Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Wills and Administration


Many records, (not just Wills), listed as Bakewell, actually cover a wide range or Chapelries associated to Bakewell, therefore although someone was from Beeley, they may be listed under Bakewell as someome "of Beeley in the parish of Bakewell" or they may live in Ashford and simply write they are from "the parish of Bakewell". Technically both are right, but it doesn't help researchers if it is written as "of Bakewell" when it is in reality, "Ashford" where an individual is living. Listed below are other places to check alongside Bakewell to ensure the greatest scope is covered.
ASHFORD, Chapelry, which up to 1870 included Brushfield. Brushfield itself later became part of Taddington.
BAKEWELL, includes Over Haddon, Nether Haddon and Great Rowsley until 1855, Hassop until 1910 and Harthill until 1939 when it was transferred to Youlgreave.
BASLOW, Chapelry which included Bubnell, Calver, Froggatt, Curbar, Rowland
BEELEY, includes Harewood Grange.
BUXTON, includes Cowdale, King Sterndale, which became a separate parish in 1851, Staden.
CHELMORTON, includes Flagg.
GREAT LONGSTONE, includes Little Longstone, parts of Wardlow (other parts of Wardlow in p.Hope later p.Bradwell ) and Rowland from mid 19th C. Hassop from 1910.
TADDINGTON which includes Priestcliffe, Blackwell and from 1870 Brushfield.
ADAMES Edward, Bakewell 1650-1
ALLCARD Elias, Bakewell 1893
ALLCARD William, Bakewell, Burton Closes and London 1861
ALLSOP George, Bakewell 1904
ANTHONY Charles, Bakewell 1859
ANTHONY Richard, Bakewell 1871
ANTHONY Richard, Bakewell 1875
ASHTON Thomas, Bakewell 1891
AYSLEY William, Haddon 1646
BACON Anne, Bakewell 1898
BAGSHAW George, Green Cowden 1870
BAGSHAW Isaac, Bakewell 1903
BAGSHAW Thomas, Bakewell 1631
BAILEY William, Bakewell 1912
BALL Sarah, Bakewell 1872
BANNISTER Thomas, Bakewell 1874
BARBER Elizabeth, The Hall, Bakewell 1869
BARK Harriet,Bakewell 1911
BARKER Anne, Bakewell 1879
BARKER Hannah, Bakewell 1897
BARKER Helen,Bakewell 1895
BARKER Marian Helen, Bakewell 1910
BARLOW Anthony, Bakewell 1642-3
BARNETT Mary,Bakewell 1915
BATEMAN Hugh, Bakewell, Over Haddon 1641
BATEMAN James, Bakewell 1773
BATEMAN John Bakewell 1812
BATH Travis, Haddon  1861
BEADMORE Jane, Bakewell 1901
BELFOUR Emma, Bakewell 1906
BENNETT Joseph, Bakewell 1900
BERREY Mary, Bakewell 1900
BIRLEY William, Bakewell 1876
BLORE Jonathan, Over Haddon 1870
BLORE Thomas, Over Haddon 1862
BOND Mary Ann, Bakewell 1924
BONSALL John, Rowsley Parva, p.Bakewell 1639
BOOTH James Rodgers, Bakewell 1906
BOSSLEY Wiliam, Bakewell 1720 IV1/30
BOTHAM Samuel, Over Haddon 1837 V100a2/25
BOULSOVER Michael, Bakewell 1889
BOWMAN Jemima, Bakewell 1866
BOWN John, Bakewell 1910
BOWN Joseph, Bakewell 1871
BOWNE Edmund, Bakewell 1618
BOWRINGE George, Rowsley 1648-9
BRADBURY James, Bakewell 1892
BRADBURY Mary Ann, Bakewell 1888
BRADBURY Richard, Bakewell 1890
BRADBURY Walter, Bakewell 1893
BRADLEY Ann, Bakewell, Lancs, Denbigh, 1881
BRAMWELL Charlotte, Bakewell 1903
BRAMWELL George, Bakewell 1907
BRAMWELL James, Bakewell 1900
BRAMWELL Robert, Bakewell 1896
BRAMWELL Walter, Bakewell 1908
BRAMWELL William, Bakewell 1858
BRETLAND Reginald, Bakewell 1649
BRETNOR Robert 1639
BRETNOR Roger, Bakewell 1637
BRIDDON Samuel, Bakewell 1879
BROOMHEAD John, Bakewell 1881
BROOMHEAD Mary, Bakewell 1910
BRUNT Ralph, Over Haddon 1639
BUCHAN George, Bakewell 1895
BUCHAN William, Bakewell 1891
BULLIVANT John Henry, Bakewell 1893
BUNTING George, Bakewell 1844
BUNTING George, Bakewell 1844
BURROWS Matilda Jane, Bakewell 1927
BUXTON William Henry, Bakewell 1886
CARRINGTON Francis, Bakewell 1892
CARRINGTON John Alexander, Bakewell 1876
CARRINGTON John, Bakewell 1647
CAUDWELL Francis, Bakewell 1904
CLARK William, Bakewell 1909
CLARKE Thomas, Bakewell 1868
CLAY Catherine, Bakewell 1899
CLAY Edmund John, Bakewell 1901
CLAY Mark, Bakewell 1896
COKAYNE Andreas Edward, Bakewell 1894
COOPER John, Bakewell 1894
COUPLAND Robert Wartnaby,Bakewell 1913
COWLISHAW Emma Robinson, Bakewell 1909
CRITCHLOW Arthur, Bakewell 1872
CUNNINGHAM Edward, Bakewell 1881
DALE Frances, Bakewell 1890
DEANE Edward, Bakewell 1640
DERWENT / DARWENT Charles, Bakewell 1878
DERWENT / DARWENT William, Bakewell 1869
DICKEN Thomas, Bakewell 1803
DICKEN William, Bakewell 1730
DICKINS George, Bakewell 1721
DRABBLE James, Bakewell 1897
DRABBLE Thomas, Bakewell 1876
EATON Richard, Bakewell 1647
ELLIOT Elizabeth, Bakewell 1803
ELLIOTT Thomas, Bakewell 1804
ELLIOTT William, Bakewell 1802
ELLOIT(T) Samuel, Bakewell 1903
EYRE Anne, Bakewell 1689/90
EYRE Germain, Bakewell 1638/9
EYRE Millicent, Bakewell 1723
EYRE Robert, Bakewell 1754
EYRE Thomas, Bakewell 1715
EYRE William, Bakewell 1706
FAIRCLOUGH Elizabeth, Bakewell 1922
FAIRCLOUGH Elizabeth, Bakewell 1922
FOX Edward W. B. Ward, Bakewell 1896
FOX Edward Ward, Bakewell, Haddon House. 1880
FOX Eleanor, Bakewell 1912
FURNISS Samuel, Bakewell 1867
GARDOM William, Bakewell 1874
GARNER George, Bakewell 1891
GASCOYNE Edward, Hassop 1871
GASCOYNE William, Hassop 1876 
GAUNTLEY Sarah, Bakewell 1868
GAUNTLEY William, Bakewell 1860
GILBERT Ellen, Bakewell 1640
GILES Nathan Bakewell Dbys and Liverpool Lancs  1895
GLADWYN ( GLADWIN ) Joan, Bakewell, Rowsley 1635
GREAVES William, Bakewell 1637
GREEN Sarah,Bakewell, Dbys 1847
HARDY Mary, East Lodge, Bakewell 1871
HAWKSWORTH Sarah Jane, Bakewell 1890
HAYWARD Edward, Bakewell 1642
HIGTON John, Bakewell, Rowsley 1628
HILL Joseph, Bakewell 1855
HILL William, Bakewell 1672
HODGKINSON Richard, Bakewell 1637
HODGKINSON Thomas, Bakewell, Over Haddon 1628
HODGKINSON William, Over Haddon 1645
HOLMES Richard, Bakewell, Haddon 1637
HOUSLEY William, Bakewell, Dbys 1910
HOWE William, Bakewell, Dbys 1686
HUNLOKE Christopher, Bakewell 1675
HUTCHINSON John, Bakewell 1870
ILEY Alice, Bakewell 1649
IRVING Robert, Bakewell 1870
JACKSON Esther, Bakewell 1813
JACKSON Esther, Bakewell 1838
JAUNCEY Caroline, Bakewell and Worcester Worcs. 1893
John SMITH of Bakewell mentions George James SMITH of St Bees, Cumberland and John SMITH of Stockport beerhouse keeper. 1858
JONES Thomas, Hassop 1877
KAY Lydia, Bakewell 1866
KAY William, Bakewell 1874
KENTISH Mary, Bakewell 1912
KITSON Charles, Bakewell 1902
KNOWLES Samuel, Bakewell 1874
LAIDLAW James, Bakewell 1886
LAW Sarah Alice, Over Haddon 1920
LAW Thomas, Over Haddon 1920
LEA Anne 1804 Adm.
LEECH Thomas Mitchell, Bakewell 1869
LEEDHAM Sarah Ann, Bakewell 1876
LEES George Wyld, Bagshaw Hill Bakewell formerly of London 1867
LEES George Wyld, Bakewell 1910
LEES William, Bakewell 1893
LINDOP Kezia Ann, Bakewell 1888
LITTLEWOOD Herbert, Bakewell 1912
LONG William, Over Haddon 1864
LOWE Mary Ann, Bakewell 1874
LUDLAM Henry, Great Rowsley 1858
MADIN John, Alport, p.Bakewell 1858
MAKINSON Ann, Bakewell 1901
MAKINSON Sarah, Bakewell 1888
MANSFIELD Mary, Bakewell 1892
MARSDEN William, Bakewell 1909
MARTIN Francis, Bakewell 1713
MASSEY Isaac, Bakewell 1794
MASSEY Isaac, Bakewell 1794
MATLEY Francis, Bakewell, Rowsley 1639
MELLOR John, Bakewell 1893
MELLOR Thomas Barker, Bakewell 1915
MELLOR William, Over Haddon 1871
MILLS Thomas, Bakewell 1866
MOORE Francis, Bakewell 1642
NEWTON Margaret, Bakewell 1637
NEWTON Richard, Bakewell 1630
NORTON Francis, Bakewell, Staden nr Buxton 1646
NORTON William, Bakewell, Staden nr Buxton. 1638
NOTON Michael, Bakewell 1637
OLDFIELD John 1810
OLDFIELD John 1854
OLDFIELD John, Bakewell 1810
OLDFIELD John, Bakewell 1854
OLDFIELD Mary 1854
OLDFIELD Mary, Bakewell 1854
OLDFIELD Richard 1808
OLDFIELD Richard 1845
OLDFIELD Richard, Bakewell 1808
OLDFIELD Richard, Bakewell 1845
OLDFIELD William 1817
OLDFIELD William, Bakewell 1817
ORME Robert, Bakewell, Over Haddon 1637
PIDCOCK Elizabeth, Bakewell 1717
PIDCOCK John, Bakewell 1723
PIDCOCK Mary, Bakewell 1726
PIDCOCK Robert, Bakewell 1724
PIDCOCK William, Bakewell 1721
PIDCOCK William, Bakewell 1726
PIDCOCKE Robert, Bakewell 1682
PLATTS William, Bakewell, Hassop 1646
REDFEARN George, Bath St, Bakewell 1862
REDFEARN Hannah, Bakewell 1867
REDFEARN William, Bakewell 1869
REDFERN Edward, Bakewell 1928
REDFERN Hannah, Bakewell 1902
REDFERN William, Bakewell 1904
ROBERTS Daniel, Bakewell 1886
ROBERTS George, Bakewell 1923
ROBERTS Lydia, Bakewell 1908
ROBERTS Maria Jane, Bakewell 1926
ROBERTS William, Bakewell 1863
ROBINSON Harriet, Bakewell 1912
ROE Francis, Bakewell 1864
ROGERS William, Bakewell 1891
ROSE William, Bakewell 1878
ROSSITTER Mary Ann, Bakewell 1904
ROWARTH Elias, Coombs Farm, Bakewell 1896
ROWLAND Thomas, Bakewell 1894
RUDDIARD (RUDYARD) George, Bakewell 1630
SANDFORD John, Bakewell 1636
SEAL Simon 1774 Adm.
SEALE John 1809
SHELDON Edward, Bakewell 1649
SHELDON Roger, 1855
SHELDON Roger, Bakewell 1855
SHELDON Roger, Bakewell 1855
SHUTES James, Bakewell 1884
SKEVINGTON Henry, London,Bakewell and Derby 1899
SKIDMORE Richard, Bakewell 1892
SLATER Leonard Rev., Bakewell 1893
SLATER Thomas, Bakewell 1599
SPENCER Anthony, Bakewell 1745
SPENCER Anthony, Bakewell 1745
SPENCER John, Bakewell 1848
STAFFORD Margaret, Bakewell 1606
STONE James, Bakewell 1830
STONE James, Bakewell 1830
STONE James, Bakewell 1854
STONE Stephen, Bakewell 1638
SWAIN Alfred, Bakewell 1902
SWAIN Mercy, Bakewell 1906
SWAINE Arthur Richard, Bakewell 1886
SWAINE Georgiana,Bakewell 1891
SWAINE Joseph, Bakewell 1882
SWAINE William Henry, Bakewell 1882
SWANN Ann, Bakewell 1676 V49/1
SYMPSON (SIMPSON) Katherine, Bakewell 1605
WALTHALL Thomas, Bakewell  1853  V28/3/56
WARDLE Anne, Bakewell, Over Haddon 1636
WARDLE William, Bakewell, Haddon 1633
WATSON Ralph, Bakewell 1640
WEBSTER John Sidney, Bakewell and Belper 1924
WEBSTER Mary, Bakewell, Over Haddon 1645
WELLS William, Bakewell 1880
WHITEHEAD Thomasine, Bakewell, Rowlsey 1637
WHITEHEAD Thomasine, Bakewell, Rowsley 1637
WILD Anne, Bakewell 1770
WILD George, Bakewell, 1803
WILD John, Bakewell 1707
WILD Richard, Bakewell 1766
WILD Richard, Bakewell 1803
WILD Robert, Bakewell 1810
WILDE George, Bakewell 1722
WILDE John, Bakewell 1728
WILDE Mary, Bakewell 1718
WILDE William, Bakewell 1824
WILDE William, Bakewell 1827
WOOLLEY Thomas, Bakewell, Haddon 1646
WOSNAM Ellen, Bakewell 1631
YOUNG Hannah, Bakewell 1801
BAKEWELL Administration
ALSOPP Edward, Bakewell, 1625 Adm
ASHTON William, Bakewell farmer, 1800  V78/18
AYSLEY William, Bakewell, Haddon 1646 Adm
BAGSHAW Adam, Bakewell 1860 Adm
BAGSHAW Adam, Bakewell  mentions Sarah BAGSHAW 1860 
BAGSHAW Thomas, Bakewell 1631 Adm
BANCKS (BANKS) William, Over Haddon 1639 Adm.
BANKS William, Bakewell, Over Haddon 1640 Inventory
BARTLEMEW Richard, Bakewell, 1637 Adm,
BEARDMORE Ralph, Hassop 1874 Adm
BOOTE John, Blackwell 1650 Adm
BOWMAN Marion Alice, Bakewell 1874 Adm
BRAMWELL Benjamin, Bakewell 1862 Adm
BUCHAN Alexander mentions George BUCHAN, Mary BUCHAN 1870
BUCHAN Alexander, Bakewell 1870 Adm
CANTRELL Richard, Bakewell 1638 Adm
CARELESS Nicholas, Bakewell 1631 Adm
CHEDOKE (CHADDOCK?) Nicholas, Bakewell 1637 Adm
CLARK Frederick, Bakewell 1868 Adm
CLARK Randle, Bakewell 1646 Adm
COLLINS Thomas, Bakewell, Over Haddon 1624 Adm
CROFT Mary, Bakewell 1864 Adm
DRYFFIELD (DRIFFIELD) als SHAW, Bakewell 1638 Adm
DUNN Robert, Bakewell, Haddon. 1638 Adm
EATON Thomas, Bakewell 1631 Adm
ELLIOT Elizabeth, Bakewell 1803 Adm
ELLIOT John, Bakewell, Rowsley 1804 Adm
ELLIOTT William, Bakewell 1802 Adm
FRANCK Gervase, Bakewell 1631 Adm
GEE Robert, Bakewell 1639 Adm
GIBBONS Harriet, Rowsley mentions Anne GIBBONS Rowsley  1858
GLOSSOP William, Blackwell 1647 Adm
GORE John, Bakewell 1874 Adm
HARRISON John mentions George HARRISON 1871
HARRISON John, Bakewell 1871 Adm
HARVEY Hugh, Bakewell Rowsley 1639 Adm
HEAWARD Jane, Bakewell 1628 Adm
HENSHAWE Edward and Anne, Bakewell 1637 Adm
HINCHCLYFFE (HINCHCLIFFE) Lawrence, Bakewell 1638 Adm
HODGKINSON Joan, Bakewell, Over Haddon 1645
HODGKINSON William, Bakewell, Over Haddon 1637 Adm
HYDES (HIDES) Robert, Bakewell 1646 Adm
KNOWLES Martha, Bakewell 1860 Adm
KNOWLES Martha, Bakewell  mentions Samuel KNOWLES 1860
LEA Anne, Bakewell 1804 Adm
LEE Humphrey, Bakewell 1638 Adm
MARTIN Thomas, Bakewell 1713 Adm
MATKIN Joseph, Bakewell 1865 Adm
MOREWOOD Ellen Pierpoint, Rowsley Cottage, nr Bakewell  (died Bent Hill, Prestwich, Lancaster)  mentions Alfred MOREWOOD Victoria Hotel, Southport, Lancs, Edmund MOREWOOD, Stratford, Essex.  1859
MORTON Francis, Bakewell 1635 Inventory
NAYLOR Anthony, Bakewell 1873 Adm
NEWTON John, Bakewell 1649 Adm
NEWTON Roger, Bakewell 1646 Adm
NORCLIFFE Harriet, Bakewell 1865 Adm
OLDFIELD George, Bakewell 1848 Adm
OLDFIELD Sarah, Bakewell 1829 Adm
PIDCOCK Thomas, Bakewell 1718 Adm
RIDYARD Francis, Bakewell 1628 Adm
ROSE Robert, Bakewell 1868 Adm
SANT John, Bakewell 1639 Adm
SEAL Simon, Bakewell 1774 Adm
SMITH Joseph, Bakewell 1863 Adm
SMYTH (SMITH) William, Bakewell 1636 Adm
SPENCER John, Bakewell 1848 Adm
STEVENSON Catherine, Bakewell 1872 Adm
STONE James, Bakewell 1854 Adm
SWIFT George, Bakewell 1867 Adm
THOMPSON Ann mentions George THOMPSON 1871
THOMPSON Ann, Bakewell 1871 Adm
WAGER Harriet (single woman, formerly wife of Edward WAGER) mentions Andrew WAGER Hartington Moor, Hannah WAGER, Elizabeth WAGER, Harriett WAGER. Marriage having been disolved. Adm. 1870.
WILDE (WILD) John, Bakewell 1627 Adm
WOODDIS Thomas, Bakewell 1646 Adm
WRIGHT William, Bakewell 1624 Adm
YEAVELEY Katherine, Bakewell 1634 Inventory
BAMFORD Administration (see also Hathersage, Derwent)
DARWENT John, Bamford 1867 Adm
PEARSON Charlotte, Bamford 1865 Adm
ALDERSON Mary, Barlborough 1865
ARTHUR Arthur, Barlborough 1912
ARTHUR John, Barlborough Common 1866
ASHETON (ASHTON) Elizabeth, Barlborough 1556
ASHTON William, Barlborough 1556
BARBOUR John, Barlborough 1647
BARKER William, Barlborough 1647
BOWMAN Peter, Barlborough 1636
BULLOCK George, Barlborough  1925
CHAMBERS John, Barlborough 1767 CL/41
CLAYTON Andrew, Barley, (Barlow?) 1641
COOKE William, Barlebrough, (Barlborough) 1640
COWPE Thomas, Barley (Barlow?) 1640
COWPER George, Barley (Barlow?) 1646
FOX William, Barlborough 1797
GLOSSOP Nicholas Barlborough yeoman 1710 MIS50/20
GOACHER John, Barlborough 1865
HORNCASTLE Blanche Eliza, Barlborough 1910
HUTCHINSON John, Hollingwood Barlborough 1885
JACKSON Benjamin, Barlborough 1826
JACKSON John, Barlborough 1830
JEPSON Robert, Barlborough 1916
KAYE Joseph, Barlborough 1918
LEAK Sarah, Barlborough 1879
MALLINDER Luke, Barlborough 1863
MALLINDER William, Barlborough Common 1866
NORBERNE (NORBOURNE) William, Barlborough 1642
OXLEY George, Barlborough 1866
PYNDER (PINDER) William, Barlborough 1647
RODES John Sir, Barlborough 1639
SCLATTER? (SLATER?) Christopher, Barlborough 1647
SCOTTON William, Barlborough Magna 1650
STONES Alfred, Barlborough Common 1880
STONES Mary, Barlborough 1881
STOREY Rebecca, Barlborough 1879
SWAIN William, Barlborough 1917
SWIFT John, Barlborough 1887
TURNER Henry, Barlborough 1647

BARLBOROUGH Administration
BRADLEY Ann, Barlborough 1858 Adm
CAMM William, Barlborough 1862 Adm
CLAYTON George, Barlborough 1873 Adm
HAYNES Thomas, Barlborough 1865 Adm
HAYNES Thomas, Barlborough 1865 Adm (2)
MOORLEY Mary, Barlborough 1872 Adm
PALMER Richard, Barlborough 1646 Adm
SLATER Hester, Barlborough 1648 Adm
SLATER Mary, Barlborough 1648 Adm
WHITE Thomas, Barlborough 1861 Adm

BARLOW- although having its own registers from 1573 Barlow was considered a Chapelry of Staveley. However the confusion does not end there. Great Barlow is considered in older documents as part of the parish of Staveley while Little Barlow is to be found under Dronfield. Bear this in mind when checking for documentation regarding Barlow, and check both Staveley and Dronfield, and for good measure the parish of Holmesfield.
BOOKER John, Barlow 1918
BOOKER Mary Ann, Barlow 1918
CLAYTON Andrew, Barley, (Barlow?) 1641
COWPE Thomas, Barley (Barlow?) 1640
COWPER George, Barley (Barlow?) 1646
DALE Ellen, Barlow 1893
DALE George, Barlow 1878
DALE William, Barlow 1891
DYSON Jessie Agnes, Barlow, Great Barlow, Parsonage 1916
GLADWIN James, Barlow 1892
HARDY John, Monkwood, Barlow 1900
HILL Jane, Barlow 1670
HILL William, Great Barlow 1853
HOPKINSON David, Grangewood Farm, Great Barlow 1864
HOWARTH William, Jenny Gate, 1897
JOLLEY Thomas, Barlow 1886
LITTLEWOOD John, Oxton Rake, Great Barlow 1878
LITTLEWOOD Thomas, Barlow Furnace Barlow 1868
MARGERESON Gervase, Barlow 1880
MARGERESON Isaac, Barlow 1900
MARGERESON Joseph, Barlow 1890
MARGERRESON Joseph, Barlow 1864
MARGERRESON William, Barlow Grange, Barlow 1862
MARPLES James Machon, Moor Hall, Barlow 1874
MARPLES John, Moor Hall, Barlow 1861
MART William, Barlow 1884
MITCHELL Ellen, (Nelly), Barlow Commonside 1867
OWEN Thomas, Barlow, Dbys 1863
PEAT William, Barlow, Dbys 1877
PINDER Anthony, Great Barlow, Dbys 1886
PLATTS Henry, Crowhole, Great Barlow, Dbys 1871
SHAWE (SHAW) William, Barlow?, Barley, 1639
SIMPSON Ann, Barlow, Dbys 1920
SIMPSON Mary, Barlow, Dbys 1890
STEVENSON George, Highlightly, Barlow 1867
STEVENSON John, Wilkin Hose Great Barlow 1858
SWIFT George, Barlow?, Barley 1630
TROUT Ellis, Barlow?, Barley 1640
TURNER Robert, Barlow?, Barley 1639
VICKERS Bartholomew, 1766
WALKER Elizabeth of Barlow, wife of John WALKER, formerly of nr Rotherham Yks. mentions niece Sarah Ann TURNER of Sydenham, Kent? (nb there is also a Sydenham in Oxford) Will made 1863 Proved 1872 /27
WATTS Godfrey, Barlow IV1/39
BARLOW Administration
DRABBLE Thomas, Great Barlow 1871 Adm
HUKIN Ruth, Barlow 1866 Adm
MARPLES Ann, Barlow 1874 Adm
NAYLER (NAYLOR) Thomas, Barlow?, Barley 1649 Adm
SHAW George, Barlow 1872 Adm
SIMPSON Elizabeth, Barlow 1868 Adm
SIMPSON Walter, Barlow 1858 Adm
TURNER William, Barlow 1863 Adm
WHITE George, Great Barlow 1859 Adm
BARROW ON TRENT(see also Twyford)
ADAMS Felicia, Barrow, Twyford 1904
ADCOCK Ann, Barrow on Trent 1925
BANCROFT Ralph, Barrow 1639
COWLISHAW Richard, late of Ashley, Northants., now of Barrow on Trent. 1789 V2/18
EARDLEY Alice, Barrow  1691  V68/9
FOSTER, Richard, Twyford, Barow on Trent. 1641
GILBERT Roger, Barrow 1642
HARRISON Rowland, Barrow 1639
HOLDEN John, Barrow, Stenson 1768
JACKSON Benjamin, Barrow on Trent 1838
MARTYN (MARTIN) William, Barrow 1679
MASSE (MASSEY ?) John, Barrow on Trent 1570
MASSEY John, Barrow on Trent ?, Stebson 1827
SALE Grainger, Barrow on Trent 1642
SALE Richard Barrow on Trent. 1769 MIS50/54 Will of
BARROW ON TRENT Administration (see also Twyford)
BOND Richard, Barrow 1641 Adm
FISHER Gawen, Barrow 1647 Adm.
HAGUE Hannah, Sinfin and Arleston, Barrow 1872 Adm
HEGG Robert, Barrow 1647 Adm
PORTER Elizabeth, Barrow on Trent 1863 Adm
SHARDLOW John, Barrow, Twyford 1745 Adm
STONE John, Barrow on Trent, Twyford 1788 Adm
BRADSHAW Francis, Barton Blount 1841 V53/29
HAWKSWORTH James, Barton Blount 1901
ROE Thomas, Barton Blount 1628
SIMPSON Richard, Barton Blount 1688 MIS53/19
BARTON BLOUNT Administration
CHATTERTON Edward, Barton Blount 1628 Adm
FEARN John, Barton Blount 1867 Adm
ASBURY Robert, Baslow, Rowland 1635
ASHTON Valentine, Baslow 1820 V6/45
BARBER Lawrence, Baslow? Ashopp ( Hassop ? 1628
BATES Thomas, Baslow 1915
BEERE John, Baslow? Bobenhull 1647
BOALER (BOLER, BOWLER) Alice, Baslow 1639
BOLER ( BOWLER )John, Baslow 1634
BRADLEY John, Calver p.Baslow 1844. V6/7/16
BROUGHE (BROUGH) Robert, Baslow 1641
BUSBIE John, Baslow, Bubnell 1638
CANTRELL John, Baslow 1668
CHAPMAN Godfrey, Baslow 1636
DAMME Alexander of Baslow, yeoman. Mentions grand dau Elizabeth wife of John GRUNDY. 1749 (BAR16i)
DOUGHTY Anne, Baslow 1634
DRAPER Thomas Baslow, Bubnell 1629
EASTWOOD James, Baslow 1637
FOX Joseph, Baslow, Bubnell 1883
FROGGATT Thomas, Baslow, Calver. 1641
GARDOM Eleanor Makin, Baslow 1928
GARDOM Margaret, Baslow 1878
GARDOM Thomas Baslow cordwainer 1800 (BAR 16)
GARDOM Thomas William, Baslow 1882
GARNER Ann, Baslow 1892
GEESON Richard, Baslow 1860
GOSSE Alexander, Baslow 1641
GREGORY Anne, Baslow, Calver. 1649
GREGORY Anthony, Baslow, Calver. 1642
GREGORY Humphrey, Baslow, Hassop.1629
GREGORY Robert, Baslow /, Corber, (Curbar) Corbar nr Buxton 1637 (may be lost)
HEATON John, Baslow 1636
HEAWARD Mary, Baslow, Bubnell. 1647
HODKINS Richard, Baslow Bubnell. 1647
HOWARD John, Baslow, Dbys 1877
INGLEBY Ninian, Baslow 1864
JEEVES John, Baslow 1860
KAY Charles, Baslow 1915
KAY John, Robin Hood Baslow 1865
KESTEVEN Catherine, Baslow 1897
KITCHIN Emma, Bramley 1899
KITCHIN John, Bramley 1910
KITCHIN Sarah, Brambley, Baslow 1860
KITCHINGE (KITCHIN) Thomas, Baslow, Bubnell 1648
LEECH Elizabeth, Baslow 1921
LEECH John, Baslow 1902
LEES Robert, Baslow, Bubnell 1634
LOWE Mary, Baslow 1912
LOY Jane, Baslow and Sheffield Yks 1896
MAKIN Elizabeth Wilson, Baslow 1868
MARPLES Calton, Baslow 1880
MARPLES James, Baslow 1899
MARPLES John, Baslow 1903
MARPLES Kate, Devonshire Arms, (Baslow?) 1901
MARPLES Matthew, Baslow 1871
MARPLES Sarah, Baslow 1914
MARPLES Selina, Baslow 1922
MARPLES Thomas, Baslow 1904
MARSDEN Edmund, Park Top, Baslow 1866
MARSDEN Robert, Baslow 1880
MELLOR Anne, Baslow 1642
MELLOR Thomas, Baslow 1649
MORE (MOORE) Francis, Baslow 1628
MORE (MOORE) Francis, Baslow 1648 (may be lost)
PENISTONE Sarah, Baslow, Dbys 1881
PINDER Robert, Baslow, Dbys 1924
REDFEARN Abraham, Baslow 1879
RILEY Jabez, Baslow 1881
ROWLAND Humphrey, Baslow 1642
ROWLAND Robert, Baslow 1912
SHELDON William, Baslow? Corber, Corbar?, nr Buxton. 1625
SMITH Nicholas, Baslow, Rowland 1634
SPOONER Jane, Baslow, Froggatt 1634
STEVENSON WILLS Simon, Baslow 1885
STEWART Catherine, Heathy Lea, Baslow 1880
STEWART Joseph, Baslow 1858
STONE George, Baslow 1873
THORNEHILL (THORNHILL) Mary, Baslow, Calver 1650
TOWNROW Francis, Baslow, Hassop 1642
VICKERS Bartholomew, Baslow 1766
WHITE Edmund, Baslow 1636
WHYTE (WHITE) Richard, Baslow 1642
BASLOW Administrations (see also Curbar)
BESWICK Jarvis, labourer. 1865
BLAND Margaret, Baslow, Rowland. 1632 Adm
BLAND William, Baslow, Rowland 1635 Adm
BRIGHTMORE John, Baslow 1634 Adm
BROMLEY William, Calver p. Baslow 1866 Adm
BROUGHE ( BROUGH ) Anne, Baslow 1627 Adm
COLLYER (COLLIER) John, Baslow, Bubnell. 1631 Adm.
COOKE John, Baslow 1624 Adm
EASTWOOD Anne Baslow?, Corber, (Curbar) or Corber nr Buxton. 1627 Adm.
FROGGATT William, of Bubnell 1861
GREENE Thomas, Baslow, Bobbenhull 1650 Adm.
GREGORIE (GREGORY) Robert, Baslow, Froggatt. 1644 Adm.
GREGORY Henry and Alice, Baslow, Calver. 1646 Adm.
GREGORY Henry and Alice, Baslow, Calver. 1647 Adm
GREGORY John, Baslow 1631 Adm
GREGORY Robert, Baslow?, Corber, (Curbar?) or Corber nr Buxton 1636 Adm
GRIFFITHS Jane mentions Thomas William GARDOM, brother, farmer. 1865
HALL Alice, Baslow, Calver. 1637 Inventory
HANCKS Eleanor, Baslow, Bubnell. 1631 Adm.
HARRISON WIDOW, Baslow, Calver, 1637 Inventory
HINDMAN George, Baslow 1625 Adm
KNIVETON George, Baslow, Hassop 1629 Adm
MARPLE George, Baslow 1637 Adm
MARPLE George, Baslow 1640 Adm
MERRILL Thomas, Baslow, Rowland. 1630 Adm.
POLLARD William, 1861, mentions John POLLARD of Holker Cartwell, Lancs.
SPENCER Robert, Baslow, Calver 1767 Adm
STAFFORD Elizabeth, Baslow, 1627 Adm
TOWNROW Rowland, Baslow, Hassop 1631 Adm
WILSON Nicholas, Baslow, Hassop 1649 Adm
BEAUCHIEF ABBEY Extra Parochial Liberty, parish c. 1860. Transferred to Sheffield 1933.
FOX William, Beauchieff 1817
LOMAS Joseph, Yks. Beauchief Abbey 1864
SMITH Mary Milicent, Yks. Beauchief Hall 1879

BEAUCHIEF ABBEY Administrations
OSBORNE Samuel, Yks, Beauchief Abbey 1777 Adm
ANDREWS Alice, Beds. Bedford 1928
HARKNESS Jane, Beds. Biggleswade 1910
KERRY Charles, Beds. Standon, and Smalley, Belper Dbys 1908.
NORTHWOOD Charlotte Elizabeth, Beds. Bedford 1915
SLATER Francis, Cardington Beds? 1862
SPENCER Ann, Bedford 1714
SPENCER Eliz., Cople. Beds. wid. 1709
SPENCER James, Oakley, Beds. 1693/4
SPENCER Jn. Bedford 1713
SPENCER Jn. senr. Markyate Street, Beds. tailor 1694
SPENCER John, Pavenham, Beds. 1728
SPENCER Thomas, Turvey, Beds. 1686
SPENCER William, Luton, Beds. 1697
WARD Mary Ann, Pavenham Beds. 1922
COCKYN (COCKIN) John, Beeley 1628
GREAVES Jn., Beeley, Harewood Grange 1637
HEALDE John, Beeley 1638
HYNDE (HIND) William, Beeley 1637
LEES John 1827
LEES John, Beeley Hill Top 1796
LEES John, Beeley Hill Top and Ashover 1876
LEES John, Snr. Beeley Hill Top 1866
NORMAN Elizabeth, Beeley 1637
NORMAN Henry, Beeley 1636
SAVILE William, Beeley 1676 V22/14

BEELEY Administration
BADSLEY James, Beeley 1637 Adm
HAIGHE Nicholas, Beeley 1625 Adm
WILDY Henry, Beeley 1629 Adm
BEIGHTON once Derbyshire, includes Birley, Hackenthorpe. Sheffield since 1974
ATKIN Sarah, Beighton 1913
BASTONE now residing in United Staes of America".
COMBE Margery, Beighton 1647
COX Joseph, Beighton 1730
CRESWICKE Elizabeth, Beighton 1647
DENNIS George Henry, Yks, Beighton 1904
DICKINSON George, Yks, Beighton 1862
DICKINSON John, Yks, Beighton, Sothall 1880
ERSKINE Thomas, Rev. Yks, Beighton 1859
FOX George, Beighton 1727
FOX Margaret, Beighton 1602
FOX William, Beighton 1690
FULWOOD Francis, Beighton 1647
GREEN George, Yks, Beighton, 1847
GREEN George, Yks. Beighton 1891
GREEN Joseph, Yks, Beighton 1806
GREEN Robert, Yks, Beighton 1713
HASSALL Josiah, Yks. Beighton 1875
HAVERCROFT George Arnold,Yks. Beighton 1912
HELLIWELL George, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1902
HILL George, Beighton 1687
HOBSON Mary, Beighton 1647
HOUNSFIELD Thomas, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1893
HUNT John, Yks. Beighton, Waterthorpe 1864
HUTCHINSON Ann,Yks. Beighton 1878
JENKIN Edward, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1880
JENKIN Joseph, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1866
JESSOP George, Beighton 1639
JUBB John, Yks. Beighton, Drake House 1872
LOWE Elizabeth, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1877
MIRFIN John, Beighton 1892
MIRFIN John, Yks. Beighton 1892
NEWTON Edward, Beighton 1629
NEWTON James 1861 Hackenthorpe, mentions " dau Ann Elizabeth wife of John
NEWTON James, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1861
OATES Richard, Yks. Beighton 1917
OATES Thomas, Beighton 1639
PARKER Betsey,Yks. Beighton 1875
PARKER Francis, Yks. Beighton 1872
PLANT John, Yks. Beighton, Birley 1877
PLANT Samuel, Birley Moor, Beighton  1877
REVILL Henry, Yks. Beighton 1894
RHODES John, Yks. Beighton 1883
RHODES Joseph, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1902
RIVINGTON Joseph Peat, Yks. Beighton 1878
ROLLINSON John, Beighton 1650
ROWBOTHAM Thomas, Yks. Beighton, West Field 1861
ROWBOTTOM John, Yks.Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1872
SMEDLEY Jane, Beighton 1639
STACEY William, Yks. Beighton 1898
STANIFORTH Mary, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1880
STANIFORTH Thomas, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1873
STONE James, Yks. Beighton 1922
STONE Matilda, Beighton 1892
STONE William Henry, Yks. Beighton 1891
STOREY Fred, Yks. Beighton 1906
TOMLINSON Sarah, Yks. Beighton 1901
TREETON Godfrey, Beighton 1639
TURTON Thomas Parkin, Yks. Beighton 1859
WADE Sarah, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1921
WEBSTER Betty, Yks. Beighton 1868
WEBSTER Robert, Yks. Beighton 1863
WESTRINE Hannah Beighton widow 1742/3 (CO16 )
WHITE Eliza, Yks. Beighton 1904
WOODHEAD George, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1867
WOODHEAD William, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1901
WRAY Thomas, Yks. Beighton, Hackenthorpe 1883
BEIGHTON Administration
BINGHAM William, Beighton,Yks 1864 Adm
BOOTH John, Beighton,Yks 1874 Adm
GRAY Joseph, Beighton,Yks. 1865 Adm
HANDLEY Benjamin, Beighton, Yks. 1863 Adm
HARDWICK John, Beighton, Yks. 1868 Adm
HIBBARD Rowland, Beighton, Yks. 1875 Adm
LITTLEWOOD Edmund, Beighton, Yks. 1863 Adm
PURSLOE Anne, Beighton, 1649 Adm
SHIRT George, Beighton 1647 Adm
SMITH Ann, Beighton,Yks. 1871 Adm
WOOD Mary, Beighton, Yks 1858 Adm
BELPER(See also Duffield)
ABBEY Thomas, Belper 1871
ABELL William, Belper 1882
ADAMS Edwin, Belper 1891
ADAMS Sarah, Belper 1889
ADSHEAD Elizabeth Griffith, Belper 1917
ADSHEAD William Peter, Belper 1909
AKERS George, Belper, Openwood Gate 1873
ALCOCK John, Belper 1928
ALDRED Rebecca, Belper 1882
ALLDREAD John, Belper 1862
ALLDREAD Samuel, Belper 1892
ALLEN Richard Grammer, Belper 1921
ALLEN Richard Rowland, Belper, Gibfield House, 1876
ALLSOP George, Belper 1913
ALLSOP Thomas, Belper 1900
ALLSOP William Thomas, Belper 1920
ALLWOOD Jane Edwards, Belper 1901
ALTON Alfred, Belper 1924
ALTON Francis, Belper 1895
ALTON Winfield, Belper 1925
APPLE Marcus, Belper 1898
APPLEYARD Jane, Belper 1904
ASH John, Belper 1889
ASHOVER Alonzo, Belper 1912
ASHOVER David, Belper 1877
ASHOVER Matthew, Belper 1860
ASHOVER Paulina, Belper 1896
ASHTON Jeremiah, Far Lawn Belper 1874
ASHTON John, Belper 1882
BARRETT Martha, Belper 1919
BARTON Sarah, Belper 1910
BATES Ellen, Belper 1911
BATES James, Belper 1908
BATH Elizabeth, Belper 1912
BATH Joseph Henry, Belper 1926
BEARDMORE Sampson, Belper 1861
BEARDMORE Sampson, Belper 1922
BEARDMORE Sampson, Pottery, Belper 1879
BEECH Eliza, Belper 1895
BULLOCK Mary, Belper  1921
BULLOCK Thomas,  Belper 1884
BUXTON William Will made 1870, Proved 1871, of Belper, mentions, " dau Ann wife of Isaac CHAPMAN staion and Postmaster, Lancefield Road, near Melbourne, Victoria" Australia "son William ( BUXTON ) of Ballarat" Australia. "dau Milicent Ellen wife of William Lord TREBILCO, Rewenna Parade nr Melbourne, Australia"
DALLISON Charles Maddocks, Belper 1901
DYER John, Belper 1886
DYER John, Belper 1916
DYER Thomas, Belper 1893
FALCONER Phoebe, Belper 1867
GAMBLE Ann, Belper 1902
GAMBLE Mary, Belper 1927
GAYLOR Edward, Belper 1906
GAYLOR Norman Edward Johnson, Belper and London 1883
GILLETT Henry, Belper 1923
GLADWIN Hannah, Belper 1896
GLEW Elizabeth, Belper 1917
GLEW George, Belper 1887
GLEW William Mills, Belper 1886
GLOBE Charles, Belper 1893
GODBEHERE Albert Henry, Belper 1886
GODBEHERE Elizabeth, Belper 1927
GODBEHERE Thomas Henry, Belper 1902
HARDY John Robert, Belper 1922
HARRISON Abraham Spencer, Belper 1873
HATTON James Ellerton, Belper 1899
HOOD Thomas John, Belper 1872
HOOPER William, Belper 1871
HOPKINS Henry, Belper 1882
HOPKINSON George, Belper and New Whittington 1884
HOWARTH Jeremiah, Belper, Dbys 1918
HUTTON ANN, Belper 1879
INGLE William Machin, Belper 1880
IVESON Louisa Rosalie, Belper 1918
IVESON Thomas Gill, Belper 1913
JACKSON George Julian, Belper 1916
JACKSON George, Belper 1845
JACKSON Hannah, Belper  1874
JACKSON Harriett, Belper 1895
JACKSON Henry, Belper 1904
JACKSON Job, Belper 1871
JACKSON John, Belper 1827
JACKSON Joseph Gratian, Belper 1879
JACKSON Joseph, Belper 1843
JACKSON Joseph, Belper 1884
JACKSON Joshua, Belper 1849
JACKSON Maria, Belper 1864
JACKSON Martha, Belper 1888
JACKSON Mary, Belper 1860
JACKSON Matthew, Belper 1809
JACKSON Richard, Belper 1851
JACKSON Robert, Belper 1842
JACKSON Samuel, Belper 1818
JACKSON Samuel, Belper 1831
JACKSON Samuel, Belper 1919
JACKSON Sarah, Belper 1849
JACKSON Susannah, Belper 1832
JACKSON Walter, Belper 1924
JACKSON William, Belper 1902
JACKSON William, Belper 1910
JACQUES Emma, Belper 1890
JENNEY Joseph, Belper 1918
JENNEY Joseph, Blackbrook 1887
JENNISON Christopher, Belper 1866
JENNISON Hannah, Belper 1867
JENNISON Isabella, Belper 1870
JENNISON John, Belper 1867
JENNISON Thomas Percy, Belper 1926
JENNISON Thomas, Belper 1861
JESSOP Harry, Belper 1926
JESSOP William, Belper 1866
JESSOP William, Belper 1890
JESSOP William, Belper 1909
JOHNSON John, Belper 1870
JOHNSON Sarah, Belper 1927
JOHNSTON Thomas, Belper 1904
JONES William, Belper 1860
JONES William, Belper 1926
JUDGE Jemima, Belper 1924
JUDGE Thomas, Belper 1912
KAY Alfred, Belper 1916
KAY William, Blackbrook 1902
KERRY Selina, Belper 1909
KEY Joseph, Belper 1884
KIDDY Samuel, Belper 1879
KING William, Belper 1883
KIRK John, Belper 1903
KIRK Sarah, aka BARNES Belper 1905
KIRKLAND Thomas, Belper 1918
KIRKLAND William, Belper 1903
KNOWLES Frederick, Belper 1919
LAND Joseph, Belper 1887
LANGHAM Julie Frances, Belper 1900
LEE Alicia Harper, Belper 1915
LEEDHAM George, Belper 1868
LEEDHAM Joseph, Belper 1888
LEEDHAM Samuel, Wyver Farm Belper 1875
LICHFIELD Elliott Henry, Belper 1879
LING Robert, Belper 1926
LINGS George, The Butts Belper 1896
LINTHWAITE Richmond, Belper 1927
LLOYD Rees Lewis, Belper 1885
LLOYD Sarah Ann, Belper 1915
LOMAS Elizabeth, Belper 1894
LOMAS Thomas Belper surgeon, mentions Benjamin BROOME of Macclesfield, Ches. Executor,
LOMAS Thomas, Belper 1858
LONGDEN John, Belper 1910
LONGDEN Mary, Belper 1891
LONGDEN Rebecca, Belper 1863
LOOMES Edward, Belper 1894
LOVEIT John Monks, Belper 1870
LOVEIT Maria, Belper 1897
LOVEROCK George, Belper Duffield 1873
LOVING John, Belper 1927
LOWE Elijah, Openwoodgate 1871
LOWE Susanna, Belper 1880
LOWE Susanna, Belper and York Yks 1877
MARSCHALL Rose, Belper 1924
MARSHALL Joseph, Belper 1876
MARSHALL William, Belper 1899
MARTIN Edward, Belper 1845
MARTIN Harriet, Belper 1907
MARTIN Henry, Belper 1905
MARTIN John, Belper 1870
MASON John, Belper 1865
MASON John, Belper 1878
MASON Samuel, Belper 1901
MEDLEY John, Belper 1921
MEE James, Belper 1927
MEE Matilda,Belper 1893
MEE Thomas, Belper 1901
MELBOURN Isaac, Belper 1876
MELBOURNE James, Belper 1863
MELBOURNE Mary, Gutter, Belper 1870
MELBOURNE Samuel George, Belper 1892
MELBOURNE William John, Belper 1891
MELLISH George Cooke, Belper 1914
MELLOR Charles, Belper 1892
MELLOR Elizabeth, Belper 1886
MELLOR John, Belper 1900
MELLOR Sarah Jane, Belper 1926
MIDDLETON Isaac, Belper 1883
MILLWARD Martha, Belper 1897
MILWARD Edwin, Belper 1905
MILWARD Gervase, Belper 1892
MILWARD Mary, Belper 1866
MILWARD Richard, Belper 1888
OSBISTON George, Belper 1904
OSBORN John Thomas, Belper 1919
OSBORNE Martha, Belper 1926
OXLEY Elizabeth, Belper and Southwell, Notts 1878
PEET Isaac, Belper, Dbys 1905
PEGG Joseph, Belper, Dbys 1892
PERRY Ann, Belper, Dbs 1884
PERRY John, Belper, Dbys 1876
PERRY Thomas, Belper, Dbys 1877
POTTER Ann, Belper, Dbys 1891
POTTER John, Belper, Dbys 1910
POULSON Stephen, Lane End Farm, Belper, Dbys 1870
POUNTAIN Joseph, Belper, Dbys 1864
POUNTAIN Mary 1866 widow of Joseph late of Belper, mentions " sister in law Hannah, now residing in America".
POUNTAIN Mary, Belper, Dbys 1866
POWLSON Blanche, Belper, Dbys 1920
POWLSON Eliza Ann, Belper, Dbys 1915
POWLSON Mary, Belper, Dbys 1877
POYSER Betty, Upper Lane, Belper 1879
PRATT Edward, Belper 1876
PRATT Sandford, Belper 1875
PYM Elizabeth, Belper 1876
PYM George, Belper 1876
PYM James Mellor, Belper 1906
PYM Joseph, Belper 1926
PYM Rebecca, Belper 1894
RATCLIFFE Jeremiah, Belper 1920
READER John, Belper 1893
REDFERN Francis, Belper 1898
REDFERN Samuel, Belper 1868
RICE Elizabeth, Belper 1925
RILEY Joseph, Belper 1900
RILEY Prudence, Belper 1887
RILEY Samuel, Belper 1863
RILEY William, Belper 1925
ROBINSON Edward, Belper 1869
ROBINSON Emma, Belper 1910
ROBINSON Michael Tempest, Belper 1859
ROUSE James, Belper 1895
ROWLAND William, Belper 1858
RYDE Ann, Belper 1928
RYDE William Marston, Cowhill, Belper 1907
SALE Annie Makin, Belper 1926
SHAW Eliza, Belper 1889
SHORT Esther Ellen, Belper 1924
SHORTHOSE Eliza, Belper 1907
SIDDOND William, Belper 1893
SIMPSON Ann, Belper, Dbys 1887
SIMPSON Mary, Belper, Dbys 1870
SIMPSON Mary, Belper, Dbys 1897
SIMPSON Samuel, Belper, Dbys 1924
SIMS Alfred, Belper, Dbys 1894
SIMS Alice, Belper, Dbys 1891
SIMS Elizabeth Ann, Belper, Dbys 1909
SIMS Emily, Belper, Dbys 1927
SIMS John Coy, Belper, Dbys 1913
SIMS John, Belper, Dbys 1884
SIMS John, Belper, Dbys 1898
SIMS Samuel, Broadholme, Belper, Dbys 1872
SIMS William, Belper, Dbys 1912
SKINNER George, Belper Dbys 1897
SLACK James, Belper Dbys 1863
SLACK Jesse, Belper Dbys 1870
SLATER Ellen, Chevinside Belper Dbys 1896
SLATER George, Belper Dbys 1925
SLATER Stephen, Chevinside Belper Dbys 1906
SMEDLEY Frederick, Belper Dbys 1893
SMEDLEY George, Belper Dbys 1896
SMEDLEY Hannah Sophia, Belper Dbys 1925
SMEDLEY Henry, Belper Dbys 1895
SMEDLEY Mary, Belper Dbys 1904
SMITH Ann, Belper 1864
SMITH George James, Belper 1866
SMITH George, Belper 1859
SMITH George, Belper 1899
SMITH Jaber (Jabez?) Belper 1915
SMITH James Robinson Daniel, Belper 1882
SMITH John Keertain, Green Lane, Belper 1912
SMITH John, Belper 1859
SMITH John, Belper 1860
SMITH Mary, Belper 1864
SMITH Mary, Belper 1879
SMITH Tom, Belper 1928
SMITH Willliam, Belper 1858
SNOW Samuel Slater, Belper Dbys 1889
SNOW William, Belper, Dbys 1901
SPELMAN Mary Ann, Belper Dbys 1898
SPENCER Alfred, Belper Dbys 1921
SPENCER Asenatha, Belper Dbys 1899
SPENCER Charles,Belper Dbs 1927
SPENCER Elizabeth, Belper 1847
SPENCER Ellen, Belper Dbys 1859
SPENCER Emily, Belper Dbys 1922
SPENCER George, Belper Dbys 1875
SPENCER George, Belper Dbys 1886
SPENCER Harriet, Belper Dbys 1893
SPENCER James Henry, Belper Dbys 1927
SPENCER James, Belper Dbs 1884
SPENCER John, Belper 1794
SPENCER John, Belper 1828
SPENCER John, Belper 1853
SPENCER John, Belper Dbys 1861
SPENCER John, Belper Dbys 1886
SPENCER John, Commonside Belper Dbys 1872
SPENCER Joseph, Belper 1844
SPENCER Joseph, Belper 1855
SPENCER Reuben, Belper Dbys 1925
SPENCER Samuel, Belper 1848
SPENCER Samuel, Belper Dbys 1767
SPENCER Samuel, Belper Dbys 1887
SPENCER Walter, Belper Dbys 1925
SPENCER William Johnson, Belper Dbys 1880
SPENCER William, Belper 1814
SPENCER William, Belper Dbys 1867
SPENCER William, Belper Dbys 1869
SPENCER William, Commonside Belper Dbys 1875
SPENDLOVE Phoebe, Belper Dbys 1913
SPENSER Richard, Belper 1591
STANLEY Mary Jane, Belper Dbys 1924
STANLEY Samuel, Belper Dbys 1920
STANLEY William Henry,Belper Dbys 1927
STEPHENS Meredith Lloyd, Belper Dbys 1881
STEVENSON Emma, Belper 1876
STEVENSON Herbert, Belper 1924
STEVENSON Horatio, Belper 1918
STEVENSON John Webster, Belper 1873
STEVENSON Myra, Belper 1907
STILLMAN Tom, Belper 1913
STOKES Jane, Belper 1921
STONE Charlotte, Belper 1905
STONE Dorothy, Belper 1915
STONE George, Belper 1903
STONE Isaac, Belper 1902
STONE John, Belper 1889
STONE Martha, Belper 1885
STONE Prudence, Belper 1924
STONE Robert, Belper 1919
STORER Samuel, Belper 1881
STREET Abraham, Belepr 1880
STREET Samuel, Belper Dbys 1873
STREET William, Belper Lane End Belper 1868
STRETTON Charles, Belper 1870
STRETTON James, Belper Dbys 1882
STRUTT John, Bridge Hill Belper Dbys 1858
STRUTT Susan Agnes, Belper Dbys 1894
STUBLEY Joseph, Belper Dbys 1902
SUMMERSIDE Thomas, Belper and Ambergate Dbys 1881
SUTTON Alfred Samuel, Belper Dbys 1889
SUTTON Emmeline Eva, Belper Dbys 1892
SWINSCOE Sarah, Belper, Dbys 1906
SYMONS Lucy, Belper, Dbys 1880
TOMLINSON James 1865 of Belper, mentions "son Frederick now in America".
WALKER Ann, Belper 1893
WALKER Ann, Belper 1909
WALKER Ann, Belper Dbys 1893
WALKER Ann, Belper Dbys 1909
WALKER Daniel, Belper 1891
WALKER Daniel, Belper Dbys 1891
WALKER Freeman, Belper Dbys 1891
WALKER Freeman, Belper Dbys 1909
WALKER Jabez, Belper Dbys 1926
WALKER James, Belper Dbys 1880
WALKER John, Belper Dbys 1861
WALKER John, Belper Dbys 1890
WALKER John, Belper Dbys 1895
WALKER Joseph Slater, Belper Dbys 1922
WALKER Joseph, Belper 1892
WALKER Joseph, Belper Dbys 1882
WALKER Joseph, Commonside Belper Dbys 1862
WALKER Martha, Belper Dbys 1880
WALKER Mary Ellen, Belper Dbys 1901
WALKER Rebecca, Belper 1918
WALKER William Sims, Belper Dbys 1913
WALKER William, Belper Dbys 1896
WEBSTER John Sidney, Belper and Bakewell 1924
WEBSTER John, Belper 1869
WEBSTER Mary, Belper 1918
WEBSTER Sarah, Belper 1883
WEBSTER William English, Belper 1886
WELCH Henry Ernest, Belper 1914
WEST John, Belper 1906
WHEATCROFT John, Belper 1919
WHEATLAND Robert, Belper 1865
WHEATLEY Francis, Belper 1900
WHEATLEY Samuel, Belper 1915
WHEATLEY Thomas, Belper 1884
WHEELDON George, Belper 1921
WHEELDON John, Belper 1871
WHEELDON John, Belper 1926
WHEELDON John, Belper and Ambergate 1924
WHEELDON Ruth, Belper and Holloway 1918
WHEELDON William, Belper 1915
WHITTINGHAM Thomas, Belper Dbys 1883
WILD Elizabeth, Belper 1844
BELPER Administration
ALLDREAD Thomas beerhouse keeper. 1865
BERESFORD Martha, Belper 1871 Adm
BLOUNT Henry, Belper 1870 Adm
BRATBY John, Belper 1863 Adm
BRIDGES Samuel, Belper 1863 Adm
BROWN William, Belper 1858 Adm
GAMBLE Patience, Belper 1864 Adm
GERRARD John, Belper 1859 Adm
GOODWIN William, Belper 1872 Adm
HARRISON James, Belper 1858 Adm
HAWLEY James, labourer, mentions John HAWLEY of Heanor 1865
HAYWOOD George. 1865
JACKSON Elizabeth, Belper 1864 Adm
JACKSON Robert, Belper 1871 Adm
KIDDY Elizabeth, Belper 1864 Adm
KIDDY John, Belper 1873 Adm
KING Job, Belper 1872 Adm
KIRKLAND John, Belper 1862 Adm
LIVEY Ann, Belper 1870 Adm
MASON Mary, Belper 1868 Adm
MASON Thomas Bowmer, Belper 1862 Adm
MELBOURNE Samuel, Belper 1862 Adm
MELBOURNE Sarah Taylor died 1862. Adm. 1865
PARKER William, Belper 1864 Adm
POWNALL Henry. 1865
RODGERS Elizabeth, Belper 1867 Adm
ROGERSON Stephen innkeepr, mentions Ann ROGERSON of Tibshelf widow. 1865
SIMS William, Belper 1866 Adm
SMITH Harriet Mary died at The Coppice Lunatic Asylum, Nottingham. 1865
SMITH William, Belper 1872 Adm
SPENCER Joseph, Belper 1867 Adm
SPENCER Joseph, Belper, 1785 Adm
SPENCER Thomas, Belper 1871 Adm
STREET Ann, Belper 1868 Adm
WATSON Gervase George, Belper 1869 Adm
WHEATCROFT Thomas, Belper 1874 Adm
LOMAS Ellen, Berks. Windsor and Buxton, Dbys 1882
TAYLOR Clara Lucy, Berks. Newbury 1906
WEBSTER Isaac, Berks. Reading and Ashbourne, Dbys. 1887
ATKIN William, Heathcote Biggin 1880
AUSTIN George, Biggin 1887 (may be Biggin by Wirksworth)
LEES Edward, Heathcote Hartington 1860
LEES Joseph, Biggin Hartington 1869
PETT Thomas, Biggin by Hartington, Dbys 1858
PETT Thomas, Biggin by Hartington, Dbys 1895
PRINCE John, Biggin by Hartington 1880
RICHARDSON Elizabeth, Biggin by Hartington  1872
RICHARDSON John, Biggin by Hartington 1864
SHAW Ann, Biggin by Hartington  1880
SLATER Adam, Biggin  1855  V21/223

BIGGIN (See also Hartington) Administration. parish 1849
GOODWIN Ann, Biggin 1860 Adm
ALLCOCK Charles Robert, Hilcote 1926
ALLCOCK Hannah Rebekah, Blackwell 1910
APLETREE Thomas Frederick, Blackwell, Newton 1920
DALTON Thomas, Blackwell 1900
EYRE Anne, Blackwell 1689/90
EYRE John, Blackwell 1795
EYRE Robert, Blackwell 1722
EYRE William, Blackwell 1699
FREEMAN Elias, Blackwell 1919
FREEMAN Emma, Newton Green 1917
FREEMAN Jane, Newton  and Swanwick 1905
FREEMAN Joseph, Newton 1871
FREEMAN Stephen, Newton 1906
MARRIOTT John, Newton, Blackwell 1915
SPENCER Thomas, Blackwell, B Winning, miner. 1915

BLACKWELL Administration
SPENCER George, Blackwell 1827 Adm
ADIN Joseph, Bolsover 1889
ALLWOOD William, Bolsover 1882
ALSOP Anthony, Bolsover 1859
ALSOP Anthony, Bolsover, surgeon 1855 V6/10
ALSOP Anthony, surgeon Bolsover copy Will  1855 V6/277
ALSOP Anthony, surgeon Bolsover, draft Will 1855  V6/273
ANDREWS Selina, Bolsover, Hillstown 1904
ANTCLIFF Charles, Bolsover 1920
BIRCHBECKE Isabel, Bolsover 1639
BIRKEBECK Barbara, Bolsover 1640
BIRKEBECK Dorothy, Bolsover 1640
BOLER Thomas, Glapwell 1877
BUNTING William, Glapwell 1789
CHADWICK Richard, Bolsover 1710
COX John, Bolsover 1786
DAKIN John Robert, Bolsover, Carr Vale 1921
FOX Benjamin, Bolsover 1842
FOX William, Bolsover, Glapwell 1858
FROST Nicholas, Bolsover, tallow chandler 1749 V2/23
GILROY Samuel Bertram, Bolsover 1905
HALLOWES Samuel, Glapwell  1708  V7/7
HALLOWES Thomas, Glapwell 1725 V7/12
HALLOWES Thomas, Glapwell 1740 V7/13
HILL Ann, Bolsover 1851
HILL Anna Maria, Bolsover 1854
HILL John, Bolsover 1686
HILL John, Bolsover 1689
HOPKINSON Andrew, Glapwell 1875
HOUGHTON Daniel, Bolsover 1896
HUTCHINSON Ralph, Bolsover 1649
HYDE Mary Ann, Bolsover 1895
JACKSON Catherine 1800
JACKSON Catherine, Bolsover 1800
JACKSON James, Bolsover 1892
JACKSON Joseph, Bolsover 1874
JACKSON Joseph, Bolsover 1876
JACKSON Matthew 1806
JACKSON Matthew 1826
JACKSON Matthew, Bolsover 1806
JACKSON Matthew, Bolsover 1826
JACKSON Richard 1824
JACKSON Richard, Bolsover 1824
JACKSON Richard, Bolsover 1866
JACKSON Samuel 1848
JACKSON Samuel, Bolsover 1848
JEFFERRY John, Bolsover 1878
JENNINGS William, Glapwell 1899
JOHNSON Alfred, Bolsover 1897
JOHNSON George, Bolsover 1907
JOHNSON John, Bolsover 1895
KITCHEN Henry, Bolsover 1640
LAMB Charles, Bolsover 1920
LAWRENCE Ann, Shuttlewood 1876
LAWRENCE John, Shuttlewood Bolsover 1872
LEADBEATER Samuel, Oxcroft Bolsover 1873
LILEE Elizabeth, Bolsover 1918
LIMB George, Bolsover 1874
LIMB Robert, Bolsover 1915
LITHERLANDE Richard, Bolsover 1649
MACHIN Samuel, Bolsover 1914
MARPLES Francis, Bolsover 1895
MARPLES Hannah, Bolsover 1897
MARPLES James, Bolsover 1905
MARPLES Wiliam, Bolsover 1911
MARPLES William Henry, Bolsover 1912
MATHER John Snr, Bolsover 1640
MITCHELL Joseph Harper, Bolsover 1894
NEWTON John, Bolsover 1646
NORMAN William, Bolsover 1926
OAKEY Henry, Bolsover 1908
PALMER William, Bolsover 1859
PARSONS Peter, Bolsover 1894
PATCHET Arthur, Bolsover 1925
PEACE John, Bolsover 1650
PEARCE Edward, Bolsover 1874
PEARCE Elizabeth, Bolsover 1873
PEARCE Mary, Bolsover 1863
PEARCE Mary, Bolsover 1922
PEARCE William, Bolsover 1879
PULLEYN John, Bolsover 1850
SMITHSON Huntington, Bolsover 1649
SPENCER Robert of Glapwell 1845
SPENCER Robert, Bolsover, Glapwell 1845
SPITTLEHOUSE Henry, Bolsover 1646
SPITTLEHOUSE Humphrey, Bolsover 1648
STACIE (STACY) Francis, Bolsover 1631
STONE William, Bolsover 1903
TURNER Richard, Bolsover 1648
WILD George, Bolsover 1856
WILD Joseph, Bolsover 1857
WOOLHOUSE Thomas, Glapwell 1677/8  V7/1
YOULE Richard, Bolsover 1641
BOLSOVER Administration
BARKER Anne, Bolsover 1647 Adm.
ARMSTRONG Charlotte, Bolsover 1866 Adm
BOOKER George, Bolsover 1868 Adm
CARLING Mary, Bolsover 1861 Adm
CHARLESWORTH Sarah, Bolsover 1869 Adm
COLVER Mary, Bolsover 1861 Adm
DENLEY George, Bolsover 1861 Adm
FARR Cornelius, Bolsover, Inventory 1732 V2/134
HOLMES Robert, Bolsover 1871 Adm
HUTTON John, Bolsover 1870 Adm
JOHNSON Esther, Bolsover 1864 Adm
LEVERITT Stephen, Bolsover 1872 Adm
RAWSON John, Bolsover 1649 Adm
SMALL Thomas, Bolsover 1647 Adm
SPENCER Mary, Bolsover 1734 Adm
SPENCER Thomas, Bolsover 1730 Adm
SPENCER Thomas, Bolsover 1734 Adm

ABELL Henry, Bonsall 1887
ABELL James, Bonsall 1802 72/1
ABELL John, Bonsall 1825 72/2
ABELL John, Bonsall 1877
ABELL Rachel, Bonsall 1871
ALSOP Adams, Bonsall 1919
ALSOP Catherine, Via Gellia Bonsall 1848  V6/261
ALSOP Catherine, via Gellia Bonsall, draft Will. 1848 V6/B7/23
BAILEY George, The Moor, Bonsall 1867
BAKER Walter James alias GEARY Bonsall 1904
BAMFORD Robert, Slaley p.Bonsall 1907
BARTRAM John, Bonsall  1894
BATEMAN Ann Bonsall 1850
BERISFORD Thomas, Bonsall 1638
BICKERSTAFF Isaac Rev, Bonsall 1872
BOAM George, Bonsall 1917
BOAM Hannah, Bonsall 1921
BOWNE George, Bonsall 1648
BOWNE William, Bonsall 1629
BUCKLEY William, Bonsall 1628
BUNTING Benjamin Bonsall 1855
BUNTING Job Bonsall 1806
BUNTING Job Bonsall 1854
BUNTING Samuel Bonsall 1852
BUNTING Silas Bonsall 1855
BUNTING William Bonsall 1836
BUNTING William, Bonsall 1836  V6/175
BUTLER William, Bonsall, miner 1765 CTW/66
CHADWICK Nicholas Bonsall 1688
CHADWICK Nicholas Bonsall 1747
CHADWICK Rachael Bonsall 1694
CHADWICKE James Bonsall 1676
COATES Richard, Brightgate 1843  V6/187
COATES Thomas, Bright Gate, Bonsall, draft Will 1855 V6/B7/12
COATES Thomas, Brightgate  1855  V6/274
COATES William, Brightgate 1853   V6/184
DOXEY Joseph, Bonsall 1845  V6/174
EATON Miss, Bonsall 1800 CTW/73
GEARY Walter James (aka BAKER), Bonsall 1904
GREATOREX William, Bonsall 1875
GREENSMITH Robert, Bonsall 1753 CTW/94
HARDING John, Bonsall 1646
HARDING John, Bonsall 1646
HENSTOCK Edward Slaley, Bonsall 1788
HENSTOCK Elizabeth Slaley 1854
HENSTOCK George Bonsall 1718
HENSTOCK James Bonsall 1842
HENSTOCK John Bonsall 1856
HENSTOCK Joseph Bonsall 1800
HENSTOCK Thomas Bonsall 1685
HENSTOCK William Bonsall 1667
HENSTOCK William Bonsall 1732
HENSTOCKE George Bonsall 1670
HILL Henry Bonsall 1673
HILL Mary Bonsall 1690
HOLEHOUSE James, Bonsall 1646
HOLEHOUSE James, Bonsall 1646
HOLEHOUSE William Bonsall yeoman 1742 CTW/6
HOLEHOUSE William snr Bonsall yeoman 1773 CTW/7
KILLER Sarah, Bonsall 1860
KINDER George, Bonsall 1893
KIRKLAND Charles, Bonsall 1828  V6/145
KIRKLAND Charles, Bonsall 1888
KIRKLAND Hannah, Bonsall 1894
KIRKLAND John, Bonsall 1876
KIRKLAND Mary, Bonsall 1862
KIRKLAND Stephen,Bonsall 1873
KIRKLAND Thomas, Bonsall 1877
KIRKLAND William, Bonsall 1865
KNOWLES Adam, Bonsall 1820   V43/1
KNOWLES John, Bonsall 1900
KNOWLES John, Bonsall 1923
KNOWLES Mary, Bonsall 1836  V6/146
KNOWLES Peter Adam, Bonsall 1898
KNOWLES William, Bonsall 1886
LANE John Bonsall miner 1775 CTW/4
LANE Joseph Bonsall miner 1825 CTW/5
LOMAS William, Bonsall Moor 1887
LOXLEY John, Bonsall 1866
LOXLEY John, Bonsall 1910
LOXLEY Thomas, Bonsall 1900
MADDOCK William, Bonsall 1861
MARSHALL William, Via Gellia, Bonsall 1914
MARTYN (MARTIN ) Thomas, Bonsall 1633
MASSEY Ann, Bonsall 1840
MASSEY George, Bonsall 1888
MASSEY John, Bonsall 1747
MASSEY William, Bonsall 1691
MATHER John, Bonsall 1647
MATHER John, Bonsall 1647
MILLWARD Edwin, Bonsall 1899
MILLWARD George, Bonsall 1871
MILWARD Horatio, Bonsall 1912
MILWARD William, Bonsall 1912
OLDFIELD Elias 1816 (buried Ashford, nr Bakewell )
OLIVER Josiah, Dale End, Bonsall 1884
OLIVER William, Bonsall 1873
POUNDALL Thomas Bonsall, miner 1790 CTW/1
PRINCE Charles, Bonsall 1883
PRINCE Isaac, Bonsall miner, 1778 CTW/68
PRINCE Joseph, Bonsall 1888
PRINCE Samuel, Bonsall 1861
PRINCE Thomas. Bonsall 1789 72/3
RAINS John, Mount View, Bonsall 1872
RAWLINGS William, Bonsall  1785   V43/2
RAYNES Ann, Bonsall 1867
RAYNES Harriett, Bonsall 1890
RAYNES Isaac, Bonsall 1877
REEDS James, Bonsall 1912
RENSHAW Edward, Bonsall Cross 1908
ROBINSON Joseph, Bonsall 1893
ROOTH Elizabeth, Bonsall widow 1846 V2/68
ROOTH Samuel, Bonsall 1842 V2/69
ROPER Ann Eliza, Bonsall 1925
ROPER John William, Bonsall 1909
ROWLAND Alice, Bonsall 1917
SHELDON Benjamin 1808
SHELDON Jacob 1844
SHELDON James 1803
SHELDON Joseph 1852
SHELDON William 1810
SHELDON William 1831
SMITH Joseph, Bonsall husbandman, 1746 CTW/63
SPENCER George, Bonsall 1812
SPENCER Reuben, Bonsall 1819
SPENCER Reuben, Bonsall, Bonsall Lees 1846
SPENCER William, Bonsall 1892
TORRENT Anthony, Bonsall, miner 1768 CTW/67
TWIGG Ann, Bonsall spinster 1844 CTW/54
TWIGG Isaac, Bonsall 1818 CTW/51
TWIGG John, Bonsall 1796 (draft Will) CTW/1796
TWIGG Sarah, Bonsall spinster 1846 CTW56
WALKER Ann, Bonsall 1899
WALKER Edmund, Bonsall 1640
WALKER Edmund, Bonsall 1640
YOUNGE William, Bonsall 1675/6
BONSALL Administrations
ALSOP Alfred 1858 Via Gellia, Bonsall
BOWNE Humphrey, Bonsall 1756 CTW/64
BOWNE William, Bonsall 1649 Adm.
FEARN Moses, 1869 of Ible p.Wirksworth, died Bonsall
FLYNT (FLINT) George, Bonsall 1647 Adm
GARRATT Richard, Bonsall 1640 Adm
KIRK Mary 1862 Bonsall died 1856
LOXLEY David 1873 Bonsall
MASSEY Grace, Bonsall 1684 Adm
MASSEY Grace, Bonsall 1715 Adm
PRINCE Samuel, Rev. Bonsall 1865 Adm
WOOD Edward 1874 Slaley, Bonsall
FRIGERIO Angelo, Crewton 1926
HALL Thomas Boulton, mentions Christopher BASSETT Countersthorpe, Leics. Executor. 1858 /65
JAMES John, Crewton 1922
JEFFRIES William, Crewton 1927
JONES Sarah Annie, Crewton 1919
KIRKMAN Joseph, Boulton 1893
LAMBERT Charles Frank, Crewton. 1917
LESLIE Annette Sophia, Crewton 1904
MADDOCKS Sarah Ann, Boulton 1922
NADIN Joseph, Crewton and Manchester Lancs 1924
PRITCHARD W.J. Crewton 1924
RILEY Elizabeth, Boulton 1896
RILEY Richard, Boulton 1869
WOODWARD Joseph, Boulton 1904
WOODWARD Martha, Allestree House, Crewton 1906
BOULTON Administrations Separate parish 1865, see also Alvaston, Derby (St.Peter)
BACON Hannah, Boulton 1859 Adm
ADAMS George, Boylestone 1868
BYFIELD Joseph, Boylestone 1873
DAKIN George, Boylestone 1870
DAKIN Hanah, Boylestone 1881
GELL Thomas, Rev. Boylestone 1834 V5/67
GILMAN John, Boylestone 1880
GILMAN Sarah, Boylestone 1890
GILMAN Thomas, Boylestone 1895
HALL Henry, Boylson, (Boylestone?) 1629
JEFFERRY Henry, Boylestone 1896
JOHNSON Francis, Boylestone 1649
LESTER Joseph, Boylestone 1871
LORD Robert, Boylestone 1650
MASSY (MASSEY) William, Boylestone 1536
REDFERN Ann, Boylestone and Colwich, Staffs 1882
SAINT Edward, Boylestone 1878
STONE John, Boylestone 1834
STONE Robert, Boylestone 1800
WHITE John, Boylestone 1648
BOYLESTONE Administration
TWIGG Sarah, died 1848,mentions Thomas GILMAN brother of Longford. Adm. 1865
BRACKENFIELD Wills (Separate parish 1844, includes Woolley. See also Morton)
KNOWLES Robert, Brackenfield 1868
LANCASTER Sophia, Brackenfield 1894
LEACROFT Charles Holcombe, Brackenfield Vicarage 1899
LIMB John, Brackenfield 1886
LIMB John, Brackenfield 1907
LIMB Joseph, Brackenfield 1896
MILNER John, Brackenfield 1887
MILNES William, Brackenfield 1889
WRAGG John, Brackenfield Dbys 1863
WRAGG Robert, Brackenfield Dbys 1860
ALSOP Lawrence, Bradbourne 1555
ALSOP Lydia, Lea Hall, p. Bradbourne widow 1846   V6/21
BUXTON John, Ballidon, p.Bradbourne 1736  V97/1/44
DAKIN George, Bradbourne, Aldwark 1917
DALE Anne, Bradbourne 1910
EYRE Richard, Bradbourne 1864
HAND Ellen, Bradbourne 1648
HAND Thomas, Bradbourne 1648
HILL Thomas, Bradbourne 1602
JACKSON Thomas, Bradbourne 1821
ROE Thomas, Clerk of Bradbourne, 1803  V97/1/47
SLACKE (SLACK) Thomas, Bradbourne, Ballidon 1639
SPENCER Helen, Bradbourne 1701
SPENCER Henry, Bradbourne, Aldwark 1748
STEEPLE John, Bradbourne 1752
STEEPLE William, Bradbourne 1780
WAGSTAFFE William, Bradbourne 1640
BRADBOURNE Administration
ALLSOP John William, Bradbourne 1867 Adm
DALE Thurstan Lea Hall p.Bradbourne Gent. 1865
DALE Thurstan younger of Lea Hall, died Cheetham, Lancs. 1865
DALE Thurston, Bradbourne 1865 Adm
DALE Thurston, yngr.,Bradbourne 1865 Adm
GERRARD Mary, Bradbourne 1862 Adm
HOOD John, Bradbourne 1649 Adm
ALLSOP Thomas, Bradley 1544
ARMISHAW Thomas, Bradley 1791 V60/67
BOTTE Richard, Bradley 1628
COX Edward, Bradley 1720
COX Richard, Bradley 1733
ELLSE Henry, Bradley 1641
GAMBLE William, Bradley 1876
GLOVER William, Nob Farm Bradley  1870
HALL George of Bradley, formerly of Chipchase Park House, p.Chollerton. Northumberland, mentions, wife Isabella, dau Mary wife of Edward CHARLTON of Newton Hull?, property in Cottingham St, Newcastle upon Tyne. Will made 1867. Proved 1877 /55.
HILL Edward, Bradley 1834
HILL Elizabeth, Bradley 1679
HILL Francis, Bradley 1572
HILL Richard, Bradley 1699
HILL Richard, Bradley 1797
HILL Thomas, Bradley 1838
HOLME Hugh, Bradley 1642
HOOSAN Benjamin, Bradley 1890
HOUGH Joseph, Bradley 1776 (poss not Derbys Bradley)
JACKSON Thomas, Bradley 1800
LAMBERT Hannah, Bradley 1877
LITCHFIELD George, Bradley 1864
LITCHFIELD John, Bradley 1863
ORME John, Bradley 1640
PARKER Anne, Bradley 1628
PARKER Humphrey, Bradley 1645
REDFERN Francis, Bradley 1922
RICHARDS Charles William, Bradley 1888
RIDE George, Bradley and Matlock 1925
WETTON William, Bradley 1636
BRADLEY Administration
COTTON Alice, Bradley 1645 Adm.
GARDNER William, Bradley 1628
STAPLETON William, Bradley 1628 Adm
WOOLLEY Robert, Bradley 1647 Adm
(Separate parish 1875, includes Great and Little Hucklow, Abney and Abney Grange, Hazelbadge, Grindlow and the part of Wardlow once in Hope. Other part of Wardlow in Great Longstone.See also Hope, Great Longstone and Wardlow.)
ANDREW Charles, Bradwell 1905
ANDREW Thomas, Bradwell 1883
ASHMORE Abraham, Bradwell 1892
DAKIN Mary, Bradwell 1900
DAKIN Samuel, Bradwell 1877
FOX Bagshaw, Bradwell 1889
FOX George, Bradwell, Hazelbadge 1875
FOX John, Bradwell 1896
FURNISS Robert, Bradwell 1884
GILES Benjamin, Bradwell 1883
HOW Samuel, Bradwell 1870
HOWE Aaron George, Bradwell 1902
HOWE Hannah, Bradwell 1894
HOWE Nancy, Bradwell 1893
HOWE Robert, Bradwell 1907
HOWE Samuel, Bradwell 1902
HOWE Thomas, Bradwell 1877
HOWE William, Windmill, Little Hucklow 1876
JACKSON John, Bradwell 1900
JACKSON Mary, Bradwell 1928
JEFFERRY Joshua, Bradwell 1887
JEFFERRY Thomas, Bradwell 1902
KAY Robert, Bradwell 1888
LEECH Caroline, Bradwell 1891
LISTER  Sophia, Bradwell 1892
LONGDEN Samuel, Bradwell 1909
MALTBY Leonard, Great Hucklow 1897
MALTBY Robert, Bradwell 1885
MIDDLETON Abraham, Lordship Farm, Bradwell 1906
MIDDLETON Anthony, Bradwell 1909
MIDDLETON Charles, Bradwell 1903
MIDDLETON George, Bradwell 1882
MIDDLETON George, Bradwell 1900
MIDDLETON George, Bradwell 1912
MIDDLETON Job, Bradwell 1899
MIDDLETON John, Bradwell 1879
MIDDLETON Mary, Bradwell 1892
MIDDLETON Robert, Bradwell 1876
MIDDLETON Robert, Bradwell 1883
MIDDLETON Samuel, Bradwell 1889
MIDDLETON Samuel, Bradwell 1901
MIDDLETON Thomas, Bradwell 1884
MIDDLETON Thomas, Bradwell 1925
MIDDLETON William, Bradwell 1890
MIDDLETON William, Bradwell 1924
PRISK John, Bradwell 1875 (1871 census born Redruth Cornwall)
RAMSDEN James, Bradwell 1878
RANDAL Hannah, Bradwell 1916
RANDALL William, Bradwell 1887
REDFERN Francis, Abney 1898
REDFERN Francis, Abney 1907
REDFERN Mary Alice, Bradwell 1917
RIDAL John Henry, Bradwell 1915
ROBINSON George, Wardlow 1883
ROBINSON John, Wardlow 1878
ROBINSON Joseph, Camp Hill Farm, Great Hucklow 1906
ROBINSON Joseph, Wardlow and Chester Ches. 1893
ROOME Charles William, Bradwell 1920
ROSE George Bagshaw, Grindlow 1893
ROSE George, Abney  1883
ROSE Robert, Grindlow 1923
WALKER Alexander, Bradwell 1905
WALKER Benjamin, Bradwell 1880
WALKER Caroline, Bradwell 1897
WALKER Charles, Bradwell 1912
ARCHER Charles, Ednaston Brailsford 1866
ARCHER Daniel, Wild Park Brailsford 1876
ARCHER James, Brailsforf 1884
BENBRIGG William of Brailsford, yeoman 1778 V26/8
BENBRIGG William, husbandman of Brailsford 1778 V26/7
COCKS William, Brailsford 1712
HOUGH George, Brailsford 1881
JOHNSON George, Ednaston 1885
LAMB Helen Clifford, Brailsford 1902
MACKENZIE James, Ednaston 1920
MASSEY George, Brailsford 1695
MOREWOOD ( MOORWOOD ) Edward, Brailsford 1628
MORLEY William, Brailsford 1640
MOSLEY John, Brailsford 1609  V21/140
OSBORNE Anne, Brailsford 1750
OSBORNE Charles, Brailsford 1730/1
OSBORNE James, Brailsford 1745
OSBORNE James, Brailsford 1764
OSBORNE James, Brailsford 1851
OSBORNE Mary, Brailsford 1706
OSBORNE Mary, Brailsford 1722
OSBORNE Samuel, Brailsford 1799
OSBORNE Thomas, Brailsford 1728
OSBORNE Wiliam, Brailsford 1666
OSBORNE William, Brailsford 1819
OSBORNE William, Brailsford 1848
OSBORNE William, Brailsford, Burrows 1720
SMITH Ann, Ednaston 1875
SMITH Margery, Brailsford 1647
SORESBY Gilbert, Brailsford 1775  V21/136
SORESBY Gilbert, Brailsford 1829  V21/137
WEBSTER Bartholomew, Brailsford 1641
YATES Harriet, Brailsford 1875
YATES John, Brailsford 1873
YATES John, Brailsford 1912
YATES Mary, Brailsford 1925
BRAILSFORD Administration
DILKES William, Brailsford 1641 Adm.
HOLMES Mary, Brailsford 1870 Adm
LAMB John, Brailsford 1869 Adm
OSBORNE William, Brailsford 1871 Adm
REEVE Daniel 1858
REEVE Daniel, Brailsford 1858 Adm
SMITH Symon (Simon), Brailsford 1648 Adm
WHITE Richard, Brailsford 1859 Adm
ADDY Edward younger, Brampton, Moor Haye 1882
ADLINGTON John, Brampton, Cutthorpe 1860
ALLCROFT George, Brampton and Nottingham 1882
ALLSOP Isaac, Brampton 1887
ALSOP Hannah, Brampton 1864
ANTHONY Charles, Brampton, Dog Hole Lane 1869
ASHMORE Emma, Brampton 1901
ASHMORE Joseph, Brampton  1915
ASHMORE Stephen, Holymoor Side 1902
AUSTIN Thomas, Brampton 1872
BARKER John, Brampton, Cutthorpe 1646
BARNES David, Ashgate 1786 CBA/1
BARNES David, Ashgate 1804 CBA/15
BARNES John, Ashgate 1780 CBA/9
BARROWS Eunice, Holymoorside 1918
BEARD Mary, Brampton Moor 1862
BOLER Margaret Kitching, Holymoorside 1921
BOLER William, Loads, Brampton 1859
BONSALL George, Brampton 1893
BRAYLESFORD John, Brampton 1638
CALOWE Hugh, Brampton 1629
CALTON Peter, Brampton 1640
CLARKE Mary Ann, Brampton 1903
CLAUGHTON William, Brampton 1874
CLAYTON Ann, Brampton 1912
COLLEY Elizabeth, als FOLJAMBE, Brampton 1647
DOE Henry, Brampton 1647
DOE Robert, Brampton 1648
DOE William Brampton 1646
ELLIOTT Elias, Brampton Moor 1840 CBA/60
EYRE John, Brampton 1882
EYRE John, Brampton 1894
EYRE Martha, Brampton 1915
FOX Godfrey, Brampton 1622
FOX Jane, Brampton 1885
GARDOM William, Cutthorpe, 1791 CBA/4
GARNER John William, Brampton 1893
GAUNT Joseph, Brampton 1896
GEORGE Charles, Brampton 1883
GEORGE Mary Ann, Brampton 1904
GIBB Jane, Brampton 1898
GIBB Matthew, Brampton 1897
GIBBONS Jane, Brampton 1898
GIBBONS Matthew, Brampton 1897
GREEN Thomas, Brampton, Dbys 1797
GREEN Thomas, Brampton, Dbys 1836
HARTLEY Henry, Brampton 1650
HARTLEY Robert, Brampton 1647
HEATH Ralph, Brampton 1650
HIGGINBOTTOM William, Ashgate 1803 CBA/40
HILL Dorothy, Brampton 1882
HILL Edward, Brampton 1895
HILL Fred, Brampton and Whatstandwell 1919
HILL George, Brampton 1890
HILL Henry, Brampton 1628
HILL John, East Moor, Brampton 1860
HILL Robert, Brampton 1750
HILL Thomas, Brampton 1852
HILL William, Wigley, Brampton 1920
HOPKINSON George, Holymoorside 1900
HOPKINSON George,Holymoorside 1911 
HOPKINSON Thomas, Brampton 1883
HORSFALL Enoch, Brampton 1887
HOSKIN George, Brampton 1904
HOSKIN Mary, New Brampton 1888
HOSKIN Samuel, Brampton 1908
HOSKIN Walter, Brampton 1919
HOSKIN William, Brampton 1892
JACKSON John, Brampton 1849
JACKSON Luke, Cutthorpe 1879
JOHNSON Ann, Somersall Hall, Brampton 1868
JONES Mary Ann, Brampton 1915
JONES Richard, Brampton 1898
KAY Joseph, Brampton 1899
KENT Henry, Brampton 1907
KIDGER Thomas, Brampton 1862
KNOWLES Adam, Brampton 1873
KNOWLES Ann Bower, Old Brampton 1923
KNOWLES George, Brampton 1897
KNOWLES John, Brampton 1898
KNOWLES Thomas Bower, Brampton 1887
LEE Thomas Harrison, Brampton 1900
LENTHALL James, Brampton 1897
LENTHALL John, Brampton 1892
LITTLEWOOD Elizabeth, Brampton 1899
LITTLEWOOD Thomas, Brampton 1859
LONGDEN John, Brampton 1861
LOWE Alfred, Brampton 1898
LOWE Ann, Brampton 1881
LOWE James, Brampton 1867
LOWE John, Watchill, Brampton 1868
LYON Mary, Brampton 1893
MADIN George, Brampton 1859
MADIN John, Cliff Bottom Brampton 1861 
MADIN Joseph, Walton, Staveley 1869
MADIN Mary, Brampton 1885
MARGERESON John George, Cutthorpe 1924
MARGERISON Charles, Brampton 1879
MARGERRESON Peter, Brampton 1872
MARPLES William, Brampton 1888
MARR Mary, Brampton 1901
MARSDEN Abraham, Walton 1880
MARSDEN Charles, Brampton 1893
MARSDEN Mary, Brampton 1886
MARTAINE (MARTIN?) Jeremiah, Brampton 1663
MARTIN Richard, Brampton 1735
MITCHELL Joseph, Brampton 1897
MITCHELL Joseph, Cutthorpe 1862
MITCHELL Martha, Brampton 1915
MITCHELL Mary, Brampton 1900
MITCHELL William Henry, Brampton 1915
MOSLEY Ann, Holymoorside 1881
MOSLEY Rachael, Brampton 1861
MOSLEY William, Brampton 1879
MOWBRAY George, Brampton 1887
MYCROFT George, Brampton 1897
NEALE Alfred Godius, Brampton and York Yks 1888
NEALE Hannah, Brampton 1893
NEEDHAM Clement, Cutthorpe 1896
NEEDHAM George, Cutthorpe 1874
NEEDHAM William, Cutthorpe 1913
NEWBOLD William, Brampton 1884
NEWBOULD George, Brampton 1891
NEWBOULD Joseph, Lea Greave, Brampton 1862
NICHOLLIS James, New Brampton 1903
NICHOLLIS Priscilla, Brampton 1882
NICHOLLIS Samuel, Brampton 1886
NICHOLS Thomas, Brampton 1860
NOTON Benjamin Sanders, Brampton 1871
PEARSON James, Brampton, Dbys 1905
PRATT Thomas, Brampton 1894
RAMSLEY Richard, Brampton 1647
RANDALL Fredrick, Brampton 1917
RENSHAW John, Brampton 1919
REYNSHAW (RENSHAW) Francis, Brampton 1649
RHODES Charles, Walton 1877
ROBINSON Eliza, Brampton 1886
ROBINSON John Brabury, Brampton and Chesterfield 1870
RODGERS Hannah, Brampton 1884
RODGERS Harriett, Brampton 1894
ROGERS Sarah, Brampton 1905
ROOTH John, Bridge House, Brampton 1861
ROSE William, Brampton 1904
SHARMAN John, Cutthorpe Hall 1876
SHARMAN William Edward, Brampton 1902
SHARRATT Henry, Brampton 1882
SHORT Jesse, Holymoorside Brampton 1870
SHORT Samuel Edward, Brampton Manor 1914
SIDDALL Elizabeth, Old Brampton  1905
SILCOCK Ann, Brampton 1884
SILCOCK Ann, Brampton, Dbys 1884
SILCOCK George, Brampton 1889
SILCOCK George, Brampton, Dbys 1889
SILCOCK John, Brampton, Little Common 1862
SILCOCK John, Little Common, Brampton, Dbys 1862
SIMMONITE Matilda, Brampton 1891
SIMMONITE Matilda, Brampton, Dbys 1891
SIMPSON Samuel, Brampton 1885
SLEIGH Richard, Brampton 1630
STEVENSON George, Wadshelf, Brampton 1876
STEVENSON John, Brampton 1630
STOPPARD Eliza, New Brampton 1901
STORER James, Walton 1876
SWINDELL Samuel, Brampton 1902
TURNER Robert 1776 V30/3
TURNER Robert, Brampton 1776  V30/4
WATKINSON John, Brampton 1629
WATKINSON John, Brampton 1639
WATSON Godfrey, Brampton 1636
WHEATCROFT Matthew, Brampton 1904
WHEATCROFT Samuel, Brampton 1897
WHETTON George, Brampton 1900
WILCOCKSON Thomas of Brampton mentions great nephew Thomas ROBERTS of Sheffield, draper. Will made 1859 Proved 1862/40
YORKE Robert, Brampton 1640
YOUNGE (YOUNG) Nicholas, Brampton 1640
BRAMPTON Administration
ACTON Jane Hannah, Brampton ( died 1859 )  1874
BOWER William, Cutthorpe  mentions Sarah BOWER, William BOWER, Ann BOWER 1860 
CLARKE Gilbert, Brampton 1650
DAWSON Isaac, Brampton Moor  mentions Mary DAWSON,William DAWSON Sheffield, Yks.  1858
ELLIOT Mary, Brampton widow mentions George BLAKE Brampton 1859
GIBSON Charles, innkeeper. 1865
HARRISON John Brampton  died Barlow  mentions Isaac HARRISON Brampton 1859
HEATH Samuel, Brampton 1648 Adm
HILL Henry, Brampton 1628 Adm
LONGWORTH Eliza, 1865
LOWE Alice, Westwick  mentions Sarah LOWE 1860
MARGERISON William, Brampton  mentions Mary widow.1858
MEAYNE George, Brampton 1641 Adm
MOSLEY Thomas, Brampton 1640 Adm
OUTFIELD Godfrey, Brampton 1649 Adm
OUTFIELD Godfrey, Brampton 1649 Adm
REDFEARNE (REDFERN) William, Brampton 1628 Inventory
SHAW James, Brampton 1648 Adm
SLACK John, Woodnook  mentions Mary SLACK  1860 
SWIFTE (SWIFT) Christopher, Brampton 1628 Adm
TURNER Dorothy, Brampton 1640 Adm
TURNER Dorothy, Brampton 1640 Adm
WRIGHT Albertina, Brampton (died 1857) George PARKER,Priscilla WRIGHT
WRIGHT Samuel, Brampton  mentions Ann WRIGHT, Newton WRIGHT 1860
ALLSOP Hannah, Brassington 1899
ALLSOP James, Brassington 1904
ALLSOP Robert, Brassington 1888
ALLSOP Thomas, Brassington 1891
ALSOP William, Brassington 1848 V22/24
CROSBY Hilaries, Brassington 1851  V6/250
FEARN Aaron, Griff Walk, Brassington 1873
FEARN Daniel Baxter, Brassington 1896
FEARN Daniel, Brassington 1861
FEARN Francis, Brassington 1865
FEARN John, Brassington 1867
FEARN John, Brassington 1876
FEARN Thomas, Brassington 1867
FEARN Thomas, Brassington 1882
FEARN William, Brassington 1872
GERRARD Mary Ann, Brassington 1923
GREATOREX William, Brassington 1874
HILL Jonathan, Brassington 1689
HODGKINSON William, Brassington 1845  V6/142
HOPKINS Sarah, Brassington 1870
JACKSON Samuel, Brassington 1844
JAMES Alexander Dean,, Brassington 1880
JAMES Elizabeth Millington, Brassington 1853  V6/190
JAMES Elizabeth, Brassington 1899
JOHNSON Isaac, Brassington farmer 1835 V6/95
JOHNSON Joseph, Brassington 1925
JOHNSON Joseph, Brassington miner 1802 V6/94
KNIFTON Sylvia, Brassington 1914
KNOWLES Edward, Brassington 1628
KNOWLES George, Brassington 1641
KNOWLES John, Brassington 1891
KNOWLES Thomas, Brassington 1649
LANE Anthony, Brassington 1649
LANE John, Brassington 1652
LEA John, 1805
LEE John, 1774
LEE Robert, 1810
LOMAS Richard, Brassington 1865
MANSFIELD Henry, Brassington 1858
MARPLE Job, Brassington innholder 1755 V6/40
MILLINGTON Robert, Brassington 1830  V6/188
PRESTWIDGE William, Brassington 1858
RADFORD John, Brassington 1881
RAINS Isaac, Brassington Moor 1849  V6/255
RAINS John, Brassington 1902
ROWBOTHAM Henry, Brassington 1860
SHELDON William 1821
SHELDON William, Brassington 1821
SPENCER Henry, Brassington 1632
SPENCER Henry, Brassington 1710
SPENCER James, Brassington 1714
SPENCER Thomas, Brassington 1712
SPENCER William, Brassington 1811
SWINDELL Samuel, Brassington, Dbys 1926
SYLVESTER Joseph Watts, Brassington, Dbys 1923
TREVIS ( TRAVIS ? ) Henry, Brassington 1650
WALTON Ralph, Brassington 1636
WALTON Richard, Brassington 1629
WEBSTER Simeon, Brassington 1887
WESTERNE Anne, Brassington 1636
BRASSINGTON Administration
BUXTON John, Brassington 1641 Adm
BUXTON John, Brassington 1650 Adm
DEAN William, Brassington 1866 Adm
GRATTON Robert, Brassington 1647 Adm
KNOWLES William, Brassington 1860 Adm
SPENCER John, Brassington 1863 Adm
SPENCER William, Brassington 1733 Adm
WALTON Richard, Brassington 1628 Adm

OWEN John Orton, Brazil, Rio and Buxton 1875
ALLSOP Christopher, Breadsall 1891
BEADSMOORE John Henry, Breadsall 1918
DARWIN Francis Lackacre, Breadsall, The Priory 1859
DARWIN Jane Harriett,Breadsall,Northfield 1866
DARWIN Reginald, Breadsall 1892
GARRATT Thomas, Breadsall 1877
GERMAN Edward, Breadsall 1646
GRYFFIN Roger, Breadsall 1640
HILL George, Rector, Breadsall 1667
HILL Samuel, Breadsall 1713
HILL Samuel, Breadsall 1808
LAKIN Harriett, Breadsall 1900
PARKER John, Breadsall 1647
PARKER Richard, Breadsall 1640
PORTER Ann Eliza, Breadsall, Dbys 1918
PORTER John, Breadsall, Dbys 1871
PORTER John, Breadsall, Dbys 1892
PORTER John, Breadsall, Dbys 1910
PORTER Joseph, Breadsall, Dbys 1869
PORTER Samuel, Breadsall 1815  V64/12
PORTER Thomas, Breadsall, Dbys 1875
PORTER Walter, Breadsall, Dbys 1878
RICHARDSON Martha, Breadsall 1921
RILEY Agnes, Breadsall 1926
ROWBOTTOM Samuel, Breadsall 1866
ROWLAND John, Breadsall 1880
STEVENS James, Breadsall 1924
STONIFORTH Robert, Breadsall, Vicar 1630
WALKER Anthony, Breadsall 1714 V60/42
WHITE Sarah, Breadsall 1641

BREADSALL Administration
BURTON Richard, Breadsall 1628 Adm.
MERRY Mary, Breadsall 1871 Adm
REEVE John, Breadsall 1869 Adm
SLATER Joseph, Breadsall 1868 Adm
YONGE Reginald, Breadsall 1558 Adm.
ABBOTT George, Breaston 1914
ABBOTT John, Breaston 1862
ABBOTT Mary, Breaston 1918
ABBOTT Matilda, Breaston 1909
ABBOTT Rose, Breaston 1889
ABBOTT Ruth, Breaston 1889
ALLCROFT Sarah Ann, Breaston 1891
ANDREWS William, Breaston 1880
BARROW William Horace, Breaston 1920
BATES William, Braeston 1905
BONSALL Samuel of Breaston mentions wife Mary, Susannah UPTON of Stinchcomb Glos. 1821 MIS50/17 Will of
CLARKSON William, Breaston 1922
DOLMAN George, Breaston 1859
DOLMAN John, Breaston 1900
DOLMAN Lucy, Breaston 1917
DOMLEO Eliza, Breaaston 1918
DOMLEO George, Breaston 1927
DOMLEO Robert Frearson, Breaston 1920
GAMBLE Enoch, Breaston 1895
GAMBLE Robert, Breaston 1893
GAMBLE William, Breaston 1906
GARRATT Robert, Breaston 1878
HOWE Ralph, Breaston, Dbys 1667
INGHAM Henry, Breaston 1914
JACKSON Anne, Breaston 1806
JACKSON John, Breaston 1801
JOWETT Edwin, Breaston 1904
JOWETT Mary Ann, Breaston 1878
KENT Peter, Breaston 1883
LEE Ann 1799
MARKS Esau, Breaston 1917
MOORE Frances, Breaston 1873
PHIPPS Walter, Breaston, Dbys 1879
PLACKETT Ada, Breaston 1887
PLACKETT Augustus, Breaston 1918
PLACKETT Charles, Breaston 1886
PLACKETT Ernest, Breaston 1890
PLACKETT Frederick, Breaston 1896
PLACKETT Harris, Breaston 1906
PLACKETT Henry, Breaston 1890
PLACKETT Henry, Breaston 1888
PLACKETT John, Breaston 1884
PLACKETT Luke, Breaston 1891
PLACKETT Matthew, Breaston 1897
PLACKETT Nahum, Breaston 1890
PLACKETT Robert, Breaston 1889
PLACKETT Salome, Breaston 1910
PLACKETT Silas, Breaston 1884
PLACKETT Thomas, Breaston 1867
PLACKETT William Wass, Breaston 1920
PLACKETT William, Breaston 1863
POXON Elizabeth Alice, Breaston 1910
POXON John, Rev. Breaston 1891
STEVENSON Joseph, Breaston 1881
STEVENSON Samuel, Breaston 1914
STEVENSON Samuel, Breaston 1926
WALKER Ann, Breaston Dbys 1890
WALKER Samuel, Breaston Dbys 1880
WALKER William Breaston Dbys 1886
BREASTON Administration
DOLMAN William died 1866 mentions Rosa Anna DOLMAN. Adm. 1870
ELLIOTT John, Breaston?, Breason 1800 Adm
RIMINGTON Eleanor mentions John BREWSTER of Newark, Notts Adm. 1871
ALDRIDGE John, Bretby 1880
BELCHER John, Bretby 1637
FALKNER Jane, Bradby (Bretby ?) 1863
FALKNER Kitty, Bradby (Bretby ?) 1860
FAULKNER John, Bretby 1874
MARTEN (MARTIN) Ralph, Bretby 1592
MARTEN Ralph, Bretby 1592
MARTIN William, Bretby 1624
MARTIN William, Bretby 1850
MASSY (MASSEY) Robert, Bretby 1617/8
BRETBY Administration
BRADFORD Mary Elizabeth, Bretby 1865 Adm
COPNALL George, Bretby 1873 Adm
SPENCER William, Bretby 1685 Adm
BRIMINGTON Wills (see also Chesterfield)
ADLINGTON William, Brimington 1893
ALLWOOD Thomas, Brimington 1871
ASHMORE Samuel, Brimington 1862
ASHMORE William, Brimington 1867
ASHMORE William, Brimington 1900
BOOKER George, Brimington 1917
DARBOURE William Henry, Brimington, New Brimington 1917
FREEMAN Amos Briscoe, Brimington 1895
FURNISS William, Brimington 1898
GASCOYNE John, Brimington 1921
GASCOYNE John, Brimington 1921
HAWKSWORTH Alfred, Brimington 1902
HOLT Thomas, New Brimington 1902
HOPKINSON John White, Brimington 1918
HOWE James Carrington, Brimington 192
HOWE James Carrington, Brimington 1920
INNS Charles, Brimington 1919
INSLEY John, Brimington 1897
JACQUES Ann, New Brimington 1912
JAMES Emily Sarah, Brimington 1928
JOHNSON Henry, Brimington 1916
JOHNSON Jane, Brimington 1897
JOHNSON Joseph, Brimington 1897
JOHNSON William, Brimington 1927
JOHNSON William, Brimington and Brookhill 1886
KIRKLAND John, Brimington 1912
LEE Abel, Brimington 1893
LEECH Louisa, Brimington Common 1915
LINGARD John, Brimington 1904
MANKNELL Lucy, Brimington 1897
MANSFIELD George, Brimington 1894
MITCHELL Ann, Brimington 1900
MITCHELL Charles, Brimington 1892
POYNTON Mary, Brimington 1876
PRATT Charles, Brimington 1916
RICHARDS Frederick James, Brimington 1927
RICHARDS George, Brimington 1866
RICHARDS William, Brimington 1894
RINGROSE William, Brimington 1914
ROBERTS James, Brimington 1877
ROBERTS Philip, Brimington 1886
RODGERS Anne, Brimington 1897
RODGERS William, Brimington 1865
SALE George, Brimington 1899
SHARDLOW John, Brimington 1900
SHARMAN George, New Brimington 1912
STARBUCK John, New Brimington 1900
STEELE Anne, Brimington 1877
STEELE Frederick, Brimington Common 1863
TABAN Fred, Brimington 1921
BRIMINGTON Administration
CARRINGTON William, Brimington 186
EAST Mary, Bucks, Buckingham and Ilkeston, Dbys 1890
FRASER Ann, Bucks, Buckingham and Belper, Dbys 1894
GARRATT Herbert, Bucks. Stony Startford 1926
GEORGE Martha, Bucks. Stoke Poges 1927
HITCHCOCK Sarah, Bucks. Winslow 1907
PAYNE Hannah, Bucks. High Wycombe and Derby 1883
SLATER Emily, Bucks, Stony Stratford 1914
UFF Sarah Sophia, Latimer, Chesham, Bucks. 1927
VALE George, Bucks, Woburn Sands 1926
WOOD John, Bucks. Aylesbury late of Derby 1887
BURBAGE Wills (Separate parish 1869, originally part of Hartington. Included Harpur Hill and later, mid 1970, became part of Buxton.)
ASHMORE William, Burbage 1895
KEELING John, Burbage 1914
KIRK Joseph, Ash Cottage, Burbage 1898
LACEY Edward, Burbage 1870
LONGDEN Moses, Burbage 1869
LONGDEN Robert, Burbage and Manchester, Lancs 1887
NALL William, Burbage 1869
PLANT Elizabeth, Burbage 1871
ROSE William, Burbage 1913
STREET George, Burbage 1885
BURBAGE Administration p.1869.
HAMBLETON William, Harpur Hill, Burbage 1870 Adm
ABBOTTS Eliza Anne, Burton on Trent 1896
ABRAHAMS Benjamin, Burton on Trent 1920
ALLAN John Warden, Burton on Trent 1916
ALLEN Thomas William, Burton on Trent 1903
ANNABLE William, Burton on Trent 1893
APPLEBY Mary, Burton on Trent 1898
APPLEBY Mary, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1898
ARGYLE James, Burton on Trent 1926
ASHTON Henry, Burton on Trent 1923
ATTENBOROUGH Daniel, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1911
BANTON George, Burton on Trent 1906
BARBER Elizabeth, Burton on Trent and Stapenhill 1885
BARFOOT William, Burton on Trent 1903
BATEMAN Mary 1848
BATEMAN Mary 1848
BATEMAN Thomas 1808
BEARDSMORE William Henry, Burton on Trent and Winshill 1887
BELFITT William, Burton on Trent 1911
BELL Adam, Burton on Trent and Repton Dbys 1877
BELL John, Burton on Trent 1876
BELLAMY Elizabeth als SMITH, Burton on Trent 1894
BESWICK Anne, Burton on Trent 1919
BOAM Francis, Burton on Trent 1873
BOSS Thomas Graham, Burton on Trent 1915
BRIDGES Elizabeth, Burton on Trent, Staffs 1760 V21/19
BRIDGES Thomas, Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1741 V21/18
BROADHURST Elizabeth, Burton on Trent, Winshill 1926
BROWN William, Burton on Trent and Stapenhill 1877
BULLOCK Harriot, Burton on Trent, Staffs  1874
BURNETT Mary Elizabeth, Burton on Trent 1921
BUTTON John, Burton on Trent 1885
CANNER John, Burton on Trent 1882
CAPES George, Burton on Trent 1900
CHISWELL Maria, Burton on Trent 1899
CHOULER Louisa, Burton on Trent 1915
CHRISTIAN Frederick, Burton on Trent 1908
CLARK Frances, Burton on Trent and Stapenhill 1886
CLIFF James, Burton on Trent 1874
COLTMAN Ann, Burton on Trent 1894
COOKE Joseph, Burton on Trent 1915
COOKE William Henry Coleman, Burton on Trent 1918
COOKSON John, Burton on Trent, Walton 1917
COOPER Ann, Burton on Trent 1896
COOPER Edwin George, Burton on Trent and Winshill 1890
COOPER Emma, Burton on Trent 1914
COULTON Eliza Ann, Burton on Trent 1924
COULTON Eliza Ann, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1924
COULTON George Benjamin, Burton on Trent 1912
CROOKS Stephen Brown, Burton on Trent 1915
DAVENPORT Mary Ann, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1917
DAVIES Ann, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1922
DAWKINS Mark, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1918
DAY Gilbert Morland, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1904
DICKEN Joseph 1755
DICKEN Thomas 1804
DOLMAN Reuben, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1911
ELLIOTT James 1821
EVERSHED Fanny, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1904
FISHER Mary Ann, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1918
FOULKES Mary, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1913
FRENCH Dorothy, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1890
GARRATT Thomas, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1916
GARRATT Walter Vernon, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1917
GATLIFFE George William, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1902
GOODGER Henry, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1916
GOODHEAD Fanny, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1917
GREEN James, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1898
GREEN Joseph, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1799
GRIFFITH Mary Ann Goodwin, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1924
HALL George Spencer, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1927
HALL Henry, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1901
HANKINSON Elizabeth Hester, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1917
HANSON Charles, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1902
HARDWICK Joseph, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1928
HARDY Richard, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1908
HARLOW John, Staffs. Burton on Trent, Outwoods 1874
HARLOW Thomas, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1895
HARPER Charles, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1918
HARVEY William Henry, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1910
HATTO Henry, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1925
HAWLEY William, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1896
HEALEY Ann Craig, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1915
HILL Diana 1774
HILL Elizabeth 1593
HILL Katherine 1573/4
HILL Richard 1569
HILL William 1742/3
HODGKINSON John, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1914
HODSON Edwin, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1896
HOOPER Emma, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1919
HORSBURGH Thomas, Burton on Trent 1887
HUGHES Edward, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1909
HUNT Ann Elizabeth, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1925
HUNT William, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1892
HYLL John 1554
JACKSON Frank, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1916
JACKSON John, Burton on Trent, Winshill 1807
JAMES Edward, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1891
JENNINGS Arthur Gee, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1908
JOHNSON Emma, Staffs. Burton on Trent 1923
JUKES Alfred George, Burton upon Trent and Winshill Staffs 1883
KILLINGLEY Thomas, Staffs. Burton on Trent and Newhall 1886
LAIDLAW Margaret Jane (Watson) Burton upon Trent Staffs 1900
LANDER Frank, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1906
LATHBURY Caroline, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1900
LATHBURY Raymond, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1898
LEA Henry Charles, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1892
LEA Thomas 1826
LEY Christopher 1779
LEY Mary 1821
LOWE William, Burton upon Trent Staffs and Winshill 1878
LUDLOW Ann Atkin, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1922
LYLE Alfred John, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1925
LYMN Charles, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1894
MADELEY Frederick, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1902
MANSFIELD Mary, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1894
MANSFIELD William, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1919
MATTHEWS John, Burton upon Trent 1888
MCPHERSON Mary Alice, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1915
MILLER Charles, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1905
MILLWARD William, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1873
MOORBY Henry Preston, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1923
MOORE Mary Anne, Burton on Trent  Staffs 1923
MOORE Sarah, Burton on Trent Staffs and Winshill 1886
MOULD Hugh, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1906
NADIN Humphrey Trafford, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1904
NEWMAN Elizabeth, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1910
NEWTON William, Burton upon Trent, Staffs and Mackworth Dbys 1907
ORTON Richard, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1897
PEACH Eliza, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1911 
PEARSON Elizabeth, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1906
PEARSON John, Burton upon Trent Staffs and Kinlet, 1882
PEARSON Samuel, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1920
PENDLETON William, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1892
PERFECT John Cooper, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1902
PERKS Edward, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1875
PIKE William, Burton on Trent, Staffs 1706 V21/9
PRATT Ann, Burton on Trent and Winshill Staffs 1887
PRATT John James, Burton on Trent, Staffs 1916
PRINCE Richard, Burton on Trent, Staffs 1921
PYCROFT Alice, Burton on Trent, Staffs 1927
RAND Edgar Henry, Burton on Trent, Staffs 1900
RANDLE Charles, Burton on Trent, Staffs 1927
REDFERN John, Burton on Trent, Staffs 1918
RICHARDSON Mary, Burton on Trent, Staffs and Stapenhill 1887
ROBINSON John, Cleric, Burton on Trent, Staffs 1918
RODGERS Mary, Burton on Trent, Staffs 1897
RUSSELL George, Burton on Trent, Staffs and Church Gresley 1879
SEAL Samuel 1763
SHAKESPERE John, Burton on Trent, Staffs  1911
SHUTES William, Burton on Trent, Staffs 1865
SIMMONS Edward, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1894
SIMS Samuel, Burton upon Trent, Staffs 1906
SMALLEY William, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1891
SMEDLEY Ellen, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1914
SMEDLEY Thomas, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1927
SMEDLEY William, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1908
SMITH Edmund, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1913
SMITH John, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1927
SPENCER John, Burton on Trent 1719
TALBOT Edgar Francis, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1917
THACKER Arthur, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1927
THOM Andrew, Burton upon Trent Staffs and Egginton Dbys 1885
THORNELY George, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1918
TINLEY Francis, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1892
TOMLINSON Robert Sherratt, Woodlands nr Burton upon Trent Staffs 1877
TOOBY Les H, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1916
VILLIERS Ellen, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1913
WALKER Gregory, Burton on Trent, Staffs 1658 V21/8
WALKERDINE Sarah Elizabeth, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1921
WALTERS John Alfred, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1919
WARD George Barnett, Burton upon Trent Staffs and Hatton Dbys 1882
WARD Thomas, Burton Staffs and Buxton Dbys 1878
WARDLE Henry, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1892
WARDLE John Francis, Burkley, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1928
WARR William, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1907
WHEELER Alfred, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1928
WHITE Joseph, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1905
WHITEHURST Sophia, Burton upon Trent Staffs and Stapenhill Dbys 1883
WHITESIDE James, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1926
WILLIAMS Eleanor, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1914
WINFIELD William, Burton upon Trent Staffs and Shardlow Dbys 1886
WOOD Esau, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1893
WOODTHORPE Anna Maria, Burton upon Trent Staffs 1896
WRIGHT William, Burton upon Trent Staffs and Winshill Staffs 1889
YEOMANS John, Burton upon Trent Staffs and Stapenhill Dbys 1885

BURTON ON TRENT Administration
BROWN Margaret, Burton on Trent 1616 Inventory
DICKEN Thomas, Burton on Trent 120 Adm
OLDFIELD John. 1757 Adm.
SPENCER Robert, Burton on Trent 1704 Adm
ACTON John, Buxton 1873
ADDERLEY William Henry, Buxton, Fairfield 1916
ALLEN Jane, Buxton 1861
APPLETON Lucy Mary, Buxton 1914
ASHMORE James, Buxton 1894
BAGSHAW Roger, Buxton, King Sterndale 1641
BATES Brian, Buxton 1882
BATES Francis, Buxton and Derby 1904
BATES Harriet, Buxton 1882
BUXTON Stephen, Buxton, King Sterndale 1648
CLAYTON Ann, Buxton 1871
DARWIN Edward Levett, Buxton 1901
DARWIN Mary Ann, Buxton 1897
DARWIN Sacheverel Charles, Buxton 1900
DOWNES Ann Will made 1869, Proved 1871, of Buxton, widow, mentions "nephew William DOWNES of Beaunas Ares", Buenos Aries, Argentina.
EARLE Elizabeth, Buxton 1889
ELEY Sarah 1877, of Buxton, Derbyshire, mentions " niece Mary BRITTOWN (BRITTAIN) widow, of Port Natal, South Africa"
ELEY Sarh of Buxton widow, mentions niece Mary BRITTOWN or BRITTAIN widow of Port Natal, South Africa. 1877 /1
ELLIOTT Job, Buxton 1809
ELLIOTT Mary, Buxton 1809
EYRE Robert, Buxton 1663
EYRE Robert, Buxton 1673
EYRE William, Buxton, Fairfield 1888
FOX William, Buxton, Cowdale 1869
GARLE Anne, Buxton 1885
GENT Alfred Harry Thomas, Buxton 1919 
GINDER Charles, Buxton 1866
GLAZEBROOK Mary, The Square Buxton 1866
GODBER William, Buxton 1914
HEATHCOTE Humphrey, Buxton, Cowdale 1634
HEATHCOTT (HEATHCOTE ) George, Buxton 1641
HORSFIELD John Francis, Buxton 1917
HOSKIN Anne, Buxton 1907
HOYLE Joseph, Buxton 1865
HOYLE Mary, Buxton 1867
HOYLE Mary, Buxton 1873
HOYLE Obadiah, Buxton 1864
HUDDLESTONE Matilda, Buxton 1883
HULME Robert, Buxton 1921
HUNT John, Buxton and Littlemoor 1877
HYDE Francis, Buxton 1875
INNES Edward Sydney, Buxton 1926
JACKSON George, Buxton 1890
JACKSON George, Buxton and Rhyl Wales 1886
JACKSON Richard, Buxton, Cowdale 1646
JARRATT William, Buxton 1908
JENNINGS Thomasine, Buxton 1884
JOHNSON Mary Ann Frances, Buxton 1870
JOHNSON Mary, Buxton 1878
JONES Sarah, Buxton 1887
JONES Selina, Buxton 1884
KAY Sarah Esther, Buxton 1918
KEETON Martha, Buxton 1922
KENDRICK Roland Alfred, Buxton and Netherfield Notts? 1887
KERSHAW John, Buxton 1893
KIDD Benjamin, Buxton 1910
KIRKHAM William, Buxton 1890
KNIGHT Samuel, Buxton 1878
KNOWLES Alice, Buxton 1891
KNOWLES Robert, Buxton and Lancaster Lancs 1891
LAMBERT John Edward, Buxton 1896
LATHAM Harriet, Buxton 1909
LAWSON Henrietta, Buxton 1884
LAWSON John, Buxton 1885
LE GROS Philip, Buxton 1894
LEA John, Buxton 1885
LEECH Frederick, Buxton and Tideswell 1927
LEES Mary Ann, Buxton 1881
LEWIS William, Buxton 1888
LIDDALL Eleanor, Buxton 1897
LISTER Helen, Buxton 1909
LOCKETT Mary Jane, Buxton 1912
LOMAS Ellen, Buxton and Windsor Berks 1882
LOMAS Joseph, Buxton 1883
LOMAS Robert, Buxton 1878
LONGDEN William, Buxton, King Sterndale 1645
LOUIS Alfred, Buxton and Manchester Lancs 1889
LOVATT Jane, Buxton 1894
LYSON William, Buxton 1869
MADDOCK George Julian, Buxton 1887
MALAM William, Buxton 1892
MCGEORGE Sarah Dawson, Buxton and Ramsey, IOM 1886
MEDDINS Giles, Buxton 1890
MILLER Joseph, Buxton 1882
MUNN Sarah, Buxton 1884
MYCOCK Bagshaw, Buxton 1881
MYCOCK Solomon, Buxton 1863
NALL George, Buxton 1874
NALL Matthew, Buxton 1875
NALL Robert, Snr., Buxton 1863
NIELSON Charlotte, Buxton 1892
NIELSON Francis Edmund of Buxton, chemist, mentions sister Julia SHEPHERD widow of Henry SHEPHERD of Manchester, Lancs, brewer. Nancy BRADBURY of Plumbley, Ches, William SMITH silk man of Manchester, niece Fanny NIELSON dau of my late bro Edward John NIELSON of London, sister Charlotte NIELSON inmate at Clifton Lunatic Asylum, Lancs. 1858 /110
NIELSON Francis Edmund, Buxton 1858
OWEN John Orton, Buxton and Rio de Janeiro,Brazil 1875
OWEN Thomas, Buxton 1923
PHEASEY Thomas, Fernilee,p. Buxton 1900
PLATT Elizabeth, Buxton, Dbys 1883
PYLE Albert, Buxton 1889
RAYOR Charles, Cote Heath, Buxton 1875
RAYOR George, Buxton 1876
REDFEARN Hannah, Buxton 1898
REDFERN Francis, Buxton 1894
RHODES Martha, Buxton 1887
RHODES Sarah, Buxton 1861
RIDGWAY Elizabeth, Buxton, Cowdale 1637
ROBINS William, Buxton and Surrey 1878
ROBINSON Richard, Buxton 1878
RODGERS Fanny, Buxton and Brailsford 1881
ROGERS Elizabeth, Buxton 1889
ROSCORLA Samuel, Buxton 1880
ROSE Sarah, Buxton 1913
ROSE Thomas, Buxton 1868
ROWLAND James, Buxton 1880
ROWLAND Peter, Buxton 1882
ROYSTON Mary, Buxton 1864
SHORE James,Cleric, Buxton 1875
SHORE William, Buxton and Manchester Lancs 1877
SIMPSON Frank, Buxton, Dbys 1896
SIMPSON William, Buxton, King Sterndale 1635
SIMS George, Buxton, Dbys 1882
SIMS Sarah, Buxton, Dbys 1891
SKIDMORE Joseph, Buxton 1885
SMITH Aston William, Buxton 1905
SMITH John Charles, Buxton and Norfolk 1892
SMITH Samuel, Buxton 1885
STEWART Agnes Jane, Buxton 1883
SUMNER Robert, Buxton 1879
SUTCLIFFE Ellen, Buxton 1911
SUTCLIFFE Isaac, Buxton 1883
SUTTON Mary, Buxton 1875
SWAIN Jane, Buxton 1861
SWANN Maria, Buxton 1888
SWANN Martha, Buxton 1872
SWANN William, Cote Heath 1859
SWINDLES James, Buxton 1884
WARBURTON Peter, Buxton Dbys 1914
WARD Elizabeth Ann, Buxton Dbys 1874
WARD Elizabeth, Buxton Dbys 1885
WARD Phoebe, Buxton Dbys 1918
WARD Thomas, Buxton Dbys and Burton Staffs 1878
WARDLE George, Buxton 1894
WARDLE Isaac, Buxton 1888
WARDLE Isaac, Buxton 1891
WARDLE William Bowen, Buxton 1892
WHITWORTH Elizabeth, Buxton Dbys 1886
WICKMAN Elizabeth Jane Petherick, Buxton Dbys and Chester Ches 1881

BUXTON Administration
ANZANI George, Buxton 1873 Adm
BADGER Ada Louisa, Buxton 1874 Adm
BENTLEY Margaret, Buxton 1858 Adm
BRADBURY Elizabeth, Buxton 1875 Adm
BRADBURY John, Buxton 1869 Adm
BRIGHT Georgina, Buxton 1871 Adm
BROMHEAD William Abraham, Buxton 1868 Adm
BROOMHEAD Joseph, Buxton 1874 Adm
CLAYTON Nicholas, Buxton? Cowlow. 1637 Adm
COOPER Agnes, Buxton formerly of Longstone 1874 Adm
HARTLEY Elizabeth, Buxton 1868 Adm
HARTLEY Samuel, Buxton 1870 Adm
HEACOCK Millicent, Buxton 1868 Adm
HEACOCK William Joseph, Buxton 1868 Adm
JOHNSON Jane, Buxton 1870 Adm
KING Francis, Buxton 1862 Adm
KNOWLES Elizabeth, Buxton 1872 Adm
MOREWOOD John, Buxton, Cowdale 1627 Adm
PIDCOCK William, tailor mentions William Henry PIDCOCK Cheetham, Manchester, Lancs. 1865
RICHDALE William, Buxton 1871 Adm
RILEY Joseph, Buxton 1868 Adm
RYDER Anne als TYDDINGTON, Buxton 1637 Adm
SIMPSON William, Buxton, King Sterndale 1636 Inventory
SMITH John, Buxton 1598 Inventory
TAYLOR Mary, Buxton 1873 Adm
TYDDERINGTON John, Buxton 1608 Inventory
WARD Samuel, Buxton 1873 Adm
WARDLE Thomas, Brandside, p.Buxton 1861 Adm
WEIGALL Edward Rev. Incumbent of Buxton. 1865
WIDDOWSON Ann, Buxton 1874 Adm
WILMOT Edward Woollett, Buxton 1864 Adm
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.