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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Settlement Certificates

ALFRETON with year of Certificate
301/1 Robert ALLEN, Mary wife, child. Washington 1697/8
301/2 Francis MELLOR, wife and two children Pentrich 1698
301/3 Francis PEARSON and wife. Nottingham St Mary 1701
301/4 John SWEETINGS 1758
301/5 William SUMMERS, Ann wife, Charles, William, Ann, Mary, Alice. Alderwasley 1783
76 Adam WALL felt maker Wirksworth 1699
77 Saml SAXTON Griesley Notts 1706
78 Edward ROBINSON wife Ripley 1708
79 Thomas BLOORE Ashford 1709
80 John REDFERN Sth Wingfield 1717
81 David MENYEL wife family. Sherland 1719
82 Mesheck COOK. wife, Griesley, Notts 1724
83 Wm ENGLAND wife, family Basford 1731
84 John NEWBALL, wife and family Sth Wingfield 1732
85 John KEELTON wife and family, Sth Wingfield 1736
86 Samuel FLETCHER and family Pentrich 1743
87 Jonathan ELLIOT, Elizb wife, Margt. Sth Normanton 1743
88 Saml DOBB Hellen wife, Mary. Headge p. Duffield 1744
89 Saml JEPSON and family Kirby in Ashfield, Notts 1748
90 Rbt HARRISON and family Codnor Castle 1756
91 Benjamin FLETCHER, wife and family Pentrich 1758
93 Joseh WALTER, Elizb. wife. Mansfield 1759
94 Thomas MORLEY, Pacence wife. Tibshelf 1762
95 Margaret ELLIOT pregnant Sth Normanton 1767
96 Sarah STORAH pregnant? Sutton in Ashfield 1774
97 Wm RADFORD joiner, Ann wife, Mary. Dirty Hucknall 1776
98 Wm BARNES yngr, Elizb. wife, Saml. St Mary Stafford 1777
99 Thos DOBB, wife Epperstone Notts 1778
100 Christopher LIEVERS, Ann wife, Mary, Ann, Saml. Selston 1778
101 Saml WHITWORTH, Martha wfe, Richard Sutton in Ashfield 1779
102 John DAWS, Mary wife. Crich 1781
103 Wm KERRY yngr, Elizb. wife, Hannah. Smalley 1781
104 Gilbert MOORWOOD, Mary wife. Bradfield WRY 1781
105 Wm TIMMIS, Ann wife, Tho, Sarah, Mary. Derby All Sts 1781
106 John BARRATT, Hannah wife, Dooly, Hannah. Codnor 1783
107 John SUTTON, Mary wife, John, Saml. Selston 1783
108 John HICKINGBOTHAM, Mary wife Smalley 1790
109 Mary STREET Belper 1792
110 Francis MARSDEN, Rachel wife, Mary, Elizb. Sth Wingfield 1793
111 Wm EVERINGHAM, Euphamey wife, Samuel, William. Sth Normanton 1793
112 John RICHARDSON, Ann wife, Henry Stanley 1793
113 Joseph LIMB, Mary wife. Felley, Notts 1795

ALLESTREEwith year of Certificate
1 Robert HALLIDAY Rippon,Yks 1729
2 Henry HATTON, Katherine wife. Littleover 1729
3 James BEARDSHAW wife, family Morley 1730
4 Wm MARTIN, Ellen wife, famely Derby St Alkmund 1730
5 Wm STENSON, Margrite wife. Bredsall 1734
6 Chas STARBUCK, Sarah wife two children Boulton 1734
7 John GARRETT, Hannah wife, children Chaddesden 1734
8 Tho COOPER, Mary wife Calverton Notts 1738
9 Geo ANDREW, Betty wife, children Shircoate WRY 1738/9
10 John ALSOP, Sarah wife, famally Hasslewood 1740
11 Tho WHEATCROFT, Lidde wife, Ann. Horsley 1741 this Certificate is made out to the Overseers of Elton, Derbys.
12 Thomas MOOR, Sarah wife. Newton Solney 1747
13 Saml MOSGROVE, wife Mary. Lea, Ashover 1753
14 Geo NORTON, Mary wife, children Duffield 1765
15 Tho CORKERAM, Martha wife, Mary Duffield 1766
16 John ROWSTON,Cath. wife, children Little Eaton 1769
17 Wm YEOMANS,Mary wife. and child. Trusley 1769
18 Saml GREGORY yngr, Hannah wife, children. Derby St Alkmund 1769.
19 Robert AVISON,Mary wife, Richard,William. Belper 1781
20 Joseph WADSON, Martha wife. Smisby 1784
21 Stephen SEALE Little Eaton 1787
22 Nathaniel AULT, Elizabeth wife, Susannah, Abraham, Hannah, Nathaniel, Fanny, George. Kirk Langley 1791
23 Thomas SMITH, Alice wife, John 17, Sarah 15, Edward 13. Kirk Langley 1794
24 Thomas SMITH, Alice wife Kirk Langley 1794
25 Elizabeth BULL pregnant Osleston and Thurvaston 1803
26 Mary FEARN single pregnant Quarndon 1806
27 Margaret PEACH pregnant Hognaston 1807
28 Elizabeth BULL pregnant Osleston and Thurvaston 1814
29 Matilda YEOMANS child, and pregnant Trusley 1818
30 George FEARN yngr, Ann wife, William Quarndon 1820
31 Frances SMITH single Bearwardcote 1820
32 Lydia ADDERLEY single, pregnant. Horsley Woodhouse 1822

ASHFORD IN THE WATER Settlement Certificates with year of Certificate
1 Wm DRABLE and wife, Rowsley 1699
2 Tho SIDDALL jnr tailour, Mary wife Bakewell 1702
3 Edward MOSLEY, Mary wife and children. Eyam Woodland 1704
4 John ANDREW, wife and family Youlgreave 1709
5 John TYM, Joane wife, Taddington, Priestcliffe 1725
6 Elizabeth CHALTON, dau Mary Ludworth 1726
7 Benjamin BARLEY wife and child Bradwall 1731
8 Wm BARBER Stirrup. parish Blyth, Notts 1735
9 Rbt BENNET, Catherine wife, John Upper Haddon 1731
10 Tho WHEATLY wife and family Duffield 1736
11 Wm COCKIN, Elizabeth wife Gt Longstone 1737
12 Barnet BRIGHTMOORE, wife and family Sheffield 1738
13 Isaac BROOM and Rebecca Little Longstone 1741
14 John WHEELDON elder Earl Sterndale 1738
15 Daniel GREAVES, Rebecka wife Sheldon 1741
16 Wm LINGARD, Hannah wife, John. Wardlow 1741
17 Wm NEEDHAM, Elizabeth wife Ashover 1741
18 Wm BENNETT, Esther wife and family Uppr Haddon 1752
19 Ellis OLDFIELD skinner and wife Bakewell 1753
20 Geo BERLEY and wife Bradwall 1753
21 Rbt CRITCHLOW,Ann wife Elizabeth, Rosamond, Lyddy. Monyash 1756
22 Geo CROWDER and family Bakewell 1762
23 Geo WILSON, Margaret wife, Thomas. Longnor 1764
24 Jno WILSHAW, Jane wife and Elizabeth. Bakewell 1766
26 Sarah HIBBART, Mary infant Chappel en le Frith 1770
27 Joseph WALKER, Sarah wife, Wm, Jno, Elizb, Joseph, Thos, Rbt, Saml. Youlgreave 1774
28 John SWINDALE, Elizb wife, Godfrey, John. Edensor 1785.
29 Philip TUNNECLIFF, Mary wife, Geo, Chas. Derby St Werburgh. 1780
30 Joseph SMITH, Temporance wife, John, Geo. Edensor 1785
31 Ann wid of Geo WHITE, Edward, John, Geo. Fairfield 1786
32 Ann BENNET pregnant Upper Haddon 1797
33 James MIDDLETON, Mary wife, Saml, Wm, Thos, Gervis. Tideswell 1801
34 Daniel HAMILTON, Elizabeth wife, Ellen, George, Francis, Benjamin. Bakewell 1813
BSC10 Samuel HEWARD cordwainer, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth. Certificate to Eckington, Settlement in Ashford. 1762
RSE6 Robert HEATHCOTE, Sarah wife, Hannah, John, Elizabeth, Jane, Martha, Mary. Flagg. 1787

ASHOVER with year of Certificate.
SC1 Ann ABBOTT Matlock 1798
SC2 John HOLMES, Sarah wife, John, Diana, Mary, Blithe, Hannah (this Certificate is for the Overseers of Higham, the family belong Ashover) 1781
SC3 George ALLEN taylor, wife and children Brackenfield 1750
SC4 Ellen FARNESWORTH widd. Alfreton 1701
SC5 Wm COWLISHAW, Sarah wife Selston, Notts 1702?
SC6 Elizabeth BROMEHEAD three children Holmesfield 1698
SC7 Thomas BOSTORNE Austrey, Warwicks 1701
SC8 John WHITE, Hannah wife, child, Great Longstone 1706
SC9 Ann ADDAMS (ADAMS) Mary dau. Wingerworth 1706
SC10 Elizabeth SNEATH Derby St Peter 1707
SC11 Henry HARDWICKE, wife. Greasley, Notts. 1707/8
SC12 Nathaniel WHITE wife and family Beeley 1713
SC13 John SHIMWELL (SHIMELL on reverse) Ann wife. Wingerworth 1713/4
SC14 John WALL wife and children. Wirksworth, Ashleyhay 1714
SC15 Robert WALL, Mary wife, Hannah Matlock 1715
SC16 Elizabeth BARKER South Wingfield 1716/7
SC17 Edward STONE, Elizabeth wife. Baslow 1717 (moved to Milltown, Ashover )
SC18 Thomas GRICE, wife. Rastrick, WRY 1717/8
SC19 John HIGGINBOTHAM, Mary wife. Wingerworth 1719
SC20 Anthony ALLCOCK, wife and family. Pilsley, North Wingfield 1719
SC21 Thomas BRAILSFORD, wife and child Walton p.Chesterfield 1722
SC22 Roland SUDBURY, Elizabeth wife. South Wingfield 1722
SC23 Joseph ROBINSON, Elizabeth wife. Tideswell 1726
SC24 William WATS (WATTS) Ann wife. Wirksworth 1726/7
SC25 Joseph FOX, Anne wife Wirksworth 1727
SC26 Anne STAFFORD, Hannah dau. Winster 1727
SC27 Joseph CANTRILL, Ellen wife, William. Tibshelf 1727
SC28 Daniel LANT Brampton 1727
SC29 Robert BROMHED, Sarah wife, child. Holmesfield 1729/30 (BROMHEAD and BROOMHEAD on reverse)
SC30 John YOUNG, Mary wife, Benjamin child. Hasland 1732
SC31 Richard ASBY, wife, family Leicester All Saints 1734
SC32 William SMITH, Mary wife. Lea and Dethick 1735
SC33 Samuel FLINT, Alice wife, Elizabeth. South Wingfield 1735/6
SC34 Henry TAYLOR of Woolley Moor in Stretton p.North Wingfield Laughton le Morthen WRY 1736 on reverse, "or to any other parish where he may reside".
SC35 John WILKINSON, wife, family. Newark on Trent, Notts 1737
SC36 Adam CLEATOR, Mary wife, Thomas, Adam, Mary, Anne. Wirksworth. 1738
SC37 John GRAHAM, Amey wife, Hannah, Elizabeth, Joseph, Samuel, Ellen. Stanton in Youlgreave. 1739
SC38 George COOKE Wirksworth, Alderwasley 1739
SC39 George HAYES, Anne wife. Brampton 1739
SC40 Joseph ROWS (ROSE?) Mary wife, two children. Cromford. p.Wirkworth. 1740
SC41 Anthony LAUNT, Mary wife, Mary, Ann, William, Elizabeth, Alice. Walton p.Chesterfield 1740/1
SC42 William LAUNT, Mary wife, Mary, William, George. Walton p. Chesterfield. 1740/1
SC43 Edward SLACK, Martha wife, Maximilian, Joseph, Benjamin. Hasland 1740/1
SC44 James HASS (HAYS on reverse) Sarah wife, Sarah. Woodthorpe 1740/1
SC45 Thomas BOWER, Ellen wife, Elizabeth. Beeley 1740/1
SC46 William WALKER, Ann wife, Hannah, Grace, Joab, Sarah, Mary, John, William. Bonsall 1740
SC47 Joseph BOLLINGTON, Dorothy wife, Edward, James, Joseph, Hannah. Bonsall 1740
SC48 Gideon STUBBING, Mary wife, Samuel, Sarah. Crich 1740
SC49 Thomas STUART, Mary wife, family. Notts. Norwell 1740
SC50 John LUDLUM (LUDLAM) Jane wife. Crich 1740
SC51 Joseph KIRKLAND, Phoebe wife, George, Joseph, William, John, Mary. Bonsall 1741/2
SC52 James POTTER, Margaret wife, John, Jonathan. Bonsall 1741/2
SC53 Thomas DAVIES. Flint, Holywell 1741/2
SC54 William DAVIES. Flint, Holywell. 1741/2
SC55 James FLINT younger, wife, family Dethick and Lea. 1741
SC56 Thomas WALKER Yks. Ecclesfield 1742
SC57 Henry WHITE, Elizabeth wife, William, John. Taddington and Priestcliffe. 1744
SC58 Anthony WOODIWIS, Barbara wife, Mary, Elizabeth, Anne, Anthony. Bonsall 1744
SC59 William ELSE, Rachel wife, Rachel. Bonsall 1744
SC60 Thomas MATHER, Anne wife, Elizabeth, Thomas, Benjamin, James, Samuel, Gervas. Kirk Ireton 1744
SC61 George PERSON (PEARSON?) Mary wife. Bonsall 1744
SC62 Edward ROBY, Elizabeth wife. Denby 1744
SC63 Thomas SPENCER, Mary wife, William? Wirksworth 1748
SC64 George ALLEN, tailor, wife, children. Brackenfield 1750
SC65 Gervase WHITE, Mary wife, Gervas, William, Alice. Taddington. 1751
SC66 John BARTON, Mary wife, John, Lydia, Anne, Ruth, Joseph, Bernard. Eyam. 1751
SC67 John ELSE, Elizabeth wife, John, Anthony. Bonsall 1751
SC68 George MATHER, Hannah wife, Mary, George. Bonsall 1751
SC69 William MATHER, Sarah wife, Lydia, William. Bonsall 1751
SC70 Job WATTS, Jane wife, Job, Ann. Wirksworth 1751
SC71 Nathaniel WRIGHT, Hannah wife, Margaret, William, Hannah. Froggatt 1753
SC72 John YOUNG, Mary wife, Elizabeth. Hasland 1758
SC73 George COOKE, Mary wife, Joseph, Dorothy. Bonsall 1758
SC74 Thomas BEADOW (BEARDAH and BEARDA on reverse) Elinn (Ellen), James,
Cattrin (Catherine) Jane, Grace, Elizabeth. Wingerworth. 1758
SC75 Benjamin YOUNG, Alice wife, John, Benjamin, Mary. Hasland 1758
SC76 Mary MARRIOT spinster. Tibshelf 1758
SC77 James HASLAM, Abigail wife, John, Sarah Bonsall 1758
SC78 John TWIGG, Ann wife, Benjamin, Sarah, Ann, John. Stanton in p.Youlgreave. 1758
SC79 Ralph FROST, Hannah wife. Wirksworth, Cromford 1759
SC80 John WATTS, Vina wife, John. Stretton, p.North Wingfield. 1759
SC81 Hannah WALL single. Wirksworth, Ashleyhay 1759
SC82 John ABBOT, Mary wife, Isaac. Matlock 1760
SC83 William CUNDEY, Dorothy wife. Brampton 1762
SC84 Job COOK, Ann wife, John, Thomas Stretton p.North Wingfield 1763
SC85 John BERRISFORD, wife, family Nottingham St Mary 1764
SC86 John TAYLOR, Ann wife, Jane. Yks. Laughton le Morthen. 1784
SC87 George LAND, Susannah wife, John. Walton 1764 witnessed by Obadiah COCKING Churchwarden of Walton.
SC88 George HODSKINSON Mary wife. Notts, Greasley 1764
SC89 Joseph BARDON, Jane wife, Jane. Stretton 1765
SC90 James MATHER, Elizabeth wife, Hannah. Brampton 1765
SC91 John HOPKINSON, Elizabeth wife, George Brampton 1765
SC92 Cornelius SLINN, Grace wife, Ellin 5m. Outseats, Hathersage. 1766
SC93 Thomas HOLEHOUSE, Rebecca wife. Chesterfield 1766
SC94 John KNOWLES Brackenfield (note by Brackenfield acknowledging him as being settled there) 1766
SC95 Edward WALKER, Washington (Wessington p. Crich 1766
SC96 Thomas KIND, Mary wife. Leics. Whetstone 1768
SC97 Joseph BEELEY, Alice wife. Bolsover 1768
SC98 Samuel HOLLINGWORTH, Lydia wife Morton 1770
SC99 Joseph WORAL, (WORRALL) wife, childer, Beeley ( note from Beeley acknowledging him as settled thee ) 1770
SC100 Robert HALLAM, Sarah wife, family. Chaddesden 1771
SC101 William WHEELDON, wife, children. Winster (note acknowledging him as settled there) 1774
SC102 John and Margaret LOW Wensley and Snitterton. (note acknowledging them as settled there) 1777
SC103 John SWAIN, Ann wife. Morton 1778
SC104 David ELSE, wife, family WRY. Todwick 1778
SC105 Thomas BROOKS, wife, family Nottingham St Mary 1779 this Certificate is made out to the Overseers of Tibshelf.)
SC106 William MARRIAT (MARRIOTT) Elizabeth wife, William. Heath 1779
SC107 John BORE, Isabella wife, three infants. Clay Lane 1779
SC108 George COOKE, Mary wife, George, Thomas. Wirksworth, Alderwasley. (Part only, a Joseph ARMFIELD is Churchwarden at the time for Alderwasley) c. 1780-1784 ?
SC109 George LYMB (LIMB) Cromford (note acknowledging him as settled at Cromford) 1780
SC110 James MARJERRISON, Lydia wife, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, Ellen. Brampton 1780
SC111 James HIND, Ellin (Ellen) wife Notts. Warsop 1781
SC112 Nathaniel WRIGHT Unstone 1781
SC113 John HOLMES, Sarah wife, John, Mary, Diana, Blithe, Hannah. Certificate given by Ashover to Higham. 1781
SC114 Thomas KEMP, Isabella wife, family Notts. Kirkby in Ashfield. 1782
SC115 Joseph WALLWIN miner, Francis wife, Hannah, Elizabeth, William. Elton. 1782
SC116 Isaac BIRKS, wife, John, Isaac, George, Mary, infant female not named 1m. Notts. Kirklington. 1782
SC117 Benjamin THOMPSON, wife, children Youlgreave. (note acknowledging them as being settled in Youlgreave) 1782
SC118 Elizabeth JAMES, spinster, pregnant. Shirland 1782
SC119 Joseph ASHBY, Ann wife, Joseph, Ann, Sarah, George, Hannah, Blyth 6m. Tupton, p. North Wingfield 1782
SC120 William CUTTS, Hannah wife, Elizabeth, Francis, Mary. Wingerworth. 1784
SC121 John BRIGGS, Ann wife, Sarah, John, Anne, William, Edward. Clay Lane. 1784
SC122 Daniel BROADHURST, Eleanor wife, Ann, Daniel, Betty, Martha. Tansley. 1784
SC123 John LOWE, Margaret wife. Wensley and Snitterton 1784
SC124 Sam (Samuel ) BUNTING Hannah wife, Samewell (Samuel) John, Mary, Jane. Wirksworth 1784
SC125 Sarah FRETWELL, Ann Hannah her children. Elmton 1784
SC126 William WHEELDON, Mary wife, children. Winster (note acknowledging them as settled there) 1784
SC127 William LOADS,Mary wife Elizabeth, Notts. Teversal 1786
SC128 Henry BUXTON, Sarah wife, William, Samuel, Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth. Matlock 1786
SC129 George MARRIOTT, Sarah wife. Wingerworth 1786
SC130 Elizabeth TURNER spinster, pregnant Brampton 1792
SC131 Mary WRIGHT single, pregnant. Wirksworth 1792
SC132 Matthew COWLEY, Hannah wife, Mary, Ellen, Jonathan, Matthew, Joseph, Job. Wingerworth 1792
SC133 Mary WHEELDON, pregnant Brampton 1793
SC134 Ann RODGERS, pregnant Sutton (possibly, Sutton Duckmanton?) 1794
SC135 Ann YATES, single, pregnant Matlock
SC136 Sarah WRAGG, spinster, pregnant North Wingfield 1795
SC136 Sarah FOULK, spinster, pregnant. Ashleyhay 1795
SC137 Betty BOWER, pregnant. Clay Lane 1797
SC138 Esther WILSON spinster, pregnant Brampton 1797
SC139 Elizabeth CADMAN spinster, pregnant. Winster 1797
SC140 Mary WRIGHT, single, pregnant Wirksworth 1797
SC141 Ann ABBOTT spinster, pregnant Matlock 1797
SC142 Hannah MEYCOCK, (MAYCOCK on reverse) spinster, pregnant. South Wingfield 1798
SC143 Marina BEARDA spinster, pregnant. Blackwell 1799
SC144 Mary SLACK, single, pregnant. Notts. Hucknall Huthwaite. 1799
SC145 Hannah FRETWELL single, pregnant. Notts. Sutton in Ashfield. 1800
SC146 Deborah CARSON spinster, pregnant Youlgreave 1800
SC147 Ann BOWN, spinster, pregnant. Morton 1800
SC148 Ellen FRETWELL, spinster, pregnant South Wingfield 1800
SC149 Mary BIRKS, spinster, pregnant. Woodthorpe 1801
SC150 Elizabeth MATHER, widow, pregnant. Bonsall 1801
SC151 Hannah BARNS, single, pregnant Belper 1802
SC152 Sarah GOODALL, single, pregnant Lea 1802
SC153 Elizabeth WHARTON single, pregnant Chesterfield 1802
SC154 Elizabeth LUCAS, spinster, pregnant. Tibshelf 1803
SC155 Esther BATTERLEY, pregnant Ible, p.Wirksworth 1803
SC156 Ann BIRKS, spinster, pregnant Pilsley 1804
SC157 Grace WALKER, pregnant Matlock 1805
SC158 Elizabeth SHAW pregnant Matlock 1804
SC159 Hannah GOODALL spinster, pregnant Wingerworth 1804
SC160 Esther WILSON pregnant Brampton 1805
SC161 Hannah FLINT pregnant. Wensley and Snitterton 1805
SC162 Catherine BENNETT pregnant. Wingerworth 1805
SC163 Hannah BRADLEY, single, pregnant Matlock 1806
SC164 Elizabeth WALKER pregnant. Matlock 1806
SC165 Elizabeth DIBBS spinster, pregnant. Pleasley 1806
SC166 Certificate acknowledging the female child which Hannah BUNTING was delivered on or about 9 March in the Workhouse in the parish of Ashover. Matlock 1807
SC167 Ellen BEARDER single, pregnant. Woodthorpe 1807
SC168 Sarah BUNTING pregnant. Wensley 1807
SC169 Bethia JACKSON spinster, pregnant. Stretton 1807
SC170 Mary HENSTOCK spinster, pregnant 1807
SC171 Sarah BETTS pregnant. Yks. Sheffield 1808 (Elizabeth BETTS on reverse)
SC172 Jane LANGDEN spinster, pregnant Brampton 1808
SC173 Hannah WATTS Brampton 1808
SC174 Elizabeth VERNON pregnant Lea. 1808
SC175 Hannah SPENCER pregnant. Bonsall 1808
SC176 Ann BOOKER spinster, pregnant Brampton 1809
SC177 Susannah HACKITT (HACKETT) pregnant Wensley 1809
SC178 Easter (Esther) WALKER pregnant. Matlock 1809
SC179 Elizabeth SIDDALL spinster, pregnant. Brampton 1809 (Edward ADDY Overseer)
SC180 Hannah ALLEN spinster, pregnant Bracken 1809
SC181 Bethia JACKSON spinster, pregnant Stretton 1810 Hannah BETTISON spinster, pregnant Pleasley 1810
SC182 Mary SLACK spinster, pregnant Newbold 1811
SC183 Martha SLACK pregnant Notts. Kirkby in Ashfield 1812
SC184 Mary KEMP spinster, pregnant Shirland 1812
SC185 Mary BEARDALL, spinster, pregnant Notts. Kirkby in Ashfield 1812
SC186 Mary HARDY pregnant Notts. Worksop 1815
SC187 Sarah NUTTALL spinster, pregnant Wingerworth 1816
SC188 Sophia LESTER pregnant Derby St Werburgh 1818
SC189 Elizabeth RENSHAW spinster pregnant Stretton 1818
SC190 Mary SMITH Dudley Worcs.? 1818
SC191 Hannah SEVERN spinster, pregnant Washington (Wessington) p. Crich. 1823
SC192 Elizabeth RENSHAW single pregnant. Stretton 1822
SC193 Ann BEARDAH single, pregnant Crich 1823
SC194 Elizabeth RENSHAW single pregnant. Stretton 1823
SC195 Hannah WETTON spinster pregnant South Wingfield 1825
SC196 Elizabeth RENSHAW spinster pregnant Stretton 1826
SC197 Elizabeth TURNER spinster pregnant Brackenfield 1826
SC198 Ann BARTON single, pregnant Matlock 1826
SC199 Ann RIGGOTT single pregnant Sutton cum Duckmanton 1829
SC200 Elizabeth COTTON single pregnant Baslow 1831

AULT HUCKNALL with year of Certificate
2 Wm COWPE, wife and family Skegby 1726
3 Tho ATKIN, Hannah wife, Tibshelf 1740/1
4 Wm BOWLER Clemence wife, children. Pinkstone 1741
5 Geo LIMB, Dorothy wife, Boughton 1741/2
6 John BROCKSOPP, sons, Critch? 1744
7 Samuel. .........?, Christine wife, Glapwell 1744
8 Richard KIRKHAM Critch 1745
9 Luke PEMBERTON, Mary wife, children. Coleorton 1747
10 Wm HARDWICK, Mary wife and family, Heath 1752
11 Paul REASON, Mary wife, children Mansfield 1754
12 John HIBBERT, Jane wife, Catherine. N Wingfield 1756
14 John HARROT? Hellen wife, Sarah. Woodthorpe 1756
15 Wm SHIPMAN Elizabeth wife, Mary. Sth Wingfield 1758
16 Rbt HOPKINSON, Elizb wife,Mary. Tibshelf 1759
17 Catharine BRAILSFORD, son Thomas. N Wingfield 1759
18 Wm ASHMORE, Anne wife, children.Tibshelf 1759
19 Tho COOP, wife and family. Pilsley N Wingfield 1761
20 John BROOKS, Anne wife, children. Dronfield 1763
21 John TURNER, Eizb wife. Tibshelf 1763
22 Tho OSBURN. Anne wife, Wm. Mansfield 1763
23 Rbt PEMBERTON, Ann wife Mary, children Sutton in Ashfield 1763
24 Mary BROOKS Tibshelf 1764
25 Saml BOOLE, Ann wife, children Oxton, Notts. 1772
26 Francis HUMPHREY, Alice wife, Richard. Mansfield 1772
27 Saml PASHLEY, Sarah wife, child Handsworth. 1773
28 John HUTCHINSON, Rosamund wife, children. Blidworth 1774
29 James WHITTAKER, Elizb wife, child. Scarcliffe 1776
30 Henry MELLER?, Elizb wife. Darlton? Notts 1776
31 Matthew WRAGG, Mary wife. Calow 1777
32 Joseph MITCHEL, Elizb wife Langwith, Notts. 1780
33 Tho HEATH Chesterfield 1780
34 Tho FRETWELL, Barbara wife, children Blackwell 1786
35 Wm ASHMOOR, Martha wife. Heath 1787
36 Wm BROUGH? Mary wife, Sarah, John, Wm, Benj, Joseph, David. Clarbrough 1790
37 Job WOOLLEY, Mary wife Pillsley 1791
38 Wm BRAMLEY, Sarah wife, children. Scarcliffe 1792
39 Sarah COOP Nether Langwith 1794
40 Sarah BROUGH wid. Nth Wingfield 1803
41 Wm FARRAND, Sarah wife. Shirland 1813
42 Ann CARTWRIGHT Heage 1824
43 Elizb MARSDEN Worksop 1824
44 Samuel STRINGFELLOW promise to indemnify Ault Hucknall concerning Samuel and Lydia HOPKINSON children of his wife Martha if they become chargeable. 1748/9
BAKEWELL Settlement Certificates and Bonds
SC1 Robert KEY and family Bond to indemnify 1683
SC2 Lorance PLANT Richard PLANT Leek indemnifies 1684
SC3 Christopher SIMSON Cutthorpe Bond, Walter SIMSON Barlow 1686
SC4 Joseph COOPER 1686
SC5 William MOTTERAM weaver 1688
SC6 John GILL Godfry GILL of Unstone, Margt HADFIELD 1692
SC7 Latham HALL 1692
SC8 Robert FEARNE Bond Tho MIDDLETON Wheston 1693
SC9 John DALTON 1694
SC10 William BURROWES fellmonger Wirksworth 1699
SC11 John PERKIN wife and family tobacconist Bond Cordall STORRS of Gainsborough 1702
SC12 James SCOTT and family Ripley 1703/4
SC13 Joseph COWPER, Ruth wife Eyam 1704
SC15 John ALLEN, Hester wife Pillsley in Edensor 1705
SC16 Charles MELLOR turner, Over Haddon 1706
SC17 William WRIGHT Jnr Uttoxeter 1706/7
SC18 Benjamin REDFERNE Dronfield 1706
SC19 Benjamin HALL fellmonger Uttoxeter 1706
SC20 Frances RIPPON (relict of John of Pilsley) Pilsley 1706
SC21 Aaron TAYLOR, Sarah wife. Wensley and Snitterton 1707/8
SC22 Geo BERISFORD, Mary wife Chatsworth 1708/9 George served Mrs HACKETT of Chatsworth.
SC23 Jane HOLMES Calton Houses, Edensor 1708
SC24 John WILD shoemaker and wife. Taddington 1709
SC25 Geo BROWNILL Tidswall (Tideswell) 1709
SC26 George CHEETOM Ashford, p. Bakewell 1709/10
SC27 Ralph TOMLINSON and wife Great Longstone 1709
SC28 Josuah FROST and wife Sheldon 1710
SC29 William CLARKE als ROBINSON, wife and child Upper Hallam, WRY. 1711
SC31 Thomas GREENSMITH weaver Gt BARLOW 1712
SC32 John BOTHAM, wife, children Thornhill p.Hope 1712/3
SC33 Joseph CALTON, Elizabeth wife. Nether Hallam 1713
SC34 Job CLIFFE, wife, family Darley 1713
SC35 Robert BIRCH, wife and family Mansfield 1713/4
SC36 Geo BROADHURST wife and family Derby St Werb.1713/4
SC37 Joseph ELLOTT wife and family Bamford 1714
SC38 Joseph ANTONY, Joice wife. Ashborne 1715
SC39 Jonas CALTON, Elizb wife. Hallam Nether WRY 1715
SC40 Geo HEALES, wife, two sons, dau. Tottley 1715
SC41 John HILL, Elizb wife, family Brassington 1716/7
SC42 Elisabeth CALLTON Hallam Basley, Sheffield 1717
SC43 Richard BLAND wife, family Edensor 1718
SC44 Daniel BREWER, Dorothy wife Rowboldaston? Ches. 1719
SC45 Joseph YOULE,and wife Ecclesall Bierlow 1720/1
SC46 George EYLEY Mary wife, three children Gt Rowsley 1722
SC47 John BUXTON, Mary wife Wirksworth 1722
SC48 Tho DODS, wife, two children Chapel en le Frith 1723
SC49 Rbt GREENSMITH, wife, family Anston WRY 1723
SC50 Thomas HOLME, Milicent wife Gt Rowsley 1723
SC51 Wm HALL, wife and one child Edensor 1727
SC52 John ANDREW, wife Harthill p.Bakewell 1728
SC53 Jno FLETCHER, Elizb wife, James Derby St Werb. 1728/9
SC54 Ann NAILOR widow Gt Longstone 1728 Bond by Edward NAILOR
SC55 Grace HUDSON Ashbourne 1729
SC56 Thomas GREAVES, Ellen wife, Wm. Sheldon 1729
SC57 Thomas OLDHAM, son of Thomas OLDHAM Snr of Chesterfield, butcher. 1729 Thomas OLDHAM Jnr removing from Bakewell to Derby St Werburgh.
SC58 Henry WHITE, Mary wife, Wm Taddington 1729
SC59 Zacharias CUNDY Bannary of Longnor, Alstonefield 1731
SC60 Abraham SHELDON, Anne wife Greasley, Notts 1732/3
SC61 Benj SHELDON, Elizabeth wife. Stanton, Derbys 1732
SC62 Thomas SHORT, family Dronfield 1735
SC63 Samuel DAKIN, Elizabeth wife Dronfield 1736
SC64 Wm WILLGOOSE, Dorothey wife, George, Joseph, Gervas, Hannah, William. Over Haddon 1737/8
SC65 Richard BONSAL, Elizb wife, Elizb dau. Moniash 1737/8
SC66 Joseph HERDSFIELD, Mary wife Ashford 1740
SC67 Anthony SPENCER, Olive wife. Castleton 1740
SC68 Tho GOODWIN, Margaret wife. Ashford 1740
SC69 Roger WYLDE Taddington 1740
SC70 John BRADBURY Ashford 1740/1
SC71 John WHEELDON, Elizb. wife, Joseph, Thomas, Dorothy Ashbourne 1742
SC72 Robert PUNCHABY, Jane wife. Youlgreave 1744
SC73 John TAYLOR, Mary wife Chesterfield 1745
SC74 Wm ALGATE. wife and family Ancaster, Lincs 1750
SC75 Charles MAYCOCK, Elizb wife. Wirksworth 1753
SC76 Joseph LITTLEWOOD, Mary wife, Hannah, Richard, Joseph, Samuel, Mary, John, Jonathan. Eckington 1755
SC77 Geo BARKER wife and family Ecclesfield 1755
SC78 George BARKER and family Ecclesfield 1755
SC79 Nicholas BROMEHEAD, Alice wife, George, Benjamin. Chesterfield 1755
SC80 John WATERHOUSE fellmonger Upper Hallam 1756
SC81 John GLOSSOP, Sarah wife, Ann Hassop 1766
SC82 Robert CRICHLOW, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Rosamond, Lydia, Robert, Francis, Ann. Monyash 1766
SC83 John HALL Mary wife, Elizabeth, Ann. Edensor 1757
SC84 Patrick RAYOR Alice his dau. Chesterfield 1768
SC85 Joseph CARRINGTON, Ruth wife Chapel en le Frith 1769
SC86 John TARRANT, Sarah wife, John 20wks Gt Lonstone 1769
SC87 Richard BODEN, Anne wife, issue Twycross, Leics 1776
SC88 William WHITE Tideswell 1778
SC89 Joseph WATERHOUSE, Ann wife Upper Haddon 1778
SC90 Ann SPENCER wid, Mary 19, Betty14, Hannah 13, Tho 9, Richard 7, Martha 6, Ann 4. Elton 1783
SC91 Elizabeth ROWSON, widow of Anthony mason, dec. and her children, also the child she is now pregnant with. Matlock 1784
SC92 Thomas DAKIN, Jane wife, Tho, Saml. Elton 1785
SC93 Wm BAGGALEY, Jane wife, Frances 14, Wm 12, Elizb 9, Lidia 6, Margaret 5, Mary 3. Scartcliff. 1785
SC94 Mary TAYLOR widow, Ann, Mary, Elizb., Hassop 1785
SC95 Dorothy DAWSON widow, Hannah, Amy, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, Ann and the child she is now pregnant with. Biggin and Heathcote. 1785
SC96 Elizabeth KNOWLES widow, James, Hannah, Joseph, Henry, Ann. Elton 1785
SC97 Sarah CRITCHLOW widow, John, Thomas, Ann, Mary Rowland 1785 on reverse, "Geo CRITCHLOW one of the children crossed out as he served James LONGSTONE of Longstone"
SC98 Thomas HAMBLETON, Mary wife, Wm, Sarah, Rachel, Tho, John. Eaton and Alsop 1785
SC99 John SWINDALE, Martha wife, Ashwood, Francis, Amy, Mary, Martha, John. Litton 1785
SC100 Thomas GOODWIN, Martha wife, William, Thomas, Maria Norton on the Moors, Staffs. 1786
SC101 Elizb. wife of Luke CARSON, (late of Youlgreave, mason) Dobrah, Sarah, Elizb, Jane. Youlgreave 1786
SC102 James MILNES, Ann wife, Robert, Hugh, James, John, Hannah, William, Ann. Youlgreave 1787
SC103 Ann FLETCHER widow, Barlow 1788
SC104 Hannah DAWSON pregnant Biggin by Hartington 1788
SC105 Elizabeth ROWSON widow, pregnant Matlock 1789
SC106 Rachel HAMBLETON pregnant, Eaton an Alsop 1792
SC107 Hannah DAKIN, Helen her dau aged 30 Elton 1792
SC108 James ALLEN Mary wife, William, Thomas, Joseph. Alstonefield 1793
SC109 Thomas MELLOR, Elizabeth wife Anston WRY 1795
SC110 Ann WILKINSON pregnant Edensor 1798
SC111 Visitors notice showing Joseph TOWNSEND 68 shoemaker having a legal Settlement in Bakewell having served his father Joseph TOWNSEND as apprentice. Refers to the Overseers of Manchester. 1812
SC112 Ann NEEDHAM pregnant Grindlow 1816
SC113 Elizabeth BELFITT single, pregnant Ashford 1821
SC114 Ann NEEDHAM single, pregnant Grindlow 1824
SC115 Ann NEEDHAM single Grindlow 1827
SC116 Mary BOTTOM pregnant Monyash 1829
SC117 Ann NEEDHAM pregnant Grindlow 1830
SC118 Elizabeth TAYLOR single, pregnant. Over Haddon 1833
SC119 Ann NEEDHAM pregnant Grindlow 1833
SC120 Hannah ASHTON, single, pregnant Litton 1834
BARLOW with year of Certificate
- although having its own registers from 1573 Barlow was considered a Chapelry of Staveley. However the confusion does not end there. Great Barlow is considered in older documents as part of the parish of Staveley while Little Barlow is to be found under Dronfield. Bear this in mind when checking for documentation regarding Barlow, and check both Staveley and Dronfield, and for good measure the parish of Holmesfield.
1 Rich FLINT Dore mar Elizb CURTISS Gt Longstone 1693
2 Rbt SWIFT and family Holmesfield 1695
3 John MORTON also NAILOR Barlow in Dronfield 1694/5
4 Wm HERDSFIELD Ashford 1698/9
5 James RAGGE and sister Martha RAGGE Corber to reside with Uncle Tho PROCTOR of Brinded Gate 1699
6 Peter BOTHAM Brampton 1702
7 Tho BRAMWALL Ingmanthorpe Brampton 1702
8 Adam NEEDHAM and wife Dronfield 1703
9 Michael KEY wife, children, Barlow in Dronfield 1703/4
10 Timothy ELLOT Frances and children Wellhay 1703/4
11 Samuel NEWTON Barlow in Dronfield 1704
12 Elizb PROCTER Dunstan in Dronfield 1704
13 Tho PROCTER Dronfield Town Qtr 1707
14 Simon HANDCOCK, wife, children Tho ROBINSON Apprentice Dronfield 1709
15 John DAKEN Dronfield 1709/10
16 Wm OWEN Anne wife one child Staveley 1712
17 Robert ROTHERDAM wife, children Eckington 1713
18 Geo MORTON, wife Barlow in Dronfield 1715
19 Wm WATSON, wife Hockerton Derbys. 1715/6
20 John HARTLEY Ecclesfield 1716
21 Wm PADDEGAN, Rabeca, children, Edwinstow 1716
22 Joseph BARGH Sarah wife, Whittington 1723/4
23 Francis HUKIN, Helen wife, family Staveley 1725
24 William BOOKER and family Brampton 1725
25 Samuel DAKEYN and family Brampton 1725/6
26 Philip BASON and family Eckington 1725
27 Peter CESTEIVEN and family Killamarsh 1725
28 John MARJERISON and family Brampton 1727
29 James MARPLES(or MAPLES) Ellen wife, child Dronfield 1727
30 James CROFT and family Wingerworth 1727/8
31 Daniel STEVINSON (STEEVENSON later) Alice wife, John. Newbold. 1731/2
32 Hugh SIKES, wife, of Barlow 1731 Certificate made out to Hope Overseers.
33 Henry STEPHENSON, Dorothy wife, family. Newbold 1731
34 John COWLEY jnr Mary wife. Brampton 1733
35 Samuel GOODWIN, Hannah wife, children. Darley 1735
36 Stephen TAYLOR, Alice wife Hasland 1736
37 John JARVIS yngr, Barbara wife, family Dronfield 1736
38 Samuel STRINGFELLOW, Grace wife, and child not yet baptised. Chesterfield 1737
39 Thomas MASON, Silence wife. Doncaster, WRY 1737
40 John MELLOR, Mary wife and family Unston 1744
41 William HIBBERT, Ellen wife, Josiah. Brampton 1750
42 John STRUTT blacksmith, wife, son William Monyash 1752
43 Edmund GREAVES, Mary wife Hope 1752/3
44 Peter WOOD, Elizabeth wife, Peter, Sarah Sheffield 1756
45 William GOODLAD, Elizabeth wife, John Staveley 1758
46 William COCKER, wife and family Laughton WRY 1758
47 John BARGE, wife. Brampton 1758
48 William BENNET shoemaker, Elizabeth wife Brampton 1759
49 James SHIPSTON, Elizabeth wife Brampton 1761
50 Thomas HANCOCK, Hellen wife Brampton 1766
51 George BARTIN, Millicent wife Holmesfield 1767
52 Martha SILCOCK spinster Newbold 1768
53 Sarah SILCOCK single, pregnant Newbold 1768
54 John HANCOCK Ann wife, Mary, Alice, Sarah John 1770 Little Barlow
55 Samuel BOOKER, Alice wife, Charlotte, Hannah, Dorothy 1770 Brampton
56 George FRICKNEY, Dorothy wife, Mary, John, Elizabeth, Ann, Charles. Brampton 1770
57 Richard SCHOFIELD Newbold 1771
58 Bengman (Benjamin) BATTNAM, Hannah wife. Wensley and Snitterton. 1776
59 Gilbert BOOKER, Elizabeth wife, John. Brampton 1777
60 William BOOKER, Mary wife, George, William, James, Elizabeth, Hannah, John. Norton, Dbys. 1777
61 John BOOKER, Mary wife. Holmesfield 1777
62 George TURNER, Ellen wife. Brampton. 1777
63 Faith GOODLAD, pregnant Dronfield 1781
64 Robert BRADBURY, Mary wife, Hannah, John, Robert, Joseph. Chesterfield. 1781
65 James BENNET, Elizabeth wife, Ann. Sutton, Dbys. 1782
66 Joseph BOWN, Ann wife, Joseph, George, Mary. Dronfield 1782
67 Thomas GILLOTT, Alice wife, Elizabeth, Richard. Whittington, Dbys. 1782
68 Elizabeth BENNET spinster, pregnant. Holmesfield 1783
69 James STEVENSON, Jane wife, David, Moses. Newbold 1783
70 Thomas WILSON, Staveley 1784
71 Mary WILSON pregnant. Wingerworth 1787
72 John BENNET, Hannah wife, family Elmton 1789
73 Thomas DAVIS, Hannah wife, Ann, Bettey, Hannah, Jane, William, John, Sarah, Samuel. Brampton. 1790
74 Thomas WILSON residing at Baingers Gate p.Barlow cordwainer, Jane wife, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Jane, Thomas, Joseph. Staveley. 1790
75 Sarah NEEDHAM spinster, pregnant. Little Barlow. 1792
76 Mary WRAGG. Brampton 1793
77 Elin RANES (Ellen RAINS, RAYNES) Wingerworth 1800
78 Ann JOLLY pregnant. Sheffield 1800
79 Ann BOOKER. Brampton 1804
80 Ann SHIPSTON. Brampton 1812
81 George SMITH, Elizabeth, Isaiah, Robert. Matlock 1826
82 Mary NEEDHAM pregnant. Little Barlow 1828
83 Sarah STEVENSON pregnant. Newbold, 1829
84 Ann NEEDHAM single, pregnant. Little Barlow 1831
85 Mary NEEDHAM single, pregnant Little Barlow 1832
86 Mary WAGSTAFF, pregnant. Little Barlow 1832
SC1 Letter from Overseers of Birmingham concerning Joseph GOODLAD, refused to be received by Barlow. 1805
SC2 Letters from Overseers of Sheffield re widow NORTH widow legally settled in Barlow 1808
SC3 Ecclshall Bierlow Union to Chesterfield Board of Guardians re William HOLMES an orphan of Sheffield whose fathers legal Settlement was in Barlow.
BASLOW with year of Certificate
1 Ann SHAW Curbar 1775
2 Jonathan ROLLINSON Hannah wife, Nancy, 1784 from Baslow going to Froggatt
3 Joseph NOTON Hannah wife. Brampton 1790
4 Grace GIBBONS Derby St Michael 1801
5 Ann JARVIS Curbar 1802
6 Hannah BIRCH Stoney Middleton 1806
7 Hannah STROTHER Stoney Middleton 1806
8 Esther BIRCH Hathersage 1806
9 Elizabeth BESTWICK Stockport 1829
12 Frances BOAM Bredbury Cheshire 1826
BEELEY Settlement Certificate
6 John GLADWIN, Hannah wife, Mary Youlgreave 1760
SC1 Godfrey MORTON Beighton 1762
SC3 Robert LEES, Elizabeth wife. Brampton 1727
SC5 Joseph TETLEY, Martha Temple Normanton 1773
SC7 John FARIST (Fairhurst?) Sarah wife. Worksop, Notts 1784
SC8 Francis BARKER, Hannah wife, George, Ann. Baslow 1778
SC9 John TRAVICE (TRAVIS in later part of document) Frances wife, John. Darley Dale. 1760
SC10 William BARKER, Ann wife Baslow 1773
SC11 Obadiah MALLEY, Martha. Stanton by Youlgreave, Dbys. 1718/19
SC12 John LEES labourer, Edensor 1774
SC13 Benjamin TOMPSON cordwainer, Elizabeth wife, Ann. Youlgreave. 1774
SC14 Isaac BOWN, Elizabeth wife. Little Barlow 1766
SC15 Thomas MORTIN labourer. Edensor 1774
SC16 John SMITH, Ann wife. Hathersage 1734/35
SC17 Elizabeth wife of Joseph HARRISON, child now big with. Eyam. 1723
SC18 Elias MELLOR, Mary wife Tideswell 1731
SC19 Richard BERRISFORD, wife. Rowsley 1712
SC20 William ALLEN son of Ralph ALLEN Pilsley. Bond? 1722
SC21 Charles GILBERT, Ann wife. Rampton, Notts. 1778
SC22 Godfrey MORTON, family. Beighton 1762
SC23 Isaac HALL, Sarah wife. Ashover n.d.
SC24 William? BRAMWELL, Grace wife, Joseph, Mary, Sarah, Jane, Stephen. Bakewell 1764
SC25 Robert LEES, Elizabeth wife, children. Brampton 1727
BIGGIN BY HARTINGTON with year of Certificate.
1 Phillip MORTEN, Rebecca wife, daughter Litton 1705
2 Thomas MELLOR day labourer for the maintenance of Elizabeth dau of Wm HALL 1711 this is a maintenance Bond. On the reverse it states it is for the maintenance of Mary BALL!
9 Elizabeth SMITH widow Rich.SMITH son of Lea Co Staffs 1769 this is a maintenance Bond
Thomas RICHARDSON Hannah wife belong to Biggin, Certificate made out to Overseers of Elton. 1792  V21/55
Thomas RICHARDSON Hannah wife and son belong to Biggin, Certificate made out to Overseers of Elton. 1793 V21/56
Thomas RICHARDSON Hannah wife, John. Belong to Biggin,Certificate made out to Overseers of Elton. 1794 V21/57
BOLSOVER with year of Certificate.
1 Robert SMITH Tickhill 1700
2 Wm GREGORY, wife and family Duffield 170?
3 Christopher HETT Eakring Notts 1708
4 Maxemillion BREILSFORTH and wife Heath 1712
5 Roger LEGGATT, Mary wife. Staveley 1719
6 Abigail HIBB widow (relict of Roger HIBB), Abigail, Simon, and Thomas Abbots Bromley Staffs 1719/20
7 Jon. or Jonathan GOACHER, wife and children Norton Cuckney 1722
8 Francis CLAY, Wm CLAY his son, and his wife and child Ashover 1726
9 Alexander CLARKE, wife, child Farndone, Notts. 1727
10 William COOP (COUPE on reverse) wife and family Skegby, Notts. 1731
11 Luke WOOD, Mary wife, Luke, Mary. Clowne 1733
12 Joseph BORE,Mary wife. Ault Hucknall 1733/4
13 Richard ALCOCK, wife and children Edwinstowe, Notts. 1734
14 Stephen SHAW wife and children Burslem, Staffs. 1738
15 Simon GAMBLE, Sarah wife, Mary. Borough of (Chesterfield?) Mentions Bernard Lucas. 1738
16 Henry CUTT, Ruth wife, Luke, Ruth, Henry, John, Hannah, Sutton cum Duckmanton. 1738/9
17 William FROST, Hester wife, George Sutton, Dbys 1738/9
18 Godfrey HOUNSFIELD, Rebecca wife, Mary, Rebecca, Bartholomew. Chesterfield 1738/9
19 James BENNETT Ann wife. Pilsley (North Wingfield?) 1739 MARRIOTT and BROCKSOPP witness. These are North Wingfield names.
20 Elizabeth PARKIN four children, Edlington WRY. 1741
21 James MASON, wife, George, Lydia, Samuel, Sarah? Mary? Worksop. Notts. 1741
22 Joseph BAINES and wife. East Retford, Notts. 1741
23 John CEASTON, Ann wife. Pleasley 1746
24 Richard GOCHER (GOACHER on reverse) Anne wife, child. Cuckney, Notts. 1754
25 John CUTT, Mary wife. Ecclesall Byerly (Ecclesall Bierlow) Yks. 1757
26 John WALKER, miller, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Mary, Robert, Ann, Hannah, Fran's, William, John. Windley p.Duffield. 1758
27 John WESTHORN, wife, child. Norton p.Cuckey, Notts. 1758
28 George SMITHURST, Francis wife, child. Scarcliffe. 1759
29 Benjamin ARMSTRONG, Ann wife, William, Elisa, Ambrose, Alice, Sarah. Staveley. 1762
30 John ONWIN (Unwin?) Elizabeth wife, Mary, John. Pleasley. 1762
31 Thomas MELLOR, Mary wife, Alice, Mary, Ann, Christian. Beely (Beeley). 1762
32 George CORKER (CALKER on reverse), Mary wife, John. Nether Langwith. Notts. 1763
33 George HEALD, Hannah wife. Chesterfield 1763
34 Henry HOLLAND Mansfield, Notts. 1763
35 James YATES, Mary wife, Jonathan. Elmton 1763
36 Hannah UNWIN single, pregnant Chestrefield 1764
37 James HARDWICK, Mary wife, two children, Norton p. Cuckney, Notts. 1769
38 John BROWN, Mary wife, Israel, Anne, Margaritta. Staveley. 1769
39 John BEELEY labourer. Rotherham, Yks. 1769
40 William CHARLESWORTH, Ann wife, Kirklington, Notts. 1769
41 John LIMB, Mary wife Bilsthorp, Notts. 1770
42 Samuel HARRISON, Esther wife, Samuel, William. Scarcliffe. 1771
43 Thomas HOLLINGWORTH, Sarah wife. of Bolsover, Certificate for the Overseers of Staveley. 1773
44 William FURNESS, Sarah wife. Staveley 1775
45 John SPOONER, Elizabeth wife. Dronfield 1777
46 Richard ANTHONY, Ellen wife, family Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. 1781
47 William HEYWARD, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth 2, William infant. Bakewell. 1782
BONSALL with year of Certificate
n.b. these are letters from other areas concerning folks whose Settlement is Bonsall but living out of the Parish.
SC1 Ester WRIGHT at Derby asks for relief, set out for Bonsall but unable to proceed far. 1799
SC2 Wife of Francis REDFERN need medical attention, she at Belper. 1810
SC3 Eliza FROST dau of Mary FROST residing Clarborough, Notts. needs more pay on account of illness. 1810
SC4 John WOOD at Nottingham General Hospital cured by an amputation. 1810
SC5 John BUNTING and family at Brimington, Overseer has not yet be paid for their relief. 1811
SC6 Bond for the maintenance of Thomas EYTTON, who is disordered in his senses. 1784

BOYLESTONE with year of Certificate
1 James FLEMING Marchington Hanbury 1703

BOULTON with year of Certificate
3 John STEVASON, Elizb. Castle Donington 1720/1
4 John KEYLIN Mary wife, Boothorpe 1721
5 Mary WOODWARD Aston on Trent 1778
V48/27 Overseers of Brampton certify that Matthew WHEATCROFT taylor, has a legal Settlement at Brampton. Certificate issued to Overseers of Ashover. 1727
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When asking about documents please ensure the Place/Parish under which the name is found, type of Document, (Settlement Certificate, Settlement Examination, Removal, Bastardy etc), plus the reference, name and year if shown are quoted. This will help to ensure you will get your records faster.

Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.