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Brailsford Schools

Brailsford School Admissions
Adm Pupil DOB Parent/guardian Occupation residence Last school/notes
10/2/1873 Walter THOMPSON 7y labourer Weston Underwood Mugginton
31/3/1873 Henry ALLCOCK 6y gardener Okeover  Mappleton staying with Mrs STANESBY
31/3/1873 Sarah ALLCOCK 4 Y 5M gardener Okeover    staying with Mrs STANESBY
19/5/1873 Sarah A HAMMERSLEY 6y 8m farmer Bradley  none
28/4/1873 Thomas TAYLOR 12y 1m farmer The Coppice  Osmaston
28/4/1873 John TAYLOR 10y 1m farmer The Coppice  Osmaston
28/4/1873 Mary TAYLOR 7y 11m farmer The Coppice  Osmaston
3/3/1873 Kate BARNES 9y 5m gardener Brailsford  Wallington Surrey  left parish 13/11/1874
3/3/1873 Arther BARNES 5y 6m gardener Brailsford  Wallington Surrey  left parish 13/11/1874
17/3/1873 Lillie BARNES 2y 10m gardener Brailsford Wallington Surrey left parish 13/11/1874
27/1/1873 Frederic ORME 4y 1m father dead Wheatsheaf none  removed to Shirley 26/6/1873
25/11/1872 George AULT 10y 11m bricklayer Brailsford Langley  lodges with Mrs PARKER gone back to father at Kirk Langley 14/2/1873
13/1/1873 Julia POTTER 5y 9m labourer Brailsford  Langley  staying with Mrs STANESBY
20/1/1873 Arabella SLACK 6y 10m labourer Brickyard  Bradley
29/9/1873 Anne WOOLLISCROFT 8y 7m farmer Ednaston Bole Hill Chesterfield
29/9/1873 Martha WOOLLISCROFT 6y 11m farmer Ednaston Bole Hill Chesterfield
1/12/1873 John PARKIN 5y 6m coachman Brailsford Osmaston  left parish 17/7/1874
12/1/1874 William FROST 10y 11m labourer Hollington Hollington
12/1/1874 Ernest HUDSON 6y 9m labourer Shirley Shirley
2/2/1874 Mary WOOLLISCROFT 10y 9m farmer Ednaston Barlow
2/2/1874 Alice WOOLLISCROFT 5y 9m farmer Ednaston Brassington
20/4/1874 Elizabeth BARTON 5/11/1867 Noah LAMB  Sheaf Hognaston  removed from parish 24/12/1874
9/3/1874 Charles BROWN 24/1/1866 James RODGERS Slack Lane Turnditch
23/3/1874 Eliza e bull 20/10/1862 John Langley Common Pract.Derby
13/4/1874 Mary E FROST 19/11/1865 George Common Side Hollington
13/4/1874 Edith FROST 17/1/1867 George Common Side Hollington
13/4/1874 George FROST 6/5/1868 George Common Side none
13/4/1874 Fanny PHILIPS 16/9/1868 John HURT Sheaf none  lives with Uncle
25/11/1874 Ann COCKERAM 26/4/1871 Israel Saracens Head none
9/11/1874 Ada COOPER --/6/1864 John Ednaston Shrleton?
9/11/1874 Emma COTTON 8/7/1864 Charles Brailsford Quarndon
9/11/1874 Sarah A COTTON 2/9/1868 Charles Brailsford Quarndon
9/11/1874 Crispianus COTTON 26/11/1870 Charles Brailsford Quarndon
14/12/1874 Thomas TUNSTALL 26/8/1861 William Hollington Longford
4/1/1875 James BEACON 2/11/1864 Matilda BEACON Brailsford Compton Inf  mother a widow children in lodgings at Throstle Nest
4/1/1875 Georgina BEACON 1/11/1866 Matilda BEACON Brailsford Compton Inf  mother a widow children in lodgings at Throstle Nest
11/1/1875 Rosa RIDE 18/3/1863 Mary RIDE Brailsford lives with grandmother
26/1/1875 Mary CUTHBERT 21/12/1863 Henry coachman The Hall  Brailsford Shelton nr Coventry Warwicks
13/12/1875 William STRONG 14/4/1862 Frederick Shirley Liverpool Lancs
1/3/1875 Flora STATHAM 1/5/1860 Maria  Cromford Cromford
5/4/1875 Henry TUNSTALL 8/3/1868 John Lane End Shirley
12/4/1875 Charles COTTON 30/5/1866 Charles Brailsford Willington Dames
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