Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Certificates

ECKINGTON with year of Certificate
1 Humphrey MARSHALL Youlgreave 1686
2 John WHEELHOUSE, wife, family Whitwell 1691
3 Geo GREENE Staveley 1697
4 Lyonell MOODY Dronfield 1698/9
5 Jerimiah GREGORY, wife, family Birchover 1699
6 Jerimiah GREGORY, wife, family Birchover 1699 sic.
7 Robt WOODHOUSE family Oxenrakes, Brampton 1699
8 Francis SWALLOW Barlborough 1699
9 as above
10 Wm TRICKETT Dronfield 1700
11 Michael WATKINSON, wife Newbold 1700
12 Richard SMEDLEY, wife, Mansfield 1701
13 Jeremiah LEVICK, wife, Norton 1702
14 Thomas CALOW, wife, family Staveley 1702
15 Nicholas RICHARDSON, wife, child Clowne 1703
16 Thomas HOBSON, wife, family Barlborough 1704
17 Thomas CURTICE, wife, Staveley 1706
18 Joseph MUSGRAVE Bramley, Leeds 1707
19 Jonathan TAYLOR, wife, family Beighton 1707
20 Samuel MARTIN, wife, Aston WRY 1750
ECKINGTON these appear to be Bonds to enable outsiders to stay in Eckington.
RSB1 Isaac STANTON Fran. SITWELL of Gainsboro Bond 1667
RSB2 Roger BROWNE and Thomas BROWNE Francis SITWELL of Gainsboro, Bond 1667
RSB3 John HOLLIS Fran SITWELL Gainsboro. Bond. 1667
RSB4 Tho STANTON Francis SITWELL Gainsboro Bond 1667
RSB5 Richard FELTON Fran SITWELL, Renishaw Bond 1669
RSB6 Tho PARDY Fran SITWELL Renishaw, Bond. 1669
RSB7 John son of John GASKIN of Hackenthorpe Wm STANTON and Henry LACELLS Bond. 1694
RSB8 John PEARSON Troway farmer own Bond 1784

ELMTON with year of Certificate.
SC1 Tho FRITH and family Nth Wheatley, Notts 1712/3
SC2 Francis WARDLY wife, family Whitwell 1716
SC4 George STACY, Mary wife. Walkrington, Notts 1747/8
SC5 Wm JOHNSON, Eliza wife Worksopp 1700
SC6 Edmund WOODHEAD Chesterfield 1703
SC7 Edward HOPTHORN, wife, family Worksop 1712
SC8 Jno BROADHEAD wife, family. Lettwell WRY. 1724
SC9 John FOULDS, wife, children Whitwell 1731
SC10 George RICHARDSON, Alice wife, William, Mary, John. Barlborough 1734/5
SC11 Wm ELLIS, wife Thorpe Salvin WRY 1746/7
SC12 Robert REDFERN, Eleanor wife, two children. Howbeck Woodhouse, Notts. 1750
SC13 Wm NORMAN, Sarah wife. Worksop 1750
SC14 Thos WALKER, Alice wife. Thorn, WRY 1753
SC15 Richard ROBINSON Epworth, Lindsey. 1753
SC16 John COOPE, Mary wife, Mary. Farnesfield, Notts 1757
SC17 Joseph HAGUES, Elizb. wife, Ann, Mary Scarcliffe 1770
SC18 Isaac FOULDS, Elizabeth wife. Bolsover 1784
SC19 Thomas EVERS, Ann wife. Mansfield 1784
SC20 John FIELDING, Ann wife, William, John, Mary. Elksley, Notts. 1787
SC21 Thomas MILNER, Mary wife Firbeck, WRY 1792
SC22 Thomas GREEN, Elizabeth wife, George, Thomas, Charles, Adam. Budby, Notts 1792
SC23 Mary WALKER pregnant Wellow, Notts 1794
SC24 Hannah HOLMES pregnant Beighton 1799
SC25 Mary FIELDING pregnant Worksop 1803
SC26 Elizabeth HOLMES pregnant Barlborough 1804
SC27 Elizabeth HOLMES pregnant Barlborough 1807
SC28 Bengaman HALL Elmton 1705 belongs to Elmton, but living in Worksop.
SC29 Elizabeth HOLLAND wife of Thomas, deceased. and one child. Norton 1710
M86 Agreement to pay Elmton Overseers should Mary SMITH become chargeable. 1797

ELVASTON with year of Certificate.
1 Samuel TAYLOR, wife, Beeston 1723
2 Samuel TAYLOR wife, Osmaston 1723
3 Mary FOOTIT single Derby All Saints 1724/5
4 John WHITTINGHAM wife, Wilne/Draycott 1727
5 Joseph CLARKE, wife Spondon 1733
6 John NADEN single, Spondon 1733
7 John BRIGHOUSE wife, Derby All Saints 1750
8 William HOOD, wife, Sutton Bonnington 1753
9 Joseph WALL, wife, Alvaston 1757
10 William FOSTER Chaddesden 1757
11 Thomas PORTER, wife, Castle Donnington 1763
12 John HARRIMAN, wife, Codnor Castle 1771
13 Thomas BOSWORTH, wife, Weston on Trent 1777
14 Robert GODBER, wife, Breaston 1789
15 Harriet FLETCHER single, Bradley 1828
SC16 Bond to Indemnify Elvaston against costs of maintaining Ann NORTH 10, niece of Richd CHAPMAN Blackwell collier 1790
EYAM Settlement Certificates.
John HAWKINS, wife, dau Mary.  Certificate to Overseers of Baslow, belong to Eyam. 1774  V21/209a
(This is a list of names, obviously listing the Settlement Certificates in the Parish chest for Eyam, the origiinal either destroyed, lost or "hidden" in some obscure collection waiting to be found. The covering dates are from 1698- 1760)
Fran HALLAM Stoney Middleton 1699
Josias BAGSHAW Foolow 1726
Jno BRAGSHAW Barnbey 1717
Ezra COCKER Stony Middleton 1720
Robert SWINDELL Boden Chapel ( Chapel en le Firth) 1708
Jos. LOW Great Longstone 1717
William BRASSINGTON Little Longstone 1735
Jno.SUMMERSO Stony Middleton 1727
Hugh BAGSHAW Middleton by Worksworth 1716
Robert BUXTON Woodland 1706
Ann BLACKWALL widow, Attercliffe, Yks. 1701
Ralph VICKARS Offerton 1736
Samuel BAXTER Great Longstone 1739
Simon HANCKACH Dronfield 1703
Peter HOWSON Little Hucklow 1726
William MOSLEY Froggatt 1717
Edmund COCKER Wirksworth 1720
Thomas JOHNSON Wingerworth 1714
William JOHNSON Hathersage 1716
Laurance TAYLOR Woodland 1700
Hugh NEEDHAM Woodland 1698
Henry FLETCHER Stony Middleton 1722
Antepas TEPHENS Sheffield, Yks. 1716
Robert BUNTTING cum multis aliis. Critch ( Crich) 1717   
George BROADHURST Woodland 1716
Isaac SELLORS Stony Middleton 1704
Robert OLLIVER Stony Middleton 1703
Daniel CHAPMAN Baslow 1712
Thomas JOHNSON Sheffield, Yks. 1710
Thomas GREEN Dacre cum Buerley ( Bewerley) Yks. 1725
Robert ANDREW Bradwell 1719
Jos. REDFERN Sheffield, Yks. 1740
Jno ASHBOURN Boden Middlecale ( Chapel en le Frith) 1702
John BOWDEN Woodland 1736
Thomas BENNET Heathfield ( Hayfield ?) 1734
William MILLES Ashford 1734
John VICKARS Abney 1736 
Thomas BRADSHAW Eckington 1727
John BLACKWALL Foolow 1734
John BARBER Brackenfield 1734
Gervase HALLAM Sheffield, Yks. 1734
Mary BRAMWALL Boden Middlecale ( Chapel en le Frith ) 1724
Jonathan FROST  A Bond from Stony Middleton
Henry HUNTER Hathersage 1705
Jos. BLAND Bonsall 1720
Jos. CHAPMAN Hucklow 1717
James HATFIELD Shatton 1721
Jno FURNELEY Woodland 1715
William BELL Stony Middleton 1711
William BADDELEY A Bond from Stony Middleton 1736
James BAGGALEY Stony Middleton 1723
Joseph WILLSON Bamford 1743
Joseph NEWTON Monyash 1741
Jonas FOX Bamford 1741
John MORTON Baslow 1734
William METTHAM Great Hucklow 1742
Francis STEPHENSON Foolow 1740
Thomas FROGGATT Snr. Baslow 1742
William SMITH Bakewell 1737
Thomas ROWBOTTOM Stony Middleton 1743
Jno EEDS Hathersage 1739
Robert FERN Foolow 1741
Thomas PHEPOUND Wardlow 1742
Robert MARSHALL Bradwell 1736
George HUDSON 1735 no place listed.
Archelaus BINGHAM Hathersage 1735
Thomas WHITE Dronfield 1716
James BRIGHTMORE Foolow 1748
Samuel PARKER Woodland 1747
George TURNER Barlow 1747
Joseph NEEDHAM Foolow 1747
Robert SLINN Stoke ( possibly nr Grindleford) 1747
Jno.ALLEN Beeley ? 1747
David BRIGHTMORE Foolow 1749
Thomas NEWTON Stony Middleton 1747
Robert NALL Stony Middleton 1747
Jonathan FROST Grindlow 1747
William HIBBERT Litton 1747
James PARKER Woodland 1747
John OUTRIM Goltcliffe 1746
Edward BARTON Tideswell 1747
Jno. DRABBLE Foolow 1746
Edward FROGGATT Baslow 1746
James BAGSHAW Abney 1747
William GREGORY Nether Padley 1746
William TAYLOR Wirksworth 1747
Robert BOWMAN Litton 1747
Isaac RIDGWAY Stony Middleton 1750
Robert BAXTOR Great Longstone 1741
Thomas HALLAM Stony Middleton 1734
George BAGSHAW Abney 1721
Paul HATFIELD Broagh ( Brough?) 1755
Ellen SWINDEN Chapel en le Frith 1757 ?
Ann SWINDEN Chapel en le Frith 1757 ?
George SLINN Goldcliff 1756
Hannah PALFREYMAN Coal Aston 1757
Joseph HADFIELD Winster 1758
Richard WARDLE Stony Middleton 1760
George SYDDAL Stony Middleton 1753
Charles WILSON Foolow 1754
Henry FLETCHER Stony Middleton 1760
Cornelius CHAPMAN Baslow 1760
John VICKERS Abney 1753
John BLACKWELL Foolow 1734
John BRADSHAW Eckington 1753
Thomas SWINDEL Chapel en le Frith 1757
Joseph SPENCER Ashford 1753
Moses JOHNSON Consbrough Yks. 1753
John WYAT Peak Forest 1753
Samuel JOHNSON Consbrough 1752
John KNOWLES Shatton 1756
Michael SLINN Goldcliff 1756
George MILNES Stony Middleton 1753
John WALKER Stony Middleton 1753
Robert SYKES Calver 1753
George BAGSHAW Abney 1755
Samuel TRICKET Little Hucklow 1753
George BILLINGE Bakewell 1753
Thomas DAVIES Darley 1753
William CHAPMAN Bubnel 1752
Jno. HIBBERT Grindlow 1742
Francis STORER Abney 1737
Samuel WYATTS Peak Forest 1734
Elizabeth BARBER single woman, Greasley,( Notts.?) 1698
William STONES Woodland 1702
William REDFERN Abney 1724
John JOHNSON Dore 1714
Abram SLINN Stoke ( probably nr Grindleford)1713
Thomas SHEPHERD Sheffield,Yks. 1715
Jno. BRITTLEBANK Stony Middleton 1721
George PALFREYMAN Walton 1714
Robert UNWIN Woodland 1723
Thomas BARBERS Foolow 1707
Edward BARBER Stony Middleton 1706
Thomas SLINN Goldcliff ( Goatscliffe) 1737
Samuel SYDNEY Standley 1738
Jos. UNWIN Pot Shrigley, Ches. 1700
Jno. SMITH Little Hucklow 1714
Laurance TAYLOR Woodland 1723
James JOHNSON Conisbrough,Yks. 1737
John BRITTLEBANK Snr. Stony Middleton 1702
William TAYLOR Woodland 1715
Jno.HIGGINBOTTOM Brampton 1737
Samuel JOHNSON Snr. Conisbrough, Yks. 1714
John YOULL Foolow 1752
Joseph DRABLE Foolow 1752
William CHAPMAN Baslow 1752
James TAYLOR Ulley, Yks. 1703
James FOX Sheffield, Yks. 1712
Thomas NEEDHAM Great Hucklow 1751
Thomas FROGGATT Jnr. Baslow 1752
James SHORE Dronfield 1752
Abel TOPLIS Wensley 1749
William FOX Sheffield, Yks 1748
Robert NAILER Foolow 1748
Samuel BLACKWALL Foolow 1737
Robert SWINDELL,  Bowden Chapel 1708  V97/1/60 (actual certificate, not part of list above, although he appears on the list)
FENNY BENTLEY with year of Certificate.
1 John STUBBS, Hannah wife, Wm, Francis, John, Anthony, Rebecca. Snelston 1739
GLOSSOP Settlement Certificates.
This is a list of un dated names under the heading "Certificates". Apart from the names it gives nothing else.
Rich LEE
Jonathan DERNELY
James LEE
Rich LEE
Joseph SHAW
Francis HILL
Joseph WILLIS (The name Wm is above Joseph.)
S1 John TURNER Hannah wife. Beard Ollerset, Whitle, Thornset 1733.
Abraham BROOME, Hannah wife, Margaret 3. of Thornsett, Certificate made out to Wardlow ("or wherever they may go") 1754  V78/10

GREAT LONGSTONE  with year of Certificate.
John WARD and family    Hope  1783  V21/198a
Henry HENSTOCK yngr,  Matlock (although not stated specifically he was going to Longstone, this document was found with documents relating to that parish).  1784  V21/198b
Arnold HODGKINSON   Bakewell  1737  V78/9
Mary JACKSON widow, Olive.  Steeton p. Kildwick, Yks  1715  V21/45
GRESLEY with year of Certificate
1 Wm STARKIE Mary wife, family, Maviston Ridware 1773
2 Wm BELL, Bridget 12, Caldwell 1781
3 Tho SMITH, wife, family Cadeby, Leics 1783
4 Robert LEECH, wife, family, Thurvaston 1794
HARTINGTON with year of Certificate.
1 Thomas DERBYSHIRE, wife and family. Tissington 1704/5
2 Jonathan DERBYSHIRE, Anne wife Hartington 1716 moving to Hartington Nether Quarter.
3 Joseph CROSSLEY, Alice wife. Stockport. 1716/7 moving to Biggin.
4 Jonathan LEES, Anne wife, Edward, Elizabeth Thorpe 1718/9 moving into HNQ Jan.
5 Jonathan LEES, Ann wife, Edward,E lizabeth Thorpe 1718/9 moving to HNQ Feb.
6 Wm MOORE, Alice wife, Hannah, Eizabeth. 1719/20 moving from Standon, Staffs to Hartington Nether Quarter.
7 Ralph DERBYSHIRE, Patience wife 1723/4 moving from HNQ to Grindon,Staffs.
8 Robert TAYLOR, Anne wife. Middleton, Lancs. 1724 moving to HNQ.
9 John HAWKSWORTH, Elizabeth wife. Winster 1738 moving to HNQ
10 William YATES, Jane wife, John Bloor 1745 moving to Heathcote.
11 Anthony FLINT, Elizabeth wife, Robert, Elizabeth, Frances, Thomas. Brassington moving to Biggin 1781
12 Sophia TAYLOR Quick, WRY. 1828 moving to Biggin.
HATHERSAGE with year of Certificate.
1 Samuel ASHTON Rowland 1705
2 Michael SHERRATT, Faith wife. Tideswell 3rd Anne this Certificate is from Pilsley, p. Edensor, no mention of Hathersage.
3 John BROOMHEAD, Joanna wife. Upper Hallam. 1712
4 Robert HADFIELD, Elizb. wife, James. Callver 1716
5 Jonathan GREEN, wife and family Dore 1716
6 Martin ANDERTON, wife and children Brampton 1718
7 Isaac GARDINER, Rachaell wife, four children Barlow 1718/19
8 Godfrey CROSLAND, wife Attercliffe cum Darnall 1719
9 Robert ROBINSON, Anne wife. Abney 1722
10 Geo HOBSON, Elizabeth wife. Derwent 1723
11 Edward HOLMES, Elizb wife. Withington, Manchester 1726
12 Joseph BROOMHEAD, Elizb wife, Benj. Stannington 1726
13 Martin HOWE, Martha wife. Outseats 1728
14 John BARKER, Catherine wife, Andrew, Matthew. Outseats 1729
15 Michael SHERRATT, Jeney wife. Tideswell 1729
16 Jonathan BROOMHEAD, Ellen wife Upper Hallam 1730/1
17 Edmond DARAND, Elizb wife, Mary. Thornhill 1736
18 Wm DARWANT Outseats 1739
19 Nathaniel HADFIELD, Ann wife, Hanah. Lucey, Ann, Nathaniel, Joseph. Outseats 1739
20 Elizabeth BARBER children Maultby 1741/2
21 Nathan MORTON, wife and family Upper Hallam 1744
22 Matthew WRIGHT, Elizb. wife, children Outseats 1745
24 John DARRAND,wife and children Outseats 1746
25 Thomas FARNSWORTH, Martha wife, Thos. Chesterfield 1746
26 Edward HOLMS, Anne wife Outseats 1748/9
27 Samuel WALKER, Mary wife. Brinsforth WRY 1751
28 Samuel FRITH, Mary wife, children Outseats 1751
29 Wm WALTON, Elizb. wife, children. Outseats 1751
30 Geo CLARK, Ann wife, Ann, Elizb., Geo, Mary?. Offerton 1751
31 Robert HOW, Hester wife, Robt, Hester, Ann, Joseph, Richard, Mellicent, George Eyam 1751
32 Vallentine FURNISS, Grace wife, Mary. Little Hucklow 1751
33 John CLARK, Hannah wife. Outseats 1752
34 Thomas HIDE, Rebekah wife, Henry, Thomas, James, Anthony. Castleton 1753
35 William BOAM, Mary wife, Sarah. Outseats 1753
36 James BURGAS, Anne wife. Great Hamlet, Phoside, Kinder. 1753
37 Matthew WRIGHT, Martha wife. Outseats 1756
38 Thomas BROWN, Hannah wife Outseats 1757
39 James WILKIN Elianor (Eleanor) wife, John, George, Elizabeth, James. Outseats 1757
40 Thomas WEBSTER, Mary wife, Mary, Robert, William, Margaret. Horsley. 1758
41 William SEEDS, Hannah wife. Ashbourne 1761
42 Joseph BRASSINGTON, Margaret wife. Monyash 1761
43 John JAMES, Elizabeth wife. Foolow 1761
44 George SIKES, Mary wife, William, John, Elizabeth. Highlow, p. Hope 1762
45 James TURNER, Jane wife, Martha, James, Robert, William. Dore 1762
46 John TOOTHIL, Phebe wife, George, John, Richard, Robert, Job, Joseph, Ann. Offerton 1763
47 William HAWKSWORTH, Elizabeth wife. Outseats 1763
48 George GREEN, Barbary (Barbara) wife, Fracis, Isaac, George, Johannah. Outseats. 1764
49 Joshua EARNSHAW, Elizabeth wife. Ches. Mottram in Longdendale. 1765
50 Joshua EARNSHAW, Elizabeth wife. Ches. Mottram in Longdendale 1767
51 Robert ASHTON, Sarah wife. Yks. Wortley. 1767
52 Ann GREEN single. Yks. Timsley 1767
53 John GARLICK Mary wife, John 3 Hope 1768
54 Joseph BRADBURY, Hannah wife, John, Hannah. 1769 This is a Certificate from Hathersage to the Overseers of Mottram in Longdendale where they were going.
55 Joseph FRITH Outseats 1769
56 James BENNETT Elizabeth wife, Mary, Thomas, Sarah. Beard, Ollerset, Whittle, Thornsett. 1772
57 Samuel SORBY Attercliffe, Yks. 1785
58 Joseph BURGESS Yks, Sheffield 1786
59 Milicent EATON, pregnant. Bakewell 1786
60 Martha WRIGHT Certificate from Hathersage to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks. 1786
61 John PRIEST Ecclesall Bierlow 1786
62 Micah SLIN (SLINN), Frances wife, Bradwell 1787
63 Joseph BAGSHAW, Sarah wife, Samuel, George, Joseph and the child she carries. Foolow. 1801
HOLMESFIELD with year of Certificate.
SC1 Michael KEY Barlow in Dronfield 1698
SC3 George STEVENSON, Sarah wife Baslow 1699
SC4 George OLIVER Stannington, Sheffield 1702
SC5 John MARSHALL Hathersage 1703
SC6 Tho MARSHALL, wife, one child Dore 1703
SC7 Rosamond GREENE, James son Dronfield 1705
SC8 John MARSHALL, wife, children Killamarsh 1716
SC9 Robert MIDDLETON, Gane wife. Hathersage 1719
SC10 Robert PARKER, wife Uttoxeter, Staffs 1723/4
SC11 Thomas HAGUE, Mary wife, children Dore 1724/5
SC12 Godfrey TURNER, wife, family. Brampton 1725/6
SC13 Tho BOOND, Elizb wife, children Newbold 1730
SC14 George LEVICK, taylor, Hannah wife Dronfield 1729/30
SC15 Geo OWEN, wife, family Baslow 1731
SC16 Saml STRINGFELLOW, Grace wife Chesterfield 1735
SC17 Tho WRAGG, Catherine wife, family Winster 1736
SC18 Rbt TRICKETT and family Little Barley, p Dronfield 1735/6
SC19 Tho SIDDALL, Ann wife, family Dronfield 1737
SC20 Anthony WILLSON, Mary wife, John, Mary. Sutton cum Duckmanton 1738
RSE20 John RAG (WRAGG) and his family "has a legal Settlement at Langwith". Note signed by Overseers of Langwith, George COUPE, John BAGSHAW, John GOUCHER. Jul 1774
SC21 Francis SIKES, Lydia wife, Thomas. Norton 1741/2
SC22 Joseph GREGORY, Ann wife, Joseph. Nether Padley p. Hope. 1742
SC23 Margaret GREGORY Calow, p. Chesterfield 1742
SC24 John HAYNES nailor. Eckington 1741
SC25 John BOULSOVER, Martha wife. Brampton 1743
SC26 Samuel WRAGG, Susannah wife, Joseph, James, Peter Brampton. 1745
SC27 George HATTERSLEY, wife, child. Hathersage 1746
SC28 Benjamin WAINWRIGHT, sawer, wife Hougenea, John. Darley. 1747
SC29 William WRAGG, Martha wife, John. Scarcliffe 1763
SC30 Godfrey HANCOCK, Mary wife. Barlow 1764
SC31 Joseph HALL, labourer, wife. Newstead, Notts. 1764
SC32 Steven DAKIN, Ann wife, Liddia, Norton 1768
SC33 Thomas MELLER?, Elizabeth wife, Thomas Anston, WRY 1769
SC34 William GREEN, wife, family Totley p.Dronfield 1769
SC35 John WRAGG, Deborah wife, William, Elizabeth, Ann, Hannah, Joseph, Samuel. Nether Langwith, Notts 1774
SC36 Joseph MARSHALL, Mary wife, Sarah, Ann, infant son. Dronfield. 1781
SC37 Elizabeth BENNET, pregnant. In Baslow, Certificate from Holmesfield. 1783
SC38 Jonathan LEVICK, Ellen wife, George, Mary, John, Elizabeth. Leftwich, Cheshire. 1784
SC39 John BENNET, wife, family. Letter from Elmton concerning Settlement there. 1787
SC40 John BENNIT, wife, family Elmton 1788
SC41 George STEVENSON, Mary wife, Sarah, William, Samuel, Hannah, Elizabeth, George 9m. Little Barlow. 1790
SC42 Elizabeth WALKER pregnant Killamarsh 1829
SC43 Mary PEARSON pregnant Coal Aston p. Dronfield 1830
SC44 Ann BENNETT single, pregnant Unstone p.Dronfield 1830
HOPE with year of Certificates.
(n.b. these records are in a poor state, although they have been repaired, many have large pieces missing.)
84 Jeremiah ANDREW, Ellen wife, Jeremiah, Ann, Ellen, Jane, Sarah, John, Mary. Woodland 1698
85 --------------, wife, two children Bradwell 1698
86 Joshua WIGLEY, wife and family Nottingham St Mary 1736
87 Edmond WILSON, Margaret wife Outseats 1731
88 James WINTERBOTTOM, Ann wife Little Hucklow 1718
89 John BERLEY?, arah wife, Geo, Elizab. Bradwell nd
90 John HATFIELD, Mary wife Aston 1740
91 John HALL, Elizb wife, Samuel 14, Alice 11, Elizabeth 2, Chapel en le Frith 1741
92 Francis SYKES? wife Sarah, Frances child 1764
93 Nathan LONGDEN, Mar. Aston 1745
94 John
95 ----------- IBBOTSON
96 Benjamin POTTS, --------Hannah child Chepel en le Frith 18th C
97 wife Hannah 1765
( 95,96 97 may all be part of the same Certificate.)
98 Nathaniel LONGDEN, Mary wife, Mary, Ellen. Aston 1765
99 Benjamin HILL, Ann wife, Hannah Brough and ------ 1764
100 Thomas MARSHALL, Lydia wife Whittington 1766
100a Joshua BLACKWELL Nottm St Mary 1770
100b Wm SIMPSON Treeton WRY 1772
100c James FORD Chapel en le Frith nd
100d Sarah ROSE Bakewell 1806
100e ----------- GOODWIN,Betty Bradwell nd
100f Sarah SIMPSON, single Marple Hope 1813 pregnant
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.