaton 1908
BATES Thomas, Long Eaton 1913
BONSALL Francis, Long Eaton 1869
BONSALL Robert, Long Eaton 1872
BONSALL Sarah, Long Eaton 1880
BONSALL Thomas, Long Eaton 1882
CLAY George, Long Eaton 1863
CLAY William, Long Eaton 1906
CLAYE Samuel, Long Eaton 1887
DODSON William Walter, Long Eaton 1921
DOMELOW Ebenezer, Long Eaton 1882
DOMLEO Ann, Long Eaton 1898
DOMLEO George, Long Eaton 1916
DOMLEO John, Long Eaton 1894
DOMLEO Stephen, Lopng Eaton 1903
DOMLEO William George, Long Eaton 1901
DRAYCOTT Elizabeth, Long Eaton 1923
FREEMAN Octavius Benjamin, Long Eaton 1918
GABRIEL James Nash, Long Eaton 1915
GAMBLE George, Long Eaton 1922
GANDAY Harriet, Long Eaton 1919
GANDAY Joseph, Long Eaton 1891
GANN John Richard, Long Eaton 1924
GARRATT Hannah, Long Eaton 1920
GASKILL William, Long Eaton 1924
GASKIN Ruth, Long Eaton 1888 
GELSTHORPE Emma Mary, Long Eaton 1918
GELSTHORPE Fred, Long Eaton 1917
GEORGE William, Long Eaton 1922
GILLOTT John, Long Eaton 1909
GODBER Ellen Jane, Long Eaton 1908
GREGORY Thomas, Long Eaton  1875
GRICE Alice Maria,  Long Eaton 1911
GRICE Edward,  Long Eaton 1906
GROVES Caleb,  Long Eaton 1923
HARRIMAN Enoch, Long Eaton 1872
HARRIMAN Joseph, Long Eaton 1893
HOOLEY Ann, Long Eaton 1888
HOPEWELL John Henry, Long Eaton 1917
HOUGHTON Aaron, Long Eaton 1905
HOUGHTON Louisa, Long Eaton 1913
HOUGHTON Mary, Long Eaton 1907
HOUGHTON Sarah, Long Eaton 1917
HOUSLEY Alice Ann, Long Eaton 1925
HOWARD William Harry, Long Eaton 1909
HOWARTH Benjamin, Long Eaton 1919
HOWARTH Patience Long Eaton 1891
HOWARTH Thomas, Long Eaton 1888
HUTCHINGS John, Long Eaton 1916
HUTCHINGS William, Long Eaton 1913
IRONMONGER Richard, Long Eaton 1923
IRVING Charlotte Caroline, Long Eaton 1891
JACKLING Henry, Long Eaton 1903
JAMES Ann, Long Eaton 1878
JAMES Charles, Long Eaton 1905
JOLLEY Arthur, Long Eaton 1917
JONES William, Long Eaton 1927
JOWETT James Gilbert, Long Eaton 1925
JOWETT Louisa, Long Eaton 1919
JOWITT Samuel, Long Eaton 1914
KILBOURNE Sarah, Long Eaton 1902
KILBY Joseph, Long Eaton 1861
KILBY Joseph, Long Eaton 1873
KILBY Mary, Long Eaton 1883
KILBY William, Long Eaton 1858
KINCH Joseph, Long Eaton 1893
KIRK Richard, Long Eaton 1892
KIRKLAND William, Long Eaton 1896
KNIGHT John, Long Eaton 1918
LAKE Addison, Long Eaton 1876
LANCASHIRE John, Long Eaton 1862
LANCASHIRE Thomas, Long Eaton Fields 1864
LEAVERS Elizabeth, Long Eaton 1893
LEE John, Long Eaton 1926
LEES Eliza, Long Eaton 1920
LEES Samuel, Long Eaton 1858
LESTER James, Long Eaton 1923
LILLEY John, Long Eaton 1923
LONGDEN Thomas, Long Eaton 1888
LOWE Ann, Long Eaton 1912
LOWE John, Long Eaton 1916
MACE Isaac, Long Eaton and Poplar Middx 1882
MACKERN Walter, Long Eaton 1889
MALTBY Elizabeth, Long Eaton 1926
MALTBY Jabez, Long Eaton 1905
MALTBY Thomas, Long Eaton 1862
MALTBY William, Long Eaton 1858
MARLOW Anne, Long Eaton 1920
MEARS Ellen, Long Eaton 1908
MEARS Ellen, Long Eaton 1908
MEARS Francis, Long Eaton 1899
MEARS Francis, Long Eaton 1899
MERRITT Frances Esther, Long Eaton 1928
MERRITT Frances Esther, Long Eaton 1928
MILLS Oliver George, Long Eaton 1896
MILLS Oliver George, Long Eaton 1896
MOORE Thomas, Long Eaton 1928
MOORE Thomas, Long Eaton 1928
MOORE William, Long Eaton and Whitworth, Leics. 1896
MOORE William, Long Eaton and Whitworth, Leics. 1896
MORRELL Samuel, Long Eaton 1889
MORRELL Samuel, Long Eaton 1889
MORRISON James, Long Eaton 1925
MORRISON James, Long Eaton 1925
MORRISS  Dowse, Long Eaton 1921
MORRISS  Dowse, Long Eaton 1921
OLDHAM Hannah, Long Eaton 1893
OLDHAM Hannah, Long Eaton 1916
OLDHAM James, Long Eaton 1874
OLDHAM Mary, Long Eaton 1893
ORCHARD Ann, Long Eaton 1880
ORCHARD John William, Long Eaton 1927
ORCHARD John, Long Eaton 1894
ORCHARD Joseph, Long Eaton 1862
ORCHARD Rachel Ann, Long Eaton 1894
OSGOOD Frederick, Long Eaton 1872
PAGE Elizabeth, Long Eaton, Dbys 1891
PEET Thomas Rowbotham, Long Eaton, Dbys 1927 
PHILIPS John Henry, Long Eaton, Dbys 1905
PIGGINS Charles, Long Eaton, Dbys 1902
PINK George, Long Eaton, Dbys 1919
PLACKETT Luke, Long Eaton, Dbys 1919
PLATTS Dinah, Long Eaton, Dbys 1892
PLATTS Jane, Long Eaton, Dbys 1906
POYSER William, Long Eaton 1892
PURDY Robert, Long Eaton 1912
RADFORD Alfred, Long Eaton 1917
RADFORD Joseph, Long Eaton 1912
RADFORD Reubin, Long Eaton 1892
RADFORD Robert Thomas, Long Eaton 1919
RHODES John, Long Eaton 1901
RICHARDS Edwin John, Long Eaton 1921
RICHARDS Elizabeth, Long Eaton 1928
RICHARDS Joseph, Long Eaton 1900
RICHARDSON Joseph, Long Eaton 1925
RIDGWAY Mary Eliza, Long Eaton 1904
RIMINGTON John, Long Eaton 1922
ROBBINS Stephen Carrier, Long Eaton 1917
ROBERTS William, Long Eaton 1916
ROBINSON Alfred Walker, Long Raton 1903
ROBINSON Sarah, Long Eaton 1913
ROE Ruth, Long Eaton 1911
ROE Silas, Long Eaton 1888
ROE Silas, Long Eaton 1903
ROSSELL Percy, Long Eaton 1913
RUFF Frank, Long Eaton
SIBSEY William, Long Eaton 1926
SISSLING George Alfred, Long Eaton, Dbys 1902
SMITH Caroline, Long Eaton 1908
SMITH Elizabeth Ann, Long Eaton 1920
SMITH Elizabeth, Long Eaton 1921
SMITH Elizabeth, Market Place, Long Eaton 1905
SMITH George Burrows, Long Eaton 1928
SMITH George, Long Eaton 1923
SMITH Hannah, Long Eaton 1893
SMITH Henry, Long Eaton 1870
SMITH Henry, Long Eaton 1897
SMITH Herbert, Long Eaton 1909
SMITH Horatio, Long Eaton 1900
SMITH John Henry, Long Eaton 1895
SMITH John, Long Eaton 1877
SMITH John, Long Eaton 1890
SMITH John, Long Eaton and Nottingham 1905
SMITH Joseph, Long Eaton 1928
SMITH Martha, Long Eaton 1919
SMITH Mary, Long Eaton 1881
SMITH Mira, Long Eaton 1892
SMITH Pamela, Long Eaton 1894
SMITH Rebecca, Long Eaton 1891
SMITH Reuben,Long Eaton 1919
SMITH Samuel, Long Eaton 1893
SMITH Thomas, Long Eaton 1886
SMITH Thomas, Long Eaton 1897
SMITH Thomas, Long Eaton 1899
SMITH William, Long Eaton 1903
SMITH William, Long Eaton 1910
STOPPARD John, Long Eaton 1894
STRAW Alfred, Long Eaton 1897
STRAW Matilda, Long Eaton 1907
STRAW William, Long Eaton 1926
SUTTON Edward Hartley, Long Eaton 1924
WOOLLEY Thomas, Long Eaton 1892
LONG EATON Administration (parish from 1864, see also Sawley.)
BONSALL Francis, Long Eaton 1872 Adm
BURTON Philip, Long Eaton 1865 Adm
GASKIN Mary, Long Eaton 1865 Adm
HANDFORD Emanuel, Long Eaton 1864 Adm
TURNER John, Long Eaton 1875 Adm
LONG LANE WILLS (Parish from 1860 from Osleston and Thurvaston in Sutton on the Hill Parish and parts of Brailsford and Trusley parishes)
GIBBS William, Long Lane, Osleston and Thurvaston 1880

ARCHER Hannah, Rodsley Longford1908
BAKEWELL John, Longford 1649
BEARDMORE John Taylor, Hollington 1883
BECK William, Longford 1912
BLACKBEARD George, Longford 1650
GERRARD Thomas, Longford 1927
GILLMAN George, Rodsley 1882
GILLMAN Sarah Ann, Rodsley 1878
GILLMAN Thomas, Rodsley 1867
GILMAN Elizabeth, Nether Thurvaston, Longford 1870
GILMAN Elizabeth,Thurvaston 1864
GILMAN John, Ardsley Hose, Longford 1875
GILMAN Mary, Nether Thurvaston, Longford 1868
GILMAN Robert, Longford 1889
GREENWOOD William, Longford 1628
HAWKSWORTH John Henry, Longford 1880
HAWKSWORTH John, Longford 1879
HOLDEN Elizabeth, Longford 1852
HOLDEN Thomas, Longford 1820
HOLDEN Thomas, Longford 1857
HOLDEN William, Longford 1783
HOLME Joseph, Hollington. c.1760  V32/3
JEFFERRY Thomas, Hungry Bentley 1868
JEFFREY Elizabeth, Longford Marsh 1906
KEY John, Longford 1648
LARGE John, Longford 1925
LINGLEY Katherine, Longford 1914
LUCAS John Fossick, Bentley Hall 1873
MENLOVE Ann, Longford 1639
MOORCROFT Thomas, Alkmonton 1864
MORTON George, Longford 1639
PARKER Thomas, Longford, Rodsley 1649
PIGEON Robert, Langford, (Longford?) 1649
RADFORD John Wright, Hollington 1886
RADFORD Thomas, Hollington 1885
RATCLIFF Ralph, Rodsley Longford 1864 
REDSHAW William, Woodhouse, Longford 1864
ROWLEY Joseph, Rodsley, Longford 1863
RUTLAND William, Longford 1887
SAINT John, Alkmonton 1887
SAINT Samuel, Longford 1888
SEALE Samuel, Longford 1685
STONE Thomas, Longford 1927
WOODHEAD Samuel of Hollington 1721 IV2/5
LONGFORD Administration
CHADFIELD Joseph, Rodsley, p.Longford 1868 Adm
COXON George, Hollington, Longford died 1854. 1858 Adm
FLETCHER John, Rodsley, Longford mentions Robert FLETCHER, Hatton. 1874 Adm
GILMAN Ann died 1854. Adm 1865
GILMAN Ann, Longford, died 1854. 1865 Adm
GILMAN Rachel, Longford. Died 1867. 1872 Adm
GILMAN Robert, Rodsley, Longford 1860 Adm
HOLDEN Ann, Longford, Thurvaston, mentions John HOLDEN of Trusley 1871 Adm. n.b. There is no Thurvaston in Longford, There is one at Sutton on the Hill, which at this date was incorporated into Long Lane. There is also one near Marston Montgomery.  Original entry listed as Longford.
PAYNE John, Longford 1864 Adm
RATCLIFFE William, Rodsley, p.Longford 1858 Adm
SMITH John, Longford, Hollington 1640 Adm
WIDDOWES William, Longford 1641 Adm
KIRBIE ( KIRBY ) Samuel, Longnor 1640
WEEKES Walter, Longnor 1636
LEE Hannah, Longnor, Staffs 1807 Adm
LULLINGTON Wills (See also Coton in the Elms )
BRATT George, Lullington 1647
BULL Henry, Lullington, Coton. 1637
FREEMAN Gervase, Lullington 1856
GILBERT Joseph, Lullington 1870
GRESLEY Bridget, Lullington widow. 1686 V4/54
LEE George, Lullington 1911
LEE John, Lullington 1884
MALLABER John, Coton in the Elms 1864
MYNORS Richard, Lullington 1639
ORGELL ( ORGILL ) Anne, Lullington 1646
ORGELL ( ORGILL ) Richard, Lullington 1646
OWEN Thomas, Lullington 1641
RADFORD William, Lullington 1879
RADFORD William, Lullington 1918
REDFERN Thomas, Coton in the Elms 1860
WOLVERSON Hastings, Lullington?, Coton. 1647
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.