Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



MACKWORTH with year of Removal
2 Martha BUXTON single, pregnant, to All Saints, Derby 1799
3 Mary FOX single, pregnant, removed from Markeaton to Mackworth 1801
RM1/31 Sarah WILSON, single Markeaton to Breadsall 1765
RM3/26 Elizabeth wife of William WILSON Private soldier 23rd Regt Foot, Wm 1m. Mackworth to Newton Solney Aug 1811
RM3/26 Elizabeth wife of William WILSON Private 23rd Regt Foot, Wm 4m Mackworth to Coton in the Elms. Oct 1811
RM3/100 Henry HINCHCLIFFE, Sarah wife, Francis, Thomas, Elizabeth. to Derby All Saints 1813
RM4/113 Richard BOND, Rebecca wife. 1819 Mackworth to Derby St Werburgh.
RM5/696 William BUTLER, Catherine wife, William   to Ilkeston  1767
RM6/7 Richard JOHNSON, Ann wife, Milicent  to Chilwell, Notts. 1770
RM6/424 William ASHTON, Mary wife.  to Winster  1787
RM6/571 Martha HAWKSWORTH   to Osmaston next Ashbourne  1791
RM5/305 Hannah OLIVER  to Okeover, Staffs. 1739
RM6/262 Ann BIGHTON wife of Thomas BIGHTON a soldier in train of Artillary now in Ireland.  to Swarkestone  1782
RM6/288 Elizabeth STANYER  to Mayfield, Staffs.  1782
RM7/76 Mary WILLIAMSON (wife of John WILLIAMSON now a soldier in HMS.) Prudencia, James.  to Ashbourne 1802
RM7/1046 Hannah MEAKIN  to Stanton, Dbys.  1820
RM7/1657 Sarah HAWKSWORTH, single, pregnant.  to Kniveton.  1832

RM3/156 Ann KENT single, pregnant to Alkmanton 1814
RM4/147 Benjamin PERKIN, Mary wife, 1819 Marston Montgomery to Mappleton
RM6/51 William TUNNICLIFF,Sarah wife.  to Hanbury, Staffs.  1772
RM6/113 John Evans BRASSINGTON ,Elizabeth wife.  to Rocester, Staffs.  1775
RM6/120 Ellen JEFFREY single,  to Uttoxeter, Staffs  1775
RM6/217 Joseph COPE, Mary wife.  to Badgeley, Warwicks.  1780
RM6/406 George HASKEY, Lydia wife.  to Tutbury, Staffs.  1786
RM6/687 Jane ASHMORE   to Rocester, Staffs.  1797
RM6/701 Jane ASHMORE   to Rocester, Staffs.  1798

RM2/65 Thomas ROBOTHAM Elizabeth wife, Joseph. 1808 Hilton to Twyford and Stenson
RM3/104 George JACKSON Hilton to St Nicholas Warwick 1813
RM3/204 Chas ROBOTHAM, Mary wife 1815 Hilton to Twyford and Stenson.
RM4/129 Thomas GOTHERIDGE, Ann wife, Charles, Samuel. 1819 Hilton to p. Ashby de la Zouch
RM6/133 Daniel YEOMANS ,Ann wife.  Hilton  to Ticknall  1775
RM5/104 Elizabeth ASTLE Marston on Dove and the Hamlets of Hoone and Hatton to Derby St Peter (gained as servant to Richard and Catherine HOPKIN)  1721
RM5/161 John BLACKSHAW, Mary wife, Thomas. to Lichfield St Mary, Staffs. 1724/5
RM5/163 Joyce COLTCLIFFE wife of George COLTCLIFFE now a soldier, George.  to Roulstone, Staffs. ( On oath of Thomas COLTCLIFFE father of George COLTCLIFFE.) 1724
RM5/166 Richard HOOSE, Ann wife.  to Sudbury  1725
RM5/415 John GOTHERIDGE, Ellen wife.  to Sutton ,Dbys.  1753
RM5/412 Elizabeth MARSHALL   Hilton to Ash  1755
RM6/348 Thomas GOTHERIDGE, Sarah wife, Mary, William, Richard.  Hatton to Church Broughton.  1784
RM7/229 Mary RICHARDSON widow, William.  Hilton to Hamstall Ridware, Staffs. 1809 
RM7/556 William PAKEMAN, Sarah wife, Mary .  Hilton to Marchington, Staffs. 1816
RM7/699 Samuel GILL, Sarah wife, Mary. Thomas, Elizabeth, Joseph, John.  Hilton to Derby St. Peter.  1817
RM7/720 Ann HILL (otherwise CAMPION) wife of William HILL (otherwise CAMPION)   to Spondon.  1817
RM7/730* William JACKSON, Mary wife, Thomas.  Hilton to Ashby de la Zouch,Leics 1817
RM7/761 John MARSHALL, Mary wife.  Hilton to Great Barr, Staffs 1817
RM7/762 Joseph MARSHALL, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, John.  Hilton to Great Barr, Staffs. 1817
RM7/912 Thomas HICKLIN   Hatton to Walsall Foreign and Bloxwich, Staffs. 1818
RM7/1095 Samuel BENTLEY  Hilton to Newcastle under Line, Staffs.  1822
RM1/56 Mary RICHARDSON widow of John, Elizabeth, Deborah, residing under Certificate dated 1750. Matlock to Wirksworth. 1776
RM2/101 Sarah REEDS Matlock to Ashleyhay. 1810
RM4/18 Ann COTTERILL, Elizabeth, Sarah, Wm, John 1816 to Darley
RM4/132 Susannah HALL, William 1. 1819 Matlock to Palterton, p.Scarcliffe.
RM4/135 Dorothy HOLE Matlock to Tansley p.Crich 1819
RM5/159 Joseph WALCLOCK, wife, child. to Carsington 1723
RM5/253 Elizabeth WIGLEY to Bonsall  1733
RM5/424 Elizabeth REDFERN, Mary REDFERN (on oath of Thomas? REDFERN they are the children of Joshua and Alice REDFERN who have lately run away.  )  to Darley   1753
RM5/661 Grace WHITEHOUSE  to Tipton, Staffs  1765
RM6/18 Thomas HADFIELD to Darley  1771
RM6/156 Mary GADSDON, Lydia. to Youlgreave  1777
RM6/381 William MACDONALD, Elizabeth wife, Samuel.  to Beeley  1785
RM6/580 John BARKER, Ellin wife.  to Wensley and Snitterton.  1792
RM7/202 Grace BODEN  to Derby All Saints.  1809
RM7/251 Elizabeth MELLOR  to Darley  1810
RM7/255 Elizabeth SLATER  to Ashover 1810
RM7/610 Elizabeth BARRACLOUGH (wife of Mayday Meadow BARRACLOUGH) Sarah, Eleanor, Joseph.  to Mansfield, Notts. 1817
RM7/824 William TWIGG, Mary wife, Esther, Elizabeth.  to Ashover.  1817
RM7/1141 Benjamin BECK, Anne wife, William, Lydia.  to Woollaton, Notts  Nov 1822
RM7/1142 Benjamin BECK Suspended order. Dead.  to Woollaton, Notts. Feb 1823
RM7/1285 Henry HALL, Susannah wife, William, Elizabeth.   to Hasland  1826
RM7/1308 George SHOOTER, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, Sarah, Martha, William, Fanny, John, Thomas.  to Brackenfield Feb 1826
RM7/1309 Sarah SHOOTER Suspended order  to Brackenfield  removed  Apr. 1826
RM7/1384 Hannah BRAILSFORD single. On examination of Samuel BRAILSFORD father of Hannah, she being deaf and dumb.  to Brailsford.  1828
RM7/1428 Martha BACON single, pregnant.  to Ault Hucknall  1829
RM7/1429* Elizabeth BARRACLOUGH widow, Ellen, John.  On examination of Mayday Meadow BARRACLOUGH.  to Mansfield, Notts. 1829.
RM7/1453 George LUDLAM, Anne Maria wife, Robert.  to Shottle  1829
RM7/1586 George ELLIOTT, Millicent wife, William, Samuel, George and Elizabeth, Nehemiah, Robert.  to Cromford  1831
RM7/1626 John WHARTON, Hannah wife, Elizabeth, Mary, William.   to South Wingfield  Jul 1831
RM7/1627 John WHARTON Suspended order. Dead  to South Wingfield   Dec 1831
RM7/1635 Thomas ALSOP, Lydia wife, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, Sarah.  to Cromford  1832
RM7/1663* Elizabeth LEE  to Parwich.  1832
RM7/1669 Frances PEARSON wife of John PEARSON, Thomas, Joseph  to Bonsall  1832
RM7/1682 John TWIGG, Sarah wife, Eliza, William, Emma, Bessy.  to Cromford  1832
RM7/1683 John TWIGG, Sarah wife, Eliza, William, Emma, Bessy.  to  Hollington  1832
RM7/1752 Elizabeth WHARTON  widow.  to South Wingfield  1835
RM7/1785 William CROWDER yngr.  Notice of removal to Bakewell Overseers. 1837
RM7/1786 William CROWDER yngr.  to Bakewell 1837
RM7/1787 Thomas KING    to Whittington  1837
RM7/1792 John PLANT, Rebecca wife.  to Walsall, Staffs. 1837
RM7/1793 Rebecca PLANT  Suspended order   to Walsall, Staffs. 1837
RM7/1797 John TAYLOR, Ann wife, child.  Suspended order. Notice to Carsington of Chargeability  1837
RM7/1798 John TAYLOR, Ann wife, Ralph.  to Carsington  1837
RM7/1799 Ann TAYLOR  Suspended order.  to Carsington  1837
RM7/1810 Thomas PARKER, Jane wife, Martha child of Jane.  to Hexham, Northumberland. Notice to Hexham Overseers of right to appeal within 21 days.  1838
RM7/1811 Thomas PARKER Notice put in Post Office at Matlock Bath, copy of Examination, duplicate order of Removal and Notice of Chargeability. by me John ELSE.  1838
RM7/1811a Thomas PARKER and family delivered to Thomas PRATT Overseer of Hexahm,Northumberland, in the presence of William ENGLAND Overseer and Thomas TURNBULL Keeper of the Poor House, Hexham. by me Job KNOWLES Headborough of Matlock, Richard RICHARDSON  1838
RM7/1815 Ellen WAINWRIGHT wife of John WAINWRIGHT late of Matlock shoemaker who has left her, Mary 2. to Shirland Feb 1838
RM7/1816 Ellen WAINWRIGHT  to Shirland   Mar. 1838
RM7/1817 Ellen WAINWRIGHT Notice to Shirland of Chargeability  1838
RM7/1839 Elizabeth HOLEHOUSE  Notice of Chargeability to Wetton ,Staffs 1840
RM7/1842 Elizabeth HOLEHOUSE, Samuel, Thomas, William.  to Wetton, Staffs. 1840

RM3/5 Aaron BUCKLEY Dorothy wife, Thomas, Moses. Measham to Broasley, Salop. 1811
RM3/63 David TOPLIS lab Measham to Hathern, Leics. 1812
RM3/71 Ann BETTRIDGE widow, Thomas, Ann, Henry, James. to Bedworth, Warwicks. 1813
RM3/88 Wm POTTER Ann wife, John, Francis, Wm, Joseph, Sarah, Richard, Henry. to Swepston, Leics. 1813
RM3/117 Maria READ, wife of John, a Marine in the Portsmouth Division. to Burbage, Leics. 1813
RM3/133 Thomas WARD otherwise KING, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, Joseph. to Thrinkstone, Leics. 1813
RM3/155 Wm KEEN, Mary wife, George, Elizabeth 1814 to Cubbington, Warwicks.
RM3/202 Ann wife of John PIMM, a Private soldier in HM 90th Regt of Foot, John. to Appleby 1815 on oath of Richard PIMM father of John.
RM3/228 To WRIGHT Rebecca wife, Sarah, Rebecca, John, Maria. to Cole Orton, Leics. 1815
RM4/142 James MELLOR, Hannah wife, Maria. 1819 Measham to Ibstock, Leics.
RM6/33 James ALCOCK, Dorothy wife, Mary, John.  Measham ,Dbys to Coleorton, Leics.  1772
RM7/53 Joseph WRIGHT, Alice wife, Benjamin, Thomas.  Waldgrove upon Sow, Coventry, Warwicks. 1801
RM5/221 Edmund SHALLCROSSE, Mary wife.   Packington p.Measham to Derby All Saints. 1731
RM5/222 Edmund SHALLCROSS, Mary wife.  Packington to Market Bosworth, Leics.  1731
RM5/313 Daniel SHARDLEY, Alice wife, James, Sarah, Isaac, Daniel.  to Bond End, Burton. 1740
RM5/492 Thomas CUMBERBATCH, Elizabeth, John, Jane.  to Stoke Golden, Leics.  1757
RM7/80 Mary BOURN wife of Moses BOURN (who is now run away) Ann, Frances, Mary  to Long Wootton, Leics. 1803
RM7/246* John DENNIS  to Hartshorne  1810
RM7/753 Edward LITHERLAND, Elizabeth wife, Francis, Edward, John, Elizabeth, Ann, Jane.  to Packington, Leics.  1817
RM7/1096 Thomas BETRIDGE, Sarah wife, Harriet, Ann, John.  to Hathern, Leics. 1822
RM7/1103 Edward EVANS, Mary wife, William, Ann.  to Broseley, Shropshire 1822
RM7/1104 William EVANS, Ann wife, James, Thomas, Mary, William  to Broseley, Shropshire 1822
RM7/1320 William ATTWOOD, Catherine wife, John.  to Swepstone, Leics.  1827
RM7/1324 John BAXTER, Mary wife, Joseph, Elizabeth.  to Willesley 1827
RM7/1433 William BRENTNALL, Catherine wife, Mary Ann, Isaac, Emma.  to Belper  1829
RM7/1505 Harriet CHESHIRE, wife of Samuel CHESHIRE, (now transported) Maria, Samuel. to Holy Trinity,Coventry  1830
RM7/1512 William DALTON, Hannah wife, William, George.  to St Michael, Coventry.  1830
RM7/1433 William BRENTNALL, Catherine wife, Mary Ann, Isaac, Emma.  to Belper  1829
RM7/1549 Robert ORTON, 5, Edward ORTON 3, children of late George ORTON dec. by Martha ORTON his wife.  to Wolverhampton, Staffs. 1830
RM7/1699 Richard EVANS  to Broseley, Staffs.  1833
MELBOURNE with year of Removal
R1 Ann wife of Joseph LEE removed to Melbourne from Leicester. On appeal, decision reversed. 1717
R2 Ann RAGG wife of Wm RAGG 1706 from Breedon to Kings Newton
R3 Elizabeth wife of John MASON, a soldier. to Polesworth 1709
R4 Elizb. MASON very poor and utterly disabled to provide for herself and child. To Polesworth 1709
R5 Thomas CLARK, Jane wife, 1725 removed from Aston on Trent to Melbourne
R6 Tho SMITH, Elizb wife, Wm son 3, Rachell 1. 1725 removed to Shepperton, Middx.
R7 Anne BERESFORD to Breedon 1725
R8 Rebecca (wife of John CARY, a Soldier,) son John 1727 removed from Derby St Alkmunds to Kings Newton.
R9 Mary EDYNLY, widow of William, William 3, Thomas 3 1727 removed to Bisster, Oxon.
R10 John GROVES, Mary wife, Theophilus 1727 removed to Thorpe Constant, Staffs
R11 Henry WARREN, Mary wife. to Derby St Werburgs 1727
R12 Jane BALLARD single to Snareston 1735/6
R13 Joseph SHAWE, Elizb wife. to Ashby de la Zouch 1740
R14 Tho JOHNSON to Mesham 1741
R15 John DIMMOCK, Elizb. wife, Mary 1751 removed to Abbots Bromley.
R16 Rebecca WILLEN to Staunton p.Breedon 1755
R17 James MILLS, son John, 6. 12th Of Geo.3 removed from Derby St Peters to Kings Newton. n.b. this surname may be MILES.
R18 Margaret LANGTON single to Duffield 1773
R19 Mary SHAW single to Swarkestone 1774
R20 Samuel KIRKMAN, Sarah wife, Wm, Mary 1776 removed from Castle Donington to Kings Newton.
R21 Mary WILKINSON single to Kirkby 1778
R22 Sarah OTTEWELL removed from Horsley Woodhouse to Melbourne. 1779
R23 William PALMER, Sarah wife to Coleorton 1779
R24 Catharine CLARK wife of Abraham, Elizabeth, Mary, Frances Removed to St Nicholas, Coventry. 1779
R25 Mary SHAW to Swarkston 1779
R26 Richard RICHARDSON to Thornton, Leics 1782 (has Sett Cert. from Thornton dated 1722.)
R27 Willian GIBSON to Kegworth 1783
R28 Mary SHAW to Repton 1784
R29 Winifred MILLS, wife of James. 1784 removed from Derby St Peter to Kings Newton.
R30 Elizabeth LANT from Swarkestone to Melbourne 1785
R31 Sarah BEVERLEY to Swarkestone 1786
R32 Catherine SPENCER to Kegworth 1786
R33 Wm EARP, Sarah wife, Wm, Alice, Mary, Hannah, James, Joseph. from Sheepshead, Leics to Melbourne 1787
R34 Nathaniel HAZARD, Elizb wife Caulk to Kings Newton 1790
R35 Hannah BARBER to Hemington 1792
R36 Helen DYTCH single from Stapenhill to Melbourne 1792
R37 Hannah STEEAR to Kegworth 1793
R38 Elizb OAKES 10, from Ellaston to Melbourne 1793 upon information from Arthur BROWN.
R39 Elizb CLARKE widow to Packleton, Leics 1793
R40 Mary CARTLIDGE to Hemington 1794 or 1797
R41 Elizb WATERFIELD single from Turnditch to Kings Newton (note, she has fathered the child to save trouble being brought again and called before Justices) 1797
R42 Wm CLARKE, Ann wife, Sarah, Wm, John, to Southwell 1800
R43 Mary wife of Edward PLATTS otherwise Edward PLANTS a soldier now absent from her.. to Thrinkston 1801 (on oath of Richard DOBSON)
R44 John HENWORTH to Anslow, Staffs 1801 suspended order Removed 5th Feb 1802
R45 Millicent WHAITLEY single, pregnant. to Sth Normanton 1802 (surname spelt WHEATLEY in other part of Order)
R46 Mary TINSLEY single from Rosliston to Melbourne 1803
R47 Samuel CHETWIND to Mancetter, Warwicks. 1803
R48 John LANE, Hannah wife, Catherine, Mary, Francis, Thomas. to Wiln and Shardlow. 1803
R49 Matthew STONE removed from Repton to Melbourne 1803
R50 William MARSHALL, Ann wife, Wm. to Sawley Apr.1804
R51 Leter re Wm MARSHALL that Sawley do not intend to appeal
R52 Wm MARSHALL, Ann wife, Wm to Sawley Mar 1804
R53 Letter re Wm MARSHALL
R54 Wm MARSHALL, Ann wife, Wm to Sawley Feb 1804 suspended order of Removal. Delivered to Sawley Mar 1804
R55 Martha KING to Burton upon Trent 1804
R56 Sarah BROOKS single to Ecclesfield Yks 1804
R57 Joseph THORNTON to Stanton by Bridge 1806
R58 Thomas BACON, Elizabeth wife, John, Ann, Lydia. 1805 removed from Ticknall to Melbourne
R59 Frances DUNNICLIFF, wife of Thomas, Thomas 10, Catherine, John, Charles, Mary from Sheepshead to Melbourne 1806
R60 Mary GOODALL single, pregnant to Sheepshead 1807
R61 James PASS, Mary wife, Mary, Saml, John 1807 removed from Ticknall to Melbourne on reverse, Hannah illeg dau of James PASS and Mary acknowledged by Ticknall.
R62 James HEAP, Mary wife, Wm, Joseph to Breedon 1807
R63 James HOLLAND, Ann wife, Mary, Ann, Wm, Millicent, Harriott, James. to Loughborough 1808
R64 Joseph OAKEY, Elizb wife, Ann, Mary, John, Dorothy, Joseph, Elizb. to Smisby 1808
R65 Catherine DENT to Stanton by Bridge 1808
R66 Mary TILSON single, pregnant, to Leic St Margaret 1812
R67 Tho WOOD, Ann wife, John, Wm, Saml, Ann, Mary 1812 to Thrumpton, Nottinghamshire suspended Order of Removal. Ann ill.
R68 Mary wife of Thomas BREWARD a Private soldier in Derbyshire Militia, Thomas 9wks. to Sielby, Leics 1812
R69 John BEVERLEY, Hannah wife Belton, Leics 1812 Suspended Order, removed Feb 1813
R70 John TAGG, Mary wife. to Measham 1812 on Oath of Abraham WHITWORTH. Melbourne, lab. Suspended Order, John ill. Removed Blank.
R71 Richard LESTER Mary dau aged c. 30. to Belton Dec.1812 Suspended order Mary ill. Mary dead, Richard moved Nov 1813
R72 Ann lakin wife of Rbt LAKIN Private Soldier Derbyshire Militia removed to Hatherne, Leics. June 1813 (on oath of John OAKEY, father of Ann LAKIN.) Suspended Order, Ann ill. Removed 18 Feb 1814
R73 Elizabeth WARDLE single, pregnant Chilwell, Notts. 1813
R74 George TIVEY, (on oath of father William TIVEY) Greasley, Notts. Nov. 1813
R75 Suspended Order George TIVEY to Greasley, Notts. removed Aug. 1814
R76 Mary GOODALL, single, pregnant. Sheepshead, Leics. 1814
R77 John OAKES, Sarah wife, 5 day old male not yet named, one child by his former wife Susannah called Epsiba aged 16. from Nottingham St Mary, Notts to Melbourne. 4 Feb 1815
R78 Suspended Order Sarah OAKES. Nottingham St Mary to Melbourne. Removed 5 May 1815
R79 John OAKES as R77 but handwritten. 1815
R80 John MITCHELL, Mira wife, Samuel 6m. Hathern, Leics. 5 Apr. 1816.
R81 Suspended Order Samuel MITCHELL to Hathern, Leics. Removed 19 Apr. 1816
R82 Thomas WEBB, Elizabeth aged 8. to Castle Donington, Leics. 1816
R83 Joseph NEWBOLD to Ticknall 1816
R84 David WOOD, Elizabeth wife, Robert, Mary, Thomas, William. Kniveton. 1816
R85 William DAKIN, Catharine wife, Elizabeth and Mary twins, Samuel, Nathan, Thomas, William. Sileby, Leics. 1816
R86 Charles SHEFFIELD, Sarah wife, George, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah. East Leek, Notts 1816
R87 Joseph KNIGHT, Mary wife, John, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Sarah, Ellen. to Ticknall 1816
R88 William SHAW, Hannah wife, Mary, Joseph, Ann. to Castle Donington, Leics. 1816
R89 James OAKEY, Catherine wife, Mary, Catherine, William. to Smisby. 1816
R90 Valentine SMEDLEY to Derby All Saints. 1816
R91 Elias TAYLOR, Ann wife, Mary, Job, Samuel, Sarah. to Crich. 1816
R92 Joseph SHEFFIELD, Sarah wife, Louisa, Mary. to Sneinton, Notts. 1816
R93 George ADCOCK, Ann wife, Mary, Thomas. Ticknall 1816
R94 John WALKER, Mary wife, William, Hannah. Sheepshead, Leics. 1816
R95 Rhoda TURTON single. Alfreton 1816
R96 Thomas BUCK, Catherine wife, Mary, John, Thomas, William. Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1816
R97 James TAGG, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Sarah, John, Maria, Ann, James, Thomas. to Measham, Dbys. 1816
R98 John RUDD late a drummer 1st Rgt of Foot Guards. to Castle Donington, Leics. 1816
R99 Richard PARKER, Elizabeth wife, Thomas, Lydia, Mary, Frances. to Hathern, Leics. Nov. 1816
R100 Suspended Order Elizabeth PARKER to Hathern Leics. Removed with rest of family. Feb. 1817.
R101 Edward PLATTS, Ann wife. to Thringstone, Leics. Jan 1817
R102 Suspended Order Ann PLATTS to Thringstone, Leics. Mar 1817
R103 William WOOTTON, Ann wife, Amelia to Kegworth, Leics. 1817
R104 Mary HASLAM (wife of Jeremiah HASLAM now absent from her) Mary, Elizabeth. to Alfreton 1817
R105 Francis DOLMAN, Sarah wife, Thomas. from Ingleby to Melbourne 1817
R106 Joseph GRICE, Hannah wife to Latham, Lancs. 1817
R107 George CHETWYND, Catherine wife, Sarah, Elizabeth, George to Atherstone, p.Mancetter, Warwicks. 1817
R108 William DRAPER, Martha wife, Thomas, William, Mary, James, Hannah. to Aston on Trent 1818
R109 Elias TAYLOR, Sarah wife, Jos?, Samuel. Sarah, male un-named 7 days old. to Crich Jul.1818
R110 Suspended order, Sarah TAYL0R to Crich removed Sep 1818
R111 John CALOW, Ann wife to Hinckley, Leics Aug 1818
R112 Suspended order Ann CALOW to Hinckley, Leics. removed Mar. 1819
R113 James STREET, Sarah wife, Mary, Samuel, James. to Ashford in the Water 1818
R114 Mary SMEDLEY spinster (upon examination also of Michael SMEDLEY her father) to Diseworth, Leics. Nov 1818
R115 Suspended order Mary SMEDLEY to Diseworth,Leics removed Dec. 1818
R116 William WALDRAM, Ann wife, Mary Ann their child. to Breedon, Leics. 1818
R117 Joseph BARBER, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph to Stanton by Bridge. 1818
R118 Samuel ROBERTS, Rebecca wife, John. to Appleby, Leics. 1818
R119 George BARLOW, Hannah wife, Joseph, Martha to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1819
R120 John STONE, Ann wife. to Aston on Trent 1819
R121 William CALLADINE, Ann wife, Millicent to Rempstone, Notts. 1819
R122 John CLARK, Elizabeth wife, Daniel, Joseph, to Ticknall 1819
R123 Thomas PRIESTLAND, Elizabeth wife, Mary to Diseworth, Leics. 1819
R124 George EADON, Ann wife, Mary, Sarah, Thomas, George, Samuel, James. from Hopwas, Staffs. to Melbourne 1820
R125 John BATES, Mary wife to Packington, Leics. 1820
R126 Absalom OAKLEY, Sarah wife, George, Ann, James, Deborah, Thomas, William, Francis to Idridgehay Apr.1820
R127 Suspended order George OAKLEY, Ann OAKLEY to Idridgehay, removed May 1820
R128 William OAKLEY, Elizabeth wife, William. to Idridgehay 1820
R129 William PERKIN, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, Sarah, Charlotte, Joseph, Jacob. from Thringstone, Leics. to Melbourne. 1821
R130 Thomas BARBER, Mary wife, Henry, Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah, Francis, Thomas. to Lockington Leics. 1821
R131 Sarah NOON, single, pregnant. to Quarn, Leics. 1822
R132 Ann SMEDLEY, single, pregnant. to Hemmington, Leics. 1822
R133 Frances HULSE, single, pregnant to Repton 1822
R134 Catharine TIVEY wife of George TIVEY, William, Sarah, Mary  to Greasley, Notts. 1824
R135 Sarah NOON un-married, pregnant.  to Quarndon, Leics. 1825
R136 Edmund FEARN, Ann wife.  to Shirley 1826
R137 William BANTON, Ann wife  to Ticknall 1826
R138 Catherine TAYLOR wife of Charles TAYLOR now absent  to Burton on Trent,Staffs 1828
R139 John OAKES  from Nottingham St Mary, Notts to Melbourne 1828
R140 John OAKES Suspended order  from Nottingham St Mary, Notts to Melbourne 1828
R141 John OAKES Letter : " he has now recovered"  n.d.
R142 Selina COLLIER wife of John COLLIER now absent.  Ticknall to Melbourne 1828
R143 James DAWSON, Sarah wife, Elizabeth.  Whitwick, Liecs to Melbourne 1829
R144 Sarah DAWSON Suspended order.  Whitwick, Leics to Melbourne  1830
R145 Jane INCE wife of John INCE, Mary,Thomas.On oath of William PEGG. to Stapenhill Nov.1829
R146 Jane INCE Suspended order.   to Stapenhill  Dec.1829
R147 Martha EARP widow  Thomas, Bridget.  Birmingham, Warwicks to Melbourne 1830
R148 Samuel STREET, Mary wife, Rebecca.  to Wensley  1830
R149 Elizabeth MIDDLETON dau of Elizabeth BOOT wife of William BOOT.  Loughborough, Leics. to Melburne. 25 Oct. 1830
R150 Elizabeth MIDDLETON Suspended order. Dead. Loughborough,Leics. to Melbourne 28 Oct. 1830   
R151 Lydia BACON single.   to Birmingham,Warwicks.  1830
R152 Hannah GRICE wife of John GRICE now absent, Emma, a female inf not named. .Oath of Robert BALDWIN  to Basford, Notts. 1830
R153 Hannah GRICE  Suspended order. to Basford, Notts. 1830
R154 James MITCHILL  Weston on Trent to Melbourne 1831
R155 John MITCHELL, Mary wife, William, John, Elizabeth.  Loughborough, Leics. to Melbourne 1831
R156 Mary PLOUGHRIGHT widow,   Ruabon,Denbigh, Wales to Melbourne  Dec.1832
R157 Mary PLOUGHRIGHT Suspended order.  Dead. Denbigh,Wales to Melbourne  Apr. 1832
R158 Mary PLOUGHRIGHT widow,  Ruabon, Denbigh, Wales to Melbourne   Dec. 1832
R159 Mary PLOUGHRIGHT Suspended order. Dead. Denbigh, Wales to Melbourne. Apr. 1833
(re-written with correct year of death. see R156,R157) 
R160 Jane CURBY ( KIRBY?) single, pregnant.  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1833
R161 Ann BROOKS widow of late George BROOKS  to Breedon on the Hill, Leics. 1833
R162 George GILL, Mary wife, William, and George by a former wife. Wheelock, Ches. to Melbourne. 1833
R163 George GILL Suspended order.  Dead. Wheelock, Ches. to Melbourne. 1834
R164 Mar CURZON (wife of Thomas CURZON now in Derby Infirmary) Mary.  to Crich. 1834
R165 Sarah GOADSBY  Breedon on the Hill, Leics. to Melbourne 1834
R166 Jane WAKEFIELD single, with child.  to Ashbyde la Zuch, Leics. 1834
R167 Ann WINFIELD  Derby St Peter to Melbourne  1834
R168 Thomas TRUSSWELL, Jane wife, John, Elizabeth, William. Joseph, Jane.  to Hathern,Leics. 1837
R170 Thomas YATES, Ann wife. note to Overseer of Ockbrook that this couple are about to be removed. 1839
R172 Thomas YATES, Ann wife.  to Ockbrook.  1839
R173 Thomas YATES Suspended order.  Ann to Ockbrook. 1839
R174 Ann SHAW otherwise Ann HACKETT, William, Elizabeth, Catherine.  Thringstone, Leics. to Melbourne. 1840
R180 John HIGGINS, Mary wife, George, Emma.  Basford, Notts. to Melbourne 1842
R181 John HIGGINS and family. Notice of Chargeablilty to Melbourne from Basford, Notts. 1842
R183 Richard WATHALL, Elizabeth wife.  St Mary Magdalen, London to Melbourne  1842
R186 Thomas WETTON  Nottingham St Mary, Notts. to Melbourne 1842
R187 Thomas WETTON  Notice of Chargeability from Nottingham St Mary to Overseers of Melbourne 1842
R190 John GOODALL  to Shirley  1843
R191 Sarah DALMAN  and her unbaptised male bastard child.  Nuneaton, Warwicks. to Melbourne   1843
R195 John GOODALL Notice of Chargeability to Shirley Overseers from Melbourne 1843
RM1/15 Thomas JOHNSON Mary wife, Robert residing under Certificate from Weston dated 1727. Removed from Melbourne to Weston upon Trent 1760
RM1/5 Saml CHETWYND Melbourne to Castle Donnington 1802
RM1/32 Rbt TAYLOR fwk, Elizabeth, Mary, Elizabeth, Wm, Luke, Rbt, Thirza. Melbourne to Loughborough. 1806
RM2/51 Ann PAGE, Ann. Ellen, Mary, Hannah 1807 Melbourne to Kirkby Mallory,Leics. On oath of mother in law, Ann PAGE.
RM2/52 Sarah PAGE Job, Sarah, Frances, Ann. Mar 1807 on oath of Ellen PAGE mother in law. Melbourne to Kirkby Malary
RM2/53 Sarah PAGE Job, Sarah, Frances, Ann Apr 1807 on oath of Ellen PAGE mother in law. Melbourne to Kirkby Mallory, Leics.
RM2/54 Wm PAGE, Ann wife, Ann, Ellen, Mary, Hannah Mar 1807 on oath of Ellen PAGE mother of William. Melbourne to Kirkby Malary.
RM3/167 Elizabeth TAYLOR to Pentrich 1814 on oath of Elias TAYLOR father.
RM3/168 Elias TAYLOR, Ann wife, Ann, Mary, Job, Saml, Sarah, Etty. to Pentrich 1814
RM4/19 Wm DAKIN, Catharine wife, Elizabeth and Mary twins, Samuel, Nathan, Tho, Wm. to Sileby,Leics 1816
RM4/28 Hannah HAYS single, pregnant. to Breedon, Leics 1816
RM4/57 Elias TAYLOR, Ann wife, Mary, Job, Samuel, Sarah. 1816 Melbourne to Crich
RM4/118 John CLARKE, Elizabeth wife, Daniel, Joseph. 1819 Melbourne to Ticknall
RM4/134 Ellen HASLAM the four yr old illegitimate child of Ann HASLAM, now wife of Charles BRIGGS 1819  Melbourne to Chaddesden
RM4/144 Absalom OAKLEY, Sarah wife, George, Ann, James, Deborah, Thomas, William, Fanny. 1819 Melbourne to Itheridge Hay (Ideridgehey)
RM4/149 Thomas PRIESTLAND, Elizabeth wife, Mary. 1819 Melbourne to Diseworth, Leics.
RM5/349 Alice MEMBERY widow of Thomas MEMBERY, Mary, Ann, John, Thomas, Catherine, Frances, Susannah, Elizabeth, David, Charles.   to Shepshead, Leics.  1744
RM5/515 Mary GOODALE  to Overseal, Leics.  1758
RM5/577 Edith MOUSLEY wife of Joseph MOUSLEY now a soldier in Quebec in America., Joseph child.  to Stanton by Bridge.  1761
RM5/636 Ann WARD  to Alvaston  1764 
RM5/733 Elizabeth CLARKE widow, Thomas, Job.  to Peckleton, Leics. 1768
RM5/734 Elizabeth CROW wife of Joseph CROW, Dorothy.  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1768
RM6/138 Robert GREGORY, Elizabeth wife. to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.  1776
RM6/167 Elizabeth WALLIS dow, Kings Newton to Kegworth, Leics. 1777
RM6/282 Sarah PARKER, (wife of James PARKER lately enlisted HMS) Wimeswold, Leics. 1782
RM6/395 George BLOWER, Elizabeth wife, John, Thomas, George, Oliver  to Markfield,Leics. 1786
RM6/317 William NEWHAM, Ellen wife, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary, Sarah, Ellen, William. to Findern 1783 
RM6/375 Joseph HUMPHRY, Ann wife.  to Nottingham St Nicholas, Notts. 1785
RM6/394 Thomas BISHOP, Lydia wife.  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1786
RM6/514 Phebe HURD, Joseph, Sarah.    to Hinckley, Leics.  1789
RM6/523 Elizabeth THOMPSON   to Stanton by Bridge  1789
RM6/655 John DUNN, Lydia wife, Amey, William.  to Yoxall, Staffs.  1795
RM6/682 Elizabeth OAKS   to Breedon, Leics.  1796
RM6/685 Henry RADFORD, Sarah wife, John.   to Market Bosworth, Leics.  1796
RM6/713 John OAKES  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics 1798
RM6/730 William PERCIVAL 7, James PERCIVAL 3.  On examination of Joseph SEAL of Melbourne.  to Breedon, Leics. 1799
RM6/788 John WORRALL, Elizabeth wife, Robert, Ann, Mary.  to Castle Donnington, Leics. 1800
RM7/25 William HULSE, Margaret wife, Mary, George.  to Duffield 1801
RM7/268 Gervase CHAMBERLIN, Sarah wife, Thomas, Mary.  to Arnold, Notts. 28 Jun 1811
(on reverse; George BANTON Overseer did deliver them to William KIRKMAN Overseer of Arnold, 29 Jul 1811)  1811
RM7/609 Samuel BARNETT, Mary wife, William, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Charlotte.  to Willoughby on the Wolds, Notts. 1817
RM7/625* William BISPUM, Mary wife.  to Arnold, Notts. 1817
RM7/530* Peter HEMSLEY, Sarah wife.  to Sturston, Compton  1816
RM7/931 Dorothy ORMISTON, William, Jane, Ann, Henry, George  to Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland May 1818
RM7/932 Dorothy ORMISTON Suspended order. to Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland  Jun 1818
RM7/933 Dorothy ORMISTON, note that John PEGG delivered pauper to George HARLE  Overseers of All Saints, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland.  Jul 1818
RM7/970 John WOOD, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Mary, Dorothy, Maria, Hannah, Martha.  to Kniveton 1818
RM7/971 John WOOD, note that John EARP Constable delivered pauper to William BAGSHAW Overseer of Kniveton 1818
RM7/1167 John TIVEY, Ann wife, Thomas, Frances, Jane, James, Mary.  to Staunton Harold, Leics.  1823
RM7/1167 John TIVEY, Ann wife, Thomas, Frances, Jane, James, Mary.  to Staunton Harold, Leics.  1823
RM7/1295 Mary HOLT, wife of Simon HOLT, William.  to Bratby (Bretby) 1826
RM7/1457 William NEALE, Sarah wife.  to Castle Donnington,Leics.  1829
RM7/1464 Frances PICKUP, Oliver, Thomas, Joseph. the wife and children of Thomas PICKUP ;ate of Melbournem now absent from her.  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1829
MELLOR Removal
QM3/6 John HADFIELD, Hannah wife, George,Betty, Wharmby, Alice, John. Removed from Mellor to Ludworth. 1811
RM7/86 Margaret OSBURSON  to Disley  1803
RM7/103 Martha LONGSTON to Thornsett in Beard Ollersett,Whitle and Thornsett 1804
RM7/306* William HARRISON, Hannah wife, John, Samuel, Ellen.  to Beard, Ollerset, Whitle and Thornsett.  1812
RM7/447 Mary SWINDELLS   to Tithington, Ches.  1815
RM7/457* James WILD, Charlotte wife.   to Beard Ollerset, Whitle, Thornsett.  1815
RM7/814 Mary SYKES, John, Benjamin, Mary, Joseph to Slaithwaite, Yks  1817
RM7/996 Esther HOUGHTON  to Ashton under Line, Lancs.  1819
RM7/1034 Hannah GARSIDE single  to Withington, Lancs.  1820
RM7/1066 John CLAYTON, Ann wife, Sarah, Betty.  to Marple, Ches.  1821
RM7/1575 Sarah WOOD widow of Benjamin WOOD, Jabez, Sarah, Mary. to Woolstanton, Staffs.  1830
RM7/1911 Joseph WILLIAMS, Mary wife, John, Samuel, Hannah, James, William, David, Elizabeth.  to Waverton, Ches. 1842
RM7/1914 Joseph WILLIAMS, Mary wife, John, Samuel, Hannah, James, William, David, Elizabeth. to Waverton, Ches.  1842
RM7/1915 Joseph WILLIAMS Notice to Waverton, Ches. over chargeability.  1842
RM7/1934* Mary GREEN, Sarah, Rachel, Joseph, Ann, Benjamin, Thomas, Henry.  to Ludworth 1843
RM7/2022 George DRABBLE, Harriet wife, William, Sarah, George, Martha.  to Marple, Ches. 1846
RM7/2028 George DRABBLE, Harriet wife, children. Chargeability form Hayfield Union.  1846
RM7/2029 George DRABBLE marriage to Sarah PURSGLOVE copy entry from Eyam register ,1803. Witnesses shown as Joseph BARBER, William FROGGATT, Betty GOOSE. 
RM3/111 Sarah MATHER, (wife of William who is now confined in Gaol at Stafford), Roger 18m to Holbrook 1813
RM3/118 Robert REDFERN, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Ann. 1813 to Litchurch
RM3/120 Robert REDFEARNE, Ann wife, Elizabeth 1813 to Litchurch
RM3/121 Robert REDFEARN, Ann wife, Elizabeth 1813 to Litchurch
RM3/217 Charlotte wife of Rbt TOOGOOD, Wm 11wks 1815 to Tutbury
RM5/319 Elizabeth HIGGINS  to Littleover.  1742
RM5/402 Mary PENDLETON wife of John PENDLETON  to Shirley.  1752 
RM6/227 Nathan PERSIVAL (PERCIVAL)  Catherine wife.  Mickleover to Burnaston  1780
RM6/242 Thomas GOODALL, Dorothy wife.  to Normanton p.Derby St Peters. 1781 
RM6/738 Jane WILSON (wife of Thomas WILSON soldier, 1st Rgt Foot Guards) Alice.  to Ambaston.  1799
RM6/778 Mary RAWBON (wife of John RAWBON who is now run away)  to Barford, Warwicks. 1800
RM7/561* Samuel REFERN, Sarah wife, John, Sarah.  to Heanor.  Nov. 1816
RM7/562 Sarah REDFERN Suspended order.  to Heanor  Dec. 1816
RM7/698 John GILES, Jane wife.  to St Mary, Newmarket, Suffolk  1817
RM7/788 Catherine RUSHTON, (wife of Samuel RUSHTON) Elizabeth   to Cheadle, Staffs. 1817
RM7/1573 Thomas WEBSTER yngr, Mary wife, Ann, Elizabeth, Thomas. On examination of Thomas WEBSTER elder, father. to Etwall 1830
RM7/1574 Thomas WEBSTER yngr, Mary wife, Ann, Elizabeth, Thomas.  to Hulland Ward.  1830
RM7/1818 June ? WIBBERLEY wife of Robert WIBBERLEY now absent, John, Robert.  to Osmaston by Ashbourne  1838
RM5/641 Nathaniel BOTT, John, Nathaniel, Mary, Elizabeth  to Chelmorotn  1765
RM6/226 Andrew MORTON, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, Sarah, Andrew.  to Buxton.  1780
RM7/227* Lydia PETTS   to Biggin.  1809
RM7/993 Ann HEATHCOTE   to Mellor  1819

MORLEY Removal
RM5/277 Godfrey BURROWS, Mary wife, Lidea, William.  to Hazlewood  1736/7
RM5/329 William STARBUCK, Rebecka wife.  to Breadsall  1742
RM7/940 Robert ROE (ROSE?) Elizabeth wife, William, George.  to Derby St Alkmund.  1818
V21/147 Martha HUNT to Derby  1753
V21/177 William REDGATE, wife and family  to Denby  1719 

MORTON Removals
RM5/375 James ADAMS,Ann wife, Elizabeth  Brackenfield to Crich.  1750
RM5/471 William WOOD  to Mansfield ,Notts  1755
RM7/376 Elizabeth SPENCER  to Alfreton.  1813
RM7/1293 John HOLLINGWORTH  Brackenfield to Shirland.  182
RM7/1473 Ann STREET  Brackenfield to Shirland  1829

RM3/142 Charles BARKER, Mary wife, Maria, John, Thomas, Mary, Eliza. Weston Underwood to Brailsford 1814
RM4/96 James WHITE yngr Mercaston to Broughton Askey, Leics. 1818
RM5/68 George WHEELDON, Ellen wife  to Windley.  1724
RM5/119 Mary WETTON single, Margery bastard aged 4.  to Quarn (Quarndon ) Dbys. 1721/2
RM5/212 Daniel MORLEY, Jane wife.  Mercaston to Brailsford  1730
RM5/359 John BAINBRIGGE, Jane wife, Thomas, Isaac, Ann, Samuel.  Ravensdale Park to Windley.  1745
RM5/694 William Storer BRELLISFORD, Ellen wife, Mary, Hannah, Sarah, Ruth, Ann.   Ravensdale Park to Hulland Ward Intake  1767
RM6/23 George LEES ,Catherine wife.  Mercaston to Oker. (Oaker, Darley, or Oakover, Staffs?)  May 1771
RM6/24 George LEES, Catherine wife.  Mercaston to Swinscoe, p.Blore, Staffs. Aug.1771
RM6/67 Ann OWEN  Mercaston to Derby St Werburgh  1773
RM7/1102 George DURN Weston Underwood to Clay Cross  1822
RM7/705 Thomas GREAVES, Millicent wife, John.  to Nether Whitacre, Leics.  1817
RM7/865 Joseph BOAM, Martha wife, John, Matilda, Joseph, Mary, James.  Mercaston to Mugginton.  1818
RM7/1182 Elizabeth ALLSOPP, wife of Jonathan ALLSOPP now absent, Maria, Mary Ann.  to Idridgehay.  1824
RM7/1134* Ann WEBSTER  Marcaston (Mercaston ) to Derby St Werburgh 1822
RM7/1292* John HITCHCOCK, Lydia wife.  Mugginton to Cromford  1826
RM7/1310 Richard SIDDALL  to Hilton  Sep 1826
RM7/1312 Richard SUDDALL (SIDDALL) to Tutbury, Staffs. Nov. 1826
RM7/1721 Joseph HITCHCOCK, Phoebe wife, Harroitt  to Matlock  1834
NETHERSEAL  with year of Removal
STAFFORD Henry, wife have become chargeable to Newton Regis Warwicks 1711  V3/62
NEWBOLD  with year of Removal
55 Mary DAVISON single to Harthill Yks 1799
56 Enock WRAGG Amelia wife, family to Bradfield 1807 suspended, Enock sick.
57 Elizabeth PINCH from Brampton to Newbold 1811
58 Ann SELLERS from Sheffield to Newbold 1812
59 Elizb TOWNSEND wife of Geo late of Chesterfield, children. to Chesterfield 1814
60 Ruth WAINE to Chesterfield 1814
62 Maria DAVIS als Maria BARNETT from Nottm St Mary to Newbold 1818
63 Geo STEVENSON Martha wife, children to Staveley 1823
64 Sarah BOOKER to Matlock 1823
65 John BRASSINGTON, Ann wife, children, to Brimington 1833
66 Elizb CROWDER pregnant to Chesterfield 1833
67 Geo BRIGGS, Ann wife, children to Denby 1833
68 John SPENCER, Hannah wife, children to Brampton 1833
69 Georgiana KEY to Tapton 1834
RM3/73 Sampson BIDDULPH, Esther wife, Elizabeth, Ann. 1813 to Repton
RM7/163 John DICKEN, Sarah wife, William, John, Thomas.  to Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1807
RM7/918 Ann JONES single, pregnant.  to Olbury, (Oldbury) Shropshire.  1818
RM7/1472 John SPENCER, Mary wife.  to Bradby (Bretby ?) 1829
RM7/1736 John WRIGHT, Hannah wife, Maria.  to Repton  1834
RM2/11 Elizabeth BILL spinster Norbury to Snelston 1805
RM4/108 Aaron BATES, Mary John, William, Ann. 1819 Norbury to Cubley.
RM6/5 Elizabeth DOWNS (wife of James DOWNS) Mary, Hannah, to p. Alstonefield, Staffs  1770
RM6/49 William MOULD  Roston to Longford  1772
RM5/77 Richard SMITH, Elizabeth wife.  to Cubley (gained as apprentice to Deborah GAUNT ) 1717/8
RM5/219 Thomas MOORE, Jane wife.  Norbury and Roston to Tideswell.  1731/2
RM5/499 Elizabeth PEGG  to Marston Montgomery  1757
RM6/650 Thomas WARNER, Elizabeth wife, Thomas.  Norbury and Roston to Brailsford.  1794
RM6/716 Mary WARNER  Norbury to Brailsford  1798
RM7/380 John TYTE, Ann wife, Mary.  Norbury and Roston to Cautnall, Northants.    1813
RM7/543 Charles LARRATT otherwise Charles UDALE, Judith wife, James, Hannah, Arthur.  to Ellastone, Staffs. 1816
RM7/828 William UDALE, Lydia wife, Charles.  Norbury and Roston to Ellastone, Staffs.  1817
RM7/947 William SILCOCK, Mary wife, Joseph.  Norbury and Roston to Marston Montgomery  1818
RM7/1366 Benjamin WALKER 13 lately discharged from aahis apprenticeship.  On examination of Dorothy KEELING ,mother of Benjamin WALKER   Norbury and Roston to Tissington.  1827
RM7/1487 William BATES, Elizabeth wife, Sarah, Ann, William, Mary, Elizabeth.  to Burton on Trent  1830
RM7/1519 Philip FROGGATT, Hannah wife, Selina , George.  Roston to Stanton, Staffs.  1830
RM7/1570 Julia WARDLE single, pregnant.  to Marchington Woodlands, Staffs.  1830

NORMANTON Removal (See also Derby St Peter )
RM3/4 Thomas BOWLER otherwise GOODALL, Elizb. wife 1811 Normanton to Mickleover
RM3/126 Thomas SPENCER, Mary wife, Samuel, Mary 1813 to Mickleover
RM3/193 Tho HUNT, Elizabeth wife, John, Hannah, Thomas, Sarah. Hathern, Leics to Normanton 1815
RM5/193 John LABON, wife Sarah, female child.  to Stenson p.Twyford.  (by serving Kath. SMEDLEY)  1727
RM6/74 William WILSON, Elizabeth wife, William.  to Heath.  1773
RM6/103 Ann NEEDHAM   Tupton to Clay Lane 1774
RM6/45 Ann JACKSON  *Stretton to Tupton.  1772  (n.b.*Stretton township was also partly in Shirland.)
RM6/332 Henry BACON  to Chesterfield  1784
RM5/75 Edward NORMAN, wife.  Pilsley to Clay Lane (gained as servant to John BRAILSFORD of Cunning Green) 1717 
RM5/181 John BARKER, Mary wife, Sarah, Elizabeth, John, William, Mary.  Clay Lane to Baslow. 1726
RM5/297 Ann MOOR .  Stretton to South Wingfield  1737
RM5/339 Lydia LINACRE dau of William LINACRE dec.(on oath of Mary BANSALL her mother)    Stretton to Clay Lane.   1743
RM5/352 George SHAW, Alice wife, Dorothy, William, Anne.   to Heath.  1744
RM6/399 Elizabeth BUXTON? alias TURNER  Woodthorpe to Whitwell.  1786
RM5/638 John BOSIL alias BOSLEY  Clay Lane to North WIngfield Aug 1765
RM5/639 John BOSIL otherwise BOSLEY  Clay lane to Sutton in Ashfield  Dec 1765
RM5/640 John BOSSILL  Clay Lane to Hazland (Hasland) May 1765
RM5/658 Benjamin SWAIN, Elizabeth wife, Ann.  Pilsley to Shirland  1765
RM5/726 Richard WILSON  Clay Lane to Woodthorpe 1767
RM5/727 Richard WILSON  Clay Lane to Hucknall, Dbys. 1767
RM6/532 Ann BOUNS  to Ashover   1790
RM6/549 John WAINWRIGHT, Hannah wife, Samuel, John, Ann.   to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts.  1790
RM6/445 Millicent NUTTALL  to Killamarsh  1787
RM6/648 Rose TAYLOR   Stretton to Ashover  1794 
RM6/755 Gill DALLISON, Mary wife, Thomas, Mary, James, George.  Woodthorpe to Derby St Peter.  1800
RM7/124 Hannah CUTTS single  Clay Lane to Mansfield, Notts.  1805
RM7/132 Mary MILNES single  Clay Lane to Chesterfield  1805
RM7/326 Joseph VARDY yngr., Sarah wife, Rolletta, Joseph, George, Fanny, William, Mary, Elizabeth, John.   Stretton to Kirkby, Notts.  1812  
RM7/372 Joseph SEARSTON, Sarah wife, John, Joseph, William   Clay Lane to Watnall, Notts.  1813
RM7/386 Mary ABBOTT (wife of Isaac ABBOTT  a Private Militia man, absent from her ) Hannah.  Tupton to Bolsover 1814
RM7/426 Mary ASPINALL   to Chesterfield  1815
RM7/435 Elizabeth HOPKINSON  Pilsley to Stretton  1815
RM7/439 Peter MOOR, Kessia wife.  Clay Lane to St Nicholas, Durham May 1815
RM7/440 * Peter MOOR Suspended order  Clay Lane to St Nicholas, Durham removed Jun. 1815
RM7/456 John WASS, Elizabeth wife.   Stretton to Teversall, Notts.   1815
RM7/536 Lydia JOHNSON   Clay Lane to Woodthorpe  1816 
RM7/943 Mary SHARMAN  single  to Bolsover.  1818
RM7/978 Adah BOBANKS, Thomas her child.  Clay Lane to South Normanton  1819 
RM7/998 Elizabeth LINICAR  Woodthorp (although not stating which Woodthorp, there is one at Staveley, it has been placed here because of its proximity to North Wingfield)  to North Wingfield  1819
RM7/1011 Matthew WAINWRIGHT, Elizabeth wife, John.  to Alfreton  1819
RM7/1078 Elizabeth REDDISH  Stretton (n.b. Stretton is also partly in Shirland parish) to Alfreton.  1821
RM7/1089 Mary WHITE pregnant,   Woodthorp (placed here because of its proximity to Clay Cross)   Woodthorp to Clay Lane.  1821
RM7/1180 Elizabeth YOUNG single, pregnant.  Clay Lane to Ashover.  1823
RM7/1229 Margaret WHITE wife of George WHITE  Woodthorpe (does not differentiate which Woodthorpe, Staveley of North Wingfield, placed here due to proximity to Tupton in North Wingfield)  to Tupton  1824
RM7/1243 Mary CUTTS single, pregnant.  Clay Lane to Hucknall Torkard, Notts. 1825
RM7/1448 Sarah HUGHES single   Woodthorpe ( document does not make clear which Woodthorpe, placed here due to proximity to North Wingfield although there is a Staveley Wodthorpe)   to North Wingfield  1829
RM7/1536 William HOPKINSON, Hannah wife, John, Jane, Joseph, William.  Stretton to Pilsley  1830
RM7/1765 Hannah GILL , William, George, Rebecca, Samuel.  to Clay Lane.  1836
RM7/1885 John FEATHERSTONE, Elizabeth wife.  Clay Lane to Winkbourne, Notts.  1842
RM7/1986 Jane ESSON  (wife of Thomas ESSON in Derby gaol) William, Anne, Sarah.  Stretton to Kilsby, Northants. 1844
RM7/1987 Jane ESSON  Suspended order.  1844

NORTON Removal
RM5/478  Rachel HARRISON  to Ossop 'th Dale (Alsop en le Dale)  1756
RM5/587 Hannah CROWDER widow of Samuel CROWDER lately decd, William, Sarah, Thomas, Hannah.  to Thrunscoe, Yks.  1762
RM6/72 Joseph WAINWRIGHT, Ruth wife, Joseph, John. to Wingerworth  1773
RM6/544 Thomas PASHLEY, Sarah wife, Thomas, Samuel.  to Dinnington, WRY  1790
RM6/570 Joseph HARRISON, Deborah wife.  Alsop in the Vale (Alsop en le Dale ) 1791
RM6/658 John FRITH, Elizabeth wife, Joshua, Valentine, Mary, John, Hannah. to Eckington 1795
RM6/780 William SELLERS, Jenney wife, Ann, Jenney, Martha, Elizabeth,Sarah.  to Sheffield, Yks. 1800
RM7/7 Thomas BODEN, Ann wife, Hannah, Elizabeth  to Mellor, Dbys. 1801
RM7/182 Annis GILLATT Norton Lees to Nether Hallam, Yks.  1808
RM7/208 William GILL, Sarah wife, George, Mary.  to Brampton 1809 
RM7/253 John REANEY, Ann wife, Mary Sarah, Elizabeth, Harriett.  to Nether Hallam. 1810
RM7/285 James BIRCH, Ruth wife, Martha, William, Mary, James, John, Thomas.  to Sheffield, Yks. 1812
RM7/564 Thomas ROYLES, Mary wife, Ann  to Litton  1816 
RM7/693 George FOX, Hannah wife.  to Beighton  1817
RM7/763 Thomas MARTIN, Eliza wife, Joseph, Thomas, Amelia, Eliza, Samuel.  to  Handsworth, Yks 1817
RM7/764 Thomas MARTIN ,wife and child, account charges to Handsworth,Yks. Jul 1817
RM7/786 Reuben RODGER, Betty wife, Reuben.  to Sheffield, Yks. 1817
RM7/794 John SELLERS notice of appeal by Elton Jul 1817
RM7/795 John SELLERS, Hannah dau a lunatic. to Elton. 1817
RM7/902 William GREEN yngr, Betty wife, Samuel , Joseph.  to Totley  1818
RM7/961 Hannah TURNER  to Sheffield, Yks  1818
RM7/985 William EYRE  to Great Hucklow  1819
RM7/986 Edward GODFREY, Elizabeth wife, William, Edmund  to Bawtry, Yks.  1819
RM7/1032 Samuel FIDLER, Betty wife, John, Joseph, Samuel, Robert.  to Buxton  1820 
RM7/1299 Betty LEE, William, Thomas, Ruth.  to Sheffield, Yks.  1826
RM7/1339 Ann HALLAM single, pregnant  to Attercliffe cum Darnal, Yks  1827
RM7/1423 Melicent WEBSTER single, pregnant.  to Whittington  1828
RM7/1554 Elizabeth HIGGINBOTHAM, William, Thomas, Henry.  to Denton, Lancs.  1830
RM7/1607 James MOREWOOD  to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks 1831

R1 William HARRISON, Elizabeth wife, Mary to Horsley 1746
R2 Elizabeth KIDSON daughter of Thomas, aged about six years, for whom there is a Certificate from Kirkby Super Bayon (Kirkby on Bain), Lincs. 1751
R3 Elizabeth ARTCHER (ARCHER?) wife of John ARTCHER, and Sarah her child. to Sawley 1751
R4 George DAFT, Ann wife, Mary. to Wisall, Notts. 1771
R5 Elizabeth HUTCHINSON to Breadsall 1775
R6 Mary LEES single. to Horsley 1777
R7 Edward MOORE fwk, Sarah wife. to Draycott. 1783
R8 William BURTON boatman, Sarah wife, William. to Spondon. 1784
R9 Henry TAYLOR to Duffield. 1792
R10 Mary GAMBLE single. to Spondon. 1796
R11 Martha BOSWORTH single, pregnant. to Spondon 1806 Appeal to be made.
The following Removals are to Ockbrook, not from it. Numbers R12 to R21 inclusive
R12 John WOOD, Mary wife. from Owthorpe, Notts. to Ockbrook. 1744
R13 William JOHNSON, Jane wife, Ann, Mary, William. from Stapleford, Notts. to Ockbrook. 1775
R14 Elizabeth FOSTER single, pregnant from Draycott to Ockbrook. 1807
R15 John CLEMENTS, Elizabeth wife, Isaac, John. from Sawley to Ockbrook. 1808
R16 Mary LABON single, pregnant. Nottingham St Mary to Ockbrook. 1822
R17 Samuel ELLIOTT Breaston to Ockbrook 1838
R19 Thomas YATES, Ann wife, Melbourne to Ockbrook May 1839
R20 Suspended order for Thomas YATES. Dead. Ann removed from Melbourne to Ockbrook. Oct.1839
R22 Sarah IRONMAN Ockbrook to Derby St Werburgh 1720
R23 Note stating William HARRISONS Settlement is at Horsley having served ABBOTT. He also served one RADFORD at Holbrook c1765
R24 Order that Sarah PIM shall appear before the Justices concerning removal of Joseph FREARSON in dispute between parishes of Stanley and Ockbrook. 11yr Geo 3.
RM3/29 Elizabeth BATTELLE, (wife of James, now absent from her.) Maria 32 wks. Ockbrook to Hinkley, Leics. 1812
RM3/205 Elizabeth ROBERTS wife of Wm late of Derby, iron moulder, to Derby St Peter. 1815
RM3/226 Ann WRIGHT wife of Geo WRIGHT, Henry, Geo, Wm to Mount Sorrel, Upper End, Leics. Oct 1815
RM3/227 Suspended order, Ann WRIGHT Removed Dec 1815 to Mount Sorrel, Upper End, Leics.
RM5/190 Edward GAUNT Borrowash to Brailsford.  1727
RM5/441 Joseph JAQUES, Martha wife.  to Dale Abbey  1754
RM6/17 Joseph FRESON (FREARSON ?)   to Stanley   1771
RM6/41 Joseph FREARSON to Spondon  1772
RM5/56 John LACEY, Dorotny wife, John , Catherine  to Ilkeston 1714 
RM6/362 Samuel PORTER, Mary wife, Richard, Rebecca. to Derby St Werburgh 1784
RM7/39 Mary POTTER wife of Joseph POTTER now a soldier in the Marines.. to Kegworth, Leics. 1801
RM7/767* Thomas MIDDLETON, Ann wife, Ann.  to Chaddesden.  1817 
RM7/782 John RAYNOR, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, John. to Sandiacre. 1817
RM7/846 Richard WINGFIELD, Alice wife, William, Richard, to Stapleford, Notts.  1817
RM7/1107 Oliver FODEN, Mary wife, Grace, Precilla.  to Osmaston by Ashbourne  1822
RM3/65 Ann WALLIS otherwisw FROGGATT single, pregnant. Osmaston by Ashbourne to Ashbourne 1812
RM3/134 William WEBSTER, Alice wife, Wm, John, Frances 1813 to Hartington Nether Quarter.
1 Joseph CRESSWELL, wife Hannah Sarah, Elizb. Hulland 1826
2 Wm POTTER, Isaac 9 John 6, by a former wife, Sarah wife. Removed from Tatenhill to Osmaston by Ashbourne. 1827
3 Hannah STOKES pregnant Mansfield 1828
4 James HOUSLEY, Ann wife, Mary, James. Removed from Trusley to Osmaston by Ashbourne 1831
RM5/412 Elizabeth CROSSLEY widow,  to Shirley   1753
RM6/604 Jane BESTWICK  to Derby St Alkmund.  1793
RM7/324 Thomas SPENCER, Elizabeth wife, Francis, Mary twins, Richard.  to Mayfield, Staffs. 1812
RM7/714 William HARTSHORN, Elizabeth wife, John.  to Norbury.  1817
RM7/017 Joseph JOHNSON, Hannah wife, William.   to Clifton and Compton.  1818
RM7/1097 John BOWLER, Martha wife, Elizabeth, Thomas.  to Snelston  1822
RM7/1155 Mary HITCHCOCK  single to Shirley , a person of very weak intellect, attacks of paroxsym of insanity ,unable to look after herself.  1823
RM7/1249 Joseph HUDSON  to Derby St Peter  1825
RM7/1326 Joseph BLOOD, Mary wife, Ann and Sarah , twins, Joseph, male, unbapt.   to Derby St Werburgh  1827
RM7/1675 John ROBERTS, Charlotte wife, John, Thomas, George, Sarah.  to Cubley.  1832
RM4/7 James PEARSON yngr., Elizabeth wife, 1816 to Derby St Werburgh.
RM6/159 Mary HOLBROOK  Osmaston to Chaddesden  1777
RM6/642 Thomas MORLEY, Sarah wife, Thomas, Francis, Elizabeth, Mary. Osmaston*  to Litchurch (* although this could be Osmaston by Ashbourne, it has been placed here because of its proximity to Litchurch. It does not differentiate on the document in question ) 1794
1 Robert SPENCER, Mary wife, from Upper Haddon to Darley 1727
PACKINGTON Dbys. Removal
RM7/634  Thomas BOWLER  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1817
RM7/773 Thomas NICHOLLS, Elizabeth wife, William, Ann, Joseph.  Packington, Dbys. to Bolehall, Warwicks.  1817
RM7/1093 John BALL, Mary wife, John.  to Ashby de la Zouch,Leics. 1822
RM7/1347 John MORLEY, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann.  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.  1827
RM5/26 John BUXTON yngr, Mary wife, Henry.  to Hopton, Dbys  1713
RM6/142 Thomas SWINDELL, Jane wife, Thomas, William.  to Hassop  1776
RM6/241 Isaac DONCASTER, Ann wife, Luke.  to Hopton  1781
RM6/284 Henry SMEDLEY, Ann wife, Ward, son    to Alsop en le Dale.  1782
RM6/337 William BROWN to Hulland Ward 1784
RM6/338 Wiliam BROWN to St Luke, Middx. 1784
RM6/343 Joseph COPE, Elizabeth wife, Jane, Mary, James, Elizabeth, Hannah.  to Chimley ( Chulmleigh?) Devon.  1784
RM7/239 John YATES  (On oah of Mary MUSKITT, mother)  to Bentley  1809

RM1/55 Edward DAWSON Sarah wife, Ann, Robert. 1776 Peak Forest to Tideswell
RM5/279 Ellin GARLICK  to Brushfield.  1736/7
RM5/460 John HOW, Ann wife, Ann, William.   to Ludworth  1755
RM5/660 Joseph WHITE, Mary wife, Mary.  to Wadsley, Ecclesfield Yks.  1765
RM6/476 Alice HADFIELD   to Wormhill  1788
RM7/266 Sarah BLACKWELL  to Great Hucklow  1811

RM1/18 Rodger ORIDGE, Mary wife Pentridge Dby to Kirkby Woodhouse. 1764
RM1/48 Joseph WAINWRIGHT Pentrich to Spoondon 1769
RM2/35 Obadiah WIGLEY, lab. Mary wife, Wm, Joseph, Chas, Grace, Mary. Pentrich to Wirksworth Oct 1806
RM2/36 Suspended order, children of Odabiah WIGLEY Dec 1806 Pentrich to Wirksworth
RM2/39 Catharine COPE (wife of Saml who is now run away) Hannah, Ann, Susanna. Ripley to Sth Normanton 1807
RM3/30 Richard BROOM Sarah wife, Ann, Hannah, Abraham 1812 Pentrich to Shirland
RM3/62 Mary TOPHAM widow of Wm, Wm, Benj, Sarah, James. Ripley to Pentrich 1812
RM3/154 Elias JEPHSON collier, Elizabeth wife, Pollefeneas, Geo, Rhoda, Millicent. to Sutton in Ashfield 1814
RM3/157 Martha LISTER widow, Ripley to Broesley Salop. 1814
RM3/177 John CURZON, Mary wife, Ripley to Spondon 1815
RM3/212 Sarah SPENCER single, pregnant 1815 to Alfreton
RM4/52 Sarah SPENCER single, Pentrich to South Wingfield 1816
RM4/58 Samuel TURNER, Elizabeth wife, Maria, Harriott. Pentrich to Heage Aug 1816
RM4/59 Suspended order, Samuel TURNER Pentrich to Heage Sep 1816
RM4/109 Elijah BINGHAM, Ann wife, Elijah, John, two children of Elijah BINGHAM by his former wife, Jonathan, George, Solomon, three children of Elijah BINGHAM by his present wife.  Pentrich to Mansfield, Notts. 1819
RM4/110 Caroline BOURNE single, pregnant 1819 Ripley to Blunhill, Staffs
RM5/25 John BOWLER, Milicent wife, John, Hellen, Milicent.  Ripley to Heage 1713 
RM5/105  Daniel BERDSLEY, Ellen wife.  Ripley to Smalley.  1721/2
RM5/106  Ahab CROOKS, Alice wife, Mary, John.  Ripley to Crich (by birth and apprenticeship to Heery WHEELDON) 1721
RM5/127 Elizabeth GRATIAN a bastard to Crich. (on oath of Sarah MARRIOT her mother.) 1722
RM5/229 Patrick CRESWELL, Hannah wife, female aged about 1. Ripley to Denby  1732
RM5/299 John SMITH, Mary wife, John ?, Joseph.  Ripley to Holbrook  1737
RM5/435 Elizabeth WHITE, single  Ripley to Shipley  1753
RM5/621 William WATSON 9,  to Mansfield, Notts. 1763
RM5/665 John BARNS  to South Wingfield  1766
RM5/762* Elizabeth WHIZZAL (WHYSALL ?) Ripley to Nottingham St Peter, Notts c.1769 
RM6/152  Mary BOT (BOTT)  to Wirksworth  1777
RM6/222 John HAWOOD 4, Ann HAWOOD 2,  to Chesterfield (On examination of Mary SHAW.)  1780
RM6/232 Elizabeth WATERS  to South Wingfield 1780
RM6/235 Hannah WOOD Ripley to Haslewood   1780
RM6/243 Catherine GRETTON  Ripley to Ilkeston  1781
RM6/300 Mary BRYAN, Paul. Ripley to Carlton, p.Gedling, Notts. 1783
RM6/587 Thomas JACKSON, Elizabeth wife, Ann, Mary, Hannah, Joseph.   Ripley to Codnor.  1792
RM6/751 Job FLETCHER, Abigail, William, George, Elijah, Henry.  to West Hallam 1800
RM6/775 Rebecca PICKERING widow, Jane.  Ripley to Woolstanton, Staffs. 1800
RM7/127 Isaac EYRE, Elizabeth wife, Joanna, Miria, Elizabeth.b  Ripley to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1805
RM7/477 Thomas BRIDGE, Elizabeth wife, Catherine, John, Jane.    Ripley to Elton  1816
RM7/534 Joseph JAKQUES (JACQUES)  Sarah wife, Joseph, Josiah.  Ripley to Matlock  1816
RM7/542 George KIRK  Ripley to Alfreton  1816
RM7/591 Joseph WALTERS  Ripley to Denby  1816
RM7/637 John BRAILSFORD, Ellen wife, Edward, John, Ann, George.  Ripley to Staveley  1817
RM7/640 Thomas BRASSINGTON, Dorothy wife, Rebecca, Thirza, Dorothy.  Ripley to Heage  1817  
RM7/649 John BRYAN, Hannah wife, Jonathan, William.  to Codnor and Loscoe.  1817
RM7/707 Hannah GREEN widow, pregnant.  Ripley to Mansfield, Notts. 1817
RM7/708 Benjamin GREGORY, Catherine wife, Hannah, George, Elizabeth, Emma, Joseph.  to Darley.  1817
RM7/929* Sarah ONION (wife of John ONION a person lately convicted at Derby of High Treason) Hannah , John, Sarah, Mariah, Samuel. Ripley to Wednesbury, Staffs.  1817
RM7/930 John ONION son of Sarah ONION Suspended order. removed Ripley to Wednesbury,Staffs. 1818
RM7/954 John TAYLOR, Elisheba wife, William, Salathiel, Elizabeth, Elias, Imanuel, Nathaniel. to Belper  Jul1818
RM7/955 William TAYLOR Suspended order. Dead. removed to Belper    Nov 1818 
RM7/962 Joseph WALTERS, Mary wife, Joseph, John, William, Samuel, Fredrick.  Ripley to Pentrich.  Mar 1818
RM7/963 Joseph WALTERS children. Suspended order.  Ripley to Pentrich removed Apr. 1818
RM7/964 Mary WALTERS wife of Job WALTERS (now a prisoner at Lenton) Harriet, Elizabeth, Sarah, Sophia.  Pentrich to Ripley.  1818
RM7/1190 Isaac EYRE, Elizabeth wife, Joanna, Mira, Elizabeth.  Ripley to Denby  1824
RM7/1456 Thomas MILNES, Mary wife, Mary Ann, Sarah, Thomas.  Ripley to Sutton on Trent, Notts.  1829
RM7/1560 Richard SIDDON, Mary wife, Thomas, Mary.  Ripley to Alfreton 1830
RM7/1629 Frances WHITE, single, pregnant.  to Alfreton 1831
RM7/1652 William GASKILL, Mary wife  to Bolsover  Mar 1832
RM7/1653 William GASKILL, Mary wife, Suspended order. removed to Bolsover  Apr 1832
RM3/86 John COOK, Elizabeth wife, John, Wm, Saml. 1813 Pinxton to Sutton Scarsdale
RM5/683 Hugh REVELL otherwise BARBER   to Derby St Werburgh  1766
RM6/758 Sarah FLETCHER, single, pregnant.  to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts.  1800 
RM7/157* Samuel ROBINSON,Hannah wife, Hannah, Amos, John, Samuel.  to Cossall, Notts. 1806
RM7/744 George KNOWLES  to Ansley, Notts.  1817 
RM7/1763 Elizabeth COTTERHILL single, Sarah and Isaac bastard twins.  to Rufford, Notts.  1836
RM7/1764 Elizabeth COTTERHILL  Suspended order  to Rufford, Notts.  1834
PLEASLEY Removals (for Stoney Houghton see also Upper Langwith)
RM5/363 Alice HIBBERT  Stoney Houghton to Williamthorpe, p.North Wingfield 1746
RM5/417 Thomas HAYES, Easter wife,   to Blidworth, Notts.  1753
RM5/517 Alice HUMPHREY wife of John HUMPHREY a soldier HMS, Martha, Alice, Mary, William.  to Teversall, Notts.  Jun 1758
RM5/518 Alice HUMPHREY wife of John HUMPHREY, Martha, Alice, Mary, William. Husband now with the English Fleet upon the French Coast.  to Teversal, Notts.  Jul 1758
RM5/624*  Elizabeth WOOLEY  to Oxton, Notts.  1763
RM7/778 Rebecca POOL widow, Joseph, Jeremiah.  Shirebrook to Mansfield,Notts. 1817
RM7/1288* John HANDBY, Ann wife.  to Edwinstowe, Notts  1826
RM7/1447 John HOPKINSON, Martha wife, Robert, Betty, William, Richard.  to Woodthorpe.  1829
RM7/1676 Joseph ROBINSON, Eliza ROBINSON, Thomas ROBINSON the illegitimate children of Mary Ann PARKER.   to Arnold, Notts.  1832
RM7/1718 John CUPIT, Millicent wife, Mary, Thomas, Stanhill.  to Bolsover. 1834
RM7/1806 Esther KEETON (whose husband Henry KEETON is now absent ) Sarah Ann, Mary. to Papplewick, Notts.  1838

RM3/85 Thomas CLIFFORD, Mary wife, Thos, Chas, Frances, John 6m. to Allestry 1813
RM5/394 William SLACK, Ellen wife, Samuel.  Quarn,Dbys to Hulland. (on oath of William WOOD of Biggin) 1751
RM6/102 George NASH, Ann wife.  to Derby St Alkmund.  1774
RM7/951* William STONE, Mary wife, Samuel  to Osmaston by Derby  1818
RM4/91 James SHERRATT, Phoebe wife, William 1819 Radbourne to Bradnip (Bradnop) Staffs.
RM6/246 Joseph LING, Catherine wife, Elizabeth.  to Dowberry Lees (Dalbury Lees ) 1781
RM5/191 Henry JONSON (JOHNSON), Elizabeth wife.  to Brailsford.  1727
RM6/437 Fanny HEATH, William HEATH, John HEATH, James HEATH, children of Richard HEATH dec. and Catherine. (on oath of Catherine HEATH and William HEATH their grandfather.)  Radbourne to Shirley.  1787
RM7/664 Thomas COLBURN, Eglantine wife.  to Quarndon.  1817
RM7/1135* William WEBSTER  to Derby St Alkmund  1822
RM6/485 Joseph MEAKIN, Hannah wife, Eleanor, Mary.  to Market Bosworth, Leics. 1788
RM7/1581 Edward COOPER, Sarah wife, Elizabeth  to Bilston, Leics.  1831
RM7/1582 Edward COOPER delivered to KIRK a miller, Overseer of Bilstone, Leics.  R. CRESSWELL 1831

REPTON with year of Removal.
QR5/1 Matthew WILKINSON to Etwall 1670
R1 Geoffrey SHAW collier, to Ashby South Wood 1670
R2 Tho PYWELL to Mickleover 1670/1
R3 Jeffrey SHAW married Susannah PICKRINGE to Ashby Southwood 1670
R4 Matthew WILKINSON Etwall 1670
R5 Jephery SHAW from Ashby to Repton 1670
R6 Matthew WILKINSON Etwall 1670
R7 Tho CRAINE wife, children to Ticknall 1671/2
R8 Tho LUMAS Katherine wife. to Staunton Leics 1675
R9 Tho LUMAS late White Hollow Repton to Staunton 1675
R10 Tho LUMMAS marr 13 May 1675 comonly called Holy Thursday 1675
R11 Tho LOMAS to Mappleton 1675
R12 Wm WILKINSON, Bridget wife. to Caulk 1676
R13 John WOOTTON to Ashby de la Zouch 1679
R14 John WHITELEY to Burton on Trent 1679
R15 John KING, Matthew wife, sic. Long Whatton 1679
R16 Mary SANDS to Melbourne 1679
R17 Robert LAKIN Sarah wife. to Bretby 1679
R18 Francis ATKINS, Elizabeth wife, to Bretby 1679
R19 Ursula CHAPMAN removed from Ticknall to Repton 1694
R20 Jane GILBERT removed from Ticknall to Repton 1702
R21 Mary LAKIN, wife of Robert LAKIN and Robert her son, taken as vagrants in
St Giles in the Fields, Middlesex. Chargeable to Repton, husband settlement at Burton. Removed to Burton upon Trent 1710
R22 Ann BALL from Ashbourne to Repton 1712
R23 Saml SHAW Anne wife, from Fobbing, Essex to Ripping, Derbys 1713
R24 Tho INSLY, Anne wife, six children Advaston 1713/4
R25 Nicholas WARD, Anne wife, Mary, Anne, Jane, Elizabeth. to Shuttington, Warwickshire. 1728/29
R26 John CLEMENTS wife in Milton, Warrant to examine as to Settlement. 1729
R27 John CLEMENTS, Sarah wife, Aston on Trent 1729
R28 Mary MESAM Radborn 1733
R29 William CORBITT, Ann wife Ingleby 1733
R30 Edward HOLMES, Grace wife, Anne, Edward, Mary to Twiford. 1741
R31 Mary TOMLINSON, wife of Richard now in gaol. Etwall 1741
R32 John CHOICE to Coventry St Michael 1743
R34 Elizabeth SORE to Derby All Saints 1747
R35 the younger male child of Mathias SHAW about a quarter old. to Ashby de la Zouch. 1752/3
R36 Samuel SOWTER, Elinor wife to Derby St Michael 1753
R37 Edward LANGLEY, Ann wife, Wm to Derby St Werburgh. actually Derby St Wirburn on document. 1754
R38 Mary COTTON to Bilson, Leics 1754
R39 John BAMFORD, Sarah wife to Clifton, Staffs. 1758
R40 Joseph GRAY, Margaret wife, Sarah 16m to Burton upon Trent. 1774
R41 Elizabeth wife of Wm JACKSON Netherseal 1775
R42 Wm ORCHARD, Frances wife Over Whiteacre, Warwicks 1779
R43 John HOOD, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth 1781 removed from Ticknall to Repton
R44 John SMITH, Mary to Packington 1783
R45 Tho STEVENSON, Elizabeth wife. 1783 removed from Aston on Trent to Repton
R46 Mary NEWBERRY single 1784 removed from Nailstone, Leics, to Repton.
R47 William NEAVIL, Mary wife to Ticknall 1784
R48 Elizabeth KINGLEY to Tatenhill 1784
R49 Mary SHAW Melbourne to Repton 1784
R50 Mary GREAVES to Egginton 1784
R51 Mary HEAP wife of Thomas HEAP to Bretby 1785
R52 John ROBERTS, Elizabeth wife. Hartshorn to Repton 1791
R53 Henry HOOTTON 6, George HOOTTON 4, children of John HOOTTON, (wife dead). to Nelson, Leics. 1792
R54 Susanah OFFLEO residing under Certificate dated 1775 from Shirley. removed from Repton to Shirley. 1792
R55 Luke BRADBURY, Mary wife, Frederick, Charlotte. 1795 Tutbury to Repton.
Frederick dead, other child not recovered from small pox. Jan 1796
R56 Ann CHAPMAN single Shardlow to Repton 1796
R57 Maria PALMER alias TOWN Uttoxeter to Repton 1796
R58 Sarah wife of Thomas GRIMES soldier in HMS 1799 To Sheepy Magna, Leics.
R59 Ann CHAPMAN single, pregnant, Elvaston to Repton 1799
R60 Ann wife of William TOW, Samuel 21 mths. 1800  removed from Repton to Lenton, Nottinghamshire.
R61 Joseph BAREFOOT, Catherine wife, Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth. to Nuneaton, Warwickshire. 1800
R62 Ann CHAPMAN wife of Joseph, private soldier 1st Regt Foot Guards. Normanton Derbys to Repton. 1800
R63 William FOSTER, Elizabeth wife, Samuel, Ann, Mary. 1800 Nuneaton, Warwickshire to Repton.
R64 Sarah HARDY single to Bratby (Bretby) 1800
R65 Mary GIBSON single, pregnant. from Repton to Stretton in the Field, Derbys. 1801
R66 Matthew STONE needle maker to Melbourne 1803
R67 Richard BAMFORD, Sarah wife, Thomas. 1805 Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. to Milton p. Repton. Suspended order, Richard BAMFORD ill.
R68 Robert WOOD Burton on Trent to Repton 1804
R69 Richard BAMFORD, Sarah wife, Thomas. 1805 Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. to Milton p.Repton.
R70 Suspended order Richard BAMFORD ill. 1805 Ashby de la Zouch, Leics to Milton, p. Repton
R71 Joseph CHAPMAN, Ann wife 1806 Normanton, Derbys to Repton.
R72 Clara WHITE single, pregnant to Netherseal, Leics. 1808
R73 Ann WETTON, WIDOW, Elizabeth, John, William, Millie. Sedgley, Staffs to Repton 1808
R74 Dorothy YOUNG single, pregnant. Yoxall, Staffordshire to Repton. 1808
R75 Martha MASON, Jane, Ann, Mary. 1809 Castle Donnington, Leics. to Repton.
R76 Ann HOLDEN single, pregnant. 1809 Kegworth, Leics. to Repton.
R77 Elizabeth LUDLOW single, pregnant to Hilton. 1809
R78 Ann ADAMS single, pregnant. to Newton Solney 1811
R79 Sarah HARDY single, pregnant to Bradby (Bretby) 1811
R80 William Measham CRISP illeg. child of Ann CRISP (heretofore MEASHAM spinster) 1812 on oath of Sarah MEASHAM mother of Ann CRISP. To Tamworth, Warwicks and Staffs.
R81 Elizabeth BAMFORD (wife of Richard BAMFORD who is gone away and left her) 1812 Kenilworth, Warwickshire to Repton.
R82 Joseph TUNNICLIFFE, Sarah wife, Joseph, Thomas, James. Birmingham, Warwickshire to Repton 1812
R83 Suspended order Sarah TUNNICLIFFE 1812 Birmingham, Warwickshire to Repton Reason Repton Legal Settlement is rental of property of Mr William SUMMERS.
R84 Hannah BOWLER wife of Joseph BOWLER (who has since long since absconded from her) Mary, Samuel, Jacob, James, Joseph. to Derby St Werburgh. 1812
R85 Francis SWANN a person disordered in his senses, apprehended Ibstock, Leics removed to Repton 1812
R87 Joseph CHAPMAN, Ann wife. from Normanton Derbys to Repton. 1813
R88 Mary PEACE widow of William PEACE. To Ticknall 1814
R89 John TETLEY, Thomas 9. Swadlincote to Repton 1815
R90 Mary SHAW single, pregnant. Repton to Ticknall 1814
R91 Elizabeth wife of William BAILEY soldier 1st Rgt Foot Guards. Sheepshead, Leics to Repton. 1816
R92 Christopher FIRBAND, Mary wife. to Ticknall 1819
R93 Hannah SHAW single, pregnant. 1820 Basford, Nottinghamshire to Repton.
R94 Harriet DUDDLESTON, John DUDDLESTON, James DUDDLESTON, Jane DUDDLESTON. 1826 Aldbridge, Staffs to Repton.
R95 Luke FLETCHER now labouring under temporary insanity on oath of John FLETCHER his father. 1826 Bradby (Bretby) or Bradly to Repton.
R96 Joseph SHAW, Mary wife Henry, Mary 1826 Ilkeston to Repton.
R97 Mary JOHNSON single, pregnant to Little Eaton. 1826 on oath of father Samuel JOHNSON.
R98 Francis ROBERTS, Mary wife, John, William, Francis, Thomas. Repton to Tansly (Tansley?) Derbys. 1826
R99 Robert WORRALL, Mary wife. Repton to Castle Donnington, Leicestershire. 1827
R100 Sarah WATSON single, pregnant to Holbrook 1827
R101 William CLEMENTS labourer, Apr 1827 Loughborough, Leics to Repton.
R102 Suspended order, William CLEMENTS Loughborough, Leicestershire to Repton. Removed May 1827
R103 Mary REES widow to Neath, Glamorgan 1828
R104 Suspended order Mary REES sickness 1828 Repton to Neath, Glamorgan, Wales.
R105 Thomas ADAMS, Mary wife to Newton Solney 1829
R106 Melicent WATSON single, pregnant 1829 Chesterfield to Repton
R107 Mary WILKINSON Derby St Werburgh to Repton 1829
R108 Mary BRADBURY Manchester, Lancs. to Repton 1829
R109 Ann MASON single, pregnant 1829 Leicester St Margaret, Leics. to Repton.
R110 Joseph CORTON otherwise COLTON, Elizabeth wife, George. Repton to Chaddesden. Dec 1829
R111 Suspended order Elizabeth CORTON. Removed Jan 1830 Repton to Chaddesden.
R112 John BACKSTER, Ann wife, Jane, Mary?, Sarah, John 1831 Bilston, Staffs to Repton.
R113 Elizabeth NADIN single, pregnant Repton to Bakewell 1831
R114 Thomas SPENCER, Mary wife, Repton to Diseworth, Leicestershire. 1831
R115 Sophia BAMFORD widow of George BAMFORD, William, Emma, Joseph. Repton to Shadwell, Middlesex. 1832
R116 William SMITH, Elizabeth wife, Edward, Joseph, Seth, Herbert, Sarah. to Nailstone, Leics. 1832
R117 Thomas BIRD, Mary wife, Sarah 27. 1832 from Warrington, Lancs to Repton.
R118 Suspended order, Mary BIRD, Sarah BIRD ill 1832 from Warrington, Lancs to Repton.
R119 Ann STARTIN single, pregnant 1832 to Barton under Needwood, Staffs.
R120 Mary MOLE single, pregnant 1833 from Melbourne to Repton
R121 John POLLET, Ann wife 1833 to Derby St Alkmunds
R122 Thomas MATTHEW, Ann wife, William, Mary Jane, Thomas, Caroline, Edward, Elizabeth. 1834 Werneth, Cheshire to Repton
R123 Edward UNWIN, Sophia wife, Charles, Edward, Mary, Elizabeth. Ticknall to Repton 1834
R124 Ann HOLLIS spinster. Lullington to Repton 1834
R125 Edward GREAVES, Martha wife 1834 Newark upon Trent, Notts to Repton.
R126 Samuel SOWTER, Elinor wife to Derby St Michael. 1753
R127 William SAUNDERS, John SAUNDERS, Hnery SAUNDERS, James SAUNDERS, Ann SAUNDERS (children of William SAUNDERS dec.) removed from Edmonton, Middx to Repton. Original order 24 Feb. Repton appeal 29 Apr. 15 Geo II.
RM3/78 Tho BRUNSLEY to Marston Montgomery 1813
R3/96 Wm GORSE otherwise Wm WATSON, Ann wife, Sarah, Wm, John. to Holbrook 1813
RM3/116 Sarah PEGG single to Dale Abbey 1813
RM4/6 John BAMFORD to Netherseal 1816
RM4/14 Hannah wife of Joseph BROOKES to Worthington, Leics. 1816
RM4/36 Bryan KNIGHT, Sarah wife, Bryan, Mary, Thos Apr 1816 to Ticknall
RM4/37 Bryan KNIGHT, Sarah wife, Bryan, Mary, Thos. Jan 1816 to Stanton by Bridge
RM4/103 James ANCOTT, Mary wife, William, Jane. 1819 Repton to Castle Donnington, Leics.
RM4/104 Joseph ASTLE Bradby (Bretby) to Burton upon Trent, Staffs. 1819
RM4/105 Joseph ASTLE, Mary wife. 1819 Bradby (Bretby) to Leicester St Marys, Leics.
RM4/111 William BACON Repton to Castle Donnington, Leics.on oath of Grandfather John BACON. 1819
RM4/145 William OAKLEY, Ann wife, William. 1819 Repton to Sheepshead, (Shepshed) Leics.
RM5/124 John EATON, Margaret wife, with one child. to Walton on Trent Dbys.  1721/2
RM5/328 Elizabeth SMITH wife of Job SMITH, John, Ann, Thomas, Mary. (on oath of James MATHEWS and John BARTON)  to Normanton, Leics. 1742
RM5/582 Mary BAMFORD, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth. (on oath of John BAMFORD ,Lea HANBURY)  to Ticknall 1762
RM5/604 Lucy BROWN  alias YEN  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1763 
RM5/616 Elizabeth STONE widow of Richard STONE, Thomas, Richard, John, Elizabeth, Jane  to Castle Donnington, Leics.  1763
RM5/692 Thomas BIRCH, Ann wife, James, Mary .  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1767
RM5/708 Daniel MORLEY, Mary, Jane  to Longford  1767
RM6/14 John WOOD, Catherine wife.  to Chellaston  1770
RM6/110 Elizabeth BRANSON single  Bretby to Bilstone, Leics.  1775
RM6/14 John WOOD, Catherine wife.  to Chellaston  1770
RM6/110 Elizabeth BRANSON single  Bretby to Bilstone, Leics.  1775
RM7/90 Elizabeth CARTER wife of Robert CARTER now ran away from her. Mary.  to Normanton Truswell, Leics.  1804 
RM7/123 Ann CRISP wife of Richard CRISP Private in Army of Reserve.  to Tamworth, Staffs.  1805
RM6/531 Thomas BOTHAM.  to Marchington, Staffs.  1790 
RM6/554 Aron MOTT, Mary wife, Alice.  to Fradeley, (Fradley) Staffs. 1791
RM6/756 Ann FEW (or FOW ?) wife of William FEW (or FOW ?) Samuel.  to Lenton, Notts. 1800
RM7/287 Hannah BOWLER, wife of Joseph BOWLER (who has since absconded from her) Mary, Samuel, Jacob, James, Joseph.  to Derby St Werburgh.  1812
RM7/473 Edward BODEN, Mary wife, Ann, Mary, Minervey, Edward  to Edingale, Dbys.  Jun.1816
RM7/474 Mary BODEN Suspended order.  to Edingale, Dbys removed Oct 1816
RM7/479 Thomas BRINDLEY, Sarah wife, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, Thomas, George, Henry.  to Marston Montgomery. 1816
RM7/484 William BURROWS, Sarah wife, Ann, Ellen.  to Morley  1816
RM7/565 Elizabeth SHAW, widow, Thomas.  to Smisby.  1816
RM7/577 John THOMAS, Dorothy, William, Elizabeth, Jane  to Lullington  1816
RM7/829 Walter UPTON, Sarah wife.  to Sudbury.  1817
RM7/890* Thomas EDWARDS, Sophia wife, Sophia, Sarah, Hannah.  to Willington  1818
RM7/898 Joseph GILLIVER, Ann wife, Elizabeth  to Castle Gresley  1818
RM7/910 George HEATH, Sarah wife, John, Thomas.  to Swarkestone.  1818
RM7/1118 Thomas PEACH, Matilda wife, Eliza.   to Caldwell  1822
RM7/1119 William PEACH, Mary wife, William.  to Caldwell 1822
RM7/1123 John ROWLAND, Hannah wife.  to Breadsall  1822
RM7/1128 Benjamin TARLINGTON otherwise BAKER, Mary wife.  to Bloxwich, Staffs  1822
RM7/1143 Henry BIRD, Elizabeth wife, Thomas, John, Robert, Sarah.  to Worthington, Leics.  1823
RM7/1162 John PARKES, Hannah wife, Sarah.  .On examination of Charles PARKES father of John.   to Swarkestone  1823
RM7/1177 George WILKINS, Charlotte wife, Emma, Mary Ann.  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.  Apr.1823
RM7/1178 Charlotte WILKINS Suspended order to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. Apr 1823
RM7/1282 Luke FLETCHER now labouring under temporary insanity. On examination of John FLETCHER father.  Bradby (Bretby) to Repton.  1826
RM7/1298 Mary JOHNSON, single, pregnant.  to Twyford and Stenson  1826
RM7/1399 William MADDOCK  to Ilkeston  1828
RM7/1430 Sarah BEESON, single, pregnant.  to Blackfordby,Leics. 1829
RM7/1434 William BURTON, Mary wife.   to Belper  1829
RM7/1442 Samuel GREGSON, Elizabeth wife, Jane.  to Belper 1829
RM7/1637 Sophia BAMFORD widow of George BAMFORD, Emma, Joseph.  to Shadwell, Middx.  1832
RM7/1778 Jane WHEATLEY, single, Fanny illeg .  to Keele, Staffs. 1836
RISLEY Removal
R1 William WATTS, Elizabeth wife. Derby St Peter to Risley 1823
R2 George BUTLER, Elizabeth wife, William 18wks. Spondon to Risley. 1817
R3 John WATERS, Mary wife, female 3 days. Nuttall, Notts to Risley Feb.1817
R4 Suspended order Mary WATERS Nuttall to Risley, removed Apr 1817
R5 Joseph HAYWOOD, Mary wife, Isaac. Kegworth, Leics to Risley. (on reverse appeal by Risley Jan 1813) 1812
R6 Sarah SMITH Carsington to Risley 1770
R7 Elizabeth WRIGHT Ashbourne to Risley 1770
R8 William HALL, Elizabeth wife. Parwich to Risley 1769
R9 Thomas STATHAM, Sarah wife, Thomas 15wks Rearsby, Leics to Wilne. 1768
R10 Elizabeth STEVENS to Wilne. 1765
R11 Mary ROPER to Chilwell, Notts 1796
RM3/95 Wm FOSTER, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Martha, Rbt. 1813 Risley to Stanton by Dale
RM3/108 Thomas KENT, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Tho, Wm. 1813 Risley to Breason
RM6/460 Richard WINES, Hannah wife.  to Spondon.  1787
RM6/505 Thomas CLIFFORD   to Nottingham St Mary,  Notts.  1789
RM7/688 William FOSTER, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Martha, Robert, Thomas, Frances.  to Chellaston.  Feb.1817
RM7/689 Ann FOSTER  Suspended order  removed to Chellaston. Aug 1817  
R1 Eliza PRIME from Derby All Sts to Rosliston 1833
RM5/117 Mary SMITH widow, William, Sarah, Robert, Mary, James.  to Ipstones, Staffs. legal Sett. of her husband.  1721/2
M5/149 Mary SMITH widow, ,William, Sarah, Robert, Mary, James.  to Ipstones, Staffs. (Settlement of husband James SMITH and father of children at Ipstones.)  1722
RM5/192 Ann JONAS, male bastard 6m.  Rostlaston p. Walton to Barton under Needwood, Staffs 1727
RM5/625 John YATES  to Wiginton, (Wiggington) Staffs  1763
RM6/410 Thomas JONES, Mary wife.  to Llandfydd, Denbigh, Wales. 1786
RM7/122 William COOK  Thomas, Joseph  to Coventry St John Baptist, Warwicks.  1805
RM7/144 William COOKE, Thomas, Jospeh  to Laxley, Warwicks. 1806
RM7/1109 Joseph GIBSON yngr, Mary wife, William. On examination of father Joseph GIBSON elder.   to Syerscote, Leics. 1822
RM7/1419 William THOMPSON, Mary wife, John.  to Cauldwell  1828
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.