Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer

Rogues and Vagabonds

These folks were usually found wandering and begging. Many are single but sometimes families were involved. The majority it would seem came from without the County although obviously there are some totally Derbyshire. When you consider how far some came from you realise why they were called "sturdy beggars". It may be they had reason to visit Derbyshire but never made their goal.
Alongside the Removal order for the Rogue you may find also an Examination regarding their last place of Legal Settlement. The first place is where they were apprehended and the next, where they were removed to. This was to their last Legal Settlement, which was not always the place they were born.

RV1 Thomas POLLARD Derby to Matlock 1711/12
RV2 Rowland BEAVER Youlgreave to Bakewell 1740 passed through Bakewell without being apprehended.
RV3 Geo BROMMYLOW born Parr, p.Prescott Lancs, when 30 took a farm at Wiggen. 1740
RV4 George BROMMYLOW aged 74, Tideswell to Wiggen 1740
RV5 Ellen CLOUGH Hope to Aulin, Cheshire 1740
RV6 Elizabeth COOKSON widow Mellor to Ashton Lancs 1740
RV7 Richard CRESWELL Fairfield to Middx St James. 1740
RV8 John DICKEN, Mary wife Manchester to Taddington 1740
RV9 Wm DICKINSON born Howbrook p.Wortley, Yks app. to Humphry BRAMMAL taylor, then Joseph MASON Ecclesfield 1740
RV10 Wm DICKINSON 40, Hope to Wortley 1740
RV11 Alice GRAHAM, Benjamin son Tideswell to Cadalamoor p. Preston, Lancs. 1740
RV12 Martha KIRKLAND (also KYRKLAND) aged 19 Ashford to Bonsall. 1740
RV13 John LEES miller, Derby to Morton 1740
RV14 Jeremiah OPLEY Elizb. wife. Bradwall to Horton p.Titston Cheshire 1740
RV15 Thomas PHILIPS 28 Hannah wife, Ann BARLOW 18 single from Bakewell to Chesterfield 1740 "who in Chesterfield, were misordering themselves by singing Ballads there and passed through without being apprehended"
RV16 Alice POOL Fairfield to Munster, Ireland 1740
RV17 Ellindor RADDIN, widow, late husband Wiliam born Androwick, shire of East Lowrin, Scotland. Apprenticed to a Tobacconist, Dunbar East Lowrin. Her maiden name DEANS born at Androwick. Has with her child William 1m 1740
RV18 Ellindor RADDIN Derby to Androwick 1740
RV19 Ann SMITH 57, John, Rebecca, removed from Tideswell to Wolverhampton. 1740
RV20 Jane SMITH, Jane, Margaret. Derby to New Elvatt, Durham Husband Richard now a soldier in Col HARRISONS Regiment on the Isle of Wight. 1740
RV21 John SMITH, Mary wife, Ann. committed to Wakefield to be removed to Buxton. John SMITH escaped. 1740
RV22 Mary SMITH als MARY SLATOR to Abberford WRY 1740
RV23 Peter SMITH born Strand Raw, Galloway aged 11 left to sell hardware. Lost eye sight in 1739. 1740
RV24 Peter SMITH aged 37, Ann wife. from Youlgreave to Stranraer, Scotland. 1740
RV25 Miles WARD 40, from Youlgreave to St Patricks, Dublin 1740
RV26 Ellen WHITE, marr ten yrs ago at Mansfield to Wm WHITE, left her husband 3yrs ago. 1740
RV27 Ellen WHITE 40 Youlgreave to Mansfield 1740
RV28 Elizabeth WILLIAMS Hope to St Mary's Hereford 1740
RV29 Margaret WILLIAMS widow of Thomas, blacksmith 1740 Maiden name Margaret GRACE.
RV30 Margt WILLIAMS Derby St Peter to Dublin St Michael 1740
RV31 Margt WILLIAMS widow of Thomas. dec. Removed from St Giles in the Fields Middlesex to Newport, Derby !! 1740
RV32 Agnes WILSON, James son Whitwell to Lessmahago, shire of Lainrock, Nth Britain. 1740
RV33 Matthew WILSON Katherine wife, Katherine dau. Tideswell to Comunny County Entram, Ireland. 1740
RV34 Mary WRIGHT Tideswell to Market Harborough, Leics 1740
RV35 John YARROW Tideswell to Clay Lane, N Wingfield 1740
RV36 James BILLINGSLEY Headge to St Michael, Cornhill, London 1741
RV37 Bernard CARSON, Bridget wife, Ann Wirksworth to Leith nr Edinborough. 1749
RV38 Elizb JOHNSON Wirksworth to Bell Broughton Worcestershire. 1749
RV39 Francis SHARP, Ann wife, James, Andrew Wirksworth to Leith in the County of Middle Lowden in that part of Britain called Scotland. 1749
RV40 Wiliam CALLWOOD Middleton to Liverpool St Peter 1755
RV41 Susannah NEEDHAM wife of George, a soldier in Gen Howards Regt of Dragoons, Mary dau apprenticed in Eckington. Legal Settlement Horsefield als Ossfiled Staffs 1755
RV42 Susannah NEEDHAM, wife of George who was apprenticed to Roger BELK 1755
RV43 John SHAW, Alice wife from Bakewell to Shefield 1755
RV44 John SHAW born Foolow, where is father lived under a Certificate from Alfreton. Bound to Luke STANIFORTH Cole Pit Lane Celesale WRY Sheath maker, Master resided Eccleshall died, widow wed Robert MARSHALL of Sheffield, blacksmith. 1755
RV45 John THOMPSON, Mary wife. from Tissington to Rhye, Sussex. 1757
RV46 Sarah CRAVEN Higham to Tibshelf 1758
RV47 Sarah CRAVEN Examination, born Long Shelton, Leics. Father and mother, when she was born were travelling people. Taken as vagabonds nr Southwell, father buried Tibshelf. 1758
RV48 John JACKSON Alfreton to Tadcaster 1759
RV49 Mary BEST Bromsgrove to Etwell 1767
RV50 Mary BEST Examination. father John died two weeks ago in Oxford. 1767
RV51 Davenport PLANT, Sage wife, Fanny dau. 1771 removed from Shirland to Chepstow, Monmouth
RV52 Davenport PLANT Examination, born Chepstow, maintained himself and family by selling Songbooks up and down country while able to travel. 1771
RV53 John HALL Examination, born Bilson, Staffs. Charged by the Constable of Norton to gather alms under the pretence of loss by shipwreck. Of Holywell, Flint. presently a Corporal in Shropshire Militia. Using a paper given him by a man named HALL, neither did he suffer shipwreck as set forth in said paper. 1772
RV54 John JOHNSON Egginton to Ashbourne 1772
RV55 John JOHNSON Examination, aged 9, ran away from mother and father. about a month ago. 1772
RV56 John CLARKE Holme, Nottinghamshire to Sinfield and Arlaston. 1774
RV57 John CLARKE Examination hired to Tho CLAY Arlaston farmer, taken ill at Holme, Notts 1774
RV58 Elizabeth WEBSTER Scarcliff to Sth Normanton 1774
RV59 Elizabeth WEBSTER born Scarcliff, illeg. In 1768 apprtd to Mr KIRK of Scarcliffe, then Wm SHOOTER of Sutton in Ashfield, assigned to Saml WILSON of Stn Normanton. 1774
RV60 Mary HARRISON Shirland to Elford, Staffs 1775
RV61 Mary HARRISON Examination, born Ratcliff, Leic. hired to Humphrey WOODCOCK Elford, married Wm HARRISON an Irishman, who died 18 yrs since. Maiden name LAMBETH 1775
RV62 Joseph WATKINSON Pinxton to Pentrich 1775
RV63 Joseph WATKINSON Examination, 30, had a farm in Pentrich. 1775
RV64 John NEVILL Martha wife, Elizabeth inf. Youlgrerave to St Matthews, Ipswich. 1777
RV65 Jane THOMPSON Monyash to Scarborough 1777
RV66 Jane THOMPSON born Blackwell, Derby at 16 servant to Brabazon HALLOWS Glapwell, then John RILEY Bulls Head, Nottingham, then lived two years with a relation in Liverpool. Married John THOMPSON seaman, at Liverpool. Pressed and gone to sea. 1777
RV67 Richard HOULT Stoney Middleton to Blackley Lancs 1778
RV68 Richard HOULT born Ratcliffe, app. to Joseph LYON of Greta Heaton, moved with master to Blackley 1778
RV69 Mary SMITH wife or widow of Tho SMITH, Mary their child. Brailsford to Stockport 1779
RV70 Mary SMITH Examination, wife or widow of Thomas, who a considerable time since absconded and run away from her, whether living or dead she cannot say. With Mary her child, 12 weeks old. Husband said Legal Settlement, Stockport 1779
RV71 Hannah SOAR wandering round Clifton as a vagabond and insane, removal to Ashbourne. 1779
RV72 Examination of Milicent GREGORY wife of Tho GREGORY of Ashbourne, concerning Hannah SOAR. Says she knows Hannah SOAR well. About 20 yrs since Milicent was a servant to Tho WILLIS of Ashbourne, Innkeeper, that Hannah SOAR lived with Tho WILLIS bound as an apprentice. Hannah SOAR served about seven years when Tho WILLIS died. 1779
RV73 Margaret FRAZER wife of Daniel, a Soldier 78th Regt of Foot, husband has served his apprenticeship at Forrest in the County of Murray, Scotland. Has one dau 10 yrs. 1781
RV74 Margaret FRAZER, dau 10yrs Pleasley to Scotland 1781
RV75 Elizabeth KENNEDY wife of Alexander Soldier 78th Regt Foot. Husband served his appren. in Dumfries. 1781
RV76 Elizabeth KENNEDY Pleasley to Scotland 1781
RV77 Susan MACKINTOSH, and two children Pleasley to Scotland. 1781
RV78 Susan MACKINTOSH wife of Alexander Soldier 78th Regt of Foot. Dumfries House, County of Air. Two children under three years. 1781
RV79 Elizabeth SMITH Pleasley to Scotland 1781
RV80 Elizabeth SMITH, wife of Robert SMITH, Soldier 78th Regt Foot. Stirling. 1781
RV81 Millicent WHEELDON begging then delivered of a male bastard child in Atlow removal to Brailsford 1781
RV82 Millicent WHEELDON born Hognaston, hired to Benj HUDSON of Brailsford, farmer 1781
RV83 Sarah BEIGHTON Chesterfield to Duffield 1783
RV 84 Sarah BEIGHTON born Duffield, where her father was settled. 1783
RV85 Ann DAWSON Chesterfield to Syston 1783
RV86 Ann DAWSON married Loughborough to Wm DAWSON 4-5 years ago. He ran away 9 wks ago. Her father is Robert NEEDHAM residing Syston. 1783
RV87 Joseph BURGESS playing dice. Chesterfield to Macclesfield 1785
RV88 Joseph BURGESS Exam. served John WILSON of Macclesfield 1785
RV89 Ishmael DUTTON Chesterfield to Congleton 1785
RV90 Ishmael DUTTON Examination, born Congleton, served W. SMITH Town Clerk, Congleton n.d.
RV91 Mary PRESTON Chesterfield to Wirksworth 1787
RV92 Mary PRESTON born Wirksworth 1787
RV93 Michael ROBINSON Chesterfield to St Nicholas, Deptford, Kent. 1787
RV94 Michael ROBINSON born Deptford, Kent, father leg. settled there. 1787
RV95 Elizabeth SILCOCK Chesterfield to Newbold 1787
RV96 Elizb SILCOCK, says she is settled in Newbold 1787 the Examination is not taken on oath on account of the infancy of the said Rogue and Vagabond.
RV97 Mary SILCOCK Chesterfield to Newbold 1787
RV98 Mary SILCOCK born Newbold, parents leg settled there 1787
RV99 Matthew THORNTON Chesterfield to Aldgate, London 1787 "wandering pretending to be a mariner or a seafaring man"
RV100 Matt. THORNTON born Aldgate, father settled there 1787
RV101 Elizb BAKER Doveridge to St Michaels, Cornhill. 1788
RV102 Elizabeth BAKER born p. Stanvard, Essex, where father is leg settled. Hired to John BINGLEY of St Michaels, Cornhill, London, merchant. 1788
RV103 Isabella HARPER Chesterfield to Scotland 1788 "she has been punished according to law" this involved a whipping in the market place.
RV104 Thomas JONES, Jane wife. Chesterfield to Denby, Wales no doubt Denbigh, Wales. 1788
RV105 Thomas JONES Examination born Denby (Denbigh) in that part of England called Wales !!. Aged about 50. Apprenticed to Mr MOSSEN of Denby, woolen manufacturer. Married Jane COOPER at Shrewsbury 1788
RV106 John RAYOR Chesterfield to Laworth, Cambs. 1788
RV107 John RAYOR, born out of lawful matrimony at Laworth, Cambs. Aged about 19.Hired as servant to Mr DOUGLASS 4th Lt of His Majestys Shipp "Elizabeth". Staid with his master in Portsmouth. Served then Mr NEWMAN Waggoner travelling between St Ives and London. 1788
RV108 Mary BOOKER Chesterfield - Brampton 1789
RV109 Mary BOOKER Exam. 14, born Barlow father Samuel.1789
RV110 John CRIGHTON Chesterfield to Scotland 1789
RV111 John CRIGHTON 18 born Edinburgh, joined ship, had accident. 1789
RV112 Francis DUNLAP, examination, Jane wife Wirksworth - Newton Arbes Ireland. Came to England three years ago. Married in the north of Ireland. 1789
RV112a on reverse; Ann JACKSON, Margaret and Samuel her children and Elizabeth DIXON. Vag. 1790
RV113 Isabel FOSTER Dronfield - Whaley Cheshire 1789 pretending to be dumb and telling fortunes.
RV114 Isabel FOSTER 35 born Dublin married John FOSTER about 19 years ago then a soldier in 19th Regt of Foot. He was born Dublin 1789
RV115 William FRISEAR Chesterfield to Kilmorah, Inverness 1789
RV116 William FRISEAR, aged 58, born Kilmorah, Inverness 1789
RV117 Stephen HOBBS Chesterfield to Hadleigh, Suffolk 1789
RV118 Stephen HOBBS Exam. 45, born Hadleigh, Suffolk, apprenticed to Saml HUNT of Hadleigh, woolcomber 1789
RV119 Sarah ROGERS single, Ashbourne to St Georges, Hanover Square, Middlesex 1789
RV120 Sarah ROGERS born Gilsel, Montgomeryshire, left 26yrs ago. Lived with Richard LEICESTER of Rowton, Shropshire, then Sir Geo WARIN St James Street Piccadilly, then John LOCKWOOD Harley St, Cavendish Square, Mary le bone as cook, then Lord LUDLOW Grosvenor St,. then Lady SHELBORNE Hanover St, then Earl of THANET Grosvenor St, then Lord ARCHER of Jarmin Street, St James. then Lady ARCHER, then Sir John LINDSAY of Harford Street, then went to Stockport to see friends and better employment. 1789
RV121 Henry SAUNDERS Chesterfield to Wellingborough 1789
RV122 Henry SAUNDERS 37 born Wellingborough, Northants, app to Wm WESTHEY of Wellingborough. 1789
RV123 Mary SILCOCK Chesterfield - Newbold 1789
RV124 Mary SILCOCK 22, born Newbold 1789
RV125 Samuel SLACK 42 born Tideswell, chiefly travelled the Country as a bearward (one who lead a bear, exhibition.) 1789
RV126 Samuel SLACK apprehended in Chesterfield, as a rogue and vagabond "using subtel craft and deceit playing and betting at unlawful games". Legat Sett. Tideswell. 1789
RV127 Jonas ANSON Chesterfield to Keighley Yks 1790
RV128 Elizb ASHTON 55 her husband now lives in Winster. Apprehended in Matlock. 1790
RV129 Isaac BELL 35 born Natland, Westmoreland removed with father to Kirkland, apprenticed to Nathan GOUGH and Co, Kendal weavers. Enlisted 59th Rgt of Foot Commanded by Sir David LINSEY, served as Substitute in Lancester Militia, hired to Tho WILSON dealer in midicines. Nine days ago in Sheffield, apprehended in Wirksworth 1790
RV130 Ann BERESFORD 22, Apprenticed to Wm HIGGINBOTHAM of Codnor Castle 1790
RV131 Ann BERESFORD "lodging in the open air" 1790 Chesterfield to Codnor Park
RV132 Ralph BEST, Ann wife. Wirksworth to Quarrington, Co. Durham 1790
RV133 John BOLSOVER 52 born Mosborough, apprenticed to Samuel WOOD cutler of Attercliffe. 1790
RV134 John BOLSOVER Chesterfield to Attercliffe 1790
RV135 John BRANTON (signs BRUNTON) born Magdalin p.Norwich, lived with Chas LEY Gent. St Stephens Norwich, hired to Dr BEVER of St Giles Norwich, enlisted marines at Rumford. Apprehended at Wirksworth. 1790
RV136 Benjamin BUNNEY apprehended Ashbourne to St Martins, Stamford, Northants. 1790
RV137 Benjamin BUNNEY born Glenfield, Leics hired to Tho HUPNALL Sheepshead, went to live at Okeham with Wm GILL who kept an Inn called the Crown, as a tapster, then to Lord EXETER in the p. St Martins, Stamford, left after dispute with coachman. Enlisted 51 Rgt of Foot, served in Ireland and Menorca. 1790
RV138 John CARLTON apprehended Ashbourne 26, born Chester City, lived in London then Liverpool, father a porter between ships to shore, hired by Joseph SAINT-GEORGE of St Marys, Liverpool as porter, then London to work in hay harvest, then Cambridge hay harvest. Suffered an ague and fever, on his way to his mother in Liverpool. 1790
RV139 John CARLETON Ashbourne to Back Lane, Hall St, Chester 1790
RV140 Mary CHAPMAN, John and Wm sons. Matlock to St Michaels, Manchester 1790
RV141 Mary CHAPMAN examination aged 37, born Penkridge, John 11, William 4, lived with Elizabeth SAMBROOK of Coventry married at Coventry George CHAPMAN a Corporal 101st Rgt of Foot, had three children two present with her, husband died July last, Husband Settlement at Manchester St Michaels where he served as an apprentice cordwainer. 1790
RV142 John DAVIS 59 born Northampton, parents under Certificate from Carlisle. 1790
RV143 John DAVIS, Jane wife Chesterfield to Carlisle 1790
RV144 Samuel COUSINS 25 born Brimington father Nathaniel settled at Norton. Father served James BROWNHILL of Norton farmer, He served John COUSINS of Sheffield 1790
RV145 Samuel COUSINS Chesterfield to Norton 1790
RV146 Elizabeth DIXON wife of George a tanner of Kings Cliff, Northampton. She is 43, born Manton?, Rutland, married husband at Kings Cliff. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1790
RV147 John GLASSINGTON 35 Examination, born St James Covent Garden, served Mr LANGDALE Covent Garden. 1790
RV148 John GLASSINGTON Removal 1790 from Chesterfield to St Pauls Covent Garden.
RV149 Mary GLOVER Examination, 21 born Leeds, marr Adam GLOVER Leeds, Hewas apprenticed to Tho HARRISON Stockton on Tease, ships carpenter. Husband died 3 wks ago. 1790
RV150 Mary GLOVER Removal Chesterfield to Stockton 1790
RV151 Tho GOODWIN Chesterfield to Stamford Removal 1790
RV152 Thomas GOODWIN Examination 22 born Stamford 1790
RV153 Wm HAYWOOD Exam. 56 born Cowley p.Dronfield 1790
RV154 Wm HAYWOOD Rem from Chesterfield to Dronfield 1790
RV155 Ann HOLLAND 49 born Stoke, Staffs,6yrs ago wed second husband George HOLLAND, cutler, who left her a few days ago at Pentridge in Derbyshire. Legal sett of Husband is Attercliffe. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1790
RV156 Elizabeth HOLMES 37 born Glascow. Married Tho HOLMES in Dublin. Has Wm and Edward with her. Husband died 9m ago. He was born Glascow, Scotland. Examination. 1790
RV157 Elizabeth HOLMES and William her son Chesterfield to Scotland. 1790
RV158 Sarah HOLT Ashbourne to Rochdale 1790
RV159 Wm IVES Examination, Sarah wife, Sarah dau 19yrs. Born Plymouth Dock, served as Captains servant on Plymouth Transport, then London as labourer, Pressed into service on board the "Antelope". Went from Chatham to Plymouth where he married, has five children. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1790
RV160 Ann JACKSON wife of Francis JACKSON, Examination, 40 has Margrat (sic) and Samuel HORSTED born Arundel, Northampton Married Oundel to John HORSTED butcher by whom she had seven children. Husband died 6m ago and remarried her present husband at Kingscliffe, Northampton. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1790
RV161 Ruth JONES Wirksworth to Warindon 1790
RV162 John LEWIS Matlock to St Michaels Manchester 1790
after being whip'd
RV163 John LEWIS 70,born Manchester St Michaels, went to Kiddymister, enlisted 75th Regt Foot, then returned to Kiddyminster. 1790
RV164 James MACE 50 born Great Gate, p.Crockston,Staffs apprenticed to Joseph DAWMAN of Wilnall, coffin handle maker. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1790
RV165 James MANNERS, Alice wife, 40 born Bishops Cleve Glos., hired to Wm BEVERS of Tewkesbury Glocester hosier. Married wife at Wirksworth, since then strode about wrag gathering. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1790
RV166 Elizabeth MATLEY, wife of John of Derby St Peter, lab, and Mary dau. Apprehended Ashbourne to Derby St Peter. 1790
RV167 Elizabeth MATLEY Examination, wife of John of St Peters, labourer, husband served Rev Wm WRIGHT late rector of St Peter. Husband left home Thursday to seek employment reaping. Landlady seized husbands effects for rent. Left Friday to find husband to see if he could spare money for rent. Heard he was at harvest work nr Ashbourne, arrived there Sunday evening when taken ill and could go no further, has Mary with her her dau. 1790
RV168 Joseph MOOR 59,Examination, born Alfreton, apprenticed to Geroge FIDDLER of Walton butcher, went back to Alfreton, mother did and left him home. Returned to Chesterfield, married, sold home. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1790
RV169 Ann MOORE Examination, 40,born Sleaford, Lincs 1790
RV170 Ann MOORE Removal Chesterfield to Sleaford 1790
RV171 Isabel MORRISON 39 of Moor Clash Bainfshire, left and hired by Sir James FOLDS Collington House in Middle Owden, Scotland 1790
RV172 Isabel MORRISON Chesterfield to Scotland 1790
RV173 William MOTRAM Examination, aged 18 born Cork 1791
RV174 Wm MOTTRAM Removal, Chesterfield to Cork 1791
RV175 Ann NUTALL 36 born Cork married 9-10 yrs ago in Hand of Monarha to John NUTALL Soldier in 51 Regt Fot Commanded by Sir Wm DRAPER. Came to England in lodgings in Manchester then Hollinsclough, Alstonefield her husband leg Sett. Had three children, two now dead. Left Hollinsclough when she stroled about with her husband wrag gathering, when he run away from her. Lay in 7-8 weeks since. 1790
RV176 Judith PAVILAND Chesterfield to Wimbush, Essex 1790
RV177 Judith PAVILAND, 30, born Wimbush. 1790
RV178 Arnet RILEY 60 Examination, do not know where he was born, but Broughton, Ches was fathers Legal Sett. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1790
RV178 Henry RODGERS 8 yrs and over born Uttoxeter, never knew his father, mother died two years ago, Came from Uttoxeter to seek work at Cotton mills. 1790
RV179 Swift SPENCER 26 born Tideswell 1790
RV180 Swift SPENCER, Margaret wife, Joseph son 1790
removal from Chesterfield to Tideswell
RV181 Ann SPRTINGTHORP born Derby St Peters. Married Tho SPRINGTHORP. Husabnd left her two years ago at Walsall. His Settlement Thrinkston, she delivered of a boy there. Left Thrinkston, wandered ever since. Apprehended Wirksworth 1790
RV182 Samuel STANDLEY 10, parents reside Cheadle. 1790
RV183 Samuel STANDLEY Chesterfield to Cheadle 1790
RV184 Ephraim STONE 64 born High Edge, Derbys, Apprentice to Daniel BROWN Denby, cordwainer. Apprehended Wirksworth 1790
RV185 Jane WADE Examination, 22 born Swarcliffe Yks, served John HUMPLEBY farmer of Swarcliffe. 1790
RV186 Jane WADE Chesterfield to Swarcliffe 1790
RV187 Richard WATERFIELD Examination, 51 born Thrinkston, Leics. 1790
RV188 John WEAVER, Examination, 38 born Radmoor Lane, p.Forton, Salop. Apprenticed to James WADKIN of Forton, then Wm NORTON of Wolverhampton gimblet maker. Married St Peters, Wolverhampton to Mary BLUNT. 1790
RV189 John WEAVER, Marey wife, removal from Chesterfield to Wolverhampton. 1790
RV190 James WILKINSON born Sawford, enlisted in Portsmouth Devision as a soldier, then Manchester Volunteers, taken prisoner by Spaniards, when exchanged came back to Plymouth. 1790
RV191 James WILKINSON, Sarah wife, Matlock to Sawford 1790
RV192 David YEADAN served Joseph SHAW of Acton parish of Featherstone Yks. Service expired 1775. As since been at sea, then after labourer. 1790
RV193 David YEADAN Chesterfield to Acton Yks. 1790

RV194 John BAKER, Elizabeth dau, Chas son 1791
removed from Wirksworth to Manchester
RV195 John BAKER 52, Examination, born Kent, apprentice to Peter BRYAN, St Sepulker Without, Middx. then James PRIEST of Manchester, married, took a house at Chesterfield, had eleven children. Elizabeth 18, Charles 9. 1791
RV196 Elizabeth BAKER delivered yesterday of a female child, and cannot therefore be passed. 16 Jul 1791
RV197 Ann CREED Wirksworth to St Edmunds Salibury 1791
RV198 Ann CREED 50 born Salisbury, left Salisbury when she came out of the Work house, 1791
RV199 Francis HAYNES Wirksworth to Barking, Essex 1791
RV200 Francis HAYNES 23, Moorfield, City of London, parents legal Sett at Hackney, London. Apprenticed to Tho PEARTREE of Barking, ran away, sent back, put into Workhouse, ran away three weeks ago. 1791
RV201 John HIGSON Wirksworth to Eastwood 1791
RV202 John HIGSON 17 born London, when five apprenticed to Chas PRICE, Oxford Rd, London as chimney sweep., left served Saml ROYSTON Nottingham St Marys. 1791
RV203 Daniel JACKSON, Mary wife, removal, Wirksworth to Leith, Northumberland. 1791
RV204 Daniel JACKSON 82,born Leith, Northumberland, enlisted 33rd Rgt Foot, discharged Portsmouth 1748. Married his wife at Newcastle upon Tyne 1791
RV205 Alfred SLATER 45, born Manchester, of parents legally Settled there. 1791
RV206 Alfred SLATER Chesterfield to Manchester 1791
RV207 William STANLEY Wirksworth to Woolverhampton 1791
after being whip'd. (Being whip'd was a common event, not just peculiar to Wm Stanley, persons of any age seemed to have been punished this way.)
RV208 William STANLEY 50, born Woolverhampton, apprenticed to William CARTER of Woolverhampton, bucklemaker. 1791
RV209 Mary TURNER 29, Ellin, Elizabeth, born Middleton by Wirksworth, married John TURNER of Cromford, at Wirksworth, a slater. Went to Millford in Ireland where husband died. Husband served his apprenticeship to his bro in law in Ashover. 1791
RV210 Mary TURNER, Elizabeth, Ellin. Cromford to Ashover 1791
RV211 Joseph WALKER 40 born Caswell, Staffs 1791
RV212 Joseph WALKER Wirksworth to Caswell Staffs. 1791
RV213 Tho COLLINSON Wirksworth to Islington 1792
RV214 Thomas COLLINSON, 16, born on board ship "Culloden" Man of War. Brought up in Shoreditch, London, lived with father Peartree Court, served John HUNTER, publican of Thistle and Crown, Billiter Lane, London, then on board "Salley" sloop, then lodged with father Tower Hill, then to James SKEG publican Kings Head, Islington, then wandered selling pictures and books. 1792
RV215 John SIMPSON Wirksworth to Newcastle upon Tyne 1792
RV216 John SIMPSON 67 born Yarmouth, apprenticed to John WILSON of Yarmouth, ships master, served later part at Newcastle. 1792
RV217 Benj FOWELS 39 Mary 30 both of Salsbury Wilts. apprenticed to John BENNETT of Wilton, Wilts carpet weaver, then on ship, had two children, both dead. Apprehended Kirk Ireton 1793
RV218 Charlotte GORDON Dronfield to Scotland 1793
RV219 Charlotte GORDON born in the Army, fathers Settlement Musselburgh. 1793
RV220 Ann LOCKWOOD found wandering in upon a party of soldiers. Ashbourne to Mansfield 1793
RV221 Ann LOCKWOOD born Mansfield 1793
RV222 George LUNN 50 born Sth Lowerton Notts. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1793
RV223 Richard PRICE, Bridgett wife, four children removal from Shardlow to Ireland 1793
RV224 Richard PRICE born Co Donnegall 1793
RV225 John SMITH Wirksworth to Apleton 1793
RV226 John SMITH 76 born Walton, Cheshire, apprenticed to John WILLIAMS of Warrington, served in various regiments. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1793
RV227 Thomas BREWER 45 born Cheadle. Apprehended Wirksworth 1794
RV228 Sarah CHADDOCK 34 wife of Thomas CHADDOCK Soldier in Couldstream Regiment 2nd of Guards. born Uttoxeter, marr to Thomas CHADDOCK at Uttoxeter, who served Tho BROWN of Kingston upon Hull which is his legal Settlement. Enlisted as a privat. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1794
RV229 John DONCAN 40 born Liverpool St Johns. Enlisted as a Privateer, discharged on account of having fitts. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1794
RV230 Sarah MAGINITY 23 born Ireland married 5yrs to Dan MAGINITY, who is an Irishman who has run away from her. Been in England 6m,has one child by her husband aged 1m. Apprehended Markeaton? 1794
RV231 Susanna POSTEN 44, Felicia dau 12, Elizabeth 8, born Cun, Co Shrewsbury, married at Arbin to Danl POSTEN now a soldier, by trade a file cutter. Husband Settlement at Ross, Hereford. Husband served 13 yrs American War. Discharged came to Birmingham, enlisted with Lincolnshire Volunteers. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1794
RV232 James WATSON 64 born Humbey, East Lothian. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1794
RV233 John WHEELER, Martha 26, father was a soldier, examinant born Cirencester Gloucs. moved with mother to Portsmouth. Enlisted Marine service under Command of Lieut Gen SMITH, Commander Portsmouth Division. Six or seven months ago married Martha GRATTON of Wirksworth. 1794
234 Robert BLAKE 25 belongs Whitby, married Boston to Catherine. 1793
235 Robert BLAKE, Catherine Chesterfield to Whitby 1793
236 Ann COOPER 37 belongs Beighton 1795
237 Ann COOPER Chesterfield to Beighton 1795
238 Elizabeth GOODWIN 20 marr Tho GOODWIN, who enlisted for a soldier, now abroad, his Leg Settlement Norton, Co Staffs.1795
239 Elizabeth GOODWIN Bakewell to Norton, Staffs 1795
Elizabeth HOLMES wife of Royal HOLMES and on duty in ther Nottinghamshire Fencibles, left her 8 wk. His legal Settlement Belepr. Child by him, 6 wks. 1795
241 Elizabeth HUME widow of Sherman HUME, been dead 6 yrs, His legal Sett is Sawford, Lancs. 1795
242 John MARTIN born Portsmouth 1795
243 John MARTIN Whitwell to Portsmouth 1795
244 Margaret MILNER 11 born High Town, nr Bridge North, Salop. Apprehended Markeaton. 1795
245 Sarah RICHARDS 28 born Winterburn, Wilts, removed with father to Totton as Turnpike keeper, then to Cadenham, Hants. She marr Jeremiah FAVELEY an Irishman at Stoke, three and a half years later he died, remarried Isaac RICHARDS at Manchester, a foreigner who has no Settlement in England and now in the Navy. Apprehended Markeaton. 1795
246 Isabella SMITH Dronfield to St Johns Wapping. 1795
247 Isabella SMITH born St Anns, London Sett. St Johns Wapping. 1795
248 Mary THURMAN 18 born Polesworth Apprehended Markeaton. 1795
249 Dorothy TRAVERSE 19 born Knifton, Derby, worked for Mr SHERRATT of Bradbourne, then Mr WRIGHT Publican of Nottingham, ill left service. Apprehended Markeaton. 1795. On reverse "Ann TRAVERSE".
250 Mary VYE belongs to Great Easton Leics. 1795
251 Mary VYE Chesterfield to Gt Easton, Leics 1795
252 John WILLIS 53 belongs Winster. 1795
253 John WILLIS Chesterfield to Winster. 1795
254 Abigail BOWCOCK widow, removal from Chesterfield to Slingham, Norfolk. 1796
255 Abigail BOWCOCK born Ireland, in 1786 wed John BOWCOCK, her late husband, whose legal Sett at Slingham, Norfolk. 1796
256 Elizabeth FOX 19 belongs Ecclesall Bierlow 1796
257 Elizabeth FOX 19 Chesterfield to Ecclesall Bierlow 1796
258 Jane GREENWAY 25 born Ireland 1796
259 Jane GREENWAY Joseph son, Chesterfield to Ireland 1796
260 Sarah HOYLAND 16 belongs Sheffield 1796
261 Sarah HOYLAND Chesterfield to Sheffield 1796
262 Maria MOSLEY 18 born Denbigh Co of Denbigh 1796 Apprehended Markeaton
263 Mary NAILOR 20 belongs Brightside Bierlow 1796
264 Mary NAILOR Chesterfield to Brightside Bierlow 1796
265 John BROWN 40, born Ireland 1797
266 John BROWN Chesterfield to Ireland 1797
267 Elizabeth BURNETT 35, born Middleton, Gloucs. when 26 marr to Wm BURNETT of Creakall p. Bidall Yks. John 8 Elizabeth 1y 5m Thomas 1m Apprehended Tideswell 1797
268 Elizabeth BURNETT Tideswell to Creakall Yks 1797
269 Sarah CHANDLER Dronfield to Burfield, Berks 1797
270 Sarah CHANDLER 24 born Burfield Berks. 1797
271 Mary GIBSON born Tideswell, where she believes her father had Leg Sett. When inf removed with mother to Bosson, Ches. 1797
272 Mary GIBSON Tideswell to Bosson 1797
273 Wm MACKENZIE Elizabeth wife, Chesterfield to Ireland 1797
274 Wm MACKENZIE 23, born Ireland 1797
275 Lititia REED born north of Ireland, marr Valentine REED, seven yrs ago. Has two children but only has Valentine 2, with her. Her husband now a soldier, she has not heard from him in two years. 1797
276 Letitia REED, Valentine 2 Chesterfield to Ireland 1797
277 John SCHOFIELD 73 born Hankerton, Wilts, Legal Sett, Cirencester. Served Wm HOGES, baker. 1797
278 John SCHOFIELD Tideswell to Cirencester 1797
279 Lucy TROUGHTON Newbold to Carlton 1797
280 Lucy TROUGHTON 25 born Carlton upon Lindrick, marr John TROUGHTON of Gainsborough, weaver, who has run away from her. 1797
281 Robert WILSON Sarah wife, Tideswell to St Brides. 1797
282 Robert WILSON father cordwainewr, has a house in Fleet Street p. St Bridget or St Brides. Worked upon river Thames, served as a seaman. 1797
283 Mary CLAYTON Wirksworth to Liverpool 1798
284 Mary CLAYTON wife of John a Private man in train of Artillery now abroad. His Sett, Liverpool. Apprehended Wirksworth. 1798
RV285 Sarah FURNISS removal Wirksworth to Knutsford 1798
RV286 Sarah FURNISS Examination, born Knutsford, worked as a char woman. 1798
RV287 John HARDY, Catherine wife. removal Wirksworth to St. Bartholomew, Middlesex. 1798
RV288 John HARDY Examination, born Peterhead in shire of Aberdeen. Apprenticed to Peter MADEN of St Batholomew, Middx watch chain maker, Went to sea, returned to Master, returned to sea. Apprehended at a house of ill fame in Wirksworth. 1798
RV289 Ann HARRISON dau Mariah Ashbourne to Durham 1798
RV290 Ann HARRISON Examination widow of John HARRISON, late a soldier, Legal Settlement, Durham. 1798
RV291 John JONES 50 born Muselborough, apprehended Tideswell. 1798
RV292 John JONES removal, Tideswell to 1798
RV293 Thomas JONES 28 born Landddd Shilling Denby North Wales. Settlement Oswestry by serving William FILIPS. 1798
RV294 Thomas JONES removal Buxton to Oswestry 1798
RV295 Samuel KERRY Ashbourne to Forton? Foston. Derbys 1798
RV296 Samuel KERRY born Forton? Derbys 1798
RV297 David LANE Pleasley to Dorking, Surrey 1798
RV298 David LANE 45, born Pulborough, Sussex, rented house in Dorking. 1798
RV299 Anthony LAWRENCE removal Pleasley to Fordingbridge, Hants. 1798

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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.