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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Wills and Administration


BALL Ann, Staffs. Abbots Bromley 1925
SPENCER Ann, Abbots Bromley 1731
SPENCER John, Abbots Bromley 1790

ALDERWASLEY (See also Wirksworth)
ATTRIDGE Ellen, Alderwasley  1913

ABBOTT James, Alfreton, Ironville 1911
ABBOTT James, Ironville,1911
ABBOTT Luke, Alfreton, Somercotes 1921
ABBOTT Saml, Alfreton, 1912
ABBOTT Samuel, Alfreton 1912
ALLEN Elizb. Alfreton, 1889
ALLEN Meshach, Alfreton, 1878
AMOS Catherine, Somercotes 1922
AMOS James, Somercotes Hill, 1922
ANDREWS James, Old Blackwell, Alfreton, mentions Robert William CLOUGH, son by first marriage 1925
ANNABLE Joseph, Sleet Moor Lane 1898
ANNABLE Jospeh, Alfreton, Sleetmoor Lane 1898
ARGYLE Rebecca, Lea Brooks 1900
ARGYLE Thomas, Swanwick, 1926
ARMSTRONG Thomas, Greenhill Lane 1875
ASKEW Thomas, Leabrooks 1912
BACON William, Birchwood, 1863
BAGGALEY Alice, Somercotes, 1927
BAGGALEY George, Somercotes, 1924
BALL Margaret 1639
BANKS George, Birchwood, 1877
BANKS Mary Ann, Somercotes, 1889
BARBER Samuel, Alfreton, 1912
BARDILL Edward, Somercotes, 1862
BARLOW Joseph, Somercotes,1864
BARLOW Richard, Greenhill Lane, 1880
BARNES William, Riddings, 1911
BARRATT Samuel, Alfreton, 1864
BARTLETT Edward Hammond, Riddings,1914
BASELEY Mary Elizabeth, Alfreton, 1923
BATES Joseph, Somercotes, 1923
BEASTALL Ann, Somercotes, 1921
BENNISTON Amy, Ironville and Southwell, Notts. 1886
BIRKIN Fanny, Alfreton, 1891
BIRKIN James, Alfreton, 1876
BLACKSHAW Ann, Alfreton 1890
BLACKSHAW James, Alfreton 1875
BLAND George, Alfreton, 1889
BLAND Samuel, Alfreton, 1867
BLATHERWICK Henry, Somercotes Hill, 1916
BLYTHE William, Sleet Moor, 1876
BLYTHE William, Somercotes, 1916
BOOTE Roger 1636
BOOTH George, Swanwick, 1875
BOOTH John Wood, Riddings, 1917
BOOTH Martha Rebecca, Riddings, 1910
BOOTH William, Swanwick, 1866
BOWEN David, Alfreton, 1879
BRADLEY Robert, Alfreton 1903
BRADLEY William, Greenhill Lane, Riddings 1870
BRAMLEY John, Somercotes, Alfreton 1871
BRAMWELL Henry, Alfreton 1879
BRENTNALL Eliza, Alfreton 1910
BRENTNALL Martha, Alfreton 1925
BRENTNALL Moses, Alfreton 1920
BRICKNELL Mary, Alfreton 1897
BRICKNELL William, Alfreton 1883
BRIDDON Ann, Somercotes 1897
BRIDDON John, Greenhill Lane 1886
BRIDDON John, Greenhill Lane 1886
BRIGGS Joseph, Somecotes 1906
BROUGH Mary, Alfreton 1890
BROWN John, Sleetmoor 1880
BROWN William, Alfreton 1924
BULLOCK Henry, Sleetmoor, Alfreton 1882
BULLOCK Thomas, Alfreton 1912
BURGOYNE Elizabeth Jane, Alfreton 1916
BURGOYNE Henry, Alfreton 1904
BURNHAM Septimus, Alfreton 1888
BURNHAM Thomas, Alfreton 1892
BURTON Thomas, Lea Brook Lane, Alfreton 1867
BUSH Elizabeth Ann, Alfreton 1926
BUXTON William, Alfreton 1878
CADE John 1647
CALLIS Sarah, Alfreton 1865
CARLIN Francis West, Alfreton 1906
CARLIN Henry, Somercotes 1875
CARLIN John, Leabrooks 1872
CARTWRIGHT Elizabeth, Alfreton 1913
CASTLEDINE Joseph, Alfreton 1923
CASTLEDINE William, Alfreton 1917
CASTLEDINE William, Somercotes 1897
CATER James, Lea Brooks 1927
CHALLONER Robert, Swanwick 1875
CHESTER John Bonner, Alfreton 1917
CLARK Charles, Somercotes 1862
CLARK Joseph, Alfreton 1894
CLAY James, Alfreton 1898
CLAY Samuel, Alfreton 1890
CLAY Sarah, Alfreton 1894
CLEE Samuel, Alfreton 1877
COATES Samuel, Alfreton 1863
COOK George, Somercotes 1890
COOPE John Henry, Alfreton 1889
COPE Elizabeth, Lea Brooks 1870
COUPE Samuel, Alfreton, late of Pinxton. 1838  V22/22.
COX John, Alfreton 1774
EYRE Adam, Alfreton 1558
EYRE Adam, Alfreton 1559
EYRE Adam, Alfreton 1614
EYRE Addyn, Alfreton 1565
EYRE John, Alfreton 1706
FOX Elizabeth, Alfreton 1870
FOX Henry, Alfreton 1768
FOX Henry, Alfreton 1771
FOX Levi, Alfreton ,Pye Bridge 1862
FOX Mary, Alfreton 1741
FOX Mary, Alfreton 1771
GALLSWORTHY Thomas, Alfreton 1888
GARDENER Florrie Winifred, Alfreton 1908
GENT Peter, Alfreton 1893
GILL Edwin Ernest, Greenhill Lane, Alfreton 1898
GILL Herbert, Greenhill Lane Alfreton 1871
GILLOTT Edward, Alfreton 1899 
GLOVER Ann, Alfreton 1914
GREEN Thomas, Alfreton, Dbys 1821
GREEN Thomas, Alfreton, Dbys 1829
GREEN Thomas, Alfreton, Dbys 1851
HOLMES John, Alfreton 1642
HOLMES Ruth, Alfreton 1648
HOPKINSON Frederick, Alfreton 1905
HOPKINSON John Elliott, Alfreton 1922
HOPKINSON Mary, Alfreton 1921
HOUFTON Martha, Alfreton 1884
HOUFTON William, Alfreton 1876
HOUSLEY George Saxton, Alfreton, Dbys 1893
HUNTER Thomas, Swanwick, Will 1683, Codicil 1690  V6/338
JACKSON Henry, Alfreton 1915
JACKSON John, Alfreton Common 1887
JEPSON George, Alfreton 1899
JEPSON John, Alfreton 1866
JEPSON Samuel, Alfreton 1865
JOHNSON John, Alfreton 1924
JONES Thomas, Alfreton1863
KERREY George, Sleetmoor Alfreton 1866
KERRY John, Sleetmoor Lane Alfreton 1896
KERRY Joseph,Sleetmore Alfreton 1879
KIDDY Matthew, Alfreton 1916
KIRK John, Alfreton 1894
KNIGHTON Thomas, Greenhill Lane 1882
KNOWLES Robert, Alfreton 1892
LANGHORNE Thomas of Ford House p.Alfreton mentions John Bailey LANGHORNE of Wakefield Yks, James CLARKSON of Kearton ? p. Grinton, Yks farmer, James Robinson TOMLIN Richmond, Yks, Thomas COATES Eskeleth House, in Arkindale Yks. 1872 /18
LEARY Edward George, Alfreton 1919
LEE Robert 1786
LEGG Alfred, Alfreton 1878
LINACRE Sarah, Alfrreton 1905
LING George, Alfreton 1885
LOACH Sarah, Alfreton 1896
LOWE Samuel, Sleetmoor Lane Alfreton 1905
LYNAM John, Alfreton 1897
MALTBY Charles, Somercotes 1820 V1/7
MANSFIELD Lois, Alfreton 1925
MARCHANT John, Alfreton 1647
MARRIOTT Henry, Alfreton 1920
MARRIOTT Joseph, Alfreton 1921
MARRIOTTT Samuel, Alfreton 1891
MARTIN Robert, Alfreton 1725
MEYMOTT Edmund, Alfreton 1640
OTTEWELL Arthur, Alfreton, Dbys 1919
OUTRAM Edmund Alfreton, gardener. 1764 MIS50/41 Will of
PARKER Adam, Alfreton  1800  V6/327
PEARSON George, Alfreton, Dbys 1891
PEARSON William, Alfreton, Dbys 1871
PEEL Fanny, Alfreton, Dbys 1905
POTTER Thomas, butcher Alfreton 1802  V6/325
PYM Benjamin, Alfreton 1874
RADAGE James, Birchwood Lane, Alfreton 1875
RADFORD Elizabeth, Alfreton 1893
RADFORD George, Alfreton 1871
RADFORD John, Birchwood, Alfreton 1868
RADFORD Samuel, Alfreton 1884
RADFORD Thomas, Alfreton 1888
RAWSON Francis, Alfreton 1892
READ Sarah Fisher, Alfreton and Stratford on Avon, Warwicks 1923
RHODES Francis, Alfreton 1919
RHODES George, Somercotes Wharf 1859
RICE Patrick, Alfreton 1881
RICKARDS Benjamin Samuel, Alfreton 1869
RICKARDS Henry Alfred 1873
RICKARDS Henry, Alfreton 1866
RILEY Hiram, Alfreton 1926
ROBERTS James, Alfreton 1917
ROBERTS Theophilus Lewis, Alfreton 1889
ROBINSON Frank Miller, Alfreton 1891
ROBINSON James, Alfreton 1896
RODGERS Annis, Alfreton 1910
RODGERS Samuel, Alfreton 1909
ROGERS Stanley Arthur, Alfreton 1919
ROGERS Thomas, Somercotes 1888
ROLLING Euphemia, Alfreton 1876
ROLLING William, Alfreton 1860
ROOPE Francis Marshall, Alfreton 1923
ROWBOTTOM Samuel, Alfreton 1883
ROWE Joseph, Somercotes 1862
ROWE Joseph, Somercotes 1862
SABIN Thomas, Alfreton 1914 
SADDLER Samuel, Alfreton 1916
SCOTT William, Alfreton  1744  V31/ 3
SEELE Robert 1608 Adm.
SHOOTER William, Alfreton 1892
SIMPSON Hannah, Alfreton, Dbys 1888
SIMPSON John, Alfreton, Dbys 1858
SIMPSON Mary Ann, Birchwood Lane Somercotes, Dbys 1861
SMITH Alice, Greenhill Lane, Alfreton 1865
SMITH Elizabeth, Alfreton 1920
SMITH Harriet, Alfreton 1906
SOMERS Adam, Alfreton 1631
SPENCER Griffin, Alfreton 1780
STOKES Thomas, Alfreton 1915
STONE John, Alfreton 1790
STOPPARD Ann, Sleetmoor Lane, Alfreton 1926
STORER Richard Milward, Alfreton 1893
STRUTT James, Alfreton 1831  V6/322
SUDBURY Roland, Alfreton 1641
Thomas MORLAND Riddings, p.Alfreton, mentions William BRUNT sadler, publican of Broughton, Lincs. Will made 1830 Proved 1858 /85
TURNER Abigail, Alfreton 1679  V6/336
TURNER Charles, Swanwick  1736  V97/1/61
TURNER George, Alfreton 1641
TURNER Michael, Alfreton 1649
WALKER Ann Holmes, Alfreton 1899
WALKER Francis, Alfreton 1636
WALLIS Joseph, Alfreton Dbys  1909
WALTERS Charles, Alfreton Dbys 1912
WALTERS Henry, Alfreton Dbys 1863
WALTERS John, Alfreton Dbys 1872
WALTERS William, Swanwick Lane Alfreton Dbys 1858
WARD John, formerly of Alfreton Dbys now of Ripley Dbys 1868
WATKINSON Richard, Alfreton 1636
WHEATCROFT Harriet, Alfreton 1903
WHITTLE Thomas, Alfreton Dbys 1918

ALFRETON Administration
ADCOCK William Hunt, Alfreton 1866 Adm
CADE John 1646 Adm
DAWES Henry, Alfreton 1863 Adm
EVANS Joseph, Alfreton 1871 Adm
FLINT James, Alfreton 1860 Adm
GREEN Margaret,Alfreton 1863 Adm
HARRISON Owen, Alfreton 1872 Adm
JOHNSON Samuel, Alfreton 1867 Adm
KNIGHT Thomas, Alfreton 1875 Adm
KNIGHTON Sarah, Alfreton 1872 Adm
LYGO Joseph, Alfreton 1866 Adm
MARPLE James, Alfreton 1861 Adm
MARRIOTT John, Alfreton, 1863 Adm
MARSHALL Mary, Alfreton 1874 Adm
MATHER Thomas, Alfreton 1869 Adm
MOSSE Thomas, Swanwick, p.Alfreton 1640 Adm
ORANGE Hannah, Alfreton 1862 Adm
ORANGE Jane, Alfreton 1859 Adm
ORANGE William, Alfreton 1862 Adm
PARKIN James, Alfreton 1867 Adm
PARKIN Thomas, Alfreton 1868 Adm
REASON John, Alfreton 1641 Adm
RHODES Benjamin,Alfreton 1862 Adm
RICHARDSON Taylor, Alfreton 1862 Adm
RILEY Sarah, Alfreton 1866 Adm
ROOTH William, Alfreton 1869 Adm
SEWELL Elizabeth, Alfreton 1867 Adm
SHAW Ann, Alfreton 1874 Adm
SHAW William, Alfreton 1872 Adm
SIMPSON Ann, Alfreton 1872 Adm
SMITHURST Elizabeth, Alfreton 1862 Adm
SPENCER John, Alfreton 1811 Adm
SPENCER Nathaniel, Alfreton 1817 Adm
STIRLAND John, Alfreton 1874 Adm
SUTTON John, Alfreton 1639 Adm
TAYLOR Joseph, Alfreton 1868 Adm
TAYLOR Joseph, Alfreton 1868 Adm
TAYLOR William, Alfreton 1858 Adm
TURNER Grace, Alfreton 1648 Adm
WASS Elizabeth, Alfreton 1861 Adm
WASS Matthew, Alfreton 1865 Adm
WEBSTER John Blood, Alfreton 1864 Adm
WILSON John, Alfreton 1648 Adm

ALLEN Mary Ann, Allestree 1912
BAKER Ralph 1640
BUNTING Edward, Allestry 1688/9
COLLIER Francis, Allestree 1681  V29/13
COOKE Isabel 1647
COOKE Richard 1646
CUNDY Henry, Allestree 1654  V29/4
DOWELL Alice 1646
FOUKE Elizabeth alias GREATOREX, Allestree widow 1751   V29/9
FOULKE Abraham alias GREATOREX, Allestree 1730  V29/8
FREARSON Richard, Allestree 1651
GARRATT Elizabeth, Allestree 1900
GARRATT George, Allestree 1897
GARTON Mary, Allestree 1883
HOOLEY Joseph, Allestree 1858
HUNT John 1628
JEPHSON Elizabeth, Allestree 1923
KERRY George, Allestree  1873
KITCHEN William, Allestree 1878
MILLWARD Thomas, Allestree and Heath 1880
PRICE William, Allestree 1878
RICHARDSON Annie, Allestree 1915
RICHARDSON George, Allestree 1924
RICHARDSON Mary, Allestree 1911
RICHARDSON Mary, Allestree 1915
ROBINSON Thomas Bruno, Allestree 1927
SADLER John, Allestree 1646
SADLER Joseph Samuel, Allestree 1897

ALLESTREE Administration
BAKER Thomas 1646 Adm
BECKE William 1647 Adm
DERREY Francis 1647 Adm
EVANS Mary, Allestree, 1860 Adm
HOOD Margaret, Allestree 1870 Adm

ALKMONTON Administration (see also Longford)
FOSTER Edward, Alkmonton, died, Staffs. 1870 Adm
FOX Frederick George, of Bentley, Alkmonton, formerly of Ashbourne, died 1854. 1870 Adm
FOX Frederick George, of Bentley, Alkmonton, formerly of Ashbourne, died 1854. 1873 Adm
SMITH Robert, Hungry Bentley, Alkmonton 1870 Adm

ANNABLE Thomas. 1642
MART Elizabeth 1798
MART John, Alsop en le Dale 1877
MART William 1809
MART Sarah 1830
STONE Joseph, Alsop en le Dale 1841
STONE Sarah, Alsop en le Dale 1830

ALSOP IN LE DALE Administration
BUXTON John, Alsop en le Dale 1867 Adm
ADDAMS Isabel 1628
ASTON Thomas 1640
BASFORD Nicholas 1629
BASFORD Nicholas, Alstonefield 1629
BENNETT John 1642
BERESFORD Mary, Staffs, Alstonefield, Mill Dale 1865
BESTWICK Thomas, Alstonefield 1899
BOOTH Edmund 1628
BULLOCKE Robert 1639
CHADWICK John 1679
CHADWICK Nicholas 1696
CHADWICK William 1670
CHAPLAINE Elizabeth 1640
CORK Abel, Alstonefield, Boarsgreave 1720 V6/55
CRICHLOWE William 1629
CRICHLOWE William 1629
CUNDYE William 1629
ELLIOT Thomas 1800
EYRE George 1697
EYRE Jonathan 1830
EYRE Robert 1761
EYRE William 1771
FOX Adam 1708
FOX John 1596/7
FOX Jonathan 1857
FOX Margaret 1617
FOX Richard 1599
FOXE Adam 1589
FOXE Margaret 1647
FOXE Richard 1615
FOXE William 1664
GREENE Robert 1649
HALL Anne, Alstonefield 1647
HALL Humphrey, Alstonefield 1648
HALL William, Alstonefield 1647
HILL Joan 1634
HILL John 1854
HILL Thomas 1638
HILL Thomas 1830
HINE John 1640
HYNE Lawrence 1629
JACKSON William, Alstonefield 1801
JOHNSON Christopher, Alstonefield 1640
MARSH Robert, Alstonefield 1649
MEWARD Richard, Alstonefield 1640
MILWARD Richard, Alstonefield 1640
NADEN (NADIN) George, Alstonefield 1647
NEEDHAM Thomas, Alstonefield 1875 V6/100
NEWTON John, Alstonefield husbandman. 1647
OLIVER Thomas, Alstonefield 1647
OLLIVER (OLIVER) John, Alstonefield 1639
PERCIVAL George, Alstonefield 1649
PHILLIPS Grace, Alstonefield 1649
PHILLIPS Robert, Alstonefield 1649
ROBINSON William, Alstonefield 1639
RYLEY (RILEY) Roger, Alstonefield 1640
SALT John, Alstonefield 1631
SALT William, Alstonefield 1642
SKIPPLEBOTHAM Edward, Alstonefield 1631
SPENCER Martin, Hope, Alstonefield 1743
STONES Dorothy, Alstonefield 1628
STONES Hannah, Alstonefield 1857
STONES Samuel, Alstonefield 1854
YATES Roger, Alstonefield 1649

ALSTONEFIELD Administration
ROGERS Margaret, Alstonefield 1640 Adm
RYLEY (RILEY) Robert, Alstonefield 1628 Inventory
RYLEY (RILEY) William, Alstonefield 1639 Adm
SPENCER Eleaor, Alstonefield 1741 Adm
SPENCER Thomas, Alsonefield 1735 Adm
WATSON Richard, Alstonefield 1646 Adm
WINCKLE Francis, Alstonefield 1648 Adm
WOOD Robert, Alstonefield 1649 Adm
YATES Isaac, Alstonefield 1648 Adm
ALLEN Isaac, Alvaston, Allenton. 1911
ANNABLE Samuel, Alvaston and Boulton 1922
ARCHER Daniel, Sinfin Moor 1911
AUSTIN Joseph, Alvaston 1884
BASFORD Thomas, Alvaston 1911
BATEMAN Thomas Keelinge, Alvaston and Morley 1887
BEARDMORE Jemima, Alvaston 1919
BOBART Matthew Hodgkinson ,Alvaston 1891
BOBART Matthew Hodgkinson, Alvaston 1894
CANTRELL William, Rev, Alvaston Fields, draft, 1837 V4/34
DAGLEY Herbert, Alvaston, Alvaston Hall 1886
DANIEL Charles, Alvaston 1889
DANIEL Mary Ann, Alvaston 1897
DOLMAN Elizabeth of Alvaston, mentions James DOLMAN clerk to William Warren HASTINGS Bloomsbury, Middx. Will made 1848 Proved 1858 /212
DOLMAN Rebecca, Alvaston 1858
DRAPER Jane, Alvaston 1905
DRAPER Joyce, Alvaston 1886
DRAPER Robert, Alvaston 1875
GANDY John Henry, Alvaston 1925
HARDY Mary Ann, Alvaston 1899
HARRIS John, Alvaston 1894
INGLEBY Constantine, Alvaston 1920
JACKSON Charles, Alvaston 1909
JACKSON Mary Ann, Alvaston 1913
JENNINGS Henry, Allenton 1894
JERRAM Louisa, Alvaston 1925
KELHAM Rebecca Hannah, Alvaston 1893
KITLEY William Vincent Jeffery, Alvaston 1926
LEES Ann Smith, Alvaston 1910
LING Thomas, Alvaston 1908
MADDOCKS Thomas, Alvaston 1906
MARPLE George, Alvaston 1909
MARSH John Riley, Alvaston Grange 1868
MARTIN Richard, Alvaston 1837
OSBORNE Ann, Alvaston 1773
OSBORNE Elizabeth, Alvaston 1746
OSBORNE Isaac, Alvaston 1716  V29/57
OSBORNE Isaac, Alvaston 1720
OSBORNE Jacob, Alvaston 1727  V29/58
OSBORNE James, Alvaston 1751
OSBORNE James, Alvaston 1833
OSBORNE William, Alvaston 1745
OSBORNE William, Alvaston 1783
OSBORNE William, Alvaston 1848
OSBOURNE James, Alvaston 1728
POOLE Anna, Alvaston, Dbys 1894
POOLE Charlotte, Alvaston, Dbys 1894
POOLE Edward, Alvaston, Dbys 1881
PORTER Joseph, Alvaston, Dbys 1916
RATCLIFFE Jonathan, Alvaston 1916
RICHARDSON Elizabeth, Alvaston 1902
RILEY Thomas, Alvaston 1906
ROBOTHAM Elizabeth, Alvaston 1927
RODGERS Ernest, Alvaston 1923
RUSHTON Mary, Alvaston 1918
SHORE William, Alvaston 1924
SIMS Henry, Alvaston, Dbys 1922
SMITH Arthur Francis, Alvaston 1915
SMITH Enoch, Alvaston 1927
SMITH Herbert Dagley, Alvaston 1914
SMITH John Oakley, Alvaston 1910
SMITH Joseph, Rev. Alvaston 1815 V4/30
SMITH Mary, Alvaston ,Twyford Hall, Derby 1920
SMITH Orland Charles, Alvaston 1927
SMITH Samuel, Alvaston 1877
SMITH Sarah, Alvaston widow 1813 V4/31
SMITH William, Alvaston 1898
SMITH William, Alvaston 1912
STEVENS Emma, Alvaston 1912
STONE Charles, Alvaston 1857
WALKER Mary Ann, Alvaston Dbys 1887
WALKER Mary, Alvaston Dbys 1896
WALKER Walker, Alvaston Dbys 1861
WALLIS Joseph,(aka AUSTIN) Alvaston Dbys 1884
WALTERS Ann, Alvaston Dbys 1923
WARD William, Alvaston 1640
WOODWARD Edward, Alvaston 1902
WOODWARD Hannah, Alvaston 1895
WOODWARD John William, Alvaston 1922
WOODWARD William Sherwin, Alvaston 1895
ALVASTON Administration
COXON John, Alvaston 1871 Adm
DAGLEY Sarah, Alvaston 1858 Adm
FITCHETT Sarah, Alvaston 1871 Adm
HOLMES James, Alvaston 1864 Adm
HOLMES John, Sinfin House, Alvaston 1871 Adm
HUGHES Job cabinet maker died 1831 mentions Ann SPARKS. Adm. 1865
MARTIN Dorothy / Catherine, Alvaston 1674 Adm
OSBORNE James, Alvaston 1873 Adm
SHERWIN George, Alvaston 1868 Adm
SHERWIN James, Alvaston 1869 Adm
WALKER Ellen Elizabeth. 1858
WILDSMITH Eliza, Alvaston 1872 Adm
AMBERGATEWILLS (Separate parish since 1899, see also Heage.)
GLOSSOP Walter, Ambergate 1923
JOHNSON Maria, Ambergate 1926
LAND Phoebe, Ambergate 1909
POPLAR George, Ambergate, Dbys 1924
POPLAR Martha, Ambergate, Dbys 1923
RADFORD Annie, Ambergate 1927
RAY William, Ambergate 1922
ROBINSON Jessie, Ambergate 1926
SHAKESPERE Mary, Toadmoor, Ambergate 1907
SINKINSON Richard, Ambergate, Dbys 1912
SUMMERSIDE Thomas, Ambergate and Belper Dbys 1881

William MARTIN Cecil County,Maryland. 1732 Connection with Staffs. England.
APPLEBYonce part of Derbyshire, became Leics in 1897
BAMBER William Simpson Rev, Leics. Appleby 1891
BOSS John, Leics. Appleby 1861
BOSS William, Leics. Appleby 1876
BOWLEY Thomas, Leics. Appleby 1877
BOWLLEY Emma, Leics. Appleby Magna 1897
BROWN Elizabeth, Leics. Appleby 1894
FISH John, Leics. Appleby Magna 1886
GARNER Henry, Leics. Appleby Magna 1894
GRESLEY William, Leics. Appleby Magna 1877
GRESLEY William, Leics. Appleby Magna 1910
HARDING Thomas, Leics. Appleby Magna and Warwicks. Birmingham 1882
HEAFIELD Thomas, Leics. Appleby 1891
LEES Henry, Leics. Appleby 1875
MARSHALL George, Leics. Appleby 1889
MOORE Catherine, Appleby Leics and Derby 1863
MOORE John, Leics. Appleby 1860
PARKER James, Leics. Appleby 1869
PARKER William, Leics. Appleby 1879
ROLAND Thomas, Leics. Appleby Magna 1895
SMITH William, Leics. Appleby 1866
SPENCER William, Appleby 1821
TUNNADINE Thomas, Leics. Appleby 1873
APPLEBY Administration
LEES John, 1788 Adm.
STEVENSON John, Appleby, Leics 1867 Adm
YARDLEY John, Appleby, Leics. 1858 Adm
ABRAHAM William, Ashbourne 1920
ADAMS Ernest, Ashbourne, Clifton and Chester, Cheshire. 1891
ADDAMSON George, Ashbourne 1647
ALCOCK Thomas, Ashbourne 1643
ALDERSON Harriet, Ashbourne, Wyaston Grange 1881
ALLCOCK Thomas, Ashbourne 1889
ALLDRITT Sarah Anne, Ashbourne 1858
ALLENBY David, Ashbourne 1878
ALLPORT Edward, Ashbourne 1877
ALLSOP Catherine, Ashbourne, Offcote and Underwood 1887
ARCHER Mary Ann, Ashbourne 1886
ARCHER Robert, Ashbourne and Weston on Trent 1885
ATKIN James, Ashbourne 1899
AVERY Thomas, Offcote and Underwood 1875
BARBOUR Katherine, Ashbourne 1629
BASON John, Offcote and Underwood 1886
BASS Mary, Ashbourne 1859
BATES Elizabeth, Ashbourne 1863
BAYLEY John, Clifton 1629 (may be Clifton on Dunsmore )
BEBBINGTON Thomas, Ashbourne1876
BERESFORD Hugh, Newton Grange 1534 V6/52
BERISFORD als BASFORD Dennis, Ashbourne 1642
BERYSFORD (BERRISFORD) John, Ashbourne 1520
BERYSFORD John, Ashbourne 1520
BLOOD John, Asbourne 1639
BLUNT Margery, Ashbourne 1628
BRADBORNE Humphrey, Ashbourne 1519
BRADBORNE Humphrey, Ashbourne 1519
BRINCKNELL John, Clifton, (p. Ashbourne?) 1638
BROUGH Robert, Ashbourne 1787  V30/25
BROWN Richard of Compton, p.Ashbourne mentions. brother in law Thomas BESTWICK of Alstonefield. 1858 /188
BROWNE Thomas, Clifton, (p. Ashbourne?) 1628
BRUNT Thomas, Ashbourne 1639
BULL Robert Ashbourne 1834
BUXTON John, Ashbourne 1636
CLEWS John, Newton Grange 1840  V64/5
CLOWES Samuel William, Ashbourne 1899 
COCKAINE Isabel, Ashbourne 1648
COLLINS Joan, Clifton, (p. Ashbourne?) 1629
COLLINS John, Clifton, (p. Ashbourne?) 1629
CORDEN Edward,  Ashbourne ? 1851  V32/155
DALBY Katherine Dale, Ashbourne 1880
DALE Elizabeth, Ashbourne 1864
DALE Mary Frances, Ashbourne 1876
Daniel ALLDRITT, Stafford, mentioned in Will of Sarah Ann ALLDRITT of Ashbourne 1858
DICKINS Thomas Ashbourne 1728
DICKINS Thomas, Ashbourne 1728 (doc may be missing)
EATON Eleanor, Ashbourne 1648
EYRE Edmund Ashbourne 1557
EYRE Francis Ashbourne 1821
EYRE John Ashbourne 1547/8
EYRE John Ashbourne 1854
EYRE Lawrence Ashbourne 1752
EYRE Sarah, Ashbourne 1863
FAULKNER George, Ashbourne 1871
FAYRER Frances, Ashbourne 1884
FEARN John, Ashbourne 1884
FEARN Martha, Ashbourne 1926
FLETCHER Richard, Ashbourne 1642
FOX Elizabeth Ashbourne 1740
FOX John, Ashbourne Compton 1870
FREEMAN George, Ashbourne 1882
GADSBY Daniel, Ashbourne 1865
GALLIMORE Elizabeth, Ashbourne 1896
GALLIMORE Henry Thomas, Ashbourne 1886
GALLIMORE Thomas, Ashbourne 1874
GETTLIFE George, Ashbourne 1882
GIBSON Caroline Charlotte, Ashbourne 1902
HALES Charles, Ashbourne 1877
HARDSTAFF Samuel, Ashbourne formerly of Camden, Middlesex  1861
HARLAND Mary, Ashbourne 1865
HARRIS Nancy, Ashbourne 1899
HARRISON Francis, Ashbourne 1640
HARRISON Francis, Clifton, p. Ashbourne 1647
HARRISON Joseph, Ashbourne 1928
HARTSHORNE Elizabeth, Ashbourne 1895
HARTSHORNE Robert James, Ashbourne 1874
HAWKSWORTH Francis of Compton 1708 IV2/9
HAWKSWORTH James, Ashbourne 1866
HAWKSWORTH James, Ashbourne 1893
HILL Francis Ashbourne 1616
HILL Nicholas Ashbourne 1687
HILL Ralph Ashbourne 1587/8
HILL Thomas Ashbourne 1666
HILL Thomas Ashbourne 1739
HOLDER John Ashbourne 1833
HOLDER John, Ashbourne 1833
HOPTROFF Fred, Ashbourne 1909
HOUGH Matthew Ashbourne 1711
HOWELL Ann, Ashbourne, Dbys 1860
HULL Margaret, Ashbourne 1647
HURT Roger, Ashbourne 1523
HURT Roger, Ashbourne 1523
HURT William, Ashbourne 1520
HURTE William, Ashbourne 1520
HYLL Nicholas Ashbourne 1587
ILLSLEY William, Ashbourne 1899
JAMES Grace, Ashbourne 1648
JERRAM Ann, Yeldersley 1885
JOHNSON Hannah, Ashbourne 1871
JOHNSON Isaac, Ashbourne 1868
KAY Elizabeth, Ashbourne 1927
KENT James, Ashbourne 1894
KENT Sarah, Ashbourne 1894
KNIVETON John, Ashbourne 1649
KYNNERSLEY Eliza Sneyd, Ashbourne Green 1873
LANGFORD Eliza, Ashbourne 1894
LAUGHTEN Henry Snr, Holland (Hulland,) p.Ashbourne 1649
LEE John, Ashbourne 1885
LEES George, Ashbourne 1640
LEES John Frederick, Ashbourne 1880
LEIGH Edward 1810
LEIGH Edward 1814
LEIGH Edward, Ashbourne 1810
LEY Mary 1786
LISTER John Wray, Ashbourne 1885
LISTER Lucinda, Ashbourne 1912
LITCHFIELD Phoebe, Sturston 1881
LITTLETON Philip Richard, Ashbourne 1905
LONGFORD Edward, Ashbourne 1928
LONGFORD Elizabeth, Ashbourne 1928
LONTE Edward, Ashbourne 1628
LOWNDES Georgina, Ashbourne 1925
LUCAS Ann, Ashbourne 1880
LUCAS James, Ashbourne 1878
MACBEAN Mary Amelia, Ashbourne 1902
MACBEAN William Forbes, Ashbourne 1890
MARPLE George, Aashbourne 1876
MARPLE John, Ashbourne 1870
MARPLE Mary Ann, Ashbourne 1881
MARPLE William Robert, Ashbourne 1886
MARR John William, Wheel Inn, Ashbourne 1908
MARSH Mary, Ashbourne 1890
MARTEN (MARTIN) Simon, Ashbourne 1686
MARTEN Thomas, Clifton 1569
McGREGOR Ronald, Ashbourne 1910
MOORE William, Ashbourne? Compton 1633
MOWSLEY (MOSLEY) Willliam, Clifton p.Ashbourne? 1639
OLD Henry, Sturston, wife Benet. 1640 V8/5
OLD William, Ashbourne 1650
ORME Thomas, Ashbourne 1639
OSBORNE William, Ashbourne 1680
PEACOCK Ann, Ashbourne 1738
PECK Mary, Ashbourne, Dbys 1883
PEGG Thomas Cartwright, Ashbourne, Dbys 1925
PHILIPS Hannah, Sturston, Dbys 1861
PHILIPS James, Sturston Lane, Dbys 1870
PIDCOCK Harriet, Ashbourne, Dbys 1859
PIDCOCK William, Ashbourne 1724
PITT Ellen, Ashbourne, Dbys 1872
PITT Sarah, Sturston, Dbys 1872
PLANT Thomas, Ashbourne 1891
PLATTS Thomas, Ashbourne 1641
POOLE Edward, Ashbourne, Dbys 1900
PORTER James, Ashbourne, Dbys 1875
POTTER Charles, Ashbourne, Dbys 1912
PRINCE Emote (Emmot?), Ashbourne 1641
PRINCE Jane Maria, Ashbourne 1888
PRNYCE (PRINCE) Richard, Ashbourne 1520
PROSSER Selina Lucy, Ashbourne 1895
PRYNCE Richard, Ashbourne 1520
PURSER Thomas Snr, Clifton, p.Ashbourne?. 1640
RADFORD Hannah, Ashbourne 1881
RADFORD Richard, Ashbourne 1906
RADFORD Sampson, Ashbourne 1894
RATCLIFFE John, Ashbourne 1890
READ Mark, Ashbourne 1909
RECKLESS Arthur Henry, Ashbourne 1897
REEVE Edward, Ashbourne 1864
REEVE Henry, Ashbourne 1870
RICHARDSON Edward, Sturston, Ashbourne 1870
RICHARDSON Thomas, Ashbourne 1864
ROBINSON Frederick, Newton Grange 1874
ROBINSON Maria, Ashbourne 1928
ROBINSON William, Ashbourne 1639
ROBOTHAM Isaac Thomas, Ashbourne 1914
ROOSE William, Ashbourne 1889
ROSE Eliza Sarah, Ashbourne 1910
SAINT John, Ashbourne 1889
SHEEPLEY (SHEPLEY, SHIPLEY?) Richard, Ashbourne 1628
SIMS John, Yeldersley, Dbys 1858
SIMS Samuel, Yeldersley, Dbys 1869
SKELLERN George, Ashbourne, Dbys 1877
SMITH Ann of Callow, nr Ashbourne widow, mentions dau Sarah wife of William BALL of Liverpool, Gent., dau Elizabeth wife of William CARRINGTON of p.Croxden, Staffs. Will made 1852 Proved 1858 /164
SMITH Charles, Ashbourne 1878
SMITH Emma, Offcote and Underwood 1898
SMITH Francis, Ashbourne 1887
SMITH Francis, Ashbourne Green 1872
SMITH John Herbert, Ashbourne 1924
SMITH John, Ashbourne 1880
SMITH John, Ashbourne 1882
SMITH John, Ashbourne Green 1859
SMITH Mary Ann, Ashbourne 1876
SMITH Thomas, Ashbourne 1816 M85/1
SMITH Thomas, Ashbourne 1861
SMITH William Richard, Ashbourne 1891
SMITH William, Ox Close, Ashbourne 1863
SMITH William, Yeldersley 1871
SPALDEN Nicholas,  Ashbourne ? 1710  V32/154
SPENCER Ann, Ashbourne 1792
SPENCER Elizabeth, Ashbourne 1766
SPENCER John, Ashbourne 1801
SPENCER John, Ashbourne 1836
SPENCER John, Ashbourne 1838
SPENCER John, Ashbourne, Wyaston 1800
SPENCER Mary, Ashbourne 1834
SPENCER Mary, Ashbourne, Wyaston 1802
SPENCER Robert, Ashbourne 1905
SPENCER Sarah, Ashbourne 1811
STEVENSON Edward, Sturston 1862
STEVENSON John, Ashbourne 1891
STEVENSON Mary Ann, Ashbourne 1890
SWINDELL John, Ashbourne, Dbys 1882
SWINSCOE George, Ashbourne, Dbys 1890
TAYLOR Paul, Ashbourne 1640
TEMPEST Samuel Will made 1869 Proved 1871, of Ashbourne, mentions "James BENTLEY of Charlestown, Indiana, North America"
TITTERTON William, Ashbourne 1642
TITTERTON William, Ashbourne 1642
VICKERS Elizabeth, 1798
WALKER Anne, Ashbourne 1878
WALKER Anne, Ashbourne Dbys 1878
WALLEY Lilian, Ashbourne Dbys 1928
WALLIS Fanny, Ashbourne Dbys 1899
WALLIS John George, Ashbourne Dbys 1892
WALLIS Percy, Ashbourne Dbys 1901
WALLIS Robert, Ashbourne Dbys 1871
WALTERS Eliza, Ashbourne Dbys 1889
WALTERS Mary, Ashbourne Dbys 1865
WASHINGTON James 1805 IV2/2
WATSON Christopher, Ashbourne 1646
WEBSTER William, Hollande, (Hulland,) p. Ashbourne 1649
WHITHALL John, Yeldersley, p.Ashbourne 1640
WISE John Thomas, Ashbourne 1876
WISE Thomas, Ashbourne 1864
WOOD Thomas, Ashbourne 1640
WOOLLEY George, Ashbourne 1874
WOOLLEY Rupert, Sturston 1879
WOOLLEY William Ashbourne 1922
ASHBOURNE Administrations
BRITTLEBANK Ann, Ashbourne 1868 Adm
BULLOCKE Eleanor, als CHADWICKE, Ashbourne 1647 Adm
BURKENSHAW Richard, Ashbourne, 1641 Adm
BUXTON George, 1861
BUXTON George, Ashbourne 1861 Adm
CARGEY George, Ashbourne 1867 Adm
CORBISHLEY James, Ashbourne 1869 Adm
CROSS Thomas, Ashbourne 1862 Adm
DUFFIELD Eliza, Ashbourne 1871 Adm
DUFFIELD John, Ashbourne 1867 Adm
DUFFIELD John, Ashbourne 1871 Adm
EYRE George, Ashbourne 1640 Adm
FOX John, Ashbourne 1870 Adm
GETHIN Richard, Ashbourne, Offcote and Underwood 1874 Adm
GETTLIFFE Jane Amelia, Ashbourne 1858 Adm
GETTLIFFE Jane Amelia, Ashbourne  mentions Louisa GETTLIFFE Ashbourne 1858 
GINNIS John, Ashbourne 1858 Adm
GINNIS John, Ashbourne  mentions Elizabeth GINNIS  1858
GRETTON Henry, Ashbourne 1642 Adm.
GRYMES Thomas, Ashbourne 1648 Adm
HARLOW Frances Mary, Ashbourne 1868 Adm
HAYWOOD Sarah, Ashbourne 1861 Adm
HEALD Thomas, Ashbourne 1648 Adm
HEATON Catherine, Ashbourne 1863 Adm
HODGKINSON Hannah, Ashbourne 1874
HOOD Thomas, Ashbourne 1647 Adm
HUNT Mary Ann, Ashbourne 1871 Adm
JOHNSON Matthew, Ashbourne 1873 Adm
MELLOR Ann, Ashbourne 1860 Adm
MILLWARD Catherine Harriet, Ashbourne 1860 Adm
MILLWARD Catherine Harriet, Ashbourne  mentions John MILLWARD, Ashbourne, Thomas MILLWARD Osmaston by Ashbourne 1860 
NEWBOLD William, Ashbourne 1647 Adm
PEACH George, Ashbourne 1871 Adm
PRINCE Joseph, Ashbourne 1860 Adm
RIDDLESDEN John Richard Taylor, Ashbourne 1861 Adm
RIDDLESDEN John Richard Taylor, Ashbourne died 1854, 3rd Mate, Mariner, "Queen of the East". Admin 1861.
SHIPLEY Ellen, Ashbourne 1647 Adm
SNEYD Agnes Maria, Ashbourne 1863 Adm
STEVENSON John of Clifton. 1865
STONE Joseph, Ashbourne, Offcote and Underwood 1873 Adm
TAYLOR Maria, Ashbourne 1886 Adm
TOMLINSON Sarah Anne, Ashbourne 1863 Adm
TOMLINSON William Dalton, Ashbourne 1863 Adm
TOWERS William, Clifton, p.Ashbourne? 1640 Adm
VICKERS Elizabeth, Ashbourne 1798 Adm
WARD Sarah, Ashbourne 1869 Adm
WEBSTER Thomas, Ashbourne 1649 Adm
WELCH Charles Hewit, Ashbourne 1858 Adm
WELCH Charles Hewit, Ashbourne,  died Bristol, Gloucs.  mentions Julia WELCH Ashbourne, John Charles WELCH. 1858
WELCH Charles Hewit. 1858 died Bristol.
WESTON Emily died 1849, Admin 1858.
WESTON Emily, Ashbourne 1858 Adm
WESTON Emily, Ashbourne Green (died 1849)  mentions Jane Elizabeth WESTON, Sarah WESTON. 1858
WOODHOUSE John, Ashbourne, Offcote and Underwood 1864 Adm
WOOLLEY Frederick Charles, Ashbourne 1874 Adm
AABELL William, Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1864
ADAIR James, Ashby Wolds, Leics. 1912
ADCOCK Thomas, Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1874
BODDICE Robert, Ashby 1898
BOOTH Joseph, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch 1889
BUCKERFIELD Mary, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch 1867
BURROWS William, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch 1910
CANTRELL Anna, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch and Normanton 1887
CANTRELL Thomas, Ashby de la Zouch, draft Will, surgeon. 19thC V4/41
COOPER Abraham, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch and Melbourne, Dbys 1887
COOPER Elizabeth, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch 1905
CROXALL Thomas, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch 1897
FLANDERS Joseph Hawkins, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch 1917
GREEN Thomas, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch, Ravenstone and Sheldon. 1876
HEATH Mary, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch, Donisthorpe 1909
HOUGH Charles, Ashby de la Zouch Leics and Melbourne 1896
JAMES Mary, Ashby de la Zouch Leics 1867
LOVATT Edward, Albert Village, Ashby Wolds Leics 1906
RILEY Sarah, Leics. Ashby de la Zouch 1905
ROBY Eliza, Leics. Asby de la Zouch 1886
ALLCARD George, Ashford 1862
ANDREW John, Ashford 1643
ATKINSON Ralph, Ashford 1638
BORE Emma, Ashford 1638-9
BREWELL John, Ashford 1638
CHEATAM John, Ashford 1637-8
DALE Nicholas, Ashford 1634
DICKEN George, Ashford, Brushfield 1798
DISHFORD Elizabeth, Ashford 1641
GOODWIN Ellen, Ashford 1636
GOODWIN Thoams, Ashford 1648 (doc may be lost)
GOODWIN Thomas, Ashford 1628-9
GOODWIN Thomas, Ashford 1628-9
GOODWIN Thomas, Ashford 1648
GREATBACH John, Ashford 1636
GREATEBACH Thomas, Ashford 1634
GREAVES John, Ashford 1640
GREENE Ralph, Ashford 1636-7
HARRIS John, Ashford 1641
HAYWARD Nicholas, Ashford 1638
HAYWARD Thomas, Ashford 1642
JACKSON James, Ashford 1814
JACKSON William, Ashford 1650
JOHNSON George, Ashford 1639
MYLNER (MILNER) Richard, Ashford 1649
NEEDHAM Joan, Ashford 1648
OLDFIELD John 1801
OLDFIELD John 1803
OLDFIELD William 1791
RAGG (WRAGG?) Robert, Ashford 1636
ROWLAND William, Ashford 1635
STANYFORTH (STANIFORTH) Joseph, Ashford 1637
STONE Michael, Ashford 1641
THORPE RObert, Ashford 1629
TOFTE (TOFT) William, Ashford 1629
TORRATT John, Ashford 1640
TURNER William, Ashford 1638
BAXTER Ann, Ashford in the Water 1859
FURNISS Peter, Ashford 1899
FURNISS Peter, Ashford 1902
FURNISS Samuel, Ashford 1858
GOODWIN Martha Alice, Ashford in the Water and South Africa  1904
GREEN Thomas, Ashford in the Water, Dbys 1796
GREEN William, Ashford 1761
HARPER Eliza, Ashford 1908
LEDGER Richard, Ashford in the Water 1880
LOWE Charles Henry, Ashford in the Water 1919
LOWE George, Eaglestones Ashford in the Water 1896
LOWE William, Ashford in the Water 1884
MILNES David, Ashford 1872
MILNES Frances, Ashford 1877
MILNES George, Ashford 1868
MILNES Jane, Ashford 1906
MILNES Peter, Ashford 1868
NEWTON Elizabeth, Ashford, Brushfield 1637
OLDFIELD Daniel, Ashford 1892
OLDFIELD Maria, Ashford in the Water 1895
OLDFIELD Mary, Ashford in the Water 1901
OLIVER John, Ashford 1897
PURSEGLOVE Thomas, Ashford 1908
REDFERN George, Ashford in the Water 1883
SHEPHERD Mary, Ashford, Brushfield 1645
BURROWS George, Ashford 1646
BURROWS George, Ashford 1646 Adm
BUXTON William, Ashford, Brushfield 1637 Adm
DALE William, Ashford 1645 Adm
GOODENOUGH als VICARS, Robert, Ashford 1638
GOODENOUGH Robert als VICARS, Ashford 1638 Adm
HAYWARD John, Ashford 1638 Adm
HEAWARD Thomas, Ashford 1651 Adm
LEES Francis, Ashford 1637 Adm
MILNES Helen, Ashford 1635 Adm
NEWTON Humphrey, Ashford, Brushfield 1635 Adm
RAGG ( WRAGG ) Thomas, Ashford 1640 Adm
RAGG (WRAGG) Thomas, Ashford 1636 Adm
SHELDON George, Ashford, Brushfield 1628 Adm
SHELDON Henry, Ashford, Brushfield 1627 Adm
SKIDMORE Emma, Ashford in the Water 1889
SKIDMORE John, Ashford in the Water and Sheffield Yks 1886
SKIDMORE Joseph, Ashford in the Water 1866
SMITH Martha, Ashford 1632 Adm
STERNDALE Louisa, Ashford 1863 Adm
WARDMAN Mary, Ashford 1868 Adm
WICKERS Robert, Ashford 1638 Adm
WRIGHT Thomas, Ashford 1636 Adm
ALLEN Benjamin, farmer, Alton Ashover  18thC  V6/172
ALLEN Joseph, Ashover, Lea 1858
ALLEN Joseph, Ashover, Lea Wharf 1874
ALLEN Richard Gregory, Ashover, Milltown 1876
ALLEN Thomas Roper, Ashover 1888
ALLEN William, Ashover 1907
ALLSOP Charles, Overend, Ashover 1766 V6/41
ALSOP Luke, stone merchant, Lea p.Ashover draft Will  1849  V6/247
ALSOP Lydia,Lea Hall p.Ashover draft Will  1846  V6/263
BASSETT John, Ashover Hill 1866
BASSETT Sarah, Ashover 1890
BASSETT William,  Ashover 1891
BEARDOW John, Ashover 1865
BEARDOW Thomas, Ashover 1927
BEARDOW Thomas, Press, Ashover 1877
BERRISFORD Thomas, Ashover  1786 V40/3
BOAR Mary, Ashover 1913
BOOTH Robert 1647
BOWER Alice 1649
BOWER Christopher 1641
BRIGGS Jane, Upper End, Ashover 1800 CTW/91
BUNTING Anthony, Ashover 1745
BUNTING Benjamin, Ashover 1698
BUNTING Elizabeth, Ashover 1696
BUNTING Francis, Ashover 1632/3
BUNTING Francis, Ashover 1747
BUNTING John, Ashover 1667
BUNTING John, Ashover 1712
BUNTING John, Ashover 1730
BUNTING John, Ashover 1739
BUNTING John, Ashover 1778
BUNTING Joseph, Ashover 1770
BUNTING Mary, Ashover 1727
BUNTING Obediah, Ashover 1700
BUNTING Phebe, Ashover 1735
BUNTING Thomas, Ashover 1558
BUNTING William, Ashover 1613
BUNTING William, Lea. p. Ashover 1777
BUNTINGE Godfrey, Ashover 1608
BUNTINGE Nicholas, Ashover 1564
BUNTINGE William, Ashover 1585/6
BUNTYNG Elizabeth, Ashover 1545/6
BUXTON Edward 1649
COX Joseph, Ashover 1766
CULLUMBELL William of Buntingfield. p.Ashover 1807-8 L4 Receipts for lagacies under Will
DUNN Ann, Ashover 1891
DUNN George, Lea, Ashover 1870
DUNN Jane, Ashover 1912
DUNSTAN Edwin, Littlemoor, Ashover 1909
FENTON Frederick Jarvis, Ashover 1900
FIDLER James, Ashover 1890
FIDLER John, Milltown, Ashover 1898
FLYNT John 1649
FRETWELL Thomas, Ashover 1914
FRETWELL William, Upper End, Ashover 1874
GIBB John, Ashover 1907
GIBBONS John, Ashover 1917
GILL Mary Ann, Ashover 1877
GLADWIN John, Ashover 1859
GRATTON William, Press, 1823 CTW/11
GREEN Phoebe Ann, wife of Henry GREEN Dale Cottage Ashover draft Will 1854  V6/226
GREGORY Joseph, Ashover, shopkeeper 1792 CTW/82
GREGORY Richard, Ravensnest 1786 CTW/80
HANDBURY John, Kelstedge 1846 CTW/85
HASLAM George, Milltown, baker 1854 CTW/86
HEB Elizabeth, Ashover 1647
HENSTOCK Edward, Ashover 1682
HENSTOCK Edward, Ashover 1698
HENSTOCK Henry, Ashover 1704
HENSTOCK James, Dale House, Ashover 1856
HENSTOCK John, Dale House, Ashover 1834
HILL Humphrey, Ashover 1668
HILL John, Ashover 1636
HILL Thomas, Ashover 1855
HILL Thomas, Holloway 1825
HODGKINSON Edmund, Ashover 1829 M85/7
HODGKINSON George, Ashover 1791 M85/6
HODGKINSON William, Overton, Ashover 1731 V53/24
HOLMES John, Uppertown,Ashover 1807 V6/43
HOPKINSON Ellen, Western Bank, Ashover 1873
HOPKINSON John, North Edge, Ashover 1861
HOPKINSON Josiah, Ashover 1924
HOPKINSON Mary, Ashover 1912
HOPKINSON Thomas, Ashover 1905
HOPKINSON Thomas, Ashover 1919
JACKSON William Kaye, Ashover and Rotherham Yks 1877
JOHNSON Alice, Ashover 1913
KIRKHAM William, Ashover 1879
LEE John, Ashover and Chesterfield 1876
LEE Joseph, Ashover and Chesterfield 1904
LEE Thomas, Buntingfield Ashover and Chesterfield 1869
LEES Henry, Hardwick Ashover 1875
LOFTS William Dun, Milltown Ashover 1864
LOMAS Rebecca, Ashover 1901
LOW Henry, Lea 1895 
LOWE Jane, Ashover and Wirksworth 1880
LOWE John, Lea 1860
LOWE Robert, Ashover 1890
LUDLAM William, Ashover 1884
LUDLAM William, Ashover 1902
MARPLES John, Ashover 1903
MARRIOTT Bower, Kelstedge 1863
MARRIOTT David, Ashover 1868
MARRIOTT Emily, Ashover 1915
MARRIOTT Joseph, The Cottage, Ashover 1866
MARSDEN Joseph, Hardmeadow Lane, Ashover 1860
MARSH Hannah, Ashover 1897
MASKREY William, Milltown, Ashover 1885
NODDER Bright, Ashover 1819 V40/2
NORMAN Robert, Ashover  1678 V40/1
OLDFIELD Dorothy 1826
PARKS Robert, Ashover  1688   V109/12
RADFORD Joseph, Lea 1879
RADFORD Thomas, Alton p.Ashover 1882
RAWSON William, Lea 1897
REVELL Dolly, Ashover 1892
REVELL Edmund, Ashover 1879
RHODES George, Holdstone Farm, Ashover 1886
RIDLEY George, Lea 1886
RILEY Abel, Lea 1878
ROBERTS John, Milltown, Ashover 1863
ROBINSON Ann, Brockhurst Mill, Ashover 1874
ROBINSON Arthur, Brockhurst, Ashover 1882
ROBINSON James, Brockhurst Mill 1866
ROBINSON James, Upperend, Ashover 1880
ROBINSON Joseph, Ashover 1894
ROBINSON Joseph, Kelstedge, Ashover 1928
ROBINSON Samuel, Ashover 1862
ROBINSON William James, Ashover 1900
ROBINSON William, The Slack, Ashover 1887
RUDGE Thomas, cleric, Ashover 1884
SHARDLOW John, Ashover 1817
SHARP Maria, Ashover 1874
SHARP Thomas, Ashover 1860
SLEIGH Elizabeth als BRAYLESFORD, (BRAILSFORD) Ashover 1639
SMEDLEY George, Goss Hall Ashover draft Will  18thC  V6/168
SPENCER James, Milltown 1712
SPENCER John, Milltown 1618
SPENSER Nicholas 1588/9
STERNDALL George, Lea Hurst 1862
STEVENSON Enoch, Ashover 1800 V2/13
STEVENSON Sarah, Ashover 1861
STONE Joseph, Ashover 1887
STONE William, Ashover 1924
SWIFT Andrew, Lea Bridge 1891
SWIFT Mary, Ashover 1891
SWIFT William, Ashover 1882
TAGG John, Ashover 1650
TAGG John, Snr., Ashover 1650
TORR Thomas , Ashover 1803  V40/4
TOWNDROW Benjamin, Ashover,Hay. 1754 V2/66
TOWNDROW John, Ashover, maltster 1838 CTW/84
TOWNDROW Thomas, Ashover 1640
TOWNDROW Thomas, Milltown Ashover, farmer,  draft Will  18thC  V6/156
TOWNEROW (TOWNROW) Henry, Ashover 1648
TWIGG Isaac Bown, Ashover 1826 V2/32
TWIGG Isaac Bowne, Ashover 1826 CTW/52
TWIGG John yeoman, Ashover 1797  V6/169
TWIGG John, Ashover 1816 V2/31
WHEATCROFT Elizabeth, Ashover 1890
WHEATCROFT Iabez (Jabez ?) Ashover, Moor Grange 1860
WHEATLEY Alfred, Stone Edge, Ashover 1916
YOUNG George, Ashover 1875
YOUNG John, Alton , Ashover? 1875
YOUNG Peter, Ashover 1837
YOUNG Peter, Press, Ashover 1870
YOUNG Sarah, Far Hill, Ashover 1875
YOUNG Thomas, Press, Ashover 1862
YOUNG William, Ashover 1827 
YOUNG William, Press, Ashover 1875
ASHOVER Administration
ALSOPP William 1648 Adm
ASKEW Michael, Ashover 1859 Adm
BOWER Anne 1649 Adm
BOWER Christopher 1648 Adm
BOWNE Isaac, Ashover grocer, granted to widow Sarah BOWNE 1769 CTW/76
BOWNE Isaac, granted to George ALLEN, Joseph GREGORY executors of Will of Sarah BOWNE 1771 CTW/77
BUNTING Phoebe.Administration granted to Charles ALLSOP Brockhurst, Ashover, as guardian of John BUNTING, minor and son of late Phoebe BUNTING widow of Ashover 1745 V6/1735
BUXTON Rowland, Lea, Ashover 1870 Adm
EATON John, Ashover farmer, granted to his father John EATON 1773 CTW/105
EDGE Rosanna, Ashover 1868 Adm
EDGE William, Ashover 1874 Adm
ELLIOTT Francis, Ashover 1862 Adm
ELLIOTT Francis, Ashover 1873 Adm
FRETWELL Roger 1648 Adm
GRADY Lucy,Ashover 1871 Adm
HARDY Benjamin, Ashover 1872 Adm
HARVEY Nicholas, Ashover 1646 Adm
HEATHCOTT Thomas 1640 Adm
HOLMES Ruth, Ashover 1864 Adm
HOWITT Nathaniel, Ashover 1861 Adm
HUNT Charles 1640 Adm
JOULE George Gooddie, Ashover 1870 Adm
MASON John als NICHOLLS, Ashover 1647 Adm
MELLOR Anne, Ashover 1859 Adm
MILNES William, Ashover 1867 Adm
NIGHTINGALE Mary died 1860, mentions Mary BRITTLE Adm. 1865
PARSONS William, Ashover 1864 Adm
RADFORD Joseph, Lea, Ashover 1870 Adm
ROBERTS Thomas Snr., Ashover labourer, granted to Thomas ROBERTS jun. nephew. 1780 CTW/79
ROBINSON Mary, Ashover 1874 Adm
SHARDLOW John, Ashover 1817 Adm
SLINN Ann, Ashover 1874 Adm
SPENCER William, Milltown, Ashover 1639 Adm
VAINES Hannah, Ashover 1871 Adm
WALKER Elizabeth, Lea Wood, Ashover 1867 Adm
WALKER Margaret, Ashover 1647 Adm
WARD William, Ashover 1868 Adm
WILDGOOSE John, Lea Green, Ashover 1864 Adm
WOOLLEY Ann, Lea, Ashover 1861 Adm
YOUNG Adam, Ashover 1785 Adm
ASTON Wills and Administrations (The Wills for the place named as Aston, have not been differentiated, and so may include Wills for Aston upon Trent, or Aston a hamlet in Sudbury parish, or Aston, Staffs. Aston in the Derbyshire p. Hope should be listed with Hope.)

ASHFORD John, Aston 1641
BLOXWICH Humphrey, Aston 1642
BUCKNALL Edward, Aston 1641
BUTLER Edward, Aston 1647
HANSON Henry, Aston 1649
HINCE (INCE?) Richard, Aston 1629
HODGES Kenelm?, Aston 1628
HOULDEN (HOLDEN?) Humphrey, Aston 1641
KING Thomas, Aston 1641
LEABORNE John, Aston 1646
NUNN John, Aston 1641
SAXON Thomas, Aston 1642
SMITH Edward, Aston 1650
SMITH William, Aston 1628
TAYLOR Isabel, Aston 1641
TIBBINS George, Aston 1640
WALDREN Edward, Aston 1650
WELDE Alice, Aston 1648
WRIGHT Hugh, Aston 1628
WRIGHT Humphrey, Aston 1639
NUNNE (NUNN) James, Aston 1642

ASTON Administration (see also Aston on Trent)
BEECH Henry, Aston 1637 Adm
HOULDEN (HOLDEN) Humphrey, Aston 1641 Adm
KENDALL Humphrey, Aston 1649 Adm
ASTON ON TRENT (see also Aston)
ANSCOMB John, Aston on Trent 1869
BARTON Emma, Aston on Trent 1913
BOTHAM Elizabeth of Aston on Trent, farmer, mentions niece Elizabeth ROBINSON dau of my late bro John ROBINSON, Milk St. London. Will made 1852 Proved 1858 /237
BROWNELL Thomas, Aston on Trent 1637
COCK John, Aston on Trent 1760
EYRE Christopher, Aston on Trent 1630/1
GARRATT Sarah, Aston on Trent  1858
GASKIN Charles, Aston on Trent 1872
HALLADAY John, Aston on Trent 1866
HALLADAY John, Aston on Trent 1885
HALLADAY Joseph, Aston on Trent 1858
HALLADAY Sarah, Aston on Trent 1903
HILL John, Aston on Trent 1578/9
HILL John, Aston on Trent 1612
HILL Thomas, Aston on Trent 1594
HOLDEN Charles, Rev. 1822 V34/8
HOLDEN James, Aston on Trent 1779
HOULT Thomas, Aston on Trent 1900
JOYNES Alfred, Aston on Trent 1915
KILLINGLEY Richard, Aston on Trent 1640
LUDLOW Francis, Aston on Trent 1913
MARTIN Edward, Aston on Trent 1660
REDWOOD George, Aston on Trent 1778 V4/14
REDWOOD George, Aston on Trent made 1783 V4/16
REDWOOD Sarah, Aston on Trent 1785 V4/15
RILEY Philip, Aston on Trent 1923
SHELDON William 1823.
STONE Robert, 1788
ASTON ON TRENT Administration
GOFFE Francis, Aston on Trent 1640 Adm
GRENT John,Vicar, Aston on Trent 1645 Adm
LUDLOW William, mentions Catherine GREGORY 1870.
TAYLER (TAYLOR) Zacharias, Aston on Trent 1639 Adm
ASTLE Mary, Aston on Trent 1864 Adm
BARKER Mary, Aston on Trent 1866 Adm
BULL Thomas, Aston on Trent 1869 Adm
GREGORY Thomas, Aston on Trent 1867 Adm
LUDLOW William, Aston on Trent 1870 Adm
MURPHY Michael, Aston on Trent 1869 Adm
BUNTING Samuel, Atlow 1801
BUNTING Samuel, Atlow 1834
FEARN Josiah, Atlow 1908
JACKSON Thomas 1826
JACKSON Thomas, Atlow 1826
MADDOCKE Phillip, Atlow 1647
RILEY Mary, late of Atlow.  1918
SPENCER Henry, Atlow, yeoman. 1713
WALKER William Frederick, Atlow Dbys 1894
WALLIS Thomas, Atlow Dbys 1877
WINTERBURNE Richard, Atlow, Vicar. 1649
ALSOP Thomas Bowler, Ault Hucknall 1864
ALVEY William, Ault Hucknall Locco Lane 1886
ALVEY William, Ault Hucknall, Hardstoft 1864
BALLECHOUS James, Ault Hucknall 1648
BOAR Joseph, Ault Hucknall 1887
CLAY John, Astwith, Ault Hucknall 1773 V2/24
CLAY John, Hardstoft 1891
CLAY Louisa, Hardstoft 1914
CLAY Sampson, Ault Hucknall 1903
CLAY Sampson, Hardstoft 1867
CLAY Sampson, Hardstoft 1910
DERREY William. Ault Hucknall c. 1794 V44/1
EYRE Richard, Heathincknall? 1688
FOX Joseph, Ault Hucknall, Hardstoft 1867
FOX Joseph, Halt Hucknall 1801
FOX Matthew, Ault Hucknall 1670
FOX Matthew, Halt Hucknall 1646
FOX Richard, Halt Hucknall 1630/1
FOX Thomas, Halt Hucknall 1784
FOXE John, Ault Hucknall 1614
GILL Walter, Astwith  1905
GLASSBROOK Edward, Doe Lea 1907
HOPKINSON Joseph, Bramley Lane Ault Hucknall 1869
HUTCHINSON Joseph, Stainsby 1865
JACKSON Mary, Hardwick 1896
JACKSON William, Ault Hucknall 1904 (also Miles)
JEPSON William, Rowthorne 1869
LIMB George, Hardstoft 1923
LITTLEWOOD John William, Stainsby 1927
LOW Mary, Stainsby 1864
OLDFIELD Cornelius 1817
OLDFIELD Humphrey, 1806 Adm.
OLDFIELD Mary 1819
OLDFIELD Mary 1836
RIGGOTT Rebecca, Rowthorne, Ault Hucknall 1879
STONES Roger, Ault Hucknall 1646
WHITEHEAD Richard, Ault Hucknall?, Rawthorne, Rowthorn? 1647
AULT HUCKNALL Administration
BROOKS John, Ault Hucknall 1869 Adm
HASLAM Elizabeth, Ault Hucknall 1874 Adm
HAYNE Mary, Ault Hucknall 1864 Adm
METCALF Joseph, Ault Hucknall 1861 Adm
PEMBERTON Thomas, Ault Hucknall 1868 Adm
WHOLEY Sarah, Ault Hucknall 1859 Adm
CADE Henry, Australia and Borrowash Dbys. 1885
GREY William Rutter, Australia and Matlock Dbys. 1875
MATHIESON John, Australia, Queensland, Brisbane 1906
SLACK William, Australia, Elvaston and Littleover Dbys. 1880
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.