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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Certificates

CALKE with year of Certificate
1 Ralph WOODHOUSE miller 1665. John TOONE of Smisby and Daniel TOONE of Diseworth Surety that Ralph promises to pay his yearly rent.
2 Henry GOODWIN labourer 1666. Joseph and Samuel WITHERS of Ticknall Surety
SC1 Robert HARROD, wife. Scrooby, Notts. 1708
SC2 George RICHARDSON, wife, son. Lindby, Notts. 1722/3
SC3 William MANNERS Chesterfield 1732
SC4 Elizabeth RADDISH Nor(th) Wingfield 1744/5
SC5 James WILLSON, Catherine wife, family. Hasland 1733/4
SC6 George REDISH, Margaret wife, Margaret, Richard. North Wingfield. 1735/6
SC7 John MARRIOT, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Mathew (Matthew) South Normanton. 1747
SC8 Samuel HIGINBOTTOM, Ruth wife, Samuel aged 16. Brimington. 1748
SC9 John LAYCOCK, Sarah wife, Sarah, Esther. Brampton 1754
SC10 John ROGERS, Elizabeth wife. Barlborough 1757
SC11 Richard BALM, Ann wife. Matlock 1759
SC12 William COCK, Mary wife. Brimington. 1761
SC13 Isaac NUTTALL, Milicent wife, William, Joseph, Isaac. Killamarsh. 1763
SC14 Daniel HANDLEY, Ann wife, and rest of family. Thurgaton, Notts. 1764
SC15 Daniel SLACK, Easter (Esther) wife, Samuel, Richard. Pilsley. 1764 (Presumably Pilsley in North Wingfield parish as a later document states he was born in Clay Cross.)
SC16 Elias RENSHAW, Silence wife, family. Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1766
SC17 John WINDLE, Mary wife, John. Chesterfield 1769
SC18 James BINGHAM, Mary wife. Brattleby, Lincs. 1769
SC19 Gervass (Gervase) NICHOLSON, Anne wife, Gervass. East Markham, Notts. 1777
SC20 David HANDLEY, wife, Charles. Thurgaton, Notts. 1777
SC21 Thomas REDDISH, Margaret wife, Anthony, Elizabeth, Nurly? Sutton cum Duckmanton. 1781.
SC22 John ROBERTS, Mary wife, George, Dorothy, Betty, Mary. Hasland. 1787
SC23 George LEE, labourer, Betty wife, Ester. Sutton cum Duckmanton. 1787
SC24 Mary HEATH spinster, pregnant. Hasland 1797
SC25 Elizabeth RODGERS spinster, pregnant Sutton. 1806
SC26 Elizabeth NEALE single, pregnant Eckington 1806
SC27 Elizabeth NEALE pregnant. Eckington 1810
SC28 Elizabeth LONGDEN Stretton Dbys. 1810
SC29 Elizabeth NEALE single, pregnant Eckington 1813
SC30 Frances LEE spinster, pregnant Sutton cum Duckmanton. 1822
SC31 Mary WEBSTER spinster, pregnant Whittington 1827
SC32 Elizabeth COSBEY? Baslow 1831
CARSINGTON and HOPTON with year of Certificate
17/8 Abel TOPLIS of Hopton, wife Alice, child, moving to Carsington 1761
17/7 Joseph BEARDSLEY Dorothy wife, belongs Carsington moving to Hopton 1760
17/6 Joshua REEDS Hannah wife, children belongs Hopton moving to Carsington 1761
17/5 Joseph RIPPON Ann wife, children belongs Carsington moving to Hopton 1761
17/4 Roger BILLINGS, Mary wife belongs Hognaston moving to Carsington 1748
17/3 Geo BRIDDON belongs Brassington moving to Hopton 1762
17/2 Robert SHAW, Jane wife, belongs Kniveton moving to Carsington 1745
17/1 Benjamin TOMLINSON, Elizb wife. belongs Wirksworth moving to Hopton 1758
Moses WHITE, Ann wife, Joseph, Moses. to Carsington belongs Linton, p. Gresley. 1704 V19/2
John STADON,Dorothy wife, James, Ann. to Carsington belongs Brassington 1707 V19/3
Sarah BALME to Carsington belongs Derby St Werburgh 1715 V19/5
William GOODWIN to Hopton belongs Wirksworth 1697 V19/1
Ann TITTERTON (dau of Henry late of Carsington) to Hopton belongs Carsington 1708 V19/4
CHAPEL EN LE FRITH with year of Certificate
1 Wm GARRATT, Sarah, children Whittle. p Glossop 1772
(Note, these are references,dated, refering to Settlement Certificates issued to and received from parishes.)
1 Margaret SWINDELLS and her bastard dau Mary . Glossop 1697
2 Francis FIRTH ? Hope 1706
3 Thomas BROWNHILL Bowden Middlecale 1710
4 George BOWDEN Glossop 1710
5 Anthony BOWRSLY ,Anne wife Hucklow 1710
6 John CHADWICK, Elizabeth wife, Joseph Middlecale 1710
7 John HALL, Jane wife, 3 children. Certificate given to Bowden Middlecale 1713 ?
8 Robert HANDFORD, Ann wife, children. Mellor 1710
9 Nathaniel WIOTT, wife. Peak Forest 1710
10 Jonathan MILNS Bradfield 1711
11 Thomas BOWDEN of Tunstead given to Hathersage. 1699/1700
12 William MILNS shoemaker , given to Ashford 1700
13 John HADFIELD and family given to Blyth 1700
14 William LONGSTON and family given to Wilmslow, Cheshire 1701/2 Note in column "not delivered".
15 William MOULT and family , given to Taxal, Ches. c 1701/2
16 Mr WHITE his wife and son. - given to Glossop or Bowden Middlecale. 1702
17 Robert LOMAS wife and children, give to Glossop 1703
18 William OLERENSHAW given to Bowden Middlecale 1705
19 James JOHNSONgiven to Fernilee 1705
20 Francis WOOD and wfe given to Peak Forest 1705
21 Elizabeth WAIN given to Darley 1707
22 William KINDER given to Ambro in Holmfrith 1707
23 Robert SWINDELLS given to Eyam 1708
24 Peter KYRK, wife and children, given to Stoney Stratford, Bucks.1709
25 John HUMPHERYS given to Middlesex. 1709
26 Thomas DODS and familygiven to Brasson (Brassington ) 1709
27 John TITTERTON and wife given to Hucklow 1711
28 John SLATE and family from Sheffield 1702
29 Robert CARRINGTON from Bowden Middlecale 1702
30 Elizabeth WAIN given to Darley 1711
31 Mary HIGGINBOTHAM given to Marple 1711
32 Ja: BOWDON given to Middlecale 1711
33 Jane BENNETT given to Hartington 1711
34 Sarah MOULT given to Cheadle 1711
35Susanna BARBARfrom Peak Forest 1711/12
36 Nathaniel WIOTT Peak Forest ? 1711/12
37 Mathew SHORE ? given to Wirksworth 1712
38 Henry KENYON wife and child given to Ashbourne 1712
39 Edward TURNER and Ann, from Taxal 1712
40 John BEEVER and wife, given to Hothersfield (Huddersfield ?) 1713
41 Hester DOWNS, Samuel ?, Elizabeth, given to Prestbury Cheshire. 1713
42 Edward TURNER, Ann wife from Taxal,Ches 1712/13
43 John LOW, Mary wife from Edale 1713
44 Anthony SHALLCROSS, Mary wife, two children. from Fernilee 1713
45 Thomas ELY wife and three children. given to Peak Forest 1711
46 George REDFERN, wife and children from Taddington 1714
47 Robert HOLD, Hester wife from Macclesfield Forest 1716
48 Henry CARTLIDG (CARTLIDGE) from Dronfield 1715
49 Richard HARRIS, wife from Chesterfield 1723
50 John BALEY, Ann wife, Mary from Hassall, Ches. 1723
51 Edward GARNETT, wife and children given to Bowden Middlecale 1715
52 Thomas FORD, wife ,children, given to Bowden Middlecale 1715
53 George KYRK (KIRK) Elizabeth wife, given to Macclesfield Forest 1715
54 Phoeby COLLYER and Judith COLLYER given to Abney 1715
55 James BEACH (BEECH) wife, two children, given to Penistone Yks. 1716
56 James BEACH (BEECH) wife, two sons, given to Chinley in Bowden Middlecale 1717
57 John BRADLY,wife, child, given to Chesterfield 1720
58 Henry HAGUE, Ruth ? wife, Mary. given to Glossop 1720
59 John CLAYTON, Martha wife, given to Longnor, Staffs 1720
60 Robert GASCOIGN and wife, given to Wealy, (Whaley? Ches.) 1720
61 Thomas HADFIELD, ( and wife ?)given to Bowden Middlecale. 1720
62 John THORNHILL and wife, given to Ashbourne 1724/5
63 James PLATTS and wife, given to Halifax, Yks. 1726
64 Joshua SHIRT and wife given to Hayfield 1726/7
65 James FORD Hannah wife, one child given to Hope 1756
66 Joseph ANDREW Ellin wife,John given to Upper Hallam 1757
67 Benjamin POTTS,Hannah wife, Mary given to Hope 1757 renewed 1765 the other being lost.
68 James LONGSTON Mary wife, Mary given to Taxal 1757
69 Thomas SWINDELS, Hannah wife, Abigail given to Eyme (Eyam) 1757
70 Ellen SWINDELS given to Eyme (Eyam) 1757
71 Easter (Esther) WOOD and her children given to Macclesfield, Ches. 1756
72 George HODKINSON and family to Prestbury Ches. 1759
73 William BAILEY Hannah wife. given to Disley, Ches. 1759
74 Ann or Nancy BEECH ,James,Betty, Moriah, Lettice, Sarah her children given to Manchester ,Lancs. 1759 ?
75 Thomas LOMAS, Margaret wife, Thomas, John given to Macclesfield,Ches. 1759
76 Joseph HOOLEY, Mary wife, given to Tideswell 1759
77 Henry BAGSHAW, Ann wife, given to Penistone, Yks. 1759
78 Joseph WILLSON, Ester wife, Thomas, George, Abel and Ester to Baslow. 1759
79 Francis BOTTOMS, Ann wife, William, Ann,Sarah,Mary. given to Disley, Ches.1760
80 JonathanWOOFENDEN, and wife given to Cuckney,Notts 1760
81 Benjamin ASHTON his wife and child Elizebethgiven to Darley 1762
82 Samuel ROSE, Elizabeth wife given to East Retford, Notts. 1762
83 George SHIRT, Sarah and Betty his daus given to Upper Hallam, Yks. 1763
84 Samuel MORTIN, Easther wife, Sarah, Ellin, Mary, Joseph, Samuel given to Ludworth p.Glossop 1763
85 Joshua SHIRT, Betty wife, William given to Hope 1764
86 John HALLAM, Temperance wife, Grace John. given to Congleton,Ches. 1771
87 George HALLAM, Elizabeth wife to Mansfield,Notts 1771
88 William GARRAT,Sarah wife, Ellin, Jonathan, Sarah, William, given to Whittle p.Glossop 1772
89 Henry LOMAS, Ann wife, John, Hannah, Sarah given to Hinkley, Leics. 1772
90 William BAGSHAW,Margaret wife, one child given to Bakewell 1772
91 James MILLER (MELLOR?) Mary wife, James, Sarah given to Disley 1774
92 Thomas KIRK, Alice wife, ,John, Mary, Thomas given to Burbage, Hartington c.1774
93 Micah BRAMWELL , Mary wife, Mary, Ann, Betty, Fanny, Micah. given to Disley, Ches. 1774?
94 Andrew DAIN, Martha wife. given to Castleton 1774
95 Benjamin ASHTON, Mary wife, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, John. given to Baslow 1775
96 William FRITH, Mary wife, Robert. given to Fairfield 1775
97 William WATTS, Ann wife, Henry, Ann, Sarah,George given to Walton nr Chesterfield. 1775
98 John HESKEY, Nanny wife, Mary, Joseph, Sally, Betty, Ann. given to Hartington . 1776
MIS3/62 Settlement? Bond for John WILD and Alice WILD his wife of Taddington to Richard MILNES of Chesterfield Gent. 1691
1 Isaac HEWITT, wife, family, Killamarsh 1788

These are references only, a list of Certificates "putt into the coffer since 10 Apr 1713 from which time our new division takes its date". These entries may be the only documentation surviving detailing these events. Some are basic, name and year, others more detailed, they are not the actual certificate, which we must presume at this point as lost.
Edward JOHNSON Certificate from Waley, (Whaley) 1728 V41/11/1
Daniel BRADBURY from Beard 1728 V41/11/2
Samuel WARD from Beard 1726 V41/11/3
John HALL from Chapel (en le Frith ?) V41/11/4
Humphrey DOWNS from Holmfrith (sic) V41/11/5
Jonathan MILLER from Ludworth 1697 V41/11/8
Thomas POTTS from Peak Forest 1728 V41/11/9
Robert OLLERENSHAW 1704/5 V41/11/11
Robert BRADLY 1705 V41/11/12
James BEECH 1718 V41/11/15
Edward GARNETT 1715 V41/11/16
John ROYLEY from Heyfield (Hayfield) 1718 V41/11/23
Jane WARD from Glossop 1719 V41/11/25
George BEARD, Ann wife, from Glossop 1721/2 V41/11/31
James STOCKENS 1724 V41/11/47
William TURNER Mary wife 1743 V41/11/57
James BIRCHINOUGH, Mary 1744 V41/11/58
Edward FOORD (FORD) Mary wife came by Indenture 1744 V41/11/60
John JACKSON Certificate nd

CHURCH BROUGHTON with year of Certificate
9 Sarah ASTON,children (later wife of John MOORCROFT) Marchington 1698
10 Elizabeth OLLIVER Chelmorton 1700
11 Wm BERKIN,wife, children Foston and Scropton 1700
12 Thomas BATTILE Uttoxeter 1703
13 John HAIR Dalbury Lees 1705
14 John BLACKSHAW Scropton 1710
15 Thomas GAUNT Sudbury 1710
16 John BAKER, wife, children Longford 1712
17 Edward GAUNT, wife, children Cubley 1714/15
18 Joseph MOORCROFT,wife, children Boylestone 1717
19 Emma SALT spinster Sudbury 1718
20 Richard LEWICK, wife, family Skigby, Notts 1716
21 James CHANDLER, wife, child Doveridge 1721
22 Wm HARRISON als TURNER, wife, family Barton Blount 1722
23 Wm HARRISON, wife, family Hilton 1723
24 Walter PRINCE, wife Sutton on the Hill 1724
25 Benj WOOD, wife, children Hatton 1725
26 Tho FIDLER, wife, son, Stow 1726
27 John ALSEBROOK, wife. Scrapton 1726/7
28 Phillip LEA, wife, children Clerkenwell 1727/8
29 Tho MOORCROFT, wife, issue Uttoxiter 1729
30 Wm SMITH, wife, Uttoxiter 1729
31 Frances KEELING, wife. Alkmonton 1730
32 Thomas KEELING, wife. Yeavley 1732
33 Jonathan CLIFF, wife, issue. Castle Donington 1736
34 John HARRISON, wife, children Burton upon Trent 1741
35 Robert ALLEN, wife, children. Uttoxeter 1746
36 Joseph FISHER, wife Willn 1755
37 John DAY, wife Tutbury 1757
38 Benj TABBERER, wife Croxden 1758
39 Thomas ROBINSON, Ann wife. Hatton, Marston on Dove 1762
40 Thomas PARKER, Eleanor wife, family Hemington, Leics. 1765
41 Joseph BLOOD, Sarah wife, Henry. Uttoxeter, Staffs. Sep 1767
42 Stephen HILL, wife. Ravenstone, Leics. 1768
43 Joseph BLOOD, Sarah wife. Uttoxeter Mar.1767
44 William HALLAM, Martha wife. Draycott, p.Wilne 1778
45 John HUDSON, Rebeccah wife, Mary, Ellen. Yeaveley, p.Shirley. 1785
46 Samuel WATSON, Mary wife, Joseph. Little Chester, Derby St Alkmunds. 1789
47 Thomas GADSBY, Mary wife. Snelston 1790
48 William BEDNALL, Jane wife. Barton Blount. 1792
49 Ann SHARRATT, single, pregnant. Alkmonton, p.Longford. 1805
50 James KENT, his wife and child. Somersall Herbert. 1812
51 Simon BLOOR Mayfield in Calton, Staffs. 1809
These are entries in Clown Overseers Volume, not actual Certificates.
1 John SHACKLOCK hatter, Alice wife Joseph son to Sutton in Ashfield 1793
2 Richard WARRINER taylor, Sarah wife to Wellow, Notts 1794
3 Jno ASHLEY Margaret wife and children to Mansfield 1794
Settlement Certificates with year of Certificate.
SC1 James LOWDE, wife, children. Whitwell 1778
SC2 John ALLETSON Carolina wife. St John Baptist, Peterborough 1770
SC3 Thomas ALLEN Snr, wife. Beighton 1700
SC4 John REVELL wife, family Ragnall, Notts 1704
SC5 Thomas ALLEN Jnr, wife Eckington 1700
SC6 Abraham REVELL, Sarah wife, three children, Elmton 1700
SC7 James NICHOLSON, wife, family EatMarkham, Notts 1700
SC8 John ALLOTSON, Hannah wife, Edward Bolsover 1732/3
SC9 Mary PENISTONE widow, four children Ounston (Unstone?) Quarter, Dronfield 1707.
SC10 Richard HUCHINSON (HUTCHINSON ) wife, family. Bolsover 1707
SC11 Thomas YATES, Frances wife. Langwith, parish Cuckney Notts. 1708
SC12 Joseph WILSON wife, family Bolsover 1709
SC13 William COLGRAVE, wife, family Bolsover 1709
SC14 George MELLOR, Christian wife, Joseph, Thomas, William. Beely (Beeley) 1709
SC15 Robert SMITH, wife Whitwell 1715/16
SC16 John BELL weaver, wife Anne Staveley 1718
SC17 Thomas SHARPE wife, family Leicester St Martins 1718
SC18 Francis REVELL, Elizabeth wife, family Sutton Dbys. 1720
SC19 Joseph WHITAKER, wife, family Worksop, Notts 1720
SC21 Francis CLAY, webster, Ashover 1722
SC22 Michael PATCHELS, Sarh wife, Ann. Binington, Lincs 1723
SC24 John BENITT (BENNET on reverse) Mary wife, Anthony, Mary. Wingerworth 1728/9
SC25 Georgge HUTCHINGSON (HUTCHINSON on reverse) wife, family. Thorpe Salvin WRY (Yorkshire) 1732
SC26 William RICHARDSON, wife, family Woodborrow, (Woodborough) Notts. 1732/3
SC27 Robert THORP wife, three children. Blyth, Notts. 1734/5
SC28 Charles FARNSWORTH wife, family Elmton 1737
SC29 Richard GOODWIN (GOODIN on reverse) Mary wife, Elizabeth, Hannah. Brimington. 1741
SC30 Matthew BUTCHER wife, family. Tickhill, Yorkshire 1742
SC31 William BELL, Mary wife. Anston cum Membris Yorks. 1743
SC32 John FEARIS (FARIS on reverse) Elizabeth wife, family Thorpe SALVIE, (Thorp Salvin, Yorkshire 1743
SC33 William HANDCOCK, Elizb wife, two children Elmton 1749
SC34 Thomas TURNER Staveley 1751
SC35 William HUNT, Rebecca wife, William. Bothomsal, (on reverse Bottomsall) Notts. 1755
SC36 Henry HARLOW, Martha wife, children Abbots Bromley, Staffs. 1794
SC37 William NUTTHAL, wife. Bolsover 1776
SC38 John JACKSON Gamston, Notts. 1794
SC39 William CREE, Gertrude wife, William, Elizabeth, Mary. Anston, Yorkshire. 1758
SC40 John OLDFIELD, Ann wife Hucknall Dbys 1759
SC41 John DAVENPORT, Ann wife, William. Hardstoft, Ault Hucknall. 1756
SC42 Thomas SHEARSTON, Sarah wife, Mary 2. Covingham, Lincs. 1758
SC43 George SIMPSON, Rebecca wife Langwith, Dbys 1771
SC44 Robert THORP, Hannah wife. Upper Langwith Dbys 1759
SC45 Richard STANLEY, Sarah wife, William. Quarter of Holbeck, Notts. 1761
SC46 William IBBOTSON wife, family Anston Yorkshire 1761
SC47 Thomas TWIGG, Rebeckah wife, John, Joseph, Hannah, Anne. Barlborough. 1761
SC48 John HATFIELD, Jane wife. Barlbrough 1761
SC49 Edward MELLERS, Mary wife, Frances, Elizabeth, Joseph, George, Wiliam. Whitwell 1761
SC50 Henry GLADWIN, Ann wife, Mary, William. Stanton parish of Youlgreave. 1762
SC51 Jno SIMPSON. Not possible to tell where he was from before coming into Clowne. top half of document missing. The only clue is that the Churchwardens of the place where he came from were John REEVE and Thomas MOERS. 1762
SC52 Thomas SIMPSON, Mary wife. Norwell Woodhouse, Notts. (n.b. The Churchwardens signing this document were different from Jno Simpson above.) 1762
SC53 John WOOD, Elizabeth wife, Ann. Pilsley 1766 n.b. Although it does not indicate which Pilsley they came from, the Churchwardens signing this document had surnames that are associated with the parish of North Wingfield, ie ASKEW and WILSON. There is a Pilsley nr Bakewell.
SC54 George CORKER, Mary wife, John, Richard, Thomas. Langwith, Notts. 1768
SC55 Samuel WARD, wife, children. Worksop, Notts 1772
SC56 Richard WEST, Mary wife, James, Richard, Mary, Ann, Hannah. Scarcliff 1769
SC57 John ROBERTS, Elizabeth wife, John, Elizabeth. Anston, Yorkshire. 1763
SC58 Thomas MITCHELL, Margaret wife, Over Langwith. Dbys 1775
SC59 John DRABBLE, Ann wife, Great Barlow 1773
SC60 George TAYLOR wife, family Calverton, Notts. 1776
SC61 Thomas SIMES, Mary wife. Mansfield, Notts. 1779
SC62 James CROFTS, Elisebeth wife, Peggy. Elmton 1779
SC63 Richard BURTON, Ann wife, three children. Tibshelf. 1779
SC64 James TAYLOR, Ann wife, William, Thomas. Whitwell 1780
SC65 Joseph HIND wife, four children. Worksop Notts. 1783
SC66 William JEPSON, Ann wife, William Elizabeth, Ann, George. Eckington. 1785
SC67 Richard HUDSON, Elizabeth wife, Richard, Dorothy. Harthill, Yorkshire. 1785
SC68 John WELLS Elizabeth wife, Mary, John. Whitwell 1785
SC69 John BEARD, Sarah wife. Whitwell 1787
SC70 Charles NUTTAL (NUTTON ? on reverse) Ellen wife, George, Sarah. Barlborough 1787
SC71 John WILSON, Elizabeth wife, Mary inf. Thorpe Salvin, Yorkshire. 1793
SC72 Sampson CANDLIN, Pheby wife, John. Elmton. 1793
SC73 William BROWN, Catharine wife, George, Samuel, John, Catharine. Pinxton 1793
SC74 Elizabeth CONSTERDINE spinster, pregnant. Worksop, Notts. 1828
SC75 Mary RICHARDSON pregnant Barlborough 1818
SC76 Hannah BARKE single pregnant. Barlborough 1804
SC77 Thomas CHILD of Mansfield Notts, and William WHITE Wardens of a Society of Persons called the Amiable Society or Club, now held at the house of Joseph BOAMS declare that John DAVENPORT of Cowne, bleacher is a Member. 1795
SC78 Richard BURTON, wife and family Tibshelf 1779 Acknowledged by Jno ADLINGTON and Robert MILWARD Overseers of Poor for Tibshelf.
SC79 George FOULDS, Mary wife. Bond by John WALKER, Samuel LUCAS and Joseph BURDEKIN all of Brightside Bierlow Yorkshire, to indemnify. 1794
CRICH Settlement Certificates with year of Certificate.
1 Martin TAILOR, Ann wife. Matlock 1711
2 George ALLYN, Susannah wife. Alderwaslee 1716
3 James MARCHAND, Elizb wife Wm James 1736
4 Wm WOOD, Hannah wife, Mary Horsley 1741/2
5 Joseph BOOTH, Elizb wife. Headge 1746
6 John NEWTON, Ellen wife Kirkby in Ashfield 1753
7 John WALKER, Mary wife, John,Francis 1773 This Certificate is made out to the Overseers of Pinxton, the family is leaving Crich.
8 John SIMS, Mary wife Betty 15 or 16 wks 1776 This Certificate is made out to the Overseers of Shirland, they are leaving Crich.
9 Elias SIMS, Mary wife, Wm, Miria Heage 1780
10 Samuel MACKEW Member of the Friendly Society 1794 held at the Jovial Dutchman.
11 Hugh ARMSTRONG Member of the Friendly Society 1794
12 John ASHFORD Member of the Friendly Society 1794
13 John WRAGG Member of the Friendly Society 1794
14 Robert JACKSON Member of the Friendly Society. 1794
15 Sarah TAYLOR single, pregnant. Wirksworth/Shirland 1800
16 Mary BEASTALL pregnant Washington 1805
17 Mary HILL pregnant Chesterfield Borough 1808
18 Ann SHAW pregnant Lea 1810
19 Alice OLLERENSHAW pregnant Chelmorton 1817
20 Ann WOOD pregnant Youlgreave 1818
21 Patrick HALL 17 illeg of Ann HALL late of Denby Denby 1827
22 Isaac BONSALL, Grace wife. Sth Wingfield 1713
23 Wm JACKSON wife and family Alfreton 1733
24 Robert JACKSON, Milicent wife, Saml Belper 1755
25 John CALLADINE, Diana wife, Hannah, Sarah. Horsely 1758
26 David C, Elizb wife, Sarah ? Alfeton 1763
27 Saml BARNES, Mary wife Ripley 1766
28 John CHAPPEL, Martha wife, Benjamin, Christian, Elizb, Ruth, Martha. Youlgreave 1781
29 Henry FLETCHER,Mary wife Newark, Notts 1788
30 Dorothy WILLGOOSE pregnant. Certificate to Cromford from Crich 1810
31 Christopher JENNISON Mary wife famailly Belper 1733
32 Charels CHADWICK, Katran wife. Ilkeston 1733/4
33 John BASFORD, Hannah wife, John, David, Hannah, Mary. Ashover 1752
34 Sarah HASLAM pregnant Pentrich 1784
35 Hannah HERRY?, inf bastard Washington 1774 This is extremely faded, surname could even be THORP.
36 Mercy VALLANCE pregnant Sth Normanton 1806
37 Saml BARNS, Ann wife, Hannah, Saml, Betty, Wm. (their five children, sic ) Ashleyhay 1817
38 Saml PORTER, Martha wife. Duffield 1758
39 Wm WRAGG, Martha wife, John Scarcliffe 1763 This Certificate made out to Overseers of Holmesfield.
40 Peter WELDON, Martha wife Bulwell, Notts. 1765
41 John WHEATCROFT, Mary wife, Abraham Ireton Wood 1766
42 James REDDISH, Hanah wife Calow 1781
43 Ellen SWAIN, Ann dau. Dethick, Lea and Holloway nd
44 Seth WOOD, Martha wife, Seth, Hannah, Mercy. Windley 1785
45 Mary AMATT Alfreton 1794
46 Sarah TAYLOR Shirland 1795
47 Arabella HASLAM Pentridge 1800
48 Mary WOOD pregnant Windley 1801
49 Anna Jackson HALL pregnant Denby 1809
50 Ellen TOWNSEND pregnant Kirk Ireton 1811
51 Charlotte GREGORY otherwise SHEPPARD pregnant Kirkby, Notts 1812
52 Mary VALANCE pregnant Heage 1817
53 Hannah HOWE pregant Cotton,Staffs 1817
54 Mercy VALLANCE pregnant Sth Normanton 1820
55 Hannah BENNETT pregnant Sth Wingfield 1823
56 Elizabeth FRITCHLEY pregnant Orton, Notts 1828
57 Mary HALL pregnant Turnditch 1829
58 Ann KIDDY pregnant Shottle 1831
59 Julia RADFORD pregnant Alfreton 1832
60 William WHITE, Mary wife, Henry Upper Haddon 1753 This Certificate made out to Overseers of Matlock.
61 John ASHFORD, Certificate as member of Friendly Society 1794
62 Hugh ARMSTRONG, Certificate as a member of a Friendly Society 1794
63 Samuel MACKEW Certificate as a member of a Friendly Society 1794
64 John WRAGG Certificate as a member of a Friendly Society 1794
65 Robert JACKSON Certificate as a member of a Friendly Society 1794
66 John FLOURTY Certificate as a member of a Friendly Society 1820
67 Samuel HIDES Certificate as a member of a Friendly Society 1831
RSC50 Job POUNDALL is a member of Friendly Society that meets at the Black Swann in Crich. 1817
RSC85 Anne BOWMER, single, pregnant. Ashleyhay 1823
SC1 Robert GOODALE rents house from John OLDHAM, Agent to Lord Chesterfield. Indemnified by Parish. 1817 (Entry in Churchwarden Book, not an actual Certificate)

DALE ABBEY with year of Certificate
1 Robert SHAW, wife, Shipley 1699/1700
2 Wm CASON, wife, Dethick Lea 1700
3 Francis CLOWER wife, child Cossall 1702
5 Wm MATKIN, wife Morley 1705
6 Tho SHAW Eastwood 1705
7 Thomas GRIFFIS, wife, son, Wolverhampton 1716 Jun
8 Thomas GRIFFIS, wife, son Wolverhampton Sep 1716
9 Thomas BONAS, wife, family Ilkeston 1721/2
10 Thomas ROPOR wife, family Alfroten 1727
11 Enock WALLKER wife, family Nottm St Mary 1730
12 John MORLEY, wife, family Nottm St Peter 1730/1
13 John COWLISHAW, wife, dau Risley 1733
14 Henry SMITH, wife, Risley 1733
15 James HALKWORTH wife, dau Chaddesden 1738
16 Wm COWLISHAW, wife Stanton by Dale 1740
17 John BEARDSLEY, wife and family Ilkeston 1749
18 Wm CLIFFORD, wife Risley 1755
19 Tho WHEATLEY, wife, family Denby 1756
21 John PICKERING, wife Shipley 1760
22 John WALKER, wife, Little Eaton 1762
23 Richard WARREN, wife West Hallam 1763
24 John BARSBY, wife, DAU Standley 1765
25 John GODDARD, wife Ilkeston 1770
26 Wm NEWTON, wife Long Whatton 1771
27 John ROE, wife, family Chilwell 1777
28 Ann PARROT Castle Rising 1777
29 Wm GREEN wife, family Alvaston 1794
DENBY with year of Certificate
29 Ephraim SPRATT Mary wife,child. Headge 1714
30 John WHITE, Sarah wife. Calton, Mathfield 1720
31 Joseph HOMEBY or HOLMBY, Sarah wife Codnor 1732
32 Tobias HOLLAND, Sarah wife, children. Hucknall Torkard 1734
33 John HULLAND, Hannah wife. Hucknall Torkard 1755
34 Tho OLDKNOW Shipley 1789
35 James GUN, Hannah wife. Stapleford 1790
DERBY ALL SAINTS with year of Certificate.
1 Francis RUSHEN Derby St Michael ????
2 Tho VAUKES, Dorothy wife ????
3 Wm DRAPER, Elizabeth wife Radbourne 1668/9
4 Henry GUY and family 1714/5
5 Mary YATES widow, poor. Derby All Saints 1723 Made out to Overseers of Elvaston.
6 Mary HANDFORD (mother Rachel, decd.) 1723
7 David BROOKHOUSE Mackworth 1699
8 John STEEVENSON, wife. Derby St Michael 1697/8
9 Job CHAPLIN wife and family Derby St Michael 1697/8
10 Edward VICKERS wife and family Derby St Michael 1697/8
11 Henry VICERS wife and family Derby St Michael 1697/8
12 Tho SHEPARD wife and family Derby St Michael 1697/8
13 Elizabeth EASOM Clifton 12 Jan ??
14 Joseph WESTLEY carpenter Woodhouse Eaves, Leics 1697/8
15 John MABBATT Nottingham St Nicholas 1698
16 John TATTERSALL, wife, eight children Derby St Alk. 1699
17 Ralph DANIEL, Margt wife, Catherine, Elizb. Stockport 1700
18 John WALTON, wife. Mugginton 1700
19 Joseph WILLSON wife and family Derby St Michael 1700
20 Aldery UICKERS Derby St Michael 1700/1
21 Joseph NELSTHORPE junior, wife and family Derby St Michael 1700/1
22 Tho MASTIN, Mary wife, three children Clarkhouse, Ecclsall, Sheffield 1701
23 Benjamin NEWTON, Ann wife Nottm St Mary 1701
24 Thomas INNOCENT, wife Taddington and Presley 1702
25 Tho GILHAM, Mary wife, Mary dau of Thomas. St Marys, Lichfield. 1702
26 Jeremiah BURDSELL, hooper in HMS, Sarah wife Newton 1702
27 Thomas VARLEY and family Swillington, Yks 1703
28 Sarah HOCK, son Joseph. Selston 1703
29 Mark GARTON weaver Derby St Alkmund 1703
30 Timothy TOOLE, weaver, wife. Derby St Werburgh 1704
31 Geo MILLINGTON, Elizabeth wife. Littleover 1704
32 Jacob WALLE, Mary wife. Spondon 1704
33 Wm MATHER wife, family. Draycott 1704
34 Wm HANFORD Dalbury 1705
35 Michael PEARCE Quarndon 1705
36 John BOOTE, wife, family. Greasley 1705/6
37 John HODGKINSON, wife, children Mackworth 1705/6
38 Thomas STENSON, family. Derby St Alkmans 1705/6
39 Wm SMITH, wife, children. Derby St Alkmans 1705/6
40 Paull TOPLIS, wife, family. Derby St Peter 1705/6
41 Jonathan HOPKIN, wife, family. Derby St Peter 1705/6
42 John HUNT, wife, family. Derby St Peter 1705/6
43 Moses SIMPSON, wife, family Derby St Peter 1705/6
44 Arthur GOODWIN, blacksmith, wife, family. Dby St Peter 1705/6
45 John GREATON, wife and family Derby St Peter 1705/6
46 Tho JACKSON, wife, family. Derby St Peter 1705/6
47 Tho CHAWNER, wife, children. Derby St Michael 1705/6
48 Daniel HEALD, Jane wife. Manchester 1705/6
49 Ellis MELLAR, wife, child Bradwall. p Hope 1706
50 Paul TOPLIS, wife, child. Derby St Michael 1707
51 Susanna wife of Anthony HEATHCOTE, 3 children Buxton 1707
QSC1 John WHEATCROFT wife and child to Derby St Peter 1714
52 Josiah BRASSER wife and family, Markfield, Cheshire 1707
53 Samuel COLLIER wife, family. Derby St Werburgh 1707
54 Joseph WOOD, tayler, Repton 1708
55 Joseph SMEDLEY, family Elvaston 1709
56 Richard HARISON (HARRISON) Mary wife. Newton Solney. 1709
57 Thomas TOWNDROW, wife, childe, Bonsall 1709
58 Elizabeth TOPLIS Kirk Ireton 1710
59 Robert HOOD, Anne wife, Martha, Mary, Ralph, William. Leeks, Staffs. 1710
60 James CRANSON, wife. Quarnedone, Leics. 1710
61 Robert WOOLSTENHOLME, wife, five children. Holmesfield 1710
62 Thomas OSBESTON, wife. Derby St Alkmund 1710
63 Rodger (Roger) BEELAND, wife, child. Derby St Alkmund. 1710/11
64 William HOLMES, wife, children. Derby St Peters 1711
65 John ALSIBROOKE Derby St Michael 1711
66 Richard TURNER, wife, children Derby St Michael 1711
67 William BOND, wife. Kirk Langley. 1711
68 John TOWLE, Derby St Michael 1711
69 Thomas MARPLE Derby St Peter 1711/12
70 Joseph COOPER, Mary wife Chaddesden 1712
71 Samuel PRINCE, Frances wife. Ticknall 1712
72 Elizabeth ROWBOTHAM and her dau. Etwall 1712
73 John BAYLY (BAILEY), wife and family. Marston Montgomery. 1713
74 Jo: HARRIS, wife, four children. Ilam, Staffs. 1713
75 Edward STEEL, Mary wife, Edward, Anne. St Sepulchre, London. 1713
76 Joseph WALLACE Derby St Peter 1713
77 George LASSELLO wife, family Derby St Alkmund 1714
78 John ROBOTHAM widower Derby St Michael 1714
79 John RICHARDSON, wife, family Derby St Peters 1714
80 Thomas NADEN wife, family. Derby St Peters 1714
81 Thomas STORRER (STORER) wife, child. Derby St Alkmund. 1714
82 Henry BURTON wife, family Derby St Michael 1714
83 William BLOOD, wife. Derby St Alkmund 1714
84 John SANDS wife, family Derby St Peter 1714
85 John WOOD wife, child Quarndon Dbys 1714
86 John MORRIS, wife, family. Derby St Peter 1714
87 Richard BURTON wife, family Derby St Peter 1714
88 John BIRTCH (BIRCH) Derby St Peter 1714
89 Ann MOSELY Derby St Peter 1714
90 Richard HALL wife, family Derby St Peter. 1714
91 Thomas MOORE (MANNINGS crossed through), wife, family. Derby St Peter. 1714
92 Mary WARREN family Derby St Peter. 1714
93 Henry WRIGHT wife, family Derby St Peter 1714
94 Joseph SMITH, wife. Derby St Peter 1714
95 John JACKSON wife, family Derby St Peter 1714
96 John STONE, wife. Turnditch 1714
97 Elizabeth RUBOTHOM (ROWBOTHAM), dau Mary. Etwall. 1714
98 William GALER yngr, wife, children Derby St Werburgh. 1714
99 John STABLES, Elizabeth wife, "and all his children". Duffield 1714
100 Richard IRONMONGER, Ann wife, family. Nottingham St Mary. 1714
101 Robert POTTS Derby St Werburgh 1714
102 Robert CROSSLEY, wife. Derby St Werburgh 1714
103 Jonathan MASSEY Derby St Werburgh 1714
104 Charles COSBEY, wife, children Derby St Werburgh 1714
105 Samuel SADLER, wife. Derby St Werburgh 1714
106 Thomas SOARE, wife. Derby St Werburgh 1714
107 Edward BATES, wife. Derby St Werburgh. 1714
108 William WHEELDON, wife, children. Derby St Werburgh 1714
109 George HALL, wife, family Derby St Alkmunds 1714
110 Joseph HUNT, wife. Dalbury Lees. 1714
111 Sarah WILLSON, two children. Derby St Michael. 1714
112 George MELLERS, wife, one child. Derby St Michael 1714
113 Sarah BROOKES, three children. Derby St Michael 1714
114 Joseph LITTLEHOUSE als NELSTHRAP, wife. Derby St Michael 1714
115 William FRANCIS, wife, family. Derby St Peter. 1714
116 Richard HOPKIN Derby St Peter 1714
117 Anthony SMITH Derby St Peter 1714
118 William COLTON (COTTON?) Elizabeth wife. Congleton, Cheshire. 1714
119 George ROBERTS, Ann wife, Ann, John, Elizabeth, Mary. Spondon. 1714
120 Thomas HEALEY, Catherine wife. Hanbury, Staffs. 1714
121 William STENSON, Anne wife. Worthington, Leics. 1714
122 Benjamin GOODREAD and family. Derby St Alkmund.1714
123 Samuel REDFERN, mason, wife, family. Nottingham St Peter, Notts. 1714
124 John STOPERD, (STOPPARD) Anne wife, four children. Allestree 1714
125 William GREEN wife, family Heanor. 1714
126 John WHEATCROFT wife, child Derby St Peter. 1714/5
127 William COOKE wife, family Derby St Alkmund 1714/5
128 Thomas MASON, Mary wife, family. Heage, Duffield 1714/5
129 Samuel PALFREMAN?, wife, family. Derby St Alkmunds 1714/5
130 Richard MORE wife, family Derby St Alkmund 1714/5
131 Samuel MOAT, wife. Derby St Alkmunds. 1714/5
132 William BILLINGE, wife. Alstonefield, Staffs. 1715
133 David KING, wife. Leicester St Martins. 1715
134 John SMITH als BUSSER? Derby St Michael. 1715
135 Sarah UFTON, one son. Derby St Michael. 1715
136 Thomas MADELEY, wife, children Newborough, Staffs 1715
137 Tymothy? (Timothy) HAMERSLY, Mary wife, Thomas. Leek, Staffs. 1715/6
138 Ann HOLMES, widow, Twyford and Stenson, Barrow 1716
139 Eleanor BOLTON, widow and family. Rotherham, Yks. 1716
140 James SMITH wife, children. Derby St Werburgh. 1716
141 William OSBOURNE and wife. Kirk Hallam 1716
142 Elizabeth ROBERTS widow, Derby All Saints 1717 Certificate to Overseers of Derby St Michael, where she has gone to live.
143 John WEBBERLY, wife, family Sutton in Ashfield, Notts.1717
144 James BROWN, Eleanor wife. Longford 1717
145 John WINTERBOTHAM Derwent p. Hathersage 1717
146 John LOCKEE als LOCKER, Ellen wife. Derby St Michael 1717
147 Edward CLAY, wife. Derby St Werburgh. 1717
148 John MEATE, wife Derby St Werburgh. 1717
149 Edward LANGLEY, Anne wife Marchington Woodlands, Staffs. 1717/8
150 John BLOOD, wife. Derby St Werburgh 1717/8
151 John YATES, wife, apprentices. Derby St Michael 1717/8
152 William BURTON, Jane wife, children. Walsall, Staffs 1718
153 John MANINGS Derby St Peter 1718
154 Anthony UFTON, Elizabeth wife. Wirksworth 1718
155 Francis WARD, wife, family Melbourne 1718
156 William TOULSON, sope boyler, Leeds Middle Division, Yks. 1718
157 Walter POOLE yngr, Ann wife, Hannah. St Peters and St Paul, Bath, Somerset. 1718
158 William SALT, Sarah wife. Cauldon, Staffs. 1718
159 Ellen BRIGHOUSE Wigan, Lancs. 1718
160 Thomas BAKEWELL, blacksmith. Markeaton 1718/9
161 Thomas SLEIGH, wife, child. Derby St Peter. 1718/9
162 Henry THORPE, Anne wife. Derby St Michaels 1719
163 John PEARSON, Mary wife. Nottingham St Peters 1719
164 John VALLANCES, wife, family. Crich 1719
165 John GREEN, FAMILY Nuneaton, Warwicks. 1719
166 Jack BICKERSTAFF, wife, family Ashbourne 1719
167 Jonathan FFOWK (Fowke) Alice wife. Mugginton 1719
168 Richard PORTER, wife, children Breadsall 1719/20
169 Anne BUXSTONE (BUXTON) Derby St Michael 1719
170 Abraham WOODHOUSE, Anne wife, family Derby St Michael 1719
171 John HIGGENBOTHAM, Dorothy wife. Hope, Fearfield (Fairfield) 1719/20
172 Joseph BELL, Sarah wife, John, George Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1719/20
173 James BACON Derby St Alkmunds 1720
174 Mary BLOODWORTH Derby St Alkmund 1720
175 Henry HARDSTAFF Derby St Alkmund 1720
176 Jno (John) MASON Derby St Alkmund 1720
177 Jonathan NEAL Derby St Alkmund 1720
178 William AMOND (Hammond?) Kathern (Katherine) wife Wimeswould, Leics. 1719/20
179 John FORD Wigan, Lancs. 1721
180 Job WARD, Hannah wife, children. Sheen, Staffs. 1721
181 Robert SIMPSON, Ruffley wife, Robert, Elizabeth. Derby St Peter. 1721/2
182 Abraham NELSTRAP, wife, family Derby St Michael 1721/2
183 Samuel SMITH, Sarah wife. Ashbourne 1721/2
184 Robert BOYER wife and family Nottingham St Mary 1722
185 Isaac WORTH Belper, p.Duffield 1722
186 Alice? WALL widow and two children Snelson, (Snelston) 1723
187 Alice COOKE, Mary dau. Basford, Notts. 1723
188 Grantin? SCARRITT, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth. Betley, Staffs. 1723
189 Samuel SWANN, Martha wife. Daycott p. Wilne 1723
190 Thomas BARNES, Mary wife. Fritchley, Crich 1723/4
191 George PEAT? Catherine wife Melton Mowbray, Leics. 1724
192 Thomas KENT, Elizabeth wife, John. Congleton, Ches. 1724
193 Robert NEWTON, Anne wife, Elizabeth. Derby St Peter. 1724/5
194 William CHILD, Elizabeth wife, family Bulwell, Notts. 1724
195 Thomas COOKE, wife, child Joseph. Derby St Peter. 1724
196 Peter JEWITT, wife Hannah. Wirksworth 1724/5
197 John WILSON, Ann wife. Nottingham St Nicholas. 1725
198 Aaron HOLLBROOKE (HOLBROOK) Ann wife. Wirksworth 1725
199 Thomas PEACH, Dorothy wife, William. Brailsford 1724
200 Thomas YEOMANS, Mary wife. Benthall, Wenlock, Salop. 1725
201 James STABLES, wife, Thomas, Mary. Derby St Michael. 1725
202 William PICKERINGE (PICKERING) Margaret wife, James, Elizabeth. Markeaton als Marton. 1725
203 Joseph SANDMAN, Mary wife, Little Chester p.Derby St Alkmund. 1725
204 John HALLAM, Mary wife, two children. Littleover 1725
205 William WIBBERLY, wife, two children. Derby St Werburgh. 1725
206 Cornelius SCOTNEY, shoemaker, Elizabeth wife. Northampton All Saints. 1725
207 Richard ASHBY, wife Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. 1725/6
208 Joseph SMEDLEY, wife, family. Stapleford, Notts. 1725/6
209 William LEAPER, Alice wife. Osmaston 1726
210 Aaron ? HOUSLEY, Hannah wife. Brailsford 1726
211 Elizabeth PATTISSON, single, Newcastle under Lyne Staffs. 1726
212 Thomas SWINDALL, family Alvaston 1726
213 Walter HAYNES, Margaret wife, Samuel, Richard, Jane. Kirkby over Blow, Yks. 1726
214 Thomas SWINCHATT, Phebe wife, Peter, Anne, Derby St Michael. 1726
215 George ANDREWS wife, dau Hannah. Skircoate, WRY 1726
216 Robert STRONG Ashbourne 1726
217 William GREENE, Elizabeth wife. Stanton by Dale Abby 1726
218 Charles CHARLESWORTH, Anne wife. Bradbourne, Dbys. 1726
219 John BRISTALL, Eleanor wife. Leicester St Marys, Leics. 1726
220 Robert BROMLEY, Elizabeth wife. Hanbury, Staffs. 1726
221 Jno. John GRAINGER, wife. Derby St Werburgh 1726
222 William OLDERSHAW, wife, family. Leicester All Saints, Leics. 1726/7
223 William PORTER, Dorothy wife, Richard, Elizabeth, William, Ann. Derby St Michael 1726/7
224 Ann ALLEN and her children. Diseworth, Leics. 1726/7
225 John HAWLEY, Martha wife. Mayfield, Staffs 1727
226 Thomas RIGLEY, Ann?. Sturston. 1727
227 Mary JACKSON single. Lockington, Leics. 1727
228 Samuel LOCKER, family. Derby St Werburgh 1727
229 Robert CLARKE, Sarah wife. Nottingham St Nicholas, Notts. 1727
230 Richard OSBORN, Hannah wife. Kettering, Northants 1727
231 William STENSON, Sarah wife. Osmaston by Derby. Dbys. 1727
232 George HUTTON. Derby St Alkmunds 1727
233 Mary JONES, widow Derby St Michael 1727
234 Richard FELKIN, Ann wife, John, Joseph, Sarah, William, Mary, Richard. Alfreton 1727/8
235 James JACKSON, Mary wife. Morley, Dbys 1727/8
236 William WALKELADD, Sarah wife, John, William. Derby St Werburgh 1727/8
237 William PURSELOW, Ann wife, Frances. Derby St Peter 1727/8
238 John SHEPHERD, Frances wife, children. Derby St Michael 1727/8
239 George HARDSTAFF, Margery wife. Derby St Alkmunds 1727/8
240 Richard PERRYMAN, Lidia wife. Great Marlow, Bucks. 1727/8
241 Timothy AUSTIN, Catherine, wife, three children. Uttoxeter, Staffs. 1728
242 Charles LANDER, Ann wife. Uttoxeter,Staffs. 1728
243 Francis HUNT, Martha wife. Brelsford (Brailsford) Dbys. 1728
244 Robert GAUNT, Frances wife, children. Derby St Alkmund. 1728
245 William WALKER, wife, family. Hucknall Torkard, Notts. 1728
246 George BROADHURST, wife, children. Derby St Werburgh. 1728
247 William BUNINGTON, wife and son William. Derby St Werburgh. 1728
248 Hannah GOLLINGS widow. Derby St Werburgh 1728
249 Joseph CHATTERTON, Ann wife, James, Normanton, Dbys. 1728
250 John HOLMES, Alice wife, James, Derby St Werburgh 1728
251 William HEROD, Dorothy wife. Windley, Duffield 1728
252 Joseph BLOODWORTH, Sarah wife. Elvaston 1728
253 Henry BURTON jnr. Ann wife. Derby St Michael 1728
254 John MORTHWHITE, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Elizabeth. Derby St Michael. 1728
255 Elizabeth PARKER the wife of John PARKER, wigg maker. Derby St Michael. 1728
256 Samuel VICKERS, labourer, Elizabeth wife. Derby St Michael. 1728
257 Edward WOODCOCK, Elizabeth wife. Derby St Michael. 1728
258 Gowin BROUGHTON, Mary wife, John, Ellin. Derby St Werburgh. 1728
259 James HENSHLEY, Sarah wife, Edward, Hannah, Sarah. Derby St Werburgh 1728
260 Sarah SLIGH, John her son. Derby St Werburgh 1728
261 John BAKER, Elizabeth wife, James Lane Ruth Rachel. Croxden, Staffs. 1728
262 John TOMLINSON, Jane wife. Shirland 1728/9
263 Sarah INNOCENT widow of Thomas INNOCENT, Joseph, Thomas, Benjamin. Taddington 1728/9
264 Mary WOOD widow of George WOOD, George son. Weston on Trent, Dbys. 1728/9
265 William? SAXON, Jane wife, children Etwall 1729
266 Benjamin LEAPER, Elizabeth wife, Ann Derby St Werburgh 1729
267 John PEAL jnr. Mary wife. Derby St Werburgh 1729
268 Joseph ELLSTON Barnsley, Yks WRY. 1729
269 Thomas TOMLINSON, Mary wife, Thomas. Duffield 1729
270 Samuel HARVEY, Mary wife Ashbourne 1729
271 William TOMLINSON, Ann wife. Duffield 1729
272 William BRASSINGTON, Margaret wife. Derby St Werburgh 1729/30
273 William BURCH (BIRCH) Ann wife, son and dau. Derby St Peters 1729/30
274 Samuel GRACE Markeaton 1730
275 John ARNALL? (ARNATT?) tailor, Elizabeth wife. Allestree 1730
275 Anthony BONSALL, wife, children. Shirland 1730
276 John LACY, Elizabeth wife, family Arnold, Notts 1730
277 Samuel HAMPTON, Elizabeth wife. Walgherton, Ches. 1730
279 Jonathan DALLISON, Hannah wife, Mary. Derby St Werburgh 1730
280 Thomas DOLEMAN, (DOLMAN) Mary wife. Derby St Werburgh 1730
281 John BUFFON alias SMITH, Sarah wife, Richard, Thomas, John. Derby St Michael 1730
282 John KIRK, Anne wife. Derby St Michael 1730
283 John STABLES, Catharine wife, John, Catharine. Derby St Michael 1730
284 John WRIGHT, Attorney, Hannah wife, John. Derby St Michael 1730
285 William DAVIS, Sarah wife Newcastle under Lyme, Staffs. 1730
286 Francis LAWLEY, Ann wife, Francis. St Johns Wapping, Middx. 1730
287 Solomon BATES, Elizabeth wife, Alice. Derby St Michael 1730
288 Charles CHARLESWORTH, yngr. Derby St Michael 1730
289 Thomas CHASE, Phoebe wife Derby St Michael 1730
290 Mary GILLOTT widow Derby St Michael 1730
291 Thomas MEAT, Derby St Michael 1730
292 Joseph PRATT, Mary wife, Joseph. Derby St Michael 1730
293 Elizabeth WILD widow, Benjamin, Elizabeth Derby St Michael 1730
294 John HEWIT, Hannah wife, Mary. Derby St Werburgh. 1730/1
295 Jane READER wife of Joseph READER, Ann. Thulston 1730/1
296 Mary MOORE widow, Mary Ann John. Derby St Alkmund 1730/1
297 Sentlow HANDLEY, wife and child. Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1731
298 John COCKER Duffield 1731
299 William DAWES and family. Chaddesden 1731/2
300 William BRIDGART, Rachel wife, Catherine, William, Seth. Derby St Werburgh. 1731/2
301 Joseph BURTON, Elizabeth wife. Derby St Werburgh 1731/2
302 Samuel INKERSAL, Sarah wife, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary. Derby St Werburgh 1731/2
303 Joseph CHEADLE, Jane wife. Derby St Peters 1732
304 Joshua FOSTERD, wife, family Hucknall, Sutton in Ashfield, Notts 1732
305 John DRABLE, Mary wife, John. Kirk Ireton 1732
306 Robert MILLS St. Laurence Jewry, London. 1732/3
307 William BAKEWELL, Ann, Thomas, Elizabeth, Richard, Sarah, Abraham. Derby St Peters 1732/3
308 Samuel BALL, Mary wife Derby St Peter 1732
309 John GARRATT, Dorothy wife, William. Derby St Peter. 1732/3
310 Granger TAYLOR, Ellen wife. Derby St Peter. 1732/3
311 Joseph, Ann, Sarah GREATTON children of John GREATTON fwk. Derby St Peter 1732/3
312 Richard HARRISON, Ann wife, Catherine, Elizabeth, Ellen, Ann, Mary. Derby St Peters 1732/3
313 Benjamin HOLACE (HOLLIS), Sarah wife, Sarah. Derby St Peter 1732/3
314 Ellen MOORE spinster, Derby St Peter 1732/3
315 John RAWLINS Taylor, Sarah wife. Derby St Peter 1732/3
316 John LINNETT, Ann, Catherine. Derby St Peter. 1732/3
317 Elizabeth SMITH alias CURRYER widow of William SMITH alias CURRYER (CURRIER) dec. William, Thomas, Margaret. Derby St Peter. 1732/3
318 William WATSON, Rebecca wife, William. Derby St Peter. 1732/3
319 Joseph HOLLIS, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth, Ann. Ashbourne 1732/3
320 John CLEWORTH (CLAYWORTH?) wife, family. Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1733
321 Thomas STORER, family. Loughborough, Leics. 1734
(nb This is made out to the Overseers of Derby St Werburghs or elsewhere in Derby. They obviously moved to All Saints.)
322 John HENFRY, Elizabeth wife. Melton Mowbray, Leics. 1734
323 John VESSEY, Anne wife, Anne, Sarah, William, John. Chaddesden 1734
324 William LACY, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Sarah. Arnold, Notts. 1734
325 John WRAGG, wife, family. Alfreton 1734/5
326 James BOTT, Pricelah wife, Sarah. Derby St Werburgh. 1734/5
327 Edward ELCOCKS, Sarah wife, Sarah Derby St. Werburgh. 1734/5
328 John GREEN, Hannah wife, John, Elizabeth. Wirksworth. 1734/5
329 Margaret WOODCOCK and her children. Derby St Michael 1734/5
330 Vicessimus PEETER, Frances wife, Mary, Elizabeth. Derby St Werburgh. 1735
331 Sarah ATKINSON, widow, Thomas, Henry. Orton als Overtown, Westmoreland. 1735
332 Joseph BUTLER Taylor, Mary wife, Mary. Draycott, p.Wilne. 1735
333 Jonathan SHIPLEY, Elizabeth wife, Jane, Jonathan. Wirksworth. 1735
334 John ARMEFIELD, wife. Duffield 1735
335 Thomas STANDLEY, Mary wife Elizabeth, Sarah. Risley. 1735/6
336 William CHILD, "joyner". Ripon,Yks. 1735/6
337 Ralph BURROWES, (BURROWS) Mary wife, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Samuel. Derby St Werburgh. 1735/6
338 Francis WOODHOUSE Gardner, Anne wife, Elizabeth, William. Little Chester, Dbys. 1735/6
339 Edward BARRACLIFFE, Hannah wife, John, Mary. Little Chester, Dbys. 1736
340 John BOWYER, Mary wife, son. Tutbury, Staffs. 1736
341 John ROBINSON, wife, child. Coldhigham, Northants 1736
342 Samuel CLARKE, Elizabeth wife, John, Ann, Samuel. Etwall. 1736
343 Thomas DORMAN, Grace wife, Hannah, John, Robert. Little Chester, Dbys. 1736
344 John GROW, Elizabeth wife. Walsall, Staffs. 1736/7
345 Joseph TUNDLEY, Mary wife. Little Chester. 1737
346 Joseph LAKIN, Breedon, Leics. 1737
347 Edward POOL, Mary wife, two children. Saxilby, Lincs. 1737.
348 Septimus PEARSON, wife. Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1737
349 Thomas ROYSE, Elizabeth wife, Sarah. Wirksworth 1737
350 Richard BUSH,Mary wife. Greasley,Notts 1737
351 Lettice SMITH spinster. Alderwasley,Wirksworth 1737
352 Thomas COTTON, Grace wife. Derby St Alkmund. 1737/8
353 John DALLISON, shoemaker Derby St Peters 1738
354 William MOSS. Derby St Peter 1738
355 William SADLER. Derby St Peter 1738
356 Samuel CASH, Mary wife. Stanton by Bridge 1738
357 Thomas MORRIS, Mary wife. Market Bosworth, Leics. 1738/9
358 Edward KEY, Grace wife, Thomas Derby St Alkmund 1738/9
359 John RAVENSDALE, Hannah wife.Cauldon,Staffs 1739
360 Edward CASH, Mary wife, Cathrine. Prestbury, Cheshire. 1739
361 Richard MOULBOURN (MELBOURN ?) Taylor, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Elizabeth. Derby St Werburgh. 1739
362 Simon LAWSON Taylor Derby St Werburgh 1739
363 Mary YATES widow of William YATES Derby St Werburgh 1739
364 Thomas BARLOW, Ann wife, Thomas, Samuel. Stockport, Cheshire. 1739
365 Thomas HOLLINGWORTH, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth. Nottingham St Nicholas. 1739
366 Sarah FEDERSTON ? spinster Derby St Michael 1740
367 Ruth SHEPHERD widow, Job, Elizabeth. Derby St Michael 1740
368 Sarah WALKER widow. Derby St Michael 1740
369 William BAINBRIDGE, Rebecca wife. Markeaton 1740
370 William ASTLE. wife, family. Derby St Michael 1740
371 John TATLOW, whife, family Derby St Michael 1740
372 John WOOD, wife, family Derby St Michael 1740
373 William KING, Elizabeth wife. Horton, Gloucs. 1740
374 William SPENCER yngr., Sarah wife, child. Leicester All Sts. Leics. 1740
375 Francis WRAGG, Sarah wife, Mary Jemima, Mary, Ann, Thomason. Chesterfield 1740/1
376 Benjamin DIXON, Elizabeth wife. Louth, Lincs. 1741
377 Elizabeth THOMLINSON (TOMLINSON) widow, John. Chesterfield. 1741
378 Milecent GUY, Mary, Ann. Wirksworth 1741
379 James CALLADINE, Dorothy wife, Mary, Rebecca, James. Aston on Trent 1741
380 Richard SHELDON, wife, family Nottingham St.Mary, Notts. 1741
381 William COPE, Elizabeth wife, Hannah, Elizabeth, William, Sarah. Derby St Alkmund 1741
382 Thomas FIDLER, Mary wife, Elizabeth. Derby St Alkmund 1741
383 Samuel MORLEDGE, Elizabeth wife. Derby St Alkmund 1741
384 Chambers WILSON, Elizabeth wife, Frances, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah, Lydia. Derby St Alkmund 1741
385 Mikail (Michael?) OLDERSHAW, wife, family. Spondon 1741
386 Richard OLDERSHAW, Sarah wife, children. Spondon 1741
387 Hannah HOLLAND Spondon 1741
388 Thomas WIGLEY, Jane wife. Wirksworth 1741
389 Anthony CLOUGH, Dorothy wife. Kedleston 1741
390 Elias MEAD, Sarah wife, Elizabeth Sarah, Maria. Derby All Saints 1741
391 Ruth MARSHALL wife of William MARSHALL a soldier. Derby St Werburgh. 1741
392 Joseph SWAN, Ellen wife, Sarah. Derby St Werburgh 1741
393 Ann NORTH, Mary dau. Wirksworth 1741
394 Nathan TUCKER, Dorothy wife and all that belongeth. Smisby 1741
395 William MARTIN, Grace wife. Liberty of Pilsley 1741/2
396 Thomas ANDERSON, Margaret wife. Arnold, Notts. 1741/2
397 Richard ETCHES, Hannah wife, Mary. Ashbourne 1742
398 Isaac BULL, Mary wife, Mary. Findern 1742
399 William KING, wife. note that the Overseers of Horton, Gloucs. gave a certificate to William KING. 1742
400 James CLAY Gainsborough,Lincs. 1742
401 Anthony RICHARDSON, Rebecca wife, Thomas, Sarah, Alexander, Mary. Derby St Alkmund 1742/3
402 Robert COOKE, Sarah wife, William, John, Robert. Derby St Alkmund. 1742/3
403 William CRITCHLEY, Ann wife, James, Joseph, William. Chelmorton 1743
404 George WAGSTAFF, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Sarah, Elizabeth. Stanton p. Youlgreave. 1743
405 Ann CLEARE wife of Edward CLEAR "shoulder in Briddadears BRAGGS Reighment". Mugginton 1743
406 James CHARLESWORTH, Elizabeth wife. Derby St Alkmund 1743
407 John DAN, Elizabeth wife, Sarah. Derby St Alkmund 1743
408 Elizabeth HOLLAND "the supposed wife of William MARROY ? (MALLOY?) "now a soldier in Brigadier BRAGGS Regiment of Foot". Derby St Werburgh 1743
409 Cornelius FLINT, Elizabeth wife. Wirksworth 1744
410 Richard IRONMONGER, wife, family. Nottingham St. Mary. 1744
n.b. This document was made out to the "Overseers of Derby St Peters or any other parish".
411 Margaret SHERWIN "and her children lawfully begotten in wedlock of her husbands body". Derby St Peter. 1744
412 Sarah GEE, Liddia. Derby St Michael 1744
413 James PORTMORE, Mary wife, Theophilus. Derby St Michael. 1744
414 Thomas ROOBOTHAM Katherene wife, Sarah. Derby St Michael. 1744
415 Francis WRIGHT, Mary wife, Daniel. Derby St Michael 1744
416 Cornelius FLINT yngr, Hannah wife, Sarah, John, Elizabeth. Wirksworth 1744/5
417 Samuel STENSON, Mary wife,children. Derby St Peter. 1745
418 Matthew MORRIS, Hannah wife, John, Matthew, Mary, Farhannah. Kingsley, Staffs. 1746/7
419 Francis MILLNER (poss MILLNES) shoemaker, Elizabeth wife. Kirk Langley 1746
420 Thomas FLETCHER, Katherine wife, Richard. Tissington 1746
421 Mary HOSKETT als HULME, Sarah Pilkington, Lancs. 1746
422 James RADFORD, Ellen wife,, issue. Market Bosworth, Leics. 1746/7
423 Abraham WOODHOUSE, Sarah wife, Joseph, Mary. Derby St Michael. 1746
424 Thomas WILLMOTT, Mary wife, Richard aged 1. Worcs. Stourbridge. 1747
425 William HOGG Ashbourne 1747
426 Robert ROBERTS, Sarah wife, Elizabeth. Derby St Werburhg. 1747
427 John HOMFRAYS (HUMPHREYS) wife, family. Nottingham StMary, Notts. 1747
428 Joseph HOUGHTON, Elizabeth wife. Derby St Michael 1747
429 Thomas CHASE, Mary wife, Sarah, Frances. Derby St Alkmund. 1747
430 John CLARKE, Ellen wife, Thomas, John, Susannah, Jonathan, William, Samuel, Mary. Derby St Werburgh 1747
431 Thomas COPE, Ellen wife, Hannah. Derby St Alkmund 1747
432 Anthony WILD, Mary wife. Derby St Alkmund 1747
433 Jno NEWHAM, Ann wife, Francis, William, Jno. Chaddesden. 1748
434 Jno INGHAM, wife, family. Nottingham St Mary, Notts 1748
435 John FISHER, wife, children Spondon 1748
436 Jno PURDEY, Jane wife. Dale Abbey 1749
437 Samuel SHARDLEY, wife. Windley. 1749
438 Thomas FRITH, Hannah wife, Thomas, William. Derby St Alkmund. 1749
439 Thomas GREASLEAY, wife, family Barrow on Soar, Leics. 1749
440 Major NIXON, Ann wife, Major, Ann, Hannah. Warwicks, Birmingham 1749
441 Joab RADFORD, Sa: his wife, child'n Holbrook 1749/50
442 James ROTHERAM, Sarah wife, family Derby St Peters 1749/50
443 Mathew BRADLEY Derby St Werburgh 1749/50
444 Jno VICKERS, family. Nottingham St Peters, Notts. 1749/50
445 Richard OLDACRES, Alice wife Derby St Alkmund 1749/50
446 Joseph PIM, Elizabeth wife, John. Smalley. 1750
447 John DORMAN, Elizabeth wife. Little Chester. 1750
448 William VESSEY, Sarah wife,Sarah. Chaddesden 1750
449 John LANGTON, wife, family. Duffield 1750
450 John HITCHCOCK, Mary wife, John, Mary, and William BRUNSLEY the said Mary HITCHCOCK S that she had by William BRUNSLEY her former husband. Ashbourne 1751
451 Richard SHARPE, wife, family Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1751
452 Joseph HODKINSON, Elizabeth wife. Derby St Alkmund. 1752
453 John BULOCK, (BULLOCK) Emma. Holdley ? Dbys. Overseers from Arsley Dbys ? 1752 (I know of no places in Derbyshire
n.b. this document was initially made out "to the Overseers of Derby St Werburgh, or any other parish in Derby"
454 Joseph DALE, Jane wife, Ann. Markeaton 1753
455 John LABAN, Sarah wife, An, Alice. Normanton 1753
456 Joshua SMITH, taylor, Ann wife. Uttoxeter,Staffs 1754
457 Jonathan HARE widower, Jonathan, Mary, John. Dalbury Lees. 1745
458 John WRIGHT, Dorothy wife. Uttoxeter,Staffs. 1754
459 Stephen GILLY, Ann wife, Mary, John. St Clements, Ipswich, Suffolk. 1754
460 James CHARLSWORTH (CHARLESWORTH) Mary wife, Ann. Derby St Alkmund. 1754
461 John RICHARDS, Elizabeth wife. Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1754
462 John FROST, Elizabeth wife, Sarah. Bradley 1755
463 Hugo RILY (RILEY) Elin wife. Bradley 1755
464 William HITCHCOCK, Mary wife, Ann, Mary, William, Richard, Francis. Barton, Dbys. 1755
465 Charles ELLIS yngr, Mary wife, Charles, Mary. Chesterfield 1755
466 William CHATTERTON, Elizabeth wife, Hannah. Edlaston and Wyaston. 1755
467 William THOMAS, Elizabeth. Elland cum Greetland Yks 1755 on reverse; "7 May 1801 Elizabeth THOMAS and her son William was removed wich is the last that remains of the family in the parish.
Elizabeth was daughter in law to Thomas and wife to his son Timmothy who has been dead some time.
William THOMAS had six children, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ann, William, James and Timothy. Elizabeth and Sarah married too Frenchmen. Ann married in Derby died 1798.
Elizabeth husband was china painting cauld DER?(V?)???
Saras husband cauld BOSHUE ?, he over ran his family". (left them)
In the middle of the details regarding the two French husbands is the Lapidary. It is uncertain into what context it fits, it may even be an attempt at a name, or that Sarah's husband was involved in Lapidary (gemstones) or that it was Elizabeths husband who was, I cannot say at this point.
468 William CLAY, Mary wife, Joseph, Mary, Ann. Derby St Werburgh. 1755
469 Robert HARDY. Derby St Werburgh. 1755
470 William WALTON, Esther wife, William, Thomas, Frances. Derby St Werburgh 1755
471 William ORME, wife, children. Warwicks, Birmingham 1755.
472 John BARSON, Ann wife, children. Castle Donnington, Leics. 1756
473 James MASSEY, Catherine wife, William, Hannah. Boulton, Dbys. 1756
474 John STONE, Elizabeth wife, Hastin, Robert sons, Elizabeth. Repton. 1756
477 George BOURN, Sarah wife, Joseph, Samuel, George, Benjamin. Bridgnorth St Mary Magdalen, Shropshire.1756
478 John WALES?, Mary wife. Leicester St Martin, Leics. 1757
479 Thomas AULTON, Elizabeth wife. Selston, Notts. 1757
480 Samuel BROWN, wife, family. Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1757
481 John HARLOW, Katherina Mary wife. Ashbourne 1757
482 John BIRCH. Dorothe (Dorothy) wife, Robert, Elizabeth. Derby St Peter. 1758
483 Ann CLATOR "a solgers wife, abrode", Sarah, Ann. Derby St Peter. 1758
484 Mary RUSSEL (RUSSELL) Derby St Peter. 1758
485 George TOMPSON, Martha wife, Jane, Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, Lydia. Sturston. 1758
486 Joseph JOHNSON, Ann wife, Thomas. Brassington 1761
487 Samuel POTTER, Dorothy, Elizabeth 14, John 12, Samuel 9, Mary 8, George 5, Hannah 2. Sturston 1761
488 William DUDLEY, Martha wife, Martha, Samuel, Robert. Derby St Alkmunds. 1761
489 Elizabeth WARCUP, Ann, Richard. Derby St Peter 1761
490 Hester ODDY, Mary, Samuel. Mansfield, Notts 1761
491 Martha HANCOCK, John son. Mansfield, Notts 1761
492 James RAGG (WRAGG) Hannah wife. Wirksworth 1765
493 Sarah DIGBY Burton Lazars, Leics. 1765
494 William BARWELL, wife, family. Nottingham St Peter, Notts. 1765
495 Thomas MOOR, Ann wife, Elisabeth, William, Thomas, Daniel, Charles. Wortley, Yks. 1765
496 William HAYNE, Mary wife. Derby St Alkmund 1766
497 Thomas LARRARD, Lydia wife, issue. Derby St Alkmund. 1766
498 Michael SMITH, Dorcas wife. Arnold, Notts 1766
499 Thomas TUNNALY, Catherine wife, Mary. Derby St Michael 1766
500 Joseph BULMER, Sarah wife, Joseph, Samuel, Mary, Ann. Wirksworth 1767
501 William WESLEY Nottingham St Mary, Notts 1768
502 Richard ETCHES, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Ann.. Ashbourne 1772
503 Woolstan ROBERTS, Sarah wife, William. Derby St Peter. 1772
504 Joseph BUTTERWORTH, Ann wife, Benjamin, Rachel. Wirksworth 1772
505 Thomas SMITH, wife, family. Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1773
506 Henry DAWSON, Jane wife, Francis, Jane. Derby St Alkmund 1774
507 Sampson STUBBS, Mary wife, Jane, Mary, William, Sarah. Little Chester, Dbys 1775
508 Sarah BAND single, widow, (sic), pregnant. Derby St Alkmund. 1775
509 Joseph CLEATOR, taylor, Sarah wife, children. Derby St Werburgh 1777
510 John ROWLAND, Elizabeth wife, James, Thomas, Elizabeth, inf male 2 days old. Ticknall 1775
511 William BUTLER, Katherine wife. Ilkeston 1777
512 Ann CLEARK, (CLARK) widow, pregnant. note by Derby St Alkmunds that they will indemnify. 1779
513 Ann CLARK, widow, pregnant. Derby St Alkmund 1779
514 Martha SWINDAL (SWINDELL) children Hannah, John, Joseph. Duffield 1779
515 Sarah INNOCENT, Parish of Taddington acknowledge that she belongs to them. 1779
516 William MOUNTFORD, Hannah wife, Mary, Ann. Markeaton. 1779
517 Joseph WHEATCROFT, Jenney wife, Mary Ann, Lidia, Joseph, Hannah. Horsley Woodhouse. 1779
518 Stephen FEATHERSTONE, Elizabeth wife, Mary, William, Elizabeth, Patrick. Horsley 1780
519 Robert DAWSON, Ann wife. Kilbourne 1780
520 William BROUGHTON, Ann wife. Derby St Werburgh 1780
521 John SCRIMSHAW, wife, family. Nottingham St.Nicholas. Notts. 1780
522 Sarah HALL widow, Elizabeth, Charles, William. Derby St.Peter. 1780
523 Samuel MORLEY, Elizabeth wife, Mary. Bingham, Notts. 1780
524 William HANSON, Hannah wife, William, Thomas, Elizabeth, Benjamin. Chaddesden 1780
525 Edward COKAYNE, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Joyse. Derby St Alkmund 1780
526 Henry BROWN, Mary wife, William, Henry. Kegworth, Leics. 1780
527 Mary BURTON, single, pregnant Derby St Alkmund. 1781
528 Mary WOOD widow. Stanton and Newhall 1781
529 John BARTON, Sarah, Thomas, John, James. Thorpe 1781
530 Mary BROWN, Thomas 1m Mickleover 1781
532 William SHARP, Sarah wife, Jane. Derby St Michael 1782
533 Elizabeth MOSS, widow, Margaret, Thomas. Derby St Werburgh 1782
534 Roger SMITH, Richard 17, William, Lydia, Elizabeth, Sarah. Codnor Castle. 1782
535 Francis MASON, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Ann, Thomas. Derby St Werburgh 1782
536 Alice PARKER, Lucy 13, Sarah, John, Susannah, Ann. Dalbury Lees. 1782
537 John PYM Kedleston 1782
538 James MILNES, Ann wife, Robert, Hugh, James, John, Hannah. Youlgreave. 1782
539 Richard WOODWARD, Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1783
540 William FROST, Mary wife, Sarah. Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts. 1783
541 Thomas RICHARDS, Hannah wife, Mary, David. Derby St Michael. 1783
542 Sarah HARDY, Mary 14,Thomas,Sarah. Windley 1784
543 Mary KILLAMBECK, single, Ann 14 days. Nottingham St Peter, Notts. 1785
544 Edward BARE, Thomasina wife, Hannah, Mary. Breadsall. 1785
545 Matthew MORRIS, Elizabeth wife. Duffield. 1785
546 Elizabeth WILKINS single, pregnant. Findern 1785
547 George JACKSON, Sarah wife. Derby St Peter. 1786
548 Thomas SHEPPERD, Ruth wife, Ruth. Derby St Alkmund 1786
549 George illegitimate son of Susanna PETTS widow. Bradley. 1787
550 James PEET, Mary wife, James, Mary, George. Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1787
551 Samuel AULT, Dorothy wife, Hannah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Jane, James. Brailsford 1788
552 Thomas WOOLLEY 3m Ruddington, Notts. 1788
553 Danial (Daniel) WOOD, Margaret wife, Mary, Martha. Derby St Alkmund 1789
554 James BAKER, Ellin wife, William, James. Derby St Peter 1790
555 Joseph STODDARD, Margaret wife, Simon, Joseph, William. Grindon, Staffs. 1791
556 John illegitimate of Catherine LAKIN 6m Breadsall 1792
557 Matthew NALL, Mary wife, William, Mary Duffield 1794
558 John THORPE, Ann wife, Thomasin, James, Joseph, Benjamin. Derby St Peter 1794
559 Sarah ROTHERAM spinster, pregnant. Derby St Werburgh 1796
560 Catherine COCKAYNE single, pregnant. Derby St Alkmund. 1800
560a Jane BROWN, pregnant. Kegworth, Leics. 1800
561 Catern PIPER (PIPES ?) single, pregnant. Heage 1801
562 Mary NORTH pregnant. Breedon, Leics. 1801
563 Lydia WHITCROFT, single, pregnant. Horsley Woodhouse. 1802
564 Dorothy HAYWOOD, single, pregnant. Etwall 1804
565 Carolina COCKER, 3, natural dau of Elizabeth COCKER, wid. of Derby All Sts. Derby St Werburgh 1806
566 Mary HARRISON, single, pregnant. Chaddesden 1808
567 Jane WHITCROFT, single, pregnant. Horsley Woodhouse. 1808
568 Ann SHELDON, single, pregnant. Derby St Alkmund. 1810
569 Ann BIRKIN, pregnant, child likely to be born a bastard. Radbourne. 1811
570 Martha HOUGHTON, single, pregnant. 1812 n.b Certificate made by Overseers of Derby All Saints to Derby St Werburghs.
580 Ann WOOD, pregnant. Derby St Alkmund. 1812
581 Ann BIRKIN wife of James BIRKIN yngr. now absent and supposed to be in HMS. Radbourne 1814
582 Ann CHAPMAN single, Charles inf. Derby St Werburgh 1814
583 Ann CHAPMAN, Frederick child 10 wks Derby St Werburgh 1816
584 Catherine JACKSON pregnant. Derby St Peter 1816
585 Elizabeth WOOD, male born 2 May last. Derby St Michael. 1817
586 Ann CHAPMAN and her child of 2m. Derby St Werburgh 1821
587 Mary PIPES, pregnant. Heage 1821 (see 561)
588 Sarah HURD pregnant. Holy Trinity, Chester 1821
589 Mary GODESBY, single, pregnant Markeaton 1821
590 Rachel TERRY single, pregnant. Marston on Dove 1822
591 Elizabeth SHERWIN, single, male born 18 Feb last. Derby St Werburgh 1822
592 Sarah MOORE, single, pregnant. Morley 1824
593 Mary BRAILSFORD single, pregnant. Etwall 1824
594 Sarah BAKER, single, pregnant Longford 1824
595 Elizabeth WRIGHT, single, pregnant Dale Abbey 1825
596 Rachel TERRY single, pregnant. Marston on Dove 1825
597 Eliza PEGG, single, pregnant. Snelston 1826
598 Ann BENNETT single Crich 1827
599 Hannah WOOD pregnant Kniveton 1828
600 Ann STONE single, pregnant. Little Eaton 1828
601 Sarah ROE single, pregnant. The Ash, Co Derby 1831
602 Ann MOORCROFT single, pregnant. Hatton. 1833
DERBY ST ALKMUNDS. This is a list only.
1Thomas BARKER from Derby St Peters 1717
2 Joseph WEAN from Derby St Peters 1717
3 Joesph WESLEY from Woodhouse, Leics 1717
4 Samuel WILSON from Hinkley Leics. 1717
5 John BANISTER from Sudbury 1717
6 Richard BROWLOW from Cheliston 1717
7 John TOPLIS to Derby St Peters 1717
8 Henry HOGG to Derby St Peters 1717
9 Thomas MOORE to Little Chester 1717
10 Wm BURCH to 1717
11 Jon KENDALL from 1721
12 Edwd SEARSON from 1721
13 Elisha SIMMS from 1721
14 Hannah SMITH from 1721
15 Benjamin WELLS from 1721
16 Theophilus CARTWRIGHT from 1721
17 Richard COOPER to Leicester St Mary 1721
18 Paul ROWLAND to Derby St Peters 1721
19 Thomas THOMPSON of Newson Lanford in Leics 1721/2
20 John ROOBOTHAM to Birmingham 1721/2?
21 Robert FLETCHER to Smalley 1722/3
22 Thomas CHASE to Derby St Peters 1726
23 Wm WHITE dyer to Manchester St Marys 1726
24 Jno WALKER, wife, three children to Belper 1726
25 Edwd HUSS to Gosfield, Sussex 1727
26 George HATTON to Derby All Saints 1727
27 George HARDSTAFF to Derby All Saints 1727/8
28 Sarah THOMPSON, Ann, Sarah, and John ? to Linton 1728
29 Rbt GAUNT, Frances wife and children to Derby All Saints 1728
30 Philip BAMFORD and his wife to Sheepshead, Leics 1728
31 George HAWKSLEY and wife to Belper 1728
32 Richard PORTER and wife to Derby St Werburgh 1728
33 Samuel SHAW to Derby St Werburghs 1729
34 Jno WHEELDON to Derby St Werburghs 1729
35 Jno SMEDLEY to Derby St Michaels 1728
36 Samuel COOPER, Ann wife to Bond end in p. of Barton in Staffs 1729
37 William GRETTON to Derby St Werburghs 1730
38 Thomas MELLAND to Derby St Wereburghs 1730
39 George HATTON to Nottingham St Mary 1730
40 Richard GRAVENOR to Nottingham St Mary 1730
41 Widow WILD, Benjamin, Eliz: to Derby All Saints 1730
42 Thomas MEAD to Derby All Saints 1730
43 Richard MEARS widdow, Ann, John to Derby All Saints 1730
44 Thomas CHASE Snr, Phebe to Derby All Saints 1730
45 Solomon BATES, wife, child. to Derby All Saits 1730
46 Charles CHARLESWORTH to Derby All Saints 1730
47 Joseph PRATT, Mary wife, Joseph to Derby All Saints 1730
48 Widdow GILBERT to Derby All Saints 1730
49 Wm WHITE to Derby All Saints 1730
50 Paule ROWLAND, Catherine his wife c.1730-1732
51 John WHEELTON to Derby St Werburghs 1732
52 Mary MASON to Derby St Werburghs 1732
53 Thomas VICKERS, Rebeccah wife to Mickleover 1733
54 David PORTOR, Eliz; wife. to Derby St Werburgh 1733
55 Wm HUNTER, Ellen wife. to Ilkinston 1733
56 Tho BUCKHAM, Mary wife. to Langford 1733
57 Ann MASON, John, Saml, her sons to Derby St Peters 1733
58 Wm WEBSTER, Jane wife. to Markeaton 1731
59 David ROE to Smalley 1735
60 Daniel HOWERTH and wife to Ashbourne 1735
a later note dated 1810 indicates that John, their only child, was also included
61 Saml VALENTINE, Eliz wife, Eliz. Saml, Tho, Mary St Marys, Nottingham 1736
62 Michael DALLISON, Anne wife, Joseph. St Marys in the Burrough of Leicester 1737
63 Edward WILD, Mary wife, William, Ann, Edward, Elizabeth to St Marys and St Nicholes in thet own of Nottingham 1737
64 Thomas COTTON, Grace wife. to Derby All Saints 1737
64 Jos MORLEDG, Ann wife, John, Anne, Elizb to Horsley 1738
65 John DICKSON, Mary wife to Hold Trinity, Coventry 1738
66 Philp BAMFORD, Ann wife, Mary, Anne. to Loughboroough 1738
67 Nathanell HARPER and wife to St Peters, Nottingham 1738
68 Jonathan TOMPSON, Mary wife. to Ashbourne 1738
69 John VERNON, Debboro wife and dau to Ticknall 1738
70 Edward KEY and wife to All Saints 1738
71 Richard MOORE and wife to Litchfield 1739
72 Hugh SAVAGE, wife, two chldren to Radford 1747
73 Wm FOSTER, Eliz; wife to Kibworth in Leics. 1747
74 Anto WILD to All Saints 1747
75 Jno CLERKE and family to All Saints 1747
76 Thomas COAP to All Saints 1747
77 Thomas CHASE to All Saints 1747
78 Robert PARKER from All Saints 1747
79 Joseph HILL from All Saints 1747
80 Carter REVE from All Saints 1747
81 Ellis CLARK from All Saints 1747
DLSC1 William BRADBURY, wife and children. 1711 belong Derby All Saints.
Q/R5/10 Settlement Certificate of John WHEATCROFT, wife and child, issued by Derby St Peter Overseers. 1714
DERWENTwith year of Certificate
1 John SHAW, wife, Saddleworth 1745
2 as above
3 John BRADDOCK, wife, child Whitle 1745(6) diff to read
4 Tho HIDE, wife, family Castleton 1754
5 as above
6 James SENIOR, wife, Foolston Yks 1754
7 James WOOLY, family Bradfield 1764
8 Samuel BOWDEN, wife, family Great Hamlet 1771
9 Thomas BARBER Derwent Bridge, Thomas BARBER Crane Hill, p.Hope, Thomas BARBER Lady Bower, Hathersage pay seven pounds to Maria ASHTON of Tideswell. 1718. This seems like a Bond to allow one of the Tho BARBERS to live in Derwent. Why the money was paid to Maria ASHTON of Tideswell I do not know.
DETHICK Settlement Order
1 Francis JACKSON, wife Darley 1677 Quarter Sessions Order confirming.
DOVERIDGE with year of Certificate.
SC1 John HURST Uttoxeter 1698
SC2 John HURST Uttoxeter 1698 copy
SC3 Thomas AULT Leigh, Staffs 1698
SC4 Wm HILL Draycott, p.Hanbury 1699
SC5 Thomas BOLTON Marchington 1699
SC6 Robert COPE, wife, children. Snelston 1700/1
SC7 Charles SMITH als STANDLEY Sudbury 1702/3
SC8 Wm HOLLIS, wife and family Barton and Barton Fields 1708
SC9 Mary BILLINGS Alstonefield 1708
SC10 James ROBBINSON, wife, children Grindon, Staffs 1710/11
SC11 Wm ROBINSON, wife, children Checkley, Staffs 1713
SC12 Sarah WRIGHT single, pregnant Uttoxeter 1717
SC13 Ralph CRISP, Elizabeth wife, dau. Uttoxeter 1718/9
SC14 Henry HALL, wife Duffield 1720/1
SC15 Benj HAYWOOD, Elizabeth wife Kings Bromley 1720
SC16 Thomas BAKER, webster Uttoxeter 1721
SC17 Richard ELMS, Rose wife, children Marchington 1721
SC18 Job GILBERT, Ann wife Hartington Quarter 1721
SC19 Ralph HUDD taylor Ellaston 1721
SC20 James STUBBS tow? dreser Sudbury 1722/3
SC21 John LEADBITOUR butcher, Frances wife, 3 children. 1724
SC22 George BENKETT Wimeswould, Leics 1725/6
SC23 Joan HORTON, wife of Wm HORTON, Wm and child pregnant with. St Chadds als Stowe, City of Lichfield 1726
SC24 William LOCKER, Ann wife, William, Thomas, George, John. Scrapton 1727
SC25 Thomas WOODNORTH, Elizabeth wife. Checkley 1727
SC26 Thomas ANDREW, Ann wife, Mary. Sudbury 1727
SC27 Edward JACKSON, Elizabeth wife Kniveton 1729
SC28 Thomas RUSHTON, Mary wife Uttoxeter 1729/30
SC29 Chas WOODWARD son of Joan, present wife of Thomas ALLEN of Hope p.Alstonefield, labourer, living at Alstonefield. Belongs to Doveridge. 1730
SC30 Jane HODGKINSON single, pregnant Ashover 1831(sic)
SC31 James AUSTIN, Rachel wife Crakemarsh 1732
SC32 Samuel STONE, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, and John son of Samuel by a former wife. Ballidon 1732
SC33 John TOMLINSON, Ann wife Wm, Joseph Ashborn 1732
SC34 Samuel WOODWARD, Mary wife Elleston 1733
SC35 Thomas VISE, Ann wife Reddish 1733
SC36 John PALMER, Grace wife St Michaels, Coventry 1733
SC37 Edward WOOLLEY, Elizabeth wife, Richard Uttoxeter 1733
SC38 John WOOLISCRAFT, Elizabeth wife, Mary, John, Martha, Biggin 1733
SC39 Wm MURFIN, Edith wife Rocester 1739
SC40 Wm GLAUE, lab., Ann wife, Wm, John,Ellin. Cauldon 1736
SC41 Tho REDFEARN, Elizabeth wife Ipstones 1739/40
SC42 James SADLER, Elizabeth wife, Daniel. Faisley 1740
SC43 Tho BLADEN webster, Elizabeth wife Crakemarsh 1742
SC44 Wm PRINCE, Mary wife Sudbury 1742/3
SC45 Elizabeth WETTON single, belongs Doveridge 1743/4 living at Checkley.
SC46 Henry PALMER, wife, family Worthington 1744
SC47 Woolstan RIGGS, Mary wife. Marston Montgomery 1745
SC48 Soloman SWETENHAM, Mary wife Croxton 1746
SC49 Thomas SHIMMET, wife, family Loughborough 1746
SC50 Tho SHAW, Anne wife, Anne, Wm. Alton, otherwise Alvington. 1747
SC51 Sarah BRYAN, Wm 5m, Tutbury 1749
SC52 Samuel TETTERSHALL, Dorothy wife. Rocester 1750
SC53 Thomas KENT, Hannah wife, Thomas, Elizabeth, Judith. Somershall Herbert. 1750
SC54 Ann BEARDMORE, single Crakemarsh 1750
SC55 Abraham HAWKSWORTH, Anne wife. Marchington 1753
SC56 Wm WOODNORTH, Sarah wife Boylestone 1754
SC57 John MOULD, Anne wife Barton under Needwood 1754
SC58 John TREAVIS, (TRAVIS on reverse) Hannah wife, Hannah, Sarah. Hognaston 1757
SC59 John ROOM, Ellen wife, James Newborough, Hanbury 1757
SC60 John WAIN Dorothy wife, Thos. Uttoxeter 1758
SC61 Joseph ROBINSON cooper, Anne wife Uttoxeter 1758
SC62 Jas LEADBETTER, Ann wife, Frances, Elizb. Colwich 1763
SC63 Wm CARTER, Jemima wife, Mary 3, Wm 1 Dilhorne 1764
SC64 Tho AULT ygr, Mary wife, Ann 2, Mary10 wks, Hopton 1766
SC65 Chas SALT, Ann wife Tho 1 Rocester 1766
SC66 Tho PRESTBURY shoemaker Alveton 1769
SC67 Wm WALL, Mary wife Keele, Staffs 1770
SC68 John COPE, Mary wife, Sarah Norbury 1778
SC69 John SHEPHERD, Ellen wife, Sarah, John, Thomas, Mary Sudbury 1779
SC70 Isaac WOODLEY, Elizb. wife Marston Montgomery 1779
SC71 Joseph CHATFIELD baker Uttoxeter 1780
SC72 George HAWLEY, Elizabeth wife Winster 1780
SC73 Wm TOWERS, Ann wife Marchington Woodlands 1781
SC74 Saml MOULD, Ann wife Marston Montgomery 1782
SC75 Edward FONE, Sarah wife Wm, Sarah 1784
SC76 Edward POOLE, Sarah wife Offcote and Underwood 1791
SC77 Sarah HOLLINGSWORTH, pregnant Church Somerhall 1806
SC78 Susannah WOOLLEY pregnant Basford, Notts. 1809
SC79 Ann BALL pregnant Sudbury 1810
SC80 Ann DAKEN pregnant Somershall Herbert 1816
SC81 Elizb HILL widow and four children by her late husb Thomas, Mary, Ann 4 Wm and Thomas. Wetton, Staffs 1818
SC82 John SOWTER Hannah wife, Milicent, Mary, Joseph, George, Wm, John. Ashborne 1818
SC83 Sarah WOOLLEY, John and Mary Marston Montg. 1819
SC84 Hannah EVANS pregnant Norbury and Roston 1819
SC85 Mary HODGKINSON pregnant Ashover 1823
SC86 Mary BENTLEY (wife of Philip BENTLEY) pregnant Church Broughton 1823
SC87 Elizabeth HODGKINSON widow pregnant Ashover 1832
SC88 Isaac SIMPSON,Ann wife Ipstones n.d. Saml WHITE was Curate of Ipstones at the time. (18th C ?)
SC89 Jane DUROES Doveridge 1708Certificate to Ellastone.
DOVERIDGE. A series of notes and letters regarding Doveridge folk basically living out of the Parish of Doveridge.
PR1 John TUNACLIFF and wife "in a deplorable state at Whittington, Staffs. 1804
PR2 Robert WAINE petition for assistance 1805
PR3 Samuel STONE at Burton on Trent, Staffs 1816
PR4 William WALL at Stone, Staffs 1816
PR5 Richard TATE 1817
PR6 Mary KIRKLEY at Scarborough, Yks, wife of Thomas KIRKLEY,  Soldier 82 Regt. Left her. 1817
PR7 Samuel STONE "you should look after Samuel STONE so you need not say anything." note from Burton. 1823
PR8 John STATHAM, George STATHAM of Sudbury, lodging at Doveridge at Mr BROWNSON, notice to quit. 1823
PR9 Mary STONE 80, married Samuel STONE, son of old Robert STONE. Mary at Derby St Michael. c. 1822 ?
PR10 William STONE at Tutbury, Staffs, been ill. 1831
PR11 George SLATER at Ashbourne, been ill 1832
PR12 Mary TATE resides Egginton. 1832
PR13 James STONE at Birmingham, Warwickshire. 1832
PR14 Robert STONE at Repton 1834
PR15 Robert STONE at Repton 1834
PR16 Richard PALMER son of William PALMER at Repton 1834
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.