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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Examinations


ALFRETON with year of Examination
1 David PURSEGLOVE pre 1762
2 Samuel ORANGE also ORRENGE born Alfreton. 1761
3 Joshua SAXON born Swanwick. 1766
4 Amy FLETCHER born Pentrich. 1767.
5 Anthony PICKERING aged 38. 1781
6 William FISHER 36, born Alderwash. 1783
7 Edmond LEE born Bury 1783
8 Godfrey SPENCER born Sth Wingfield. 1793
9 Joseph WADE born Mansfield. 1808
10 Anne GREGORY born Nth Shields aged 22. 1809
11 Mary GREGORY of Ripley. 1810
12 John BRAMLEY Prisoner. 1810
13 John BRAMLEY 1809
14 John BRAMLEY aged 23 born Shropshire. 1810
15 Lydia CUTTS single aged 52. 1811
16 Samuel HALLSWORTH born Belepr. 1811
17 Richard TUPMAN born Brimington. 1812
18 Richard TUPMAN aged 37. 1812
19 Charlotte GRUNDEY aged 38 wife of George. 1812
20 Wm BERRISFORD of Newbold 26 born Ripley 1806
21 James WEBB aged 25 born Hants. 1812
22 Charlotte GRUNDY Riddings widow.1814
23 John DUNN Blackwell, 71, parents from Ashover.1814
24 Joseph TUPMAN aged 36 born Chesterfield. 1814
25 Thomas HUDSBY aged 61 born p. Breedon. 1814
26 Wm SAXTON aged 74 sawyer. 1814
27 John HEMSLEY aged 26 born Nottingham 1814
28 John TAYLOR aged 51 born Swanwick 1815
29 Elizb GOODALL aged 45, wid of Wm Sth Wingfield 1816
30 Geo WALKER born Chesterfield marr Ann. 1816
31 Ann CHADWICK born Crich, above 24 yrs 1816
32 Richard FINNEY in Fleet Prison 1816
33 Tho WOOD of Loughboro,believes born Swanwick. 1816
34 Joseph ENGLAND,47. born Swanwick father Wm. 1816
35 Benjamin RHODES 36 born Higham, wife Mary. 1816.
37 Jacob MATCHETT 30, marr Ann, children 1816
38 Geo MACDONALD 18 born Matlock father of Scotland 1816
39 John HEMSLEY born Gedlen, fwk. marr. Elizb fwk 1816
40 Hannah BUNTING wid 64 father Nathan NEWTON 1817
41 James BUXTON born Winster 45, wife Mary 1817
42 Job ELSE 56, born Sth Normanton, wife Sarah 1817
43 Mary DOBBS 29 single born Alfreton 1817
44 Hannah BARROTT Swanwick wid. of John of Ripley, 57, dau Sydonia 17, Aholebema 14 1817
45 George TRUEMAN born Swanwick 47, hired to Samuel RAMBLEY, then Militia and RA. Wife Ann. 1817
46 Sarah RANDLES born Bonsall 47,marr Manchester 1817
47 Wm FOSS miller 52, when 11 went to London, 14 served Daniel DREWREY of Mansfield. Wfe Mary and four children 1817
48 Charles JONES 41 collier, born Browsley grand father Richard JONES property in Madeley Shrops. Wife Sarah, six children 1817
49 Wm OSCROFT 50 born Selstone, hired to BUCK of Arnold, ran away, then John GARTON of Bramcote 1817
50 Ann HORNE 60,born London of parents belonging Alfreton. Lived Bucks., served Isaac STRANGE of Sth Wingfield, Wm BOOTH of Ansley, Notts, and James GREEN of Lenton 1819
51 Wm ENGLAND 29 born Swanwick resides Radford, marr 1819
52 John ALLCOCK served app. at Swanwick. An idle and disorderly fellow. Resided Loughborough. 1820
53 Tho WOOD of Pentridge born Swanwick, when 6 lived with John ATKINSON to learn rope making. Then to Wm BLOUNT Swanwick, then Tho GOODWIN Codnor Park then to bro John WOOD at Brackenfield, then Tho HEATH of Kirkby, then to John TURNER of Handley, then Mr STRELLEY at Oakerthorpe then Mr BOOTH at Pentridge. 1820
54 John FURNISS aged abt 22 born Bonsall, served John SMITH at Clipstone. 1821
55 Elizabeth GREEN 30 born Alfreton hired to Francis SPINKS of Derby St Alkmunds, then Jane MOSS of Quarndon. 1821
56 Elisheba MARRIOTT single 28, born Alfreton hired to Miss BROCKSOPP of Chesterfield then Mr RICHARD of Alfreton 1821
57 Elizabeth MARSHALL of Alfreton single 24 born Shirland hired to Miss HOPKINSON of Crich, then John HEROD of Blackwell, farmer, Mr SHARP of Tibshelf, John WARDS at Belper, then John OLDHAM at Morton then to SCULTHORPE of Nottm St Peter, Attorney, then Mr ALMOND Nottm St Nicholas then Mr CARRS at Alfreton 1824
58 Hannah ANDERSON 18 born Blackwell now pregnant 1824
59 Ann WRIGHT 20 born Shirland hired to John MACHIN of Blackwell 1825
60 Sarah TOMLINSON 22 born Alfreton, parents legally settled in Wirksworth. Hired to Mr THOMPSON of Alfreton glazier, then Mr STERLAND Somercotes butcher, Mr FOSTER Manchester, Mr NEAL Manchester. 1825
61 John WATSON Swanwick born Belper 28. App to Timothy KENT Horsley Woodhouse under a Certificate from Holbrook. Then to Mr WILLIAMS miller, Hopping Mill, then enlisted in Marines 1825
62 John PORTER Chesterfield 22 born Cambridgeshire, served Tho COVE Little Port farmer, then a soldier 59 Reg of Foot, them married Sarah SHELTON 1825
63 Thomas DRING of Broughton, Lincs, bro Robert, father belonged Sireson? in Notts. Bro Robert living with Henry HOOLE at Little Carlton, then Mr HIGGINS of Sth Muskham 1825
64 Emma HILL 20, born Sth Wingfield. Hired to Henry SLIGHT of Ansley, then Geo WHITE of Alfreton 1825
65 Wm KIRK 81 born Selstone resides Arnold, parents legally settled in Alfreton. 1826
66 Hannah DAWES of Alfreton spinster George DAWES 4, her own Settlement is Alfreton. In 1822 delivered of Geo DAWES in Derby St Werburgh. 1826
67 Elizabeth JOYNER, David. Scotland, Kinross, Inverness to Alfreton, husband a Soldier. 1720
68 Samuel BADGLEY 31, born Darley Dale. Apprenticed to James SEVERN of Brinsley. A blacksmith but now a lunatic. 1737
69 George BAGGALEY 31, Rogue and a vagabond. Born Ashover, apprenticed to Tho COLLIER of Alfreton then served as a soldier. 1793
67a Hannah ROBINSON wid 23, born Chaddesden, husband John dec. but belonged to Ripley. 1831
69a Sarah SLATER 21, born West Hallam, parents legal settlement at Upper Cotton, Staffs. 1831
70i Elizabeth DAVIS wife of Joseph, born Brinsley. 1834 husband now a lunatic said to belong to Codnor.
70ii Mary BURGOYNE originally marr to Thos DAVIS at Heanor, two children Joseph now a lunatic and Ann now married. Husband ran away. Later married to Geo BURGOYNE of Selston, later of Riddings. 1834?
71 John HORSLEY, Sarah wife, John, Saml, Geo,. Bound app to Joseph ROLLEY, tailor of Alfreton. Father Wm. blind. John deranged. 1834
72 Hannah LICETT infant, dau of Wm born Selston parents belong Blidworth. 1834 Information supplied by Elizabeth RATHBOURN
73 John GREGORY 21 wife Ann. Now chargeable to Leek, Staffs. Examined at Leek. 1835
R80 Susannah SIMPSON wife of James SIMPSON (who has deserted her) Her husband served apprentice to John ELLIOT stockinger of Alfreton. 1805
R181 Mary HASLAM wife of Jeremiah HASLAM fwk. (who has absconded) Always understood husbands Settlement at Alfreton. Children Mary and Elizabeth. Have been removed before in Feb 1817.
R427 James WHITCRAFT 57 of St Nicholas, Leics. lab. born Duffield, Dbys. where his father John WHITCRAFT lived and belonged. Mother Susannah bound him apprentice to Uncle Jonathan TODD of Alfreton. Sixteen yrs ago his wife Hannah died. Lived since at Derby, Sheffield, Yks and now St Nicholas, Leicester, with his wife SARAH who he married at Pentrich Dbys a short time after the death of his first wife. 1835
R433 John HORSLEY in 1804 apprenticed to Joseph ROLLEY of Alfreton, tailor. 1835
ASHFORD IN THE WATER with year of Examination.
1 Mary LOMAS wife of George. 1756
2 Stephen ANDERSON Ashford lab. born Blackwell. 1766
3 Wm TORKINGTON born King Sterndale 1766
4 Wm WRIGHT born Rotherham. 1770
5 Wm TORKINGTON gardiner, born Kings Sterndale. 1770
6 Wm MILNES mason, 1770
7 Wm DICKENS born Taddington. 1770
8 Sarah HIBBERT Ashford servant. 1770
9 Hannah BENNETT aged 17. 1773
10 Tho GOODWIN gardiner n.d.
10b Tho GOODWIN gardiner born nr Knutsford.1783
11 John SWINDALE born Alport. 1785
12 Tho GOODWIN Ashford gardiner. 1785
13 Thomas GOODWIN Ashford, "remembers Rbt BRETNOR writing his name". 1787
14 Fanny WARRINGTON wife of James. 1787
15 Robert HEATHCOTE born Flagg. 1787
16 James ARCHBOLD joiner of Northumberland. 1787
17 Wm ROBERTS born Edensor, butcher. 1787.
18 Dolly WARRING wife of William who deserted her. 1787
19 Hannah WHIPPEY aged 30 born Wardlow. 1788
20 Thomas DAKIN late of Thorp, Uncle Mr GREEN of Ashford. 1789
21 Mary NEWTON Kimberworth West Riding of Yorkshire aged 28, widow of Abraham NEWTON. 1790
22 William SPILSBURY late of Manchester born Sutton near MIDDLEWICH. Apprenticed to John BATE of Hallam WRY, married Mary DUNN of Middlewich. Have Hannah 16, Elizabeth 14, Wm 13. Wife died Sheffield. 1791
23 Benjamin WRIGHT 31 born Ashford, fathers Settlement is at Rotherham 1801
24 James MIDDLETON Ashford 30 born Tideswell apprenticed to Benj. BIRLEY of Ashford. Fathers Settlement at Bradwell 1801
26 Wm BAILY of Ashford 27, born Great Longstone. Lived with Mrs TRAFFORD at Eyam, then James LONGSDON of Little Longstone then Robert NEEDHAM of Rowland Liberty, then Robert VILLERS of Ashford 1802
27 Samuel SANDERSON 36 born Ordsall, Notts parents legally settled at Clarborough, apprenticed to John GREEN of Basford, then Goe HUTCHINSON. Served in army. Wife Martha. Son John 1829
28 John BLAKEMORE born Bromlow, p Worthing. 1842
29R Alice WALKER 22 born in Ashover, mother Drothy. 1841
33R Charlotte WILTSHIRE, (wife of Thomas, absent.) William aged 15. 1842
33Ra Samuel KEELING 29 Mary wife, nee BEST. Mary Ann 8, James 6. Father Richard. Mother Mary ABEL 1843
38R William MANIFOLD, Sarah wife, Hannah 7. 1843
ASHOVER with year of Examination
3 Wm TAGG Hasland app to John RICHARDSON moved to Linby with him, returned to Grasmore 1713
4 John BRIGGS born Woodthorp 1717
5 James HAYS aged 30. born Ley, husbandman 1740
6 Chas RIGGER born Dick Lant, served Jeremiah HIGGINBOTHAM of North Wingfield. 1740
7 Edward SLACK born Press, app weaver to Richard SMITH? of Hasland 1740
8 Tho BOWER born Ashover served Rbt SCHOLAR of Beeley 1740/1
9 Robert CLARKSON born Nottm St Nicholas 1740/1
10 Ralph FROST born Kirk Ireton served Joshua HODGKINSON at Matlock, Wirksworth and Cromford 1758
11 Geo WOODWARD born Tansley served Uncle in Washington and Geo ROSE at Eckington 1758
12 Paul BASFORD born Ashover app to Wm WATSON of Heanor then Ilkeston. Father Paul 1766
13 Daniel CLIFF born Marston on Dove served Rich BACON of Alton p. Ashover then served the King 15yrs 1767
14 Sarah NALL born Ashover hired Nottm St Mary 1768
15 David BASFORD born Ashover lived Brackenfield 1770
16 Joseph CARLISLE born Matlock enlisted 12th Reg Foot 1770
17 Wm DAVENPORT born Hardstafft served in Teversal, then Tupton.
18 John HENSTOCK Ashover, fathers Settlement Bonsall served Wm BYWATER Wingerworth 1770
19 William HENSTOCK hired in Dethick and Stanton in Youlgreave, father of Ashover. 1770
20 John HOPKINSON born Shottle legal Settlement Matlock 1770
21 George PEARSON miner, born Ashover, served in Clay Lane, Ashover and St Marylebone London. 1770
22 James SNEATH Ashover hired Handley, Stretton 1770
23 Barnet BARTON born Ashover, father resided Ashover under Certificate from Eyam 1770
24 Mattias BAYLEY born Blackwell or Sutton in Ashfield 1770 Lived Wingerworth.
25 Leonard BOWER hired at Wisall, Notts, Ashover, Shirland, Ackenthorpe in Beighton parish 1770
26 Ann HOPKINSON 22, single. Served in Farnsfield, Beesthorpe, then with Rbt CLAY at Stretton. Has a child. 1770
27 Martha HAYS single born Ashover, fathers Sett. at Woodthorpe. Hired in Bonsall. 1770
28 David BERRISFORD born Ashover, lived with Wm FIDLER at Ogston. Married. 1771
29 Joseph NADIN born Elton, hired to Godfrey MARSDEN of Hassup, then moved to Bradwell 1771
30 Tho HOPKINSON born Ashover hired to Joseph OUTRAM of Alfreton 1772
31 Jervace MATHER born Ashover, father Certificated man from Kirk Ireton. Served in Unstone, Pilsley Teversall and Bilsthorpe
32 George SHAW born Wensley 1772
33 Stephen THOMPSON born Alport ? 1772
34 Robert BIGGAR born Midghope, Scotland. served Geo FIDDES St Bosswell, then White Chapell Middx then St Johns Wapping, the St George in the East. 1772
35 Benjamin PARKER born Cold Aston, served Cornelius DARLEY of Sheffield, then lived in Markfield, Leics with John WAINWRIGHT, then in Kirkby in Leics with Saml FOREMAN 1773
36 Randal FRADSUM born Manchester, lab, father Sett in Wales. Served John RANLEY of Killam, then at Fislock, then Stainforth 1774
37a John ALLEN born Ashover, where father resided under Certificate from Brackenfield. Served Samuel LIMB of Ashover 1774
37b Elizabeth BAYLEY (BAILEY) born Ashover widow, served John HILL of Heath, John WATKINSON of Calow, Lord WINSOR of Conduit Street, served at St Georges Church, then Lord VANE in St Georges Parish, Earl of Manchester at Bartholomew Square. Married Thomas BAYLEY a fellow servant to Earl of Manchester, once a butler to George OXINGTON. He worked in Gentlemen's gardens. Came to Ashover where he died after three weeks. 1774
37c Daniel BROADHURST of Ashover, born Pilsley p. Edensor where father lived under Certificate from Hassop. Worked at Pilsley, Snitterton then Thomas EATON of Tansley. 1775
38 James BROCK of Ashover woolcomber, born Shepton Mallett, Somerset. Assigned to Jos GOLDSNE of Shepton Mallett. 1775
39a Thomas SIMSON (SIMPSON) of Ashover miner, 60, born Winster. 1778
39b John MELLOR of Ashover, 26, shoemaker born Congleton, Cheshire. Father lives Hartington 1778
39c David BARTON born Ashover, shoemaker where his father lived under certificate from Eyam. Apprenticed to William GODWARD of Matlock shoemaker, now allotted in Militia. 1778
40 David ELSE miner 21, born Ashover. Verbally agreed to one William FOX of Todwick, Yorkshire. No hiring. 1778
41a John KNOWLES of Ashover miner, born Darley served Humphrey BRAILSFORD Clerk, then moved with him to Bonsall, now in Militia. 1778
41b James HAYS of Ashover, fathers legal settlement Tupton. Miner 1778
42a William MATHER of Ashover miner, fathers Legal Settlement Bonsall. Apprenticed to Isaac WILSON of Ashover, woolcomber, assigned to Arthur WASS of Ashover 1778
42b William CUTTS of Ashover, born Ireland. Brought to Wingerworth when 6 wks old, fathers legal Settlement there. Apprenticed to John GREAVES of Wingerworth. 1778
43a Henry SMITH of Ashover woolcomber born Shepton Mallett, Somerset, apprenticed to Robert FELPS (PHELPS) of Pelton, Somerset. 1778.
43b Joseph ELSE of Ashover, miner, fathers legal Settlement Bonsall 1778
44 Edward BONINGTON born Ashover, aged 25, served James MILWARD of North Wingfield, farmer. 1778
45 John BRIGGS of Ashover, labourer aged 40, born Wingerworth, fathers legal Settlement Ashover. Apprenticed to William PRYOR of Sheffield Park, Yks. cutler, Joseph GRATTON of Wingerworth, farmer, William WRAGG Stretton Hall, Clay Lane. 1778
46 John FRETWELL born Ashover, 29, labourer, Served Thomas WRAGG farmer of Ashover. 1778
47 George MARRIOTT born Ashover. Apprenticed to John FIDLER Morton, blacksmith, his master a Certificated person from Matlock. 1778
48 William GAUNT of Ashover, born Holloway Lea and Dethick township, fathers legal settlement there, a weaver. 1778
49 Mary HOPKINSON 24 born Ashover served Samuel BARKER of Chesterfield. 1778
50 William WRIGHT of Ashover 30, born Toadpool p.Baslow. Served George WRIGHT of Ashover, Rebecca LAURENCE of Duckmanton, George HALL of Ashover then married. 1778
51a Samuel COOK 34, born Tansley, fathers legal Settlement Matlock. Served Robert BURTON a distiller at Whittington. 1778
51b John BUCKLEY 33,born Matlock 1778
51c James SLACK 32, born Ashover served William HOPKINSON of Pilsley, North Wingfield. 1778
52a Isaac BIRKS born Ashover, 38, served in Ketlington, (Kellington?) Notts. 1778
52b Job BERRISFORD born Ashover, 37, hired to Richard ASHLEY of Over Langwith. 1778
53 Thomas KEMP 30, born Ashover, served in Sutton in Ashfield, Notts, resided at a farm in Kirkby, Notts. 1778
54a Richard HASLAM born Chesterfield, 37. Served Benjamin FLETCHER of Stonegravel, Newbold, hired at Toll Bar. 1778
54b George SMITH born Matlock 39, In 1776 lived in Ashover, rented from Banks HODGKINSON. Mother has lands in Darley 1778
55 Godfrey SHORE (SHAW) of Ashover, born Morton, father moved when Examinant was 2yr old to North Wingfield, moved to Ashover, married, employed teaching children to dance and playing upon musick. 1779
56 George LIMB of Ashover, 22, born Cromford. 1779
57 John PENDLETON, born North Wingfield, now of Ashover, fathers legal Settlement Matlock. Hired to Samuel GREGORY of Calow, John ALLSOPP of Stretton, North Wingfield, sawyer, worked for his master for most part at Teversal, Notts. but returned every week to his lodgings in Clay Lane. 1782
58 William MARRIOT of Ashover woolcomber. Apprenticed to John WOODWARD of Ashover, served as substitute in Rutlandshire Militia for last three years. 1782
59 Samuel HARDY of Ashover, 24, mason. Apprenticed to John ANDERSON of St James, Middx. mason. Master left him, not seen or heard of him since. 1782
60 George ELSE born Ashover, 25, miner resided there under Certificate from Bonsall where his fathers legal Settlement is also. 1784
61 James NADIN of Ashover, 21, born Hope, parents legal Settlement at Ashover. Hired to John SMITH of Bakewell, then Dr WILLOTT of Chesterfield 1784
62 Robert SUTTON 24 born Mansfield, Notts. hired to William SISSONS of Witwell (Whitwell) farmer, Samuel GREEN of Witwell, (Whitwell) Derbys. tailor, enlisted Eighty sinth (sic) Rgt Foot, now lives in Ashover. 1784
63 William WONES of Ashover aged 30, born Barth Sides p.Grinton, Swaledale, Yks., hired by John PARKS Esquire, of Grinton 1784
64 Barnard BARTON of Ashover, lime burner, born Ashover of fathers legal settlement Eyam. Served John TOWNDROW maltster of Ashover. Father died eleven years since. Barnard been married twice, first married 15 yrs ago. has seven children by his two wives now living. 1784
65 James MARRIOTT born Ashover, hired by Aaron BIGGIN of Norton, John BARK of Barlow, iron founder, called wharf furnace in liberty of Newbold. Lodged at Richard SMITH, Stone Gravels in liberty of Newbold, went to live at Ashover, married. 1784
66 William MATHER born Ashover, fathers legal Settlement Bonsall. Married to Elizabeth, one child named Hannah. 1784
67 John MOWBRAY wheelwright born Finnigly (Finningley) Notts. Apprenticed to Thomas MOWBRAY of Finnigly (Finningley) Notts. then served George KITCHEN wheelwright of Barlborough, then Ashover, then at Crich. Purchased a bit of freehold land in Ashover for "three pounds and three shillings upon which he built house costing twenty two pounds five shillings and sixpence". 1784
68 John ELLIS born Kirkby, Notts served his father and then enlisted 46th Rgt Foot, discharged, built house in Kirkby Woodhouse, sold it, came to live at Beeley, returned to Kirkby, then to Ashover. Worked an allotment there property of his wifes father. 1784
69 John WATSON born Ashover. Over twenty years ago went to Temple Normanton under Certificate from Ashover. Lived only his last years at Ashover. 1784
70 James WHARTON born Ashover, blacksmith. Apprenticed to John HAWKSWORTH of Brampton, blacksmith, then worked as a journeyman with John GREAVES of Wingerworth, blacksmith. Married a year since. His master John HAWKSWORTH had a Certificate from Barlborough. 1784
71 William MELLOR late of and born in Mansfield, Notts. fwk 21. Apprenticed to John HOPEWELL of Mansfield, Notts. baker, Francis WRIGHT of Mansfield, lived at the "Blue Bore" in Mansfield, Notts. as Ostler. Has a brother in Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1784
72 Joseph BARKER of Ashover, breeches maker, 23, born Clay Cross. Apprenticed when 9 to Thomas DUTTON of Higham, breeches maker. 1786
73 John ELLIOTT of Ashover, miner 26. born Morton. Served Thomas ASKEY of Pilsley, North Wingfield farmer, William GILL of Mapplebeck, Notts. 1786
74 William GLOVER 37 born Scolford, (Scalford) Leics. Hired to John METTON (or MELTON) of Gedling, Notts, Samuel GAMBLE of Thumberstone, (Humberstone?, Thurmaston?) Leics.. farmer. 1786
75 Henry HENSTOCK born Ashover, 28. Hired to Job WRAGG of Brackenfield, farmer, Arthur RIGGATT (RIGGOTT) Ashover, farmer, John PICKERING North Wingfield, farmer. 1786
76 James MARRIOTT of ASHOVER 35 hired to John GRATTON of Wingerworth, farmer, Aaron BIGGIN of Norton 1786
77 Christopher MUSGRAVE of Ashover, slagsmilter? 22 born Marwick, WRY hired himself to St James Penney Man for two years, one half at Beverley Yks the other half in Southandley St in Middx. 1786
78 James MARSON of Ashover, miner 24, born Matlock. 1786
79 John STRATFORD born Henly Hardy (Henley-in- Arden) Warwicks 27, Apprenticed to Matthew BOLTON, John FOTHERGALE of Soho, Handsworth, Staffs. button maker.1786
80 William WHEELDON of Ashover, born Winster, 49, bound to William CADMAN of Winster blacksmith. 1786
81 Joseph MARRIOTT born Ashover, 40, hired to Richard HOLE of Ashover. 1786
82 Rodger WILMOTT late of Ashover miner, over 60, born Darley. Married Elizabeth CHADWICK of Bonsall. He went to live in a house she had at Bonsall. When she died his wifes mother agreed with Samuel BOWN of Matlock and Rachel his wife who was his wifes sister to pay twenty two pounds for it. 1786
83 John HAWLEY of Ashover blacksmith 25, born Stanton, Dbys. Apprenticed to Robert WOODROOF of Handley p. Staveley blacksmith. 1787
84 Rodger (Roger) WAINE of Ashover, born Darley, 34. Hired to Richard BRAILSFORD of Stretton. 1787
85 George COTTERILL of Ashover 23, born Cromford. Apprenticed to George SMITH of Chesterfield, fwk, absented himself from his master and went into sea service. Believes his master has a Certificate from North Wingfield. 1789
86 Mary MORLEY of Chesterfield single. About four yrs ago hired by Louisa STREET wife of George STREET of Chesterfield, skinner. Mr STREET purchased farm at Ashover, she went with them as hired servant. Left because of illness. 1789
87 John BIRCH of hamlet of Cromford, lab 19 born Cirencester, Gloucester. Parents legal Settlement Rincom, Glos. Married 2wks ago at Wirksworth to Elizabeth BOAM of Ashover. 1792
88 John BIRCH (as 87) but parents Settlement at Rencome, married Elizabeth BOAME. This document is dated 14th June. The previous document is blank where the day and month is concerned although 12th June has been written on the reverse of that document. 1792
89 Joseph SMITH Ashover lab 40, born Hasland married ten year ago. Rented land at Ashover from William CANTRELL rented of widow ALLEN, George GOODALE of Ashover. Mentions Thomas SMEDLEY of Ashover. 1794
90 George ALLEN born Ashover 36, hired to Nathaniel WASS of Matlock, Sarah GREGORY of Ashover. He took over from a man who came from Wirksworth and was succeeded by a Joseph ALLEN. 1795.
91 John RIGGATT (RIGGOTT) born Ashover, hired to Joseph HILL of Heath. Married Hannah FROST, has John, George and William and died about 9m. 1795
92 John YOUNG of Riber p.Matlock 29 born Lea. When 15 moved with his father to Crich. Worked as a miller with Francis CLAY of Lea. Made agreement with George FLETCHER of Lea, calico weaver to learn trade, George JACKSON of Lea, then went to his father now ay Butterley p. Ashover. Married Elizabeth MILWARD, has Ann, Mary and William. 1796
93 George GOODALL born Ashover, lab. 26.Hired to Peter PARKES of Wingerworth, then Thomas HOUNSFIELD of Tupton farmer, then Mr ROBERTS of Alfreton fellmonger, came home to father. 1800
94 William WALKER of Ashover, miner 62 born Bonsall, hired to Timothy SPENCER farmer of Matlock, then Samuel RICKETT of Matlock farmer. Married aged 42 at Ashover. 1800
95 Hannah HATFIELD single 18, born Darley where her mother resides under Certificate from Beeley. Apprenticed when aged 8 to widow GILL of Harewood p.Beeley until 21.,but by reason of poverty Mistress left the said parish. 1800
96 Francis SNEATH of Alfreton fwk. aged 19 born Alfreton. Hired to Thomas BROOKS of Tibshelf fwk who resided there under Certificate from Nottingham St Mary. Married Sarah RAWSON at Tibshelf. 1801
97 Sarah WRAGG of Ashover 29 single, born Weller, (Wellow?) Notts. fathers legal Settlement Blidworth, Notts. When she was one, her father enlisted as a soldier and her mother removed to Ashover to her grandfather and grandmother. Hired when 28 to John BACON of North Wingfield, left because of a hurt received from a cow. 1802
98 George BERRISFORD born Ashover, labour. Hired to Samuel CARDIN of Oxon, (Oxton?) Notts. farmer, John MERCHANT of p.Blackwell. 1802
99 William GELSTRUP born Teversal, Notts., labourer. Hired to Joseph DOWNING of Tibshelf, farmer. Married. 1802
100 John GHANT (GHENT, GENT?) born Lea, wheelwright of Ashover. Apprenticed to Peter TAYLOR of Lea, wheelwright. 1802
101 William LONGDEN of Ashover 23, miller. Hired to William CLAYTON of Wingerworth, Samuel LONGDEN of Woodthorp Mill p.North Wingfield then John LONGDEN of Alfreton. 1802
102 John TOWNDROW born Ashover lab. 25. Served John SEALES of Arnold, Notts. farmer. 1802
103 John TURNER of Ashover fwk, born Shirland. Apprenticed to Richard WRIGHT of Shirland fwk. Married 1802
104 Paul BRELSFORD born Ashover, lab. 25 Hired to Samuel HOLLAND of Hasland, farmer. Married 1802
105 Thomas CANTRIL (CANTRELL) 42, born Clay Lane Quarter p.North Wingfield. Hired to William WEBSTER of Holmgate, Gent. Married. 1802
106 George ROBINSON of Ashover "plumer and glaser" 47 born Bakewell. Apprenticed to William FORIST (FORREST?) of Bakewell 1802
107 Hannah HARRISON of Ashover widow, 27, born Froggatt. When 19 married Thomas HARRISON of Bakewell, believed to be settled Curbar. 1802
108 Samuel HARVEY joiner, born Shirland, apprenticed to Benjamin TOMLINSON of Chesterfield, joiner. 1802
108a Mr Richard HARVEY father of Samuel HARVEY note to Ro. WATERHOUSE; when Samuel had been 10m with me I could not deal with him and let him go.
109 Peter TAYLOR of Ashover, labourer, born Temple Normanton. Hired to William JACKSON of Mansfield, Notts. farmer. 1802
110 Joseph NADIN of Ashover fwk.31. Apprenticed to William FROST of Mansfield, Notts. fwk. Enlisted in HM Service. 1806
111 Daniel GODBEHERE of Wirksworth, woolcomber 45, born Millhouses p.Wirksworth. Parents legal Settlement Bonsall. Hired to George HODGKNSON of Ashover, returned to father at Wirksworth, then at Henry ELLIOTT a woolcomber. 1806
112 John BROWN of Ashover soldier aged 29 "born upon the sea" of parents that were both born in Ireland. Mother had lived a board ship a long time, that she landed with him at Poole. John BROWN 18m since Inlisted into the Royal Army of the Reserve for the County of Nottingham 24th 2nd Battalion. 1807 On reverse "to Ireland".
113 John COOK of Scarthin Nick p.Matlock, stone mason born Deansmore, p.South Wingfield of parents legal settled Ashover. When 10 went to work in the mines at Ashover with his father. Came to reside Matlock and worked at cotton mills at Cromford. In 1791 engaged to work for Thomas SWINNERTON of Cromford, stone mason. Married Sarah WALKER of Woollarton (Woollaton) Notts, has James. Rented a stone quarry from Mr SAUNDERS of Trowell, Notts. 1807
114 John DAVIS born Ashover labourer 66. Parents legal settlement some parish in Flint, Wales. Served John LINGARD of Wingerworth, Thomas LOWE of Brampton 1809
115 John WALKER of Ashover 29 born Clay Lane. Parents legal settlement Woodthorpe. Served Thomas SKINNER of Howbeck Woodhouse near Norton Cucknall in Notts, farmer, William BALL of Hucknall Tawkell, (Hucknall Torkard), Notts. 1809
116 Mary MELLOR of Ashover, 23, born Wingerworth. Delivered of a child in Wingerworth over four year ago. Agreed with John GOODWIN of Ashover to give him one shilling a week towards maintenance and to work for him as servant. Now pregnant, likely to be born a bastard. 1809
117 John EMMET 40 born Tealby, Lincs. Apprenticed to John WHINBY of Kirton Linsey, Lincs. breechesmaker. Worked with Benjamin WRAGG of Ashover, breeches maker. 1810
118 Hannah SOWTER of Higham, spinster 23 born Ashover. When one went to Higham to Edward BARKER of Higham, her grandfather. Now pregnant. 1810
119 Ann YOUNG born Ashover 23 single. Apprenticed to John BERRISFORD Ashover farmer. John OLDHAM of Morton farmer. Supposed to be with child. 1810
120 Robert PURSGLOVE of Woodthorpe, labourer 30 born Orton (Alton?) p.Ashover. Hired to Anthony HOPKINSON of Alton aforesaid, James STRINGFELLOW of Wingerworth, Job HOLE of Butterley, p.Ashover, farmer George WATSON of Hilcote, Blackwell, Elias HEATH of Blidworth, Notts, Daniel BULL of Tythe Farm, Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. Married 3yr ago to Caren TURNER at North Wingfield. One child. 1811
121 John BOWDEN of Ashover, labourer 65 born Matlock. Served Thomas FIDLER of Shirland, Married, entered house at Darley of Samuel JEBB of Chesterfield. 1811
122 Examination of James SHIPLEY concerning Robert JONES an infant of 13m left by his father George JONES without means of support. George JONES is now a soldier, legal Settlement, St Mary, Islington, London. Overseers of Ashover refused relief. 1812
123 Ann SHIPMAN, 21,born Ashover, parents legal Settlement Pentrich. Hired to Mr REDFERN of Crich, George ALLEN of Ashover farmer, John CROFTS of Crich, George ALLEN of Ashover Hay. Now with child. 1812
124 Sarah LOWE of Wirksworth 63 born Brampton. Married Samuel LOWE, his legal Settlement Brampton. Thirty yrs ago husband took a farm at Ashover Upper End from Mr JEBB. Husband died 14 yrs ago resided Wirksworth ever since. 1812
125 Elizabeth THOMPSON Brampton widow 70, born Chesterfield. Married Benjamin THOMPSON of Chesterfield, 6m after marriage moved to Ashover. 1814
126 William MIDDLETON of Loughborough, 23 servant born Packington, Leics. 1814
127 Joseph GREEN of Tansley labourer, 23, born Ashover. Apprenticed to William CLARKE calico weaver, (whose Settlement was Highedge (Heage) but resided Belper ) Married about 1 yr ago to Catherine JACQUES, has Sarah 2m. 1817
128 Ann BRENTNALL of Walton widow concerning Settlement of Martha BRENTNALL wife of her late son Richard BRENTNALL of Walton. Richard born at Stanley, Dbys, when 23 moved with parents to Ashover, married Martha MAWKS (MAUKS) of Ashover. Has a child of 2yr, moved to Walton after marriage 1820
129 Benjamin ELLIOTT 25 labourer, born Ashover. Hired to Francis ELLIOTT of Woolley Moor farmer, Samuel SLATER of Tansley publican, Dan WOOLLEY of Hartsey (Hartsay) farmer, Josh HODGKINSON of Ashover, Rheuben (Reuben) BROOKSHAW of Oakerthorpe, Josh ALLEN of Ashover 1820
130 George CALTON fwk of Ashover 40, born Smalley of parents legally Settled at Denby. 1821
131 John HOWSLEY (HOUSLEY) born Ashover, labourer. 1821
132 Henry PLATTS of Ashover labourer 32, born South Wingfield. Hired to Joseph BEARDSLEY of Crich, farmer, Samuel TOMLINSON of South Wingfield farmer. 1824
133 Daniel SMITH born Ashover, 38 father was a linen weaver. Married 6wks after fathers death which was when the Examinant was 22 yrs old. Drive the "plow" for Mr PEARSON of South Wingfield. 1825
134 John MILWARD of Ashover 23 born Woodthorpe. Parents legal Settlement Derby. Apprenticed to Robert HILL of Tibshelf .Master relieved by Teversall Notts. Married to Sarah MARRIOTT  1811
135 Richard KEETON of Ashover 31 born Pilsley. Served William FISHER of Rowthorne,Mrs LOWE Calow, William SADLER North Wingfield. Married Elizabeth HIGGINBOTTON. (sic) 1811
136 John GILL of Ashover 46 born Stretton, parents legal Settlement Clay Lane. Apprenticed to Thomas ANDERSON Greasley, Notts, resided there under certificate from Silson Notts. Married Sarah MANKNELL, one child. 1812
137 Joseph WHITE of Ashover 43 born Woodthorpe. Hired to John BEARDMORE Pinxton, John SAINTS p. Greasley Notts. Married Elizabeth LEVERS, has eight children.  1812
138 Samuel PARSONS of Ashover 32 born Tibshelf, parents settlement Linby Notts. Hired to Thomas CHARLESWORTH of Bolsover, George MILNES of Tibshelf, Richard HARDWICK of Tibshelf, George BRADLEY of North Wingfield. Married to Ann BARNTON, one child 1812
139 James BROUGHF (sic) of Ashover 27 born Scarcliffe. Hired to George WEALKER of Newthorpe, Notts, John HOLE Ashover. Married Mary SWIFT, two children.   1812
140 John GLADWIN of Ashover 44 born Youlgreave. Hired to John GOODWIN of Matlock, then James GLADWIN his father of Ashover  1812
141 George STORER of Ashover 34, does not know parents or place of birth. Married Martha SMITH, has four children. Took house at Walton then Matlock, then Buntingfield Toll Gate. 1812 
142 Thomas WRIGHT of Ashover 23. Hired to Alexander FROGGATT of Baslow, William EDGE of Ashover, then James BROWNALF ? of Ashover. Married Ann HEEDS? . Two children 1812
143 John GREGORY of Ashover 36 born Matlock. Apprenticed to William ELLIS of Matlock. Married Ann SPENCER, three children.  1812
144 William BERESFORD of Ashover 30 born Snareston, Leics. Apprenticed to Nicholas GEAREY of Inckley (Hinckley?) Leics, master removed to Barwell, Leics. Married Sarah SLACK. 1812
145 Abraham BIRCKS of Ashover 25, born Ashover, parents legal Settlement Kirklington Notts. Hired to Bartholomew OLDFIELD Wingerworth, Thomas RADLEY p. Worksop, Notts, William WEBSTER North Wingfield. Married Ellen NEEDHAM. 1812
146 George MELLOR of Ashover 30 born Wingerworth. Apprenticed to William ROYS of Eckington , returned to father in Wingerworth, married RElizabeth TWELLS. Four children. Resides at Press. Rents from James SLACK house and garden, field from James TURNER, crofts from late Ann WATSON. 1812  
147 William BEASLEY of Ashover 36 born Greasley Notts., parents legal Settlement Eastwood Notts. 1812
148 William WETTON of Ashover 38 born Crich. Apprenticed to Thomas SHAW of South Wingfield.1812
149 Abigh LEAM of Ashover 60  born Crich. Learned trade from his father. 1812
150 Job WALKER of Ashover 27 born Ashover parents legal Settlement Matlock  1812
151 George PENDLETON of Ashover 34. Hired to John WILSON of Spinkhill, Jonathan STEEL of Barlborough. Married Jane WILKS, has five children.  1813
152 Thomas WHILEY of Ashover 36 born Cantley Yks. Apprenticed to Joseph TOMLIN of Gainsborough Lincs, returned home to father at Bollam Notts. Married Elizabeth HINSON.  1813
153 William SIMPSON of Matlock 21 born London ,parents legal Settlement Matlock Hired to John GOODWIN of Matlock, George CAWOOD of Ashover, John RUTH (ROOTH?) of Tisbshelf 1814.
154 Thomas HOPKINSON of Ashover 70. Hired to Joseph OUTRAM of Alfreton. Marr. Sarah HOPKINSON, one child.1815 155 William CALDER of Ashover 24 born Shirland, parents legal Settlement Alfreton. Worked with father as a tailor, enlisted in HMS. Discharged with pesion. Married Peggy BOWER, one child.  1815
156 Joseph BINGHAM of Ashover 41 born Litton . Wed  Rebecca UNWIN, three children. 1815
157 William BINGHAM of Ashover 19 born Litton. Married Mary GOODALL 1815
158 James WILLGOOSE of Ashover 29 born Eckington, parents legal Settlement Upper Haddon. Apprenticed to William BRITLAND of Cromford. Married Ann KNIGHT.  1815
159 William TWIGG of Ashover 54 born Stanton. Married Ann PLATTS. Took land in Matlock parish of Richard ARKWRIGHT. Wife died, married then Ann GOULD had three children, she died, came to live with father on farm in Ashover, landlord Mr ETCHES, married Mary ANDREW, had three children.  1817
 160 Thomas BUXTON of Ashover 23 born Chesterfield. Apprenticed to James LINDLEY of Sheffield Yks, then William TOPLIS of Chesterfield. Married Elizabeth KIRKHAM. 1816
161 George GOODWIN of Ashover regarding his son Joseph GOODWIN who was killed in parish of Crich. Joseph was 25, born Ashover. Hired to Arthur ROBINSON of Wingerworth. Married Ann GRAINGER. 1816
162 Ann GOODWIN widow of Ashover 29 born Codnor. Married Joseph GOODWIN , had two children. Husband killed at Crich. 1816
163 Elizbaeth HOLMES wife of Samuel HOLMES late of Ashover, re settlement of Frederick ASKEW. Delivered of Frederick ASKEW at Handley , Yks, not married. Wed Samel HOLMES 15 months later. Have four children, he has run away not seen for about 6 months.  1816
164 William SHIRT 23 born Alfreton, parents belonging Chapel en le Frith. Hired to Job HANNIBALL of Greasley, Notts. Married Elizabeth WILSON  1815.
165 John SPRAY 31 born Ashover. Hired to Richard HARDSTAFF of Linby Notts, John HOLE Ashover. Married Susannah SLACKE, two children.  1816
166 George WOOD 22 born Ashover. Hired to John KNOWLES of Brackenfield, Robert SOWTER Brackenfield. Married Mary TOMLINSON.  1816
167 Benjamin Benoni HOLMES 22 born Ashover. Hired to Ralph BURROWS of Hucknall under Huthwaite, Notts. Married Ann CLARKE no children  1816
168 Richard OLDHAM 72 born Nottingham, Notts. Apprenticed to Matthew BUTCHER of Sutton in Ashfield Notts. Later resided at Cheserfield. Father died when examinant was 40. Had land in Hasland. Married Dorothy BOWER, one child. 1816
169 Christopher MUSGRAVE 53 born Marwich,Yks. Went to live with Sir James PENNYMAN of Hornsby (Ormesby?) Cleveland Yks. Then went to Hampton and hired at racing stables. Came to Stonehedge, Ashover. Went to Chesterfield. Married Sarah BOWER, had two children, then married Martha, has five children with her.  1816
170 Thomas CLARK 66 born Bradbourne. Apprenticed to James SMITH of Ashover.  1816
171 William REVELL 72 born Wingerworth. Married Mary MATHER, has four children. Rented land in Rowsley from Mr WHITE, Rented house from Mr BOWME, close from Joseph MARRIOTT. Wife died. Married Sarah BAMFORD. Father of wife died, wife then died and house descended to wifes son she had before she was married to Examinant. 1817
172 Joseph RIGGOTT 50. Hired to Samuel STRONG of Walton, Joseph TOWNDROW of Ashover. Married to Martha NICKOLS, has four children. 1817
173 Francis ROBERTS 19 born Repton. Apprenticed to Thomas CROSLEY of Repton. Master left to live in Tansley. Went with him, quarreled with Mster then left for Matlock , then Ashover. Married Mary YOUNG, has son.  Mar.1817
174 Francis ROBERTS married Mary YOUNG   Apr.1817
175 John TAYLOR 37 born Breedon, Leics. Apprenticed to William SELLS of Woodhouse, Leics. Master used him ill. Hired to Isaac BRENTNALL Ashover  1817
176 Matthew BOWER 43. Learned trade from three different masters. 1817
177 Mary SMITH ? yrs of age. Born Corsey Green Wolster (Worcs?) . Married Joseph SMITH whose legal Settlement was Dudley, Worcs. Moved to Derby, when she left her husband and went to friends at Lea. Not seen husband since 1813. Told her husband was dead. Married Matthew BOWER six children. She now lives in Ashover.  1817
178 Munton MOORE 24 born Chesterfield . Apprenticed to Henry HOULDSWORTH of Heath. Married Elizabeth SHIPSTONE, one child. 1817
179 William YOUNG 38 born Ashover.  1817
180 Samuel GOODLAD 37. Hired to John HOLE of Ashover. 1817
181 Mary GELLSTHORPE 20 born Ashover, parents Settlement Tibshelf. Hired to John BARTON Ashover, Roger WALL Ashover. Went to Chesterfield, then hired to Mr LEES of Ashover, James NEWTON Tibshelf.  1818
182 Joseph WAGSTAFF 30. Hired to Benjamin ARMSTRONG of Bolsover, Mrs REVELL Stoney Houghton. Married Rebecca ALLEN , has three children. Examinant living with Mrs STERLAND when he was married.  1818
183 George BINGHAM 42 born Litton. Wife Olivea, has seven children. 1818
184 Thomas LOWDE, 30 born Chesterfield. Parent legal Settlement Mewstead, Notts. Apprenticed to John BROOMHEAD of Chesterfield who was residing there under Certificate from Litton. Absconded from Master and enlisted for a soldier for ten years. Since resided in Chesterfield until two weeks ago. Married Mary OGDEN, has two children.  1818
185 John TAYLOR 27 born Alfreton. Married Sarah BEARDAH, has one child. 1818
186 Elizabeth MARRIOTT single born Ashover, 20. Hired to Mr BACON of Alfreton 1818
187 George CANTRILL 40. Cardgrinan ?. Worked with his fatehr for FLETCHER and HARRISON of Manchester Lancs, cotton master. Worked for 12 months and may have been longer.  1818
188 John NEWBOLD born Brampton 1818
189 John HOLBROOK 14 born Alderwasley. Apprenticed to James WILDGOOSWE of Cromford, removed with master to Riber p.Matlock, then to ASHOVER. Examinant became very ill and took by Parishioners of Ashover to Uncle at p. Wirksworth. Suspended order of Removal applied for by Overseers of Poor for Wirksworth, Ashover fetched him back, where he has continued since. Master now resides Bolehill p. Wirksowrth 1818
190 William BROWN 24 born Watnall Notts. Hired to Mathew MARSH of Pennymens House Mansfield Notts. 1818
191 George BARNES 48 born Darley. Apprenticed to Obadiah WALKER of Chesterfield 1819
192 John GOODWIN 26. Hired to Isaiah NEEDHAM of Ashover, Thomas CLAYTON Walton.  1819
193 Ann WALVIN 25, born Ashover, parents Settlement Alfreton. Hired to John BERESFORD of Not Cross, John CLAY Laxton Lodge, Notts, returned to Alfreton then Ashover, John CLAY Laxton Lodge again. John CLAY sister ill at Bilsthorpe went to nurse her. Examinant has three illegitimate children John born Alfreton Gamaliel, and Mary Ann born in Mary RHODES house.  1818
194 Mary DALTON of Ashover, 23 born Sheffield Yks. Only knows father came out of Warwickshire. 1819
195 Andrew SHAW 24 born Ashover .  1819
196 Thomas TAYLOR 23  born Pentrich.  1819
197 Robert WETTON  23 born Crich. Went to live with brother at Crich, moved with him to Ashover.  1819
198 George SEVERNS 50  born Wessington. Apprenticed to Paul RADFORD of Lea. Married Dorothy BUXTON has eight children. House made over to him by father on condition his brother John receives three pounds per year.. Let house to Miles BOOTH , then sold life in the house to Matthew WRAGG for use of Elizabeth SEVERNS, his brothers wife. 1819
199 Joseph BARBER 22  born Ashover. Hired to Edward ADDY of Brampton.  1819
200 John PURSGLOVE 21 born Wirksworth, parents legal Settlement Wingerworth. Lived with John PEARCE of Wingerworth, hired to Richard WATSON of Wingerworth  1819
201 Mary BONSALL 48 born Ashover. Married Matthew BONSALL, legal Settlement of her husband was Pilsley when he married her.  1819
202 William WATTS 29  born Ashover, parents residing there under Certificate of his grandfather given from Stretton.  1819
203 John BOAR born Ashover, parents Settlement Clay Lane. Father bought house in Ashover and made it of a value to give him a Settlement in Ashover.  1819
204 William HASLAM 33 born Ashover, apprenticed to Robert MORGAN of Chesterfield. Master left Chesterfield after three weeks , he was then at liberty. 1819
205 Joseph ASHBY 47 born Ashover. Hired to Rowland CLAY of North Wingfield, John BROXOPP (BROCKSOPP?) of Tupton.  1819
206 Richard GOSLING 50 born Chesterfield. 1819
207 James MARRIOTT tailor 24 born Ashover. Apprenticed to Matthew STAFFORD of Cromford, left and came to his father in Ashover where his work was sent him from Cromford and returned to that place. Later made agreement with Thomas BUXTON of Ashover to serve him.  1820
208 Bower MARRIOTT 26 born Ashover. He was hired to Joseph HOLLINGWORTH of Ashover, then Agar HOGG  1820
209 John COUSINS born Offley Herts. Hired to John WELLINGHAM of Whitwell Herts. Hired to Philip LUCAS of Moswell Hill Middx to work in his garden 1821
210 Martha WAFER 59 born Fordinstone Northants parents Settlement Haden Northants. Married Richard COOK his Settlement at Daventry Northants, then ent to live at Bliswrth, Northants. Husband occupied brick kilns in different places. Resided at Marlborough Wilts then went to Austin Moor in Cumberland. Married at Liverpool to Moses WAFER an Irishman. 1824
211 William WHITE of Tansley 33 parents Samuel died and Elizabeth at Birchover. Fathers legal settlement Ashover 
as a result of his father George WHITE renting a farm nr Ashover Hill now in possession of my uncle George WHITE.Sister Ann delivered of a male bastard child in Ashover about eleven years ago,child now in Chesterfield Workhouse. Married Elizabeth BROOKS, had two children. Married second wife, Margaret BROOKS, wife living and have three children. 1843
212 John PENDLETON 30 born Clay Lane, parents Settlement Stainsby. Hired to John HOPKINSON South Wingfield .1812
213 George SILKSTONE 37 born Darley. Hired to Arthur RIGGOTT Clay Lane, Cornelius SLINN Ashover 1812
214 John HOLMES 25 born Weston upon Trent Dbys .Hired to Peter ALLEN of Heanor, Thomas PEARSON of Chilwell Notts  1812
215 Isaac ELLIS 40 born Ashover, parents legal Settlement Kirkley Notts.Hired to Thomas BESTWICK Shirland, Samuel ROOTH Stretton. Married. Rented house at Darley of Joshua JEBB, moved to Ashover rented of George ALLIN  1812
216 James MARRIOTT born Ashover parents Settlement Norton, Aged 25. Hired to Thomas COUPE Woodthorpe, James SLACK Ashover,Joseph HODGKINSON Ashover, John NUTTALL Woodthorpe. Served with Scarsdale Rgt of Volunteers 2 wks, at Mansfield Notts. Married Hanah SHAW two children.  1812
217 William COTTON BORN Ashover 33. Hired to Nicholas BROOMHEAD of Baslow . Married Hannah PURSGLOVE, two children.  1812
218 Anthony MARRIOTT born Ashover, 25. Hired to Thomas CLAYTON of Walton Dbys, wed Hannah BRAILSFORD.  1812
219Harriet LOW 17 born Brampton,parents Settlement Ashover 1812
220 Samuel TOMLINSON 33 born Ashover. Hired to Thomas BOOKER of Newbold, George GREEN Newbold, John WOOD p. Southwell Notts, Married Priscilla SLACK, no children.  1813
SE8 Joshua BRAILSFORD  Observation as to his Settlement 1798?
SE9 William JOHNSON, tailor of Ashton under Line 1798 refers to Joshua BRAILSFORD, as a witness.
AULT HUCKNALL with year of Examination
44 Luke PEMBERTON born Coleorton 1741
45 Geo LINNAGER 27 born Clay Lane 1742
46 John FANTAM born Youlgreave 1751
47 Matthew BEARDOW born Pilsley 1752
48 Edward STRAW born Tibshelf 1754
49 Robert PEMBERTON born Hucknall father settled at Cawlawton 1758
50 Elizabeth FANTAM husband left her. 1758
51 Thomas PEMBERTON Hucknall father settlement at Collarton, Leics 1758
52 Mary HARDWICK Uncle Tho HARDWICK of Whiston 1771
53 Thomas SWALLOW born Duckmanton 1775
54 John MARSDEN lived Edensor 1776
55 Wm BOWLER born Astwood, father sett. Pinxton 1776
56 Daniel ROPER born Cromford 1782
57 James EATON born Heanor 1784
58 Thomas SWALLOW born Duckmanton 1785
59 Robert BACON Youlgreave n.d.
60 Thomas THORP born Heanor 1786
61 Robert BACON of Youlgreave born Heath, father resided there under a certificate from Nottm St Mary. 1786
62 John BENETT born Bolsover 1790
63 John BRIGGS abt 24, born Wingerworth 1800
64 Charles JEBSON abt 26 born Chapell Unston, Yks 1801
65 Geo BROOKS abt 24 born Tibshelf 1803
66 Richard CUTTS abt 30 born Stretton 1803
67 Thomas PEMBERTON abt 36 born Stainsby 1803
68 Francis HOPKINSON abt 34 born Shirland 1803
69 Tho BROOKS abt 29 born Tibshelf 1803
70 Joseph BENNETT abt 24 born Bolsover 1803
71 Nichlas BOWRING born Warsop 25, father settled on Edwinstowe 1803
72a Charles HARDWICK abt 37 born Heath, father settled on Baslow 1803
72b John WILSON abt 47 born some part of Yks. 1803
72 Joseph SHEMWELL abt 38 of WilliamThorp 1804
73 Saml SADLER abt 31 born Handley,Nth Wingfield 1806
74 Wm BOWER abt 31 born Rowthorne 1806
75 John THORPE abt 23,born Heanor 1812
76 Jonathan TODD abt 52, born Hardstoft 1814
77 Sampson WEST about 35 born Tibshelf 1814
78 Susannah CLAY about 22 born Hardstaff 1815
79 Samuel SLATER about 34 born Chevin p Duffield 1815
80 Mary WASS born Astwich and Wm WASS born Egstoe 1816
81 Thomas WHEATLAND born Bakewell about 45 1816
82 Rb BACON, rented a house from Wm SHIMEL (note) 1817
83 Joseph MORLEY 29 born Tibshelf 1818
84 William HALL 48 born Pleasley, of Hucknall Torkard. 1818 married Ann SMEDLEY
85 Thomas BERRY 28, born Tibshelf, parents legal Settlement Stainsby. 1818
86 Richard COPE, born Stainsby, 40. Hired to Thomas SAUNDERS of Selston, Notts. farmer, John MORTON of Pleasley. Enlisted 24th Light Dragoons. 1818
87 William FARRAND of Ault Hucknall 41, fwk. Married Sarah LIMB at Ault Hucknall. Settlement at Shirland, moved to Ault Hucknall 6 yrs ago. Rented property of George BARKER Hardstaff (Hardstoft). Mr CLAY allowed him to turn a pony on a common. 1818
88 Thomas SAUNDERS born Stainsby 30. In 1817 went to live at Tibshelf rented corn mill under John FROST of Temple Normanton. 1820
89 John FOX now of Hardstoft. 75 born Astwith. Took a Public House in Gosport, Hants called "George and Draggon" of Mr FYATT. Son John then a boy went with him. Son married Mary DOUGLAS at Alverstoke, near Gosport, Hants. has one child Thomas living at Hardstoft. Son and dau been dead ten years. Examinant now lodging with Sarah LIMB his sister in law. Examinant owns eight houses in Gosport, receives rent from Robert EVANS of Gosport? 1820
90 Robert HICTON (HICKTON ) of Stainzby (Stainsby) fwk. 29 born Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. apprenticed to Thomas CHALLINOR of Sutton. 1820
91 William BERRY 29 born Stainsby, served John FISHER and Joseph GREGORY farmer 1822
92 Sarah WHYATT 25 born Chesterfield pregnant, likely to be born a bastard. 1822
93 Hannah FRETWELL of Stainsby, mentions William WHYATT of Chesterfield. She is the mother of Sarah WHYATT now chargeable. 1822
94 Henry PEARCE 27 of Stainsby. Apprenticed to John CHAMBERS of Pilsley p.North Wingfield fwk. 1823
95 Samuel FOX Ault Hucknall 32, born Glapwell, p. Bolsover. Served William ALLEN of Skegby, Notts. Wife Mary, John, Mary, Ann. 1823
96 William LIMB labourer, 32 born Ault Hucknall. Hired to Thomas HILL of Biggin, Thomas BROOK of Cock Top, John BROCKSOP of Hucknall, Joshua COATES of Stainsby, Mrs SMITH Calow. Lived for a time at Bolsover. 1823
97 Samuel GOODWIN of Derby St Werburgh born Derby St Michael 1781. son of Thomas and Ann GOODWIN. Father died 1811 at Derby but was of Stainsby? (very faint record) Married to Ann GREENWOOD now pregnant. 1823
98 Isaac WILSHAW 26 born Fairfield. Apprenticed to Daniel HAMBLETON  Ashford,Dbys,Joseph SKIDMORE Ashford. 1824
99 David BUTTERBY (BATTERSBY ?) 26 born Whitwell Served Mr PORTER 1826  (Document very faint)
100 George TURNER 21 born Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. Father gained Settlement at Sutton in Ashfield by Apprenticeship. Married at Duffield Ann SURGEY ?   1828
101 Neaumiah (Nehemiah) BALL of Stainsby, 30 fathers legal Settlement Bolsover having been bound to William HANDLY Bolsover stone mason there. Married Sarah JOHNSON.1828
102 George WOOD born Heath, 37. Hired to a HODGKINSON of Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts. farmer. Married  Elizabeth WATKINSON.  1828  
103 Philip STAPLETON 37 born Newthorpe, p. Greasley, Notts. Fathers legal Settlement Eastwood, Notts. Father served apprenticeship to ----HANDFORD fwk. Married Hannah EYRE. 1828
104 Thomas HOPKINSON 30 apprenticed to John GODBER Tibshelf .Married 3 yrs ago. 1828
105 George PEMBERTON 25 born Hardstaff, parents legal Settlement Tibshelf. Apprenticed to John MORLEY of Tibshelf. Married Hannah BARNES 1828
106 Matthew SHIMWELL 30 born Stainsby. Hired to Thomas WILSON, Coney Green, Pilsley farmer. Married Sarah HOPKINSON 1828
107 George WATKINSON 24 born Hucknall Torkard, Notts. Does not know parents legal Settlement. Father removed to Heath four years ago. Father summered calves in Hardwick Park. 1828 
108  Ann PEMBERTON 23 born Tibshelf. Hired to Hannah LIMB who lived with her father John BROWN. 1829
109 Charles ROE 26 born Hasland .Hired to Mr GILBERT of Clipstone, Notts, Miss OAKES ? ,Clipstone, Notts ,Mr JEPSON Rowthorne 1829
110 Hannah WASS widow of William WASS who died 1828  Husband belonged to Chesterfield. Fourteen yrs ago he had a dau which he had by a former wife removed from Ault Hucknall to Chesterfield she then being with child of a bastard 1830
111 George WINDLE of Chesterfield 35 .To Mr LONGSONS Bank Mill, Brampton, went to live with Uncle James WINDLE Holbeck, Notts,then Benjamin ? GOODLAD of Brampton, then LONGSONS,then worked a machine for Mr BEARDMORE ,went to Nottingham,Notts worked on a machine for Mr FROST. 1831
112 Jane SANDERS 20 single born Stainsby. Lived with Mr FISHER of Astwith,then Mr PARKER Stainsby, Mr HOLE Heath, Mrs GREEN Mansfield Notts. Mr YOUNG Press, Ashover .Now pregnant. 1831
113 James WRIGHT now of Swanwick born Pentrich 1793. Says he "married Mary Ann JENNINGS 1820 or 1821 " Has Joseph plus two other children. Father Joseph WRIGHT bound to his 1st or 2nd cousin George BALL of Stainsby Mill. Examinants Uncle Emanuel WRIGHT now of Heage was present at feast when his father "was out of time". Father married Martha HORSLEY of Denby or Horsley. Father died 1816. Examinant worked in collieries and enlisted in Derbyshire Militia, the Royal Staffs Corps. Examinants father lived in a house built by his father John WRIGHT. Grandfather died when examinant 12 or 13.  c.1831
114 John ALLEN 28 born Hardstaff, parent Settlement at Ault Hucknall, Hired to Benjamin SMITH of Eastwood, Notts, surgeon, Master ordered him to clean pigcote which he did not do. Then served Benjamin MARSHALL of Teversall,Notts Samuel FEATHERSTONE, John SWIFT of Williamthorpe, Miss HOPKINSON, Mr TAGG Shirland Park. Married.  1831
115 Elizabeth PEMBERTON widow of James PEMBERTON who died at Tibshelf. Husband lived Taylor Lane Tibshelf and took farm at Ault Hucknall. When an Aunt of his died at Taylor Lane he moved there still occupying the farm Mr SLATER sold Timber Lane to Sampson CLAY who took possession to improve it. Overseers of Ault Hucknall removed her dau Ann PEMBERTON who was pregnant to Tibshelf. 1832
116 Thomas HARDWICK 25, born Heath, parents legal Settlement Rufford, Notts. Wife Hannah, dau Mary aged three. 1833
117 Thomas HARDWICK 27 born Budby p.Edwinstowe, Notts. Wife Elizabeth, Mary, Ann. His father died when examinant was seven and his mother married then Robert GOODWIN Ault Hucknall. 1833
118 Thomas BRAILSFORD 40 hired to Ellen COOPER of Pleasley, Mary HANCOCK of Barlborough, William ROBINSON of Barlborough. Wife Mary, Henry and Margaret. 1833
BAKEWELL with year of Examination.
SCE14 William WILSHAW labourer, hired to Tho LAWRENCE steward to Duke of Rutland at Haddon, then removed with His Grace the Duke to Belnoyer (Belvoir?), fell dangerously ill 1705
SCE109 Richard GORDON 20, chimney sweeper, born some part of London. Apprenticed as sweep but ran away on account of ill treatment. Hired 2-3 years ago with John MOOR chimney sweeper. Married 11 Dec at Bakewell (this day) 11 Dec 1794
RSE70 William CROWDER Matlock Bank aged 77 born Ashford in the Water, son of George and Hannah CROWDER whose legal Settlement was Bakewell. From the age of three lived with grandfather Martin MIDDLETON of Abney, when grandfather died went to Uncle John MIDDLETON, then bound apprentice when 18 to his Uncle Joseph CROWDER of Ashford, then William SKIDMORE. Married first, Martha BLACKWELL of Ashford, lived at Chesterfield, came to Matlock 17 yrs ago. First wife died upward of forty years, married Elizabeth GERRISON of Barlow? Had eight children by her, five still living. William eldest 37 living with them. Daughter Margaret moved by Order of Justice to Bakewell. 1837
RSE71 Examination of William CROWDER younger 37, born Chesterfield, of William and Elizabeth CROWDER whose Settlement was Bakewell. Married Mary DEXTER at Sheepshead, Leics. Wife left me and went to live with another man at Belper with whom she now resides. 1837
SE1 Thomas MILLINGTON born Worcester. hired to Samuel POTTS of Burchwood Park, Leeys, Staffs 1731
SE2 William WILLSHAW, that 39 yrs ago hired at Nether Haddon, servant to Duke of Rutland. 1738
SE3 James HILL of Bakewell born Nuttall, Notts. fathers Settlement at Sturton in the Street, Lincs. Served William HARVEY of Watnall, Notts, Zecharias LEE Nottingham, sinker maker. then Marines, sailor ten years, came to Bakewell. 1768
SE4 Robert SMITH of Leek, Staffs, brazier. born Osmaston, apprenticed to Joseph ANTHONY of Bakewell brazier. Moved to Leek. 1769
SE5 John MOOR of Bakewell lab. Born Hinton Mary, (Hinton St Mary?) Dorset, went to live with George MULLOTT of Turnwood (Turnworth?), then 21st Regt Light Dragoons, discharged 19 Jun 1783, married at Manchester, Lancs. while a soldier, went to Bakewell. 1783
SE6 Sarah MOOR now of Bakewell 38, went to live with Sarah PLANT at Edensor, servant. Married John MOOR a soldier at Manchester, lived with him 6m then went to live with Ann HOUSLEY her mother. Husband came to Bakewell resided there 4m then left her in 1783. Since then has not seen him, does not know if he is dead or alive. 1794
SE7 Joseph BRAMWELL of Bakewell, labourer 50. Born Rowsley. Fathers legal Settlement Bakewell. When a child, his father moved to Derby, when 14, Joseph went to work at Chatsworth, lab, lodged at Beeley then moved to Bakewell 1796
SE8 Thomas LOMAS 64 of Bakewell, born Monyash apprenticed to William TAYLOR of Bakewell, currier. Worked as a journeyman currier with Samuel WHITE of Stoney Middleton then went to London. 1797
SE9 Ruth GREEN of Bonsall 22, born Bonsall. Hired to John FANTOM of Bakewell, then Edward FRITH of Tissington, then Mrs FLETCHER of Matlock. 1799
SE10 John RIGBEY 52 of Bakewell born Clifton, Lancs. Apprenticed to Robert TURNER of Clifton, gardener. 1798
SE11 George EVANS of Bakewell 42. Born Winster. When about 21 married and lived at Bakewell. Rented land from John SMITH joiner ad house from William REDFERN and a cowhouse from George HOLME. 1798
SE12 Robert PUNCHABY born Bakewell 24, when 13 went to live with Dowager Lady SPENCER of St Albans, Herts as postillion. Returned when 17 to Richard ARKWRIGHT at Lumford, p.Great Longstone as a blacksmith. Entered house 1797 of Robert PUNCHABY his grandfather, rented two and a half acres from Mathew DAKIN. 1798
SE13 Mary TWIGG 59 born Chesterfield, wife of John TWIGG marr at Sheffield. Husband 75 now infirm. Husbands Settlement at Bakewell 1799
SE14 Elizabeth BEARD of Bakewel born Tideswell, aged 29. When 10 moved to Bakewell with her father 1800
SE15 Samuel HOUSLEY of Stanton Lees. 28 Born Pilhough, hired to Mr BUXTON of Bakewell surgeon when 18 yr old. 1806
SE16 Thomas BATEMAN, Middleton 20 born Youlgreave. Fathers legal Settlement Bakewell. When young taken by his grandfather Thomas MILLWARD of Alport, who resided there under Certificate from Middleton. Learned trade as a blacksmith. Went to Sheffield, Yks. 1806
SE17 Judith COOPER born Bakewell, Served Mr LOGAN of Buxton, then Mr DELILE? (who was a Lt in HM 65th Regt of Foot) as a housekeeper at Manchester, then Mrs GRIMSHAW a widow lady, Left because of ill health. 1808
SE18 Mary REDFERN born Bakewell, went to William WHITE at Rowsley, Isaac LUDLAM of Buxton, Alexander FROGGATT of Bubnell, then Sarah WILDGOOSE of Over Haddon, to Beeley with Samuel NUTTALL 1808
SE19 Mark LONGDIN Glutton Bridge, joiner, 35 born Darley Dale where his mother still lives. Hired to Abraham SHELDON of Bakewell Abraham FLINT of Glutton Bridge. 1808
SE20 Ann BOWN widow of Manchester, Lancs. speaking to the Settlement of John BOWN her son, a soldier, says he was bound apprentice to Benjamin ASTON of Darley. Her husband John BOWN belonged to Bakewell. Her son has wife Jane and son John 5yrs. 1811 On reverse, Jane BOWN No 15 Peeter St, nr Dans Gate, Manchester.
SE21 William SMITH residing Yeaveley, lab. 22 born Tamworth, when he was two, his parents removed to Tideswell at which place they belonged. Hired to Mr WEBSTER of Biggin, then Samuel BEARDSLEY of Kirk Ireton, Thomas JACKSON of Atlow, James CARR of Merkinson (Mercaston?) Samuel SANDERS of Brailsford, William HURDING of Bakewell, John ROBINSON of Yeaveley. Married Phebe BIRDS of Yeaveley. 1822
SE22 Petition of James FOGG Nottingham St Mary born Bakewell, Certificated when young with his parents to Derby. Employed by William and John ELLIOTT Esqs, and John MILLS of Nottingham. Now 77 Incapable of performing services, wife infirm, advanced in years. 1823
SE23 James FOGG Nottingham St Mary, Sheep Lane silk throwster. Born Bakewell aged 76. Father died Derby when Examinant was 12. Mother died 30 yrs ago. Had two other children, George FOGG and Mary FOGG both younger than James. Married to Mary NADHAM (NEEDHAM?) Derby, has John FOGG,28 fwk, lives Parliament St. adjoining Woodland Place. Ann 26 wife of Luke THORPE, Mary 23 unemancipated. 1825
SE24 Thomas MARSDEN came from Preston, Lancs. to Bakewell when 10. Served John FENTEM farmer and horse dealer. Bought and sold hose to Richard ARKWRIGHT. Moved to Ashbourne, rented Public house called "Yorkshire Billy" of Mr GAUNT of Hulland Ward. Moved to Clifton then Bakewell. 1824
SE25 George WILDGOOSE residing Manchester, Lancs. 65 born Bakewell natural son of Mary WILDGOOSE dau of William WILDGOOSE of Bakewell gardener. Mother went to Manchester, he served 21 yrs in the Army. Married while a soldier, no children, wife 66. 1827
SE26 Edward ELLIS resides Bakewell, miller born Glyncarrick Co Denbigh. Hired to Isaac HUGHS (HUGHES), Park Mill p, Maysbury, Shropshire, miller, then Edward HUGHS (HUGHES) Riscut Mill p.St.Martin, Denbigh miller, then Evan BIRROUGH of the New Mills, Eaton Bishop, Hereford, miller. Married at Bakewell January last to Mary TAYLOR by whom he had two children before marriage. 1828
SE27 Edward ELLIS hired to John HAYNE of Hedgbaston (Edgbaston) 1829
SE28 Joseph SMITH Bakewell 24,son of Robert SMITH, joiner. Has a wife and two children. At 16 went to Hugh TREVIS at Calton Lees. 1830
SE29 George BUCKLEY born Manchester, Lancs. mason aged 27. Apprenticed to John VICKERS Calton Houses, p.Edensor in 1826. Served four years. Lodged with father Allen BUCKLEY of Beeley all time except last ten weeks when he lodged with Mary BEARD, Bakewell, widow. 1834.
RM7/1977 Margaret ASHTON widow of John ASHTON regarding his last legal Settlement. Married Bakewell 26 yrs ago in Nov ( Hassop Wakes) have eleven children all living at Hassop ( except Ralph)  had thirteen but two are dead. Ralph a blacksmith at Great Longstone with William BENNETT.  Husband died aged 49 in June 1844, did nothing to gain a legal Settlement unless it was by indenture working for David BAXTER at Bradfield . When I first saw the indenture it was all in bits, believes husband burnt them.  1844
RM7/1978 Thomas WILSON (concerning settlement of John ASHTON dec. ) I am Overseer, Chapelwarden Headborough and Surveyor of Hassop which duties I took over from my father when he died 1808. I knew John ASHTON from infancy, when he was 6 he was bound apprentice to David BAXTER of The Coppice nr Stannington, Yks. It was signed at the Edensor Inn nr Chatsworth in 1811. His mother was with him, he was an illegitimate child. I have never seen or had a book of Apprenticeships for Hassop Township.  1844  
James FROST of Bakewell concerning his sister Betty FROST Settlement. His sister is 41 born Bakewell. Went to live with Mr SIMPSON in Camp Street, Manchester Lancs. She being disordered in mind left service. (On reverse, "remove to Manchester") 1802  V21/207S
BARLBOROUGH Settlement Examination
RM7/1214 Mary SAVAGE born Barlborough. Hired to John BENNETT Staveley, George HAYNES Barlborough, lived at Worksop, Agreed with George BUTLER to serve Mrs SUTTON of Heanor, Mr DICKEN of Sutton. Now pregnant.  1824
RM7/1847* Thomas MELBOURNE 43 born Pixton. Hired to John GRATTON Wingerworth, John TURNER Ansley, Notts. John CLARK Fullwood, Notts. 1827
RM7/1848 Sarah MELBOURNE widow of Thomas MELBOURNE. Aged 54 . Married 22 yrs ago. Has five c hildrenm two chargeable, Sarah and Thomas. 1840

BARLOW - although having its own registers from 1573 Barlow was considered a Chapelry of Staveley. However the confusion does not end there. Great Barlow is considered in older documents as part of the parish of Staveley while Little Barlow is to be found under Dronfield. Bear this in mind when checking for documentation regarding Barlow, and check both Staveley and Dronfield, and for good measure the parish of Holmesfield.
SE1 Ann HURST, seven yrs ago married Christopher HURST,lab who lived with her six weeks, but the inhabitants of Barlow would not settle him. There "he over runne her" (ran away?). Heard him say his settlement was at Ekrin, (Eakring) Notts. Said there "was a tryall at Newark Sessions" between Alsington?, and Ekrin" 1704
SE2 Jane PHILLIPS Hathersage Booths, widow and Mary COOPER her dau. Twenty yrs ago Jane PHILLIPS hired her dau to Robert WOLSTENHOLME of Fanshawe Gate, then Henry WELLS Moorehall, Six years ago her dau Mary COOPER was delivered of a bastard child in Hathersage. She was removed with her child to Holmesfield where the Overseers took security from the father to Indemnify the parish. 1713
SE3 William COOKSON soldier in Col MONTAGUE Rgt of Foot. Born Croft, Lincs. Enlisted 11yrs ago in Capt GANDERS Rgt of Foot. 1717
SE4 Edward HOLDSWORTH of Barlow, tailor. Born Alfreton. Father removed to Little Wootton, Childwell, Lancs. When 10 apprenticed to Robert DENTON of West Derby, Lancs. During reign of King William served Capt John ELVESS as Footman aboard "the Rochester" man of war. In 1717 was married by Mr STONES of Button Hill Yks. to Jane WRIGHT dau of Alice WRIGHT of Barlow, widow. 1718
SE5 Jonathan LEEBSON? born Penniston (Penistone), Co York. Apprenticed to John BURNETT of Ecclesfield nailor, Joshua LINGS Dronfield, William LINGS Barlow nailor. He enlisted himself into Ensign Constantine BURTON in Brig. GROVES Rgt of Foot. 1718
SE6 Thomas DENBY born Great Barlow, moved from there with parents under Certificate to Chesterfield. Hired to Thomas STANLEY of Chesterfield. 1720
SE7 John BOVITT waterman, born Bishops Gate Street, London. 35yrs ago bound to William SMITH of Lambeth, Surrey, then married. 1721/2
SE8 Anne BOVITT married Mar 10th 1719 at White Chapel Surrey to John BOVITT 1721/2
SE9 Catherine BRAMMALL single, pregnant. James JERRISON of Brampton "is the true father". 1729/30
SE10 George HUKIN of Great Barlow born Eccleshall Bierlow, Yks father resided there under Certificate from Great Barlow. Served John HOLMES, Great Barlow, James HIBBERT of Sheffield as bricklayer. Went to Barnsley with his father, then to Great Barlow. About 1758 hired himself to Samuel ELLIS of Norton. Now marries lives at Barlow. 1767
SE11 Sarah SILCOCK born Barlow, single, hired to Joseph WARNER of Barlow, Robert HOOTTEN of Newbold and John SAXTONS of Crich 1768
SE12 Ellen SIMPSON of Great Barlow single hired to Joshua BARK of Brampton farmer, Jasper FIDLER of Chesterfield, Edward RICKES of Tapton, miller, Edward WILSON of North Wingfield, farmer, William ARMSTRONG of Bolsover schoolmaster. George CRAWSHAW of Great Barlow. 1770
SE13 Hannah SHAW Barlow p. Stayley (Staveley) single. When 18 hired to William MORGAN of Holmesfield, then went to live with brother John at Barlow, then hired with her father William SHAW. 1776
SE14 William BOOKER born Barlow, 40, parents legal settlement Brampton. Apprenticed to Thomas ASHMORE of Norton, married Mary STEVENSON, has George, William, James, Elizabeth, Hannah, John. 1776
SE15 Robert TURNER 21 born Barlow, served John HAUKSLEY of Sheffield "surgon". 1777
SE16 John TAYLOR of Great Barlow, born Norton. Hired to John TYZACK of Eccleshall Bierlow, Yks. then Samuel SELVESTER (SYLVESTER) of Hathersage. 1780
SE17 Samuel HOLLINGWORTH born Barlborough, 22, parents legal Settlement Nottingham St Mary's. Served Thomas HOLLINGWORTH of p.Staveley who resided there under Certificate from Bolsover. 1784
SE18 Thomas STEVENSON 28, born Barlow, father residing there under a Certificate from Newbold. 1784
SE19 Robert SILCOCK, hired to John PAWSON of Barlow, then Thomas BARGH of Newbold. 1784
SE20 George HANCOCK 35, Barlow Lees, served William MORGAN of Holmesfield, carpenter. 1784
SE21 Elizabeth HOWARD of Great Barlow 19, born Brampton of parents legally settled on Newbold.Hired to John WOTHERD Grange Wood, Barlow. Fell ill with small pox. Mother fetched her home. 1788
SE22 Elizabeth ROBERTS (ROBARDS) In May 1784 her husband ran away and left her at Bullock Smithy, Cheshire. In 1786 delivered of a bastard child at Salford, Lancs. Francis WOOD cordwainer, of Bullock Smithy is the father. Her husband Jonathan ROBERTS never had access to her since he left her. 1788
SE23 Elizabeth ROBARDS (ROBERTS) 33, late of Barlow, wife of Jonathan ROBARDS,. Born Batley, Co. of Cheshire. Hired to Joseph MALLARD of Adlington, Cheshire farmer. Husband gained Settlement by being apprenticed to William LINGS of Barlow. Her husband was a soldier when they married at Manchester in 1782. Discharged after 6m, later enlisted again, discharged. In May 1784 he ran away for two weeks, return for one day and left her. Since that time "I have not seen him ". 1788
SE24 Dorothy WHITE of Barlow 21, born Brampton, hired to Samuel BUXTON of Curbar, John COWLEY of Darley, John WOODWARD of Barlow, John WHEELER of Barlow, Joseph BROMEHEAD of Barlow. Mistress BROMEHEAD dismissed her saying they had another servant. Served Robert LEES of Edensor. 1788
SE25 John GREGORY of Barlow, slater 29, born Calver. Apprenticed to John MARGERRISON of Brampton. 1788
SE26 Enoch WARHURST 30 born Wadsley, Ecclesfield. 1790
SE27 James BENNETT born Barlow lab. 40. Hired to Miss TOMLINSON of Newbold, Joseph BROADBENT Aston, WRY, rented property in Dronfield, then Barlow. 1790
SE28 George MELLOR born Barlow 37. Served John HALE or HALL of Dalton WRY, John WEBSTER of Brampton 1790
SE29 Edward SLACK of Barlow, lab 38 born Ashover. Served William HOPKINSON of Pilsley farmer, Jervas RADLEY of Barlborough, Thomas ASKEY of Pilsley 1797
SE30 Mary SIMPSON born Barlow widow 43. Married John SIMPSON of Sheffield, forkmaker, has Hannah, Joseph. 1797
SE31 Robert HOWE 44 of Barlow born Peak Forest of parents settled on Ecclesfield Yks. Hired to James FENTON of Wormhill, Samuel WEBSTER of Wormhill. Married at Tideswell 1801
SE32 George HANCOCK of Barlow Lees, apprenticed to William MORGAN of Holmesfield, served in Hathersage and Sheffield Yks. 1801
SE33 John VERNON of Great Barlow, lab. 38 born Baslow parents legal settlement Stoak (Stoke) Dbys. Hired to George TURNER Calton Lees. p.Edensor. 1802
SE34 George GOODLAD, Great Barlow, tailor 26 born Joanaygate, Barlow. Married 9yrs ago. 1802
SE35 Godfrey HUKIN of Great Barlow tailor, 26 born Joaneygate Apprenticed to Samuel HOLLINGWORTH Great Barlow 1802
SE36 Moses VICKERS lab. 58 born Nether Oxen Rackes, Little Barlow, Hired to William NEWBOULD Brampton 1802
SE37 Mary SMITH single 27, hired to Joseph CUNDEY Brampton, Thomas OWEN of Barlow, William BOWN Pilsley, George HARKER (HACKER?) Barlow 1806
SE38 John BRIGGS of Barlow, nailmaker 31 born Belepr, Apprenticed to Joseph BRIGGS of Belper nailmaker. Moved with master to Belton, Leics, then ran away after three years. Came to Barlow. 1807
SE39 William HOULT Barlow soldier. Born Brampton, parents legal Settlement Ecclesfield Yks. 1818
SE40 George SWIFT Barlow lab, 29 born Handley p. Staveley. Hired to Rodger WRAGG of Handley, John HABBERJAM of Unstone, miller. 1810
SE41 Elizabeth RENSHAW single of Chesterfield 22, dau of late William RENSHAW whose legal Settlement was Barlow. She was removed two yrs ago by Magistrates order to Barlborough. One child Berentia nearly 2. 1811
SE42 John STEVENSON lab. born Barlow aged 25. Hired to John OLDALE of Coal Aston, Mary WILSON of Barlow mill, William RODGERS of Brampton. Married Hannah HANCOCK, one child. 1812
SE43 Samuel CALLADINE 18 lab. of Barlow born Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. Hired to Peter SMITH of Sutton Scarsdale, Thomas WARD of Cowley, then returned to father in Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. Hired to John CLARK of Sutton in Ashfield then Thomas WARD. Married Mary WOOD Sheffield Old Church, Yks 1812
SE44 Denis BOCKING of Barlow, lab. Born Sheffield. Yks Father a razor grinder. Served in HM Forces as Sergeant 20 yrs. 1812
SE45 George JACKSON of Barlow, 19. Born Brackenfield. Hired to John KNOWLES of Brackenfield, Robert SOWTER of same, farmer. 1813
SE46 Sarah MARSDEN aged 21 born Barlow spinster, pregnant. 1813
SE47 Jeremiah BOWN born Barlow. Aged 32. Parents legal Settlement Dronfield. When 12 went to work in "coal pitts". Married Hannah TRAVIS at Sheffield, one child. 1815
SE48 John NEEDHAM born Little Barlow. Aged 37,lab. Served Elizabeth MACHIN Barlow. Married Mary BOTTOM, three children. 1815
SE49 George WHITE 30 lab born Killamarsh. Hired to John MARPLES Staveley, Thomas PARSON Barlow ,Jona ATTERSLEY Little Barlow. Marr to Sarah SILCOCK ,five children.  1815
SE50 James COLLIS lab 27 born Brampton Dbys .Hired to Thomas HARDY Newbold.Marr Chesterfield to Sarah LOWE, 3 children.Went to live with his sister Frances FROGGAT of Calver. 1815
SE51 John STEVENSON collier 28 born Little Barlow. Marr Elizabeth HOBSON , four children.  1815
SE52 Samuel HOLLINGWORTH 27 born Barlow tailor. Parent legal Settlement Holmesfield. Hired to William GOODLAD Barlow farmer then James HARDWICK of Heath tailor who resided there under certificate from Bolsover.Marr to Nanny GRATTON  1815
SE53 John SHIMWELL of Whittington lab 27. Does not know where he was born. Hired to John CARTLEDGE Newbold, Thomas PEARSON Barlow. Married.  1818
SE54 Martha WRAGG single 22 born Crowhole p Barlow Lived with sister at Darley nr Derby, worked in a red lead mill. Then to John WARD of High House Unstone. Now pregnant,  c.1818
SE55 John STEVENSON Barlow 62 born Adwick upon Dearne Yks. Set to work by father in coal mine at Barlow whereh is father moved after John was born. c1818-21
SE56 James HOLMES of Barlow lab 23 born Elton Dbys 1821
SE57 Thomas STEVENSON lab 41, born Barlow. Hired to John PEDLEY Eckington, John WALL Newbold  1821
SE58* Michael KEY lab 24 born Barlow, Hired to John LEES Eccleshall Bierlow Yks, Mr GILBERT Barlow, Mr LOWE Unthank,Anthony MARPLE Calver. Married 1825 
SE59 John HOWARTH table knife grinder 26 born Cowley Dronfield. Parent legal Settlement Wales, (Yks?) Apprenticed to George BOOKER Little Hallam Yks. Wife Charlotte. 1824
SE60 Ann BOOKER 22 spinster born Newbold Dbys, parents settlement Whiston Yks. Hired to Thomas BRIUNT Bakewell,Mr ASHBY Bakewell, Mr BEE Worksop Notts, John MARKHAM Worksop Notts,Thomas WILSON Barlow Mill. Elizabeth RAYNES Mr Wilsons housekeeper hired her for a year. Mr and Mrs WILSON reside chiefly in Scotland. 1824
SE61 Job COOK lab 19 born Hucknall Torkard Notts, parents settlement Hasland Dbys. Father gained settlement there by serving John SMITH blacksmith 1823.
SE62 Samuel TURNER LAB 24 born Brampton. Hired to Samuel SMITH Calow, John BARNES Brampton  1823
SE63 Jervis MARJERRISON 33 carpenter born Brampton Dbys.Apprenticed to Joseph GILL Unston. 1823
SE64 William WOODWARD lab 25 born Barlow.Hired to Mark HARTLEY Brampton. 1823
SE66 Robert SILCOCK lab 23 born Barlow parents Settlement Newbold. Worked with father as a coal miner, hired by Samuel SHORE as under gardener. 1822
SE67 Henry WAGSTAFF born Barlow lab. Hired to William GOSLING Barlow, Godfrey BOOKER Cutthorpe. Godfrey BOOKER'S house standing one part in p Brampton another part in township of Newbold, and to serve him at a farm at Coal Aston Dbys 1822
SE68 John PARKIN cordwainer born Brinsley Notts 29.Apprenticed to William FARNSWORTH Eastwood Notts. Left and came to his brother Samuel PARKIN at Barlow farmer. 1822
SE69 George BATEMAN tailor 45 parents Settlement Wensley. Apprenticed to John BAGSHAW of Thorpe Estley p. Kimberworth Yks. Went for a soldier 24 yrs. Said his master had a certificate from some parish. When a soldier wife and child had relief from Wensley Dbys 1821
SE70 George STEVENSON born Barlow 59 collier. Wed at Chesterfield to Mary WILD and he was residing upon a tenement at Walton Dbys 1821
SE71* Benjamin BUTTERY Barlow cordwainer 23? born Mansfield Notts. Apprenticed to father. 1821
SE72 Michael HANDCOCK lab born Cutthorpe 29? parents settlement Sheffield Yks. Hired to John HEARTLEY butcher, John LUPTON p. Norton. Broke leg. Then hired to Hugh TRAVIS Edensor farmer 1821
SE73 George COOK lab 39 born Heath parents settlement Kirkby. Apprenticed to John SMITH Hasland, taken ill and went to live at Papplewick Notts. 1821
SE74 John CHADBURN 27 born Sheffield Yks carpenter. Apprenticed to William WASS Sheffield Yks cabinet maker 1826
SE75 Joseph PLATTS resides Brampton lab 60. Born Dronfield. Hired to George PEARSON of Povey Coal Aston, John WHEELER Barlow farmer. 1828
SE76 Luke JACKSON lab of Great Barlow born Stretton p North Wingfield Dbys 25. Apprenticed to Jonathan HALL of Sheffield Yks. Master informed for shooing away pigeons ran away to parents. Wife Mary, one year old Ann.  1830
SE77 John STEVENSON 42 born Mansfield Woodhouse Notts. Hired to William REDFERN Blidworth Notts ,hired to William CHADWIN of Winkburn Notts. Married Hannah HANCOCK ,four children Jane, William, Martha and Thomas.  1830
SE78 Mary COOK "touching the last legal settlement of Hannah SINGLETON  my daughter by former husband Paul SINGLETON" who was legal settled at Sutton c Duckmanton Dbys 1833
SE79* James JOHNSON LAB 26 born North Wingfield parents legal settlement at Tupton Dbys. Hired to John ADLINGTON Ault Hucknall, James WILSON Dronfield. Married first Lydia BENNETT Sheffield Yks lately married to Elizabeth CHAPMAN.  1835
SE80 Ann HARDY 27 born Sutton c Duckmanton Dbys. Parents legal Settlement at Newbold Dbys father gained by renting farm.Lived with sister at Mr William GOSLINGS. Now pregnant. 1834
SE81 Thomas BELFITT LAB 25 born Brampton. Father John a farmer. Hired to William GREGORY of Brampton, William WEBSTER farmer. Married Jane HOWARD. Has a ten month old boy.  1835
SE1 David SLACK born Barton Blount, hired by James WEST of Wind Chill, Sutton Dbys, then Charles WEST of Denston Staffs. Joseph GILMAN of Mammerton p. Longford, Thomas STATHAM of Barton Blount, John TOOBY of Henlip, Worcs farmer, then John TOOBY of Denby?, Joseph GILMAN, returned to father employed carrying charcoal to Barton Forge, William STATHAM at Barton then James WEST. Married to Hannah BASKIN?. One child, Ann, 3-4 wks. Mentions Master ROULSTONE house. 1777
SE2 William BEDNALL of Church Broughton, 66 born Hanbury, Staffs. Served William HOLLAND Barton Blount. Married, went to live at Church Broughton. 1826
SE1 Richard TAYLOR born Baslow parents Leg Sett. Mosbrough. Married. 1735
SE2 William SAVAGE born Baslow. Apprenticed to John PLANT of Eckington. 1735
SE3 Elizabeth WRAGG delivered of a male bastard child 7 yrs ago. Father is Thomas ATKENSON of Curber. 1746
SE4 Ann SHAW born Baslow, In 1745 hired to John EATON of Baslow 1746/7
SE5 Sarah JACKSON single, born Baslow 1749
SE6 James HARRIS yngr born Baslow. Hired to Wm BEISON of Hockerton Notts, then Tho NEIP of same.. Took later a farm at Barlow. 1752
SE7 Hannah COCKER born Baslow, single. Hired to Walter FROGGATT of Calver, then John BARGE of Broom bank Chesterfield, then Saml WATSON of Baslow, then to Wm WHITE of Rowsley Barr. Mother Hannah. 1766
SE8 Complaint about Hannah COCKER becoming chargeable to Baslow 1766
SE9 Constant or Christon MARPEL in House of Correction in Gainsborough, had visits by the wife of John KING farmer and his son also called John KING. 1766
B67R Opinion in case concering William CROFTS and his son John CROFTS, and Rebecca WATSON wid of Charles WATSON. decd. Concerning Rowlsey and Baslow. 1810
B68R Bond concerning Joseph WHITE formerly of Nottingham St Nicholas, now of Bubnell, framework knitter, Mary wife, Ann, Elizabeth and Mary. Employed by John GARDOM who agrees to indemnify Baslow should they become chargeable and return them to Nottingham. 1772
Martha FROST of Calver born Stoney Middleton.Married Thomas FROST of Calver who said he was born Liverpool Lancs.Her husband came to Calver when he was six, with his father who said it was his settlement. (On reverse, "remove to Little Huck) Hucklow? 1800 V21/207/K

BEELEY with year of Examination.
10 Christopher MARSH 30, born Maltby. Lived at Tinsley, then with Robert MARSDEN at Ox Close, then Wm SMITH Beeley 1796
11 Wm ELLIOTT 22 born Rowsley hired to Geo BAILEY 1796
12 Joseph STONES 24 born Elton, hired to Abraham BRIDDON of Elton, then Wm HOLMES of Beeley 1796
13 Fanny BOND widow, 25. husband Peter of Edensor. Children Susanna and Peter 1826
14 Alexander ROSE born Ardclach, County of Knarn. Soldier then hired to Robert MOOR of Dronfield 1774
15 Joseph BARTON born Ashover hired to Peter ELLOT of Woolley Moor 1777
16 Joseph HAGUE 40 yrs since he took farm at Beeley 1777
17 Samuel LOW 26 born Brampton apprenticed to John WARHURST of Bolsover, who moved to Bakewell then Youlgreave then Gt Longstone. Served Wm SWIFT of Little Longstone 1796
18 Elizabeth THOMPSON married Henry THOMPSON two yrs ago. Husband died three weeks ago. 1787
19 Joshua DAVENPORT born Brampton hired to Nathaniel WOODHOUSE of Pilsley p. Edensor then Rbt BRIGGS of Whalton p. Chesterfield 1777
20 John HAGUE served Rbt HOLME Baslow. Father Joseph 1777
21 Geo CURREY born Edinborough, soldier, out patient Royal Hopsital Dublin. 1777
22 Geo COWLEY born Barlow hired to Elizabeth WHITE of Beeley. 1777
23 John MELLOR 21, apprenticed to Wm SMITH then Richard SKIDMORE of Gt Longstone 1796
24 John COCKER of Beeley 21, born Baslow. Apprenticed to Jonathan BRIGHT of Baslow cordwainer. Enlisted Royal Horse Artillery. Thrown from horse, discharged. 1813
25 Samuel VICKERS Beeley labourer, 26, born Edensor. Worked several (unnamed places). 1796
26 Richard SWIFT Beeley 29, born Higham, fathers legal Settlement Brackenfield. Married when 27 moved to Beeley. 1796
27 Martha WHITE Harwood, Beeley born Heath. When 19 hired to Thomas HEATH of Loads Head, Brampton, John BARNS Ashgate farmer. 1777
28 Charles WALLWORK, now of Beeley, chimney sweeper, born Lancs. Manchester. Apprenticed from Workhouse Manchester to Moses DEWHURST of Lancs. Manchester, chimney sweeper. Went to live in Nottingham, Notts, married four years ago. On his way back to Manchester, wife taken in labour, male child born Beeley ten days ago. Prevented from going on. Now chargeable to Beeley. 1796
29 John SMITH born Hathersage. hired to Edward SPENCE (Tabler under William SPENCER Cannon Hall, Cawthorn, Yks.) then John EYER (EYRE) of Hathersage, married, moved to Beeley about 4 yr ago. 1734
30 Thomas DAFFIN Beeley 30, born Youlgreave, journeyman weaver. Married about four years ago, resided Stanton, then back to Youlgreave then Beeley. 1796
31 George HUDSON Beeley 32, born Dronfield. 1800
SE1 John PICKARD of Skegby, cordwainer, Bond 1758
SE2 John CREE Mansfield cordwainer (son of John) Bond 1758
SE3 John SIMPSON born Burslam, Staffs pott maker 1748
SE4 Mary WILSON born Mansfield, apprenticed to Daniel KIRK of Duckmanton then Francis ROGERS of Bolsover, then Hannah SMALLE 1755
SE5 Thomas CHARLESWORTH born Nether Langwith, Notts, Robert RYECROFT of Broughton, Lincs, John BUNBEY of Beckingham Lincs, held land of widow WILSON of Bolsover. 1757
SE6 Samuel UNWIN born Sutton. In 1738 hired to Tho POYNTON Cuckney who moved to Bolsover, then back to Cuckney. 1757
SE7 Tho HALL born Richmond Yks., five yrs ago hired to John TEAL of Leeds, then Uncle Wm HALL nr Thirsk, brazer, then travelled with him as a tinker. 1763
SE8 Jonathan SCALES of Bolsover, born Chesterfield, hired to Rebecca LAWRENCE of Duckmanton widow, then bro John SCALES at Barlborough. 1772
SE9 Elizabeth ORWIN single born Bolsover, when 18 hired to Edward HODGKINSON of Duckmanton, then John BROCKSOPP Ault Hucknall. 1772
SE10 John GASCOYNE Bolsover labourer aged 36, born Wingerworth served Wm HILL at Sutton Dby, then Robert PARSONS at Rowthorn, Wm STEVENS at Houghton Dbys farmer, then Geo HOBSON at Staveley, Rich TOMLINSON Wingerworth then Sir Hnery HUNLOKE Wingerworth Hall, then 2nd Division Marines, after discharge from Portsmouth served Duke of Kingstone and Duke of Thowersby, Edenstow, Notts. 1776
SE11 Charles NUTTALL Bolsover hired to John BALL of Barlborough 1788
SE12 Mary STUBBING single born Mansfield Woodhouse, father living there under Certificate from Warsop. Hired to Wm BOTT of Mansfield. 1785
SE13 Mary HIBBERD of Bolsover, born Heath, father residing there under Certificate from Nth Wingfield. Served Nathaniel BACON of Heath. 1785
SE14 Sarah ASHLEY Bolsover, single, born Clowne, served Richard ASHLEY miller of Beighton, then John THORP, Clowne victualler. (The THORP surname also looks like HAZE (Hays?) you will have to decide for yourself !) 1790
SE15 Robert SAVAGE Bolsover lab. born Barlborough, father residing there under a Certificate from Treeton, Yks, hired to John SKINNER of Holbeck Woodhouse p.Cuckney, farmer 1791
SE16 William UNWIN Bolsover, labourer. born Bolsover served Tho GREAVES at Heath, farmer. 1792
SE17 William TAYLOR Sgt in HM Regt of Nottinghamshire Fencibles. Born Bolsover served Wm BLUNDALL Eckington who resided there under Certificate from Bolsover. Married Ann TAYLOR in 1790 at Holland Co Lancaster. Children Wm and James. 1795
SE18 Aaron BIGGING signs BIGGIN of Bolsover, bucklemaker, born Beauchief. Uncle John COOPER made an agreement with Benj RHODES of Bolsover, bucklemaker. Resided in house of John LITTLEWOOD of Bolsover. (Later in doc. the name Benj. changes to James) 1795
SE19 John BROWN butcher born Whittington, served John HINDE of Bolsover 1795
SE20 Joseph CALOW lab. born Bolsover, hired to Wm CESSEY of Gateford, Worksop, then in 1794 went to reside with mother at Bolsover. 1795
SE21 Rich HARRISON lab. born Leeds, fathers Legal Settlement at Palterton. Served Wm LEE at Edingley Nottm farmer, then John DAVY at Lindhurst an extra parochial place in Nottingham, farmer then rented house off Isaac SIKES at Bolsover. 1795
SE22 Job MELLORS lab, born Scarcliffe 1795
SE23 John MITCHELL lab born Bolsover hired to Elizabeth ALLWOOD p. Staveley, rented house of Geo MASON at Bolsover, rented land of Earl of Bathurst 1795
SE24 Joseph SHACKLOCK hatter born Bolsover 1795
SE25 Samuel BAKER crdwainer 30, born Upton Notts apprenticed to Robert BENTLEY of Mansfield Woodhouse 1798
SE26 Joseph YATES lab 30 born Bolsover served Jonathan CHAPMAN at Palterton 1798
SE27 Joseph FISHER 34 born West Melton Yks. Apprenticed to Tho GRAY Ecclesfield, then Joseph Johnson Ecclesfield 1801
SE28 Wm WARD brick and tyle maker 34 born Waddington Lincs. Apprenticed to Wm NORTON of Newark tile and brick maker. Married when about 21. 1801
SE29 Alice TAGG Woolley Moor widow 25, born Wingerworth, Parents legal Settlement Ashover. Marr Saml TAGG at Brimington 2yr ago, who was hired to Mr ALLISON at Oxcroft. 1803
SE30 Charles BROAD of Whaley p. Bolsover labourer 25, born Hailcoak?, Yks. hired to Robert BROOKS of Co of Nottingham, John BROOKS of Oakley Yks., John HUNT of Whaley, Mrs ROSE of p.Laxton, Notts, Richard RATCLIFF of Walesby, Notts, Richard LUDSBY? of Scarcliffe. Married Hannah CROFTS. 1805
SE31 Thomas FURNACE (FURNESS, FURNISS) of Bolsover, labourer, 33 born Whaley. Served Godfrey FROGGATT of Agg (Haag) p. Staveley, to drive plow, then Paul SMITH of White Lodge, Staveley, Thomas BUCKLEY of Whittington, William MULLINS of Ford p.Eckington sicklesmith and farmer, John VICKERS of Bolsover Woodhouse,. Went to his father now at Hundall miller. Married Emilia CLARKE (widow of Joseph CLARKE) at Sheffield, Yks. 1805
SE32 George WARD Bolsover lab 23, served William KIRK Bolsover, Richard FLINT Bolsover surgeon, in husbandry, Abraham SCOTT of Shuttlewood, Bolsover, Charles FOWLER of Shirebrook, p.Pleasley. Married Sarah HASLAM Houghton p.Plealsey 1805
SE33 John SLANEY born Bolsover lab. 24 served Robert SAXTON? of Bolsover farmer Thomas STEEL of Palterton farmer, John HAGUE of Moreby? p.Mansfield, Notts. John ROLLING p.Warsop. Married Mary MILLS on 12th June last. 1805
SE34 Joseph WHARTON Bolsover lab, 26 born Ashover his mothers legal Settlement. Served Samuel LIMB of Ashover, Brabazon HALLOWS of Glapwell, George BLANKSBY of Ashover, Daniel LANTHAM ? (SMITHAM?) of Hilcoat Hall p.Blackwell, Stephen SAMPSON of Blackwell farmer then Uncle Benjamin WRAGG of Milltown, Ashover, John TALANCE (TALLENTS) of Upper Langwith farmer, William CROOKS of Upper Langwith, John BOLER of Glapwell, Charles FOWLER of Shirebrook. Married Mary WHITWORTH of Heath at Heath. 1805
SE35 William SHEMWELL of Shuttlewood, brickmaker born Walton p. Chesterfield Served Samuel JEBB Walton. 1805
SE36 Henry CUTT 30 born Bolsover, lived in Mansfield, Notts served George BELL of Palterton. Married Hannah WITHAM? at Scarcliffe. 1809
SE37 Robert LAMB 25 labourer born Warsop, Notts. Served Samuel JACKSON Warsop, farmer, George HILL of Palterton, Thomas STEEL Palterton. Married Scarcliffe 18m ago. 1809
SE38 George ORWIN of Bolsover collier 30 born Bottomsill, (Bothamsall) Notts. served William TURNER Sutton Dbys, George BELL of Palterton, William KITCHEN of Elmton 1809
SE39 Richard FOWLER of Bolsover, blacksmith 26, born Pleasley Hill p. Mansfield, Notts. Served John JACKSON of Elmton blacksmith. 1809
SE40 John HEWITT of Bolsover lab. 30, born Duckmanton. Served George STEVENSON of Sutton, farmer, Stephen SAMPSON of Blackwell, Robert DICKIN of Sutton. 1809
SE41 William MITCHELL 22 born Bolsover parent Settlement Staveley. Hired to John STEVENSON Bolsover,Robert TURNER Tapton. 1809
SE42 Robert NEWTON 26 born Hasland,Hired to Lady BARKER of Glapwell. 1809
SE43 John SIMPSON 29 Hired to John BARKER Bolsover, John SWINTON, Linley, Notts . 1809
SE44 Henry BAGSHAW born Nether Langwith, Notts 28 .Hired to James DOOLANDS Cucknall, Notts, Joseph BROWN Lings, Wingerworth. 1809
SE45 Thomas BENNETT 32 born Bolsover Woodhouse, Hired to John VICKERS Bolsover Woodhouse, Thomas DUTTON. 1809
SE46 Samuel BOWER 22 born Whittington . Served Joseph BIGGIN Norton, John TURNER Gleadthorpe p,Warsop, Notts. Married. 1809
SE47 George HOPKINSON  born Wingerworth 33. Hired to Mrs LOW Calow, Thomas GREAVES High House p.Heath. 1809
SE48 John WATTS 31 born Tibshelf. Hired to John MOTTERSHAW Clay Lane 1809
SE49 Jane WAITH (WORTH) 35 born Blackwell Co Durham. parents legal Settlement Barney Castle, Durham.Married Joseph WAITH (WORTH) "a traveling doctor". Never knew husbands Settlement except a letter from his brother Samuel WORTH states it was Standley nr Wakefield,Yks.  1811
SE50 Samuel NEIL (signs NEAL) 21 born Matlock parents Settlement Wensley, Dbys. Married Jane WORTH of Bolsover 1814
SE51 Jane NEAL late WORTH regarding the Settlement of her children she had by Joseph WORTH. Examinant born Blackwell nr Darlington Co Durham , parents Settlement Barney Castle, Durham, married Joseph WORTH has six children. Hannah born Wales, Richard born Yks, Jane born Scotland, Elizabeth born Northumberland, Joseph born Worksop, Thomas born Wilts. Husband left her and has not been seen since. It has been proved he had a wife living at the time he married the Examinant. Married Samuel NEAL.  n.d.  c.1815
SE52 William SMITH 25 born Chesterfield. Served with John BACON of Wingerworth, John DAKIN Hasland, David BRETT Sutton,Dbys. 1814
SE53 Joseph BROWN 21, Hired to Mrs REVEL Langwith, Dbys., Catherine CROOKS p. Plealsey, Mr LUDLAM Bolsover, Mr JOHNSON Osscroft farmer. Married Sutton Dbys to Elizabeth SHARMAN .one CHILD. 1815
SE54 William MACHANT 38 born Upper Langwith Dbys. Hired to George JACKSON Scarcliffe, Richard EYRE Warsop, Mrs DENTON of Edwinstowe, Notts. Enlisted 5th Dragoons, twelve years a soldier. Hired to Christopher HIND Bolsover 1818
SE55 Elizabeth WALKER 28 Hired to Mr PEARSON Pleasley Works. David GLADWIN Sutton, Dbys, Henry DAVYS Warsop, Notts. Left through illness. 1818
SE56 Jane NALE 46 wife of Samuel NALE now of Church Anston WRY , born Blackwell nr Darlington Co Durham. Her husband Samuel NALE late of Bolsover has belonged to Snitterton, Dbys, that she now sells earthenware. Married Bolsover, when before she was married St Helen's ,Auckland, Durham to a man by the name of Joseph WORTH but who had a wife then living. She was delivered of her son Joseph WORTH at Worksop, Notts ,other son Thomas, born Salisbury, Wilts. Does not know where Joseph WORTH now lives. 1819
SE57 Joshua ASHLEY 16, next April, born Hasland. Hired by Mr COX to Robert COX of Brimington Moor p. Calow. Absent four days when he cut his foot. Went to brother in Hasland to recover. Replaced by Roger BENNET when he finally left. 1820
SE58 Edward HANKINSON 24 born Clifton, Lancs. Does not know where parents belonged. Hired to Thomas CLEGG of Hardown, Lancs. farmer, John FARR (FARE?) of Hardown .Lived with James CATERHALL of Elmton. 1824
SE59 George WHITE 28 born Upper Langwith parents settlement Scarcliffe. Hired to Ellen COOPER Pleasley farmer, Matthew SCORAH Scarcliffe farmer. 1824
SE60 John FROST 29 Hired to John FLINT of Nether Langwith, Notts farmer, John GLASBY Scarcliffe. 1824
SE61 James SWIFT Chesterfield 56 born Staveley. Father belonged Sheffield, Yks. Hired to Mr FLINT Bolsover, surgeon. Returned to father at Scarcliffe, who returned to Sheffield,Yks. Stayed with him nine months, and learned the business of a shoemaker. Instructed by John EATON . Resided Chesterfield 32 yrs.
SE62 William CHAPMAN 38 born Eckington .Hired to Peter GLOSSOP of Blythe, Notts .Marr. Elizabeth SAXELBYE . Took Public House off John SAXELBYE for the rent of ten pounds. 1828
SE63 Joseph HOLLINGWORTH tailor Ecington 45, born Handley, p.Staveley parents Settlement Bolsover. Married Ann MARSDEN 1828
SE64 John GASKIN sweep 26. Apprenticed to Jonathan BOOKER Chesterfield, sweep. Lived some time with Master who had moved to Mansfield, Notts. Father commenced as a sweep at Bolsover. Master left the Country. 1828
SE65 Joseph FISHER, 66 born West Milton, Wath, Yks. Apprenticed to Thomas GRAY Ecclesfield, Yks . Served Mr HARGREAVE Swinton, Yks . Wife Ann.  1830
SE66 John FROST ,35 .Hired to John FLINT Nether Langwith, Notts, Christopher HIND Bolsover, Joseph GLASBY Scarcliffe 1830
SE67 Thomas THORPE, 25 born Sheffield, Yks parents settlement Ashford, Dbys. Apprenticed to John WESTON Bonsall. Ran away several times. Married Elizabeth MIDGLEY. 1831
SE68 Julia ORWIN, 23 spinster, born Bolsover parents settlement Scarcliffe where father gained settlement by servitude. Father now resides Bolsover. Lived with Mr FIDLER,Mr NUTTALL of Heath, Mr HARDY Sutton, William BACON Lings, Mr BOWMAN Houghton, Mr PARSONS Mansfield, Notts, Mr SHAW Cuckney. 1831
SE69 Moses LEE, 21 born Walton parents settlement Stretton. Served Mr BEELEY of Palterton, Mr KITCHEN of the Breck, Staveley. Served two weeks, broke arm. Mr NICHOLS Roseland, Mr WILSON Stretton 1832
SE70 Mary CUTT spinster 16, born Bolsover parents settlement Scarcliffe. Mr BEELEY O/S of Poor Scarcliffe agreed to find her clothes if I would go and live at Mr STEELS of Bolsover. Mother met with Mr BEELEY and got clothes at Chesterfield. Served Mr CALLADINE Blidworth, Notts. Now with child. 1833 
SE71 John STRAW 35 .Father John STRAW died Hasland . Hired to John HEATH Blidworth,Notts. Worked at Brinsley, Notts and Somercotes. Returned home to relative William BLAKE. Parents belonged Bolsover. 1833
SE72 John CUPIT Married to Millicent STENDALL ? at Upper Langwith. Hired to Edward CROOKES of Shirebrook.  1834
SE73 John JENKINSON 57 .Hired to Francis ATKINS of Wales p.Treeton, Yks. Removed 1829 to Treeton, Yks. Has Susanna, Jonathan, Benjamin. 1838
RSE20 Benjamin SLATER of Ecclesall Bierlow concerning Joseph SIMPSON, who is abut 34, born Wasles in Yks of parents legally settled in Bolsover. Father Henry SIMPSON hired him to Joseph ALLINSON of Bolsover. Now sick and confined to bed 1838
RSE23 Ann CLARKE lawfully settled at Bolsover where she lived 3 yrs. 1818
BOULTON with year of Examination
SE6 Sarah PARKER widow dau of John MILES, went to London. Married to a soldier, now dec. 1749
SE7 John KEELING born Boulton, father a certificated man from Overseal. Served Geo EATON at Repton, then Wm BOYSE of Coventry, John PYM of Pindley, Warwicks, then John BROWN Swadlincote, then John PARKER Stapenhill. 1773
SE8 Mary WOODWARD hired to Thomas ADAMS of Aston on Trent 1778
DLSE16 Richard ROWLAND born Breadsall, hired to Joseph PARKINSON of Sawley.
RM7/2031 Mary TOON, widow of Daniel TOON, .Married at Dublin, Ireland 1829. Has Sarah, Mary Ann, Daniel, William, Elizabeth. Husband was a soldier.  1846
RM7/2032 Daniel TOON Linton Heath, p.Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. father of Daniel TOON, husband of Mary TOON. Son lived with me ,employed as collier, Left for Nottingham ,Notts with a person named SIMPSON. SIMPSON kept the Milton Road Public House in Nottingham, Notts. served him as a tap boy and grocer., then by Mr HOWARD as millwright, then enlisted as a soldier. I did not see him until he was discharged. .  1846
RM7/2033 Rosamund ROWELL  wife of Thomas ROWELL Derby Road, Nottingham, Notts. . In 1823 I wqs wife of Paul SIMPSON who kept the Milton Head Toll House Hill St Mary Nottingham, Notts. Daniel TOON employed there, after Daniel left his brother Henry TOON took his place. 1846
RM7/2034 Thomas Hill SALTHOUSE Overseer of Breaston, " the pauper Mary TOON and her children have become chargeable" .  1846
RM7/2035 William HENSHAW Weston on Trent, Relieving Offcier for Shardlow Union. "I have relieved Mary TOON and her children" with four shillings and bread.  1846

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.