Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



R1 Mary SHEPPERD wife of Timothy to Heanor 1703
R2 Mary SMITH from Duffield to Ilkeston 1703
R4 Wm KNIGHTON als NAGLE, and wife. to Mugleston otherwise Muxton, Salop. 1705
R6 Abraham HALLMARKE, wife and child to Hucknall Torkard Nottinghamshire 1706
R8 Mary SMITH widow from Bunny to Ilkeston 1706
R9 Mary SMITH from Duffield to Ilkeston 1707
R10 Sarah HALLMARKE, Mary, Anne to Hucknall Torkard 1729
R11 Eliz: KNOWLES, John son. from Haynor to Ilkeston 1735
R12 Thomas COWLEY from Measham to Ilkeston 1736
R13 John WATKINSON, Elizb wife, Ann, John, Roben, Elizb, Isack. to Mapperley 1739/40
R14 John SPENCER, Ann wife to Greasley 1742
R15 Elizabeth RECKLACE single to Woollerton 1749/50
R16 Deborah MORRIS to Hopwell 1757
R17 Jonathan WHITEHEAD, Mary wife, Edward. to Nottingham St Mary. 1758
R18 Ann HOLMES, Elizb dau. from Bedworth to Ilkeston 1764
R19 Mary GEDGING, Ann 7. from Coleshill to Hillson 1762
R20 Thomas MARGRAVE Ann wife, John, Ann to Garthorpe Lincs. 1764
R23 Sarah MEAKIN to Stanton by Dale 1780
R24 Hester HARTSHORN single from Stanley to Ilkeston 1788
R25 Mary PURDY wife of Wm (who is absconded) 1789 removed to Nottingham St Nicholas
R26 Sarah MOSS from Dunchurch, Warwicks to Hilson 1789
R28 Joseph RICHARDS, Anne wife, Elizb., Harriott, Charlotte, Mary, Jemima, John, Kezia. to Trowell 1808
R29 Thomas WIGLEY, Elizb wife. from Bonsall to Ilkeston 1808
R30 Elizb WIGLEY, from Bonsall to Ilkeston 1808
R32 Wm NEEDHAM, Ellen wife, Elizb., Sarah to Greasley 1809
R33 Thomas MEAKIN, Martha wife, John, Joseph. to Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire. 1809
R34 Thomas MEAKIN, Suspended order of Removal 1810 Martha, wife sick.
R35 Sarah STEVENS wife of William, John. to Dale Abbey 1810 On the oath of Mary WILKINS mother of Sarah.
R36 Mary COPE single, pregnant. from Belper to Ilkeston 1810
R37 Hannah HOLMES single with a bastard child 1810 removed from Stanton by Dale
R38 Anthony WILLIAMSON, Mary wife, Hannah, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth. Removed to Mappleton 1823
R39 Anthony WILLIAMSON note delivered to Mappleton 1813
R40 John HEMENGWAY, Elizabeth wife. to Nottm St Mary 1815
R41 William WALKER, Jane wife to Woollarton 1815
R42 William EATON, Susanna wife, John, Edward 1815 to Trowell
R43 Dinah LEEVERS, single, now with child. to Belton 1815
R44 Sarah WEST in house of correction at Ashbourne to Ilkeston. 1816
R45 William CARDEN, Mary wife, William 7m Derby All Saints to Ilkeston 1816
R46 Samuel ENGLAND, Amey wife, William, Ann, John. Long Eaton to Ilkeston. 1817
R47 Joshua SMITH sawyer, Mary wife. Nottingham St Mary to Ilkeston. 1817
R48 Elizabeth KNIGHTON widow, Arnold, Notts. to Ilkeston 1826
R49 Mary FISHER wife of Joseph FISHER (now absent from her) Catharine, Amey, Joseph. Nuttall, Notts. to Ilkeston 1827
RM1/16 William HANDFORD now dec, came sometime 1706 with wife and family. Samuel HANDFORD and Margaret his wife removed from Ilkeston to Greasley, Notts. 1762
RM1/15 John COPE lab. Elizabeth wife, Mary, Wm, Sarah, Richard, Saml. Ilkeston to Radford. 1805
RM2/85 John WADSWORTH Ilkeston to Osmaston by Derby on oath of mother Sarah. 1809
RM2/86 John WADSWORTH Ilkeston to Osmaston by Derby suspended order of Removal. Dec 1810 (sic) Removal John WADSWORTH as above Mar 1810
RM3/8 Henry HENSHAW Mary wife, Wm. Aug 1811 Ilkeston to Trowell
RM3/9 Suspended order Mary wife of Henry HENSHAW Aug 1811 and removal from Ilkeston to Trowell Oct 1811
RM3/21 Isaac TURTON, Ann wife, John, Sarah, Eli, Prissilla, Amos. Ilkeston to Mugginton 1811
RM3/22 John TURTON, Elizabeth wife, John, Samuel, Alfred. Ilkeston to Mugginton Jan 1811
RM3/23 Suspended order of Elizabeth TURTON wife of John 1811 Removal of John TURTON and family Apr 1811
RM3/37 Wm FLETCHER, Ann wife John, Elizabeth, Mary. Ilkeston to West Hallam 1812
RM3/45 James HUTCHINSON, Mary wife John, Alfred, James, Martha and Mary twins. Ilkeston to West Hallam 13 Nov 1812
RM3/46 Suspended order of Mary HUTCHINSON wife of James and Removal of family 27 Nov 1812
RM3/56 Martha ROSS (wife of Thomas) Thomas, Mary,John, Hannah, Joseph, James. Ilkeston to Badsley Endsor, Warwicks. 1812
RM3/64 John TUCKER, Hannah wife, Frances, Martha, John. Ilkeston to Hallerton, Leics. 1812
RM3/125 Hannah SMITH wife of William, Private soldier in 6 Battalion of HM Royal Rgt Artillery, to Chilwell. 1813
RM3/128 John TUCKER, Hannah wife, Frances, Maria, John 1813 to Sandiacre
RM3/129 Anthony TYLER, Hannah wife, John, Samuel 1813 to Hinkley, Leics.
RM3/130 Anthony TYLER, Hannah wife, John, Samuel 1813 to Thurlaston, Warwicks
RM3/136 Thomas WILKINS Ann wife. to Hartshorn. 1813
RM3/137 Phillip WILKINSON, Hannah wife, Elizabeth, Phillip, Mary, Wm. to Arnold. 8 Mar 1813
RM3/138 Suspended order Hannah WILKINSON, sick. Hannah dead, rest of family removed. 22 Mar 1813
RM3/164 Mary STEVINSON single, pregnant. 1814 to Nottingham St Nicholas.
RM3/169 Elizabeth WHAPLINGTON to Nottingham St Mary 1814
RM3/178 Sarah DENNIS, single, pregnant to Beeston 1815
Q2/16 Samuel WHEATLEY, Hannah wife, James to Nottm St. Peters. 1823
RM4/39 Marmaduke LEE, Martha wife, Elizabeth, William, Ann, George. Ilkeston to West Hallam 1816
RM4/49 William RIGLEY, labourer, Sarah wife, 1816 Ilkeston to Trowell, Notts
RM4/60 Francis WEST, Sarah wife, Fanny, Francis, Edward 1816 ILKESTON to Strelley. Notts.
RM4/84 James MEAKIN, Rebecca wife, Ann, James. 1818 Ilkeston to Hucknall Torkard, Notts.
RM4/148 William POLLARD, Ann wife, Sarah, Thomas 1819 Ilkeston to Eastwood, Notts.
RM4/150 John REED, Ann wife, Jane, James, John, William, Hilliary, Frederick, Maria. 1819 Ilkeston to Worthington, Leics.
RM4/151 William REED, Sarah wife, Mar 1819 Ilkeston to Worthington, Leics.
RM4/152 Suspended order, Sarah REED wife of William, ill. removed Ilkeston to Worthington, Leics. May 1819
RM5/107 George FISHER, Lydia wife, one child.  to Heanor 1721 
RM5/254 Hannah BRADFIELD to Netherton p.Thornhill, Yks "she being born a bastard there" on oath of her mother Hannah BRADFIELD. 31st May 1734
RM5/255 Thomas BRADFIELD to Black Barnsley, Yks "he being born a bastard there"  on oath of his mother Hannah BRADFIELD. 31st May 1734
RM5/300 Catherine COLECLOUGH.   to Heanor   1738
RM5/360 Thomas HARRISON, Mary wife, Child.  to Eberton, Gloucs. 1746
RM5/378 John EVERINGHAM, Jane wife, Mary.  Little Hallam to Eastwood, Notts. 1750
RM5/599 Margaret RILEY, Thomas RILEY (on oath of Margaret RILEY, John RILEY)  to Greasley, Notts. 1762
RM5/606 Thomas CLIFFORD, Mary wife,  ( residing under Certificate granted 1705)    to Risley  1763
RM5/607 John COOWILIFF otherwise COLECLOUGH, Mary wife,   to Greasley, Notts. 1763
RM5/622 William WILD, Margaret wife, Margaret, Mary.  to Wolerton (Woollaton ) Notts. 1763
RM6/311 Thomas HIGTON, Abigal wife, William, John, Thomas, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth.  to Shipley. 1783
RM6/327 Mary SHIPMAN  to Arnold, Notts.  1783
RM7/51 Thomas WHITE, Ann wife, Mary.  to Chellaston 1801
RM7/75 Thomas TOWNSEND, Elizabeth wife, Alice, Isaac, Sarah, Catharine.  to Stanley  1802
RM7/492 Robert CLIFFORD, Elizabeth wife, Susannah, William, Ann, Henry.  to Trowell, Notts.  1816
RM7/516 John FULWOOD, Amy wife, Sarah, Thomas, William, Alice, Henry, Cornelius, Moses.  to Bilborough, Notts 1816
RM7/568 Jarus SIDDON, Ann wife, Sarah, Catherine, Hannah, Martha.  to Greasley, Notts. 1816
RM7/569 John SIDDON, Sarah wife, Joseph, Mary.  to Mapperley  1816
RM7/617 Thomas BEARDSLEY, Alice wIfe, Elizabeth, Edward, John.  to Kirk Hallam  1817
RM7/636 Samuel BRADLEY, Ann wife, Mary.   to Shipley  1817
RM7/662 Samuel COOK, Ann wife, Mary, Maria and Vica ? (Oica ?) twins.  to Aston on Trent  1817
RM7/677 John FARNSWORTH, Elizabeth wife, Hannah.  to Greasley, Notts.  1817
RM7/713 Joseph HALLSWORTH, Phebe wife, Eliza, Stephen, male infant un-named.  to Shipley. 1817 
RM7/766 Thomas MATTHEWS, Elizabeth wife, Jane, Mary.  to Shipley  1817
RM7/835 John WARDLE, Hannah wife, Sarah, Mary, Jane.  to Cole Orton, Leics.  1817
RM7/1105 Frances FIDLER, single, pregnant.  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1822
RM7/1127 John SMITH, Elizabeth wife, Thomas, John, Samuel, Ann, Isaac  to Strelley, Notts  1822
RM7/1221 Mary STRAW, (widow of Thomas STRAW), Thomas.  to Stanley.  1824
RM7/1286 James HALL  to Stanton by Dale  1826
RM7/1402 John NOON, Sarah wife, Robert.  to Eastwood, Notts.  1828 
RM7/1432 Jemima BOWLER wife of John BOWLER ( who hath deserted her) Mary Ann, Hannah, Anthony.  to Winster.  1829
RM7/1654 John HALLAM, Elizabeth wife, Maria, William, John.  to Clifton, Notts. 1832
RM7/1720 Edward HARRIMAN, Ruth wife.  to Shipley  1834
RM7/1722 George HIVES, Catherine wife, Mary Ann, Emma, Ellen  to Long Clawson, Leics. 1834
RM7/1845 Isaac MEER, Mary wife, Hannah, William, George, Isaac, John.  to Gresley  1840
RM7/1920 Selicia CLEWS and her illegitimate children, John, Charles.  to Cossall, Notts. 1843
RM7/1995 Mary SCATTERGOOD, John, infant not yet named, both illegitimate.  to Basford, Notts 1844
RM7/1996 Mary SCATTERGOOD  Suspended order.  to Basford  1844
RM7/2040 Jabez JARVIS, Mary Ann JARVIS, Rebecca JARVIS, Elizabeth JARVIS, Edward JARVIS yngr. children of Edward JARVIS elder who has deserted them. On oath of Richard VICKERSTAFF .  to Moulton, Lincs.   1862
RM6/536 Francis COOPER, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth.   to Mugginton   1790

RM5/43 Elizabeth SMITH  to Ounston, Dronfield (Unstone) 1713
RM5/669 Peter BRAMMAW (BRAMAH ?) Mary wife, Robert, John.  to Whitwell  1766
RM5/682 Thomas PASHLEY, Elizabeth wife  to Sheffield, Yks.  1766
RM6/361 Ann PEMBERTON to Hasland   1784
RM7/172* Charlotte WHITFIELD, Harriet, Hannah, Ann, Elizabeth, William.  to Toadwick, Yks.  1807
RM7/333 William BATTY alias DOWNING, Sarah wife, Joseph, William, James.   to Barnsley, Yks.  1813
RM7/841 Samuel WHEELHOUSE, Mary wife, Thomas, Samuel, Mary, Eliza, Harriott, Sarah, Ann.  to Norton 1817
RM7/922 Benjamin MALLINDER  to Greasebrook (Greasborough ?) Yks.  1818
RM7/1673 Julia PRIESTLEY wife of John PRIESTLEY (now a prisoner in HM Gaol, Derby) John, Elizabeth, Harriet. Handsworth, Yks to Killamarsh.  1832
(Note: this is a Removal "to" and not "from" Killamarsh )

RM5/620 Mary WATKINSON  Mapperley to Ilkeston  1763
RM6/233 Thomas WILLIAMSON, Mary wife, Mary, Thomas.   Mapperley to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. 1780
RM6/386 Mary RILEY to Denby. (oath of Joseph RILEY her brother.)  1785
RM7/641 Joseph BRIGGS, Elizabeth wife, William, Ellen, Elizabeth, Thomas, Ann.  Mapperley to Hassop.  1817
RM7/673 John EDWARDS, Mary wife, Hannah.   Mapperley to Ilkeston  1817 
RM7/1378 Mary BAMFORD single  to Longnor, Staffs  1828
RM7/1379 Robert BARDILL, Ann wife, John, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, male.  to Beeston, Notts  1828   
RM7/1503 Sarah CARRINGTON wife of Samuel CARRINGTON who is now absent from her, Hannah, Mary, William, Millicent, Francis.  to West Hallam. 14 Jun 1830
RM7/1504 Sarah CARRINGTON " I liverd Sarah CALINTON and her famely to Mr John BARTON of West Hallam this day.. Samuel MARTIN".  15 Jun 1830 

RM1/49 Samuel YEOMANS Rebeccah wife, Wm, Saml, John. Ireton Wood to Kirk Ireton. 1771
RM1/57 Joseph CONWAY Kirk Ireton to Ireton Wood 1780 residing under Certificate dated 1706.
RM5/58 John KIDDY, 7. to Shottle, on oath of his mother Elizabeth KIDDY.  1714 
RM5/325 Ann POOLE  to Kilburn  1742
RM5/374 William WARD ,Elizabeth wife.  to Wirksworth  1749 
RM5/390 Sarah HOLMES  to Derby All Saints.  1751
RM5/453 Michael BROMLEY, Mary wife  to Shotwell, Duffield  1755 
RM6/52 Thomas WARIN, Elizabeth wife, Richard, Thomas.  Wooton, Staffs 1772
RM6/345 Thomas COWLISHAW, Hannah wife, Nanny, Joseph.  to Hazlewood  1784
RM6/422 Samuel YEOMANS, Sarah wife.  Ireton Wood to Wirksworth.  1786
RM6/559 Joseph HARRISON residing under Certificate granted 1757 by William OXLEY, John WATKINSON Churchwarden and Overseer for Pilsley and witnessed by John BOWRING and William WARD.  Kirk Ireton to Pilsley p.Edensor  1791
RM6/449 Edward PEACH  Ireton Wood to Belper  1787
RM6/610 Samuel COOPER, Mary wife, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Richard, Ann.  to Calow Township.  1793
RM6/722 Millicent DETHICK   Ireton Wood  to Hognaston.  1799
RM7/245 Sarah DEAN  to Windley  1810
RM7/462 Thomas BAINBRIDGE, Eliza wife, John.   to Hulland Ward.  1816
RM7/469 George BATTERLEY, Ann wife, Rumire dau.  to Ivenbrook  1816
RM7/801 Hannah SIMMS, Job, Charles, William, Betty.  to Cwmmtathen, Radnor.  1817
RM7/1133 Elizabeth WARD  to Derby All Saints 1822
RM7/1145 William BRATBY, Sarah wife, William, Samuel, Hannah, Sarah, Mary, Philip.  to Ashleyhay  1823
RM7/1750 Robert SMITH   to Ireton Wood.  1835
RM2/90 Charles BROWN Kirk Langley to Derby St Peter. 1810
RM3/76 Charles BROWNE, Elizb. wife to Derby St Peters 1813
RM5/72 Mary BLOOD   Kirk Langley to  (rest of document missing. c. 1716-1717
RM5/160 John AULT, wife.  to Stanton by Bridge.  1724/5
RM5/270 Thomas BLACKWALL, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, Alice, Robert, Thomas, William. Langley to Radbourne 1735
RM6/101 William MORETON, Mary wife, William, Frances.  Langley to Markeaton.  1774
RM6/231 Rebecca WALKER  Langley to Markeaton  1780
RM7/1515 Elizabeth DAVIS widow of Francis DAVIS, Joseph, John, Elijah.  to Middlewich, Ches.  1830
RM5/322 Robert HURD, Mary wife, Mary.  to Alkmonton.  1742
RM6/294 Henry ALLSOP, Ann wife.  to Offcote and Underwood.  1783
RM6/366 Millicent TOMLINSON  to Little Ireton, p.Mugginton.  1784
RM5/261 George HOLMES, Ruth wife,   to Mayfield, Staffs.  1734/5
RM6/508 James DANIEL   to Fenny Bentley  1789
RM6/617 George MAUD (MAND?) Elizabeth wife, Ann.  to South Owram, Halifax, Yks.  1793
RM7/631 Thomas BOTTOM, Hannah wife, Ann, Thomas, Sarah, Charlotte, Lydia. (upon examination of William BUXTON) to Bradbourne.  1817
RM7/1178 Daniel WOOD  to Derby All Saints.  1823

LITTLE EATON Removals  (See also Derby St Alkmunds )
RM2/13 William BUTLER, Ann wife, Mary, Catherine, Wm. 1805 Little Eaton to Alderwasley.
RM2/63 Josias MEE lab, Ann wife, John, Josias, Maria, 1808 Little Eaton to Breadsall
RM2/104 John TARLTON Lydia wife, Joseph, Mary, Sarah 1810 Little Eaton to Tideswell
RM2/105 Suspended order John TARLTON ill. Little Eaton to Tideswell 1810
RM2/109 Millicent WARD (widow of Thomas WARD dec) Lydia, Ann, also Jane and Maria children of Thomas by a former wife. Little Eaton to Bermondsey p.Southwark. 1810
RM3/101 Wm HINKLEY, Judith wife, Sarah, Thomas, Mary, Frances. Rebecca. to Derby St Werburgh. 1813
RM3/209 Thomas SEAL, Maria wife, Rbt, Lucy. 1815 to Alderminster, Worcs.
RM6/594 Susan SANDERS, William, Elizabeth (BANKS) , George, John.   to Derby St Peter.

RM6/92 Margaret GREEN,widow  to Colwich, Staffs.  1774
RM5/240 Thomas WEBSTER, Anne wife, Thomas, Elizabeth, Ellen, Sarah , Anne.  to Belper 1732
RM6/92 Margaret GREEN, widow  to Colwich, Staffs.  1774
RM7/64 Margaret GILMAN wife of Henry GILMAN ( Who ran away from her ) to Cromford.(On oath of Henry GILMAN above) 1802
RM7/108 Sarah SOMERFIELD, Elizabeth, John, Thomas.  to Swarkestone 1804
RM7/488 William CAMPION, Sarah wife.  to Barrow on Trent  1816
RM7/1328 Joseph BRADLEY, Melicent wife, Lewis, Elizabeth.  to Arnold, Notts.  1827
RM7/1502 John BUXTON  to Derby All Saints  1830
RM7/1571 John WEBSTER, Ann wife, William.  to Etwall 1830
RM7/1572 John WEBSTER, Ann wife, William, Ann.   to Hulland Ward. 1830

RM1/50 John MANIFOULD Elizabeth wife, Wm, Ann, Sarah. Almanton to Farefield p.Alstonefield. 1771
RM2/33 Elizabeth TITTERTON, Wiliam TITTERTON, children of Charles and Elizabeth dec. Longford to Yeaveley. 1806 on oath of Aunt Dorothy FROST.
RM2/40 Mary EVERHALL single Rodsley to Uttoxeter. 1807
RM3/127 Margaret STAFFORD single, pregnant 1813 Hollington to Callow
RM4/69 John BULL, Ann wife, George, Samuel, Rebecca 1818 Hollington to Cubley
RM5/4 Mary GREEN wife of John GREEN now a soldier Duffield.  1710
RM5/11 William BARKER   Hollington  to Rodliston (Rosliston)  1712
RM5/4 Mary GREEN wife of John GREEN now a soldier Duffield.  1710
RM5/11 William BARKER   Hollington  to Rodliston (Rosliston)  1712
RM5/209 Samuel LONGDEN, wife Sarah.  Hollington to Longford.  1730
RM5/217 Hannah DAWES, wife of George DAWES of London, cooper, two childre, (On oath of Sarah SOWTER mother of Hannah and other circumstances).  Alkmonton to Duffield. 1731
RM5/635 Edward SHAW, Elizabeth wife.   to Ipstones, Staffs.  1764
RM5/711 Daniel ROWLAND, Ellinor wife.  Hungry Bentley  to Alvaston  1767
RM6/176 Humfrey HOLLOWAY, Ann wife, John, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Alice.  Hollington to Brailsford  1778
RM6/283 Thomas ROBINSON, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth  to Bolsover.  1782 
RM6/489 George RADFORD, Avice wife.   Hollington to Brailsford   1788
RM6/547 Mary ROBINSON, Jane, Mary.  Alkmonton to Tupton, Dbys. 1790
RM7/633 George BOWLER, Margaret wife. William, Ann.  Rodsley to Edlaston and Wyaston.  1817
RM7/920 Robert KNIGHTON, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Robert, Thomas, Ann.  to Eastwood, Notts.  1818
RM7/990 Hannah HATFIELD single, pregnant.  to Glossop  1819
RM7/1083 Elizabeth STAFFORD, single, pregnant.  Hollington to Callow  1821
RM7/1206 William MIDDLETON  to Hollington  1824
RM7/1869 William WIBBERLEY, Phoebe wife, John, Mary, Elizabeth., Rachel   to Belper.  1841
RM3/66 Elizabeth WILSON wife of William, Private soldier 23rd Regt Foot, Wm 6m. Coton in the Elms to Newton Solney 1812
RM3/163 John RICHARDS, Letitia wife, Thomas 1814 to Rathbey, Leics.
RM4/35 Tho KINSTON, Frances wife, Elizabeth 1816 to Edingall, Staffs.
RM5/753 Joseph HOLDEN, Elizabeth wife, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth.  to Coton in the Elms  1769
RM6/136 Ann DICKENSON  to Snarestone ,Leics.  1776
RM6/234 Mary WINDSOR widow of Joseph, Richard, Joseph,   Coton in the Elms to Castle Gresley 1780
RM6/545 Joseph PIPES, Mary wife, Sarah.   to Repton  1790
RM6/620 Thomas WATSON, Ann wife.  to Coton in the Elms  1793
RM6/674 Francis FITCHETT   Coton in the Elms to Appleby, Leics.  1796
RM6/675 Francis FITCHETT   Coton in the Elms to Birmingham, Warwicks 1796
RM6/709 Thomas HENNEY, Elizabeth wife, Thomas. Coton in the Elms to Cannock, Staffs. 1798
RM6/781 John SHELTON, Mary wife.  Coton in the Elms to Blockswich (Bloxwich) Staffs. 1800
RM7/61 Hannah DOLEMAN   Coton in the Elms to Hartshorne  1802
RM7/82 William COOK(E) Mary wife  Coton in the Elms to Catton, Dbys.  1803
RM7/772 Mary NEWBOLD widow, Jane, Catherine, Thomas, Richard, Ellen, Elizabeth.  to Newton in the Thistles, Warwicks. 1817
RM7/1166 Thomas TAYLOR, Catherine wife, Mary.  Coton in the Elms to Measham.  1823
RM7/1195 John FERN, Mary wife, David.  Coton in the Elms to Cauldwell  1824
RM7/1267 Joseph THOMAS, Mary wife.  to Hartshorne  1825  
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.