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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Examinations


MACKWORTH with year of Examination.
1 Jarman BUXTON of Markeaton born Hulland Ward, fathers Settlement, Ripley 1755
RM7/1812 Thomas PARKER resides Matlock, hatter, 37. Born Hexham, Northumberland. Parents James and Jane PARKER. Apprenticed to his father and for a few weeks to Joseph TURNER of Alnwick, Northumberland. Found work in Ireland and came to Matlock,Dbys. in 1834. Married Jane in 1836 by whom he has no children, wife had one child Martha WALTON aged 8. John ELSE Assistant Overseer says that Jane, wife of Thomas PARKER and Martha her child are now chargeable to Matlock and Thomas PARKER is also become chargeable in consequence thereof. 1838 
RM7/1840 Elizabeth HOLEHOUSE, widow of Thomas HOLEHOUSE boatman Scarthin Nick. Aged 31 born Cromford, parents legal Settlement, Middleton by Wirksworth. Worked at ARKWRIGHTS cotton mill. Married Wirksworth, three children, Samuel, Thomas, William. 1840
RM7/1841 Examination of John HOLEHOUSE Matlock,hatter concerning Thomas HOLEHOUSE. " I am Uncle to the late Thomas HOLEHOUSE. I am his father brother. My brother was born Wetton Staffs of parents Samuel and Elizabeth HOLEHOUSE. Father moved to Scarthin Nick, Matlock. My brother had two children Sarah and Thomas. Soon after the birth of my nephew, Thomas my brother enlisted in the militia and has not been heard of for more than twenty years, believed dead. About nine years ago I and my family were removed from Matlock to Wetton, Staffs. Mr KNOWLES was Overseer of Matlock at the time."  1840

SE1 William WARRIN of Polesworth, Warwicks.In 1716 hired to John FULWARD of Melbourne, Dbys. 1727/8
SE2 Joseph WAKEFIELD, born Newchurch, Cheshire, wood collier. 1731/2
SE3 Anne BERISFORD born Melbourne, spinster, apprenticed to William ERPE (EARP) of Melbourne, George SOMERFIELD, John BROOKS of Breedon, Leics., Thomas
IRONMONGER of Long Whatton, Leics., Ed. BODEL of Breedon, Leics., Mary CHATTERTON of Breedon, Leics. 1727
SE4 Jane BALLARD of Melbourne, single. Ten years ago served William BIDDLE of Snarestone, Leics. 1735
SE5 George DALGLISH rented a farm for one year from Thomas ABNY (ABNEY) at Wilsley (Willesley) since been in Dumfries, Scotland at Cambertree (Cummertrees) and Gretney (Gretna) since been in Melbourne with his wife. 1746/7
SE6 Elizabeth HEAP born Melbourne, served Thomas HATTON of Calke, hired to father William HEAP labourer, who then had a wife living, and living in a cottage upon the Waste. 1746/7
SE7 John DIMMOCK born Abbots Bromley Staffs worked at Diddlebury, Shropshire. Came to Melbourne. 1750 (parts missing, torn.)
SE8 Thomas WOOD founder, of Melbourne born Barnaby ?, Cheshire, when 21 hired to Thomas HOLLING farmer, worked at Warsale (Walsall) Staffs, Melbourne furnace, John CHURCHILL of Hinch, Warwicks. Married Mary STEPHENSON of Ruskam?, Staffs. 1750
SE9 William HALL of Osley?, Warwicks, served John OLDERSHAW of Hemington,Leics., John COLLIER of Melbourne and Newton. 1752
SE10 Thomas ROBERTS born Repton, apprenticed to John BANNISTER carpenter of Burton on Trent 17 yrs ago, master a certificated person from Derby. 1753/4
SE11 Michael ASBURY born Whittington, Staffs, Hired to Edward BOND of W? ---gton, Salop. (Shropshire) 1753/4
SE12 John BOSWORTH born Smisby, hired to William HALL (HULL?) of Ticknall, husbandman. 1753/4
SE13 William BOLD born Darley Moor, p.Snelston, Served George MOUNTNEY of Headliston (Edlaston), Thomas HENCHCLIFF of Quarndon, Joseph HOLLINGWORTH of Melbourne, William HOLINS (or HOLMES?) of Smisby at Hartshorne, 1753/4
SE14 Edward HOLLINGWORTH, born Melbourne, hired to Job RICHINSON of Wilson, Leics. then Mr BODEN of Tongue, (Tonge) Leics, Mr WARD Odson, (Odstone?) Leics. 1753/4
SE15 Mary PASS spinster of Melbourne, hired at Staunton, then George PEAT of Melbourne, Mr BAKER, Derby. Isaac DAWSON, Attorney of Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. but on being with child Mrs DAWSON turned her away. 1753
SE16 William GOODALE, born Melbourne, served John COTTON of Osgathorpe, Leics., Robert PAGE of Smisby, Samuel HOLBROOK Clerk of Osgathorpe, Leics., Ed. DAWSON Long Whatton, Leics., Mathias SCOTT Kings Newton, Edward BROMLEY Breedon, miller, Richard HEATH, Clifton, Staffs, Benjamin BROOKS of Burleigh, Leics. Since married and with father at Kings Newton 1753
SE17 Rebecca WILNE born Kings Newton Dbys., served George Lewis COKE Esq., Earl FERRERS of Liberty of Staunton p.Breedon, Leics., Lived with mother at Kings Newton 1755
SE18 John RADFORD born Melbourne, father a certificated person from Market Bosworth, Leics., carpenter. 1758
SE19 George SUMMERFIELD born Kings Newton, hired to John ROBERTS of Stanton, William LANDERS of Castle Donnington, Leics, tailor. 1759
SE20 Henry RADFORD son of John RADFORD of Melbourne, father a certificated man from Market Bosworth, Leics. 1759
SE21 John PEGG born Whitwick, Leics. when ten parents removed to Melbourne, (his father a certificated person from Brailsford ) Apprenticed to James PEGG of Loughborough, Leics, (master a certificated person from Brailsford) John SMITH, Melbourne, (his master a certificated person from, blank ) 1760
SE22 Thomas BRYON born Smisby Old Park, served James WAKEFIELD, Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. ironmonger. 1761
SE23 Henry WARRIN brickmaker born Polesworth, Warwicks, served John VINCENT surgeon, Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1761
SE24 Joseph KINCEY tailor of Melbourne, born Melbourne, fathers Legal Settlement at Derby All Saints, Served Robert SMITH, Melbourne tailor. 1761
SE25 Thomas HIDE born Heath End, Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. "Moved last year to Melbourne". 1762
SE26 John GLAZEBROOK born Wigan, Lancashire, mother died in child bed of him. Father brought them to Derby, moved to Melbourne, apprenticed to WHITE, COOKE, PEWTENER Derby. Enlisted as a soldier in Col. George WILLIAMS 2nd Batt. Royal Regt of Artillery. Discharged 1764 being fractured in the arm. 1768
SE27 Abraham CLARKE waterman, born Warwicks. Bedworth. Apprenticed to John SEEMMER fishmonger and parchment maker, Coventry, ran away several times. Came to Kings Newton p. Melbourne married Katherine DODGE. Lives with father in law Phillip DODGE p.Melbourne. 1770
SE28 James MILLS wheelwright, born Derby All Saints. Apprenticed to John TOFT of Kings Newton p.Melbourne wheelwright, went to London, returned to Derby, rented house of William PRATT and shop from Edward TURNER (or Farmer?) Moved to Ashbourne 1772
SE29 Thomas WINFIELD born Leics. Breedon labourer, Servant to Thomas RICHARDS of Ashby de la Zouch, Mr WRAGG, Kings Newton, William HART, Willesley, Mrs ORTON Ashby de la Zouch. 1773
SE30 Thomas MITCHEL born Melbourne, hired to Samuel SMITHIHEAD, Melbourne, Samuel ROBERTSON farmer of Melbourne. Married. 1773
SE31 William HALL born Packington, Leics. Hired to Thomas STORER of Packington, Franc. NEWBOLD farmer, Packington, John HASTELL Donisthorpe, Dbys. farmer, George CHOICE Narmington? Leics. farmer, John SMITH Packington, married. 1773
SE32 Edward WILKINSON born Hinckley, Leics. parents legal settlement at Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts, Married, lived with parents until 18. 1773
SE33 John BATES born Clifton Staffs. hired to Thomas MORE (MOORE) of Thorpe farmer, Thomas BATES of Swepstone, Leics. farmer, John DONISTHORP, Packington. Married. 1733
SE34 John PASS born Melbourne, fathers legal Settlement at Ticknall. Served Mr FOX Steward of James SHUTTLEWORTH of Aston, Thomas RATCLIFF of Stanton, farmer, Joseph SCOTT Kings Newton, John COLLIER farmer, John ROBERTS Stanton, Timothy DUDLEY Ticknall farmer. 1773
SE35 John PRATT born Elliston (Ellastone) Staffs. Hired to William SALT of Littleworth, Staffs, Joseph CHARLESWORTH, Thomas SCOTT, The Span, Staffs. William ORPE Poolswood? Staffs, then brother Rowland PRATT stone mason, Ellastone. 1773
SE36 William BAILY (BAILEY) born Mickleover, apprenticed to Jerman POOL Esq. then George ------, cordwainer of Derby, enlisted as a soldier then came to live at Melbourne as cordwainer. 1774
SE37 Henry HOLLOWAY born Breedon Leics. fwk. Apprenticed to John CALLADINE of Melbourne fwk. Enlisted as a marine and was with recruiting party for nine days when his father bought him out. 1774
SE38 Mary SHAW born Swarkestone, aged 16. Born a bastard of the body of Ann SHAW single, removed with mother to Smisby. Mother married Benjamin BROOKS of Melbourne then removed to Ticknall, then back to Melbourne. Went to Swarkestone where she was put out by House Row, then agreed with Mr MASSEY to serve him. 1774
SE39 Elizabeth GRIFFITH born Stapenhill single. Hired to Mr GARNER of Osmaston, Mr RIGLEY of Alvaston, William HENSHAW Weston, Joseph HOLLAND of Melbourne. 1774
SE40 William BLOWER of Melbourne, born Ticknall potter, married a woman of Melbourne whose mother left them a cottage. 1774
SE41 William PASS 25. Father John PASS came to Melbourne from Ticknall. Apprenticed to Nathaniel TRAFFORD Melbourne fwk.  1776
SE42 Nathan BAYLEY born Breedon, Leics. Hired to Mr CLARSON of Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. Mr CURZON of Breedon, Leics., Mr NICKLINSON of Ashby de la Zouch, Leics., Walter MOLLIBAR of Chilcoate (Chilcote) Dbys. (sic.) John COOPER of Clifton, (Clifton Campville ?) Staffs. Mr WATKINS of Clifton (Clifton Campville ?) Staffs. Lived six years in Melbourne where he married. Rents house of Joseph TUNNICLIFFE Rents land of George TURNER. 1776
SE43 George BLOOD born Ticknall. Father from Stanton by Bridge. Rented farm at Whitwick, Leics, 1777? (Document very faint)
SE44 Thomas HOPEWELL born Burton upon Trent, Staffs. Hired to John COLLIER of Kings Newton. 1778
SE45 Samuel TAYLOR born Melbourne. Apprenticed to William HARDY of Breedon, Leics. a Certificated man from Melbourne. Bricklayer. 1779
SE46 Joseph WILN born Melbourne. Hired to Robert BRIGGS of Swarkestone, widow PARR of Weston upon Trent, William SMEDLEY Aston (Aston upon Trent?) Dbys., John WYMAN of Aston ( Aston upon Trent?) Robert BRIGGS Swarkestone, Mrs SHUTTLEWORTH Aston (Aston upon Trent?) Mr LEECH Buthouse, p. Blackfordby, Leics. Mr DAWSON Foremark Park. 1779 
SE47 William LAKIN born Coleorton, Leics. Apprenticed to William SHERWIN of Coleorton,Leics. woolcomber. 1779
SE48 John RADFORD born Melbourne. Father a carpenter and Certificated man from Market Bosworth, Leics. 1779
SE49 John BURDETT born Burton upon Trent, Staffs. Hired to Francis BALL of Cadeby, Leics. Apprenticed to John DURANT Stanton by Bridge, carpenter. Master certificated man from Rosliston. Father a Certificated person from Ell Shilton, (Earl Shilton ) Leics. 1779
SE50 John SHORTHOUSE of Worthington, Leics. Born Calke. Hired to George ORTON of Melbourne, miller. 1781
SE51 William BAKEWELL 28 born Coleorton, Leics. Apprenticed to William HAMES Breedon woolcomber. Master belonged to Coleorton.Married.  1782
SE52 Christopher HICKLIN born Breedon. Father William HICKLIN. Hired to Hugh CANTREL of Kings Newton, Joseph HAZZARD of Melbourne. 1782
SE53 Samuel KING of Kings Newton born Repton. Hired to Thomas FISHER of Belper, William ROBINSON of Weston Cliff, Weston Dbys, Elizabeth DEVERELL of Wilford, Notts . Then as a waterman on Trent between Wiln Ferry and Gainsborough Lincs. Residence when on land at Castle Donnington, Leics..Married Burton upon Trent, Staffs. Rented a public house at Burton then lived in Burton Extra.   1783
SE54 Nathaniel HAZARD 25, born and now of Newton Solney shoemaker. Father Nathaniel HAZARD a Certificated man from Melbourne. Learned trade of shoemaker from father. 1783
SE55 Ralph OAKLEY Kings Newton, 28 born Priestwood p. Mackworth. Hired to William HUTCHINSON of the Grange, Stanton by Dale, Richard KIRK of Markeaton, James HOLLAND of Ockbrook, John WRAGG of Kings Newton, Abraham WOOLLETT Findern.  1783
SE56 William NEWHAM 38 born Stanley. Hired to Samuel Snowden WHITE Derby St. Werburgh. Doctor of "Phisic". Married, resided at Findern and had land at Findern. Moved to Melbourne. Sold "weat" to Thomas ASHMOLE  1783
SE57 Joseph HUMPHREY born Leicester St Mary, Leics. Apprenticed to Benjamin BROOKHOUSE of Ansty, Leics., Joseph HARVEY Nottingham St Peter,Notts., Samuel ROWLAND Nottingham St Nicholas, Notts. Enlisted 21st Rgt of Foot. Married.  1784
SE58 Edward HOLLINGWORTH 30 born Melbourne, parents Settlement Odson, Leics. Apprenticed to Sarah ASHTON widow of Richard ASHTON of Tottenham High Cross ,Middx. Sarah gave up business as plumber and glazier, Examinant moved with Sarah ASHTON to Ashby de la Zouch,Leics. Moved to Lichfield,Staffs to ROWLEY and ADEY Plumbers and glaziers. Went to London, Lichfield, Staffs, Burton upon Trent, Staffs then Thomas CHRISTIE Leics St Martins, Leic. 1786
59 William EARP born Melbourne. Took farm of Lord HUNTINGDON. 1787
60 John KNIGHT 52  born Derby Hills. Married when 20. Moved to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. Moved to Melbourne where he and his brother rented a house.1787
61 Thomas HICKINGBOTTOM of Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. born Tong, Leics. Served John BRIGGS of Kings Newton. 1789
62 Joseph JAQUIS Jnr of Tong, Leics. Born Tong, Leics. Father Joseph JAQUIS was twenty one when examinant born. Hired to William TAYLOR Melbourne 1789
63 Philip GRAY of Kings Newton 32, born Willington. Went to live with Sarah PICKERIN of Langley Dbys. George HODGKINSON Langley, John PLUMMER of Brailsford. Worked on river Trent between Burton on Trent and Gainsborough. John GILLOT of Belper. Married, has two children.   1792
64 Thomas GRICE of Melbourne, 47 born Latham, Lancs. Apprenticed to brother Daniel GRICE of Melbourne, stone mason. Resided there under Certificate from Horsley. Married Mary. Has Mary, John, Elizabeth, Joseph, Henry.  1800
65 Josiah Bullock CHERRY 21 born Bromyard, Herefordshire. parents Settlement in one of Worcester parishes but does not know which one. Apprenticed to Messrs WARBURTON and Josiah CHERRY both of Great Wigston,Leics. Father moved to Castle Donington, Leics then Mount Sorrel Upper End Leics. Father went to Birmingham, Warwicks.Examinant moved to Mount Sorrel Lower End, Leics.Wife Elizabeth, son Josiah. 1803
66 George BENTLEY of Tutbury, Staffs. 25 born Hare Hill p.Church Broughton. Apprenticed to Edward DUNNICLIFF Melbourne. Married Marston on Dove to Ann WHITEALL. 1807
67 James HEAP 25 born Newton Nether Cote, Leics. Hired to John PAYNE of Coton p.Market Bosworth, Leics., Mrs CLARKSON of Breedon, Leics. Joseph HAZZARD of Melbourne .Married Mary, has William and Joseph. 1807
68 Jonathan ELLIS soldier. 27 born Kirkburton, Yks. Apprenticed to David HIPPAX, John JAGGER of Hadfield? Dbys. Married Mary BEVERLEY of Melbourne. Wife now pregnant. 1808   
69 Catherine LANT 22 born Kings Newton. Served William BAKER of Swarkestone. Jos BENTLEY Swarkestone, James ERP? of Castle Donington, Leics. Rev. George GREAVES Stanton by Bridge. Now pregnant. 1808
70 Samuel SHEFFIELD 24 parents legal Settlement Leek, Notts. Hired to William MOORE of Hartshone. 1809
71 John COOK 28 born Ticknall. Hired to Samuel WRIGHT of Stenson, John CARRER? Hartshorne farmer, Robert LEE? of Weston upon Trent, Fletcher BULLIVANT Stanton, Dbys, Elizabeth HILL of Drakelow, --- of Staffs. Edward BYARD of Hartshorne, William WOODWARD of South Wood, Repton, George ORTON Melbourne, John GADSBY Snarestone, Leics. wIdow PEAT?  Melbourne. Wife Elizabeth, Thomas. 1810
72 Thomas BERRISFORD 25 served Joseph RATCLIFFE Stanton by Bridge, Francis ROBINSON Melbourne. Wife Mary, John, Francis. 1810
73 Thomas ARCHER 56 born Barton under Needwood, Staffs. Parents settlement Lapley, Staffs. Hired to Rev MANSELL? Melbourne, Mr JEWSBURY Edingale Staffs, Mr JEWSBURY a certificated man from Atherstone, Warwicks. Mr FOX Barton. Wife Mary, Elizabeth, Eliza. 1810
74 Joseph GRICE Chellaston, 23 born Melbourne parents Settlement, Latham, Lancs. Brother at Melbourne. Plough driver for William CARTER, Gilbert HUTCHINSON Ticknall, Isaac BAINBRIDGE Melbourne, William HIDE Caulke, Joseph WHEELDON Osmaston. Wife Sarah.   1812
75 John BARBER 25 born Kimbolton Hunts. Parents legal settlement Great Catworth. Served William HENSON Kimbolton, Hunts. 1812
76 Robert PEGG born Melbourne, apprenticed to his brother Joseph PEGG of Kegworth, Leics. Married ,wife Hannah,moved to Nottingham St Mary, Notts. then Melbourne to his brother Wiliam PEGG . Has William, Alice, Maria, Jane, Robert, Elizabeth. 1812
77 Thomas WOOD 34 born Kniveton . Asked by Robert SEAL of Melbourne to be hired for his bro in law John HEMSLEY of Thrumpton ? Notts. , then William FISHER of Swarkestone, Brother John WOOD of Melbourne. Married wife Ann, John, William, Samuel, Ann, Mary. Wife pregnant cannot be removed. 1812
78 Richard LISTER born Long Whatton, Leics 74. Parent legal Settlement Belton, Leics. Marr. late wife Hannah at Melbourne. Son in law Thomas HOLLINS of Melbourne. Has dau Mary aged 30. 1812
79 Elizabeth WARDLE 30 ,removed about ten yrs ago from Worthington, Leics to Chilwell, Notts. Pregnant, child died. Served Mr CLARKE of Willesley, Miss TOON Cole Orton, Leics., John KING Twycross Leics, became pregnant with 2nd illegitimate child, Daniel ERPE Brand, Breedon, Leics., Thomas ROBINSON Melbourne, dismissed, pregnant. 1813
80 Henry WATERS 48,father John WATERS rented house of Mr WHALE died 28yrs since.Took a house of Robert PLOWRIGHT.Mrs PLOWRIGHT now widow of Robert,keeps a school at Thorpe.Robert CLARKE of Hathern,Leics.,worked with Henry WATERS.1814
81 Mary GOODALL born 1790 at Sheepshead, Leics.In service of Mr MORRIS at the Dairy House near Derbyshire.Parents reside Melbourne.Became pregnant,went home.Delivered child in Sheepshead,Leics.,Hired to Mr ASTILL of Swarkestone, Mr BATES Swarkestone,Mr ROBERTS Stanton by Bridge,Charles DUNNICLIFFE of Melbourne,Mr RATCLIFFE Stanton,Mr PARKER Osmaston by Derby,quarreled, left.Mr CLARKE Isley Walton, Leics.,came home to parents in Melbourne, Mr STONE Weston on Trent.Pregnant. 1814
82 George GARROTT born Swannington, Leics ,parents legal Settlement Yeaveley. Apprenticed to George WEST of Sheepshead, Leics. who was a married man with three children. .His father was a Certificated man from Collingstock ? Notts .. Had words with master and ran away once. Mr LESTER Sheepshead schoolmaster has Indenture c.1816
83 Samuel ROBERTS 30 , lab. Apprenticed to Henry WILSON of Appleby, shoemaker. Masters business failed. Returned home to Melbourne, married. c 1816-18
84 John WOOD born Kniveton 44. Hired to William TOMLINSON of Bradley , Francis GOODWIN of Mugginton, Henry HOWARD of Tissington, Gilbert WALTERS of Radbourne, Robert SEAL Melbourne baker. Robert PEAT ,Stephen LEEDHAM Melbourne, George PEAT Swarkestone, .Married wife Mary, has Elizabeth, Mary, Dorothy, Maria, Hannah, Martha. 1818
84 John PALMER 26 born London, father Thomas PALMER Legal Settlement Henley upon Thames, Oxfordshire. Never knew his mother taken up as an infant and put out to nurse at Eckfield, Hants. Father brought him to his grandfather at Melbourne. Served Mr PEAT Melbourne as lab. Thomas BUCK Melbourne, carrier. lost a parcel of Mr BATTELLE of Derby for Mr VICKERS of Breedon, Leics. Ran away when charged with having taken it. Sorted out and re-employed. Hired to another Thomas BUCK. Enlisted Derby Militia. Married Hannah BARBER, has Ann. 1820
85 William OAKLEY 20 born Melbourne, parents legal settlement Idridgehay. Hired to Mr HASARD to drive plough. Worked for Sir William RUMBOLD Melbourne, Mr CHAMBERS Melbourne ,Mr NICKLINSON of Wilson, Leics., Mr SPEECHLY Kings Newton, Mr HAYWOOD Melbourne, Mr HEXTALL Snibson, Leics., Mr STENSON Whitwick, Leics. Married to Elizabeth, has William. 1820
86 Edward WILKINSON of Sandiacre born Hinckley, Leics 74. Came to Melbourne when twenty. Married soon after. Brought a Certificate from Kirkby, Notts. Left Melbourne c1817. About 30 yrs ago examinant was applied to by Jos DOLMAN Overseer of Melbourne to take William PERKINS a poor boy apprentice. Boy ran away to work at Stony Stanton , Leics. Master found him but new master agreed to hire him and pay by installments so PERKINS could remain. Only one payment made. PERKINS later inlisted in Train of Artillery.  1821 
87 William PERKINS of Thringstone, Leics. fwk has wife Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, Sarah, Charlotte, Joseph. Born Melbourne. Apprenticed to Edward WILKINSON of Melbourne. Handed over to serve remainder of time to Edward STEPHENS of Stoney Stanton, Leics. a certificated man from Croft, Leics. Enlisted as a soldier. Married Whitwick, Leics . 1821
88 Samuel HENSON apprenticed to Timothy PEGG of Melbourne. Ran away when it was reported he had assisted liberating a person under confinement. Worked with Mr KORAH at Balson. Returned to Master payed him what he had earned. Stayed with him until sale of Miles BACON framesmith, Mr KORAH attended sale. KORAH hired him as framesmith in Hinckley,Leics. 1821
89 Jeremiah BACON examination regarding Settlement of Samuel HENSON of Thringstone, Leics. About 27yrs ago Samuel HENSON was concerned with taking the handcuffs of Samuel OAKLEY, afraid he ran away. Went with HENSON to Bosworth Cherry Fair Day.   c.1821
90 Edmund FEARN Kings Newton, sawyer 66 born Shirley. Hired to Mr GOODALL Shirley Hall, Mr HALL Alkmonton, Mr HOLLAND Barton Blount,Mr MOORE Church Broughton, Mr BARBER Derby silversmith. Wife Ann, three children .Farm at Willington.  1822
91 Theophilus SMEDLEY 56 born Long Whatton, Leics. served Edward BARTON Hemmington, Leics. Joseph RATCLIFF Stanton by Bridge,Mr BULSTRODE Isley Walton, Leics, Samuel ROBINSON Melbourne. Married to Elizabeth.  n.d.
92 Sarah OAKLEY Idridgehay, concerning Settlement of her son Samuel OAKLEY. She and husband applied to Mr HAZZARD to hire her son to him, then Mr ROBINSON. 1827
93 Nathan BAILEY 35 son of John and Sarah BAILEY. Apprenticed to his father, John BAILEY Derby St Alkmund, quarreled, enlisted 17th Rgt of Foot, father brought him out. Samuel DALTON Melbourne Mr HAZARD,Melbourne James COWLISHAW Shardlow, Thomas MARTIN Trowell,Notts.Marrie Fanny, has John, William, Sarah, Nathan. 1832
94 Richard READ Portsea,Hants. Examination concerning Settlement of Martha TIVEY wife of Francis TIVEY absent at sea, William, Ellen asking for her to be removed to Melbourne 1841
95 Martha TIVEY now residing Portsea, wife of Francis TIVEY a Private mariner on Board Britannia which sailed for foreign service. Married at Pembroke, Wales has William, Ellen with her at Portsea, Hants. Husband born Melbourne 1810, he enlisted 95th Rgt Foot 1827, transferred to Royal Marines 1829.His father William TIVEY lives in Melbourne. Letter from Board allowing 8lbs bread as she is blind and await her husbands return from Matla. 1841
96 John GOODALL 83 lived with father at Shirley. Hired to Mr GOODWIN of Mansfield.Married one son by late wife Maria named Francis. 1843
97 George GILL of Ashbourne stone mason. Agreed to build a stone house for Ellen BROWN. Moved into it with his family. n.d.
R169SE Thomas TRUSSWELL 54 born Birmingham, Warwicks, pls Melbourne. Apprenticed by Uncle Thomas TRUSSWELL to Samuel WHITTLE Hathern,Leics.. Married to Jane, has nine children.  1837
R171SE Thomas YATES of Melbourne born Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. Parents legal Settlement at Ockbrook. Apprenticed to William SIMPSON of Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. . 1839
R175SE Ann SHAW otherwise HACKETT born Melbourne. Father William HORSLEY still living at Melbourne. Married to John SHAW otherwise HACKETT. Six months before he died husband told her he had another wife still living. Has our children by John SHAW otherwise HACKETT. 1840
R176SE Zachariah SHAW of Stapleton b Hinckley,Leics. "I had a son John who sometimes took his mothers maiden name of HACKETT. When he was 15 married at Coventry, Warwicks to Sarah CATER.  Came to live at my house but he left her after two years. Had not heard of him for several years. Saw him later at Melbourne with second wife, the pauper Ann SHAW otherwise HACKETT. Saw my sons first wife at corn harvest in Warwicks. Believes she is still living.  1840
R177SE Mary SHAW wife of Zachariah SHAW. I was present at the church in Coventry when my son John SHAW got married to Sarah CATER. I saw the same woman alive last summer. 1840
R178SE Charles ROBINS of Thringstone, farmer. "compared original parish register by which it appears that John SHAW married Sarah CATER of Exhall in 1820 by Banns.  1840
R182SE John HIGGINS 62 born Ticknall married to Mary CHARLESWORTH at Castle Donington, Leics. Has George and Emma. Rented public house from Dr DOLEMAN at Melbourne and Mr CANTRELL of Kings Newton. 1842
R184SE Richard WATHALL . Apprenticed when 12 yrs old to Mr GROUCOCK of Melbourne served four years then ran away and enlisted as a soldier. Married wife Elizabeth in 1818 at Lambeth, London. Memo to put in Post Office Little Knightrider St. district.1842   
R189SE Thomas WETTON born Melbourne, where my father John WETTON now living in Derby belonged. Married Jane PRIESTLEY, now living apart from me. Lodged at Patience KEYS Willow Row about 14 -15 yrs ago and received relief from Mr PEGG Overseer of Melbourne. My wife would collect it from Cross Keys Public House nr Town Hall , Derby.  c. 1842
R192SE Samuel BRACHER Master of Nuneaton Union Workhouse in Chilvers Cotn, Warwicks says "  Sarah DALMAN and her male bastard child are now inmates in the Union Workhouse".  1843
R193SE Joseph DALMAN born Melbourne residing Hinckley, Leics. Aged 50 son of Thomas and Catherine DALMAN. Sarah is my dau  by my wife Hannah who I married 25-26 yrs ago at Netherseal. She has an illegitimate male child.  1843
R194SE Sarah DALMAN "I am dau of Joseph DALAMN, and I am with illegitimate child in Nuneaton Union Poor House, Warwicks. c. 1843        

RM7/2023* Edward DRABBLE son of Robert DRABBLE and Sarah DRABBLE and brother of George DRABBLE. Father went to Thomas MARRIOTT of High Lane, Ches.  (now dec.) rented land at Carrington Barn, Marple, Ches. . Parents have six children. three brother and three sisters. Father died intestate, mother re-married John SCHOFIELD. Mother now deceased.  1846
RM7/2024 Betty FROGGATT . I know Robert DRABBLE married Sarah PURSGLOVE 1803, they lived at Foolow then went to reside somewhere in Cheshire. 1846
RM7/2025* Hannah LEE one of the daughters of Robert and Sarah DRABBLE " I remember birth of my brother George DRABBLE at Foolow, father went to Carrington Barn, Ches. he died soon after. Mother re-married John SCHOFIELD. 1846
RM7/2026 Martha HILL "I resided with Thomas MARRIOTT of High Lane. He was owner of considerable property in Marple, Ches. 1846
RM7/2027* George DRABBLE son of Robert and Sarah. "my father rented property of Thomas MARRIOTT of High Lane, Ches. I was married to Harriet at Glossop and have four children, Sarah, William, George, Martha.  1846
RM7/2028 George LOMAS "I was present when James INGHAM Chairman of Board of Guardians and Ebenezer ADAMSON signed the Certificate of Chargeability regarding George DRABBLE and family.  c. 1846
Ann TWIST of Ludworth single born Goborn (Golborn?) Lancs Came to Ludworth with mother when aged six. Employed spinning.  1801 V21/207/N
Ann MARSHALL of Mellor single 27, born Edale. Hired to William MOULT of Mellor,John HUDSON, became pregnant, child born Hayfield. Went to Charlesworth served Mary SHEPLEY of Charlesworth. (on reverse "remove to Hayfield") .  1801   V21/207/R
James SWINDELS born Kettleholme Ches. Apprenticed to Joseph BRAMWELL Glossop,Samuel COOPER Hathersley Ches.Came to Mellor to his father who had removed from Kettlesholme Ches. (on reverse " order removal", no place given.)  1800  V21/207/G
Esther LOTON single 19, her father Robert LOTON is dead. His settlement was at Stayley Wood Ches. When she was an infant parents moved from Charlesworth where she was born to Mottram Ches. (on reverse, " remove to Stayley Wood Ches")  1802  V21/207/T

NEWTON SOLNEY with year of Examination
1 Charles GRAVES 21, born Repton, served Rbt MORLEY, ran away enlisted Marines, the Royal Horse Artillery, apprehended bastardy, Mary DICKEN. 1802
2 Aaron THORP AGED 17-18 born Repton marr Ann ADAMS 1803
3 Joseph UPTON 18 born Burton, father Settled at Tattenhill, Staffs. 1827
4 Thos COPE 35, born Hill Ridware, wife Elizabeth and Ann, George, Elizabeth Thomas. 1830
5 Wm RICE aged 27 born Bradley. Parents legally settled Repton1830

Notes re appeal in case of Sarah HUGHES North Wingfield  v. Woodthorpe.  c.1835  V18/47

SE1 Thomas GREGORY Currier of Tidswell npw of Ockbrook. Apprenticed to Ralph WOODROUGH currier of Tidswall 1705
SE2 George TAYLOR, born Ashbourne, lived with Uncle in Tissington, apprenticed to Edward COCKCROFT of Linton but never with him, assigned to Edward SMITH of Risley 1731
SE3 Joseph HIBBERT of Elvaston served Francis BLEE of Littleover. Married Sarah a little before March last. 1738
SE4 Richard WARDELL 24, collier born Collorton, Leics father William a collier, removed to Thringstone, Worked from age 20 at colliery in Smalley. 1741
SE5 Thomas GOODMAN born Ockbrook. When 23 went to Dale Abbey. Served Edward HANCOCK. 1746
SE6 William HARRISON Borrowash served John ABBOTT of Ockbrook, then to Breaston, then Horsley Park, served his masters bro in law William RADFORD at Holbrook. verbal agreement. 1746
SE7 Elizbaeth HIBBERT Ockbrook On 17th Aug brought to bed of a bastard child at Leekstone 7 miles beyond Newark, she got aquaintance of John ARCHER Breadsall. He is the father of the child. Sep 1750
SE8 John ARCHER Ockbrook, born Kirk Ireton hired at Wilsthorpe with Edward TOMPSON. 1750
SE9 Elizabeth ARCHER wife of John ARCHER late servant in Liberty of Sawley. Married John ARCHER 2 Oct 1750 1751
SE10 Wm BENTLEY Ockbrook, born Sheeos Head apprenticed to Tho UPTON Long Whaton, Leics 1751
SE11 Thomas LYTHEL of Ockbrook, born London, when 3 sent to a place nr Repton called Glascow, grandparents rented farm at Hartshorn, then took house at Ockbrook. 1753
SE12 Thomas PHEASANT born Kirk Langley, baker of Ockbrook. Apprenticed to Bainbrick BUXTON All Sts Derby baker,then John FLINT baker. 1756
SE13 Hannah WOOD widow of Ockbrook. late husband born in Ockbrook. He served apprenticeship at Long Eaton, then returned Ockbrook, married and lived there 42 yrs. 1762
SE14 John LACEY Ockbrook farmer, born Ockbrook apprenticed to James LACEY of Dale Abbey taylor, then Carlton Notts to Rich ALWOD taylor. Master a Certificated person from Gedlin. 1760
SE15 John WINTERS Burrows Ash, born Whitwick. Father removed to Spondon and lives there under Certificate. He was put apprentice by a Charity gift at Whitwick by Mr MONK to Mr SOMERS of Spoondon, wheelwright. Married 2yr and 10m. 1771
SE16 James BEARDOW shoemaker born Greasley where his father resides. under a Certificate from Wingerworth Dby. 1771
SE17 James TAPPIN 22, born Long Compton Warwicks moved with father to Barton upon the Heath Warwicks. Married Ockbrook 4m ago. Father died four yrs ago. He returned to his mother but after a difference he left. 1772
SE18 Richard THORNHILL at Breason, born Brassington, bound apprentice 9 yrs ago to Jospeh WALKER of Ockbrook. Has lived in London, Essex and Middx, worked as a lab at Breason ten years. 1774
SE19 Mary ANTHONY 33 born Alvaston, parents legal Settlement at Boulton. Married her late husband James ANTHONY 11 yrs ago at Greasley. Late husbands father lives at Sutton in Ashfield. Moved with husband to Greasley, then Spodon, then Ockbrook. He died 2 wks ago. John, James, Thos, Wm. 1810
R18SE Samuel ELLIOTT 59 born Ockbrook, parents Samuel and Ann ELLIOTT, Enlisted in Dragoon Guards, then enlisted Royal Artillery. then brother John ELLIOTT at Swannington, Leics, William SHARP of Coleorton, Leics. 1838
OSMASTON BY ASHBOURNE with year of Examination.
1 Thomas HOUSLEY born Osmaston, served Paul HARDY of Mickleover then John HOWITT 1759
2 George HAND, born Scrapton, Derbys, served John JACKSON of Scrapton then John MORLEY, then Thomas BATES of Etwall then Wm GOSEBY in Sussex, then Richard GOADBY in Findern.1779
3 John STOKES 30, Private 59th Reg of Foot. born Mansfield. Fathers Sett. at Chesterfield. served John BROWN of Mansfield, then soldier, married Mary SLATER. 1806
4 John JOHNSON resides Nottm St Mary, born Hazlewood, Derbyshire. Father moved when he was 6m, toook farm off Robert DALE of Ashbourne at Osmaston. Wife Hannah, Elizabeth 21, Sarah 18, Ann 10,Lenah 8. 1811
5 Wm WEBSTER AGED 25 born Heathcote, illeg child of Sarah WEBSTER. Her father Ralph WEBSTER of Osmaston. Her brother Robert of Killamarsh. Hired to Samuel TOMLINSON of Edliston, then Francis HAYNE of Clifton. Married to Allice, Wm 6,John 4, Frances 2. 1813
6 Letter concerniing Wm WEBSTERS Settlement 1813
7 John WIBBERLEY 27,born Osmaston, Parents William and Mary. Hired to David OAKS of Elleston, Staffs, then Wm SLATER of Doveridge. Wife Mary, Wm 3, Caroline 1, Frederick and Alfred 8m twins. 1827
PEAK FOREST with year of Examination.
SC1 Henry MARCHINGTON born Peak Forest, served Ellis HALLAM. 170

REPTON with year of Examination.
130 John CLEMENTS abt 24, born Aston Derbys 1729
131 Job SMITH born Caldwell 1731
132 Wm CORBITT Repton 1733
133 Tho STANLY born Stapnell 1736 father a certifacated man from Burnaston
135 Edward HOLMES born Twiford 1741
136 Richard TOMLINSON born Dofield 1741
137 Elizabeth PEGG widow of Timothy. Dalbury 1743 lived Etwall 25 years.
138 John CHOICE born Repton 1743
140 Elizabeth SORE born Derby St Werburgh 1747
142 Wm HANSON born Shepshed 1749
143 John WILKINSON of Repton, examination concerns Mathias SHAW born ASHBY 1752
143 Elizabeth GAUTH Coleorton, examination concerns Mathias SHAW born Ashby 1752
144 Henry HOOD of Mark Eaton, born Allestry 1752
145 Simeon JACKSON born Limbrick, Ireland, father of Frodingham, Lincs 1752
146 John BAMFORD born Milton 1758
147 Thomas BRUNSLEY of Repton 1766
148 John YEOMANS born Hungry Bentley 1769
149 Absalom HARRISON born Carlton Yks 1769
150 Richard CATCHPOLE born Bury St Edmunds 1769
151 The LEE born Linton 1769
152 Richard KIDGER born Repton 1772
156 Francis WAGG born Barrow 1773
159 Joseph GREY aged 37 1774
160 Elizabeth BAMFORD widow of Peter. 1775
161 Joseph JOHNSON born Foston 1775
162 Thomas FIELDS aged 37 1775
163 Thomas KIDGER collier aged 38 1775
164 Samuel COTTON born Hilton 1775
165 Joseph PARKER 26 born Weston on Trent,father certificated man from Wimswold 1776
166 Wm MADDOCK 21 born Mappleton 1776 hired to Isaac WILSON of Reton, Edward BATE of Bretby, Joseph WILSON of Warsop, Benj TOWLE of Willington victualler.
167 Joseph HENSHAW 24 born Aston upon Trent 1776
168 Rees REES 26, of Nath, Glamorgan 1776
169 Thomas LOXLEY 45 born Morley 1776
170 Thomas WATKINS 30 born Bretby. father had certificate from Repton 1776
171 John STANDLEY 35 born Worthington 1776
172 William BALDWIN 22 born Willington 1776
173 Christopher FAIRBROTHER 34 born Ashby de la Zouch 1776
174 Tho PARKER 31 born Appley grandfather John PARKER 1776
175 Rubertus PEACH born Roston 1777
176 James GILMORE p.Labord Stirling, Scotland 1779
177 Walter SALT 20 born Burton on Trent 1785
178 Thomas HEAP 21 born Nether Seal, father certificated man from Packington 1785
179 John CAPEWELL 47 born Mickleover married Alice PEDDLETON, has Sarah. 1787
180 Thomas YATES lab, Branston p. Burton. 25, married. 1789
181 Joseph DOLMAN. 25 born Repton, labourer. 1790
182 Edward LANGLEY born Derby, married, moved to Repton. 1753
183 Samuel SOWTER born Derby, hired to Mr SYKES Derby St Michael. 1753
184 John BROOKS 38 born Ticknall. Apprenticed to John BUCKLEY of Elvaston. 1790
185 John BLOER 40 born Ticknall. Hired to James DAWSON of Foremark. 1790
186 Document concerning William SMITH and Mrs WHITING detailing number of days William SMITH stayed with WHITING. between 1785-1788.   c.1790
187 Case regarding William SMITH  c.1790
188 Statement by Frances WHITING concerning hiring of William SMITH   .c 1790
189 William SMITH of Repton 35, born Draycott. Hired to John SALT of Burnaston, Lettice COKE Breaston, Thomas JOWETT Draycott, James SNORE ? of Breaston, John NEWTON Breaston, John CARTER Breaston, Robert GREAVES of Ingleby, James MATTHEW of Repton, Thomas RICHARDSON of Ticknall, Frances WHITING of Repton. Married Ellen JONES has William aged two.  1790
190 John REDGATE of Repton hairdresser 30 born Markeaton. Apprenticed to William WILLSON of Derby All Saints, Sir Edward EVERY Bart., Worked on his own at Duffield. Enlisted Royal Regiment of Artillery. Married. Has Elizabeth 3, George 14 wks.  1791
191 William HOOD of Repton 27, Hired to Samuel TOMLINSON of Little Derby Hills, Joseph RATCLIFFE of Stanton by Bridge, John NEWBOLD of Sedgley ,Staffs, Samuel HIGGOTT of Rollestone Staffs. Robert WALKER of Rollestone Staffs. Samuel SALT Rollestone, James PYCROFT Rollestone, Staffs, Peter PANE of Newton Solney, James HAWKINS of Yoxall, Staffs, Thomas WALL of Foston, William HARRIS Overseal, Leics. Married.    1791
192 James LUDLOW 30 born Burton on Trent, Staffs.Hired to Mr HAWKINS of Burton on Trent, Thomas GETLIFFE Hilton, currier. Now a widower with three children. c1791 
193 Ellen WAYTE, 26, born Repton, parents Settlement Derby St Alkmunds. Hired to Richard BARTON Trowell, Notts. Thomas WARD Repton, Gilbert MEASHAM Repton, John TETLEY Repton, William BROWN Milton p.Repton . 1792
194 Lydia WARD 23 , Illegitimate child born Caulk. Grandfather Richard WARD Repton. Lived at Thomas NEWTON Repton Mrs WARD Mr NEWTONS mother. Lived with John TOPLIS Wirksworth. 1793
195 John WOOD 22 of Spondon, born Repton, illegitimate child. Hired to Robert RADFORD of Littleover, Samuel RICHARDSON of Spondon. 1793
196 William JACKSON of and born Hilton 54 . Hired to William HALL then of Marston on Dove, Joseph BORROWS Hilton, George ROSE Hilton, Samuel SMITH Hilton, Joseph MORLEY Breadsall, William PEAT of Milton, William ARMISHAW of Hoon, Richard MOOR of Foston. Married at Yoxall to Mary. Memo has a quarrel with Mr MORLEY "for being at a dancing at Derby".   1794
197 Joseph BAREFOOT 21, born Worthington,Leics. Apprenticed to James LEICESTER of Nuneaton, Warwicks, ran away to John TANSOR ? of Breedon. Master found him and brought him home, ran away on going home. Hired to Joseph ROULSTON of Wild Green nr Sutton Coldfield, Warwicks, then to his son John ROULSTON of Hickford Warwicks, Joseph JESTER of Chardley Forest, John ROBINSON Weston on Trent, George HUTCHINSON Ticknall, Married at Caulke to Katherine WILKINSON. 1794
198 Robert PARKER 31 born Stapenhill. Hired to Benjamin CROSS of Stapenhill. Married at Repton to Ann HODGKINSON 1794
199 Ellen WAYTE 27 born Repton, parents Settlement Derby St Alkmunds. Hired to Richard BARTON of Trowell Moor, Edward HANFORD (or HANSORD ?) of Repton, John TETLEY Repton, Thomas WARD, Repton, Gilbert MEASHAM Repton, John TETLEY Repton, William BROWN Milton, John PEARSALL of Foremark, Mr SHORTHOSE Whichnor Bridge, Staffs.  1794  
200 Maria PALMER alias TOWN born Repton ,apprehended as a rogue and vagabond in Uttoxeter Staffs. At 3wks went to grandmother Rebecca BARKER of Folkingham, Lincs. Hired to Thomas GOTTERIDGE of Rowcester, (Rocester ) Staffs. Apprehended in Nottingham as a vagrant, passed to Folkingham. 1796
201 Mary PALMER delivered of the above Maria PALMER at the house of Brian  (missing) at Repton. Maria PALMER alias TOWN born a bastard,  Mary PALMER been residing with friends and relatives. Went to Aunt Mary WRIGHT of South Wingfield . Left to have baby at Repton. Went to Hough on the Hill nr Grantham then Folkingham (Falkingham},Lincs. 1796 
202 James FROGGATT 21 born Stoney Stratford, Bucks. Parents Settlement Uttoxeter Staffs. Grandfather James FROGGATT of Brailsford. Worked with Mr SMITHAM of Repton. 1798
203 Ann CHAPMAN 26 of Elvaston born Chellaston.Parents settlement Repton.Hired to James COWLISHAW of Shardlow. Removed by order to Chellaston. Resided with sister in law Sarah PEGG  of Normanton. Hired to John GOODALL of Normanton, Samuel KEELING of Alvaston, William HANBURY of Elvaston. Now with child. 1799
204 William FOSTER of Repton 39 born Church Lawford, Warwickshire.Mother remarried Richard DAVIS of Nuneaton, Warwicks. Bound apprentice to Father in law. Apprenticed then to William CORDITT of Hinckley?, Leics fwk, John STORER of Barrow on Trent, Thomas JERRAM of Foston, John ALTON ? of Alton ? waggon driver between Northampton and London for PICKFORDS, William WHITE Repton, Married Elizabeth, Samuel, Ann, and Mary children.  1800
205 William TOW 29 born Tipshelf (Tibshelf?). Hired to Abraham SHAW of Sutton in Ashfield,Notts. John SHARPE  of Hallam?, Notts., John HARVEY Hallam, Notts, Richard CHANTREY, Lenton, Jacob HIGGINBOTTOM Stapleford, Notts. Son Samuel 9m.  1800
206 Ann CHAPMAN wife of Joseph CHAPMAN,Private soldier, 1st Regy Foot Guards. She was born Normanton. Married 1797. Husband enlisted Whitsuntide. 1800
207 Luke SWIFT born Chilwell parents Settlement Wirksworth. Served father at Attenborough, went to Nottingham. Married at Derby St Peters this morning. 1800
208 William HYDE 50 born Ashby de la Zouch. Apprenticed to John TETLEY. 1787
209 James BODEN 32 born Repton, parents legal Settlement Croxall who resided at Ashby de la Zouch, Leics before his birth under Certificate from Croxall. Apprenticed to Jonathan BARTON? of Repton, bricklayer, Godfrey BARTON. Wife Mary, William, Elizabeth, Mary. 1801
210 Robert CARTER 21, born Carlton nr Market Bosworth,Leics, Hired to Thomas PAYNE of Coton nr Market Bosworth, Leics. farmer, Thomas JOURDAN Kirby Frith, Leics., Robert BUCKLEY Normanton Turvill nr Earl Shilton, Leics. Disagreed with master. Hired to SHARPE of Earl Shilton, Leics., E. GLOVER of Potlocks, Findern. Married Repton, Elizabeth FORD. 1801
211 John WHEATLEY 22 born Barleston, Staffs. Apprenticed to James RIGBY of Astbury, Cheshire joiner, worked at Keel, Staffs. Married Mary WOOLLESCROFT, took tenement Tamworth, Staffs, Lichfield, Staffs. 1801
212 Catherine FIELDS 23 hired to William WOODWARD, now with child. 1802
213 George BAMFORD 29 born Milton. Fathers Settlement at Shadwill, City of London, Middx. Removed there by order of Repton Overseers when two, father being dead. Wife Sarah, Elizabeth, Sarah living in Repton. 1802
214 Richard CRISP 21 born Tamworth, Staffs. Apprenticed to Joseph REDFERN of Tamworth. Married Sunday last to Ann MEASHAM. Engaged to serve in the Army of Reserve for the p. of Walton, Dbys. 1802
215 Thomas BRINDLEY 24 born Repton, parents Settlement Marston Montgomery. Hired to Henry GOODALL of Repton, William BRYAN Attorney, until business failed. Married, wife Sarah, John. 1803
216 Matthew STONE 14 born Repton. Apprenticed to John TAGG Melbourne, ran away. Went to work in pottery at Hartshorne. Returned when Master applied for a warrant from Magistrate for absence of service. Went to live with Peter PAYNE at Church Gresley, lived with John ORME, Newhall Park. Came to his mother at Repton. 1803
217 James THORPE born Chappell City of Lichfield, Staffs. Hired by Mr BURTON of George Inn, Lichfield, Staffs., Isaac EYRE Tamworth, Hired himself to Drakelow, Dbys, to serve in the Army of Reserve. Tuesday last married Ann ROBERTS of Repton. 1803
218 Elizabeth CARTER 22 married Robert CARTER (now ran away from her )his legal Settlement Normanton Torvill, Leics by being hired to Mr BROOKLEY farmer. Child Mary 3. 1804
219 James MARTIN 29 born Shelbourne, Cork, Ireland. Enlisted 6th Rgt Heavy Dragoons, in Ireland. Served in England, married Ashby de la Zouch Ellen BIRD. Marched to Nottingham. Discharged Exeter, went to London to pass the Board. Hired to Job CLARK of Repton, hostler. 1804
220 Richard RILEY born Chellaston. Hired to Mr GREASBY of Ingleby, Mr DAWSON Foremark. Married his 2nd wife Nancy MAY of Breednor,Leics, married 3rd wife Nancy widow of Anthony HOOD of Ticknall. No children. 1804
221 Edward RIDLEY born Derby Hills. Lived at Caulk Hall residence of Sir H HARPER, served William KNOWLES of Nelson, (Wilson?) Leics, Mr ROBERTS of Melbourne, Mr HASSALL of Lullington, Mr BUCKNALL Derby Hills. Father resided Derby Hills under certificate from Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. Examinant has worked in lime kilns at Ticknall of Messrs SMITH and COPE. Married Jane widow of Joseph BAILY of Yoxall, Staffs, lab. Has William. 1804
222 Ann CRISP wife of Richard CRISP Private Soldier in the Army of Reserve. That in Dec 1803 she left her husband at Silver Hill Barracks, Sussex. Richard CRISP Settlement at Tamworth, Warwicks. Now "with child", Joseph WEBSTER of Bradby (Bretby?)Dbys is the father. 1805
223 Henry PEAT 43 born Barlow Dbys. When 7 moved with parents to Brampton. Hired to William GARDOM of Brampton. Married, wife died, left farm. Remarried, went to Repton. Wifes name Mary. 1806
224 John CLEMMENT 42, drove plough for Seth SMITH of Repton, served John WHEAT of Repton, William LAWSON of Walton on Trent, Joseph EARL of Scropton, Robert CLARK Donisthorpe, Dbys, Charles BURTON of Bradley, William ATWOOD of Netherseal, Leics, William RICHARDS of Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. Married, wife Elizabeth. Sarah, Elizabeth, John, Thomas. Note states that "Leicestershire Epiphany Sessions, Settlement decided to be in Ashby de la Zouch. 1810
225 Luke STEVENSON 29 joiner, born Norton. Hired to Joseph OWEN of Bridge Houses, WRY. Wife Mary. 1810
226 Francis PEACH 26 ,parents Settlement Caldwell. Hired to Mrs GLOVER , Potlocks, Findern. Wife Mary, son William. 1811
227 Ann PEACH Eight years ago married at Repton James THORP a Private in the Army of Reserve. Went to Silver Hill Barracks in Sussex with him, then returned. Husband came to see her four yrs ago, he returned to Horsham Barracks. Later she received a letter from a person belonging in same Company as her husband informing her that her husband was dead. Remarried Francis PEACH at Repton. Now with child. 1811
228 John WALKER of Sibson, Leics. 35 born Hartshorne. Apprenticed to Thomas NEWTON of Repton, Master taken ill, and told him to go and live and work with the Masters son at Wolverhampton, Staffs, fellmonger. Moved to Ashby Wolds, Leics. Came to live with father, removed by Overseers of Repton to his Master. Married Mary, Mary, John. 1811
229 Ann CRISP Repton. Eight years agoo married at Repton Richard CRISP, then a Private in the Army of Reserve, afterwards transferred to 2nd Batt. 69th Rgt of Foot. Went with husband to Silver Hill Barracks. She returned to Repton. Last letter received from him in 1807 and he was then in Ireland. In 1809 a letter addressed to Mrs BULL of Repton from her son William informed her that her husband was dead. In 1808 she had gone to live with W MEASHAM of Repton farmer. Now with child. 1811
230 Sarah MEASHAM of Repton concerning settlement of William Measham CRISP the illegitimate son of her dau Ann CRISP formerly Ann MEASHAM spinster.
Seven years ago being with child residing in Repton, removed to Tamworth, Staffs. her legal settlement where she was delivered of the said pauper William Measham CRISP. Fathered on Joseph WEBSTER of Bradby (Bretby) Dbys. The pauper is now aged seven and chargeable to Repton.  1812
231 Thomas BRUNSLEY 62, born Mayfield, Staffs. Moved with parents to Marston Montgomery. Father took farm there under Arthur BOWYER. Hired to Samuel SHAW of Eaton, Dbys, William TURNER of Sudbury, Richard WAINWRIGHT of Repton. 1813
232 Joseph CHAPMAN 35 born Chellaston, parents legal settlement at Repton. Took a croft at Normanton . 1n 1810 took lay for a cow in Littleover and later in Mickleover. Wife Ann . 1813
233 Thomas EDWARDS of Titnall (Ticknall?) Dbys 32 born Edgboulton (Edgebolton) p Shawbury ,legal settlement in Wellington, Shropshire, gained by serving Mr RADNALL of Preston p.Wellington ,Shropshire. 1814
234 Walter UPTON 58 born Draycott in the Clay, Staffs. Served Edward TUNNICLIFF Sudbury. Wife Sarah. 1817
235 Samuel NADIN  37 born Derby St Werburgh, parents settlement Bakewell. Wife Martha, has James, Benjamin, Samuel, George, Elizabeth, John.  1817
236 John JOYNIS? of Hartshorne, 24 born Ticknall. Married Ann STONE. 1823
237 Thomas RICE of Newton Solney 19 born Bradby (Bretby) .Father acquired settlement in Repton. Hired to Joseph ORME of Bradby (Bretby). Mary wife of Thomas RICE of Repton says she hired her son to Joseph ORME. 1825
238 William JOHNSON 24 illegitimate of Hannah JOHNSON. Has four children living by his late wife, Ann, ie George, John, Hannah and Thomas. 9wks. 1826
239 Joseph SHAW 29 born Woollaton, Notts. Apprenticed to James ROBINSON of Basford, Notts who resided there under certificate from Bulwell, Notts. Wife Mary, three yrs ago lived at Ilkeston, removed to Repton by Order. Order not appealed. Returned to Ilkeston, last two yrs been in Sheepshead, Leics. 1829
240 Edward ORDISH 67 born Burton Extra. Apprenticed to John PEARSALL of Foremark, went to live with masters brother William PEARSALL of Wolverhampton, Staffs. Worked as a journeyman by the week with Samuel PAYNE of Burton upon Trent, Staffs. Mother died sixteen yrs ago.  1829 
241 William MEASHAM of Repton 23 born Tamworth ,Staffs, illegitimate son of Ann CRISP. Apprenticed when eight by the name of William MEASHAM to his grand father Thomas MEASHAM of Repton. Reputed father James WEBSTER. His mothers husbands name was ------CRISP a soldier. then abroad. Examinant appears to have been baptised by the name of William son of Ann CRISP, he has always gone by the name of MEASHAM. Married to Ann, has Eliza.  1829
242 John BAXTER 36 born Stanton and Newhall, parents settlement at Repton. Mother received relief from Repton when at Stanton after death of husband. Received one pound from Repton himself towards funeral expenses on death of brother at Wednesbury, Staffs. Wife Ann, has Jane, Sarah, Mary, Job, John. Married nine yrs ago. 1830
243 Joseph RICE of Smisby 23, of Edward and Alice RICE legal settlement at Hartshorne. Wife Sarah married today. 1830
244 James SMITH 31. Hired to Mr GREGORY, schoolmaster, Repton. Mr TABBERER surgeon, Repton, Mr WALTON of Repton, William SMITH Swarkestone, Joseph CANTRILL Kings Newton, as livery servant, Mr GODWIN surgeon, Derby, Mr FINCH (or FRICH ?) of Derby, musician, Doctor WALTON Park St, St Augustines, Bristol, Gloucs. Married a person in Bristol. Hired to David GRIFFITHS Bristol 1831
245 Martha ATHERLEY Hilton 44, married in Leics to George ATHERLEY who had a settlement at Repton, who he believes was apprenticed to HUNT calico weaver at Repton. On marriage went into HMS and continued there until his death 1830, been living at Hilton ever since. Has George, Henry, Ann.  1831
246 Hannah HARLOW widow, she and her late husband resided Ticknall under certificate from Tutbury, Staffs. In 1815 removed to Repton. Agreed to lay a cow with Ann RIDE of Ticknall  1831
247 George ADAMS 20, born Repton, parents legal settlement at Newton Solney. Apprenticed to Joseph APPLEBY of Burton on Trent, Staffs., chair maker, ran away, then a potter at Swadlincote. Married Hannah BAMFORD. Has Emma. Joseph APPLEBY says George ADAMS was his apprentice who ran away, Indenture destroyed, worked instead as journeyman at two shillings a week. 1831
248 Hannah HARLOW widow of Repton, married John HARLOW at Rolleston, Staffs, six months later went to Ticknall. Husbands settlement at Tutbury, Staffs. Went to Repton, took a house of John ATHERLEY. Brought a cow put out to lay with Ann HIDE, land upon which cow was fed was in Ticknall, cow then went to Mr SKINNER of Ticknall. Her family consisted of Ann, John, now decd., Mary, Sarah, William, Elizabeth, Hannah, Frances.  1831
249 James HIGGOTT 24 born Rolleston, Staffs of Benjamin and Ann HIGGOTT. Hired to Mr MASON of Rolleston,Staffs, Mr EATON of Repton, Mrs MEASHAM of Repton, James SMITH Repton, Thomas MSITH Repton, Mr TABBERER. Wife Mary. 1832
250 John SAUNT born Newton Solney. Apprenticed to Thomas SMEDLEY Repton. Went to Whitiwck, Leics as journeyman with Samuel MOOR, then WARD of Whitwick, Leics., then enlisted Royal Horse Guards.  Married, has Mary, Elizabeth, John. 1832
251 Ann HOLLIS of Lullington 23. Hired to John HIBBERT of Milton, lace manufacturer. 1834
252 Thomas WATKIN 39 born Burton on Trent, illegitimate son of Mary WATKIN. Apprenticed to John BROWN or Repton, Mr LOWE (Mr OSBOURNE Clerk) proposed the Indenture, work with Jospeh APPLEBY of Burton on Trent, Staffs. Married Ann, has William, Mary Ann, Thomas, Caroline, Edward, Elizabeth. 
253 Thomas POUNTAIN Derby cotton weaver, 54 born Repton of Joseph and Sarah POUNTAIN. Apprenticed to Hnery HUNT Repton, son James brought up as weaver. Wife Ann, has Edwin, Thomas, Elizabeth. 1835
254 James BOOK (on reverse James BROOKS), 27 born Ashby de la Zouch, Leics., Hired to Zechariah GILBERT of Netherseal Leics., William HALL, Netherseal, Leics., William DICKENSON Twhycross (Twycross) Leics., John DESTER Bramcoal, Warwicks, John HALL Bradby (Bretby), William MEASHAM Repton, John HALL Bradby (Bretby) again, ,had a bad leg, went home. Gilbert HUTCHINSON Ticknall, James DAWSON Foremark, William DETHICK Willington.  Married. n.d. 
RM7/1779 Jane WHEATLEY of Repton, single. 29 born Repton.Parents John and Mary WHEATLEY legal settlement Keel, Staffs. Has illeg dau Fanny. 1837
372/9/11 Samuel SOWTER born Derby, hired to Mr SYKES Derby St Michaels 1753
372/9/12 Edward LANGLEY born Derby St Werburgh where he lived with his fater. Married then went to Repton 1753
SE1 Samuel NEWTON, born Kirk Hallam, went to John PYECROFT of Risley. 1742
SE2 Elizabeth SMITHYMAN Risley single, born Wike Shiffnal, Shropshire, Was a nurse child when her father died, then lived with her mother until moving to Risley 19- 20 yrs ago. Mother died not long after arriving in Risley. Lived with Aunt SMITH of Risley, schoolmistress of charitable school. Examinant became school mistress when aunt died. Oct 1742
SE3 Elizabeth SMITHYMAN born Wike, Shiffnal, lived there until about 25 yrs old then moved to London with mother. In London 14 - 15 yrs. Moved with mother to Risley, to Aunt Ann SMITH. Becasme school mistress May 1743
SE4 John STAFFORD of Risley born Kirk Ireton, fathers legal Settlement Diseworth, Leics. Hired to Mr HUTCHINSON of Carson (Carsington ) 1761
SE5 Matthew MILLINTON of Dore, weaver, born Hognaston. Served Philip HUTCHINSON of Risley. 1765
SE6 Elizabeth STEVENS of Risley born p. Spondon. Moved with father to Risley. She was hired to Peter ROWLEY of Wilne, James SMITH of Risley cordwainer from Dreacott (Draycott) John HICKENBOTTOM of Castle Donnington, Leics, Gervas BOOT of Risley. 1765
SE7 William BANCROFT born Ilkeston. Went to Godfrey MORLEY of Nicholas St Nicholas. 1769
SE8 John BAGSHAW Ilkeston, born Trowell, Notts, father Samuel BAGSHAW residing Trowell under Certificate from Risley (now decd). Father died when examinant was six, mother put into Ilkeston almshouse three yrs later. Apprenticed to John THOMPSON of Brinsley, Notts who resided there under Certificate from Nottingham St Mary, Notts. then Robert THOMPSON brother of John. Married. 1820
SE9 William WATTS Risley lab, 61, born Castle Donnington, Leics. Hired to Edward CHARLES of Risley Lodge, MARTIN of Hemington, THOMPSON of Castle Donnington, Leics. Married, no children 1823.
ROSLISTON with year of Examination
1 Peter DAWSON 23, born Antrabus, Ches. 1777
2 Joseph GIBSON 63 born Belton 1821
3 Job BLUNT 22 born Wharton, Warwicks 1822
4 Wm CLARK born Sheepy, Leics, lives with wifes father Henry WAGSTAFF 1824
5 Richard TAYLOR born Lichfield, parents separated. 1827
6 John THOMPSON of Sheepshead, born Rosliston, Uncle Joseph THOMPSON 1834
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.