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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Examinations


Joseph THOWLEY (THAWLEY on reverse) of Taddington born Draycote Staffs and an illegitimate child. Apprenticed to William MAYER of Stoke on Trent Staffs. On reverse "remove to Stoke".   1800  V21/207L

SE1 Mary BUCKLAND hired to James COOKE of Mansfield, Notts., Edward HASLAM Mansfield, Notts. innkeeper, went to live with Timothy TOMLINSON of Darlton, Notts. husbandman.  1718
SE2 Mary WILLSON born North Wingfield, father Richard WILLSON removed to Tibshelf to a farm which gave her father a Settlement in Tibshelf. She was about 11 when her father "dyed at Tibshelf" . Father had bought a house of William SANFIELD of Tibshelf and she lived there with her mother. Hired to Samuel FOLDS of Teforshall ( Teversal) Notts. William HILL of Teversal, Notts. Went back to live with her mother.  1740
SE3 Christopher CHAPMAN born Blackwell, father lived there by virtue of a Certificate. Hired to Abraham BEELEY of Shirland. Later in the Kings Service.  1753
SE4 George ANDERSON born Askam, Notts. of travelling parents. Brought up by "father and mother but never in a fixt place. Traveling about the Contri from place to place in the Profession of what is Commonly call'd a Tinker". Married at place called Wycomb in Leics. ( sic) returned to Tibshelf. Granted a house in Tibshelf on the order of Mr HALLOWS  J.P. .Left Tibshelf 20 yrs ago. 1755
SE5 Mary MARRIOTT born Ashover, Hired to Anthony ALLSOP of Tibshelf decd. 1758
SE6 John BROOKS born Tibshelf, hired to William HERRUP of Sutton in Ashfield,Notts. a certificated man from Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts. Examinant now lives in Tibshelf.  1758
SE7 Ruth PARSON  born Tibshelf  1759
SE8 John HOPKINSON born Ashover, hired to Jeremiah HIGGINBOTHAM Clay Lane Quarter.  1760
SE9 Thomas HAWKSLEY born Handley, p. North Wingfield. Served at Hocksgrave Park, Notts. enlisted in Life Guards, rented a home in St Georges parish, Hannover Square, Westminster. That he has a lawful discharge from the service since 1748.   1768
SE10 Ann BARKER of Tibshelf, wife of Thomas BARKER collier who now absconds. Came with Certificate from Cheadle, Staffs. Lived partly in Shirland and partly in Tibshelf. On reverse, children named as appearing in 1762 Certificate as William, John, Thomas, Johanna.     1768
SE11 Michael WIBBOT born Tibshelf, fathers Settlement Sidbury? Yks. In 1764 rented property in Shirland but lived in Tibshelf. .Sold hay and cottage to Joseph RYLEY  1770
SE12 Robert HASLAM born Tibshelf 25, Apprenticed to William HASLAM Stony Houghton, who he believes was a Certificated man from Sutton in Ashfield,Notts. 1772
SE13 Joseph MELLORS born Tibshelf, served Richard ADLINGTONof Tibshelf, Richard REYNOLDS of Teversal,Notts., John HUNT Teversal,Notts., Humphrey CLAYTON Langwith Lane, Scarcliffe. 1772
SE14 Ann HATTON born Tibshelf, served last at Darnah ( Darnall ?) p. Sheffield, Yks. Married 16 yrs ago to William HATTON of Holbrook p. Duffield. 1774
SE15 John CRICH (signs CRITCH) born Tibshelf. Hired to Mr KITE of Booton,Notts., hired to John IBBISON who had married his mistress, moved with master to Somerby, Lincs. then Christopher BELL of Heapham, Lincs. 1774
SE16 Elizabeth ELLIS of Tibshelf born there illegitimate. When eight put to John HOPKINSON of Woolley Moor p.North Wingfield, Godfrey PEARSON of Morey p.Mansfield, Notts., William DERRY of Ault Hucknall. 1776
SE17 James KIRKE Tibshelf collier born Strelley, worked at colleries at Bilborough and Nuttall,Notts. 1775
SE18 Mathew FARNSWORTH of Duffield, born Codnor. Father removed to Tibshelf.Apprenticed to Henry DAWSON Duffield. 1772
SE19 John DAN tallow chandler, born Nottingham St Mary, Notts. Apprenticed to Richard MILWARD Tibshelf, went to live Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1778
SE20 Mary STOCKS living at Tibshelf where her father resided under Certificate from Morton. Hired to Richard JOHNSTON of Stretton, North Wingfield,served Richard ADLINGTON and William MORLEY both of Tibshelf. 1779
SE21 Margary COOPE served George HEALD of Morton, William ROPER ( later called ROBER) of Teversal,Notts., Thomas STANILAND of Williamwoodhouse, p. Warsop, Notts. 1779
SE22 Elizabeth PARSONS of Gosport, Hants Married in Dorset to Thomas PARSONS of Tibshelf, then a soldier in Nottinghamshire Militia. Sold clothes to bring her to Tibshelf in a waggon. 1782
SE23 William PAGET born Frisby on the Wreak, Leics. Fathers legal Settlement Rotherby,Leics. Served Edward PRICE of of St Martin, Leicester, Leics, John BAKER of Haden, Lincs. William BRAGG of Little Gunarby, Lincs. In Nottingham Militia. 1783
SE24 Lawrence PARSONS cordwainer born Morton Dbys. Hired to Thomas TURNER Pleasley, Michael ASKEW Pilsley. 1783
SE25 George PURSGLOVE born Tibshelf, served Thomas WILSON of South Normanton who resided there under Certificate from Sutton, Jonathan BINGHAM of Blackwell.  1784
SE26 Job ALLSOPP born Ashover. Hired to George MILLS of Tibshelf. He and two other men took over a piece of Ridding of the said George MILLS which employed them about 7 weeks for which they received five pounds.  1784
SE27 James BINGHAM born Tibshelf, hired to Thomas COTTON Teversal,Notts. 1785
SE28 Sarah COUP born Tibshelf, single. Hired to Robert BROCKSOPP of Kettlington, Notts. 1785
SE29 Ann PURSLOVE born Tibshelf, hired to John BOLSOVER of Akrin ( Eakring ?) Notts. 1785
SE30* John KEETON, 30, born Pilsley p.North Wingfield, parents legal Settlement Dirty Hucknall. Rented tenememnt Clay Lane. 1787 
SE31 John CHAPMAN 23 born Tibshelf, parents legal  Settlement Pleasley. Hired to Edward BULLIVANT of Clipstone, Notts, John DAVY of the Lindhurst,Notts. 1787
SE37 Thomas PEMBERTON born Hardstaff, apprenticed to John ASHMORE Tibshelf.  1790
SE38 George KING 32 labourer, born p.North Wingfield, a natural child, his methers settlement there. Hired to William PARSONS of Tibshelf, George MILERS ?, Robert MILWARD. "he pretended to buy a small cottage of his mother at Blackwell which he occupied under her late husband William PARKINSON in order to prevent parish officers of Blackwell seizing on it as she and her family were becoming chargeable. Conveyance money was thirty pound but he actually paid little. Deed made but was of reserving the house for another son of his mothers 1790
SE39 John CLARKE born Tibshelf hired to John SHEPPERSON of Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. Married to Betty. 1790
SE40 George ADAMS of Tibshelf,  born Thorpe Dbys. Labourer aged 27. Hired to Mr THORNALEY of Bond End, Staffs, Mr SMITH Linea Park, Branston,Staffs. 1791
SE41 Edward SMITH born Shirland. Parents settlement North Wingfield. Hired to Mr BAILEY of Palterton, Mr BROCKSOPP of Stretton Hall,. 1793
SE42 Ann STRAW 30 born Tibshelf singlewoman. Hired to Robert MILWARD of Tibshelf, Mr DEWAR ? of Bothamsile ?, Notts. 1793
SE43 John GODBER born Mansfield Woodhouse Notts.,fwk. Apprenticed to John HARVEY Mansfield Notts. 1793
SE44 Thomas STIRKS born Tibshelf, parents settlement Morton. Hired to William MORLEY Tibshelf, Thomas HODGKINSON Berry Hill, Notts. 1794
SE45 Joseph COOK of Tibshelf lab, fathers Settlement Morton. Hired to William FISHER of Rowthorn  1794
SE46 Joseph ROE born Shirland father resided there under certificate from Norton Yks. Hired to Jeremiah GRATOREX Morton, Dbys farmer, George HANDLEY Tibshelf. 1794
SE47* Joseph ROE ,23, born Shirland. When father died went to George HANDLEY, then William PARSONS Tibshelf 1796
SE48 Ann GODBER 21, born Tibshelf. Served Thomas OLDHAM of Morton, Joseph DOWNING of Blackwell, then Charles HILL of Heath. 1797
SE49 David PARKER Tibshelf coal miner born Barlborough where his mother belonged. Married to Mary TUE .1800
SE50 Joseph BROOKS born Hardstaff, fathers settlement Dronfield. Apprenticed to George ASHMORE Tibshelf. Master resided there under certificate from Sutton in Ashfield,Notts. 1800
SE51 George WOOD born Shirland. Fathers settlement Pilsley. Hired to Joseph HILL of Heath farmer. 1800
SE52* Benjamin CANTRELL 34 born North Wingfield. Hired to Josiah FARNSWORTH Williamthorpe, James BRELSFORD Routhan, (Rowthorne) Jeremiah HIGGINBOTHAM Wood Head p.North Wingfield, William FISHER Rowthorne, Robert HARDWICK, Heath, Joseph HILL Heath, William WEBSTER Holmgate, Mr BRELSFORD Rowthorne, Thomas BIGGEN Norton 1800
SE53 John SCOTT Staveley born Hardstaff, mothers legal settlement. Apprenticed to Samuel BARBER Mansfield, Notts., Mathew ELLOTT Tibshelf. Married at Staveley 1801
SE54 James STRAW born Tibshelf. Hired to Michael ASKEY of Biggen, Tibshelf,Humphrey OLDFIELD of Astwith. 1801
SE55 Nathan WEALD 28 born Morton .Apprenticed to Edward LESTER of Higham.  1804
SE56 Joseph WOOD 28 born Pilsley, p. North Wingfield. Served William PARSONS of Tibshelf, George MATHERS of Nuttingfield,p.Ashover, Joseph DOWNING West house p.Blackwell. Married. 1804
SE57 Joseph ELLIS born Blackwell, father banksman in Tibshelf colliery. Took by father to drive Gin horses, then when 11 yrs old went down the pit.  1804
SE58 Thomas ALSOP 30, born Dirty Hucknall, hired by Mr BODEN of Barlborough to work at pit at Blackwell, then William MORELY? Tibshelf as hanger on of coal at the bottom of the pit, 4/- weekly.  1804
SE59 George ALSOP born Dirty Hucknall, parents legal settlement. Hired by Richard MELLORS as hanger on, after two years commanded the capacity as a collier. Married 1804
SE60 James PUSTGLOVE 23, born South Wingfield, Hired to John HOPKINSON Crich,John WALLACE Codnor Park, John WILSON, South Normanton, Joseph SWAIN South Normanton. Married  1804
SE61 Joseph WASS 47 born Pilsley p.North Wingfield. Hired to James STEVENS Pilsley, John CLAY Hardstoft,Thomas LUCAS Warsop, Notts, Matthew GREGORY Astwith, p. Ault Hucknall. Married  1804
SE62 Thomas REYNOLDS 23 Uncle George REYNOLDS of Teversal, Notts brought him up.Hired to Edward FARNSWORTH of Rowthorne, Richard MARRIOTT Rowthorne, Edward FARNSWORTH again, John BROCKSOP Ault Hucknall then Uncle George REYNOLDS 1804
SE63 Joseph STOCKS born Mansfield, Notts aged 21. Married 1805
SE64 Elizabeth DAVENPORT 19 born Sutton in Ashfield, Notts Parents settlement Tibshelf. note on margin "filiates on Richard CLAY of Ault Hucknall".  1805
SE65 John WALTERS 23 born Pentrich parents settlement Holbrook. Hired to Rbt MILWARD, William HILL, Benjamin CHAMBERS all Tibshlf, James WRIGHT Sutton in Ashfield, Notts, William GODBER Sutton in Ashfield, Notts, Thomas RIDG- who died shortly after,   Samuel SUTTON Pentrich (who also had another servant called William DAVILLE) Richard SANDERS Greasley, Notts. from whom he ran away, later served in Ripley Volunteer Infantry 2 wks. Married Mary FOSTER.  1805
SE66 Samuel HITCHINSON of Tibshelf 38 born Potts Grove, Bedford. Hired to George PETERS Esq. of Hendon, Middx. John ROYCE Mansfield, Notts. 1808
SE67 George BROOKS born Tibshelf 29, parents settlement Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1808
SE68 Samuel WAINWRIGHT 38 born Higham. Served Thomas HUNT South Wingfield, John MOTTISHAW Clay Lane 1808
SE69 Humphrey REYNOLDS 35 born Tibshelf parents settlement Kirkby,Notts. 1808
SE70 Thomas COOKE born Tibshelf, 21. Parents settlement Morton. 1808
SE71 Robert HILL 44, born Tibshelf. Parents settlement Teversal, Notts. 1808
SE72 John RILEY Tibshelf 39. Parents settlement Ilson (Ilkeston?) Dbys 1808
SE73 David BROWN 23, born Hardstaft. Parents settlement Clarbury, Notts  1808
SE74 George FRANCIS 27 of Tibshelf born St John, London. Served William BEARDER of Nusted (Newstead?) Notts.  Richard MELLOR Dirty Hucknall, Notts. 1808  
SE75 John FRITH born Great Hucknall 26,. Served John SANT of Seslton, Notts, William MILLWARD Tibshelf farmer. Master had two farms, one at Tibshelf one at Brackenfield. 1808
SE76 Joseph BENNETT born Bolsover 29 lab. Apprenticed to Christopher HIND Bolsover, Richard SUDSBURY Scarcliffe, John CHAMBERS Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1808
SE77 John RAYNES 27 born Tibshelf. Hired to Fletcher BULLIVANT of Langley, p.Heanor farmer. 1808
SE78 John RAWSON 29 born Selston,Notts. Parents settlement Heanor. Brought up since two by grandfather George ELLIOTT of Tibshelf. Married Sarah SMEDLEY 1810
SE79 Ann WASS 56 born Pilsey.Hired to John WASS Pilsley farmer, George COOP Langwith Notts. Moved with him to Palterton. Never been married 1810
SE80 Elizabeth FLETCHER widow 30 born Limerick, Ireland. Hired to Mikel KNOWLING of Dublin St Pauls, publican. Married 1802 Dublin, Ireland to John FLETCHER who told her he belonged to Tibshelf. 1810
SE81 Elizabeth MELLOR 19 born Tibshelf. Served Dorothy TAGG of Shirland, then Richard HILL Tibshelf 1810
SE82 George STRAW 30 born Blackwell. Apprenticed to John GODBER of Tibshelf, residing there under certificate from Mansfield, Notts. Married Ann COOK . 1811
SE83 "Marriage Certifcate"  George STRAW and Ann COOK 1811
SE84 Thomas LEAVERSAGE coal miner 21, born Sheffield, Yks. Parents settlement Renfield Yks.  Married Hannah STRAW.  1787   
85 Thomas SHIMWELL 45 born Williamthorpe. Hired to Samuel MARRIOT of Stainsby,Robert MILWARD Tibshelf, James SOWTER Windley. Married Mary BENDALL.  1812
SE86 Elizabeth COOK 20 born Teversal Notts. Now pregnant. 1821
SE87 Samuel PARKER 26 born Tibshelf, parents legal Settlement Barlborough. Married Milicent? two children 1824
SE88 Samuel WAIN 54 born Brampton. Hired to Richard ADLINGTON, William MILWARD, William HILL all Tibshelf, William WILSON Blidworth Notts 1824
SE89 George PENDLETON 22 born Clay Lane. 1825
SE90 John COOPE 24 born Horsley, illegitimate. Served Wiliam ADLINGTON Tibshelf, William OLIVER Mansfield Notts 1825
SE92 John BROOKS 24 born Tibshelf parents settlement Dronfield. Married 1825
SE93 William SHOOTER 40 of Alfreton born Tibshelf, parents George and Elizabeth. Wife Elizabeth, three children Samuel, Sarah and John. Now in ill health. 1826
SE94 Richard SELLORS of Darley Abbey, cotton spinner nearly 39, born p.Crich.Parents Richard and Mary. Mother still living. Served Sarah TAYLOR of Handley nr Wessington, William MILWARD of Tibshelf, George ADLINGTON p. Blackwell, John BETTERRIDGE of Newton, Thomas ALSOP wood dealer.Married Ann at Wirksworth.Has Hannah. He now confined to bed. 1830
SE95 Ann WILSON born Alfreton 28 parents settlement Tibshelf. On 21st Feb last female bastard born in p. Alfreton. 1836
SE96 Mary MAWKES born Tibshelf 23, sister Jane MARSH assisted her in hiring to Henry HOOTON Nuttall nr Nottingham, hired to Thomas HILL of Whiteborow p.Teversal Notts, Thomas BAKEWELL of Stanley p.Teversal Notts, back to Mr HOOTON, receiving 1/- for fastening penny.Went home to parents in Tibshelf.Heard from Mary ASHMORE that Mr John HIGGINBOTHAM Nottingham Notts surgeon wanted a servant. Could have a week hometo go home and mend her clothes. The cook at Mr HIGGINBOTHAMS was Fanny BUCKNALL, Mr GRAMMER of Langley Mill  1830
SE97 Elizabeth BEAN of Teversal, Notts. 62 widow born Croydon Surrey.Married 1803 William BEAN Private Portsmouth Division of Marines who was born Teversal Notts. His father George BEAN apprenticed him to William LEVERTON of Tibshelf. Master died leaving widow Elizabeth LEVERTON. Father purchased time remaining then William BEAN ran away and enlisted. Discharged after 1815 and enlisted 1st Rgt Foot. Discharged as unfit for service, went to Teversal Notts worked at Nottingham and Sutton ion Ashfield Notts. Died Nottingham Notts last March.  1834
SE98 Charles LIMB 40 born Ashover.Apprenticed to John GODBER Tibshelf.Master set him at liberty trade being bad. Removed by Ashover to Tibshelf and acknowledged by them as their legal pauper, went back and worked at Ashover Lime Kiln, fractured knee. Married at Ashover to Elizabeth.Has James, George, William, Alice,Ann. Charles LIMB to ill to be removed.  1840
SE99 John SPEED lived at Blackwell with father until 19 yrs of age, then lived with John ADLINGTON Ault Hucknall, Edward WILSON Bestock Park, John NAYLOR Pleasley Hill.Married  n.d.
R76 Examination of Daniel HOLBROOKE cordwainer of Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. who knows William HOLBROOKE fwk, 22 yrs old,
William is the illegitimate son of Rebecca HOLBROOKE delivered at Tibshelf when a widow for four years. William married Abigail SWIRE. 1836
R77 Abigail HOLBROOKE married William HOLBROOKE 21 Dec 1831 at Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1836
RM7/1836*  Robert ALLEN born Codnor, 57 (or 54?). Hired to Samuel LINDLEY Shirland, Richard HOPKINSON Shirland. Married Elizabeth MELLOR.   1840
RM7/1838 Mary FRANKS 29, parents legal settlement Newstead, Notts. "I have never left my father, I have two illegitimate children".  1840
RM7/1844 John RAYNES 28 collier. parents legal Settlement Thurgaton, Notts.  Married Elizaeth at Tibshelf. Have two children, one born before marriage named George Raynes MORLEY.  1840
SE32 James STONES45 born Shirland. Apprenticed to Samuel WRIGHT of Shirland 1787
SE33* George HAWKSLEY 68 born North Wingfield. Apprenticed to Roger HAWKSLEY of West Radford, Notts. Took a house at Stonebroom, 2 parts wifes mothers, ther part to Earl of Thanet. Later let to Lawrence PARSONS, and George moved to live with mother at Tibshelf. 1787 
SE34 Edward COUPE 22 born Tibshelf, fathers legal Settlement at Foolow. Hired to Joseph CLARK of South Normanton. Wife Jane, Robert  infant.  1787
SE35 Thomas HOPKINSON of Teversal, Notts, born Pilsley, North Wingfield. Father moved to Teversal,Notts. Apprenticed to William SHIPMAN Tibshelf. Wife, Sarah.  1789
SE36 Mary PIPES of Ault Hucknall widow, born Rowthorne. Married Blackwell to Ella PIPES, Husband died fourteen days later. .Husband had been hired to Benjamin MARRIOTT. She was hired to Robert PARSONS North Wingfield, Fran: BRAILSFORD Tibshelf.  1790 
TICKNALL with year of Examination.
1 Wm WILMOT 26, born Kings Newton, parents Michael and Hannah legally settled at Darley Dale. marr Elizb. 1828
2 Daniel SHREEVE 46, born Ticknall parents Daniel and Elizb. Wife Sarah and three children. 1828
3 Wm WHITTAKER Breadsall 1828 examination concerns Daniel SHREEVE
4 Wm BENTLEY Barrow 1828 examination concerns Daiel SHREEVE
5 Joseph ASTILL Ticknall 1828 examination concerns Daniel SHREEVE
6 John ENSOR Ticknall 1828 examination concerns Danl SHREEVE. whose wid he marr.
7 Richard BOWLEY Ticknall 1828 examination concerns Daniel SHREEVE
8 Gilbert ILLSLEY Ticknall 1828 examination concerns Daniel SHREEVE
9 Joseph HOWE Ticknall 1828 examination concerns Daniel SHREEVE
SESC407 Jane HILL 40, born Winshill, married at Hartshorne when 20 to Charles HILL, whose Legal Settlement was Ticknall. Husband died two years ago at Burton upon Trent. Fracture of the knee. c.1846/7
RSE89 Lydia CUNNINGTON, 48 born Ticknall, parents John and Mary ILLSLEY, married William CUNNINGTON, has Emily 7, Husband left her at Ticknall, believes he is now in America. 1837
RSE90 Phebe (Phoebe) BREWING Examination (concerning Lydia CUNNINGTON) wife of John BREWING of Castle Donnington, Leics. butcher. Says she is the sister of William CUNNINGTON husband of Lydia,, born March, Cambs. to John and Phebe CUNNINGTON. Her brother took a house of Charles DOBSON of March, blacksmith, then moved to Derby with Examinant (Phebe) employed at Mr TAYLORS mill. 1837
RSE93 Mary SUMMERFIELD nee Mary THOMPSON, 33, late husband John SUMMERFIELD died Ticknall 12 Mar last. Married Melbourne 1830. Has James, Eliza, John, Mary Ann, Fanny, Sarah. 1844
RSE94 Elizabeth SUMMERFIELD (Examination concerning Mary SUMMERFIELD) Melbourne, widow 62, married to James SUMMERFIELD tailor. He had five children at the time, one by his first wife, four by his second. James SUMMERFIELD was on of the children by his second wife Sarah KINSEY. Husband had a tenement in Breedon, Leics. belonging Mr BULSTRODE. 1844
RM7/1855 Mary BANTON 19 born Gibraltar. Parents William and Jane BANTON. Hired to William BANKS of Derby Hills, Mr BEARD of Melbourne common. 1841
RM7/1856 William BANTON (re Mary BANTON ) aged 46,born Ticknall, parents Robert and Mary BANTON. Hired to Robert GREAVES of Ingleby, William PEDLEY, Radbourne, Mr WILSON, Mr WHITMORE Stenson, Mr NEWBOLD, Repton. Enlisted RA for 24 yrs. after 9 yrs married Jane. has seven children of which Mary BANTON pauper is the eldest and born at Gibraltar. Father had ten children of which his brother John was youngest. About 4yrs ago John was taken to p. Repton but does not know if by Magistrates Order. 1841
RM7/1857 Examination of Thomas SALE (re Mary BANTON.) Overseer of Ticknall states that John BANTON was removed1837. Ticknall to Repton.  1841
RM7/1873 William BANTON lab 46, parents Robert and Mary BANTON, their legal settlement he does no know. Hired to Robert GREAVES of Ingleby, William PEDLEY Radbourne, Mr WILSON Stenson, Mr WHITMORE Stenson Mr NEWBOLD Repton. Enlisted RA served 24 yrs, at nine yrs into enlistment married Jane, has Mary ( who has been placed under order of Removal) Fanny, Jane, Thomas, John, George, Charlotte. Late father had ten children , John was the youngest, about 4yr ago taken to Repton.  1842
RM7/1874 Thomas SALE states that in 1837 that John BANTON brother of William BANTON and of the children of Robert BANTON was removed to Repton n.d.  c. 1842
RM7/1882 James COOK 25 born Ticknall parents William and Mary COOK ,legal settlement of parents not known. Hired to John HUTCHINSON Ticknall farmer, John RICHDALE Ticknall , Mr ROBERTS Stanton. Wife Sarah, William 1842
RM7/1883 Mary COOK widow of William COOK."I have had ten children one of whom is the pauper James COOK. In May 1841 I was removed to Stretton en le Field as the place of the Settlement of my late husband. I am receiving relief from Stretton while residing at Ticknall 1842
RM7/1884 John HUTCHINSON Ticknall farmer. In 1832 James COOK was hired by me for 51 weeks. Mary COOK was removed to Stretton as her husband William COOK had served Public Annual Office at Stretton  nd. c 1842
RM7/1998 Mary SUMMERFIELD 33 widow late husband James SUMMERFIELD. Married Melbourne ,had six children James, Eliza, John, Mary Ann, Fanny, Sarah.  1844
RM7/1999 Elizabeth SUMMERFIELD widow of James SUMMERFIELD father of James SUMMERFIELD husband of Mary SUMMERFIELD pauper,. Examinant married 1814 husband living at that time Kings Newton. Her husband had been twice married before and had five children. I had six children by my late husband. Mary, George, Elizabeth, James (paupers late husband) Dorothy. Husband move to Worthington, Leics, his children stayed at Kings Newton. James yngr, moved with him and later married Mary TOMPSON. My late husband hired a tenement at Worthington, Leics. from Mrs BULSTRODE. 1844 
RM7/2000 Thomas JEWSBURY of Measham states he is Relieving Officer for Ashby de la Zouch Union. Pauper Mary SUMMERFIELD resides Ticknall inn the aforesaid Union and she and her children are chargeable to Ticknall . 1844
RSE103 Elizabeth JERRAM, married to Thomas JERRAM six yrs ago. Thomas JERRAM was son of Nathaniel and Mary JERRAM born about 1813. Thomas JERRAM apprenticed to Richard TUNNADINE of Sutton Bonnington, Notts. George, Nathaniel and Robert other children of Nathaniel and Mary JERRAM.   1864
UPPER LANGWITH with year of Examination
1 John SIMMONS 63, born Mansfield Woodhouse, to Tho ANDREW of Newstead then Benjamin PICKARD 1829
DLSE22 Thomas DICKINSON born Wilne, served Mr SWINDALL Borrowash, John OSBORNE Toton, Notts, cordwainer. John OSBORNE a certificated man from Breaston. Lived at Draycott eleven years, rented a house eight years ago of Mr BONSALL at Draycott. 1775
WINSTER with year of Examination.
SE1 Margaret WILSON spinster, abt 21, parents lived Caston, Stanton p.Youlgreave. Hired by Richard BUXTONS wife. Now pregnant by Richard BUXTON jnr. 1715/6
SE2 Frances BARKER marr John BARKER 26-28 yrs ago. Moved to Birchover on Mr BERESFORDS farm. Husb died, went to live with son in Derby 1724/5
SE3 Luke POYZER born Wirksworth served in Regt of Genl NORTH and GREY. Strolls countryside selling pots. 1725
SE4 Ellen DEAN pregnant Johnathan HALL lay with her in her mothers house. 1730
SE5 Johnathan HALL son of Josias HALL, who lives in Winster under Certificate from Wirksworth 1731
SE6 Saml HAYNE born Derby St Werburgh aged 16 ouit Clerk to Wm BOWYER of Roston, then Wm HAWKINS of Burton, then John CHEDWOOD of London. Nine years in Millitery. Wife Hester pregnant. 1739
SE7 Richard MOMFORD born Wednesbury 1739
SE8 John ABEL born Aspley p. Eglesall, Staffs. served Wm LOVETT of Wofordp. Stoene. app to Tho ABEL of Wednesbury. Thos ABEL came to Wednesbury under certificate
from Summerton, Staffs 1739
SE9 Thomas GODBEHERE born Cromford lived Wirksworth 10 yrs. Rented prop of Joseph HOLEBROOK and Earl of Macklsfield. 1739
SE10 Matthias MORRISS born Norwich, served Repentance BOND wid of Richard BOND of Stephney, Middx, surgeon. 1739
SE11 Geo WRAGG born Bonsall abt 21 he married. Rents prop of Joseph BROCKHAS 1739
SE12 Francis PICKERING rents property of Mr DURO. 1739
SE13 Wm ORME born Chesterfield, served Andrew TAYLOR of Sheffield then John HODSON of Alfreton 1739?
SE14 Anthoney WALL born Falling, moved to Darley, rents house of Duke of Rutland 1739
SE15 Chas BUTTERWORTH born Duckenfield 1739
SE16 John HALL born Darlington, apprenticed to Francis GILLO of St Dunstans in the East, London, rented house of Capt John HURLEY of St Buttlof without Allgate, London 1739
SE17 Thomas BOLD born Worldley, Staffs served Samuel HARTLE of Wittnall, p.Wolverhampton, locksmith, Daniel HAWTHORN of Pilsall p.Wolverhampton. 1740
SE18 David ROOSE born Birchover, farm Landlords Mr NORMAN and Mr MOORE of Winster. 1749
SE19 Information given by Joseph BROCKLASS of West End Wirksworth that Daniel LOCKALL of Brassington has stolen coals(coats?) the property of Elizabeth SPENCER widow. 1759
SE20 Jonathan WIGLEY, Mary wife who were removed from Winster to Wirksworth have returned again. 1748
SE21 Information given by Stephen STALEY of Winster that Anthony BLACKWELL has deserted his service as apprentice to Stephen STALEY. 1747
SE22 Information given by John ROWLAND of Winster that Arthur HEATHCOTE has deserted his service as apprentice to John ROWLAND 1747
SE23 Ann BLACKWALL born Winster, single, served Gervase JACKSON of Breason (this may be Breaston, or Brasson, ie Brassington, although Breason is normally Breaston.) 1740
SE24 Joseph EYRE born Hope, served John EYRE at Crookhill, Woodlands, then Joseph EYRE at Ashup (Ashop ?) then Isaac HALL of Castleton. Married Mary, to Hope, then Taxal to a farm of Michael HEATHCOTE, then to Castleton where he now lives. He has had thirteen children 6 dead, now living are John, Benjamin, Thomas all bound as apprentices, Milasaint (Millicent) Mary, Ruth, Elizabeth. 1759 (I could find no connection to Winster on this document)
SE25 Joseph MARSDEN born Grindleford p.Eyam, served George TISSINGTON of Winster. Married Esther, Now lives in a house of William SPENCER. 1758
SE26 Information of James JOHNSON that Joseph LANT of Winster and family were removed from Winster to Aldwark have returned with a Certificate of Legal Settlement. 1759
SE27 Samuel YATES of Winster, says father Jonathan YATES was settled on Bakewell, moved to Winster upwards of 30 yrs. Samuel is 34, born Winster, worked at mines. Went into Yorkshire to work mines there, returned. Married to Elizabeth, has Samuel, Jonathan, Sarah. 1758
SE28 Thomas FRYER of Winster, baker, born Thornton, Leics. Father John FRYER came to Matlock upwards of 20yrs and rented a farm. Moved to Elton. Thomas (either 28 or 29 he says,) bound apprentice in 1746 to Anthony COOPER of Winster, baker. Married Jane 9yrs ago. Has John, Ann, Henry. 1758
SE29 William LONGDEN of Winster born Ible. Father John LONGDEN. Hired to James BANKS of Ible. Married Mary dau of William GOODWIN of Stanton. Has John, Job, William all born Ible and Mary born Winster 17 wks. 1763
SE30 Thomas PEARCE of Winster, miner born Gwinder, Cornwall 1758 (there is a Gwindra, and a Gwinear in Cornwall)
SE31 John SMITH born Winster, Father "broke up house at Winster and went to London and enter'd himself in the Life Gards there" 1766
SE32 Francis CLARK says that Joseph LANT, wife and four children likely to be chargeable 1758
SE33 Frances MATTHEWS born Wisbitch (Wisbech) Isle of Ely Cambs. Married Richard SKEETS? Wisbitch St Mary, (Wisbech St Mary) Lincoln, then married Francis MATHEWS whose legal settlement was Flanders. He has been dead six weeks. Son Francis born Swanwick, youngest son born Baslow. 1768
SE34 George BOAM 24 yrs born Winster. father Francis BOAM formerly settled in Bakewell, came to Winster 1734. 1758
SE35 John HILL of Hulland p.Ashbourne, born Heage p.Duffield where father resided under Certificate from Winster. Hired to Aron (Aaron) BROCKLIS of Alderwasley (p. Wirksworth) farmer, John TOMLINSON of Atlow, Thomas GARRATT of Bradley, farmer. Married 16 Aug last. 1769
SE36 John APPLEBY of Winster born Wirksworth, fathers legal settlement at Bradley. In 1721 father moved to Winster under Certificate from Bradley. Married Sarah, one child. 1758
SE37 Benjamin BENISON of Winster, born Eyam, enlisted as a soldier in Cheshire Militia Commanded by Rght Hon Lord MALPAS. Discharged 1765 came to Winster. 1770
SE38 Joseph MARSDEN (as SE25, a scrap of paper (SE39) after this document states "this seems Settlement at Winster". However there is no proof that it connects with Joseph MARSDEN.)
SE40 James BEECH born Tideswell, served Jospeh BRIGHTMORE of Stoney Middleton, sadler, Rented a shop at Winster. 1770
SE41 Adam WALKER born Bonsall, served John BARBER of Bonsall 1770
SE42 Edward WELLS born Winster apprenticed to Henry WELLS of Southwell, Notts. joiner. Master served in Oxford Road, London but does not know which parish. 1770
SE43 Paul STALEY born Elton, lives Winster rents a house off Caleb WILCOCK and land off George BRADLEY. 1770
SE44 Henry WITHAM born South Normanton served Richard LIEL ? Winster. 1770
SE45 William HENDLEY born Brassington, served Joseph BROCKLEHURST of Aldwark. 1771
SE47 Stephen STALEY born Winster moved to Wensley 1772
SE48 John THORP born Ashford in the Water. Served Duke of Cumberland Light Horse, In 1760 inlisted Royal Foristers. Fathers legal Settlement at Ashford. 1772
SE49 Margaret STREET born Manchester. Married when 18 to Charles STREET, then a soldier in Churchill's Dragoons, (since died ) Husband from Longstone, Dbys. When he was discharged, he went to live at Darley then Winster where he died. 1778
SE50 William FANTOM born Stanton p. Youlgreave. 1778
SE51 John LONGDEN born Ible, p. Wirksworth, father moved to Winster. Learned his art of the blacksmith from his Uncle John HODGKINSON of Youlgreave. 1778
SE52 Sarah HARTLE wife of Robert HARTLE now a Private soldier wants support for herself and her two children. 1778
SE53 Nicholas CARDER born Winster, fathers legal Settlement Hartington. Hired to Robert SEARSEY of Eckington. 1778
SE54 Henry FRYER born Winster. Apprenticed to Thomas PRIME of Birchover, cordwainer, (who resided there under Certificate from Wirksworth ) 1778
SE55 Mary TOMLINSON born Brassington father James TOMLINSON and mother died. Removed with her Aunt Sarah TURNER to Winster. Hired to James KEELING of Winster 1779
SE56 James WHITWORTH born Akring (Eakring) Notts. 1779
SE57 Elizabeth DONCASTER Aldwark Grange single, born Winster where mother Martha DONCASTER lived. Apprenticed to John CALDWALL of Winster, butcher, moved with master to Aldwark Grange. 1780
SE58 Elizabeth STAYLEY Winster, single, born Winster, where father John STALEY lived. Hired to Thomas NUTHALL of Birchover, Thomas LOWE of Matlock. 1781
SE59 Alexander ROSE born Ardlanch?, Nairn, Scotland. Served as a soldier Earl of Sutherland Rgt. Went to Haworth, Yks served Mrs WESTBY, then Robert MOWER of Woodseats in Barlow, then went with him to Dronfield, then back to Barlow. Married moved to Winster. Served George WHITE. 1783
SE60 John BROWN Winster labourer, born New Bottle, Middle Lowen (Midlothian?) Scotland. Father James BROWN has legal Settlement at Dundee, Scotland. When 8yr old served on "Royal Sovereign" 112 Guns at Portsmouth as cooks boy. Sailed several ships. Apprenticed to John SLIGHT of Hull Yks. to learn navigation. Impressed onto "THE HIND". Disharged from "THE LENOX" at Portsmouth. Married Pentridge, lived chiefly at Swanwick as a day labourer. Moved to Winster. Wife named Bennett. Has John 5, Elizabeth 3.
This is a list of Settlement Examinations listed in a parish book of Winster and not shown in the Settlement Examinations above. Where the original Examinations are is not known at present.
a Jane EYRE 1733
b Sarah BULLOCK 1739
c John EVANS 1747
d Adam KEELING 1747
e Samuel HAYNES 1739

WIRKSWORTH Settlement Examination
RM7/1776 William WALKER of Wirksworth, 30 tape weaver.Born Stockport, Ches .parents Samuel WALKER and Martha legally settled at Checkley and Tean, Staffs. Sough assistance from Checkley when at Wirksworth for funeral expenses.  1836
RM7/1808 Sarah RENSHAW wife of Thomas RENSHAW now residing in Wirksworth. She is 28, illegitimate, born township of Wirksworth. Husband is a hatter gained his Settlement by serving apprenticeship with James ALVASTON of Cheadle Bulkeley, Ches. Has son William.  1838 .

YOULGREAVEwith year of Examination
1 Thomas SLANEY abt 20 born Heath. Father Henry. Lived with John HILL of Heath when 12. Marr Youlgreave 1784
2 Robert BACON 22 born Heath, 15 lived at Stainsby, hired to Saml MARRYOT. Marr last Nov at Youlgreave 1784
3 Thomas GRINDER aged 55, born Warslow. Last three years lived in Youlgreave 1796
4 Geo WATSON 44 born Rowsley, apprenticed to John WATSON of Stanton 1796
5 John EVANS 22 father of Youlgreave under Cert. from Elton 1803
6 Edward SHELDON 17 served Tho KISTER, Manchester, LIEVESLEY then John MILLER both of Salford. Left for Youlgreave to see "if the Air would suit him". 1803
7 Thomas BATEMAN 28, father lived Youlg. under Cert from Bakewell. 1810
8 Ellen CHARLESWORTH 23 served Stephen MELLAND Alport p. Bakewell then Clarissa MELLAND Alport p. Youlgreave. 1814
9 Abraham HALL born Youlgreave, served John KILLINGLY of Nottm, and others, then Newton Grange 1734
10 John ROBINSON otherwise CLARK. Hired to Wm CLARK of Hartle 1758
11 James KENWORTHY born WRY. Served Wm BARKER of Crosland, then John NORTH Manchester, John SMYTHE of Rowsley, then partnered John CLAYTON. Mentions Saml ROBERT and John BOMAN. 1758
12 Thomas ROWLAND Youlgreave 1758
13 Wm ROWLAND Youlgreave 1758
14 Elizabeth WILDGOOS born p. Bakewell, hired to Geo FIDLER Woolley Moor 1758
15 Mary BOURNE born Flint, fathers Settlement, Youlgreave., Apprenticed to John HANCOCK, then Mrs BUXTON of Chester, married Michael BOURNE. 1765
16 Elizabeth WHEELDON, husband died five years ago. Pregnant, Thomas CARSON father. 1775
John WALKER Stanton born Youlgreave. Apprenticed to Philip CHANEY of Cheadle Holme Ches with his mothers consent she being then a widow. Master sent him into Derbyshire on business and he never went back.Went back to live with his mother then Thomas SHAW at Hartle.  1796  V21/207E.
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.