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Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Rogues and Vagabonds


RV300 Anthony LAWRENCE 57, born Fordingbridge, Hants 1798
RV301 John MITCHEL, Pleasley to Fordingbridge, Hants 1798 with Mary wife, John, Mary.
RV302 John MITCHEL 47 born Fordingbridge, Hants. 1798
RV303 Jane MURREY Ashbourne to Anglesea 1798
RV304 Jane MURREY born Anglesea, North Wales, apprehended in Ashbourne. 1798
RV305 Elizabeth PRINCE father born Estrinton Yks, doesn't know where she was born. Apprehended Tideswell. 1798
RV306 Elizabeth PRINCE Tideswell to Hive in Estrinton. 1798
RV307 John RILEY 22 belongs to Odd Road, Co Chester. 1798
RV308 John RILEY removal from Chesterfield to Odd Road, Co Chester. Punished according to Law. (at this time, 7 days in prison) 1798
RV309 Stephen RILEY, Elizabeth wife Ashbourne to Ireland 1798
RV310 Stephen RILEY born Port Arlington Ireland, wife Elizabeth a native of Ireland., by reason of his ague obliged to beg. 1798
RV337 Daniel KENNA 36 born Scotland 1799
RV338 Daniel KENNA, Elizabeth wife, Ellen. Chesterfield to Scotland. 1799
RV339 Jane LLOYD married Wm LLOYD at Shrewsbury, husband born Ruthen, Denbigh. Husband dead. One child Catherine. 1799
RV340 Jane LLOYD, Catherine Chesterfield to Ruthen. 1799
RV341 Richard MARTIN born Iloggon (Illogan is near Redruth and Camborne) Cornwall, father miner. Apprehended New Mills. 1799
RV342 Richard MARTIN New Mills to Iluggon, Cornwall 1799
RV343 Matthew AMBER, Examination concerning Mary MAW "Known Mary MAW 12 yrs, remembers being in workhouse with her late husband at Thorne where her husband died." She agreed to live as man and wife with Matthew AMBLER but were never married. 1799
RV344 Mary MAW and child Rowthorne to Thorne 1799
RV345 Mary MIDDLEWOOD 79 married by Licence Durham to Matthew MIDDLEWOOD. Husbands Settlement at Nottingham by beibbg apprentice as a brazier there. He has been dead 32 years. 1799
RV346 Mary MIDDLEWOOD Chesterfield to Nottingham 1799
RV347 Martha MILLOR Tideswell to Hayfield 1799
RV348 Martha MILLOR born Tideswell. Went to live at Hayfield when 17 Hired to John CLAYTON there. Apprehended Tideswell 1799
RV349 Robert SMALLPIECE 69 Apprenticed to Wm LEA of Kidderminster cabinet maker. 1799
RV350 Robert SMALLPIECE, Phoebe wife, Chesterfield to Kidderminster 1799
RV351 Mary TODD marr to John TODD at Sutton in Ashfield, now a soldier. Husband born Hardstaff p.Ault Hucknall. Has infant son Stephen. 1799
RV352 Mary TODD Chesterfield to Ault Hucknall 1799
RV353 Mary WATTS Apprehended Tideswell to Scotland 1799
RV354 Mary WATTS born New York, America. When 21 married George WATTS a soldier 57th Rgtof Foot. He was born Stirling. That about 15 yrs since she came to England with her husband. Four years ago husband left her in Ireland and has not been seen since. Apprehended Tideswell. 1799
RV355 Sarah ETLEY Bakewell to Cullerton Leics. 1801
RV356 Sarah ETLEY 9, left Cullerton 17 days ago. Father live Cullerton 1801
RV357 Thomas LONGDEN Chesterfield to Matlock 1801
RV358 Thomas LONGDEN, 21 Legal Settlement Matlock 1801
RV359 Elijah BEECH Chesterfield to Packington 1802
RV360 Elijah BEECH 65, Packington, served apprentice to bucklemaker there. 1802
RV361 Amy DEAN Chesterfield to Truro 1802
RV362 Amy DEAN 57, Truro,for reason of hiring and sevice for a year. 1802
RV363 Joseph TRICKETT Chesterfield to Bradfield 1802
RV364 Joseph TRICKETT 59, legal Sett. Bradfield having served apprenticeship there. 1802
RV365 John HASELDINE Pleasley to Kirk Hallam 1802
RV366 John HASELDINE 10, born Kirk Hallam 1802
RV367 Bray HATFIELD Chesterfield to Bone Church, Hants 1802
RV368 Bray HATFIELD 41, Legal Sett. Bone Church, Hants 1802
RV369 Elizb. HEALD Chesterfield to Eccleshall Bierlow 1802
RV370 Elizb. HEALD 21 born Sheffield, served a years service Eccleshall Bierlow. 1802
RV371 Jane PRICE Chesterfield to Falmouth 1802
RV372 Jane PRICE 58 born Falmouth 1802
RV373 William SNEAP Chesterfield to Mosbro' Jan. 1802
RV374 William SNEAP 10 apprenticed to Joseph ROSE Mosbro' Moor, wheelwright, ran away from master. Jan 1802
RV375 William SNEAP Chesterfield to Mosbro May 1802
RV376 William SNEAP 10, Parish apprentice to Joseph ROSE, Mosborough Moor, ran away from master. May 1802
RV377 Elizabeth STARKEY Chesterfield to Stockport 1802
RV378 Elizabeth STARKEY 18, bastard born Stockport. 1802
RV379 Samuel TURNER Chesterfield to Suffolk 1802
RV380 Samuel TURNER 43, born Ipswich, ships carpenter at Ipswich, served apprenticeship there. 1802
RV381 Ann VALENCE Chesterfield to Belpar 1802
RV382 Ann VALENCE 20 born Belpar, her legal Sett. 1802
RV383 Hannah WILD Chapel en le Frith to Glossop 1802
RV384 Nancy WORRALL Chesterfield to Wlston Yks 1802
RV385 Nancy WORRALL 21, Legal Sett. Wilston, fathers Legal Sett by reason of apprenticeship. 1802
RV386 John BOWLING Chesterfield to Little Peasley, Galloway 1803
RV387 John BOWLING belongs to Little Peasley, Galloway where his father belonged. 1803
388 Joseph BRANT Bakewell to St Andrew London, Middx 1803
389 Joseph BRANT 45 born Birmingham, legal Sett, St Andrews Middx by serving Tho GRANT, tin plate worker. Apprehended in Bakewell. 1803
390 Thomas BURROWS Chesterfield to Lowdham 1803
391 Thomas BURROWS 14, born Nottingham St Nicholas. Apprenticed to Mr LAMBERT cotton spinner. Ran away two weeks ago. 1803
392 John CAPPS Chesterfield to Newark upon Trent 1803
393 John CAPPS 41, born Scottlethorpe, Lincs. when 14 apprenticed to Philip MOODY, then Peter SELBY of Newark, cordwainer 1803
394 William HARTLE 48, born Chapel en le Frith, by the age of 13 his father dead. Apprenticed to John JACKSON of Raynor Co. Chester, blacksmith, then moved to Macclesfield with him, then to Pott, Ches. with master again. Came with brother to Chapel en le Frith, moved to Eccles Brierly, Yks as journeyman blacksmith, then to Sparrowpit. 1803
395 William HUNT Bakewell to Tideswell (publicly whipt) 1803
396 William HUNT 22, born Tideswell apprehended Bakewell wandering and begging. 1803
397 John LOWE Chesterfield to Lowdham 1803
398 John LOWE 15, born Parliament St. Nottingham. Apprenticed to Mr LAMBERT of Lowdham. Ran away from him. 1803
399 Sarah PEARSON Chesterfield to Chorley 1803
400 Sarah PEARSON 22 born Chester St Marys, father John PEARSON, legal Sett. Chorley, says that Chorley is five miles from Nantwich 1803
401 Joseph ROBINSON Chesterfield to Ripley, Yks 1803
402 Joseph ROBINSON 29, born Ripley nr Knaresbro' served on board a Man of War since 1793. 1803
403 Thomas ROBINSON Chesterfield to Hales Owen 1803
404 Thomas ROBINSON belongs Hales Owen, rented property from John GREEN of Birmingham, druggist 1803
RV405 Thos ROWNEY Clarissa wife, child Bakewell to Ireland 1803
RV406 Tho ROWNEY 22 born Ireland, bound apprentice to John WOOD of Greenock, Scotland tailor. Later went to sea. Apprehended Bakewell 1803
RV407 Samuel SAGE Bakewell to St James, London, Middx. 1803
RV408 Samuel SAGE 37, born St James, London. 1803
RV409 James SIMMS Chesterfield to St Peters, Birmingham 1803
RV410 James SIMMS born St Peters Birmingham, where fathers Legal Sett. is. 1803
RV411 Robert WILSON Bakewell to St Brides. London 1803
RV412 Robert WILSON 34 born Birmingham. Fathers Sett at St Brides, London 1803
RV413 Ann STERNDALE Tideswell to Stockport 1805
RV414 Ann STERNDALE born Tideswell, father James Sett. there. Served Mr WORTHINGTON of Manchester, James WRIGHT of Chapel en le Frith, Mr WHEELDON of Chapel en le Frith, then to her brother at Manchester. Served Caleb BURCHALL of Stockport then Isaac BOWER grocer of Stockport 1805
RV415 Matthew NELSON Eckington to Wentworth Yks 1809
RV416 Matthew NELSON 35, born Ecclesfield Yks where father resides under Certificate from Wentworth. no year (1809?)
RV417 Jane BOWIN 36 belongs Kingston Portsea, Hants, has one child with her. 1821
RV418 Richard BRACE 33 Edinborough, Scotland 1821
RV419 John COOPER 29 born Thirsk 1821
RV420 Marcus DOUDLE born Southwark, Surrey 1821
RV421 John KINNEDY born Newport, Isle of Wight 1821
RV422 Matthew MacCLOD born Galsgow 1821
RV423 Grace ROSE 45, widow of John. Belongs Ashbourne. 1821
RV424 Ellen SMITH 36 belongs Cuckfield, Sussex. Husband William dec. Has two sons with her Richard and Robert. 1821
RV425 Joseph STEWART 27 born Berwick upon Tweed where parents were legally Settled. 1821
RV426 Francis WILLEBY 33 born Dover, Kent wife Catherine, Francis and Thomas with him. 1821
RV427 John TOLMAN born Anglesea North Wales of parents legally Settled there. Has wife Harriett along with him. 1821
RV428 Ann FOLLET apprehended Ashbourne to Ireland 1790
RV429 Examination of Ann FOLLET, wife of Jackson FOLLET, a soldier in HM 46th Regt Foot, stationed in Cork, Ireland. She was born Dublin, on her way to Dunington, Lincs to her husbands mother to leave their baby as they are expected to be ordered "to foreign service at Gibraltar". 1790
RV430 Alexander GRAYSON 30 apprehended Gloucester, Mary wife, Mary SCOT, William SCOT her children 1740
to Glincarn. It appears these people were passing through Derby with a Pass back to Scotland. The Pass could be in Derby because Alexander GRAYSON died there. Mary SCOT and her children may have required a new one to travel on.
RV431 William DEBANK apprehended in Bakewell, to Stainsby p. Ault Hucknall. 1778
Q2/54Rem Wm JAMSON Wirksworth to Scotland 1791
Q2/55Ex. Wm JAMSON born Lerwick, Shetland, aged 45 (in preamble) or aged 35 (in Examination ). Served on Board HMS Phaeton as Doctors Mate for five years, since then several voyagers in the Greenland Fishing. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1791
Q2/56Rem Mary HUGHS Wirksworth to Lancaster 1791
Q2/57Ex. Mary HUGHS 35, born Spittlefields London,marr at 16 to Edward HUGHS at St Linards, Shore ditch. His Legal Sett Lancaster. Edward HUGHS died Portsmouth 14 wks ago. 1791
Q2/64Rem Sarah GREEN Stoney Middleton to Snelson 1804
Q2/65Ex Sarah GREEN born Snelson (Snelston, Dbys.) When 20 marr John GREEN or a man calling himself John GREEN who said his Leg Sett was Manchester, "but whether he was a native of Ireland or Scotland she doth not know". He only staid with her two weeks after they were married then left. Since then resided at Manchester and sometimes Snelson. 1804

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.