Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



RM5/16 Richard SELLERS  to Buxton.  1712
RM5/171 Anthony WRIGHT, Elizabeth wife. Taddington and Priestcliffe to Chelmorton. On oath of John MERRILL, the said Anthony WRIGHT memory and understanding being incapable of. 1724/5
RM6/185 William SHELDON, Mary wife.  to Smalley  1778
RM5/236 Margaret ROWLAND  to Rowsley p.Bakewell 1732
RM5/362  John HILL to Brassington  1746
RM7/191 Lydia OLDFIELD  to Blackwell  1808
RM7/355 Ellen JOHNSON   to Monyash  Jul 1809
RM7/356 Ellen JOHNSON Suspended order. Removed to Monyash  Sep 1809 
RM7/701* Hannah GOODDY, William GOODDY, John GOODDY, Robert GOODDY, Henry GOODDY, George GOODDY, infant. children of Thomas GOODDY dec. (on examination of George GOODDY)  to Monyash.  1817
RM7/869 Patrick BURK  to Chadderton, Lancs.  1818
RM7/874 John CLAPSEL  to Sheffield,Yks  1818
RM7/911 Sarah HEELEY  to St. Andrews, Holborn, Middx.  1818
RM7/977 Joseph BLOORE, Ann wife, James, Elizabeth, Ann, Margaret.  to Brushfield 1819
RM7/1045 John MAYCOCK  to Buxton  1820
RM7/1548 Michael OLDFIELD yngr.  to Flagg.  1830
THORPE Removal
RM3/16 Joshua PYCROFT cordwainer, Mary wife, John, 1811 Thorpe to Sturston.
RM7/276 Samuel SHELDON, Ann wife, Mary.  to Alstonefield, Staffs.  1811
RM7/942 Joseph SELLARS, Hannah wife, Thomas, Elizabeth, Hannah, Ann, Frances.  to Cotton, (Colton ?) Staffs.  1818
RM7/983* Thomas CHADWICK, Mary wife.   to Kniveton  1819
4 Ann wife of Thomas BARKER, William, John, Thomas, Johanna to Cheadle 1768
R1 Thomas CRAVEN born of Sarah CRAVEN widow, born in vagracy. County of Stafford. 1702
R2 Sarah CRAVEN 18, to Earl Shilton, Leics. 1702
R3 Elizabeth CRAVEN 26, Stretton en le Fields 1702
R4 George CRAVEN 15 (son of Sarah CRAVEN widow,) born Nether Broughton, Leics. 1702
R5 James STOPPARD, wife. to Heath 1703
R6 Mary STRINGFELLOW, widow, and Samuel. to Derby St Alkmund 1716
R7 Daniel BEARDSLEY, wife, Ripley p. Pentrich. 1716
R8 Mary BUCKLAND single. Mansfield, Notts. 1718
R9 Rebecca WARDLE Blidworth, Notts. 1724
R10 Hannah JOHNSON widow, Martha, Hannah, John. residing by vertue of a crtificate dated 1722, removed to Fairfield. 1733
R11 Mary WILSON Teversall, Notts. 1740
R12 Humphrey DOBB, Hannah wife. Norton p.Cuckney,Notts.1757
R13 Rebecca SCOT single, Hardstaff, Ault Hucknall. 1769
R14 Moses COOKE, Anne wife. Morton. 1772
R15 Ann HATTON Holbrook 1774
R16 John CRITCH, Ruth wife, Martha. Heapham, Lincs 1776 ?
R17 Mary BERREY (BERRY) spinster Harstoff, Ault Hucknall 1784
R18 Joseph BARROWS, Ann wife, John. Mansfield, Notts. 1784
R19 Godfrey BOLER Mansfield, Notts. 1784
R20 Sarah COUP, single and her two bastard infant children. Kettlingham, Notts. 1785
R21 Ann PURSLOVE and her infant bastard child to Akrin, (Eakring) Notts. 1785
R22 Mary BERRY wife of Thomas BERRY, Samuel, Mary, Hannah, Charlotte, Thomas. Hardstoft, Ault Hucknall 1792
R23 John CLARKE labourer. Pinxton 1799
R24 Sarah JOHNSON wife of Elijah JOHNSON now a soldier serving in Ireland. to Ashbourne. 1800
R25 Edward RAWSON, Jane wife, Mary, Sarah. Codnor Park 1800
R26 Mary ELLES (ELLICE later on in document. ELLIS) John child. wife of William ELLES a soldier in Royal Marines. to Pinxton 1804
R27 Elizabeth RAYNES single Mansfield Woodlouse Notts. 1804
R28 Hannah BRIGGS widow, Luke 22, Joshua 13, Eliza 10 Nottingham St Mary. 1807
R29 George CUTTS, Rachael wife, Adam, George, Hannah removed from Greasley Notts to Tibshelf. 1810
R30 Sarah JOHNSON wife of Elijah JOHNSON a Private soldier 59 Rgt Foot. to Ashbourne 1810
R31 May MITCHELL to Elmton 1810
R32 Thomas HOPKINSON, Sarah wife, Titus 22, Ellen, Mary, Thomas, John 18m. to Ashover. 1812
R33 Mary WAINWRIGHT Temple Normanton to Tibshelf 1812
R34 John RAINES Langley, Dbys 1815
R35 Suspended order John RAINES to Langley 1815
R36 William HASLAM widower Dirty Hucknall, Notts 1816
R37 James PURSGLOVE, Margaret wife, Martha, James, David, Thomas, John. South Normanton 1817
R38 Joseph BUXTON, Hannah wife, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Edmund, Alice. Crich to Tibshelf 1819
R39 William HILL, Jane wife, Sarah, Francis, William by his first wife, John by his present wife. Ripley to Tibshelf 1819
R40 Elizabeth SHOOTER single Nottingham St Peter, Notts to Tibshelf. Mar 1819
R41 Suspended order Elizabeth SHOOTER removed to Nottingham St Peter, Notts to Tibshelf. Apr 1819
R42 Ann GELSTHORPE single, pregnant. Stainsby to Tibshelf 1823
R43 Rebecca WOOD, single, pregnant. Heath 1823
R44 Elizabeth MARSHALL, single. Alfreton to Tibshelf 1824
R45 Samuel WAIN, Mary wife. Brampton to Tibshelf 1824
R46 Ann CARTWRIGHT single, pregnant. Heage 1824
R47 Dorothy NOON single, pregnant. Ilkeston 1824
R48 Hannah Bradley TWIGG Ashover to Tibshelf 1825
R49 Samuel PARKER, Millicent wife, George, Mary. Barlborough 1826
R50 Mary HANLEY, single, John 8 her illegitimate son. Wingerworth to Tibshelf 1827
R51 William HALL Alfreton to Tibshelf 1827
R52 Sarah SMEDLEY, single, pregnant. Mansfield,Notts 1827
R53 William SHARMAN, Elizabeth wife. Wingerworth 1828
R54 William STOCKS, Ann wife, John, Thomas, Alice, Elizabeth. Pinxton to Tibshelf 1828
R55 Jess BOOT Alfreton 1829
R56 Ann PEMBERTON, single, pregnant Ault Hucknall to Tibshelf 1829
R57 Humphrey BROOKS, Elizabeth wife, Maria, Hannah. South Normanton to Tibshelf 1829
R58 Christopher WHITE, elder, Elizabeth wife, Christopher, William, John, Aaron, Richard, Edmund. Selston, Notts to Tibshelf. 1829
R59 Mary HODGKINSON, single. Mansfield, Notts to Tibshelf 1830
R60 John RAWSON, Sarah wife, George, Sarah, Martha, Catherine. South Normanton to Tibshelf 1831
R61 Elizabeth WATTS Chesterfield to Tibshelf 1831
R62 Hannah WOOD, single, pregnant. Heath 1831
R63 George BENNETT, Hannah wife, Rebecca. Alfreton to Tibshelf. 1831
R64 Ann PEMBERTON, single with child. Shirland to Tibshelf. 1832
R65 Sarah HOLMES spinster, pregnant Stretton to Tibshelf 1832
R66 William CHILD, Mary wife, Hannah, Henry, Elizabeth. Blackwell to Tibshelf. May 1832
R67 Suspended Order Mary CHILD Blackwell to Tibshelf. Removed Jun 1832
R68 Charles LIMB, Elizabeth wife, James, George, Elizabeth. Ashover to Tibshelf. 1833
R69 Ann HOPKINSON, single with child. Ripley to Tibshelf 1834
R70 Elizabeth BEAN Teversal Notts to Tibshelf 1834
R71 Sarah CLARKE, Reuben illegitimate. Selston, Notts to Tibshelf. 1835
R72 Grace BROOKS, Ruth illegitimate 3m. Dronfield 1835
R73 Grace BROOKS, female illegitimate 7m Old Radford, Notts. 1836
R74 Ann WILSON, Mary illegitimate Alfreton to Tibshelf 1836
R75 Abigail HOLBROOKE, wife of William now absent from her. Sutton in Ashfield to Tibshelf. 1836
RM5/147 John SLACK, Elizabeth wife, John, Elizabeth.  to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1722
RM5/272 Robert COOK, Elizabeth wife.  to Sutton in Ashfield,Notts.  1735
RM5/426 Ralph SLACK,Martha wife, Thomas. (on reverse, "he has gained no Settlement at Shirland and therefore we cannot consent to this Order of Removal")    to Shirland.  1753
RM5/447 Ralph SLACK, Martha wife, Thomas, Ann  to Brassington  1754 
RM5/454 George CRAVEN, otherwise  ANDERSON, Elizabeth wife, (upon oath of Edward ANDERSON) to Askham, Notts ?  1755
RM6/679 Sarah KIRKBY pregnant.  to Linby, Notts.  1796
RM7/524 William HASLAM, widower. to Dirty Hucknall, Notts.  1816
RM7/1737 Grace BROOKS, Ruth illeg.  to Dronfield  1835
RM7/1834 Robert ALLEN , Elizabeth wife, Sarah, Thomas, Samuel, Joseph, Robert.  to Shirland 1840
RM7/1835 Elizabeth ALLEN  Suspended order  to Shirland 1840
RM7/1837 Mary FRANKS, Ann, Benjamin . to Newstead, Extra Parochial Place. Notts.  1840
RM7/1843 John RAYNES, Elizabeth wife, George Raynes MARLEY, Susan RAYNES. to Thurgaton, Notts.  1840
RM7/1863 Frederick JOHNSON, wife, Elizabeth, William .  to Teversall, Notts. 1841
R1 Oliver BLOOR to Stanton by Bridge 1706
R2 Mary WARDE spinster to West Hallam 1711
R3 Saml GILBERT, Margrett wife 3 children to Blackfordby 1715
R4 John RADFORD shoemaker, Mary wife, Henry 3m 1722 Church Gresley to Ticknall
R5 Mathew STUBS 6, Mary STUBS 10 to Lichfield St Mary 1728
R6 John PARKER blacksmith, Ann wife, Wm 4, Sarah 3, Thomas 8 wks. to Kings Newton 1740
R7 John PARKER as above, different hand.
R8 Elizabeth COX single Donisthorpe and Oakthorp to Ticknall 1744
R9 Sarah MASON dau of John MASON dec Hartshorn 1770
R10 Saml BRIGS Sarah wife, Sarah 4 Saml 18m Spoondon 1772
R11 John ROWLAND Elizabeth wife, Thomas 9m Little Eaton to Ticknall 1771
R12 Geo KNIFTON Judith wife, Richard 1yr Burton on Trent 1772
R13 Wiliam SHAW Sarah wife, John 6, Ann 3, Saml 1 to Willsley Derbyshire 1772
R14 Saml BRIGGS Sarah wife, Sarah 4, Saml 18m Spondon 1772
R15 Thomas MONK, Ann wife, Daniel. Gumley, Leics. 1772
R16 John CROW, Elizabeth wife, Jane. to Loughborough, Leics. 1773
R17 Robert SCATTERGOOD, Elizabeth wife, William. Horninglow, Staffs. 1773
R18 John BACON, Ann wife, Ann 3, plus infant. Mugginton 1775
R19 Sarah BACON single, Foremark 1775
R20 John ROWLAND, Elizabeth wife, Thomas, Elizabeth, 1775 Derby All Saints to Ticknall
R21 Thomas WHITE, Rebecca wife, Samuel Belton,Leics. 1775
R22 Thomas LOCKIT, Elizabeth wife, Thomas, Ambrose. Marton p.Presbury, Cheshire. 1775
R23 William SLACK, Ann wife. Hulland. 1775
R24 Samuel MOORLEY, Rebecca wife, George, Joseph, Elizabeth 16m. Clanrhaiader, Mochnant, Montgomery, Wales. 1775
R25 William MASON, Elizabeth wife, Martha. Measham 1776
R26 Eleanor MASON, single. Hartshorne 1776
R27 Mary RADFORD single. Stanton by Bridge. 1778
R28 Thomas DIMMOX (DIMMOCKS) Elizabeth wife, Ann. Nottingham St.Marys 1778
R29 Robert RADFORD, Elizabeth wife, Rolleston,Staffs. 1779
R30 Samuel DUNICLIFFE (DUNNICLIFFE) Elizabeth wife. Stanton by Bridge. 1779
R31 Thomas DRAPER Stenson, Twyford, Barrow on Trent. 1779
R32 Joseph NICHOLLS, Jane wife, Sarah, Thomas, Jane, Ann, John, Catherine, Joseph. Hartshorne. 1779
R33 John HOOD, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth dau. Repton 1781
R34 John HILL, Frances wife, George, Margaret, Myriam. Derby St Peters. 1781
R35 George ATHERLEY, Hannah wife, John, Elizabeth 1782 removed from Bulkington, Warwicks to Ticknall
R36 Elizabeth BLOOR, married woman, Mary 7wks. Packington, Leics. to Ticknall. 1782
R37 Elizabeth MASSEY Breedon, Leics. 1782
R38 Timothy BEIGHTON younger, been a soldier, Sarah wife. Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. March 1784
R39 Samuel BEIGHTON, Sarah wife. Hartshorne 1784
R40 Timothy BEIGHTON, Sarah wife. Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. February 1784
R41 William NEAVIL (NEVILLE) Mary wife. Repton to Ticknall 1784
R42 Joseph WILMER, Rebecca wife. St Leonards, Middx. 1786
R43 William FLORENDINE, Mary wife, Thomas, William, Joseph. Frazeley, Warwicks. 1794
R44 George MILWARD, Elizabeth wife Packington,Leics. 1795
R45 Joseph NEWBOLD, Elizabeth wife, Ann, Sarah. Melbourne to Ticknall 1795
R45a William BISHOP to Worthington, Leics. 1796
R46 Lydia MOMFORD (MUMFORD) pregnant. Stoke Golding, Leics 1800
R47 William DEXTER Chaddesden 1800
R48 Stephen MANFULL, Elizabeth wife, Mary. Melbourne 1801
R49 Charles RAGG (WRAGG), Hannah wife, Ann, William, Thomas. Worthington, Leics. to Ticknall 1801
R50 Lydia MUMFORD (MOMFORD) single, Stoke Goulden (Stoke Golding) Leics. 1804
R51 Elizabeth SMITH (wife of John SMITH) Maria, Joseph 10 wks. Derby St Alkmund to Ticknall 1804
R52 Sarah BACON single. Castle Donington, Leics. 1804
R53 Nathaniel MANSFIELD, Elizabeth wife, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, James. to Kirk Langley. 1804
R54 James WHITE, Elizabeth wife, Daniel, Rebecca, Frances. to Belton, Leics. 1806
R55 Mary PASS Castle Donington, Leics to Ticknall 1806
R56 Benjamin WRIGHT, Susannah wife, James, Sarah, Joseph. to Appleby, Dbys. 1806
R57 William BANKS, Mary wife, John. to Wiggenton, Staffs 1806
R58 Elizabeth TOPLIS wife of William TOPLIS a soldier in the Army of Reserve. Derby St Peter to Ticknall 1807
R59 William WRIGHT, Hannah wife, Elizabeth, Thomas, Edward. to Belton, Leics. 1809
R60 Thomas INSLEY, Mary wife, William, Thomas, Mary. Austrey, Warwicks to Ticknall. 1816
R61 John BLOWER, Martha wife, Thomas, William, James, Nuneaton, Warwicks to Ticknall. 1816
R62 Bryan KNIGHT, Sarah wife, Bryan 8, Mary 4, Thomas 1. Repton to Ticknall 1816
R63 Joseph KNIGHT, Mary wife, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Sarah, Ellen, Melbourne to Ticknall 1816
R64 Joseph NEWBOLD Melbourne to Ticknall 1816
R65 George ADCOCK, Ann wife, James, William, Mary, Thomas. Melbourne to Ticknall. 1816
R66 Francis NEWBOLD Austrey, Warwicks to Ticknall 1817
R67 Joseph PASS, Mary wife. Nottingham St Peter, Notts. to Ticknall 1817
R68 Samuel LONG snr. Polesworth, Warwicks to Ticknall 1818
R69 William PASS, Mary wife, Hannah, Elizabeth, William, Ann, Joseph, Mary. Sandiacre to Ticknall 1819
R70 John PEARSON, Jane wife, Mary, Elizabeth, George, Thomas, Samuel, Henry, William. to Wirksworth. 8 Oct. 1819
R71 Suspended Order Mary PEARSON removed to Wirksworth with rest of family. 20 Oct 1819
R72 Ralph WARD, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Thomas, John, William, Sarah, James, Ralph. to Kirk Ireton. 1819
R73 Thomas DEXTER to Measham 1820
R74 Elizabeth SIMPSON Burton Extra to Ticknall 1820
R75 George PARKER, John, Stephen, Mary. to Gumley, Leics. 1820.
R76 Joseph WARDLE, Elizabeth wife, James, Joseph, George, Amy. Markfield, Leics to Ticknall. 1823
R77 John WHITTAKER to Barrow on Trent, Dbys. 1823
R77 William GILLIVER, Harriet wife. Measham. 1823
R78 Robert GEE, Alice wife, George. Nottingham St Mary, Notts. to Ticknall. Oct. 1823
R79 Suspended Order Robert GEE Nottingham St Mary, Notts to Ticknall. Removed 7 Nov 1823
R80 George MASON, Hannah wife, William. Uttoxeter, Staffs to Ticknall. Mar 1825
R81 Suspended Order George MASON. Uttoxeter, Staffs to Ticknall Jul 1825
R82 Hannah BEESTON with child. Blackfordby, Leics. 1825
R83 Alice MASON, wife of James MASON. Uttoxeter, Staffs to Ticknall 1826
R84 William BREARLEY, Mary wife, John, Mahala, Hannah. Worthington, Leics. to Ticknall. 1827
R85 James PRICE, Millicent wife, Ann. Letton, Herefords. 1828
R86 William HARLOW, Eliza wife, Kitty, Hannah, Fanny, John. Tutbury, Staffs. 1837
R87 Lydia CUNNINGTON, wife of William CUNNINGTON (now absent), Emily. March, Isle of Ely, Cambs. 1837
R90 Sarah WARDLE, George, Emma, Eliza. Leicester St Margaret, Leics to Ticknall 4 Oct 1845
R91 Sarah WARDLE 3 Calais Place, Leicester to Ticknall 9 Oct 1845
R92 Mary SUMMERFIELD, James, Eliza, John, Mary Ann, Fanny, Sarah. Melbourne 1844
on reverse. Order withdrawn, removed to Worthington, Leics, lost case, widow fell on her husbands settlement at Melbourne. Melbourne took them without further trouble
R96 Sarah PASS, wife of Joseph PASS (who has deserted her) and not residing at Greasley, Notts., Joseph, Ann, Sarah, Emma all under sixteen. Greasley, Notts. to Ticknall 1858
R97 Ann ADCOCK widow, Selina, George, Matilda, Emma, Elizabeth. Tipton, Staffs to Ticknall 1856
R98 Elizabeth JERRAM 54 widow of Thomas JERRAM. Basford, Notts. to Ticknall. Document forms basis of appeal by Ticknall. 16 Jan 1864.
R99 Suspended order Elizabeth JERRAM Basford Notts to Ticknall. 16 Jan 1864
R100 Elizabeth JERRAM 54, widow of Thomas JERRAM.  Basford Notts. to Ticknall ( "has a sickness which will produce permanent disability") 1864
R101 Elizabeth JERRAM Suspended order  1864
R102 Elizabeth JERRAM "legally settled by marriage"  1864
RSC405 Jane HILL, widow, Eliza, Emma. from Winshill to Ticknall. Jan. 1847
RSC406 Jane HILL, widow, Eliza, Emma. from Winshill to Ticknall Dec. 1846
RM2/9 Thomas BACON lab. Elizb. wife, John, Ann, Lydia. 1805 Ticknall to Melbourne
RM2/27 Joseph VICKERS,lab. Ellin wife. 1805 Ticknall to Osgathorpe, Leics.
RM2/38 William BANKS, Mary wife, John Ticknall to Repton 1807
RM2/62 Sarah POTTER, single, pregnant Ticknall to Desford 1808
RM2/69 Tho CANTRILL, Diana wife, Elizabeth, George, Sarah, Ann, Diana. Ticknall to Birmingham. 1809
RM2/95 Mary HOWE (wife of John HOWE, now absent from her ) Elizabeth, Ann, John, Mary, Wm. 1810 Ticknall to Osgathorpe.
RM3/24 Samuel WHITE, Lydia wife, Mary, Thomas, Benjamin, Charles, Sarah, the last two children of Samuel WHITE by Catherine his former wife. Apr 1811 Ticknall to Belton
RM3/25 Samuel WHITE, Lydia wife, Mary, Thomas, Benjamin, Charles, Sarah, the last two children of Samuel WHITE by Catherine his former wife. Jan 1811 Ticknall to Willington
RM3/110 James MARRIOTT to Handsworth, Staffs 1813
RM3/150 John GOODALL, Ann wife, Thomas 1814 to Normanton
RM3/158 John MARRIOTT to Hartshorne 1814
RM4/1 Hannah ADCOCK single, pregnant. 1816 to Ashby de la Zouch
RM4/29 Ann HEATHERLEY widow, Elizabeth, William 1816 to Repton
RM4/42 Thomas MASKAREY, Mary wife, William, Hannah, Ann, Elizabeth. Ticknall to South Normanton 1816
RM4/64 Henry YOUNG, Susannah wife, Catherine, Henry, Frances, Ann, Mary, Hannah, Lydia. 1816 Ticknall to Aston on Trent
RM4/73 William DIMMOCKS, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ann, John. Ticknall to Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1816
RM4/86 William PARKER, Mary wife, Sarah 1818 Ticknall to Hugglescote, Leics.
RM4/93 Samuel SMITH, Martha wife. John 1818 Ticknall to Hinkley (Hinckley) Leics.
RM4/128 John FOSTER, Mary wife 1819 Ticknall to Sheepshead, (Shepshed), Leics
RM5/737 John HALL, Ann wife, Eleanor.  to Hucklescoat, ( Hugglescote?)  Leics.  1768
RM6/79 Mary BLOOR single,  to Bradby (Bretby) p. Repton 1774
RM6/85 Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN  to Sinfin and Arlestone  1774
RM6/180 John MEE, Sarah wife, Sarah, Susanna  to Stanton by Bridge 1778 
RM6/278 John MEE, Sarah wife, Sarah, Susannah, Frances.  residing in Ticknall under Certificate dated 1778. to Stanton by Bridge 1782
RM6/341 Rachael CARTLEDGE to Stapenhill  1784
RM6/356 Susannah MASON  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.  1784
RM6/398 Richard BOWLEY, Martha wife, Joseph.  to Derby Hills  1786
RM7/1 John ADCOCK, Sarah wife, George, Hannah, Ann, Ruth, Elizabeth, John, Richard.  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1801
RM7/119 Samuel BEIGHTON, Elizabeth wife, Thomas, Samuel  to Swarkestone  1805
RM7/165 Thomas MARTIN, Catherine wife, Rebecca, Samuel, Ann, Thomas.  Staunton in the Vale, Notts. 1807
RM7/166 James PASS, Mary wife, Mary, Samuel, John.  to Melbourne  1807
RM7/189 Elizabeth MOULD (wife of William MOULD, Private 7th Rgt Light Dragoons...)  to Loughborough, Leics. 1808
RM7/464 William BARKER, Anne wife, Elizabeth, Samuel, Sarah, Ann, John, Alice.  to Stoke on Trent, Staffs. 1816
RM7476* William BORROWDALE, Jane wife, Frances.  to Melbourne  1816
RM7/489 Thomas CAVIGON (CARIGON?) Mary wife, Joseph, Hannah, Maria.  to Burton on Trent, Staffs.  1816
RM7/500 Francis COX, Ann wife, Elizabeth, William, Sidney, Sarah, John.  to Melbourne  1816
RM7/504* Samuel DUNICLIFFE, Mary wife.  to Hathern, Leics.  1816
RM7/517* George GREEN, Ellen wife, Sarah, Catherine  to Hulverscroft, Leics.  1816
RM7/535 Isaac JAMES, Sarah wife, William, Elizabeth, inf 1m.   to Diseworth, Leics.  1816
RM7/551 Thomas MUMFORD, Ann wife, Silena, William, Martha, Frances.  to Stoke Goldring, Leics. 1816
RM7/566 Sarah SHEPHERD widow of Samuel SHEPHERD  to Ilkeston  1816
RM7/593 James WHITE, Elizabeth, Daniel, Rebecca, Frances, Samuel, James, Mary, John.  to Belton, Leics.  1816
RM7/600 Joseph ADCOCK  to Melbourne  1817
RM7/642 Hannah BROOK, James BROOK, Sarah BROOK, Dorothy BROOK children of Joseph BROOK late of Ticknall dec.  Ticknall to Middleton by Wirksworth.  1817
RM7/759 John MARRIOTT, Martha wife, Elizabeth, William.  to Hartshorne  1817
RM7/765 Joseph MASON    to Derby St Werburgh.  1817
RM7/1262 Joseph SPENCER, Martha wife.  to Diseworth, Leics.  1825
RM7/1302 Zachariah MASON, Elizabeth wife, Winifred and Zachariah twins, Joseph.  to Linton.  1826
RM7/1321 Thomas BAREFOOT, Mary wife, Elizabeth.  to Nuneaton, Warwicks.  1827
RM7/1407 James PRICE, Millicent wife, Ann.  to Staunton upon Wye, Hereford.  1828
RM7/1413 Daniel SHREEVE, Sarah wife, Sarah, William, Joseph.  to Stanton by Bridge.  1828
RM7/1416 Joseph SWINDELL, ASarah wife, Elizabeth, John.  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1828
RM7/1417 Joseph SWINDELL removed Monday  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1828
RM7/1426 William WILMOT, Elizabeth wife, George.  to Twyford and Stenson  1828
RM7/1510 Thomas COOK  to Drayton Bassett, Staffs  1830
RM7/1593 William HARLOW, Eliza wife, Kitty, Hannah, Fanny, John.  to Tutbury, Staffs.  1831
RM7/1600 Job JOYNES, Hannah wife, Sarah, Mary, Hannah, Anne, Job, Lois, Eliza, Caroline, Enoch.  to Drayton Bassett, Staffs. 1831
RM7/1601 Job JOYNES and family delivered by Thomas SALE Churchwarden for Ticknall to Mr WORIN Overseer. 1831
RM7/1674 Hasting READER  to Foremark  1832
RM7/1782  John BANTON, Sarah wife, Robert, Emily, Hannah.  to Repton 1837
RM7/1854 Mary BANTON single  to Repton  1841
RM7/1859 Mary COOK widow of William COOK, Mary, Thomas, Joseph.  to Stretton en le Field  1841
RM7/1872 William BANTON, Fanny, Jane, Thomas, John, George, Charlotte.  to Repton  1842
RM7/1881 William COOK (later on in document shown as James COOK, subsequent Settlement Examinations show that it should be James COOK) Sarah wife, William.  to Stretton en le Field 1842 
RM7/1924 James COOK, Mary wife.  to Stretton en le Fields 1843
RM7/1997* Mary SUMMERFIELD widow, James, Eliza, John, Mary Ann, Fanny, Sarah.  to Worthington, Leics.  1844
RM1/10 John MELLOR Litton to Holmesfield 1740
RM/2/48 Jane HAMLET Macclesfield to Litton 1807
RM2/49 Suspended order, Jane HAMLET big with child 1807
RM5/180 Robert SLACK, Jane wife, Richard  to Sterndale, Hartington 1725
RM5/282 John HIBBERT, Grace wife   Litton to Taddington  1736
RM5/311 John MAURY, Elizabeth wife.  Litton to Taddington  1740
RM5/318 George NALL, Mary and Tamar his children.  to Tideswell  1742
RM5/333 Samuel WARDLOW, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Hannah.  to Fernilee  1742
RM5/337 John GREGORY, Mary, George, Elizabeth, Dorothy, John, Jane.  to Stanton. 1743
RM5/456 George FEARN, Mary wife, Hannah, Mary.   Litton to Alstonfield, Staffs. 1755
RM5/534 Mary OLDFIELD  to Wormhill  1758
RM5/532 William BUXTON, Ann wife, Elizabeth, William, Luke, Ann. to Litton  1759
RM5/551 John FLINT, Mary wife.  to Great Hucklow  1760 
RM6/13 Martha WALTON single   to Wormhill  1770
RM6/73 Joseph WALKER, Sarah wife, William, John, Elizabeth, Joseph, Thomas, Robert  to Youlgreave.  1773
RM6/106 Elisha WALTON, Sarah wife.  to Alstonefield, Staffs 1774 
RM6/564 Martha BALL, widow, William, Thomas.  to Sheffield, Yks. 1791
RM6/611 John EYRE, Amy wife, Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth, Robert, Mary, Martha, Jane, Millicent.  to Blackwell Township. 1793
RM6/703 William BRAY, Mary wife, Ann, Joseph.  to Wheston  1800
RM7/109 Ann STERNDALE  to Stockport, Ches. 1804
RM7/494* Elizabeth COOPER  to Great Hucklow.  1816
RM7/558* Levi PLATTS, Ann wife.  Mary and three other children.  to Edale.  1816
RM7/683* Hannah FLINT widow  to Great Hucklow.  1817
RM7/706* Thomas GREAVES  Litton to Taddington  1817
RM7/905* Joseph HADFIELD, Martha wife, John.  to Upper Hallam, Yks.  1818
RM7/908 Mary HARRISON  to Church Sterndale, Dbys. on examination of William SHELDON.  1818
RM7/982* Joseph CARRINGTON, Hannah wife.  Litton to Chinley  1819
RM7/1035 Ann HARRISON (wife of Robert HARRISON now absent from her) Hannah, William, Robert.  Litton to Tideswell  1820
RM7/1063 John BRAMWELL, Catherine wife, Nathaniel.  Litton to Wormhill 1821
RM7/1074* James MARCHINGTON  to Chesterfield 1821
RM7/1075 William MARCHINGTON  to Chesterfield 1821
RM7/1317 John WEBSTER, Elizabeth wife, Ann, Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, Samuel.  to Wormhill  1826
RM7/1344 Joseph JEPSON, Mary wife, George, Thomas, Ann.  to Fernilee  1827
RM7/1468 Jane ROYSTON widow of James ROYSTON, Catherine, James, Mary.  to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts.  1829
RM7/1476* Sarah WALKER, single. On examination of Thomas WALKER.  to Youlgreave. 1829
RM7/1520 Margaret GAMBLE, Henry.  Litton to Idridgehay.  1830
RM7/1813 Hannah SUMMERS, single, pregnant.  to St Giles, Middx.  1838
RM7/1814 Hannah SUMMERS Suspended order.  to St Giles, Middx.  1838
RM7/1862 John JENKINSON , George JENKINSON, Thomas JENKINSON, Sarah JENKINSON. to Stockport, Ches. 1841
V97/1/57 Jane BAILEY (wife of Joseph BAILEY) William, Jane.  Attempted removal by Overseers of Tideswell to remove Jane BAILEY and children to  Biddulph,Staffs. Several papers.
RM5/736 Ellen HALL wife of George HALL.   to Alfreton  1768
RM6/239 William BULLOCK  to Grindon, Staffs 1784
RM6/266 Sarah BUXTON widow of Thomas BUXTON   to Ballidon p. Brasdbourne  1782
RM6/340 William BULLOCK to Wetton ,Staffs 1784
RM6/423 William APPLEBY, Elizabeth wife, Ann.  to Winster 1787
RM7/428 Mary Ann DAVIS, Sarah  to Birmingham, Warwicks.  1815
RM7/805 Hannah SMITH, Ellen.  to Mayfield, Staffs. 1817
RM7/1038 William HILLMORE, Hannah wife, inf 5 days.  to Congleton, Ches.  Mar. 1820
RM7/1039 Hannah HILLMORE Suspended order.  to Congleton, Ches. Apr. 1820
RM7/Samuel BURTON, Isabella wife, Elizabeth.  to Ellastone, Staffs.  1827
R1 William SMITH, Hannah wife, John 11, Ann 10, Mary 8, Samuel 6, Isaac 3, Susan 1. removed from Osleston and Thurvaston to Trusley. 1790 or 1795
RM4/89 Joseph PIGGS, Dorothy wife, Sarah, Thomas, Frances, Harriet, George, Joseph. Trusley to Radbourne 1818
RM7/1598 James HOUSLEY, Ann wife, Mary, James.  to Osmaston by Ashbourne 1831
RM1/37 William TUE, Ann wife. 1766 Langwith to Cucknall (sic) Nether Langwith. On reverse Cuckney.
RM5/464 William MOWER, Ann wife, John, Charles, Ann, Hannah. to Pleasley  1755
RM5/467 William TUE, Ann wife, Hannah  to Nether Langwith, Cuckney,Notts. 1755
RM5/580 Robert WAGSTAFF, Dorithy wife,  to Norton, Notts.  1761 
RM7/1441 Mary GREGORY, single , pregnant  to Warsop, Notts  1829
RM7/1644 Peter CHARLESWORTH  to Scarcliffe. Appeal 1832
RM7/1646 Peter CHARLESWORTH, Sarah wife, George, John, Charles.  to Scarliffe.  1832

RM7/1569 John WARD an idiot,  to Ibstock, Leics.  1830
RM7/1688 Robert YATES  to Whittington, Staffs.  1832

RM2/1 Mary WILSON (wife of Thomas, now run away and left her.) West Hallam to Eyam. 1802
RM3/20 Samuel TAYLOR Sarah wife, Samuel 9, Benjamin, 1811 West Hallam to Greasley, Notts.
RM3/87 Rbt DERBYSHIRE, Elizabeth wife, Emma, Hannah 1813 to Greasley, Notts
RM3/90 Thomas ELEY, Sarah wife, John, Hannah, Wm and inf not yet named 2m. to Dale Abbey. 1813
RM3/186 Edward GREGORY to Sawley 1815
RM3/206 Ruth ROWBOTTOM single TO Burton upon Trent 1815 on oath of Elizabeth BANCROFT, West Hallam.
RM4/40 Michael LEE yngr, Ann wife, William, Charles, John. 1816 West Hallam to Bramcote, Notts
RM5/459 Henry HOLLINGWORTH, Rebecca wife, John, Ann, Mary  to Youlgreave  1755
RM6/303 Elizabeth DAYKIN wife of John DAYKINwho is absconded,  to Ockbrook  1783
RM6/372 John GASKIN, Ann wife.  to St Mary, Staford, Staffs. 1785
RM6/750 Isaac KEELING, Ann wife, Isaac, Millicent, Hannah, Sarah.  to Marston Montgomery.  1800
RM7/343 Thomas ELEY, Sarah wife, John, Hannah ,William, inf 5m un-named.  to Bonsall 1813
RM7/427 Thomas BERKIN, Elizabeth wife, Sarah, Thomas, Mary, Hannah, John.   to Aston upon Trent 1815
RM7/539 George KERRY, Hannah wife, Elizabeth, James, Timothy, George, John.  to Horsley.  1816
RM7/540 Henry KERRY, Hannah wife, Sarah.  to Horsley  1816
RM7/541 Thomas KERRY, Elizabeth wife, William ,Thomas, Mary, John.  to Horsley 1816 
RM7/645* Matthew BROWN, Mary wife, William.  to Sandiacre.  1817
RM7/712 William HALLAM, Mary wife, John, Samuel.  to Mapperley  1817
RM7/742 Ann KERRY, Elizabeth KERRY two children of the late John KERRY of West Hallam. On exam. of Ann HOBSON late Ann KERRY, mother of Ann and Elzabeth. to Horsley 1817 
RM7/832 Francis WALLIS, Catharine wife.  to Ansley, Notts. 1817
RM7/1597 William HOBSON, Elizabeth wife, Susannah  to Stanley.  1831
RM7/1942 Henry HALLAM, Mary wife.  to Heanor  1843
RM7/1943 Henry HALLAM  Suspended order.  to Heanor  1843
RM2/103 Samuel SHEPHERD Elizabeth wife, Samuel, Sarah, Hannah, Philip, all by a former wife, and George by his present wife. Weston on Trent to Ockbrook 1810
RM4/34 Elizabeth KEIGHLEY, Mary, Jane, Eshther, Elizabeth. to Thrumpton, Notts 1816
RM5/316 John BALL,Barbara wife.  to Melbourne  1742
RM5/348 John KEIGHTLEY  (on oath of Elizabeth WOODHOUSE , the John KEIGHTLEY is a bastard born of Sarah DAKIN dec at Hathern) to Hathern, Leics. 1744
RM6/479 John STENSON, Hannah wife.  to Lockington, Leics.  1788
RM7/40 Mary ROBARTS single to Trowell, Notts.  1801
RM7/1208 George PARKER, Elizabeth wife, Amy, William.  to Trowell, Notts.  1824
RM7/1222 Richard THOMPSON to Castle Donnington, Leics.  1824
RM7/1289* John STENSON, Hannah wife.  to Cole Orton, Leics. 1826
RM7/1488 William BATLEY, Mary wife, John.  to Greasley, Notts.
RM5/659 George WHITE, Mary wife, Zachariah, Savina, Violetta, George, Alicia.  to Staveley  1765
RM5/731 Joseph BASON, Cybele wife, Samuel. (residing under Certificate dated 1697 signed by J JERMAN ?, Samuel HODSON Churchwardens, George BARNES, Samuel SWIFT Overseers of Poor , attested by Richard COWLEY and William, HATTERSLEY)   to Eckington  1768
RM6/96 Martha KEY, Isaac. to Staveley  1774
RM7/811* John STEEL, Harriot, wife, Isaac, John, Peter, Ann, Mark, Mary.  to Beauchief, Dbys.( now part of Sheffield Yks ) Jul. 1817
RM7/812 Harriot STEEL, Suspended order.  to Beauchief Dbys. Aug 1817
RM7/871 John CAPPOR, Sarah wife, John, Robert.  to Brampton 1818
RM7/966 Hannah WHITWORTH widow, William  to Barlborough.  1818
RM7/999 Ann LOUD  to Chesterfield  1819
RM5/31 Charles FARNSWORTH alias  Charles CARR  to Killamarsh  1713
RM5/729 Francis WOODHEAD, Mary wife.  to Worksop, Notts  1767
RM6/154 John BRADSHAW, Elizabeth wife,  to Mansfield, Notts.  1777
RM6/155 John BRADSHAW, Mary wife, Ann, William.  to Worksop, Notts. 1777
RM7/295 Robert DEAN, Mary wife, Ann, James, Rebecca, Betteras, William.  to Worksop, Notts.  1812
RM7/358 Martha LOWE   to Mansfield, Notts.  1813
RM7/596 Ann YATES widow, Mary, George.  to Clarborough, Notts.  1816
RM7/598 William YATES, Mary wife.  to Clarborough, Notts.  1816
RM7/653 William CHADWICK, Hannah wife, Mary, Elizabeth and Ann twins, Sarah.  to Holbeck, Notts.  1817
RM7/984 John CEASTON, Ann wife, Frances.  to Clipstone, Notts.  1819
RM7/1197 Elizabeth GODLEY widow, George, Elizabeth, Harriet, John.  to Barlborough.  1824
RM7/1362 Elizabeth STUBBINGS, Sarah STUBBINGS.  to Worksop, Notts.  1827
RM7/1377 Mary ALLETSON otherwise Mary GERMAN,  to St James, Westminster, Middx.  1828
RM7/1427 Mary YATES pregnant.  to Tickhill, Yks  1828
RM7/1452 John LINLEY, Samuel LINLEY, Joseph LINLEY  to Norton  1829
RM7/1605 William LUNN  to Barlborough  1831
RM7/1606 Ann MELLORS  to Edwinstowe, Notts.  1831
RM7/1759* Sarah BRUNT ? (BRIANT?) to Maltby, Yks.  1836
RM7/1760* John COCKERLINE  to Walwick Yks. 1836
RM7/1955 Thomas WILCOCKS, wife, John, Eliza.  Request by Overseers of Whitwell that Thomas WILCOCKS be examined as to his place of Settlement.  1843
RM2/80 Sealah ROYALL (wife of Rbt now a soldier 66 Rgt Foot) Elizabeth 9m. Willington to Newton Solney. 1809
RM7/88 Hannah TURNER wife of Thomas TURNER (now run away from her)  to Repton 1803
RM7/1692 Ann ASTON, single, pregnant.   to Firebridge, Worcs.  1833
RM7/1704* Thomas LANE, Ann wife, William, Frances ? , John.  to Shardlow  1833 
RM2/79 Mary wife of John RATCLIFF Private soldier 3rd Rgt Dragoons called Kings Own, Elizabeth. 1809 Wilne and Sharlow to St Olaves, Southwark, Surry
RM2/84 Catherine VARLEY widow John, Louisa. 1809 Wilne and Shardlow to St Ann, Soho, Middx.
RM3/144 Sarah CLAYTON, Martha 9, John 6, Sarah 2. 1814 Shardlow to Norwell Woodhouse, Notts.
RM4/63 John WRIGHT, Elizabeth wife 1816 Wilne and Shardlow to Burton upon Trent, Staffs.
RM5/343 Elizabeth SMITHYMAN  Draycot to Risley.  1743
RM5/381 Mary MELLOR wife of Philip MELLOR, Susannah, Abijah. (on oath of Charles MELLOR)  Shardlow to Derby St Michael  1750
RM5/383 Anne NEWBALL a widowoman  Shardlow to Linton p.Gresley 1750
RM5/707 John MOORE, Mary wife, Sarah, John.  Draycott in Wilne to Shardlow  1767
RM5/742 Jonathan STATHAM,  Draycote to Alvaston  4 Jan 1768
RM5/743 Jonathan STATHAM,  Wilne to Alvaston   13 Jan 1768
RM6/100 Samuel MOORLEY, Rebecka wife, Mary, Sarah, George, Joseph, Elizabeth,  Draycott Dbys to Grinley, p.Stow, Staffs 1774
RM6/208 Ann ASTING  Draycott to Kirk Hallam  1780
RM6/657 Mary FISHER,   Draycott to Chorley, Ches. 1795
RM6/659 Robert STONE, Sarah wife, William, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah.   Wilne and Shardlow to Weston on Trent  1795
RM6/663 Ann MOULT, Francis.   Draycott to Whiston, Staffs.  1795
RM6/672 Ann CHAPMAN  Wilne and Shardlow to  Chellaston  1796 
RM7/John GASCOIGNE, Sarah wife.  Wilne and Shardlow to Kingston upon Soare, Notts.  1804
RM7/286 Samuel BODELL, Elizabeth wife, Ann, Elizabeth.  to Kegworth, Leics. 1812
RM7/297* William DUTTON, Elizabeth wife, Jane.  to Tutbury, Staffs. 1812
RM7/314 James MORRIS, Alice wife.  to Linby, Notts. 1812
RM7/332 Thomas WHITECROFT, Elizabeth wife, Samuel, John, Mary.  to Morley.  1812
RM7/468* Joseph BATES   to Belper.  1816
RM7/651 Ann CARTLEDGE widow.  Draycott to Ockbrook  1817
RM7/668 Thomas DOMELOW, Jane wife, Luke, Matilda.  Draycott to Castle Donnington, Leics.  1817 
RM7/719 John HICKINBOTTOM, Elizabeth wife, Sarah, John, Mary ,Hannah.  Wilne and Shardlow to Diseworth, Leics.  1817
RM7/738 Joseph JOHNSON, Ann wife.  Wilne and Shardlow to Loughborough, Leics. 1817
RM7/777 Thomas PHILLIPS alias Thomas WILSON, Mary wife, Thomas, Elizabeth, Edwin. Draycott to Manchester, Lancs. 1817
RM7/822* Dorothy TOMLINSON  Wilne and Shardlow to Castle Donnington, Leics. 1817
RM7/936* Elizabeth FREARSON widow of William FREARSON, Samuel, Benjamin and also John , a child by her husband by a former wife.  Draycott to Shipley.   1818
RM7/1136* Thomas WHIELDON, Elizabeth wife, Sarah, George, Thomas, Robert, John, Samuel, William, Elizabeth. Wilne and Shardlow to Draycott 1822
RM7/1137 Thomas WHIELDON and family removed by me William GOODWIN  Wilne and Shardlow to Draycott  Oct 1822
Elizabeth WHIELDON removed by me William GOODWIN. Wilne and Shardlow to Draycott. the reason I did not take her with the other part of the family was thst she was not in out township until the latter day.  Nov 1822 
RM7/1235 Hannah BIRKIN single.  Wilne and Shardlow to Draycott  1825
RM7/1244 Hannah DAFT single, pregnant.  Draycott to Wysall, Notts.  1825
RM7/1475 Elizabeth TRAVERS single, pregnant  to Liverpool, Lancs. 1829 
RM7/1499 Thomas BRADBURY otherwise Thomas MARTIN 4, illegitimate son of Judtih BRADBURY.  Draycott to Winshill . On examination of Joseph BOSWORTH and Christopher HOOLEY  1830
RM7/1577 John BOWDEN, Lydai wife.  Draycott to Melton Mowbray, Leics. 1831
RM7/1578 John BOWDEN  Suspended order.  to Meltom Mowbray, Leics. 1831
RM7/1528 Mary HANDLEY,widow of William HANDLEY, Benjamin. to Church Eaton, Staffs. 1830
RM7/1551 James RATCLIFFE, Sarah wife, James. Wilne and Shardlow to St Olave, Southwark, Surrey. Feb. 1830
RM7/1552 Sarah RATCLIFFE Suspended order  to St Olave, Surrey.  Apr. 1830 
RM7/1562 David TAYLOR, Hannah wife, Ann, Emma, Joseph, Maria, Charlotte, Thomas.  to Lichfield St Michael, Staffs. 1830
RM7/1616 George STREET, Elizabeth wife.  Draycott to Gotham, Notts. 1831
RM7/1629* John DAKIN, Mary wife.  to Hemington, Leics.  1832
WINGERWORTH Removal (See also Chesterfield)
RM5/756 Robert PALMER, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Elizabeth, John.  Wingerworth to Norton.  1769
RM7/29 Job MARRIOTT, Ann wife, William, Samuel, Joseph.  to Matlock 1801
RM7/87 Isaac SLACK  to Matlock  1803
RM7/1138 Joseph WHITE, Ann wife.  to Stretton  1822
RM7/100 James KEATES, Millicent wife, Mary, William, George, John, Millicent, Christopher.  Winshill, Dbys.  to Cheadle, Staffs 1804
RM7/613 Samuel BARRATT  to Austrey, Warwicks.  1817
BULLOCK Louisa, Winshill  1924
WINSTER Removal with year of Order
R1 Richard HARRISON Baslow 1700
R2 Elizabeth dau of Daniel HILL of Carsington 1716
R3 Wm SILKSTONE and Elizabeth wife Wirksworth 1719 servant to Mr BEIGHTON.
R4 Geo SELLARS, Elizabeth wife, Grace Elton 1722
R5 Wm POTTER, 9 bastard son of Grace POTTER now LOXLEY Grace POTTERS Settlement Westminster, William born Wirksworth 1722/3
R6 Geo SIDDALL Norton 1726
R7 John PARKER, Hannah wife Prestbury 1732
R8 Anne SYMPSON wife of Thomas, a soldier. 1735 removal from Barrow, Derbys to Winster.
R9 Chas BUTTERWORTH, Mary wife, Thomas, John, Elizabeth. to Duckenfield 1740
R10 Ann BLACKWELL single Breason 1740
R11 John ABEL, Ellin wife, John, Thomas, William, Hannah. to Woford, Stoene, Staffs. 1740
R12 Matthias MORRIS, Sarah wife, Jane. Stephney, Middx 1740
R13 Richard MOMFORD, Mary wife, Jonathan, Easter. To Wedensbury, (sic) Staffs 1740
R14 John BALL, Ellen wife, Ralph son Sth Wingfield 1740
R17 Jane PARKER 15, Macklsfield 1740
R18 Richard a bastard of Anne BLACKWELL who returned immed. to Breaston after giving birth. 1740
R19 Ann BLACKWELL Breaston 1740
R20 John GRANGER, Rebecca wife, John, Ann. to Horsley 1740
R21 Mary MILLINGTON, Jamima (Jemima) dau, which the said Mary hath lately been delivered at Winster. to Iron Brook Grange Dbys. 1747/8
R22 Thomas NEWTON, Hannah wife, Samuel. to Bonsall 1758
R23 John STEARNDALE to Derby All Saints. 1758
R24 Rachel BARKER 12, Edmund BARKER 10, children of Edmund and Elizabeth BARKER late of Winster, who were certificated persons from Wensley. to Wensley. 1758
R25 Joseph HAWLEY, Sarah HAWLEY children of Anthony HAWLEY deceased. Grassington, WRY to Winster. 1768
R26 John STEARNDALE, Sarah wife. Derby All Saints 1769
R27 James BOAM, Ann wife, James, Thomas. Darley 1769
R28 John FOXLOW to Matlock 1769
R29 John WILLIES, Mary wife, Hannah. from Youlgreave to Winster. 1769
R30 Mary HOLBROOK to Mugginton 1770
R31 Elizabeth BENNETT to Musden Grange, Staffs. 1770
R32 Joseph HENLEY Hannah wife, John. to Brassington 1771
R33 William GAMBLE 7yr old, bastard of Hannah GAMBLE, born St Chadd, to St Chadd, Salop. 1771
R34 Ann BENNETT to Croxden, Staffs 1771
R35 John HOLMES, Elizabeth wife, Dorothy, John, Elizabeth, Mary. Stanton Dbys. to Winster. 1771
R36 Launcelot BEAUCROFT, Rebecca wife, William, Ann, Samuel. Cunniston, (Coniston?) Yks. 1771
R37 Anthony FEARN, Martha wife, John, Anthony, Mary. Callow, Dbys. 1771
R38 Samuel BENNET, Mary wife, Ann. Alstonefield, Staffs 1775
R39 Martha ADAMS spinster, dau of George and Elizabeth ADAMS (living at Nottingham under certificate since 1756) from Nottingham St Mary to Winster. 1778
R40 Mary TOMLINSON to Brassington 1779
R41 John WILLIS, Mary wife. four children. from Youlgreave to Winster. 1780
R42 Elizabeth DONCASTER to Aldwark Grange Dbys. 1780
R43 James WHITWORTH, Ruth wife, Sarah to Akring (Eakring ) Notts. 1781
R44 Elizabeth STAYLEY single to Birchover 1781
R45 William APPLEBY, Elizabeth wife, Ann. Tissington to Winster. 1787
R46 Mary ALLEN to Nottingham St Mary. 1790
R47 Lydia ORME to Darley 1792
R48 Hannah SHELDON Bonsall to Winster 1813
R49 Abigail PLATTS widow, Mary. (late husband William, decd.) Nottingham St Peter to Winster. 1813
R50 Josiah ONNES Dukinfield, Cheshire 1813
R51 Mary CADMAN widow to Liversedge, WRY 1821
R52 Suspended Order Mary CADMAN. Dead. 16 Apr 1825
R53 Jeremiah ASHTON, Ann wife, John, William Duffield to Winster. Duffield to Winster Jul 1808
R54 Suspended Order Ann ASHTON wife of Jeremiah, dead Removed Jeremiah ASHTON and family Aug. 1808
R55 Betty LOMAS single Manchester to Winster 1829
R56 John TAYLOR, Martha wife, Jane, Ellen, Rachel from Salford, Lancs. to Winster. 1829
R57 Joseph MARSDEN, Harriet wife, Susannah, Mary, John. Radford, Notts. to Winster. 1829
R58 Suspended Order Joseph MARSDEN (incomplete) 1829
R59 Daniel WILSON, Lydia wife, Stephen, Barbara, Alexander, Ellen, Harriet. Belper to Winster 1829
R60 Michael HARDEY (HARDY) Fanny wife, Hannah, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Anthony, Edward. from Bollington, Ches. to Winster. 1830
R61 Suspende Order Michael HARDEY (HARDY) 1830
R62 Jemima BOWLER wife of John BOWLER, Mary Ann, Hannah, Anthony. Chesterfield to Winster. 1830
R63 Joseph MARSDEN, Harriet wife, Susannah, Mary, John. Radford, Notts. to Winster. 1831
R64 Joseph HORLEY (HAWLEY?) Mary wife. Derby St. Alkmund to Winster 1831
R65 Betty STONES single Manchester to Winster. 18?? (c1831)
RM5/41 Richard ROBINSON, Ellen wife, Elizabeth, Rebecca  to Taddington  1713
RM5/48 Dorothy BUNTINGwidow, late wife of John BUNTING, John, Sarah.  to Matlock 1714/5
RM5/142 George SELLARS, Elizabeth wife, Grace. to Elton (by serving Thomas CLARKE als Thomas ROBINSON) .1722
RM5/306 John BALL, Ellen wife, Ralph.  to South Wingfield  1740
RM5/308 John GRANGER, Rebecca wife, John ,Ann.  to Horsley  1740
RM5/309 Samuel HAYNE, Esther wife, Esther.  to Derby St Werburgh.  1740
RM5/372 Jonathan WIGLEY, Mary wife.   to Wirksworth.  1748 
RM5/434 Hannah WHEELDON  to Colledge (Colwich ?) Staffs. 1753 
RM5/512 Rachel BARKER, Edmund BARKER, children of Edmund BARKER dec. and Elizabeth his wife. ( on oath of Elizabeth BROOMHEAD, mother of Rachel BARKER) to Wensley  1758
RM5/516 Jonathan GREGORY, Martha wife, John,  to Stanton p. Youlgreave  1758
RM5/519 Joseph LENT, wife, Thomas, Hannah, Joseph, Elizabeth.  to Aldwark  1758
RM5/521 Joseph MARSDEN, Esther wife.  to Woodland in Eyam.  1758
RM5/528 Joseph WALKER, Ellen wife  to Wensley 1758
RM5/556 Joseph KIRKHAM, Hannah wife, John,  to Leek Frith, Staffs 1760
RM5/644 Hannah GAMBLE     to Derby St Peter.   (on reverse, gave notice of appeal to Isaac HOLMES and Anthony OXLOW Overseers of Winster.  ) 1765
RM5/698 Joseph ELSE, Hester wife.  to Wirksworth  1767
RM5/705 Jonathan LOWE, Ann wife, dau Dorothy Brindley LOWE aged 4, Hannah.  to Wetton, Staffs.  1767
RM6/313 Thomas MARSDEN,Mary wife, William, Joseph .  to Birchover  1783
RM6/324 Alexander ROSE, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, Rebeccah, Hugh, Lexy, Mary.  to Dronfield 1783
RM6/325 Alexander ROSE, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, Rebeccah, Hugh, Lexy, Mary.  to Barlow 1783
RM6/589 James MOSS, Jane wife.  to Salford, Lancs.  1792
RM6/598a  Ann STONES, Benjamin, Joseph  to Baldon  (Ballidon?)  1792
RM/600 Samuel BARKER, Jane wife, Samuel, Ann, Benjamin.  to Upper Hallam, Yks. 1793
RM6/605 William BRADLEY ,Johanna wife.  to Newbold.  1793
RM6/625 William BARKER, Ellin wife, William, Edmond,  to Bridge Houses, Brightside, Yks.  1794
RM7/173 Joseph BARKER, Ann wife, Mary, Joseph, Ann, Dorothy, Elizabeth.   to Wensley  1808
RM7/325 Mary STONE  to Wormhill 1812
RM7/345 James FEARN, Ann wife, William, Frances, Ann, Hannah.  to Belper 1813
RM7/994 George HIBBS, Frances wife, George, Jabez, Charlotte  to Wingerworth  1819
RM7/1415 Harriet SMITH, Ruth, John.  to Elton 1828
RM7/1437 Ann FEARNE single  On examination of James FEARNE father.  to Belper  1829
RM7/1485* John BARNS, Ellen wife, Ellen, Sarah, Susannah, Mary, Esther, Ann.  to Elton 1830
RM7/1568 Samuel WAIN, Ellen wife, Mary Ann, Luke, Ellin.  to Wensley  1830
RM7/1590 James GLADWIN, (Elizabeth wife ... crossed out) Hannah, James.  to Stanton p. Youlgreave. 1831
This list is taken from a parish book of Winster and lists removals of persons and other documents of people not listed in the Removal orders above. Where the actual Removal Orders are for these people is not known at present.
a Esther HAMPSON to Chesterfield  1719
b William POTTER to Wirksworth 1722
c Josiah HALLS Order of Sessions settled him at Wirksworth  6th Anne
d Margaret WILSON as a bastard child 2nd George 1
e Margaret WILSON Order of Sessions 2nd George 1 no place.
f Margaret WILSON Order of Sessions 2nd George 1
h John WHEELDON Order of Sessions no place, not dated in book 
i Jonathan HALL Order of Removal, no place. 1729
j Richard BLACKWELL to Breaston 1741
k Elizabeth WIGLEY to Derby All Saints  Order confirmed 1749
l Mary HARDY to Derby St Peter  Order confirmed 1749
RM1/1 Edward HALL Idridgehay to Bradwell 1707/8
RM1/20 John DOXEY, Hannah. Wirksworth to Crumford 1765
RM1/21 Adam KNOWLES, Ann wife, Joseph, Sarah, Ellen, Adam. Wirksworth to Matlock 1765
RM1/24 Ferdinando MARSON, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, Ferdinando. Wirksworth to Ashleyhay. 1765
RM1/25 John NALL, Elizabeth wife, Martha. 1765 Middleton by Wirksworth to Crumford
RM1/32 Margaret AUSTIN, Mary,Sarah. 1766 Wirksworth to Alstonefield, having lived at Wirksworth under Certificate since 1755.
RM1/35 Thomas POYSER, Mary wife 1766 Wirksworth to Ashleyhay, having lived in Wirksworth under Certificate since 1706.
RM1/39 Isabella HAMBLETON otherwise HAMALTON 1767 Wirksworth to Allington, Lincolnshire
RM1/40 Henry LUDLAM, Ann wife. 1767 Middleton by Wirksworth to Matlock.
RM1/41 Hester WALBANK Wirksworth to Gidley Notts. 1767
RM1/46 Robert MILLINGTON, Sarah dau. 1769 Itheridgehay to Radbourne.
RM1/60 Israel SHAW, Hannah wife, Ann, Hannah, Joseph, Alice. Middleton by Wirksworth to Bonsall 1786 Having resided there under Certificate from Bonsall since 1732.
RM2/46 Hannah HOLLOWAY otherwise MALKIN single pregnant. Biggin to Uttoxeter. 1807 n.b As the Biggin in the Order is not described as of Wirksworth parish it may be Biggin by Hartington.
RM3/222 Isaaih WALTERS, Margaret wife Nov 1814 to Pentridge, Dbys.
RM3/223 Suspended Order Margaret WALTERS ill Removed Mar 1815
RM4/13 Sarah BRAMLEY to Mappleton. 1816
RM4/16 Mary BROWN wife of John BROWN a soldier in HM Service. Cromford to Brightside Bierlow, Yks 1816
RM4/50 Job SHELDON, Ann wife, Job. 1816 Ible to Brassington
RM4/68 Joseph BATES, Mary wife, Ann, Mary. 1816 Cromford to Matlock
RM4/71 Robert COOPER yngr. 1816 Wirksworth to Itheridgehay
RM4/112 Sarah BATH Wirksworth to Blackwell Township 1819
RM4/130 Timothy GREATOREX, Hannah wife. 1819 Hopton to Dronfield.
RM4/153 Mary RENSHAW Wirksworth to Barkstone, Leics. 1819
RM6/3 Sarah BOOME (BOONE ? ) alias KOCH? Wirksworth to Ashover  1770
RM6/10 Cassandra NASH  Wirksworth to Quarndon  1770
RM5/2 John COTTERILL, wife, children  Cromford to Middleton by Wirksworth  1710
RM5/32 Izabell FLETCHER widow.  Alderwasley to Darley,p.Derby St Alkmunds. 1713
RM5/84 Daniel HIGTON, Elizabeth wife.  Cromford to Matlock 1718
RM5/89 John CALOW, Elizabeth.  Biggin to Mercaston, p Mugginton 1718
RM5/100 Michael JOWETT, Hannah wife, Joseph, Elizabeth  Ashleyhay to Wirksworth 1720 
RM5/177 Katherine MILLWARD wife of John MILLWARD decd, and her children.  to Alstonefield, Staffs. 1725
RM5/187 Thomas TOPLIS, Elizabeth wife, William ,Jerman, Ellen, Sarah. to Caulow (Callow) 1726
RM5/211 Mary MATHER, pregnant  Middleton by Wirksworth to Wirksworth  1730
RM5/225 Sarah BANKS pregnant  Cromford to North Wingfield  1732/3
RM5/241 John BRAILSFORD, Mary wife, John.  Idridgehay to Hulland Ward Intakes 1733
RM5/268 Elizabeth WAGSTAFF, Mary  to Mugginton  1734
RM5/283 Robert HOULBROOK eld., Sarah wife, Robert, Francis, Sarah.  to Crich.  1736/7
RM5/290 Samuel COOPER, Ann wife.  Cawlow (Callow) to Biggin by Wirksworth.  1737
RM5/303 Bridget HALL wife of Samuel HALL ,Esther.  Idridgehay to Bradwell  1739/40
RM5/321 John HUGHES, Ruth wife.   Hopton to Winster.  1742
RM5/364 William KEYS, Ann wife, Robert.  to Derby St Peters.  1746
RM5/386 Richard SMITH, Hannah wife, Richard, Ann, William.  Ashleyhay to Hinckley, Leics. c. 1750
RM5/505 Francis SPENCER, Mary dau 22, Phoebe.  Cromford to Wirksworth
RM5/570 Francis COTTRELL  to Lea,p. Ashover  1761
RM5/571 Grace DIXON  to Ashbourne  1761
RM5/592 Hannah HIGTON widow of Jacob HIGTON lately decd. Grace, Job, Jacob.  to Cromford 1762
RM5/596 Ferdinando MARSON. Elizabeth wife, Joseph, Lydia  to Ashleyhay  1762
RM5/602 William WRIGHT, Silence wife, Elizabeth, George, Job.  Cromford to Wirksworth  1762
RM5/618 German STORER, Mary, Hannah, Sarah.  to Bonsall 1763
RM5/627 Millicent ELLIOT  Alderwasley to Ashleyhay  1764
RM5/671 William ELLOTT, Sarah wife, Jane, John, Sarah, Lavina, Elizabeth.  to Crich 1766
RM5/723 Mary WETTON  to Itheridgehay ( Idridgehay) 1767
RM5/739 Thomas HUNT, Ann wife.  to Ashleyhay.  1768
RM5/757 Thomas POTTTER, Dorothy wife William SMITH, Samuel SMITH, Joseph SMITH. (children of the said Dorothy POTTER by her former husband John SMITH .  to Alderwasley  1769
RM5/759 Job REDFEARN, Phoebe wife, child 6m  Ashley hay to Wirksworth  1769
RM6/35 Sarah ANDERSON, Mary. to Ascome, Notts 1772
RM6/86 Benjamin DIXSON, Mary wife, Sarah.  to  Matlock 1774 
RM6/164 Thomas REYNOLDS, Alice wife, Saml, Thos, Lydia. Alderwasley to Wirksworth 1777
RM6/172 Ruth BUXTON to Bonsall 1778
RM6/175 George FOX, Ellen wife. Middleton by Wirksworth to Matlock  1778
RM6/203 Hannah TAYLOR pregnant  to Matlock  1779
RM6/213 Sarah BOWLER single. Ashleyhay to Okerthorpe, p. South Wingfield 1780
RM6/245 Mabel HURST  Middleton to Crich  1781 (this Middleton could be" by Youlgreave")
RM6/258 Anthony ALLIN, Susanna wife.  to Stanton. 1782
RM6/265 Joseph BURGIN, Ellen wife, Hannah.  Ashleyhay to Alderwasley 1782 
RM6/273 Mary HOUGHTON, Richard, Thomas.  to Ashbourne 1782
RM6/274 John KILLER. Cromford to Ashover  1782
RM6/293 Edward ALCOCK  Ashleyhay to Wirksworth  1783
RM6/295 William ALLSOP to Codnor  1783
RM6/315 Phebe NEWBY, Hannah, Phebe  to Rochdale, Lancs.  1783
RM6/316 Phebe NEWBY, Hannah, Phebe  to Castleton ,p.Rochdale, Lancs. 1783
RM6/330 Benjamin WIGLEY  to Shirland  1783
RM6/351 Mary JOHNSON  to Kirk Langley 1784
RM6/382 Thomas MARCHANT, Elizabeth wife, John, Mary, Elizabeth.  Alderwasley to Wheatcroft, p. Crich. 1785
RM6/432 Richard COOPER, Ann wife, Joseph, James, Ann  Middleton by Wirksworth to Hulland Ward Intakes.  1787
RM6/451 Diana POTER (POTTER ?)   to Holmesfield  1787
RM6/470 Ann GREEN alias DAWSON (wife of James GREEN alias DAWSON) , Hannah, Mary. to St Mary, Stafford, Staffs. 1788
RM6/ 482 Hannah HOZIER  to Fenny Bentley  1788
RM6/491 James STEEPLE, Elizabeth wife, Ann.  to Biggin p.Wirksworth  1788
RM6/501 Ann BALL widow, John, Jane, William, Samuel.    Ible to Ashbourne  1789
RM6/510 Ralph GADSBY, Elizabeth wife, Jane 23 yrs.        to Ipstones, Staffs. 1789
RM6/540 Thomas HICKLEN alias Thomas HOLMES, Hannah wife, Aaron, Elizabeth.   Cromford to Hathern, Leics.  1790
RM6/579 Hannah CHEETHAM, residing by virtue of Certificate dated 1760,  to Derby St Alkmund.  1791
RM6/629 Lydia BUXTON, wife of Samuel BUXTON, Sarah  to Kirk Ireton  1794
RM6/689 Mary GIBSON  Ashleyhay to Gunby, Lincs.  1797
RM7/32 Martha MELLOR, single, Samuel.  to Radbourne 1801
RM7/96 George HARRIS  Alderweasley to Hinckley, Leics.  1804
RM7/98 Sarah HOLLINGWORTH, Dorothy.  Cromford to Brackenfield 1804
RM7/106 Mary MOULD  Alderwasley.  to Biggin.  1804
RM7/139 Mary WRIGHT, Martha, Ann.   to Calow  1805
RM7/143 Rosetta BUDWORTH.   to Ashley hay  1806
RM7/167 William RAINS Suspended order.  to Chaddesden.   Jan.1807
RM7/168 William RAINS, Elizabeth wife, John, Elizabeth.  to Chaddesden  Dec.1806
RM7/181 Rachel GILES, John.  to Newmarket, Suffolk.  1808
RM7/183 Benjamin HADFIELD  to Lea.  1808
RM7/184* Hannah HALLOWAY (wife of Richard HALLOWAY 7th Rgt Dragoon Guards) George.  Biggin** to Bradley 1808
 ** Listed here as Biggin by Wirksworth, because of proximity to Bradley, although it could also be Biggin by Hartington)
RM7/186 Sarah HOLBROOK  to Matlock  1808
RM7/198 Charles WILKINSON   to Derby St Werburgh 1808
RM7/199 Charles WILKINSON Suspended order Apr. 1808 . Removed. to Derby St Werburgh   Jun 1808
RM7/201 William WINT, Mary wife, William. (residing under Certificate dated 1776)  to Wetton, Staffs. 1808
RM7/204 Ann FARNSWORTH 13, Sarah FARNSWORTH 9. On examination of Ann FARNSWORTH mother. to Ible  1809
RM7/242 Ann BATTERLEY, George.  Ible to Kirk Ireton  1810
RM7/263 Ann BARNS 10, Hannah BARNS 7 (daus of Joseph BARNS late of Alderwasley, decd. by Elizabeth his wife, who has lately intermarried with Samuel POTTER.)  Ashleyhay to Heage.  1811
RM7/280 John WYLD, Ellen wife.  to Heanor.  1811
RM7/301 Rhoda FOSTER  Ible to Mappleton   May1812
RM7/302 Rhoda FOSTER Suspended order. she "being far gone with Child " . Ible to Mapppleton  Jun 1812
RM7/312 Hannah MARTIN  to Lenton, Notts.  1812
RM7/359 Esther MARSH  to Brailsford  1813
RM7/374 George SOWTER, Dinah wife, Mary, Sarah, Dinah, William, Elizabeth, Ann, Ellen.   to Matlock  1813
RM7/375 Suspended order Sarah SOWTER  Removed to Matlock .  1814
RM7/382 John WOOLLEY, Dorothy wife, Joseph, Ann.  to High Edge (Heage?) Mar 1813
RM7/383 Dorothy WOOLLEY Suspended order.  Removed to High Edge (Heage ?) Apr 1813
RM7/384 Martha WRAGG  Middleton by Wirksworth to Bonsall  1813
RM7/405 George KIDDEY, Mary wife, Ann, Ellen and Sarah twins, William  to Shottle  1814
RM7/408 Bartholomew MASKERY, Ann wife, Sarah, Mary, William, Lydia, John, James.  to Calow  Feb 1814
RM7/409 Bartholomew MASKERY Suspended order,  removed to Calow.  Mar 1814
RM7/414 Grace ROWSON (wife of Anthony ROWSON) Elizabeth, Ellen   to Kirklington, Notts,  1814
RM7/433 Jonathan HENDLEY, Ann wife, Alice, Dorothy.  to Pentrich.  1815
RM7/595 William WINT, Mary wife, William, Hannah, Charlotte, Samuel,  to Wetton, Staffs.  1816
RM7/481 Jesse BROWSON  to Parwich.  1816
RM7/512 William FOULKE, Frances wife, Hannah, Joseph.  to Alfreton.   1816
RM7/691 Joseph FOULKE, Ellen wife, Elizabeth, Hannah, Thomas and Joseph twins.  to Ashleyhay  1817
RM7/722 Alice HOLLAND  to Crich.  1817
RM7/757 George MARCHANT, Mary wife  to Crich.  1817
RM7/760 John MARSDEN, Lydia wife, Milicent, Mary, Thomas, Ann, Samuel.  to Winster. 1817
RM7/768* John MOUNTNEY, Mary wife, John, Elizabeth, George.  Idridgehay to Kirk Ireton.  1817
RM7/770 Joseph NEEDHAM, Martha wife.  Cromford to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks May 1817
RM7/771 Martha NEEDHAM Suspended order. Cromford to Ecclesall Bierlow Yks. removed Jun 1817
RM7/799 Martha SHAW  Cromford to Litton.  1817
RM7/808 Samuel SMITH, Sarah wife, Mary, Jane, John, Sarah, Samuel, Daniel.  to Alderwasley  1817
RM7/820 Martha TIMPERLEY  to Manchester, Lancs.  1817
RM7/847 John WINT, Hannah wife.  to Wetton, Staffs. 1817
RM7/887 Thomas DOXEY, Mary wife, Thomas, Samuel, Richard, Joseph, William.  Middleton to Darley.  1818
RM7/907 John HARRISON, Elizabeth wife.  to Higheadge (Heage)  1818
RM7/941 William ROOSE, Ann wife, Edward.  to Nottingham St Nicholas, Notts.  1818
RM7/968 Thomas WILSON, Martha wife, Sarah.  Cromford to Ashbourne. Jan. 1818
RM7/969 Thomas WILSON Suspended order.  Cromford to Ashbourne.  Mar. 1818 
RM7/974 John YOUNG  to St Michael, Lincoln, Lincs. On examination of William THOMPSON. 1818
RM7/1009 Timothy STEEPLES, Elizabeth wife, Martha, Dorothy, Thomas, Elizabeth, William, Eliza.  Hopton to Callow  1819
RM7/1059 Samuel ALLEN , Ellen wife, Eliza, Ann, Mary, Samuel .  Alderwasley to Llanwarda, Carmarthenshire, Wales.  1821
RM7/1062 Hannah BRADSHAW  to Matlock  1821
RM7/1064 John BUNTING, Ann wife, Hannah, John, Samuel, Lydia.  to Belper  1821
RM7/1086 Anthony TURNER, Mary wife.  to Cromford  1821
RM7/1139 William YEOMANS, Sarah wife, Mary, John.  to Hazlewood  1822
RM7/1165 Sarah SEALE wife of William SEALE, Robert.  Cromford to Derby St Peters. 1823
RM7/1253 John MARSDEN, Hannah wife, Lydia.  Ible to Aldwark  1825
RM7/1245 Phoebe DAVILLE  Idridgehay to Shottle  1825
RM7/1294 Hannah HOULGATE single, pregnant.  Alderwasley to Callow . On examination of Nathanael HOULGATE father of Hannah.  1826
RM7/1300 Hannah MARSDEN, wife of John MARSDEN yngr, Lydia.  Ible to Winster 1826
RM7/1389 Ann HART  single.  to Wessington.   Jul 1828
RM7/1390 Ann HART Suspended order  to Wessington  Oct 1828
RM7/1391 James HOLEHOUSE, Jane wife, Henry,Sarah   to Pentrich  Apr 1828
RM7/1392 Jane HOLEHOUSE Suspended order  to Pentrich. removed Jun 1828
RM7/1394 William JEPSON, Charlotte wife.  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1828
RM7/1425 Mary WILKINSON single . On examination of Robert WILKINSON her father.  to Uttoxeter, Staffs.  1828
RM7/1435 Ellen COLLEGE (COLLEDGE ?)  single.  to Alfreton  1829
RM7/1459a* Millicent OTTYWELL single.  to Kilburn  1829
RM7/1466* Lydia BODEN  single.  Cromford to Brassington  1829
RM7/1525 John HAND, Ann wife, John, James.  Cromford to Willenhall, Staffs. 1830
RM7/1526 John HAND. Note, HANDS grandfather rented farm at Bentley. Pauper born Willenhall 1830 
RM7/1529* Ellen HARRISON wife of Thomas HARRISON, Ann.  to Alfreton 1830
RM7/1542 Hannah MASKERY dau of Joseph and Mary MASKERY  to Cheetham, Lancs. 1830
RM7/1555 Mary ROPER wife of William ROPER (a prisoner confined HM Gaol , Derby) James, Mary.  to Crich  1830  
RM7/1556 Mary ROPER wife of William ROPER (now a prisoner) James, Mary.  to Derby St Alkmund  1830
RM7/1583 Job DOXEY, Ann wife, Isaac, Mary, Ellen, Thomas, Samuel.  to Middleton by Wirksworth 1831
RM7/1584 Job DOXEY  Received of the Overseer of Wirksworth the family mentioned in this order at my house in Middleton. Philip BATEMAN Assistant Overseer, Middleton. 1831
RM7/1585 Dorothy ELLIOTT single  to Cromford 1831
RM7/1589 Jemima GAMBLE wife of Thomas GAMBLE, William, James and George twins, Frances, Maria.  to Hognaston 1831
RM7/1613 George STEEPLES, Mary wife, George, Mary, Ann.  to Ashleyhay 1831
RM7/1614 George STEEPLES and family. Received of the Overseer of Wirksworth George STEEPLES and family, Thomas ANABLE Overseer of Ashleyhay. 1831
RM7/1630 Sarah WHITE single.  to Carsington  1831
RM7/1668 William PARSONS, Elizabeth wife, Jemima, Martha.  to Crich   1832
RM7/1670 William PEAT, Hannah wife, Bessy, Thomas.  to Kirk Ireton  1832
RM7/1671 Benjamin POTTER, Lydia wife, William.  to Tansley  1832  
RM7/1672 Thomas POTTER yngr, Ellen wife, Mary, James.  to Tansley  1832
RM7/1680 Thomas THOMPSON yngr, Sarah wife, John.  to Middleton 1832
RM7/1681 Thomas THOMPSON yngr. Suspended order  to Middleton, removed 1832
RM7/1690 Anthony AMATT, Hannah wife, Anthony.  to Matlock  1833
RM7/1691 Hannah AMATT Suspended order.  to Matlock 1833
RM7/1710 Kezia SPENDLOVE  Idridgehay to Shottle  1833
RM7/1712 Thomas BULLOCK, Elizabeth wife, Thomas, Sarah, John, Kezia.  Cromford to Shottle 1834
RM7/1713 Thomas BULLOCK Suspended order  Cromford to Shottle 1834
RM7/1714 John BUXTON, Sophia wife, James, John, Sarah  to Bonsall  1834
RM7/1746 Mary MART widow aged 50, Joseph, Martha, Susanna, Mary.  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1835
RM7/1761 John CORDEN, three children. note to Brampton of removal from Cromford 1836  
RM7/1762 John CORDEN, Martha, Mary, Solomon.  Cromford to Brampton  1836
RM7/1775 Ann WALKER wife of William WALKER  (now in Derby Gaol) Martha, Ann.  to Checkley and Tean, Staffs. 1836
RM7/1777 Ann WALKER and children have become chargeable. Note by Robert WALTON of Wirksworth, Overseer.  1836
RM7/1807 Sarah RENSHAW wife of Thomas RENSHAW, William . Notice to Overseers of Cheadle Bulkeley, Ches. of intention of Removal.  1838
RM7/1809 Sarah RENSHAW, wife of Thomas RENSHAW, William.  to Cheadle Bulkeley, Ches.  1838
RM5/623 Ann WOODHOUSE  to Fairfield  1763
RM5/717 Ann THEAKSTONE  to Badsworth, Yks  1767
RM7/102 Alice LONGSTON  to Gorton, Lancs.  c.1804
YOULGREAVE with year of Removal
RM1/45 Richard HOLMES, Dorothy wife, Henry Stanton p.Youlgreave to Grindon, Staffs. 1769
2 Jonathan BOTHAM, Elizabeth wife, Alice and Elizabeth to Gratton 1790
3 Deborah CARSON, single, removed from Darley to Youlgreave. 1800.
4 Hannah GARROTT, 8, Richard GARROT, 7 children of Richard GARROT dec. removed from Upper Haddon to Youlgreave 1800
5 Wm SWINDALE, Sarah wife, John 4, Wm 2, Mary 5m. removed to Wensley and Snitterton 1803
6 Joseph MARSH, Elizabeth wife Alstonefield, Staffs 1756
7 Ann SHELDON to Swarkestone 1762
8 William SHELDON to South Wingfield 1766
9 Ann ROBERTS, Richard ROBERTS children of John ROBERTS deceased of Edensor, on oath of Grace ROYES. Their fathers last legal Settlement was Youlgreave. Removed from Matlock to Youlgreave. 1726
10 Henry LOMAS, Ann wife, John, Hannah. to Spire Hollin, Chapel en le Frith. 1756
RM5/155 Sarah BUXTON  Middleton by Youlgreave Division to Ballidon. 1723
RM5/210 William MADDOCK yngr, Elizabeth wife, William, Sarah, George, Elizabeth. On oath of William MADDOCK snr, father.  to Dalbury Lees.  1730
RM5/326 William SHIMWELL  to Bakewell  1742
RM5/334 Catherine BEEBY, Thomas, a child.   to Brampton  1742
RM5/350 Rose READ wife of Joseph READ now under confinement.  Middleton and Smerril to Bonsall  1744
RM5/428 Elisabeth STERNDALE  to Grindon, Staffs. 1753
RM5/430 Mary STERNDALE  Stanton to Derby St Werburgh. 1753
RM5/433 Silence WAYNE  Stanton to Hassop  1753 (note, may be another Stanton elsewhere in Dbys.)
RM5/436 Elizabeth BLACKWALL  Middleton by Youlgreave to Tissington 1754 
RM5/529 William BEARD, Mary wife.  to Greasley, Notts.  1759
RM5/550 Benjamin FENTEM, Ann wife, George  Stanton to Wensley and Snitterton  1760
RM5/699 John FANTAM, John, James, Frances  to St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middx.  1767
RM6/19 John HOLMES, Elizabeth wife, Dorothy, John, Elizabeth, Mary.  Stanton to Winster 1771
RM6/146 John UNWIN, Mary wife, Obadiah, Joshua, John, Elizabeth.  to Little Rowsley  1776
RM6/149 Mary BAMFORTH wid of Robert BAMFORTH, John, Ann, Robert, Stanton 1777
RM6/308 John HARDY Stanton in Youlgreave to Atlo (Atlow)  1783
RM6/309 John HARDY Stanton in Youlgreave to Birchover 1783
RM6/353 Katherine MARSDEN  Birchover to West Wickham, Kent.  1784
RM6/519 Martha ROBINSON   to Rowland   1789
RM6/612 Ann FENTUM  to Wensley and Snitterton.  1793
RM6/726 Elizabeth HAWLEY widow, Elizabeth, James. and four infant children. on examination of Samuel HAWLEY her late husbands father.  Birchover to Winster.  1799
RM7/89 Esther BRASSINGTON  to Manchester, Lancs.  1804
RM7/128 Joseph GREGORY, Prescilla wife, Thomas, Mary.   to Stanton 1805
RM7/131 Milicent HOLMES Stanton to Darley. On oath of Isaac HOLMES father, she being a lunatic. 1805
RM7/142 Jonathan BOTTOM, Mary wife.  to Winster  1806
RM7/210 Joseph GREGORY, Precella wife, Thomas, Mary.  to Stanton  1809
RM7/259 Sarah VINEY (or VENEY) wife of William VINEY of Mill Hill, gardener, Ann VINEY vagrant child 6.  to Mill Hill, Middx.  Jun 1810
RM7/260 Sarah VINEY Suspended order Removed to Mill Hill, Middx.  Sep 1810  
RM7/305 George HAMILTON, Hannah wife, George, Sarah, John, Thomas. to Bakewell  1812
RM7/394 Ellen CHARLESWORTH  Stanton to Youlgreave  1814
RM7/554 Ellen NEWTON   Stanton (does not indicate which Stanton this is, however Bache Thornhill is Lord of The Manor of Stanton in the Peak and he is a witness, hence placed unsder Youlgreave)  to Denton, Lancs. 1816
RM7/867 Hannah BREWER  to Rowsley  1818
RM7/900 Thomas GOODWIN, Ann wife, Joseph, George, Margaret, Samuel, Thomas.  to Bakewell 1818
RM7/967 Peter WILD, Mary wife, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Andrew.  Stanton to Upper Hallam, Yks. (note does not indicate which Stanton in Dbys it is. Bache Thornhill is mentioned as JP and his association with Stanton is the reason this particular order is placed here.) 1818
RM7/1087 William TWIGG, Mary wife, Jeremiah, John, Lucy.  Stanton (not stated which Stanton it is, but placed here because of the Twigg surname association with Stanton in the Peak in Youlgreave parish. ) to Cockshutt, p.Halesowen, Shropshire. 1821
RM7/1440 James GREGORY   Birchover to Wetton, Staffs.  1829
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.