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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Examinations


DLSE11 Dorothy TOWLE Draycott single 23, served William PARKINSON of Sawley. Master turned her away after attending a Methodist meeting. 12 Oct 1776
DLSE12 Warrant to bring Dorothy TOWLE of Draycott to be examined as to her Settlement 11 Oct 1776
DLSE15 George WOODWARD of Sawlwey, born Boulton. Served William PARKER of Osmaston, James HANDBURY of Elvaston, William RICHARDSON of Elvaston, Edward SMITH of Sawley. 1779
RM7/James MATKIN (MALKIN?) 45 born Loughborough, Leics. Parents James and Elizabeth MATKIN (MALKIN?). Examinant married Gainsborough, Lincs. to Elizabeth, six children. Father removed to Kirk Ireton.   1836
SE1 Francis SALMON of Ollerton, lab, twelve yrs ago lived with Mr BRIGGS in Langwith Lanes p.Scarcliffe. 1774
SE2 Benjamin JARVIS labourer 34 born Walley p.Bolsover 1806
SE3 Francis BEESON 28 born Annesley, served John SWINTON at Linby. 1777
SE4 Wm NELSON Mansfield lab. born Heath, hired to John BAGSHAW of Scarcliffe, farmer, then Tho BAKEWELL Stanley? Notts then Tho CHADWICK Kirkby. Wife Hannah and one child 1yr. 1775
SE5 John SHORT Scarcliffe husbandman born Clown father Legal Sett Bawtry, hired to John CHAPMAN Scarcliffe, then to Wm BOWER Sutton in Ashfield. 1775
SE6 Mary TETLY Scarcliffe single, born Mansfield, father Leg Sett. Bloodworth. Served Henry GODKIN of Southell, then Ann KIRKE of Palterton. 1775
SE7 Edward BRAMLEY Palteton residing there under Certificate from Halt Hucknall. Rents a house off Mr MILLS in Palterton 1787
SE8 John WALKER Scarcliffe, born Bolsover served Geo CHAPMAN Elmton, John HUNT, Bolsover. 1789
SE9 John THEAKER Scarcliffe joiner born Gringley on the Hill apprenticed to John OLDFIELD Missen, Lincs and Nottingham (sic) Phillip LEES of Worksop. 1789
SE10 William BRAMLEY of Mansfield Woodhouse, born Palterton, parents legally settled at Rowthorn. Bound to Benjamin LUDLAM of Teversal, Notts. Master a Certificated man from Tibshelf. Took lease of house of John CLAY of Palterton. arrived two years ago, wife Sarah. 1787
SE11 George BUNTING labourer born Langwith, Derbyshire. Served John COOPER of Pleasley. Rented a water mill of Thomas BUINTING Upper Lamgwith. Rented house off Edward BIGGLESWORTH Scarcliffe. 1789
SE12 Katherine HODGKINSON Scarcliffe, single hired in 1776 to William ASHMORE, then Sarah COCKRAM of Smisby. Could not get until ten days after on account of flood. Joseph COCKRAM, servant to Sarah COCKRAM discharged Katherine. Served John SMITH Overseal, Leics. farmer. 1783
SE13 John STANIFORTH Scarcliffe labourer. Served Sir William BOOTHBY of Mansfield then David WHEELLWRIGHT East Retford, grocer. 1783
SE14 John FLEEMAN 30 born Rufford, Notts. served at Park Lane, Noots, Oxton, Notts., Nether Langwith then John ALDERSON of Epperston, Notts. 1778
SE15 Joseph CLARKE 23 born Scarcliffe. served at Norton Cuckney, Notts. then Palterton, Over Langwith, Walley p. Bolsover, Robert SUTTON at Scoffton, Notts. 1778
SE16 Isaac ALLEN labourer, 25 born Ashover. Moved with father to South Wingfield, lived with Mr HURST Wingfield Manor, then Mr SAMPSON at Blackwell, Mr HILL at Brackenfield, Mr BEELEY at Scarcliffe. Married. 1828.
SE17 George COOK born Palterton 23. In 1775 with John NICHOLSON at Blidworth Notts. 1777
SE18 Francis SALMON born Ollerton, Notts. hired to George BANKS Cromwell, Notts. Joseph BRIGGS, Langwith Lanes, William COUP Palethorpe, Notts. Elder brother Philip SALMON sold his house without consent. 1776
SE19 Samuel LAURENCE Palterton 28-29 yrs old. Hired to Jonathan ARCHER, Elmton, John STEELE Palterton. Rented land from mother in law RHODES. 1776
SE20 Mary DUNN born Dirty Hucknall, Notts. fathers legal settlement Blidworth, Notts. Served John MORRIS, John LEESON of Thurgaton, Notts. William SMITH Scarcliffe, Christopher BUNTINS Upper Langwith, Robert MELLORS Stony Houghton 1749
SE21 John MASSON of Palterton born Harby, Leics. Hired to John BOULTON of Rothersley, Leics., Robert LOWNDS Palterton. Married Scarcliffe. 1794
SE22 William CARTLEDGE of p. Staveley aged 67, born Chesterfield. Apprentice to John LAUNDER of Chesterfield maltster, assigned to George JEPSON of Clowne, taylor, then John JEPSON (sic) his master assigned him to John RICHARDSON of Sheffield, button maker. Jasper STRUTT? of Creswell, George WESTBY of Cresswell, Godfrey STUBBING of Scarcliffe, John BRIGGS of Scarcliffe 1797
SE23 John WEBSTER born 1780 now residing Dronfield, hired to Mr SUESBURY of Scarcliffe, Mr SHAW of Barlborough, Mr ALLISON of Cresswell. Married Mellicent ALLEN of Dronfield in 1801. Has four children three with him. c.1801-05
SE24 John JEPSON 24 of Palterton, born Hucknall, Notts. Hired to John DAVIS of Hucknall, farmer, John VICKERS of Upper Langwith, William SIMPSON of Heath, George BELL Palterton, Henry HODGKINSON of Sutton, Derbyshire. 1805
SE25 Richard YOUNG Palterton, labourer, born Skegby, Notts. Parents residing there under certificate from Kirkby, Notts. Hired to Thomas HODGKINSON of Alfreton, Edward COOP Mansfield Woodhouse farmer. 1805
SE26 James WHITICAR (WHITTAKER) Palterton fwk. Born Astwood Liberty of Stainsby. Served William SWIFT of Pleasley, William DEAN Pleasley, Thomas HUNTINGTON of Upper Langwith John FARROW? Glapwell fwk. Lived with father. 1805
SE27 Robert HAYS of Palterton 24 born Scarcliffe. Served William DEAN of Pleasley, James DAMMS of Beasford (Basford?) Notts farmer. 1805
SE28 John SPRAY 35 born Scarcliff served John BEELEY of Holbeck, Notts. 1806
SE29 Jonathan YATES born Emton (sic) Elmton? Dbys, 47 served John HUNT of Walley p.Bolsover, John COOPER of Scarcliffe miller. 1806
SE30 James EDGE 33 born Staveley, parents legal settlement Harthill Yks. Hired to Samuel PYGATE Nether Langwith, farmer 1806
SE31 John LAMB 46 born Warsop Notts. Served Elizabeth MARRIS? of South Muskham, Notts. then hired by Hannah LAMB of Warsop his mother. 1806
SE32 William JOHNSON born Sookham, Notts. 28. Hired to John GARVIS? (JARVIS?) of Walley p. Bolsover 1806
SE33 Thomas COOK born Palterton 30. Hired to John BOWN Temple Normanton, Thomas ROADE of Gressbrook Yks. farmer 1806
SE34 William COOK born Palterton 28. Hired to Thomas BRELSFORTH Bolsover, Jonathan CHAPMAN of Palterton farmer 1806
SE35 John MUSSON of Leicester All Saints, Leics, born Harby, Leics. Hired to Joseph BOULTBEE of Rotherby, Leics. In 1792 hired to Robert LOWNDES at Palterton. Wife Jane. Has five children. 1806
SE36 William HAYS 28 born Scarcliffe. Hired to Samuel FOX of Pleasley, Thomas STEEL of Palterton, John SCORER of Scarcliffe, William (torn) of Stoney Houghton, farmer. Married in 1804 at Greasley to Mary KENDALL of Eastwood, Notts 1807
SE37 Richard WATSON 66 born Tupton, Hired to Thomas SMEETON of Shirebrook, Humphrey CLAYTON Scarcliffe. 1808
SE38 Joseph EADSON 38 lab. Served Joseph FOX of Plealsey Hill, Notts. 1810
SE39 James LEES 26 born Teversall, Notts. Served Adam HUFF Farnsfield, Notts, Mary PAWSON Farnsfield, William BEESON Warsop, Notts, Richard EYRE Sucolm (Sookholme,) Notts 1810
SE40 James CARDIN (signs CARDING) 26 born Oxton, Notts, Served William COOK Oxton. 1810
SE42 Humphrey WATKINSON  born Heath Common Dbys. 25. Parents legal Settlement Nether Langwith, Notts. Served Richard MARRIOTT of Rowthorn, farmer. 1813
SE43 Benjamin DOBB 21 born Bolsover, Hired to Abel CHARLESWORTH Bolsover, Mr COWLEY Bolsover Woodhouse, Samuel BEELEY Palterton, Mr ROGERSON Oxton, Notts, Mathew SCORER Scarcliffe. 1821
SE44 William MELLORS born Langwith Dbys 28. Hired to William LUDLAM Bolsover 1821
SE45 William SADLER 45 born Quorn nr Derby. Hired to William SADLER of Pleasley, Robert DODSLEY of Stoney Houghton, Pleasley  1823
SE46 William HEATH 31 Hired to William JACKSON of Elmton, John LUNN Whitwell, John ARCHER Elmton, Took house of William SCORAH at Scarcliffe and field of Joseph HAYS. 1823
SE47 Francis HANDLEY 23 apprenticed to Paul SWIFT Stoney Houghton p.Pleasley. Sent by Master back to parents, no work. 1823
SE48 Joseph BROWN 28 born Bolsover. Hired by Francis REVELL of Stoney Houghton p.Langwith, William CROOKS Stoney Houghton, Mr LUDLAM Bolsover. Married. 1823 
SE49 George HEALD 28 born Bolsover, parents Settlement Chesterfield. Father served apprentice cordwainer in Bolsover. 1823
SE50 Joseph HOLLAND 25 born Stretton Dbys. Does not know parents Settlement. Hired to Thomas ISACC of Norton farmer, Edward HOBSON, Brighton, Dbys farmer. 1825
SE51 William COWLEY 32 born Ashover. Parents Settlement Wingerworth. Hired to John HOLE Heath farmer, William PARSON Rowthorne. 1825
SE52 John FRITH 29. Hired to Mr HEATH Blidworth, Notts,then again at farm in Kirkby, Notts, Samuel BEELEY of the Carr. Married 1823 
SE53 Francis CROFT, hired to George SHAW Cuckney, Notts farmer, John BEELY Nether Langwith, Notts, farmer, William SHEPPERSON Nether Langwith. Moved with Master to Clarborough, Notts. Married Susannah SMITHURST. One child.  1787
SE54 James CLARK gardener born Skegby,Notts. Hired to Ann KIRK of Palterton, John DODSLEY Stoney Houghton farmer, Rented house from John KNIGHT at Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. Rented agrden of William TRANTUM Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. 1790
SE55 Richard HARRISON born Leeds Yks parents legal Settlement Scarcliffe. Hired to William LIMB of Edingle, Notts farmer, John DAVY of Lindhurst extra parochial place upon Forest of Sherwood, Notts. 1793
SE56 Ann SMITHURST born Upper Langwith fathers legal Settlement Scarcliffe. Hired by Robert TURNER Tapton. Parted when pregnant. 1793
SE57 Joseph TURNER born Newbold. Hired to Robert TURNER Tapton then served at his farm at Totley. 1793
SE58 Sarah HAGUE born Elmton, single. fathers Settlement Scarcliffe. Hired to Joshua ALLISON of Oxcroft, Bolsover. Agrred to part. Pregnant. Case notes. 1795
SE59 John CHARLESWORTH 45 born Upper Langwith. Served Mr HARTSHORNE Upper Langwith. Married widow LIMB of Scarcliffe. Held tenement under Lord BATHURST. Paid tax under the name of widow SPRAY and widow LIMB or one of them. 1772
SE60 Charles CALOW born Mansfield, Notts fathers Settlement Scarcliffe. Apprenticed to Isaac MILWARD of Mansfield, Notts. Enlisted Private Soldier 2
SE60 Charles CALOW born Mansfield, Notts. Fathers Settlement Scarcliffe. Apprenticed to Isaac MILWARD Mansfield, Notts. Enlisted Private Soldier HM Marines. and the 41st Company from which he had is Rgt Discharge. 1772
SE61 Sarah CRITCH born Tibshelf. Served at Newstead, Notts. then to ROWSON, James WARDLEY of Scarcliffe 1762
SE62 Benjamin BEESTON born Welbeck Grange, Notts? Hired to Edward MELLISH late of Blythr, Notts.  1757
SE63 John DARBY born Scarcliffe. Apprenticed to Thomas WHITHEAD Bolsover. 1757
SE64 Mary WRAGG born Scarcliffe. Hired to George COOPE of Nether Langwith, then Christopher MELLORS Scarcliffe, Richard NEWTON Warsop, Notts. Taken ill, stayed 3wks with Sarah WASS in Warsop, Notts. 1756
SE65 John CALOW born Mansfield, Notts, fathers Settlement Scarcliffe. Apprenticed to father .Married. 1750
SE66 Mary FARNSWORTH born Codnor. Hired to John PEAKE of Kirkby, Notts, Mr DAWS Kirkby,Notts., Joseph BRIGGS Scarcliffe. Got a violent swelling on finger and returned to Codnor. Lived with Mr BRAILSFORD. 1749
SE67 Thomas CHARLESWORTH born South Leverton,Notts., served Joseph FOX of Sturton with High Steeple, Notts. 1739
SE68 Joseph HODGKINSON born Edenstow, Notts. went to Tibshelf with mother. Served William GREEN of Mansfield 1735
SE69 John HANBY, served William HIND (or HINCH?) of Norton Kuckney,Nether Langwith, Notts. 1717
SE70 Francis CALOW born Palterton. Hired to widow PELL of Diddington, Hunts. Married a widow of Southow, Hunts.  1717
SE71 John LOWDE of Scarcliffe. Left Whitwell, has a brother James LOWDE. Went to Hasland at Mrs HOLMES, then William SHEPLEY his father in law at Bolsover. 1717
Notes re Settlement appeal of George SMITH  Holbeck v. Scarcliffe  c.1835  V18/48

SHARDLOW with year of examination.
1 William COOPER 40 born Shardlow hired to Andrew PEAT of Draycott.  1729
2 Richard GILL born Ratcliff upon Trent Notts, hired to Francis SMALLEY of Toton Notts, Edward MOOR of Attenborough Notts, John SAMSON of Chilwell Notts, Charles HOLDEN Great Wiln. Married Mary SPENCER 1730 who then resided at Sheepshead Leics.  1736
3 John WRIGHT born Burton on Trent Staffs. 1773
4 Randle READ carpenter born Mobberley Ches. Fathers legal Settlement Warford Ches. 1773
5 Robert NUTBROWN born Howden Yks. Apprenticed to James GILL of p. Snaith Yks. 1773
6 Robert ROYSTON now a prisoner in Derby Gaol, boat-right, born Hieghington Lincs. Apprenticed to John SHITTLEWORTH of St Swithen Lincs, boatwright, but master ran away to Nottingham Notts. Called by master later and assigned to Thomas PORTER St Mary Nottingham Notts fwk then assigned to William BARNSDALE boatwright of Nottingham Notts.  1773
7 Henry SMITH born Egginton, served Jacob HARDY Burnaston, Samuel BROWN Findern, Wiliam DETHWICK Willington, Robert PAGE Stretton Staffs, William HEACOCK Etwall, William BELCHER Newton Solney, Arthur HARRISON Egginton, James RADFORD Egginton, Luke SHARPE Ashby Old Park Leics, Sarah SMITH Lullington, Thomas HARRISON Egginton. Married  1784
8 Isaac SHAW Wiln, born Barton under Elwell Eccles Lancs. Apprenticed to Charles GORE Liverpol Lancs. Pressed into Navy, Man of (sic) where he receieved many bruises and sent to hospital nr Gosport Hants. Worked on river to go between Manchester Lancs and Liverpool Lancs  and married during that time. Served Hugh HENSHAW and Co at Wiln, recommended by John GILBERT Agent to Duke of Bridgewater.  1784  
9 Philip RATHER of Shardlow labourer, born Ambaston illeg child and brought up at Alvaston. Went to live with John CARVER Ashby de la Zouch Leics, then served Humphry HOUGH Alvaston, DICKENSON who succeeded CARVER, James AHNBURY Elvaston, Samuel CHEETHAM Wilford Notts, George DICKENSON Wilford Notts, Wiliam CHEETHAM Chilwell Notts, Henry COX Beeston Notts, Thomas ANDGRAVE Great Leek Notts, STEEVENSON, then ANDGRAVE but at Ironchester Northants. during which service he married.  1784
10 Robert STONE labourer born Shardlow went to live with Rev Mr DAWSON Weston on Trent, Leonard FOSBROOKE Esq in gardens. Now married.  1786
11 Jmaes BUTLER born Mackworth. Hired to John SALT of Brailsford, Jacob HARDY Burnaston, William LOWE Burnaston, William WALKER Duffield, Samuel MAW Derby All Saints, Ann GREENWOOD Radbourne Common, John SALT again, Charles WAIST Culland, William FLINT Wiln. Then as a boatman between Cavendish Bridge and Gainsborough Lincs, then SALT and WAIST again. Married. 1794 
12 Thomas COCKAYNE Nottingham Notts stone cutter born at Chaddesden. Apprenticed to Francis ROBERTS Shardlow boatwright, ran away, went to live as groom to Sir Charles SEDLEY of Nuttall Notts, then lived at William PACEY (or CACEY) White Lion Nottingham Notts, Thomas PRIEST Blackamoors Head Nottingham St Mary Notts, Richard ROSS of Heathers Nottingham St Peter Notts, Enlisted Marines and discharged. Married to Lucy has Francis and John.  1794
13 Edward BODELL Wilne labourer born Kegworth Leics. Father Henry BODELL agreed with John CHAMBERLIN of Red Hill Ratcliffe upon Soar Notts, to serve him 3yrs, then Richard CHESSELDINE Lagley Hall Leics. Now a baotman.  1796
14 Joseph RATCLIFF labourer born Shardlow. Hired to George NEWTON Shardllow, then four or five years on canal, then Thomas PERKINS Shardlow, then Joseph HANCOCK Risley. Married Ann, has Mary, James, Robert, Joseph, Sarah.  1799
15 Joseph MOUSLEY Shardlow born Atherstone Warwicks. Hired to Richard SWAINE Castle Donington Derbys (sic) John GLOVER of Nottingham st Mary Notts, Wife Sarah has John, Mary, Thomas and Richard 1803.
16 Catherine VARLEY of Wilne and Shardlow widow of John VARLEY of same, ENGINEER. She was married when 24 to John VARLEY at Aston on Trent, husband soon after took a house in a parish (not named) in Leicester, then at Shardlow, theen at St Ann London for sixty four pounds a year., then lodgings at Blackfriars Christ Church London, lived there four months when husband died. She returned to Shardlow ad occupied single room. Has John and Lousea. 1807
17 Robert TINGLE of Wiln and Shardlow born Little Dean Gloucs. Apprenticed to William BOWEN of Newnham Gloucs to learn art of shipbuilder. Marr Rebecca at Aston on Trent, has Elizabeth, William, Sarah, James, Mary, Charlotte, Ann Millicent 1801
18 Thomas STODD Shardlow boatwright born Bridgnorth Shropshire.Married to Ann at Aston on Trent, has John.  1808
19 William FARROW Shardlow boatman born Bradley nr Ashbourne. Hired to Robert COOPER of Bradley.Married three yrs ago to Sarah at Derby St Peter.  1809
20 William REEVE of Shardlow lab. born College Stafs. Apprenticed to Joseph LEDBETTER of Hixton Staffs. Wife Mary, has Hannah ,Mary. 1814
21 John WRIGHT Wilne and Shardlow labourer born Shardlow. Parent and sister Mary belong Burton on Trent Staffs.Wife Elizabeth. 1816
22 James RATCLIFFE Shardlow boatman, born Shardlow of parents William and Ann RATCLIFFE. Does not know their settlement.Hired to John HINKLEY of Amberston, boatman.Went to Uncle Richard RATCLIFFE ,being the latest comer his uncle said he must take to the horses for 12 months it being the usual custom amongst the boatmen to do so. Engaged by the voyage. Wife Sarah, James. 1830
23 William GOODWIN Derby pawnbroker concerning settlement of James RATCLIFFE. That in 1814 he was Overseer for the Poor for Wilne and Shardlow.That in 1818 that because William RATCLIFFE father of James becoming chargeable application was made to Overseers of St Olaves Southwark London. That in 1809 Dorothy wife of William RATCLIFFE younger a private soldier then absent and George their son and Mary the wife of John RATCLIFFE also a private soldier and also absent and Elizabeth dau were removed from Wilne and Shardlow to p. St Olave. London. William and John both brothers of James. 1830
24 Mary DAWSON Willington widow of William DAWSON re settlement of Sophia DAWSON widow of John DAWSON late of Shardlow. Says "John DAWSON  was the youngest son of the examinant by her said late husband William. John born Aston on Trent. Her said late husband s father Edward DAWSON was owner occupier of Crown Inn Castle Donnington Leics. Examinants husband enlisted as a soldier about 6m after marriage leaving examinant at Burton Joyce Notts. she being 21. She became chargeable and taken by Mr BRETT and Mr HEATH to Derby St Peter where she believed her said husband was born. Kept in the workhouse where Mr HUMBER Overseer said it would be no problem as her father kept the "Black Boy". Sister in law Elizabeth GREY who now resides at Willington was present when Overseers of Burton Joyce came to Cavendish Bridge to enquire of settlement of Examinants husband, and that her father said he would give them all the trouble he could send them to Derby even though he knew his settlement was where his was.  1826
25 Mary TANZER widow of Samuel of Wilne and Shardlow. She was Mary SIMPSON born Long Eaton, parents John and Mary belonged to Sandiacre. Married at Sawley ten yrs ago, has William, Fanny, John, Samuel, Mary. Husbands Settlement Leicester St Margaret Leics. His mothers name was Frances REYNOLDS a native of Leicester Leics father died in Belgrave Gate, his mother died six yrs ago. George STANLEY of the Borough of Leicester Leics knew Samuel TANZER, his parents lived next door for sixteen years.
26 William GREEN re Ann GREEN and her two children. States he is 71 resides at Thringstone Leics, previously at Kimberley Notts and before at Brinsley Notts. Married Mary WILLIAMSON. Compelled to apply for relief from Alvaston where father belonged. Worked at Codnor Park. Five children, Joseph married Ann OLIVER of Whitwick Leics. He was of Thringstone Leics at the time later Whitwick Leics. Killed in a coal pit at Thringstone Leics.. Left wife and two children Sarah, Harr ?. Had one child before marriage Mary Ann. Father gained settlement at Alvaston by hiring to Mr HEELY. He lived to a great age. Note "no servant appears to have lived at Mr EALEY by name of GREEN since 1785".   c 1858 
27 Sarah HENDLEY reside p.Brinklow Warwicks, widow of William HENDLEY late of Brinklow Warwicks boatwright. Married in Oxfordshire, about 50 yrs ago. Husband died Staffs c 1858. Went to reside with son Wiliam of Moorfield Staffs, then Brinklow Warwicks then Banbury Oxon then returned to Brinklow Warwicks. Heard husband was apprenticed to Benjamin CLIFFORD of Shardlow boatwright. Jesse CHAPMAN was present when Sarah HENDLEY was admitted to Rugby Union Workhouse Warwicks.  1860
SHIRLAND with year of examination.
1 Geo KIRKHAM 50 lab. served Saml ROOTH of Glapwell then Mrs Mary FIDLER of Woolley Moor then Wm MILWARD of Shirland Park Mill. Marr Elizb. SHAW. Two children. 1812
2 Edward BACON Shirland lab. aged 73 born Critch, took farm at Cotes Park, p. Alfreton, marr Mary JACKSON, then hired to James FIDLER of Shirland, farmer. 1813
3 Thomas COUPE labourer, 45, born Sutton in Ashfield, when 4 father took farm at Sth Normanton, hired to Wm WHITE of Sth Normanton, then Wm FARNSWORTH fwk. Marr Nottingham St Mary to Sarah WARREN, Has four children. 1813
4 Wm JOHNSON 38 born Stretton, served Wm FLETCHER of Morton, then Saml ROTH of Brambly Vale p.Ault Hucknall. Married with five children. 1813
5 Wm HEMSLEY 34 born Nottingham St Marys, apprenticed to John GOTHARD of Shirland, then moved into Nottinghamshire, married then Basford. 1813
6 Robert AULD 18 born Middleton by Wirksworth 1818
7 Joseph REDFERN 71,born Heage. Father Wm removed to Higham, then Sheffield then father returned to Shirland. Joseph enlisted as a soldier forty years then marr Martha RADFORD. 1816
8 Richard RAWSON 53 born Shirland apprenticed to John SIMMS of Heage. 1816
9 Geo THORPE 26 born Derby, parents settled at Shipley, married Mary BOWER, has three children. 1816
10 Geo THORPE 26 born Derby, parents settled at Shipley, married Mary BOWER about 1811. Has Elizabeth 5 Hannah 3, Henry 6m. 1816
11 Francis James CARTWRIGHT 29 born Whittington hired to Tho PEARSON of Barlow, then Wm GILL of Unston, then Tho BEND. Married Mary Barker, has Daniel. 1816
12 Edward HOPKINSON of Tibshelf, born Ashover aged 28,hired to Isaac TRAVIS of Darley, then Dorothy TAGG of Shirland Park, then Tho BURTON of Tibshelf. Married Rebecca SCOTT. Has George 3 and Mary 18m. 1816
13 Joseph BRYAN, lab, born Higham 36. Hired to Wm TURBUTT of Ogson p.Morton marr Ann BACON, four children. 1816
14 James SUTTON born Pentrich, wheelwright 51. Wife Hannah, seven children. 1820
15 James EDMANDS 25 born London St Lukes. Apprenticed to James LEE of Roberts Town nr Huddersfield. Ran away to Shirland served Miss WILLOWBY then John CLAY. Married Ellen BARKER., one child. 1816
16 John HOPKINSON labourer, 27, born Ashover. Served John WOODING of Alfreton, then Joseph BOWMER of Crich, then John WHARTON of Shirland. Wife Mary Elizabeth, Ellen 11m. 1817
17 John TURNER 23 labourer, lived with Wm MORLEY of Shirland then Wm HOWETT of Paplewick Nottts, them Geo WOOLLATT of Wessington. Married Elizabeth SHARLEY. 1816
18 Geo BOND 24 collier born Prestwich, of parents belonging Wensley. Hired at Codnor Park then enlisted in Derby Militia.1817
19 Elizabeth WOOD 21, hired to John HINT of Sth Wingfield Manor then Mr RICKARDS of Alfreton. 1818
20 Epheraim RAWSON 18 born Sutton in Ashfield parents legally belonging Shirland, Bound apprentice to Epheraim SILLS of Sutton in Ashfield, then Joseph DENNIS of same then moved to Leicester. 1818
21 George DUNN labourer 50. Born Shirland hired to John WALLACE of Codnor Park, then John HOPKINSON of Sth Wingfield, then James WILMOT of Higham. Wife Catherine, Edward, Hannah, John. 1818
22 Christopher COGAN born Scarcliffe, 33. Apprenticed to Edward WRIGGLESWORTH of Scarcliffe Lanes. Then Edwards mother Sarah, then Wm ROTHERHAM of Eckington, then Wm KITCHEN of Elmton, then Tho HASLAND of Stoney Houghton then Isaac HUGGLESTONE of Pleasley Hills p.Mansfield, then enlisted 15yrs. Removed from Mansfield to Scarcliffe. Wife Sarah, Esther 3 wks. 1822
23 Betty DUFFIELD 29 born Duffield, hired to Wm RILEY of Alfreton. 1824
24 Ann WHITE, wife of John WHITE late of Shirland. Married John WHITE of Ticknall who is now left her. Rents a house of Robert WHITE and a Candle House from Tho WHITE for which he paid five pounds ten shillings in p. Shirland. Has Thomas 3, John 2, Marter 4m. 1832
25 Samuel RILEY labourer 29 born Shirland of parents settled on Ripley, hired to Wm FLETCHER Morton, then to John MILWARD of Kilbourn, then John BAINBRIDGE of Holbrook, then Thomas WALKER of Duffield. Wife Mary, Eliza 5, Ann 3, Edwin 18 months, William 6 wks. 1833
R63a Geo TOMLINSON 49, born Shirland, parents legal Settlement, Oxton. App to John HOLMES, Higham who lived there under Certificate from Ashover. Master left for Wakefield Yks. Wife died twenty years ago. 1841
DLSE21 Elizabeth FOX 26 single Smalley, parents legally settled Derby All Saints, served Chas RILEY of Denby, Thomas RYLE (KYTE?) of Smalley then Thomas BEER Mapperley, Samuel CRESWELL Smalley, John ELSE Smalley, John JACKSON Greasley, Notts. Now pregnant. 1804
RM7/2002 Joseph MOORLEY Overseer of Smalley states that John BEESON, Alice wife, Sarah Ann have become chargeable. Mentions an Apprentice Indenture from Breadsall received from Samuel ROWBOTTOM Overseer of Breadsall  1845
RM7/2003 John BEESON 20, son of James and Sarah BEESON late of Stockport, Ches. I have wife Alice, dau Sarah Ann. Married Morley, maiden name of wife WOOD I have left wife and child unsupported and now in Belper Workhouse. Three yrs ago lived with grandmother Betty RHODES at Stockport, Ches. Mother and father dead.  1845
RM7/2004 Elizabeth RHODES 84 of Stockport, Ches. John BEESON is son of my son James BEESON dec by his wife Sarah also dec. My son married at Cheadle nr Stockport, Ches. and about 4yr ago. Apprenticed by Chuchwardens of Breadsall which was his fathers Settlement to Joseph RIDER of Haughton nr Stockport, Ches. Has another child by James living with her, Sarah. Shortly before John left her he was lame and unable to work. Received relief from Mr BRADSHAW of Haughton.  1845
RM7/2005 Note that Richard William BIRCH of Derby Magistrates Clerk witnessed signing by Francis RADFORD, Henry MERRY , Seth BAMFORD Overseers of Breadsall as well  as of Joseph RIDER Master. of  the 1814 Apprenticeship Indenture.  Re John BEESON n.d.
RM7/2006 John KYTE Guardian of the Poor for Smalley. "the wife of John BEESON and their infant child are now in the Workhouse and have been for several months last past". 1845.

SNELSTON with year of Examination
1 Thomas ROOM born Snelston 1741
2 John GOODALL born Marston Montgomery 1769
3 Thomas SMITH born Beamhurst 1767
4 Samuel BEARDMORE born Cheadle Mill 1778
SOUTH NORMANTON with year of Examination.
1 John CLARK 18, Brailsford "a natural child" served Archlas RHODES of Hucknall. 1790
2 Bennit BARKER 22, Kentish Town, Middx, both parents died when she was 6wks old brought up by Uncle from Nottm. 1790
3 John WARD 21, born Holloway p. Ashover 1791
4 Hannah BALL dau of Wm and Ann BALL 1792
5 Jno WRIGHT 26, born. p Shirland 1792
6 Edward SMITH 18, Heanor, marr Ann HOLBROOK 1794
7 John HUNT 48, born Sth Wingfield 1795
8 Francis DUCKET 25, of Sth Normanton 1795
9 Wm BEASTALL 19 born Alfreton marr Mary, has son Geo 9m 1797
10 Tho SLACK 31, born Codnor mar Millicent WATERS 1797
11 John LITCHFIELD 32, born Kirkby in Ashfield 1797
12 Wm STURTON 26 born Linby, Notts 1797
13 Matthew WOOD 24, born Morton, marr Sarah GASKIN 1797
14 Tho BANCER born Blackwell 1798
15 Tho BONSALL 35, born Blackwell 1798
16 John ROE 58 born Carlton 1798
17 John WHITE 33 born Nth Wingfield 1798
18 Joseph BARRACLIFF 66 born Codnor wife decd 1821
19 Dan BACON 43 born New Eaton Wks Martha wife 1823
20 Saml RILEY 37 born Tibshelf, wife Millicent 1823
21 John RILEY 29 born Tibshelf, wife Sarah 1823
22 James BACON 27, born Nth Wingfield, wife Rachael 1823
23 Joseph BALL 39 born Newton, wife Elizb. 1823
24 Wm WHIGHTMAN 24 of Heage, born Pentrich 1827
25 Wm WAINWRIGHT 26 born Temple Normanton, 1827
26 John BATEMAN living with Mr PINDER at Laxton 1827
27 John RILEY yngr 33 born Tibshelf parents John and Sarah. Married to Sarah, five children. 1827
28 John RILEY elder 58 born Tibshelf parents Joseph and Ann RILEY. Parents legally settled at Ilkeston. Married to Sarah, son Geo. 1827
29 Samuel RILEY 41 born Tibshelf, wife Melicent seven children. Parents legally settled Ilkeston, certificate granted to them in 1767. 1827
30 John LOWE 40 born Carlton, wife Elizabeth two children 1829
31 Geo VARDY 43 born Blackwell, wife Hannah five children 1829
32 Tho KITCHEN 26 born Bramcote, served Mr SPALTON. Married to Sarah, two children. 1829
33 Wm STOCKS 30 born Blackwell, mother Mary belongs Tibshelf. Wife Alice two children 1829
34 Geo VARDY 43 born Blackwell marr Hannah SMEDLEY. Rented house of Tho WILSON 1829
35 John RAWSON 52 born Selston. Parents belong Heanor 1831
36 Mary MOAKES wife of Robert deceased. Statement by Rich SIDEBOTHAM.
37 George FRETWELL 68 born Blackwell. Removed to Stainsby Resides Hasland 1831
38 Samuel WOOD 29 born Sth Normanton. Wife Mary, four children.
39 William BOOT, father died about 28yrs ago. Brother John BOOT Settlement was at Pinxton. n.d.
40 Robert WIGHTMAN 30 born Selston served Geo HOWET of Selston, then Geo WIGHTMAN of Kirkby, Edward MARSH of Heath Saml SIDDON of Mansfield, Hannah BUNTING of Glapwell then Hugh WOOD of Alfreton. Marr with three children 1800
41 Thomas MARRIOTT 75 born Ripley, moved to Alfreton, seved John BRIDGETT of Alfreton. Two sons Wm and John of Pinxton. 1800
42 Thomas RICHARDS 45, born Sth Normanton, parents legal settlement Mansfield. 1800
43 Sarah WHITESIDE alias BALL 23, born Ireland. Marr in Ireland to John BALL, a soldier, sett. believed to be Sth Normanton Husbands former wife still living at Sth Normanton. Worked in John COOKS Pinxton china factory. 1800
44 George BUNTING 26 born Derby St Werburgh 1803 Married Catherine ELLIOTT at Sth Normanton.
45 Henry GLOSSINGTON 40 born Nottingham parents Sett. Ratford. App to Rich. GOODALL Nottm. marr Sarah SMITH at Nottm St. Mary. Moved to Selston, Greenhill p.Alfreton then Sth Normanton. 1804
46 Wm SAMPSON 28 born Charlton Notts parents legally settled at Harthill, Yks, served Edward BEDFORD of Kirkby, then in Marines. marr to Dorothy, has Sarah and John. 1805
47 Wm BEASTALL born Alfreton, served Geo MELLOR. Marr to Mary at Sth Normanton. Took a house at Little Bolton, Lancs. Has George, Wm, John, Samuel and Ezra 3m. 1805
48 Mercy VALLANCE single, 24 born Fritchley of parents legally settled on Heage. Served John HOPKINSON of Sth Wingfield, then Geo SLATER of Horsley, then Wm HOPKINSON of Shirland, Wm SMITH of Crich, Wm WILSON Carnfield, John WILSON Sth Normanton, Sion SHEPHERDSON of Kirkby, then Robert MOORE Ripley then Wm SMITH. Now pregnant. 1806
49 Wm WOMBELL of Boughton Notts, hired to Tho HODGKINSON Sth Normanton, maltster. 1806
50 Joseph GHENT born Kirkby parents legal Settlement at Sth Normanton. Marr Ellen. Has Adam and Jane. 1807
51 Blythe HOLMES born Ashover, 31,moved to Higham, married Cynthia. Has Mary Ann, Ellen, Matilda, Hannah and Martha 1809
52 George MOUNTANY 28 born Selston, parents legal settlement Itheridgehay. Served Wm COLMAN Selston, marr Elizabeth YOUNG at Osgathorpe. Six children. 1809
53 Joseph MARRIOTT born Ashover 40, wed Ann Sutton in Ashfield. Five children. 1809
54 Joseph BRADDOW 25 born illegitimate, Sth Normanton, mothers legal Settlement in Baseford, Notts. Marr Anne KYTE, two children. Father in law Wm ALLEN p.St Margaret. 1809
55 John ROWE 45 born Sth Normanton, parents legal Settlement Carlton. Married Mary, has eight children. Late son Wm died and left a widow Ann and one child, Frederick. 1810
RSE61 Anne SWAINE Incapable because of her illness to answer any question as to her Settlement. Removed by us, Nottm St Mary to South Normanton Jun 1832. 1835
56 Sarah BACON 26 hired to Benjamin TWIGG of Pinxton, Arthur ROBINSON of Wingerworth, Isaac MACHANT of Riddings, Joseph DAWS of Riddings, Joseph MEADS of Kirkby Notts, John BOWMER of Kirkby Notts, William WILKINSON of South Normanton,Thomas BRICKNELL South Normanton. Now pregnant.  1812
57 Henry WILDE 61 born South Normanton parents settlement. Was at Newton in parish of Mottram in Longdendale, Ches 1813
58 George HOLLINGWORTH 35 born Annsley Notts .Apprenticed to John MOSS Kirkby, Notts, rented house from John CHAWORTH. Married Mary CREE, has two children. 1815
59 William RENSHAW 22, born Skegby Notts, parents Settlement Nottingham St Mary. Married Hannah BALL, has two children. 1815
60 William FREEMAN 23, born p.Morton parents Settlement at Blackwell. Served John BOOT .Married Mary HINDE.  1815
61 William BROOKS 40 born Tibshelf, married Lydia WILDE, has one child. 1815
62 Jonathan HILL 24 born Pinxton. Married Hannah LANE has two children.  1815
63 Robert BAMFORD jnr 24 born Dirty Hucknall, Notts. Parent Settlement at Kirkby Notts. Married Hannah BURNHAM ,has one child 1815
64 Thomas MARSDEN 26 born South Wingfield. Apprenticed to Joseph BOOTH of South Wingfield Married to Ellen SMITH has one child 1815
65 William WILSON 36 born Blackwell. Apprenticed to William HAYS Blackwell . Married Jane BALL, has one child 1815
66 George ORANGE 38, does not know place of birth. Believes father Settlement at Nottingham St Mary, Notts. Lived at Swanwick. Married Hannah BOWN has two children 1815
67 John WASS 27 born Stretton,parents Settlement at Teversal Notts. Served Joseph CAWORTH of Rufford Notts, John CARDIN Farnsfield Notts. Married Martha COOK, has two children 1815
68 James BRAMLEY 30 born Pentridge (Pentrich?) worked coal pits then served in HMS. Married Suzannah CARAL at Coimbra Portugal. 1815
69 Ralph STAFFORD 64. Served John HOPKINSON of Mansfield Notts, John CLARKE Sutton in Ashfield, Notts, William GILL South Normanton, Jonathan SIRLAND Pinxton. 1816
70 John MARSHALL born Duckmanton, 28. Served Edward GREAVES of Warsop, Notts George HODGKINSON South Normanton. 1817
71 Ann TOPHAM 26 of Denby widow, parents Settlement Alfreton. Marrield late husband Daniel TOPHAM,husband born at Crich his fathers Settlement at South Normanton. Husbands father served his apprenticeship there. One child Martha 20 wks old.  1818
72 John BAMFORD 36, born Hucknall under Huthtwaite Notts. Father rented house at Kirkby Notts. Married Ann JEPSON has four children.Took house at Pinxton, paid rent to John DAKIN and othertimes to Samuel CUTLER. Considered himself a tenant of John MARRIOT who resides Lincs. 1819
73 Mary MELLER left South Normanton when 12. Served Robert SOLDEN rector of Pinxton until sent to care for her mother when ill at South Normanton.  1737
73 Paul DUFFIELD born Alderwasley.Hired to Robert HANSON Alderwasley 1738
74 John MARRIOTT born Tibshelf. Hired to John BROWNILL of Islington, Middx  1738
75 Richard BROOM born Cromford.Hired to True BUXTON of Steeple House Wirksworth.Mary wife,Ann,Richard. 1738
76 William MARE born Stoke on Trent, Staffs 1738
77 Ellen BROWN born Pinxton. Hired to Doctor OFFLEY South Normanton, Richard MATLOCK of Derby All Saints. Turned away as she was with child. 1739
78 John HEMINGRAY born Heage. Went to work in cole pitts at Blackwell. Married 1740
79 Samuel NEEDHAM born Newthorpe p.Greasley Notts. Served John GILBERT of Sowter Grange, Dale. Master went to London so left him. 1740
80 John SPENCER born Horsley Woodhouse, father legal Settlement at Mackworth, father moved to Ripley when examinant was 3. Examinant worked at Blackwell ,lodged at Dirty Hucknall Notts. Been in South Normanton four years, took lands at Blackwell ten pounds. One heifer.  1775
81 James HUNT born Denby. Apprenticed to Thomas FOWK of Nottingham St Mary Notts who was under Certificate from Lambley Notts . Enlisted as a soldier.  1775
82 Abram BOOTH born Pinxton father Settlement at Nottingham St Mary, Notts 1775
83 John NEWBALL 21 born Codnor p.Heanor. Apprenticed to James RAYNOR of Greasley Notts residing there under Certificate from Kirkby Notts. Both moved to Heanor. 1784
84 Robert BRADLEY 21 born Winster. Apprenticed to Job JENNINGS of Chesterfield who resided there under Certificate from Holloway. Assigned over to John ROE who resided at Pinxton under Certificate from Carlton Notts, then moved to South Normanton.   not dated.
85 Elenor NEWBOLL wife of John NEWBOTT als Newball , says he is 23 born South Normanton. She was married 1784 to John NEWBOTT who had served in Nottingham Regiment of Militia and was discharged. Last legal Settlement of husband was Heanor and he is now runaway and left examinant and one child chargeable. Child George 9m.  1785
86 George SMEDLEY 35 Fulwood Sutton, Notts hired at Teversal Notts ,returned to Mr WRAGG. Wife Sarah, two children Ann, Elizabeth. Document torn in half. 1786
87 John RILEY 23 born Alfreton. Learned trade as framesmith from father. Wife Jane, John  1786
88 Philip PARKER 31 born Selston Notts parents Settlement Nottingham St Mary Notts. Hired to William HODGKINSON of Ansley Notts. .Wife Margaret. 1786
89 William SIMPSON potter 21 born Alfreton 1786
90 William TOPLIS 22 born Kirk Ireton. Hired to Godfrey SMITHARD of Shirland. Married 1786
91 George ORME 20 born Bagworth Leics. 1787
92 George STANHOPE 29 born Alfreton. Parents Settlement Newark Notts 1787
93 Joseph CRONSALL born Rosliston does not know parents Settlement. Apprenticed to Robert ARGILE of Barwell Leics. Enlisted 24 Rgt, bought out after 2-3 days. Master says he served 2y 7m.  1787
94 George FROST 23 born Shirland. Apprenticed to James RADFORD Shirland 1789
95 Robert BRADLEY 25 born Winster. Apprenticed to Job GINNEY of Newbold. Job JANNEY being poor assigned him to John ROE of South Normanton who resided there under certificate from Carlton Notts. Enlisted Nottingham Regt of Militia. Served three years. 1789
96 John CLARKE 18. Natural child born at Brailsford. Does not know his mother Settlement. Apprenticed by Overseers to Hercules or Archillous RHODES of Dirty Hucknall Notts. Became journey man. 1789
97 John CLARKE  as above but served Archilaus RHODES not Archillous. 1789 
SPONDON with year of Examination.
SE1 John STENSON, born Spondon, app to Joseph STOCKLEY of Nottingham. 1768
SE4 Joseph FOWKE 23, born Coxbench, hired to Wm LANGTON Kilburn, John ELSE Heanor Gate, Mr OSBORNE Spondon 1813
SE6 Joseph BANCROFT Denby 69, son of Joseph and Hannah. Has had eleven children, eldest so Tho dec., leaving his widow Ann and eight children. 1833
SE8 Mary MILLHOLM, Wm 4 Rosamond nearly 2. 1834 Appeal by Spondon against removal by Castle Donington.
SE9 Joseph CUTTS dangerously ill, aged 33 born Newstead of Tho and Margaret. Served Chas THORPE Hucknall Torkard then went to Sheepshead, Leics. 1838
SE10 John MIDDLETON 42, deaf, born Ockbrook. Married Martha, lived at Litttle Hallam. Isaac 10, Wm 8, Elizabeth 4. 1838. This Examination concerning John MIDDLETON was given by his brother Samuel MIDDLETON, whose father John, a fwk was born Chaddesden.
SE11 William LATHER 28 born Arnold. Hired to Saml BARRATT of the Bell Inn Nottingham. Married at Duffield to Elizabeth, children Thomas, Wm and John 1840
SE12 John TAYLOR (father of Samuel TAYLOR inmate at Derbyshire Infirmary.) 55 born a Bastard of Martha TAYLOR single belonging Spondon. Served in Marines, marr 1810 Derby St Alkmund. In 1817 applied for relief, sent to the Incorparated Workhouse at Langley with his pregnant wife who had son Samuel. Had in all eleven children, six now living. Samuel TAYLOR married four years ago at Duffield, his family are now chargeable to Derby St Alkmund. Emma a sister of the pauper aged 17 died this week. 1840
SE13 Ann WALKER otherwise Ann PICK 25 single resides Spondon, born Gt Dalby, Leics. illeg child of Mary WALKER. Hired to Mr KING of Melton Mowbray, ------ BARROW Esq of Tollerton, Mr ROTHWELL of Quorn, Mr PERRY High Pavement, Nottingham. Then Mr GOODACRE, Standard Hill, Nottingham, Mrs MARSHALL of Spondon and Miss PIDCOCK of Ashbourne. 1841
STANTON BY BRIDGEwith year of Examination.
1 Joseph COPE of Derby St Peter, born Roster, Staffs. Hired to Saml DAWSON of Church Summersole, then Francis OKELY of Uttoxeter, then John BROWN of Ingleby, then John ROBERTS of Stanton nr Swarkestone. 1778
3 Charles GREGORY of Melbourne 27 born Stanton by Bridge. Served Wm SAUL of Stanton, farmer. Married Sarah, lives with father in law John BATES in Melbourne 1804
4 Samuel WOODDLE 31 born Wister, Yks, served Edward PICK of Brayton, YKS, then John WATERWORTH of Barlow,Yks then Jane SHILLITER of Stanor Hall then Joseph BLANCHARD of Balby Yks. Wife Elizabeth, Hannah and Thomas. 1813
5 Thomas RUTLAND 24 born Longford. Wife Sarah, Elizabeth. Hired to John GREENSMITH Longford. 1813
6 Thomas POXON 23 born Weston on Trent, hired to John HENSHAW of Swarkestone, then John ROBERTS of Stanton by Bridge. Wife Alice, John 3 Elizabeth 7m. 1813
STANTON BY DALE with year of Examination.
SE1 Ann RILEY widow of William RILEY of Hucknall Torkard, Notts, aged 81 born Wilford, Notts. dau of William and Ann SPURR. Married at Trowell, Notts 55 yrs ago. to William RILEY who died Sandiacre 42 YRS AGO. His father, Phillip RILEY was a Certificated man from Stanton by Dale at Trowell 18??
SE2 Samuel BARBER Elvaston, labourer. over 25, born Stanton by Dale, hired to Robert JOWETT Draycott, p Wilne. George? TROWELL of Draycott, p Wilne, Richard HOLLAND, Chaddesden, Edward ROSSELL Risley, Rev Joseph SMITH Osmaston, William PARKER Osmaston. Married, Elizabeth. Mary 4 John 2 Samuel aged 9m. 1804
SE3 William HALL Stanton by Dale labourer 20, born Sandiacre illeg child of Mary HALL. Went to live with Uncle Anthony CHADWICK, farmer, then Joseph STAFFORD. Married Maria COPE. 1805
SE4 Sentley WHITEHEAD 24 born Trowell, he served John TWELL of Watnall, Notts, farmer, John RADFORD of Strelley, Notts, John EATON of Trowell Notts, Richard WALKER of Woollaton, Notts, David TOWLE of Watnall, Notts. Married last Wednesday, Mary, at Stanton by Dale. 1810
SE5 William LAKIN Private 3rd Kings Own Rgt Dragoons, now stationed at Canterbury, Kent. 25 next May. Born Stanton by Dale. Wife Elizabeth pregnant at Derby. 1812
SE6 Francis COWLISHAW, born Stanton by Dale. 35, served Marmaduke LEE, West Hallam, who resided there under certificate from Bramcote, Notts. Served in Derby Militia, came back to Dale Abbey married Ann. Has Hannah, Samuel, Mary? Francis. 1812
SE7 John GOODMAN of Fradley, Staffs, born Stanton by Dale 34, hired to William DOAR Stanton by Dale, Thomas BEAR, Mapperley, Henry ABBOT Mapperley, Richard PORTER Breadsall, Thomas LUDLOW Shepshead, Leics. Mr BRENTNALL Shirrall Lodge, Staffs. then William HARDY, ran away. Married Elizabeth HOUSE? at Aldress p.Staffs. Has Mary, Sarah. 1818
SE8 William PHILLIPS 25 born Abbots Bromley, Staffs. Mother Rebecca PHILLIPS served William COOK Bagots Bromley Staffs. shoemaker, Matthew BADKIN Dunstall under Needwood, Staffs. Came to Stanton by Dale 3yr since. Served Richard SCATTERGOOD and Sarah HOLMES widow, later married Sarah HOLMES. 1733
RSE47 Hannah HANDBURY wife of Wm BUTCHER. 1741/2 husbands last legal Settlement at Ashby de la Zouch
RSE48 William LAND 44 served Richard SWANE Nottm then John BRIGGS. 1727
RSE49 John SMEDLEY born Long Eaton, father John. married Mary HOLLAND. Went to Sandyacre then returned. 1743
RSE50 Samuel REDFERN Private Soldier served Richard GRUNDY Dale Abbey, taylor. Married Sarah. 1800
Sarah BROWN of Stanton by Dale  1817  V95.2/24
STAVELEY with year of Examination
SE1 Thomas TYSON born Woodthorpe, lived there til 16, hired to George WRAGG of Aston Lodge, Yks, served his father in Staveley, then George WESTBY of Gilfit, WRY. 1733
2 John MACKAY, does not know birth place, Apprenticed to Thomas BRUNTT p. Harthill, Yks, John SEYNOR Staveley 1729
3 Elizabeth BAKEN (BACON) born Beckingham, Notts,fathers Settlement at Barlborough, served John ALLIS of Hanley and William BARLOW of Firbeck, Yks. 1762 (on reverse, being brought to Stavely with child.)
4 Mary CALOW born Eckington fathers Settlement at Staveley. Served Joseph BRIGHT Staveley, Jonas NORTHCLIFF of Whitwell, who is living there by virtue of a Certificate from Olandsworth Woodhouse, Yks. 1760
5 Andrew CARTLIDGE born Dronfield. Apprenticed to James BIRCHENALL taylor at Dronfield, moved to Staveley where master died,then worked for Samuel LEIVESLEY, Staveley 1762
6 Peter WEBSTER of Papplewick Notts forge man, born Whittington. Apprenticed to Daniel GLOSSOP of Duffield, farmer Then --- MATHERS of Duffield. Served Roger NEWHAM Staveley before being bound apprentice. 1768
7 Robert HOOSON born Treeton, Yks Apprenticed to John TAYLOR of Rotherham, Yks, Robert TAYLOR of Beighton, (son of John), John ROTHERHAM of Eckington, miler. 1769
8 Thomas DYSON born Staveley. Hired to Rev SEWARD of Lichfield, Staffs. Took house of Mr FOXLOW at Staveley 1772
9 George NEEDHAM born Longnor, Staffs, went to live with Uncle George NEEDHAM of Renishaw, came to Staveley. Rented land from Thomas COE, field from Joseph BARKER of Brimington. 1773
24 George MACHIN born Ecclesfield,Yks. Father moved to Norton, then Bridgehouse nr Sheffield Yks. Served Joseph BRIGHT of Attercliffe, milwright. 1773
25 Sarah BURROUGHS born Killamarsh. 34, Married Thomas BURROUGHS of Staveley. Moved to Clowne, rented property of George WILKSON. Husband dead. 1773
26 Daniel NAYLOR born Whittington. Hired to Robert NEWTON of Norton, widow WILSON of Newbold. Married. 1773
27 James LEWIS born p.Clains, County of Worcester. Fathers legal settlement p. Rock nr Bewdley. Served Charles BOOTH of Clains. 1773
28 Jonathan GUEST of Killamarsh 23, Born Worksop, Notts. Worked with William SHELDON of Sheffield Park, Sheffield, Yks. 1774
29 William WASS born Pilsley, p. North Wingfield. Served Isaac TURNER of Derby, Peter FRITH of Staveley. Enlisted in HMS in army. 1775
30 Samuel MASON born Mansfield, Notts. Hired to Robert CRUTCHER of City of London, merchant. Married Ann MILNES of Chesterfield, dau of James MILNES late of Chesterfield, grocer. 1775
31 George WHITTLES born Staveley. Apprenticed to George FLETCHER Staveley, assigned by George FLETCHER son of his master after master died to George WILD Bolsover. 1775
32 Edward COX coal miner and waterman of Staveley born Bewsley, Shropshire 1777
33 William HARDY of Hatfield, Yks born Clarebrough, Notts. Hired to William HOWORTH of Hatfield, Yks, Thomas SMEATON of Hatfield, Yks. farmer. 1777
34 James STONES born Killamarsh. Apprenticed to John STEEL of Killamarsh, John RODGERS of Anston, Yks. 1777
35 Thomas TAYLOR Handley, 28. Apprenticed to John LAW of Eckington, edge tool maker. 1777
36 John CROPPER of Greasbrough Yks 27, born Staveley. Hired to Rev GISBORNE of Staveley, John CALOW of Staveley. Married p.Wath, Ann WALKER. 1777
37 Matthew STOREY born Redmire, Co Yks. 33. Fathers legal Settlement Carferby? Yks. Married Esther MACHIN. Daughter 22wks. Bound apprentice to James HAMMOND of Winstley Yks. 1778
38 Elizabeth DRUAH 30 born on ship. Travelled in Ireland, Wales and England since quitted the sea. 1778 (On reverse, "TOMLINSON woman")
39 James BUEERSALL 33, born Berry, (Bury) Lancs. 1778 (Signs BUSILL, on reverse BUCILL)
40 Robert SAGO 31 husbandman born Apton,Lancs. Served John ROBINSON of Clidrown (Clitheroe) Lancs. Married Hannah HEALD. 1778
41 Thomas TOMLINSON 44 lab. Served Robert WOOD of Barlborough, HMS as soldier, Married Mary PULLIN, again to Elizabeth MORRIS. Two children. 1778
42 Thomas TOMLINSON 40. Served Robert WOOD Barlborough, Marr Mary PULLIN, then Elizabeth MORRIS. Three children. 1778
43 Robert HOULT born Roachdale (Rochdale) Lancs. 21 Apprenticed to William GREGORY of Birchover, baker. Left without masters consent. 1778
44 Mary ALLEN single, pregnant, states William FREEMAN Staveley is father. 1778
45 Joseph EVANS 28 born p.Youlgreave. Hired to Henry NOWS (KNOWLES?) 1779
46 John COCKER born Stoney Middleton 35, Hired to John GREGORY of Calver. 1779
47 Robert GREGORY born Froggatt 61. Hired to Daniel OLIVER of Froggatt, Anthony GREGORY of Froggatt 1779
48 James GRANGER 32 born Codnor, fathers legal Settlement Codnor Park. Served John PEAK of Codnor 1779
49 Ralph BELL 40 born Heath, Hired to John BARK of Heath, John BUNTING Langwith, Robert WEST Creswell, Richard JACKSON Handsworth Yks. 1779
50 John GODBER 24 born Brimington. Hired to George HAYWOOD of Brimington, Richard BOWER of Tupton, John TISON (TYSON?) of Staveley Woodthorpe, George HOBSON, Joshua BIRKS both Staveley, William KITCHEN Barlborough. Mentions dispute with KITCHEN. 1779
51 John JACKSON 34 born Singleton p. Pooleyfile? Lancs. Swerved John HORNBY of Pooleyfile, Elizabeth RODGERS of Whittington, George WILKES of Handley p.Staveley. 1779
52 Matthew STOREY Staveley Commonside born Redmire Yks. Served John HAMMON of Labaron, p. Wensley NRY. Worked in Westmoreland. Married Staveley. Works in colliery. 1779
53 Edward COX born Barrow Co Salop (Shropshire). Employed to carry coal to Gloucester in a vessel. Then coal miner at Willingcoat p. Tamworth Warwicks. Worked canals. Fathers legal Settlement Brosley, Salop. 1779
54 Joseph FURNICE Hired to George HOLMESFIELD of Brimington. Mr PRIME Staveley, John PARKER p. Norton 1779
55 John SPENCER born Shanstone, Staffs. Lived with William STARLING of Bradely, Staffs. 1779
56 Samuel TWIGG 33 born Stanton, brought up by grandfather when father died. Rented tenement at Birchover. 1779
57 Robert ALLEN coal miner 26 born Darley. 1779
58 George WHITTLES 32, served George FLETCHER of Staveley, George WILD Bolsover. 1779
59 Richard BODEN 27 born Coulton, p. Whitchurch Yks. Served Nathaniel WARRINGTON Whitchurch Lane End. 1779
60 Samuel SALES born Staveley. Fathers legal Settlement Brampton. 1779
61 George HUDSON 22. Hired to James SMITH of Micklebridge p.Brewell Yks. John NICHOLSON Cumber Lodge, Yks. Nathan GOODWIN of Morthing p.Weston, Yks George HIBBERSON Guilding Wells, Notts. 1779
62 Joseph SHERWIN Brimington, father settlement Staveley. Apprenticed to Joseph WHARTON Clay Cross. c.1779
63 Thomas WEBSTER 60 born Littlemore, Newbold. Served John GLOSSOP of Staveley 1780
64 George SEARSTON 28, born Glapwell. Served John SLAYNEY of Heath. 1781
65 Charles WATSON of Chesterfield mason 11 appr. to father Thomas WATSON Staveley Woodthorpe. Father had certificate from Harthill, Yks. Father served his appr to John STORER of Harthill. 1786
66 James CLAY Staveley collier 27 born Heanor. 1787
67 Benjamin FURNACE 40 appr. to William SALES of Staveley 1787
68 John LUNN 30 born Elmton, went to live with Daniel LEESONS (LEAVENS?) of Cresswell, William SISSON of Whitwell, Richard SIMMS Clown, George WILKINSON Handley, p.Staveley 1787
69 Matthew STOREY 53 born Redmire, WRY where father resided under Certificate from Carfordby WRY. 1787
70 John TAYLOR 28 born Radford, Notts where father resided under Certificate from Heanor. 1787
71 George BOOTH 34 born Pinxton where father resided under Certificate from Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1787
72 Henry BARBER 77 born Holbrook p.Duffield, father resided there under Certificate from Shipley. Marr Mary ORSBORN at Staveley. Her father Samuel ORSBORN since dead. 1787
73 Robert RICHARDSON 37 born Eckington. Appr to Humphrey LEAH of Staveley 1788
74 John HOPKINSON born Stretton. Rented land and house from Matthew LEA in Matlock. 1788
75 William LEAH 44 born Carburton Forge, Notts, parents residing there under Certificate from Huddersfield Yks. Apprenticed to Humphrey LEAH of Staveley, Soldier in Col GISBORNE Rgt. 1788
76 Peter WEBSTER 42 born Whittington. Hired to Mr NEWHAM of Staveley, Daniel GLOSSOP of Duffield, Mr MATHER, part time at Bulwell Forge part time at Duffield, married. 1788
77 Henry SILKSTONE 37 born Southwell, Notts. apprenticed to Joseph RICHARDS of Nottingham St Mary, Notts. Rented farm from Robert CLARKE Staveley. 1788
78 Benjamin LOWE 24, born Staveley where his mother was settled. Apprenticed to John BROOKS of Tibshelf fwk. Hired to Thomas WIDOWSON of Staveley, farmer. Resided with father in law. 1789
79 Joshua GREEN 28 born Staveley Hired to Joseph HOLLINGWORTH Staveley, Thomas WARD Unstone, moved with master to Cowley p. Dronfield. 1789
80 William HEWITT 29 born Staveley. Hired to Thomas HITCH of Staveley, Thomas BIGGIN of Norton, Thomas BULKLEY of Whittington, farmer. 1789
81 Mary HARRISON 36, married 7 yrs ago to John HARRISON at Ashby de la Zouch, Leics., then serving as a common soldier in Derbyshire Militia, served apprenticeship at Harthill, Yks now serves with Royal Scots. Four children. Aug 1790
82 Joseph LOW of Brimington born Staveley. 25. Apprenticed to John BROOKS of Tibshelf, John ALCROFT Staveley 1790
83 John HARRISON wheelwright born Holliwood, Staveley. Apprenticed to William WRIGHT of Wood Hall p. Harthill, Yks. Present wife Mary married Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. John, Betty, George. Jul 1790
84 James GREGORY 45 born Bretton p.Eyam Fathers legal Settlement at Froggatt. 1790
85 George HAWKSWORTH born Barlborough. Now a substitute in Cheshire Militia. 1791
86 Sarah HOLMES born Brimington. Served Joseph BARLOW of Staveley, forgeman. 1791
87 Elizabeth STEEL 19 born Handley Staveley. Hired to John ROTHERHAM Eckington, miller, Thomas Ashton BULKLEY of Whittington at his farm in Staveley. 1791
88 William COOPER born Brimington where father resided under Certificate from Staveley. 29, lab. Served Robert TURNER of Tapton farmer, Richard NEVILE Staveley yeoman. then Richard TURNER again. 1792
89 Francis MADEN born Brampton lab. 30. Parents legal settlement Coal Aston. Hired to Joshua BARKS (BIRKS?) Brampton Hannah REDFEARN Brampton, Thomas WIDDESON, Staveley. 1792
90 Mary CROOKS, born Coal Aston single 19. Parents legal settlement Staveley. Hired to Robert PRIESTLEY of Hallows, Coal Aston. 1792
91 Alice TURTON born Staveley single 21. Parents legal settlement Clowne. Hired William MILNER of Barlborough, blacksmith, Joshua BIRKS Staveley farmer. 1792
92 Hannah HARRISON of Nottingham born Staveley single. Hired to Matthew WEBSTER of Woodesley Co. Dbys farmer, Samuel BOWER of Watterton (or Walterton?) Co. Dbys tanner. 1792
93 Edmund BEELEY 30 of Staveley lab born Cuckney, Notts. Hired to Charles WILCOCK of Eckington but served most of his time at Horncastle, Lincs. 1793
94 William COOPER of Staveley 28, lab. born Whittington. Hired to Hugh CROFTS of Whittington. 1793
95 Richard MYCOCK 28 of Staveley born Grendon (Grindon?) Staffs. 1793
96 Robert FREETH born Staveley 33 weaver. Does not know parents legal settlement. Apprenticed to Thomas FREETH of Creswell p. Elmton 1793
97 William WOODWARD of Staveley miner 36. Born Wetton, Staffs. 1793
98 Elizabeth CHAMBERS of Staveley born a bastard at Morley Dbys. Served Godfrey WATTS of Staveley victualler, William RIDLEY of Booton? Notts farmer. 1795
99 Luke BEASLEY of Staveley born Ilkeston, coal miner. 1796
100 William CROOKS of Handley, Staveley 27. Apprenticed to Robert LOW of Crich Church (sic) Spittle Fields, Middx undertaker. Had a difference with Master settled by Magistrate at Guildhall. 1796
101 Samuel WOODHEAD 31, coal miner born Dirty Hucknall, Notts. Hired to John MELLOR Dirty Hucknall, Joshua ALLISON Bolsover, Robert ALLSOP Standley, Teversall 1800
102 Jacob STREET coal miner born Dirty Huckney, Notts. Married 9 yrs. Rented house in Staveley 1800
103 Thomas FRITH lab. 42 born Handley, Staveley, parents legal settlement Eckington. Hired to Ann BULLOCK of Handley 1800
104 Christopher LYNAM, 40, of Winshill born Burton on Trent, Staffs. Fathers legal Settlement Staveley. Married to Elizabeth, three children. 1800
105 James LYNAM of Winshill 74, born Clay Lane Served William HOLLINGWORTH p. Staveley. Wife Patience. 1800
106 John LUNN 45, labourer born Elmton. Worked for George WILKES of Staveley, farmer. 1801
107 George HANCOCK of Unston, 23, labourer born Eyam. Hired to William WILLIS of Grindleford, John PLANT? of Eccleshall? Yks. John LOMAS of Shatton, p.Hope, George GOODWIN of Holmesfield, Samuel BAGSHAW of Handley. In May 1797 hired to parish of Brampton to serve in the Militia during the War. Hired to Mr DIXON Whittington. 1801
108 William LEAH of Staveley 28 born Carburton, Notts Foregman at Staveley forge. Father moved to Stavely when Examinant was four. 1802
109 Robert ELLIOTT 22 born Pilsley North Wingfield. 1802
110 Ralph BELL 65 born Heath. Served John BARGH, Chrsitopher CLARKE of Sheffield, Yks. Robert WEST Cresswell, Joseph RUTHERFORD Firbeck Yks. Richard JACKSON Handsworth Woodhouse Yks. Thomas SMITH Staveley. 1802
111 Robert ELLIOTT 43 born Wolley Moor, parents Legal Settlement Morton. Hired to Mr OLAHAM (OLDHAM?) of Morton, James STEVENS of Pilsley. 1802
112 Joseph HOLMES born Staveley 25. Hired to Mr WEST of Staveley, Robert MOWER of Whittington, farmer, John LUPTON of Greenhill p.Morton, John HANCOCK. 1802
113 Mary STEEL of and born Eckington 16, parents settlement Staveley. Hired to Mr MASSEY of Renishaw, Samuel MASON Staveley. 1802
114 John HOLMES born Staveley 27. Apprenticed to William ROSE of Mosborough, Mr JENKIN Carter Hall, Ridgway 1802
115 William MULLINS 68 born Sleaford, Lincs. Parents legal settlement Eckington. Apprenticed to George MULLINS of Eckington. Resides Staveley under certificate from Eckington 1802
116 William MULLINS 32 born Staveley, parents settlement Eckington. Apprenticed to father William MULLINS. 1802
117 George FLETCHER tailor 30 born Staveley. Apprenticed Francis MOORE of Chesterfield 1802
118 Joseph ALLCROFT born Staveley 30. Apprenticed to Cornelius ALLCROFT. 1802
119 Benjamin TAYLOR 57 born Hawken Green, Lancs parents settlement Denton. Hired to John KENT of Rawmarsh, Yks. Lodged at house of John HOBSON Rawmarsh 1802
120 Richard MARTIN born Staveley 25 parents settlement Whittington. Apprenticed to his father, assigned to George LISTER of East Retford, Notts. 1802
121 John WIDDOWSON 24 born Staveley where mother legally settled. Hired to George DICKENSON Beighton, Mrs TOMLINSON, Beighton, Thomas STANIFORTH of Hackenthorpe in Beighton. 1802
122 George WHEELHOUSE, joiner 25, born Staveley parent settlement Eckington, Apprenticed to Robert WHEELHOUSE of Nether Langwith. 1802
123 John HAGUE 35 born Hoyland p.Wath Yks. Employed by different persons in Hoyland out of Charity. 1802
124 Joseph GOODLAD collier, born Barlow 24. Hired to Joseph BARKER of Dunston, Joseph HARVEY of Whittington, Mrs WATKINSON of Loads. 1802
125 Samuel SPRINTALL 27 born Dronfield of parents legally settled on Staveley. Apprenticed to Richard CANDLIN of Brampton 1802
126 Richard TAYLOR younger, 32. Born in lying in Hospital, London, before his mother married his father. Worked as a slater with brother in law Peter MARGERRISON of Chesterfield. Partnership dissolved by Mr DUTTON. 1802
127 Robert HEMMINGWAY 36 born Highton, Yks. Went with father who had taken a farm at Whittington, Apprenticed to John FINN? baker Far Gate, Sheffield, Godfrey CROFTS Staveley. 1802
128 Sampson MOORE born Chesterfield 24. Apprenticed to father Francis MOORE. 1802
129 Luke BEASLEY 25 born Ilkeston. At Mr BOWDON'S pit Staveley. 1802
130 John ALLEN 31 born Dronfield. Apprenticed by Uncle Edward ALLEN of Dronfield to George WOLSTENHOLME of Dronfield Woodhouse. 1802.
131 George CALOW 38 born Staveley, Hired to Misses BRIGHT Staveley, John GREAVES, Sheffield, Yks., William ROSE Mosborough. 1802
132 William WATERHOUSE 34 mason born Staveley, parents Settlement Brampton. Hired to Mr HOLLAND Surgeon of Chesterfield. 1802
133 Samuel SAULT 25 born Rowster (Rocester) Staffs. Parents settlement Hanbury. Married Rocester 15 yrs ago now lives in Staveley. 1802
134 Thomas WIDDOWSON 33 born Thorpe Salvin Yks. Parents settlement Harthill Yks. Served Mr POTTER Treeton Yks., John HAWLEY Treeton, Yks. 1803
135 James PEARSON 29 born Staveley. Apprenticed to John HANCOCK Handley, quarrelled, went to live with Mr POOLE Hundall, then Mr FROGGATT Hagg, Mr SLAGG Eckington, Mr PEARSON Povey, Mr SLAGG, Mr MORTON, Robert TURNER Ridgway. 1803
136 George ASHMORE 52 born Tibshelf. Apprenticed to Jonathan LEVERS Sutton in Ashfield 1803
137 Samuel WIDDOWSON 32 born Shireoaks, parents settlement Harthill Yks. Served Mr CHAPMAN of Lowton,Yks., John LIDSTER of Letwell,Yks. Joseph HARVEY Whittington. 1803
138 George BESWICK 22 born Baslow. Hired to Henry PENNISTONE Holmesfield, Robert SIBRAY Holmesfield. 1803
139 Elizabeth GRINDLOW 23 born Barlborough, parents Settlement Coal Aston. Hired to Richard JACKSON Bolsover, William REVELL Bolsover. Mr BRAILSFORD, Bolsover. Went to Chesterfield to learn lacemaking. Lived with DR stokes Chesterfield, then Mr FROGGATT The Hagg. 1803
140 Susannah GLOSSOP 25 born Staveley, served Jonathan WATTS of Handsworth Woodhouse, Yks. Joseph BARLOW Staveley, farmer. 1804
141 Mary FEARN of Chesterfield single 27. Hired to Mr BRIGHT of Inkersall. 1804
142 Hannah CHUMLEY of Anston, Yks, single 23 born Aston, Yks. Hired to William WOODHEAD of Duckmanton, Thomas MAY of Catlow, Yks. William JARVIS of Barlborough, John LAWRENCE of Staveley, Joseph RODGERS of Anston Yks. Now with child. 1804
143 George HOLMES of Brimington born Horsley Dbys. Hired to John WHITAKER of Horsley Park. 1806
144 John RAWSON of Staveley 61,soldier. Born Nuttall, Notts. Married Ireland. Two children. 1806
145 Thomas GOODWIN born Killamarsh 38, parents settlement Barlborough. Hired to Mr WRAGG Beighton Lodge, Mrs BRIGHT Staveley, John GREAVES Renishaw. Married 1806
146 George HAYFIELD 50 born Shriland parents settlement Whittington. Hired to Mrs COLEBECK of nr Doncaster Yks. Mr JENKINS Carter Hall, Renishaw, Mr EDDISON of Gateford p.Worksop, Notts, Mr HINDS Whittington, married. 1806
147 Thomas EVANS blacksmith born Elton 29. Apprenticed to John JACKSON of Elmton 1806
148 Peter WEBSTER 61 born Whittington. Hired to Mr NEWHAM Staveley, Daniel GLOSSOP of Makeney, Master had certificate from Staveley, Mr MATHER owner of forge at Makeney, worked at Mr MATHERS forge at Bulwell, Notts 1806
149 Elizabeth BUSHILL of Eckington, widow of James BUSHILL. Married Staveley but believes he had another wife at that time. Served Mr HUISH White Lodge, Joseph COX Newbold. 1806
150 John BAGSHAW 26 born Staveley, never been out of Staveley except for three months. 1806
151 Joseph EVANS 24, born Staveley, parents Settlement Elton, Dbys 1806
152 Joseph HOPKINSON 23 wheelwright, parents settlement Matlock, father resides Staveley. Brother resides Wingerworth. 1806
153 Alice BROMERLEY born Ashover, 72. Married to Thomas FRITH Staveley cordwainer, who resided there under Certificate from Eckington. Been married 33yrs when he died. Later wed John BROMELY of Norton? came to reside Handley, Staveley. Rent house from Duke of Devonshire. 1806
154 John HALL 21 of Hackenthorpe, born High Lane, Eckington. Went to drive plough for John KIVETON of High Lane, Robert TURNER Ridgway, George TUNSTILL Staveley, George BOOTH, Mosborough, Paul SMITH Staveley Lodge. 1807
155 John ARTHUR 37 baker born Staveley. Apprenticed to William ARMSTRONG of Bolsover baker, Godfrey CROFT, Staveley, baker, Father John ARTHUR of Eckington, Rented land from Roger BELK of Eckington. 1897
156 John HANCOCK of Staveley, 63 born Eckington by virtue of Certificate from Leeds Yks. Hired to Sarah LIDSTER of Harthill widow. Rented land from William MALLINDER of Killamarsh, land from William FOWLER. 1807
157 Christopher POOLSMITH of Duckmanton 19 born Calow parents settlement at Duckmanton. Hired to Ellin PARKER (PARKIN, PACKER?) of Staveley 1807
158 Jonas RODGERS of Staveley 28 born Ecclesfield Yks. Apprenticed to Samuel TAYLOR of Ecclesfield. 1808
159 Gabriel WRIGHT 28 born Bilson (Bilston) Staffs. Father and grandfather belonged Measham. Father now reside Ripley 1808
160 Sarah GOODWIN 18 born Ashover Hired to Robert RODGERS of Inkersall. Now with child. 1808
161 Patrick JENNINGS 51 born South Wingfield, Apprenticed to Richard SMITH Grassmoor in Hasland. Rented house off John ALLCROFT, Land at Grassmoor of his late master. 1808
162 Ann STREET of Unston 25 born Whiston Yks parents Settlement Worksop, Notts.  Hired to Mr BAGSHAW of Handley p.Staveley, lived with John BARKER 6m Warrenhouse, Peter FLINT of Totley, Thomas BIGGIN, William HUDSON of Staveley, John WARD. 1809
163 Robert CUTT 21, of Stavely born Handsworth Woodhouse Yks. 1809
164 James WALKER of Staveley 36 born Eckington parents settlement Staveley. Hired to Mr ROTHERHAM of Eckington, Mr HOBSON of Mosborough, Mr STANIFORTH, Josh SLAGG, William NEEDHAM of Renishaw. Went lame 18 yrs ago. 1809
165 George ELLIS 30 born Stamford, does not know his parents legal Settlement. Lived with Mr FOSTER of Osberton Mill p. Worksop, Notts, William CROFTS of Ramskill nr Blythe farmer, John PARS...? of High Grounds p Worksop farmer, hired to Mr PARKIN at Worksop Statutes. 1809
166 George NUTTALL born Stanfree, p. Bolsover 26. Parents settlement Barlborough. Always "worked at coal pitts". 1810
167 Jacob BEARDSLEY coal miner 28 born Ilkeston. Father Mark BEARDSLEY. 1810
168 Paul STEVENSON 27 born Brampton parents settlement Great Barlow. Hired to Wiliam HAYWOOD of Crowhole p. Barlow. Married. 1810
169 Edward COCKING lab. born Stavely. Hired to Edward MOSLEY of the Barnes p Dronfield. Married, wife lived at Brampton, he lived with master. 1810
170 George RODGERS coal miner, 31, born Handley, parents settlement Staveley. Hired to John OULDALL Coal Aston, Thomas BUTLER of p,Norton, Jonathan HARRISON of Staveley 1810
171 George STONES born Stavely 23, parents settlement Anston, Yks. Hired to John BUNTING of Holmesfield, Ann SIDDALL of Holmesfield 1810
172 William NUTTALL 27 born Bolsover 1810
173 Robert HEMINGRAY born Heage, 24 Married Duffield, two children. 1810
174 Thomas ISON 30 born Culloden nr Ashby de la Zouch. Leics., parents settlement Market Drayton. 1810
175 William HUTTLEY 23 born Greasbrook nr Rotherham, Yks. parents settlement Barnsley Yks. Father was a collier. 1810
176 John THORP of Alfreton 25 born Brackenfield. Hired to William KIRKLAND of Greenhill lane p.Alfreton, Mr HICKSON of Knowtshill p.Heanor. 1811
177 Daniel DRURY 34 born Eckington. Hired to Thomas BUCKLEY of Staveley. Married to Jane, five children 1812
178 George CHAMBERS collier 24 born Breadsall. Served Thomas NUTTALL of Handley cordwainer. Father George CHAMBERS rents from Duke of Devonshire. Married Handsworth 1808 to Easter WATERHOUSE. Jervis 3, Elizabeth 10m. 1812
179 John FAYRHAM (FAREHAM on reverse) 36 Married Elizabeth HARDING. Has; Mary, John, Sarah, Hannah, Thomas. 1812
180 John COOPER of Bolsover. Hired to Charles WILSON. 1812
181 William TAYLOR 34 born Youlgreave, parents Settlement Upper Haddon. Apprenticed to Thomas GREAVES blacksmith of Wingerworth who resided there under Certificate from Shirland. 1812
182 William MARSTON born Whitwick, Leics., 25, parents Settlement South Wingfield. Hired to John STREET of Staveley. Married. 1813
183 John BRAILSFORD of Ripley 34 born Ault Hucknall. Hired to Samuel SUTTON of Pentrich, Luke MALLISON of Hardwick, George WEST of Staveley Woodhouse, Robert WEST of Creswell, Benjamin ROTHERAM of Creswell, Robert ROGERS Inkersall, John SMITH Inkersall, John LAURANCE Staveley Woodhouse, Mrs HUNTER Kilburn. Married Ellen. Edmund, John, and Ann. 1813
184 John MOORE 22 born Derby St Alkmund. Went to brickyard at Shipley and coal pits at Heanor. Hired to Jacob STREET of Staveley. Married Mary GEE, two children. 1813
185 Memo that Jacob STREET to find William MARSTON a suit of clothing etc. n.d.
186 William WATERHOUSE Snr 72 born Staveley, parents Settlement Brampton. Married Rachel COWLEY, has four children. Lived waste ground. 1813
187 Joseph SMEDLEY 32, born Tapton Parents Settlement Middleton by Youlgreave. Apprenticed to John SMITH of Chesterfield 1813
188 Thomas RICHARDSON 28 born Barlborough. Hired to George GILLOTT of Barlborough, miller, William GLOSSOP of Staveley, 1813
189 William MITCHEL born Clowne, parents Settlement Upper Langwith 29. Hired to William HUDSON of Staveley, Mary WOSLOM of Staveley. Married Sheffield, Yks to Mary WOLMAR. 1814
190 George COOPER 25 Hired to Richard FROGGAT Staveley, William WOODHEAD Duckmanton. Married Ann SMITH, one child. 1814
191 Hannah MITCHELL 23 of Sears? Yks Parents Settlement Olbuck? Yks. Hired to William JACKSON of Adwick a Dern, Thomas SHEARMAN Rotheram, Yks. Married William MITCHELL Sheffield sawyer who was hired by George WEST of Woodthorpe, Staveley ,then Mary WOOSTLOW Staveley. Thomas MITCHELL father of William. 1814
192 John Ryas BOLTSBY 48, born Blackwell, hired to William HOLLINS of Shirebrook p.Pleasley. William ROLLISON. 1814
193 Stephen HURST born Orstall?, Notts hired to John HOULT of Retford, Notts 1816
194 John EASTWOOD 35 forgeman, born Brampton parents Settlement Scarcliffe. Apprenticed to John WEBSTER of Staveley, William WARD Staveley. 1816
195 Enoch HOPKINSON 26 born Eckington. Apprenticed to Jonathan TURNER of Troway. 1816
196 Job WALKER 20 born Wingerworth, parents Settlement Ashover. Hired to George BOWNS Crich grocer, William BOLER Tupton. 1816
197 John BRUNT 30, born Bolsover, parents Settlement Middleton by Youlgreave, lab. Swerved Samuel SMITH of Calow, Charles ALLSOP of Dronfield 1816
198 John BULLOCK 50 hired to John MILNER of Toaduk? Yks. John WHITEHEAD of Aston, Yks, John WHITEHEAD of Aston,Yks, Hannah VARDEN of Whaley (Whales?) Yks., Robert WARD of Dronfield, William POOLL of Winkbourn, Notts. 1816
199 John WRIGHT 30 brushmaker born Hounslet Yks. Father removed to Southwark, Surrey, Rented a place at High Hoborn in the combined p. of St Giles and St George, Middx. Hired to Joseph BARLOW of Staveley, brushmaker. 1816
200 Thomas POWIS 25, born Southwark, Surrey. Apprenticed to Thomas WARWICK of St Savoiurs, Middx. Assigned to Joshua ROLLANDS of same. 1816
201 John MELVILLE 25, born Clerkenwell, Middx. Apprenticed to William WARNER Saint Pulcers within. 1816
202 William RAWSON of Mansfield, Notts born Creswell. When 19 hired to Robert ROGERS of Staveley, Francis WILKINSON, John ROGERS. Wife Abigail, Elizabeth, Ann, Thomas. 1816
203 John JACKSON 74 born Singleton p. Pootney, Lancs, Hired to Elizabeth RODGERS of Whittington, Mr BUCKLEY Whittington, George WILKES of Handley. Married Ann BATES at Staveley. 1816
204 Thomas SALES 40 lab. Hired to William PRESSLEY of Cuckney, Notts. Peter BIRKS of Handsworth Woodhouse, Yks. farmer. 1816
205 Elizabeth STEVENSON apprehended as a rogue and vagabond by John WATERFALL of Sheffield. Legal Settlement Staveley. 1816
206 Mary SIDDALL born Eckington, 75 hired to Gregory SMITH of Chesterfield currier. Married John SIDDALL at Chesterfield. His father resided there under Certificate from Brampton. 1816
207 Job BOOTH 19 born Staveley parents Settlement Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1816
208 Thomas SALES 39 born Staveley, Hired to Jos.a BIRKS of Staveley, Thomas BUCKLEY of Staveley Forge. Married Sarah BAUM Staveley, two children. 1816
209 Elizabeth MASON 30 Hired to Mr EDWARDS of Hatton Gardens, London. Married Apr 1816 at St James Piccadillea to Francis MASON. 1816
210 Edward KILLAR (signs KILLER ) 65, born Troway. 18196
211 James SIDDALL 26. Hired to Robert MADIN of Staveley. William --------Duckmanton, farmer. 1816
212 Sarah WOOD 25, hired to John MILNES of Barlborough, farmer. Now with child. 1816
213 David HUTLY ( UTLEY ) 24, born Greaseborough, Yks. parents Settlement Barnsley, Yks. 1816
214 Thomas DUDLEY 42, born Onslow, Staffs. Parents settlement Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1816
215 Anthony LUDLAM 27 born Matlock. 1816
216 John HAWKSWORTH 55 born Darley. Apprenticed to Richard LILFORD of Bentley, WRY. Yks. 1816
217 Thomas BOSTON 21 born York, Yks Apprenticed to Richard WILLFORT of York, Yks. brushmaker. 1816
218 William OUTRAM 30 born Dronfield. Apprenticed to Edward OUTRAM of Dronfield farmer, Luke HASLEHURST of Unstone, rented a farm of Mr SECILL? Dronfield. 1816
219 John BUXTON 23 born Bolsover. 1816
220 John ROWDON (RAWDEN on reverse) born Staveley 33. Parent Settlement Whitchurch p.Temple Newsham, Yks. 1814
221 Simeon GOODWIN 25, born Codnor, parents Settlement Youlgreave 1816
222 Charles NORRIS 33, born Preston, Lancs. Apprenticed to John BARON? of Preston, brushmaker. 1816
223 John MILNER 23, born Staveley, Parents Settlement Whitwell 1816
224 Richard GASKIN 22, born Wingerworth natural child of Sarah GASKIN. 1816
225 John HOPKINSON 37 born Whales, (Wales) Yks. parents Settlement Matlock, Dbys, Rented land off John NORBURN of Barlborough, land off John GREGORY of Killamarsh, house off George WARD Killamarsh. 1816
226 Thomas ASH 25, born Brimington, parents Settlement Staveley. Resided with Thomas WIDOWSON Staveley, Charles MALTBY of Greasley, Notts. 1816
227 Francis MENNELL 23 born Doton?, Yks. parents settlement Hull, Yks. Hired to John CRACKLE of Hull, Yks. 1816
228 Stephen SIDDALL 31, born Whittington. Apprenticed to Godfrey BARTIN of Eccleshall Bierlow, cordwainer. 1816
229 Thomas SALES 40 hired to Joshua BIRKS of Staveley, Mr BUCKLEY of Staveley Forge, 12 Feb 1816 (On reverse: to appear at Chesterfield to be re-examined having made a mistake in his examination. dated 24 Feb 1816)
230 George SCHOLES 25 born Leeds,Yks. Apprenticed to James BROADHEAD of Leeds, Yks. brushmaker. 1816
231 Thomas HOLCROFT born a bastard at Staveley 36. Apprenticed to Thomas SLAGG, Joseph SLAGG, went into Notts. Married at Blythe to Sarah MULLINS his late wife and has three surviving children by her. Went to Scrooby Notts. took a house of Mr ANDREW. Sarah one of his children brought to Handley, Staveley to house of Thomas FRITH who had married a sister of examinants late wife. Youngest child put out as nurse to William EDLINGTON of Lounde, eldest child at Scrooby with Robert LAMBERT. He hired himself to John HOBSON of Scrooby Manor. Married Sarah DICKENSON, one child by her named Thomas. 1817
232 Ann CONSTERDINE 24 born Clowne. Hired to John SLAGG of Eckington, William HANCOCK of Worksop, Thomas HILL of Clowne, Mrs RADLEY of Whitwell, William FLINT of Staveley 1819
233 Thomas STEEL 30 born Handley hired to Richard FROGGATT of Staveley, hired to Christopher HIRD? of Bolsover, entered local militia there. served William BUTCHER of Elmton, George GRANTHAM of Anstone, Yks master removed to farm at Fulwood Booth Yks Married Ann HOULT at Sheffield, Yks Children Mary and George. Served Thomas SLAGG Red Lodge, Staveley. 1819
234 George HANCOCK 47 born Handley Hired to Robert PRIESTLEY of Dronfield, John OLDALE Coal Aston 1819
235 Thomas BEANS 70 born Tuxford, Notts Hired to Joseph ASKIN of Wheston in Notts. farmer. Mr BIRCH of Swine Thorp Lincs.. Married Dodworth, Lincs. wife Ann. 1819
236 Francis MADIN 60 hired to Thomas WIDDOWSON of Staveley, wife Martha COTTRILL married at Brampton. Brother John MADIN 1820
237 Elizabeth JOHNSON 22 born Brimington. Hired to Thomas BEARDMORE Staveley. Pregnant 1819
238 Elizabeth WEBSTER single 24 born Barlborough. Hired to William HUDSON Staveley, William ADLINGTON Hasland.1821
239 John NOUCH 29 born Eckington. Parents Settlement at Staveley. Apprenticed to Joseph BLOTHERLAND of Burton Joice, Notts fwk. Enlisted as a soldier, resided at Burton Joice under Certificate from Gunthrop, Notts. 1822
240 Samuel RENSHAW 26 lab. parents legal Settlement Eckington. Hired to John LAWRENCE Staveley Job ALEN Eckington. 1822
241 Joshua GREEN 29 born Hollinworth Common, Staveley. Apprenticed to James GARSIDE Oughtibridge, p.Eccleshall. Yks 1822
242 John WOODHEAD 25 born Staveley 1822
243 John WOOD 36 Hired to William WEBSTER of Ridgway Moor, Eckington Enlisted as a soldier. 1822
244 Thomas BOOTH 21 born Staveley, parents legal Settlement Nottingham St Peter, Notts. 1822
245 Christopher LAUNT 46 born Ashover. Agreement made with brother John LAUNT then residing Eckington. Took a house at Handsworth Woodhouse Yks rented from Thomas OLDALL and another from George WARD of same place. 1822
246 Elizabeth BELFIT 22 hIred to Mr YURNELL of Staveley, William PRESTLEY of Norwood, Notts, John PRESTLEY of Cuckney, Notts. Now with child. 1822
247 Robert CUTTS 38. Hired to John SYBREY Barlborough, Daniel CLARKE Whitwell. 1822
248 John HAWKSWORTH 23 born Sheffield, Yks Parents legal Settlement Bentley, Yks. 1822
249 William NUTTALL bor Bolsover 39. Rented house of Jacob STREET of Staveley. Paid five pounds for summering a cow to John WILKINSON of Barlborough 1822
250 Richard DUDLEY spade and shovel maker. born Burton on Trent, Staffs. Moved with father to Sheffield, Yks. then to Norbriggs. 1822
251 William JENNINGS 24. Hired to Joseph JACKSON of Nether Lanwith, Notts. farmer, Thomas BIRKS Staveley. Married a woman whose maiden name was WINGFIELD. Absent without Masters permission to get married. Went to William HOLLINGWORTH. 1822
252 Robert STEVENSON of Handsworth WRY. 40. Born Barlow. Wife Ann, Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth, Eliza.. Hired to George ANDREWS of Staveley. 1823
253 James SMITH born Wolley Moor, Township of Stretton. 55 lab. Lived with Mr ALLEN Stubbing Edge, Ashover, Mr HIGGINBOTHAM Clay Lane. Mrs OLDFIELD and her grandson Mr WEBSTER in Clay Lane. Married. Rented property in Alton p.Ashover. Took a farm in Barlborough to look after it for William HOPKINSON. Looked after farm at Staveley Netherthorpe. Paid Mr MILNER for the keep of a cow which he took with him from Barlborough. Had a wife and three children James, Sarah, Henry. Now with Mr RODGERS as a lab. in Staveley. 1823
254 Elizabeth JOHNSON 25 born Brimington. Lived with John WALKER of Brimington, farmer. Hired to Thomas BEARDMORE of Staveley. 1823
255 Martha HAWKSWORTH 28 single born Staveley. Parents Settlement at Barlborough. Hired to Mary WORSLEY of Woodthorpe, Staveley. Now pregnant. 1824
256 William MILNER 21 born Sheffield, Yks. His father served apprenticeship as scissor smith in Sheffield. Examinant worked for Thomas SALVIN in employ of Messrs ARTHROP and Co at Hoyland, Yks. Worked in Staveley, married at Bradfield,Yks. 1824
257 Richard ROWDEN 24 born Coulton, Yks. Apprenticed to Nathan WADDINGTON of Temple Newsom, Yks. 1824
258 Francis WINGFIELD 28 born p.Eckington, parents Settlement at Staveley. Lived with Rev. Fletcher DIXON at Staveley, then Thomas BIRKS Staveley, George FURNELL Staveley, John NORBOURN of Barlborough, Robert DODSLEY of Plealsey, John DODSLEY of Plealsey. Wife Catherine, Ann, Hannah, Reuben. 1824
259 George DEAKIN 36 born Tankersley, Yks. Hired to John ASHTON of Cawthorn, Yks. 1824
260 William POLLARD 32 born Staveley. Father gained Settlement there through serving Mr NEVILLE. 1824
261 John FOX 34 born Hathersage. Hired to Robert WALKER of Darwent Hall p.Hathersage. Came to Staveley. 1824
262 Joseph POLLARD 26 Hired to Richard PARKER of Brampton. Married Hannah BOAR, Hannah, Sarah and Ann. 1824
263 John LONGDIN born Calow 27. Hired to Samuel RENSHAW of Duckmanton. 1824
264 Thomas WINGFIELD 25 born Staveley. Wife Sarah. 1824
265 Samuel TURNER 30 born Leeds, Yks. Apprenticed to John James WOOD wood turner of Leeds, Yks. Married at Leeds, Yks. 1824
266 William HOLT Staveley 38 boatman. born Chesterfield Parents Settlement Denton nr Ashton, Lancs. Resided and rented a boat of Messrs SMITH proprietor of the Wharf Furnace. Employed it over the Chesterfield Canal. Summered his horses with Joseph FRITH of Staveley. 1824
267 Thomas ROBINSON 28 born Sculcotes in Hull, Yks. Apprenticed to James WHEAT of Holy Trinity Hull. Married at Derby. 1824
268 John FLETCHER 28 born Brinsley, p.Greasley, Notts. Father gained settlement there by renting property of sixteen pounds from Mr PARRYMORE. Married wife at Pentridge (Pentrich, possibly). 1824
269 James WALTON 27 born Hull, Yks fathers settlement Whitby, Yks. Apprenticed to James WHEAT of Hull Holy Trinity. Master gave business to his brother in law Mr BROWN who he served until he died three months later, then served Thomas GRAY Holy Trinity, Hull Yks. Married Sculcotes. 1824
270 John HOLT boatman 32 born Chesterfield, parents settlement Denton nr Ashton, Lancs. 1824
271 John WILCOCK 29, born Wigan, Lancs. Parents settlement Rivington, Bolton, Lancs. Apprenticed to John METCALF Manchester, Lancs.. Lodged with his parents (John WILCOCK) in Salford, Lancs. 1824
272 George WEATHERILL 30 born Sheffield, Yks parents settlement Thorn, Yks. Apprenticed to John MORROD of Myton Gate, Holy Trinity, Hull. 1824
273 Owen TOMLINSON 52 born upon the sea. Parents being on their way home from Ireland. Parents settlement at Staveley. Hired to Richard WOODHALL farmer, then ------ REDFERN of Hooton Levitt, Maltby, Yks Solicitor. 1824
274 Thomas TOMLINSON 24 born Killamarsh. Parents settlement Hooton Levitt, Yks. 1824
275 Ann PARKER 22 Hired to Mrs DIXON of Whittington went to London, served Mr GREAVES of Bakewell, then to Manchester and finally Staveley. 1826
276 Edward BILZON 21 born Loughborough, Leics. Apprenticed to Thomas PASS of East Leek, Notts, returned to his mother, Worked as labourer on canal at Loughborough. Married Sarah CUTTS at Staveley. 1826
277 Samuel HAYWOOD 21 Married at Wingerworth to Sarah BRI...., one child. 1827
278 John HAYWOOD 23 labourer. Married at Staveley to Mary MATHER. 1827
279 Luke ROWLAND Hired to John HALL of Chapel Town, Ecclesfield, Yks. Married Bradfield, Yks to Elizabeth MORTON 1827
280 Thomas ROBINSON moulder, 29 born Bolsover parents Settlement Chesterfield. Married at Chesterfield. 1827
281 John MATHERS 31 lab. Hired to Henry WEST of Carburton, Notts., Richard HAYWOOD of Hooton Levitt p.Maltby, Yks., ---- SPURR of Maltby, Yks. Thomas CROFTS Blyth, Notts. Joseph SLAGG Staveley. Married Alice COCKING, three children 1831
282 Thomas STONES 24 born Staveley Woodthorpe, parents legal Settlement Holmesfield. Has been in Ireland 16m. Married Hannah RHODES Handsworth, Yks. 1831
283 Thomas WHITHEAD 25 born Whitwell parents legal settlement at Eckington Married at Sheffield Yks to Sarah WINFIELD (or MIRFIELD?) 1831
284 Thomas HOLMES 30 born Woodthorpe, parents settlement Staveley. Hired to Mr BOOTH of Shirebrook p.Plealsey, Mr NICHOLSON Shirebrook, John NICHOLSON. Married at Pleasley to a woman whose maiden name was BOOTH. 1831
285 William WINGFIELD 28 born Staveley. Father gained Settlement at Staveley by hiring at Paul SMITH White Lodge. Wife Mary. 1831
286 John SIDDALL 21 born Brimington parents settlement at Staveley. Hired to John SHIPSTON of Staveley .Wife Sarah. 1831
287 William GLOSSOP 31 born Staveley. Hired Mr NEVILLE of Staveley, ---- SALES of Duckmanton, Jonathan HARRISON of Inkersall. Marr.  Sarah MATHER .Three children living.  1831  
288 John GIBSON 42 born Shipley, parents Settlement Horsley. Wife Mary, eight children. 1831
289 George BAGSHAW 31 born Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. Parents Settlement Bolsover . Apprenticed to John WILD Bolsover. Married Ann SAVAGE , two children.  1831
290 Matthew HASLAM 28 born Eckington. Does not know where parents were settled. Lived  with Joseph SLAGG of Woodthorpe. Married Martha MILNER.  1831
291 John WEBSTER 24 born Whittington Parents Settlement Eckington. Lodged with John WEBSTER of Unstone. Married Hannah BABB. 1831
292 Moses MOSLEY 30 born Chesterfield Fathers Settlement North Wingfield. Drove the plough for Daniel HOPKINSON Williamthorpe. Parents living at Williamthorpe. Served Mr BULKLEY Staveley Forge. Wife Mary, William, Elizabeth, Thomas, Abicham ?.  Moses MOSLEY by reason of illness being unable to brought up to the Petty Sessions  1831
293 Joseph JOHNSON of Derby All Saints 57, born Staveley Apprenticed to Robert CLARKE p. Staveley, Robert YOUNG, a relative, staymaker, John BOWLER of Glapwell. Had 14 children 4 living. Seventeen years ago removed by Derby St Peter to Staveley.  1831
294 Job SIDDALL 18 born Staveley.Hired to William GLADWIN Pratt Hall p. Brampton  1831
295 William SIDDALL 30 labourer born Stave.Hired to William TURNER ,Mr HOLLINGWORTH of Handley Wood William RODGERS of Linacre p.Brampton, Cornelius WAIN of Ingmanthorpe ,William RODGERS, Mr BIRKS Staveley, PARKER Brampton, Thomas CROOKES Troway, p.Eckington.  1831
296 John NUTTALL smith , 29 born Staveley. Apprenticed to William JACKSON of Retford, Notts , went to Sheffield, Yks. Married a NICHOLSON, two children. 1831
297 John NICHOLS 35 born Tapton. Parents Settlement at Eccleshall,WRY Yks. Father says the last years service he performed was by hiring to William SEVAN of Eccleshall. Wife Sarah, one child, Mary Ann.   1831
298 Mary Ann HOPKINSON 27 born Killamarsh. Lived at Mr NICHOLSON Sheffield Park ,Yks. Hired to William STEAD of Owlerton ,Nether Hallam, Yks. Now with child.  1831 
299 Martha HOLLINGWORTH 19 singlewoman born Brimington. Parents Settlement Bolsover. Removed by order from Brimington to Bolsover. Now with child  1831
300 Elizabeth CHAMBERS 19 single. Lived with Sidney OLDALE of Coal Aston, Mr BIRKS Staveley, WARD of Birchett, Dronfield and is very poorly  1831
301 George TURTON boatman 21 of Staveley. Parents Settlement Clowne  1831
302 George TURTON collier 23 born Brimington .Parents Settlement Whitwell, Father gained Settlement there by being apprenticed to a shoemaker, Married 3 yr ago. 1831
303 George BOOKER 24 born at Great Barlow. Parents Settlement at Brampton. Hired to William HOLT Staveley. Boatman.  1831
304 Samuel MADIN boatman 42, born Chesterfield .Parents Settlement Coal Aston. When eight went to work at pottery on Whittington Moor. Rented house from Mr BELL at Staveley. Brought some grass of John FROTH of Staveley which he mowed and took away but had no possession of the land. Married 22 yrs ago. 1831
305 Thomas MARTIN of Staveley. Parents Settlement Whittington 52 cordwainer. Went into partnership with Thomas SANDER Sheffield, Yks auctioneer in malting business. Took house and shop in Sheffield, Yks of George WOODHEAD of High Field. .Took house in Farrgate, Sheffield, Yks of Charles YOUNG. Has second wife named Ann. 1831
306 Joseph HOLT 67, boatman, born Limb, Cheshire. Hired to Joshua RYLAND of Denton, Lancs. Rented house from Martha COX Staveley. Brought grass off Elizabeth BELFIT. 1831
307 John LUNN born Elmton. 73. Hired to William SISSONS Whitwell, John MORTON Moortop, Staveley. 1831
308 George MELLORS 17. Apprentice to Peter LEGATE Whitwell. 1832
309 Henry RODGERS 37 BORN p. Staveley. Hired to William SYBRAY of Dalton, Yks. farmer, Joseph WRAGG Staveley. Married to Ann SWIFT.Has William, George, Mary, Ann.  1833
310 Hannah LAMBERT born Brightside Bierlow, Yks. Father belonged Bradfield. Hired to Thomas LAMBERT Staveley. Now pregnant  n.d.
311 James HUNT 31 born Ripley, Dbys. Born illegitimate. Wife Hannah, five children. 1831
312 Samuel BENTLEY born Whittington 33. Parents Settlement Staveley. Apprenticed to Benjamin BEARD of Tapton. Took by his master to Cressbrook Mills to Messrs NEWTON and Co. Returned to Staveley worked with William and Joseph HOLT. Married Mottram, Margaret CONNAR. Also hired to Joseph SWIFT. 1832
313 Joseph BLYTH (signs BLYTHE) born York, Yks. Does not know where parents belonged. Apprenticed to Richard RAWDON of York,Yks. .Slept in masters house in St John Micklegate York,Yks. Married to Mary. 1832.
314 Ann CALOW born Staveley parents Settlement Eckington. Father apprenticed to a wheelwright at Mosborough. Pregnant ,likely to be born a bastard.  1832 (On reverse, "A parish meeting is desired for the purpose of consulting on the subject of the cholera and other public business. n.d.)
315 Thomas WHITE 23 born North Wingfield. Apprenticed to William WALKER of Chesterfield, James CLARKE, Mr BENNETT of Chesterfield. Married Hannah WOODWARD 1832
316 Edward WILLIAMSON 31 born Ilkeston. Fathers legal Settlement Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. .Went to live with brother Stephen WILLIAMSON of Birchwood.Married Elizabeth GENT. Three children. Had a sister living at Nottingham,Notts, became pregnant, bastard, removed to Ashby de la Zouch Leics. where she lay in with the said child. 1832
317 John TOMLINSON born Killamarsh ,parents Settlement Hooton Levett WRY Yks. Married Eliza 5m ago. 1832
318 Staveley removed John SENIOR ,Mary Ann Elizabeth his children to Brampton. SENIOR born Brimington. When 6m father removed to Brampton .He was apprenticed to Eckington, returned to Brampton. Hired to Matthew FLETCHER .Came to Staveley lived in house of Peter SMITH  n.d.
319 Richard MYCOCK born Grindon, Staffs 65. Apprenticed to a baker at Grindon. Rented a cow off John HARRISON of Staveley. 1828
320 John BOOTH 30 born South Normanton. Parents Settlement Nottingham St Mary, Notts. Father resides Alfreton. Married Ephepha BOOTH. 1827
321 William MILNER 27 born Hulley (Ulley ) Yks. Father went for a soldier fifteen years ago. Mother received relief from Ulley Yks.while residing at Sheffield Yks. Married Ann WOODRUFF.   1827
322 Benjamin MILNER 22 born Ulley Yks. Father served apprenticeship there as cordwainer. Mother resided at Sheffield. Yks. He has worked in coal pits.  1827
323  Samuel SWIFT of Unstone 26. Hired to John MORTON of Moortop in Staveley. 1827
324 William DREWRY 24, of Handsworth,Yks born Whittington. Father Daniel, legal Settlement at Staveley gained by hiring and service there. Father lived at Gleadless, Yks  last thirty years. Worked for Mr NEWBOULD, married when just 21 is now lame. Wife Mary, Ann, William. Chargeable to Handsworth. 1827
325 William HOLLINGWORTH 34 born Selston Notts. Parents legal Settlement at Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts. Lives with parents at Pinxton. Married Elizabeth MUSGRAVE. 1827
326 William SMITH 19 born Eagle? (poss. Exhall ) near Coventry, Warwickshire an illegitimate child .Apprenticed to William WOOD of Coventry,Warwicks. Ran away from Master in 1829. Unable by reason of illness to appear before Magistrates. A singleman. 1830
327 John COOK 47 born Dublin, parents Settlement at Sutton cum Duckmanton, .Married at Selston Notts. to Elizabeth OSSIBROOK. Eight children.  1830 
328 Joseph FOWLER 27 born Handsworth Woodhouse, Yks parents legal Settlement Tibshelf. Married Mary BRIGGS. 1830
329 Ann KENWORTHY 28 born Wentworth, Yks. single. Lived with Mr ALLCROFT of Barnsley Yks. she moved with him to Staveley. Mr SHAW of Lingards. Kept fathers house in Wentworth. Now pregnant. Six years ago removed from Wentworth to Staveley where she staid 7-8 weeks with Hannah GOULD in the Work house yard.1829
330 Mary BENNETT 30, born Bolsover. Hired to Mr DODSLEY of Bolsover, Mr PRIESTLEY of Holbeck, Notts. Now with child. 1829
331 Elizabeth WHITEHEAD 58 married to William WHITEHEAD of Barlborough legal Settlement at Eckington. Father having Certificate from Eckington to Harthill,Yks. William her husband served apprenticeship to George PEARSE of Harthill, Yks.1829
332 John STEEL younger, 40 born Eckington ,parents legal Settlement Staveley. Married to Mary BATES. Has Edward two, and an infant. c.1829
333 Thomas GLASBY 30 born Laund, Notts. Hired to John CHAMBERS of Fosworth farmer, William FOWLER of Finningley, Yks Married Elizabeth GUNBY. Three children 1829
334 John BERRISFORD 24 born Duckmanton .Hired to William BELL of Norton, Thomas BINNEY of Eccleshall, Yks, Mr BIRKETT of Longcourse. Thomas STEVENSON of Dale House, Mr JENKINSON of Whittington. 1829
335 John LUNN of Sheffield, Yks 45 born Handley p.Staveley. Has broken his leg. Hired to John MORTON of Moortop,Staveley. 1830
336 James JARVIS 28 born Staveley. Hired to Henry  WOODCOCK of Stirrup ? (Styrrup?) Notts , then Gilbert CROMPTON of Chesterfield. 1830
337 John ELLIOTT 50 resides Eckington, born Chesterfield, parents legal Settlement Pilsley. Hired to Francis WILKSON of Staveley, Mr SMITH of Breach ? 1830 
338 Thomas HOTTER (signs OTTER) of Staveley 23. Born in the Army. Father now living at Misterton, Notts. ?. 1830
339 Richard JONES 80 woodman born Eckington parents legal Settlement Rotherham ,Yks .Apprenticed to William MULLINGS of Staveley .1830
340 George ELVIDGE 25 born Caunton nr Newark Notts. Does not know parents Settlement. Hired to Mrs LITTLE Kirklington, Notts. ? , Mr MARR Whittington. Married Ann WOOD of Staveley had two children, now both dead. 1830. 
341 John THICKETT 30 born Troway ,parents legal Settlement Holmesfield. Hired to Joseph FRITH of Staveley, John WHEATCROFT at Tapton. Married Mary MARPLE. 1830
342 William LIEVELESLEY resides and born Sutton cum Duckmanton, 36. Hired to John TOMLINSON of Beauchief, Mrs BRIGGS Staveley. 1823
343 Samuel REDFERN 41 born Staveley ,parents legal Settlement Eckington. Went to live with grandfather Henry PACEY at Clowne. Miss BULKELEY of Staveley Forge, Mr SMITH at the Breck ?. Married. 1828
344 John HAGUE 26 born Staveley, parents legal Settlement Hoyland, Yks. 1828
345 James CLAY 37 born Staveley ,parents legal Settlement Heanor. Hired with Jarvis HARRIS of Barlborough. Apprenticed to his father then living at Bolsover, enlisted "Royal Artiliary" and went abroad. Wife Elizabeth, James, Sarah.  1828
346 Henry SAXELBY 25 born Bolsover.Hired to Robert DRABBLE of Oxcroft p.Clowne, George RUSSELL of Hoyland, Yks. Married Ann, Benjamin and an un-named inf. 3 wks. 1828
347 Elizabeth MITCHELL 22 born Sheffield, Yks, parents legal Settlement Staveley. Hired to Henry JOHNSON Staley Bridge in township of Ashton under Line, Lancs. 1828
348 Matthew NEEDHAM 55 born Norton ,parents legal Settlement Sheffield, Yks. Apprenticed to Thomas BIRKS High Field, Hired to George GRAYSON Hooly Bridge,p.Bradfield, Yks. Married Elizabeth LEE 35 yrs since, she now dead. Married Mary MOWER ,has a child aged fifteen. 1828
349 Elizabeth SLATER widow of John SLATER brick and tile maker and died at Staveley 1 month ago. Married at Newark,Notts. both born at Newark ,Notts. Husband enlisted as a soldier. First child born at Hounslow,  Middx. Had eight children, four living, three chargeable to Staveley. Elizabeth, William, and John. 1829
350 Jonathan WILSON born Newmarket, Clay Lane 55. Parents legal Settlement Woodthorpe. Hired to Mr VICKERS of Bolsover Woodhouse,Mr DODSLEY of Stoney Houghton, Matthew WILSON, George HILL of Palterton, Mr BEECH of Bolsover then served Mr BEECH at Berkhamsted, Herts. Married Jane HEATH. Nine children. 1829 
351 Francis HALLAM 30 born Bolsover. Hired to Robert SAXTAR ? of Bolsover, William LUDLAM of Bolsover, Mr BAGSHAW Scarcliffe Lane, Mr GOODWIN Heath, Mr WEST Staveley, Mr FOSTER of Lingerdales p.Firbeck. Yks. Mrs HIBBERT of Laughten le Morthen, George JACKSON Scarcliffe. Married wife Mary. Thomas and Elizabeth. 1829
352 Thomas HOPKINSON 32 born Staveley, parents legal Settlement Clowne. Hired to Robert DICKEN of Sutton cum Duckmanton. Father gained Settlement at Clowne by hiring and service to Andrew DEWES. Father received relief from Clowne when he lived at Unstone.  1829
353 William HOPKINSON 23 born Clowne. Father gained Settlement at Clowne by serving Andrew DEWES. Father resided Unstone ten years. Examinant married to Elizabeth SWIFT of Staveley. 1829
354 Joseph TURTON 29 born Ecclesfield, Yks. Apprenticed to John HOBSON Grenoside in Ecclesfield Yks Victualler. Step father paid of remainder of time. Worked at Messrs DARWINS foundry Ecclesfield Yks. Married Eliza WRAGG. Has Mary and Sarah.   1838
SE131 William LEAR of Kimberworth, WRY forgeman. 25 born Burton on Trent, Staffs. Father settled at Staveley, worked at Messrs WALKERS at Masbro', George MORLEY, moved to Rotherham. married Lydia. Henry 3, William 16m 1821

STONEY MIDDLETON Settlement Examination
John COCKER 35 born Calver, fathers Settlement Bradfield Yks. Hired by GARDOM and PEARS Calver cotton mill . 1801  V21/79
John TAYLOR of Stoney Middleton born Calver, Father Settlement Upper Haddon, moved to Calver to live with Michael RIEVES (REEVES?) . On reverse "remove to Calver".   1800 V21/207h

SUTTON ON THE HILL Settlement Examination
RM7/1771 Emma SLATER.  Examination of Judith SHEPHERD of Kirk Langley, who knew William and Ann SLATER who lived at Brassington. Ann died, William moved to his brother at Thurvaston p. Sutton on the Hill, where he died , leaving Emma, born Dalbury Lees and chargeable to Osliston. The examinant was Aunt to William SLATER who was born at Kniveton of parents Joshua and Mary SLATER who had a farm for more than 30yrs.William SLATER was took in by examinants mother Esther EYRE and her brother Samuel EYRE of Trusley, his parents being unable to maintain him, he being deaf and delicate.  1836
SWARKESTONE Settlement Examination
RM7/1791 Charles PARKES otherwise Charles SPARKES, 24 born Newborough, Staffs. Married Elizabeth BATES. Wife died re-married Mary.  1837

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.