Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Wills and Administration Parishes

MARRIOTT George, Calke 1906

Calke Administrations
REYNOLDS George, Calke 1858 Adm
CALOW Wills (also see Chesterfield
RENSHAW John Arthur, Calow 1910
DOOTSON William Horsfall, Cambs. Cambrdge 1912
GALER Richard, Cambs. Cambridge and Clay Cross,Dbys 1891
GLASSCOCK Ann, Cambs. March and Derby 1887
HOLLINGWORTH William, Cambs. Cambridge 1910
MEEK Alice, Cambs. Cambridge 1928
SIMPSON Arthur Blythe, Cambs. Trumpington and Derby 1887
WIGLEY Jonathan. Clerk Cambridge 1761 V28/3/6

ARNOLDI Agnes, Canada, Totonto and Dore Dbys. 1919
LAMB John, Canada and Chellaston, Dbys 1919

BACON Matthew Carsington 1806 V18/10
BAKER John, Carsington 1640
BUXTON Agnes, Carsington 1640
OLDFIELD Joshua 1793
SPENCER Henry, Carsington 1754
SPENCER Thomas, Carsington 1733
TAYLOR Jane Carsington 1760 V18/15
TAYLOR Richard Carsington 1755 V18/14

CARSINGTON Administrations
BAYLEY (BAILEY) Elizabeth, Carsington 1638 Inventory
BUXTON Richard, Carsington 1639 Inventory.
OLDKNOW Samuel, Carsington, Knockerdown, innkeeper 1869 Adm

BYWATER Emma, Leics. Castle Donington 1916
COWING Annie Elizabeth, Leics. Castle Donington 1928
LAUNDERS Elizabeth, Leics. Castle Donington 1926
SWINDELL Samuel, Castle Donnington, Leics. 1814 V4/24
WHEATLEY William Bennett, Leics. Castle Donington 1928

ASHTON Thomas, Castleton 1640
BARBOUR Francis, Castleton 1650
BARBOUR Jane, Castleton 1642
BARBOUR Laurence, Castleton 1647
BRAMMALL John, Castleton 1640
DAKIN Isabella, Castleton 1915
DAKIN James, Castleton 1887
DAKIN John Armstrong, Castleton 1872
DAKIN Thomas, Castleton 1884
ELLIOTT William, Castleton 1828
EYRE Adam, Castleton 1601
EYRE Ann, Castleton 1684/5
EYRE Edmund, Castleton 1616
EYRE Elias, Castleton 1768
EYRE Ellis, Castleton 1828
EYRE James, Castleton 1806
EYRE John, Castleton 1726
EYRE Joseph, Castleton 1693
EYRE Mary, Castleton 1889
EYRE Robert, Castleton 1682
EYRE Robert, Castleton 1682
EYRE Roger, Castleton 1635/6
EYRE Rowland, Castleton 1851
EYRE Samuel, Castleton 1813
EYRE Samuel, Castleton 1907
EYRE Thomas, Castleton 1664
EYRE Thomas, Castleton 1767
EYRE Thomas, Castleton 1769
EYRE Thomas, Castleton 1802
EYRE Thomas, Castleton 1819
EYRE Thomas, Castleton 1827
EYRE Thomas, Castleton 1854
EYRE Thomas, Castleton 1889
EYRE Thomas, Castleton 1893
EYRE William, Castleton 1587
EYRE William, Castleton 1812
FOX John, Castleton 1728
FOX John, Castleton 1806
FOX John, Castleton 1810
FOX Nicholas, Castleton 1761
FOX William, Castleton 1801
FOX William, Castleton 1820
GODDARD Thomas, Castleton 1649
HALL Ellis, Castleton 1641
HILL Robert, Castleton 1797
HOE (HOW?) Ellis, Castleton 1629
HOW Dorothy, Castleton 1665/6
HOW Edmund, Caastleton 1873
HOW Elias, Castleton 1712
HOW Elizabeth, Castleton 1875
HOW Elizabeth, Castleton 1895
HOW Jane, Castleton 1770
HOW John Hall, Castleton 1872
HOW Jonathan, Castleton 1864
HOW Robert, Castleton 1665
HOW Robert, Castleton 1735
HOW Robert, Castleton 1735
HOW Robert, Castleton 1873
HOW Robert, Castleton 1895
HOW Thomas, Castleton 1664
HOW William Schofiled, Castleton 1874
HOW William, Castleton 1667/8
HOWE Edmund, Castleton 1799
HOWE Henry, Castleton 1710
HOWE Robert, Castleton 1695
HOWE Robert, Castleton 1784
JACKSON John, Castleton 1846
JACKSON Michael Frost, Castleton 1890
KIMBERLEY George, Castleton, 1628
KIRBY John Wainwright, Castleton 1914
KIRK Thomas, Castleton 1864
KIRKBY John Wainwright, Castleton 1914
LOWE Robert, Castleton 1875
MARRISON James, Castleton 1875
MARRISON Samuel, Castleton 1903
MARRISON William, Castleton 1888
MARSHALL Thomas, Castleton 1650
NALL Anne, Castleton 1905
NALL Henry, Castleton 1859
NALL James, Castleton 1866
NALL Nathan, Castleton 1881
PEARSON Benjamin, Castleton mentions neph Benjamin James EYRE Sheffield, Yks, merchant 1858 /150
PEARSON Benjamin, Castleton, Dbys 1858
PHOENIX Joseph Henry, Castleton, Dbys 1918
PLATTS Robert, Castleton, Dbys 1905
RAMSDEN John, Castleton 1873
ROWBOTTOM Thomas, Castleton 1892
ROYSE Hannah Alice Hide, Castleton 1924
ROYSE Isaac, Castleton 1863
ROYSE Joseph, Castleton 1872
ROYSE Samuel, Castleton 1871
ROYSE Walter, Castleton 1892
SAVAGE Francis, Castleton 1649
SHALLCROSS John 1823 CO/20

CASTLETON Administrations
BEVERLEY Joseph, Castleton 1868 Adm
BRAMALL Thomas, Castleton 1637 Inventory
BRIDDOCK John, Castleton 1861 Adm
COCKER William, Castleton 1647 Adm
EYRE Martha, Castleton, 1873 Adm
EYRE William, Castleton 1858 Adm
FROST John,Castleton 1858 Adm
HALL James,Castleton 1861 Adm
HALL Margaret/Ellen, Castleton 1647 Adm
HALL Thurstan, Castleton 1650 Adm
HALLAM Robert, Castleton 1641 Adm
JESSOP Nicholas, Castleton 1650 Adm
NEEDHAM Richard, Castleton 1629 Adm
PLATT James, Castleton 1875 Adm
ROYCE Hannah,Castleton 1871 Adm
SIDEBOTHAM Thomas, Castleton 1858 Adm
SPENCER Thomas, Castleton 1704 Adm
STALEY Stephen, Castleton 1641 Adm
WHITTINGHAM George, Castleton 1874 Adm

BAMFORD Robert, Chaddesden 1639
BARKER William of Chaddesden mentions brother Joseph BARKER of Banbury, Oxon.
draper. Thomas BRANDON of Cheadle.1858/ 107
CHEADLE John, Chaddesden 1641
JACKSON John, Chaddesden 1827
MARTIN Matthew, Chaddesden 1721
SPERREY Edward, Will made 1853, Proved 1861, of Chaddesden, mentions, " bro
George (SPERREY) of Geelong, Australia and his wife Georgiana,"
WALKER Robert Chaddesden 1709 MIS/63/2

CHADDESDEN Administrations
BARKER John Cockayne, Chaddesden 1871 Adm
BLACK Elizabeth, Chaddesden 1864 Adm
PRESBURY Elizabeth Ann, Chaddesden 1859 Adm
WALKER Robert, Chaddesden 1650 Adm.
WRAGGE Charles, Chaddesden 1874 Adm

COLLETT Frederick, Channel Islands, Jersey 1917

ALLEN Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1638
BAGSHAW Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1649
BAGSHAWE Ann, Chapel en le Frith 1637
BARBER Joan, Malcoff 1638
BARBER Luke, Chapel en le Frith 1624
BARRATT Samuel, Chapel en le Frith 1871
BARRATT Sarah, Cockyard, Chapel en le Frith 1873
BARRATT William, Lower Crossing, Chapel en le Frith 1880
BENNET James, Chapel en le Frith 1646
BENNETT Ann, Whitehoughhead  1746  V76/13
BENNETT Ann, Whitehoughhead  Inventory, 1745  V76/14
BOWDEN Nathaniel, Chapel en le Frith 1651
BOWDEN Nicholas, Bowden, Chapel en le Frith 1677  V22/6
BRAMMALL John and Joan, Chapel en le Frith 1649
CARRINGTON Anne, Chapel; en le Frith 1647
CARRINGTON John, Blackbrook 1636
CARRINGTON John, Chapel en le Frith 1634
CLAYTON Mary, Blackbrook 1649
COWSEY James, Chapel en le Frith 1651
CRESWELL Anthony, Blackbrook 1637-8
CRESWELL Anthony, Blackbrook 1640
CRESWELL Anthony, Blackbrook 1650
CRESWELL Anthony, Ford, 1629
CRESWELL George, Chapel en le Frith 1625
CRESWELL Nicholas, Chapel en le Frith 1628
CRESWELL Nicholas, Ford 1647-8
CRESWICK Francis, Chapel en le Frith 1640-1
DAKIN Joseph, Chapel en le Frith 1912
DALE Samuel, Chapel en le Frith 1882
FOX Adam, Chapel en le Frith 1855
FOX Adam, Chapel en le Frith 1866
FOX Adam, Chapel en le Frith 1909
FOX Harriett, Chapel en le Frith 1894
FOX Mary, Chapel en le Frith 1859
FOX Sarah, Chapel en le Frith 1861
FRITH Edward, Chapel en le Frith 1875
FRITH Elizabeth Ann, Chapel en le Frith 1919
FRITH Francis, Chapel en le Frith 1915
FRITH George, Chapel en le Frith 1893
FRITH Joel, Chapel en le Frith 1888
FRITH John, Chapel en le Frith 1882
FRITH John, Chapel en le Frith 1886
FRITH Joseph, Boden Head, Chapel en le Frith 1866
FRITH Joseph, Chapel en le Frith 1894
FRITH Mary, Crossings, Chapel en le Frith 1888
FRITH Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1899
FRITH William, Chapel en le Frith 1876
GARLICK John, Chapel en le Frith 1917
GARLICK Mary, Chapel en le Frith 1922
GODDARD James, Chapel en le Frith 1893
GODDARD Mary, Criss Chapel en le Frith 1881
GODDARD Thomas, Dove Holes 1917
GODDARD Thomas, Sparrow at Chapel en le Frith 1913
GREEN Edward, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1822
GREEN John, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1794
GREEN William, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1849
GREENSMITH Anthony, Chapel en le Frith 1624
GREENSMITH Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1639
HOPE Henry Castle, Chapel en le Frith 1879
HOWARD James, Chapel en le Frith,Dbys 1887
HOWE Elias, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1787 
HOWE Florence, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1665
HOWE John, Chapel en le Frith 1639
HOWE William, Doveholes, p. Chapel en le Frith 1891
HYDE Margaret, Chapel en le Frith 1635-6
HYDE Mary Ann, Chapel en le Frith 1892
HYDE Robert Hill, Chapel en le Frith 1892
JACKSON John, Chapel en le Frith 1816
JACKSON Rachel, Chapel en le Frith 1811
JACKSON William, Chapel en le Frith 1832
JOHNSON Percy, Chapel en le Frith and Manchester Lancs 1882
JONES Elizabeth, Chapel en le Frith 1887
JOULE Thomas, Slack Hall Chapel en le Frith 1871
JOULE William, Chapel en le Frith 1891
JOWLE Joseph, Chapel en le Frith 1905
KERK (KIRK?) Grace, Chapel Milton 1637
KINDER Charles, Chapel en le Frith 1895
KINDER Samuel, Chapel en le Frith 1883
KIRK Ann, Chapel en le Frith 1914
KIRK George, Malcoff 1624-5
KIRK Henry, Chapel en le Frith 1860
KIRK Henry, Chapel en le Frith 1900
KIRK Jane, Malcoff 1630
KIRK Ralph, Dovehold Meadows ? (Dovehole? ) 1896
KIRK Robert, Malcoff 1628
KIRK Sarah Ann, Reddish Green Chapel en le Frith 1865
KIRK Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1630
KIRK Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1870
KIRK William, Chapel en le Frith 1899
KYRKE (KIRK) Ottiwell, Chapel en le Frith 1624
KYRKE Arnold, Chapel en le Frith 1640
KYRKE Edward, Chapel en le Frith 1608
KYRKE Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1636-7
LEES James, Chapel en le Frith 1785
LEES John, Chapel en le Frith 1889
LEES Mary, Chapel en le Frith 1797
LEES Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1892
LEES William James, Chapel en le Frith and Whaley Bridge 1885
LINGARD Charles, Chapel en le Frith 1883
LINGARD Edward, Chapel en le Frith 1624
LINGARD Eliza, Chapel en le Frith 1898
LINGARD Elizabeth, Chapel en le Frith 1637-8
LINGARD Sarah, Chapel en le Frith, Bowden Head 1861 
LOMAS Ann, Chapel en le Frith 1886
LOMAS Elizabeth, Chapel en le Frith 1860
LOMAS George, Chapel en le Frith Stodhart Farm 1886
LOMAS George, Chapel enl e Frith Bradshaw Hall 1886
LOMAS James, Chapel en le Frith 1882
LOMAS James, Chapel en le Frith, Bradshaw Edge 1883
LOMAS John, Chapel en le Frith 1888
LOMAS John, Chapel en le Frith 1911
LOMAS John, Chapel en le Frith, Coursos 1874
LOMAS John, Chapel en le Frith, Diglatch 1878
LOMAS Joseph, Chapel en le Frith 1905
LOMAS Joseph, Lower Sittinglow 1874
LOMAS Nicholas, Bradshaw 1640
LOMAS Nicholas, Chapel en le Frith 1897
LOMAS Nicholas, Chapel en le Frith,Maglow 1876
LOMAS Robert, Chapel en le Frith 1886
LOMAS William, Chapel en le Frith 1910
LOMAS Mary Ann, Chapel en le Frith 1905
LONG John, Chapel en le Frith 1898
LONG Parmenas, Chapel en le Frith 1920
LONGDEN Joseph, Chapel en le Frith and Peak Forest 1885
LONGDEN Robert, Ridge Hall, Chapel en le Frith 1827  V41/2
LONGSON Robert, Bradshaw 1905
LOW Thomas als BAGSHAW , Chapel en le Frith 1649
LOWE Eliza, Chapel en le Frith 1902
LOWE Humphrey,Chapel en le Frith 1636
LOWE James Walter, Chapel en le Frith 1919
LOWE John, Chapel en le Frith 1898
LOWE Joseph, Chapel en le Frith 1884
LOWE Ralph, Chapel en le Frith 1635
MARCHINGTON Henry, Townend, Chapel en le Frith 1858
MARCHINGTON John, Doveholes 1869
MARCHINGTON Mary Ellen, Chapel en le Frith 1919
MEADOWCROFT Mary Elizabeth, Chapel en le Frith 1924
MELLOR Albert Hanoah,Chapel en le Frith 1911
MELLOR Dorothy, Chapel en le Frith 1634-5
MELLOR Elizabeth,Sparrow Pit 1908
MELLOR Francis, Chapel en le Frith 1894
MELLOR Francis, Chapel en le Frith 1899
MELLOR John Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1894
MELLOR John, Town End, Chapel en le Frith 1869
MELLOR Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1913
MIDDLETON Daniel, Chapel en le Frith 1905
MIDDLETON Ellis Hall, Chapel en le Frith 1904
MIDDLETON Ellis, Rushup 1875
MILLWARD William Arthur, Chapel en le Frith 1893
MITCHELL William Henry Fryer, Chapel en le Frith 1911
MOORE James Edwin, Milton 1909
MORTEN Edward, Doveholes, Chapel en le Frith 1881
MORTEN Henry, Hay Lee, Combs, Chapel en le Frith 1867
MORTEN Henry, Thorney Lee, Chapel en le Frith 1866
MORTEN John, Doveholes, Chapel en le Frith 1874
MORTEN Martha Froggatt, Doveholes 1880
MORTEN Mary, Haylee, Chapel en le Frith 1874
MORTEN Nancy, Chapel en le Frith 1868
MORTEN Sarah, Chapel en le Frith 1898 
MOSLEY Ralph, Chapel en le Frith 1888
MOULT Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1578
MOULT William, Chapel en le Frith 1640
NEWALL Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1628
OLDFIELD Annas, Chapel en le Frith 1894
OLDFIELD John, Dove Holes 1879
OLLERENSHAW Joseph, Chapel en le Frith 1889
OLLERENSHAW Joseph, Combsedge 1858
POLLARD Harriett, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1875
POLLARD John, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1884
POTTER James, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1894
POTTER John, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1895
POTTER John, Woodside, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1874
POTTER Sarah Ann, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1926
POTTS Edmund, Bolt Edge, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1877
POTTS Elizabeth, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1888
POTTS Henry, Doveholes, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1864
POTTS Lawrence, Doveholes, Dbys 1895
POTTS Thomas, Townend, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1862
PRATT John, Burfields, Chapel en le Frith 1909
REDFERN Francis, Stoddard 1647
REDFERNE John, Chapel en le Frith 1641
RENSHAW Henry Constantine, Chapel en le Frith 1895
RIDGWAY Robert, Chapel en le Frith, 1733  V76/21
RIGHTON Job, Chapel en le Frith 1865
RIGHTON John, Chapel en le Frith 1858
RIPPON Charles, Chapel en le Frith 1905
RIPPON Fred, Chapel en le Frith 1907
ROYLE George, Chapel en le Frith 1631-2
ROYLE John, Combs, Chapel en le Frith 1881
ROYLE Ruth, Chapel en le Frith 1890
SHALLCROSS George, Ford, Chapel en le Frith 1868
SHALLCROSS John, Chapel en le Frith 1882
SHATWELL James, Bagshaw, Chapel en le Frith 1871
SHATWELL John, Bagshaw 1878
SHERTE (SHIRT) John Chapel en le Frith 1648
SHIRT Ann, Whitehoughhead, 1757  V76/16
SHIRT James, Blackhole Houses, Chapel en le Frith  1869
SHIRT William, Chapel en le Frith 1639
SHORE Anthony, Chapel en le Frith 1631
SIDEBOTHAM Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1888
SIMPSON Mary Ann, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1900
SIMPSON Moses, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1885
STORER Joseph, Chapel en le Frith 1917
SWINDELLS Edward, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1889
SWINDELLS Thomas, Chapel en le Frith, Dbys 1892
TAYLOR Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1631-2
TUNSTEAD Francis, Chapel en le Frith 1639
TUNSTEED (TUNSTEAD?) Robert, Chapel en le Frith 1648-9
VARNON Joseph, Sparrowpit Yate, 1704  V76/19
VERNON Edward of Eaves, Chapel en le Frith formerly of Smalldale.  19thC.
WALTON James, Chapel en le Frith 1879
WALTON John, Chapel en le Frith 1867
WALTON John, Chapel en le Frith 1890
WALTON Martha, Chapel en le Frith 1890
WALTON Mary Jane, Chapel en le Frith 1893
WALTON Peter, Chapel en le Frith 1877
WARD James, Chapel en le Frith 1891
WARD James, Chapel en le Frith 1894
WARD Joseph, Chapel en le Frith 1881
WARHURST William, Chapel en le Frith 1882
WILKINSON Richard, Chapel en le Frith 1627
YOUNG Adam, Chapel en le Frith 1731
YOUNG Anthony, Chapel en le Frith 1720

CHAPEL EN LE FRITH Administrations
BARNES John 1858 Stoddard
BARNES John, Chapel en le Frith 1858 Adm
BARNES John, Stoddard, Chapel en le Frith  mentions Hannah BARNES  1858
BENNETT Alice 1874 Chapel en le Frith
BENNETT Alice, Chapel en le Frith 1874 Adm
CALDERBANK John 1871 Chapel en le Frith
CALDERBANK John, Chapel en le Frith 1871 Adm
CALDERBANK Sarah, Chapel en le Frith 1873 Adm
CALDERBANK Srah 1873 Chapel en le Frith
CARRINGTON Martha 1871 Chapel en le Frith
CARRINGTON Martha, Chapel en le Frith 1871 Adm
CARTLEDGE Edward 1874 Chapel en le Frith
CARTLEDGE Edward, Chapel en le Frith 1874 Adm
DAIN Elizabeth 1858 Sparrow Pit
DAIN Elizabeth, Chapel en le Frith 1858 Adm
DAIN Elizabeth, Sparrow Pit, Chapel en le Frith  mentions John DAIN Pendleton, Lancs. 1858 
DAKIN John 1872 Chapel en le Frith
DAKIN John, Chapel en le Frith 1872 Adm
DE JONGH John 1861 Chapel en le Frith
DIXON Samuel, Chapel en le Frith 1866 Adm
DOWNES James 1867 Chapel en le Frith
DOWNES James, Chapel en le Frith 1867 Adm
DRANFIELD George, Chapel en le Frith 1867 Adm
FLETCHER Henry 1873 Chapel en le Frith
FLETCHER Henry,Chapel en le Frith 1873 Adm
FORD Samuel 1867 Chapel en le Frith
FORD Samuel, Chapel en le Frith 1867 Adm
FOX Mary, Chapel en le Frith 1863 Adm
GODDARD John 1875 Horwich End
HALL Matthew 1871 Chapel en le Frith
HALL Matthew, Chapel en le Frith 1871 Adm
HALL Sarah, Chapel en le Frith 1868 Adm
HALL Sarh 1868 Bagshaw
HALLAM Isaac 1861 Sittinglow
HALLAM Isaac, Chapel en le Frith 1861 Adm
HALLAM Thomas 1861 Bowden Edge
HALLAM Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1861 Adm
HIGGINBOTTOM Samuel 1872 Chapel en le Frith
HIGGINBOTTOM Samuel, Chapel en le Frith 1872 Adm
HILL Mary 1868 Hallsteads
HILL Mary, Chapel en le Frith 1868 Adm
HILL Robert 1867 Chapel en le Frith
HILL Robert, Chapel en le Frith 1867 Adm
HILL Thomas, Barmoor Clough, Chapel en le Frith  mentions William HILL Halsteads, Chapel en le Frith 1858
HILL Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1858 Adm
JONGH John De, Chapel en le Frith 1861 Adm
JOWLE John 1861 Chapel en le Frith
JOWLE John, Chapel en le Frith 1861 Adm
JOWLE Robert Inspector of railway plate layers. 1865
JOWLE Robert, Chapel en le Frith 1865 Adm
KIRK Elizabeth 1859 Chapel en le Frith died 1852
KIRK Elizabeth, Chapel en le Frith (died 1852) mentions Jane KIRK widow, Thomas KIRK 1859
KIRK Elizabeth, Chapel en le Frith 1859 Adm
KIRK Samuel, Chapel en le Frith 1863 Adm
LEE James 1785
LEES Mary 1797
LIVESEY John 1859 Brook House, Coombs
LIVESEY John, Chapel en le Frith 1859 Adm
LOMAS John 1867 Chapel en le Frith
LOMAS John, Chapel en le Frith 1867 Adm
LOMAS Thomas 1871 Chapel en le Frith
LOMAS Thomas, Chapel en le Frith 1871 Adm
MARCHINGTON Hannah 1860 Clough, Chapel en le Frith
MARCHINGTON Hannah, Chapel en le Frith 1860 Adm
MARCHINGTON Hannah, Clough, Chapel en le Frith  mentions Ellen BAILEY 1860 
MARCHINGTON Joseph 1875 Chapel en le Frith
MARCHINGTON Joseph, Chapel en le Frith 1875 Adm
PARTINGTON Thomas Storer, Chapel en le Frith 1866 Adm
PETTINGER John 1860 Chapel en le Frith
PETTINGER John, Chapel en le Frith 1860 Adm
PETTINGER John, Chapel en le Frith  mentions Elizabeth PETTINGER 1860
POTTS John 1873 Barmoor Clough
POTTS John, Chapel en le Frith 1873 Adm
SHUFFLEBOTHAM Thomas 1870 Horwich End
THORNILEY William Drinkwater, Chapel en le Frith 1864 Adm
WALTON William, Chapel en le Frith 1861 Adm
WEBSTER Samuel Frith 1870 Chapel en le Frith
WEBSTER Samuel Frith, Chapel en le Frith 1870 Adm
WHITEHEAD William 1862 Hill Top, Chapel en le Frith
WHITEHEAD William, Chapel en le Frith 1862 Adm
WILLIAMSON Elizabeth 1862 Tom Lane, Chapel en le Frith
WILLIAMSON Elizabeth, Chapel en le Frith 1862 Adm
WILSON Hannah, Chapel en le Frith 1863 Adm
WORTHINGTON John Marsh, Chapel en le Frith 1860 Adm
YATES John 1874 Chapel en le Frith
YATES John, Chapel en le Frith 1874 Adm
YOUNGE Anthony, Chapel en le Frith 1624  Adm.

CHARLESWORTH Wills (Includes Chisworth,Gamesley,Simmondley.See also Glossop)
GARLICK Edward, Charlesworth  1894
GARLICK John, Charlesworth 1909
GODDARD Samuel, Charlesworth 1879
HADFIELD Mary, Lees Hall 1864
HADFIELD William, Chisworth 1884
HADFIELD Winifred, Lees Hall 1876
HAGUE John, Simmondley 1874
HALL John, Charlesworth 1863
HALL Mary, Charlesworth 1864
HOWELL Lawrence, Charlesworth, Dbys 1925
JACKSON John, Charlesworth 1867
LYNE Nancy, Simmondley 1887
MARSDEN Moses, Gamesley 1919
PLATT Robert, Charlesworth, Dbys 1883
POTTS William, Charlesworth, Dbys 1909
PURCELL Goodwin, Charlesworth 1877
PURCELL Sarah, Charlesworth, Ches?. 1861
PYECROFT Elizabeth, Gamesley 1920
RATCLIFFE Joseph Arthur, Chisworth 1894
REDFORD John, Simmondley 1879
REDFORD Sarah, Simmondley 1896
RIDER George, Gamesley 1893
ROWBOTTOM George, Charlesworth 1912
ROWBOTTOM James, Charlesworth 1910
ROWBOTTOM Joseph, Charlesworth 1912
ROWBOTTOM Moses, Charlesworth 1889
ROWBOTTOM Moses, Moorside, Chisworth 1859
ROWBOTTOM Nancy, Chisworth 1884
ROWBOTTOM Thomas, Charlesworth 1891
RYDER Martha, Gamesley, Charlesworth 1893
SIDEBOTTOM Edwin, Charlesworth, Dbys 1885
SIMPSON Wright F M, Gamesley 1906
SWINDELLS Edward, Chisworth  1858

ASHBY Nichoals, Chellaston 1525
BANCROFT Alice, Chellaston 1647
BANCROFT Thomas, Chellaston 1629
BATES Harriet, Chellaston 1925
CANTRELL John, Chellaston 1687
HILL John, Chellaston 1615/6
LAMB John, Chellaston and Canada 1919
LOMAS Mary, Shelton Lock 1903
MANFULL Alexander Price, Chellaston 1874
MANFULL Hiram, Chellaston 1908
MANFULL Marian, Chellaston 1918
MEREWETHER Robert, Chellaston 1912
MERISHAW Mary, Chellaston 1916
PAKEMAN John, Chellaston 1917
PAWFREMAN (PALFREYMAN) Thomas, Chellaston 1629
PYM John, Chellaston 1874
PYM John, Chellaston 1914
ROSE William, Chellaston 1649
SALE Evan, Chellaston 1627
STEVENS John Pym, Chellaston 1902
STEVENS John, Chellaston 1892
STEWART George, Chellaston 1902
SWINDELL Frederick, Chellaston 1894

CHELLASTON Administrations
FORMAN Helen, Chellaston 1873 Adm
GOODALL Emma, Chellaston 1859 Adm
RIMMER Mary, Chellaston 1867 Adm
ROSE Joseph Foveaux, Chellaston 1861 Adm

CHELMORTON  (See also Bakewell)
BAGSHAWE Grace, Chelmorton, Flagg 1641
BAGSHAWE Grace, Flagg 1641
BATEMAN John, Chelmorton 1783
BOTT William, Flagg 1636-7
BUXTON Edmund, Flagg 1624-5
BUXTON Edward, Chelmorton 1636-7
BUXTON Ellen, Chelmorotn 1634
BUXTON Humphrey, Chelmorton 1628
BUXTON Jane, Chelmorton 1867
BUXTON Ralph, Chelmorton, Flagg 1630
BUXTON Ralph, Flagg 1630
BUXTON Thomas, Chelmorton 1882
CANTRELL John, Flagg 1882
CHADWICK John, Flagg 1769
DAKIN John, Chelmorton 1637-8
HOROBIN Elizabeth of Flagg, mentions bro John HOROBIN of Sheen, Staffs. 1858/165
INNOCENT Alice, Chelmorton, Flagg 1641
INNOCENT Alice, Flagg 1641
JACKSON George, Flagg 1641
LONGDEN Margaret, Chelmorton 1636
MERRYMAN William, Chelmorton 1634-5
MITCHELL John, Flagg 1874
MYCOCK Matthew, Flagg 1848 V100a2/24
OLLERENSHAW Margaret, Chelmorton 1645
PERCIVAL George, Chelmorton, Dbys 1870
PERCIVAL George, Chelmorton, Dbys 1894
PERCIVAL George, Chelmorton, Dbys 1924
PERCIVAL Hannah, Chelmorton, Dbys 1891
PERCIVAL Thomas, Chelmorton, Dbys 1869
PLATT Edmund, Chelmorton, Flagg 1632
PLATT Edmund, Flagg 1632
REDFERN Thomas, Flagg 1887
ROBINSON Joseph, Chelmorton 1893
ROBINSON William, Chelmorton 1648
ROBINSON William, Chelmorton 1648
SHEENE Edmund, Chelmorton, Flagg 1634
SHEENE Edmund, Flagg 1634
SHEENE George, Chelmorton, Flagg 1651
SHEENE George, Flagg 1651
SIMPSON George, Chelmorton, Dbys 1880
SIMPSON John, Chelmorton, Dbys 1875
SIMPSON Michael, Chelmorton, Dbys 1876
SKIDMORE John, Flagg 1880
SKIDMORE Joseph, Chelmorton 1868
TAYLIOR (TAYLOR) Arthur, Chelmorton 1637
TAYLIOR Arthur, Chelmorton 1637
WARD John, Chelmorton 1639
WARD John, Chelmorton 1639-40
WHITE Ralph, Chelmorton 1637-8

CHELMORTON Administrations (See also Bakewell)
BOTT William, Chelmorton, Flagg 1636 Inventory
BUXTON Edmund, Chelmorton, Flagg 1624 Adm
BUXTON Edward, Chelmorton 1624 Adm
BUXTON Robert, Chelmorton 1641 Adm
DAWSON William, Chelmorton 1870 Adm
DAYKN ( DAKIN ) Robert, Chelmorton 1633 Adm
JACKSON George, Chelmorton, Flagg 1641 Adm

ADKINSON Thomas, Marple Bridge 1870
BALDWIN William, Ches. Runcorn 1865
BARBER Charles, Ches. Wilmslow 1871
BARLOW John, Ches. Macclesfield 1912
BASS William, Ches. Dukinfield and Duffield Dbys 1880
BATES Charles, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1927
BAXTER Maria Howard, Ches. Marple Bridge 1860
BEARD Peter, Whaley Bridge and Heaton Norris Lancs 1885
BEARD Robert, Ches Whaley Bridge 1893
BEEBEE Walter Willis Kempson, Ches. Marple Bridge 1925
BENNETT Esther, Ches. Macclesfield and Isle of Man 1864
BENNETT Mary, Ches. Marple Bridge 1919
BERISFORD Elizabeth, Ches. Chester late Derby 1892
BILLING Ann, Ches. Hazel Grove 1918
BLUNDELL Emma, Whaley Bridge 1872
BOCOCK John, Sale, Cheshire and Matlock Bank 1885
BOOTHROYD Margaret Scott, Ches. Wallasey 1928
BOTTOMS Jane, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1914
BOWER William Sydney, Ches. Stockport 1873
BOWERS Ann,Ches. Chester and Chisworth 1913
BRADBURY George, Ches, Whaley Bridge 1909
BRADLEY Marina Ashton, Ches. Godley? Chester and Hartington 1887
BROWN John, Ches Stockport and Matlock Bath 1878
BUTTER Sarah, Ches Stockport, Brookbottom, Strines 1911
CAWOOD MARY, Ches. Knutsford, Worsley Lancs? and Hazelwood Dbys. 1876
DAIN John, Ches. Stockport 1858
DANIELS Sarah, Ches. Stockport and Matlock Dbys 1879
DOWNES David, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1884
ERNILL William, Ches. Stockport 1917
EVANS John Robert Dyke, Ches. Elworth 1926
EXLEY William, Ches. Whaley Bridge. 1892
FORAN John, Ches. Chester 1912
FRITH Hannah, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1912
GARLICK Harriett, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1924
GARLICK John, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1864
GEE Daniel,Ches. Marple Bridge 1867
GREASLEY Florence Mary, Ches. Newton by Chester 1927
GRESTY Elizabeth, Ches. Macclesfield and Chapel en le Frith, Dbys.1878
HART Ellen, Ches. Stockport and Chapel en le Frith 1887
HAWORTH Edmund, Ches. Sale and Ashford, Dbys 1879
HEATHCOTE Robert, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1895
HEGINBOTTOM Mary, Ches. Stockport and Mellor. 1919
HINCHCLIFFE Mary, Ches. Stockport 1888
HINE Richard Edward, Ches. Macclesfield 1868
HODGKINSON William, Ches. Chester 1897
HOPE John Thomas, Ches. Stockport 1902
HOUSLEY Ann, Hazel Grove Ches 1909
HOWARD Ralph William, Cheshire and Manchester Lancs 1869
HOYLAND Joseph, Ches. Alderley Edge 1910
HOYSTED Nary Anne Alicia, Ches. Macclesfield Shrigley 1913
HULSE Thomas, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1889
HURD Hester Henrietta, Ches. Stockport, Reddish 1928
HYDE Abel, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1879
JACKSON Elizabeth, Malpas 1854
JACKSON William, Macclesfield 1853
JACSON Simon, Bebbington 1817
JACSON Simon, Tarporley 1816
JODRELL Jonathan, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1890
JOHNSTON Ellen, Ches. Sale 1907
JOULE Joseph, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1898
LAWTON Thomas, Ches. Whaley Bridge,Horwich Bank 1875
LEES William James, Ches Whaley Bridge and Chapel en le Frith Dbys. 1885
LEIGH John, Ches. and Milford Dbys 1882
LEVERMORE James Luke, Ches. Stockport, Marple Bridge 1875
LITSTER William, Ches. Compstall 1881
LITTLEWOOD Martha, Ches. Warrington 1909
LOCKETT Jeffrey, Swettenham, Ches. 1753 V1/6
MARTIN John, Bullock Smithy 1823
MASSEY George, Ches. Ashton Hayes 1922
MORLEY Henry, Ches. Cheadle Hulme 1904
NALL John, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1895
NIXON James, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1926
NORTON Joseph, Ches. Stalybridge 1874
OLIVER Mary, wife of Thomas of Bollington, Ches  1855  V6/218
PEARSON William, Ches. Lyme Handley 1861
PEARSON William, Ches. Lyme Handley 1861
PERCIVAL Sarah, Ches. Northwich 1928
PORRITT Esther, Ches. Tintwistle, Townhead 1875
POTT Emma, Marple, Ches 1925
POTTER James Robert, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1920
POTTS Annie, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1906
POYSER Joseph,Ches. Warrington 1918
PRIESTNALL Harriett, Marple 1892
PROCTOR Jonathan, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1895
REDFERN Elizabeth, Ches. Stockport 1901
RICHARDSON William, Ches. Chester and Whaley Bridge 1888
ROBINSON Joseph, Ches, Chester and Wardlow Dbys 1893
SAYLE John Henry, Ches. Cheadle Heath 1925
SHEPLEY Thomas, Ches. Mottram 1898
SHORTLAND Matilda, Ches. Grappenhall and Riddings 1874
SIDEBOTHAM John James, Ches. Stockport 1921
SOPPET Richard, Ches. Runcorn 1864
SPENCER Ann, Stoke 1634
SPENCER Francis, Congleton 1642
SPENCER Thomas, Congleton 1663
SPENCER Thomas, Lymm 1755
SPENCER Ursula, Congleton 1634
SWINDELLS Henry, Ches. Hollingworth 1904
TAYLOR Mary, Ches. Chester and Glossop Dbys 1891
THOMPSON Sophia, Ches. Stockport and Derby 1867
THORNILEY George Henry, Ches. Stockport and Chapel en le Frith Dbys. 1890
TOLER Charles Hilditch, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1924
TWIGG John, Chester. 1797 MIS50/24
WARD William, Congleton 1647
WATERHOUSE William Bradley, Ches. Hollingworth,Mottram and Peak Forest 1883
WEST Henry, Ches. Staleybridge 1892
WHETTON Thomas, Ches. Barnton, Northwick 1914
WHITAKER Joseph, Ches. Stockport and Holbrook 1863
WHITEHEAD Ralph, Ches Millgate Ardern Arms. 1875
WICKMAN Elizabeth Jane Petherick, Ches. Chester and Buxton,Dbys 1881
WILSON James, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1911
WILSON Susannah Amelia, Ches. Stockport 1928
WOOD James, Ches. Stockport 1889
WOOD Louise Elizabeth, Ches. Sutton 1928
WOOD Thomas, Ches. Whaley Bridge 1926
YATES James, Ches. Stockport 1865

ADAMS Alfred, 1924 Newbold Moor
ADAMS Sarah 1914 Chesterfield
ADCOCK John 1876 Chesterfield
ADDY Walter Kershaw 1913 Chesterfield
ADEY Georgina Bradford 1910 Carr Vale Chesterfield
ADIN Elizabeth 1913 Chesterfield
ADLINGTON George 1860 Calow
ADLINGTON Jethro 1880 Calow
ALATSON Margaret, Chesterfield 1628
ALLEN John, Chesterfield 1903
ALLEN Martha, Chesterfield 1921
ALLISON David, Chesterfield 1886
ALLISON Josiah, Chesterfield 1892
ALLISON Ruth, Chesterfield 1877
ALLSOPP Ann, Chesterfield 1890
ALLWOOD Catherine, Chesterfield 1892
ALSOP Ann, Chesterfield 1870
ALSOP George, Chesterfield, Calow 1888
ALSOP Helen Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1914
ALSOP Richard, Chesterfield 1914
ALTON James, Chesterfield 1913
ALVEY George, Chesterfield 1900
ANDREW John, Chesterfield 1878
ANDREW Luke, Chesterfield 1869
ANDREWS Frederick, Chesterfield 1900
ANTHONY Edward Riley, Chesterfield 1894
ARCHER Mary, Chesterfield 1901
ARMSTEAD George, Chesterfield 1922
ARMSTRONG Mary, Chesterfield 1873
ASHBRIDGE Temperance, Chesterfield 1874
ASHE Ralph, Chesterfield 1641
ASHE Richard, Chesterfield 1630
ASHMORE Charles, Calow 1875
ASHMORE George, Chesterfield 1862
ASHMORE Mary, Chesterfield 1871
ASHMORE William, Chesterfield 1867
ASKEW George, Chesterfield 1911
ASKEW Mary, Chesterfield 1909
ASKEY George, Chesterfield 1864
ASKEY George, Chesterfield 1872
ASKUE (ASKEW) Christian, widow of Richard ASKUE late of Chesterfield,tanner. 1736 CL/11
ASQUITH Eliza Emma, Chesterfield 1911
ASQUITH James William, Chesterfield 1898
ATKINS Henry, Newbold, Chesterfield 1628
ATKINSON Elizabeth, Queen St, Chesterfield 1873
ATKYNS (ATKINS) Thomas, Newbold, Chesterfield 1647
AUKLAND Charles, Chesterfield 1895
AUSTIN Henry, Chesterfield 1914
AUSTIN Thomas, Chesterfield 1915
AUSTIN William, Chesterfield 1883
BAGSHAW John, Chesterfield 1642
BAGSHAW Prudence, Chesterfield spinster 1792 V2/136
BAGSHAW William, Chesterfield 1637
BARLOWE Thomas, Chesterfield 1640
BARRETT Wilson, Chesterfield 1913
BARROWCLIFFE John, Chesterfield 1891
BARROWCLIFFE Sarah, Chesterfield 1887
BATEMAN Arthur, Chesterfield 1909
BATEMAN David Jenkin, Chesterfield 1919
BATTESON Sarah Ann, Chesterfield 1896
BATTESON William, Chesterfield 1889
BAXTER Matthew, Boythorpe, Chesterfield 1887
BEARD John, Chesterfield 1887
BEASTOE Anne, Chesterfield 1647
BEE Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1865
BIRCH William, Chesterfield 1872
BISHOP Charles Wesley, Chesterfield 1915
BISHOP Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1926
BISHOP Francis, Chesterfield 1869
BISHOP Mary Letitia, Chesterfield 1917
BLACK Frederic Theo, Chesterfield 1884
BLACK George Simpson, Chesterfield 1915
BLACKSHAW Emma Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1907
BLUETT John, Chesterfield 1895
BOATE William, Chesterfield 1642
BOLE Alexander, Trinity Ch., Chesterfield 
BOOKER Thomas, Chesterfield 1903
BOOKER William, Chesterfield 1880
BOOKER William, Newbold 1860
BOWER Christopher, Chesterfield 1649
BOWER John, Chesterfield 1776 CL/34
BOWER Joseph, Walton, Chesterfield 1762 V18/19
BOWER Samuel, Chesterfield 1740 CL/35
BOWER Thomas, Chesterfield 1734 V18/18
BRAYTHWAYTE Robert, Chesterfield 1646
BROUGH James, Chesterfield 1646
BROUGH Margaret, Chesterfield 1628
BUNNING Elizabeth, Chesterfield widow, 1831 MIS7/62 Will of
BUNTING Ann, Chesterfield 1743
BUNTING Charles, Chesterfield 1725
BUNTING Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1744
BUNTING Esther, Chesterfield 1836
BUNTING John, Chesterfield 1759
BUNTING Mary, Chesterfield 1774
BUNTING William, Chesterfield 1833
BURROW Elizabeth of Chesterfield mentions cousin Mary GILLESPIE of Jamaica, cousin Mary HARGREAVES of Jamaica, Mrs STEWART of Stoney Bank, Musselburgh, Scotland. 1877 /59
CARTLEDGE John, Chesterfield surgeon 1812 CE/4
CARTLEDGE Mary, Chesterfield 1825 CE/5
CHADWICK George Chesterfield 1803
CHADWICK John Chesterfield 1756
CHADWICK John Chesterfield 1803
CHOW Nicholas, Chesterfield 1646
CHOWE John, Chesterfield 1646
CHRICHLEY Sybil, Chesterfield, Walton 1628
CLARKE John Adam, Chesterfield 1891
CLARKE Ralph, Chesterfield 1648
CLARKE Sabina, Chesterfield 1912
CLARKE Thomas, Calow 1874
CLARKE Thomas, Chesterfield 1858
CLARKE William, Chesterfield 1884
CLAYBURN Eliza, Chesterfield 1922
CLAYTON Charles, Chesterfield 1865
CLAYTON Josiah, Temple Normanton, cancelled Will 1721 IV1/18
CLAYTON Josiah, Temple Normanton? 1726 IV1/18
CLAYTON Richard, Little Normanton 1714 IV1/17
CLEWORTH John, Chesterfield 1628
COLLIS Richard, Chesterfield 1648
COLUMBELL Roger, Chesterfield 1646
COX Joseph, Chesterfield 1741
COX Robert, Chesterfield 1768
COX Samuel, Chesterfield 1749
CRESWELL Francis, Chesterfield 1635
CUPIT Alfred, Chesterfield 1897
CUPIT Ann, Chesterfield 1910
CUTTS John, Calow p. Chesterfield 1876
CUTTS William, Chesterfield 1905
DALE Jane Louisa, Chesterfield 1910
DAMMS Ann, Chesterfield 1860
DANIEL John, Chesterfield 1867
DANIEL Robert, Chesterfield 1848 V5/73
DANIEL Thomas, Chesterfield 1846 V5/74
DANIEL William, Chesterfield, Stonegravels 1867
DANIEL William, Chesterfield, Stonegravels 1896
DEVANPORT Thomas, Chesterfield clockmaker 1759  V17/25
DICKENS Catharine Chesterfield 1745
DICKENS Elizabeth Chesterfield 1708
DICKINS George, Chesterfield 1646
DUTTON Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1863
DUTTON Martha, Chesterfield 1865
DUTTON William Edwin, Chesterfield 1863
DYSON Zebuton, Chesterfield 1871
ELLIOTT Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1802
ELLIOTT Joshua, Chesterfield 1814
EYRE Joseph, Chesterfield 1865
EYRE Robert Sir, Chesterfield 1541
EYRE Robert, Chesterfield 1599
EYRE Thomas, Chesterfield 1593
EYRE Thomas, Chesterfield 1600
EYRE Vincent, Chesterfield 1762
EYRE William, Chesterfield 1742
FACER William Henry, Chesterfield 1892
FLETCHER Richard, Chesterfield 1647
FLETCHER William, Chesterfield 1646
FLYNT (FLINT) Richard, Chesterfield 1647
FOX Elizabeth Chesterfield 1763
FOX Elizabeth, Chesterfield, widow 1763 CL/2
FOX James Boam, Chesterfield 1880
FOX John, Chesterfield 1703
FOX Lawrence, Chesterfield 1813
FOX Mary, Chesterfield 1780
FOX Michael, Chesterfield 1761
FOX Paul, Chesterfield 1748
FOX Ralph, Chesterfield 1617
FOX Richard, Chesterfield 1574
FOX Sussanah, Chesterfield 1762
FOX Thomas, Chesterfield 1536
FOXE Edward, Chesterfield 1649
FOXE Richard, Chesterfield 1589
FREEMAN John Caudle, Chesterfield 1899
FURNEIL Betty, Spring House, Calow widow of John 1817 V34/10
GARLICK Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1885
GARRAD William, Chesterfield 1911
GASCOYNE Abraham, Chesterfield 1924
GASCOYNE William Baimbridge, Chesterfeild 1912
GASCOYNE William, Chesterfield 1891
GAUNT Adelaide, Chesterfield 1862
GAUNT Thomas, Chesterfield 1919
GEE George Edward, Chesterfield 1888
GEORGE Albert, Chesterfield 1915
GIBSON Ephraim, Chesterfield 1889 
GILBERTHORPE Annie Sophia, Chesterfield 1898
GILL Martha, Chesterfield, widow. 1782 CL/36
GILLETT Richard, Chesterfield 1783 CE/1
GLADWIN David, Chesterfield 1866
GLEDHILL Arthur Wellesley, Chesterfield 1920
GLOSSOP Anne, Chesterfield 1928
GLOSSOP Francis Wall, Chesterfield 1900
GLOSSOP Mary Emily, Chesterfield 1925
GLOSSOP William, Chesterfield 1905
GODDARD Eliza Ann, Chesterfield West 1909
GODDARD Hannah Maria, Hollingworth, Chesterfield 1916
GOODWYN (GOODWIN) William, Chesterfield 1641
GREAVES Alfred, Chesterfield 1902
GREAVES Benjamin Thomas, Chesterfield 1917
GREEN Charlotte, Chesterfield 1906
GREEN Gabriel, Chesterfield 1709
GREEN George, Chesterfield 1820
GREEN George, Chesterfield 1824
GREEN Lawrence, Chesterfield 1730
GREEN Peter, Chesterfield 1766
GREEN Robert, Chesterfield 1910
GREEN William, Chesterfield 1875
GREEN William, Chesterfield 1901
GREENSMITH Robert, Chesterfield 1734  V97/1/39
GREGORY Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1870
GREGORY Hannah, Chesterfield 1885
GREGORY James William, Chesterfield 1899
GREGORY John, Chesterfield 1860
HADFIELD John, Beetwell St. Chesterfield 1872
HADFIELD Mary Louisa, Chesterfield 1908
HADFIELD Priscilla, Chesterfield also of Winster 1883
HADFIELD William Ernest, Chesterfield 1918
HAIGH Thomas Heywood, Chesterfield 1918
HARDIE (HARDY) Ralph, Chesterfield 1650
HARDY William, Chesterfield 1928
HARGREAVES James Harold, Chesterfield 1917
HARMAR Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1887
HARMAR William Oscar, Chesterfield 1886
HARRIS Elinda, Chesterfield 1901
HASLAM Edmund, Chesterfield 1647
HATTON Francis Augustus, Chesterfield 1859
HATTON Francis Augustus, Chesterfield 1859
HEATHCOTT (HEATHCOTE) Godfrey, Chesterfield 1650
HEATHCOTT Gilbert, Chesterfield 1649
HEATHCOTT Godfrey, Chesterfield 1643
HEWET Ann, Chesterfield 1739
HEWITT Charles, 1827
HEWITT William, 1843
HEWITT William, 1846
HILL Daniel, Chesterfield 1814
HILL Francis ,Chesterfield 1778
HILL Godfrey, Chesterfield 1649
HILL Grace, Chesterfield 1661
HILL James, Chesterfield 1731
HILL John, Chesterfield 1668/9
HILL Mary Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1841
HILL Robert, Chesterfield 1605
HILL Thomas, Chesterfield 1854
HILL William, Chesterfield 1646
HOLMES Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1649
HOLY Daniel 1871 late of Sheffield Yks but now of Newbld p.Chesterfield, mentions "Charles Blick ROBINSON of Tarnagulla, Victoria". Australia.
HOPKINS George, Chesterfield 1905
HOPKINSON George, Derby Lane, Chesterfield 1884
HOPKINSON Henry,Chesterfield 1879
HOPKINSON John, Chesterfield 1871
HOPKINSON John, Chesterfield 1909
HOPKINSON John, Tapton 1888
HOPKINSON Lilian, Chesterfield 1928
HOPKINSON Thomas, Calow Chesterfield 1860
HOPKINSON William, Chesterfield 1922
HORNER Isaac, Chesterfield 1923
HOSKIN Edward,Chesterfield 1922
HOSKIN Samuel, Chesterfield 1906
HOSKIN Thomas, Chesterfield 1923
HOULT Michael, Chesterfield, Dbys 1882
HOUSE John Willie, Chesterfield, Dbys 1912
HOWARD Edith Mary, Chesterfield, Dbys 1928
HUTCHINSON Ann, Chesterfield 1888
HUTCHINSON Thomas, Chesterfield 1888
ILLINGWORTH ------,Chesterfield  late of Southport Lancs 1890
INMAN William, grocer, Chesterfield 1687 V98/3
IRELAND Charles Prowett, Chesterfield 1883
IRELAND Charles Prowett, Chesterfield 1883
IRELAND Edward, Chesterfield, Newbold 1647
IRELAND Margaret, Chesterfield, Newbold 1647
JACKSON Ann, Chesterfield and Rotherham Yks 1880
JACKSON Clay, Chesterfield 1861
JACKSON Jane, Chesterfield 1882
JACQUES Ellen, Chesterfield 1916
JACQUES Ezra, Chesterfield 1874
JAGGER Lemuel, Soresby St Chesterfield 1873
JARVIS Henry, Chesterfield 1907
JARVIS Samuel, Chesterfield 1917
JEFFREYS Elizabeth, Eastwood House Chesterfield 1883
JEPHSON Arnold, Chesterfield 1917
JERRISON John, Chesterfield 1897
JOELL Mark, Hartington Villas, Chesterfield 1883
JOHNSON Ann, Calow 1882
JOHNSON Blyth, Chesterfield 1914
JOHNSON John, Calow 1869
JOHNSON Richard, Calow, Chesterfield 1873
JOHNSON Sampson, Chesterfield 1900
JOHNSON William Vessey, Chesterfield 1900
JONES Robert, Chesterfield 1887
JONES Thomas, Chesterfield 1864
KEELING Elizabeth, Chesterfield and Stapenhill 1886
KELLY Annie, Boythorpe 1926
KELLY John Joseph, Chesterfield 1887
KELLY Mary, Chesterfield 1885
KENT John, Chesterfield 1890
KIRK Henry, Chesterfield 1868
KIRK John, Chesterfield 1873
KIRK Robert, Chesterfield 1872
KIRK Samuel, Chesterfield 1883
KIRK Samuel, Spital ,Chesterfield 1902
KNIGHT William, Chesterfield 1905
KNOWLES Emma Ann, Chesterfield 1898
KNOWLES John Edward, Chesterfield 1926
KNOWLES John, Calow Chesterfield 1869
KNOWLES John, Chesterfield 1927
LAMB Ann, Chesterfield 1891
LAMB Emma, Chesterfield 1912
LAMB Sarah, Chesterfield 1915
LAMBERT John, Chesterfield 1888
LANCASTER John, Chesterfield 1890
LANCASTER Nancy, Chesterfield 1880
LANE Charles Frederick, Chesterfield 1914
LAUNT Francis, Chesterfield 1867
LAUNT Sarah, Chesterfield 1889
LAVENDER Aaron, Chesterfield 1901
LEE Daniel, Chesterfield 1770
LEE Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1904
LEE George, Chesterfield 1650
LEE George, Chesterfield 1774
LEE George, Chesterfield 1871
LEE George, Chesterfield 1877
LEE John, Chesterfield 1785
LEE John, Chesterfield 1894
LEE John, Chesterfield and Ashover 1876
LEE Jonathan, Chesterfield 1782
LEE Joseph, Chesterfield  late Ashover 1904
LEE Mary, Chesterfield 1870
LEE Mary, Chesterfield 1895
LEE Robert, Chesterfield 1775
LEE Samuel, Chesterfield 1794
LEE Samuel, Chesterfield 1873
LEE Thomas Hutchinson, Chesterfield, Gent. 1880
LEE Thomas, Chesterfield formerly of Buntingfield Ashover 1869
LEE William, Chesterfield 1794
LEE William, Chesterfield 1892
LEECH Mary, Chesterfield 1892
LEES Sarah, Chesterfield 1903
LIEVESLEY Joseph, Chesterfield 1866
LIEVESLEY William, Chesterfield 1872
LIMB Fred, Chesterfield 1921
LIMB John Harry, Chesterfield 1916
LIMB John Pearce, Chesterfield 1866
LIMB John, Chesterfield 1898
LIMB William, Chesterfield 1915
LINGARD James, Chesterfield 1869
LISTER Annie, Chesterfield 1903
LITTLE Charles, Chesterfield 1888
LITTLE Robert, Chesterfield 1880
LITTLER Robert, Chesterfield 1890
LITTLEWOOD John, Chesterfield 1649
LITTLEWOOD William, Chesterfield 1873
LOMAS James, Chesterfield 1881
LOMAS Jane, Chesterfield 1900
LONGDEN Francis ,Chesterfield 1924
LONGDON Henry, Calow 1927
LONGSON Joe, Chesterfield 1910
LOUKES Sampson, Chesterfield 1890
LOVETT Frances, Boythorpe 1876
LOWE George Henry, Chesterfield 1920
LOWE Henry, Chesterfield 1922
LOWE Joseph, Calow 1909
LOWE Joseph, Chesterfield 1884
LOWE Mary, Chesterfield 1888
LOWE Matthew George, Chesterfield 1925
LOWE Samuel, Tapton 1878
LUCAS Catherine, Chesterfield 1884
LUDLAM Hannah, Chesterfield 1899
MACFARLANE Adelaide Mary Ann, Chesterfield 1900
MACHELL Marmaduke, Chesterfield 1701
MACKINTOSH Angus, Chesterfield 1898
MACQUARRY Mary, Spital Chesterfield 1858
MANLOVE Charlotte Elizabeth, Belmont, Chesterfield 1873
MANSHIP Edith Annie, Chesterfield 1923
MARGERESON Harriett, Chesterfield 1888
MARGERESON James, Chesterfield 1884
MARGERESON Thomas, Chesterfield 1913
MARPLES Harriet, Spencer St, Chesterfield 1863
MARPLES John, Chesterfield 1859
MARPLES John, Chesterfield 1900
MARPLES William, Chesterfield 1914
MARRIOTT John, Chesterfield 1908
MARRIOTT Mary Ann, Chesterfield 1907
MARRIOTT Thomas, Chesterfield 1921
MARSDEN Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1883
MARSDEN Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1926
MARSDEN John, Chesterfield 1886
MARSDEN Susanna, Chesterfield 1876
MARSDEN Susanna, Will made 1850, Proved 1876, of Chesterfield, mentions" eldest son John CHALONER now residing in America" Still there in 1863.
MARSHALL Anna, Chesterfield 1918
MARSHALL John, Chesterfield 1881
MARTIN Ann Goodacre, Chesterfield 1898
MARTIN Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1811
MARTIN Francis Else, Chesterfield 1868
MARTIN Godfrey,Chesterfield 1874
MARTIN John, Chesterfield 1891
MARTIN John, Chesterfield 1903
MASON Ann, Chesterfield 1860
MASON Edwin, Spital, Chesterfield 1887
MASON George, Chesterfield 1892
MASON Henry, Chesterfield 1861
MASON Joseph, Chesterfield 1902
MASON Margaret, Chesterfield 1902
MASON Oscar Edwin, Chesterfield 1903
MASON Sarah, Chesterfield 1906
MASSEY Christian, Chesterfield 1757
MASSEY James, Chesterfield 1702
MASSEY James, Chesterfield 1715
MASSEY John, Chesterfield 1758
MCLANACHAN Hannah, Chesterfield 1878
MCLANACHAN Hugh Vallance, Chesterfield 1897
MCLANACHAN Hugh, Chesterfield 1891
MCLANACHAN James, Chesterfield 1877
MCLANACHAN Mary, Chesterfield 1898
MELLOR Thomas Milton, Stonegravels, Chesterfield 1911
MERCER John, Chesterfield gardener, administration to dau Dorothy LITTLEWOOD. 1754 CL/20
MERRIMAN Alfred, Chesterfield 1894
METTAM Sarah, Chesterfield 1877
MIDDLETON Sophia, Chesterfield 1885
MIDDLETON William, Chesterfield 1927
MILBURN Susannah Ruddock, Chesterfield 1864
MILLS Sarah, Chesterfield 1926
MILLWARD Ellen, Chesterfield 1901
MILNER Frederick Moody, Chesterfield 1904
MILNES Eleanor Louisa, Chesterfield 1893
MITCHELL Edward, Chesterfield 1902
MITCHELL Mary, Chesterfield 1900
MOODY William, Chesterfield and Hartshorne 1866
MOORE Anna, Chesterfield 1927
MOORE Frances Margaret, Chesterfield 1861
MURPHY Kate, Chesterfield 1913
NADIN William, Chesterfield 1902
NAISH George, Chesterfield 1919
NALL Robert, Chesterfield 1869
NAYLOR John, Chesterfield 1906
NAYLOR Richard, Chesterfield 1913
NAYLOR Sarah Jane, Chesterfield 1919
NEEDHAM Peter, Chesterfield 1629
OLDFIELD Bridget 1856
OLDFIELD Edward 1819
OLDFIELD John of Newbold 1847
OLDFIELD Thomas 1838
OULDHAM (OLDHAM) Thomas, Chesterfield 1639
OXSPRING Gertrude Rebecca, Chesterfield 1893
OXSPRING Gertrude Rebecca, Chesterfield 1893
PACKMAN Ann Hibbert, Chesterfield 1890
PACKMAN Ann Hibbert, Chesterfield 1890
PAGE Eliza, Chesterfield 1899
PAGE Eliza, Chesterfield 1899
PAGE William, Chesterfield 1886
PAGE William, Chesterfield 1886
PEARSON Theophilus, Chesterfield, Dbys 1888
PENDLETON John, South Street, Chesterfield, Dbys 1871
PERRY Hannah, Chesterfield, Dbys 1884
PIERREPOINT Charles Frederick Lyon, Chesterfield, Dbys 1922
PIKE Henry, Spital, 1912
PIKE Thomas, Chesterfield, Dbys 1859
PIKE Walter, Chesterfield, Dbys 1873
PILKINGTON James Arthur, Chesterfield, Dbys 1916
PILLEY Hannah, Chesterfield, Dbys 1893
PILLEY Robert, Chesterfield, Dbys 1868
PLATTS Fredrick, Chesterfield, Dbys 1891
POOLE John, Chesterfield, Dbys 1877
PORTER Richard, Chesterfield, Dbys 1918
POYNTON Mary, Chesterfield 1646
POYNTON Sarah, Chesterfield 1646
POYNTON Thomas, Chesterfield 1645
PRESKEY John, Chesterfield 1859
PRICE Clara Annie, Chesterfield 1928
PYNDER Peter, Chesterfield 1649
RADFORD Frances Theophilia, Chesterfield 1873
RAGG James Ison, Chesterfield 1896
RAINE Harriet, Chesterfield 1867
RAWLINS Edwyn, Chesterfield 1924
RAWLINS Robert, Chesterfield 1924
RAWLINS Samuel, Chesterfield 1892
RAWLINS William, Chesterfield 1875
RAWSON George, Hady, Chesterfield 1860
RAWSON Herbert, Chesterfield 1903
RAY James, Chesterfield 1893
RAY William Robert, Chesterfield 1899
RAY William, Calow 1892
REDFEARNE (REDFERN) Robert, Chesterfield 1640
REDFERN Joseph, Chesterfield 1870
REDFERN Peter, Chesterfield 1877
REDFERN Samuel Edward, Chesterfield 1894
REEVES Sarah Jane, Chesterfield 1927
RENSHAW Betsy, Chesterfield 1906
RENSHAW Sarah, Chesterfield 1907
RENSHAW Thomas Briddon, Chesterfield 1913
RENSHAW Thomas, Chesterfield 1866
REVELL Ann, Chesterfield 1914
REVELL Eliza, Chesterfield 1917
REVELL Henry, Chesterfield 1899
REVILL Richard, Chesterfield and Wingerworth 1874
REYNOLDS John, Chesterfield 1879
REYNOLDS Thomas, Chesterfield 1870
RHODES Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1904
RICHARDSON Edwin, Chesterfield 1917
RICHARDSON Henry, Chesterfield 1858
RICHARDSON James, Chesterfield 1915
RICHARDSON Jemima, Chesterfield 1917
RIGGOTT Mary Ann, Chesterfield 1905
ROBERTS Hannah, Spital Lodge, Chesterfield 1867
ROBINSON Ada, Chesterfield 1913
ROBINSON Henry Thomas, Chesterfield 1917
ROBINSON John Bradbury, Chesterfield and Brampton 1870
ROBINSON Josiah Bradbury, Chesterfield 1877
ROBINSON Mary, Chesterfield 1866
ROBINSON Robert, Chesterfield 1925
ROBINSON William, Chesterfield 1888
RODGER Alfred, Chesterfield 1901
RODGERS John, Calow 1864
ROLLINSON John Samuel, Chesterfield 1920
ROLLINSON Samuel, Chesterfield 1867
ROOTH Benjamin, Chesterfield 1919
ROOTH Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1892
ROOTH Samuel, Chesterfield 1832, testator died 1838 V2/71
ROOTH Samuel, Chesterfield 1862
ROOTH William, Chesterfield 1867
ROPER George, Newbold Road, Chesterfield 1884
ROPER Hannah, Chesterfield 1902
RORISON James, Chesterfield 1904
ROSE John, Chesterfield 1899
ROWELL Charles William Bassett, Chesterfield 1919
ROYLE Emily, Chesterfield 1927
RUSHTON William, Chesterfield 1882
RYDE George Henry, Chesterfield 1926
SAXBY Alex, Whittington Moor 1688  V97/1/1
SCOTTON Edmund, Chesterfield, Newbold 1628
SEAL David 1715
SEALES John 1727
SHARMAN Emma, Chesterfield 1924
SHAW Anne, Chesterfield 1646
SHELDON Adam Hardy, 1844
SHELDON Adam Hardy, Chesterfield 1844
SHERRATT John, Chesterfield 1649
SHORT Charles Patrick, Chesterfield 1919
SHORT Elizabeth Ann, Chesterfield and Norton Woodseats 1908
SHORT Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1899
SHORT George Joseph, Chesterfield 1879
SHORT Thomas, Chesterfield 1877
SILCOCK Charles, Chesterfield, Dbys 1894
SILCOCK Christopher, Chesterfield, Dbys 1884
SILCOCK Edward, Chesterfield, Dbys 1884
SILCOCK John, Chesterfield, Dbys 1887
SIMMS Charles, Chesterfield, Dbys 1884
SIMPSON Joseph, Chesterfield, Dbys 1926
SIMPSON Mary, Chesterfield, Dbys 1904
SIMPSON Sarah, Chesterfield, Dbys 1897
SIPSON Henry, Chesterfield, Dbys 1883
SLATER Adam Barker, Chesterfield 1853 V5/62
SLATER Adam, Chesterfield cancelled Will, apothecary. 1739 V5/60
SLATER Adam, Chesterfield, made 1746 proved 1758 V5/61
SLATER Richard, Chesterfield mercer made1765 CELD/17
SMITH Andrew Cowlishaw, Calow 1898
SMITH Ann, Chesterfield 1862
SMITH Ann, Chesterfield 1883
SMITH Frederick, Chesterfield 1869
SMITH Frederick, Chesterfield 1914
SMITH George, Chesterfield 1889
SMITH Jane, Chesterfield 1899
SMITH John Stores, Chesterfield 1892
SMITH John, Chesterfield?, Whittington 1649
SMITH Joseph, Chesterfield 1918
SMITH Joseph, Chesterfield 1919
SMITH Richard, Chesterfield?, Whittington 1647
SMITH Thomas, Chesterfield 1892
SORESBY William, jnr. Chesterfield 1734/5 CL/32
SPENCER Godfrey, Chesterfield 1745
SPENCER John 1730 maltster.
SPENCER Thomas, Chesterfield 1699
SPENDLOW Thomas, Chesterfield, Walton 1640
STANSALL Peter, Chesterfield 1647
STEANE Richard, Chesterfield, Newbold 1640
STEINE Thomas, Chesterfield, Newbold 1628
STEVENSON Charles, Chesterfield 1869
STEVENSON George, Chesterfield 1863
STEVENSON George, Chesterfield 1870
STEVENSON George, Chesterfield 1900
STEVENSON Mary, Chesterfield and Newbold 1869
STOCK Mary Ann, Chesterfield 1894
STOCKS Ann, Chesterfield 1907
STONE Mary, Chesterfield 1896
STONE William, Chesterfield 1897
STOPPARD Ellen, Chesterfield 1905
STORER George, Chesterfield 1920
STOVIS Hannah, Chesterfield 1863
STRAW John, Tapton 1876
STRAW Mary Ann, Chesterfield 1926
STYCHE Edward, Chesterfield?, Walton 1647
SURGUY  John, Chesterfield 1904
SWALE Seth, Chesterfield 1916
SWALLOW Charles Kinder, Chesterfield 1915
SWALLOW Jane Roe, Chesterfield 1898
SWIFT John, Chesterfield 1868
SWIFT Thomas, Chesterfield 1909
SYMONDS Amy, Chesterfield 1916
TAYLOR George, Chesterfield 1814 CL/94
TIDMAN Thomas, Chesterfield 1647
TILLEY Abel, Chesterfield 1647
TRAVIS Robert, Chesterfield 1642
TWIGG William, Chesterfield?, Walton 1649
VICKERS Mary, 1799
VICKERS Mary, Chesterfield 1799
WAGSTAFFE William, Chesterfield 1637
WALKER Charles, Chesterfield Dbys 1892
WALKER Hugh Eccles, Chesterfield Dbys 1878
WALKER James, Calow Dbys 1870
WALKER James, Chesterfield Dbys 1867
WALKER Joseph William, Chesterfield Dbys 1912
WALKER Martha, Chesterfield Dbys 1898
WALKER Robert, Chesterfield, Newbold 1648
WALKER Samuel, Spital Dbys 1919
WALKER William, Sun Inn, Chesterfield Dbys 1907
WALL Charles Tomlinson, Chesterfield Dbys 1877
WALLER Robert, Chesterfield 1818 CBA/36
WALLER Robert, Chesterfield Dbys 1870
WALTERS Betsy Ann, Chesterfied Dbys 1921
WALTERS Samuel elder, Chesterfield Dbys 1877
WARD Albert, Chesterfield Dbys 1912
WARD John Matthew, Chesterfield Dbys 1898
WARD Robert, Chesterfield 1636
WARDELL Sarah, Chesterfield Dbys 1911
WARDLE Thomas, Chesterfield Dbys 1876
WARDLEY George W, Chesterfield Dbs 1919
WARNER Mary Ann, Chesterfield Dbys 1897
WARNER Sarah, Chesterfield Dbys and Weybridge Park Surrey 1913
WARNER William Peter, Chesterfield 1891
WATSON Richard, Chesterfield 1650
WATSON William of Brimington, mentions dau Ann wife of Samuel RHOADES of Longwood nr. Huddersfield, Yks. 1872 /9
WEBSTER Gilbert, Chesterfield 1646
WEBSTER Godfrey, Chesterfield 1650
WEBSTER William, Chesterfield 1649
WHITE Richard, Chesterfield 1639
WHITEHEAD Mary, Chesterfield 1640
WHITWORTH George Edward, Chesterfield Dbys 1892
WHITWORTH Richard Snibson, Chesterfield Dbys 1875
WHOLEY Fred, Chesterfield Dbys 1917
WHOMERSLEY George Edward, Chesterfield Dbys 1884
WIGGAN Samuel, Chesterfield?, Walton 1628
WILD John, Chesterfield 1840
WOLSTENHOLME Godfrey, carpenter 1682 CL/158
WOODHEAD Mary, wife of Thomas of Chesterfield mentions William BRODHURST Newark, Notts, John CLARKE Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts, Mary dau of John COLLIS of Blackburn, Lancs. John, Henry and Ann children of late John BROCKNER of Mansfield, Notts, Edwrad Henry, John, Samuel, David, Johanna, Mary, children of Rev Edward DAVIES of Ipswich, Suffolk, Martha MASON dau of William SHEPHARD of Mansfield, Isaac HEYWOOD, Mansfield, Notts, Thomas MINNETT Mansfield, Notts, John BIRKS, Mansfield, Notts, James FRANKS Mansfield, Notts Joseph MANSFIELD, Mansfield Notts. Henry MARSLAND Woodbank within Bredbury, Cheshire. Peter Edward MARSLAND Stockport, Ches. Edward HOLLINS Stockport, Ches. Henry COPPOCK? Stockport, Ches. Samuel WAKEFIELD Beeston, Notts, Samuel HOLLINS, Nottingham, 1858/23
WOODHOUSE Francis, Chesterfield 1647
WRIGHT Robert, Chesterfield 1877

CHESTERFIELD Administrations
ALLEN Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1868 Adm
BARGH Fanny, Chesterfield (died 1851) mentions James BARGH, Whittington,labourer, Thomas BARGH Chesterfield  1860
BATTESON George Hoole Gent. 1865
BELFIELD Amy, Calow (died 1858) mentions Richard JOHNSON, John JOHNSON 1860 
BERESFORD George, Chesterfield 1874 Adm
BERESFORD Joseph, Chesterfield 1858 Adm
BERESFORD Joseph, Chesterfield  mentions  Margaret BERESFORD 1858   
BERISFORD Thomas, Chesterfield 1647 Adm
BLACKWELL Geirge, Chesterfield 1873 Adm
BOWER James, Chesterfield 1867 Adm
BOWER Joseph Walter, Chesterfield 1873 Adm
CHALONER Elizabeth, mentions John MARSDEN of Chfd 1865
CLATON (CLAYTON) Thomas, Chesterfield.1825 CL/13
COWLEY Joseph, Chesterfield 1858 Adm
COWLEY Joseph, Chesterfield  mentions Mary Hannah COWLEY Chesterfield 1858 
COX Robert, Calow (died 1857) mentions Robert COX farmer 1860
COX Robert, Calow, p. Chesterfeild 1860 Adm
DICKEN Francis, Chesterfield?, Walton 1722 Adm
DICKENS Cornelius, Chesterfield 1745 Adm
DICKINS Benjamin, Chesterfield 1703 Adm
DOE Charles, Chesterfield 1859 Adm
DRABBLE John, Chesterfield 1864 Adm
DRABBLE Sarah Ann, Chesterfield 1867 Adm
DUDLEY Frederick William, Chesterfield 1875 Adm
FIDLER Jasper, Calow, Chesterfield 1872 Adm
FOX Michael, Chesterfield,lab. 1761 CL/14
FOXE Edward, Chesterfield 1649 Adm
GLENCROSS James, Chesterfield 1870 Adm
GREGORY Betsy, Chesterfield 1871 Adm
HADFIELD William, Chesterfield 1872 Adm
HARTLEY William, Chesterfield 1866 Adm
HASLEHURST Charlotte, Chesterfield 1869 Adm
HAYWOOD Tabitha, Chesterfield 1647 Adm
HEMSLEY William/Dorothy, Chesterfield 1649 Adm
HILL William, Chesterfield 1646 Adm
HOGG Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1858 Adm
HOGG Elizabeth, Chesterfield (died 1852)  mentions Mary MOORE Shireoaks 1858
HOLLINGWORTH Sarah Jane, Chesterfield 1873 Adm
HOUNSFIELD Charlotte, Chesterfield 1869 Adm
HOUNSFIELD Hannah, Chesterfield 1868 Adm
HUNTINGDON Frances, Chesterfield  mentions Edward WINGFIELD Chesterfield 1860
KAY John, of Whittington. 1865
KNIGHT John, Chesterfield 1871 Adm
LEE Daniel, Chesterfield 1770 Adm
LEE Jonathan, Chesterfield 1774 Adm
LEE Jonathan, Chesterfield 1811 Adm
LONGDEN William, Chesterfield 1871 Adm
LOWE James, Chesterfield 1866 Adm
LOWE John, Chesterfield 1858 Adm
MARRIOTT Abraham, Chesterfield 1870 Adm
MASSEY John, Chesterfield 1714 Adm
MOORE James, Dunstan and Newbold  mentions Henry MOORE Dunstan 1860 
NAYLOR John of Whittington 1865
PEARCE Herbert, Chesterfield, Lic. Vict. mentions Charlotte PEARCE, Leonard PEARCE Duckmanton 1860  
PETTY Cuthbert, Chesterfield 1648 Adm
PICKSTOCK Thomas, Chesterfield?, Dunston, Newbold 1664 Adm
RADFORD James Robert, Chesterfield 1864 Adm
ROOTH Margaret, Chesterfield 1874 Adm
RYCROFT William, Chesterfield 1875 Adm
SANFORTH Samuel, Newbold 1858 Adm
SANFORTH Samuel, Stonegravels, Newbold  mentions Martha SANFORTH 1858
SHEMWELL John, Chesterfield 1862 Adm
SHERMAN Richard, Chesterfield 1649 Adm
SILVESTER William, Chesterfield, Newbold 1628 Adm
SPENCER Joseph, Chesterfield 1762 Adm
STEVENSON Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1861 Adm
STUBBING William, Chesterfield 1648 Adm
TAYLOR Jane, Tapton, Chesterfield 1862 Adm
TODD Joseph, Chesterfield 1858 Adm
TODD Joseph, Chesterfield  mentions Joseph TODD Nottingham, Notts 1858
TOMLINSON Richard, painter 1865
TURNER Elizabeth, Chesterfield 1869 Adm
TURNER Matilda, Chesterfield 1863 Adm
WALFORD Mary Ann died 1820. mentions Richard WALFORD Prees, Salop, (Shropshire) and half blood John DARLINGTON of Prees, Salop, (Shropshire. Adm 1865
WALKER John, Chesterfield 1874 Adm
WATSON Thomas, Chesterfield 1869 Adm
WIDDOWSON Thomas, Chesterfield 1874 Adm
WITHNALL Thomas, Chesterfield?, Walton 1649 Adm
WOODS Hannah Binney, Sheffield Rd Chesterfield mentions niece Helen HINDE of Grangewood. 1865
WRAGG George, Chesterfield 1867 Adm
WRIGHT Mary Keturah, Chesterfield 1860 Adm
WRIGHT Mary Keturah, Chesterfield, spinster  (died 1851)  mentions Albertina WRIGHT, George PARKER, Charles NORTH 1860
WRIGHT William Sherwood, Chesterfield 1872 Adm

ALCOCK George, Church Broughton 1873
ALLEN Henry, Church Broughton 1864
ALLEN Samuel, Church Broughton 1882
ALSEBROOKE Robert, Church Broughton 1648
ARCHER Sarah, Church Broughton 1872
ATKINS Henry James, Church Broughton 1915
AUDEN William, Church Broughton 1904
JACKSON Daniel, Church Broughton 1827
JACKSON Elizabeth, Church Broughton 1847
JACKSON Jane, Sutton Heath Church Broughton 1880
JACKSON Thomas, Church Broughton 1819
JACKSON Thomas, Heath Top 1859
JEFFERRY Arthur, Church Broughton 1892
KEELING William Staley, Church Broughton 1889
KNIVETON Henry, Church Broughton 1641
MERREY (MERRY) Cyprian, Church Broughton 1642
PREES Richard, Broughton, (Church Broughton?) 1648
RICHARDSON Elizabeth, Broughton, (Church Broughton?) 1647
SAILSBURY Joseph, Sapperton 1860
SAILSBURY Sarah, Lees Hall, Church Broughton 1861
SALISBURY Ellen, Church Broughton 1878
SALISBURY Joseph, Church Broughton 1881
SALISBURY Thomas, Church Broughton 1868
SALISBURY Thomas, Church Broughton 1899
SLATER Thomas, Church Broughton 1630
WITCHERLEY Joan, Broughton, (Church Broughton?) 1644
WOOLLEY Arthur, Sapperton   1764  V68/1
WOOLLEY Raymond, Church Broughton 1887
YONGE (YOUNG) Samuel, Church Broughton 1736
YONGE (YOUNG) Timothy, Church Broughton 1735
YOUNGE John, Church Broughton 1706

CHURCH BROUGHTON Administrations
CHAWNER John, Church Broughton 1866 Adm
DICKEN John, Church Broughton 1868 Adm
POVEY Thomas, Broughton, (Church Broughton?)1649 Adm
SLATER John mentions Elizabeth SLATER, Burton on Trent. 1870
SLATER John, Church Broughton 1870 Adm
SMITH Henry, Church Broughton 1866 Adm

CLAY CROSS (see also North Wingfield)
AINSWORTH William, Clay Cross, 1890
ALLETT George, Clay Cross 1927
ARMSTRONG Mark, Clay Cross 1886
ASKEW Mary, Clay Cross 1906
BEASTALL Thomas, Clay Cross 1868
DORE John, Clay Cross 1900
DORE William, Clay Cross 1893
DRABBLE Emma, Clay Cross 1917
DRABBLE Rosalind, Clay Cross 1889
FARNSWORTH Eli, Clay Cross 1895
FARNSWORTH Fanny Elizabeth, Clay Cross 1902
FARNSWORTH Henry, Clay Cross 1913
FARNSWORTH Mary, Clay Cross 1900
FERGUSON John, Clay Cross 1899
FROGGATT Francis, Clay Cross 1862
FROGGATT George, Clay Cross 1884
FROGGATT John, Clay Cross 1862
FROGGATT John, Clay Cross 1878
GALER Richard, Clay Cross and Cambridge Cambs 1891
GLEGG Thomas, Clay Cross 1891
GREAVES Jesse, Clay Cross 1899
GREEN Jeremiah, Holmgate, Clay Lane. 1865
GREGORY Joseph, Clay Cross 1870
GRIFFIN James, Clay Cross 1889
GRIFFIN James, Clay Cross 1916
GRIFFITHS Albert, Clay Cross 1917
GRUNDY George Samuel, Clay Cross 1875
HOPKINSON David, Clay Cross 1878
HOPKINSON George, Clay Cross 1897
HOPKINSON John, Clay Cross 1898
HOUSELEY John, Clay Lane 1907
HOWE George, Clay Cross 1892
HOWE George, Clay Cross 1892
HOWE William, Clay Cross 1879
HOWE William, Clay Cross 1879
JACQUES William, Clay Cross
KAY Janet, Clay Cross 1896
KAY Thomas Valentine, Clay Cross 1898
KENNING Francis, Clay Cross 1906
LAMB Emily, Clay Cross 1896
LARGE William, Clay Cross 1905
LEAFE Samuel, Clay Cross 1925
LEE Ann, Clay Cross
LINACRE Abraham, Clay Cross 1885
LINACRE Jane, Clay Cross 1886
LLOYD Robert, Clay Cross 1909
MACKARSIE William John, Clay Cross 1860
MARRIOTT Joseph, Clay Cross 1904
MARRIOTT Matthew, Clay Cross 1918
MARRIOTT Matthew, Clay Lane 1874
MARSDEN Charles, Clay Cross 1926
MARSHALL Richard, Clay Cross 1920
MARTIN Aerathea, Clay Cross 1914
MARTIN Robert, Clay Cross 1913
OXLEY Robert, Clay Cross 1916
PENDLETON Joseph Henry Wilbraham, Clay Cross, Dbys 1922
PEPPER George, Clay Cross, Dbys 1910
PUGH Mary Ann, Clay Cross 1924
PURDY William, Clay Cross 1884
PYMBLE Ann, Clay Cross 1907
REECE Thomas, Danesmoor, Clay Lane 1868
RHODES Richard, Clay Cross 1861
RICHARDSON George, Clay Lane, Clay Cross 1877
ROBINSON Joseph, Clay Cross 1898
ROBINSON Mary, Clay Cross 1903
ROBINSON Robert Clare, Clay Cross 1911
ROBINSON Thomas, Clay Cross and Staveley Works 1870
ROOTH John,  Clay Cross and Derby 1866
ROPER Charles, Clay Cross 1886
SHORE Thomas, Clay Cross 1894
SHORT James, Handley, Clay Cross 1918
SMITH Ann, Clay Cross, 1875
SMITH Emma, Clay Cross 1920
SMITH Jemima, Clay Cross 1916
SMITH John Thomas, Clay Cross 1876
SMITH Matthew, Clay Cross 1891
STOPPARD Harriet, Clay Cross 1889
STOPPARD Joseph, Danesmoor 1879

CLAY CROSS Administrations
BRADLEY Harriet, Clay Cross 1870 Adm
BROWN Thomas, Clay Cross 1871 Adm
COOPER William, Clay Cross 1866 Adm
DENTON Frederic George, Clay Cross 1872 Adm
FARNSWORTH John, Clay Cross 1869 Adm
HAZZLEDINE John, Clay Cross 1871 Adm
PARKER John, Clay Cross 1863 Adm
SHAW George, Clay Cross 1871 Adm
SPALTON Joseph Cook,Clay Cross 1872 Adm
WHITWORTH William, Clay Cross 1872 Adm

WOLFRESTON Stanley, Clifton Campville 1646

CLIFTON WITH COMPTON Wills Separate parish 1846. Formerly Ashbourne.
BASSETT James, Compton, nr Ashbourne 1864
BULLOCK James, Clifton  1875
HOWARD Jervas, Compton, Dbys 1863
KIRK Ann, Clifton 1882
LEIGH Mary Ann, Clifton 1873
PHILIPS John, Compton , Dbys 1883
PHILIPS Mary, Compton, Dbys 1896
POWLAND Edny, Clifton, Ashbourne 1866
RADFORD Charles, Compton 1879
SMITH Eliza Ann, Clifton 1913
SMITH Matilda, Clifton 1896
SMITH Thomas Henry, Clifton 1882
SMITH William, Clifton 1858

CLIFTON WITH COMPTON Administrations (parish since 1845, see also Ashbourne)
HAYWOOD Sarah, Clifton 1861 Adm
PEACH George, Clifton 1871 Adm

ADAMS James, Clowne 1909
ALLSOP Joseph, Clowne 1899
BOWCHER als BUTCHER, Thomas, Clowne 1640
GIBSON Richard, Clowne 1920 
GLOSSOP Peter William, Clowne 1921
GREEN William, Clowne 1792
HAWLEY John, Clowne 1629
JACKSON Benjamin, Clowne 1829
JACKSON George, Clowne 1803
JACKSON William, Damsbrook House 1874
JENNINGS Rachel, Clowne 1905
JEPSON Samuel, Clowne 1869
JOHNSON George, Clowne 1639
LIMB William, Danesmoor?,  Clowne 1879
LOWDE Stephen, Clowne 1883
LUDLOW John, Clowne 1871
MARTIN Thomas, Clowne 1718
MILNER George, Harlesthorpe, Clowne 1867
NOUCH Luke, Clowne 1898
PEARSON Samuel, Clowne, Dbys 1917
QUIN Michael, Clowne 1926
RICHARDSON Caroline, Clowen 1912
RILEY William, Clowne 1912
ROBERTS Ann, Clowne 1882
RODGERS Henry, Clowne 1881
SHACKLOCK Joseph, Clowne 1867
SHIPSTON Ellen, Clowne 1631
STRINGFELLOW William, Clowne 1646
WOODHEAD George, Clowne 1648
YOUNGE (YOUNG) Eleanor, Clowne 1607

CLOWNE Administrations
ALLETSON Mary 1864 Clowne
ARMSTRONG Edmund 1870 Clowne
BOWCHER Richard, Clowne 1647 Adm.
BOWCHER Thomas, Clowne 1647 Adm
MARTYN (MARTIN) Thomas, Clowne 1678 Adm
PEPPER Charles 1869 Clowne

BEARDSLEY William, Codnor 1891
HAND Thomas, Codnor 1873
HORSLEY Moses,Codnor and Loscoe 1902
HOUFTON George, Codnor 1874
LANGTON Hiram Edwin, Codnor 1918
LANGTON John, Codnor 1875
LANGTON John, Codnor 1893
LANGTON Joseph, Codnor 1919
LANGTON Mahala, Codnor 1925
LANGTON Robert, Codnor 1899
LANGTON Thomas, Codnor 1865
LANGTON Thomas, Codnor 1895
LEAKE Edward, Codnor 1923
LILLEY Charles, Loscoe 1913
LILLEY George, Loscoe Grange 1908
LILLEY John,  Loscoe Grange, Codnor 1918
LILLEY William, Loscoe Grange 1904
LINGARD Edwin, Codnor 1910
LITTLEDYKE Elizabeth, Codnor 1903
LONGDON Jacob, Codnor 1881
MALVERN Sarah, Codnor 1874

JAMES Thomas, Cornwall 1894

COTMANHAY AND SHIPLEY Wills (Cotmanhay formerly in Ilkeston and Shipley formerly in Heanor formed in 1847-8)
BEARDSLEY William, Cotmanhay 1878
HARMAR Thomas, Shipley 1912
HARRIS John, Cotmanhay 1880
HORRIDGE Enoch, Cotmahay 1882
HORRIDGE William, Cotmanhay 1864
KNIGHTON John, Cotmanhay 1895
LACEY William, Cotmanhay 1922
LAWRENCE George, Shipley 1921
LEBETER James, Cotmanhay 1915
LITTLEWOOD George, Cotmanhay 1882
MANSELL Thomas, Cotmanhay 1916
PINDER John, Cotmanhay, Dbys 1864
POLLARD Thomas, Cotmanhay, Dbys 1873
SEVERN James, Cotmanhay 1884
SEVERN Thomas, Shipley 1887
SHORTHOSE John, Cotmanhay 1877
SINGLETON John, Shipley, Dbys 1883
SISSON Thomas, Cotmanhay, Dbys 1881
SKEAVINGTON William, Cotmanhay,Dbys 1900
SMITH Alfred, Shipley 1916
SMITH Charles Sebastian, Shipley 1905
STIRLAND Joseph, Cotmanhay 1871
STIRLAND Lucy, Church St, Cotmanhay  1875
STRAW William, Cotmanhay 1883
STRAW William, Cotmanhay 1923
SYSON Sarah Ann, Cotmanhay, Dbys 1920

COTMANHAY AND SHIPLEY Administrations (see also Ilkeston, Heanor)
BEARDSLEY Ann, Shipley 1858 Adm
DAVIS John, Shipley 1864 Adm
HAZELDINE Charlotte, Cotmanhay 1861 Adm
HENSHAW John, Cotmanhay 1861 Adm
HENSHAW William, Cotmanhay 1860 Adm
HOFTON Ruth, Shipley 1864 Adm
MARTIN Thomas, Shipley 1863 Adm
SHORTHOSE John Henry, Cotmanhay 1873 Adm
WATKINSON Elizabeth, Cotmanhay, mentions George WATKINSON of Greasley, Notts. 1863 Adm
WHITE John Thorpe, Shipley 1872 Adm

COTON IN THE ELMS Wills. ( Separate parish 1865, see also Lullington.)
ATKINS Elizabeth, Coton in the Elms 1884
BACH Sarah, Coton in the Elms 1877
HOPKINS Thomas, Coton in the Elms 1859
LEEDHAM Samuel, Coton in the Elms 1873
LEEDHAM Thomas, Coton in the Elms 1905
LOADSBY Joseph, Coton in the Elms 1868
MALLABER William, Coton in the Elms 1875
MOORE Charles, Coton on the Hill ? 1918
MOORE Mary, Coton in the Elms 1922
REDFEARN Elizabeth, Coton in the Elms 1909
REDFERN Elizabeth, Coton in the Elms 1909
REDFERN Richard, Coton in the Elms 1883

ALLEN John, Crich, Holloway 1880
ALLEN Mary, Crich 1922
ALLSOP John, Crich Holloway 1887
ALSEBROOKE John, Crich 1647
ALSOP Luke, Crich 1875
AMATT Henry, Crich, Fritchley 1912
AMATT Samuel, Crich, Fritchley 1897
AMATT William, Crich, Holloway 1868
BARRATT William, Fritchley 1868
BATES George Grey, Bull Bridge 1881
BEARDAH Thomas, Crich 1849 V6/46
BEARDOW John, Wheatcroft 1891
BEARDOW Mary, Wheatcroft 1883
BOWLER John, Crich 1641
BOWMAN Jacob, Fritchley 1875
BOWMER Hannah, Crich 1873
BOWMER Isaac, Crich 1876
BOWMER John, Barn Close, Fritchley 1866
BOWMER Thomas, Fritchley 1862
BOWMER Thomas, Fritchley 1884
BOWMER Vernon, Crich 1920
BRADLEY George, Crich 1870
BRADSHAW Joan, Crich 1639
BRAMALL Joseph Baggaley, Crich 1918
BRATBY John, Crich 1893
BRAYTON Hannah, Fritchley 1914
BROGDALE Alexander, Fritchley 1887
BROWN Joseph, Crich 1892
BRYAN Hannah, Fritchley 1865
BRYON Hannah, Bents Hill, Crich 1872
BUNTING Edmund Crich 1598
BUNTING Elizabeth Crich 1604
BUNTING George Crich 1591
BUNTING George Crich 1828
BUNTING Joan Crich 1724
BUNTING Joseph Crich 1814
BUNTING Robert Crich 1680/1
BUNTING Robert Crich 1713
BUNTING William Crich 1820
BUNTINGE Edmund Crich 1598
BUNTINGE Ralph Crich 1556
BUNTINGE Robert Crich 1608
BUNTINGE William Crich 1618
BUNTINGR Robert Crich 1627/8
BURTON Emily, Crich 1916
BURTON Jeremiah, Crich 1907
BUXTON Sarah, Plaistow, Crich 1923
CAULDWELL William, Crich Carr 1920
CAWOOD Mary, Crich 1865
CHADWICK John, Tansley fwk. 1782 V2/115a
CHADWICK Robert Crich 1721
CHADWICK William Crich 1725
CHEETHAM Joseph, Crich 1889
CHELL George, Fritchley 1898
CHELL John, Fritchley 1887
CLAYTON Joseph, Holloway 1877
COCKAIN William, Crich formerly of Quarndon 1870
COUPE George, Crich 1914
COUPE Mary, Crich 1884
CRITCHLOW Sarah, Crich 1915
CRITCHLOW Thomas, Plaistow Green 1885
CROZIER Julia Elvina, Fritchley 1896
CURZON George, Crich 1895
DAKIN Thomas, Crich 1913
DAWES Elizabeth, Crich 1919
DAWES John, Holloway 1876
DAWES Thomas, Crich 1876
DAWES Thomas, Holloway 1897
DENNY Lucy, Crich  1913
DUNN Christopher Noble, Crich 1892
EATON Joseph, Tansley  1835 V6/141
EATON Mary, Tansley, p. Crich 1843 CTW/92
EDWARDS John, Wessington 1728 V2/120a
EDWARDS John, Wessington, p.Crich 1728 V20/4
ELSE John, Holloway 1859
ELSE Rebecca Frost, Crich 1890
ELSE William, Bullbridge, Crich 1881
ELSE William, Holloway 1897
ENGLAND Samuel, Crich 1927
EPERSON Edwin, Whatstandwell 1926
EYRE Thomas Crich 1545/6
FLETCHER Charles, Fritchley 1872
FLETCHER William, Crich 1642
FLINT James, Crich 1891
FLINT John, Crich Carr 1893
FLINT Joseph, Holloway 1868
FLINT Samuel, Fritchley 1864
FOX Elizabeth Crich 1819
FOX James Crich 1834
FOX John Crich 1854
FOX Katherine Crich 1534
FOX Robert Crich 1555
FOX William Crich 1748
FOX William Crich 1801
FOX William Crich 1811
FOXE Elizabeth Crich 1579
FRITCHLEY Joseph, Crich 1864
FRITCHLEY Joseph, Fritchley, p.Crich 1917
FRITCHLEY William, Fritchley, p.Crich 1867
GOODALL Thomas, Holloway 1871
GRAHAM Joseph, Crich Cliff, Crich  1872
GREEN William, Crich, Dbys 1753
GREENHOUGH Laban, Crich Carr 1852  V6/244
GREENHOUGH Laban, Crich Carr 1862
GRETTON Benjamin, Wheatcroft, Crich 1869
GRUNDY Ann, Crich and West Hallam  1860
GRUNDY Anthony, Crich Carr 1868
HALL Elijah, Crich 1868
HALL Eliza, Crich  1878
HALL Mary Ann Elizabeth, Crich formerly of South Wingfield Park  1865
HALL William Frederic, Crich 1877 
HANCOCK John, Crich 1893
HARDSTONE John, Crich 1863
HARDSTONE Thomas, Crich 1893
HARPER Hannah, Whatstandwell 1873
HARRISON Charles, Crich 1874
HASLAM John, late of Higham,now of Crich. 1786 CTW/81
HASLAM Lot, Crich 1882
HASTINGS James William, Whatstandwell 1922
HAY Robert, Crich Chase 1880
HAYNES George, Crich 1881
HAYNES John, Crich 1874
HAYNES John, Crich 1911
HEMSLEY John, Fritchley 1880
HENSTOCK Henry Tansley, p. Crich 1787
HENSTOCK Henry, Tansley 1564
HENSTOCK Henry, Tansley 1787
HENSTOCK John, Tansley 1577
HENSTOCK Ralph Crich 1559
HENSTOCK Ralph, Crich 1548
HENSTOCK Ralph, Crich 1559
HENSTOCK Thomas, Tansley 1598
HENSTOCKE Henry Tansley p.Crich 1564
HENSTOCKE John Tansley, p. Crich 1577
HENSTOCKE Ralph Crich 1548
HILL Ann Crich 1707
HILL Fred, Whatstandwell and Brampton 1919
HILL George, Wheatcroft, Crich 1878
HILL Henry, Crich 1538
HILL James Crich 1557/8
HILL James, Crich 1558
HILL Robert, Crich 1544
HILL Robert, Wessington 1582
HILL Thomas Crich 1751
HILL Thomas, Crich 1558
HILL Wiliam Crich 1706
HILL William Crich 1589
HILL William Crich 1722
HILL William, Crich 1589
HILL William, Washington 1634
HOLDEN Nahum, Fritchley 1887
HOLMES Samuel, Crich 1909
HOPKINSON John, Wheatcroft 1876
HOPKINSON Peter, Crich 1915
HOUGH John Crich 1737/8
HOWITT Joseph, Crich 1873
HUNT Robert, Crich 1648
HURT Elizabeth, Crich 1891
HURT Emma, Chase Cliff, Crich 1866
HURT Selina, Crich 1902
HYLL Henry Crich 1538
HYLL Robert Crich 1544
HYLL Thomas Crich 1558
JACKSON Elizabeth, Crich 1926
JACKSON George, Crich Carr 1870
JACKSON Robert, Crich 1847
JACKSON Sarah, Whatstandwell Bridge 1858
JEFFRIES James 1876 Crich, Derbyshire, mentions" nephew Joseph COPPLESTONE formerly of 27 Frederick St. Landport, Portsmouth and since of Saint Clouds, Stearns County, Minnesotta,". America.
JEFFRIES James, Crich 1876
JENKINSON William, Crich 1886
JESSOP Michael, Crich 1874
KIRK William, Crich Carr 1917
KNEEBONE David, Crich 1891
KNEEBONE John, Crich 1888
KNEEBONE Sarah Rebecca, Crich 1925
LANGFORD Joseph, Crich 1877
LEAM Mary, Fritchley 1880
LEAM Samuel, Fritchley 1867
LEE James, Crich 1859
LEE James, Crich 1889
LEE John Walker, Crich 1874
LEE Thomas 1820 Adm.
LINGS Herbert Jones, Whatstandwell 1893
LOWE John, Crich 1641
LUDLAM Charles, Fritchley 1904
LYNAM Eliza, Crich 1928
LYNAM Elizabeth Mary, Fritchley 1922
LYNAM James, Fritchley 1924
LYNAM John Thomas, Fritchley 1917
MARCH John, Crich 1863
MARGERISON Charlotte, Crich Carr 1923
MARSHALL David, Plaistow Green, Crich 1869
MARSHALL Sarah, Crich 1899
MARSHALL William, Crich 1868
MASON Julia, Crich 1890
MEACOCKE (MYCOCK?) Thomas, Crich 1650
MERCHANT Joseph jnr, Whatstandwell 1898
MERCHANT Joseph, Whatstandwell 1903
MINARD Henrietta, Fritchley 1925
MORLEY Sarah Ann, Fritchley 1877
NALL Jacob, Park Head, Crich 1863
NEWTON Charles, Holloway and Sheffield Yks 1898
NIGHTINGALE Mary Maria, Wheatcroft p.Crich 1878
OLIVER Thomas, Crich 1920
PEACH Elizabeth, Crich Carr 1916
PEACH John Bryan, Crich Carr 1926
PENDLEBURY Margaret, Crich 1912
PETTS Daniel, Fritchley, Dbys 1869
PETTS William, Crich 1895
PORTER Ann, Edge Farm, Crich 1870
PORTER Lot Beardsley, Crich 1868
PORTER Thomas Beardsley, Crich 1907
POYSER Benjamin, Crich 1888
POYSER Israel, Crich Chase 1823 V6/85
POYSER Mary, Fritchley 1868
POYSER Ralph William, Crich 1901
POYSER Thomas, Fritchley 1868
POYSER William, Crich 1886
PRINCE Mary Ann, Fritchley 1918
RADFORD John, Holloway 1863
RADFORD Joseph, Fritchley 1914
RADFORD Martha Annie, Bull Bridge 1928
RADFORD Mary, Crich 1900
RADFORD Samuel, Bull Bridge, Crich 1880
RADFORD Samuel, Fritchley 1907
RADFORD Thomas, Fritchley 1884
RADFORD Walter, Fritchley 1877
RAWSON Benjamin, Fritchley, Ambergate 1916
RODGERS George, Crich 1871
ROE William, Crich 1909
ROLLINSON Joseph, Crich 1907
ROWE John, Park Head, Crich 1876
SAXTON Elizabeth, Crich 1889
SAXTON Leopold Richardson, Crich 1869
SEALES John, Crich 1917
SELLERS Richard, Crich 1639
SEVERN Elizabeth widow, made 1852 Proved 1861, of Wessington, mentions "son John now or lately in America".
SHIPSTONE William, Crich 1859
SIBLEY William, Crich Carr and Hordle Hants 1875
SIMPSON Horatio Cade, Whatstandwell 1906
SIMS Anthony, Crich 1891
SIMS German, Wheatcroft 1889
SIMS Jane, Whatstandwell 1904
SIMS John, Coddington Farm, Crich 1879
SIMS John, Coddington, Whatstandwell p.Crich 1915
SIMS Samuel, Holloway House 1866
SIMS William, Holloway 1872
SLACK Matthew, Crich 1884
SLACK Richard, Crich 1880
SMITH Ann, Crich 1867
SMITH Ann, Crich 1867
SMITH Arthur George, Crich 1901
SMITH Charles, Crich 1861
SMITH George Ashbourne, Crich 1903
SMITH George, Fritchley 1882
SMITH James, Crich 1876
SMITH James, Crich 1893
SMITH John, Crich 1867
SPENCER Betty, Crich, Crich Carr 1853
SPENCER Daniel, Crich, Crich Carr 1853
SPENCER Ellen, Crich 1695
SPENCER James, Crich 1780
SPENCER Job, Crich, Tansley 1849
SPENCER John, Crich 1830
SPENCER John, Crich 1839
SPENCER Robert, Crich 1666
SPENCER Robert, Crich 1675
SPENCER Roger, Crich, Crich Carr 1760
SPENCER Samuel, Crich 1843
SPENCER Timothy, Crich 1771
SPENCER William, Crich 1708
SPENCER William, Crich 1903
SPENCER William, Crich, Wessington 1841
SPENDLOVE Joseph, Wakebridge p. Crich 1858
STANLEY Jonathan, Crich 1882
STATHAM Edward, Crich 1631
STEEPLES Mary, Holloway and Lancashire 1883
STEVENSON Joseph, Fritchley 1897
STINSON Edward, Crich 1891
STOCKS Samuel, Crich 1902
STORER Aaron, Crich 1889
STORER George, Crich 1859
STORER John, Crich 1891
STORER John, Crich, Fritchley 1873
STORER Samuel, Crich, Fritchley 1892
STRUTT George, Fritchley 1888
STUBBING Samuel, Tansley 1781 V2/114a
SWANN Mary Ann, Crich 1888
SWINDELL George, Crich 1865
TATLOW John, Holloway 1897
TAYLOR Benjamin, Crich 1875
TAYLOR Hannah, Crich 1889
TAYLOR James, Crich 1881
TAYLOR James, Crich 1888
TAYLOR Thomas, Crich 1867
TAYLOR William, Crich 1900
TOMLINSON Henry, Crich 1869
TOMLINSON Henry, Park Head, Crich 1872
TOWNDROW Thomas, Crich 1858
TWIGG George, Crich 1918
VARDEN Richard, Crich 1641
WAGSTAFF Charles Emanuel, Crich and Liverpool Lancs 1885
WALKER George Kiddy, Crich 1917
WALKER George, Holloway 1880
WALKER William, Lea Wood Holloway Dbys 1869
WALL Ann, wife of Jacob of Park Head p.Crich 1841  V6/137
WALTERS Isaiah, Crich 1874
WARD Joseph, Crich Carr 1888
WARD Mary Jane, Crich 1910
WATKINS Frances Mary, Fritchley 1922
WESTON William, Crich Carr 1879
WHEATCROFT George, Crich Carr 1884
WHEATCROFT Helena, Park Head, Crich 1866
WHEATCROFT Samuel, Crich 1865
WHITAKER Joseph, Crich 1902
WIGHTMAN James, Crich 1903
WIGHTMAN William, Fritchley 1861
WILCOCKSON Robert, Crich 1649
WILDE (WILD) Thomas, Crich, Tansley 1648
WILDGOOSE John, Crich 1908
WILLOTT George, Cliff Cottage Crich 1862
WINSON Humphrey, Bull Bridge 1883
WITHAM Charlotte, Crich 1864
WITHAM Joseph, Crich 1859
WOOD Anthony, Wakebridge p.Crich  1674  V97/1/38
WOODHOUSE David, Crich 1748/9 V2/85
WOODHOUSE Thomas of Crich 1743 MIS53/43
WOODHOUSE Thomas of Crich 1743 V53/43
WOODHOUSE Thomas, Crich 1743 V53/43
WOODWARD James, Plaistow Farm, Crich 1898
WOODWARD Samuel, Tansley millwright 18thC  V6/157
WRAGG Ellen, Upper Holloway 1896
WRAGG Matthew, Wheatcroft Dbys 1858
WRIGHTMAN Thomas, Crich 1888
YATES Walter, Coddington p.Crich 1910
YOUNG Ann, Crich 1809
YOUNG Ann, Crich 1846
YOUNG Charles, Crich 1807
YOUNG George, Crich 1830
YOUNG George, Crich 1838
YOUNG Samuel, Crich 1877

CRICH Administrations
AMOT John, Crich 1649 Adm
BANSALL George, Crich 1860 Adm
BOTTOMLEY John, Crich 1863 Adm
ELSE Alice, Holloway, p.Crich 1872
GREATOREX William, 1858 Adm
HUNT Thomas, Crich, Wassington?, (Wessington) 1640 Adm
LANGLEY Godfrey, Crich 1639 Adm
LEE Robert,Crich 1872 Adm
POYSER Thomas, Crich 1869 Adm
RADFORD William, Crich 1646 Inventory
SLACK Charles, Crich 1861 Adm
WIGHTMAN Joseph, Crich 1861 Adm
WOODHOUSE John, Crich, Wessington 1648 Adm
WOODWARD Thomas, Crich 1646 Adm
WOODWARD Thomas, Crich, Wassington, (Wessington) 1647 Inv.

ADKIN George, Cromford 1922
ANDREWS Louisa, Cromford 1924
BODEN Anthony, Cromford 1848 V6/234
BROCKLEHURST Richard, Cromford 1852 V6/243
EATON George, Cromford 1838  V6/228
FOX William, Cromford 1847  V6/201
FOX William, Cromford 1848  V6/138
IBBETSON George, Cromford 1913
JODRELL John, Cromford 1884
JONES Fanny Norman, Cromford 1885
KIDD Agnes, Cromford 1925
KIDD John, Cromford 1891
KIDD Noah, Cromford 1925
KIDD Thomas, Cromford 1911
KINDER John, Cromford 1878
LEAM William, Cromford 1911
LOVERSEED Frederick, Cromford 1873
OUTRAM Thomas Smith, Cromford 1896
RATCLIFFE Emily, Cromford 1901
RATCLIFFE George, Cromford 1878
REEDS Frederick Anthony, Cromford 1912
REEDS James, Cromford 1904
REEDS Rebecca, Cromford 1909
REEDS Sarah Ellen, Cromford 1917
ROPER George Maskrey, Cromford 1908
STONE John, Cromford 1890
STONE Mary, Cromford 1899
SWIFT Benjamin, Cromford 1908
SWIFT Esther, Cromford 1891
SWIFT James, Cromford 1886
SWIFT Joshua, Cromford 1895
SWIFT Joshua, Cromford 1927
SWIFT Mary, Cromford 1895
SWIFT William, Cromford 1923
SWINSCOE Hannah, Cromford 1891
SWINSCOE John, Cromford 1884
WESTON Daniel, Cromford 1900
WHEATCROFT Henry, Cromford 1812
WHEELDON William, Cromford 1892

CROMFORD Administrations (parish from 1869, see also Wirksworth)
ELLIOTT John, Cromford 1870 Adm
GELL Peter, Cromford 1874 Adm

BAXTER James, Croxall 1869
BROWNE (BROWN) William, Croxall, Edingale. 1637
GISBORNE James, cleric.  Croxall Vicarage 1872
HOUGH John, Croxall 1690
KINSTON Richard, Croxall, Edingale 1649
MATTHEWS William, Croxall, Edingale 1648
PYM Mary, Croxall, Edingale 1647
PYM William, Croxall, Edingale 1634
RILEY Robert, Croxall 1859
SEAL Matthew, Croxall, Edingale 1740
SEAL Matthew, Croxall, Edingale 1778
SEALE (SEAL) William, Croxall, Edingale 1764
WILSON Agnes, Croxall, Edingale 1625

CROXALL Administrations
RAMSEY Isabel als MILNER, Croxall, Edingale 1635 Adm
SMITH John, Croxall, Edingale 1645 Adm

BULL Catharine Cubley Park 1833
BULL James Cubley 1826
BULL John Cubley 1803
BULL John Cubley 1825
BULL Robert Cubley 1799
GERRARD John, Cubley Flow Mill 1875
GERRARD Mary, Cubley 1893
GREAVES John, Cubley 1628
GREEN Joseph, Cubley, Dbys 1804
JACKSON Richard, Cubley 1829
JACKSON Thomas, Cubley 1837
MILWARD George, Cubley 1890
PRATT Henry, Cubley, Vicar 1648
RATCLIFFE Wiliam, Cubley 1886
STONE John, Little Cubley 1906
STONE Mary Esther, Little Cubley 1922
STURGESS John, Will made 1872, Proved 1876 of Cubley, mentions, "property in Whitby, Ontaria, Canada".

CUBLEY Administrations
BULL James, Cubley 1874 Adm
LAUGHENHOUSE Nicholas, Cubley 1641 Adm
WOODROFFE James, Cubley 1866 Adm

CHISHOLM Ann, Cumberland, Carlisle 1926
STAMPER William Henry, Cumberland and Langley Mill, Dbys 1886

ALLSOP Edwin, Curbar 1923
GILL Thomas Ernest, Curbar 1918
GILL William, Calver, 1910
GODDARD Mary, Curbar 1895

CURBAR Administrations (see also Baslow)
ROWLAND John, Calver p.Curbar 1873 Adm

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.