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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Certificates

SCARCLIFFE with year of Certificate
1 John RAWLINGSON Warsop 1709
2 John JEFFREY, wife and child Soothill (Southwell?) 1709/10
3 Tho LAWRENCE, wife. Edingley, Notts 1709
4 John WHITAKER Morton 1712
5 Wm HALL, wife and family Marton, Lincs. 1712
6 Ferdinando WINGFIELD, wife and family Warsop 1715
7 Jonathan RAMSDALE, wife and family. Sutton in Ashfield, Notts 1717/8
9 Edward CLARKE, wife, Ann his child. Nottm St Nicklos 1717
10 John LANDE wife and children Whitewell 1718
11 John HANDBY Eakring, Notts 1718
12 Richard GREEN, wife Alderwasley 1719/20
13 Jno CLARKE, wife and family Mansfield 1720
14 Geo THORNHILL, Mary wife, Elizb, Tabitha. Hathersage 1724
15 Peter PARKER, Ann wife. Staveley 1727
16 James SMITH, wife and family Mansfield Woodhouse 1733
17 Jonathan JEFFERIES, wife Frances. Carburton Notts 1734
18 John MARTIN, Phoebe wife, Ann. Sutton in Ashfield 1735
19 Matthew MARSH, wife and family Nether Langwith, Notts. 1740
20 John HAYES yngr. wife and family Nether Langwith 1740
SC1 William MARSH wife and family Nether Langwith,Notts.1741
SC2 Edward CLARK wife and family Nottingham St Nicholas 1746 moving into Palterton.
SC3 Job LIMBE Mansfield, Notts. 1746
SC4 John WOOD, Elizabeth wife. Warsop, Notts. 1749
SC5 Joseph WRIGHT, Phoebe wife, John, Mary, Ann, Phoebe. Clowne. 1752
SC6 George KNIFTON Worksop, Notts. 1757
SC7 John SMITHURST, wife, two children. Shirland. 1757
SC8 Francis REVEL, Elizabeth wife, Langwith p.Cuckney 1758
SC9 Thomas ALLEN, Ann wife Extra Parochial Liberty of Rufford, Notts. 1758
SC10 Thomas STOCKS, Dorothy wife. Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1759
SC11 William MARRIOTT, Mary wife. Farnesfield, Notts. 1759
SC12 William STARKY, Mary wife. Barlborough 1760
SC13 Edward BRAMLEY, Mary wife. Hucknall, Notts. 1760
SC14 George WILD Liberty of Glapwell 1761
SC15 Thomas BELLAMY Laneham,Notts. 1762
SC16 John SESTON and wife Budby, Notts. 1763 (Jno SHEARSTON on reverse to Palterton.)
SC17 Joseph HUNTINGTON Alice wife, John, Elizabeth, Hannah, Thomas, James. Skegby,Notts. 1765
SC18 William ANDREW Bolsover 1766
SC19 Samuel HOPKINSON, Rose, h wife. Dronfield 1768
SC20 John MITCHELL, Martha wife. Epperson, Notts. 1769
SC21 Ely(Eli) HILL, Elizabeth wife. Eakring, Notts. 1771
SC22 John CHARLESWORTH, Mary wife. Upper Langwith 1772
SC23 Robert COWLISHAW, Sarah wife. Upper Langwith 1773
SC24 John THORNALLY, Sarah wife, John 1yr. 1773 going to Nether Langwith, Noots from Scarcliffe. (On reverse, returned in 1778)
SC25 John HAY, Martha wife Bolsover 1773
SC26 John LIMB, Hannah wife, Bilsthorpe, Notts. 1775
SC27 James BROUGH, Ann wife, Bettey. Wingerworth 1777
SC28 George BROUGH, Elizabeth wife, Mary Heath. 1779
SC29 James WILCOCK,alias WHITAKER a young child. Kneesall Notts. 1781
SC30 Francis BEESTON, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, William, John. Lindby, Notts. 1783
SC31 Ann HEATH pregnant Upper Langwith. 1784
SC32 John GUEST, Sarah wife. Barlborough 1784
SC33 William HEATHCOTE, Ann wife Woodsetts WRY 1785
SC34 William CUPIT labourer, Sarah wife. Warsop, Notts. 1786
SC35 Richard BIRCH weaver, Esther wife North Thornesby, Lincolnshire. 1787
SC36 Grace MARSH single, pregnant Nether Langwith, Nottinghamshire. 1789
SC37 Elizabeth ASHMORE single, pregnant Teversall, Nottinghamshire. 1792
SC38 William GRUNDY 7yrs going to Cuckney, Notts, 1792 settled in Scarcliffe
SC39 Mary WEST single, pregnant Cuckney, Notts 1796
SC40 Humphrey WATKINSON, Rebeckay wife. Mary, Mark 1813 Rowthorn.
SC41 Ann COOK Walton 1830
SCROPTONwith year of Certificate
1 Thomas DRAYCOT, wife. Certificate from Scropton to Boylestone. 1758
SHARDLOWwith year of Certificate
1 James DEXTER, wife, child.  Elvaston  1699/1700
2 James HALLAM, wife Dorothy and family.    Bulcot, Notts. 1713 
3 Robert HOLDEN, wife.  Aston  Dby  1721
4 Robert COOPER, Mary wife.  Spondon 1723
5 George CHETTLE, Elizabeth wife, one child.  Carlton Curlew Leics.  1723  
6* Benjamin CLARK  Nottingham St Nicholas, Notts. 1723
7 Francis HOODE and family   Calverton Notts 1723
8 Joseph LACY  Chaddesden  1725 
9 Thomas BROADHED, wife. This  Certificate to Overseers of Derby St Peters from Shardlow. 1728
10* James BURKIN and his three daus Catherina HILL, Elizabeth ,Naomi.  Lenton Notts 1730
11* Richard GILL, Mary wife.  Attenborrow  Notts. 1730
12 John DALLEY, Hannah wife.  Elvaston 1735
13 John TURNER, Catharine wife.   Hognaston  1735
14* John BREEDEN, Elizabeth wife.   Nottingham St Mary Notts.  1740 
15 Joseph WOODWARD, Alice wife.  Sawley  1743
16 John BROADHEAD, Mary wife.  Sawley   1754
17 John LACY, Mary wife, Abraham, Robert, Samuel, Elizabeth.  Hemington  Leics.  1752
18 Samuel WILLN, Ruth wife.  Barrow Dbys.  1754
19* Joseph SMITH, Anne wife and family  Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.  1754
20* William RATCLIFF, Mary wife, Thomas, Mary  Alvaston  1755
21 Rowland REAVES, wife.  Castle Donnington, Leics. 1760
22 John FORD, Sarah wife.  Caulk  1760
23 Levy LAMBURD, wife and family.  Hemington Leics.  1761
24 Thomas ROADBRY  Potters Marston  Leics.1764
25 Richard CLIFFORD, Mary wife, Hannah Richard    Chaddesden  1765
26 Thomas HICKINBOTTOM,Sarah wife,  Sandiacre  1765
27 William WILLIAMSON, Elizabeth wife, Edward  Castle Donington Leics 1769
28 Edward STEAR (STOAR?) ,Sarah wife,children.   Haslewood Dbys 1769
29  missing  MPSON,Elizabeth wife, missing  child  ---ee months. Sinfin and Arleston  1772 
30 Thomas ASHMOLD, Hanah wife, Elizabeth.  Derby St Peter  1772
31 William CLIFFORD and family.  Castle Donington Leics. 1772
32 Edward DAWSON, Mary wife, Thomas, John, Robert.  Derby St Peter. 1773
33 John COPESTAKE, Mary wife,Michael, Ann.   Bradley  1773
34 Thomas STENSON, Catharine wife, John.  Sawley 1774
35 Thomas WOOLLEY, wife, Charles, Thomas, Edward.  Ockbrook  1775
36 Benjamin CLARKE, Elizabeth wife, Rebecca, Samuel.  Willington  1775
37 John HUGHS, Esther wife, John, William.  Hopton Dbys  1775
38 Joseph WOOLLEY, Sarah wife.   Weston upon Trent  Dbys  1776
39 John WRIGHT, Anne wife, Mary, John.  Burton upon Trent Staffs 1776
40 Henry BRADBURY, wife, children.  Hemington Leics. 1776
41 John WINFIELD, Ann wife.  Ravenstone Leics. 1776
42 David RICHARDSON, Lydia wife, Sarah.  Aston on Trent  1778
43 George SQUIRES jnr, Mary wife, Sarah, Mary, George, Ann.  Draycott  1778
44 Sarah ROBOTHAM pregnant  Draycott  1786
45 Mary BROADHEAD pregnant  Stapleford Notts 1787
46 John VICKERS, Hannah wife, John? Willington 1790
47 Zachary SQUIRES, Elizabeth wife, Zachary  Draycott 1790
48 John WOOLLEY, Catherine wife, infant.  Kegworth Leics. 1791
49 Joshua REPTON, Alice.  Township of Wirksworth.  1794
50 Thomas HUNT, Mary wife.  Holbrook 1795
51 Mary TOMLINGSON pregnant.  Beaston  1797
52 Mary CORBETT pregnant  Derby St Alkmund  1813
53 Ann ALLEN pregnant  Sawley  1815

SHIRLAND with year of Certificate.
SC1 Thomas BEASTAL, wife Morton 1709
SC2 Geo HASLAM, Elizabeth wife. Morton 1717
SC3 Francis CHILD, wife and child Hasland 1720
SC4 Anne BARKER of Higham Morton 1722
SC5 James STRUTT, wife and family Selstone 1723
SC6 Robert FROST, wife, child. Darley 1736
SC7 James RADFORD, Margarett wife. Sutton in Ashfield 1742
SC8 Benj FIDLER, Mary wife, Mary. Washington 1753
SC9 James THORP, Ann wife, James, Hannah, Mary, Ann. Washington 1753
SC10 Richard TAYLOR of Higham Wirksworth 1753
SC11 Edward HASLAM shoomaker Brackenfield 1757
SC12 Tho MARSDEN, Eadey wife, Grace. Alfreton 1758
SC13 Wm CUTLER, Hannah wife. Pentrige 1759
SC14 John WEANWRIGHT coal miner, Phillis wife, Samuel. Sutton in Ashfield 1760
SC15 Thomas LEE, Sarah wife Wingerworth 1760
SC16 Geo HOPKINSON, Racheal wife. Stretton 1760
SC17 Saml WOOD, Elizabeth wife. Pilsley 1761
SC18 John CHILD, Mary wife. Pilsley 1762
SC19 Francis WOOD, Mary wife, Elizabeth, William, Francis, Richard. Mansfield 1763
SC20 Roger LEESON, Martha wife, Daniel, Thomas, Charles. Sutton Bunnington 1764
SC21 James TOMLINSON, Mary wife, John Wirksworth 1764
SC22 John JACKSON (son of Docia JACKSON) Mary wife. Stretton 1764
SC23 Mary ROLLINGSON, widow Clay Lane 1764
SC24 John HOPKINSON, Rebekcah wife, John, Elizabeth. Stretton 1765
SC25 George TURNER, Dorothy wife, Elizabeth Morton 1765
SC26 Wm LONGDON breeches maker Chesterfield 1766
SC27 Joshua PAGE, Ann wife, Isaac, Ann. Wirksworth 1766
SC28 Joseph BACON, Lydia wife, children. Alfreton 1766
SC29 Wm MARSDEN, Elizabeth wife. Crich 1766
SC30 Robert WHITE, Elizabeth wife. Alfreton 1767
SC31 Job BRIDDON, Mary wife, John, Mary, Fras. Wirksworth 1768
SC32 Geo HASLAM of Higham Crich 1768
SC33 Geo CHEETHAM and wife. Morton 1768
SC34 Wm BARKER, Ann wife, Mary, Wm, Ann Stretton 1768
SC35 John RILEY, Elizabeth wife Codnor 1769
SC36 Thomas MARSHALL, Easter wife, Samuel, Thomas, George, Mary, John. Eastwood 1770
SC37 Austin CUPIT, Mary wife. Morton 1770
SC38 John ROE, Ellen wife, John, Sarah. Norton 1770
SC39 Tho DUTTON breeches maker Chesterfield 1771
SC40 John CALDER, Elizabeth wife, Wm, John. Chesterfield 1771
SC41 Wm PARKS grocer and sope boiler Alfreton 1772
SC42 John NORTH, wife North Wingfield 1772
SC43 Rich. HARVEY, Mary wife, Sarah, Joseph, Wm. Heage 1774
SC44 Joseph BRITTLAND, Elizb. wife, Elizb. Bonsall 1775
SC45 Robert RHODES, Mary wife, Richard, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth Stretton 1776
SC46 Richard BROOM, Elizabeth wife, family Blackwell 1776
SC47 Richard BETTINSON, Elizabeth wife, Richard, John, Mary Hucknall Torkard 1776
SC48 John SIMS, Mary wife, Betty. Crich 1776
SC49 John FRANCE, Marget wife, family. Bulwell 1780
SC50 Anthony LEE and family Halt Hucknall 1780
SC51 John HOLMES, Sarah wife, John, Diana, Mary, Blithe, Hannah. Ashover 1781
SC52 Robert HOLMES, Ann wife, James, John, Wm. Ashover 1781
SC53 Robert SCOTTHORN, Isabella wife, John, Geo, Mary, Ann. Alfreton 1782
SC54 Wm TAYLOR, Jane wife, Saml, Mary Wirksworth 1788
SC55 John HOPKINSON, Sarah wife. Blackwell 1789
SC56 John SADLER, Alice wife, James, William, Ann, Hannah, Alice, Elizabeth. Mansfield 1789 Certificate made out to Overseers of Glapwell, p. Bolsover
SC57 Daniel HOLMES, Sarah wife, John Sutton in Ashfield 1791
SC58 Mary HOPKINSON, spinster, pregnant. Stretton 1799
SC59 Hannah SOWTER single pregnant. Ashover 1809
SC60 Ann WETTON single, pregnant. Tupton 1810
SC61 Frances WOOD pregnant Farnsfield 1811
SC62 Sarah BOWER single, pregnant. Stretton 1812
SC63 Martha RADFORD single, pregnant. Pentrich 1813
SC64 Frances NORTH single, pregnant Ackworth WRY 1825
SNELSTON with year of Certificate
1/1 John HALL, wife, Rocester 1724
2/1 Ralph WRAY and family p Leek 1736
3/1 John SMITH, wife Longford 1741
4/1 John TREVIS and family Hognaston 1754
5/1 Edward SMITH and family Penkridge Staffs 1763
6/1 Walter HUDSON and family Sutton on the Hill 1766
7/1 Paul GETCLIFF and family Offcote and Underwood 1766
8/1 Geo HUDSON, wife, Marston Montgomery 1770
9/1 Joseph HALLAM and family Findern 1773
10/1 James BLORE and family Hollington 1774
11/1 Tho DICKSON and Dorothy WILLSAHW 1777 this is a marriage Certificate
12/1 James SMITH, wife Cubley 1784
13/1 Thomas WILSON and family Bradbourn 1786
14/1 Fletcher WILSHIRE under 6m Derby All Sts 1787
2/1 John HARRISON and family Ashbourne 1763
2/2 Wm HARRISON and family Fenny Bentley 1774
2/3 Joseph FLETCHER and family Clifton 1780
J STUBBS and family of Sneslton  1739  V6/58
SOUTH NORMANTON with year of Certificate
1/1 John BURTON, Mary wife, children Trowell Notts 1699 this certificate is for the Overseers of Blackwell
1/2 Robert WATSON wife and family Blackwell 1703
1/3 Elizabeth SIMPSON Teversall, Notts 1704
1/4 John ELSE wife and family Pinxton 1709
1/5 Thomas BRIAN and family Alfreton 1706
1/6 Francis SOWER Bethia wife, family Strelley Notts 1706
1/7 Wm PARKER Tibshelf 1710
1/8 Nicholas WILLIS wife and children Tibshelf 1711
1/9 Thomas WILKINSON wife and family Alfeton 1716
1/10 Bethya SORE now with a bastard child Strelley 1717
1/11 Isaac POTTER wife, family Alders Lee, Wirksworth 1711
1/12 Geo CHAPMAN wife, family Warsop 1732
1/13 Thos DUFIELD wife, family Sth Wingfield 1737
1/14 Thos WILSON, Milecent wife, children Denby 1738
1/15 John MARRIT wife and children Tibshelf 1740
1/16 Saml NEEDHAM, lab, Mary wife Dale Abbey 1740
1/17 Richard GASKIN Ann wife. laborer Bolsover 1740
2/1 Paul DOFFIELD, Constant wife,child. Allderwayslee 1741
2/2 Thomas MARLER, Hannah wife. Wilnecoate, Wks 1743
2/3 Geo HETTS, Mary and family. p. Kneesal, Ntts 1743
2/4 Ann TAYLOR Pinxton 1743 - this is for Matlock, no mention of Sth Normanton
2/5 Peter FOSTER jnr wife and family Warsop Ntts 1743
2/6 Mary MOAKES single Shirland 1747/8
2/7 Anne MOKES single Alfreton 1748
2/8 John HEMINGREY Mary wife. Headge 1751
2/9 Jonathan HILL, Margaret wife, family Dirty Hucknall 1751
2/10 Joseph HUNT, Martha wife. Blackwell 1751
2/11 Wm KIRKHAM jnr, Ann wife, child Shirland 1753
2/12 John FARNWORTH Margt, son. Sutton in Ashfield 1753
2/13 Wm CATLOR (Cutlor) family Ripley 1753
2/14 Tho WILSON, Sarah wife, dau. Sutton in Ashfield 1754
2/15 Isaac ALVEY, wife and family Nottm St Mary 1756
2/16 Wm HOLLINGWORTH Sarah wife, son Annesley 1757
2/17 John TAGG, Sarah wife. Bulwell 1757
2/18 Chrystatom ALDRIDGE, Rebekah wife, sons. Selston 1758
2/19 Abraham BLEASDALL, Amey wife, daus Selston 1758
2/20 Richard HOUSELEY, Mary wife, son. Arnold 1759
SC3 Achillas HOLMES, Mary wife, family Nuthall Notts 1761
SC4 Joseph HALL, Mary wife Newsted, Notts 1763
SC5 Edwd BENTLEY, Elizb wife, Ann, Elizb, Edwd. Elmton 1764
SC6 Wm LEE, Priscilla wife. Kirkby in Ashfield 1764
SC7 John CLARKE, Mary wife. Southwell 1764
SC8 Jno HICKINGBOTTOM, Alice wife Smalley 1768
SC9 Joseph COOK, Sarah wife, John, Thos. Chesterfield 1770
SC10 Elizb ROE now wife of Saml ROE Alfreton 1770
SC11 Saml SIMPSON, wife, Mary? and Hannah Glapwell 1772
SC12 Rbt LIMB, Margaret wife, Rbt, Martha Pinxton 1772
SC13 Daniel WAGSTAFF wife, family Southwell 1772
SC14 Elias SIMMS, Mary wife, Elias, Mariah. Kirkby in Ash. 1772
SC15 Elizabeth ELLIOTT Nottingham St Mary 1773
SC16 Joseph BOWLER, Martha wife, Hannah. Pinxton 1773
SC17 Richard BROOME and family Blackwell 1773
SC18 Henry SHAW, Patience wife, William. Nuthall 1774
SC19 John BOOT, Mary wife, John. Pinxton 1775
SC20 William HEATH, Lidia wife, John, Samuel, Thomas, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth. Blidworth 1777
SC21 John SLATER, Jane wife, Ann 1yr. Standley 1777
SC22 Geo. RICHARDS, Elizb. wife, Elizb., Hannah. Kirkby 1779
SC23 Thomas BOOTH, wife and family Nottm St Mary 1779
SC24 Abraham BOOTH wife and family Nottm St Mary 1779
SC25 Thomas BREEDON, Elizb wife. Mansfield 1779
SC26 Henry CLARK, Ann wife, Elizb, John. Mansfield 1779
SC27 John WALKER, Mary wife, John, Frances, Wm, Elizabeth, Hannah Crich 1782
SC28 George BOOTH wife and family Nottm St Mary 1782
SC29 James SLATER, Sarah wife, George. Stanley 1782
SC30 Richard SLATER, Sarah wife, Mary, Ann Stanley 1782
SC31 Dorothy HIND, single pregnant Kirkby 1782
SC32 Thomas BREILEY wife and family Gedling 1783
SC33 Mary ROBINSON, sons Soloman, Thomas. Blackwell 1783
SC34 Ann SHELTON widow of James. Greasley 1785
SC35 Wm BETTISON, Ann wife, Wm. Hucknall Notts. 1788
SC36 Mary PLATTS Sth Wingfield 1788
SC37 Charles FEATHERSTONE Wilford 1788
SC38 Geo FROST Shirland 1789
SC39 Phillip PARKER, Margaret wife, Ann Annesley 1789
SC40 Timothy MARTIN, Francis wife, Elizb. Selston 1789
SC41 Wm TOMLINSON yngr, Sarah wife, John, Ann, William. Oxton, Notts. 1790
SC42 Margaret BEASTALL widow, Mary, Elizabeth Alfreton 1791
SC43 John BEARDSMOOR, Mary wife, Elizb, John, Thos. Pinxton 1791
SC44 Joseph SLATER,Mary wife, Wm. Pinxton 1792
SC45 John MELLOR, Charlotte wife, Edward. Pinxton 1794
SC46 Samuel RAWSON, Jane wife, Samuel, John, Jenney, William. Pinxton 1795
SC47 Ann BALL, single, pregnant Sutton in Ashfield 1795
SC48 Martha BENTLEY pregnant Selston 1796
SC49 Sarah PARSONS wife of Wm PARSONS, a private soldier in the Marine Service, pregnant Alfreton 1799
SC41 Wm PARKS grocer and sope boiler Alfreton 1772
SC42 John NORTH, wife North Wingfield 1772
SC43 Rich. HARVEY, Mary wife, Sarah, Joseph, Wm. Heage 1774
SC44 Joseph BRITTLAND, Elizb. wife, Elizb. Bonsall 1775
SC45 Robert RHODES, Mary wife, Richard, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth Stretton 1776
SC46 Richard BROOM, Elizabeth wife, family Blackwell 1776
SC47 Richard BETTINSON, Elizabeth wife, Richard, John, Mary Hucknall Torkard 1776
SC48 John SIMS, Mary wife, Betty. Crich 1776
SC49 John FRANCE, Marget wife, family. Bulwell 1780
SC50 Anthony LEE and family Halt Hucknall 1780
SC51 John HOLMES, Sarah wife, John, Diana, Mary, Blithe, Hannah. Ashover 1781
SC52 Robert HOLMES, Ann wife, James, John, Wm. Ashover 1781
SC53 Robert SCOTTHORN, Isabella wife, John, Geo, Mary, Ann. Alfreton 1782
SC54 Wm TAYLOR, Jane wife, Saml, Mary Wirksworth 1788
SC55 John HOPKINSON, Sarah wife. Blackwell 1789
SC56 John SADLER, Alice wife, James, William, Ann, Hannah, Alice, Elizabeth. Mansfield 1789 Certificate made out to Overseers of Glapwell, p. Bolsover
SC57 Daniel HOLMES, Sarah wife, John Sutton in Ashfield 1791
SC58 Mary HOPKINSON, spinster, pregnant. Stretton 1799
SC59 Hannah SOWTER single pregnant. Ashover 1809
SC60 Ann WETTON single, pregnant. Tupton 1810
SC61 Frances WOOD pregnant Farnsfield 1811
SC62 Sarah BOWER single, pregnant. Stretton 1812
SC63 Martha RADFORD single, pregnant. Pentrich 1813
SC64 Frances NORTH single, pregnant Ackworth WRY 1825
SPONDON with year of Certificate
1 Samuel ELSON Spondon Moore 1701
2 Edward BRADSHAW, Anne wife. Atlow 1708
3 Mary FENTON single Spondon 1708
4 Robert NADIN Sarah wife. Spondon 1710
5 Adam WOOD, Mary wife. Nottingham St Nicholas 1713/4
6 Wm CARLIN, wife. Eastwood 1719/20
7 Joseph PORTER Stanton by Dale 1720
8 Joseph WOOD, Mary wife. Spondon 1723
9 John GRATTON, wife, issue Marchington Woodlands 1726
10 Samuel WILSON, wife, child Greasley, Notts 1729/30
11 Wm BATES, Anne wife. Stanton juxta Dale 1731
12 Samuel ELSON, wife and family Spoondon 1731/2
13 George TAYLOR, wife, child Risley 1731/2
14 Joseph FENTON wife and family Spondon 1731/2
15 Michael STEVENS, Hannah wife, Mary Chaddesden 1731
16 Thomas GREGORY wife, two childeren. Tideswell 1732
59 Wm BIDDULPH, Ellin wife. Long Eaton 1700
60 Tho SUMARS Chaddesden 1709/10
61 John CLARK, Elizb wife, familie. Derby St Alkund 1718/19
63 Edward TALER, Sarah wife Sawley 1726
64 Rich MEAKIN, Elizb. wife, family Marston on Dove 1730
65 John WINTERTON and family Whtwick Leics. 1737
66 -------------- Staffs. 1741
67 Benj. PORTER, Eliz. wife, children Ockbrook 1748
68 Tho CANNER, Mary wife, children Breason, Wilson 1750/1 this Certificate is for the Overseers of Ockbrook
69 Geo RUBOTTOM, Elizb. wife, fam. Hucknall Torkard 1761
70 Hannah CLAMP widiw Ashby de la Zouch 1762
71 Tho HOLBROOK, Mary wife chidren Chaddesden 1762
72 Jonathan HOLMS, Mary wife, Elizb. Horsley 1765
73 John MELLERS, Mary wife family, Stapleford 1769
74 Mary JOHNSON Duffield 1771
75 Sarah CLIFFARD a bastard child. Chilwell 1772
76 Wm GRUNDY Dale ABBEY 1782
77 John ORDISH, Mary wife, Hannah. Trusley 1784
78 Wm HOLLIN, Susannah wife. Draycott 1784
79 Tho FREARSON Alvaston 1786
80 Catherine WINFIELD Cossall, Notts 1787
81 Jospeh PEAT, Mary wife Mapperley 1787
82 Tho STEVEN, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, Elizabeth, Thomas, William. Ockbrook 1787
83 Elizabeth COPE spinster, pregnant Elvaston 1791
84 Richard CLIFFORD, Hannah wife Chilwell 1792
85 Thomas CLIFFORD Chilwell 1792
86 Sarah WALKER single, pregnant Barton Blount 1794
87 Antonetta FLINT widow, pregnant. Breaston 1797
88 Tho ROE, Hannah wife, Elizabet, John Elvaston 1799
89 Wm POTS, Susanna wife, John, William, Mary, Samuel, Hannah, Joseph. Stanley 1800
90 Sarah WALL, pregnant. East Bridgeford. 1803
91 Ann SIMMS, pregnant. Kirkby 1810
92 Joseph UFTON, Frances wife, Ann, John, Wm. Ockbrook 1815
93 Thomas SIMES, Mary wife Kirkby 1816
93a Anthony JACKSON, 4, illegetimate child of Ann HILL otherwise CAMPION heretofore Ann JACKSON Hilton 1817
94 Elizabeth BROWNE pregnant. Derby St Werburgh 1818
95 Elizabeth BROWN pregnant Derby St Werburgh 1820
96 John WARD Derby St Werburgh 1821
97 Frances Willoughby JOYCE wid, pregnant Horsley 1833
98 Elizabeth STEVENSON single, pregnant Breaston
SC1 William COX come into Spondon at Red Lion. Settlement Bond. 1789
SC2 Rachel MIDDLETON pregnant, Scropton. 1806
STAFFORDSHIRE with year of Certificate.
RUSHTON James ,family, to Barton under Needwood Staffs, Certificate given by Rugeley, Staffs 1703  V61/23
STANTON BY BRIDGE with year of Certificate.
1 Thomas BEVELLEY, wife Ockbrook 1744
2 Joseph HIBBERT, wife Horsley 1744
3 Joseph HIBBERD, Elizb wife. Horsly 1744
4 Geo. BANTON, Bathiah wife, Mary, Geo., Bathiah. Twiford 1752
5 John HARVY, Mary wife Markfield. Leics 1755
6 Geo.HEATH, Ann wife, Geo., Tho., Elizb. Dilhorne, Staffs 1757
7 Saml SARSON, Alice wife, Mary. Weston on Trent 1769
8 Wm FEARN, Ann wife, Sarah, Wm, Tho, Geo. Etwall 1785
9 Wm FEARN letters concerning. Etwall 1817
10 Tho HEATH, Ann wife, John, Geo, Sarah Swarkestone 1802
11 Mary FERN single pregnant Etwall 1814
12 Ann FEARN single Etwall 1819
STANTON BY DALE with year of Certificate
1 John CARTER (or Coates?) Rebecka wife, Ilkeston 1704
2 John PIERSON Draycott 1709/10
3 Wm LANDER, wife and family Nottm St Nicholas. 1712/13
4 Henry CHAMBERLIN, Mary wife Stapleford 1714
5 Wm PICKARD, Sarah wife children. Riseley 1717/18
6 Wm HANDFORD, wife and family Greasly 1722
7 Wm HANBURY (son of Joseph) wife and fam. Ashby de la Zouch 1731/2
8 Wm PHILLAPS, Sarah wife Dunstall under Needwood 1733
9 Wm BORROWS wife and family Breadsall 1735
10 Edward HUDSON, Martha wife Pleasley 1735
11 Wm PICK, Mary wife. Aston upon Trent 1739/40
12 Jonathan CARTER, wife Breadsall 1739
13 John SMEDLEY, Mary wife, children. Sandyacre 1743/4
14 Wm HARDWICK Ockbrook 1743/44
15 Richard PEARSON, wife Draycott 1745
16 Nathaniel JERRON, Elizb. wife. Bramcote 1745
18 Samuel KNIGHT, Elizb. wife. Stapleford 1752
19. .............
20 John HALL, wife and any children Sandiacre 1757
21 Saunders HANDFORD, Hannah wife. Greasley 1757
23 Geo WINFIELD, Cathrine wife, Mary,Tho. Lenton 1757
24 Geo Maddock LART, Mary wife, Ann. Orston, Notts 1757
26 John STAFFORD, Elizabeth wife. West Hallam 1757
27 John STOPPARD, Susanna wife, family Dale Abbey 1767
28 Samuel SMEDLEY, Mary wife, family Risley 1767
29 Edward FOX, Martha wife, family Bramcote 1771
30 Tho BINGHAM, Elizabeth wife Dale Abbey 1776
31 John BARBER, Bridget wife, John, William, Samuel, Thomas, Sarah. Mugginton 1776
32 Wm PHEASANT, Ann wife. Burnaston 1778
33 John DILKES, Sarah wife, Elizabeth 5 Greasley 1778
34 Thomas PHILIPS, Mary wife, Wm Stanton and Newhall 1780
35 Richard RILEY, Mary wife, Richard 5, Wm 2. Breason 1780
36 John WATERS, Elizb. wife, Mary. Bramcoat 1782
37 Joseph GRUNDY, Mary wife, Joseph 2, Mary 8 weeks. Langer, Nottinghamshire 1782
38 Edward HAWSON, wife, family. Nottm St Mary 1782
39 Joseph BEDNALL, Ann 9, Mary 8, Wm 6, Joseph 5, John 4, Ruth 2. Standley 1784
40 William SHAW, Mary wife, John. Sutton Bonnington 1790
41 Sarah GRUNDY, single, pregnant. Radford 1805
42 Tabitha WINGFIELD single, pregnant. Sawley 1817
43 Sarah BROWN, dau of John BROWN single, preg. Hopwell 1817
44 Timothy DILKS, Catherine wife, Wm. Greasley 1818
BSC1 John MORRALL, Mary wife, Sarah, Jane Netherseal 1776
A note of ten pounds Mr PILKINGTON
A note of ten pounds John BAGULEY
Certificate for John KNIGHT
Certificate Will HANBURY
Certificate Henry CHAMBERLAIN
Certificate Henry PLUM
Certificate John PEARSON
Certificate John LANDER
A receipt from Baslow
Certificate Will PHILLIPS
Certificate Will BORROWS
Certificate Ed HUDSON
A warrant Joseph WRIGLEY
Certificate Will PIKE
Certificate Will HANFORD
John CARTERS Bond Ten pounds
Certificate Jonathan CARTER
12 old writings besides
Certificate Ricard PEARSON
Jan 10 1744/5 Received ye Certificate of John PEARSON by mee Edward FOX.
STAPENHILL Settlement Certificates.
This is a list of names with dates and places to either where a person came from or where they were going.
------------- STANDLEY and wife Burnaston 1714
Zachariah WESTON Drakelow 1714/15
Geo SNOW Horninglow 1715
Geo RICHARDSON Burton 1716
John CHAPMAN Burton 1716
Humphrey to Stanton 1716
Gervase BULL Tutbury 1717
Tho SANDER Fuslow? Anslow ? 1717
John HOLDEN Newhall 1721
Tho COOPER Stretton 1722
Wm CHAPMAN Burton 1723/4
Tho WESTON Stanton and Newhall 1724
Wm WOAD Burton 1726/7
John BARLOW Lanton, Co Ches. 1727
Chas NICKELSON Utoxeter 1727
Francis LAKIN wife and one child? to Polesworth 1730
Wm HOUGH wife, one child ? Red Heath, p. Lavenham ? Co Chester. 1731
John FISHER wife and family Swarkston 1731/2
John HEAP wife and child Hartshorn 1731/2

STAVELEY with year of Certificate
2 Richard MOTT, wife. Brightside Bierlow 1694/5
3 Geo KEY Barlow 1701
4 Thomas MELLOR, family Dronfield 1706
5 John MILWARD Whittington 1708
6 Geo MELLOR Beeley 1713
7 John WOOD, wife, two children. Chesterfield 1719
8 Jno TEMPLEMAN, wife, family. Mansfield 1720
9 Wm WRIGHT, wife, family Killamarsh 1720/1
10 Abraham SMITH, Hannah wife. Makeney 1723
11 Henry HANCOCKE wife, children Eckington 1723/4
12 Elizabeth HIGHFIELD wid of George. Clipstone 1725
13 Tho CHAPMAN, wife Mansfield 1725
14 Francis HOBSON, wife, family Eckington 1726
15 John HARRISON, wife Hannah Brimington 1726/7
16 Matthew DAKIN, Elizabeth wife, Mary. Coal Aston 1728
17 Joshua WEATHERAL, Susannah wife, John, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Margret. Sutton Dbys. 1738
18 William HALFIED, Hannah wife, Mary, Martha, George, Elizabeth. Chesterfield 1739 Possibly HATFIELD on reverse.
19 John TURNER Chesterfield 1729
20 John BRENAN, Mary wife. Handsworth Yks. 1731/2
21 Thomas LOUND, wife. Wickersley, Yks 1731/2
22 John MOWE, wife, family. Sheffield 1733
23 George SWIFT, Sarah wife, Elizabeth. Eckington 1734
24 Thomas TUPMAN Chesterfield 1734
25 John STEEL Sutton cum Duckmanton 1733/4
26 John WATERHOUSE, John son. Brampton 1734
27 Abraham HIBBARD Mary wife, John. Eckington 1734
28 John SENIOR Brampton 1735
29 John FAREY, Elizabeth wife, John Thorp Salvin Yks 1735
30 Thomas DOLPHIN Chesterfield 1735/6
31 John SAXTON, Mary wife, Robert, Ann Sutton, Dbys 1735
32 Thomas GEE, Elizabeth wife. Killamarsh 1736
33 Francis BOSTON, Isabel wife. Killamarsh 1739
34 Joseph OUTTREM (OUTRAM) Elizabeth wife, Joseph. Barlborough 1740/1
35 John WATERAS (WATERHOUSE?) yngr. Sarah wife, Anne, Sarah. Brampton 1740
36 Francis YATES, wife, child. Cuckney, Notts 1743/4
37 Edward KIRK yngr, Elizabeth wife, James. Chesterfield 1744
38 Samuel POWEL (POWELL) Mary wife, John. Calow 1744
39 John DYESON (DYSON?) Ruth wife, family Attercliffe cum Darnall, Yks. 1744
40 Thomas HANCOCK, wife, family. Eckington 1744
41 John JOHNSON, wife, child. Carlton in Lindrick, Notts 1744/5
42 Jonathan WILLSON, Martha wife, Jonathan, Joseph. Rampton, Notts. 1745/6
43 John RIALS, Elizabeth wife, John, Jasper, Jonathan. Kimberworth, Yks. 1745
44 Samuel LEAVSLY, Hannah wife, Hannah. Wales, Yks 1745
45 Joseph COLLINBINE (also written as CALLABINE and COLLABINE) wife, family Anston cum Membris, Yks 1746/7
46 John WOOD, Mary wife, Mary. Barlborough 1747
47 William SALES, Elizabeth wife, Samuel. Brampton 1748
48 Joseph WHARTON, wife, family. Rotherham, Yks 1748
49 Paul SINGLETON, Elizabeth wife, Alice. Ashover 1748
50 James CADE, Anne Chesterfield 1749
51 Thomas BAGSHAW, Elizabeth wife, family Brimington 1749
52 James TAYLOR Chesterfield 1749
53 Anthony PEACE, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, Mary, Anne. Worksop, Notts 1749
54 William CROPPER. Elizabeth wife, John. Brimington 1749
55 John SHIPMAN, Sarah wife. Truswell, Notts
56 Robert BOWER, Mary wife, Robert, John. Pilsley 1749 (n.b possibly nr North Wingfield as opposed to Bakewell, as an Overseer named PARSONS, a North Wingfield surname, witnesses the document.)
57 Robert BERRY, Mary wife, Mary, John. Whitwell 1752
58 Thomas WATSON, Mary wife, Elizabeth. Harthill, Yks 1752
59 William REDFERN, wife, children. Brimington 1752
60 Samuel OSBORNE, Mary wife, Mary, Anne. Eckington 1753
61 John MALKIN, Martha wife, Rowland. Whittington 1754
62 James BIRCHENELL, Ruth wife. Dronfield 1754
63 John TOMLINSON, Mary wife, Mary. Unston 1754
64 John DENBIGH (DENBY on reverse) yngr, Elizabeth wife. Chesterfield 1754
65 Thomas RHODES, family. Bolsover 1755
66 John LITTLEWOOD, yngr. Clowne 1762
67 William DALE, Mary wife. Chesterfield 1762
68 Edward TURNER, Dorothy wife, Sarah, John, Edward. Great Barlow. 1762
69 William TURTON, Alice wife, Hannah. Clowne 1762
70 Samuel BELL Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1762
71 Robert TYSON, Sarah wife, Sarah. Clowne 1762
72 Thomas FRITH, Alice wife, Thomas, Robert, Eckington 1762
73 William ROTHERFORD (RUTHERFORD?) Mary wife, Elizabeth. Barlborough 1762
74 George GARFIT (GARTHWAITE on reverse) Easther (Esther) wife, Elizabeth, Mary, Phoebe. Eckington 1772
75 Thomas LEDGER, Mary wife, John, Amey. Doncaster, Yks. 1763
76 Robert WHITE, Ellenor wife, Elenor. Eckington 1773
77 Thomas HOLLINGWORTH, Sarah wife. Bolsover 1773
78 Thomas BACON, Mary wife, Ann. North Wingfield 1773
79 William GLOSSOP Whiston, Yks. 1775
80 George BOOKER, Anne wife Brampton 1779
81 Joseph FURNESS, Elizabeth wife. Norton 1780
82 Ezra SILCOCK, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Hannah. Newbold 1780
83 John COCKER, Ann wife. Calver 1780
84 Robert HOLT, Sarah, Thomas. Stanton in Youlgreave. 1780
85 Robert GREGORY, Hannah wife Froggatt 1780
86 Samuel TWIGG, Jane wife. Birchover 1780
87 Patrick JENNINGS, Mary wife, Hannah, Elizabeth. Hasland 1786
88 George CHAMBERS, Elizabeth wife, Edward. Breadsall 1787
89 James HODGSKIN, Grace wife. Aston, Yks 1787
90 Joseph BATES, Mary wife, one infant. Eckington 1787
91 Jonathan BOWLER, Ann wife, Sarah. Aston, Yks 1787
92 Charles COCKAYNE, Hannah wife, Edward? Eckington 1787
93 William HARRISON, Elizabeth wife, Jane, William. Blore, Staffs. 1787
94 Thomas TAYLOR, Sarah wife, Priscilla, Mary. Eckington 1787
95 John CUTTS, Martha wife, Henry, Joseph. Bolsover 1787
96 William HARRISON, Ann wife, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah. Worksop, Notts. 1787
97 George WHEELHOUSE, Mary wife, Martha, Robert, George. Eckington. 1787
98 Robert HODSON, Ann wife. Beighton 1787
99 George LOMAS, Ann wife, Henry, George, Ann, Mary. Mappleton, Dbys. 1787
100 Thomas REDFEARN, Susan wife, Samuel. Eckington 1787
101 George SHELTON, Alice wife, Sarah, George, William. Harthill, Yks. 1788
102 Thomas JARVIS, Ann wife, Godfrey. Sutton cum Duckmanton. 1788
103 Thomas STEEL, Ann wife, Thomas. Sheffield, Yks. 1788
104 James STONES, Ellen wife, Ann, John, George. Anston, Yks 1788
105 Catherine HULLEY widow, Ann, Elizabeth, Catherine, Fanny. Pilsley. 1788 (nb HULLEY is a local name associated with the Pilsley nr Bakewell )
106 John ROBINSON, Ann wife, William. Cossall, Notts 1788
107 William BATES, Rebecca wife, Paul. Eckington 1788
108 Erasmus ORWIN, Sarah wife. Chesterfield 1788
109 Thomas WASDEN, Elizabeth wife, John. Cantley,Yks.1788
110 William GREGORY, Sarah wife, George, William. Froggatt 1788
111 George WAYEN (WAYN on reverse) Jane wife, Sarah, Samuel. Ashover. 1788
112 Cornelius WHITE, Ann wife, John, Elizabeth. Eckington 1788
113 James WEST, Mary wife, Mary, Frances, Scarcliffe 1788
114 Samuel MARTIN, Elizabeth wife, Richard, Thomas, Elizabeth, Martha. Whittington 1788
115 Robert JEBSON, Mary wife, Robert, Ann, Mary. Whitwell. 1789
116 Benjamin MILNER, Elizabeth wife, Ann. Whitwell 179
117 Francis MADIN, Martha wife, Francis. Staveley. 1793 nb. this Certificate above is made out to the Overseers of Brampton.
118 Ann STONES, single, pregnant. Babworth, Notts. 1798
119 William COOPER, Thomas, John, Nanney, Betty, Hannah. Tapton. 1798
120 Mary HARRISON, spinster, pregnant. Killamarsh 1799
121 Hannah ELLIS, spinster, pregnant. Sutton cum Duckmanton. 1802
122 Rachel WATTERHOUSE (WATERHOUSE) spinster, pregnant. Brampton. 1802
123 Mary NUTTALL, spinster, pregnant. Barlborough 1807 On reverse, dau of Charles NUTTALL of Marsden Moor.
124 Elizabeth HARRISON, spinster, pregnant, Harthill, Yks. 1810
125 Sarah BOOTH, single, pregnant. Nottingham St Mary, 1811
126 Note that John THOMPSON and Mary JERVIS of the chapelry of Barnsley, p.Silkstone Yks were married at Silkstone 7 Dec 1812. ("will bring child over") 1812
127 Fanny WEST spinster, pregnant. Barlborough 1815
128 Sarah WOOD, single, pregnant. Barlborugh 1816
129 Samuel PARKIN, wife. Eckington 1817
130 Sarah WOOD, single, pregnant. Barlborough 1821
132 Thomas ASH, Rachael wife, Jonathan. Staveley 1778 Certificate above made of to Overseers of Brimington.
133 Sarah HOPKINSON spinster pregnant  Killamarsh 1828
134 Elizabeth WEBSTER spinster pregnant  Hasland 1828
135 Sarah HOPKINSON pregnant  Killamarsh  1829
RSC91 Acknowledgement that Sarah SIMPSON (wife of Joseph SIMPSON) is a member of the Barnsley Female Friendly Society. 1815
V6/35 Bond of Thomas NEWTON, lab of Staveley to Overseers of Ashover respecting his settlement in Ashover 1677
21BAS Francis LAMBERT, Mary wife, Peter, Anne. Bond. Charles COSSIN and Thomas THICKETT Dronfield Chrchwardens and Overseers of Dronfield. 1684
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.