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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Examinations


ECKINGTON Settlement Examination
SE1 Henry HICKTON hired by Lady NEWTON. of p. of Eckerton (Eckington)? then Mrs WIGFULL Lady NEWTONS dau. Examination by John MALLORY at Croydon, Surrey. 1722
SE2 Thomas RIMMINGTON of Eckington, flax dresser. 34 born Hepworth, Isle of Axe, Lincs. hired to Mr CHAMBERLIN of Hepworth, Lincs. farmer. 1805
SE3 John ANTCLIFFE Eckington, millwright 22 born Anston of parents legally settled at Dinnington, Yks. Apprenticed to brother William ANTCLIFFE at Eckington, millwright 1809
M600/10 This is a list of names from the Vestry Book of Eckington. Under the title " Examinations"  it simply list a series of names in one column and a place in another. It is dated 1821,  and after the second name in the left hand column and across the page is written " April 19 Examinations taken by J Jebb Esq.".
Thomas WOOD    Manchester, Lancs.
Luke STANIFORTH   Sheffield, Yks
Robert SENTHOUSE   Auster Field, Notts
John COOK   Barlborough
Joseph SAVAGE  Barlborough
William WHITEHEAD  Staveley
Charles WOOD  Church Anston (Auston ?)
John GILL  Barlborough
Thomas HAVENHAND  Sheffield, Yks
George OUTRAM  Holmesfield
George STOCKDALE  St Martins Parish, Lincoln, Lincs.
George LANT  Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks
George GLADWIN  Hasland
Job SMITH  Tipton, Staffs.
Samuel WALLER Little Sheffield, Yks
George WHITEHEAD Staveley
Thomas SIMMONDS Barlborough
William BOWN Denby ?
John BARGE Whittington
Joshua WALKER  Belpar ( Belper)
James DURHAM Holbeck, Notts
William RASEBY Sheffield, Yks
Samuel LITTLEWOOD Ecclesfield, Yks
George LITTLEWOOD Ecclesfield, Yks
Richard HOWE Norton
John ROBINSON  Sheffield, Yks
Edward SAVAGE Rotherham, Yks
James DRURY  Mansfield, Notts
Joseph LITTLEWOOD, Ecclesfield, Yks.
Joseph MORTIN Mosborough 30 born Pilsley, went to live with Robert WEBSTER of Killamarsh, married moved to Mosborough. 1795  V21/207d. 

ELMTON Settlement Examination
RSE15 Ann JOHNSON 20, born Norton Cuckney, parents leg Sett Elmton. Hired to YATES of Whitwell Camm of Gelding Wells Yks. John JACKSON of Elmton, then James DUCKMANTON, John BEELEY, Bolsover then Wm PILKINGTON of Cindes Farm, Whitwell. 1838
ELVASTON with year of Examination
SE1 Geo JOICE of Thulston 1733/4
SE2 John SMEDLEY of Amberson 1789
MSE9 Jacob KERRY memo as to his Settlement 1792
MSE10 Samuel BLACKSHAW memo belongs to Elvaston 1800
SE3 Wm ARCHER of Elvaston stone cutter 1815
SE4 Thomas BELFIELD of Spondon lab. 1816
SE5 Wm JOWETT of Elvaston lab. 1820
SE6 Rbt BROWNE of Elvaston lab. 1820
SE7 Wm DOLMAN of Repton lab. 13 Oct 1829 with Cert of his marriage to Mary SMITH a spinster, minor by Lic 14 Oct 1829
RSE8 Lucy HAWKER wife of James. 1835
ETWALL with year of Examination
1 George SMITH 46 born p, Marston on Dove. hired to Joseph HAYNES of Marston,then John COTTON Egginton, then John STORER, Walton on Trent, then Rich NORWOOD Ingleby then Wm CLAY Etwall and Wm ADKIN Rolleston. Granted Certificate by Etwall to Yoxall. 1783 with bro Joseph took meadow near Litchfield. 1795

EYAM with year of Examination
Mary MARSDEN of Eyam Woodlands single born Grindleford Bridge. hired to John HILTON Staley Bridge Ches.returned home then went to Matthew CASTLETON of Eccleshall Bierlow Yks farmer, now with child, dismissed.  1794   V21/209b
GLOSSOP with year of Examination
Hannah MASON born Hayfield, lived with Rev HOW at Glossop. Father expected to call on her after two months but never came.  1802  V21/207V
Sarah SHIPLEY (SHEPLEY?)  born Hayfield married William SHEPLEY?  when 24 at Mellor .Husband said he was hired by James HADFIELD of Thornsett. (On reverese "remove to Thornsett") 1802  V21/207W
George HOW of Ollerset born Peak Forest, fathers settlement Ecclesfield Yks. Went to live with Samuel WEBSTER of Tunstead p.Wormhill then Samuel HADFIELD of Peak Forest.  1801  V21/207M
Hannah HIDE 24 born Chinley 1795  V21/207B
Anthony HIDE of Chinley born Great Hamlet, went to live with James BEARD of Ludworth. 1795 V21/207C

GREAT LONGSTONE with year of Examination
1 Esther WHARMBY 19 born Ashton, Lancs, lived with mother at Whitle 1801
2 Elizabeth COTTRILL 24, of Winsley Co Ches., when 2 removed to Fairfield. Served Geo WOOD of Buxton as nurse maid, then Sir Wm FITZHERBERT at Tissington. Now resides Fairfield 1796
Edward OLERENSHAW born at Bakeupp (Bacup) Lancs. Hired when 16 to William ROWARTH of Monsal Dale. 1737  V78/8
Samuel BROOME born Monsa Dale.Apprenticed to William AINSWORTH of Little Longstoneweaver. Acertificated man who lived six years past at Ashford. At Lady Day 1729 took farm off Edward CHIENEY of Ashford  1731.     V78/7
Mark FURNESS born Great Longstone 1757, bound apprentice to Hawkins SADDLER ? .Master rented Calver Tool (sic) Gate, Master removed to Baslow ,sent by master to work at Wirksworth, returned to Baslow. Inhabitants then obliged his master to bring a certificate which was dated 20 May 1774.    n.d.  V21/207a
HARTINGTON with year of Examination.
1 Elizabeth LOMAS born Fairfieldhead, Alstonefield, served John BALL of Biggin 1764
2 Mary SUTTON born Hartington, served Dorothy wife of Tho BONSALL of Heathcote then John HEATHCOTE of Ashford farmer 1765
3 Sarah PERCIVAL 21 born Brund, parish Sheen served Gervas WOOD of Pike Hall then Richard WHEELDON of Hognaston 1784
4Joseph WILD 27 born Wormhill marr Hannah PETTY 1806
Ann BATEMAN 25, Ann dau 10m wife of Hugh BATEMAN who said he was born in Biggin, "County of Ashpin".  1767   V21/179
Margaret HICKTON born Dublin Ireland, aged 27. Has come looking for her husband Thomas HICKTON soldier in General MONTAGUES Regt of Foot. She left him after eleven years being " ill used" when he was at Winchester and a Sgt in the Bedfordshire Militia. Has been in Ireland when she set out to search for him. Found out he is stationed abroad and married to another woman. Says her husbands Settlement is at Biggin in the Peak near Winster..1771  V21/182
Abraham HEATHCOTE of Parwich gained Settlement serving Gervas WOOD of Gotham p. Parwich. 1785  V21/53
Mary WICKHAM widow of John WICKHAM of Welford Northants dec.,pregnant.  1784  V21/54
Elizabeth SMITH ,husband Joseph born Calton p.Bloore Staffs.He served John BULL of Biggin Grange.  1757  V21/58
Mary SUTTON single father Thomas SUTTON.Hired to Thomas BONSALL,lived with Mr GREGORY at Great Longstone. Nov1778  V21/59
Mary SUTTON states father obtained a Settlement to Alstonefields Staffs. She is about twenty five. Oct 1778  V21/60
John BOOTH of Hartington Nether Quarter born Asbury Ches. Brother Jonathan bound him apprentice to John CHADWICK of Blackburn Lancs, who moved to Stockport Ches. He stayed with William CALEHOUSE at Blackburn?, before his master sent for him. 1791  V21/61
Mary GOULD born Sheen Staffs ,fathers settlement Grindon Staffs. Hired to Joseph SHIRLEY of Sheen,John GILMAN Fieldhead, William PRINCE Sheen,John WEBSTER Hurdlow,Peter FEATHERSTONE Hartington Nether Quarter. 1792  V21/62
John MARSDEN born Eyam Woodland. Apprenticed to George LEVICK of Norton tailor, Moved with master to Sheffield Yks sent by master to work with John TWIGG of Norton. Married his masters daughter, enlisted as a soldier, served one year.Then to John TWIGG later to his mother at Eyam Woodland then to Hathersage.  (On reverse, " order to Sheffield ".) 1800  V21/207i
Joseph STADEN 29 apprenticed to Nathaniel BARTON of Macclesfield Ches, John MIDDLETON Chapel en le Frith both hatters. (On reverse, " order to Chapel" )  1800   V21/207J
HATHERSAGE with year of Examination.
1 Joseph BROOMHEAD born Fulwood p. Sheffield. Served John MILLNS of Stannington, then Saml ROTHERHAM of Dronfield. Married Elizab in 1724 1726
2 Robert HOW of Abney, served Robert HOW of Wardlow. Hired later to Geo CROSSLAND. 1758
3 Robert HOW of Abney, served Robert HOW. .... Went to White Lee. Married Hannah, have two children 1759
4 Joseph BRADBURY of Mottram Longdedale. born Buggsworth. Served Wm WILLIS of Wiifield, Joshua MARRIOTT of Kinder, John WILLCOXON of Hatherstitch, then father in law FISHER 1768
5 Willam BROOK born Attercliffe. Father William. 1775
6 Edward BRADBURY, father Edmund. Bound to John ROEBOTHAM Woodland in Eyam 1775
7 Tho HOBSON bound to Hugh FENTON Ecclesfield 1775
8 Daniel GREEN born Dore, rented property of Wm MORGAN at Dore. Father Robert 1775
9 James SIDDAL born Holmesfield, aged abt 38. Father James. Served Anthony FRITH. Marr Elizb HEARNSHAW wid 1783
10 James SYDDAL born Homsfield, served Anthony FRITH. Hired to Henry JONES. 1783
11 James SYDDAL case concerning
12 Joseph SCHOFIELD born Hathersage, father James. Went to live with Howley FRANCE at Tinsley. 1786
13 John WAYNE born Halkin. Married with four children. Brother in law Robert HUGHES of Whitwell. 1786
14 Rbt BOARDMAN 21 born Worsley Township, Lancaster. Married Ann, one child. 1786
15 Thos SMITH born Ratcliffe Lancs 22, then to Oulwood, Lancs, then Wigan and Manchester 1786
16 Michael SLIN abt 21, born Brough, father George. Served Tho HALL of Bradwell, then Francis ROGERS of Overstones
17 Hannah CORBAGE single,20 born Hathersage. Apprenticed to Joshua BENNET at Hayfield and Manchester, Lancs. 1791
18 John FROST born Hathersage, went to live with a relation at Derwent until the relation died, returned to Hathersage Worked millstone quarry of Mr WATSON, Mr LOW of Calow.( p. Hathersage ?) Married. 1800
19 Opinion stating that " I do not think that the township of Hathersage can remove Joseph HEPPENSTALL  .. unless he becomes chargeable.  1800
20 Opinion  (brief) of Mr RIMINGTON of Sheffield, Yks re John FROST Settlement. 1800
21 Robert SWINELL (SWINDELL ?) now of Sheffield, Yks born Whaely, Ches. .Apprenticed to Matthew IBBOTSON Hathersage, George FOX Callow p. Hathersage, farmer, Matthew IBBOTSON again. Married ,five children.  1800
22 George HINCH of Hathersage,38, born Macclesfield, Ches. brought up by Grandfather Matthew HINCH. then lived at Blakley, Lancs. hired by Martin MARSHALL. Returned to grandfather, later married. 1800
23 George LITTLEWOOD 29, born Bradwell.Hired to John BOSTOCK , Stockport, Ches. ,William BENTLEY Bamford, weaver. 1800
24 Francis BINGHAM apprenticed to Robert HIGGINBOTHAM of "Athersage" . Married, Mary ,has five children. 1801
25 Letter from Overseer of Brinnington, Stockport, Ches. "as you have put Frank and us to so much trouble..I hope you will consider it your duty to relive (sic) him"  signed Peter MARSLAND
26 Godfrey ROSE Bamford, illegitimate born Castleton. Apprenticed to William WHITAKER of Hathersage, Christopher KIRK Bamford to spin cotton.  Married. 1802  
HEANOR Settlement Examinations
RM7/1972 Samuel YATES Prisoner Derby Gaol, 31. wife Sarah, Thomas, Frederick. "My wife had an illegitimate child named William BARBER  living at Loscoe living with my wife and children".  1843
RM7/1793 Examination of Thomas FLETCHER of Losoce concerning Sarah YATES. "The mother of Samuel YATES ,husband of the pauper was my sister. My sister married Samuel YATES in 1809 and the husband of the pauper was born a year or two afterwards. In 1807 Samuel YATES came to live with my father Samuel FLETCHER at Hulland Ward as a carrier.  1843
RM7/1794 Sarah YATES " I am the wife of Samuel YATES still a prisoner in Derby Gaol. I and my children are now in Basford Union Workhouse, Notts. 1843
HEATH with year of Examination.
SC1 James HENSTOCK 20 lab born Ashover. Hired to Thomas HAYWOOD Walton. Married Elizabeth MARRIOTT. 1813
SC2 John STUBBING (signs STUBBINS) 55 born Epperson, Notts. Hired to Thomas BAGSHAW Newbet Mil Notts, Thomas GREAVES Oulcotes, Heath, William DYSON Ecclesfield, John FISHER Astwith, 7yrs HM Service. Married Sarah WOODS, has two children 1813
SC3 John HOLDSWORTH 23, fwk born Sutton in Ashfield. Moved to Heath when 11yrs old. Marr Ann WHITEN Sutton, one child.1814
SC4 Ralph PARAMORE 30 lab. Hired to William KITCHEN of Elmton, then 50th Rgt Foot. Married Hannah ARMSTRONG. 1815
SC5 William ARMSTRONG 25 collier born Stainsby of parents legally Settled in Felly Notts. Married Ruth MITCHELL. One child. 1815
SC6 Joseph ELLERS fwk. 29. 1815 no more information given.
SC7 John ROE 38, lab, born Bakewell. Hired to Bright NODER of Hasland. Marr Jane SHAW, has nine children. 1815
SC8 John TAYLOR 67, lab. born Kirkby, Notts. hired to William FISHER Rowthorne, Josiah FARNSWORTH Rowthorne. Married and buried wife and three children. Hired to Sarah WATKINSON. 1815
SC9 James STEVENSON lab. born Heath 65. worked for Robert HEWITT Duckmanton shoemaker, his brother in law. 1816
SC10 Thomas NAYLOR tailor 27 born Heath of parents legally settled in Whittington. Apprenticed to Thomas BRIDDON of Chesterfield, tailor. Master died after four years. 1817
SE11 James WELLS 26, collier born Heath, parents legally settled in Harthill, Yks. Served Henry HOULSWORTH fwk, Heath. Married Elizabeth JEBSON. One child. 1817
SC12 Henry HOULDSWORTH 49 fwk, born Heath of parents legally settled in Bolsover. Apprenticed to David ADLINGTON Tibshelf. Moved with Master to Blackwell,then back to Tibshelf. Married Mary JENNINGS. No children. 1817
SC13 Samuel BENNET of Heath, tailor, 39. Born Heath of parents legally settled in Bolsover. Apprenticed to his father Samuel BENNET at Heath. Married Elizabeth, has John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary, Ann, Esther, William. 1817
SC14 Richard WATKINSON 51, labourer, born Heath. Hired to Matthew SCORER of Scarcliff, farmer. Married Elizabeth NUTTALL, has six children. 1817
SC15 George HOPKIN of Heath, 32 labourer, born Bolsover. Hired to Capt WRIGHT of Cutthorpe. Married at Chesterfield to Mary WALL. Served Mr GOODWIN at Heath when his wife died. No children. Married again, Esther BOWLEY, one child. 1817
SC16 William WRAGG 46 labourer born Heath. Served Robert DICKEN of Sutton in Derbyshire, farmer, then Mr BENNET of Sutton. Married Mariah BOWER and has nine children. 1817
SC17 Paul BEAN 48 labourer, born Heath of parents legally settled in Hasland. Served Robert BACON of Stainsby farmer. Married Ann HUDSON, have six children, lived with father who died four years ago. 1817
SC18 John DIXON labourer, 60 born Heath. When 36 served Christopher HINDE of Bolsover, farmer. Married Ann WITTON. Has three children. 1817
SC19 John ARMSTRONG of Heath, born Tupton of parents legally settled in Bolsover. Hired to Thomas HODGKINSON Felly Hall Notts. Married Mary SMITHHURST. Nine children. 1817
SC20 John PARRAMORE 45 labourer born Heath. Parents legal settlement not known. Hired to Read DENHAM of Calow, farmer, then came to live with his mother at Heath. Married 13 yrs ago Elizabeth BIGGIN. Seven children. 1817
SC21 Georgew BOWNES62 labourer born Heath. Hired to Thomas TAYLOR of Cuckney, Notts. 1817
SC22 James BRAILSFORD 61,labourer born Heath. Hired to James TOMLINSON of Sutton, Derbys. farmer. Returned to his fathers farm, where his father died two years later. Married Mary HILL, has five children. 1817
SC23 John TURNER 21 of Sutton in Ashfield, born Ashover. Hired to John GRATTON of Birkin Lane, Wingerworth, then William LEE of Beeley, then John BLANKSBY of Morton, John HOLE of Ashover and John HOLE of Heath. Wife Sarah. 1818
SC24 Henry ELLERS cordwainer 40 born Heath of parents legally settled in Mansfield, Notts. Apprenticed to his father, went to Nottingham and returned to father. 1820
SC25 Francis HOPKINSON labourer born Stainsby of parents legally settled in Tibshelf. Hired to James COCKAYNE Temple Normanton farmer. Then Ellen COOPER Pleasley, John BAGSHAWE of Moorey, Notts. farmer. Henry BESTICK of North Wingfield, Joseph SAUNDERS Stainsby then William SAUNDERS Stainsby. 1820
SC26 Joseph ELLERS Heath fwk 34 born Heath of parents legally settled in Mansfield, Notts. Paid Francis MOSELEY of Heath one shilling a week to learn him to be a fwk. 1834
HOLMESFIELD with year of Examination.
RSE5 Thomas WRAGG 34 born Brampton fathers legal settlement there, apprenticed to Thomas WRAGG of Holmesfield weaver, then Isaac WRAGG of Holmesfield. Isaac removed to Totley. 1784
RSE13 Matthew WEBSTER 54 Old Pye Street, St Margaret marr Jane at St Martin in the Fields in 1825. In 1813 when single hired as a yearly servant to Elizabeth MORGAN Holmesfield, then George WOLSTENHOLME of Holmesfield. Wife met with an accident, now a patient in St Georges Hospital.
1 William STANIFORTH aged about 64 born Sheffield, app to John ELLIS p. Ecclesfield then served father at Little Sheffield n.d.
2 Jonathan EATON hired to Joseph SWINDELL p. Thuber. 1749
3 James BERRATT born Little Swaffham Cambs. 47. Hired to Wm FROGGATT at Dronfield. 1774
4 Samuel PLATTS 33 born Dronfield Woodhouse, served Jonathan WARD Dronfield Wodhouse, then John YOUL p. Beighton 1778
5 Ann BENNET single regarding Martha BENNET a bastard child. Delivered at Leicester St Mary. Child born at house of John ALLEN in Leicester. 1783
6 Thomas WRAGG 35, born Brampton, father Joseph. App to Tho WRAGG of Holmesfield, the said Tho WRAGG being a Certificated person from Winster, then served masters son, Isaac WRAGG at Totley. Married Sheffield about 11 yrs ago, wife Rachel, Elizabeth 10, Martha 7, Ann 5 Thomas 3.
7 John BEESTON 34 born Chesterfield. Hired to James GISBORNE of Staveley 1787
8 Michael SIDDALL of Barlow cordainer, aged 25, hired to Wm FOX of Beauchief, Geo SIKES Holmesfield cordwainer then Anthony HILL 1778
9 Mary LOWE 28 born Holmesfield hired to James NEWTON of Stubley, then Elizabeth BINGLEY of Rotherham, then Mary RATCLIFFE of Manchester In Mar 1788 delivered of a female bastard child in Manchester. 1788
10 Joseph TAYLOR of Dore 28 labourer, father Certificated from Totley 1792
11 Hannah EATON 17 born Holmesfield, hired to John TAYLOR of Ashover 1793
12 Thomas STEVENSON 25 born Tapton apprenticed to John SHAW of Barlow. 1797
13 James BOOKER aged 30, born Cutthorpe p. Brampton, served Samuel Johnson. 1800
14 John GRAFTON 25 hired to Tho HUDSON, then Henry PENISTON Holmsfield, then Tho GIRDOM of Baslow 1800
15 John TATE 45 born Hull, father a soldier, apprenticed to Wm JOHNSON of Eddon in the Holderness, then to Tho WATTSON in Forston nr Beverley 1800
16 Matthew WRIGHT 37 served John GILLOTT of Norton Woodseats, then John GILLOTT jnr 1800
17 William GRAFTON 31 of Gt Longstone born Rowland, father moved to Holmesfield. Grand father John ASHTON of Rowland. Grand fathers son Valentine a tailor. Moved to Baslow with Master Valentine ASHTON 1800
18 William REDFERN of Chesterfield, born Norton, aged 24 1808
19 John PEARSON Holmesfield, labourer 35, legal settlement of parents at Ecclesall Bierlow 1809
20 Samuel BENNETT 27 apprenticed to Edward GREENWOOD, then John HILL of Birchett p. Dronfield 1811
21 John BOOKER born Staveley hired to Geo WARD of Birchett, Unstone 1811
22 John PYBISS of Holmesfield, 30, labourer, born Birchstone?, Cheshire. served John CRUE, then Chas SMALLWOOD 1816
23 John BARTON 33 born Treaton, apprentice to John HILL 1816
24 Samuel LOWE 26, labourer, served Geo PRIESTLEY, then Geo WARD of Unston. 1816
25 Thomas WRAGG basket maker, 30, born Holmesfield parent legal settled Scarcliffe. Rented property off John FROGGATT of Dronfield. 1816
26 Ann SHERWIN 43, hired to Geo HUONSFIELD of Brimington married John SHERWIN. Ellenor 22, Ann 16, now with bastard child. 1817
27 Wm FIDLER 32 of Dore born Buxton, hired to Mr WHELDON, Harlin House in Buxton, then Tho BUNTING Holmesfield, John LOWE Unthank. Wife Ellen, Robert 6, Christopher 3, Mary 4m. 1817
28 John BENNETT,25,collier born Dronfield Woodhouse. Wife Mary, Charles 3 wks. 1818
28a William HATTERSLEY 24 Holmesfield, labourer,born Hallam Fields p.Holmesfield, hired to George WOLSTENHOLME, Horsley Gate p. Holmesfield farmer, then Jeffrey WOLSTENHOLME of Alfreton, Anthony HILL of Unthank, Godfrey BOOKER of Cutthorpe, Brampton. Wife Elizabeth, Leticia 12m. 1818
28b Samuel STEVENSON 23 born Holmesfield, parents legally settled Great Barlow. Apprenticed to Samuel WARD of Holmesfield, nail maker. 1818
28c George WOODWARD collier 35 born Grange Lumb. p.Great Barlow, hired to John BEELEY of Palterton, then John ADDY of Muny p. Brampton farmer. Has Ann 7 Geo 2. 1818
SE29 Jacob GREGORY born Birchover, hired to Benjamin Broughton STEAD of Beauchief. Wife Mary. 1819
SE30 Sampson HALLATT labourer, born Barlow, went to live with Uncle Francis HOWSON in Worksop, Noots, then William ROWLAND at Holmesfield. Married Hannah, two children. 1819
SE31 Sarah GOODLAD born Holmesfield, hired to Joseph SIBERY at Rowsley, served in Manchester then returned to Millthorpe and her father. 1820
SE32 Samuel SINGLETONE of Holmesfield born Cutthorpe p. Brampton of parents legally settled at Sutton, Derbys. Apprenticed to Thomas GIRDHAM of Baslow, wainer, served John GIRDHAM of Baslow, son of his master who died. 1820
SE33 Joseph WILKINSON born Bradfield, parents moved to Holmesfield. Married Ann WARD at Dronfield, has John. 1820
SE34 Ann SHERWIN born Holmesfield, parents legally settled at Brimington. Hired to John SIDDALL, Holmesfield,George MARRIOTT Holmesfield, John WRIGHT Newbold and Ralf HARTLEY Holmesfield. Now pregnant, not married. 1820
SE35 Francis STANLEY born Blackburn, Lancs. of parents legally settled at Elton, Derbys. 1823
SE36 George SLACK of Hasland, born Calow of parents legally settled at Chesterfield, hired to Peter SMITH of Sutton, Derbys, then Joseph BARGH of Newbold and Thomas BUNTING of Holmesfield. 1823
SE37 Elias CROOKES of Holmesfield born Cartledge p.Holmesfield Bound apprentice to John WARD Cartledge and Adam WILSON p.Barlow. Married. 1828
SE38 Mary PEARSON 23 single, born Holmesfield of parents legally settled Ecclesall Bierlow,Yks. Served George COWLEY Coal Aston. Now with child. 1830
SE39 George GODBER of Holmesfield, labourer born Unston, hired to John BROWN Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks Solicitor, Robert PENISTON Holmesfield farmer, William MORGAN Holmesfield farmer. Married to Elizabeth HATTERSLEY at Sheffield. 1832
SE40 Siddall BENNETT Dronfield table knife blade forger, 22, born Dronfield, apprenticed to Robert WRIGHT of Holmesfield, table knife blade forger. Master died after 3-4 months after serving him. Now unable to support himself. 1837
SE41 Hannah LINLEY Holmesfield widow, 73, born Sheffield, married at 19 to Samuel COOKE who died a few years after, married Thomas MOULD, died after 16 yrs. Married William LINLEY 1814 at Dronfield, saw handle maker, now dead, who when young was hired by Rev Lawrence BOURNE of Dronfield. In 1819 husband took tenements in Dronfield where he kept a drapers and grocers shop. 1837
SE42 William NEEDHAM otherwise William RAYNES, a sick pauper, 26 born Worksop, father George died when he was young, mother Ann nee CHATTERTON, re-married John RAINES and lived at Sutton nr Lound. Father in law took him to John Thomas TURNER of Ranby, Notts farmer, then John TAYLOR of Ossington, Notts, then John WILKINSON Three Mile Lane, farmer, then John STAINLAND of Wales, Yks, Mr RHODES Base Green, Sheffield. 1838
SE43 Samuel BENNETT 27, labourer born Holmesfield, parents legal Settlement Unston. Hired to Jeremiah DAMMS Holmesfield, farmer, John FRITH Dore, farmer, John SWIFT of Dore, David SINGLETON Holmesfield farmer. Married c 1837 Sheffield, Ann REVIL, has three children. 1842
SE44 Joseph CROOKES Holmesfield, labourer, 35 born Tinker Brook chapelry of Bradfield, Yks. Hired to Thomas HOBSON Bradfield, farmer, then John CRAWSHAW of same place. Married Ecclesfield to Mary RYDER, has five children. 1842
SE45 William FURNISS of Holmesfield, age 24 born Baslow of parents legally settled at Brampton. Hired to James ANTHONY of Stone Low p.Brampton farmer. Henry HANCOCK Dore farmer. Married at Dronfield to Mary GREEN, has three children. 1842
SE46 Case; George DRABBLE, now chargeable to Dronfield, boren 1794. Lived with grand father George GOODLAD, Holmesfield. Father dead, mother Mary, hired to Thomas PARKER of Chesterfield, then enlisted 95 Rgt Foot. Mother re-married John STEVENSON. Served Mr HUNT Chesterfield, cordwainer. Married Jun 1822.
SE46 Examination of George GOODLAD farmer and miller, Holmesfied, concerning George DRABBLE. Paupers mother is Examinant dau. Gave paper one pound to buy tools when apprenticed to PARKER of Chesterfield. Pauper about to be removed by Dronfield to Holmesfied. 1823
SE47 Robert SILCOCK Holmesfield 44, lab. born Barlow parents legally settled Newbold, Married Mary TAGG at Brampton. Eight children. Father fractured leg, relieved by Newbold. 1842
SE48 Henry ASHTON Holmesfield, lab, 34, born Hope. Hired to John Sykes BRAMHALL of Fulwood, Upper Hallam, farmer, Thomas MARRIOTT yeoman, enlisted Royal Marines. Married at Sheffield to Charlotte HATTERSLEY. 1843
SE49 George BEDFORD Holmesfield, 28, labourer born Arksey nr Doncaster Yks. parents legally settled Kempsall ? Yks. served James BARKER, Barnby Dun, Zachariah SMITH of Thorpe in Baume, Yks, William PARKIN of Thorpe. Married Keturah PEARSON Sheffield. Has Thomas Joseph, John. 1843
SE50 Joseph BINGHAM Holmesfield, labourer, 23 born Ashover. Hired to John WELBOURNE of Chesterfield, then Mary ALLSON Walton. Married Hannah PEARSON at Sheffield. Has dau Mary. 1843
SE51 Peter BOOKER Holmesfield 34 born Holmesfield. parents legally settled Unston. Served John LOWE of Holmesfield, George MARGERRISON Holmesfield. Married at Sheffield to Mary LOWE. Has Ann, John, Jane. 1843
SE52 James RIGGOTT Holmesfield lab. 20, born Ashover the illegitimate son of Fanny RIGGOTT whose legal settlement is Ashover. 1843
SE53 William RIGGOTT Holmesfield blacksmith 25 born Ashover. Parents legally settled at Ashover. Hired to Henry WHITE of Ashover, blacksmith. Married Jane WRAGG. Has Sarah Ann 2, and Christopher 6m. Renting house from George MARGERRISON at Holmesfield and field from Chas GREAVES of Holmesfield 1843
SE54 George WHITTAKER Holmesfield tailor 32, born Palterton, parents legally settled at Langwith, Derbys. Apprenticed to Samuel HOLLINGWORTH Barlow, tailor. Moved to Dronfield with him. Married Mary SIDDALL Sheffield. Has Enoch, John, Sarah, Sam, Ann, James. 1843
RSE15 Joseph SHAW of Quick, WRY examined regarding James LEES. On 2 May 1833 obtained an order for Removal of John LEES ad James LEES his son for removal from Quick to Holmesfield. Order suspended, John ill, and later died. James LEES removed 30 May 1833. 1836
RSE17 William BINGHAM of Sheffield, filesmith 38 born Stockport, Cheshire. father Francis BINGHAM legal Settlement Hathersage. Apprenticed to John WILKINSON of Holmesfield, filesmith. Wife Charlotte, son William. 1840
BSE1 Ann LOCKWOOD 22 born Eckington, spinster. Hired to Roger WRAGG Staveley, John JOHNSON Bolsover and now lately delivered of a bastard child 1809
BSE2 Elizabeth WALKER presently residing Holmesfield, spinster aged 22. Born Dronfield, parents legally settled at Holmesfield. Lived with George WOLSTENHOLME,Mr GREGORY of Longstone, Mr BINNEY Holmesfield, Mrs POYNTON of Treeton, Yks. Mr CHESTER of The Haven, Blythe, Yks. Mr LOWE of Killamarsh. At home with parent, now with child. 1829
BSE3 Ann BENNET Holmesfield, spinster 19 born Holmesfield of parents legally settled on Unstone. Hired to John WILKIN Hathersage, George MARRIOT of Holmesfield, now with child of a bastard. 1830
BSE4 Charlotte HAY Holmesfield spinster 20, born Stubley, parents legal Settlement Dronfield. Served Mr WOLSTENHOLME of Holmesfield, John HALL, then Hugh HOYLAND of Gleadless Yks. Samuel LUCAS of Dronfield, Robert BOOKER Lees Hall, p.Norton, since been with David SINGLETON in Hathersage, now with the child of a bastard. 1831
BSE5 Harriet GRINDLEY of Holmesfield spinster, 26. Born Coal Aston parents legal settlement at Unstone. Hired to Robert BRADBURY of Unston, farmer, Mr BOOKER Horsley Gate. "lately left my place being with child of a bastard". 1832
BSE6 Henry DAMM elder of Unthank, father of bounder Godfrey DAMM woodcutter and grandfather of the bounder Henry DAMM yngr woodcutter, at this time is aged, impotent and well stricken in years and unable to till and manage his farm at Unthank. Wishes Godfrey and Henry DAMM to run the farm and provide meat for Henry DAMM elder, and Jane his wife. Bond to indemnify 1745
RM7/1796* William RAYNES 26 born Worksop, Notts., parents Settlement at Barnby Moor, Notts. Hired to Thomas TURNER of Ranby, Notts, John TAYLOR of Ossington, Notts, John WILKINSON, Worksop, Notts., James RHODES of Eckington "with whose waggon I had the misfortune to have my leg and thigh fracture".   1837

HOPE with year of Examination.
Many of these documents are in a poor state although they have been repaired. In many cases only part of the document is readable as large portions are missing. What is readable is listed below.
SE1 Betty MARSHALL single born Hope. Stockport, Mr COOPER 1766
SE2 Elizabeth HALL 20 ? Stannington 1778
SE3 Wm HOLMES born Knutsford? date missing
SE4 Mary HILL single ---------- Woodlands, father Wm HILL hired to Geo LITTLEWOOD, then John MIDDLETON Hope, then John LOMAS, Shatton, then Job LOMAS Bowden Chapel 1808
SE5 John RATHMALL Hope lab. Uncle at Bradwell, Bradfield Dale Mr COOPER of Sheffield 1810 (or 1818)
SE6 ------------- POLLARD ballotted Militia. Chesterfield mentioned. This is John MIDDLETONS Examination concerning POLLARD. 10 Nov. year missing. Justices Order for the Examination of Christopher DOWNES and Adam HILL as to their place of Settlement 1766 V39/21
Margaret ELEY of Little Hucklow p.Hope concerning her dau Martha ELEY  aged 3. In Feb 1799 she was delivered of the above bastard child born in Dukinfield Ches. Ten weeks ago removed from Dukinfield to Little Hucklow and brought child along for nurture.  1802  V21/208
Robert ANDREW of Bradwell born Aston Dbys. When he was about 5 or 6 moved with his father to Bradwell. Served Joseph SANDERSON of Hope.  1800   V21/207F
Ann HOLME of Bradwell born Priestcliffe. Went to lve with John BURDIKIN of Hope, then George LITTLEWOOD of Hope Woodlands,Samuel WEBSTER Wormhill,John WAGSTAFF of Mottram in Longdendale Ches, Laurance PENN Officer of Excise Mottram, Samuel SHAW of Hague. (On reverse removed to Mottram ) 1803  V21/207X

HOPTON with year of Examination
12/1-5 Sarah GREENFIELD now calling herself Sarah JONES a beggar in Kegworth, dispute between Hopton and Ashford over Settlement. John GREENFIELD husband of Sarah, was son of Henry GREENFIELD died within a year and a few days of marrriage. Four children with Sarah GREENFIELD. Connection with MILNES and Brampton 1675

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.