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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Certificates

TIBSHELF with year of Certificate.
SC1 William WEETMAN Alfreton 1695
SC2 Matthew PARKER and family Blidworth 1702
SC3 James SHEPERD Heath 1703
SC4 Wm CALTON Rebecca wife, family Barlow 1705
SC5 Wm FOX, wife, children Blackwell 1704
SC6 Jeffrey BRADLY Wildboreclough, Chester 1705
SC7 Ann HODGKINSON Edwinstow 1706
SC8 Wm DAVENPORT, Elizb wife, Sherland 1707
SC9 Wm JACKLING, wife Teversal 1708
SC10 Richard FLETCHER, Mary wife. Halt Hucknall 1709
SC11 Wm ASHMOOR wife, family. Mansfield 1715/16
SC12 Daniel BEARDSLY, wife. Ripley, p,Pentrich 1716
SC13 Israel BROOKES, WIFE. Heath 1716
SC14 William TURNER, wife. Bakewell, Over Haddon 1719
SC15 Robert MATHER, wife. Winkbourn, Notts. 1720
SC16 John SMITH, Mary wife, Thomas Stone, Staffs 1721
SC17 John JOHNSON, wife. Fairfield. (p. Hope?) 1722/33
SC18 Joseph HARVEY, family Alfreton 1723/4
SC19 Charles ROBINSON, wife, family Whittington 1723
SC20 David NAILE (NEAL?), wife. Chesterfield 1725
SC21 Henry ASHMORE, wife, family Teversall, Notts 1727
SC22 Samuel MELLERS, wife, family Sutton in Ashfield, Notts, 1727
SC23 Thomas BINGHAM, wife, family. Teversall Notts. 1727
SC24 Mary MOKES, Elizabeth, Sarah. Pinxton 1731
SC25 John HILL, Jane wife, Hannah Shirland 1731
SC26 William CHAPMAN, Anne wife. Blackwell 1731
SC27 William MOSSLEY, Anne wife, John. Ashover 1731
SC28 Jeremiah WILDSMITH, Hannah wife, Hannah, Eckington 1732
SC29 John WILDSMITH, Anne wife, Rebecca. Eckington 1732
SC30 Jonathan BINGHAM wife, family Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. 1736
SC31 Matthew FOX, Grace wife. Pilsley North Wingfield 1736
SC32 William REYNES (RAYNES, RAINES) Ann wife, Dethick, Lea and Holloway. p.Ashover 1736
SC33 John CLARKE, Mary wife, family Selston, Notts. 1736
SC34 Richard MORLEY, Mary wife. Teversal, Notts. 1737
SC35 Martha FELL, James, Sarah, Hannah, Joseph Skegby, Notts. 1739
SC36 Joseph WALLIS, Elizabeth wife. Mugginton 1740
SC37 Abraham LEE, Mary wife. Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. 1740
SC38 Joseph BROOKES, Jane wife. Nottingham St Peter. 1740
SC39 William ELLETT Shirland 1742
SC40 John HARDY wife, family Teversal, Notts 1742
SC41 Edward COOPE, Ann wife. Eyam, Foolow. 1742
SC42 John TATAM, Ann wife, John, Charles. Wirksworth 1743
SC43 Henry LEVERTON, Ann wife, John. Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts. 1747
SC44 Richard MELLARD wife, family Nottingham St Mary 1747
SC45 George HAWSLEY? (could be Hawksley, page folded) Mary wife, John. Shirland 1750
SC46 Paul REASON, wife, family Mansfield, Notts. 1750
SC47 Thomas JOHNSON, Mary wife, David, Jonathan, Thomas, William. Chesterfield 1750
SC48 Thomas STOCKS, wife, family. Morton 1750
SC49 William WADE, Ann wife. Southwell, Notts. 1753
SC50 Matthew HILL, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, Mary. Teversal, Notts. 1753
SC51 John WASS, wife, family. South Wingfield 1754
SC52 Richard HAWKSLEY, Hannah wife, Charles, Hannah, George, James, Mary. Arnold, Notts. 1754
SC53 Thomas KIRKBY, Hannah wife, Elizabeth. Mansfield, Notts. 1757
SC54 Charles TAYLOR, Martha wife Chaddesden 1758
SC55 William HATTON (or Walton?) Ann wife. Holbrook 1758
SC56 William RAWSON, Mary wife, Margaret. Pinxton 1759
SC57 Thomas HARRIS, Martha wife, John. Ault Hucknall 1759
SC58 Jospeh RILEY, Sarah wife, family. Denby 1760
SC59 Thomas YATES, Rachel wife, Hannah, Joseph, Rachel, Esther. Stanton in Youlgreave. 1762
SC60 William JOHNSON, Mary wife, Thomas, William. Wirksworth. 1762
SC61 Thomas BARKER, Ann wife, William. Cheadle, Staffs. 1762
SC62 John CHAPMAN, Elizabeth wife, Mary Pleasley 1763
SC64 Joseph BARNES, Hannah wife, children. Alfreton 1764
SC65 John COOPE Foolow, Eyam 1764
SC66 Godfrey MARRIOTT, Ann wife, Godfrey. South Normanton. 1765
SC67 Joseph RILEY Ann wife, Mary, Hannah. Ilkeston 1767
SC68 Thomas JACKLING, Helen wife, Willam (sic) Teversal, Notts. 1768
SC69 Robert PARSONS, Lidia wife, William. Newstead, Notts. 1770
SC70 Richard GODBER, Bridget wife. Warsop, Notts. 1771
SC71 Richard BROOKS, Sarah wife, Ann. from Tibshelf. Certificate for Overseers of Teversal, Notts. 1771
SC72 John WATERS, Elizabeth wife, William. Southwell, Notts. 1771
SC73 Moses COOKE, Ann wife. Morton 1772
SC74 Thomas REYNOLDS, Sarah wife, John. Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts. 1773
SC75 Richard SCOT, Ann wife, Elizabeth. Pleasley 1773
SC76 Steven LEE, Mary wife, family Teversal, Notts. 1773
SC77 Matthew FOX, Hannah wife. Nanny.  Ault Hucknall 1774
SC78 John FISHER , Mary wife, John.  Pilsley 1774
SC79 William SHOOTER, Sarah wife, Rebecca.  Kirkby, Notts. 1776
SC80 Jonathan BINGHAM, Elisabeth wife, George, Elizanay ?, Jonathan  Mansfield, Notts. 1776
SC81 Henry BUCKLAND, Hannah wife, Richard, Sarah Elizabeth.  Blackwell 1778
SC82 Thomas BROOKS wife and family  Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1779.    
SC83 Samuel ASHMORE ,Mary wife, one child.  Rufford, Notts. 1779
SC84 Samuel ASHMORE letter confirming above 1779
SC85 Joshua MELLOR, Mary wife   Belper  1780
SC85 William COPE , wife and family  Winkburn, Notts 1781
SC86 William LYMB, Martha wife, William, Joseph, Thomas, George.  Crich 1784
SC87 Laurence PARSONS, Sarah wife, Ann, Joseph, Richard, Sarah.  Pilsley 1784
SC88 John BROUGH, Mary wife, Thomas, Fanny,   Hucknall, Notts. 1786
SC89 James STONES, Dorothy wife.  Shirland  1787
SC90 Samuel TIDWELLS   Bradnop, Staffs 1789
SC91 William HILL  Ault Hucknall 1789
SC92 Thomas CHAPMAN, Margery wife.  Mansfield, Notts. 1789
SC93 John GODBER   Mansfield, Notts.  1790
SC94 John CHAPMAN, Betty wife, Mary.  Clipston, Notts. 1790
SC95 Joseph ASHMORE, Mary wife, Sarah, Mary, William.  Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. 1790
SC96 John HIBBERD, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Sarah.  North Wingfield  1793
SC97 Ann GODBER spinster, pregnant.  Heath  1798
SC98 William BROWN, Mary wife, Benjamin, David.  Clarbrough, Notts. 1798
SC99 Mary MELLOR  Ault Hucknall 1800
SC100 Alice WARREN  Alfreton 1801
SC101 James HILL Stainsby, p. Ault Hucknall 1801
SC102 Mary ELLICE wife of William ELLICE, a soldier, John.  Pinxton  1804
SC103 Sarah PARSON  single  Heage  1805
SC104 Elizabeth RAYNES  single,  Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts 1804
SC105 Sarah ASHMORE     Linby, Notts. 1806
SC106 Ann COOK  single Epperston, Notts. 1807
SC107* Ann GHENT single  Skegby, Notts. 1799
SC108 Ann WASS  Ault Hucknall 1813
SC109 Sarah BINGHAM  single  Gonalston, Notts. 1814
SC110 Mary REYNOLDS   Stainsby, p.Ault Hucknall 1827
SC111 Matthew FARNSWORTH, wife, child.  (Certificate given by Tibshelf to Duffield) 1710
TICKNALL with year of Certificate
320 Wm SANDERSON Chippin Lancs 1701
322 Solomon CARTER Offcote and Underwood 1703
323 John CHALLONER, wife Belton 1704
325 Oliver BLOOR, wife. Stanton juxta Pont 1706
326 Richard DUTTON, Elizb wife, child. Ashbourne 1706
326 Rbt PARKER, Elizb. wife. Melbourne 1710
327 Jonathan TANTAM, wife and family Mansfield 1714
328 Rich TOON wife and family Ashby de la Zouch 1714/5
329 John SHILCOCK and family Stanton 1716/17
330 Tho MEADS Draycott 1722
331 Edward BASSET family Stanton 1722
332 Tho MINION Staunton Harrold p Breedon 1723
333 John BOOTH, Easter wife. Donisthorpe 1723
334 Rich. TAYLOR wife, children Breedon 1726
335 Wm ADAMS, Elizb wife, issue, Burton on Trent 1727
337 Wm PORTER, Jane wife two chldren Smalley 1730
338 Geo ADCOCK, wife, family Worthington, Leics 1730
339 Rich BYARD, Anne wife. Stretton, Burton on Trent 1731
340 Joseph GARRAT, Ann wife, children Higglescote. 1731
341 Benj. STURGES, Hannah wife Newton Solney 1733
343 Rbt NORMAN and family Nottm St Nicholas 1732
344 Jonathan CONDALL wife and son? Shenton Leics 1732
345 Tho COXEN, An wife, issue Ashby de la Zouch 1738
346 Tho FORD son of John FORD late of Abbots Bromley. Handbury Staffs 1738
347 John VERNON, Deborah wife, dau Dby St Alkmund 1738
348 Joseph DRAPER, Merriam wife. Stanton by Bridge 1741
349 Rich SPRINGTHORP, Ann wife children Staunton Harrold 1741
350 Jonathan SHAW, Ann wife. Ashby de la Zouch 1742
351 Rbt EATON, Hannah wife. 1744 this family are from Ticknall with Cert. meant for O/S of Polesworth.
352 John GUNDAMORE, Mary wife St James Westminster 1745
353 Edward BRIERS, Jane wife Castle Donington 1745
354 Francis ASHMORE, Elizb wife, Franc. Edward, Sarah. Bretby 1745
355 John OAKEY jnr, Alice wife Blackfordby 1753
356 William JOINER, Ann wife Overseers from Ticknall sign Certificate for Overseers of Whitchurch, Shropshire 1754
357 John BOTT, Mary wife Tamworth 1754
358 Henry SMITH, Mary wife, Katherine, Sarah. Burton on Trent, Staffs 1755
359 Robert RADFORD, Eleanor wife. Rolleston Staffs 1755
361 Brian KNIGHT, Mary wife. Derby Hills 1756
362 Richard SNEEZEY, Elizabeth wife, children. Horsley 1756
363 Joseph HASSARD, Jane wife, family. Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1757
364 William WILKINSON, Elizabeth wife. Stretton 1759
365 John GREATON, (GRATTON?)Jane wife, Jane,Mary. Brassington 1762
366 Thomas SMITH, Hannah wife Ibstock, Leics. 1763
367 Philip SPENCER, wife, family Kegworth, Leics. 1764
368 Thomas SMITH, Elizabeth wife. Snareston, Leics. 1766
369 Robert MUMFORD, Ann wife,and issue Market Bosworth, Leics. 1768
370 Thomas WILKINSON, Mary wife, Thomas, Mary Repton 1769
371 Robert MILES, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Thomas John. Melbourne 1769
372 William MUMFORD, Hannah wife. Stoke Golding, Leics. 1769
373 Henry WATSON wife and family Staunton Harold, Leics. 1770
374 Thomas MONK, Ann wife, Daniel Gambley, Leics. 1772
375 Thomas SWINDELL, Lydia wife, John, Thomas, Joseph, Bartimeus, Elizabeth, Sarah, Penelope. Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1772
376 William WOOTTON, Elizabeth wife, family. Diseworth, Leics. 1774
377 John DOLMAN, Elizabeth wife., Mary Repton 1774
378 Thos WHITE, Rebecca wife and family Belton 1775
379 Wm KEETLEY Lenton Notts 1776
380 Tho DYMOCK wife and family Nottm St Mary 1778
381 Mary RADFORD single Stanton by Bridge 1778
382 Tho HOPWELL, Elizb wife Melbourne 1778
383 Henry WARREN, Sarah wife, Elizb. Melbourne 1778
384 Joseph NICHOLS, Jane wife and family Hartshorn 1779
386 Humphrey BEESON, Elizb wife and famly Blackfordby 1780
387 Timothy BEIGHTON, Sarah wife Ashby de la Zouch 1784
388 James NEWBERRY, Ann wife, Thos. Ashby de la Zouch 1785
389 John COPE Brailsford 1786
390 Wm WHITE, Elizb wife Mary inf. Barrow 1786
391 Tho SPENCER, Mary wife Diseworth 1790
392 Geo ORTON, Mary wife Diseworth 1790
393 James CAVAGAN, Elizb wife and family Burton on Trent 1790
393a Wm KNIGHT, Sarah wife Melbourne 1794
393b John GADSBY Snelston 1794
394 Isaac BOWLAR, Sarah wife, Martha, James, Ann? Turnditch 1795
395 Mary BEASON pregnant Blackfordby 1805
396 Sarah PHEASANT pregnant Calke 1814
397 Sophia PHEASANT pregnant Calke 1815
398 Elizabeth TOPIS pregnant Calke 1816
399 Mary BEASON pregnant Blackfordby 1805
400 Elizabeth AULT pregnant Calke 1816
401 Ann HEATHERLEY widow, Elizabeth, William. Repton 1816
402 Elizabeth PEACE single, pregnant. Stapenhill 1820
403 Sarah PHEASANT single, pregnant. Calke 1820
404 Catharine COLLIER, single, pregnant. Melbourne 1827

TISSINGTON Settlement Certificate
George REDFEARNE, Hannah wife Alstonefield Staffs.  1761  V21/82a
Thomas PHILIPS, Ann wife Mayfield Staffs 1782  V21/82b
John GREENSMITH, Rebeccah wife Elizabeth dau. Clifton Dbys.  1784  V21/82c
Lydia PEARSON single pregnant Mappleton 1802   V21/82d
Elizabeth ALCOCK pregnant Stanton Staffs  1833  V21/82e
TRUSLEY Settlement Certificate
SC1 William SMITH 1776 Robert BIRKIN and Samuel LING witnessed. This document is badly damaged, top half missing, however evidence suggests William SMITH came to Osleston and Thurvaston, p Sutton on the Hill from Trusley.

WINSTER with year of Certificate
1 Samuel GAMBLE Stanton in Youlgreave 1698
2 Richard HARRISON Baslow and Bubnell 1700/1
3 Geo INGMAN Baslow 1700
4 Anthony FOXLOVE Taddington 1700
5 Philip HINCH Stoney Middleton 1706
6 John BADDILEY, Mary, children Stoney Middleton 1709
7 Geo HARRISON Nth Wingfield 1710
8 Mary CASTLE wid. Elton and Winster joint 1713/4
9 Tho BARKER, son of Rbt BARKER aged 10, Tiddswall 1714/5
10 Wm SILKSTONE, wife Wirksworth 1718
11 John RHODES wife, children, Crumford 1719
12 Robert LEE wife, family Carsington 1722
13 Rbt BROOMHEAD wife, family Stanton in Youlg. 1723
14 Thomas BLACKWALL, Ellen Wensley 1726
15 Tho CLIFFE, Hannah Bakewell 1727
16 Daniel POTTER Elizabeth Bonsall 1726
17 Geo SHAWE wife, children Crich 1727/8
18 Wm YATES Parwich 1727
19 Wm MOORE, Alice. Standon, Staffs 1727/8
20 Nathaniel LOWE, Hannah, Jonathan Carsington 1730
21 Edward GODBEHERE, Anne, children Crumford 1731
22 Tho SLATER, Katherine Allsopp in the Dale 1732
23 Jonathan HALL Sarah wife, Rachel Wirksworth 1732
24 Wm SLATER Anne wife, Elizb. Chelmorton 1733
25 Francis BOAME, Sarah. Bakewell 1734
26 Joseph APPLEBEE, Grace wife, children Bradley 1735
27 Robert EVANS Ann wife, children Rowsley 1735
28 Joseph LEES, Jane. Oldham 1736
29 John BALL, wife, Sth Wingfield 1737
30 Tho BAMPTON, Grace. Hassop 1738
31 Richard KEELING, Mary, James Youlgreave 1739
32 Fra. PICKRING, Elizb with childe. Youlgreave 139/40
33 Geo WRAGG, Dorothy, children Bonsall 1740
34 Joseph BILLINGE, Hannah Hartington Middle Qtr 1740
35 Geo EVANS, Anne wife, 1740 Certificate to travel to Nth Collingham. He is of Winster
36 John GRANGER children Horsehay, Kilburn 1740
37 John BALL, Ellen, children, Hault Hucknall 1741
38 John BALL born Coddington p. Critch. 1741
39 Edmund MARSDEN, wife,children. Birchover 1746/7
40 Adam KNOWLES, wife. Wensley and Snitterton 1746/7
41 Anthony ABELL, Rebecca wife, children Ashbourn 1746
42 Geo KNOWLES wife, family Wensley, Snitterton 1746
43 Tho KEELING, Eliz wife. Elton 1746/7
44 Jonathan STONE, Mary wife, Ruth Elton 1746
45 Tho ASHTON jnr, Mary wife, children Bonsall 1747
46 Anthony ABELL Mary wife, children Bonsall 1747
47 Thos ELICE,Mary wife, John. Wirksworth 1747/8
48 Wm HODGKINSON, Sarah wife, Francis, William. Great Longstone 1747
49 Frances (sic) HOOLM, Mary wife. Ashford p.Bakewell 1748/9
50 Mary HOLMS, Hannah dau. Duffield 1749
51 John FANTOM, Elizabeth wife, Grace, Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary. Hogniston 1752/3
52 Robert SHAW, Sarah Matlock 1753
53 William TURNER, Sarah. Winster 1755 this Certificate is for the Overseers of Brassington.
54 Thomas CARR, Mary wife, Mary Laughton WRY. 1756
55 Ralph EVANS, Jane wife, Jacob, Joseph, Ann Rowsley 1756
56 Thomas HAWKSMORE, Lydia wife Elton 1756
57 Anth. BEALEY, Mary, Ann, Sarah his children. Wirksworth 1756
58 Ben. BELL, Elizabeth wife. Wirksworth 1756
59 Benj. MARSDEN, Grace wife, William Birchover 1756
60 Thomas NEWTON, Hannah wife, Samuel. Bonsall 1758
61 Rbt BROOMHEAD, Mary wife, Tho, John. Stanton, Birchover 1758
62 John STEARNDALL barber Derby All Saints 1758 given that not many occupations are given barber may be a surname.
63 Wm GELL Mary wife, Mary Ashborn 1758
64 Ralph MELLOR, Margaret wife. Upper Haddon 1758
65 Daniel FOGG, Dorothy wife, Elizabeth. Bakewell 1758
66 John BARKER, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, John. Birchover nd.
67 Joseph MARSDEN, Ester wife, Ann. Eyam Woodland 1758
68 Wm HARRISON,Sarah wife. Monyash 1760
69 Benj STONE, Elizb. Mary. Ann. Elton 1760
70 John ROOBOTHAM, Sarah wife. Stony Middleton 1762
71 Tho WALKER, Alice wife, Thomas, Isaac, Jacob, Mary. Wensley and Snitterton 1762
72 Wm BIRCH, Eve wife. Ashover 1763
73 Joseph LANT, Ann wife, Thomas, Ann, William, Hannah, Joseph? Aldwark 1766
74 Robert BARKER, Sarah wife, Robert, George, Edmund. Darley 1768
75 Ann DAWSON Tideswell 1768
76 Edmund BARKER, Ellen wife. Darley 1768
77 Richard STATHAM, Hannah wife. Southwell, Notts 1768
78 Thomas BENNET, wife, child. Ilam, Staffs 1768
79 Bagshaw GREEN, Hannah Ann 1yr Wirksworth 1769
80 James BOAM, Ann wife, James, Thos. Darley 1769
81 Hugh BRITTLEBANK Heanor 1770
82 Wm HANLEY, Elizabeth wife, John, Sarah. Aldwark 1771
83 Lancelot BEECROFT, Rebecca wife, William, Ann, Lancelot. Conistone in Kettlewell Dale, WRY 1771
84 Joseph HENLEY, Hannah wife, George. Brassington 1771
85 John BENNETT, Dorothy wife. Croxden 1771
86 John FEARN taylor, Frances wife, Hannah Kniveton 1772
87 Joseph HARRISON, Ann and Adam children. Kirk Ireton 1781
88 James WHITWORTH, Ruth wife, Sarah Eakring Notts 1781
90 Aron NEWTON, Elizabeth wife, Isaac, Lyddy. Wensley 1783
91 David SWINSLOW, Grace wife, Ellen, Henry. Wensley and Snitterton. 1786
92 Matthew BROCKLEYS, Mary wife, Matthew Wensley and Snitterton. 1788
93 Cornelius HANSTON, Ann 19, James 18, Mary 12. Ivenbrook Grange. 1790
94 Mary BATEMAN pregnant Bakewell 1791
95 Chas SHELDON, Ellen SHELDON wife to be. Youlgreave 1790
96 Abraham BUXTON, Fanny wife. Middlton by Youlgreave 1792
97 Hannah ASHTON, pregnant Matlock 1801
98 Hannah ASHTON, pregnant Matlock 1805
99 Elizabeth ALLIN, pregnant Wirksworth 1812
100 Mary BELL pregnant Shirland 1813
101 Emma TOWNDROW single, pregnant. Quarndon 1824
SE46SC James ALLSEBROOK fwk Selston Nottts. 1771

These are entries in a parish book listing Settlement Certificates found within the parish chest, most of the persons mentioned are listed in the Settlement Certificates above, however those not found among actual Settlement Certificate papers are listed below. Where the Certificates for these persons are is not known at present.
a Alice HIDE  Lea 1696
b Alice HIDE Lea 1697
c John HARRISON Bubnell 1697
d Josiah HALL Wirksworth 1708
e Anthony FOXLOW Taddington 1700
f George SELLORS Elton 1722
g Robert LOW Carsington 1722
    (there is an original reading what looks like LEE)
h John BARKER Wensley 1724
i Edmund BARKER Wensley 1735
j Robert EVANS Beeley 1735
  ( there is an original reading Rowsley)
k Jonathan BARKER Wensley 1746
l William HODKINSON Longsdon 1747
m Francis HOLMES Ashford 1748
   (there is an original reading HOOLM)
YOULGREAVE Settlement Certificates?
This is a list of names with dates and places, presumably where they belong and not where they are going to, although is is not apparent.
Jos MARSH Fairfieldhead 1756
Grace BEEBY Stanton 1733
Moses STERNDALE Great Rowsley 1730
Edward ROWLAND Middleton 1723
John FERN Eyam 1745
Geo. DAFFIN Middleton 1722
John FRITH Dronfield 124
Thos BOWDEN Rowsley 1699
Edward JACKSON Rowsley 1703
Peter CLOWS Worksworth 1717
Robert GREENHAM Hales Owen, Salop 1723
William HADFIELD Stanton 171?
Hump TIM Tideswell 175?
Hannah BRUNT Darley 1739
Wm BERESFORD Warslow 1722
Mary WILLIS Middleton 1733
Rob SPENCER Bradburn
Thos DAFFIN Middleton 1729
Isaac PINDER Wensley 1737
Wm BEEBY Upper Haddon 1756
Helen ANDREW Hartle 1769
Jas SMITH Birchover 1765
George BEEBY from Brampton 1703
George BEEBY from Brampton 1730
Wm BEEBY from Brampton 1730
David WRIGHT Nottm St Mary 1722
James WARD Bakewell 1703
John WILD Birchover 1727
Wm SMITH Hartington 1736
Nicholas DAVIS Stoney Middleton 1699
Wm SHELDON Hassop 1710
Tho MARSDEN Birchover 1745
Jas GARTHENSIDE Ashton under Line 1740
John HALL Oldham 1716
Robert LAURENCE Nth Wingfield 1720
Ann BUXTON Middleton 1727
Heny. SPENCER Matlock 1727
Thomas ROWLAND Middleton 1730
Fran BOTHAM Middleton 1715
George TOMBLINSON Middleton 1724
Jona MILNS Elton 1721
Jas FRITH Dronfield 1756
Fran STERNDALE Stanton 1755
Joab SHARLOCK Clifton 1752
YOULGREAVE with year of Certificate.
SC1 John WILSON fwk and family Eastwood 1746 this Certificate is made out to the O/S of Greasley.
SC2 Thomas EVANS, Ann wife. Elton 1770
Francis BAXTER from Osmaston by Derby 1725 (Entry in Parish Accounts)
YOULGREAVE List of names with place Certificate given to, not the actual certificate
Jane BRAMWELL City of Chester, Cheshire1724
Robert HOLLIS Stoney Middleton 1725
Abraham HOUSELY Bath Hospital, Somerset 1751
Mary PALFREYMAN Derby St Alkmund 1751
Ed FENTHAM Stanton in Staffs, 1751
Ed GOODWIN Fairfieldhead, p. Alstonfield, Staffs 1751
Currently Mike is unable to do any lookup. These records are held in Derbyshire Records Office

When asking about documents please ensure the Place/Parish under which the name is found, type of Document, (Settlement Certificate, Settlement Examination, Removal, Bastardy etc), plus the reference, name and year if shown are quoted. This will help to ensure you will get your records faster.

Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.