Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Examinations

DLSE20 Samuel MORRIS born Ilkeston apprenticed to Joshua SMITH Ilkeston fwk, Richard RICE? Kirk Hallam, William WILDERS of Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. William WINFIELD of Stanton by Dale. Married Bilson, Leics to Elizabeth, has Matthew 3 years old. 1775
SE1 John ALLMARK 23 born Ilkeston. Parents from Hucknall Torkard, Notts residing Ilkeston under Certificate from there since 1701. Presently a soldier in Col HARRISONS Regt of Foot. 1725
SE2 Sarah COAPE (COPE) now pregnant. Father of child Samuel BARBER of Ilkeston. 1731
SE3 George GARLICK of Ilkeston born Buxton ? his fathers legal settlement. Apprenticed to John? SMITH of Eastwood, Notts. 1732
SE4 female (impossible to read) pregnant. Adam WILD? stockinger of Heanor father. 1733?
SE5 John WATKINSON born Watnall, Notts. apprenticed to Benjamin MATHER of Mapperley fwk. 1739/40
SE6 Sarah WHATKINSON (WATKINSON) born Watnall, Notts. Fathers settlement Mapperley "from whence he has a Certificate to Ilkeston". 1739/40
SE7 Edward CHAMBERS 23 born Allsworth (Awsworth?) Notts. Apprenticed to Joseph HALL of Newthorp, Notts fwk, Thomas WRIGHT of Ilkeston and married. 1742/3
SE8 Joseph WOOD 46 born Alstonefield, Staffs. Father John WOOD a tinker. Travelled country tinkering, then three years ago married and took house at Ilkeston. Fathers legal Settlement Hollinsclough, Staffs 1742/3
SE9 James STONES Ilkeston fwk, does not know where he was born. Apprenticed when 13 to Henry CARLING of Eastwood Notts. fwk. 1755
SE10 Elizabeth MITCHEL (MITCHELL) delivered of a female bastard 5 years ago. Samuel LANDER als LAUNDER father. He was stable groom to Sir Charles SEDLEY of Nuttall, Notts. Does not know where Samuel LANDER lives. 1758 (1788?)
SE11 John GEVINS born Mear Lain End, Stoke, Staffs., went to Liverpool, Lancs served William PRITCHARD bricklayer, then Thomas BROOKS, Liverpool, bricklayer. Married Candlemas day last to Ann. 1759
SE12 Mary GIDGINGS vagrant, gave birth 10 Mar 1756 to female bastard called Ann at the house of one BRITTAIN in Tamworth, brickmaker. John JONES of Ashbourne is the father. 1762
SE13 Mary GIDGINGS born Ilkeston. Examination held at Warwick. 1759
SE14 George STONES of Ilkeston, born Cheadle, Staffs, coal miner 1762
SE15 John SMEDLEY Ilkeston joiner, born Stenson, Dbys, when three father died at Burnaston. Apprenticed to John SNOW of Findern joiner. Master a Certificated man from Cork (sic) Co Leics (Calke) 1762
SE16 John JONES of Ilkeston, toe horkler, born Oswestry, Shropshire. Apprenticed to Joseph FOX of Oswestry, Salop. Fathers legal Settlement at Landyard, Wales "nine or ten miles from Oswestry". 1764
SE17 William SHIPMAN, Ilkeston chair bottom maker, born Pentrich. Apprenticed to William MOWSON Trowell, Notts. Married twenty five years ago. Gave his Certificate to John BOOTH who died some time ago. 1764
SE18 Thomas MARGRAVE of Ilkeston, born at sea. Father and mother lived at Garthorpe, Lincs. Went by sea to London, examinant born on passage. 1764
SE19 Thomas HOWKLEY born Gloucester, St Catherines., Glos. Father a gardener. 1764
SE20 James HIGGET born Shipley, Dbys. Apprenticed to William GREENSMITH, Newthorp, p. Greasley, Notts. fwk. Married two years ago at Ilkeston to Catherine. 1768
SE21 Thomas KITCHEN born Ansty, Leics. Fathers legal Settlement Nottingham St Mary. 1770
SE22 James HALL now residing Ilkeston, labourer, aged 26. Hired to John SMALLEY of Toton, Jacob KIRKBY of Kirk Hallam, John WINFIELD Stanton in Dale (Stanton by Dale). Married. 1777
SE23 Benjamin TAYLOR born Hawken Green, Lancs. Hired to John KENT? (or HUNT) Rawmarsh, Yks. Married three years ago at Wash, Yks. to Mary the widow of John HAGUE, (she has John HAGUE, William HAGUE and Mary HAGUE). The children belong to Wheeland, Yks near Black Barnsley Yks. 1777
DLSE23 Elizabeth wife of John PHILIPS, now a soldier in H.M. Regiment of Horse, born Mapperley. Served John TOWLE Breadsall, farmer,. Married St. Brides, Fleet Market, to John PHILIPS blacksmith who told her he was going to America. 1776
DLSE10 Hannah WARD Kirk Ireton 19, hired to William PIDCOCK of Ashleyhay then ABBOTTS of the Tyger Inn, Derby.
Appeal by Alstonefield over removal from Hartington Nether Quarter of Hannah BENETT single, pregnant? .Francis and Elizabeth parents served John FALLOWS at Wetton.    1837   V21/92

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.