Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



R1 John BOULTON a bastard child of Mary BOULTON of Gouldthorpe, p.Bltythe, Yks, spinster.. to Gouldthorpe 1686
R2 John GASKIN to Beighton 10 Jul. Chas.? disputr between Eckington and Beighton. Eckington discharged.
R3 Jonathan HODGKINS, Mary wife. from Cowbold, Sussex to Eckington. 1722
RM5/153 William ARCHDALE  to Sheffield, Yks.  1723
RM5/595 John LEVICK, Elizabeth wife, John, Elizabeth, William, Hannah  to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks  1762
RM5/740 Thomas INMAN, Elizabeth wife, Ann, Elizabeth.  to Staveley.  1768
RM6/141 Sarah SOUTER (SOWTER? ) Eckington to Ashbourne.(On oath of William SOUTER her husband.)  1776
RM6/378 William KEY, Hannah wife, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, George  to Beighton 1785
RM6/412 William KEY, Hannah wife, Sarah, Mary ,Elizabeth to Barlborough. 1786
RM6/429 John CARLINE, Hannah wife, Michael, John, Hannah  to Housley Dbys  1787
RM6/466 Elizabeth COCKER  to Aston, Yks.  1788
RM6/644 Mary RODGER wife of John RODGER a soldier.  to Sheffield, Yks 1794
RM6/704 Sarah GREAVES, inf 3y 6m to Aston, Yks, on examination of Hannah GREAVES mother of Sarah GREAVES.  1798
RM7/12 John CROOKS, Hannah wife, Elizabeth, Thomas, William.  to Staveley 1801
RM7/13 Joseph CROOKS, Hannah wife, John.  to Handsworth, Yks. 1801
RM7/18 Godfrey HALL, Sarah wife, John, George, Elizabeth, Charles, Margaret.  to Balby, Yks  1801
RM7/133 Elizabeth MOYSE otherwise Elizabeth MORRIS  to Ripley  1805
RM7/232 James SMEDLEY, Hannah wife, John, Thomas, Joseph, James, Ezra, Lee, George.  to Chesterfield.  1809
RM7/513 Charles FOX, Martha wife.  to Sheffield, Yks.  1816
RM7/608 Thomas BARLOW, Elizabeth wife, Sarah, Joseph.  to Harthill, Yks  1817
RM7/665 Martha COWLEY  to Killamarsh  1817
RM7/671 Joseph DYSON, Elizabeth wife, George and an infant 5 days. to Dronfield  1817
RM7/672 Elizabeth DYSON, Suspended order.  removed to Dronfield 1817
RM7/692 Charles FOX, Martha wife.  to Brightside Bierlow, Yks  1817
RM7/709 Jonathan GUEST, Mary wife, Ann, Charlotte, Thomas, John, Jonathan.  to Sheffield, Yks  1817
RM7/747* Robert LEE, Elizabeth wife, Hannah, George, Mary, Sarah.  to Sheffield, Yks. 1817
RM7/748 William LEE, Margaret wife.  to Wakefield, Yks  1817
RM7/819 Sarah TICKILL  to Aston, Yks  1817
RM7/889 Joseph DYSON, Hannah wife, Joseph, George.  to Norton.  1818
RM7/894 John FOX, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, Mary.  to Monk Britton, Yks.  1818
RM7/914 Elizabeth HOULT  to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks 1818
RM7/1030* Frances ELSHAW  to Sheffield, Yks.  1820
RM7/1049 Joseph RODGER, Hannah wife, William, Henry, Luke?  to Worksop, Notts. 1820
RM7/1056 John WILKEN, Thomas.  to Bromsgrove, Worcs.  1820
RM7/1067 Matthew COGIN, Ann wife, Elizabeth, George.  to Tickhill,Yks 1821
RM7/1319 Ann ATKIN widow, John, Ann, Elizabeth, Frances  to Beighton.  1827
RM7/1409 Thomas ROLLINSON, Ann wife.  to Ulley, Yks  Jul 1828
RM7/1410 Thomas ROLLINSON  Suspended order  to Ulley, Yks Aug 1828
RM7/1436 Henry FANSHAW, Mary wife, Ann, John, Henry, Emma.  to Elmton  1829
RM7/1697 Sarah GASKIN wife of Thomas GASKIN (who is absent) Robert, James.  to Bolsover. 1833
  The following entries are recorded as beggars who were given a pass and moved on, these are simply listed.
Henry WRIGHT and Margaret his wife  to Brimington  1630
William ABBEY to Carrington, Lancs  1630
Edward WILSON and Ann his wife  to Catterick Bridge, Yks  1630
Richard BLAND and Ann his wife to Crympton? Yks.  1630
Ellin WELLING and Franney WADE to Barnsley, Yks   1630  V33/60
EDALE Removal
RM4/114 Samuel BRITLAND, Ellen wife, Joseph, George. 1819 Edale to Taddington.
RM5/1 Margaret BURDEKIN widow, John, Mary.  to Pilkington,p.Prestwich, Lancs.  1710
RM5/480 Mary PURSLOW   to Castleton  1756
RM6/275 John KIRK, Ann wife, Mary, William, Joseph, Sarah, John.  to Bamford,p.Hathersage. 1782
RM7/624* Mary BIRKS wife of Thomas BIRKS( an Irishman and now absent from her) Ann, Sarah, Thomas.  to Fairfield Head, Staffs.  1817
RM7/981* Samuel BRITTLAND, Ellen wife, Joesph ?, George.  to Cromford.  1819
RM7/997 Leah HULME, John, Elizabeth, William, Mary, Susannah, one dau unbaptised.  to Chinley  1819
Robert BURDIKIN, and Sarah, Mary, John, Ellen children .Appeal by Edale against removal from Chapel en le Frith  1754  QSOBe
RM5/92 Henry COWLEY, wife, children.   to Bradfield, Yks.  1719
RM6/173 Mary FLETCHER, Mary, Samuel, George, Ann, Sarah, Jane.  to Carlton, Notts.  Jul 1778
RM6/174 Mary FLETCHER, Mary, Samuel, George, Ann, Sarah, Jane.  to Alfreton     Aug 1778
RM7/638 John BAMPTON yngr.  to Bakewell  1817
RM7/639* John BAMPTON notice of appeal by Bakewell against removal.  1817
RM7/877 Joseph DALE yngr  Pilsley (although there is a Pilsley in North Wingfield, this has been placed here due to the proximity to Beeley, it could however be the North Wingfield Pilsley. )    to Beeley.  1818
RM1/36 Elizabeth REEVE Hedlaston to Rodsley 1766
RM5/129 John HALL ,wife.  to Roster, (Rocester) Staffs.  1722
RM5/324 John MELLOR, Sarah wife.  to Wetton, Staffs.  1742
RM5/597 Ann REEVE  to Snelston  1762
RM5/713 John RYLY (also used elsewhere in document as RYLEY) to Brailsford 1767
RM7/60 Charles COOPER, Hannah wife, Sarah 25 yrs.  Edlaston and Wyaston to Mayfield in Caulton, Staffs 180
RM7/690 George FOULK, Lydia wife, Mary, George, Elizabeth, William.  to Yeaveley  1817
RM7/1061 Thomas BOWLER, Catherine wife, William, Mary, John, Thomas.  Edlaston and Wyaston to Ashbourne 1821
RM7/1236 Elizabeth BOWLER ( widow of William BOWLER) now in a very ill state of health.  Edlaston and Wyaston to Snelston Jul 1825
RM7/1237 Elizabeth BOWLER Suspended order. Now dead.  Edlaston and Wyaston  to Snelston.  Sep. 1825
RM7/1493 Mary BLOOR wife of George BLOOR (now pregnant of a bastard child) he George BLOOR being a soldier having been stationed at Gibraltar 18m and not having access to his wife. during that period.  to Longford  1830
RM7/1494 Mary BLOOR "served a true copy hereof on William TWIGG Overseer of Longford, by me William SMITH Overseer of Edlaston  1831
RM7/1602 Mary KIRKLAND single   to Woodhouses, Staffs.   Nov. 1831
RM7/1603 Mary KIRKLAND Suspended order   to Woodhouses, Staffs. Served a true copy hereof to Edward JACKSON Overseer of Woodhouses by me William SMITH Overseer of Edlaston.   Dec.1831
RM7/1624 Thomas WARDLE, Mary wife, Elizabeth, William, Sarah, Samuel. On examination of Sarah COATES late Sarah WARDLE his mother.  Edlaston and Wyaston to Checkley, Staffs. 1831
RM7/1625 Thomas WARDLE and family "served a true copy to Thomas WRIGHT Assistant Overseer of Checkley, by me William SMITH Overseer for Edlaston. 1831
RM6/355 John MARSHALL  to Trusley  1784
RM6/537 Charles CORBETT, Ann wife.  to Lockington, Leics.  1790
ELMTON Removal
1 Wm JONSON, wife, family from Elmton to Worksop 1721/2
2 Mary GREEN wid, Rbt son 7. from Sheffield to Cresswell 1828
3 Mary SIMPSON otherwise Mary TURNER pregnant from Clown to Elmton 1829
4 James BRAY Sheffield to Elmton 1829
5 Sarah WILLEY, Elizb 10, Henry 5, Martha 12m from Carlton in Lindrick to Elmton 1857
6 Geo TURNER, wife, children Elmton to Gainsborough 1706/7
7 Anthony ARMSTRONG Nottingham to Elmton 1738
8 Elizb. NORMAN, Mary bastard child 18m, from Whitwell to Elmton 1751
9 Mary MILNES soldiers wife Elmton to Stainland Yks 1812
10 Mary MILNES Suspended Order 1813
11 Hannah WRIGHT single Anston to Cresswell 1829
12 Thomas BARBER, Ursula wife, Thomas, John, Jemima, William, Alexander Clown to Elmton 1836
13 Ann WOOD, John 12m illegit. from Elmton to Blidworth 1836
14 Ann JOHNSON Cresswell to Kimberworth YKS 1838
15 Sarah WILLEY Elizabeth, Henry, Martha. Widow of John. From Carlton in Lindrick, Notts to Elmton. 1857
16 Thomas BARBER, Ursula wife, Thomas, John, Jemima, William, Alexander. Clowne to Elmton. 1836
17 Ann WOOD, illeg child John. Elmton to Blidworth, Notts. 1836
M87 Letter expalinig Overseers from Blidworth, Notts will not appeal against the Removal of Ann WOOD. 1836
RM5/414 Richard FOULDS, Ann wife, Richard, Robert, Ann.  to Whitwell  1753
RM5/598 Joseph RICHARDSON, Mary wife   to Howbeck (Holbeck?) Woodhouse, Notts. 1762 
RM5/712 Wiliam RUSSELL Sarah wife  to Whitwell  1767 
RM7/1004* Sarah MILLS  spinster  to Bolsover.  1819
RM7/1368 Elizabeth WALL widow, Eliza.  to Bolsover  1827
ELTON Removal
RM5/474 Joshua FINNEY ?, Rebecca wife, Mary, Samuel, James, Sarah, Robert.  to p. Huddersfield  1756
RM5/540 Joseph NEEDHAM  to Hartington Quarter.  1759 
RM5/633 James MARSHALL  to Clifton  1764
RM6/66 Elizabeth OLDFIELD to Tideswell  1773
RM6/202 Hannah STONES and her female bastard child.  to Wensley and Snitterton  1779
R1 Mary FUTTITT spinster to Derby All Saints 1724/5
R2 Thomas BLEE a boy to Chudesden 1728
R3 Elizabeth PRESTON spinster to Birmingham 1789
R4 Lucy HAWKER wife of James to St Marylebone 1835
R5 Wm NEWBOLD and wife Sarah to Draycott 1758 order confirming removal.
RM2/28 Ralph GAMBLE,lab, Eddy wife, John, Mary, Elizabeth. Elvaston to Hopwell 1806
RM2/41 Elizabeth FORD single Elvaston to Spondon. 1807
RM2/42 Ralph GAMBLE Adey wife, John, Mary, Elizabeth Elvaston to Sandiacre Jan 1807
RM2/43 Ralph GAMBLE Adey wife, John, Mary, Elizb. Apr 1807 Elvaston to Hopwell
RM5/439 John FOX, Ann wife.  to Melbourne  1754
RM5/497 William NEWBOLD, Sarah wife. to Draycot, Wilne  1757
RM7/1090* Alice WILSON single, pregnant.  to Kirk Langley  1821
ETWALL Removal
RM3/114 Tho NEAL, Ann wife, Hannah, Thomas, Ann, Joseph. to Burnaston 1813
RM3/159 Tho MEYNELL, Mary wife, Joseph, Elizabeth, John, Frances, Ellen. 1814 Burnaston to Kirk Langley
RM3/160 Suspended order Tho MEYNELL ill 1814
RM4/85 Joseph NORCLIFFE, Mary wife. Etwall to Elton 1818
RM5/169 Moses WHITE, Elizabeth wife, pregnant.  to Marchington p.Hanbury, Staffs 1724
RM5/169 Moses WHITE, Elizabeth wife, "bigg with child" to Wood-Edge alias Stubby Lane, p.Hanbury,Staffs. 1724/5
RM5/443 John LYGO, Ann wife  to Scropton  1754
RM6/194 Ralph KENT, Mary wife.  to Hartshorne  1779
RM6/653 John CLIFF, Sarah wife, Mary, Elizabeth, John.  to Marston on Dove 1795
RM6/757 Hannah FISHER widow of John FISHER.  Burnaston to Etwall  1800
RM7/1160 Samuel MEYNELL, Harriet wife.  to Kirk Langley  1823
RM7/1325 James BLOOD, Mary wife.  to Derby St Werburgh  1827
RM7/1521 Hannah GAUNT widow.  to Marchington Woodlands, Staffs 1830
RM7/1725 Thomas JOYCE, Mary wife.  to Newton in the Thistles, Warwicks 1834
EYAM Removal
RM5/126 George FLINT  to Stoney Middleton  (gained by purchase of freehold) 1722
RM5/188 Humphry TORR, Susanna wife, William, Thomas, Richard, Humphry  to Sheffield, Yks 1726
RM5/198 Humphry TORR, Susanna wife, William, Thomas, Richard, Humphry  to Sheffield, Yks. 1727
RM5/247 Samuel HASLAM   to Biggin p.Wirksworth. 1733/4
RM5/280 John HADFIELD, Mary wife, Thomas, Jane.. to Doncaster, Yks 1736
RM5/401 Joshua NEWTON, Susannah wife.  Foolow to Great Hucklow  1752
RM5/419 Martha JACKSON  to Hope Woodlands.  c.1753 (n.b. Martha had resided in Eyam for 40 yrs.)
RM5/419A Martha JACKSON  to Woodlands. 1753
RM5/431 Isabell SYDDALL, John, Martha, Ann.  Eyam Woodlands to Tideswell 1753
RM5/566 William WINTERBOTTOM, Isabel wife, Ralph, Richard.  to Tideswell  1760
RM5/610 Anthony HANCOCK, Elizabeth wife, John, Joseph  Foolow to Sutton, Ches. 1763
RM5/695 Sarah BROOMHEAD  Woodland* to Eyam (*although this could be Derwent or Hope Woodland it has been listed here as being possibly Eyam Woodland, although the other two should not be ruled out.)  1767
RM6/475 Alice HADFIELD  to Upper Hallam, Yks.   1788
RM6/641 Edward MILLS, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann.  to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks. 1794
RM6/712 Martha MARSDEN  Eyam Woodlands to Ecclesall Bielrow, WRY, Yks. 1798
RM7/69 Reginald LEE  to Eyam Woodland  1802
RM7/146 Mary FOX wife of James FOX, Betty, John.  to Sheffield, Yks. 1806
RM7/348* Ann GARDINER  Grindleford Bridge to Sheffield, Yks 1813
RM7/349 Samuel GARDINER of 72 Broad Lane,  brother of Ann GARDINER(RM7/348*) pauper, states she lived at Adwicke, left, lived at John WOODS Balm Green.  1813
RM7/389* Martha BAMFORD, Ann, Edward, Ralph, Harriet, Elizabeth, James.  to Sheffield, Yks. 1814
RM7/472* Daniel BOAM, Maria wife, Ann.  to Great Longstone  1816
RM7/618 Samuel BEELEY, Mary wife, Ephraim, John.  to Egglestone, Durham.  1817
RM7/626 Daniel BOAM, Mariah wife, Ann  to Darley  Jan. 1817
RM7/627 Mariah BOAM, Suspended order  to Darley  Feb. 1817
RM7/780* Daniel PRINCE, Daniel son. to Youlgreave  1817
RM7/821 Samuel TIMPERLEY, Mary wife, Margaret, James.  to Litton.  1817
RM7/1481* Richard WHITE  to Stoke, Dbys.  Mar 1829
RM7/1482* Richard WHITE  to Stoke, Dbys   Jul 1829
RM7/1870 Adam BARBER  Eyam Woodlands to Hathersage     1842

RM5/172 Thomas BOSLEY, Elizabeth wife.  to Carsington.  1725
RM5/231 Roger GLLEW  to Duffield Jan 1732/3
RM5/232 Roger GLEW to Duffield 1732
RM5/588 Jonathan FARROW ,Ellen wife   to Bradley  1762
RM7/65 Ellen GREATOREX, to St Giles, Middx.  Feb.1802
RM7/66 Ellen GREATOREX suspended order  to St Giles, Middx. Removed  Apr 1802
RM7/373 William SLATER, Judith, John, Thomas, Hannah, Judith,  Bentley to Tissington 1813
RM7/1802 James DAKIN, Selina wife, Alice, Thomas, Francis, Sarah, Mary.  to Eaton and Alsop en le Dale 1838

RM3/132 Edmund WARD, Ann wife, Hannah, Elizabeth, Henry, Ann, Wm. to James Deepig, Co Lincoln. 1813
RM3/203 Geo POOL, Sarah wife to Willington 1815
RM5/438 Josiah DOLEMAN, Sarah wife, Michael, Thomas, Joseph, Mary.  to Swarkestone  1754
RM6/495 George WATSON, Hannah wife, George.  to Tutbury ,Staffs.  1788
RM6/548 Henry TAYLOR, Mary wife, Dorothy, John, Thomas, Ann, William.  to Nether Seal, Leics.  1790
RM7/70 Thomas MARTIN, Catherine wife, Rebecca.  to Twyford.  1802
RM7/1348 Samuel OAKLEY, Ann wife, Jane, John, Mary, Elizabeth.  to Twyford and Stenson.  1827
RM7/1349 Samuel OAKLEY, Ann wife, Jane, John, Mary, Elizabeth.  to Idridgehay.   1827
RM6/494 Thomas THRUTCHLEY, Hannah wife.  Ingleby to Chellaston  1788
RM6/515 Samuel KERRY   Ingleby to Ticknall   1789
RM6/621 Catherine WATTS    to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics  1793 
RM7/116 Robert ARMSON,Mary wife, Ann, Mary, Hannah, William  to Osgathorpe,Leics.  1805
RM7/467 Thomas BARROWDALE, Catherine wife, William, John.  Ingleby to Loughborough, Leics. 1816
RM7/886 Philip DODGE, Mary wife, Philip, John, Thomas, Elizabeth.  to Derby St Werburgh.  1818 
RM7/1717 John COOPER, Mary wife, Joseph, John, Robert, Thomas.   Ingleby to Armitage, Staffs.  1834
GLOSSOP Removal including HAYFIELD
R1 Humphry HALLAM, Sarah wife, James, Elizabeth. 1733 Phoside to Whaley,Cheshire.
R2 John TURNER, Hannah wife, Phoside to Whitle 1733
R4 Joshua SHIRT, Anne wife Heafield (Hayfield to Bowden Head, Chapel en le Frith. 1733/4
R5 Edward BENNET, Anne wife Heafield (Hayfield ) to Malcoff, Chapel en le Frith, 1733/4
R6 Christopher BENNET Heafield (Hayfield ) to Dinting 1733/4
R7 Robert HOLLAND, Mary wife, John, George, Robert, Mary, Heafield (Hayfield) to Haughton in Manchester, Lancs 1733/4
RM1/7 Mary BARNES, otherwise WOOD spinster. 1737 Bugsworth to Stockport, Ches.
RM1/12 Grace LEECH, George, Betty, James, Mary, John, Hannah, Phanny, Samuel. residing Glossop under Certificate dated 1730, removed from Glossop to Ashton under Line. 1756
This is a list of names under the heading "Orders". These may be Removal Orders as they follow lists of Settlement, possible Apprenticeship and Bastardy recorded lists. Of the nine names, four are to be found under the "Certificates" heading and two more, maybe possible widows of men whose names also appear under the heading "Certificates".
There is one date at the very end.
Rebbecka MOSS
Joshua OLDHAM order
____ confirmed 11 July 1758
Q2/470 John BOWDEN lunatic moved to Castleton Lodge, Yks., the house of Samuel HARE. Chargeable to Glossop. 1832 This document refers to the Overseers of Manchester, who had probably removed John Bowden to the asylum nr Leeds.
1 Jane WILD widow of Joseph WILD yngr deceased, Emma, Edward, Millicent. Appeal by Dukinfield over removal from Glossop to Dukinfield 1840
RM5/36 Edmund SCOFIELD, Jane wife, Edward Joseph, John, Elizabeth. Hayfield to Thornby,Leics. c.1713 (by service to Mr DAVENPORT) 
RM5/49 Humphry CARTER, Martha wife.  to Crowton, Ches.  1714
RM5/66 Edmund SCOFIELD, Jane wife, Edward, Joseph, John, Elizabeth.  Hayfield to Bushby, Leics (gained as a servant with Mr DAVENPORT) 1714
RM5/125 Edmund FERNILEY, Ann wife, Mary, James, Ann, Edmund, Deborah, Ralph.  Beard ,Ollerset, Whitle and Thornsett to Great Hamwell,(sic, Great Hamlet ?) Phoeside and Kinder. 1722
RM5/205 Sarah a bastard child, 4, born of the body of Mary DOWNES (now died). Chinley to Newton Heath, Ches. by being married to Solomon DOWNES who resides there. 1730
RM5/216 John COOK, Elizabeth wife.  Ollersett to Glossop 1731
RM5/233 Ellen GREEN, William, John.  Whitle to Bugsworth,Brownside and Chinley. 1732
RM5/312 Abraham RIDGE Hayfield to Manchester, Lancs. 1740
RM5/469 Henry WATERHOUSE, Priscilla wife, John, Mary, Priscilla, Hannah, Henry, Thomas  to Stockport, Ches.  1755
RM5/473 Elizabeth BOWN widow, Ralph, William, John.  Whitle to Disley Stanley, Ches. 1756
RM5/493 William DAWSON, Mary wife, Peggy, Joseph, Thomas, Jessy.  Ludworth  to Whernhill, Ches. 1757
RM5/500 Peter PICKFORD, Mary wife, William, Martha, Sarah.  Ludworth to Mellor 1757
RM5/513 Thomas BOWDEN,Dorothy wife, John, Ellen, Martha.  Whitle to Mellor  1758
RM5/525 Mary RIDGE wife of Thomas RIDGE  Glossop to Hayfield  1758
RM5/573 Samuel HOUGHTON, Esther wife, Phebe, Mary.  to Ashton under Line, Lancs. 1761
RM5/583 Elizabeth BOOTH  Ludworth to Dukinfield, Ches.  1762
RM5/593 John LEES, William, John, Deborah  to Ashton under Line, Lancs 1762
RM5/594 John LEES, William, John, Deborah  to Droylsden, Lancs 1762
RM5/601 John WOOD, Elizabeth wife, George  to Ashton under Line  1762
RM5/603 John BATE, Mary wife, Mary  Whitle to Great Hamlet  1763
RM5/612 John LEES, William, John, Deborough (Deborah)  to Newton in Motteram, Ches.  1763
RM5/619 Mary SWINDELLS   Whitle to Morley, Ches. 1763
RM5/663 ISABELLA BARBER, Thomas  Hayfield to Chinley, Bugsworth and Brownside 1766
RM5/674 Edward HADFIELD, Mary wife, Sarah, Joseph, Daniel, Joshua. Liberty of Heathfield (Hayfield ?) to Beard and Ollerset  1766
RM5/728 Betty WOLLEY  to Saddleworth, Yks  1767
RM5/738 Jacob HOLLINGWORTH, Grace wife, John, Elizabeth.  Hadfield to Ashton under Line, Lancs.  1768
RM5/752 Martha HIDE wife of Joseph HIDE, John, Ann.  Hayfield to Marple, Ches. 1769
RM5/755 Samuel NIELD, James, Mary, Hannah, Samuel, John.  Ludworth to Padfield  1769
RM6/6 Joseph HIDE, Martha wife, John, Ann.  Great Hamlet  to Marple, Ches. 1770
RM6/42 Mary widow of Amer GARLICK, Pashance (later Patiance), John. Amer.  to Oldenshaw, Lancs. 1772
RM6/30 William VERNON, Elizabeth wife, Ann, Joseph.  Chinley to Hayfield 1771
RM6/65 Esther LOMAS  Heafield to Chinley  1773
RM6/78 Mary BIBBY, Mary, Joseph  Charlesworth to Stone, Staffs. 1774
RM6/177 Samuel HYDE, Mary wife, Betty, Mary, Samuel.  Great Hamlet to Beard. 1778 
RM6/198 Mary OGDEN  single.  Glossop to Manchester, Lancs. 1779
RM6/402 Hannah DAWSON  New Mills to Tideswell  1786
RM6/499 Christopher ARNFIELD, Hannah wife, Jane, Sarah, Mary, Christopher, Benjamin, John, Thomas.  Hayfield to Glossop 1789
RM6/706 Barbara HARTLEY (HARTLE, HARTLY both used in document) Mary, Caroline, Matilda.  to Heaton Norris, Lancs.  1798
RM6/767 Hannah JACKSON, Mary, Ann. Chinley to Beard.  1800 
RM7/70 Thomas MARTIN, Catherine wife, Rebecca.  to Twyford.  1802
RM7/107 Ellen SHAW  to Hollingworth p.Mottram, Ches. 1804
RM7/152 Dolley LEE to Tintwistle, Ches.  1806
RM7/185* Peggy HAYES widow, Sarah, Jas ? Ann.  Chinley to Foolow. 1808
RM7/238 Mary Ann WOOD 4, Betty WOOD 2, children of Joseph WOOD late of Glossop.  to Hollingworth, Mottram in Longdendale, Ches.  1809.
RM7/309 John KINDER, Nanny wife.  Hayfield to Thornsett  1812
RM7/336 Thomas BODEN (or BOWDEN,both used) Maria wife, Mary,Thomas. to Thornsett 1813
RM7/351* Ann HADFIELD widow, Chinley to Whaley, Ches.  1813
RM7/354 George HOLLINS, Sarah wife, George, Maria, Nancy, Lucy, Mary, Jane.  Ludworth to Denton, Lancs.  1813
RM7/369 Mary RIGLEY wife of William RIGLEY, Sarah, Mary, Hannah, John, James. Beard Ollerset, Whitle, Thornsett to Great Lever, Lancs. 1813
RM7/378 John SWINDELLS, Ann wife.  Beard, Ollerset, Whitle, Thornsett. to Rainow, Ches.  1813
RM7/400 Nanny HAWKSWORTH  Beard ,Ollerset, Whitle, Thornsett  to Hayfield  1814
RM7/432* Martha GREGORY, Ann, William, Edward, Elizabeth, Rebecca, John, Eliza.  Beard, Ollerset, Whitle, Thornsett to Winster.  1815
RM7/823* Alice TOMMINS.  Hayfield to Marple, Ches.  1817
RM7/836* James WATERHOUSE, Mary wife, Susan  Ludworth to Beard, Ollerset, Thornsett, Whitle  Aug.1817
RM7/837* Mary WATERHOUSE Suspended order.  Ludworth to Beard.  Oct 1817
RM7/895* William GARLICK  to Ludworth  1818
RM7/909 John HEAP  to Staleybridge, Ches.  1818
RM7/952 * Hannah SWINDELLS  Beard, Ollerset, Whitle ,Thornsett  to Edale  1818
RM7/976 Thomas BENNETT, Nanny wife, Ann, Jane, Hannah.  Hayfield to Staley Wood, Ches.  1819
RM7/1020 Mary BATTEY, Betty.  ( Mary wife of Samuel BATTEY Soldier 49th Rgt Foot. now absent from her )  to Hepworth, Yks. 1820
RM7/1021 Philip BATTY, Sarah wife, William, Hannah, Joshua.  to Hepworth,Yks.  1820
RM7/1044 Lydia MARSHALL widow to Tintwistle, Ches.  1820
RM7/1114 Martha LEE    to Allmonbury, WRY Yks.  1822  
RM7/1263 Mary STAFFORD single. On examination of William STAFFORD father.  to Mellor.  1825
RM7/1338 Henry HALKSWORTH, Mary wife, Temperance, Sarah.  Ludworth to Beeley  1827
RM7/1547# Sarah RICHARDSON wife of William RICHARDSON (now absent from her) Thomas, William.  Beard, Ollerset, Whitle, Thornsett to Adlington, Ches. 1830
RM7/1563* Joanna THORNELEY wife of William THORNELEY (and who is absconded and absent from her) Rosanna, William.  Beard, Ollerset, Whitle, Thornsett to Disley, Ches.  1830
RM7/1587 John FAWSET, Ellen wife, Sarah, Martha.  On examination of Martha KNOTT wife of Thomas KNOTT of Glossop, labourer, mother of John FAWSET.   to Foolstone, Yks.  1830
RM7/1753 Peter MOORE, wife and family.  to Scotland.  Cost of removal ?  Not an Order. Signed by James BOSLEY Overseer of Glossop. Document not dated. Found among Removal orders for 1835-1836.
RM7/1832 Jane WILD widow, Edward, Emma, Millicent. to Dukinfield, Ches. 1839
RM7/1833 Ann WILSON single, lunatic.  to Ecclesfield, Yks.  1839
RM7/1899* William SYKES of Rowarth,  Beard, Ollerset, Thornsett, Whitle to Wooldale, Yks. 1842
RM7/2041 Joseph COOTE, Elizabeth wife, George, Sarah, Thomas.. to Hempstead, Essex.  1863
RM5/718 Anthony TORR  to Ashford   1767
RM5/136 William MONSALL  Longson to Winster (gained by serving Daniel HOUGH of Winster) 1722
RM6/27 Mary SUTTON to Hartington Nether Quarter  1771
RM6/31 Job WARDLOW, Catherine wife, Ruth, Ann.  to Outseats, p. Hathersage 1771
RM6/601 Stephen BARTON , Mary wife.   to Rowland  1793
RM6/613 Joseph HOLMES, Martha wife.  to Ashford.  1793
RM7/813* Charles STONE, Diana wife, William, George?.  to Upper Haddon.  1817
RM7/1075 Kitty MASSY single, pregnant.  Little Longstone to Stockport Etchells, Ches. 1821
RM7/1108* Sarah GARLICK single, pregnant.  to Edensor  1822
RM7/1949 Christopher JAMES, Mary wife.  Little Longstone to Wardlow.  1843

RM422 Henry EAMES, Mary wife, 1816 Swadlincote to Stanton and Newhall
RM5/122 Elizabeth COX (wife of John COX who has run away) Husbands Settlement unknown. Linton to Netherseal, Leics. 1722/3
RM5/502 Edward ROBERTS, Jane wife.  Swadlincote to Lenton, Notts.  1757
RM5/701 Bakewell HALLAM  Swadlincote to Ashby Park, Ashby de a Zouch, Leics. 1767
RM6/69 William STARKEY, Mary wife, Richard, James, Sarah, Mary, Ann.   Castle Gresley to Newborrow, Staffs  1772
RM6/199 Thomas ORGILL, Hannah wife, child.  Donisthorpe p.Gresley to Overseal, Leics 1779
RM6/209 John BAKER, Mary wife, Frances, George, Elizabeth . Swadlincote to Hartshorne 1780
RM6/441 Thomas LANGLEY,  Mary wife, Ann, James, Thomas.  Donisthorpe to Ashby de la Zouch.  1787
RM6/443 Mary NORTH  Donisthorpe to Ravenstone  1787
RM6/481 Simon HOULT, Ann wife, Sarah, John.  Oakthorpe to Ravenstone.  1788
RM6/535 William CHARMELES, Ann wife, John.  Oakthorpe to Measham  1790
RM6/551 William CHARMELES, Ann wife, John.  Oakthorp to Bedworth, Warwicks. 1791 
RM6/553 Joseph MOSS, Ann wife, Mary.   Donisthorpe to Shistock,(Shustock) Warwicks  1791 (or 1792)
RM6/555 Elizabeth THORLEY, Elizabeth.  Donisthorpe to Findern  1792 (or 1791)
RM6/561 Samuel BOSWORTH, Sarah wife, Joseph, William both about 25, Sarah 23. Linton to Coles Hill, Warwicks. 1791
RM6/588 William MARTIN, Elizabeth wife.  Linton to Merryvale, Warwicks.  1792
RM6/660 Thomas IRONMONGER, Mary wife.  Linton to Overseal  May 1795
RM6/661 Mary IRONMONGER wife of Thomas IRONMONGER (now run away from her) Linton to Longnor, Staffs.  Sep 1795
RM7/81 Sarah BOSWORTH single   Linton to Coleshill, Warwicks.  1803 
RM7/155 John RAMSELL 2,  On examination of Mary RAMSELL grandmother to John.  Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe to Packington.  1806
RM7/250 Patience MEE.  Church Gresley  to  Stanton and Newhall 1810
RM7/315 Elizabeth PRIMMER, Mary Ann, Sarah, John, Elizabeth.  Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe to Shackerston, Leics.  1812
RM7/687* Joseph FOSTER, Sarah wife, Charlotte, Mary.  to Measham  1817
RM7/743 John KIRK otherwise SMITH, Hannah wife, Joseph, Hannah.  Church Gresley to Blackfordby, Leics. 1817
RM7/851 Samuel WOODHOUSE, Elizabeth wife.  Church Gresley to Horsley Woodhouse.  1817 
RM7/854 Thomas WRIGHT, Rebecca wife, Sarah, Elizabeth, William, Maria, Thomas.  Oakthorp and Donisthorpe to Coleorton, Leics. 1817
RM7/855* Thomas WRIGHT ,Notice of appeal by Coleorton, Leics 1 Oct 1817
RM7/856 Thomas WRIGHT re appeal.  11 Oct 1817
RM7/1076 Mary PEACE single with child.  Swadlincote to Packington, Leics.  1821
RM7/1414 Daniel SMITH, Ann wife, Thomas, William, Elizabeth, Daniel. Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe to Pipe Hill, Staffs 1828
RM7/1420* Daniel TOONE, Mary wife, William, Mary, Hannah, Isaac, Thomas.  Linton to Willesley  1828
RM7/1421 Daniel TOONE and family removed by William SMALLEY Assistant Overseer to Willesley 1828
RM7/1980 Sarah BENFIELD wife of Henry BENFIELD prisoner in Derby gaol,  Church Gresley to Twycross, Leics. Certificate of Chargeability. 1844
RM7/1981 Sarah BENFIELD Suspended order,  Church Gresley to Twycross, Leics.  1844
RM7/1982 Sarah BENFIELD, husband Hnery in Derby gaol. Church Gresley to Twycross, Leics. 1844
RM1/33 William LONGSTON and wife Hartington Upper Quarter to Sheffield. 1766
RM1/52 Richard BROCKLEHURST,Sarah wife, James, Anthony, Samuel, Theophilus, Hannah. resided since 1766 under Certificate from Litton. Hartington Upper Quarter to Litton. 1772
RM3/115 Ann PALFREMAN single, pregnant. 1813 from Hartington Nether Quarter to Arnold, Notts.
RM3/184 Ann GEE single, pregnant to Fairfieldhead, Staffs 1815
B3R Alice BENNETT Biggin widow 70 to be removed, but Bond by Thomas HARVEY of Lea Lane p.Calton, Staffs and Richard SALT of Elton maintains her.  1744
RM5/17 Jane SHERRATT Hartington Quarter to Uttoxeter, Staffs  1712
RM5/23 Ralph BAWDERY, Anne wife.  Hartington Upper Quarter to Bakewell  1713
RM5/51 Sarah ELLOT single  from Sterndale or Middle Quarter of Hartington to Sheen, Staffs. (as a hired servant to Christopher WAYNE elder)  1714
RM5/39 John PLATS  to Ashford  1713
RM5/40 Note that Francis HOWARD discharged John PLATS as his apprentice who then served Francis HODKINSON of Hathersage, shoemaker. 1711/2
RM5/130 John HASE alias HAYES, Anne wife,  Anne, Mary.  Hartington Quarter to Over Haddon  1722
RM5/141 Martha RADFORD Sterndale ,Hartington Middle Quarter to Sutton,p. Presbury, Cheshire. 1722
RM5/157 William HALL Hartington Nether Quarter to Ballidon  1723
RM5/173 Christopher FINNEY, Mary wife.  Hartington Quarter to Sheen,Staffs. 1725
RM5/178 George PERCYFALL (PERCIVAL ?) Hartington Middle Quarter to Sheen,Staffs 1725
RM5/183 Christopher FINNEY, Mary wife, Madelin. Hartington Quarter to Taddington. 1726
RM5/256 Thomas BULLOCK, Mary wife, William, Thomas, Hannah, Mary, John, Joseph. Hartington Middle Quarter to Hartington Nether Quarter. 1734
RM5/327 Joseph SIMPSON, Hezekiah son.  to Belper  1742
RM5/354 Mathew WRIGHT, Elizabeth wife, William, Mathew  to Outsetts ( Outseats) 1744
RM5/535 Mary HADSHEAD Hartington Upper Quarter to Chapel en le Frith.  1759
RM6/90 Thomas FINNEY, Lydia wife, Joseph, Thomas.     Hartington Middle Quarter to Bakewell . 1774
RM6/112 Hannah CROSSLEY to Pennistone, Yks 1775
RM6/130 Benjamin THORNHILL  Bamford to Stannington, Yks 177
RM6/150 Robert BEESTON (also written BEETSON ) Elizabeth wife, William.   to Yeldersley. 1777 R4 Alice CROSSLEY, wife of Joseph CROSSLEY, no longer with her, Mary.  Hartington Nether Quarter to Brimington, Ches.  175
RM6/170 Joseph BAWTRY, Ann wife, Hannah, Joseph, Mary.  Hartington Upper Quarter to Sheffield,Yks. 1778
RM6/192 Martha FORD, wife of Hugh FORD, late of Ipstones, Staffs,mason who is now serving in the Derby Regt Militia.  Hartington to Ipstones, Staffs. 1779
RM6/239 Elizabeth ALLSOPE (ALLSOP)  to Macclesfield, Cheshire.  1781 
RM6/279 James NEEDHAM, Sarah wife, George, William, Mary, James, John, Daniel, Thomas. Hartington Nether Quarter to Hartington Middle Quarter. 1782
RM6/416 John MELLOR, Ellen wife, Elizabeth, John.  Hartington Quarter to Congleton, Cheshire.  1786
RM6/488 Ann OLIVER  Burbridge (Burbage ?) Hartington Upper Qtr to Nether Padley   1788
RM6/552 Mary MORELEY widow, John, Joseph .  Hartington to Sheen, Staffs.  1791
RM6/560 Mary MOSLEY widow, John, Joseph.  Hartington Quarter to Wensley and Snitterton 1791
RM6/598 William LOFTHOUSE, Mary wife, Mary, James, Ann, Samuel, Elizabeth, Joseph.  Burbage, Hartington Upper Quarter to Buxton  1794
RM6/599 William LOFTHOUSE, Mary wife, Mary, James, Ann, Samuel, Eizabeth, Joseph. Hartington to Denton, Yks.  1794
RM6/639 William FLETCHER, Hannah wife, Hannah, William, Samuel, Thomas, Robert, Sarah, Ann.  Burbage to Manchester, Lancs.  1794
RM6/661 Aaron BLACKSHAW, Jane wife, Mary, Aaron, Lucy.  to Litton.  1798
RM6/679 William CRITCHLOW, Tabitha wife, Hannah, Elizabeth, Ellen, Sarah, Ralph, Thomas. to Bradbourne  1799
RM6/688 Judith NADIN to Alstonefield, Staffs 1799
RM7/99 William JOHNSON, Elizabeth wife, Hannah, William, John, James, Joseph   to Monyash  1804
RM7/148 Isaac HARRISON, Elizabeth wife, John, William, James, Joseph.  Hartington Middle Quarter to Fawfieldhead, Staffs. 1806
RM7/162 Ann ALSOPP  Hartington Upper Quarter to Hartington Middle Quarter 1807
RM7/244 Robert DAWSON  Hartington Nether Quarter to Thorpe  1810
RM7/221 Elizabeth JOHNSON (wife of John JOHNSON ) Mary. Hartington Upper Quarter to Taddington 1809
RM7/221a Elizabeth JOHNSON note re appeal by Taddington.  n.d.  c1809
RM7/362 Ann MELLOR single   Hartington Nether Quarter  to Thorpe  1813
RM7/441 Hannah NADIN single, pregnant  Hartington to Alstonefield,Staffs.  1815
RM7/480 Thomas BROUNT (BRUNT?) Hannah wife, John, Mary, Thomas, Jane.  Hartington Nether Quarter to Middleton and Smerrill.  1816
RM7/619 Francis BENNETT, Elizabeth wife, Mary ,Hannah, Judith.  Hartington Nether Quarter to Alstonefield, Staffs.  1817
RM7/754 Jane LOMAS, Martha illeg.   Hartington Upper Quarter to Hollingsclough, Staffs 1817
RM7/860* John ADAMS, Mary, Thomas, James, Elizabeth, William, John.  to Alstonefield, Staffs.  1818 
RM7/934 Ann PALFREYMAN  single, pregnant.  Biggin to Sheen, Staffs.  1818
RM7/1010 William SUTTON, Mary wife, Sarah, Richard.  Hartington Upper Quarter  to Fawfieldhead, Staffs  1819
RM7/1040 John JINKS, James JINKS 4, two bastard children of Ann JINKS ( now Ann SMITH) . Hartington to Papplewick, Notts.  1820
RM7/1041 James JINKS Suspended order, until he attains the age of seven. Hartington to Papplewick, Notts 1820
RM7/1085 John SUTTON, Ellen wife, William, Sarah.  Hartington Nether Quarter to Buxton 1821
RM7/1098 Milicent BOWN single, pregnant.  Hartington Nether Quarter to Winster 1822
RM7/1116 Mary NADEN dau of Simeon NADEN and Ellen wife. pregnant Hartington to Alstonefield, Staffs 1822
RM7/1126 William SLATER  Hartington Nether Quarter to Arnold, Notts.  1822
RM7/1132 William WAINWRIGHT, Isabella wife, Hartington Upper Quarter to Macclesfield, Cheshire.  1822
RM7/1207* George NEEDHAM, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, Ellen, George, Elizabeth.  Hartington Quarter to Fawfieldhead, Staffs.  1824
RM7/1224 Thomas SUTTON, Elizabeth wife. Hartington Town Quarter to Sheen, Staffs 1824 
RM7/1270 Daniel WOODWARD, Ellen wife, Mary, Hannah, James.  Hartington Middle Quarter to Taddington  1825 
RM7/1396 John KIRKHAM  Hartington  to Hartington Nether Quarter.  1828
RM7/1459 George OLLERENSHAW, Elizabeth wife, William.  Hartington Middle Quarter to Marple, Ches.  1829
RM7/1523 Abraham GOODWIN jnr, Dinah wife, Abraham, Hannah, Edwin, Edward.  Hartington Town Quarter to Fairfield.  1830
RM7/1594 George HIBBARD, Esther wife, Richard, John, William.  Earl Sterndale to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks 1831
RM7/1783 Hannah BENNETT, single,   Notice by Hartington Nether Quarter to Alstonefield, Staffs of chargeability. 1837
RM7/1784 Hannah BENNETT single Hartington Nether Quarter to Alstonefield, Staffs. 1837
Ann BATEMAN and child, St Albans Herts to Ashpin (Ashbourne?) Derbys.  1767  V21/180
Margaret HICKTON (in Bedford Beds. searching for husband Thomas), dau Margaret 10 Bedford Beds. to Biggin in the Peak 1771  V21/181
Margaret PETT Hartington Nether Quarter to Hartington Middle Quarter.  1774
Mary SUTTON  Alstonefield Staffs to Hartington Nether Quarter.  1778
Richard BANKS, Hannah wife, Ann 18m  Hartington Nether Quarter to Middleton by Youlgreave. 1782
Appeal by Alstonefield over removal from Hartington Nether Quarter of Hannah BENETT single, pregnant? .Francis and Elizabeth parents served John FALLOWS at Wetton.    1837   V21/92
RM3/146 Joseph DAWSON, Hannah wife. to Melbourne 1814
RM3/190 Wm HARRISON, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Daniel. 1815 to Rolleston
RM3/213 Geo SLATER, Ann wife, Wm Henry, Rheus. 1815 to Overseall
RM4/11 George BOSWORTH, Catherine wife, Geo, Francis 1816 to Smisby
RM4/54 Nathaniel STANLEY, Mary wife, Elizabeth, John. 1816 Hartshorne to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics
RM5/413 William EAGLESFIELD, Ellin wife.  to Swadlingcoat (Swadlincote)  1753
RM5/632 Ephraim MARSHALL and family  to Hilton. 1764
RM5/650 Ephraim MARSHALL, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, Ann, John.  to Market Bosworth, Leics. 1765
RM6/527 Thomas WILLIS, Sarah wife  to Kegworth, Leics.  Jun.1789
RM6/528 Thomas WILLS, Sarah wife.  to Measham   Jan. 1789
RM6/569 Mary TATTERSHALL widow of Daniel TATTERSHALL, Mary, Thomas.  to Rocester, Staffs  1791
RM6/700 Elizabeth WILKINS, single  to Winshill  1797
RM6/710 Joseph HOLDEN, Jane wife, Ann.  to Chaddesden  1798
RM7/1101 John DICKENS, Robert DICKENS, Vincent DICKENS,  children of Elizabeth , now wife of George GEE by her former husband Robert DICKIN. On examination of Elizabeth GEE mother.   to Ravensthorp, Northants.  1822
RM7/1255 George NEWBERRY, Elizabeth wife.  to Hugglescote, Leics.  1825
RM7/1386 Samuel COCKBURNE, Sarah wife, Joseph, Barbara.  to Birmingham, Warwicks.  1828
RM7/1724* Ann JACKSON widow of James JACKSON, Thomas, Mary, John.  to Melbourne  1834
HATHERSAGE with year of Removal
R1 Ann SMITH and Sarah SMITH to Cudworth WRY. 1692
Ann SMITH and Jane SMITH on Certificate Order. Cudworth want Hathersage to have one of the girls. Ages, one under 7 the other a little older.
R2 John BROOMHEAD to Stannington, Sheffield 1705
R3 Mary FOX to Wisnell, Bradfield 1736
R4 George MORTON, Margret wife, Adam 9m 1756? or 1760 Removed from Bradwell to Hathersage.
R5 Ann SMITH spinster to Bamford 1761
R6 Samuel WATSON, Ann wife, Mary, Saml, Wm. 1770
Removed from Sheffield to Hathersage.
R7 Jeremiah ASPINALL, Ann wife, Mary, Ann to Stockport 1772
R8 Mary HILL Thomas son. to Nether Padley 1776
R9 Martha DOWNS to Bamford 1777
R10 Sarah EYRE to Eyam 1777
R11 Wm MILLS, Amelia wife, Letitia, Elizabeth. 1786 from Eccleshall Bierlow to Hathersage.
R12 Martha WRIGHT single 1786 removed from Eccleshall Bierlow to Hathersage
R13 Joseph BROOMHEADE Betty wife, John, Thomas, Michael, Sarah. to Bamford 1789
R14 Ann FROST Thornsett 1790
R15 Ann WILSON Outseats 1791
R16 Sarah BAGSHAW wife of Joseph, now a soldier, 5th Regt of Foot, Samuel, George. to Foolow 1798
R17 John MARSDEN, Grace wife, Joseph, Sarah, John, Martha, Hannah, Matthew Sheffield 1800
R18 Samuel GODDARD, Elizabeth wife, Mary, John, Tho. 1800
R19 Margaret ROYSE Sarah, Mary, Martha 1801 removed from Castleton to Hathersage.
R20 Mary BROWN to Baslow 1803
R21 Peter LISSET, Elizabeth wife, Peter, John 1811 removed from Manchester to Hathersage.
RM5/289 Mary BROOMHEAD widow of John BROOMHEAD, Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Adam, Christopher.   to Outseats  1737/8
RM5/715 John SHAW, Jane wife, Mary, George, Thomas, John.  Bamford to Hope  1767
RM5/735 Thomas ELLIOT, Sarah wife, Thomas, Hannah, Christopher  Derwent to Bradfield , Ecclesfield, Yks.  1768
RM6/112 Hannah CROSSLEY to Pennistone, Yks 1775
RM6/130 Benjamin THORNHILL  Bamford to Stannington, Yks 1775
RM6/645 Mary SLINN  to Castleton  1794
RM7/151 Sarah HOWE (or HAWE?) to Rochdale, Lancs. 1806
RM7/265* Esther BIRCH  to Wardlow Miers.  1811
RM7/1446 Mary HILL  to Chapel en le Frith  1829
HEANOR Removal
RM1/44 John OXLEY Codnor to Codnor Park 1768
RM1/47 John OXLEY,Elizabeth wife, John,Josiah, Elizabeth. 1769 Codnor to Auntsley, Warkwicks.
RM2/6 William COPE lab. Codnor to Greasley May 1802
RM2/7 William COPE Suspended order, removed Aug 1802 Codnor to Greasley, Notts.
RM2/22 Joseph MORRELL, lab, Sarah wife. 1805 Codnor to Heage.
RM3/19 Samuel STAINWRIGHT, Elizabeth wife, Edward, 1811 Heanor to Codnor and Loscoe.
RM3/57 John SLACK, Hannah wife, Benjamin 1812 Codnor and Loscoe to Heanor.
RM3/74 John BREEDON, Betty wife, Jemima, Thomas, Joseph Codnor Park to Mansfield Sep 1813
RM3/75 Suspended order, John BREEDON Nov 1813 Codnor Park to Mansfield
RM3/97 Sarah HARDY widow, Sarah,Hannah, Henry, Joseph, to Kirk Hallam. Nov 1813
RM3/99 Sarah HARDY widow, Sarah, Hannah, Henry, Joseph to West Hallam. Jul 1813
RM3/210 Wm SHAW, Mary wife, Wm,Hannah, Maria, John, Mary. Codnor Park to Greasley Oct 1815
RM3/211 Suspended order, Mary SHAW ill. Codnor Park to Greasley Removed Nov 1815
RM3/214 Joseph SMITHURST, Elizabeth wife, Wm, Job, Elizabeth, Ann, Lucy, Joseph. 1815 to Braconfield (Brackenfield Dbys)
RM3/201 an orphan named John PARKIN age 1. a child of John PARKIN and Elizabeth his wife, both of Codnor deceased. 1815 Codnor and Loscoe to Greasley. on oath of Grandfather Thomas PARKIN.
RM4/12 John BOWLER, Martha wife, Elizabeth, Mariah, John, Thomas, Ann, James, Wm, Joseph. 1816 to Sheepshead, Leics.
RM4/27 Joseph HARDY Catherine wife, Hugh, Joseph, Sarah. Codnor and Loscoe to Sutton in Ashfield 1816
RM4/31 Mary wife of John HUTCHINSON a prisoner Derby Gaol, Prudence, Saml, Maria. 1816 Codnor and Loscoe to Sonedorn? (Somerton ?), Oxford.
RM4/45 Catherine ORCHARD Codnor to Ravenstone, Leics. 1816
RM4/119 Wittrance COPE Codnor and Loscoe to Alfreton (Wittrance is a male.) Aug 1819
RM4/120 Suspended order Wittrance COPE ill. Removed Codnor and Loscoe to Alfreton. Oct 1819 (Wittrance is a male)
RM4/143 Thomas NEWTON, Diana wife, Joseph aged 40 yrs. Codnor and Loscoe to Carlton, Notts. 1819
RM5/245 Anne EYRE wife of John EYRE, Mary, Ann, John, Edward. to Mansfield, Notts. On oath of John EYRE. 1733 
RM5/257 John EYRE, Ann wife, Mary, Ann, John, Edward.  Codnor to Kirkby, Notts. 1734
RM5/262 William HOWIT, Rachel wife, John, William, Thomas.  to Little Hallam. 1734
RM5/298 Elizabeth PILKINGTON dau of William PILKINGTON  "a souldier"     to Codnor. 1737
RM5/357 Mary MILNOR.   to Shipley  1745
RM5/421 Jane JOHNSON  Codnor to Pentridge  (Pentrich?) 1753
RM5/662 Joseph WILSON  to Windley, p.Duffield  1765
RM5/688 John WILSON  Codnor to Duffield  1766
RM5/466 Mary SHIRLAND  to Nuttall, Notts.  1755
RM5/479 Nicholas HEMINGRY  Codnor to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1756 
RM5/278 Thomas CUTLER, Elizabeth wife, Rebecca, Samuel, Elizabeth. Codnor to Birchwood p.Alfreton 1736
RM5/294 William KNIGHTON, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, Sarah.  Codnor to Breadsall  1737
RM6/82 Mary Broadbent JAMES single, lunatic of the Liberty of Codnor to Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts.(n.b upon Examination of Lancelot SMITH of Codnor. p. Heanor. ) 1774
RM6/214 Elizabeth BRITTLEBANK  to Bakewell  1780
RM6/267 Sarah CATER  to Derby All Saints  1782 
RM6/312 Martha JOHNSON  Shipley to Toton, Notts. 1783
RM6/344 Ann CORDON a natural child.  Codnor p.Heanor to Shipley  1784
RM6/352 Martha KRIKHAM  to Borrowash, p.Ockbrook  1784
RM6/380 George KNOWLES  Shipley to Heanor.  1785
RM6/389 Mary SHIRLAND  to Nuttall, Notts  1785
RM6/426 Joseph BLACKNOR, Elinor wife, Sarah, Mary, Rebecca  Codnor to Oxton, Notts. 1787
RM6/438 Martha HIGINGBOTHAM (HIGGINBOTHAM ?)  Codnor to Shirland. ( on reverse" unduly removed" ) 1787
RM6/430 Mary CLARKE single  Shipley to Codnor  1787
RM6/539 Sarah HALLAM   Shipley to Trowell, Notts. 1790
RM6/584 Maria CHANDLER wife of William CHANDLER,( late of Codnor who is now run away and deserted his said wife)  Codnor to Denby.  1792
RM6/616* Hannah MANNERS alias GOODWIN, Elizabeth. Codnor to West Hallam.  1793
RM7/68 Ann HUNT otherwise Ann JOHNSON, William.  Shipley to Leicester St Margaret, Leics. 1802
RM7/134 Catherine ORCHARD  Shipley to Milton 1805
RM7/555 Mary ORCHARD, single, pregnant.  Shipley to Ravenstone, Leics.  1816
RM7/578 John TISSINGTON, Sarah wife, Charles, George.   Codnor and Loscoe to Greasbrough, Yks.  1816
RM7/621 Sarah BERRISFORD, widow of William BERRISFORD, Sarah.   to Chaddesden  1817
RM7/800 Sophia SHERWIN wife of John SHERWIN ( now a prisoner in the House of Correction) John.  to Barwell, Leics. 1817
RM7/861 Joseph ALSOP, Hannah wife, Mary. Codnor and Loscoe to Ripley  1818 
RM7/946 Sophia SHERWIN wife of John SHERWIN ( now absent from her ) , John ,Thomas.  to Coleorton, Leics.  1818
RM7/1159 Ann HUNT, wife of Robert HUNT who is now and has been for several years past absent from her, being with child, likely to be born a bastard.  Codnor and Loscoe to Bramcote, Notts.  1823
RM7/1209* James PERCIVAL, Ann wife, William, Daniel  to Long Whatton, Leics. May 1824
RM7/1210 James PERCIVAL Suspended order.  Dead.  to Long Whatton, Leics. Jul 1824
RM7/1280 Sarah CLARKE, single, pregnant. to Brampton  1826 
RM7/1450 Ann KIMBERLIN single, pregnant.  to Mansfield, Notts.  1829
RM7/1620 William WALL, Mary wife.  to Codnor and Loscoe 1831
RM7/1621 Mary WALL Suspended order.  to Codnor and Loscoe.  1831
RM7/1631 James WHITEHEAD   to Marchington Woodlands, Staffs. 1831
RM7/1638 Amy BEARDALL widow.   to Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts.  1832
RM7/1642 Betsey BOOTH wife of Jesse BOOTH who is absent from her, Sarah, John. On examination of Thomas SUMMERS, Belper joiner.  to Belper.   1832
RM7/1650* Hannah SLACK unmarried, pregnant.  to Codnor and Loscoe.  1832
RM7/1655 John HAMMONDS elder.  to Woolaston, Salop ( Shropshire.)  1832
RM7/1860 George CORKWELL, Emma, Sarah Ann, Harriett  to Nottingham St Peter, Notts. 1841
RM7/1876 Martha BREEDON, Elizabeth, Mira, Joseph, John.   Codnor Park to Mansfield, Notts  1842
RM7/1971 Sarah YATES, wife of Samuel YATES, Thomas, George, Frederick.  Codnor and Loscoe to Hulland Ward.  1843
HEATH Removal
RM5/55 Elizabeth JEFFERY  to Duckmanton  1714
RM5/123 Joseph DUN ( or DAN), Mary wife, child  to Shirland  1722
RM6/15 George WRAGG, Grace wife.   to Worksop, Notts.  1770
RM7/448 John TAYLOR  to Ault Hucknall  1815
RM7/950 William STOCKS, Elizabeth wife, Mary, William, John, Annie  to Bolsover  1818
RM7/1174 Dorothy WATKINSON widow, Elizabeth, Jane.   to Hucknall Torkard, Notts.  1823
RM7/1444 Sarah HARDWICK pregnant.  to Pailthorpe, Notts.  1829
RM7/1480 Ellen WHITAKER pregnant  to Mansfield, Notts.  1829
RM5/224 Daniel WILLIS, Ann wife, Thomas, George, Ann.  to Biggin p.Wirksworth  1731/2
RM6/731 Elizabeth REDFEARN  to Belper  1799
RM7/220 Hannah HAWORTH, Samuel.  to Derby St Alkmund.  1809
RM7/8 Ann BOWN single  to Atlow.  1801
RM7/880 Thomas DANN, Sarah wife, Thomas.  to Boston, Lincs.  1818
R1 Sarah wife of Robert BROOMHEAD late of Hounsfield carrier, Hanah dau. from Shirland to Dronfield. 1727/8
R2 Mary SHORT spinster Baslow to Holmesfield 1759
R3 Adam WITTERBOTTOM Eyam Woodland to Homsfield 1759
R4 Thomas WRAGG Rachel, wife, four children 1784 Dronfield to Holmsfield
R6 Wm GRATTON Charity wife, Saml, Sarah, Ann. 1800 Great Longstone to Holmesfield
R7 Mary COTTRILL pregnant Chesterfield to Holmesfield 1814
R8 Hannah CHAPMAN Gt Barlow to Holmesfield 1820
R9 John LEES, James son 6. Quick, WRY to Holmesfield 1833 suspended order.
R10 Anthony WELLS or (IBELLS) Ann wife, William Brampton to Holmesfield 1834
R11 Matthew WEBSTER, Jane wife, Matthew 3, James 8m St Margaret Westminster to Holmesfield Sep 1835
R12 Matthew WEBSTER, Jane wife, Matthew 3, James 8m St Margaret Westminster to Holmesfield. Oct 1835
R14 James LEES Quick WRY to Holmesfield Sep 1836
R15 Case; Job SMEDLEY removed from Sutton in Ashfield 1817 Master Thomas BUNTING lived at Heage, masters father lived at Beeley. Dinah PORTER Matlock Bank, maid servant at the time Job was there now at Matlock Horseshoe and Toll.
R16 William BINGHAM, Charlotte wife, William. from Sheffield to Holmesfield 1840
R16a William BINGHAM, Charlotte wife, William Sheffield to Holmesfield 1840 (slightly different hand and form, same details.)
R18 Jane PEARSON wife of John PEARSON now living at Wiggan (Wigan) Lancs, to be removed to Wigan. 1748
R19 Jonathan EATON, Mary wife. to Thriber,?. Yks 1749
R21 John WRAGG, Deborah wife William, Elizabeth, Ann, Hannah, Joseph, Samuel. Nether Langwith, Notts. Jun 1774
R22 Mary PEARSON infant Sutton,Dbys. 1781
R23 Martha BENNET Leicester St Mary 1783
R24 Ellen SIDDALL spinster Brimington 1797
R25 Ann WRIGHT wife of Robert WRIGHT a soldier, Elizabeth, James, William to Sheffield 1800
R26 Sarah NEWBOLD spinster to Brimington 1816
R27 Hannah DAMMS Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks. 1817
R28 Ann SHERWIN, Ann dau. 16 Brimington 1817
R29 John WILSON Sheffield, Yks 1817
R30 Ann THICKETT single Sheffield Yks 1822
R31 Hannah THICKETT single Staveley 1824
R32 Martha BARTON single Hathersage 1828
R33 Suspended Order Martha BARTON sick. Hathersage 1828
R34 Elizabeth WALKER pregnant Killamarsh 1829
R35 Mary PEARSON single Coal Aston. p.Dronfield 1830
R36 Ann BENNET single Unstone p.Dronfield 1830
R37 Charlotte HAY single, pregnant Norton 1831
R38 Harriet GRINDLEY single, pregnant Unstone p.Dronfield 1832
RM5/29 Mary COOPER single, John COOPER alias WRAGG, her bastard son 6,  to Peak Forest.  1713
RM6/291 Charlet (Charlotte) WARD widow, Millicent her dau by Richard WARD her late husband.  to Clarborough, Notts. 1782
RM6/1 Sarah BARK widow  to Whittington  1770
RM6/261 Ann BENNITT (BENNETT) , Martha.  to Bolsover.  1782
RM6/370 Thomas WRAGG, wife Rachel, Elizabeth, Martha, Ann, Thomas.  to Brampton 1784
RM6/425 John BENNETT, Hannah wife, George, Ann, William, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, John.  to Cresswell  1787
RM7/79 Grace BLAKE  to Calver  1803
RM7/1335 Mary DAMMS single, pregnant.  to Dronfield  1827
RM7/1359 Samuel STEVENSON, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Ellen,Harriet  to Great Barlow  1827
RM7/1794 William RAYNES  to Worksop, Notts.  1837
RM7/1795 William RAYNES  Suspended order. to Worksop, Notts. 1837
HOPE Removal including FAIRFIELD
Some of these documents are in a poor condition although repaired. There are large gaps in some with very little surviving.
R1 John HOWE ----wall 1 Sep ? 1720
R3 Eliz Bra
R5 Martha HALL wife of Wm. Jane, Geo, Wm, Hannah, Joseph, Samuel. Husband ran away. Removed from East Retford to Hope. 1794
R6 Sarah SIDEBOTTOM to Castleton 1760?
R7 Betty MARSHALL to Stockport 1766
R8 Betty RATHMELL to Tideswell ? ?2 Oct
R9 Elizabeth Stannington ?9 Nov 1778
R10 Wm HICKINSON, Ann and Elizabeth his children to Bagaley Co Chester 1779
R11 Hannah EADES to Caslteton 1800
R12 Charlotte MARSHALL from Ashton under Lyne to Hope 1831
R13 Elizabeth ELLIOTT Bowden Chapel to Hope date missing
R14 CLAYTONS children Nancy and Judith, Thornhill to Hope date missing.
R15 Frances SHIRT pregnant Dore to Hope 1828
R16 Elizabeth POLLARD Wm son of James POLLARD Bowden Chapel 1814
R17 Hannah ROBINSON (wife of Samuel) Alice, John Bradwell to Hope 1814 (or 1811)
R18 Sarah ROSE from Hope to Bakewell Township? 1812?
R19 Elizabeth LONGDEN Hope to Stockport 1811
X1 Bradwell intention of appeal against removal of Hannah ASHTON from Hope 1810
X2 John RATHMELL, Hannah wife, and children from Eclleshall Bierlow to Hope. Counsel opinion. 1820
RM5/54 John HINSON, Ann wife.  Abney to Little Hucklow  1714
RM5/71 Phillip bramwall, Catherine wife, John.  Wardlow to Greenlow (Grindlow ) 1716
RM5/73 James WINTERBOTHAM, Ann wife.  to Little Hucklow . 1717
RM5/134 Jonathan HOLLINSHEAD, wife.  Fairfield to Sawford, Lancs.  1722
RM5/250 Roger SELLORS,Mary wife, Joseph, Ann. Wardlow to Wensley.  1733
RM5/356 John GOODWIN, Ann wife.  Fernilee to Fairfield  1745
RM5/376 Robert BROOMHEAD  Abney to Eyam Woodlands.  1750
RM5/377 John DANFORTH (BANFORTH ?) Hope to Castleton  1750
RM5/384 John SANDERSON  (on oath of Elias MARSHALL)  Bradwell to Bradfield Yks.  1750/1
RM5/481 Robert RATHNALL, Elizabeth wife.  Hope to Blubberhouses, Yks. 1756
RM5/488 Thomas BAGSHAW, Sarah wife.  Hope to Rotheram, Yks 1757
RM5/491 John CLAYTON, Millicent wife.  Fairfield to Sutton, Ches. 1757
RM5/510 Joseph WILSON, Esther wife, Thomas, George, Jonathan, Abel.  Fernilee to Etchels, Stockport, Ches. 1757   
RM5/537 Robert HOW, Hannah wife, John, Deborow (Deborah ?)  Abney to Hathersage 1759
RM5/538 Mary MACKELARE  Bradwell to Kettlewell, Yks  1759
RM6/115 Laurence FIDLER ,Ellen wife.  Fernilee to Rowland  1775
RM6/131 Thomas WOOD,Ann wife, Robert.  Fairfield to Brassington  1775
RM6/161 Ann MARSDEN ,Hannah, George, Elizabeth.  Bradwell to Sheffield, Yks. 1777
RM6/280 John NOEL, Jane wife, William, Joseph, Hannah, John, Jacob,  to Buxton  1782
RM6/404 Ann EYRE  Highlow to Bradwell  1786
RM6/435 John GARLICK, Hannah wife, Grace, Mary, Martha.   Little Hucklow to Wormhill  1787
RM6/562 John WALKER, Ann dau 38. Resided in Hope under Certificate granted in 1753. Coplowdale  to Bonsall  1791
RM6/606 Ann BROWN  Offerton to Grindlow 1792
RM6/607 Notice of appeal by Offerton over appeal by Grindlow regarding Ann BROWN 1793
RM6/608 Notice of appeal by Grindlow over removal from Offerton to Grindlow of Ann BROWN.  1793
RM6/673 Elizabeth COTTERILL   to Tissington  1796
RM7/67 Amy HOLME  Bradwell to Bury,Lancs.  1802
RM7/237 David WHEELDON, Elizabeth wife, Hannah, James, David.  Fairfield to Buxton  1809
RM7/252 Ann NADIN single  Fairfield to Wormhill  1810
RM7/501* Elizabeth CUNDALE  Fernilee to Pontefract, Yks.  1816
RM7/669* Robert DRABBLE, Elizabeth wife, Robert, William, Elizabeth, Sarah.  Wardlow to Ashford, Dbys. 1817
RM7/1003* Jonathan MELLOR, Mary wife , John, Joseph, Susanna.  Bradwell to Oldham, Lancs.  1819
RM7/1273* Elizabeth BARBER widow of Joseph BARBER, Joseph, William, Mary.  Little Hucklow to Grindlow 1826
RM7/1340* Elizabeth HARRISON widow, Elizabeth, James.  Bradwell to Droylsden,Lancs. 1827
RM7/1458 John OLDFIELD, Ann wife, Samuel, Wiliam  Great Hucklow to Wensley  1829
RM2/55 Mary RILEY (wife of Robert RILEY, a Private, now serving in the Militia for the Co. of Derby), Thomas 3. 1807 Horsley to Holbrook.
RM2/82 Ellen STEWARDSON Horsley to Holbrook 1809
RM3/7 James HILL and William HILL illegitimate children of Ellen ROBINSON. Kilburn to Leicester All Saints 1811
RM3/14 Sarah OTTEWELL single, pregnant 1811 Kilburn to Derby
RM3/53 Robert RILEY, Mary wife, Thomas, Susannah, Robert 1812 Horsley to Heanor
RM3/172 Ephshebee ANNABLE, Mary dau. to Belper 1815
RM3/216 Mary STEVENS to Holbrook 1815
RM4/61 Mary WHEATCROFT wife of Benjamin WHEATCROFT, Private in Derbyshire Militia, Benjamin son. 1816 Horsley to Ashover
RM5/14 Thomas ALVEY als HOBBIE elder, Rebecca ,wife, Mary, Thomas.  to Smalley  1712 
RM5/230 Hannah FLETCHER  to Smalley  1732
RM5/399 Mary WARREN, widow of Samuel WARREN, James, Thomas,  to Stanton next Dale  1752
RM5/444 Joseph RATCLIFF, Ruth wife, Thomas, Ruth.  to Denby  1754
RM5/457 John FISHER, Mary wife, John, Mary, Charles, Ann, Matthew, Martha.  to Smalley  1755
RM5/489 Catherine BARTCLIFF  to Duffield  1757
RM5/526 Thomas SMITH, Hannah wife, John, Thomas, Hannah  to Sandiacre.  1758
RM5/545 Ann BAMPTON (on oath of Mary WIDDOWSON) to Smalley 1760
RM5/576 Samuel LIGGETT, Catherine wife, unbapt child.  to Smalley 1761
RM6/157 John GELL  Horsley Woodhouse to Wellingborough, Northants. 1777
RM6/201 Sarah HOWELL  Horsley Woodhouse to Melbourne  1779
RM6/229 Martha PRIEST, Hester.  to Eckington.  1780
RM6/459 William WIGLEY  to Heage. On oath of Thomas PARKER.  1787
RM6/478 Robert HATTON, Hannah wife, Thomas.  to Belper.  1788
RM6/497 Richard VALLANS  Horsley Woodhouse to Kimberley , Notts. 1788
RM6/558 Thomas TAYLOR, Sarah wife, Hannah, Elizabeth, Martha, male unbapt.  to Walsall, Staffs. 1791
RM6/615 Hannah LINES  Horsley Woodhouse to Derby St Werburgh, on oath of Ann WRIGHT and Betty HOLBROOKE.  1793
RM7/267 Joseph BUTLER, Elizabeth wife, Benjamin.  to Alderwasley. 1811
RM7/278 Rowland WIDDOWSON, Mary wife, Thomas. to Derby St. Werburgh. 1811
RM7/622 Thomas BESTWICK, Ann wife.  to Codnor and Loscoe.  1817
RM7/793 Thomas SELBY, Martha wife, Anne, Hannah, Samuel.  to Holbrook.  1817
RM7/804* Edward SMITH, Hannah wife, Christopher, Mary, Martha, Susanna, William, Edward.  (on examination of Margaret WOODHOUSE mother of Edward SMITH)  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1817
RM7/1268 Ann TOWLE wife of Thomas TOWLE who is now serving in the Militia of the County of Derby and is absent from her. John, Samuel. Horsley Woodhouse  to Greasley, Notts.
RM7/1352 Samuel OTTEWELL  Horsley Woodhouse to Little Eaton  1827
RM7/1353 Samuel OTTEWELL removed to Little Eaton by me John WESTON Overseer Horsley Woodhouse. 1827
RM7/1403 Hannah OTTEWELL widow of William OTTEWELL, Harriett, Mary, John, male. Horsley Woodhouse to Derby St Alkmund  1828
RM7/1894 Maria PARKIN wife of Joseph PARKIN ( now a prisoner at Derby) Sarah, Dorothy, Eliza, Joseph.  Kilburn to Holbrook.  1842

HULLAND WARD REMOVALS  (Hulland Ward was an Extra Parochial place which became part of Hulland in 1853. Hulland was a township in the p. Ashbourne until with Biggin it became a separate parish in 1853. Hulland Ward Intakes was an Extra Parochial place served by the clergy of Mugginton.)  
RM6/53 Elizabeth WEBSTER  to Mercaston  1772
RM7/552 William MURFIN, Hannah wife, Samuel, John, Hannah, Thomas, Alice.  Hulland Ward to Kirk Langley 1816

RM6/237 Catherine YEOMANS  to Butterton, Staffs.  1780
STOTT Mary and BEW Ellinor, vagrants, removed from Great Stoughton Hunts to Pertenhall Beds.  1711  V3/43
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.