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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Wills and Administration


EARL STERNDALE Administration (Chapelry of Hartington, which see. )
CRITCHLOW George Wood, Sterndale, Hartington 1859 Adm.
FINNEY George, Earl Sterndale 1867 Adm
HEATHCOTE Joseph, Earl Sterndale 1872 Adm

ADAMS Elizabeth Ann Ellot, Eckington  1927
ADAMS William, Eckington 1874
ALDERSON Alfred, Eckington 1877
ALLEN John, Eckington, Troway 1870
ALLEN Joseph, Eckington, Ridgeway Common 1873
ALTON Joseph, Eckington, Mosborough 1874
ANDREWS Joseph, Eckington, Carter Lane 1875
ANTCLIFF John, Eckington 1889
ANTCLIFFE Thomas, Eckington 1914
BECKLEY Benjamin, Eckington 1904
BILLAM John, Eckington 1629
BOLER John, Bramley Hill, Eckington 1864
BOOTH Henry, Eckington 1648
BOWDEN als MUSTERD John, Eckington 1638
BROWNE Francis, Eckington 1639
BUNTING John, Eckington 1711
BUNTING John, Eckington 1729
BUNTING Thomas, Eckington 1762
COWLEY Richard, Eckington 1628
COWLEY Robert Snr, Eckington 1649
CROWCKES (CROOKES?) Anne, Eckington 1647
DUFF James 1866 of Mosborough p.Eckington, Schoolmaster, mentions" George RUSSELL Esq. Limerick (Ireland) and George Fitzgerald RUSSELL Collegian Nicholas St. Limerick, Executors".
ELLIS Esther Eckington widow 1719 CO/13
EYRE Henry, Eckington 1629
FANTHAM Isaac, Eckington 1733
FENTHAM Isaac, Eckington 1711
FIELD Robert 1865 of Mosborough, p.Eckington, mentions "son Richard now living in America".
FISHER William, Bramley, Eckington 1675
FOX Anthony, Eckington 1789
FOX Elizabeth, Eckington 1847
FOX Hannah, Mosborough 1786
FOX Harriett, Eckington 1895
FOX Henry, Eckington 1890
FOX Henry, Eckington, Spinkhill 1883
FOX James, Eckington 1857
FOX John, Eckington 1717
FOX John, Eckington 1844
FOX Joseph, Eckington, Sheffield 1875
FOX Samuel, Eckington 1811
FOX Sarah Ann, Eckington ?, Ridgeway 1908
FOX Sarah, Eckington 1837
FOX Stephen, Eckington 1892
FOX William, Eckington 1815
FOX William, Eckington 1838
FOX William, Eckington, Ridgeway Moor 1873
GALLEY Charles, Mosborough 1861
GILL Thomas, Eckington 1650
GLADALL Ann Calverley, Eckington 1901
GLADALL George, Marsh Lane 1883
GLOSSOP George, Eckington 1922
GREEN Rebecca, Eckington 1708
GREEN Thomas, Eckington 1708
HILL William, Eckington 1559
HOULT Mary Ann, Eckington 1875
HOULT Thomas, Eckington 1868
HUTTON Charles, Mosborough 1875
HUTTON Charlotte, Mosborough 1878
HUTTON Elizabeth, Ridgeway nr Chesterfield 1907
HUTTON John Jermyn Ridgeway, Eckington 1867
HUTTON Joseph, Cross St. Eckington 1862
HYLL Henry, Eckington 1554
HYLLS William, Eckington 1534
INMAN Edwin, Carter Hall, Eckington 1873
JACKSON Ann, Eckington 1822
JARVIS William, Eckington 1859
JEBSON George, Troway 1858
JENKIN Jonathan, Gleadless, Eckington 1868
JENKIN Joseph, Ridgeway 1895
JERVIS John, Eckington 1886
JERVIS Joseph, Eckington 1914
JERVIS Miriam, Eckington 1892
JOHNSON John, Eckington 1898
JOHNSTON Joseph, Eckington 1868
JOWETT George, Renishaw 1891
JOWETT Hannah, Renishaw 1900
KEETON Frederick, Mosborough 1860
KEETON Mark, Eckington 1900
KEETON Mary, Mosborough 1871
KING Ada, Eckington 1917
LANT Ann, Eckington 1873
LATHAM Mark Amos, Mosborough 1875
LEE Thomas, Mosborough Moor Hole, Eckington 1873
LEVICKE (LEVICK) John, Eckington 1640
LEVICKE (LEVICK) Margaret, Eckington 1648
LEVICKE (LEVICK) William, Eckington 1629
LITTLEWOOD Charles, Eckington 1904
LITTLEWOOD Joseph, Renishaw 1866
LITTLEWOOD Robert, Eckington 1646
LOMAS Edward Mark, Mosbro' Eckington 1861
LOVEDREN Joseph, Eckington 1874
LOWCOCK William, Troway 1858
LYNACRE (LINACRE) George, Eckington 1645
LYNAM Ann Beastall, Eckington 1897
LYNAM James, Eckington 1902
MALLINDER William, Renishaw 1880
MALONEY James, Eckington 1891
MARPLES Charles, Renishaw 1860
MARRIOTT Hannah, Renishaw 1891
MARSDEN John, Eckington 1880
MARSDEN Joseph, Eckington 1880
MARSH George, Ridgeway 1881
MARSH Hannah, Ridgeway, Eckington 1872
MARSH Samuel, Ridgeway 1898
MARSH Sarah, Ridgeway, Eckinton 1876
MARSHALL Henry, Eckington 1897
MARTIN William, Eckington 1585
MARTIN William, Eckington 1585
MARTIN William, Eckington 1844
MORRIS Ellen spinster of Mosborough and Bridlington Yks, mentions occupiers of cottages at Bridlington, namely James PHEASBY, James CLARK, Mrs HEADLEY and Mrs WHITFIELD. Nephew Thomas MORRIS of Bagthorpe, Notts. Johnson GRUNDELL purchased property from. 1877/46.
OLDALE William, Eckington 1881
OSBORNE Isabella, Eckington 1743
OSBORNE Robert, Eckington 1747
OSBOURNE William, Eckington 1735
OXSPRING William Henry, Eckington 1907
OXSPRING William, Eckington 1874
PEARSON Robert, Renishaw and Eckington, Dbys 1880
PEAT James, Mosborough, Dbys 1869
PRIESTLEY Elizabeth, Renishaw 1919
RENSHAW Herbert, Eckington 1905
RENSHAW Samuel, Ridgeway Moor 1874
REVILL John, Eckington 1881
RHODES John, Base Green, Eckington 1873
RICHARDSON Thomas, Holbrook, Eckington 1873
RILEY John, Mosborough 1875
RILEY Martha Ann, Eckington 1926
RIPPON George, Mosborough 1871
RIPPON Job, Eckington 1894
RIPPON Richard, Mosborough 1871
RIVINGTON Edward, Mosborough 1860
ROBERTS George, Eckington 1871
RODGERS James, Eckington 1885
ROGERS Richard, Eckington 1647
ROSE George Gillatt, Mosborough 1860
ROSE Joseph, Eckington 1890
ROSE Mary, Eckington 1897
ROSE Robert Higginbottam, Mosborough 1867
ROSE Thomas, Mosborough 1877
ROTHERHAM Ann, Eckington 1892
ROTHERHAM Lucy, Eckington 1862
ROTHERHAM Samuel, Mosborough 1864
SHAW Elizabeth, Eckington 1883
SHORE Roger, Ridgeway 1873
SPENCER John, Eckington 1770
STANIFORTH William Eckington, plasterer 1736 CO/15
STANOFIRTH (STANIFORTH) William, Eckington 1630
STANYFORTH (STANIFORTH) Thomas, Eckington 1648
STEVENSON Hannah, Spinkhill 1881
STEVENSON John, Eckington 1869
STEVENSON Mary, Eckington 1875
STONES John, Mosborough, Eckington made 1740 V20/14
STORY Thomas, Mosborough,Eckington 1874
STRATTFORD William, Mosborough, Eckington 1859
SYDDALL Mary, Eckington, Dbys 1894
TURNER Anthony, Eckington 1640
TURNER George Eckington yeoman. 1685 CO/11
TURNER Robert, Eckington 1646
WEBSTER Mark Ellis, Eckington 1903
WEBSTER Mark, Eckington 1861
WEIGHTMAN Robert, Eckington 1858
WELLS George Edwin, Eckington 1902
WELLS George, Eckington 1873
WELLS William Edwin, Eckington 1899
WELLS William, Eckington 1889
WELLS William, Eckington 1890
WELLS William, Eckington 1891
WELLS William, Eckington 1899
WHITEHEAD William of Eckington, mentions wife Mary and wifes neph George WEIGHTMAN of Attercliffe printer. 1862 /2
WHITWORTH William, Eckington 1636
WILSON Ada Teresa, Eckington 1917
WILSON Ann, Eckington 1858
WILSON Thomas, Eckington 1877
WILSON William, Eckington 1877

ECKINGTON Administration
ALLEN Mary Ann, Eckington 1874 Adm
ARCHER Henry, Eckington 1867 Adm
BELL William, Eckington 1864 Adm
BOOTH George, Eckington 1864 Adm
BROWNE Robert, Eckington 1647 Adm
BURROWS Thomas, Eckington,Mosborough 1870 Adm
BURROWS Thomas, Mosborough, died 1862 mentions Mary BURROWS, Ford. Adm 1870.
CRESWICKE George, Eckington 1640 Adm
FOX Stephen yngr, Troway, died 1825 mentions William FOX Ridgeway, Alice FOX. Adm 1870.
FOX Stephen, Eckington 1870 Adm
FRITH James died Malin Bridge nr Sheffield Yks. 1865
FRITH James, Eckington 1865 Adm
GLADALL George, Eckington 1872 Adm
GLOSSOP Henry, Eckington 1646 Adm
HATTERSLEY George, Eckington 1649 Adm
KENT Thomas, Eckington 1642 Adm
LAKIN Cathrine, Eckington 1874 Adm
LAYCOCK William, Eckington 1868 Adm
LEEK John, Eckington 1866 Adm
LITTLEWOOD Thomas, died 1866, mentions Thomas Burrows LITTLEWOOD Whittington. Adm 1870
LITTLEWOOD Thomas, Eckington 1870 Adm
MARLER Henry, Eckington 1648 Adm
MARPLES James, Eckington 1862 Adm
METCALF Anthony mentions Hannah METCALF Adm. 1865
METCALF Anthony, Eckington 1871 Adm
MORTON Thomas, Eckington 1874 Adm
OXSPRING Mary, Eckington 1863 Adm
RIPPON John, Eckington 1858 Adm
RIPPON John, Mosbro' Moorhole, p. Eckington  mentions Ann RIPPON 1858
ROBINSON William, Eckington 1874 Adm
ROSE Mary Ann, Eckington 1872 Adm
ROSE Sarah Mosborough mentions Mary Ann ARCHER, Robert ARCHER innkeeper Mosborough. Adm. 1870
ROSE Sarah, Eckington 1870 Adm
SCOTT Sarah, Eckington 1868 Adm
SHORE Edward, Eckington 1647 Adm
SMITH Elizabeth, Eckington 1872 Adm
TAYLOR James mentions William Tudsbury TAYLOR Sheffield Adm. 1871
TAYLOR James, Eckington 1871 Adm
THICKET Thomas, Eckington 1871 Adm
THICKETT Thomas mentions Rhoda THICKET Adm. 1871
THORPE Jonathan, Eckington 1869 Adm
TOPHAM Ann Mary, Eckington 1866 Adm
TURNER Mary, Eckington 1861 Adm
TURNER Samuel, Eckington 1872 Adm
WALE Jane of Mosborough died 1863. Adm.1865
WALE Jane, Eckington 1865 Adm
WEBSTER Elizabeth, Ridgway Moor mentions Paul DAWES, Richard DAWES both of Sheffield, Yks. 1858
WELLS John, Eckington 1860 Adm
WELLS Joseph, Eckington 1874 Adm
WHITEHEAD William Lic Vict. 1865
WHITEHEAD William, Eckington 1865 Adm
WOODWARD Elizabeth Mosborough died 1865. mentions John WOODWARD. Adm 1871
WOODWARD Elizabeth, Eckington, Mosborough 1871 Adm

CRESWELL Nicholas Edale? 1695 MIS3/84
CRESWELL Nicholas Edale? 1714 MIS5/84
CRESWELL Thomas Edale? 1706 MIS4/84
CRESWELL Thomas Edale? 1762 MIS6/84
EYRE Elizabeth, Edale 1845
EYRE Ellis, Edale 1827
EYRE Joseph, Edall 1793
EYRE Peter,Edale, Small Clough 1868
EYRE Robert, Edall 1602
EYRE Robert, Edall 1602
EYRE Samuel, Edale, Grindsbrook 1871
EYRE Sarah, Edale 1898
FINNEY Margaret als WADE, Edale?, Edial 1613
FOX John, Edale 1893
FOX Josiah, Edale 1791
FOX William, Edale 1709
GEE Frank, Catefield Edale 1869
GEE Mary, Edale 1907
GREGORY Hannah, Edale 1882
HOW Ellen, Edale 1703
HOW George, Edale 1691/2
HOW Thomas, Edale 1708
HOWE James, Taggs Naze, Edale 1869
HOWE William, Edale 1866
KERSHAW Mary, Edale Castleton 1866
KINDER Philip Edale? 1788 MIS2/84
KIRKE Anne, Edale?, Edall. 1650
MASON William Fidler, Nether
SWINDELS Robert Edale? 1754 MIS1/84

EDALE Administration
BURDIKIN Thomas, Edale 1873 Adm
PURSSGLOVE Thomas, Edale 1860 Adm

FURNISS Peter, Pilsley 1891
FURNISS Samuel, Edensor 1894
HOUSLEY Thomas, Edensor, Dbys 1866
INGER John, Edensor 1915
INMAN Lucy, Chatsworth Gardens 1882
MARSDEN John, Pilsley 1878 (maybe North Wingfield Pilsley)
MILWARD James, Edensor 1895
OXSPRING Hannah, Pilsley, nr Bakewell, Dbys 1899
PLEASANCE Joseph, Edensor, Dbys 1887
REDFEARN Ralph, Edensor 1869
STEWART Andrew, Chatsworth Gardens 1864

EDENSOR Administration
CAVENDISH George Henry, Edensor 1866 Adm
HOLMES Ann, Edensor 1861 Adm
OXSPRING Samuel, Edensor 1866 Adm
TURNER Emanuel, Edensor 1860 Adm
WAINE Helen, Edensor 1868 Adm

SMITH Edward, Edlaston 1630
WHORD (WARD?) Margery, Edlaston 1640

EDLASTON Administration
GREATOREX Eliza of Wyaston. 1865
GREATOREX Eliza, Edlaston, Wyaston 1862 Adm


ADAMS John, Egginton 1860
ADAMS William, Egginton 1864
BULLOCK Thomas, Egginton  1909
CANTRILL Simon, Egginton 1673
COTTON Thomas, Egginton 1646
COWPER William, Egginton 1648
DICKIN John, Egginton 1753
DICKIN John, Egginton 1753
EDWARDS Helen, Egginton 1647
EDWARDS Richard, Egginton 1641
GIFFORD Robert, Egginton 1647
HOROBIN George, Egginton 1889
HOROBIN William, Egginton 1866
HYLL Richard, Egginton 1541
KING Barbara, Egginton 1925
KIRKHAM William, Egginton 1860
KNIGHT John, Egginton 1639
LEIGH Katherine, Egginton 1639
LING Julia, Egginton 1874
MARTYNE William, Eginton (Egginton) 1550
OAKTON Joseph, Egginton 1905
SHEPPARD Matthew, Egginton 1631
SLEIGH Robert, Egginton 1630
TOMLINSON Bartholomew, Egginton 1639
WILKINSON John, Egginton 1649
WILSON Thomas, Egginton 1628
WOODWARD John, Egginton 1863
WOODWARD John, Egginton 1867
WOODWARD Rebecca, Egginton 1922
WOODWARD Robert, Egginton 1913
WOODWARD Robert, Eginton 1881

EGGINTON Administration
FRAUNCES William, Egginton 1648 Adm
GRANT Mary, Egginton 1868 Adm
HULLAND Thomas John, Egginton 1865 Adm
POOLE Edward, Egginton 1641 Adm
WOODWARD Anne, Egginton 1868 Adm

BRUNDLEY Robert, Ellastone 1640
BULL John 1856
BUXTON John, Ellastone 1640
CANTRELL Henry 1680
FOX John 1558
FOX Nicholas Gent. 1634/5
HIGGINBOTHAM Matthew, Ellastone 1629
HILL Isaac 1730
HILL John 1594/5
OKES (OAKES) John, Ellastone 1640
TATTON Joan, Ellastone 1648
WARNER Thomas, Ellastone 1628
WOOD John, Ellastone 1636

ELLASTONE Administration
HIGGINBOTHAM Thomas, Ellastone 1629 Inventory.
HURD Oliver, Ellastone 1648 Adm
WOOLLEY Thomas, Ellastone 1628 Adm

ELMTON Wills (Hamlet of Creswell mostly in parish of Elmton, but part also in Whitwell, which see.)
ARCHER James, Elmton 1875
ARCHER William, Elmton 1901
GILL Becca Eliza, Cresswell 1901
GLOSSOP Mary, Cresswell Elmton 1872
GLOSSOP William Cresswell Elmton 1894
HARDWICKE Edward, Elmeton, (Elmton?) 1629
HEYWOOD Thomas, Elmeton, Elmton? 1647
JACKSON John, Elmton 1813
JACKSON John, Elmton 1825
JACKSON John, Elmton 1898
JACKSON John, Elmton Green 1863
JOHNSON Ann, Creswell 1907
JONES Ernest, Creswell 1915
JONES James, Creswell 1924
LANGTON Joseph, Creswell 1913
RADFORD Mary, Cresswell 1899
RICHARDSON Hannah, Elmton 1891
SMITH Ann, Creswell 1911
SMITH George, Creswell 1924
SMITH Thomas, Creswell 1898
WILSON John, Elmton 1646

ELMTON Administration
CROMPTON Bridget, Elmton, Creswell 1642 Adm
KEMPE Francis, Elmeton, Elmton? 1648 Adm
RICHARDSON William, Elmton 1874 Adm

ALLSOP John, Elton, Dale End 1862
BIRDS Lydia, Elton 1919
COWLYSHAW (COWLISHAW) John, Elton 1640 Deed of Gift.
DAKIN John Berycliff Farm, Elton 1876
DAKIN John, Elton 1913
DAKIN John, Elton 1913
DAKIN John, Elton, Berry Cliff Farm 1876
DAKIN Joseph, Elton 1871
DAKIN Joseph, Elton 1871
DALE George, Dudwood,Elton 1865
DALE George, Elton,Dudwood 1865
DALE Richard, Elton,Gratton 1865
DALE Richard, Gratton 1851 V6/164
DALE Richard, Gratton, Elton 1865
GARRETT John Fisher, Elton 1878
GLOSSOP George, Elton 1907
HARDY Margaret Ann, Elton 1922
JOUL Ann, Elton 1882
JOULE James, Elton 1872
JOULE Robert, Elton 1869
KNOWLES Elizabeth, Elton 1900
KNOWLES Henry, Elton yeoman 1734 V20/25
KNOWLES John, Elton, yeoman 1774 V20/26
MARSHALL Charles, Elton 1871
MARSHALL Elizabeth, Elton 1895
MARSHALL Ralph, Elton, Gratton. 1648
MOUNTNEY Catherine, Elton 1885
MOUNTNEY Richard, Elton 1880
MOZLEY Dorothea, Elton 1900
NEWTON Henry, Elton, yeoman. 1691 V20/24
ROLLEY Josiah, Elton 1915
SHELDON Thomas 1854
SHELDON Thomas, Elton, dau Elizabeth COATES 1853 V6/44
STONE Aaron, 1826
STONE Aaron, Elton 1826
STONE Ann, Elton 1876
STONE Benjamin, Elton 1870
STONE Benjamin,Elton 1898
STONE George, 1797
STONE George, Elton 1877
STONE Jacob, 1841
STONE Jacob, Elton 1841
STONE Jane, 1816
STONE Jane, Elton 1816
STONE John, 1854
STONE John, Elton 1850   V6/282
STONE John, Elton 1854
STONE John, Elton 1871
STONE John, Elton 1882
STONE John, Elton lab. and cattle driver. 1850 V6/6
STONE Joseph, Elton 1917
STONE Robert, 1804
STONE Robert, Elton 1804
STONE Samuel, 1807
STONE Samuel, Elton 1807
STONE Sarah, Elton 1895
STONES William, 1814
STONES William, Elton 1814
TWIGG Elizabeth, Elton 1782  V6/153 
WATSON Thomas, Elton?, Gretton, Gratton? 1636
WEBSTER John, Elton 1877
WEBSTER William, Elton 1882

ELTON Administration
GARRETT Elizabeth Henzey, formemrly PIDCOCK, died 1853. Elton 1860 Adm
KNOWLES George, Elton 1868 Adm
LEA als KNOWLES Thomas 1820 Adm.
PIDCOCK Maria, Elton 1859 Adm
ROOSE Mary Ann, Elton 1862 Adm
WEBSTER George, Elton 1860 Adm

HULKER Sarah, Elvaston 1649
JAMES Michael, Elvaston 1647
LANCASHIRE John, Elvaston 1647
MARTEN Thomas, Elavaston 1548
OSBORN Jacob, Elvaston 1712
OSBORNE James, Elvaston 1686
OSBORNE James, Elvaston 1695
PIGGIN Anne, Thulston widow, 1719  V29/53
PIGGIN William, Thulston yeoman  1729  V29/54
ROBINS Thomas, Elvaston yeoman  1738  V29/55
SMEDLEY Eli, Elvaston 1651
SMEDLEY Ellis, Elvaston 1648
SOARE Thomas, Elvaston 1630
SPENCER James, Elvaston 1839
SPENCER Thomas, Elvaston 1845
SPENCER William, Elvaston, Thulston 1709
SPENCER William, Elvaston, Thulston 1818
SPENSER James, Elvaston 1603/4
STANHOPE Charles, Elvaston 1760  V29/88
STANHOPE John Sir, Elvaston 1638  V29/86

ELVASTON Administration
COPE John, Elvaston 1641 Adm
GAMBLE Nicholas, Elvaston 1628 Inventory
HUBBARD John Felton, Elvaston 1872 Adm
HUTCHINSON John, Elvaston, Elvaston 1862 Adm
HUTCHINSON John, Elvaston 1874 Adm
MILNES Pyarea, Elvaston 1867 Adm
PIGGIN William, Elvaston 1647 Adm
SEVERN Jonathan, Elvaston 1859 Adm
SPENCER Jane, Elvaston 1763 Adm
SPENCER William, Elvaston 1754 Adm
SPENCER William, Elvaston, 1625 Adm
STURGES Thomas, Elvaston 1868 Adm
WINFIELD Eliza Ann, Ambaston p.Elvaston 1862 Adm

BREADING Emily, Essex, Woodford Wells and Derby 1886
COPE Jospeh, Essex, Stratford 1867
CUPISS Philip, Essex and Edlaston Rectory 1881
DAY Thomas, Essex, 1895
DICKEN Catherine, Essex, and Hilton, Dbys? 1916
HARRISON Hannah of Misley (Mistley?), Essex 1822 MIS53/40
JONES Maria, Ilford Essex
MOORE Ellen, Essex, Southerhay 1911
NOBLE William, Essex New Barking 1915
ROBINSON William, Essex, Forest Gate 1921
SMITH Elenda Mary, Essex, Brentwood 1913
STEEVENSON John, Essex, Chelmsford 1903
WRIGHT George, Essex 1924

ADAMS Frances, Etwall 1884
ADAMS William, Etwall 1881
ARCHER William, Burnaston 1887
ARCHER William, Etwall 1859
BAYLEY George, Burnaston 1904
COKBURNE Maria Teresa, Etwall 1830 V43/8
EYRE Samuel, Etwall 1859
FOX Alfred Henry, Etwall 1925
GARRATT Henry, Etwall 1925
GASKELL Anne, Etwall 1894
GILBERT John, Burnaston 1883
GILBERT Thomas, Etwall 1866
GILES Richard, Etwall 1921 
HARPUR Samuel, Etwall 1861
HEACOCKE Thomas, Etwall 1649
HECOCK (HEACOCK) Elizabeth, Etwall 1629
HEYWOOD Nicholas, Etwall 1648
HOPKINS Hannah, Etwall 1874
JACKSON Hannah, Etwall 1928
JACKSON William, Etwall 1894
JERRAM Robert, Highfield Farm, Etwall 1866
JERRAM Thomas, Bearwardcote 1884
JOHNSON Leslie Nethercote, Etwall 1917
JOULE Francis, Blakely Lodge Etwall 1859
KIRKHAM Robert, Etwall 1649
LEECH Gerard, Etwall 1649
MANSFIELD Joseph, Burnaston 1863
MANSFIELD William, Burnaston 1918
MARSHALL Mary Elizabeth, Etwall 1925
MASSEY John, Etwall, Burnaston 1784
MASSEY Joseph, Etwall, Burnaston 1815
MILNE Thomas, Etwall 1909
MYRING Daniel, Etwall 1879
OSBORNE Eleanor, Etwall 1847
OSBORNE Mathilda, Etwall 1849
OWEN Arthur John, Burnaston, Dbys 1918
PEGG George, Etwall, Dbys 1875
PEGG William, Etwall, Dbys 1888
PICKERING Selina, Etwall, Dbys 1897
PICKERING William Hermon, Etwall, Dbys 1903
PLATTS Robert, Etwall, Dbys 1870
PLATTS Robert, Etwall, Dbys 1900
PLATTS William, Etwall, Dbys 1874
PRIME Emma, Burnaston 1889
PRIME William, Burnaston 1882
RADFORD Francis, Burnaston 1915
REDFERN James, Etwall 1903
REDSHAW Ann, Bakewell 1863
REDSHAW Mary, Etwall 1874
ROSE Elizabeth, Etwall 1916
SHARP Harriet, Etwall 1907
SHARP John, Etwall 1900
SPENCER John, Etwall 1842
STONE James, Burnaston 1870
STONE Mary, Burnaston 1880
STONE Robert, Etwall, Burnaston 1843
STONE William, Burnaston 1866
WOLVERSON Joan, Etwall 1647

ETWALL Administration
BRAYLESFORD John Etwall 1639 Adm
BRAYLESFORD John, Etwall 1640 Inventory
BUNNINGTON Peter, Etwall 1649 Adm
HANFORD William, Etwall 1646 Adm
HARPER Thomas Goodwin, Etwall 1873 Adm
HARPUR Ellen, Etwall 1860 Adm
HAYES Herbert, Etwall 1865 Adm
JONES Maria, Essex, Ilford 1911
MANSFIELD George, Etwall 1860 Adm
MOSLEY Godfrey Goodman, Etwall 1863 Adm
MOSLEY Mary Teresa, Etwall 1869 Adm
MYRING Samuel, Etwall 1871 Adm
NEWBOLD Elizabeth, Etwall 1863 Adm
OSBORNE Mary Ann, Etwall 1869 Adm
PRINCE Susannah, Etwall 1859 Adm
SOUTER Richard, Etwall, formerly of Stoke nr Taunton Devon. 1867 Adm
STORER Dorothy, Etwall 1874 Adm
WALL Elizabeth, Etwall 1860 Adm

ANDREW Jane, Eyam 1905
ANDREW John, Eyam 1858
ANDREW Joseph, Eyam, Grindleford 1903
ANDREW Joseph, Eyam, Grindleford Bridge 1871
ANDREW Nathaniel, Eyam, Haycliff Nook 1862
ANDREWE Ottiwell 1629
ANDREWE Ottiwell, Eyam 1629
ANDREWES Alice 1647
ANDREWES Alice, Eyam 1647
ASH Richard, Eyam, Grindleford Bridge 1634
BOOTH Ann, Eyam 1804 V22/15
CLARK Robert, Eyam 1629
CLAYE Kniveton, Eyam 1629
DANE Annie, Eyam 1914
DANE Elizabeth,Eyam 1872
DANE Mary, Eyam 1894
DANE Uriah, Eyam 1880
DANE Uriah, Eyam 1923
DANIEL John, Eyam 1866
DANIEL John, Eyam 1892
FOX Elizabeth, Eyam 1925
FOX James, Eyam 1731
FOX Jonas, Eyam 1755
FOX Robert, Eyam 1701
FROGGATT John, Eyam 1884
FROGGATT Martha, Eyam 1895
FROGGATT of Foolow, blacksmith, mentions dau Sarah wife of Paul GILL of
FROGGATT Thomas, Foolow 1858
FROGGATT William, Eyam 1891
FROGGATT William, Foolow 1878
FURNESS Hannah Wilson, Eyam 1914
FURNESS James, Eyam 1903
FURNESS Joseph, Eyam 1873
FURNESS Lydia, Eyam 1884
FURNESS Mary, Eyam 1904
FURNESS Peter John, Eyam 1909
FURNESS Peter, Eyam 1876
FURNESS Richard, Eyam 1909
FURNESS Samuel, Eyam 1868
FURNESS Thomas, Eyam 1894
FURNESS William, Eyam 1907
FURNICE (FURNESS) Elizabeth, Eyam 1628
FURNIS (FURNISS) Margaret, Eyam 1647
FURNISS Mary, Eyam 1909
FURNISS William, Eyam 1862
GARLICK James, Grindleford 1895
GILL William, Grindleford Bridge  1895
GREEN Lydia, Eyam 1778
GREGORY Richard, Eyam 1642
Hattersley, Ches. labourer. Will made 1853 Proved 1858 /153
HEALD Francis, Eyam 1642
HILL John, Eyam 1546
HILL John, Eyam 1615
HILL John, Eyam 1615
HILL John, Eyam 1616
HILL John, Eyam 1616
HILL John, Eyam 1681
HILL Robert, Eyam 1625
HILL Thomas, Eyam 1754
HOW Martin, Eyam 1769
HOW William, Eyam 1796
HOWE John, Hazleford, Eyam. c.1858/9
JARVIS Elizabeth, Eyam 1885
KAY George, Eyam 1891
LAWRENCE Joseph, Grindleford 1913
LEE James 1797 Adm.
LEE John Davis, Foolow 1892
LEE John, Foolow 1869
LOWE James, Eyam 1907
LOWE Mary, Eyam 1874
MADDOCKS George, Eyam 1900
MALTBY Ruth, Eyam 1921
MARPLES Albert William, Eyam 1906
MARPLES William, Eyam 1905
MIDDLETON Benjamin, Foolow 1882
MIDDLETON Francis, Bretton 1908
MIDDLETON George, Eyam 1889
MIDDLETON George, Foolow 1882
MIDDLETON John, Foolow 1870
MIDDLETON John, Foolow 1905
MIDDLETON John, Hazelford 1877
MIDDLETON Joseph, Eyam 1861
MIDDLETON Joseph, Foolow 1872
MIDDLETON Lucy, Eyam 1894
MIDDLETON Sarah, Hazelford 1891
MIDDLETON Thomas, Eyam 1746 V5/27
MIDDLETON Thomas, Eyam 1893
MORTON John, Bretton, p.Eyam 1825 V100A2/4
OUTRAM Ellen, Grindleford 1925
OUTRAM Mary, Grindleford Bridge 1897
OUTRAM Sarah Melland, Grindleford Bridge 1916
OUTRAM Thomas, Grindleford 1899
PRIESTLEY John Clifford, Grindleford 1918
PURSEGLOVE Elizabeth, Eyam 1887
PURSEGLOVE George, Eyam  1891
RATCLIFF Jane Amelia, Eyam 1884
REDFEARN Francis, Foolow, Eyam 1860
REDFEARN Martha, Eyam 1897
RIDGEWAY George, Eyam 1903
RIDGEWAY John, Eyam 1910
RIDGWAY Alethea, Eyam 1899
RIDGWAY Henry, Eyam 1905 
RIPPON John, Eyam 1864
ROWLAND Humphrey, Foolow, Eyam 1867
SEARLS, Emma SEARLS, neph. Edmund BOOTH Shffield. Yks. 1858 /285
SIDDALL Matthew, Eyam 1866
SIDDALL Verdan, Eyam 1863
SLIN Mary Hudson, Eyam 1905
SLINN Ann, Eyam 1865
SLINN James, Eyam 1865
SLINN Martha, Eyam 1900
SLINN Samuel, Eyam 1903
SMITH William of Eyam, tanner, mentions John TINKER High St, Sheffield, Yks,
WILD Thomas, Eyam 1839
William SEARLS Harvest Lane, Sheffield and his sisters Jane SEARLS, Ellen
WRIGHT Dorothy, Eyam 1862
WRIGHT Harriet Elizabeth, Eyam 1915
WRIGHT Jane, The Firs, Eyam 1868
WRIGHT John, Eyam 1900
WRIGHT John, Eyam 1914
WRIGHT John, Eyam Hall and Tamworth Staffs 1881
WRIGHT Margaret Jane, Eyam 1906
WRIGHT Mary Anne, Eyam Hall 1884
WRIGHT Mary, Eyam 1862
WRIGHT Mary, Eyam 1882
WRIGHT Peter, Eyam Hall 1862
WRIGHT Robert, Eyam 1890
YOUNG Edward, Eyam 1890
YOUNG Eliza Ellen, Foolow, Eyam 1918
YOUNG George, Foslow ?  ( Foolow ) 1748
YOUNG Henry, Foolow, Eyam 1888
YOUNG Martha, Foolow, Eyam 1916
YOUNG Richard, Eyam 1775
YOUNG William, Foolow, Eyam 1869

EYAM Administrations
BACKHOUSE Thomas, Eyam 1647 Adm
BRAY John, Eyam 1640 Adm
BRUSHFIELD Barnard, Eyam, Grindleford Bridge 1634 Adm
CHAPMAN Humphrey, Eyam 1640 Adm
COCKER Hannah, Hungerhill. mentions Francis COCKER Ashwood Dale. 1865
DARWENT Elizabeth, Eyam 1870 Adm
FROGGATT Elizabeth, Eyam 1873 Adm
HALL Thomas, Eyam 1649 Adm
MARPLES Hannah, Eyam 1867 Adm
MARTIN John, Eyam 1762 Adm
MORTON John, Foolow, Eyam 1872 Adm
PLATTS William, Eyam 1864 Adm
RIPPON Elizabeth, Eyam 1858 Adm
SHELDON Philip, Adm. 1820
SHELDON Philip, Eyam 1820 Adm
SKIDMORE Arthur, Eyam 1629 Adm
TOWNSEND Francis, Bretton,Eyam 1862 Adm
VERNON Mary Ann, Eyam 1874 Adm
WELLS Bernard, Eyam 1649 Adm
WillsHAW George, Eyam 1873 Adm

FAIRFIELD Wills (See also Buxton and Hope )
DAKIN William, Fairfield 1875
HOLT Francis, Fairfield 1893
HOWARD Ann, Fairfield,Dbys 1864
JOHNSON Thomas, Fairfield 1876
LEES William, Woolow Fairfield 1876
LONGDEN Jonathan, Fairfield 1868
LOWNDS John, Fairfield 1887
PEARSON Joseph, Fairfield Road, Fairfield, Dbys 1874
PIPE Allen, Fairfield, Dbys and Ecclesfield, Yks 1880
POTTS Edward, Peach House, Fairfield, Dbys 1879
POTTS Robert, Fairfield, Dbys 1876
PRATT William John, Fairfield and Manchester Lancs 1889
RHODES Jonathan, Fairfield 1905
SHIRT Francis, Fairfield 1882
SHIRT James, Fairfield 1890
SHIRT William, Water Swallows, Fairfield 1876
STEVENSON Thomas James, Fairfield 1886
SWINSCOW Nancy, Dale Head Farm, Fairfield 1880
SWINSCOW William, Fairfield 1887

BATEMAN George Fenny Bentley 1755
BERESFORD Henry, Fenny Bentley 1658 V6/53
BOWLER William, Fenny Bentley 1814  V32/4
HILL Sarah, Bentley 1715/6
LOWNDES Matthew, Fenny Bentley 1887
LOWNDS William, Fenny Bentley 1908
WATERFALL John, Fenny Bentley 1650
WHEELDON Roger, Fenny Bentley 1680 V6/54

FENNY BENTLEY Administrations
WALLIS Henry, Fenny Bentley 1866 Adm

FOX Josiah, Fernilee 1903

BATES George, Findern 1904
CALTON Charlotte, Findern 1903
CALTON William, Findern 1901
CAMP John, Findern 1891
CAMP Richard snr, Findern 1867
CAMP Richard, Findern 1894
CAMP Robert, Findern 1909
DAINTY William, Findern 1924
DAKIN John, Findern 1881
DAKIN Thomas, Findern 1901
DAVY Dennis of Findern, Bank Accountant mentions friend James SPENCER Sturton by Stow, Lincs. farmer. Will made 1870 Proved 1872 /51
GALLIMORE William, Findern 1869
GILFORD Sarah, Findern 1902
GLOVER John Jowett, Porlocks 1860
JERRAM William, Findern 1922
JOHNSON Elizabeth, Findern 1923
JOHNSON Samuel, Findern 1865
JONES Joseph, Findern 1894
JONES Mary Ann, Findern 1902
KENDRICK John Erpe, Findern 1879
MANIFOLD Thomas Cooke, Findern 1873
MANSFIELD Emma, Findern 1907
MANSFIELD James, Findern 1895
MASSEY Bartholomew, Findern 1741
MASSEY Ralph, Findern 1759
MILNES Hannah Daft, Findern 1879
MILNES Thomas, Findern 1876
PORTER Michael, Findern 1647
REDFERN Thomas, Findern 1873
REDFERN William, Findern 1877
WILSON John, Findern 1648

FINDERN Administrations
HODGKINSON William, Findern 1875 Adm
PLATTS James Jackson, Findern 1869 Adm
PLATTS John Jackson, Findern 1869 Adm
SLANEY William, Findern 1859 Adm
SLANEY William, Findern 1866 Adm
WATSON Richard, Findern 1875 Adm
WHITMORE John, Findern 1874 Adm

BEAUMONT John, Ingleby 1638
BURDETT Mary widow of Sir Robert BURDETT, Foremark Will and codicil 1716-1718 V4/65
FISHER Gabriel, Foremark 1646
MARTIN William, Foremark, Ingleby 1733
MOORE Michael, Foremark, Ingleby 1639

FOREMARK Administrations
CHESTER Charles, Foremark 1873 Adm
HOUGH John, Foremark, Ingleby 1649 Adm

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.