Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



DALBURY Removal  
RM5/235 Elizabeth NORTH  to Hatton.  1732
RM5/407 Thomas TURNER, Sarah wife, Robert. (on oath of John TURNER father of Thomas TURNER) to Tutbury, Staffs.  1752
RM6/342 William COATES, Grace wife, Sarah, Ann.  to Stretton, Staffs.  1784

R1 Robert SHAW and wife to Shipley 1699
R2 Thomas SHAW webster. to Eastwood Notts. 1700
R3 Mary WAGSTAFF single, pregnant belongs to Ockbrook, (gained as a hired servant with widow PATRICK ) 1701
R4 Thomas GRIFFIS, Grace wife, Mary Jane dau to Grace by a former husband. Removed to Wolverhampton, gained by being apprentice to Thomas ARCHER thirdmaker and pinmaker 1711
R5 Thomas GRIFFIS alias GRIFFITH, Grace wife, Daniell son. To Wolverhampton, Staffs. 1716
R6 Thomas GRIFFIS alias GRIFFITH, Grace wife, Daniel son. To Wolverhampton 1720
R7 Elizabeth wife of John CARMICHELL otherwise CANNAD, John son under 1 yr. Alfriston, Sussex to Dale Abbey. 1743
R8 Esther SHEPHERD single, apprehended Kidlington, Oxfordshire, rogue and vagabond. Removed to Dale Abbey. 1772
R10 Ann PURDEW single to Chaddesden 1772
R11 Ann PARROTT wid to Castle Rising, Norfolk 1777
R12 Thomasine WRIGHT from Chaddesden to Dale Abbey 1778
R13 John PERDUE, Jenny wife, Jenny, James Nottm St Mary to Dale Abbey. 1779
R14 Ann wife of Alexander MILLINGTON Elizabeth 13, John 11, Wm 8, Ann 3 Joseph 5m. Ockbrook to Dale Abbey 1823
R15 John JOWETT, William 4, John 2. Nottingham St Mary to Dale Abbey. 1825
R16 Ruth WHEATLEY single, Ann under 7 years, for nurture, from Nottingham St Mary to Dale Abbey 1830
R17 Ruth WHEATLEY suspended order.
R18 Ruth WHEATLEY who has unfortunately married to Job HUTSBY who had a lawful wife living at the time of such marriage. She is now laying in. n.d. c 1830?
R19 Sarah WINROW (wife of Thomas, now living separate from her.) Mary Ann 5, George 3, Hannah 9m. 17 Dec 1842 Teversall to Dale Abbey.
R20 Sarah WINROW wife of Thomas WINROW, Mary Ann 5, George 3, Hannah 9m 15 Dec 1842 Teversall to Dale Abbey
R21 Mary Ann WINROW, George WINROW Suspended order of Removal. Sickness. 15 Dec 1842
RM3/180 Charlotte DICKINSON, single, pregnant. 1815 to Abbots Bromley, Herts.
RM4/43 George MORRILL, Ann wife, Hannah, Ann, Mary, John, Sarah, William, Esther. 1816 Dale Abbey to Smalley
RM4/Mary PERKINS (wife of William PERKINS, who has deserted her) Edward. Dale Abbey to Loughborough, Leics. 1818
B20REM Joseph MILNES and wife from Dale Abbey to Breadsall, appeal by Breadsall returned to Dale Abbey n.d. c1690's
B21REM William MORLEY removed from Risley to Dale Abbey, Appeal by Dale Abbey returned to Risley. n.d c 1690's
B22REM Robert SHAWE and wife Dale Abbey to Shipley. Appeal by Shipley n.d c1690's
B23REM Robert SHAW and wife Dale Abbey to Shipley. Appeal by Shipley. 20 Oct 1699.
RM5/344  Ann WARD (as she calls herself) to Wootton nr Elison, Staffs 1743
RM5/476 John HALLAM, Sarah wife,  to West Hallam  1756
RM5/684 Ann RICHARDS  to Selston, Notts 1766
RM6/297 Joseph BEDNALL, Ann, Mary, William, Joseph, John, Ruth.  to Stanley 1783
RM7/149* William HODGKINSON, James.  to Boylestone  1805
RM7/150 William HODGKINSON, Suspended order. Removed to Boylestone.  1806
RM7/548 George MORRELL, Ann wife, Hannah, Ann, Mary, John, Sarah, William, Esther.  to Heage.  1816
RM7/1069 Oliver FODEN, Mary wife, Grace, Precilla.  to Osmaston by Ashbourne  1821
RM7/1596 Thomas HOBSON, Mary wife, Alice, Sarah.   to Stanley 1831
RM7/1877 Eliza CAREY, Hannah, Mary Ann  to West Hallam.   1842
DAR/1 Robert SHAW and wife, to Shipley. Appeal by Shipley to keep them at Dale Abbey until appeal determined.  1699
DARLEY Removal
Does not make clear if Darley Abbey or Darley Dale.
R1 Richard HALFORD Market Harborough, Leics to Darley 1709
RM5/295 George LAMBERT, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth.  Darley to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1737
RM5/388 Mary WASS  Wensley and Snitterton to Woolley p.Morton 1750 
RM5/409 John BLAND, Hannah wife, Mary.  Wensley and Snitterton to Ripley 1753
RM5/514 Catherine FERN  to Darley in the High Peak to Derby St Michael  1758  
RM5/553 Ralph FROST, Ann wife, John, Ann.  Wensley to Warsop, Notts. 1760
RM5/554 Ralph FROST, Ann wife, John, Ann.   Wensley to Shirland 1760
RM5/679 Sarah METCALFE, John, William, Francis.  to Matlock  1766
RM5/18 Anthony TURNER, who married Martha BOTT dec. to Bonsall  1712
RM6/36 Isaac BOWER, Hannah wife.  Wensley to Ashover  1772
RM6/169 Rachel BATEMAN Wensley to Crich.  1778
RM6/204 Thomas WARD  to Stanton p.Youlgreave 1779
RM5/74 Isaack , Isaac HARNDY elder, Richard, Isaack.  to Ilkeston  1717
RM6/374 John HOLEHOUSE, Mary wife, Mary  to Winster  1785 
RM6/431 George CLAY children Sarah, Elizabeth, William, George, Abraham  to Matlock.  1787
RM6/464 John BATEMAN, Thomas, Mary. Wensley and Snitterton to Cromford.   1788
RM6/603 John BOAM, Ann wife.  to Matlock  1793 
RM6/765 Joseph HILL and wife, Job, Bettey, Joseph, Charles.  Wensley and Snitterton to Winster.  1800
RM7/42 William ROBINSON, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, Jeremiah, Hannah, George, William, Ralph. to Witton (Wilton, Wetton?) Staffs. 1801
RM7/78 Hannah BLACKWALL  Darley Bridge to Hazlewood  1803
RM7/111 Mary TAYLOR Wensley to Ballidon  1804
RM7/453 Hannah WAIN  Darley to Litton 1815
RM7/454 Hannah WAIN  Darley to Litton, del 2 Oct by William SWIFT.  1815
RM7/585 George VICKERS, Grace wife, Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, George.  Wensley and Snitterton to Beeley.  1816
RM7/769 Isaac NEALE, Alce wife, Ann.  Wensley to Wadsley, Yks.  1817
RM7/1037 Ann HIBBERT  Darley to Walton  (document does not state which Darley, there is Darley Abbey to consider. Placed here due to being nearer to Walton) 1820
RM7/1708* William POTTER, Alice wife, Samuel, John, Harriet, Elizabeth, James.  to Wensley  1833
RM7/1709 William POTTER delivered to Robert MARSDEN Overseer of Wensley by me John BENTLEY one of the Overseers of Darley.  1833
RM7/1730 William STATHAM, Frances wife.  Wensley and Snitterton to Wingerworth  1834
RM7/1824 Elizabeth RANDLE  and six children. Wensley and Snitterton to Newbold. Notice of Chargeability placed in Post Office at Matlock Bath. 1839
RM7/1825 Elizabeth RANDLE, Charles, Eliza, John, Thomas, Alexander, Moses.  Wensley and Snitterton to Newbold 1839
RM7/1828 John RANDLE, Elizabeth wife, Charles, Eliza, John, Thomas, Alexander.  Wensley to Newbold. This is a copy of a 1833 Removal Order produced in evidence regarding a later Removal Order.  1838. 
DENBY Removal
46 Robert VALENCE, Elizabeth wife, Richard, Sarah.  Heage to Denby  1754
47 Ann BUTLER  Wirksworth to Denby  1756
48 Edward EYRE, Maria wife.  Codnor to Denby 1789
49 Sarah HUNT single, pregnant  Denby to Stanton by Dale  1814 
50 Jane OTTERWELL wfe of Stephen OTTERWELL, John , Samuel  Derby St Peter to Denby 1815
51 Elizabeth HUNT single, pregnant  Harmston ?, Leics to Denby 1821
52 Mary WOODHOUSE, single, pregnant. Denby to Horsley Woodhouse   1823
53 William RICHARDSON late wed Hannah HUNT widow of James HUNT collier dec, Elizabeth HUNT 10, Samuel 8, Christopher 6. Bond to indemnify parish.
54 W. ALLTON.  Note from T MARROITT Overseer of Amington, Lancs. " we have no reason to believe W. ALLTON is our parishioner".
55 Patrick HALL Denby by his Will 1799,mentions wife Ann and house in the Openwood Gate in possession of Anthony SMITH. The widow Ann married William SANT (or SAINT) . William SANT is now chargeable.   
56 Benjamin BARKER a poor boy belonging Hazzlewood apprenticed to John BUTLER of Denby. Hazzlewood Overseers accused of fraudulently "saddling Denby with a pauper".  1810
57 John WOOD son of Richard WOOD. Case regarding removal. John WOOD resides Denby but belongs to another. Apprenticed to Charles RILEY, Denby. 1818 
58 Mary PARKIN wife of George PARKIN Suspended order. Heage to Denby.  1813
59 George PARKIN, Mary wife, Samuel, John, Moses.  Heage to Denby.  1813
RM3/81 Ann CLARKE single to Kilbourne 1813
RM3/82 Elizabeth CLARKE to Wellingore Co Lincs Dec 1812
RM3/83 Suspended Order Eizabeth CLARKE to Wellingore Co Lincs. ill. Removed Jun 1813
1 Jane WILTON single to Wilne and Shardlow 1825
RM5/385 Hannah SMEDLEY wife of George SMEDLEY, Johanah, Sarah.  to Little Eaton 1750
RM5/445 Jonathan SHIPLEY, Jane wife.  to Codnor  1754
RM5/584 Ann CALTON  to Shipley  1762
RM5/600 Mabel WHEATLEY   to Eastwood, Notts.  1762
RM6/105 Martha RICHARDS  to Sandiacre.  1774
RM6/287 Martha SPENCER,Elizabeth  to Belper  1782
RM6/447 John OLDKNOW, Hannah wife, Elizabeth.  to Horsley Woodhouse  1787
RM7/110 Thomas SUMMERS ,Hannah wife.  to Ockbrook  1804
RM7/606 Benjamin BARKER  to Hazlewood.  1817
RM7/702 Henry GOODWIN, Ann wife, William  to Youlgreave 1817
RM7/703 Sarah GOODWIN un-married with child.  to Youlgreave.  1817
RM7/1161 Diana NEWTON widow, Joseph 46 yrs her son.  to Carlton in Lindrick, Notts.  1823
RM7/1242 Mary CRESSWELL widow of Patrick CRESSWELL, Sarah.  On examination of George CRESSWELL father of Patrick. to Ripley  1825
R1 Rebeckah ARME single, removed from Mackworth to Derby All Saints. 1701
R2 William HILL labourer, Chaddesden to Derby All Saints 1710
R3 Samuel Palfreyman SLEIGH, wife, widow and family. to Derby St Werburgh. 1710. This document has a few amendments and it seems Samuel died during the preparation of the document and the removal of the family. A note on the reverse states he married the dau of Henry MILLS.
R4 William BRENTNALL, wife, children to Markeaton als Marton.1710
R5 Thomas PEDLY, wife. Derby St Werburgh. 1710
R6 William COOKE, wife, Job. Derby St Alkmunds. 1714
R7 Samuel MEATE, Millicent wife Derby St Alkmund 1714
R8 William BILLINGES wife and her child. Alstonefield, Staffs. 1716
R9 Jane POUNTAINE wife of John POUNTAINE Mickelover 1716
R10 Margaret VINCENT, wife of Hnery VINCENT, with one child. Ryslip. (Ruislip) Middx. 1716/7
R11 Mary BURTON widow, child Hannah, herself big with child. Markeaton 1716/7
R12 Robert WITTALL, Elizabeth wife, Robert. St Giles in the Fields, London. 1718
R13 Thomas LUDCOCK, wife. Chesterfield to Derby All Saints. 1720
R14 Edward VALENTINE, Elizabeth wife, to Uttoxeter, Staffs. Left a child Ann VALENTINE in Uttoxeter aged 6m about 14m before. 1722/3
R15 Jonathan DALLISON, Hannah wife. Derby St Werburgh 1723
R16 Ellen BRIGHOUSE Wigan, Lancs. 1723
R17 Elizabeth BROOKS 38 from St Albans, Herts. to Derby All Saints 1723/4
R18 William WALKELATE (WALKLATE), Sarah wife, William, John. Derby St Werburgh. 1726
R19 Elizabeth STABLES single, Duffield. 1736/7
R20 John GREATTON, Sarah wife, Joseph, Ann, Sarah. Derby St Peter. 1727
R21 Mary INNOCENT wife of Seth INNOCNET, now a soldier in HM Service, Joseph son. Taddington and Prestley (Priestcliffe) Certificate issued to Thomas INNOCENT father of Seth. 1727
R22 Appeal against removal of Mary INNOCENT by Taddington. Case won by Taddington, Settlement Derby All Saints. 1727
R23 John STANSBY cooper Derby St Peter 1728
R24 James TRUEMAN fwk, James son. Ilkeston 1728
R25 John LABAN, Sarah wife, Mary Normanton, Dbys. 1728
R26 Joseph CHATTERTON, Ann wife, James. Normanton, Dbys. 1728
R27 Charles UDALL, Catherine wife, Mary. Wirksworth 1728
R28 John HOLMES, Alice wife, James. Derby St Werburgh 1728
R29 Sarah INNOCENT, widow, Joseph, Thomas, Benjamin. Taddington. 1728 (Taddington appeal, failed against removal)
R30 Elizabeth MILLS single, William, son. Scropton 1728/9
R31 Mary WADDALL, heretofore HALL, widow of Henry WADDALL, four children. from Nottingham St Mary to Derby All Saints. Appeal lodged. 1737
R32 Ann OAKES Derby St Peter to Derby All Saints 1779
R33 William BROUGHTON, Ann wife. Derby St Werburgh 1780
R34 Elizabeth EVANS Duffield to Derby All Saints 1781 (Appeal by Derby All Saints)
R35 Ann TURNER wife of Thomas TURNER, Thomas, John. Derby St Werburgh. 1787/8
R36 William ALSOP, Ruth wife. Codnor p. Heanor. 1789
R37 William BLORE, Sarah wife, Thomas, Alice, William and Ann twins 3yrs old, Sarah. Sutton Coldfield, Warwicks. 1790
R38 Betty BAKEWELL wife of Thomas BAKEWELL, and Charlotte 10. Alrewas, Staffs. 1792  (On oath of Edward BROWN, father of Betty, she being at times insane.)
R39 William COOPER, Mary wife, Thomas, Ann, Mary Loughborough, Leics. 1793
R40 Mary EVANS widow, Ann, William, Sarah. Bilston, Staffs. 1794
R41 Martha HASLAM, Thomas 1yr. Duffield 1794
R42 Elizabeth BROWN, Wrexham, Wales to Derby All Saints. 1795
R43 Jonathan BROWN a bastard child born Weston on Trent, Dbys of the body of Elizabeth BROWN. Weston on Trent. 1795
R44 Elizabeth BROWN Market Bosworth, Leics. 1795
R45 Charles UDALE, Elizabeth wife. Wirksworth 3 Nov.1795
R46 Suspender order Elizabeth UDALE Wirksworth 29 Oct 1795
R47 Suspended order Elizabeth UDALE "in a bad state of health". 3 Nov 1795
R48 Dorothy JOHNSON widow, Robert, Isaac, Benjamin, Elizabeth, James. from Stourbridge, Shropshire (Salop) to Derby All Saints. Order cancelled. 1797
R49 Jane TURNER Derby St Michael to Derby All Saints. 1796
R50 Patience SWINDELL single to Duffield 1797
R51 Mary CRAMPTON single. to Colston Bassett Notts. 1796
R52 Dorothy JOHNSON appeal by Overseers of Stourbridge. to Duffield. 1797
R53 Dorothy JOHNSON as above, different format informing Overseers of Derby All Saints of appeal. 1797
R54 John FREEMAN aged 4, to Winster 1797, upon examination of mother Hannah FREEMAN
R55 William WALKER. Catherine wife, John, William to Tideswell 1800
R56 Elizabeth WIGLEY widow. Brocksage, Staffs. 1800
R57 Suspended order Elizabeth WIGLEY to Brocksage, Staffs but died 25 Apr 1801
R58 William BATTY, Margaret wife, John, William to Marple, Ches. Feb 1801
R59 Suspended order William BATTY removed to Marple, Ches. Oct 1801
R60 William PURSEHOUSE, Mary wife, Sarah, Phebe, Eleanor, Mary, Rosamond, Henry. to Walsall, Staffs 1801
R61 Dorothy HALSWORTH single. Kirk Langley to Derby All Saints. 1801
R62 John WOODFORE, Jane wife, George, James to Alveston, Warwicks. Mar 1801
R63 Suspended order Jane WOODFORE removed to Alveston, Warwicks. Apr 1801
R64 Quarter Sessions order John WOODFORD to be paid 2/6 weekly
R65 Margaret PENNERTON widow, Mary, Esther, Ann. from St Martins, Worcester, Worcs. to Derby All Saints. 1801
R66 Joseph SMALLWOOD, Jane wife, John, Jane, Jane (sic) Birmingham, Warwicks to Derby All Saints. 1801
R67 Mary BROWN wife of Mark BROWN a soldier in HM Regt of Foot Guards, Elizabeth. North Caulton, Yks 1801
R68 Elizabeth THOMAS widow, William. to Eland cum Greetland, Yks. 1801
R69 Margaret COWLISHAW to Etwall 1801
R70 Thomas GILBERT, Alice wife, Sarah, Mary Anne, to Yoxall, Staffs. 1801
R71 Catherine MEACHIN to Uttoxeter, Staffs. Nov. 1801
R72 Suspended order, Catherine MEACHIN to Uttoxeter, Staffs. Nov 1801
R73 Order allowing Catherine MEACHIN maintenance. 1801
R74 Letter from surgeon that Catherine MEACHIN dangerously ill and cannot be removed. 1801
R75 Thomas BROWN, Sarah 14, Thomas. to Brampton, on Examination of Ralph LOMAS. 1801
R76 Suspended order Thomas BROWN to Brampton 1801
R77 Order allowing Thomas BROWN maintenance 1801
R78 Catherine WEBSTER widow, Samuel, Sarah, George to St Margarets, Westminster. 1801
R79 Thomas GILBERT, Alice wife, Sarah, Mary. to Uttoxeter, Staffs. year missing, likely 1801.
R80 Ann CAREY wife of Samuel CAREY soldier 22 Rgt Dragoons to Congleton, Ches. 1802
R81 Suspended order Ann CAREY to Congleton 1802
R82 Thomas COLLUMBELL to Chaddesden 1802
R83 Mary TRACE wife of William TRACE a soldier, Catherine. Sawley 1802 Upon examination of John TRACE father of William TRACE.
R84 Edmund FLOYD Derby St Peter 1802
R85 Robert THORNILLO, 2, illegitimate son of Ann THORNILLO. Sheepshead, Leics. to Derby All Saints.1802
R86 Thomas BROUGH alias GEAREY, Margaret wife, Robert. to Leicester All Saints, Leics. 1802
R87 William STEVENSON, Ann wife, Sarah, William, Matthew. Sheffield, Yks. 1803
R88 Suspended Order William STEVENSON Sheffield, Yks. 1803 (no other details given as to removal.)
R89 William FROST, Mary wife, Sarah aged 26 yrs.old. Kirkby in Ashfield, Notts. 1803
R90 Hannah BROWN wife of John BROWN a Native of Ireland. Egginton. 1804
R91 Mary COOKE wife of Thomas COOKE Sheepshead, Leics. 1805
R92 John SIDLEY 10,James SIDLEY 8, Thomas SIDLEY 4 children of Thomas SIDLEY. Nottingham St Mary, Notts to Derby All Saints 1806
R93 Jesse ANDREWS, Alice wife Wimeswould,Leics.1806
R94 Suspended Order Alice ANDREWS Wimeswould, Leics, 1806 (no other details given as to removal)
R95 George HEANS, Elizabeth wife, Harriot. Hazlewood. 1806
R96 Ann PAGG single, pregnant. Manchester to Derby All Saints 1807
R97 Samuel VAUGHAN, Sarah wife, Sarah, Samuel. Leominster, Herefordshire. 1807
R98 Joseph HURST, Elizabeth wife, Ann, John, Sarah, Mary. Whitely, Yks. 1807
R99 Suspended Order Ann HURST, John HURST Whitely, Yks. 1807 (no further details as to removal)
R100 James BERKIN, Ann wife, Jane 1m. Radbourne. 30 Sep.1807
R101 Ann BERKIN to receive 5/- for herself and child. 29 Sep. 1807
R102 Elizabeth POYSER, wife of George POYSER, Rebecca, George. New Brentford, Middx to Derby All Saints. 1807
R103 Rebecca MacGANNLY wife of William MacGANNLY, a native of Ireland, Henry. Upon Examination of William MacGANNLY and William SOARE. Derby St Michael to Derby All Saints. 1807
R104 Mary STODDARD wife of Joseph STODDARD a soldier 38th Rgt Foot Grindon, Staffs. 26 Jan1808
R105 Sarah ALLSOP wife of John ALLSOP soldier in the Militia for the County of Derby, Charles, Ann, James. Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1808
R106 Joseph STOTTARD, Margaret wife, Sarah. Heaton Norris, Lancs to Derby All Saints. 11 Apr 1808
R107 Suspended Order Joseph STODDARD Heaton Norris, Lancs. to Derby All Saints finally removed 27 Oct 1808
R108 Mary HOUGH widow, Mary, not of sound mind, Ann. Birmingham, Warwicks. to Derby All Saints 1808
R109 Frances HOUGH single. Birmingham, Warwicks. to Derby All Saints 1808
R110 Joseph RATHBONE Sibston, Leics. 1808
R111 Suspended Order Joseph RATHBONE Sibston, Leics. 1808 (no further details as to removal )
R112 Mary COPE, wife of Richard COPE a soldier 5th Rgt Dragoons, Marianne, Elizabeth.. Selson, Leics. (sic) earlier in document, Selston, Notts. 20 Sep.1808
R113 Suspended Order Mary COPE Selston, Notts. 1808 (no further details as to removal)
R114 Note stating Mary COPE wife of Private Richard COPE unfit to be removed. 22 Sep 1808
R115 Sarah BYRNE widow, Mary, Patrick, Frederick to All Saints Pavement, York, Yks. 1809 (Upon examination of Thomas BYRNE, her late husband)
R116 William HOLDEN Duffield to Derby All Saints 1809
R117 Grace BODEN Matlock to Derby All Saints 1809
R118 Amelia HAYS wife of John HAYS a soldier in the Militia, John, Ann, Sarah. Little Chester. 1809
R119 Ann EYRE Hope 14 Nov 1809
R120 Suspended Order Ann EYRE Hope. Dead. 1813
R121 Daniel PEGG Sutton on the Hill to Derby All Saints 1810
R122 Ralph FAULKNER to Dilhorn, Staffs. Mar.1810
R123 Suspended Order Ralph FAULKNER Dilhorn, Staffs. removed May 1810.
R124 Mary HALES, Richard, Thomas. Egginton 1810
R125 Mary FERRIS, wife of Richard FERRIS, George, Charlotte, Thomas. St Gregory, London Sep.1810
R126 Suspended Order Mary FERRIS St Gregory, London 13 Nov 1810
R127 Note that Mary FERRIS is fit to be removed. Nov 1810
R128 Ann LUCK Derby St Peter to Derby All Saints 1810
R129 Samuel BROWN Sarah wife, Frederick Derby St Alkmund to Derby All Saints. 1811
RM2/77 Joseph MADDOCKS Martha wife, Elizabeth, Mary, Ellen, Joseph. 1809  Darley Abbey to Winnington, Cheshire (or Wirrington )
RM3/18 Lydia ROWLAND Derby All Saints to Alvaston 1811
RM3/40 William WALLIS Ann wife, William, Joseph, James, George, John. Derby All Sts to Hathern, Leics. 1812
RM3/50 George NOBLE Grace wife, Godfrey, John, Grace, Isaac, Joseph and Betty twins, Nanny. 1812 Darley Abbey to Crich
RM3/55 John ROBERTS Mary wife, Jane, Mary, Thomas, Michael, Frederic, Ellen. Darley Abbey to Cubley. 1812
RM3/68 Jane BAXTER wife of Joseph, a soldier in Derbyshire Regt of Militia, Charles 9m. to Leicester St Martin 1813
RM3/93 Ann EYRE to Hope 1809
RM3/94 Suspended order Ann EYRE. now dead. 1813
RM3/98 Sarah HAM widow of James Ham, James, Richard, 1813 on oath of Hannah, mother of James HAM. to St Brides, London, Middx.
RM3/131 William WALLIS, Ann wife, Wm, Joseph, James, George, John. to Hannington, Hants. 1813
RM3/191 Wm HITCHCOCK, Sarah wife, John, George. 1815 to Barton in Staffs.
RM3/199 John MARTIN, Sarah wife, Ann, Sarah 1815 to Derby St Alkmund
RM3/218 William TATLOW Ann wife, to Stoke, Staffs. 1815
RM3/219 William TURNER, Mary wife, Thomas, James, Hannah, Sarah. to Derby St Peter. 1815
RM4/26 Wm HARDEN to Arnold, Notts May 1816
RM4/26a Suspended order, Wm HARDEN to Arnold Aug 1816
RM4/53 John SPINKS, Dianna (Diana), wife, Frances, John, Eliza, Henry, Ann, Sarah. 1816 Derby All Saints to St Leonards, New Malton, Yorkshire
RM4/62 Philip WILCOX, Elizabeth wife, Maria. 1816 Derby All Saints to Birmingham, Warwickshire
RM4/80 Robert JOHNSON Derby All Saints to Calverton, Nottinghamshire. 1818
RM4/90 Sarah POOL, Louisa, Elizabeth, Samuel, Ellen. 1818 Derby All Saints to Derby St Peter.
RM4/95 Thomas TAYLOR, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Isaac. 1818 Derby All Saints to Derby St Peter.
RM4/98 Jane ALEXANDER Joseph, Mary, Enoch. 1819 Derby All Saints to Derby St Peter.
RM4/138 Ann JORDAN, widow of Samuel JORDAN. Samuel. Dwerby All Saints to Cirencester, Gloucestershire 1819
DLR 1 Maria SIDLEY (wife f Thomas, presently absconded) Joseph, Mary Ann, from Burslem to Derby All Saints. 1835
DLR2 Elizabeth BIRKINSHAW widow, Mary, Hannah, Martha, Joseph, Eliza 2m. removed to Heanor 1834
DLR4 John COOKE removal from Birmingham, Warwickshire, to Derby All Saints. 10 Jan 1811
DLR5 Suspended order John COOKE removal from Birmingham, Warwickshire to Derby All Saints. 10 Jan 1810 John COOKE died 25 March. (the above dates have been checked and are as stated on the Removal orders. I suspect the Clerk has made an error. See DLR4)
DLR6 Catherine WASS removal to Derby St Michael 28 Nov 1809
DLR7 Suspended order of removal, Catherine WASS to Derby St Michael 29 Nov 1829. Finally removed 27 April 1810
RM5/15 John MORTON,wife, six children.   to Derby St Peter.  1712
RM5/19 William TURNER, wife, children.  to Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts.  1712
RM5/27 Mary CHAPLYN  to Swarkestone.  1713/4
RM5/152 George WRIGHT, Rebecha wife.  to Tamworth, Warwicks.  1722
RM5/164 Ellen HARRIS to Ilam, Staffs 1724/5
RM5/174 Thomas GIBBONS to Derby St Werburgh 1725
RM5/179 John SHEPPARD, Frances wife, Mary, John, Joseph, Elizabeth. to Derby St Werburgh 1725/6
RM5/200 Samuel HARVEY ,Mary wife.  to Ashbourne  1729
RM5/234 Sarah MILLS wife of Robert MILLS, Esther, Charles, Sarah. (on oath of her said husband who is lately run away. to St Lawrence Jury, London.  1732
RM5/252 Mary WEBSTER wife of Thomas WEBSTER. to Chaddesden  1733/4 
RM5/302 John COCKRAM,Ann wife, John, David, Ann,George.  to St Mary Le Bon, London 1739/40
RM5/323 Abijah MELOR  (on oath of John WEBSTER)  to Derby St Michael  1742
RM5/347 Hellen JOHNSON wife of Robert JOHNSON who is run away, Joseph, Elizabeth (on oath of Ann JOHNSON mother of Robert JOHNSON) to Great Storton, Hunts. 1744
RM5/351 Hannah ROWLAND wife of Titus ROWLAND (a soldier abroad) dau Dorothy Titus ROWLAND,(on oath of Joseph BELL) to Derby St Peter.  1744
RM5/355 Catharine COULSON wife of John COULSON a Pensioner in Chelsea College.  to Derby St Werburgh  1745
RM5/361 Mary HESKETH otherwise HULME wife of Thomas HESKETH otherwise HULME, Sarah. (on oath of Thomas HESKETH otherwise HULME having been gone sometime ago abroad and ran away from the sd Mary his wife.) to Outwood within Pilkington, Lancs. 1746
RM5/387 Lydia THOMPSON  to Wirksworth  1750
RM5/396 Sarah ALLEYN  to Uttoxeter, Staffs.  1752
RM5/403 Samuel POTTER   to Ravenstone  1752
RM5/410 Martha CHAPLIN wife of David CHAPLPN, Catherine, Charles. Derby (no parish indicated) to Kenilworth, Warwicks.  1753 
RM5/448  Ann WHITLEY  to Chaddesden  1754
RM5/449 William WITHERS, Mary wife, Joseph, William  to Alvaston  1754
RM5/503 Elizabeth SHEPARD widow of Matthew SHEPARD, Elizabeth, Matthew, Thomas, Ruth. to Derby St Michael. 1757
RM5/507 George TAYLOR  to Barkway, Herts.  1754
RM5/523 Elizabeth OLDERSHAW, widow   to Spondon  1758
RM5/581 Elizabeth WARRUP widow, An, Richard.  to Derby St Peter  1761
RM5/686 John TOPLIS, (apprentice of Abraham EATON of Ockbrook) to Ockbrook 1766
RM5/691 Titus BALL wife of John BALL, Mary, Thomas.  to Matlock  1767
RM5/716 Catherine TAYLOR, Burder TAYLOR, Elizabeth TAYLOR John TAYLOR children of Catherine TAYLOR and Burder TAYLOR her late husband.    to St Andrews Undershaft, London 1767
RM5/754 Ann LANDER   to Uttoxeter, Staffs  1769
RM6/39 Thomas EDMONDS,Betty wife, Sarah, Elizabeth, Thomas. to Chippingham (Chippenham?) Wilts 1772
RM6/50 Thomas TOOTH, Alice wife, Dorothy. to Derby St Peter. 1772
RM6/57 John BEARD, Elizabeth wife, John, Elizabeth. to Derby St Werburgh 1773
RM6/70 John THORP, Ann wife, Elizabeth, Samuel, John. to Derby St Peter 1773
RM6/84 Thomas BURROWS, Elizabeth wife. to Mickleover 1774
RM6/87 Ann DUKE to Derby St Peter 1774
RM6/88 Joseph FALKNER. Elizabeth wife, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth. to Ashbourne May 1774
RM6/89 Joseph FALKNER, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth. to Leek, Staffs Aug 1774
RM6/94 Joseph HOUGH, Ann wife, Thomas, Joseph,  to Abbots Bromley, Staffs 1774
RM6/114 Thomas FEATHERSTONE, Jemima wife, Hannah, Thomas.  to Derby St Michael 1775
RM6/144 Ann TURNER. (wife of Thomas TURNER a soldier and native of the Kingdom of Ireland), and Jane her child 12m.  to Derby St Werburgh  1776
RM6/168 Elizabeth BAMFORD,(wife of John BAMFORD) John.  to Derby St Michael 1778
RM6/228 Joshua POTTS, Mary wife, Thomas, Elizabeth. to Duffield  1780
RM6/137 Charles GASKIN otherwise GOSLING, Elizabeth, Sarah, Charles.. to Derby St Peter.  1776
RM6/139 John HALL, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, John, Henry, William.  to Derby St Peter  1776
RM6/463 Mary BALL  to Derby St Michael.   1788
RM6/651 Elizabeth BAMBRIDGE (wife of William BAINBRIDGE soldier) , William 6m.  to Chaddesden. 1795 
RM6/699 John WHITE, Dorothy wife, John, Lucy, Isaac.  to Turnditch.  1797
RM7/92 Dorothy CLIFF wife of James CLIFF a soldier, Henry, John herchildren as the widow and children of John WILD of Winster.  to Winster 1804
RM7/482 William BULL, Margaret wife, John, Eliza, Mary.  to Longford  1816
RM7/499 William CARDEN, Mary wife, William.  to Ilkeston  1816
RM7/507 Mary FEARNE, Thomas, Mary, Eliza,  to Brassington  1816 
RM7/531 Mary HINCHCLIFFE (wife of Thomas HINCHCLIFFE) Jane  to Alfreton  1816
RM7/563 James ROBERTS, Sophia wife, Elizabeth, Richard.  to Little Ireton.  1816
RM7/602 Joseph ASHBY, Martha wife.  to Alfreton  1817
RM7/710 Elizabeth HACKLEY  to Boughton, Ches.  1817
RM7/779 William POUNTAIN, Elizabeth wife, Benjamin.  to Hazlewood. 1817
RM7/789 Thomas SAVAGE, Hannah wife, Harriott, Ann, John.  to Findern. 1817
RM7/938 Sarah POOL, Louisa, Elizabeth, Samuel, Ellen.  to Derby St Peter.  1818
RM7/959 Thomas TAYLOR, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Isaac.  to Derby St Peter. 1818
RM7/1111 Elizabeth GREEN, Sophia.  to Waterfall, Staffs   Oct.1822
RM7/1112 Elizabeth GREEN Suspended order  to Waterfall,Staffs.  Dec. 1822
RM7/1124 Elizabeth SLACK  to Shepshead, Leics.  1822
RM7/1125 John SLACK to Shepshead, Leics.  1822
RM7/1279 Elizabeth BROOKES  to St John, Glastonbury, Somerset.  1826
RM7/1291 Samuel HINDS, Hannah wife.  to Holbrook.  1826
RM7/1323 Robert BARTRAM, Mary wife, Sarah, Hannah.  to Hopwas, Staffs.  1827
RM7/1329 Samuel BROOKES, Sarah wife, John, Ann.  to St John, Glastonbury, Somerset.  1827
RM7/1363 John THOMPSON,Mary wife, Henry.  to Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1827
RM7/1471* John SPARE, Thomas, Elizabeth, William.  to Tamworth, Warwicks 1829
RM7/1495 Sarah BLOUNT  to Appleby, Leics  1830
RM7/1449 Charles JOHNSON, Mary wife,  now pregnant, William.  to Staveley 1829.
RM7/1738  George CAMPBELL to Stoke, Staffs  1835
DERBY HILLS Removals (Derby Hills was an Extra Parochial Place but now forms part of Melbourne parish.)
RM7/1225 John TIVEY, Ann wife, Thomas, Frances, Jane, James, Mary, Joseph.  to Staunton Harold, Leics.  1824

RM2/4 Charles BRADBURY, Ann wife, John, Mary, Richard 1802 Derby St Alkmunds to Derby St Michael
RM2/21 Joshua HIND Derby St Alkmunds to Chaddesden 1805
RM2/45 Elizabeth HAINES (wife of Joseph HAINES, soldier 61st Regt Foot.) Joseph, Derby All Saints to Derby St Peter 1807
RM2/60 James HARRIS Sarah wife, Ann, James, Wm, Edward. Derby All Saints to Mackworth 1808
RM2/66 Elizabeth WINDLEY widow, William, Thomas, Hannah, Mary, Ann. Derby All Saints to Derby St Michael. 1808
RM2/88 Ann BILSON Derby St Alkmund to Heage 1810
RM3/1 Robert WATSON, Mary wife, Peter, Elizabeth, William, Hannah, Sarah. Derby St Alkmunds to Wirksworth. 1811
RM3/2 Elizabeth JONES, Elizabeth Derby St Almunds to Little St Paul, Covent Garden Middx. 1811
RM3/11 George Rodney LONGDEN St Almunds to Nottingham St Mary. on oath of Wm LONGDEN, father of George. 1811
RM3/15 John PIGGIN Derby All Saints to Elvaston 1811
RM3/32 James CLAY, Rebecca wife, Chas, Job, Charlotte, James, Mary. Derby St Alkmund to Mansfield 19 May 1812
RM3/33 Suspended order James CLAY Derby St Alkmund to Mansfield. 19 May 1812
RM3/43 Mary HOLLINGSWORTH Derby St Alkmunds to Chaddesden. 1812
RM3/61 Thomas TONGUE, Mary wife, James 1812 Derby All Saints to Wirksworth.
RM3/84 Wm CLEWS, Elizabeth wife, John, Mary, Julia. 1813 to Mickleover
RM3/141 John BAILEY, Sarah wife, Tho, Elizabeth, John. 1814 to Derby St Peter.
RM3/145 Francis COCKERHAM, Rachael wife, Mary, Harriott, to Long Watton, Leics. 1814
RM3/166 Charles TAYLOR, Sarah wife, William, Sarah, Ann, George. to Rhodely, Leics. 1814
RM3/170 John WRAGG, MARY wife, to Chesterfield Jun 1814
RM3/171 Suspended Order Mary WRAGG ill. Now dead Oct 1814
RM3/182 John EPPINSTALL, Ann wife, Joseph, John. 1815 to Ecclesfield, Yks
RM3/224 Elizb. WILLIAMS, Wm to Sutton Scarsdale Sep 1815
RM3/225 Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Wm to Chaddesden Jan 1815
RM4/15 Ann BROWNE wife of James, Maria, Ellen, Sarah, Mary Ann. to Marston on Dove 1816
RM4/99 Ellen ALLEN, Ellen, Elizabeth, William, Charles. 1819 Derby St Alkmunds to Fosbrook, Staffs.
RM4/102 Joseph ALLWRIGHT, Frances wife, John, David, Sarah. Derby St Alkmunds to Allestree Feb 1819
RM4/131 Ann wife of John GRIFFIN, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth 1819 Coleorton, Leics to Derby St Alkmunds
RM4/136 Joseph HOLRYDE, Frances wife, John, David, Sarah Derby St Alkmunds to Hundersfield, Lancs. Joseph HOLRYDE goes under Joseph ALLWRIGHT. On oath of James SADLER. May 1819
RM5/70 Edward WILDE, wife, children  to Derby St Michael  1714
RM5/78 Elizabeth wife of Samuel VALENTINE alias MILNES two children.  to Duffield  1717/8 
RM5/86 Samuel MILNES alias VALENTINE, Elizabeth wife, three children. to Derby All Saints 1718
RM6/418 Ann ROGERS  to Findern  1786
RM5/176 John LITTON ? Dorothy wife.  to Derby All Saints   c.1725
RM5/194 Anne MOSELEY wife of John MOSELEY (now inlisted a soldier and absent from her), Gane.   to Little Eaton 1727 
RM5/213 William PORTER, Jane wife, William.  to Belper  1730
RM5/304 Elizabeth MORLEY  to Newton Solney.  1739
RM5/320 William HOLMES (on oath of Ann HOLMES and William COCKAYNE) to Derby All Saints.  1742
RM5/353 Susanna SMITH late wife of John SMITH  to Newton Solney  1744
RM5/440 Crispin HARDY  Little Chester  to Mickleover  1754
RM5/455  John EASOM, Ann wife, Ellen, Sarah. John now enlisted as a soldier in Lord George BENTINCKS Rgt of Foot on the Irish Establishmnet.  to Sturston.  1755
RM5/504 Mary SMITH wife of Samuel SMITH, Mary.  to Ashbourne  1757 
RM5/657 Sarah SMITH widow of William SMITH, Robert, Matthew, William,   to Codnor  1765
RM6/218 Robert GASKIN alias GOSLIN, Hannah wife, Elizabeth, Ann, William, Hannah.  to Derby St Peter.  1780
RM6/236 Joseph WOODWARD, Elizabeth wife, Hannah, Joseph,  to Derby St Peter.  1780
RM6/517 William MARTIN, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, William.     to Little Eaton  c. 1789
RM6/518 James MOORE, Jane wife, James, Jane, Francis, Mary.   to Derby All Saints  1789
RM6/465 Thomas BIRCH, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth.  Little Chester to Ashbourne. On oath of John CLARKE and Susanna BRADBURY. 1788
RM6/486 James MOORE, Jane wife, James, Jane, Mary.   to Derby All Saints. 1788
RM7/296 Mary DURDHAM  Darley Abbey to Leicseter St Margaret, Leics. 1812
RM7/329 William WALLIS, Ann wife, William, Joseph, James, George, John.  Darley Abbey to Hannington, Hants. 1812
RM7/337 William BRAILSFORD, Ellen wife, Hannah, John, Thomas, Samuel, German, Ellen, George.  Darley Abbey to Ravensdale Park 1813
RM7/570 John SILLS, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, John, Mark  to Sandiacre. Jun. 1816
RM7/571 Elizabeth SILLS Suspended order  to Sandiacre removed Oct. 1816
RM7/666 Hannah CROMPTON, Adam, Ellis, William.  to Salford, Lancs.  1817
RM7/741 Thomas KENT  to Hartshorne  1817
RM7/833 John WALLIS, Sarah wife, Samuel.  to Ashbourne 1817
RM7/875 William COOPER, Hannah wife, Carealine, William, John, Richard.  to Clent, Staffs.  Jan 1818
RM7/876 William COOPER Suspended order. Dead.  to Clent, Staffs.  Feb. 1818
RM7/916 George JOHNSON, Mary wife, Stephen, Eliza, Sarah, Joseph, Mary, Catherine.  to Bedworth, Warwicks. 1818
RM7/1120 John PEGG, Sarah wife, Hannah.  to Derby St Michael  1822
RM7/1121 Elizabeth PERRY  to Leicester All Saints, Leics. 1822
RM7/1198 Henry GORSE, Susanna wife.  to Markeaton  1824
RM7/1203 Elizabeth LAND, William, John, Alice, Hannah.  to Duffield  1824
RM7/1223 Ann TIVEY . On examination of Elizabeth SMITHARD.  to Heanor  1824
RM7/1239 Mary CARR  to Doncaster, Yks  1825
RM7/1257 Hannah SHARDLOW . On examination of Francis SHARDLOW  to Dethick, Lea and Holloway.  Oct 1825
RM7/1258 Hannah SHARDLOW Suspended order. to Dethick Lea and Holloway. Nov 1825
RM7/1259 Hannah SHARDLOW  to Shardlow  1825
RM7/1265* Edward STEER On examination of Elizabeth BAKER  to Derby St Peter.  1825
RM7/1218 Martha SEAL single, pregnant.  Little Eaton to Derby St Alkmuind.  1824
RM7/1304 Martha POXEN, Sarah.  to Kegworth, Leics.  On examination of Joseph WAKEFIELD.  1826
RM7/1354 Martha POXEN , Sarah.  to Diseworth,Leics.  1827
RM7/1400 Ellen MARSDEN ,Thomas, Sarah  to Ballidon  1828
RM7/1524* Sampson HAMBLETON, Sarah wife, Hannah.   to Sheen, Staffs. 1830
RM7/1705 Mary MARSHALL  and children  Little Eaton to Holbrook, Appeal by Holbrook  1833
RM7/1706 Mary MARSHALL, widow of Gervase MARSHALL, William, Mary.  Little Eaton to Holbrook  1833
RM2/14 Rose COOPER Derby St Michael to Glossop 1805 on oath of Thomas DALLISON, grandfather.
RM2/37 Elizabeth ARMSTRONG wife of Thomas, a soldier 5th Regt Foot, Henry 1yr. Derby St Michael to Sileby Leics. 1807
RM2/47 Ann HAMBLING, William her child 1807 Derby St Michael to Sheepshead, Leics.
RM2/91 Elizb. CLARKE Derby St Michael to Derby All Sts 1810
RM3/28 Sarah BALLINGER 9. Derby St Michael to Sileby 1812 on oath of Wm ADCOCK
RM3/35 Elizabeth COOPER, wife of Charles a native of Ireland but now of the Borough of Derby, Saml. 1812 Derby St Michael to Spoondon.
RM3/49 Harriet MARSHALL, wife of Saml a soldier, 45th Rgt Foot, Benjamin. Derby St Michael to Derby St Peter. 1812
RM3/59 Mary THOMPSON wife of Joseph THOMPSON soldier. Derby St Michael to Wigan, Lancs. Feb 1812
RM3/60 Mary THOMPSON suspended order, removed. May 1812
RM3/139 Thomas WOODHOUSE, Sarah wife, Abraham, Wm, Joseph, Dorothy. to Derby All Sts. 1813
RM3/148 Matthew FARNOUGH, Elizabeth wife, Saml. 1814 to Rodely, Leics.
RM3/183 Matthew FARNHOUGH, Elizabeth wife, Samuel 1815 to Duffield.
RM3/198 Mary LEES to Uttoxeter 1815
RM4/17 Benjamin COPE, Sarah wife, Mary, Wm. 1816 to Scartclif, Notts (sic)
RM4/133 Melicent HAMERSLEY Derby St Michael to Leek, Staffs. 1819
RM5/46 John BOOTHOUSE  to Derby All Saints  1714 
RM5/63 John SHEPPARD wife, family.  to Derby St Werburgh. (enlisted as a soldier for 6 yrs) 1714
RM5/223 Samuel VICKERS, Ellen wife. to Ollerton, Notts 1731/2
RM5/248 John PYMME  to Derby All Saints 1733
RM5/332 Samuel UFTON yngr, Elizabeth wife  to Derby All Saints  1742
RM5/346 Susanna HANDLEY (on oath of William HANDLEY her husband)  to Brackenfield  1744
RM5/365 Thomas SHEPARD, Elizabeth wife, Jane.  to Derby All Saints.  1746
RM5/472 Samuel BAKEWELL alias BAKER, Elizabeth wife, John.  to Derby St Peter.  1756
RM5/522* Charles MILLS, Sarah wife, Samuel, John  to St Lawrence Jewry, London  1758
RM5/562 Elizabeth RUSSELL, Ann RUSSELL, Benjamin RUSSELL children of Edward RUSSELL decd. on oath of Thomas TRIMER  to Llantwardine, Herefordshire.  1760
RM6/25 Sarah SMITH  to Brailsford  1771
RM6/44 William HILL, Ann wife, Catherine, Daniel, Nancy, Mary  to Derby St Werburgh  1772
RM6/166 Martha TAYLOR  to Spondon 1777
RM6/191 Elizabeth EATON widow.  to  Derby St Peter  1779
RM6/302 Hannah CORBETT  to Derby St Werburgh.  1783 
RM6/450 Samuel PEACH, Ann wife.  to Bond End, Burton on Trent, Staffs.  1787
RM6/567 William HANDFORD, Mary wife, Sarah.  to Derby All Saints.  1791 
RM6/591 Thomas PEG (PEGG) Ann wife.  to Brailsford  1792
RM6/626 Jane BEARDSALL wife of John BEARDSALL  to North Cave, Yks  1794
RM6/707 Benjamin HAWLEY, Sarah wife, Sarah, Mary, Ann, Martha, William   to Winster,  Aug. 1798
RM6/708 Ann HAWLEY Suspended order "fractured thigh".  Removed to Winster Oct 1798 
RM7/1287 Edward HAMMERSLEY, Ann wife, Mary.  to Leek, Staffs.  1826
RM3/12 Sarah MORETON widow, Derby St Peter to Duffiled 1811
RM3/17 Edward RICE, Elizabeth wife, William. Derby St Peter to Hathern, Leics. 1811
RM3/31 Jane CLAPP wife of Wm CLAPP, Edward. 1812 Derby St Peter to Normanton
RM3/36 Ellen ELLICE, John, Wm, Jane, Mary Ann, Ellen 1812 Derby St Peters to Greetham, Rutland.
RM3/51 Elizabeth NORRIS, wife of John, soldier, 37th Rgt Foot. Hannah. Derby St Peter to Osmaston by Ashbourne 1812
RM3/79 Edward CHOLERTON, Sarah wife, Edward, Saml, Joseph. to Derby All Saints. Nov 1813
RM3/80 Suspended order Edward CHOLERTON to Derby All Saints. Removed. Dec 1813
RM3/106 Joseph JOHNSON, Elizabeth wife, Charles, Jane, George, Samuel. to Staveley Jan 1813
RM3/143 Elizabeth wife of Wm BELFIELD, Wm, Ann, John, Elizabeth, Jane, Eliza. to Spondon 1814
RM3/147 Lydia Ellen DRAKE 15, Mary DRAKE 11, Susanna DRAKE 9, children of the lately dec. Francis DRAKE 1814 to Seddington, Rutland. on oath of Catherine COLLUMBELL Aunt to the three children.
RM3/165 Thomas SUCK ?, Mary wife, Elizabeth, John, Mary, Wm, Thomas. 1814 to Moulton, Northants.
RM3/188 John HANCOCK, Ann wife, Ann, Wm. Apr 1815 to Rhode, Cheshire.
RM3/189 Suspended order, John HANCOCK ill. Dead. The rest of family removed. Aug 1815
RM3/196 John LOVATT, Hannah wife, John, Harriott, Eliza, George. to Cheddleton Staffs. May 1815
RM3/197 Suspended order John LOVATT ill. Removed Aug 1815
RM3/207 John SANT yngr to Waverham, Ches. Jun 1815 on oath of father also called John SANT.
RM3/208 Suspended order of John SANT to Waverham Removed. Jul 1815
RM4/124 Sarah DAVEDSON, wife of Robert DAVEDSON, Eliza, Margaret, Ann, Sarah, Caroline. 1819 Derby St Peter to Ashbourne
RM4/140 Thomas LANCASTER Derby St Peter to Ripley 1819
RM4/154 Thomas RICHARDSON, Ellen wife, Thomas, William, Samuel, Sarah, Robert. 1819 Derby St Peter to Boylstone
RM5/28 Jane CLARK widow.  to Derby All Saints  1713
RM5/167 George NEWTON, Ann wife. Normanton to Richmond, Yks. 1724/5
RM5/265 William SHELDON, Mary wife, Thomas, John.  to Kinver, Staffs. 1734
RM5/266 Joseph TOMPSON Mary wife, John, William, Joseph, Francis, Sarah  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1734
RM5/288 Samuel BRIGGS  to Felly Abbey, Notts 1737
RM5/293 Lydia KILLINGLEY  to Booton, (Boulton) Dbys 1737
RM5/338 Elizabeth HIBBARD  Normanton by Derby to Osmaston near Derby 1743
RM5/341 William NEEDHAM  to Derby All Saints  1743
RM5/370 Wiliam WAGG, Grace wife.  Normanton by Derby to Sinfin and Arleston 1748
RM5/408 Hannah WHITELOCKS 2. (mother  Hannah WHITELOCKS has run away, on oath of Elizabeth JOHNSON ) Normanton to Selston, Notts. 
RM5/416 Ann HALL wife of John HALL.  to Littleover  1753
RM5/496 Ralph LANGDALE, Rebeckah wife, Elizabeth, Martha.  to Kirk Langley  1757
RM5/568 John ANDREWS, Margaret wife, William, John, Sarah.  ( residing Derby St Peter under Certificate since 1736)   to St Mary, Magdalen Bridgnorth, Salop.  1761
RM5/586 Ann CORBETT, John.  to Derby St Werburgh  1762  
RM5/611 Ann JACKSON widow,  to Alvaston   1763
RM5/617 Thomas STABLES, Jane wife, Thomas, John, Samuel, Henry, Rose.  to Bilson (Bilston ?) Staffs. 1763  
RM5/631 Elizabeth HUDSON widow of James HUDSON, Jane, Elizabeth, John, Catherine James, Esther, Sarah.  to Spondon  1764
RM5/666 Jane BASSFORD,widow, Ann, Hannah, Mary, Sarah.  to Derby All Sts.  1766
RM5/722 Nathaniel WEST, Elizabeth  to Leicester All Saints  1767
RM5/741 William ROSE, Sarah wife, Sarah, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth  to Osmaston 1768
RM5/745 Margaret TOWLE wife of Joseph TOWLE   to Breadsall  1768
RM5/760 William ROSE, Sarah wife, Sarah, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth  to Derby St Werburgh 1769 
RM6/37 Cassandra COKE single,  to Derby All Saints  1772
RM6/48 James MILLS, son John.  to Kings Newton  1772
RM6/58 Ann BLORE widow of Simon BLORE, Peggy, Sarah.  to Ashbourne  1773
RM6/59 Richard BURTON, Mary wife.  to Stapenhill  1773
RM6/60 Elizabeth CLARKE, William   to Loughborough, Leics. 1773
RM6/61 Ann CLIFFORD, James.  to Derby St Michael  1773
RM6/64 Mary HENSON spinster  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts 1773
RM6/97 Ann LANT wife of George LANT (who hath sometime since deserted her) Lydia.  to Stannington, p.Bradfield Yks. 1774
RM6/158 John HARRISON, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Peggy, John, Samuel, Hannah,  to Derby All Saints. 1777
RM6/190 Susanna CLAY wife of Samuel CLAY  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts  1779
RM6/197 Mary MORTON wife of John MORTON an invalid now upon duty at Plymouth, Jane ,James, John.  to Derby All Saints 1779
RM6/219 Gilbert GOODALL, Mary wife, Mary, Hannah, Jane, Gilbert, Robert  to Shirley  1780
RM6/248 Elizabeth OLDERSHAW, Elizabeth  to Spondon  1781
RM6/286 Elizabeth SMITH wife of John SMITH a blackmoor   to Litchurch  1782
RM6/224 John HOLAS son of Isabel HOLAS  to St Margaret, Leicester, Leics. Child aged 4, born 1776 at house of George STEVENS.  1780
RM6/385 Benjamin PRATT, Mary wife, John, Sarah, Elizabeth, William.  to Chaddesden  1785
RM6/471 Mary HARRISON  to Derby St Werburgh  1788
RM6/550 Ellen WATERFIELD     to Offcote and Underwood.  1790
RM7/24 Ann HULLAND pregnant.  to Brailsford  1801
RM7/26 Sarah JONES widow, Sarah, Christopher..  to St Pauls, Westminster. 1801
RM7/91 Mary CHEADLE wife of Joseph CHEADLE a soldier, Mary, Rebecca, Joseph, Charlotte, Helena, Sarah  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1804
RM7/97 Thomas HOWLETT, Ellen wife, Catherine.   to Bolton, Dbys (Boulton?) 1804
RM7/203 Joseph BOWLER, Mary wife, Mary, Samuel, Jacob, James, Joseph.  to Leeds, Yks. 1809
RM7/652 John CHADWICK, Elizabeth wife, George, Emila, John.  to Wetton, Staffs. 1817
RM7/545 Sarah LONG (wife of Francis LONG a native of Ireland) Charles, Sarah, Emily, Eliza, Ann.  to Cubley  1816
RM7/546 James MATHER, Matthew, Mary by a former wife, Mary his present wife, James, Sarah, Ann.  to Findern 1816
RM7/926 William MOORE, Mary wife, John, Elizabeth, William, Ann.  to Derby All Saints.  1818
RM7/944 Thomas SHARRATT, Dorothy, William, Thomas.  to Barrington, Ches. 1818
RM7/945 Thomas SHARRATT Suspended order. removed to Barrington, Ches.  1818
RM7/1151* Benjamin HALL to Thurcaston ?, Leics.  1823
RM7/1156 John HOLLAND, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Elizabeth.  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics. Nov 1823
RM7/1157 John HOLLAND Suspended order. to Ashby de la Zouch .removed Dec.1823 
RM7/1158 Mary HOLT  to Bradby (Bretby)  1823
RM7/1163 William POULSON, Hannah wife, Maria, Mary.  to Derby St Alkmund  1823
RM7/1183 Eliza ATKINS  to Derby St Alkmund.  1824
RM7/1296 John HUDSON, George HUDSON, Mary HUDSON. to Sutton cum Duckmanton.  1826
RM7/1301 William MARSHALL, Ann wife, William, Alethere, Ellen, Luke.   to Great Barr, Staffs.  1826
RM7/1314 William WAINE, Mary wife, Henry, Joseph.  to Wetton, Staffs. 1826
RM7/1373* John WHELDALE, Ann wife.  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts.  1827
RM7/1439 Thomas GILBERT, Susanna wife, Thomas.  to Uttoxeter, Staffs 1829
RM7/1547 Charles OAKDEN, Mary wife, William.  to Thorpe  1830
RM7/1540 John JEFFERIES 8, infant son of William JEFFERIES and Sarah JEFFERIES. On examination of Hannah JEFFERIES of Osliston, widow.  Litchurch to Uttoxeter, Staffs. 1830
RM7/1659 Jane HUDSON wife of William HUDSON, Mary, Elizabeth, Jane.  to Hulland Ward  1832
RM7/1684 Charlotte UNDERWOOD  to Hinkley, Leics  Jun. 1832
RM7/1685 Charlotte UNDERWOOD Suspended order.  to Hinkley, Leics. Aug 1832 . 
RM7/1751 Elizabeth THOMPSON  to Gateshead, Durham  1835
RM7/1766 John JENNINGS, Ann wife, William  to Derby All Saints. 1836
RM7/1769 Theophila ROSE, Thomas, Hannah, Ann, Caroline, Harriet.  to Wirksworth  1836
Joseph RIDE, Johanna wife,  Ann, Joseph, and un-named child  to Derby All Saints  1820  QSOB/3
RM2/23 Dorothy PARKER, John Derby St Werburgh to North Leverton, Nottinghamshire. 1805
RM4/72 John DAVIS Derby St Werburgh to Morley 1818
RM4/77 John HOLMES Derby St Werburgh to Mugginton 1818
RM4/106 William BARSON, Elizabeth wife, Mary, George, Elizabeth. Derby St Werburgh to Kingston nr Kegworth Co Nottingham.(sic) Mar 1819
RM4/107 Suspended order, Elizabeth BARSON Apr 1819 Derby St Werburgh to Kingston nr Kegworth. Removed.
RM4/121 Charles CRATON Derby St Werburgh to Stow, City of Lichfield. 1819
RM5/109 Thomas HALL alias EASOM, Elizabeth wife, Samuel  to Derby All Saints.  1721
RM5/143 John SHEPPERD wife, two children  to Derby St Michael. Agreement by Derby St Werburgh Overseers to removal Sep 1723
RM5/144 John SHEPHARD ,wife, two children to Derby St Michael.  Jul 1722
RM5/145 John SHEPHERD, wife, Ruth, Mark, Elizabeth. to Derby St Michael. Nov 1722
RM5/269 Timothy AUSTIN, Catherine wife, Richard, Mary Sarah, to Uttoxeter, Staffs. 1735
RM5/400 Ann KENNEDY aged 15.  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts  1752
RM5/405 William TOPLEYS  (much disordered in his senses) to Wirksworth. 1752
RM5/418 John HIBBARD, Mary wife, Mary.  to Fernilee p.Hope 1753
RM5/687 Joshua TOPLIS, Mary wife.  to Wirksworth  1766
RM5/710 Henry RADFORD, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Thomas,  to Market Bosworth, Leics.   1767
RM5/721 Thomas WEBSTER to Denby, Dbys. ( on oath of Rachel POTTS, lately Rachel WEBSTER ,mother of Thomas WEBSTER)  1767
RM5/724 Anthony WILD, Sarah wife, William, Mary, John, Hannah.  to Derby St Alkmund  1767
RM5/750 Thomas CATTELL, Mary wife, Jane, Thomas, Sarah  to St Martin, Birmingham, Warwicks.  1769
RM5/751 Elizabeth COLE widow  to Radbourne  1769
RM6/4 John BROWN,Sarah, James.  to Derby All Saints 1770
RM6/75 Joseph WOODHOUSE,Mary wife, Elizabeth, Sarah.  to Derby All Saints 1773
RM6/95 John JACKSON  to Shirland  1774
RM6/104 Mary NEWTON widow, Joseph.  to Hazlewood, p. Duffield.  1774
RM6/249 William ORTON, Ann wife.  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1781
RM6/263 John BEENHAM, Mary wife, Hannah, Benjamin, Jonathan, Thomas, Ann, Joseph.  to St Mary, Lichfield, Staffs. 1782
RM6/268 Hannah CORBETT  to Chaddesden  1782
RM6/178 Thomas LAFBERY, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Catherine.  to Castle Donington, Leics. 1778
RM6/183 Hannah SAXTON (wife of James SAXTON, in Derby Gaol for felony), Grace, Hannah.  to Derby St Michael. 1778
RM6/215 Arthur BROWN, Mary wife, Francis, Mary.  to Derby St Peter  1780
RM6/455 Elizabeth SAXTON   to Brewhouse Yard, Co. Nottingham.  Notts. 1787
RM6/468 John EDWARDS alias BILLINGS, Esther wife,   to Tideswell  1788
RM6/543 John OLDKNOW, Susannah wife, Sarah, Ann, Mary, Christopher, James.   to Smalley.  1790
RM6/573 Joseph MELLOR  to Derby All Saints  1791 
RM6/681 Ann NEWCOME  to Whatton, Notts. (sic) 1796
RM6/703 Sarah BROWN (wife of Thomas BROWN a soldier) Sarah, Thomas.  to Brampton.  1798
RM6/786 Joseph WARDLE, Ann wife, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, James.  to Litchurch 1800  
RM7/159 Mary SYKES, (wife of John SYKES) Mary Ann, Rebecca, Harriett, Edwin.  to Basford, Notts. 1806
RM7/842 Elizabeth WIGLEY, Joseph, Mary, Thomas, John, Eliza, Sarah, Ann, James.  to Darleston, Staffs.  1817
RM7/1205 William METTAM, Hannah wife, Elizabeth, William, James.  to Belper  1824
RM7/1700* Jane FOULBROOK  to Odiham, Hants  1833
RM7/1701 Jane FOULBROOK Suspended order. to Odiham, Hants. 1833
R1 Thos. PROCTOR, Ailce (sic) wife, John. Abney to Baslow 17-- (part of page missing.)
R2 Ann LITTLEWOOD removal from Hamlet of Woodland to Hamlet of Darwent. 175- (part of page missing)
R3 Ann THORP Derwent to Disley 1820
R4 Ann STREET, single Derwent to Bamford 1820
DORE Removals
RM6/717 Dorothy WRAGG  Totley to Holmesfield  1798
RM6/739 Dorothy WRAGG   Totley to Kings Sterndale  1799
RM7/164 Mary LONGDEN  to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks.  1807

R1 Joseph BAKER, Jane wife, Joseph Uttoxeter 1714 by virtue of apprenticeship to Edward BASEFORD Uttoxeter Wood.
R2 Anne CHARLTON saingle Stone, Staffs. 1717 served Thomas WOOD
R3 William HAMPSON, wife, child Hanbury 1718
R4 Henry HALL, wife Duffield 1720
R5 Joan ORTON, Wm child. Stoe, Lichfield 1726
R6 Hannah BRYAN alss RODGERS, infant and not capapble of taking an oath, On the oath of Richard CHAPLIN she belongs to Uttoxeter. 1726
R7 Hannah HARRISON infant 7, bastard of Elizabeth ARNFIELD, widow. Hannah born Leek, was removed there having been with her mother for nurture as the law requires. 1730 (At this time period, when a child was seven years old, and become chargeable to a parish, usually illegitimate children, it was established where it belonged and removed to that parish. The Law required the child to be with the mother for at least seven years to nurture it.)
R8 John WILLIAMSON 4, bastard son of Mary WILLIAMSON, now wife of William LOCKER of Cubley. Whereas every bastard child ought to be with its mother for nurture till the age of seven. The child was taken from Doveridge and presented to the Overseers of Cubley. 1730
R9 Samuel STONE, Sarah wife, John, Elizb. Ballidon 1730
R10 Ralph TURNER son of Richard TURNER 11yrs to Derby St Peters. 1731
R11 Elizabeth wife of Thomas SHEMELT, John 4, Loughborough, Leics. 1746
R12 Charles WOODWARD, Elizabeth wife Doveridge 1748 removed from Norbury.
R13 Isaac SIMPSON, Anne wife. Ipstones 1767
R14 Thomas PRESTBURY cordwainer. Alton, Staffs 1769
R15 Thomas JACKSON, Ann wife Farley, Staffs 1770
R16 John BUXTON taylor, Mary wife, Mary. Leigh, Staffs 1770
R17 Joseph SWETENHAM, Ellen wife, Jane, William, Mary Croxton. 1773
R18 Elizabeth ALLTON Doveridge 1774 removed from Colton, Staffs.
R19 Frances WOOD Colwich 1774
R20 Hannah FEARNE, single Doveridge 1775 removed from Uttoxeter.
R21 Wm STORER, Catherine wife, Mary, Sarah. Fradley 1777
R22 Rebecca KEELING Roston 1784
R23 John HENSHAW, Mary wife, Wm. Rocester 1787
R24 David Daulphin SMITH Doveridge 1805 removed from Snelstone, suspended.
R25 Sarah HOLLINGSWORTH single 35,Church Somershall 1806
R26 Josiah CHATFIELD 6 Phoebe CHATFIELD 4 children of Hnery and Ann, now both absent from the said children. Doveridge. removed from Chilwell, Notts. 1813
R27 Mary BICKERTON yngr Doveridge 1814 removed from Basford, Notts suspended. rem 1815.
R28 Elizabeth TURBER to Sudbury 1794
R29 Betty BAILEY Derby St Peter to Doveridge 1814
R30 Samuel WAIN, Ellen wife, Mary, Samuel, John 3 Feb 1815 Doveridge to Longford
R31 Suspended order Ellen WAIN. Removed 10 Feb 1815
R32 Ann DAKIN single Doveridge to Somersall Herbert 1816
R33 Frances WILD widow of Joseph WILD 1816 Doverdige to Marston Montgomery.
R34 Thomas WAINE and John WAINE sons of Samuel WAINE dec. 1817 Derby St Werburgh to Doveridge
R35 John STURGES, Frances wife, Louisa. 1817 Doveridge to Cheadle, Staffs.
R36 John SOWTER, Hannah wife, Millicent, Mary, Joseph, George, William. Doveridge to Ashbourne 1817
R37 William WALKER, Sarah wife, John, William, Thomas, Elizabeth. Doveridge to Barton Blount 1817
R38 Sarah WOOLLEY widow of Richard WOOLLEY 1817 Doveridge to Marston Montgomery
R39 James ADAMS Doveridge to Derby St Werburgh. 1817
R40 Elizabeth HILL widow ( of Thomas HILL late of Doveridge) Mary, Ann, William. Doveridge to Wetton, Staffs. Feb 1818 on oath of James HILL father of Thomas.
R41 Suspended order Elizabeth HILL ill, (nr lying in.) Apr 1818 Removed Doveridge to Wetton, Staffs.
R42 Thomas OLDAKER, Mary wife, Isaac, Mary Ann, Thomas, William. Doverdige to Norbury. 1818?
R43 John JOY (or Foy or TOY) otherwise GILES, Ann wife. 1818 Doveridge to Sedgley.
R44 John SHIPLEY, Hannah wife, James, Sarah, Eliza, John. Doveridge to Uttoxeter, Staffs 1819
R45 Sarah FOSTER wife of John FOSTER late of Snelston 1819 Doverdige to Snelston
R46 Catharine WOOLLEY single, pregnant. 1819 Doveridge to Marston Montgomery
R47 Hannah EVANS yngr single, pregnant 1819 Doveridge to Norbury
R48 William JOHNSON, Lettice wife, Ann 1820 Warslow, Staffs. to Doveridge
R49 John SEVERN, Martha wife. 1822 Boylestone to Doveridge
R50 John PEARS, Elizabeth wife, 3 May 1822 St Martin, Leics. to Doveridge
R50 Suspended order, John SEVERN 3 May 1822 St Martin, Leics. to Doverdige
R51 Ann TATE Derby St Werburgh to Doveridge 1823
R52 Hannah WALLEY widow. Smalley to Doveridge 13 Mar 1826
R53 Hannah WALLEY Suspended order. 13 Mar 1826
R54 Charles STONE Mary wife, Elizabeth 14, Stoke upon Trent to Doveridge. 1826
R55 Ann DAKIN single, pregnant, to Somersall Herbert 1826 lived at Doveridge since 1816.
R56 Thomas WAINE, Rachael wife, Eliza, Samuel, John. 1826 Derby All Saints to Doveridge
R57 Jonathan TUNSTALL, Elizabeth wife, Thirza, Elizabeth. St Olave, Borough of Southwark, Surrey to Doveridge 1 Jan 1827
R58 Suspended order, Jonathan TUNSTALL, ill. 22 Mar 1827 St Olave, Boriugh of Southwark, Surrey to Doveridge
R59 Richard STEVENTON, Mary wife. 1827 Doveridge to Preece (Prees) Salop. on oath of Jane THARME ?, mother of Richard STEVENTON
R61 James STONE, Elizabeth wife, George. 1827 Birmingham to Doveridge
R62 Thomas BICKERTON, Mary wife, William, Thomas, John, Joseph, Sarah, Henry. 1828 Uttoxeter, Staffs to Doveridge
R63 William BAGNALL, Jane wife, Ann, John, Thomas, Edward, Francis, Elizabeth. 1828
R64 Thomas RATCLIFFE younger, Mary wife, George, Mary 1830 Checkley, Staffs to Doveridge.
R65 Emma TATE single Nottingham St Mary, Nottinghamshire to Doveridge. 27 Oct 1830
R66 Suspended order, Emma TATE 15 Dec 1830 Nottingham St Mary, Nottinghamshire to Doveridge.
R67 William LOOSE, Mary wife, Robert, Mary. 1830 Hanbury, Staffs. to Doveridge.
R68 Elizabeth SLATER single, pregnant. 1830 Nottingham St Peter, Nottinghamshire to Doveridge.
R69 George MOORCROFT aged 65. Uttoxeter to Doveridge 1830
R70 James SHRIGLEY, Harriet wife, Mary Ann, William. 1831 Kingstone, Staffs. to Doveridge.
R71 Thomas WAINE, Rachael wife, Eliza, Samuel, John, Emma, Henry. Derby All Saints to Doveridge. 1831
R72 Henrietta DICKIN, Derby St Peter to Doveridge 1831
R73 Martha PALMER 1832 Appeal lodged by Uttoxeter against removal from Doveridge.
R74 Sarah WALL wid. of John WALL late of Doveridge, dec. 1833 Doveridge to Wirksworth
R75 James DICKENS Derby St Peter to Doveridge 1833
R76 Elizabeth ATKIN widow of George ATKIN (late Doveridge) George, Sarah, David. Doveridge to Ripley 1833
R77 Susan STURGESS Checkley, Staffs to Doveridge 1833
R78 John BLACKWAY, Mary wife, Harriet, Fanny, Henry Wolverhampton, Staffs to Doveridge. 18 Jun 1835
R79 Suspended order, John BLACKWAY 28 Oct 1835 Wolverhampton, Staffs. to Doveridge.
R82 James REDFERN, Elizabeth wife 1836 from Hopton and Coton, Staffs to Doveridge.
R83 William SHELDON 44, Mary Anne wife 27, Jemima, Clara, John, and an infant, four months old. 27 Sep 1855 Doveridge to Alton, Staffs.
R84 William SHELDON, Mary wife, Jemima, Clara, John, Emma. on account of William SHELDON ill of a permanent disability. Not having lived in Doveridge 5 yrs. 30 Sep 1855
R85 Charles SMITH, Ann wife, James, Thomas, Ann, Elizabeth. removed from Hinckley Leics. to Doveridge. 1742 Subject to an appeal.
R86 James BULL. wife, children. 1744 Sudbury to Doveridge. Subject to appeal.
R87 Richard TURNOR, mason, son Ralph 11. 1731 Doveridge to Derby St Peter.
R88 Edward and Catherine DICKEN, Jane, 22, unwell. 1833 Doveridge to Derby St Peter.
RM6/108 Frances WOOD  to Colwich, Staffs.  1774
RM5/64 Thomas SLATER, wife. to Sudbury  1714
RM5/108 Margaret GILBERT, pregnant.  to Uttoxeter, Staffs. 1721/2
RM5/118 Catharine THORNALLY, John  to Mayfield, (gained as servant to Nathaniel HURD) 1721
RM6/522 William SMITH yngr.   to Bloxwich, p.Walsall, Staffs.  1789
RM6/631 Joseph CHATFIELD, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, Henry, Jane, Mary, Webb, William, Thomas.  to Uttoxeter, Staffs. 1794
RM7/594 Frances WILD widow of Joseph WILD  Marston Montgomery  1816
RM7/1559 Mary Ann SHRIGLEY single, pregnant.  to Leek and Lowe, Staffs 1830
RM1/6 Annie NORTH single Cold Aston to Stubley 1721/2
RM5/12 Jeremiah BUNTING to Holmesfield  1712 
RM6/77 William BARTON  Dore to Totley  1774
RM6/109 Sarah BOOKER  Coal Aston to Staveley  1775
RM5/214 Joshua BEATSON, Naomi wife, William, Samuel, Mary  to Norton.  1731
RM5/263 Elizabeth LITTLEWOOD,  Unstone to Staveley.  1734
RM5/275 Henry ROTHERAM   Totley to Derby St Michael. 1735
RM5/608 Margaret DALE aged 6 dau of Samuel DALE by Jane his wife.  Dore to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks. 1763
RM5/634 Lydia MATHER widow of John MATHER, John, Mary, Hannah.       Unstone to Beighton.  1764
RM5/637 Ann BOOKER, Ann, Jonathan, Mary.  to Norton.  1765
RM5/652 Richard OWEN a young child brought into the parish by his father Francis OWEN who has since absconded.  to Newbold  1765  (See also  Clowne, Removals,RM5/651  Francis OVEN )
RM5/680 Francis OWEN, Richard,  to Whittington 1766
RM5/700 James GREEN  Totley to Upper Hallamshire p. Sheffield, Yks  1767
RM5/706 Jacob LUMAS (LOMAS ?)  Ann wife.  Unstone to Middleton by Wirksworth  1767
RM6/434 Martha FLEMING  to Marchington Woodlands, Staffs.  1787
RM6/442 Lionel MARTIN, Elizabeth wife, Jane, Ellin, Georgina, James.  to Totley 1787 
RM6/623 George BAGGALEY, Ann wife, Thomas, Sarah.  to Coal Aston  1794
RM6/624 Rebecca BAGGALEY  to Coal Aston  1794
RM6/677 Joshua GREGORY, Ann wife.  Having resided under Certificate since 1743. Removed to Unstone.  1796 
RM6/691 Millicent HOBSON, Mary, Thomas, Matthew.  to Beighton  1797 
RM7/153 Sarah LINDLEY widow, Robert, Samuel  to Norton  1806
RM7/226 Joseph PEARSON, An wife, Joseph, Hellen, Robert, Mary.  to Holmesfield  1809
RM7/350 William GRINLOW, Hannah wife, Amelia, William, Harriott, Thomas, John. to Unstone 1813
RM7/422 Martha WISLON    to Middleton, Lancs.   Apr. 1814
RM7/423 Martha WISLON Suspended order  removed to Middleton, Lancs.  Jul. 1814 
RM7/723 Thomas HOLLAND, Sarah wife, George.  to Mansfield, Notts.  1817
RM7/935 Elizabeth PARKER  to Staveley  1818
RM7/956 Mary TAYLOR  to Bakewell  1818
RM7/979 John BOWER, Mary wife.  to Great Barlow  1819 
RM7/995 John HORSEFIELD  to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks.  1819
RM7/1023 Sarah BIRDBERRY  Coal Aston to Rotherham ,Yks 1820
RM7/1029 Ann DOWNES an idiot  to Laughton en le Morthen, Yks.  1820
RM7/1048* James REANEY  to Coal Aston  1820
RM7/1002 James MASON, Martha wife, James, George, Mary, William, John.   Coal Aston to Dronfield  1819
RM7/1007 Hannah PRATT, single, pregnant.  to Eckington  1819
RM7/1153 James HANCOCK, Ellen wife, Mary.  Unstone to Totley  1823
RM7/1193 Elizabeth ELLIS widow, Henry, Mary.  to Coal Aston 1824
RM7/1212 William RODGERS, Peter, Eliza, John, Thomas.  Unstone to Norton 1824
RM7/1230 George WRIGHT, Mary wife, John, Thomas, George, Joseph. Unstone to North Wingfield 1824
RM7/1271 Thomas ALLSEBROOK, Hannah wife, William, Henry.  Coal Aston to Staveley. 1826
RM7/1315 Thomas WALKER, Mary wife, Thomas, Ruth, inf 2m.  to Sheffield, Yks  1826
RM7/1318 George WILLIAMS, Ann wife, Mary.  to Kimberworth, Yks  1826
RM7/1327 Annis BOOTH  single, pregnant.  Coal Aston to Eckington  1827
RM7/1337 John GELL, Rebecca wife, George, Mary, Eliza, Caroline, Rowland, Elizabeth.  to Coal Aston.  1827
RM7/1341 Ann HODGKINSON single, pregnant.  to Eckington  1827
RM7/1346 Thomas LAW, Mary wife, Thomas.  to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks.  1827
RM7/1358 Mary SPROWELL widow, Sarah, Ann, Mary.  to Rampton, Notts.  1827
RM7/1387 Paul CROFTS, Elizabeth wife.  Unstone to Whittington
RM7/1518 Elizabeth FLETCHER  single, pregnant.  to Great Barlow  1830
RM7/1535 George HOLLALEY, Mary 7 a child.  to Norton  1830
RM7/1538 John JACKSON  to Braithwell, Yks 1830
RM7/1539 John JACKSON Suspended order.  to Braithwell 1831
RM7/1561 Robert SILCOCK, Hannah wife, Mary, Robert.  Unstone to Barlborough.  1830 
RM7/1611 Robert SILCOCK, Hannah wife, Mary, Robert, George  Unstone to Walton.  1831
RM7/1686 George WARD, Hannah wife, Ann.   Unstone to Coal Aston  1832
RM7/1719 Elizabeth GOOSE  pregnant.  Dore to Priestcliffe  1834
RM7/1731 John SWIFT, Elizabeth wife  to Newbold.  1834
RM7/1849 Martha WOLSTENHOLME and her illeg. child.  to Norton.  1840
RM7/1968 William WRIGHT, Barbara wife.  to North Wingfield  1843
RM7/1969 William WRIGHT Suspended order.  to North Wingfield  1843
RM7/2008* Thomas BROWN, Joyce wife.  Unstone to Annesley, Notts.  1845
RM7/2013 * Hannah MASKERY widow of John MASKERY, Harriet, Matilda, Thomas, Alfred, John, William, Francis, Mark.   to Brampton  1845
RM2/17 William FOWLKE Shottle to Ashleyhay. 1805
RM2/24 Francis SPAULTON Sabina wife, William, James. 1805 Turnditch to Watnall.
RM2/26 Richard THACKER fwk, Elizabeth wife, Mary, William, Hannah, Richard, Isaac. 1805 Hazzlewood to Alderwasley
RM2/71 William FAULKES, Sarah wife, Samuel, John, Joseph, Francis. Holbrook to Hinckley. 7 Apr 1809
RM2/72 Sarah FAULKES wife of William, suspended order. Removed Holbrook to Hinckley, Leics. 21 Apr 1809
RM2/74 William KEY,Hannah wife, Mary, Thomas, John, William, Joshua, Elizabeth, Hannah. 1809 Windley to Mugginton
RM2/108 Richard WALKER, Hannah wife, Martha, Elizabeth, James. Holbrook to Ilkeston. 1810
RM3/3 Betty BEARDSLEY, Samuel, Joseph, 1811 Turnditch to Shottle.
RM3/13 Samuel OTTAWALL an idiot. 1811 Duffield to Kilburn. oath of William OTTAWELL, father of Samuel.
RM3/58 Hannah TAYLOR single, pregnant. Windley to Carsington. Feb 1812 Agreement between Carsington and Windley over Hannah TAYLOR removal. Child born at Carsington. Apr 1812
RM3/69 Elizabeth BEARDMORE single, pregnant 1813 Heage to Sth Wingfield.
RM3/119 Elizabeth REEDER wife of John REEDER (a Private soldier in 59th Regt Foot) Hannah. On oath of father in law Edward REEDER. Duffield to Kilbourne 1813
RM3/140 Thos AMBLETON, Hannah wife, Geo, Faith. 1814 Diffield to Tissington
RM3/175 John BOWLER, Elizabetrh wife, Ann, Mary, George, Elizabeth. Heage to Pentrich. 1815
RM4/141 Hannah LOWE single, and Abraham her illegitimate son, 5yrs old. Heage to Denby. 1819
RH1 Catherine EATON, Francis, Holbrook to Beeston,Notts 1823
RH2 Joseph WHITE, Pheabe (Phoebe) wife Jesse son 3, Holbrook to Alfreton. 1828
RH3 John BELL, William son. Holbrook to South Wingfield. 1828
RH4 Samuel ORME Henry, Mary, Ann. 1830 Holbrook to Horsley Woodhouse
RH5 William HOLMES, wife Eliza, Sarah 1830 Holbrook to Hucknall Torkard, Notts
RH6 William JEFFRIES, Mary 5, William 2yr 9m 1831 Holbrook to Newstead, Notts.
RH7 Joshua WOODWARD, Sydney wife, 1831 Holbrook to Derby All Saints
RH8 Joshua TARLTON, wife, four children, 1832 Holbrook to Tideswell
RH9 Thomas SHAW Holbrook to Newborough, Staffs. 1832
RM5/97 Jacob JENNY, wife, William  to Shottle  1720 
RM5/185 Elizabeth MIDLETON (MIDDLETON) wife of Humphry MIDLETON who has run away from her.  Shottle and Postern to Calow. (may refer to Callow nr Wirksworth) On oath of Richard GOODWIN.  1726
RM5/207 Frances HUNT wife of Joseph HUNT, who has run away. to Denby. On oath of Joseph FLETCHER.  1730
RM5/252 Henry STREET, Hannah wife, Mary . Belper to Wirksworth 1733/4
RM5/257/1 Charles GRATIAN , wife ?  Heage to Codnor Castle  1734
RM5/271 Ales BRADBURY single    Belper to Breadsall  1735
RM5/292 Thomas HUNT, Hannah wife, William, Emma, Ann  to Derby All Saints.  1737
RM5/358 John WALKER yngr.  (on oath of John GREEN)  Belper to Alderwasley  1745
RM5/397 George BLAND, Eliza., Jemimah, Ann  Heage to Stoke Newington, Middx. (on reverse, there is another child Martha 11m, being nursed at Heage, thought not fit to be removed this season of the year)  1752
RM5/420 Ann JILLET to Dalbury 1753
RM5/458 John FLETCHER, wife, John, Joseph, Daniel.  Heage to Ripley  1755
RM5/475 John HALKIN, Mary wife.  Heage to Locko, Spondon 1756
RM5/530 Mary BUNTING   Shottle to Morley  1759
RM5/542 Mary ROWLAND  Shotwell, Duffield  to Darley in the Peak  1759
RM5/544 John ARSLEY, Mary wife, Mary, Ann, Hannah, John, Elizabeth.  Belper to West Brom, Staffs.  1760
RM5/546 Joseph BOWLER, Phoebe wife.  Heage to Loscoe  1760 
RM5/557 Samuel LANE, Joseph, Martha, Elizabeth.  (on oath of Ralph LANCASTER) Windley to Duffield  1760
RM5/642 Elizabeth BULLIVENT wife of William BULLIVENT  Heage to Nottingham St Mary  1765
RM5/677 John LANE, Ann wife, William, Elizabeth, Ann.  Turnditch  to Barton, Notts.  1766
RM5/693 John BOWLER, Ann wife, Mary, Anthony, Esther, Hannah.  Heage to Kilburn  1767
RM5/697 Martha DRAKE  Belper to Horsley  1767
RM5/709 Nicholas ORME, Mary wife, Elizabeth.  Belper to Duffield  1767
RM5/748 Martha BRIGGS  to Derby St Alkmunds  1769
RM6/244 Lydia HALL  Belper to Marston Montgomery  1781
RM6/270* Elizabeth EVANS single.  Duffield to Derby All Saints  1781
RM6/277 Hannah LINAM (LYNAM) Heage to Windley  1782
RM6/8 Hannah JONES otherwise SMITH, single   Belper to Shirley  1770
RM6/43 Catherine HARRIS, Charles, Sarah, Daniel, Penelope. Belper to Hazlewood 1772
RM6/71 Henry VALENCE, Esther wife.  Heage to South Wingfield  1773 
RM6/81 Matthew BOWLER, Dorothy wife, Betty, Mary, Samuel. Heage to Duffield 1774
RM6/117 Francis GORSE, Ann wife, Nancy Ganble dau.  Hazlewood to Osmaston 1775
RM6/123 Sarah ROWBOTHAM,Thomas, Mary, Charlotte. Heage to Duffield 1775
RM6/124 Kesiah SMITH single,   Belper to Denby  1775
RM6/128 James STEEPLES, Sarah STEEP[LES both under seven. children of John STEEPLES decd. On examination of John FARRAND Cromford, Uncle.  Heage to Hopton 1775
RM6/132 Elizabeth YEOMANS wife of Joseph YEOMANS  (soldier 35Rgt Foot now serving in America. ) Mary.  Holbrook to Ireton Wood. 1775 
RM6/165 James STEEPLES aged about 4,  on examination of Uncle John FARRAND.  Heage to Wirksworth.  1777
RM6/196 Matthew MERRILL, Hannah wife.  Holbrook to Belper  1779
RM6/200 Samuel ORME, Alice wife, Grace.  Hazlewood to Markeaton.  1779
RM6/205 John WOODHOUSE, Sarah wife, Ann, Elizabeth.   Belper to Hazelwood  1779
RM6/581 George BLAND, Hannah wife, Thomas, John.  Heage to Swanwick  1792
RM6/582 Mary BULLIVANT (wife of Job BULLIVANT who is run away from her and deserted his said wife) Abraham, William.  Heage to Great Worley, Cannock, Staffs.  1792
RM6/597 Ellen SOWTER  Holbrook to Duffield  1792
RM6/618 Rachel MORETON, George, Thomas, William, Benjamin, Samuel, Ann. to Sheffield, Yks. 1793
RM6/622 Katherine WATTS  to Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.  Oct 1793
RM6/676 Mary GIBSON, Hannah GIBSON, Ann GIBSON, Jane GIBSON, daus of Joseph GIBSON and Mildred GIBSON dec.   Belper to Wirksworth  1796
RM6/697 Ann WALTERS widow, Job.  Belper to Heage 1797
RM6/721 John DAYKIN, Ann wife, Sarah, Elizabeth, Samuel. to Breadsall  1799
RM6/727 Thomas KIDDEY, Elizabeth wife, William, Jeremiah. Belper to Shottle  1799
RM6/742 James ALLEN, Rachel wife, William, Joseph, Samuel, John, Charles, James, Godfrey.  Belper to Shottle.   1800
RM6/766 William HUNT, Sarah wife, William 18, Joseph, Martha, Thomas, John, Mary, William? 4, Jesse.  Belper to Kilbourne  1800 
RM6/769 William JACKSON, Ann wife.  Shottle to Hazlewood.  1800
RM6/770 Joseph JOHNSON, Martha wife.  to Brailsford  1800
RM6/777 Mercy PORTER  Belper to Lea, Dbys 1800
RM6/779 Thomas REEVE, Lucy wife, Thomas, Elizabeth, Mary  Belper to Walsall, Staffs 1800
RM7/16 Martha GLEW wife of IsaacGLEW a Private Soldier  Belper to Heage. 1801
RM7/62 Mary DUNN wife of George DUNN (who is absconded) George. Belper to Weston Underwood. On reverse. Appeal lodged. 1802
RM7/115 Mary WHITTACRE  Belper to Brampton 1804
RM7/145 Ann EVANS otherwise Ann HAMILTON single  Belper to Broseley, Shropshire 1806
RM7/160 John TONKS, Sarah wife, Mary, John, Ann, Joseph, Hannah.  Belper to Burton on Trent, Staffs. 1806
RM7/169 George SLATER, Ann wife, George, Mary, Jeremiah, William.      Belper to Idridgehay  1807
RM7/174 Joseph BEARDMORE, Mary wife, Isaac, Thomas, Samuel, Mary, Jane, Joseph .  Belper to Heage.   1808
RM7/225 Jane NADIN   Shottle to Nottingham St Mary, Notts  1809
RM7/256 William SOMERS, Sarah wife, Thomas, Mary, William.  Belper to Alfreton 1810
RM7/510 Elizabeth FLETCHER, single, pregnant.  Heage to Tipton, Staffs.  1816
RM7/518 Joseph GREGORY, Jane wife, John, William  Holbrook to Woodthorpe,Dbys 1816
RM7/519 William GREGORY, Sarah wife.  Holbrook to Woodthorpe, Dbys 1816
RM7/526 Thomas HAYNES, Mary wife, Sarah, Martha, Dorothy.  to Hazlewood.  1816
RM7/547 Elizabeth MILLINGTON  Belper to Darley.  1816
RM7/576 Francis TAYLOR, Ann wife, Frances, William, Ann, Mary, Eliza, Edward.   to Holbrook  1816
RM7/592 James WHEATCROFT, Hannah wife, John, Susannah, Hannah, James.  to Alfreton  1816
RM7/604 John ASHTON  Belper to South Wingfield  1817
RM7/735 James JOHNSON, Sarah wife, Mary, Martha, Ann, William, Hannah.  Belper to Dudley,Worcs. 1817
RM7/736 James JOHNSON, Sarah wife, Mary, Martha, Ann, William, Hannah.  Belper to Himley, Staffs 1817
RM7/737 James JOHNSON. Note that Blepr agree to take him and family back. n.d.
RM7/792 William SEAL, Elizabeth wife, Hannah, Mary, John, Sarah.  Belper to Horsley.  1817
RM7/815 James TAYLOR  Holbrook to Alfreton  1817
RM7/858* Daniel YEOMANS, Ann wife, Ann, Amey, Samuel, Sophia,Eliza Mary, Fredrick Handel.   Holbrook to Kilbourne    1817
RM7/862 Ephraim ATKIN, Rachel wife, Ann, Thomas, Emma.   Wilne and Shardlow to Barton under Needwood, Staffs.  1818
RM7/863 James BANKS, Elizabeth wife, Ann, James, Hannah.  Belper to Kniveton 1818
RM7/878 Sarah DALLEY wife of John DALLEY  Wilne and Shardlow to Elvaston.  Aug 1818
RM7/879 Sarah DALLEY Suspeneded order. Wilne and Shardlow to Elvaston.  Sep 1818
RM7/881 Isaac DAVILL, Elizabeth wife, Eliza, William, Arabella and Arthur twins, Rebecca.  to Pentrich.  1818  
RM7/903 Mary GREGORY single pregnant. On examination of father Samuel GREGORY.Belper to Kilburn.  May 1818
RM7/904 Mary GREGORY Suspended order . Belper to Kilburn. removed  Aug 1818
RM7/953 Henry TAYLOR, Sarah wife, James, Henry, William, Eliza.  Heage to Pentrich. 1818 
RM7/1091 Isaac ALLSOP, Phoebe wife, Mary, Hannah, Richard, John.  Hazlewood to Derby St Michael. 1822
RM7/1094 John BEARDSLEY, Sarah wife, Samuel, Lydia, Elizabeth.  Belper to Cromford. 1822
RM7/1144 Elizabeth BOWLER (wife of John BOWLER, late of Heage, but now a prisoner in the House of Correction at Wirksworth) Thomas Cressey, Sarah, Henry, Elizabeth, John Nadin, James Frederick, Hannah.  Heage to Pentrich.  1823
RM7/1149* George CARTWRIGHT, Hannah wife, John, Joseph,    to Mansfield, Notts.  1823
RM7/1238* Alice BYARD widow of James BYARD, Elizabeth, Thomas, James, William, Aaron.  Belper to Farley, Staffs  1825
RM7/1284 Samuel HAGUE, Ann wife, William, Sarah, and an infant . Belper to Tankersley, Yks. 1826
RM7/1191 Catherine EATON wife of George EATON, Frances.  Holbrook to Beeston, Notts.  1824
RM7/1192 Catherine EATON Suspended order.  Holbrook to Beeston, Notts.  1824
RM7/1202 Samuel JOHNSON, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, Hannah, Mary, Mellicent.  Holbrook to Little Eaton.  1824
RM7/1331 Abraham BUXTON, Ann wife, Ann, Dolly, Joseph.  to Bonsall  1827
RM7/1367 John WALKER, Ruth wife, Sarah, Martha, William, Mary. Belper to Heage 1827
RM7/1385 John CALLADINE, Ann wife, William, Mary.  Heage to Derby St Peter 1828
RM7/1411 Noah ROPER, Hannah wife, Mary, Sarah, George, female 3wks. Belper to Winster. 1828
RM7/1411 Noah ROPER, Hannah wife, Mary, Sarah, George, female  to Winster 1828 
RM7/1424 Joseph WHITE, Phoebe wife, Jesse.  Holbrook to Alfreton  1828
RM7/1565 William TURTON Heage to South Wingfield 1830
RM7/1610 Jane SEAL widow of Edward SEAL , William, John, Mary, Belper to Little Eaton 1831
RM7/1617 Joseph TARLTON, Elizabeth wife, John, Lydia, Samuel, Joseph. Holbrook to Tideswell 1831
RM7/1618 Joseph TARLTON Suspended order. Holbrook to Tideswell 1831
RM7/1639 Joseph BOOT Belper to Bloxwich, Staffs 1832
RM7/1640 Joseph BOOT yngr, Martha wife, Ann, Samuel. On examination of Joseph BOOT elder Belper to Bloxwich, Staffs. Feb 1832
RM7/1641 Joseph BOOT yngr. Suspended order Belper to Bloxwich, Staffs Apr. 1832
RM7/1726* Joseph LEES  On examination of John MORLEY farmer of Windley.  Windley to Brailsford 1834
RM7/1727 Joseph LEES  Suspended order.  Windley to Brailsford  1834
RM7/1893 William KIDDY, Sarah wife, William John, Belper to Kirk Ireton  1842 
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.