Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Spondon Schools

Spondon School
Adm Pupil DOB Parent/guardian residence Last school/notes
13/11/1893 Dorothy GRUNDY 1/3/1881 Mr PIPES Church Hill Worcester Worcs
27/11/1893 Lucy HAND -/6/1887 Job KNAPP The Lodge Spondon
12/11/1894 Maud HOLMES 17/12/1883 Charles  Cambridge St Spondon
12/11/1894 George WATKINS 2/11/1883 - Brock Ley Trinity Derby
12/11/1894 Benjamin CHAMBERS -/11/1887 Benjamin  Moor St Infants Spondon
12/11/1894 William UFTON -/4/1888 James  Brock Ley infants Spondon
12/11/1894 William JERRAM -/1/1888 William  Church Hill Infants Spondon
12/11/1894 John CLEWES -/6/1888 John  Moor End Infants Spondon
12/11/1894 Isabella WALKER -/1/1888 Albert  Brock Ley Spondon infants
12/11/1894 Lilian COVERLEY -/2/1888 Richard  Brock Ley Spondon infants
12/11/1894 Caroline F? LYMEN 5/1/1884 George  Moor End Borrowash
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