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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Certificates

MACKWORTH Settlement Certificate
SC1 Mary FOX sigle, pregnant. Certificate to Markeaton Overseers acknowledging she belongs to Mackworth. 1801
SC2 Hannah BUNTING single, pregnant. Morton. 1807
MAPPLETON Settlement Certificate
SC1 Richard GOODWIN,Mary wife, Joseph Hartington M Q 1745
MELBOURNE with year of Certificate.
1 Wm TURNER yngr, wife In Thringstone Leics, of Melbourne 1697
3 John SHAW, wife and children Ashby de la Zouch 1699
4 Thomas JOHNSON, wife Measume 1699
5 Hugh COOPA Stanton juxta Pont 1699
6 John VERNUM, Sarah wife. Chilverscoton, Warwicks 1700
7 John TURNER ? Breedon 1700
8 John SHILCOCK Diseworth 1702
9 George ORME Buxton le Greene p. Hartington 1702
10 John SWINDALL Breedon 1703/4
11 John AULT and his family Derby St Michael 1703/4
12 Joseph SHAWE Ashby de la Zouch 1703
13 Mary ASHMORE and child Calk 1803 sic
14 John SERJANT wife and family Snelston 1703
15 Thomas HAWKINS and his wife Breason, Wilne 1705
16 John MASSON? Pelesworth, Warwicks. 1705
17 Thomas HOLDEN, Ruth wife. Derby St Alkmunds 1705
18 John TURNER wife and children Caulk 1706
19 Francis TAYLOR Repton 1707
20 Thomas WARD, Mary wife. Swarkestone 1708
21 Wm EDGERLY and wife Bisster Market End Oxon 1710/11
22 John SHILCOCKE Stanton juxta Pontem 1710
23 James SMITH, Katherine wife. Smisby 1712
24 Joseph CALLADINE, Anne wife. Mapperley 1713
25 Joseph FOSTER, Dorothy wife, Mary Aston, Derbys 1713
26 Josiah STRONG wife and children. Yeaveley p Shirley 1715
27 Cornelius BERRISFORD wife and child Breedon 1715
28 Robert DEXTER, Mary wife Castle Donington 1719
29 Walter BAGNALL, Ellen wife Foremark 1719
30 John HANSON, Mary wife Mickleover 1720
31 Edward BAINTON, Mary wife. Scrapton 1720
32 Wm HICKINGBOTHAM, Mary wife Diseworth 1721/2
33 Thomas ADKIN, Sarah wife, family Whitwick, Leics 1722/3
34 John RADFORD, Alice wife. Market Bosworth 1722/3
35 Richard RICHARDSON jnr, wife Thornton, Leics 1772/3
36 Wm BROOKS, wife and family Nottm St Nicholas 1723
37 Wm HANSON and his wife Ticknall 1724
38 John AULT, Grace wife, John Barrow on Trent 1726/7
39 Edmund POLE, wife and family Leicester St Margaret 1726
40 Tho JOHNSON jnr, Hanah wife. Wesson on Trent, Derby 1727
41 Henry WARREN, Mary wife. Derby St Werburgh 1727/8
42 John FORD, Elizabeth wife, family Whitwell 1728
43 John HUTCHINSON, wife and family. Hinckley 1731/2
44 Wm HEAPE, Ruth wife. Stanton juxta Pontem 1732
45 John PASS, Mary wife. Ticknall 1732
46 Benj.BROOK, Mary wife and family Ecclesfield WRY 1732
47 Tho TIVEY, wife and family. Worthington. p. Breedon 1733
48 Samuel COLLIER, Anne wife, Elizabeth. Spondon 1733
49 Joseph DENT, wife, two children. Breedon 1733
50 Tho MEMBERY, Alice wife and family Shepshead 1733
51 Wm BIRCH.wife, one child Ashby de la Zouch 1733/4
53 Geo PATCHETT, Mary wife and family Stanton Harold. 1734
54 Richard CASTLEDINE, wife, family. Worthington, Breedon 1735
55 Phil. MOUSLEY, Mary wife, Joseph. Stanton upon Bridge 1735
56 John KINSTRY weaver, Dorothy wife, Mary, Elizabeth, Dorothy. Derby All Saints 1737/8 note WEAVER maybe the surname and not an occupation.
57 Thos BAKER labourer, Sarah wife. Stanton by Bridge 1737/8
58 John AULT, Elizabeth wife Barrow on Trent 1737
59 Frances(sic) ASHMORE, Elizabeth wife, Frances. Bratby 1738
60 Joseph ASHBERRY, wife and family. Winneswould Leics. 1738
61 Tho WILMOT, Elizabeth wife, Mary. Caulk 1739/40
62 Rowland REEVES, Elizabeth wife now of Kings Newton 1739
63 Joseph DUNICLIFF and his family Belton, Leics. 1740/1
64 Tho CALLADINE, Ann wife Mapperley 1740/1
66 Edward ATKINS, Sarah wife. Clifton, Staffs 1740
67 Samuel BURRAGE, Mary wife, children. Staunton Harrold 1740
68 Richard BRIGHTRIDGE, Rachell wife, dau. Calke 1740
69 Benj. WILDGOOSE, Eleanor wife, family Derby All Sts 1740
70 Geo TURNER, Mary wife. Caulk 1740
71 Wm GLAZEBROOK, Mary wife, John. Wigan Lancs. 1741/2
72 John MASON, Mary wife, John, Tho, Mary Edmonton Middx 1741
73 Tho GROVES, Mary wife. Isly Walton 1743/4
74 Samuel BALL, Elizabeth wife. Derby St Peter 1743
75 Benjamin HARPHAM, wife, Benjamin, John, Sarah, Ann, Mary. Alfreton. 1743
76 John ORME, Catherine wife. Ashby de la Zouch 1744
77 Isaac FREEMAN, Mary wife, family Diseworth 1745/6
78 Job JERROM, Sarah wife, family. Diseworth 1745
79 Mathew DIXIE, family Ashby de la Zouch 1746
80 Geo PEGG, Sarah wife, Mary, John, Jane, Sarah, Martha. Brailsford. 1746
81 John WARD, Mary wife Ticknall 1747
82 John SANDERS, Doroth wife, issue. Caulk 1749/50
83 Tho FARMER, Fortune wife, Job Rampstone, Notts 1750
84 Henry WRIGHT, Mary wife Boulton 1751
85 Wm THOMPSON, Martha wife, Mary Stanton by Bridge 1752/3
86 Ralph PORTER, Mary wife Biddulph, Staffs. 1753/4
87 Wm BOLD, Elizabeth wife Hartshorn 1753/4
88 John CHETWIND, Elizb. wife, issue. Castle Donington 1753/4
89 Francis CARTWRIGHT, wife and family. Draycott 1753
90 Tho RICHARDS, Ann wife Staunton Harold 1754
91 James MITCHEL, Kate wife and issue Breedon 1754
92 Tho PERKINS, Mary wife and issue Shanford, Leics 1754
93 John PEACH, Elizb. wife, Elizb. 2yrs Osmaston, Derby 1754
94 Joseph DENT, Catherine. Wilford, Notts 1754
95 Robert DEXTER, Ann wife, children Castle Donington 1755
96 John BUCKNALL, wife and family Ashby de la Zouch 1755
97 Thomas ROBINSON woollcomber, wife and family Shepshead, Leics. 1755
98 Thomas SHEFFIELD, Mary wife. Diseworth, Leics. 1755
99 Thomas PASS, Ann wife, family Ticknall 1755
100 Thomas SMITH, wife and issue. Stony Stanton, Leics. 1755
101 Edward HOLLINGWORTH, Mary Odstone, p. Shakerston, Leics. 1755
102 Henry BARBER, Mary wife, at Kings Newton belong to Castle Donington, Leics. 1756
103 Thomas BRADLEY, wife, family Worthington, Leics. 1756
104 Christopher JAMES, Mary wife, Jane, Susanah. Youlgreave. Dbys. 1756
105 William WHITFIELD, Mary wife, Joseph Stanton by Bridge, Dbys. 1785
106 Thomas SUMERFIELD labourer, Ann wife, Thomas. Swarkestone, Dbys. 1760
107 John HOF, Sarah wife, Mary Breason, (Breaston ) p. Wilne. Dbys. 1760
108 John HARPHAM, Anne wife. Alfreton, Dbys. 1760
109 Robert SHEFFIELD, bricklayer, Mary wife. Diseworth, Leics. 1760
110 John NEWBOLD, Mary wife. Packington, Leics. 1761
111 Abraham WARD, Elizabeth wife. Normanton, Dbys 1761
112 Thomas THOMPSON, Mary wife, Mary. Stanton by Bridge, Dbys. 1761
113 Henry WARIN ?(WARAN) brickmaker, Mary wife, family. Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1762
114 William SHAW, Mary wife, family. Castle Donington, Leics. 1762
115 Richard BURTON, Mary wife, East Leake, Notts. 1762
116 John FIELDING, wife and family Castle Donington, Leics. 1762
117 Richard RILEY, Ann wife family Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1766
118 William RADFORD, Hannah wife, issue. Market Bosworth, Leics. 1764
119 Benjamin BAILEY, wife, issue Coleorton, Leics. 1764
120 Richard OSSLEY? (ASSLEY?), Mary wife. Packington, Leics. 1764
121 William LANGTON, Mary wife, Paul, Margret, Richard, Mary. Duffield, Dbys. 1766
122 William WOSTALL, Elizabeth from Melbourne, Certificate made out to Overseers of Smisby, Dbys. 1766
123 Micah ? THOMPSON, wife and family Shepshead, Leics. 1767
124 John GOODE, Sarah wife. Burton Overy, Leics. 1767
125 John ILLESLEY, Sarah wife, William. Belton, Leics. 1768
126 John INCE a day labourer, Elizabeth wife and family. Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1768
127 Thomas BEVELLAY, wife, Sarah 13, William 9, Elizabeth 5, Francis 1. Ockbrook, Dbys. 1768
128 Francis HORN, Elizabeth wife. Colesbatch, Leics. 1768
129 Daniel GRICE, Ann wife Horsley 1768
130 David WILKINSON, Mary wife, family. Kirkby, Notts. 1768
131 George LINGLE?, Sarah wife, William. Thringston, Leics 1769
132 Isaac SHEFFIELD, Mary wife, Mary child. Leake, Notts. 1769
133 Thomas ROBERTS, Elizabeth wife. Repton 1769
134 Joseph BATES, Hannah wife, John. Caulk (Calke) 1769
135 Ralph CLARKE als ROBINSON, Ellen wife, Ellen dau 20 yrs. Elton p.Youlgreave. 1770
136 Samuel BARWELL 24, wife and child. Nailstone, Leics 1770
137 William DAVIS, Rebeccah wife. Appleby. 1770
138 Jno (John) HIBBERT and family Nottingham St Mary 1771
139 Richard LESTER, Hannah wife. Belton, Leics. 1771
140 Robert WAKEFIELD, Ann wife. Chaddesden 1773
141 William HALL, Dorothy wife, Sarah. Normanton 1774
142 John BATES, labourer, Sarah wife. Packington, Leics. 1774
143 John WOOTTON, wife, family Kegworth, Leics. 1775
144 Robert HEWIT, Sarah wife, Samuel, Elizabeth Worthington, Leics. 1775
145 Edward WILKINSON, wife and family. Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts. 1775
146 Samuel PEACH, Mary wife, Lawrence. Duffield 1776
147 Samuel BEELEY, Elizabeth wife. Chilcote, Dbys. 1776
148 Joseph DAWSON, Elizabeth wife. Foremark 1776
149 William DRAPER, Mary wife, William. Aston on Trent 1776
150 Alexander TURTON, Sarah wife, family. Alfreton 1776
151 Joseph ADCOCK, Sarah wife, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth. Worthington and Newbold, Leics. 1776
152 Caleb WHEATLEY, Catherine wife, Charles, Charlotte. South Normanton. 1776
153 William GIDLOW, Ruth wife. Warmsworth, Yorkshire. 1776
154 Thomas GRICE and family Lasham, (Hants?). 1777
155 John SHARPE, Alice wife. Staunton Harald, Leics. 1779
156 John ALLSOP, Ellen? wife. Swarkestone 1779
157 William PALMAR wife, family. Coleorton, Leics. 1780
158 William DUMMALOW (DUMELOW) Sarah wife, Ann, Thomas, Elizabeth, Rose?, Aston on Trent. 1780
159 Samuel ELKIN, Sarah wife. Scropton 1780
160 Thomas PASS, Sarah wife, Linton, Church Gresley 1780
161 William BRIGS (BRIGGS) Sarah wife, Jane Elizabeth 16m Chaddesden 1782
162 Richard EARL, family. Castle Donington, Leics 1782
163 Mary TAFT spinster, pregnant. Stanton. 1783
164 John WICKES, Sarah wife, Mary, Elizabeth, children of John by a former wife. Hinckley, Leics. 1783
165 Robert ROSE, Mary wife, family Diseworth, Leics. 1783
166 Benjamin BOWLER, Elizabeth wife. Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1784
167 Valentine SMEDLEY, Elizabeth wife, Valentine, Elizabeth. Derby All Saints. 1785
168 John BIRCHER, Frances wife, John. Gotham, Notts. 1785
169 John COLLYER, Mary wife, John 21, James 15, William 13, Joseph 11, Samuel 5. Certificate for Nottingham St Mary, belong to Melbourne. 1785
170 Elizabeth BOLD spinster, pregnant Hartshorne 1785
171 John TETLEY, Frances wife, Lydia, George. Smisby 1787
172 William BROWN, Ann wife. Hathern, Leics. 1787
173 James HOOD (HOAD?) Ann wife. Shepshead,Leics.1792
174 Hannah BARBER spinster, pregnant. Hemington p. Lockington, Leics 1792
175 Ann THOMPSON pregnant. Stanton by Bridge 1793
176 Mary CARTLIDGE spinster, pregnant. Hemington, Leics. 1794
177 Martha TURTON spinster Alfreton 1796
178 William CLARK, Ann wife, Sarah, William. Southwell, Notts. 1798
179 William LAKIN, William LAKIN son. Hathern, Leics. 1801
180 William HULSE, stone cutter, Margaret wife, Mary, George, Duffield 1802
181 Ann CALLADINE pregnant. Willoughby, Notts. 1803
182 Ann MARSHALL widow, son William. Sawley 1804
183 Joseph OAKEY, Elizabeth wife, Ed?., Mary, John, Dorothy, Joseph, Elizabeth. Smisby. 1808.
184 Sarah CHAMBERLIN (CHAMBERLAIN), (wife of Gervas CHAMBERLIN), Thomas, Mary. Arnold, Notts. 1811
185 Mary TILLSON single, pregnant. Leicester St. Margaret's, Leics. 1813
186 Sarah CHAMBERLIN (CHAMBERLAIN), (wife of Gervas CHAMBERLIN) Thomas, Mary. Arnold, Notts. 1813
187 Sarah CHAMBERLIN (CHAMBERLAIN), (wife of Gervas CHAMBERLIN) Thomas, Mary. Arnold, Notts. 1814
188 Robert LAKIN framework knitter. Hathern, Leics. 1816
189 Joseph NEWBOLD Ticknall 1816
190 Joseph KNIGHT, Mary wife, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Sarah, Ellen. Ticknall 1816
191 William SHAW, Hannah wife, Mary, Joseph, Ann. Castle Donington, Leics. 1816
192 Elias TAYLOR, Ann wife, Mary, Job, Samuel, Sarah. Crich. 1816
193 Comfort ECKELSTON (ECCLESTONE) Sarah 12m Derby St. Peter. 1817
194 William DRAPER, Martha wife, Thomas, William, Mary, James, Hannah. Aston on Trent. 1818
195 Ann SMEDLEY single, pregnant. Hemington, Leics. 1822
196 Frances HALSE single, pregnant. Repton 1822
197 Mary QUAIL pregnant. Hugglescote, Leics. 1826
198 Edith TAYLOR single, pregnant. Belper 1827
199 Mary MOLL single, pregnant. Repton 1833
200 Thomas DOXIE wife and family. Bond. Recently moved from Wilson, Leics. 1663
201 John ORTON. Bond. Late Ticknall. 1671
202 Thomas WALLIE. Bond. Late of Wilson, Leics. 1674
203 Peter MEE. Bond. Late Breedon, mentions Thomas MEE butcher. 1674
204 William TURNER Ann wife, tailor. Bond c.1674-9
205 John WALLIS, yeoman. Bond. Barton, Notts. 1679
206 James HARGRAVE, wife, family. Bond. Swarkestone 1690
207 John HARRISON. Bond. Tong p. Breedon, Leics. 1691
208 Thomas TOON to maintain the child which Mary his dau "now goeth with". 1731
209 Bond by Samuel COOK Shepshead, Leics. husband of Ruth formerly wife of John DOUGLAS a Scotchman. They had a dau Hannah, now 9, John DOUGLAS Settlement not known. Samuel COOK agrees to indemnify. 1743
210 Bond by Overseers of Weston to indemnify, concerning child to be born at the house in Melbourne of the father of Mary FOLLOWS, now pregnant of a bastard. 1771
R605/7 Thomas TAFT husbandman of Kings Newton. Bond, agrees to maintain Nathaniel HASSARD 1777.
R605/8 William TAYLOR Melbourne, husbandman. Bond, agrees to maintain John WARD 1777

(This is an index of Certificates given to other parishes presumably, for people have have left Melbourne and gone elsewhere. So far no copy Certificates have been found among Melbourne parish records, maybe the list was sufficient for the record.)
William CROSEN, wife Sarah.  to Worthington, Leics 1813
John DYCHE,  to --------     1771
William EARP,  to  ------------ 1772
Joseph ELSTED, to Breedon, Leics.  1780
Joseph FOX,  to ---------- 1781
Henry HOLLOLEY,   to Breedon, Leics. 1774
Thomas HOPWELL,  to Ticknall  1778
Christopher HICKLEN  to Belton, Leics.  1782   
Nathan HASSARD  to Newton Solney 1783
Samuel KIRKMAN   to Donington, Leics.  1778
Samuel KIRKMAN  to Loughborough, Leics. 1782
Joseph KINCY to -----  1761
William KINCEY and two children   to Chellaston  1818
William MARTEN  to Ashby, (de la Zouch ?  Leics.)  1784
Ralph OAKLEY  to Ilkeston  1783
Sarah OTTAWAY to Horsley Woodhouse for the child she was pregnant of 1784
John PLOWRIGHT anf family  to St Michael Coventry, Warwicks. 1802
Henry WARREN  to Ticknall  1778
MICKLEOVER Settlement Certificates, written in Overseers book, not an actual Certificate but a record of it.
1 Received a Setivircate of Wm DUTTON 1764
2 Lodged an in denter in Mr WADES hand conserning Thomas PEGG of Osliston 1769
3 Rec. a Setivetcate of John CLARK of Radbourne 1777

NEWTON SOLNEY with year of Certificate
1 Lucy HARLOW single pregnant Shelton, Staffs 1824
2 Elizabeth NEWBOLD single, pregnant Bradby 1831
OCKBROOK with year of Settlement
1 Samuel ELSON Spondon Moore 1701
2 Edward BRADSHAW, Anne wife Atlow 1708
3 Mary FENTON single Spondon 1708
4 Robert NADIN, Sarah wife Spondon 1710
5 Adam WOOD, Mary wife, Nottm St Nicholas 1713/14
6 Wm CARLIN, wife Eastwood 1719/20
7 Joseph PORTER Stanton by Dale 1720
8 Joseph WOOD, Mary wife. Spondon 1723
9 John GRATTON wife and issue Marchington Woodlands 1726
10 Samuel WILSON wife and child Greasley,Notts 1729/30
11 Wm BATES, Anne wife. Stanton juxta Dale 1731
12 Samuel ELSON wife and family Spoondon 1731/2
13 Geo TAYLOR, wife and child Risley 1731/2
14 Joseph FENTON wife and family Spondon 1731/2
15 Michael STEVENS, Hannah wife, Mary Chaddesden 1731
16 Thomas GREGORY, wife and two children Tideswell 1732
17 Anne BURTON wife of Benjamin BURTON. Kirk Hallam 1732/2
18 Robert BRADSAHW, Elizabeth wife. Stanley 1732/3
19 Steven SNEAP, wife and family Wilne 1733
20 Francis LOMAS, Anne wife, Mary, Anne. Chesterfield 1735
21 Jonathan BOTHAM Mary wife, Elizabeth. Marston Montgomery. 1736
22 William WHEATLEY, Mary wife. Kirk Hallam 1736
23 John STEPHENS, Anne wife. Spondon 1740
24 Thomas BARKER, wife, family Castle Donington, Leics. 1740
25 George BOHAM, Mary wife, family. Spondon. 1740
26 William RAINES Hemington, Leics. 1742
27 John CLARK and his family Nottingham St Peter. 1742
28 Samuel BORROW Liberties of Brewhouse Yard, Nottingham. 1742
29 John BENNET, Sarah wife, Joseph. Eastwood, Notts. 1742
30 Jna BROWN wife and family 1743
31 George HINCH, Eling wife, six children. Matlock 1746/7
31 William HARRISON, Elizabeth wife, Mary. Horsley. 1747
32 Mary SALT, John 4, Thomas 2. Ashbourne 1747
SC33 Thomas HAWC? (HAWK?), wife and family Spondon 1749
SC34 John DALTON, Mary wife, Macklane, Jane, Sarah, Elizabeth. Weston under Lizard, Staffs. 1750
SC35 Joseph TURNER, Cathran wife. Spondon 1751
SC36 Richard OLDERSHAW, Ann wife, Richard. Sandiacre 1751
SC37 John HUCKNALL Labour his wife,(sic) and his children Risley. 1751
SC38 George WILDE Labourer, Martha his wife, Ann, William Kirk Hallam. 1751
SC39 James SHIPLEY and Ann SHIPLEY Nottingham St Mary. 1751
SC40 Robert EDEN wife, William, George, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Rebecca. Draycott p.Wilne. 1752
SC41 Jno MAYFIELD wife and family. Nottingham St Mary. 1752
SC42 John CARY, Ann wife, Rebecka. Horsley 1752
SC43 James MAGSON, Elizabeth wife, William Booton Dbys (Boulton ?) 1752
SC44 Thomas HARRISON wife and family. Belper. 1753
SC45 Joseph JAKES, Martha wife, and child Dale Abbey 1754
SC46 Richard WALKER, Jane wife, William. Sudbury 1755
SC47 George LOMAX, Dorothy wife. Chesterfield. 1758
SC48 John TEAL, Elizabeth wife, William Risley 1759
R21SC George PROSKY foreigner, Jane wife, and family.  1744/5
SC49 "List of Persons inhabiting in the Liberty of Ockbrook without Sativicate"
SC50 John LACY, Elizxabeth wife, Sarah "too years old" Dale Abbey. 1761
SC51 Thomas DAKIN, Mary wife, Anne, Mary. Elvaston 1765
SC52 Thomas SLATER, Ann wife, Thomas, Ann, John, William, Joseph, Katherine. Breadsall 1765
SC53 Joseph BLUNT, Hannah wife, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary. Spondon. 1766
SC54 Mark NEWCOME, Mary wife, Whatton, Nottm. 1766
SC55 Thomas TOMPSON, Roaper, Mary wife. Stanley 1768 (n.b. Roaper maybe a surname ROPER, document is not clear if occupation or surname.)
SC56 Thomas LEES, Easter wife, William, Francis, Mary, John. Hanbury, Staffs. 1770
SC57 John TAYLOR, Sarah wife, Thomas, John, William, Joseph. Draycott 1771
SC58 William WINFIELD, wife, family. Chaddesden 1771
SC59 Samuel SNEAP Derby St Werburgh 1771
SC60 Robert WINFIELD, Mary wife, Booton (Boulton presumably, "Alvaston and" crossed out ) 1771
SC61 William GODBER, Catharine wife and family. Chilwell, Notts. 1771
SC62 James BIRKIN, Martha wife, Elizabeth,Hannah, Martha. Wilne and Shardlow 1771
SC63 James BEARDOW, Martha wife, daughter inchristened three weeks old. Wingerworth 1771
SC64 Elizabeth WHILTON belongs to Ockbrook 1775 on reverse " blank certificate"
SC65 Joseph ROBINSON, Sarah wife, Joseph, Hannah, Elizabeth. Duffield 1776
SC66 William HART, Ann wife. Standley (Stanley) 1778
SC67 Samuel MEKIN (MEAKIN ?) Elizabeth wife, Samuel. Mappleton. 1779
SC68 John REDGATE, Elizabeth wife, William, Lydia. Smalley 1779
SC69 William WINFIELD, Hannah wife, Samuel, Joseph, Rosamon. Draycott 1781
SC70 John TOMLINSON Stanley 1783
SC71 Edward MOORE, Sarah wife. Draycott 1783
SC72 Thomas RAYNOR, Pricilla wife. Breaston 1783
SC73 Robert WILCOCK, ropemaker. Winster 1783
SC74 William BURTON boatman, Sarah wife, William. Spondon 1784
SC75 Daniel MELLOR, Mary wife, Mary, Ann. Weston on Trent. 1784
SC76 Henry WATERS Nottingham St Peters. 1784
SC77 Elizabeth WINFIELD, spinster, pregnant. Chaddesden 1784
SC78 Thomas PURDEY, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Thomas 1yr. Draycott 1788
SC79 Hannah LOMAS pregnant. Derby St Peters 1791
SC80 Joseph LANGLEY Mirfield, WRY Yorks. 1791
SC81 Samuel GOODWIN, Hannah wife, William, Dorothy, Thomas, Elizabeth. Stanley 1791
SC82 George SHAW, Sarah wife, Hannah, Sarah. Duffield 1792
SC83 George BARTLET, Coventry Holy Trinity, Warwicks 1792
SC84 John BUTLER, Hannah wife, Ann, Robert, Risley 1792
SC85 John HANCOCK, Priscilla wife. Spondon 1792
SC86 Thomas SPENCER, Ann wife. Elvaston 1793
SC87 Mary GAMBLE single, pregnant. Spondon 1796
SC88 Mary BRADBURY single, pregnant Spondon 1804
SC89 Sarah TWIGG pregnant Derby St. Alkmunds 1804
SC90 Elizabeth STEVENS (daughter of John and Ann STEVENS) single, pregnant. Hopwell 1809
SC91 Dorothy REYNOLD single, pregnant Spondon 1809
SC92 Ann STEVENS (daughter of John and Ann STEVENS) single, pregnant. Hopwell 1809
SC93 Dorothy SHAW single, pregnant. Spondon 1820
SC94 Mary BRADBURY single, pregnant Spondon 1823
SC95 Elizabeth BANCROFT, single, pregnant. Spondon 1824
SC96 Elizabeth THORNHILL single, pregnant. Sawley 1829
SC97 Elizabeth WALKER single, pregnant. Dale Abbey 1831
George DAFT
Samuel SNEAP and Thomas BOSWORTH not marryed.
Philip HINCH
William LABON?
not dated.

Valentine HEWARD and wife,   Bradwell  1721  V95.2/32a
Timothy BARWELL acknowledging legal seetlement in Ockbrook 1710/11  V95.2/30

OSMASTON BY ASHBOURNE with year of Certificate.
1 William COPESTAKE, Hannah wife Bradley 1759
2 Richard RUTLAND, Hannah wife Offcote and Underwood 1761
3 Tho WILLIAMSON, Sarah wife Thos, Joseph. Mercaston 1764
4 Walter RUTLAND, Ann wife, Wm. Longford 1765
5 Geo GREATORIX, Susannah wife, Joseph. Spondon 1787
6 Mary EVANS single Shirley 1792
7 William ----------- the younger, Nanny wife, a son aged, a son aged 2, a son 11 m. Kniveton 1793 (The surname for this family is torn off).
8 Joseph JOHNSON, Hannah wife, Wm. Clifton 1818

PEAK FOREST with year of Certificate
1 Thomas SLATER, Hannah wife Little Hucklow 1729
2 Saml MELLOR, Elizabeth wife John Mary. Tideswell 1737
3 Geo BARTON, Elizb wife, Joseph, Edward. Tideswell
11th Anne
4 Geo STORER Grace wife, Wm, Mary, Grace, George. Chapel en le Frith nd
5 Saml HADFIELD Elizabeth wife, Sarah, Mary. Chapel en le Frith 1729
6 Valentine BRAY, wife Tideswell 1730
7 Isaac WATTS Bridget wife, Sarah, Elizabeth, Ann Martha.
Tideswell 1740
8 Martin HALLAM, Mary wife, Sarah, Bettey, John. Attercliffe, Sheffield 1742
9 Edward WATTS Castleton 1756
10 Arnold LOMAS, wife, Joshua JOANES their grandchild Chapel en le Frith 1698/9
These appear to be Settlement Bonds, whereby someone indemnifies the parish of Peak Forest against any costs of the person(s) staying in the parish.
11 Thomas WATTS, Mary wife. Tho WATTS Rushop Edge and Isaac WATTS Bond. 1727
12 Ann dau of Elizabeth PEARSON widow, Zechariah PEARSON Peak Forest. Bond. 1722
13 Ann MORTTAIN dau of Jane BRAY Humphrey BRAY of Tideswell 1728 Bond. 1728
14 Henry MARCHINGTON Elias HALLAM Caullow p. Chapel en le Frith 1707. Concern that Henry is about to marry and become chargeable to Peak Forest.
REPTON Settlement Certificates
 These entries refer to Bonds enabling a person to stay within the parish.
SCB1 Peter AWSEBROOK, Ann wife yeoman. John RENOLD Repton also mentioned. 1666
SCB2 Thomas BIRD, John BIRD of Thorp, Warwickshire. living with Thomas BLACKSHAW Repton. John PRAT Repton Bond. 1666
SCB3 John NEWBOULD wife and children from Swadlincote. 1670
SCB4 Robert BIRCH Repton Francis REVILL, Bond. Lenton, Nottinghamshire. 1672
SCB5 Michael CALLADINE taken a house in Repton Francis REVILL Lenton, Nottinghamshire. Bond. 1672
SCB6 John ORME, Ann wife, from Burton upon Trent to live in a cottage at Repton John LEE, Bond. 1674
SCB7 Robert DAKIN yngr, Stretton, carpenter, William SHORTHOSE Bond 1674
SCB8 Hamlet TOON Boothorpe, Leics. Joseph WILMORE Boothorpe, Bond. 1674
SCB9 Humphrey HOLLINS, Alice wife, Margery his mother. Bond to Repton to indemnify. 1668
SCB10 Ralph WOODHOUSE, wife, children Bond to Repton to indemnify. Formerly of Calke. 17th C.
SCB11 John BIRD son of James BIRD Staunton Harald ?, Leics. 1674
SCB12 Thomas WRIGHT, Stapenhill blacksmith 1676
SCB13 John KNIGHT Bond for Edward CHESHIRE Southwood 1677
SCB14 John WAYNE Bond for George WOOD and wife formerly of Windley. 1677
SCB15 Robert LAKIN 1679
SCB16 William SANDES Melbourne 1679
SCB17 John KING Long Whatton, Leics. 1679
SCB18 Robert WILKINSON ironmonger 1679
SCB19 Edward ROBERTS, Mary wife, labourer. 1679
SCB20 An(n) MEASHAM Bond to Market Bosworth ? mentions Gilbert MEASHAM Bond for kinswoman An. 1679
SCB21 Norton CHASENEY Bond to Repton Poor 1680
SCB22 William HICKINBOTHAM late of Derby 1680
SCB23 Charles GASKIN (CASKIN), wife, family lab. 1680
SCB24 Robert STARKEY, wife, family 1680
SCB25 John LICHFIELD, wife, family. Clifton Campville, Staffs 1681
SCB26 John SMITH, wife, family 1687
SCB27 Abram SIMPSON labourer. 1689
SCB28 Joseph FOSTERD, wife, family 1690
SCB29 Sarah COOKE, mentions Thomas COOKE Bilborough, Notts. 1694
SCB30 Joseph HARRISON,lab. wife, family. Twyford Dbys 1709
Settlement Certificates with date of Certificate
16 Roger MILLS, wife Sarah. Burton upon Trent 1697/8
17 Thomas FISHER and wife Egginton 1704
18 Elizabeth PRATT, child Henry. Kirkby super Baine 1705
19 John VERNON wife and family Ticknall 1705
20 Tho INSLY, wife Advaston, Staffs 1705
21 Geo REWBOTHAM and family Burton on Trent 1705/6
22 Tho MILLOR wife, family Draycott 1706
23 Sarah MASSEY dau of Francis MASSEY Whittington, Staffs. 1706
24 Robert LAKIN, wife Burton 1707/8
25 Wm SMALLWOOD Swannington, Whitwick 1708
26 Wm MACHAM, Mary Stanton by Bridge 1709
27 John HILL Melbourne 1712/13
28 Tho STAYLEY, Rachel wife, children Egginton 1712
29 Tho TRUBSHAW, wife Burton on Trent 1712
30 Wm WARD, wife, two children. Blackfordby 1712/13
31 Josiah STRONG, wife, children Yeavely, p. Shirley 1712
32 Joseph KNIGHTON wife, family Woolerton, Notts 1713/14
33 John BATHEW, Catherine wife. Tutbury 1718
34 Tho FISHER Stanton 1721
35 Rbt HEATHERLY, Mary wife Ticknall 1721/2
36 James WARD, Grace wife, children. p. Breedon 1724
37 Samuel THURMAN, wife Hartshorne 1723/4
38 George TONEY (TEVEY?), wife, children. p. Breedon 1724
39 Wm JOHNSON, wife Ingleby 1720
40 Richard RENARD, Sarah wife, Matthew CRIPS, John SWAIN apprentices. Burton on Trent 1729 (apprentices sometimes moved with their masters.)
41 John SHORTHOUSE, Ann wife, Mary, John Ticknall 1730/1
42 Henry MARSHALL, wife, children Twyford and Stenson 1729/30
43 Wm WILKINSON Desford, Leics 1729/30
44 Geo HORSLEY, Katherine wife. Castle Donington 1730
45 Jonathan BARTON, Sarah wife. Ticknall 1731/2
46 Geo HUTCHINSON, Susanna wife. Hartshorne 1731
47 Robt HODGKINSON, Anne wife, children. Cas Donington 1732/3
48 Wm WOOD, Mary wife, two children. 1733 belongs Repton, going to Tutbury.
49 John PUKEY Twyford 1736
50 James HUTCHINSON, Hannah wife. Packington 1733/4
51 Henry SMITH, Mellicent wife. Newton, Derbys. 1737
52 Geo PERSIVALL, Mary wfe Chillcote, Derbys. 1740
53 John CHAPMAN, Ann wife. Normanton by Derby 1741
54 Timothey JOYNES, Elizabeth, children Belton, Leics. 1741
55 Joseph READER, wife and issue. Ashby de la Zouch 1742
56 John CHOICE, single. St Michaels Coventry 1743
57 Wm BARKS, Mary wife. Nottm St Peter 1744
58 Tho SPENCER, wife and family Ashby de la Zouch 1740
59 Anthony MAYBLE, Martha wife. Sawley 1747 on back of Certificate s Ant. MAPLES Cert.
60 John WOOLLEY, Dorothy wife Castle Gresley 1747
61 Gilbert MINION, Martha wife Ticknall 1748
62 Wm ORCHARD, Katherine wife, family Syston, Leics. 1748
63 Francis BEST single Nether Seal, Leics 1749
64 Mary DAVIS alias BRYAN pregnant Appleby,Leics 1749
65 Wm DOLMAN, Ann wife, family Blackfordby, Leics. 1750/1
66 Alexander NORETON, Mary wife Gnosall, Staffs 1751
67 Edwd LANGLEY, Ann wife. Derby St. Werburgh 1754
68 Mary COTTON pregnant Bilston 1754
69 Richard CHESHIRE, Ann wife, four children Willington 1758
70 Wm ARMSTONE. Mary wife Foremark 1759
71 John HOLMS. Sarah wife. Castle Donington 1759
72 John BAMFORD, Sarah wife. Clifton Campville Staffs 1759
73 Rbt SWANN, Sarah wife, Wm, Sarah, Saml. Stanton and Newhall 1760
74 John NEWBOLD, Ann wife, Elizb, Mary. Gresley 1760
75 Wm SHEEPY, Mary wife, John WIBBERLEY son of Mary SHEEPY, Wm WIBBERLEY son of Mary SHEEPY, Mary dau of Wm and Mary SHEEPY Ashbourne 1760
76 Thomas POLLITT, Mary wife Derby St Alkmund 1761
77 Thos HODGKINSON, Sarah wife, Hanah Langley Dbys 1761
78 John WRIGHT, Sarah wife, issue Sibston, Leics 1762
79 Ephraim MARSHALL, Elizabeth wife. Hilton 1762
80 John STARTIN, Hannah wife. Barton under Needwood 1763
81 Joseph DRAKEHEAD, Mary, Thomas, Sarah. Melbourne and Newton 1765
82 George WHITEHURST, Ann wife. Derby All Saints 1766
83 Tho JOHNSON, Mary wife, Hannah. Scropton 1767
84 Tho BIRCH, Ann wife, James, Mary. Tamworth 1768
85 Daniel MORLEY, Mary, Jane Longford 1768
86 Edward NICHOLS, Mary wife, family. Burton Extra 1768
87 Edward SMITH, Dorothy wife, Edward. Shirley 1770
88 Thomas OFFLEE, Elizabeth wife, Henry, Susannah, Mary, Ruth. Shirley 1775
89 Samuel COTTON, Ann wife, dau an infant. Etwall 1775
90 William BALDWIN, Elizabeth wife. Bratby 1776
91 John STANLEY, Sarah wife, Wm. Worthington, Leics 1776
92 John MADDOCK, Jane wife, Henry. Mappleton 1776
93 Thomas LOXLEY, Mary wife, Joseph, Ann, Tho, Geo., Elizabeth, Mary. Mappleton 1776
94 Samuel MASON, Isabell wife. Twyford 1776
95 Hugh WARRINGTON, Elisabeth wife, Mary, William, Hugh, John. Hartshorne 1776
96 John ROYALL, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Mary. Willington 1776
97 Thomas PARKER, Mary wife, Simon, Mary, Thomas. Ratcliff Culey, Leics. 1776
98 John HARDY, Catherine wife, Wm Bradby 1776
99 Thomas GIBSON, Ann wife, Stretton 1777
100 Hannah MADDOCK pregnant, Litchurch 1783
101 Hannah MADDOCK pregnant, Litchurch 1783 (as above, different format, same details).
102 Elias WILKINSON, Ellen wife, George, Isaac, Sarah, Catharine, Stretton 1784
103 John BRADLEY, Lydia wife, Anne, Mary, Lydia. Heather, Leics. 1785
104 Josiah MARROT, Sarah wife, Ann Barrow, Dbys 1785
105 Robertus PEACH, Ann wife, Mary, Sarah, John. Caldwell 1785
106 Benj. ROWLAND, Sarah wife, Arthur. Breadsall 1788
108 Wm PALMER, Mary wife, Richard, Joshua, Mary, Elizabeth, Thomas, Jane. Doveridge 1790
109 Thomas YATES Branston, Staffs 1791
110 John CAPEWELL, Ann wife Breadsall 1791
111 John BROWN, Sarah wife 1791
112 Geo MANSFIELD, Elizabeth wife. Mickleover 1792
113 Susannah OFFLER pregnant Shirley 1792
114 Ann ADAMS Newton Solney 1795
115 James FROGGATT, Mary wife, Elizabeth. Repton, (sic) 1800, examination says born Stony Stratton.
116 Ann HOLDEN single, pregnant Kegworth 1809
117 Ann ADAMS single, pregnant Newton Solney 1811
118 Mary ADAM single, pregnant Newton Solney 1814
119 Ann THORPE wife of James, a soldier 1st Royal Regiment Tamworth, Staffs and Warwicks. 1814
120 Mary WHEELDON widow, pregnant Hollington 1815
121 Sarah WATSON single, pregnant Holbrook 1827
122 Mary ADAMS single, pregnant Newton Solney 1827
123 Mary JOHNSON single, pregnant Little Eaton 1826
124 Sarah JOHNSON single, pregnant Little Eaton 1828
125 Elizabeth BRIGGS single, pregnant Spondon 1828
126 Elizabeth BAREFOOT single, pregnant Nuneaton 1821
127 Elizabeth NADEN single Bakewell 1831
128 Ann ADAMS single, pregnant Newton Solney 1832
129 Nicholas WARD, Ann wife. Shuttington, Warwicks. 1701
130 John HUTCHINSON, wife. Derby All Saints 1702/3
131 Francis EATON, wife, family Walton on Trent 1718/9
132 Bryan ADCOCK, Mary wife. Melbourne 1769
133 John BROOKS, Ann wife, Joseph, John, Ralph, Philip, Mary. Elvaston 1790
134 John BRADBERRY, family. Certificate from Repton to Alrewas, Staffs. 1795
RISLEY with year of Certificate.
1 Elizabeth STAFORD pregnant, single, Sawley 1833
2 Matthew BENNIT, Elizb. wife, Matthew, Rbt, Elizb. Ockbrook 1768
3 George DURANT Osgathorpe, Leics. 1767
4 Isaac ROWBOTTOM Standley 1762
5 John GILL, Mary wife, John, Mary, Jane. Breaston 1762
6 Francis TURNER, Mary wife, Elizb., Cathrine. Chilwell 1761
7 John STEPHENS, Allis STEVENS with Anne his wife and three chilldren. Spoondon 1747
8 Samuel NUTON, Mary wife. Kirk Hallam 1746
9 Joseph FLETCHER, Elizabeth wife. West Hallam 1746
10 Tho SALT, Mary wife, Jonathan, John. Ashborn 1744
11 John BULL, Ann wife. Mickleover 1743
12 Samuel NEWTON fwk. Kirk Hallam 1742
13 Joseph BENNET, wheelwright, Ann wife, John, Matthew, William, Catherine. Eastwood 1740/1
14 John EATON Nottingham St Nicholas 1714
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.