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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Examinations


SE1 Ellis LOWE born Calow served John WATKINSON Calow, William TAYLOR Calow, John SKINNER Howbeck (Holbeck?) Norton Cuckney, Notts. 1751
SE3 Daniel SLACK born Clay Cross, served John WILKINSON of Pilsley. North Wingfield. 1756
SE4 Thomas CANTRILL of Calow, born Sutton Dbys. served Thomas COUSIN Sutton, Matthew WEBSTER Calow farmer. Thomas ROGERS, Sutton. 1769
SE5 John WINDLE born Calow, served in Pleasley. 1769
SE6 Gervase NICHOLSON of Calow labourer born Ordsall Notts. served in East Markham. 1777
SE7 David HANDLEY of Calow, born Woolley p.Morton. Served at Thurgaton, went to live at Sutton under Certificate from Thurgaton. Notts. 1777
SE8 Sarah ROGER born Calow served William PEARSE Sutton cum Duckmanton. 1777
SE9 Mary RENSHAW 35, married Chesterfield to William RENSHAW then of the p. of Chesterfield fwk..Enlisted as a soldier in the Train Artillery, not been with him since 1772, and he went "so she hath heard to Fort at Gibraltar. His legal Settlement was at Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1777
SE10 John RENSHAW of Sutton cum Duckmanton born Ashgate p. Brampton. Served Mr CLARK of Hague p. Staveley, Paul CORNHILL of Ewas in Moltby? WRY. Married 2 yrs ago. 1779
SE11 William HARVEY 29 born Baslow fathers legal Settlement Habbers Brambley (Abbotts Bromley) Staffs. Served Benjamin ARMSTRONG of Bolsover, Elizabeth CARTER Bolsover wid.1820
M4/SE Joseph PLATTS 27 born Mosborough, father moved to Sheffield, Yks, hored him to Benjamin BADGER pen knife grinder. Left after argument with master, worked with father, then James BOOKER of Ecclesfield, Yks., John ROEBOTTOM of Whiston, then married.
M7/SE Ann LOWE of Calow, 23 seved Thomas WIDDOWSON of Staveley 1820
CARSINGTON and HOPTON Settlement Examinations
Mary BACON of Hopton, served William PRESTON of Milam Green London." Let blood in March in her arms, both since been soe much out of order".  1696  V19/6
Abraham TAYLOR of Moldrow, Lancs. Legal Settlement at Mold Row nr Rochdale Lancs, came with wife and four children for spinning, desires to return after spinning work over.. On reverse " The spinning mans Settlement.  1697  V19/7
Robert WAYNE of Carsington, hired to Abraham HUTCHINSON of Carsington. Married ,one daughter. Hired to William HATHCOTT of Flagg.  1703   V19/8

CHAPEL EN LE FRITH Settlement Examinations
Henry MARCHINTON born Peak Forest, served Ellis HALLOM (HALLAM) of Bowden Middlecale. 1708 V28/3/44
Mary STANSFIELD of Chapel en le Frith widow, born Codgrave (Cotgrave) Notts. When aged 21c wed Joshua STANSFIELD who then resided at Mellor and who said his settlement was at Newton Moores Ches. (on reverse, "order of removal",  place not specified)  1801  V21/207/P

CHESTERFIELD Settlement Examinations
CL468/b Mary FLINT Wingerworth, widow. 1832
RM7/1758 David OSBOURNE born Kilmarnock, Ayr. Left 43 yrs ago.  1836
These are references only from the "Town Book" which was kept in "the coffer" at Chinley. They are not the actual Examination, just reference to the fact that at one time such Examination documents existed. The originals may be lost or may turn up in some obscure collection or place in years to come. Note the Examinations for the females may refer to Bastardy and not Settlement as to place.  
Mary DOWNS  Examination  1729/30  V41/11/10
George BRAMHALL Examination 1728  V41/11/17
Martha MOULT Examination 1730/1 V41/11/18
Martha MOULT Examination 1732/3 V41/11/46
Margaret SWINDELL Examination 1757  V41/11/68
Grace KYRK  (KIRK) Examination 1758 V41/11/69 

CHURCH BROUGHTON Settlement Examinations
SE1 John HARRISON apprenticed to John SMEDLEY of Burton upon Trent, tailor, rented house from William PARKER of Church Broughton. Wife Alice, has Jane, William, Hannah, Ebenezer 1739
SE2 Thomas WALTER of Dilhorn, Staffs, born Caveswell, Staffs. Aged 50. Hired to Henry SHEFFIELD of Hatton Common. 1740
SE3 Thomas WOOD late of Church Broughton. Hired to Willian WEN...? of Repton, then James WILD of Egginton. Master abused him, then to Thomas MIDLAM of Tutbury, Staffs. 1749
SE4 Thomas LOFFENHURST 44 born Rodsley. Served John RIGGLEY of Shirley, then lived with Uncle in Shirley, then hired to John HICKENBOTHAM of Hollington, Gerrard WALKER of Trusley, then Mr PEGG of Hollington, Thomas SOMMERS of Boylestone, John MORECROFT of Boylestone. Married Hannah BATTLE. 1750
SE5 Joseph BLOOD born Church Broughton. Apprenticed to Richard WATSON of Uttoxeter, Staffs. Married July. 1767
SE6 Charles PEDLEY born Roston, served Mr WEBB of Uttoxeter, then Roger WHARTON of Barton Blount, John CHAWNER of Muse Lane, Robert ROBOTTOM of Church Somerhall. 1769
SE7 William BRIDGWOOD born Thorpe of parents legally settled on Kniveton. Hired to John SHERRATT Longford, farmer, James SMITH Foston, Richard MOORE Scropton, John STANLEY Freeford, Staffs. Married to Sarah. 1801
SE8 Thomas BENTLEY Rosliston lab, born Hatton parents legally settled Church Broughton. Hired to Ruben COOPER Alkmanton, John KINSON Church Broughton, Thomas POTTS Doveridge, Thomas GOURING Tatinell, Staffs, John FAULKNER Bretby, John BRAILSFORD Etwall and Robert BEARD Dalbury Lees 1801
SE9 John ALLEN aged 24 born Church Broughton 1814
SE10 William MOORCROFT joiner, Coubley aged 56 born Church Broughton. Married Susannah GADSBY of Cubley. Has Lydia, Mary, William, Joseph, Sarah, Thomas, George, Ann. Leyed a cow to Berresford JANKINSON Cubley farmer and settled in Cubley since 1793 under Certificate from Church Broughton. 1808
SE11 Samuel KNIFTON Hatton 35, born Church Broughton. Wife Ann Sarah, Ann, William and another 4yrs old. 1811
SE12 Esther BURN Church Broughton wife of Edward BURN. Married 30m ago at Allestree, Edward served John ASTON of Bushbury Staffs, iron locksmith. Husband been away for half a year. 1812
SE13 William CLARK lab. 23 born Tutbury Staffs. Married 1 Aug to Sarah. Has Benjamin 6m. 1813
SE14 Joseph MARSHALL of Hilton, sawyer 31, parents legal Settlement Great Bar, Staffs. Worked coal at Ashby Woulds for Earl of Moira. Wife dead, three children. Married again Elizabeth BENTLEY at Boylestone by Licence. She of Church Broughton ?. 1814
SE15 William WOOLLEY of Church Broughton, cordwainer upwards of 21. born Church Broughton of parents legally settled at Trusley. Apprenticed to Robert KILBOURNE of Tutbury. Married six months ago to Mary SHORE?. 1818
CLOWNE Settlement Examinations
SE1 Thomas MELLORS born Staveley, parents legally settled at Beeley. Served George WRAGG of Clowne. 1760
SE2 George ASHLEY of Clowne, 49, born Tupton, parents legally settled Pilsley. Went to teach a school at Sth Wingfield when aged twenty. Mr BASSENDINE of Clowne asked him to teach at school in Clowne. Married Martha RICHARDSON of Clowne. 1761
SE3 Michael GRANT of Clowne, labourer, born Chinley, fathers legal settlement at Whalton, als Walyon in this County. 1762
SE4 John WOODHEAD born North Leverton, Notts. where father lived under Certificate from Clowne. 1750
SE5 George CORKER of Clowne born Barlborough. Served George DARBY of Roomley, p.Clowne then John SHORT Damsbrook, p. Clowne, then George HIBBESON of Guildenwells p. St Johns WRY, then George COOPE of Nether Langwith, Notts. 1768
SE6 Joseph MARSH of Clowne born Hearingthorp, p. Wiston WRY. Took a farm at Harthill WRY of the Duke of Leeds. Removed to the Castle at York, appointed keeper of the Castle, took Inn at York of Joseph CELL of Hull. Removed to Harrowgate, then Castle of York then City of York. 1769
SE7 William JEPSON of Clowne, millwright apprenticed to Martin WOLSTENHOLME of Eckington, millwright. 1776
SE8 John WOODHEAD 27 born Clowne Served at Thorpeham, Co Yorkshire, then William HOWSON farmer and maltster of Killamarsh. 1778
SE9 Joshua WOOD of Clowne, born Heath, hired to Edward CROOKS of Houghton. p. Pleasley, Isaac BURTON of Papplewick, Notts. and John HUNT of Whalley p.Bolsover. Married. 1779
SE10 William BRAILSFORD of Stretton. Served Robert WOMBEL of Wellow, Notts. then William TOMKIN of Clowne. 1782
SE12 Elizabeth SIMPSON of Clowne single Aston Yks 1789
SE13 Robert SHARLEY of Warsop, labourer born Ansley, (Annesley ?) Notts. Served George HARDSTAFF of Newstead,Notts. then John NEWTON of Clowne. Married, wife Hannah. 1790
SE14 Thomas HOLLAND Clowne, victualler born Temple Normanton. Served Thomas FLINT of Laughton en le Morthen Yks farmer 1793
SE15 Francis CREE born Clowne, father resided there under Certificate from Anstone Co. York. Served William CREE of Warsop Notts feltmaker. 1793
SE16 William BINGHAM of Clowne Served John WILKINSON of Barlborough farmer 1793
SE17 Henry HARLOW of Clowne, born Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire 1794
SE18 John HOPKINSON of Clowne, labourer born Edwinstowe, Notts. Served Jos BLIGHTON of Wellow, Notts, farmer, Richard STANNILAND of Warsop, Notts. farmer, William UNWIN of Elmton farmer, George BAKER Clowne, Joseph BLIGHTON, Andrew DEWES Clowne farmer. 1795
SE19 George MORTIN labourer born Barlborough, father Michael MORTIN still lives there. Served Charels HANOVER Apothecary of Clowne. Now lives Leicester St Margarets. Wife Colbeck, George 10, Hannah 7, Joseph 5 William 2. 1798
SE20 William BEARDER 27 born Whitwell. Served Joseph OUTRAM, Bolsover farmer, Robert HARDWICK Heath. 1799
SE21 William ALLISON of Clowne,50. born Brillington Yks. Served Richard HICK of Brillington, hairdresser. Worked as a journeyman at Darley, Derbys. 1799
SE22 John PRITCHARD of Clowne 27 born St James, Middlesex. Apprenticed to Messrs GORTON and THOMPSON Cuckney, Notts. then at Clarborough, Notts 1799
SE23 George HEWS of Clowne, labourer 35 born Barlborough. Served William MARSHALL of Barlborough, farmer. 1799
SE24 George BARK Clowne cordwainer 43 born Whitwell. Served George JENKINSON of Harthill,Yks, Thomas REVILL Clowne, cordwainer. Lived South Gate p.Whitwell. Never paid any taxes in his own name, but always paid them in the name of George MILNER, late occupier of the same land. 1800
SE25 Thomas SAVAGE of Nottingham St.Mary, born Clowne. Apprenticed to John ROGERS of Mansfield fwk. Married to Elizabeth 11 yrs ago, has Elizabeth 10, Mary 4, Joel 3. 1800
SE26 Benjamin STONES (signs STONE ) aged 40 born Elton labourer. 1806
SE27 Samuel HODKIN of Clowne, 24, born Barlborough. Served Henry HODGKINSON of Sutton, then John ARCHER of Elmton, farmer. 1806
SE28 George NUTTALL 27 of Clowne, labourer, born Bolsover 1806
SE29 Rowland STONE of Clowne, 27 labourer. born Curbar, parents legaly settled at Pilsley. Served John PARKER of Pilsley North Wingfield. 1806 (Uncertain as to which Pilsley parents were legally settled, either the one near Bakewell or the one nr North Wingfield.)
SE30 Thomas SIMPSON of Clowne, 25, labourer born Oxcroft, parents legal settlement Bolsover. Father a farmer. Married. 1810
SE31 John SNEAP ( SNAPE on reverse) of Clowne, labourer 45, born Harthill Yks. Served Mr JARVIS p.Barlborough. Married wife died 8 yrs ago. Served Mr MARSHALL Barlborough 1806
SE32 William WILSON of Clowne, labourer, aged 34 born Baslow. Served Richard MARSH Harthill Yks,farmer. Married 1806
SE33 Charles MacCANAN of Clowne, labourer 60. Born Ireland, resided Newark, Notts 1806
SE34 Christopher CLARK of Clowne, soldier. 25. Born Rufford, Notts. Apprenticed to Samuel CLARK St Martin p. London, hairdresser. Ran away to sea. Returned two yrs later, went to work at his trade with his brother at St James, London. Pressed to sea. Discharged when peace declared. 1806
SE35 Joseph HARLOW of Cowne, blacksmith 25, born Abbots Bromley, Staffs. Learnt the business with his father in the p. of Clowne. 1806
SE36 Joseph BINGHAM, born Clowne, labourer 45. Hired to James WHITACRE of Oxpasture p.Whitwell farmer, William FEATHERSTONE of Winkborn, Notts farmer. 1808?
SE37 William SINGLETON of Clowne, labourer born Warsop Notts. Served Robert JACKSON of Warsop, farmer, then Richard GREENWOOD of Carburton, Notts. farmer then Mr DUNSTON Worksop farmer, John BOWER Little Drayton Notts. 1808
SE38 William DONNISON 29 born Darlington Co. Durham. Worked with his brother Henry DONNISON at East Retford,Notts. Brother moved to Hul Yks. Served Mr BRUMBY of Retford and George CROSS factory at Hull. Married Sculcoates, Yks.Has three children. 1809
SE39 John KEY weaver 31 born Brampton parents legally settled at Eckington. Apprenticed to Samuel JOHNSON Brampton Moor, weaver. When Examinant 8, father died. Mother resides at Brampton under Certificate from Renshaw. 1809
SE40 Richard LORD 45 born Gainsborough, Lincs. Apprenticed to his brother, Solomon LORD of Gainsborough. Married at Hulll, two children. 1809
SE41 John CRAGGS 53 born Hutton, nr Richmond. Yks, then Richard SADLER of Exelby p Burniston nr Beadle Yks. Married, served 42m in Army. Rented house in Newark. 1809
SE42 Thomas BELL of Clowne, 35, labouer born Whitwell. Hired to Mr HOPKINSON of Williamthorpe p.Nth Wingfield, Frederick MARSH of Conisbrough, Yks Mr BOWDEN of South Gate House. Had an accident with a horse. 1810
SE43 John WOODHEAD 28 born Clowne, lab. Hired to James WOODHEAD of Barlborough, Mr WIDOWSON of Spinkhill Mill, Paul SMITH Staveley, farmer, Mr OXLEY. 1810
SE44 Elijah SLEIGH of Clowne, 35 born Sutton nr Retford, Notts. of parents leggally settled on Stearndale (Strendale) Hartington Middle Quarter, Parents removed from Sutton to Tansley Dbys. Father purchased house from --- FOX of Matlock, sold to William SLATER. Mortgaged it to Joshua LOMAS Dedweick (Dethick). Married Crich. 1810
SE45 John BARK of Clowne labourer, born Barlborough. Served Andrew DEWES of Clowne, farmer,John DAVIE of Shirehills 1810
SE46 George WOOLLEY f Clowne, labourer, 44 born Pleasley. Served Mr BARKER of Akering (Eakring ) nr Rufford, Notts., Robert MATTHEWS of Arnold, Notts, George HARVEY of Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. farmer and butcher. Married. 1810
SE47 Thomas TAYLOR of Whitwell, labourer, 28, born Clowne. Served Mr BOAMER of Wiston (there is a Whiston, Yks sth of Rotherham, and given his next job is at Wakefield this may be the place referred to, however it does say Wiston of which there are some throughout the country but none in this area.) Miss HAMERS at Wakefield as Footman. Married. 1810
SE48 Catherine PORTER of Clowne 27, born Long Billington nr Grantham, Lincs. Maided name RICHARDSON. Married William PORTER (an Irishman) of Newark, Notts. one year ago. She hired to John WILSON of Bestthorpe nr Collingham Notts., William LANSDALE of North Collingham, Lincs, then with her mother at Nottingham, then Mrs FRY Nottingham St Nicholas, victualler, Mrs STRUTT St Marys (Nottingham?) Mr BEARDSLEY, then lived at Carlton Inn, then Newark Notts. then Mr KIRKE of Sth Clifton nr Newark Notts., Mr BENNISTONS of Newark victualler, then married. 1810
SE49 Robert MILNER born Clowne, labourer 23, served Mr NEWTON, of Clowne, Mr OXLEY, Francis OXLEY of Worksop, Notts. farmer and maltster, William RADLEY Shireoaks p.Worksop, Notts. Married. 1810
SE50 William NUTTALL of Clowne, 54, labourer, born Oxcroft, p. Bolsover, parents settled on Bolsover. 1810
SE51 George WILLIAMOT (signs WILMOTT) of Clowne,25 cotton spinner, born Ashover, does not know where parents legally settled. Served Edmund BAKER Cressbrook Mill, Litton. 1810
SE52 William PORTER of Clowne, 42 born Maugheryard, Londonderry, Co. Donegal. Been in England upwards twenty years. 1810
SE53 Francis COCKAYNE of Clowne, 25,cotton spinner, born near Bakewell, parents legally settled at Ashford (in the Water ). Apprenticed to Barker BOSSLEY Bakewell, cotton spinner, Cressbrook Mill. 1810
SE54 Henry DONNISON of Clowne, weaver, 40, born Darlington Co. Durham, Apprenticed to James HALL of Darlington weaver, John HEDLEY Esq of Newcastle on Tine, Northumberland.In 1791 went to reside at Retford,Notts. served Mr BRUMBY. Married Retford. Took a house of Edward BEARDSALL. 1810
SE55 James SMITH of Clowne, sawyer, 34, born Whitwell, parents legal settlement at Hasland. Hired to Mr FLETCHER at Whitwell, Henry BOWDEN South Gate House. Wife and two children. 1810
SE56 John OAKES of Clowne coal miner, 25, born Handsworth Yks. Parents legally settled at Sheffield. Served Jacob STREET at Staveley. 1813
SE57 Richard MILNER of Clowne, weaver 27, born Worksop, Notts. parents legally settled at Whitwell. Served William RANSON Carlton on Lindrick, Notts. Married. 1813
SE58 Edward DEAR of Clowne, weaver aged 50, born Woodfaed?, (Woodford), Wilks. (Wilts) Served John PALMER Southam, St Michael, Hants. publican. Married, came to Chesterfield. Made Bond with John HAWKSLEY of Chesterfield to be a foreman of factory. 1813
SE59 Stephen STOREY of Clowne labourer, 40, born Beighton. Parents legal settlement at Anston, Yks. Served Jno SHIRT of Wales, Yks., Nathaniel MIRFIN Anston,Yks. Peter CHALONER of Shireoaks p.Worksop, Notts. farmer. 1813
SE60 William EADSON of Clowne weaver, 25 born Waleswood, Yks, parents legal settlement at Barlborough. Apprenticed to William KITCHEN of Barlborough, farmer, worked in ironstone pits, then BOWDEN MALKIN and Co. Mill at Harlesthorpe. Married 3yrs ago. Not in good health. 1813
SE61 John TAYLOR of Clowne, weaver 38, born St Giles, Durham. Apprenticed to John STAFFORTH and Son, wollen manufacturers. 1813
SE62 Joseph POOL of Clowne, flaxdresser, born Wiggift, Yks. 1813
SE63 Francis SHAW of Clowe, labourer, 21 born Whitwell, parents legal settlement at Elmton. Served John YATES of Whalley, John JACKSON, Elmton, Thomas BAKEWELL of Stanley p.Teversall, Notts. farmer, Mr WRAGG Teversall Notts. Married 1 yr ago. 1813
SE64 John RUTHERFORD of Clowne, flaxdresser 63,born St Nichollas in Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland. Served John SUMMERVILLE St Nicholls flaxdresser. 1813
SE65 Isaac GUEST of Clowne cordwainer, 40,born Harthill, Yks. Served William STACY of Harthill, Yks. 1813
SE66 Sarah GREGORY of Clowne, 24, born Eaym (Eyam) Derbys. Hired to Thomas PLANT of Clowne, farmer. Returned home to her parents at Killamarsh, then to Uncle Thomas DUKE of Shireoaks, Notts. Joseph SIMPSON East Retford, Notts hatter, also an Uncle. Now with child. likely to be born a bastard. Note on reverse. "Removed to Retford".
SE67 George DRABBLE of Clowne,sawyer 26, born Bolsover, hired to John BROCKSOP,Hanging Hucknall, Derbys. farmer. 1816
SE68 Richard ROBERTS of Clowne, cordwainer 25, born Harthill Yks. Apprenticed to William STACEY of parish of Wales Yks. cordwainer. 1816
SE69 John HOLMES of Cowne labourer, 40,born Staveley. 1816
SE70 Richard HAZLEHURST of Clowne, labourer, 21, born Barlborough. Hired to Thomas MORTON Whitwell, farmer, Thomas BULLIVANT Worksop, Notts. farmer to serve at the farm BULLIVANT owned at Norton by Cuckney, Notts. 1816
SE71 George BINGHAM labourer born Clowne, 50. Hired to James JENKINSON of Norton, Derbys. farmer 1816
SE72 Joseph RODGERS of Clowne, tailor, 27 born Staveley. Apprenticed to Thomas HOLLINGWORTH, Staveley "taylor". 1816
SE73 John HUMPHRIES of Clowne, bleacher 26, does not know where he was born. Served BOWDEN MALKIN and Co at Clowne, then served as a sailor. 1816
SE74 Richard BUTLER of Clowne, 23,labourer, born Tickhill, Yks. Hired to George HOWSON of Long Sandel, Yks. farmer. William DEWICK Blythe, Notts farmer. 1816
SE75 John ALSOP of Clowne, mason 31,born Church Anston, 1816
SE76 Thomas JOHNSON of Clowne, labourer born Barlborough. Hired to George HOLMES of Staveley, farmer, William MARSHALL of Barlborough. 1817
SE77 John DOWDLE of Chesterfield, weaver 25,born Savoy, Middlesex. Apprenticed to William TOPLIS and Co of Cuckney in Norton, Notts. Worsted manufacturer, . .. GORDEN of Cuckney. Served in marines nine and a half years. 1818
SE78 George BULLOCK weaver of Clowne, 48,born Retforth (Retford) Notts. Worked for Mr BROMBY of Retford. Came to Clowne to Haslethorpe Works, engaged by Messrs BOWDEN MALKIN Co. 1818
SE79 John WIGLEY of Clowne, labourer 40,born Matlock. Agreed to work for Miss WILLOWBY of Higham, Mr WRIGGLESWORTH of Clay Pool, Lincs Messrs HEWIT LONGSON and Co. Chestrefield, then moved to Tansley, Miss WILLOWBY, then to Clowne BOWDON MALKIN and Co Haslethotpe Works. 1818
SE80 John SMITH of Clowne, weaver 45, born Newark, Notts. Apprenticed to John HOLLAND of Wysbridge, Cambs, then to Boston, Lincs, London, Hull, enlisted in North Lincs Militia, Newark, Notts Chesterfield, Clowne, BOWDON MALKIN Co. 1818
SE81 Dennis BOCKING of Clowne, 60,rasor grinder, born Sheffield, Yks. Father also a rasor grinder. Enlisted H M Service. Left Sheffield, 3m ago came to Clowne. 1818
SE82 William PLANT born Clowne, labourer 46.Hired to John CLARKE of Sutton in Ashfield, Notts farmer. Returned to father at Clowne. Married. 1818
SE84 Thomas UNWIN Clowne, hatter 47 born Mosborough, parents legal settlement at Eckington. 1821
SE85 Edward GOLLAND of Clowne, weaver 21, born Newbold, parents legal settlement at Butterwick, Yks. 1821
SE86 George BULLOCK of Clowne, weaver 19,born Retford, Notts. 1821
SE87 Thomas RICHARDSON born Clowne, labourer, 22. Hired to Cornelius BROWN of Clowne, John DURHAM of Worksop, Notts. Richard LUNN of Whitwell, George ARTHUR Whitwell. Married to Ann, one child Mary. 1821
SE88 James PETTRAY (on reverse PETTERY) of Clowne, cordwainer, 21, born Park Gate, Neston, Cheshire. Apprenticed to John CROWDER of Park Gate, cordwainer. 1821
SE89 William RHODES Clowne, weaver 22, born Cripple Gate, Middx. Parents legal settlement at Retford, Notts. Father also a weaver at Cripplegate. 1823
SE90 William BOURNES (BOURNS on reverse) of Clowne, labourer, 40. Born Bildson, Derbys (sic) parents legal settlement at Church Broughton. Served Mr JOWITT of Collick, Notts. farmer. Sixteen years a soldier. 1823
SE91 William MALLENDER of Clowne, 21, labourer, born Barlborough. 1823
SE92 John MELLING of Clownem weaver 24, born Carlton, Notts. Father in law John BEARD hired him to John MORTON of Whitwell, then John NORBOURN of Barlborough, Wiliam CHALLINER of Whitwell, John CHAMPION of Worksop, Notts, then John DEERLAND of Worksop, Notts. Wife Ann. 1823
SE93 George ANSON of Clowe, sacking spinner 27, born Newark, Notts. Parents legal settlement at Norton Disney, Lincs. 1823
SE94 John HAWKSLEY of Cowne, weaver 22, born Epworth, Lincs. Parents legally settled Ferry, Lincs. Weaver with grandfather at Wellow, Notts. Married, wife Jane, son Thomas 5m. 1823
SE95 Peter TYSON of Clowne weaver, 24 born Brimington, parents legal settlement at Barlborough. Father died c1804, Mother resided Eckington, re-married. Father in law taught him to weave. Marr Chesterfield to Ann BROWN. 1826
SE96 Thomas SIMPSON born Clowne, labourer, 29. Served Peter GLOSSOP of Whitwell, farmer, Mary SIMPSON of Oxcroft, Bolsover. 1826
SE97 Charles NTTALL of Clowne, collier, 20, born Staveley. Parents legally settled Barlborough 1826
SE98 Thomas COOK of Clowne, weaver born Hull, Yks. Does not know parents legal settlement. Served Messrs COALBACK and Co of Fewston nr Otley Yks, yarn spinner and sacking manufacturer. Married Silkstone nr Barnsley Yks. to Mary QUIEL? has two children. 1826
SE99 John WILSON of Clowne labourer, 25, born Staveley. Parents legally settled at Harthill, Yks. Served Henry DEWES of Clowne, farmer, Henry GREAVES of Bradway, p.Norton, farmer. 1826
SE100 James WORTHINGTON of Clowne, weaver 25 born St Tanns in St Martins, London. Mother now resides Chesterfield, Father was a weaver residing Chesterfield, since dead. 1826
SE101 William WILSON Clowne, ab 28, born Staveley. Parents legal settlement Harthill, Yks. Hired to Mr SLAGG of Eckington, Mr ALLISON of Oxcroft, Mr GREAVNER? of Ollerton, Notts, Mr BENNET of Bestwick Park, Notts 1826
SE102 Joseph BINGHAM of Clowne, labourer, born Upton, Notts. Hired to Edward HOBSON of Birley p.Beighton, farmer, Mary WHITAKER of Harworth, Notts. Marr Mary WOODWARD of Blythe, Notts. 1826
SE103 James CONSTERDINE born Clowne, bleacher, 24. Marr. 4yrs ago. Syas father belongs to Gamston, Notts. by hiring to Mr HOWARTH. 1828 On reverse Ann BRIGGS mard at Clowne Margaret turned 5 in pencil Thomas 3 one name obliterated Jeremiah WOOD of Gamston, Notts. lead mine years as my father.
SE104 William COOK of Clowne, weaver 51, born Hackerton, (Hockerton) Notts. parents legally settled Southwick? (possibly Southwell) Notts. Served Isaac MARSHALL of Akring (Eakring), Notts. weaver. Resided Newark, Notts. for a while. 1826
SE105 Peter SIMPSON born Clowne, 21, labourer Served Mr NEWTON of Clowne, John ALSOP Clowne, mason. His fatehr employed by his mother on a farm at Oxcroft, and lived with his grandmother there. Several times worked for her and some time went to school. 1827
SE106 John WIGLEY of Clowne, labourer, 51 born Matlock, parents legally settled at Bonsall. Served Miss WILLOUGHBY of Higham, Mr WRIGGLESWORTH of ClayPool Lincs. then HEWITT LONGSON Chesterfield, then moved to Tansley, served Miss WILLOUGHBY again, to Clowne to BOWDEN MALKIN and Co. Wife Martha, children Hnery, William, George, Ann and John. 1829
SE107 Ann PLANT born Clowne, 24, hired by Mr NEWTON of Hackenthorpe, Beighton. Now with child. 1829
SE108 John HOPKINSON residing at Whittington, collier born Clowne 27. Parents now reside Dronfield. Worked at coal pits all his live. Married 3yrs ago at Sheffield. Dated 14 Dec 1829. This is a copy made in 1832 of the original document of 1829. On reverse, "Both himself very ill and wife likely to die with a family of six children."
SE109 Catherine BROWN of Clowne, 18 spinster born Worksop Notts. Parents legal Settlement Warsop, Notts. Moved to Worksop Notts. when 8yrs old. Spent 22wks in Workhouse there. Returned to Worksop Notts. then Clowne, then Worksop. Served Mrs CHARLESWORTH of Bolsover. Now with child. 1829
SE110 George COTT of Clowne, weaver, 29 born Sheffield. Told by Uncle John ELLIS that his father was bound apprentice to his grandfather at Sheffield. Been a soldier ten years. 1829
SE111 James WATERS of Clowne, cooper, 30, born Barlborough. Rented house from Cornelius Heathcote RODES Esq. Barlborough. Wife Mary, Ann, Amey, Edmund. 1830
SE112 Joseph HEWITT of Clowne, collier 39, born Teversal, Notts. Resided Hucknall in Notts. Removved to Teversal. Wife Ann, Mary, John, Elizabeth, Ann. 1830
SE113 Robert SMITH of Clowne, mason 26 born Newark. Notts. Parents legal settlement not known. Served David STOCKS Tintwistle, Ches. mason, Joel WARRINGTON Staley Bridge. Married at Oldham, Lancs. wife Elizabeth. Thomas 3. 1830
SE114 Thomas DEXTER of Clowne, collier 33, born Coleorton, Leics. Parents legal settlement Worthington, Leics. Wife Ann, Susanna, John, Ellen, Mary. 1830
SE115 William NUTTALL jnr of Clowne, labourer 23, born Stanfree, Bolsover. 1831
SE116 John WRIGHT of Clowne, stone mason, 22 born Sheffield, Yks. Parents legal settlement Washington (Wessington ) Derbyshire. 1831
SE117 Thomas LUNN of Clowne, labourer 54,born Whitwell. Apprenticed to John BARNES of Chesterfield, grocer. Married, wife Mary. 1831
SE118 William HEATH born Barlborough, worked for father. 1836
CRICH with year of Examination.
1 Wm ASHTON 60 born Fenny Bentley, seved in London, hired to Jas SMITH of Crich, then a Soldier, then hired in Compton, St Werburgh and St Alkmnd. Dau Hannah SPALDING 1741
2 Ann BILLINGS wife of Joseph a soldier. Married Tho ASSON who died two yrs ago. then married Joseph of Cowers Lane,he served Henry STREET of Belper, nailor, then went a soldier 1744
3 John COWLISHAW, Sgt in Lord BENTINCKS Reg of Foot. Father Saml. John, hired to Robt PEARCE of Chesterfield, Victualler 1750
4 John MASSEY, father a Certificated man from Cromford. Served John FEEPOUND then Wm WOOD. 1760
5 Ann BROWN widow, begging, husband Henry died eleven days ago in Monmouth. He served in Lord Robert MANNERS Regt of Foot. Last legal Settlement was Crich. Dau Elizabeth. 1763
6 Thos CALVERT Woodthorpe p. Nth Wingfield 23, born Yeveley, father settled at Stid. Witness Ed BOWNE of Tupton. 1797. This record has no apparent link to Crich.
7 Wm HARRISON 30 born St Michaels Basingshaw, London, then Milk St, London, then Moor Fields, then to Uncle Tho HARRISON in Rotterdam, served in Ashover, lodged John HIBBERT Clay Cross, then finally Crich. Married, three children. 1809
8 Wm CURZON 32 born Kilbourne. Parents Sett Holbrook, moved to Belper, then Lea. Grandfather John TAYLOR. Mothers relation John DAWS. Wife Mary, five children. 1811
9 William CURZON result of dispute over Settlement 1811
10 John WATKINSON 46,born Heath served Robert and Chas WRIGHT of Mansfield, then Saml GREGORY of Callow, then at Retford and EDDINGLY then George MARSH of Crich. Wife and two children Job and Mary. Mary served Mr HOPKINSON at The Peacock, Sth Wingfield. 1811
11 James HOLEHOUSE 30 Soldier Welch Fusiliers, born Wirksworth of parents legally Settled on Ashover. Served Wiliam WHITE of Matlock. Wife Elizabeth, two children 1811
13 James HOLEHOUSE Soldier 23rd Reg of Foot 1811 Matlock claim he lived all the time at Upper Haddon. Children with grandfather at Crich now become chargeable.
14 Edward BROWN of Crich, born Barkby Leics 28 hired to John CLARKE of Wigston. 1812
15 Saml FLETCHER Somercote 30 born Heage, served Peter WRIGHT, Joseph PORTER, Joseph MATHER all of Breadsall. then Joseph TRAVES of Sandiacre, then John GOODWIN of Chaddesden. Wife Mary two children, Ann and George. 1812
16 Israel DAWS 29 fwk, born Crich, apprenticed to Wm ELLIOTT of Swanwick (master served there under a Cert from Sth Normanton) then to David WHEATCROFT, then with bro John DAWS before enlisting with 3rd Right Guards. Wife Lucy, Saml, Isaac, Abraham, Martha, John 3m. 1812
17 Benjamin DAWES 23 born Crich, apprenticed to Richd BERRESFORD of Alfreton, Master made Bankrupt, worked with Wm CURZON, then went to Hathern, Leics. Married Lydia CURZON 1813
18 Thomas OLDHAM, of Crich, 36 born Balderton, Ntts, apprenticed to James TAYLOR Sth Muscom,. Master removed to Crich. Wife Alice, Ann, Saml, Tho 7wk. 1813
19 Samuel GALLIMORE Crich, weaver, 52 Legal sett Congleton, Cheshire, born on board a ship of parents legally settled Congleton. Wife Sarah, John, Thomas, James. 1813
20 John STEEPLES Derby. labourer, born Crich, father legal Sett. at Macklesfield. Hired to Thomas SWIFT of William Thorp farmer, then John PAULSON of Clixton, Notts, Saml WILSON of Blidworth, Wm WHEATLEY of Wathnal and Geo COWLISHAW his Uncle of Crich, farmer. Married two yrs ago. 1813
21 Wm FLINT Belper, nailer born Belper but parents belonging to Crich, worked with Uncle Thomas TOMLINSON nailer, father died, Uncle resided at Belepr under Certificate from Wirksworth. Married Eizabeth, has Martha, Sarah, John Elizabeth infant. 4 Oct no yr.
22 Tho VALLANCE 67 born Crich of parents leg sett Sth Wingfield. Marr Sarah GLEW when 19. Has three daus, three sons all of age. Forty yrs ago came to Fritchley, rented house of John SIMS and land of Joseph HARRISON. Summered a cow with Tho BEARDMORE. 1816
23 Obadiah WIGLEY 30,born Wirksworth, hired to Isaac LUDLAM of Sth Wingfield, fwk, went to lodge with father at Pentrich, worked with Geo DENNIS of Pentrich fwk then with Phineas LUDLAM and Wm TAYLOR. Wife Sarah, Edmund, Peter, Obadiah. Now chargeable to Crich. nd.
24 Opinion of Mr BALGUY; Obadiah WIGLEY Legal Settlement is at Pentrich. 1816
25 John STORER born Crich, aged 33. Apprenticed to Thomas SHAW of Sth Wingfield fwk. father Joseph of Crich labourer, then Mr SELLERS fwk Crich, disagreement after four yrs, so worked with father in stone quarries. Married Mary BARNS ten yrs ago, has Saml, Mary?, Sarah. 1816
26 John PEG(G) labouer of Derby, a bastard, born Normanton p. St Peters, Derby. Went to live with father in law Tho HAYS of Crich, then John BOOTH of Mansfield Woodhouse, later enlisted in First Dragoon Guards. Marr five yrs ago, two children. 1817
27 John SWEETING collier aged 58 of Sth Wingfield born Alfreton, of parents leg Sett. Crich. Marr Mary BURNHAM when he was 21. Has John 30, Wm 24, James 21, Lke 18, Mary 15.  Opinion John SWEETING yngr belongs Crich, John the elder, James, Luke, Mary belong Alfreton. William query, resides Swanwick under suspended Order to Crich. n.d.
28 Elizabeth BARROW wife of James a soldier, pregnant with child of Samuel SILVESTER. To escape prison Saml married Elizabeth at Manchester Old Church and have returned to Crich.
Elizabeth has not heard of her husband for the last seven years, but he was alive and living in East Indias 1815,1817. Elizabeth removed to Oldham. A dau Elizabeth by James provided for by Oldham. n.d c.1817?
29 Elizabeth BELL wife of James late of Little Eaton stone cutter. She is 27 born in Horsley, married James BELL when 23, he left her five weeks ago on his way to America. He was settled at Wheatcroft, p.Crich. 1819
30 James FLINT of Lea, hatter 38 born Holloway. Marr Hannah YOUNG, went to live at Crich. Father James FLINT. Has Mary, Sarah, James, Henry, George, William. 1819
31 Joseph WOOLLEY of Crich, 28, shoemaker born Whitwick, Leics. of parents leg Sett Basford. Marr Sarah CHEETAM at Crich two weeks ago. 1820
32 Samuel GALLIMORE of Crich weaver 64, born Withington Ches. Has Thomas, Charlotte, Jesse, Emanuel, Saml, Joseph. Once resided at Macclesfield 1826
33 Samuel BESTWICK 31 born Sth Wingfield. Apprenticed to Wm BLYTHE of Sutton in Ashfield fwk. Then John WOOLLEY of Ripley as plough driver, Tho SELLORS of Crich. Married Hannah at Crich.Elizabeth 1yr10m 1828
34 William SCHASS 64, Harley Street, Cavendish Square, Middx Cook. Sett Crich by occ Bulls Head at Crich, went to FLIGHTS Livery Stables, Tottenham Court Road. Married 1823 St Mary le Bone. 1829
35 James WRAGG of Crich,wisketmaker,60 born Holmesfield, parents leg Sett Scarcliffe. Served Mr ASTLEY of Chesterfield Son William Crich died 2m ago. leaving wife Hannah, David 4 Ann 2, and an infant not yet named. 1829 Opinion; belongs to Chesterfield.
36 James WRAGG when 18 entered into service of Rev Mr ASTLEY
37 Ann SCHASS wife of Wm Geo SCHASS of Crich who says her dau was born in the parish of Pancras in 1822.She was not then married to Wm Geo SCHASS who is the father, he then had a wife living, she died soon after. Marr 1823, now maintained in Workhouse at Crich. 1829
38 William ROPER late of Wirksworth, stone mason now a prisoner in Derby. Aged 25 born Crich of parents Jane (sic) and Elizabeth ROPER. Sett there, Apprenticed to Wm MARSDEN of Crich, ran away and enlisted 37 Reg Foot, 9m later Master brought him back, enlisted in Derbys Militia as Corporal, then served Wm LOWREY of Derby stone mason, Masters business failed. Wife Mary, James 3, Mary 18m. 1830
39 Joseph SHEPHERD 24 born Crich of parents belonging Kegworth. Hired to Wm SIMS of Lea, John ALTON of Morley, John SMITH of Annesley. Wife Sarah, Geo 3, Ann 2m. 1830
40 William PARSONS of Wirksworth 39 born Mansfield, mother Mary PARSONS. Apprenticed John HARKER of Mansfield cotton manuf. Ran away and went to Uncle Robert PARSONS of Crich. Served in Codnor, servant later to Griffin SPENCER of Alfreton. Married Elizabeth PEACH of Lea, resided at Lea and Wirksworth. Has Jemima 11, Martha 9. 15 Jun 1830
41 William PARSONS as above 16 Jun 1830
42 William ROPER 25 born Crich (see 38, but Mary aged 22m) now chargeable to Wirksworth. 1830
43 Edward SLATER Crich, lab 34 born Higham of parents settled on Burton on Trent. Wife Ann, Thomas, Hannah, John, Edward, Elizabeth. Received relief from Tansley. 1831
RSE3 Miles BACON born Pentridge, mother Settlement at Ashover, father being dead worked for Zachariah ------------- of Sutton in Ashfield, lived with bro in law Joseph HARRISON at Fritchley 1759
RSE3a Agreement between Joseph HARRISON carpenter and Miles BACON 1754
R77 Case regarding Elizabeth STRUTT Settlement. At 18 married to James STRUTT of Shirland who had a Legal Settlement there. Moved to Crich, took tenement of James TURTON. 1800
CUBLEY with year of Examination
1 Ann RATCLIFF of Longden, Staffs. aged 71 widow of Thomas.. Husband died 1838,on Coronation Day. 1848
RSE9 Esther SHEPHERD 21 born Dale Abbey, father William died when she was an infant. Mother re-married John COX of Bristol. Examinant stayed with grandmother Hannah BASSETT Dale Abbey. Father in law died and she went with mother to Kent. Mother died there. 1772
RSE22 Examination of Joseph WINROW concerning legal Settlement of Sarah WINROW and her three children. He is about 54, born Dale Abbey. Married 30 yrs ago Sarah by Banns at Dale Abbey. I have six children of whom one is Thomas, now aged 27. I have not seen Thomas since 1839. I did not know that he had been married to the pauper Sarah WINROW till after he had left her because he said she had been unfaithful. 1842
RSE23 Examination of Sarah WINROW of Teversall wife of Thomas, now separate. I married my husband at Old Basford about six yrs ago. I have one child by him Mary Ann. Within a year of marriage my husband ran away and left me. I have never heard of him since. In the abscence of my husband I have had two children Geo 3 yrs and Hannah 9m. Mary and George are both ill. 1842
B19SE Dispute concerning the two children of Michael DRIVER and where they were born. It is claimed the children were "born in a house reputedly to be half in Dale Abbey half in West Hallam". Dated 13 July no year but c 1690's.
1 Henry STANSBY born Morley, served apprenticeship in St Sepulchre London " a year before the Revolution"  took shop under the Virgin Inn ,Derby ,married then moved to Stanley Grange, p.Dale. Kept a cow, repaired the Highways, paid window money, the Grange being a big house and several families in it.  1712
2 Thomas GRIFFITH last legal Settlement Wolverhampton, Staffs. Apprenticed to Thomas ARCHER thirdmaker and pin maker. Master died went to fathers house at Great WARLEY, Staffs. Married Grace JAMES widow of Dale Abbey . Has Daniel .  1715/6
3 Enoch WALKER born Nottingham St.Mary, Notts. Apprenticed to Robert MARTIN of Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1730?
4 John DARBYSHIRE of and born West Hallam .Apprenticed to William CLOWER Dale Abbey. Married 1742
5 John LASEY born Ockbrook, apprenticed to James LASEY of Ockbrook, left after Master lamed examinant on arm. Moved to Sandiacre, then Carleton,Notts hired to Richard ALWOOD a Certificated man from Kedlen, ( Gedling ?) Notts. Married, one child.  1760
6* James FISHER  born Kendleshire, Gloucs. Father a Certificated man from Blandford, Dorset. After death of father he moved with mother to Kegworth,Leics. Mother wed Phillip DRAYCOTT. Examinant apprenticed to Henry SMITH a certificated man from Risley, ran away. Then to William KNOWLES of Stanton by Dale. Married. 1768 and 1771
7 William HARDY of Sawley born Dale Abbey, hired to William JAMES of Ockbrook, James WOOD of Ockbrook Moor, Thomas PORTER of Dale Abbey. Married.  1779
8* Richard MARTIN labourer, born Smalley, rented a farm at Abbots Rippon, Hunts. came to Dale Abbey, wed Mary PORTER, HAS Jane, Mary, Richard, John.  1787
9* Peter WALKER of Dale Abbey,born Crich, blacksmith .Apprenticed to George LEADBETTER of Crich, married Ann MIDDLETON of Chaddesden, has Martha and Anthony. 1787  
10 Joseph MORLEY of Dale Abbey born Breaston, hired to John PORTER of Sandiacre, William HORSTON of Sawley, Richard NOKKES? ( NOAKES?) Clifton, Notts. John SHEPHARDSON of Keworth, Notts, John SMITH Kegworth, Leics, Richard SUTTON Kegworth, Benjamin BRENTNALL Risley. Married Ruth at Sandiacre.   1791
11 William COTTON born Spondon, with William BARLOW of Spondon, Matthew HANDCOCK of Spondon, John BLUNDSTON Risley. Married Sarah WARREN London.  1794
12 John THORNHILL born Ockbrook, does not know parents legal settlement from their dying in the Infirmary. Placed by Overseers with Mr HOOTON of Ockbrook ,Edward BATTELE of Ockbrook, left, as his master left Ockbrook, hired to William BATTELE Ockbrook, John PIM Sawley, John PHIPPS, Ockbrook, William HOLLINGWORTH Dale Abbey, Anthony CHADWICK Stanton by Dale. Married Mary grand daughter of his master CHADWICK.   1794
13* John PEGG of Castle Donnington Leics,born Normanton by Derby.Hired to William WALKER Dale Abbey.Ann wife,has Sarah.1795
14* John PEGG of Burton on Trent, Staffs. born Normanton Dbys. Served Joseph PYWELL of Littleover, Samuel WRIGHT of Stenson, William WALKER Dale Abbey, Robert BRIGGS Thulston, John GOODALL Normanton by Derby, Thomas GOODWIN Sandiacre, John MOORLEY Aston on Trent, Wiliam SHEAVIN Ticknall. Married Ann LARGE of Aston,died, then married Mary SUTTON .Has Ann, Mary.  1805
15 John PEACH born Barnaby, Lincs. Hired to William PURVIS of Bransby, Lincs. Thomas FRANKISH of Ackthorne ( Hackthorne?) Lincs., William PURVIS of Coates, Lincs., then lab on various navigations for over 3 yrs, ,then furnace at Dale Abbey .Wife Elizabeth. 1811
16 Thomas ROE of Heage born Dale Abbey ,served William TRUEMAN of Shipley, Edward CHARLES Risley Lodge, William BOTHAM Risley, returned to Dale Abbey. Enlisted R.A. . Received hurt in a pit at Heage.  1812
17 James HAWKSWORTH born St Mary le Bone, London, parents legal Settlement Derby. Grandfather James HAWKSWORTH Dale Abbey brought him up. Served Richard JAMES Ockbrook, Joseph HOWTON Ockbrook, John SMITH Chaddesden, John MATCHETT Milton, William SHEPHERD Breadsall, Ann WINGFIELD Stanton by Dale, Thomas BOOT Dale Abbey, Thomas COOK Dale Abbey, Thomas PORTER Dale Abbey, Joseph WOOLLEY Horsley. Married Mary.  1805
18 James HAWKSWORTH born St Mary le Bone, London, does not know legal Settlement of his parents. Believed father served apprentice with William FORRESTER Derby .Grandfather James HAWKSWORTH of Dale Abbey. Served Richard JAMES, Ockbrook, Joseph HOWTON Ockbrook, John SMITH Chaddesden, John MATCHETT Milton, William SHEPPARD, Breadsall, John KERRY Spondon, Ann WINFIELD Stanton by Dale, Thomas BOOT Dale Abbey, Thomas COOKE Dale Abbey, Thomas PORTER Dale Abbey, became ill, Joseph WOOLLEY Kilburn, Thomas COOKE. Wife Mary, has five children ,three with him.  1817   
DENBY with year of Examination
38 Sarah CARRINGTON als RILEY abt 66 "resided Horsley Woodhouse with Certificate from Codnor" 1800
39 German RILEY, Sarah wife. Horsley 1765
40 John WESTON Belper 46,born Horsley Woodhouse 1806
41 David HUNT born Middleton by Youlgreave 1807
42 Saml GODBER Ripley, 28 res Horsley Woodhouse 1809
43 John BUTLER 34, apprenticed to George TOPHAM Pentrich, who was a certificated man, Occupied house from Duke of Devonshire. Wife Grace, has John, Maria, Ellen.  1812
44 Samuel ROWLAND 77 born Shottle, drove plough for Samuel COOPER of Postern, then to Abraham WALKER Sandy Ford, Alderwasley, Rev Mr CARR Swanwick, John FLETCHER p. Horsley. Married 19 yrs ago Sarah, rented croft of Henry FREARSON, joisted cow for 22yrs with John FLETCHER Denby.  1819
45 William BRENTNALL Horsley Woodhouse 66. Apprenticed to Charles FOWKE Horsley Woodhouse, then Thomas PEAK Smalley Henry RICHARDSON Horsley Woodhouse, Paul BRENTNALL Denby Carr  Married Hannah of Horsley, has Catherine, Jane both married, George 31, Sarah married, John 28, Joseph 25, William 21. Lives in a house owned by Dorothy ROGERS, rented potato ground from Stephen WESTON, Kept a cow at Mr SMEDLEYS and William RAWSON. Rented close of Charles RADFORD a croft of Robert ROGERS. Cow joisted with John CARRINGTON  baker who occupied land under his mother in law ,the widow of the late William KERRY. Brief statements from John CARRINGTON and Stephen WESTON re the above. 1820
DERBY Settlement Examinations
DLSE1 Chas TOOTH born 1746 Derby St Werburgh, father belonged to p Blyfield, Staffs. Served Tho PORTER framesmith, St Alkmund, then John BIRCH, Mr STAMFORD, Mr CHAMBERLAIN of the George In in St Michael. Married now lives in St Werburgh. n.d.
DLSE2 Elizabeth POYSER (wife of George) now resident of New Brentford, Middx. Hisband left her with Rebecca 3, and George 13m. Husband apprenticed to Mr DARBY of Derby, taylor of All Saints in 1804. 1807
DLSE3 Elizabeth wife of Joseph YEOMAN (a soldier 35th Reg Foot). Married in Wilts. Ten weeks ago left her husband in Dublin, he is to set sail for America, left with the 35th Rgt Foot. Husband sent her to friends in Holbrook. Has one child, Mary 15m. Elizabeth born Ruthin, Wales where father settled. She served Richard SUTTON of St Martins, Salisbury. 1775
DLSE4 Samuel MARSHALL soldier in Militia, born Smalley, his father settled on Ripley. When 16 apprenticed to Thomas SMITH St Werburgh knife caster, then in St Peters, then master moved to Hasland, went with him then left without his leave. 1803
DLSE5 Warrant for apprehension of Samuel MARSHALL for leaving Master. 1802
DLSE7 John JORDAN of Pinxton labourer, 33 born Chronham, Gloucs, hired to Joseph JORDAN of Harpey, Gloucs. moved with parents to Cirencester. Married at Duffield Elizabeth TAYLOR about 11-12 years ago. Has Samuel 11, Elizabeth 9, Hester 5, Joseph 2. 1803
DLSE8 George WOOD Sawley born Boulton, hired to Wm PARKER of Osmaston, them Wiliam RICHARDSON of Elvaston, then Edward SMITH of Sawley 1779
DLSE9 Robert ROWLAND born Breadsall, hired to Jospeh PARKINSON of Sawley 1776
DLSE14 Richard WATSON Derby joiner,born Bristol, father a native of Ireland. Went to live in Dublin, served John TAYLOR of Round Church p.Dublin joiner. Wife Mary. Married 18yrs ag Nottingham St Mary. Her Settlement at Chilwell, Notts. gained by being a servant to Mr CHARLTON of Chilwell. 1809 On reverse James 19, Sarah 16, Ann ? Richard? Mary 7 Elnor 4, John 3 Rob 2.
DLSE19 Examination of Jane SNOW concerning her husband. Jane married in 1803 at Leicester St Margaret, husband Walter SNOW. He was hired to John MASSEY brickmaker of St Margarets Leicester, one Thomas KING hired at the same time. Husbands mother resides at Burton upon Trent, married a second husband called Joseph BROOKS, brickmaker. Mother in law died three yrs ago. Husband Walter will be 29 on 27 Aug 1803. Husband born, she thinks at Burton upon Trent, his father died when he was eleven. Went to live with his Uncle in Birmingham, Warwickshire. Elizabeth DUNN a pauper in Burton Workhouse believes he was born in a house near the Workhouse in Anderstuaff Lane. Father was a young man when he came to Burton, married Sarah POWIS of Burton. John WOOD and John WOOD jnr can remember the birth of Walter SNOW and say he was born in an alley in the Workhouse in Anderstaff Lane (5 Jan 1781 Register of Burton, Walter son of William and Sarah SNOW). Her husband had two Uncles living at Ipstones, Staffs. Husband taken up 20 Dec 1808, she removed to Derby July. 1809
DLSE24 William CLARKE of Nottingham, examination concerning his son Robert CLARKE, before the birth of his son his legal settlement at Derby All Saints, son born Derby St Alkmunds. 1800
DLSE25 William ALLEN born Burton on Trent, served Mr HOPKINS Burton, spade maker. Married Elizabeth BALL Derby All Saints 1817
DLSE26 James ALLIN Derby fwk, born Derby Saint Alkmunds fathers legal settlement Derby All Saints, Apprenticed to Charles FARNSWORTH Derby St Alkmund, then in St Werburgh, quarrelled, agreed with Sarah COPE to take a house of John WELCH Derby All Saints. 1816
DLSE28 Joseph BAXTER Derby Soldier in HM Portsmouth Division of the Royal Marines, born Hinckley, Leics. Apprenticed to Thomas WHATELY Hinckley fwk. 1812
DLSE29 Ellen POSHOUSE of Derby born Aston, Birmingham, Warwicks, father died Walsall Staffs in Workhouse. Moved with mother to Derby. Served George DANIELS silkthroaster (throwster). Lived with mother Derby All Saints. 1812
DLSE30 Lydia ROWLAND spinster born Leicester, fathers Settlement at Alvaston. Apprenticed to Matthew COAP of Derby, left without consent, worked as a nailmaker in Birmingham, Warwicks. Returned Derby Workhouse in All Saints parish, then to Lambeth, London, returned Derby 1811
DLSE31 William MEADES of Measham brickmaker, 72, born Polesworth, Warwicks under a Certificate granted his father by Derby All Saints. 1813
DLSE32 Benjamin SHARWIN 28 Private in Staffordshire Militia now laying at Windsor, Berks. Born Derby All Sts. Went to live with Uncle Benjamin SHARWIN baker of Ipstones, then John ALLWIN baker of Ashbourne, John ALLUM, Richard TURNER of Burslem, Staffs, then Uncle at Ipstones, Richard TURNER, then enlisted. Wife Roda, Benjamin 4, Robert John 8m. 1811
DLSE33 James HARRIS 33 of Derby St Werburgh, born a natural child in the parish Workhouse of Derby St Werburgh, put out to nurse by Overseers to Sarah COLBURN of Mackworth. Overseers would not pay allowance so sent to Mr FOXs cotton mill, Derby St Werburgh, then drove plugh fpr Thomas CLIFFORD of Mackworth, then went to Rebecca WALLIS farm at Rowditches, Rabourne. Married to Sarah, children Ann, James, William, Edward. document not dated.
DLSE34 James HARRIS as above but note says he was baptised 6 Nov 1775, went to FOXs mill 1786. Married 16 May 1796. 1808
DLSE35 Martha GIBBON wife of Humphrey GIBBON, born Buxton. Married Bakewell parish Church. Husband was servant to Mr MAKES at Eccleshaw, Staffs, Has two children by him, had another by another person and was relieved by Derby All Saints where she put the child to a nurse. Three years ago delivered of a female in Cromford which she fathered upon James HUDSON. 1801
DLSE36 William BASFORD son of John BASFORD Derby All Saints cordwainer, 27/ Born Derby All Saints, fathers legal settlement at Derby St Peters. Bound to Jacob KERRY of Elvaston shoemaker, then Thomas DANIELS of Chellaston shoemaker, came to Derby, moved to Stapleford, Notts, back to Thomas DANIELS, then Nottingham, then Sheffield, then Derby Nottingham then Spondon with John HOLLAND. 1802
DLSE37 David LEWIS of Derby, tinman born Mortimer Clivery, Shropshire, parents legally settled at Clangendairn, Camarthen S Wales. 1801
DLSE38 Mary HALES Derby widow married to Edward HALES Derby St Peter. His settlement at Egginton. 1812
DLSE39 William WALKER Derby labourer born Derby St Peter father certificated man from Tideswell. Lived with family Derby St Werburgh then removed to Tideswell 1800
DLSE40 Thomas Griffith WEBSTER Soldier 74 Rgt of Foot. Born p. Bakin in subberbs of Chester. Went to sea. Would not swear under oath unless given 3 guineas by J HANDFORD. On rerverse, Mary wife, Sarah 14, Phoebe,12 Elenor 10, Mary 7 Rosanna 4 Henry 1m Griffith WEBSTER who married Mina? HILL.
DLSE13 Andrew WHITACRE of Ockbrook labourer, born Draycott hired to Thomas RIVETT of Derby All Saints. Married Dorothy 14yr ago at Derby St Peter. Has Samuel, Andrew, Mary and Dorothy. 1775
DLSE18 John MUSGROVE China burner, of Kirkby, Notts. born Langley, Derbys. Served John TURNER of Derby All Saints. Married, has daughter Elizabeth aged 13. 1811
RM7/1739 George CAMPBELL 52, born Derby, Worked in Mr KEANS, Derby, then Pinxton china factory. then Stoke, Staffs. Agreement made with Henry DANIEL and John BROWN foremen at Josiah SPODE Manufactury.. Been in workhouse at Stoke , turned out for improper behaviour. 1835
1 Jane POUNTAIN wife of John POUNTAIN of Mickleover .Husband apprenticed to John BAYLEY of Mickleover.  1716
2 William DEXTER now of Loughborough, Leics. born Kegworth, Leics. Apprenticed to John PIKE of Derby All Saints. Lodged with Master in St Alkmund.  1748
3 Peter HOUGH son of William and Jane HOUGH bapt Nottingham,Notts. married Mary FARTHING Birmingham, Warwicks. Apprenticed to Thomas HOWARD of Chaddesden,moved with master to Derby but Master runaway. Mrs WOODWARD widow of Thomas WOODWARD who lives in Nottingham, Notts will prove facts.  Memo  n.d.
4 Thomas TOOTH woolcomber born Derby St Werburgh. Apprenticed to Samuel SMITH All Saints, Derby. Father lived Derby St Peter. Turned over to Mr PLANT to serve remainder of apprentice. 1772
5 Richard BELLIAN born Eccleston, Lancs. Apprenticed to John RICE Ecclestone, Lancs, later Thomas MALLENER Derby All Saints 1772
6 James ROTHERAM born Derby St Peters moved with father to Derby All Saints. Apprenticed to William COKE 1775
7 Thomas HAYWARD born Muckleston, Shropshire. Hired to Samuel CHADDOCK Muckleston. Served William FENN Church Aston, Shropshire. Married Elizabeth at Derby. has William, Elizabeth, John.  1774
8 John COLECLOUGH born Ilkeston, father Settlement at Shipley. Examinant a Private in Militia for County of Derby. Served John NEEDHAM Greasley, Notts. Discharged from service masters ill treatment. Hired to Samuel COCKER Ilkeston. 1778
9 John BARBER Private man in Militia for Co of Derby. born Kirk Langley. Apprenticed to Samuel SWINDEL p Sutton on the Hill. Master moved to Meynell Langley Master resided Kirk Langley under Certificate from Sandiacre. Later hired to William HARCROFT of Foston . 1778
10 WilliamWHITEHALL of Derby St Werburgh, born St Alkmund. Hired by widow REDFEARN innholder dec. who then lived St Michael, Derby. Nicholas FRECKLEY All Saints innholder. Joseph PARR butcher of Derby All Saints. 1779
11 Martin STEVENS Common Soldier in Col FULLERTON Volunteers.born Hammersmith,Middx.Instructed by father as silk dyer.1780
12 William BROUGHTON lab. born Derby St Werburgh.  1780
13 James WEBSTER born Derby St Werburgh  fathers Settlement Breadsall . Served John CANTRELL All Saints. Job DAY Derby St Werburgh, moved with master to St Michael Derby. n.d. c 1780/1    
14 Richard ROBINS a Common Soldier born Halesbarton, Northants. Father John ROBINS settled there.1781
15 John BARTON born Thorpe. Apprenticed to Thomas BLOORE of Ashbourne. Lodged with father at Ashbourne who lived there under Certificate from Thorpe. Examinant resided Derby St Peter last five or six year. 1781
16 Richard TAYLOR Drummer in the Marines born Nowington Butts, Surrey, fathers legal Settlement Corrington, Surrey. Apprenticed to John BOND of Epsom Surrey, blacksmith.Deserted master and enlisted in Marines  1781
17 John SMITH Corporal born All Saints, Derby. Apprenticed to Robert PORT of Wirksworth. aster failed in business, Master resided in Wirksworth under Certificate from Burton upon Trent, Staffs. Later assigned to Dorothy BOND Burton upon Trent, Staffs. Later enlisted. 1781
18 William MOSS born Eskin Green, Lancs. Apprenticed to John BIGGS of Preston, Lancs. Thirteen yrs ago rented house in Derby St Werburgh under Thomas ROBINSON of Clifton, Dbys, then rented land in Chaddesden of Robert Mead WILMOT.  1782
19 Patience STONE says her son Samuel STONE was apprenticed to John WARD of St Werburgh , Derby but left his service and not returned. She also has Nathaniel STONE and Sarah STONE also apprenticed to John WARD.  1782
20 John SMITH born Wirksworth. Apprenticed to John FLINT of All Saints, Derby ,baker. 1783
21 Richard BELLIAN of Alfreton  born Eccleston,p. Prescott, Lancs. Apprenticed to John RICE of Eccleston, Lancs. then Thomas MULLINER of Derby All Saints. 1783
22 Joshua PYM of Castle Donington, born Loughborough. Apprenticed to William SILLS of Loughborough, Leics. 1783
23 Edward WINROW of St Alkmund, Derby says his son Edward WINROW was apprenticed to William COLLEGE of Belper. 1784
24 Elizabeth GAUNT born Brassington, later resided with father Joseph GAUNT Derby All Saints. When aged 14 went at mothers direction to live wit Mrs CLIFFE of Old Windsor, Berks, also went to Sutton, Surrey and London.  1784
25 Elizabeth ORDISH wife of Joseph ORDISH, married Repton. Husbands Settlement at Burton upon Trent, Staffs. 1784
26 Elizabeth GAUNT born Brassington, fathers legal Settlement Derby All Saints. Hired by mother to Mrs CLIFF, lived last fifty days with Mistress in New Windsor, Berks. 1784
27* James TAYLOR born Melbourne. Hired to Thomas HAWKSWORTH of Stanton near Swarkestone. 1784
28* James HART of Derby born Whitington, Norfolk Served Mr PRIDE? farmer of Haddenham?, Mr FOY ? of same. Enlisted as Marine.Married 1777 Derby St Werburgh.  1785
29 Thomas TUNNALLY Soldier 5th Rgt Foot . Born St Alkmund, Derby. Apprenticed to William DUESBURY China manufacturer.  1785
30* William BROUGHTON ? (BRANGHON ?) born Derby St. Werburgh. Apprenticed by Mr HAUGHTON Charity to William CLARK a certificated man from Derby All Saints to St Alkmund. 1785
31 John SIMPSON born Derby St Peter , Served John BAKEWELL Clerk. 1785
32 Joseph HANSON born Chaddesden. Hired to John SMITH of Chaddesden , Henry MEAKIN of Chellaston, went to London, then Widow BAMFORD of Breadsall. 1785
33 Christopher BARNETT Corpl 35th Rgt of Foot. Born Barton Pepperdine, (Burton Pedwardine) Lincs. Hired to John BASS of Hazleby ?, Lincs. 1786
34 Samuel LEADBETER born Allestree moved with parents to Derby. Apprenticed to Mr BENNETT Silk Manufacturer, then Mr WRIGHT brickworks.   1787
35 Ann TURNER wife of John TURNER. She was born Derby St Werburgh. Married husband when he as a soldier 46th Rgt Foot at Derby. He was a native of Ireland. Moved later to Uttoxeter, Staffs. 1787
36 Samuel DUESBURY born Worsall ( Walsall?) Staffs. Apprenticed to father Edward DUESBURY taylor  Worsall (Walsall?) Staffs. Lodged in Derby ,journeyman. 1788
37 Dianna WOOLLEY widow. Married Clifford WOOLLEY Derby. Husbands Settlement at Ruddington, Notts. 1788
38 Thomas CHAPMAN born Chipston,Kent, fathers Settlement Tunbridge, Kent. Enlisted in Northamptonshire Militia, re-enlisted Queens Rgt.  1788
39 Thomas ALLEN born St Mary, Taunton Dean, Somerset. Apprenticed to Jams TYRELL of St James, Taunton Dean, Somerset. Twenty years ago rented house in Derby. 1789 
40 Thomas BRINDLEY born Kinsley, Staffs. Apprentice to William WALTERS Derby All Saints, moved with Master to Derby St Michael . Went to London and received a letter from John MARSHALL brewer and baker to Duke of Kingston at Thoresby, Notts.  1790
41 William BLORE born Ashbourne.  Apprenticed to William ETCHES, then went to Sutton Coldfield, Warwicks. hired to John LEE. Returned, then went to Lichfield, Staffs. served Arthur SILVISTER .  1790
42 William STAINSBY 33. Apprenticed to Edward CATER St Michael, Derby, Richard TOOPOTT confectioner. Married Ann TATEM, has Ann, John, Hannah.  1791
43 Joseph CHAPMAN born Bagby, Yks. Apprenticed to Robert WALTERS Thirsk, Yks then to John SEDGFIELD of Maulton, Yks.  1791
44 William HOWARD born Fishlake ? Yks. Served John HARDY, Frances BELL Thorne Yks. Married, then served Jessy HOWARD of Stockport, Ches.  1792
45 Edward BROWN gardener, says his dau Betty (now Betty BAKEWELL) married Thomas BAKEWELL. He was apprenticed to William EVANS of Alrewas, Staffs. Thomas later deserted his wife who is now at times insane.  1792
46 William MOSELY of Stanton and Newhll born Burton upon Trent, Staffs Hired to Peter ORME at Burton upon Trent, Staffs. ,Joseph TATLOW grocer All Saints, Derby. 1792  
47 Richard OAKDEN (signs OLDHAM) a substitute in the Militia for Ashford in the Water, born Thorpe. Hired to Anthony BAGSHAW Tissington.Joseph GILMAN Longford, John BARTON (Buxton, Banton, Baxter ?) Osmaston by Ashbourne, William HALL Ashford, Thomas FELTHOUSE Woodhouse, Staffs. George LEES Parwich, Edward FELTHOUSE Heam (Eyam,Dbys or Ilam? Staffs) ,John HEYWOOD Swinscoe Staffs. Married Jane. Has Henry, James, Thomas.  1793
48 Joseph BUCKLAND Soldier, Plymouth Division Marines. born Stanton, Yks Hired to Benjamin HARRINGTON Kirk Hallam. 1794
49 Adam CRITCH of  Wirksworth born Blewfield p.Wirksworth. Parents dead. 1794
50* Mary HAWTHORNE born Birchover. Hired to Samuel KNOWLES of Alport nr Youlgreave .Moved to Derby St Werburgh .Mary being with child left and went to Mr WHEELDON as a nurse. 1794
51* Mary EVANS of Derby.  married William EVANS St. Trinity, Coventry. Husbands legal Settlement Staffordshire. 1794
52* George SALTER letter re Thomas ORTON , he did live at Sarratt ,Herts. enlisted as a soldier. Had an estate at Bledlow ,Bucks. left him by his grandfather but that was 20 yrs or more. Settlement he believes at Sarratt, Herts. unless gained at Bledlow, Bucks. 1794
53 Martha HASLAM born Burton on Trent, Staffs. Hired to Thomas WALKER of Quarn. Delivered of a female child in Quarn. Later married Thomas HASLAM of Duffield, father of the child. 1794
54 John MARTIN of Derby ,soldier in the Leicestershire Fencibles. Born Derby St Alkmund, fathers legal settlement Little Eaton. Hired to Edward CATER . 1795
55 Elizabeth BREEDON of Derby born Leiceseter St Margaret, Leics. parents legal Settlement St Peter in the said Borough. Hired to John YEOMANS Market Bosworth, John POWERS same, surgeon, Lady DIXY (DIXIE) same, John YEOMANS,. William LOMAS of St Werburgh , George GOUGH Kirk Ireton, cleric, Richard THOMPSON Litchurch, George HUGHES Derby All Saints. 1795
56 Mary WHITEHURST widow, fifteen yrs ago at Derby married James WHITEHURST .afterwards told her his settlement was at Congleton, Ches. 1795  
57 Charles UDALE silk throwster, born Wirksworth. Note that Charles UDALE wife not removable.  W HANCOCK surgeon 1795 
58 Margaret COWLISHAW ot Etwall, born Derby All Saints. Hired to Edward PHILIPS of Longford, with her sister at Brailsford, then Mary RATCLIFFE Bold Lane, Derby, then Joseph WEST Uncle as a servant. 1796.
59 Elizabeth THOMAS widow, Derby. Married Timothy THOMAS Derby All Saints. Her husbands father William, resided All Saints under Certificate from Elland, Yks. 1796
60 Mary CRAMPTON born Derby St Werburgh, parents settlement Colston Bassett, Notts. 1796
61 Samuel WEBSTER Derby born Marton Stoney, p. Mackworth, fathers legal Settlement Derby St Alkmund. Hired to Lord MILTON Hanover Sq London, George DEMPSTER St Margaret Westminster and at Dundee, Scotland. 1796
62 Hannah FREEMAN wife of John FREEMAN born Stockport, Ches. Fathers settlement Derby All Saints. Married 15 yrs ago John ROBERTS now dead, at Derby All Saints, legal settlement at Winster. Later wed John FREEMAN at Duffield a native of Ireland. He left after one year of marriage and has not been seen since.  1797
63 Patience SWINDELL born a bastard at Duffield 1797
64 William GAMBLE son of John GAMBLE born Borrowash. Apprenticed to John PLACKETT of Breaston , Garvis BOOTH Breaston. Married Catherine FOWK at Aston  .1797
65* Thomas SMITH Belper lab. born a bastard at Allestree. Hired to Mr BRIER Marton Parks Dbys. ,Thomas RILEY of Booton Dbys, William HICKINBOTHAM Codnor Castle, Mrs RADFORD, Kilburn, John BARKER Derby Mr WOODHOUSE, John LOWE Burnaston. Wife Sarah ,four children  1797
66 James GOODMAN 23 of Horsley Woodhouse, illegitimate born Derby All Saints. Apprenticed to John HOPWELL Horsley Woodhouse who resided there under Certificate from Mansfield. Married Mary INCH, has Sarah. 1797
67 James BAKER Derby waiter. Born Derby St Alkmund. Hired to Frances PHILLIPS Derby All Saints. 1799
68 Sarah HARVEY wife of George HARVEY Thirty yrs ago married he late husband John SPINKS at Mackworth.His legal Settlement was at New Malton, Yks  (signs Sarah SPINKS) 1799
69 Catherine SPINKS single born Derby All Saints. Does not know her fathers Settlement 1799
70* Elizabeth WIGLEY widow. Married 36 yrs ago to Joseph WIGLEY of Clanger p.Walsall, Staffs then Tutbury Staffs. Husband left her and went to reside with James OLDRIDGE butcher who was a relation who kept him for charity. He died 6 yrs ago .Came to Derby with her children. 1800
71 Elizabeth WIGLEY to be paid 10/- maintenance 1800
72 WIGLEY is not in a state proper to be removed. Frs. FOX (surgeon) 1800
73 William PURSEHOUSE born Lichfield ,Staffs., fathers Settlement Norton Staffs. Hired to Joseph CURTIS Walsall, Staffs 1801
74* John WOODFORD born Portsmouth,Hants, fathers Settlement Ringwood, Hants. Hired to Samuel CARTER Ringwood Hants. Captain PEERS Southhampton, Hants including 3m at London and 9m at Stratford on Avon , Warwicks. 1801  
75 Joseph HANDFORD Overseer of the Poor for Derby All Saints informed that Timothy THOMAS married at All Saints to Elizabeth THOMAS his now widow but in a state of mind unfit to be examined. Her husband resided under a Certificate given to his father from Elland, Yks. 1801
76 Jane WOODFORD not in a fit state to be removed Frs. FOX Surgeon  1801
77 Thomas GILBERT taylor born Uttoxeter .Apprenticed to Joshua SMITH Yoxall, Staffs., journeyman with PLIMMER of Talk Staffs, then George ALLEN of Egginton who resided there under Certificate from Marchington, Staffs . Alice wife. two children. 1801
78 Mary BROUGH otherwise GEARY wife of Thomas BROUGH otherwise GEARY. Informed by his sister that his legal settlement is Leicester All Saints, Leics. 1801
79* Woolston ROBERTS Chimney sweep .Twelve yrs ago Thomas BROUGH otherwise GEARY was bound apprentice to him. Mother told examinant that her son was then an apprentice to LANGWET for 8-9 wks. 1801
80 Edith HARE wife of Joseph HARE. Married her late husband Richard MEACHIN Lichfield, Staffs. His settlement Uttoxeter, Staffs. Had five children by Richard MEACHIN one of whom Catherine resides Derby All Saints and in a bad state of health. 1801
81 Ralph LOMAS Overseer Derby St Werburgh  "In 1798 removed Sarah BROWN wife of Thomas BROWN a soldier and his child to Brampton. Thomas BROWN now resides in Derby All Saints and is sick. Wife and child at Brampton. 1801
82 Thomas BROWN of All Saints very ill with fever likewise a child of his very ill of fever 1801
83 Catherine WEBSTER widow, late husband Samuel WEBSTER born Mackworth, his fathers legal Settlement at Derby St Alkmund. Hired to Right Hon Lord MILTON of St George, Hanover Square, London, George DEMPSTER St Margaret, Westminster and at Dundee. 1810
84 Ann CAREY wife of Samuel CAREY Soldier 22nd Rgt Dragoons. Married at Aspen, Cheshire. Husband Settlement Congleton, Ches. She was hired to William MORLEY of Derby All Saints. Received a letter that her husband was with Rgt in Ireland. 1802
85 John TRACE Sawley, taylor, regarding his son William TRACE settlement. William is about 26 born Sawley, apprenticed to Joseph WILKINSON of Nottingham St Mary, Notts. assigned to HARDY, (now dead)  of Nottingham. Married Mary BROWN at All Saints. 1802
86 Mary TRACE wife of William TRACE a soldier, married seven yr ago .Heard from husband that his Settlement was to be disputed. 1802
87 Edward FLOYD Derby baker born a bastard Derby St Peter. Mother later wed Peter SYDEBOTHAM baker. 1802
88* William STEVENSON Derby labourer. born Sheffield, Yks, fathers Settlement Nottingham, Notts. Father left him with his grandfather in Sheffield when his father went into the army. Put out to Godfrey WRAGG Sheffield Manor, Yks. farmer. 1803
89 Benjamin GREATOREX states he removed Thomas COLLUMBELL from Derby All Saints to Chaddesden .1803
90* Thomas COLLUMBELL 34 labourer. born Derby St Werburgh . Apprenticed to Benjamin RILEY of Chaddesden Park , went to Mrs EDWARDS Queens Head, Derby St Werburgh.  1802  
91 Ann MATHER wife of Samuel MATHER Soldier Inniskillen Rgt Dragoons now at Nottingham, Notts. Illegeitate dau of Ann BATEMAN now wife of James WRAGG now in Nottingham, Notts. Examinant born in Derby Workhouse. Married 4th Apr at Nottingham, husband a native of Ireland. 1803
92 Letter from W TUNNEY Overseer of Nottingham St Mary, Notts informing of various persons connected with Derby including; Ann MATHER Settlement Examination forwarded. Elizabeth WALKER wife of William WALKER child she has at Derby ought to be removed to Little Eaton. Still paying your parishioner MOXON.  1803
93 Joseph HURST of Derby, born Whitely Yks farmer. Apprenticed to Thomas WALKER Whitely Yks. 1807
94 Order that Joseph HURST is to receive five shillings weekly for himself and family. 1807.  
95 William C HADLEY note stating two of Joseph HURST children are unfit to be removed.  28 Sept year not given  c.1807 ? (see above)
96* Mary STODDARD wife of Joseph STODDARD Soldier 31 Rgt Foot . Married Manchester, Lancs. Certificate given to her husband parents from Grindon, Staffs. to Derby All Saints. Father apprenticed to William BOOTH whitesmith. Joseph STODDARD snr rented proeprty of Robert RADFORD Derby All Saints at 10 guineas but only paid for six months or so. 1808
97  Sarah ALLSOP wife of John ALLSOP Derby Militia married at Derby fifteen years ago. Husbands legal Settlement at Burton upon Trent, Staffs. 1808
98 Order that Sarah ALLSOPP to receive eight shillings a week for herself and three children. 1808
99 Joseph STODDARD of Heaton Norris, Lancs bron Grindal (Grindon ) Staffs. ,Apprenticed to brother Ralph STODDARD, married Margaret, took house of Robert RADFORD Derby. Has six children only one living with him, Sarah aged eight. 1808
100 Joseph RATHBURN (clerk has written the mark of Joseph RATHBONE at the end of Examination) born Snareston, Leics parents legal Settlement Sibston, Leics. Been in HMS around ten years. 1808
101 William C HADLEY note that it would not be prudent to remove Joseph RATHBONE who is at John CAWSTHORNS ? house 1808
102 Mary COOKE wife of Thomas COOKE married Whitwick ,Leics. He lived with her two weeks then enlisted as a soldier. Came to her two years afterwards when at Shepshead, Leics. then went away after three weeks and not seen him since. Informed he was at Hucknall ,Notts. She delivered of a bastard, William BLACK of Derby is the father. 1805
103 Jesse ANDREWS born Bristol.Gloucs. Apprenticed to William WALTERS of Wimeswould, Leics. went after disagrement to Godalming, Surrey. 1806
104 Jesse ANDREWS  Order to receive seven shillings a week for himself and family 1806
105 Alice ANDREWS has a contagious fever and removal is impractical . J ROBINSON M.D.  1806
106 George HEANS lab, born Mugginton, fathers legal Settlement at Hazlewood. Went to live with John JACKSON Cross of Hands, Turnditch farmer, hired later to James BRAYFIELD Shottle.  1806
107 George HEANS  Order that he is to receive five shillings for himself and family.  1806
108 Samuel VAUGHAN born Leominster, Herefordshire, fathers legal Settlement at Kingsland, Herefordshire. apprenticed to William SEABORN Leominster  1807
109 Note from William C HADLEY that Samuel VAUGHAN is in a state at present that he may be removed.  1807  
110 James BERKIN  Drummer 45th Rgt Foot born Monock, Ireland, fathers Settlement Radbourne. Apprenticed to Isaac KIRKLAND of Langley, who moved to Mickleover. Examinant returned to father , came to Derby All Saints then enlisted in Militia ten years. 1807
111 Richard COPE soldier 5th Rgt Draggons born Hanging Hucknall, Dbys. Hired to Thomas SAUNDERS of Westwood, Notts .  1808
112 Ralph FAULKNER born Bentley, went to Dilhorn, Staffs with his father when examinant was five years old. Stayed twenty years.On reverse " Ralph FAULKNER 79 yrs old relieved eight years back" .  1810
113 Note that Ralph FAULKNER unable to be removed , ill.  May.  c 1810 (see above)
DERBY ST WERBURGH Settlement Examination
1 John GREEN 62 ill at Nottingham St Mary. Father John belonged Derby St Alkmund. In 1789 app to Tho WATHALL St Peters, then to St Werburgh. Married with four children 1834
Note; not a Settlement Examination, but a statement dictated by him to the Overseers of Nottingham St Marys and sent to Derby St Werburgh.
DERWENT with year of Examination.
SE1 Thomas PROCKTOR born Abney, fathers Settlement
at Dronfield. Hired to Thomas WILSON of Barlow, then Thomas MORTA at Derwent. 1743

RM7/1850 Martha WOLSTENHOLME 21 born Norton. Hired to Mary HALL of Bradway, widow, farmer. Chargeable being delivered of an illegitimate child. 1840
RM7/2014 Hannah MASKERY widow of John MASKERY. Married 1824 at Sheffield, Yks. I have eleven children eight chargeable. 1845
RM7/2015 Faith BOOKER wife of William BOOKER, heretofore the wife of Francis MASKERY married Brampton. Had five children, eldest John married 2nd wife Hannah SCARGILL. John born Brampton . My husband died 1805 I am now married to William BOOKER 1845
RM7/2016 George WHEELHOUSE Relieving Officer for Chesterfield North District. " I know Hannah MASKERY, she has received 6/- and eight loaves weekly.  1845
DOVERIDGE with year of Examination.
SE1 Sarah WRIGHT single born Doveridge apprenticed to Thomas SMITH of Utoxeter. Left after hard use by Master and Dame.1707/8
SE2 Joan ORTON born Doveridge, seved in Litchfield,, married Wm ORTON mason, who was bound apprentice to Mr MOOR of Bacon St, p. Stoe, City of Litchfield. Had one child, husband then listed as a soldier and went to Ireland, where he moved on. Does not know if he is living. Seven years ago sent for by Mrs BUXTON of Doveridge to be a wett nurse to her child. 1726
SE3 John MARSH 64, born Checkley, apprenticed to Tho BENNETT there, glover and skinner. Purchased property from Rev Luke GLEN. Been in Doveridge 40 yrs. 1733
SE4 John PALMER 21 born Warwicks. apprenticed to Robard HUDSON of Coventry. 1733
SE5 Charles WOODWARD of Roston, born Doverdige 26 yrs. His mother not married when he was born. Soon after his mother Joan WOODWARD took him to Ellastone. Served Tho FLETCHER of Tissington, Richard SMITH of Ellastone, Robert EMERY of Doveridge and Robert STONE of Boylestone 1748
SE6 John WITHNAL of Scropton 20, born Doveriddge (sic) father died when he was two, went with mother to Combridge, Staffs where she married Hugh PARKER of Combridge taylor, then lived with Wm PARKER of Bewehusrt? Staffs, the Wm HUNSTALL of Scropton. 1749
SE7 Abraham HAWKSWORTH 30 born Mappleton, served Wm HALL of Loxley, then Tho DEVELL of Marchington, threatened by neighbours to press him for a soldier, hired by Henry FERNYHOUGH Marchington. 1752
SE8 Everington WOOD born Rockfield, Essex, 28, went with parents to Eltham, Kent. Married Rachel ALCOCK of Doveridge. Came to Doveridge with his wife and took a farm of his father in law. 1752
SE9 Richard WALL jnr of Doveridge, lab. hired to Edmund CHALLINOR of Marston Montgomery, hired by Mr PHILIPS of Hollington, Staffs, then Joseph REDFERN of Doveridge. 1755
SE10 Sarah JONES wife of John JONES, 30 born West Chester. Mother an Irishwoman. Married John ROBINSON an Irishman, traveled as a pedlar 11 yrs. He died about Christmas she remarried Whitsunday following John JONES who was born in Wales and is living. Also says 4 or 5 yrs ago delivered a male child begot by her first husband, then 2 weeks later took child and left Doveridge, she returned 3-4 months later to the house of Wm SLATER in Doveridge where her child was born, then left that child and another female child by her former husband and ran away. Two years ago came to Doveridge to see her children but she was not known by any of the inhabitants there. On reverse. The girl born at Wicklin, Notts. Examination of Sarah JONES, mother of the two children left in Doverdige.
SE11 Case opinion G H labourer hired to drive a plough, has a wife living at ------ Elizabeth 3, John 6m. Father a lab when hired to drive plough. Opinion by Daniel Parker COKE Derby 1778
SE12 George HAWLEY lab, born Winster, when 7 both parents dead, went to live with grandparents at Hurdlow. Went to West Broughton, Doveridge to Mr SHIPSTON ? then to George Ekrington. Married Elizabetrh REDFERN at Doveridge. 1779
SE13 Ralph SHIPLEY born Bramshall Staffs where father resided under Certificate from Stow. Served Wm CAUDON, Bramshall, then Tho WARNER, John KENT of Loxley and Samuel emery of Doveridge. 1780
SE14 Samuel WARD lab., born Somersall Herbert where his father resided under Certificate from Doveridge. Served Daniel ATKIN Cubley Lodge, Thomas HARRISON Potter Somersall, William OAKEY Doverdige, John SHERRATT Doveridge. Married Mary STURGES, has George and Joseph. 1790
SE15 Charles LAND born Doveridge, apprenticed to Philip WHESTON of Higston p.Stow, Staffs wheelwright. Master went to London. 1782
SE16 John BIDDULPH born Yoxall, Staffs. When 14 went with father to rent farm at Edgbaston, Warwicks. Family removed back by order to Yoxall.Hired by Lady GRIESLEY of Drakelow, then Lord WALPOLE Berkeley Square, London, moved with his Lordship to Woollerton Hall, Norfolk. Returned to Berkely Square. Married Elizabeth, has Sarah 3m. Now of Doveridge 1787
SE17 William NASH of Marston Montgomery lab, born Rocester, Staffs. fathers Settlement Marston Montgomery. Served several (un-named) persons 51 weeks. Hired to Thomas WALKER of Marston Montgomery 1786
SE18 Edward FORESTER Doveridge lab, almost 22, born in illegitimacy at Orton (Alton als Alveston) Staffs. lived with wife of William DRAYCOTT of Ramshorn, Staffs (nurse?). Bound apprentice to Joseph SIMPSON of Handley Green p. Stoke upon Trent, potter, hired to Joshua KENT of Alkmonton farmer, Robert POTTER of Longford, farmer, Jeremiah BEARMORE? of Eves p.Kinsby, Staffs, Thomas CLARKE of Peakstone p. Orton, Staffs, farmer, John FINNYMORE Crakemarsh, Staffs farmer, day lab, to William SANDERS of Nothill, p.Croxton, Staffs farmer. Married Mary REDFEARN of Doveridge, has female 1m. 1792
SE19 James PANE born Birmingham, Warwicks. 1760. Apprenticed to Henry CLAY Esq. japanning. Went to Lane End p. Stoke, Staffs. as journeyman to John POTTER as gilder and painter, married there and lived with his father in law till his death, then with his mother in law till 1793 or1794 when mother in law gave him possession of the house. 1798
SE20 Elizabeth TATE wife of Richard TATE now residing Weedon Beck, Northants. wife of Richard TATE bricklayer of Weedon Beck and incapable from sickness to earn. Heard husband say legal settlement was Doveridge where he was born. Married him 1807. Has James, John. Her husband chargeable to Weedon Beck. 1817
SE21 John STURGES born Doveridge 61, hired to William SHARRATT Doveridge, then John SHARRATT Doveridge, William HORSLEY of Doveridge, Thomas SLATER of Doveridge, Andrew MOORWORD of Cromford, muslin weaver. 1817
SE22 Frances WILD widow of Joseph WILD late of Doveridge, legal settlement Marston Montgomery. 1816
SE23 Samuel STONE Burton on Trent, Staffs. 22 parents Legal Settlement Doveridge. Wife Hannah, has Mary, Maria and Thomas. 1816
SE24 Joseph WILD born Marston Montgomery. Hired to Richard TILLY of Marston Montgomery, wife Frances, has Hannah, Prudence. Went to live Potter Somersall, Sudbury. 1816?
SE25 Margaret STURGES of Rocester, Staffs widow of Daniel STURGES. Husband legal Settlement Cheadle, Staff., has son John. 1817
SE26 Jane DICKEN born Doveridge 22, served Rev Robert SIMPSON of Derby St Werburgh, Rev Edward UNWIN of Derby St Alkmund, Rev H L RIDEN? of Spondon. Mr OAKES at Riddings. Moved to Derby with parents to Uncles property then moved to house in Osmaston St p.Derby St Peter 1833
SE27 Edward DICKEN of Derby St Peter regarding his dau legal Settlement, In 1826 rented house in St Peter in Litchurch, Derby, let part of garden to his brother. 1833
RSE80 John BLACKWAY 48 born Uttoxeter, hired to Samuel EVERY of Doveridge. Wife Mary, Harriet, Fanny, Henry 1835
RSE82a James REDFERN Hopton and Coton, Staffs, 56 born Doveridge. Served John SHARROTT of Palmer Moor p.Doveridge farmer. Wife Elizabeth. 1836

RM7/1850 Martha WOLSTENHOLME 21 born Norton. Hired to Mary HALL of Bradway, widow, farmer. Chargeable being delivered of an illegitimate child. 1840
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.