Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Bakewell Schools

Bakewell Infants
Adm Pupil residence Where Born Left Parent occupation
--/6/1883 Kate WESLEY Bath St. Sheffield Yks. --/11/1883 ------------- ---------
--/3/1883 Willie CHAPMAN Bridge St. Woolwich --/5/1883 Willie Drill Sergeant
--/7/1883 Arthur GREGORY Mill St. Chesterfield 7/8/1877 --/7/1887 Matthew manager
--/--/1894 Mildred NEEDHAM Bridge St. Ashford 25/12/1889 Richard joiner
--/7/1883 Bertie (Bessie?) GREGORY Mill St. Chesterfield 25/2/1879 Matthew manager
3/6/1895 Robert SNAPE Church Alley Bakewell 3/2/1890 William comedian
3/6/1895 Alice SNAPE Church Alley Bakewell 1/1/1892 William comedian
--/9/1885 Edward BERNARD New Church St Bakewell --/5/1880 --/10/1885 Laura actress

Bakewell C of E School
Adm Pupil DOB Parent/guardian residence Last school notes
23/2/1886 John PERRY 16/12/1877 J HIGGINBOTHAM Mill St. Bristol Union Gloucs
24/5/1886 George TAYLOR 3/5/1874 G.TAYLOR Ashover Uppertown Ashover
24/5/1886 William Harry BOOTH 2/4/1874 Wm Hy BOOTH Sheffield Crooksmoor Side Sheffield Yks
30/8/1886 Eli SWINDELL 21/2/1874 Ralph Cotton Mill East Crompton Ntl
5/10/1886 Frederick ROWLAND 31/12/1874 Mrs THOMPSON Mill St. Reigate British-Surrey
15/2/1886 Sidney HAWKSWORTH 4/9/1876 John Mill St. gone to Manchester Lancs 8/4/1887
1/6/1886 George HIBBERT 3/3/1879 George The Stanage gone to Manchester Lancs -/2/1887
16/5/1887 White Watson BRADBURY 17/7/1876 ---- BRADBURY Stanage Rd. Sheffield Bd. Yks.
1/8/1892 Willie WYNN --/4/1879 Harry WYNN New St. St Andrews-Droylsden Lancs
1/8/1892 Harry WYNN 24/12/1876 Harry WYNN New St St Andrews-Droylsden Lancs
2/7/1888 James WALSH 30/6/1881 Martin Cotton mill Yard gone to Manchester Lancs 16/3/1894
19/8/1890 Albert LEES 8/6/1880 J H CROSS The Avenue St Savoiur Manchester
1892 Albert LEES this child seems to have gone to Manchester returned to Bakewell then moved to Birmingham 1892
14/4/1890 James Harold BEGGS 8/3/1884 William Sth Church St. Bellevue-Bradford Yks. Gone to London Dec.1890
14/4/1890 William BEGGS 9/9/1878 William Sth Church St. Bellevue-Bradford Yks. Gone to London Dec.1890
4/8/1891 Frederick William ARCHER 20/6/1884 ----------- Haddon Rd. Gone to London 9/3/1898
6/10/1890 Albert BRYANT 5/12/1879 Thomas Sellors Yd. Alcester Ntl. Warwicks left town Dec. 1890
29/9/1890 George BRYANT --/--/1882 Thomas Sellors Yd. Alcester Ntl. Warwicks. left town Dec.1890 left town Dec. 1890
15/9/1890 William E COLLEY 1/1/1882 Bakewell Union-Leek Union
28/1/1892 William NUTTALL 13/1/1881 John Mill St. Trinity School-Bolton Lancs.
10/5/1892 Thomas Edgar SMITH 20/2/1879 George Mill St. Queens Walk Bd. Nottingham
19/5/1892 Alfred George SMITH 22/1/1881 George Mill St. Summer Lane Bd. Birmingham Warwicks.
4/7/1892 Joseph WALSH 3/10/1884 Joseph Cotton mill Yd left 7/2/1896 Stockport Ches
4/7/1892 John ANDREWS 20/6/1885 Sough? Cunningham Place left for Liverpool Indus Sch 7/12/1897
18/10/1898 Reginald DAWSON 9/8/1886 John William Lumford Hse. left 25/6/1901 to Australia
11/6/1899 George ELSE 1/2/1891 Fred Mill St. Matlock Sch. left 2/9/1904 to Canada
02/06/1905 John BROOMHEAD 25/9/1898 Harry Water St. left 7/6/1911 to New Zealand
29/08/1910 Richard P.Ch. CASH 27/3/1898 Charles Rutland Square Crich C of E. left 22/9/1911 to Canada
29/08/1910 George CASH 24/10/1902 Charles Rutland Square Crich C of E. left 22/9/1911 to Canada
9/5/1893 Ernest BURNILL 6/12/1880 Louis The Avenue Jenkins St Birmingham Warwicks
3/7/1893 Wilfred PALFREYMAN 27/6/1886 George Mill St Bakewell Ntl Infants Gone to Huddersfield Yks 21/5/1894
31/7/1893 Charles MORT 29/3/1884 William Dry Hills Birmingham St Pauls Catholic Warwicks Gone to Manchester Lancs June 1894
4/9/1893 John STOREY 29/10/1879 Thomas Bakewell Workhouse Calver St Sheffield Yks returned to Sheffield Yks eleven days after being admitted
4/9/1893 Fred STOREY 26/12/1881 Thomas Bakewell Workhouse Calver St Sheffield Yks returned to Sheffield Yks eleven days after admittance to school
20/2/1894 John MACDONALD 15/1/1885 James Workhouse none tramp on tramp March 1894
5/6/1894 Thomas KNIGHT 29/11/1883 Thomas St Ann Nottingham Notts and Little Bakewell left Jan 1897 to Northampton Northants
2/7/1894 Frank FURNISS 31/12/1887 - The Stanedge left 7/2/1896 to London
2/7/1894 John WALSH 2/4/1887 Joseph The Mill - left Feb 1896 to Stockport Ches
30/7/1894 Arthur MORTON 27/3/1883 Benjamin Holland House Cornbrook Park Road Man.
30/7/1894 Edward GUNNING 11/9/1885 Reuben Burton Close left March 1899 to London
30/7/1894 John HAMILTON 24/9/1883 John CHURCHILL New St Johnston St Board Manchester Lancs
10/9/1894 James FOULDS 5/12/1885 James New St St Peters Stockport Ches left for Birmingham Warwicks eleven days after admittance to school
22/10/1894 Malcolm TOMLINSON 19/7/1880 Elias Matlock Street Radfords Private School left Nov 1894 to London
7/1/1895 Thomas MURRAY 14/6/1885 Kate Workhouse Birmingham Warwicks left Feb 1895 to Nottingham Notts
7/1/1895 William MANION 7/6/1883 Thomas Workhouse Nottingham Notts left one week later to Nottingham Notts
5/9/1892 Thomas NIXON 7/4/1884 Thomas Bridge St Stafford Board School Staffs left for Chesterfield 28/10/1892
9/1/1893 Alfred BROWN 27/8/1881 Thomas North Church St left 26/6/1894 for Cheltenham Gloucs
13/2/1893 Henry DUNN 17/11/1879 James Burton Closes Aberford Leeds Yks
13/2/1893 Fred DUNN 14/7/1882 James Burton Closes Aberford Leeds Yks
27/3/1893 Arthur UNDERWOOD 26/3/1883 Samuel Bakewell Union Dronfield 1/8/1893 left town
1/6/1893 Arthur MELLOR 5/4/1880 Thomas Chantry House left 19/9/1893 for Private School Belper
3/7/1893 Harry TOMLINSON 5/11/1887 James North Church St left Nov 1894 for Derby
2/7/1894 Henry BIRGIN 7/8/1884 Charles Workhouse Belper Natl left 12/9/1894 on tramp
8/1/1894 Walter SHIRT 22/3/1885 James New St Edale left Oct 1896 for Castleton
2/7/1894 Thomas BIRLEY 25/12/1887 Joshua New St left Feb 1897 for Lytton(Litton)
21/6/1898 Thomas BIRLEY 25/12/1887 Joshua New St Tideswell left Jan 1901 for Clay Cross
13/5/1895 George MORRIS 10/7/1882 George South Church St Colwyn Bay Wales
6/8/1895 James BARKER 29/2/1884 Anna ROBINSON New St Govan Scotland
9/9/1895 Henry SHARP 10/3/1886 John Acre Wall Terrace Gloucester Rd London left Oct 1895 to London
21/10/1895 Hubert WILDEN 5/8/1885 Samuel Chutts Malvern Link Natl
14/10/1895 Eli COX 22/9/1884 Eli New St Deepcar Natl Yks Dunces Certificate 6/12/1897
13/11/1895 George BUCHAN 7/8/1883 Eleanor Rutland Terrace Ald Newtons Leicester
25/11/1895 Frank MORGAN (WILDEN crossed out) 3/12/1886 Samuel Chutts Roman Catholic Gloucester
20/4/1896 Charles ROWARTH 23/9/1886 Elias Coombs Farm Bamford left 19/10/1896 to Glossop
20/4/1896 Jack BUCHAN (over name of Jack is John Vernon) 22/10/1888 Mr ALLSOP Woodbine Cottage Derby St James left 13/1/1897 Masonic School
24/9/1899 Joseph LARGE 3/2/1888 Elizabeth New St Ashford
28/8/1899 Charles CALLADINE 8/3/1887 Arthur North Church St Hassop Catholic exempt from Rel Inst
13/11/1899 James THORNHILL 6/4/1887 Charles Walter Rock Terrace Fairfield Buxton
31/7/1893 Hy MARTIN 3/7/1881 Bakewell Workhouse Matlock
31/7/1893 William MARTIN 9/11/1882 Bakewell Workhouse Matlock
2/7/1894 Wilburn BLACKWELL 22//4/1887 Mary Rock Terrace Stoney Middleton
26/9/1893 Alfred SHAW 12/6/1882 Alfred North Church St Longstone
21/6/1898? John HOWARD 25/4/1887 John Edward Monyash Rd gone to Edensor
7/1/1895 Hy MAJOR 26/12/1881 Thomas Workhouse St Annes Nottingham Notts left for Nottingham Mar 1895
10/1/1895 Vere TODD 18/11/1887 Arthur Mr RADFORD Matlock St
10/6/1895 Robert HARROLD 24/11/1885 John The Theatre Ripley 28/6/1895 gone to Ripley
10/6/1895 Fred HARROLD 24/10/1887 John The Theatre Ripley 28/6/1895 gone to Ripley
24/6/1895 John SHIRT 7/10/1888 John Charles New St -
24/6/1895 Benjamin WILSON 25/6/1888 Thomas Cunningham P exempt from Religious Inst Aug 1895 to Hassop R C
9/10/1895 Hugh SLACK 28/8/1888 ---BILHAM The Station Mr RADFORD Apr 1898 to Matlock
17/10/1895 Walter POTTER 1/5/1886 Jane Diamond Court Ashford
25/11/1895 Richard GRETOREX 19/8/1888 Joseph Water St Edensor
25/11/1895 William GRETOREX 2/11/1886 Joseph Water St Edensor

Bakewell National Boys
Adm Pupil Residence Parents Occupation Age yr.mon. Notes
--/1/1873 John F? THOMPSON Mill St grocer 10y 6m left County
--/4/1873 John Hy LEES 10y 6m left Town June 1873
5/1876 Henry A HASLAM South Church St. mason 6y 1m left district Aug 1877
29/11/1876 Roliford BRADBURY Top of the Hill no father 6y 10m left district Feb. 1878
9/4/1877 J. Hy DAVENPORT New St. umbrella maker 7y left district May 1877
2/7/1877 George DAVIES North Church St. tailor 6y 4m Left gone to Lancs.
9/7/1879 Thomas BOULSOVER father residing Sheffield Yks visiting 7y
30/9/1878 John William SMITH Mill St. railway labourer 9y left Nov 1878 visiting
30/9/1878 George SMITH Mill St. railway labourer 6y left Nov 1878 visiting
25/6/1882 Walter HALLOWS North Church St labourer 7y Apr 1888 Gone to Sheffield Yks
31/8/1885 Ernest Gell NAYLOR Over Haddon Lay Reader 10y 7m America
2/8/1880 Greaves FROST Monyash Rd. blacksmith 7y 1m left Bakewell Apr 1886
7/7/1884 William NEEDHAM Stanidge Rd wheelwright 6y 2m left Bakewell Sep 1888
7/7/1884 Bennett NEEDHAM Stanidge Rd. wheelwright 6y 2m left Bakewell Sep 1888
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