Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



RM3/215 Geo SMITH, Ann wife, Richard, John, Mary 1815 to Trowell, Notts
RM5/653 Mary RAYNER  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1765
RM6/282 Elizabeth OLDERSHAW   to Shardlow 1782
RM6/446 Zacharias OLDERSHAW, Catherine wife, Thomas.  to Dale Abbey.  1787
RM6/662 Elizabeth MARLOW wife of Thomas MARLOW.   to Uttoxeter, Staffs. 1795
RM6/754 Mary DAVIS, widow, Joseph, Elizabeth.  to Middlewich, Ches. 1800
RM7/156 Ann RAYNOR single, pregnant.  (On reverse; Thomas HARDSTAFF labourer, belonging to Newstaed but now at Watnall is father to the child) to Nottingham St Peter, Notts.  1806
RM7/655 Samuel CHAPMAN, Mary wife, Hannah Maria, Mary Ann, Sarah, Lydia, Elizabeth, Thomas.  to Wrotham, Kent. 1817
RM7/1122 Ruth WEAVER otherwise RAYNOR, on examination of Ann RAYNOR spinster.  to Radford, Notts. 1822
RM7/1281 John COCKAYNE, Sarah wife, Thomas.  to Toton, Notts  1826
RM7/1530 William HOSE   to Hoton, Leics.  Jan 1830
RM7/1531 William HOSE Suspended order  to Hoton, Leics. removed Feb 1830
SAWLEY Removal
RM2/67 William BEER, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Ann, Edward, George, Sarah, Mary. Sawley to Loughborough. 1809
RM2/68 Ann BLEWS single Draycott to Bloxwich,Staffs. 1809
RM2/78 Millicent wife of William MIDDLETON Private soldier 3rd Regt Foot Guards. Draycott to Chaddesden. 1809
RM2/93 John COOKE Elizabeth wife, Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth. 1810 Draycott to Sandiacre.
RM2/96 Elizabeth LIGGETT single, Draycott to Castle Donnington, Leics. 1810
RM2/106 Anne, (wife of John THOMPSON, now absent from her.) Maria 1, William 7 wks. Draycott to Ockbrook 1810 oath of Joseph THOMPSON, father of John.
RM3/34 Edward COOK Sarah wife, Thomas. 1812 Draycott to Castle Donnington.
RM3/38 Levy FROST, Elizabeth wife, John. 1812 Draycott to Beeston, Notts.
RM3/41 Joseph STENSON Elizabeth wife, William, Thomas, Mary. Sawley to Breaston. 1 May 1812
RM3/42 Suspended order of Joseph STENSON, ill removed Sawley to Breaston. 15 May 1812
RM3/135 Thos WHITE basket maker, to Barton upon Trent 1813
RM4/23 William GREEN Long Eaton to Sutton Bonnington Notts. 1816
RM4/32 John HUSS Long Eaton to Toton, Notts 1816
RM4/55 Joshua STANSFIELD, Elizabeth wife, Hannah, 1816 Sawley to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.
RM5/94 John HALL, wife   to Sneinton, Notts.  1719 
RM5/189 an infant male child, 1m old and as yet parents unknown. On oath of Elizabeth CROSSE wife of Bryan CROSSE of Wilne lab that the child was last settled in Sawley.  Draycott to Sawley. 1726
RM5/331 John TURNER, Sarah wife, Mary.  to Derby All Saints 1742
RM5/549 Robert DIXON, Sarah wife, Ann.  to Derby St Peter 1760
RM5/670 John CARVER and family  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.  1766
RM6/68 Dorothy POXON  to Lockington, Leics.  1773
RM6/210 Rebecca BARKER to Lenton, Notts. 1780
RM6/259 Mary ATKIN ,William  Long Eaton to Ilkeston  1782
RM6/379 Mary KILBOURNE   to Long Eaton 1785
RM7/27 Ann Dorothy LEAVERS, Mary Ann  to Greasley, Notts.
RM7/28 Edward LYDALL, Elizabeth wife, William, Edward, Sarah, Mary.  to Aston on Trent 1801
RM7/54 William BEER, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Ann   to Loughborough, Leics.  1802
RM6/533 Samuel BOWER, Hannah wife.  Draycott to Alfreton  1790
RM6/538 Robert GASKIN, Hannah wife.  Draycott to Hemmington, Leics. 1790
RM6/773* Benjamin MOOR, Ann wife, John, Ellen, Elizabeth, Patience. Draycott to Leek, Staffs. 1800
RM7/176 John CLEMENTS, Elizabeth wife, Isaac, John.   to Ockbrook  1808
RM7/293 James CROFTS, Margaret wife, George.  to Kegworth,Leics. 1812
RM7/311 Richard MANSFIELD, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, Sarah.  to Chaddesden 1812
RM7/559* Elizabeth PORTER single  to Nottingham St Nicholas, Notts. 1816
RM7/675 Samuel ENGLAND, Amey wife, William, Ann, John.  to Ilkeston.  Apr 1817
RM7/676 Samuel ENGLAND, Amy wife, William, Ann, John. to Thrumpton, Notts. Jan. 1817
RM7/697 George FROST, Ann wife.  to Hemington, Leics.  1817
RM7/787 James ROSE, Mary wife, Ann.  to Bramcote, Notts.  1817
RM7/838 Benjamin WESLEY, Ann wife, Samuel.  to Leicester All Sts.  Leics.  1817 
RM7/924* John MARSON, Charlotte wife, Elizabeth, John, Ann, Hannah, Charlotte, William.  Long Eaton to Wimeswold, Leics.  1818
RM7/1071 William JOWETT (the infant son of Joseph JOWETT dec.) Long Eaton to Chilwell, Notts.  1821
RM7/1199 Ann HEMSLEY, single, pregnant  Long Eaton to Huglescote, Leics.  1824
RM7/1272 Samuel ARCHER, Ann wife, William  Long Eaton to Kegworth, Leics. 1826
RM7/1355* Elizabeth PRESTON widow of George PRESTON, John, Amey.  to Hallarton, Leics.  1827
RM7/1397 William LOCKER,  Elizabeth wife, Ann  Long Eaton to Bramcote, Notts.  1828
RM7/1398* William LOCKER removed Saturday morning by Isaac HOOLEY to Joseph WEATLEY Overseer of Bramcote.  1828
RM7/1486 Sarah BATES, Sarah, Maria, Thomas, Mary  to Osmaston in Hundred of Reton and Gresley.  1830
RM7/1740 Thomas CHAMBERS yngr, Elizabeth wife, Ellen, Ann, Elizabeth.  to Burton upon Trent, Staffs. 1835
RM7/1741 Thomas CHAMBERS  Suspended order. Dead.  to Burton upon Trent, Staffs. May 1835
RM7/1767 James MATKIN (MALKIN ?) Elizabeth wife, Mary, William, James, Rebecca, Joseph, Sarah.  Long Eaton to Kirk Ireton.  1836
RM7/1901 William WARD  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1842
RM7/1908 William WARD Notice of appeal by Nottingham St Mary, Notts.   Jul. 1842
RM7/1909 William WARD Reason for appeal, WARDS legal settlement believed to be Castle Donington, Leics, not Nottingham St Mary, Notts. Aug. 1842
RM7/1910 William WARD   to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  Nov 1842
SCARCLIFFE with year of removal.
8 John HANDBY to Norton Cuckney 1717/18
21 Matthew MARSH, Martha wife, Joseph to Nether Langwith 1740
R1 William HAYS, Martha wife. Removal from Pleasley to Scarcliffe. 1745/6
R2 Esther wife of William COGGIN, William 6m Stretton to Scarcliffe 1775
R3 Richard PECK to Warksop, Notts. (Worksop?) 1708
R4 Arthur BRADLEY, wife, children. Stretton to Scarcliffe 1711
R5 John LOWDE wife, children Whitwell 1717/8
R6 James BURTON, Mary wife. Wensley and Snitterton to Scarcliffe 1770
R7 Hannah MARSHALL single. Heath to Scarcliffe 1771
R8 George COKE to Hucknall, Dbys. 1775
R9 Ann CHARLESWORTH to Norton, Notts. 1783
R10 Ann DALTON single to Babworth, Notts 1792
R11 George BUNTING, Martha wife, Elizabeth, Sarah, John, George. to Upper Langwith 1798
R12 William HALL Hasland to Scarcliffe 1817
R13 William DICKSON to Mansfield Woodhouse 1821
R14 Thomas PURSLOV Susan wife, George, Sarah, Ellen. Widdial, (nr Buntingford) Herts to Scarcliffe 1831
order made null and void by Overseers.
R15 John ORWIN Bolsover to Scarcliffe 1831
R16 Peter CHARLESWORTH, Sarah wife, George, John, Charles. Upper Langwith to Scarcliffe 1832
R17 Sarah MARLOW widow of William MARLOW late of Blidworth, Notts., Elizabeth, Henry, Matthew, Caroline MARLOW dau of William MARLOW by his former wife Charlotte dec. Blidworth to Scarcliffe. 1846
R18 Ann HALL widow, Ann, Samuel, Eliza, Mary. Warsop Notts. to Scarcliffe. 1849
RM5/368 William SHERSTON, Mary wife, Ann.   to Scofton, Worksop,Notts.  1748
RM5/371 John WHITAKER, Hannah wife, Mary, Elizabeth  to Nether Langwith, p. Cuckney, Notts. 1748
RM5/425 Samuel RHODES, Ann wife.  to Pleasley   1753
RM5/465 Richard RADDISH, Jane wife, child.  to Sutton  1755
RM5/575 Thomas LAURANCE   to Skegby, Notts  1761
RM6/111 George COKE  to Hucknall, Dbys  1775
RM6/147 Elizabeth WEBSTER to South Normanton  1776
RM6/373 Jonathan HAY 13,  to Sheen, Staffs.  1785
RM7/717 Joseph HAYS, Mary wife.  to Worksop, Notts.  1817
RM7/1013 Elizabeth WALKER single  to Woodborough, Notts.  1819
RM7/1256 Ann PARSONS single, pregnant.  to Warsop, Notts.  1825
RM7/1470 George SMITH, Hannah wife, William.  to Holbeck, Notts.  1829
RM7/1532 George HEALD, Catherine wife, Hannah, Catherine, George, Jane, Sarah.   to Chesterfield  1830
RM7/1665 George MARRIOTT, Frances wife, John.  to Alfreton 1832
RM7/1723* William KIRK, John, William, Eliza.  to Laughton en le Morthen, Yks 1834
RM7/1734 John VARDY, Hannah wife, Thomas.  to Upper Langwith  1834
SCROPTON with year of Removal Order.
RM5/120 Margaret BENNIT a lunatick. to Foremark. On reverese "Foremark to appeal"  1722
RM5/422 William MANLOVE, Elizabeth wife, Thomas, Edward, Sarah, Elizabeth  to Etwall 1753
RM6/148 Samuel WHILTON, Ann wife.  to Sheffield, Yks.  1776
RM7/740 Richard JONES, Hannah wife  Foston and Scropton to Ashbourne 1817

SHARDLOW Removals (See also Aston on Trent)
1 Robert HOLDEN, wife.  removed from Derby St Peter to Shardlow.  1720
2 William COOPER, Mary wife  to Draycott  1729
3 Richard GILL, Mary wife.  to Toton, Notts. 1730
4 Mary ROYSTON wife of Robert ROYSTON (he a prisoner in Derby Gaol) Robert son.  to Nottingham St Mary Notts. 1773
5 James CHEETHAM, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, James, John.  to Manchester Lancs. 1775
6 Joseph LOCKS alias WHITELOCK  to Weston Dbys.  1775
7 John DOLYWATER and his apprentice acknowledged to be legally settled in p. Aston in Wilne, from Elvaston overseers. This entry is on the back of William COOPERS removal.  It appears to be more of a Settlement Certificate although the wording in the entry does not really make it easy to understand just who belongs where.  1734 or 1737 
8 Sarah EGILSTON, John , William.  Elvaston to Shardlow  1778
9 Mary BROADHEAD  to Stapleford Notts 1792
10 Jane PAGE, Jane, Thomas Wilne to Melbourne  1806
11 Lydia LACY  Wilne and Shardlow to Lockington Leics. 1811
12 Joseph SHAW, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, John, Sarah, William  Wilne and Shardlow to Castle Donington Leics. 1812
13 Mary ADDLETON  single Beeston Notts to Shardlow 1812
14 Joseph PHEASANT, Sarah PHEASANT children of Thomas PHEASANT late of Shardlow "but now abroad under sentance of transportation."  to Belton Leics.  FESANT on reverse  1812
15 Thomas WALLIS, Sarah wife, John, Mary, Sarah  Wilne and Shardlow to Kegworth Leics 1814
16 Mary TANZER widow , William, Fanny, John, Samuel, Mary.  Wilne ad Shardlow to St Margaret Leicester, Leics.  On reverse commonly called "Tangee" ( or TANZEE?)  1835
16 William HANDLEY Wilne and Shardlow to Sutton Bonnington Notts. 1838
17* Eliza GREAVES wife of John GREAVES now absent from her and the township, Elizabeth, James.  Shardlow and Wilne to Ratcliffe upon Trent Notts. Includes " Examination" stating  she was married to John GREAVES at Castle Donington Leics.,her maiden name was
TOPLIS. He is the son of Thomas and Ann GREAVES, she still living. Ann received relief from Ratcliffe Notts for her three childrern.   1854
18* Thomas BALLARD, Martha wife, Thomas.  Codnor and Loscoe to Wilne and Shardlow. Includes "Examination " of Thomas BALLARD son of Thomas died Radford Notts and Ann who died many years since.  1858
19* Sarah HENDLEY "Examination" now of Brinklow Warwick. widow of William HENDLEY late of Brinklow , married about 50 yrs ago at Banbury and who died Sedgeley Staffs. William bound apprentice 1807 to Benjamin CLIFFORD of Shardlow boatwright whom he served until his master decease about 2 yrs after date of Indenture 1860
20* Sarah HENDLEY Brinklow Warwicks to Shardlow 1860
21* William KILBURN, Eliza wife, George, Edward, Henry, Alfred, Prescilla.  Leamington Priors Warwicks to Shardlow. Includes suspended order. 1861
22* William KILBURN "Examination" now residing Leamington Priors Warwick ,apprenticed to John HUNT cordwainer Shardlow. Married Oxford 1838. Has George, Edward, Henry, Alfred, Prescilla.  c.1861
23* Elizabeth RATCLIFFE wife of William RATCLIFFE who has deserted her.  Basford Notts to Shardlow. 1861  
24* Elizabeth RATCLIFFE "Examination" married William RATCLIFFE at Basford Notts. William born Shardlow son of Richard and Mary RATCLIFFE. Richard RATCLIFFE was born 1773 Shardlow, son of William and Mary RATCLIFF. William apprenticed to Joshua REPPON of Shardlow.   c.1861
25* William DAWSON, Mary wife. to Derby St Peter Includes Examination Willliam DAWSON son of Edward DAWSON of Derby St Peter who moved to Shardlow in 1773 by Certificate.  17 Feb.1862
26* William DAWSON, Mary wife, Examination  14 Feb 1862
27* William DAWSON, Mary wife.  to Derby St Peter.  1862
28* Edward KILBURN, Henry KILBURN, Alfred KILBURN, Priscilla KILBURN. St Nicholas Warwick to Shardlow 1863
29* "Examination" of Edward KILBURN ,Henry KILBURN, Alfred KILBURN,Priscilla KILBURN children of William and Eliza KILBURN. William gained settlement by serving John HUNT .Order of Removal 1861 to Leamington Priors Warwicks .  1863
30* "Examination " regarding KILBURN children, of George ROGERS Assistant Overseer Leamington Priors Warwicks and Hnery Consett PASSMAN issuer of Certificate of Chargeability. c1863
32* Ann MOORE wife of Henry MOORE Cambridge Cambs to Shardlow 1863
33* Ann MOORE "Examination" in Cambridge Union Workhouse, husband Henry deserted her and abode unknown. His last legal Settlement was at Shardlow his fatehr William Rose MOORE being born there. William Rose MOORE married Mary Ann ARAM 1832 at St Peters Nottingham, Notts  1863
34* Harry THOMPSON  St Nicholas Notts to Shardlow  1865
35* Harry THOMPSON Sson of John THOMPSON dec. who died Birmingham Hospital Warwicks. John was apprenticed by his fatehr William THOMPSON to Thomas BIRKIN tailor of Shardlow. Harry is brother to Mary Ann THOMPSON 21, who was removed from Nottingham St Mary Notts to Shardlow 1861.  1865
36* Elizabeth RATCLIFFE widow of Kirkby in Ashfield Notts to Shardlow . Includes suspended order.  1866
37* "Examination" of Elizabeth RATCLIFFE Kirkby in Ashfield, suspended by sickness, to Shardlow 1866
38* Thomas LANE, Ann wife, William, Frances, John.  Willington to Shardlow . (much earlier that 1866) n.d.
SHELDON Removals
RM6/565 Francis BRADBURY, Ellin wife.  to Tideswell  1791
RM6/585 Ann DICKEN   to Bradwell  1792
RM7/868 Thomas BROCKLEHURST, Sarah wife, George, Hannah, Ann, Easter, James.  to Tideswell  1818
RM7/1164* John RODGERS, Hannah wife, Julianne, Hannah, Eliza, Joshua, William, Mary.  to Sheen, Staffs.  1823
SHIRLAND with year of Removal Order.
R1 Richard SADLER, wife Handley, Nth Wingfield 1702/3
R2 Ellin HALLLOW snr, Ellin jnr Wessington 1704
R3 Wm GREGORY wife, child Duffielld 1705
R4 Jane wife of Joseph HUSSEY Sth Wingfield 1709
R5 Joseph HUSSEY, wife, child. Rowseley 1709
R6 Sarah HOLMES spinster St Giles in the Fields Middx 1714 father Joseph, dec.
R7 Richard CURTISS wife, dau Houlton in the Clay Lincoln 1715/6
R8 Mary HEATH single Halam, Co Nottingham. 1718
R9 Hannah BULLOCK, Hannah, John. Alfreton 1725
R10 Sarah BROOMHEAD wife of Rbt. Hounsfield p. Dronfield pregnant, Hannah. 1727/8
R11 Elizabeth ALLING single Burton on Trent 1740
R12 John LIM, Frances wife Nottm St Mary 1750
R13 John LIMB, Frances wife, child. Nottm St Mary 1752
R14 John BULLOCK, Elizabeth wife Alfreton 1757
R15 Mary TURVEY, Ann TURVEY, Hannah TURVEY, (Mother Ann) Washington 1757
R16 Ellen HOPKINSON Morton 1757
R17 James TORVEY Higham to Basford 1757
R18 Geo LEADBETTER, Elizabeth wife, William, Mary, Elizabeth. Eckington. 1757
R19 Roger LEESON, Martha wife, Daniel, Thomas, Charles. Sutton Bunnington 1763
R20 Francis WOOD, Mary wife, Elizabeth, William, Francis, Richard, Sarah. Mansfield 1765
R21 Richard KIRKHAM, Martha wife, Mary, William, Richard, John, Robert, Elizabeth. Nottingham St Marys 1767
R22 Margaret KING single Pilsley 1771
R23 Elizabeth FROST, Mary Glapwell 1777
R25 Chas LIMB, Phoebe wife, Elizb, Mary, Ann. Cromford 1777
R26 Elizb EYER als TOMLINSON, John. Bradfield YKS 1779
R27 Ann BARKER, wid. Johanna, Joseph, Benj. Cheadle 1785
R28 John TURNER, Elizb wife, John, Rich, Elizb. Tibshelf 1788
R29 Wm WALKER, Mary wife. Stretton 1788
R30 John HEWITT Mary wife, John, Elizabeth Cromford 1791
R31 Susannah FOWLER single 1792 removed from Stow, Gloucs. to Stretton.
R32 Hannah RENSHAW single Tibshelf 1793
R34 John HEWITT, Mary wife, John Cromford 1793
R35 Job ALLIN, Elizabeth wife, Sarah, Job Bolsover 1798
R36 Geo TOMLINSON, Elizb. wife, Jimima. Oxton, Notts 1812
R37 Ann ROWSON Sutton in Ashfield 1813
R38 William JOHNSON, Martha wife, Richard, William, George, John, Martha. Stretton 1813
R39 Hannah TURNER Kirklington, Notts 1816
R40 Ann RHODES spinster Chesterfield 1817 suspended order.
R41 Samuel CUPIT Sth Wingfield 1817 suspended order
R42 Joseph CALOW, Eizabeth wife, Joseph. Teversall 1817
R43 James TOMLINSON, Sarah wife, Ann, Mary, Henry, James, Robert, Emma. Wirksworth 1820
R44 Joseph COOPER, Sarah wife, William, Henry, Reuben. Mansfield, Nottinghamshire 1824
R45 Elizb. RICHARDSON pregnant Whittington 1824
R46 Mary RADFORD single, pregnant. Pentrich 1825
R47 Frances NORTH single, pregnant. Ackworth Yks. 1825
R48 Mary WILBRAHAM single, pregnant. Washington. 1825
R49 Elizb. HEATH single, pregnant. Teversall 1825
R50 John GODFREY, Elizb. wife, Wm, Sarah, Ann Bolsover 1826
R51 Elizb. CLARKE single, pregnant. Blackwell 1826
R52 Ellen FLETCHER widow Clay Lane 1827
R53 Joseph BOSTOCK, Dorothy wife, Joseph, Emela, Hannah, Ann. Greasley 1827
R54 Sarah MOSLEY single, pregnant Eddingley Notts. 1827
R55 Hannah PYNIGER single, pregnant Codnor 1828
R56 Hannah RADFORD Greasley 1830 suspended order of Removal.
R57 Flora COOPER (wife of Thomas, now absent) George, Philis, Francis. Brackenfield 1831
R58 Hannah PYNIGER Codnor 1832 suspended order of Removal
R59 Sarah PYNIGER Codnor 1832 suspended order of Removal
R60 Elizabeth PYNIGER widow Codnor 1832 suspended order of Removal
R61 Thomas BUXTON, Elizb. wife, Rebecca. Sheffield 1833 Thomas and Rebecca removed, Elizabeth suspended order of Removal
R62 Ann BANSALL spinster Mansfield 1833
R63 George TOMLINSON Oxton 1841
R64 Elizabeth PYNNIGAR widow of William. Codnor 1844 mother of Sarah PYNIGER now ill, together with her two illegitimate children, Ann and Samuel.
R65 Geo BANSALL pauper, Martha wife. Selston 1845.
R66 Appeal by Alfreton against removal by Shirland of Joseph COX. 1845
MIS66/19 Bill for removal of Mary GRAVES and child, Shirland to St Michaels Coventry, Warwicks. 1764
RM3/107 Wm JOHNSON, Martha wife, Richard, Wm, George, John, Martha, to Stretton. 1813
RM5/9 Patience SYDDON wife of John SIDDON now a soldier.  to Duckmanton  1710
RM5/442 Sarah KIRKHAM  to Ault Hucknall  1754
RM5/446 Ellen SIMNETT,Mary. (wife of John SIMNETT dec.,  on oath of James SIMNETT brother of John SIMNETT )  to Kirk Hallam  1754
RM5/490 John BULLOCK, Elizabeth wife.   to Alfreton  1757
RM5/508 Ann TORVEY  to Cossall, Notts  1757
RM5/579 Dorothy OLDFIELD 's infant male. 1wk old. Dorothy found in a lane, later died. Child a bastard called Joseph.  to Matlock  1761
RM5/689 Ann WRIGHT  to South Wingfield  1766
RM6/21 Joseph KIRK  to Greasley, Notts.  1771
RM6/46 Samuel LESSON, Sarah wife.  to Yeaveley  1772
RM6/93 Ann HOLMES wife of John HOLMES,Hannah,  to Wirksworth 1774
RM6/238 Job ALLEN, Elizabeth wife.  to Bolsover.  1781  
RM6/257* Sarah TURNER, John, Hannah.   to Sheffield, Yks.  1780
RM6/331 Hannah WILBRAHAM  to Clay Lane 1783
RM6/392 Thomas BARKER, Elizabeth wife. to Bolsover.  1786
RM6/480 Peter HENSTOCK Sarah wife, Peter, William, George.  to Unstone, Dronfield  1788
RM7/715 Catherine HASLAM, John, Mary.  to South Wingfield  1817
RM7/957* Frances TOMLINSON, James, Mary, Emily, William, Frances, Henry, Ann, Elizabeth.  to Crich  1818
RM7/1053* James TOMLINSON, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, Jane, Ann, Mary, Henry, James, Robert.  to Morton  1820
RM7/1054 Elizabeth TOMLINSON Suspended order  to Morton  1820
RM7/1140 Mariah BEARDOE,  to Chesterfield  1823
RM7/1148 Mary CARLINE single, pregnant  to Eastwood, Notts.  1823
RM7/1251 Ann LOWE  to Washington (Wessington ) Jan.1825
RM7/1252 Ann LOWE  Suspended order. to Washington (Wessington) Mar 1825
RM7/1305 Martha REDFEARN widow of Joseph REDFEARN, Joseph, William.  to Sheffield, Yks 1826
RM7/1622 Bridget WAINWRIGHT widow, Mary Ann, Rebecca, Joseph, Eliza.  to Norton  1831
RM7/1992 Sarah PYNIGER and her two illeg. children Anne, Samuel.  to Codnor  Nov.1844
RM7/1993 Sarah PYNIGER Suspended order  to Codnor   Dec.1844 
RM7/2007 George BANSALL, Martha wife.  to Selston, Notts. 1845
RM7/2019 Frederick BOWER, George, Elizabeth, Cynthia.  to Grafton Regis, Northants.  1846
Appeal by Shirland against removal of Martha HIGINBOTHAM single, from Codnor to Shirland. She is now apprenticed to William ELSE of Smalley  1788 V66/32
RM4/51 Isaac SMITH cordwainer, Ann wife, 1816 Shirley to Derby St Werburgh
RM5/3 Thomas DOE, wife, children  Yeaveley to Shirley  1710 
RM6/38 William DOE, Sarah wife, Mary, Sarah, William.  Yeaveley to Cubley  1772
RM6/55 Elizabeth YEOMANS to Trusley  1772
RM5/128 Francis HALL Stidd (Stydd) to Hedlaston (Edlaston ) 1722
RM5/132 Mary HYDES Stydd to Radbourne 1722
RM5/345 John AUSTIN, Ann wife, John, Humphrey, Ann, Mary,   to Marston Montgomery   1744
RM5/548 Mary BUNTING  Yeaveley to Marston Montgomery  1760
RM6/506 Elizabeth COXON  single.   to Ashbourne   1789
RM7/74 William TITTERTON, Mary wife, Mary, John, George, Catharine.  Yeaveley to Longford  1802
RM7/511* William FORD, Maria wife  to Edlaston.  1816
RM7/1057* Maria WIBBERLEY widow of John WIBBERLEY Yeaveley to Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1820
RM7/1106 Elizabeth FLETCHER pregnant of a bastard.  Stidd (Stydd) to Tipton, Staffs 1822
RM7/1196 Thomas GADSBY, Sarah wife, Elizabeth.   Yeaveley to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.   1824
RM7/1219 Edward SMITH, Elizabeth wife.  Yeaveley to Shirley  1824
RM7/1220 Millicent SMITH (widow of the late Edward SMITH) and her grandson Thomas SMITH. Yeaveley to Shirley.  1824
RM7/1383 Ann BOULD wife of Wiliam BOULD, John.  On examination of Benjamin BOULD father of William.  Yeaveley to Alstonefield, Staffs. 1828
RM3/44 James HOWE Smalley to Whitwick, Leic. 1812
RM3/54 Mary ROARK wife of Lawrance an Irish man having no Settlement, William, Lawrance, Sarah, Thomas, Mary. 1812 Smalley to Derby St Michael
RM3/122 Elizabeth REDGATE, single to Ockbrook 1813 on oath of father John REDGATE
RM4/75 Richard HAND, Annie wife. Smalley to Nuneaton, Warwickshire 1818
RM4/82 William KING, Hannah wife, Matthias 1818 Smalley to Baslow
RM5/59 Richard LONGMAN to Duffield (as apprentice to Thomas BACHE) 1714
RM5/249 Samuel SAUNDERS, Jane wife.  to Horsley Woodhouse. 1733
RM5/393 Christopher OLDKNOWL ,Easter (Esther) wife, John, Joseph,   to Little Eaton  1751
RM5/673 Francis GREGORY, Martha wife, Francis, Elizabeth  to West Hallam  1766
RM6/502 George BARROWCLIFF, Ann wife    to Horsley   1789
RM6/596 William SMEDLEY, Ann wife, Thomas, Mary.  to Little Eaton  1792
RM7/2001 John BEESON (son of James ) Alice wife, Sarah Ann,   to Haughton, Lancs.  1845
SMISBY Removal
RM4/70 John BRADBY Smisby to Ashby de la Zouch Leics 1818
RM6/784 William THOMPSON, Martha wife, William.  to Newborough, Staffs.  1800
RM7/925 Thomas MATCHETT   to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1818
RM7/1516* Alice ( Olive ?) FIELDING widow of Joseph, Elizabeth .  to Appleby, Leics.  1830
RM7/1517 Alice (Olive ? ) FIELDING note that William BAILEY Overseer of Smisby refers to Appeal  1830
RM7/1628 Elizabeth WHATMORE wife of Herbert WHATMORE now absent, Elizabeth, Ann, Herbert.  to Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe.  1831
SNELSTON with date of Order
1 Ann GADSBY wife of John All Sts Derby 1774
2 John ALEXANDER Dorothy wife, family. Sturson no date
RM6/2 William BLOOD ,Elizabeth wife.  Snelston to Stramshall, Staffs 1770
RM6/9 John MOULD,Jane wife. John.  Sneslton to Derby St Werburgh 1770
RM5/195 John SHAW, Mary wife, Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth.  to Hartshorne  1727
RM6/107 Samuel WILSHAW, Hannah wife  to Walsall, Staffs 1774
RM6/145 Margaret UDAL wfe of Richard UDAL,Margaret, Elizabeth, Ann, Jane, Easter.  to Ellastone, Staffs. 1776
RM6/253 Elizabeth RODGERS, Joseph to Briglington, (Bridlington ?) Yks.1781
RM6/289 Mary SMITH otherwise STARTIN widow, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, William, John,   to Checkley, Staffs.  1782
RM6/512 Elizabeth HEAP   to West Broughton, Doveridge.  1789
RM7/95 Sarah GREEN  to Salford, Lancs. 1804
RM6/782 Robert SLATER, Ann wife, Thomas.  to Monyash.  1800
RM7/657 James CHATTERTON, Eleanor wife, Judith, Sarah, Thomas, Mary, James.  to Hartington Nether Quarter.  1817
RM7/696 George FROGGATT, Edith wife, Benjamin , Elizabeth, Hannah, Fanny.  to Norbury and Roston.  1817
RM7/1033 George FROGGATT, Ann wife.  to Manchester, Lancs.  1820
RM7/1047 Joseph MELBORNE, Hannah wife, Lydia.  to Caulton in Blore, Staffs.  1820
RM7/1065 William CABORN, Catherine wife, George.  to Belper  1821
RM7/1077 William PEGG, Mary wife. George, Joseph.  to Sudbury  1821
RM7/1233 Benjamin BENTLEY, Rhode wife, Ellen   to Lawton, Ches.  1825
RM7/1274 Benjamin BENTLEY, Rhode wife, Ellen.  to Church Lawton, Ches.  1826
RM7/1312 William SPRINGTHORPE, Frances wife, Hannah, George.  to Thringston, Leics.  1826
RM7/1333 Frances CHEADLE widow of Thomas CHEADLE, Mary Ann.  to Coleorton, Leics.  1827
SOMERSALL HERBERT with date of Order
RM5/184 John LOMAS, Ann wife.  Somersall to Marchington,Staffs. 1726
RM6/310 Elizabeth HARVEY  to Checkley, Staffs. (on examination of Thomas RUSHTON) 1783

SOUTH NORMANTON Removal with year of Order.
R1 Mary MOKES widow of Robert, Eliza, Sarah to Pinxton 1731
R2 Richard BROOM, Mary wife, Ann, Richard to Cromford 1740
R3 Saml NEEDHAM, Mary wife to Dale 1740
R4 John HEMINGRAY, Mary wife, one child to Headge 1740
R5 Martha BALL to Bilstrop 1759
R6 Ann now or late wife of Geo HETTS Kersall 1769
R7 Mary ROBINSON, widow, Solomon, Thos. to Blackwell 1783
R8 Ann SHELTON widow to Brinsley, p.Greasley 1784
R9 John NEWBALL, Ellen wife, Geo to Heanor 1785 alias NEWBOLT or NEWBOTT
R10 John CLARK to Brailsford 1790
R11 John BEARDMOOR, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Thomas, John to Pinxton 1791
R12 Ann WAINWRIGHT widow of Wm 1792 removed from Nottingham St Mary to Sth Normanton
R13 George BRADAW coal miner 1793 removed from Pilsley to Sth Normanton
R14 Francis BALL, Ann wife, Sarah, Catherine, Mary, Francis 1798 removed from Sutton in Ashfield
R15 Catherine ELLIOTT single 1779 removed from Kirkby, Notts to Sth Normanton.
R16 Wm BEASTALL, Mary wife, Geo, John, Wm, Saml, Ezra 1805 to Little Bolton, Lancs.
R17 Saml STEVENS to Mansfield Woodhouse 1805
R18 Catharine COPE (wife of Samuel who is now run away) 1807 Hannah, Ann, Susanna. Removed from Ripley to South Normanton.
R19 Mercy VALANCE, single, pregnant 1810 Removed from Ripley to South Normanton
R20 Ann MARRIOTT widow to Pixton 1810
R21 Hannah GASKIN single pregnant to Sutton in Ashfield 1811
R22 Edmund COCKER, Sarah wife, Hannah, George and Elizabeth to Pentrich 1811
R23 John FREEMAN, Mary wife, Ann, John, Eizabeth, William and Samuel to Sheepshead, Leics. 1812
R24 Charlotte BALL removed from Calow to Sth Normanton 1812
R25 Ann wife of Joseph ELLIOTT a Private soldier in the Derbyshire Regiment of Militia. 1812
Removed from Codnor and Loscoe to Sth Normanton
R26 Sophia BACON single and pregnant to Kirkby 1812
R27 Thomas HARRISON, Mary wife 1813 removed from Crich to Sth Normanton
R28 Hannah KYTE single pregnant. to Derby St Michael 1814
R29 Levy SLATER and his three children Thomas, Sarah, George removed to Over Cotton, Staffs. 1814
R30 Cynthia COOK aged 9, ( mother Elizabeth) 1814 removed to Pinxton
R31 William PAGE 13 to Sutton in Ashfield 1816 on oath of father John PAGE.
R32 Wm SHAW, Ann wife, Saml, Eliza, Hannah, John, Wm, Mary to Nuthall 1816
R33 Saml BALL Rebecca wife, Mary Jane, Rebecca, Ruth, Mark, Saml. Removed from St John Baptist Peterborough to South Normanton. 1817
R34 Jonathan BURNHAM Martha wife, Wm, Thomas, John 1817 to Alfreton
R35 John BEARDSMORE Mary wife, Mary, Wm, Francis, Hannah. to Pinxton 1817
R36 Ann EDWARDS wife of Samuel (who is now absent from her.) to Sutton in Ashfield. 1817
R37 Mary BUXTON single, pregnant. to Pinxton 1817
R38 Thomas MARSDEN Ellen wife, Eliza, Mary Ann, Jemima. to South Wingfield 1817
R39 Mary GENT single. from Nottingham St Mary to South Normanton. 1818
R40 John MARSHALL Elizabeth wife, Joseph. 1818 Duckmanton to South Normanton
R41 William SIMPSON, Elizabeth wife, Jane, Sarah, also James ALLEN. George ALLEN two of the children of the said Elizabeth, the wife of Joseph, by her first husband. 1818 to Alfreton
R42 Martha ELLIOTT single, pregnant 1818 Alfreton to South Normanton.
R43 Hannah WEST wife of Samuel who has deserted her. 1819 Alfreton to South Normanton
R44 Francis KEELING, Ann wife, Frances, Francis, Isaac, John, Samuel. to Uttoxeter 1819
R45 Dorothy BUXTON single, pregnant. 1819 South Normanton to Alfreton
R46 Wm MELLORS, Abigal wife, Mary, Unice 1824 to Ault Hucknall
R47 Wm BRYAN, Elizabeth wife. to Mapplebeck 1827
R48 Saml RILEY,Millicent wife, John, Wm, Ann, James, Herbert, Saml. to Ilkeston 1827
R49 Hannah WILBURN single, pregnant. to Shirland 1827
R50 Wm WAINWRIGHT, Ann wife, Ann, William. 1829 to Pleasley
R51 Humphrey BROOKS, Elizabeth wife, Maria, Hannah. 1829 to Tibshelf
R52 Charlotte WEIGHTMAN wife of Wm. Hannah, Charlotte 1830 Heage to South Normanton
R53 Francis COOPER, Nelly wife, Elizabeth, Samuel, Joseph, Hannah, Ellen. Greasley to South Normanton 1830
R54 John RAWSON, Sarah wife, George, Sarah, Martha, Catherine. South Normanton to Tibshelf 1831
R55 Julia NEWTON (wife of Thomas, now absent from her) Sarah inf. by her said husband. 1831 Basford to South Normanton
R56 Ann SWAINE widow Nottingham St Mary to South Normanton. 1832
R57 Samuel WOOD, Elizabeth wife, Wm, Sarah, John, Samuel Alfred. to Blidworth 1833
R58 Benoni BUGG fwk, Mary wife, Benjamin, Dinah, Joseph, Eli. from Nottingham St Mary to South Normanton. Jun 1833
R59 Suspended order Benoni BUGG sickness removed Jul 1833
R61 Ann SWAINE widow Nottingham Saint Mary to South Normanton 1835
R62 Luke BURNHAM South Normanton, contracted to John PURSGLOVE Shirland to drain the coal pit at Shirland, left employment before contract completed. Remove to House of Correction in Derby. 1835
RM2/64 John RADFORD Mary wife, Benj, Joseph, Francis, Frances, William, Hannah, Henry. 1808 South Normanton to Alfreton
RM2/73 Robert HIND Hannah 20, Saml 13, Richard 11. 1809 South Normanton to Pinxton
RM2/97 Ann MARRIOTT widow Soth Normanton to Pinxton 1810
RM2/102 Dorothy SAMPSON (wife of William, now in HM Marine Service) Sarah, John, Mary. South Normanton to Harthill, Yks. 1810
RM4/38 John KYTE fwk, Jane wife, to Derby St Michael 1816
RM4/48 William RENSHAW, fwk, (framework knitter) Hannah wife, Mary, Emanual, Ann, 1816 South Normanton to Nottingham St Mary
RM5/486 Christistem ALDRED, Rebeckah wife, John, Thomas.  to Beeston, Notts. 1757 
RM5/498 Christopher OLDRIDGE, Rebecca wife, John, Thomas.    to Browhouse, Notts.  1757
RM5/511 Hannah WITLOCK    to Normanton by Derby  1757
RM6/116 Ellen FEATHERSTONE to Greasley, Notts.  1775
RM5/38 Robert MOKES, Bathya wife.  to Pinxton  1713
RM6/116 Thomas ? SIMPSON  to Mansfield, Notts. 1721
RM7/190 Rebecca NORWOOD, Ann, Thomas, William, Francis, Elizabeth.  to Pinxton 1808
RM7/1948 John HILL, Hannah wife, John, William, Samuel, Stephen, Hannah, Harriett, Joseph, Edwin, Ferdinand.  to Bulwell, Notts 1843

RM4/65 John ENGLAND, Anna Maria wife, John, Eliza. 1817 South Wingfield to Alfreton
RM4/66 Suspended order. Anna Maria ENGLAND 1817, ill. Dead. Rest of family John husband, John son, Eliza removed from South Wingfield to Alfreton 1819
RM5/281 John HANSON and his three children.  to Alderwasley  1736
RM5/389 Joseph BETT, Elizabeth wife.  to Crich 1751
RM5/463 William MARTYN, Sarah wife, George, John, Ann.  to Crich  1755
RM5/572 Thomas HASLAM, Grace wife.  to Crich  1761
RM5/630 Francis HILL  to Farnesfield, Notts.  1764
RM6/220 Ann GOODWIN  to Derby St Peter. 1780 (on reverse, "Settlement in Derby St Werburgh) 1781
RM6/247 George MARSDEN,Mary wife, George, Elizabeth, Robert, Mary, Ruth, Ann  to Crich. 1781
RM7/175 Hannah BRAMLEY  to Washington (Wessington) 1808
RM7/648 Joseph BUXTON, Hannah wife, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Edmund.  to Tibshelf.  1817
RM7/831 William WALKER, Dorothy wife, John, William.  to Brackenfield.  1817
RM7/1537 Ann HUNT  single.  to Crich  1830
RM7/1880 Maria CHAPMAN widow, Mary Ann, John.  to Sutton in Ashfield  1842
RM7/1932 Thomas FOX  to Washington (Wessington ) 1843
RM7/1933 Thomas FOX  Suspended order. to Washington (Wessington) 1843
RM7/1984 Maria CHAPMAN widow, Mary Ann, John.  to Foreign Walsall, Staffs. 1844
RM7/2038 Martha BREEDON widow, Elizabeth, Mira, Joseph, John.  to Mansfield, Notts.  1847
SPONDON with year of Removal
R1 William BIDOLPH, Ellin. to Long Eaton 1700
RSE2 John STENSON to Nottingham St Mary 1768
RSE3 Martha WARD to Derby All Saints 1772
RSE5 John DEAN, Mary wife, John 2, Jamima 14 days. 1823 suspended order of Removal, to Nottm St Nicholas.
RSE7 Ann BANCROFT widow of Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Thos, Joseph, Martha, Sarah, Ann, George. 1833 Removed from Denby to Spondon
RSE 9 Joseph CUTTS, Hannah wife, Charles, Hannah, Thos. 1838 removed to Hucknall Torkard.
RSE11A William LATHER, to Nottm St Mary 1840 taken to Workhouse in Nottingham.
RSE14 Ann WALKER otherwise Ann PICK 1841 removed to Tollerton.
62 Tho SMITHAM, Silence wife. removed from Arnold Notts. to Burroughs Ash 1718/19
RM3/192 Joseph HOUGHTON lab. Frances wife, Ann, John, Wm. to Ockbrook 1815
RM4/78 John GAMBLE fwk, Spondon to Ockbrook 1818
RM4/122 Joseph COTTON yngr Spondon to Derby St Alkmund. on oath of father Joseph COTTON the elder. 1819
RM5/91 John CLARKE, Elizabeth wife, George. Spondon to Darley next Derby St Alkmund 1718 
RM5/366 Joseph BERKIN  to Weston on Trent.  1748
RM5/398 Jane COPESTICK  to Longford 1752
RM5/536 Sarah HARDY  to Derby St Peter.  1759 
RM5/609 George FULFORD, Esther wife, Esther, Ruth, William, Susannah, Ann  to Duncton alias Downton, Wilts.  1763
RM5/613 Thomas MOORLEY, Mary wife, Mary, Elizabeth.  to Chaddesden  1763
RM6/421 Catherine WINGFIELD  to Cossall, Notts.  1786
RM6/444 Ruth NORTH, Ann, Uriah.  to Kirk Langley  1787
RM6/456 Thomas STEEVENS, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, Elizabeth, Thomas, William.  to Ockbrook  1787
RM6/732 Thomas ROE, Hannah wife, Elizabeth, John.  Spondon to Elvaston  1799
RM7/195 James WARD, Jane wife, Elizabeth Mary 9m.  to Draycott  1808
RM7/200 Sarah WILLIAMSON (wife of Robert WILLIAMSON who is absconded) John.  to Longford.  1808
RM7/234* James WARD, Jane wife, Elizabeth Mary.  to Sheepshead, Leics.  1809
RM7/845 John WINFIELD, Jane wife, Daniel, Lydia, Mary..  to Chaddesden  1817
RM7/1371 John WATTS, Ann wife, Ellen  to Alvaston. On examination of Edward Woolley 1827
RM7/1661 George JOYCE, Frances Wilkins wife, George Willoughby, James Richard Secundus.   to Horsley 1832
RM7/1662 George JOYCE  Suspended order.  Dead.  to Horsley  1832
RM7/1693 Frances BARKER, John BARKER, Millicent BARKER, three of the children of Daniel BARKER late of Spondon , glazier.  On examination of John MEAKIN.  to Hollington 1833 
RM2/30 George HARTSHOREN Hannah wife, Hannah, George, Ann. Stanley to Ockbrook. 1806
RM3/39 George GOSTRIDGE alias George DUTTON, Elizabeth wife, John, Thomas, Charles, Hannah, George, Elizabeth. 1812 Stanley to Mansfield, Notts.
RM4/67 Gervase ATTENBOROUGH, Sarah wife, Mary 1818 Stanley to Stapleford, Notts.
RM4/137 William JOHNSON Stanley to Ilkeston 1819
RM6/477 Hester (Esther) HARTSHORN    to Ilkeston   1788
RM7/20 George HART, Hannah wife, Benjamin, Hannah  to Spondon   1801
RM7/1875 Hannah BARTON p. Stanley and her bastard child continue chargeable to the said parish (Stanley) Signed by Jos? CLOWES Presiding Chairman Board of Guardians, Shardlow.  1842
1 Mary TUNNYCLIFFE single, pregnant removed from Manchester to Stanton 1804
2 Joseph THOMPSON removed from Melbourne to Stanton 1805
3 Catherine DENT single, pregnant removed from Melbourne 1808
4 Thomas BESFORD, Mary wife, John, Thomas removed from Melbourne 1810
5 Joseph THOMPSON, Mary wife, Ann 12 m. removed from Derby St Werburghs 1815
6 Paul DITCH to Breedon (suspended) 1798
7 Samuel DUNNICLIFFE to Hathorne 1808
8 Thomas HEATH, Ann wife. to Barrow (suspended) Doc. sealed, no date on outside.
9 Thomas HEATH, Ann wife to Barrow, Derbys. 1816
RM7/497 Joseph COPE, Mary wife.  to Derby St Peter.  1816
RM7/1658 Ann HUBBARD  to Breadsall  1832
STANTON BY DALE with year of Removal
R1 William PHILLIPS, Sarah wife. to Dunstall under Needwood, Staffs. 1733
R2 William LANDER, wife Ann, William, James, Matthew, Samuel, John. Nottingham St Nicholas. 1727
R3 Hannah HANDBURY wife of William HANDBURY, butcher, Joseph, John. to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1741/2
R4 John SMEDLEY, Mary wife, Mary, Elizabeth. Sandiacre 1743/4
R5 Elizabeth KENNADY (KENNEDY) Dale Abbey 1746
R6 Ann STEPHENS, wife of Richard STEPHENS a soldier in HMS abroad. Dale Abbey. 1748.
R7 Elizabeth JERROM Bilson, Leics 1771
R8 Samuel SHAW, Edeth (Edith) wife Greasley Notts to Stanton by Dale. 1773
R9 Edirh SHAW wife of Samuel SHAW Cotgrave Notts to Stanton by Dale. 1776
R10 Martha DILKS Dale (Dale Abbey?) 1777
R11 Robert LAKIN, Elizabeth wife. Sawley to Stanton by Dale. 1777
R12 Mary GRUNDY to Nottingham St Mary 1795
R13 Hannah HOLMES pregnant, single Ilkeston 1810
R14 Thomas PEARSON, Ann wife Wilne, Draycott. 1812
R15 Sarah HUNT single, pregnant Denby to Stanton by Dale 1814
R16 Alice LYNEHAM single, pregnant. Belper to Stanton by Dale. 1816
R17 Timothy DILKS, Catherine wife, William 3m. Greasley, Notts. 1818
R18 Jane TAYLOR wife of William TAYLOR webster. Greasley, Notts. to Stanton by Dale. 1720 (sic)
RM3/152 Wm HALL, Maria wife, John, Mary, Wm, Elizabeth 1813 to Sandiacre
RM3/162 Ann PHILLIPS single, pregnant to Selston, Notts 1814
RM4/21 Timothy DYLKES, Catherine wife. to Greasley Notts 1816
RM4/94 Joseph STAFFORD, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Sarah, William. Stanton by Dale to Sawley 1819
R45 Ann RILEY 81, widow of Wm. 11 Nov 1843 removed from Hucknall Torkard to Stanton by Dale
R46 Ann RILEY 81 15 Nov 1843
BR1 Thomas MORRAL, Elizabeth wife. 1857 to remove from Seale to Stanton.
BR2 Letter withdrawing Removal of Thomas MORRAL. 1857
MIS50/59 Appeal by Stanton by Dale to Overseers of Risley against removal of William FOSTER, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Robert, Martha.
MIS50/60 Acknowledgement of removal that Elizabeth MORREL was removed to Netherseal. Addressed from Quarndon. 1856
RM5/33 Thomas WINGFIELD, Anne wife, Elizabeth to Stapleford, Notts (by seervice with William ATTENBOROUGH) Jul 1713
RM5/44 Thomas WINGFIELD, Anne wife, Elizabeth to Stapleford, Notts Jul 1713
RM6/335 William BENNETT, Sarah wife.   to Brailsford  1784
RM5/206 Richard HARVEY, Ann wife   to Dale Abbey.  1730
RM7/392* Francis COWLISHAW, Ann wife, Hannah, Samuel, Mary, Francis.  to West Hallam.  1812
RM7/817 William THEOBALD, Alice wife.  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1817
RM7/734 Ann JERRAM, wife of Nathaniel JERRAM, decd,. Joseph.  to Shipley  1817
RM2/8 Hannah wife of John SHAW alias John SHAY ( who is now absconded from her.) John, Robert. 1803 Stanton and Newhall to Ilkeston
RM2/16 Elizabeth wife of Thomas FEARN, Sarah, Lydia. 1805 Stanton and Newhall to Polesworth.
RM2/50 Robert ORGILL Ann wife, Faith, Mathew, Sarah, 1807 Stapenhill to Measham
RM3/52 Ann PARKER widow, Thomas, Jane 1812 Stanton and Newhall to Ratcliffe, Leics.
RM3/102 Tho HOLLIS, Maria wife, Jane. 1813 Cauldwell to Rosleston
RM3/161 Wm PARKER Stanton and Newhall to St Martin, Leic. on oath of Geo ISON, Thomas ADAMS, Sarah BAXTER. 1814
RM3/179 Richard DAVIS, Jane wife, Richard, Elizabeth. 1815 Stanton and Newhall to Township of the Close, Cathedral Church of Lichfield.
RM4/5 Philip BAILEY, Hannah wife, Wm, Sarah. 1816 from Stanton and Newhall to Sheepshead, Leics
RM4/10 Thomas BOOTH, Ann wife, Catherine, Richard, Mary, Ann. from Stanton and Newhall to Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe 1816
RM4/20 Richard DAVIS, Elizabeth wife, Chas, Harriott, Hannah, Mary. Stanton and Newhall to Nuneaton, Warwicks. 1816
RM4/30 Tho HILL, Elizabeth wife, James, Hannah, Thomas 1816 Stanton and Newhall to Loughborough, Leics
RM4/56 Isaac STRETTON, Hannah wife, William, Mary, Hannah. Stanton and Newhall to Appleby
RM4/146 Robert PEACH Cauldwell to Roston 1819
RM5/218 Henry HOLLIS, Jane wife.  to Rolleston, Staffs. 1731/2
RM5/301 Benjamin NEWBOLD, Dorothy wife, Thomas.  to Packington  1738
RM5/395 Henry SHARP  Cauldwell to Linton  1751
RM5/501 Ann POTS, John, George, Ann.  Stanton and Newhall  to Broseley, Shropshire. 1757
RM6/189 Thomas YATES  to Walton on Trent, Dbys.  1778
RM6/195 Rebecca MARTIN  Stanton and Newhall to Castle Gresley  1779
RM6/293 Joseph BAXTER, Sarah wife, John, Joseph.  to Grantham, Lincs. 1786
RM6/306 Joseph DILKS,(DICKS ?) Catherine wife. to Walton on Trent, Dbys. 1783
RM6/307 John EATON, Ann wife, James.  to Church Gresley  1783
RM6/318 John RICHARDSON  to Yoxall, Staffs.  1783
RM6/329 Elizabeth SUMMERS  to Egginton  1783
RM6/403 John DICKINSON, Ann wife, Charles.  to Branson (Branston ?) Staffs. 1786
RM6/409 Elizabeth HOWELL  to Repton  1786
RM6/427 Joseph BROADHURST, Jane wife, John.  Stanton and Newhall to Newton Nethercote, Leics. 1787
RM6/525 Isaac WARREN, Catharine wife, John.    to Burton upon Trent, Staffs    1789
RM6/529 Richard WOOLFINDALE, Alice wife.  to Abbots Bromley, Staffs.  1789
RM6/575 Sarah NICHOALS (NICHOLLS?) to Bond End, Staffs. 1791
RM7/72 Hannah SHAW wife of John SHAW, John, Robert.  Stanton and Newhall to Oakthorpe, Dbys 1802
RM7/93 Elizabeth FEARN widow of Thomas FEARN, Sarah, Lydia.  Stanton and Newhall to Shuttington, Warwicks.  1804
RM7/126 William DOBSON, William, Joseph, Hannah, Mary.  Newhall to Wellingborough, Northants. 1805 
RM6/448 William PEACE, Ann wife, William, George, John, James.  Stanton and Newhall to Newton Nethercote, Leics. 1787
RM6/649 William TURNER, Ann wife, Sarah.  to Barton under Needwood, Staffs. 1794
RM6/696 Sarah ROSE, (wife of John ROSE late of Stapenhill) ,Ann, William, Sarah,  to Sheldon, Warwicks. 1797
RM7/224 William MILLNER, Jane wife, Ellen, William, Thomas, Ann, Edward,  Cauldwell to Shenstone, Staffs. 1809
RM7/254 Mary RUSSELL   Stanton and Newhall to Norfield, Worcs. 1810
RM7/277 Thomas WARRINGTON, Ellen wife, Mary, Sarah, Thomas.  Stanton and Newhall to Burbridge, (Burbage?)  Leics. 1811
RM7/371 Sarah RUSSELL  Stanton and Newhall to Norfield, Worcs.  1813
RM7/470 Robert BENTLEY, Ann wife, John, Hannah, Sarah.  Stanton and Newhall to Roleston, Staffs.  1816
RM7/852 John WRIGHT, Edmund WRIGHT, Ann WRIGHT the legitimate children of John WRIGHT now dec. and Catherine WRIGHT his widow. On examination of Ann WRIGHT  grandmother.  Stanton and Newhall to Brewood, Staffs 1817
RM7/853 John WRIGHT, Edmund WRIGHT, Ann WRIGHT Stanton and Newhall to Brewood, Staffs.  notice of appeal  1817 
RM7/892 Ann FORD wife of Joseph FORD ( now away from her) John, Mary, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth. Stanton and Newhall to Thurleston, Dbys. (Thulston ?) 1818
RM7/1099 William GAMBLE alias CARTER, Elizabeth wife, Eliza.  Cauldwell to St James, Clerkenwell, Middx.  1822
RM7/1146 William BROOKS, Elizabeth wife, Hannah, John.  to Burton Extra, Staffs  1823
RM7/1264 George STALEY  Stanton and Newhall to Elton  1825
RM7/1580 Elizabeth COCKRAM, wife of George COCKRAM, now absent from her, Hannah, Emma, Samuel and Timothy twins  Stanton and Newhall to Burslem, Staffs.  1831
RM7/1667 Eliza MOORCROFT wife of William MOORCROFT Private 1st Dragoon Guards, Elizabeth.  Stanton and Newhall to Bretby.  1832
RM1/8 William HATFIELD,Hannah wife, Mary,Tabitha, Hannah, Ann, Martha, George, Elizabeth, resided Staveley under Certificate dated from 1729. 1737 Staveley to Chesterfield
RM1/9 George MELLOR, Christian wife, Mary, Matthew, Robert, Thomas, William, Joseph, residing here under Certificate Oct 1713 or 1723. Removed Staveley to Beeley 1737
R1 Joseph TURTON, Eliza wife, Mary, Sarah, to Ecclesfield, Yks. 1838
R3 William GODLY and wife. to Bolsover 14 Jan. pre 1720.?
R4 Joseph MORTON, Sarah wife to Sheffield, Yks, being a servant there to Thomas LORD. 1719
R5 George MELLOR, Christian wife, Mary, Matthew, Robert, Thomas, William, Joseph to Beeley 1737
R6 John GREEN, Jane wife, Robert, William, Elizabeth to Dronfield. 1728
R7 John MACKAY, Martha wife to Woodall, p.Hartle Yks. 1729
R8 Anne VINTIN widow, Mary, Martha, Ruth. to Brightside Bierlow, Yks. 1729/30
R10 Appeal by Staveley over removal from Brightside Bierlow of Peter BARTHOLOMEY, Mary wife, John, Sarah, Elizabeth 1730 on reverse, fixing them at Attercliffe Forge. (Yks.)
R11 John MOWE, wife and children to Sheffield, Yks. 1733
R12 Robert KIRKBY cordwainer, Elizabeth wife, to Howlbeck (Holbeck) Cucknall, Notts. 1733
R13 Edward TURNER husbandman, Elizabeth wife, John to Dunham, Notts. 1733
R14 George CADMAN to Calow. 1733
R15 John CROOKS, Lydia wife, Elizabeth, Hannah, Cold Aston to Staveley Jun 1734. on reverse, 6 Jul 1734 gave a Certificate to Cold Aston. (which enabled John CROOKS and family to return to Cold Aston,) Although there is a Cold Aston in Gloucestershire, this is likely to be Coal Aston in Dronfield parish which is sometimes found as Cold Aston.
R16 John SENIOR, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth. to Brampton 1735
R17 Appeal by Brampton over removal of John SENIOR, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth from Staveley. 1735
R18 William HATFIELD, Hannah wife, Mary, Tabatha(Tabitha) Hannah, Ann, Martha, Elizabeth. to Chesterfield. 1737
R19 William HEY, Ann wife. Hunslett Yks to Staveley 1740
R20 Richard HERRETT, Ann wife, Rowthorne to Staveley 1740/1
R21 William BAGSHAW, Judith wife, Mary, Ann. Brimington to Staveley. 1744
R22 Robert TURNER Handsworth WRY to Staveley 1745
R23 John WYATT, Margaret wife, Joseph, William, Martha to Manchester, Lancs. 1745
R24 William WEBSTER, Mary wife. Eckington to Staveley. 1746/7
R25 William HATFIELD, Hannah wife, Tabitha, Hannah, Elizabeth, Ann. William now dead, rest removed to Chesterfield having lived several years in Staveley. 1748
R26 Mary BATE single to Killamarsh 1749/50
R27 Hannah ELLIOT Handsworth WRY to Staveley 1759
R28 Mary CALOW to Whitwell 1760
R29 John SHIPHAM, Sarah wife, Sarah, Elizabeth. to Truswell, Notts. 1762
R30 Joseph GLADWIN, Martha wife, Sarah inf. to Criggleton, WRY 1763
R31 Note from John ALLEN and Joseph BRITTLEBANK Overseers, that Joseph GLADWIN, Martha wife, Sarah belong to Griggleton p. Sandal WRY. 1763
R32 Hannah GLOSSOP from Sutton, Ches. to Staveley Woodthorpe. 1769
R33 Robert SHIPSTONE, Sarah wife, Thomas. to Kedlington, Notts. 1771
R34 Jonathan GUEST, Sarah wife to Sheffield, Yks. Nov.1774
R35 Martha BENSTALL (BONSTALL on reverse) from Wensley Dbys to Staveley. 1774
R36 Jonathan GUEST, wife Sarah. to Sheffield, Yks. Dec. 1774
R37 Mary GREAVES to Eckington 1775
R38 Sarah BURTON Brimington to Staveley 1775
R39 William WASS, Elizabeth wife. to Derby St Peter. 1775
R40 William HARDY, Mary wife to Thorne, WRY 1777
R41 Thomas COUSINS Martha wife. Shirland to Staveley 1781
R42 Isaac HANCOCK, Elizabeth wife, Isaac, Jacob, Godfrey, Sarah, Abraham to Ecclesall Bierlow Yks. 1783
R43 Christian MELLERS single. Bolsover to Staveley 1783
R44 Sarah GASKIN Wingerworth to Staveley 1783
R45 Elizabeth BAREFOOT to Barlborough 1785
R46 Ann BARLOW widow, Mary, Thomas, Joseph to Cuckney, Notts. 1785
R47 George HUDSON, Jane wife, John, Sarah, Charles, Martha, George. to Gildingwells, Yks. 1785
R48 Ann BRASSINGTON single to Hemsworth Yks 1786
R49 Mary HARRISON, John, Elizabeth, George, Charles. to Harthill,Yks. 1790
R50 Richard JONES, Marshall wife, Elizabeth, Sarah, Richard, Mary. Martha, Rachael, Marshall. from Worksop, Notts. to Staveley. 1792
R51 Ann BENNETT single to Eckington 1792
R52 Elizabeth HIBBERD single Newbold to Staveley 1796
R53 Amy WHITTLES single, pregnant. to Sutton cum Duckmanton. 1796
R54 William CROOKS Handley to Christchurch, Spitalfields, Middlesex. Jan 1796
R55 Suspended order William CROOKS Handley to Christchurch, Spitalfields, Middlesex. Removed in Oct 1796
R56 Ann BILLAM single Eckington to Staveley 1796
R57 Ann LITTLEWOOD single to Eckington 1800
R58 John SCOTT, Mary wife, John, Matthew, Rebecca. to Mansfield, Notts. 1801
R59 John NOUCH to Tibshelf 1801
R60 Mary SEARSTON Langwith to Staveley 1802
R61 Sarah HANCOCK Foolow to Staveley 1802
R62 John ALLEN, Ann wife, Sarah, Mary, George. to Dronfield. Nov 1802
R63 Suspended order John ALLEN. to Dronfield. Removed Jan 1803.
R64 Rachael WATERHOUSE single, pregnant to Brampton 1802
R65 Alice LOWE single, pregnant. Brampton to Staveley 1802
R66 Robert BROCKSTONE Whittington to Staveley 1803
R67 John ALLEN, Ann wife, Sarah, Mary, George. to Dronfield Jan 1803.
R68 Prudence HODGKIN single, pregnant. Eckington to Staveley. c1804
R69 Ann GRINDLOW single, pregnant to Bolsover 1805
R70 Hannah WHEATCROFT, John, Susanna to Duffield. 1808
R71 Mary NUTTALL single, pregnant. to Barlborough 1807
R72 George BROUGH, Sarah wife, Mary, George, Clement, Phebe, Christopher. to Codnor. 1809
R73 John OAKES collier to Sheffield Yks. 1809
R74 Sarah HOLMES (wife of John HOLMES now in Lenthall Gaol) John, Hannah, George. to Dronfield. 1809
R75 Mary PARKIN single, pregnant. Teversall, Notts. to Staveley 1811
R76 Elizabeth HARRISON to Harthill, Yks. 1810
R77 Mary SMITH spinster Brimington to Staveley 1811
R78 Ann NUTTALL spinster, pregnant. to Pleasley 1811
R79 Ellen SIDDALL to Brimington 1811
R80 Elizabeth CAY (KAY on reverse) widow, Isaac 6. Alfreton to Staveley. 1811
R81 Ann MILNER to Dronfield 1812
R82 Jane HUNT spinster Eckington to Staveley 1812
R83 William WATERHOUSE, Mary wife. to Brampton. 1813
R84 Joseph SEAMAN?, to Beighton 1813
R85 Joshua WHITE, Ann wife, Sarah, John, Thomas, Joshua. to Brightside, Yks. 1814
R86 Hannah REDFERN to Scarcliffe 1815
R87 George WASS, Sarah wife, Joseph, Thomas. Ripley, Dbys to Staveley. Oct 1816
R88 Suspended order Sarah WASS wife of George WASS. Ripley to Staveley. Removed Dec. 1816
R89 Thomas COOPER, Sarah wife, William. Chesterfield to Staveley. 1816
R90 Joseph SIMPSON, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sally, Mary, Barnsley Yks. to Staveley. 1817
B91  Hannah SILCOK single, pregnant.  to Ollerton, Notts   1802
R92 John HANCOCK, Sarah wife. to Killamarsh. 1817
R93 Josiah WRAGG, Priscilla wife, Mary, Sarah, Eliza, Mary, Harriet, Ann. to Wingerworth. 1817
R94 Sarah BOOKER spinster, Dronfield to Staveley 1816
R95 John COOPER Whittington to Staveley 1817
R96 John HALL, Elizabeth wife, George, Charles, Ann, Martha, Harriot Beighton to Staveley 1817
R97 Ann KENWORTHY single, now pregnant Wentworth, Yks. to Staveley 1819
R98 Hannah WILSON Clowne to Staveley 1819
R99 Mary HEWITT spinster Sutton Dbys. to Staveley 1819
R100 George HANCOCK Staveley to Coal Aston 1819
R101 Thomas BEANS Wheston, Notts. to Staveley 1819
R102 Suspended order Thomas BEANS Wheston, Notts. to Staveley. 1819
R103 Sarah GLOSSOP Whittington to Staveley 1820
R104 William CROWTHER, Sarah wife, Ann. to Sutton Dbys. 0ct 1820
R105 Suspended order William CROWTHER to Sutton, Dbys. removed Nov 1820.
R106 Ann HEWITT single to Norton 1821
R107 Mary BULLOCK, single, pregnant. Killamarsh to Staveley. 1821
R108 Thomas WRAGG to Sheffield 1821
R109 Sarah WOOD single, pregnant, to Barlborough 1821
R110 Hannah LAMBERT pregnant. Brightside Bierlow, Yks. to Staveley. 1822
R111 George STEVENSON, Martha wife, George, Harriet Newbold to Staveley. Feb.1823
R112 Suspended order Martha STEVENSON, Newbold to Staveley. Mar 1823
R113 John STEVENSON Sheffield Yks to Staveley 1823
R114 Joseph CROOKES, Ann wife, Mary. Eccleshall Bierlow Yks to Staveley. Apr 1823
R115 Suspended order Joseph CROOKES Ecclesall Bierlow Yks. to Staveley. May 1823
R116 Ann KENWORTHY Wentworth, Yks. to Staveley. 1823
R117 William MARSHALL to Blidworth, Notts. May 1824
R118 Suspended order William MARSHALL to Blidworth, Notts. incomplete. 1824
R119 Martha BERRISFORD, single, pregnant. to Brimington 1825
R120 Rebecca WESTON single, pregnant. Whittington to Staveley. 1825
R121 Mary BRAMMALL single, pregnant. Beighton to Staveley. 1825
R122 Thomas ALLSEBROOK, Hannah wife, William, Henry, Coal Aston to Staveley. 1826
R123 Joseph HAWLEY, Jane wife, Mary, Joseph. to Stanton, Dbys. 1826 (Probably Stanton in Youlgreave).
R124 Suspended order Joseph HAWLEY to Stanton, Dbys. incomplete. 1826
R125 George WIDDOWSON, Mary wife. Barlborough to Staveley Jan 1827.
R126 Suspended order George WIDDOWSON. Dead. Wife Mary removed to Staveley from Barlborough. Apr 1827.
R127 William BENTLEY to Litton 1827
R128 Maria FRITH single, pregnant to Eckington. 1827
R129 Francis HALLAM, Mary wife, George, Thomas. Mansfield, Notts. to Staveley. 1827
R130 Sarah FURNISS single, pregnant. Pilsley to Staveley 1827
R131 Elizabeth BARKER, pregnant. Eckington to Staveley 1827
R132 Robert WOODRUFF, Susannah wife, Ellen, Maria, Cassiah. to Calow. 1827
R133 Joseph WARD to Clay Lane. 1827
R134 Sarah HOPKINSON, single, pregnant. to Killamarsh 1828
R135 Harriet MASON wife of Charles MASON (now absent from her) George, Mary. to Aston, Yks. 1828
R136 John BOULTBY to Pleasley 1829
R137 John FOX, Ann 12, Mary 11, William 9, John 6, Elizabeth 4, George 1. to Derwent, Dbys. Jun 1829
R138 Suspended order John FOX not complete Jun.1829
R139 Complaint by John FOX that Overseer Joseph CUTTS of Staveley refuses to grant relief. Aug 1829
R140 George RODGERS, Mary wife to Norton 1829
R141 Elizabeth WHITEHEAD widow to Eckington 1829
R142 Mary BENNETT single, pregnant. to Holbeck, Notts. 1829
R143 Robert CUTTS, Hannah wife, Sarah, Martha, Charlotte, Robert, Joseph. to Whitwell. 1829
R144 Elizabeth MITCHELL to Ashton under Lyne, Lancs. 1829
R145 Edward HAWLEY (HEWLEY?) als BILSON, Sarah wife, William, Edward, to Great Leek, Notts. 1829
R146 George HARRISON, Alice wife, Ann Dronfield to Staveley Mar 1829
R147 Suspended order George HARRISON Dronfield to Staveley. removed Jun 1829.
R148 Anne CLARKE single, pregnant Barlborough to Staveley. 1829
R149 Hannah CLARKE single, pregnant. Brimington to Staveley. 1829
R150 Henry HUDSON, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth 19, Hannah 9, Thomas, Martha, George. Eckington to Staveley. 20 Feb 1830
R151 Suspended order Elizabeth HUDSON Eckington to Staveley 24 Feb 1830
R152 William WARD, Ellen wife, Mary, John, William, Thomas, Sarah, Samuel. to Sutton cum Duckmanton. 1826
R153 Ann SIMPSON, wife of John SIMPSON, who has deserted her, and is not residing in the Township of Bingley, Yks., Joseph 10, John 9, Walter 7, Clara 4. Bingley to Staveley. 1854 Married at Halifax, Yks, father of John SIMPSON (husband) is Joseph SIMPSON who died 18 yrs ago. About 37 yrs ago Joseph became chargeable to Barnsley, Yks. and removed to Staveley.
155 Ann SIMPSON gained Settlement at Staveley having married 17 Feb 1846 John SIMPSON at Halifax Old Church, Yks. her husband legally settled at Staveley c. 1854
156 Elizabeth HARRATT wife of Joseph HARRATT (now absent from her), William, Thomas, Robert, Elizabeth Ann. Dukinfield Ches. to Staveley. 1858
157 Elizabeth HARRATT legally married Collegiate Church, Manchester about 13 yrs ago. Joseph is an Irishman with his Rgt, aged 35, son of William and Hannah HARRATT both dec. c.1858
158 Elizabeth HARRATT, William, Thomas, Robert, Elizabeth Ann. Dukinfield Cheshire to Staveley. 25 Jan 1858
159 Ann SIMPSON wife of John SIMPSON ( who has deserted her) Joseph, John, Walter, Clara. Bingley, Yks. to Staveley. 1857
RM5/201 John MACKAY, Martha wife.  to Woodall,Hartle, Yks  1729
RM5/237 John SEARSEY, Elizabeth wife, William, John, Mark, Thomas . to Eckington 1732/3
RM5/238 John SEARSEY, Elizabeth wife, William, John, Mark, Thomas. to Heath 1732
RM5/274 John SENIOR, daus Mary, Ann, Elizabeth.  to Brampton 1735
RM6/254 George SEARSTON, Rebecca wife, William.  to Glapwell, p. Bolsover  1781
RM6/326 George SEARSTON, Rebecca, William.  to Heath  1783
RM6/439 Catherine HULLEY, Ann, Elizabeth, Catherine, Frances  to Baslow  1787
RM6/483 Catherine HULLEY widow, Ann, Elizabeth, Catherine, Frances,  to Pilsley p.Edensor  1788
RM6/490 William SIDDALL, Mary wife.  to Kimberworth, Yks  1788
RM6/492 James THORNLEY, Ann wife, John  to Duckmanton  1788
RM6/493 James THORNLEY, Ann wife, John  to Clowne 1788 
RM6/705 Joshua GREEN, Mary wife, John, William, Joshua, Mary  to Dronfield  1798
RM7/73 Richard TAYLOR yngr, Elizabeth wife, inf 3m.  to Chesterfield  1802
RM7/171 John TAYLOR, Mary wife, John,Samuel, Thomas.  to Heanor.  1807
RM7/572 Elizabeth SINGLETON  to Ripley.  1816
RM7/729 Sarah JACKSON to Handsworth Woodhouse, Yks. 1817
RM7/774 Samuel PARKIN, Ruth wife.  to Eckington  1817 
RM7/913* George HOPKINSON  to Matlock  1818
RM7/1322 Ann BARLOW widow, Mary, John, Hannah.  to Worsley, Lancs.  1827
RM7/1445 Edward HEWLEY otherwise Edward BILSON ,Sarah wife, William, Edward. to Great Leek, Notts.  1829
RM7/1506 James CLAY, Elizabeth wife, James, Sarah  to Bolsover 1830
RM7/1507 James CLAY  appeal by Bolsover 1830
RM7/1508 James CLAY notice of appeal 1830
RM7/1707 Betty MILNER  to Whitwell  1833
RM7/1733 Charlotte TURTON pregnant.  to Clowne  1834
RM7/1819 Sarah GOULDER widow, Hannah, Daniel.  Note to Nether Hallam, Yks "we agree to abandon Removal until we can discover where she belongs".  Dec.1839 
RM7/1820 Sarah GOULDER widow of William GOULDER.  Notice from Nether Hallam to Staveley re- appeal 1839
RM7/1820a Sarah GOULDER. Notes on reverse of appeal notice that a copy had been left with " Frances ELSAM, wife of William ELSAM Churchwarden and Mrs BARROW wife of H G BARROW Overseer and Mr CHESTER Churchwarden and John HEYWOOD Overseer of Staveley". 1839
RM7/1822 Sarah GOULDER widow of William GOULDER, Hannah, Daniel  Notce of Chargeabiltity to Overseers of Nether Hallam, Yks 1839
RM7/1823 Sarah GOULDER  Suspended order.  to Nether Hallam  Sep.1839
1 John COCKER age 35, born Calver. 1801
RM5/175 William HOWSON, Ann wife  to Sheffield, Yks (apprenticed to George SMITH button maker of Sheffield) 1725
RM5/452 Jonathan BAGGALEY and wife   to Eyam.  1755
RM6/28 Dorothy THORNHILL to Great Longstone  1771
RM6/285 Ann SOMERSALL  to Hassop  1782
RM7/341* John COCKER, Mary wife, Mary, Ann.   to Bradfield, Yks.  1813
RM7/342 Mary COCKER Suspended order    to Bradfield, Yks 1813
RM3/72 Wm BETTERIDGE, Elizabeth wife, John, Thomas, Sarah, Joseph, Elizabeth. to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1813
RM4/9 Richard BONCER to Ashby de la Zouch 1816
RM7/55 William BETRIDGE, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, John.  to Blackfordby, Leics. 1802
RM6/593 William ROWLEY, Mary wife, Hannah.    Oakthorpe to Pelsall, Staffs.  1792
RM7/1306 Richard ROWLAND, Mary wife, Thomas, Joseph, Elizabeth.  to Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe 1826
RM7/1350 James ORGILL, Thomas ORGILL, Ann ORGILL, William ORGILL.  children of Francis and Sarah ORGILL both deceased. to Stapenhill  1826
RM7/1351 James ORGILL, Thomas ORGILL, Ann ORGILL, William ORGILL. Suspended order.  removed to Stapenhill 1827
RM7/1492* Thomas BETRIDGE, Mary wife, female.  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.  1830
RM1/38 John BUXTON, Mary wife, Sudbury to Leigh, Staffs 1767
RM5/148 Thomas SLATER, Mary wife   to Doveridge  1722
RM5/148 Thomas SLATER, Mary wife   to Doveridge  1722
RM7/327 Thomas WAIN, Elizabeth wife, James, John, Jane, William.  to Burton Extra, Stafs. 1812
RM6/250 Fanney PALFREMAN, Duckmanton to South Muskham, Notts.  1781
RM6/251 Fanney PALFREMAN , Duckmanton to North Muskham, Notts. 1781
RM5/276 John BACON, Sarah wife, Mary, John.  to Wessington 1736/7
RM5/287 John BACON, Sarah wife, Mary, John.  to North Wingfield  1737
RM5/654  Margaret REDDISH  Sutton, Dbys. (does not state fully Sutton cum Duckmanton, so it may be another Sutton in Derbyshire, listed here because of proximity to Brimington over other Suttons)  to Brimington.  1765
RM7/71 Ann REDDISH pregnant.  to Staveley  1802
RM7/307 Richard JOHNSON, Mary wife, Hannah, Susanna, Julia.  to Bolsover  1812
RM7/330 William WARD, Ellin wife, inf 2m. Dckmanton to Palterton Feb 1812
RM7/331 Wiliam WARD Suspended order Duckmanton to Palterton Removed May 1812
RM7/630* Thomas BOOKER  to Chesterfield  1817
RM7/1316 William WATKINSON ,Mary wife, Ann.  to Nether Langwith, Notts.  1826
RM7/1364 Kitty THOMPSON single, pregnant.  to Cossall, Notts.  1827
RM7/1660 John JEPSON, Mary wife, William.  to Holmesfield  1832
RM7/1711 Charlotte WATKINSON single, pregnant.  to Bolsover.  1833
RM7/1985* John COOPER, Elizabeth wife, William, Harriet, Emma, Mary, Eliza.  to Teversal, Notts. Notice of Chargeability. 1844
RM7/1994* John SALE, Sarah wife, James, Frederick, Sarah.  to Bolsover  1844

RM2/10 James BENNETT, Dorothy wife, 1805 Osleston and Thurvaston to Mercaston.
RM2/107 Thomas WALKER Margaret wife, Sarah, Margaret, Ann, Thomas, Mary, Oct 1810 Osleston and Thurvaston to Shirley
RM2/107A Suspended order of Thomas WALKER and family removed Osleston and Thurvaston to Shirley. Dec 1810
RM3/67 Joseph ALLWRIGHT, Frances wife, John. 1813 Osleston and Thurvaston to Allestry.
RM4/125 Joseph ELEY, Ann wife, 1819 Osleston and Thurvaston to Derby St Peter.
RM5/259 William HADFIELD, William, Elizabeth.   Osliston and Thurvaston to Sutton on the Hill  1734/5
RM6/98 Sarah LIGOE (LYGO)   from Sutton on the Hill to Osliston, p Sutton on the Hill  1774
RM179 Thomas LYGOE (LYGO), Ann wife, John. Sutton on the Hill  to  Isley Walton, Leics. 1778
RM6/319 Thomas ROE, Margaret wife.  Hamlet of the Ash to Egginton  1783 
RM7/48 Thomas WALKER,Margaret wife, Elizabeth, Fanny, Valentine, Sarah.  Osliston and Thurvaston to Shirley 1801
RM7/140 Richard ADAMS, Ann wife.    Ash to Hilton  1806
 RM6/474 Susannah JOHNSON, (wife of Jonathan JOHNSON who has ran away and deserted her,) Juliet.   Osliston to Church Broughton.  1788
RM6/647 Peter SMITH   Osliston and Thurvaston  to Longford  1794
RM7/269 William COPE, Hannah wife, Mary, Joseph, Edwin, John.  Osliston and Thurvaston to Snelston 1811
RM7/740a Thomas KEELING  to Mackworth  1817
RM7/1092 Thomas BAKER, Lucy wife, Thomas, John. Osliston and Thurvaston  to Duffield  1822
RM7/1113 William JACKSON, Mary wife, Ann.  Osliston and Thurvaston to Church Broughton.  1822
RM7/1117 Thomas OAKDEN, Elizabeth wife, John, William, Sarah.  Osliston and Thurvaston to Waterfall, Staffs. 1822
RM7/1332 James CHARLES alias James LUCAS, Elizabeth wife, John and Mary, twins, Sarah.  Osliston and Thurvaston to Dudley, Worcs.  1827
RM7/1356 Charlotte ROOME widow of John ROOME, Caroline, Ridolphin.  Osliston and Thurvaston to Yoxall, Staffs. 5 Jun 1827
RM7/1357 Charlotte ROOME delivered to Yoxall, Staffs by William MILLWARD Overseer of Sutton on the Hill. 6 Jun 1827
RM7/1404 William PAKEMAN, Sarah wife, Mary, Dorothy, William, Elizabeth, Charles.  Osliston and Thurvaston to Marchington, Staffs. 20 Feb 1828
RM7/1405 William PAKEMAN and family delivered by William MILLWARD Overseer of Sutton   29 Feb 1828
RM7/1491 Joseph BERISFORD, Ann wife, John.  Osliston and Thurvaston to Alstonefield, Staffs  1830
RM7/1748 Samuel SHAW, Julia wife, Henry .  Osliston and Thurvaston to Macclesfield, Ches.  1835
RM7/1749 Samuel SHAW. Notice to Macclesfield on removal of, signed by Robert EATON Churchwarden, John SMITH Guardian, John PARKER and William HELLABY Overseers all of p.Sutton on the Hill  1835
RM7/1770 Emma SLATER,4. Dau of William and Ann SLATER dec. Osliston and Thurvaston to Kniveton.  1836
RM1/11 Thomas FISHER Swarkestone to Derby All Sts. 1755
RM5/220 Anne PEATE  to Draycott  1731
RM6/47 Sarah MIDLEHAM (MIDLAM?) single. to Thurlston, p. Elvaston  1772
RM6/609 Mary BROWN  to Chellaston  1793
RM7/1454 Sarah MARSHALL widow of Robert MARSHALL, Mary.  to Chesterfield  1829
RM7/1484 Samuel WOODALL, Jonathan, Ann, Mary, Dorothy, Elizabeth.  to Wiston, Yks WRY  1829
RM7/1648 Matthew COPNALL, Mary wife, William, Joseph.  to Newborough, Staffs. 1832
RM7/1790 Charles PARKES otherwise SPARKES, Mary wife.  to Newborough, Staffs.  1837
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.