Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



CALKE Removals
RM5/427 William SMITH, Mary wife, Elizabeth  to Ticknall 1753
RM5/626 Francis CAVE   to Carlton, Notts. 1764
RM7/1194 Ann FARMER widow of Thomas FARMER, Mary Ann, Elizabeth.  to Congerstone, Leics.  1824

R1 Mary WALKER single, pregnant Newbold, Chesterfield 1834
R2 George CADMAN Staveley to Calow 1733
R3 Elizabeth RADDISH to North Wingfield 1744
R4 Ann GILSTHORPE Pilsley to Calow 1756
R5 Sarah RODGERS to Sutton cum Duckmanton 1777
R6 Mary RENSHAW, Elizabeth dau 7. to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1777
R7 George TAYLOR a 7yr old born a bastard in Handsworth. Mother Mary TAYLOR.
to Handsworth 1781
R8 Sarah ROGERS single. to Long Duckmanton. 1781
R9 Jane NAILL single, pregnant to Froggatt Baslow. 1806
R10 Eliza RODGERS single, pregnant to Sutton Dbys. 1806
R11 Thomas PARKER, Lydia wife, Jane,Joseph, Rebecca, Benedictus. to Sheffield. Yks. 1816
R12 Samuel EASTWOOD Susannah wife, James, William, Samuel. to Duckmanton 1816
R13 Godfrey FLINT to Chesterfield 1817
R14 Mary LEE spinster to Newbold, Chesterfield. 1817
R15 John CARDEN, Sarah wife, Henry, Mary, Catherine. Radford to Calow. 3 Aug 1818
R16 Suspended order John CARDER 22 Aug 1818
R17 Richard KEETON, Elizabeth wife, Ellin, Ann, John, Richard. Ashover to Calow. 1818
R18 Frances LEE spinster to Sutton 1818
R19 William SIDDALL, and family Heage to Calow. 20 Dec 1819
R20 William SIDDALL Suspended Order Heage to Calow 26 Nov 1819
R21 William SIDDALL, Ann wife, Sarah, Francis, Charlotte. Heage to Calow. 22 Nov 1819
R22 George WALKER, Ann wife, Frances, George, Thomas, Martha. to Ollerton, Notts. 1821
R23 Elizabeth MIDGELEY single, pregnant to Bolsover 1822
R24 Mary COOK widow, Brimington to Calow 1823
R25 William BELL Brampton to Calow 1825
R26 William CLARKE, Mary wife, Mary "their child aged 28 yrs " Nottingham St Mary to Calow. 1826
R27 Jane WEBSTER wife of Peter WEBSTER, George 2yr. Chesterfield to Calow. 1826
R28 James TAYLOR Whitwell to Calow 1828 note at the bottom of the Order states " The above named James TAYLOR has found another Settlement at Ashover gained with Mr SAVAGE Dancing master "
R29 Ann FLETCHER wife of William FLETCHER, William, George, Samuel, Ann, Sarah, Hannah Ecclesall Bierlow to Calow. 1828
R30 Sarah SIDDALL spinster, pregnant. Brimington to Calow 1829
R31 Ellen KEETON pregnant Ashover to Calow 1830
R32 Job PLATTS, Mary wife Eckington to Calow 1830
R33 Elizabeth COWLEY single, pregnant. to Baslow 1831
R34 Mary WARREN single, pregnant to Chesterfield 1831
R35 Mary CARDER single, pregnant Nottingham St Peter to Calow. 1831
R36 Thomas HANDBURY Ashover to Calow 2 Mar 1832
R37 Thomas HANDBURY Suspended Order Removed 11 May 1832

RM3/153 John HEATHCOTE, Elizabeth wife, John, Tho, Saml, Hannah, Joseph. to Brassington 1814
RM5/615 Joshua REEDS, Mary wife.  to Hopton  1763
Mary HEWARD from Hopton to Tibshall (Tibshelf?)  1692  V19/9
Mary BUCKSTON from Hopton to Denby  Apr 1696  V19/10
Mary BUXTON from Hopton to Denby  Nov 1696  V19/11-12
Mary BUXTON from Hopton to Denby Jan 1696/7  V19/13

RM5/468 Joseph WARD   to Eyam  1755
RM6/643 Martha PEDLEY  to Bamford  1794

RM5/367 John JOWETT, Mary wife, John, Elizabeth, Ann.  to Renishaw, Eckington 1748
RM6/405 Robert HANDFORD  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1786
RM6/415 Elizabeth MEE, Catherine.  to Dale Abey  1786
RM7/1277 Mary BLACKSHAW single, pregnant.  to Ramshorn,Staffs.  1826
RM7/1303 James MOORLEY   to Derby St Werburgh  1826
RM7/1735 Francis WOODWARD, Mary wife, Samuel.  to Stanley   1834

(Note, this is an entry found in Chapel "Vestry" Book.)
1 Margaret SWINDELLS Mary, illeg. dau.  removed to Glossop 1701/2
2. Jno (John) CHADWICK to Middlecale 1711
3 Mary MILNER to Disley, but received by Wealy (Whaley) 1711
4 Anthony BOWRSLY?  to Hucklow 1711
5 Sarah MOULT to Bosden 1711
6 Susanna BARBAR to Peak Forest 1711
7 Ellen EASTMONT? to Hartington 1711
8 Anthony BOWESLY, wife, child to Hucklow 1712
9 Jane MARSHALL to Edale(ix William.)
10 John HALL to Bowden Middlecale 1695
11 Nich. Nicholas COOPER to Bowden Middlecale 1693
12  Mary LINGARD pregnant, to Peak Forest. Child fathered upon Joseph TAYLOUR (TAYLOR) 1715
RM2/18 Ellen HESKETH widow, Joseph 1805 Bowden Chapel to Tatton Cheshire.
RM2/57 Hannah BLAND Bowden Chapel to Abney Grange 1808
RM5/156 William GODDARD, wife, two children.  Middle Cale to Glossop  1723
RM5/437 Robert BURDEKIN, Sarah, Mary, John, Hellen  Bowden Chapel to Edale.  1754
RM5/451 William ARMSTRONG, Mary wife, Sarah, Daniel, Samuel, Elizabeth, William, John, Silence  to Mellor 1755
RM5/506 Mary STEPHENS, Susannah, John, Elizabeth, Francis.  to Trinity, Chester, Ches. 1757
RM5/744 Ann SWINDELS  to Stockport, Ches.  1768
RM6/221 Samuel GREEN, Rachel wife, James, Joseph, Samuel, Rachel. to Chinley.  1780
RM7/118 William BARKER Bradshaw Edge to Raynor, Ches.  1805
RM7/118A Wiliam BARKER Bradshaw Edge to Raynor. note "there is no parish of Raynor but Rainow, who say pauper does not belong them" 1805
RM7/141 William BARKER,Martha wife.  Bowden Chapel to Rainow, Ches. 1806
RM7/261 Ann WATERHOUSE, Ralph, Isaac, Ellis (On oath of Samuel WATERHOUSE)  Bowden Chapel to Hudsfield, (Hurdsfield ?) Ches. 1810
RM7/304* Hannah GASKELL, Charles, Hannah.  to Rainow, Ches. 1812
RM7/338 Sarah BRIERLY   to Bury, Lancs.  1813
RM7/340* James CLARKE, Ann wife, William, James, Jane, Lydia.  Bowden Chapel to Fernilee 1812
RM7/370 Thomas ROBINSON, Ann wife, Margaret, James, Milliscent, Mary.  Bowden Chapel to Abney 1813
RM7/377* Thomas STORER, Mary wife.  Bowden Chapel to Peak Forest.  1813
RM7/434* William HODGKINSON, Sally wife, John, Harriet, William, Sally, Mary.   Bowden Chapel to Disley, Ches.  1815 
RM7/475* Thomas BOOTH, Hannah wife, James ?, Robert.  Bowden Chapel to Bramhall, Ches.  1816
RM7/514* Elizabeth FOX  Bowden Chapel to Sheffield, Yks  1816
RM7/515* Joseph FOX, Betty wife, Rachael  Bowden Chapel to Sheffield, Yks.  1816
RM7/520* George HADFIELD, Martha wife, Mary, John, Charles, George.  Bowden Chapel to Chinley. 1816
RM7/864* Mary BARTON  Bowden Chapel to Fernilee.  1818
RM7/921* Hannah LOMAS single.  Bowden Chapel to Bramhall, Ches.  1818
RM7/1060 Samuel BOWDEN, Nancy, James, Mary.  Bowden Chapel to Beard Ollerset, Whitle, Thornsett.  1821
RM7/1084 Hannah STORER wife of Joseph STORER, now absent from her, Joseph and Mary twins.  Bowden Chapel to Chinley Bugsworth and Brownside.  1821
RM7/1395 John KANE  On examination of Mary GREAVES.  Bowden Chapel to Longnor, Staffs 1828
RM7/1577 Joseph BEARD, Lydia wife  Bowden Chapel to Chinley, Bugsworth and Brownside 1831
RM7/1608 Charles RHODES, Mary wife, Sarah, Thomas, Ann.  to Hoyland Swain, Yks 1831
RM7/1609 Charles RHODES Suspended order  to Hoyland Swain, Yks  1831
RM7/1636 Robert BAGSHAW, Ann wife, Margaret, Thomas.  Bowden Chapel to Fernilee 1832 
RM7/1864* Joshua HEELEY, wfe, three children.  to Henley, Yks. 1841 
RM7/1887 Betty HARTLE  to Pott Shrigley, Ches. Jul.1842
RM7/1890* Betty HARTLE single.  to Pott Shrigley, Ches.  Nov. 1842
RM7/1892 Betty HARTLE to Pott Shrigley, Ches. 1803 (this forms part of the evidence for the 1842 Removal of her to Pott Shrigley  )

RM4/81 John JORDAN Chellaston to Breedon on the Hill, Leicestershire 1818
RM4/87 John PEACH, Mary wife, Jane, Ann. 1818 Chellaston to Cauldwell
RM5/286 Charles BACON, Elizabeth wife.  to Radbourne  1737/8
RM6/16 Joseph CLARKE, Mary wife, Mary.  to Mickleover  1771
RM6/121 Elizabeth MITCHELL single to Spondon 1775
RM6/271 Elizabeth GOFF (GOUGH?), Ann. to Chard, Somerset.  1782 
RM6/304 Elizabeth DICKIN, John, Edward, Mary,  to Rolleston, Staffs 1783
RM6/305 Elizabeth DICKIN, John, Edward.  to Rosliston. 1783
RM7/52 Thomas WHITE, Ann wife, Mary, Thomas.  to Barrow  1801
RM7/490 William CHAPMAN, Ann wife, William.  to Draycott  1816
RM7/919 William KINCEY, Sarah wife, Matilda, John by former wife Judith.  to Melbourne  1818
RM7/959 Sarah TOMLINSON wife of John TOMLINSON  to Ratcliife on Soar, Notts.  1818
RM7/960* Martha TOMLINSON dau of John TOMLINSON dec.  to Ratcliffe on Soar, Notts. 1818
RM7/1463 Hannah PEGG  single, pregnant.  to Kirk Ireton  1829
RM7/1715 Joseph CASTLEDINE, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Ann, William   to Melbourne  1834
RM7/1716 Joseph CASTLEDINE  Suspended order  to Melbourne  1834
RM7/1732 John THOMPSON, Jane wife, William    to Breedon on the Hill, Leics.  1834 

RM5/242 James CHARLESWORTH, Sarah wife, James, Anne, Joseph.  Flagg to Fairfield 1733
RM7/1266 Michael STONE, Ann wife, male 2m  Flagg to Taddington   1825
RM7/1360 Michael STONE, Ann wife, John, male just born   Flagg to Taddington. 9 Mar 1827
RM7/1361* Ann STONE Suspended order.  Flagg to Taddington. Removed  30 Mar 1827
RM7/1695 Mary CAULDING otherwise COLDWELL, Henry.  to Bollington, Ches. 1833

RV2/377 Mary HIGGINBOTHAM Newbold to Brampton 1826
1 Philip JORDAN, SONS, to Ruislip, Middx 1836
2 Ann DENNERLEY, child 2m, to Manchester 1802
3 Ann OLDFIELD widow to Litton 1797
4 Mary PEARCE wid, children. from Bromsgrove 1813
5 James WHOOLEY in Gaol to Hasland 1817
6 Hannah SHEPHERD single, from Brimington 1822
RM3/220 James WAKEFIELD, Anne wife Feb 1815 to Ashby de la Zouch
RM3/221 Suspended order, James WAKEFIELD ill. Removed Apr 1815
CL/L468 Mary FLINT widow, Wingerworth to Hasland 1832
CL/ L206 Note to Churchwardens of Newbold to convey Joseph STEVENSON, Ann wife, to Walton. 1728
RM5/37 Phoeby LOVERSALL  Hasland to Carlton in Lindrick, Notts. 1713/4
RM5/196 George SMITH, wife, child. residing here under certificate from Walton, 1st wife died, later marr Dorothy BISHOPP widow, further four children, George, Elizabeth, Joseph, John.  to Walton. 1727
RM5/199 Thomas BROWN yngr, Anne wife, Katherine.  to Greenhill p. Norton.  1729
RM5/202 Elizabeth WATSON, als DAVIS  Calow to Sutton, Dbys. 1729
RM5/203 Nathaniel WEST, Alice wife.  to Leicester All Saints, Leics. 1729
RM5/267 George VARNOM, Elizabeth wife, Mary, Hannah.  Brimington to Thornhill WRY, Yks.  1734
RM5/423 James MAWKES, Rebecca wife, Thomas aged 29, Joseph (son of James by a former wife Anne dec.) and Elizabeth his wife, Thomas,  Anne son and dau of Joseph and Elizabeth MAWKES  to Brampton 1753
RM5/429 John STERNDALE  to Wensley  1753
RM5/485 Mary TOWNDROW widow of John TOWNDROW late of Newbold, George, Mary, Benjamin. to Stoke, Notts. 1756
RM5/520 William LENTHALL elder, William yngr 13 Elizabeth, 5, James 3 resident in Chesterfield granted to George LENTHALL dated 1795.   to Barlborough.  1758
RM5/533 Joseph COOKE (son of John and Mary COOKE both dec, by virtue of a Certificate granted in 1734)  to Walton  1753
RM5/645 Dorothy GEE wife of George GEE late of Newbold .  to Brimington  1765
RM5/667 Francis BIGGS, Rebecca wife, Rebecca.  Hasland to Shirland  1766
RM5/750 Sarah RADISH   Calow to North Wingfield  1769
RM6/32 Betsy WELLS (wife of William WELLS) John, George, Anne.  to Tapton 1771
RM6/76 Edward WRIGHT, Mary wife, William.  to Stanton p. Youlgreave 1773
RM6/118 John GREEN, Ann wife, Samuel, John.  to Holmesfield  1775
RM6/122 Thomas OLDFIELD, Ann wife  to Litton p.Tideswell 1775
RM6/127 Thomas SPENCER, Sarah wife, Ann to Kegworth, Leics. 1775
RM6/135 Samuel DAVISON, Ann wife. Calow to  Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks 1776
RM6/256 Thomas SHEPHERD, Elizabeth wife. to Tupton  1781
RM6/296 Mary BAKEWELL  to Hatton, Dbys  1783
RM6/321 Betty ROOSE an orphan.  Chesterfield to Kirk Ireton 1783
RM6/322 Lydia ROOSE widow,  Chesterfield to Kirk Ireton  1783
RM6/323 William ROOSE,Hannah wife, John  Chesterfield to Kirk Ireton 1783
RM6/346 Peter DOWNE, Mary wife.  Hasland to Bradfield, Yks.  1784
RM6/454 Susanna ROBOTTAM (ROBOTHAM)  to Sleaford, Lincs. 1787
RM6/469 Ann GEE  Newbold to Chesterfield  1788
RM6/472 Sarah IBBERSON widow, William.  Hasland to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks. 1788
RM6/487 Jemima NEWBOUND to St Pauls, Covent Garden, Middx  1788
RM6/503 William BEAN  to Harborough, Notts.  1789
RM6/511 William GEE   Newbold to Leeds, Yks  1789
RM6/520 Ann SAUNDERSON otherwise WATSON, 9,  to Leeds, Yks  1789
RM6/521 Elizabeth SAUNDERSON  to Marsden, Yks  1789
RM6/524 Martha TOFT widow, Mary.   to Youlgreave  1789
RM6/541 Henry HOOKE  to Ashover  1790
RM6/546 Joseph RATCLIFFE, Rachael wife, Mary.  to Clowne 1790
RM6/563 William KIRK, Hannah wife, Elizabeth, Ann  to Dirty Hucknall, Notts.  1791
RM6/566 William CALDWELL (who is insane) Grace wife, Sarah.  to Ashbourne 1791
RM6/583 John BURTON, Ann wife, Ann, Alice, Mary.  to Wensley  1792
RM6/590 Hannah OATES  Walton to Ashover  1792
RM6/627 Samuel BRADLEY, Ann BRADLEY. children of Robert BRADLEY a Private Soldier.  to Newbold.  1794
RM6/628 William BRADLEY, Joanna wife.   to Mansfield, Notts.  1794
RM6/633 George FELL, Mary wife, Valentine, John, George.  to Newbold.  1794
RM6/635 Samuel FROGIT (FROGGATT?) Mary dau. 28.  to Whitwell  1794
RM6/636 James HENSON, Laetitia wife, Jonathan, Mary, Joseph, Sarah  to Sheffield, Yks. 1794
RM6/638 Elizabeth LEE widow, Elizabeth, William, James, Sarah, Joseph, John.  to Wakefield, Yks.  1794 
RM6/654 Betty DAYKIN    to Brampton  1795
RM6/668 Grace TEWKESBURY, Polly, John.  to Bonsall  1795
RM6/669 Grace TEWKESBURY Suspended order, "big with child", permitted to move. to Bonsall  1796
RM6/670 Ann WRAGG, George.  to Brightside Bierlow, Yks 1795
RM6/678 John HODGKINSON, Mary wife, Elizabeth.  to Brampton  1796
RM6/680 George LEE an infant child born in Chesterfield on the body of Ann LEE wife of William LEE. on examination of John WALKER and Mary MITCHELL  1796
RM6/683 Elizabeth PINCH widow.  to Owston, Lincs. Jul 1796
RM6/684 Elizabeth PINCH Suspended order. removed to Owston, Lincs Aug 1796
RM6/688 Susannah COATES wife of John COATES a soldier.  to Brampton 1797
RM6/690 Elizabeth GRAHAM 10, Charles GRAHAM 9, George GRAHAM 8, Mary GRAHAM 3.  to Ely, Cambs.  1797
RM6/693 Dorothy LEE,  to Sheffield, Yks  1797
RM6/694 Ann OLDFIELD widow.  to Litton  1797
RM6/695 Ann POYSER 11.  to Crich  1797
RM6/698 Elizabeth WATSON  to Harthill, Yks.  1797
RM6/714 Johanna SWIFT, wife of James SWIFT a Private in the Militia, Elizabeth, James, Sarah, John.  to Sheffield, Yks.  1798
RM6/715 James SWIFT Suspended order.   removed to Sheffield, Yks.  1799
RM6/718 John BROWNE   to Whittington  1799
RM6/723 Ellen FOULDS  to Shirland  1799
RM6/734 Amos SIDDON    to Brampton  1799
RM6/735 Ann SIDDON, Elizabeth, Ann, Isaac.   to Brampton 2 Nov 1799
RM6/736 Ann SIDDON Suspended order. removed to Brampton 12 Nov 1799
RM6/737 Samuel STANDLEY  to St Olave, Surrey  1799
RM6/740 George WRIGHT 4, illeg son of Ann WRIGHT.  to Tupton  1799
RM6/741 John WRIGHT 10y 6m.   to Temple Normanton  1799
RM6/745 James CARRINGTON, Mary wife.  to Wingerworth  1800
RM6/748 Elizabeth CLAY widow of William CLAY.  to North Wingfield  1800
RM6/752 Mary COOK wife of William COOK, Mary.  to Leeds, Yks  1800
RM6/753 Rachel COUSINS, (wife of John COUSINS soldier 10th Rgt Light Dragoons) John, Sarah, Esther.  Brimington to Ripley.   1800
RM6/759 Peter GREEN  to Harthill, Yks 1800
RM6/760 Ann GREENSMITH  to St John, Huntingdon, Hunts. Jan 1800
RM6/761 Ann GREENSMITH Suspended order. to St John, Huntingdon, Hunts Mar 1800
RM6/762 John HODGKINSON, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Ann.  to Brampton 1800
RM6/763 George HOLLAND, Martha wife  to Gunthwaite, Yks 1800
RM6/764 George HOLLAND Suspended order  removed to Gunthwaite, Yks.  1801
RM6/768 Thomas JACKSON, Elizabeth wife, Jane, John, Mary.  to Stretton 1800
RM6/771 John MARPLES, Millicent wife, Isaac, Joseph, James, William.  to Whittington  1800
RM6/772 Joseph MARPLES Suspended order. removed to WhittingRM7/154ton Jun 1800
RM6/774 Mary MYCOCK  Newbold to  Unstone    1800
RM6/776 Sarah POINTER widow, Elizabeth WATMOUTH, Mary WATMOUTH, children of Sarah POINTER.  to Newbold.  1800
RM6/783 Elizabeth TAYLOR  to Warsop, Notts.  1800 
RM6/785 Elizabeth TOPLIS   to Wensley  1800
RM7/84 Mary HOLT als Mary BAKER, Joseph.  to Barlow ( On reverse. del. copy of order to George BARGH son of Josh BARGH Overseer of the Poor for Barlow his father being from home.  Jona. CARTLEDGE. ) 1803
RM7/85 Sarah HOPKINSON  to Dronfield  1803
RM7/101 Ann LEAH widow, Elizabeth.  Brimington to Staveley.  1804
RM7/120 Elizabeth BOOKER  to Brampton  1805
RM7/135 Ann PEMBERTON  to Brampton  1805
RM7/136 Sarah SCHOFIELD wife of Thomas SCHOFIELD, Thomas. to East Retford, Notts. 1805
RM7/154 Mary MASON widow, Mary, William, Godfrey, Elizabeth, Hannah, Sarah, George, Thomas, John.    to Rotherham, Yks.  1806
RM7/161 Edward TURNER, Ann wife, Sarah, Samuel, Mary.  Walton to Ashover 1806
RM7/178 Thomas CRABTREE, Sarah wife, Elizabeth.  Walton to Chesterfield  1808
RM7/180 Susanna DARBY wife of William DARBY, Ann, Sarah.  to Mansfield, Notts.  1808
RM7/192 William PEARCE  to Brampton 1808
RM7/205 Mary FLOWER   to Ripley  1809
RM7/206 William FLOWER, Mary wife, Ann, Maria, John, Elizabeth.   to Ripley.   Jul, 1809
RM7/207 William FLOWER Suspended order  to Ripley. Sep.1809  
RM7/223 Peter LOWE   to Salford, Lancs.  1809
RM7/228 Elizabeth RENSHAW  to Barlow  1809
RM7/231 Margaret SILCOCK wife f Gunner Samuel SILCOCK r.a., Samuel.  to Newbold. 1809
RM7/233 Ann TAYLOR  to South Wingfield  1809
RM7/236 Alice WAYNE, Andrew, George, Catherine.  to Botton, p. Alveston, Staffs 1809
RM7/240 Mary ALLEN   to Bakewell 1810
RM7/241 Martha ANTHONY  to Brampton  1810
RM7/243 Elizabeth BEARD wife of Benjamin BEARD, Nevil, Herbert, Charles  to Nottingham St. Marys. Notts. 1810
RM7/247 Elizabeth HODGKINSON  to Brampton 1810
RM7/249 Mary MARSDEN   to Stanton. 1810
RM7/257 Patience STREET widow, Hannah 24yrs.  to Dirty Hucknall, Notts. 1810
RM7/264 Ann BENNETT  to Eckington  1811
RM7/270 Ann GIBSON  to Sheffield, Yks.(On reverse; ("Received by Charles ADAMS as Agent on behalf of Overseer, reserving any rights of appeal should there be any Doubt") 1811
RM7/271 Mary LOWDE wife of Thomas LOWDE soldier.  to Newstead, Notts.  1811
RM7/274 Elizabeth RENSHAW, Berentia.  to Barlow   1811
RM7/275 Mary RICKARD  to Boroughbridge, Yks.  1811
RM7/281 Charlotte BALL   Calow to South Normanton  1812
RM7/282 Sarah BARBER (wife of William BARBER, a soldier) John.  to Hardstoft.  1812
RM7/288 Elizabeth BROMEHEAD  to East Retford, Notts.  1812
RM7/289 Elizabeth BROWN widow  to Greasley, Notts.  1812
RM7/294 Joseph DAVIS, Catherine wife, Sarah, John.  Newbold to Chesterfield  1812
RM7/299 Phoebe EVANS, George.  to Middleton by Wirksworth  Oct 1812
RM7/299a Phoebe EVANS Suspended order.Removed to Middleton by Wirksworth. Dec1812
RM7/300 Ann FORBES (wife of John FORBES, a soldier) Jane. to Derby St Peters. 1812
RM7/308 Robert JONES infant of 18m. On oath of Mary SHEPLEY.  to Walton. 1812
RM7/310 Elizabeth LONGDEN (wife of James LONGDEN a soldier) Ann.  to Brampton. 1812
RM7/316 Joseph RICHARD, Ellen wife, Joseph, John, Elizabeth, William.  Hasland to Chesterfield.  Jun 1812
RM7/317 Ellen RICHARD Suspended order    Removed Hasland to Chesterfield  Aug 1812
RM7/318 Maria SLACK   to Woodthorpe, p.North Wingfield  1812
RM7/319 Rhoda SLACK to Ashton under Line, Lancs. Jan 1812
RM7/320 Rhoda SLACK single, Eliza Millett SLACK  to Ashton under Line, Lancs. Aug 1812
RM7/321 Rhoda SLACK Suspended order. Dead. Child? removed to Ashton under Line, Lancs. Dec 1812
RM7/322 Samuel SMITH, Mary wife, John, William, Robert,  to South Wingfield 1812
RM7/323 Mary SMITH  Suspended order.  to South Wingfield  1812
RM7/328 Mary WAINWRIGHT  Temple Normanton to Tibshelf. 1812
RM7/339 Hannah CLARKE   Hasland to Chesterfield 1813
RM7/334 Mary ELLIS single  to Ashover  1813
RM7/352 William HEWITT  to Tinsley, Yks. 1813
RM7/353 William HIGGINBOTHAM, Sarah wife, William, Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Anne.  to Brampton.  1813
RM7/357 Sarah LAWTON  to Newbold  1813
RM7/360 Mary MASON pregnant  to Newbold  Aug 1813
RM7/361 Mary MASON Suspended order Removed to Newbold Sep 1813
RM7/367 Mary RICKARD  to Boroughbridge, Yks 1813
RM7/368 Mary RICKARD Suspended order. Removed to Boroughbridge, Yks 1814
RM7/379 John TAGG, Sarah wife, Lucy.  Temple Normanton to Kirklington, Notts.  1813
RM7/381 Samuel WALL  to Eckington 1813
RM7/385 Sarah YOUNG wife of Thomas YOUNG  to Hasland  1813
RM7/388 Richard BARLOW, Ann wife  to Coal Aston 1814
RM7/392 Ralph BOOTE  Newbold to Chesterfield 1814
RM7/396 Mary COTTRILL pregnant.  to Holmesfield 1814
RM7/397 George FRENCH, George.  to St Leonards, Shoreditch, Middx.   Jul 1814
RM7/398 George FRENCH "one of the paupers" Suspended order.  to St Leonards, Shoreditch, Middx. removed Oct 1814
RM7/410 Peter MITCHELL, Ann wife.   to Curbar.   1814
RM7/411 George PURSGLOVE, Deborah wife,  Walton to Ashover.    Mar 1814
RM7/412 George PURSGLOVE Suspended order. Walton to Ashover.   Jun 1814
RM7/413 Mary ROSIER pregnant   to Beighton  1814
RM7/415 Christian SIDDALL singlewoman, pregnant.  to North Wingfield  1814
RM7/416 Thomas SIDDALL  to Shirland  Nov 1814
RM7/417 Thomas SIDDALL  Suspended order.  removed to Higham  Dec. 1814
RM7/418 Lydia SMITH pregnant   to Ault Hucknall  1814
RM7/419 Mary SPENCER  pregnant   to Dronfield  1814
RM7/421 Ann WILD single, pregnant.  to Calow  1814
RM7/424 Enoch WRAGG, Mary wife, Joseph, Hannah, Thomas, Amelia,  to Bradfield, Yks.  1814
RM7/429 John GILBERT (note from Easter Sessions) in prison for debt. to Bolsover.  Apr 1815
RM7/430 John GILBERT   to Bolsover  Jan 1815
RM7/431 John GILBERT Suspended order, confined to gaol. to Bolsover Jan 1815
RM7/436 Thomas HUTCHINSON otherwise Thomas DUTTON, Charlotte wife, Anne.  to Stoney Middleton  1815
RM7/438 William MARJERRISON, Elizabeth wife, William, John, Charles, Glossop, George.  to Brampton  1815
RM7/445 Jacob STREETS in gaol for debt. to Staveley Mar 1815
RM7/446 Jacob STREETS Suspended order , in gaol.  to Staveley  Apr 1815
RM7/449 Elizabeth THACKER ( wife of Anthony THACKER, Private soldier ) Anne, Alice, William.  to All HALLOWS ,London Wall, London.  1815
RM7/451 Sarah TURTON  Brimington to Whitwell  1815
RM7/452 Sarah TURTON  Suspended order, Brimington to Whitwell  removed Jun 1816
RM7/455 Bailey WALL  to St Leonard, Shoreditch, Middx.  1815
RM7/458 Robert WILD, Charlotte wife, Daniel, George, Kitty.  to Calow  1815
RM7/460 John BACON, Ann wife, Ann, John, Lydia, Betty  Brimington to Nuneaton, Warwicks.  1816
RM7/461 William BACON, Margaret wife, John, Joseph, Elizabeth.  Hasland to Kirton, Notts.  1816
RM7/487 William CAMM   to Alfreton  1816
RM7/493 Thomas COOPER, Sarah wife, William.  to Staveley  1816
RM7/495 Thomas COOPER, Martha wife, Elizabeth.  to Walton  Jul. 1816
RM7/496 Thomas COOPER Suspended order,  to Walton, removed Aug 1816
RM7/498 Joseph COATES, Hannah wife, James, Thomas, Mary, Joseph, male 6wks.  to Brampton  1816
RM7/502 William DARBY, Susanna wife, Ane, Sarah.   to Mansfield, Notts.  1816
RM7/505 Samuel EASTWOOD, Susanna wife, James, William, Samuel.  Calow to Duckmanton 1816
RM7/509 Mary FINNEY  Newbold to Eckington  1816
RM7/525 Thomas HAYWOOD, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Jane.  to Dinnington, Yks.  1816
RM7/527 Joseph HEATH, Mary wife, John, Mary Ann.  Hasland to Chesterfield 1816
RM7/528 Elizabeth HEATHCOTE widow, George.  to Ault Hucknall  1816
RM7/529 Thomas HEATHCOTE, Lydia wife.  to Sheffield, Yks.  1816
RM7/532 William HOLLINGWORTH, Ann wife, Thomas, John, Matilda, Henry.  Brimington to Bolsover  Mar.1816
RM7/533 William HOLLINGWORTH Suspended order.  Brimington to Bolsover, removed Jun.1816
RM7/537 David JOHNSON, Mary wife, Joseph  to Brampton  1816
RM7/544 Mary LEE  Newbold to Brampton  1816
RM7/549 Thomas MORTIN, Alice wife, Thomas.  to Baslow Mar. 1816
RM7/550 Alice MORTIN Suspended order. Dead.  to Baslow May 1816
RM7/557 Mary PALMER  Hasland to Walsall ,Staffs.  1816
RM7/560 William RAY, Hannah wife, Mary, James, William, Elizabeth, Ann, Samuel, John.  Hasland to Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. 1816
RM7/567 John SIDDALL, Elizabeth wife.  to Brampton  1816
RM7/574 Sarah STEWART pregnant  to Brampton 1816
RM7/575 William STUBBS, Hannah wife, William, James.  to Derby St Werburgh  1816
RM7/579 Robert TOPLISS, Elizabeth wife.  to Litton  1816
RM7/580 Elizabeth TOPLISS Suspended order.  removed to Litton.  1817
RM7/582 Esther TURNER wife of Zachariah TURNER, Job.  to Sheffield, Yks. 1816
RM7/583 Jonathan TURNER, Anne wife.  to Newbold  May 1816
RM7/584 Jonathan TURNER Suspended order, to Newbold removed Jun. 1816
RM7/588 Joseph WALKER, Anne wife, Mary, William  to Newbold  1816
RM7/589 Obadiah WALKER a lunatic, Anne wife.  to Sheffield, Yks. 1816
RM7/590 William WALKER, Betty wife, George, William, Mary.  to Smalley 1816
RM7/601 Nicholas ALLEN, Ann wife, William.  Hasland to Clay Lane.  1817
RM7/605 Isaac BARBER, Barbara wife, Mary, Thomas, William.  Calow to Castleton.  1817
RM7/616 Samuel BEARD, Grace wife, Ann, John.  Newbold to Chesterfield  1817
RM7/628 Ann BOLLINGTON  to Shirland  Feb 1817
RM7/629 Ann BOLLINGTON Suspended order.  removed to Shirland  Aug 1817
RM7/635 John BRADLEY, Martha wife, William, Henry, Sarah, Elizabeth.  Hasland to Newark, Notts. 1817
RM7/643 Gilbert BROWELL, Margaret wife.  to Gateshead, Durham  1817
RM7/644 Gilbert BROWELL Suspended order  to Gateshead, Durham . 1817
RM7/650 Charlotte CARRINGTON otherwise Charlotte EATON to Manchester,Lancs. 1817
RM7/654 Mary CHAPMAN  Hasland to Sutton cum Duckmanton  1817
RM7/661 George CLARKE, Mary wife, William, John, Betty  Newbold to Tideswell 1817
RM7/670 Robert DUFFIELD, Elizabeth wife, Ann.  Hasland to Brampton 1817
RM7/678 William FARNSWORTH, Elizabeth wife, William  to Greasley, Notts. 1817
RM7/679 Sampson FELL, Ann wife, Ann, George, Samuel, William, John.  to Harthill, Yks 1817
RM7/682 Louise FIDLER  Walton to Pleasley.  1817
RM7/684 William FLOWERS, Mary wife, Ann, Maria, John, Elizabeth.  Newbold to Ripley  1817
RM7/711 William HALL   Hasland to Scarcliff  1817
RM7/718 Peter HENSTOCK, Elizabeth wife, Frederick, William, Anne.  to Edwinstowe, Notts. 1817
RM7/739 John JORDAN yngr, Sarah wife, Maria, Charlotte.  to Dukinfield, Ches. 1817
RM7/746 Mary LEE Newbold to Calow  1817
RM7/750 Hannah LINLEY  to Sutton cum Duckmanton  1817
RM7/751 Samuel LINLEY yngr  to Sutton cum Duckamnton  1817
RM7/775 Joseph PEARSON, Elizabeth wife, Anne.  to Mansfield, Notts. 1817
RM7/803 Thomas SMEDLEY, Lydia wife, George.  to Whittington 1817
RM7/818 Sarah THORNILY wife of Joseph THORNILY, Hannah, Maria, John, Harriott, Mary to Newton, Ches. 1817
RM7/825 Joseph TURNER, Ann wife, Frances, Hannah, George, Jane, Samuel, Sarah.  to Totley  1817
RM7/826 Rebecca TUCKER  to Aldgate St Botolphs, London 1817
RM7/827 Elizabeth TWELVES wife of John TWELVES  to Wingerworth 1817
RM7/829 John WALKER, Sarah wife.  Hasland to Chesterfield  1817
RM7/834 John WARD, Anne wife  to Ashover  1817
RM7/839 Edmund WESTON infant. on examination of Ruth SELLORS   to Matlock 1817
RM7/843 John WILSON, Ann wife, Mary, William.  Newbold to Chesterfield 1817
RM7/844 John WILSON, Ann wife, Mary, William. Newbold to Sheffield, Yks 1817
RM7/857 John WYNPHREY, Sarah wife.  Newbold to Glapwell  1817
RM7/866 Gervis BOSTOCK, Mary wife.  to Farnsfield, Notts 1818
RM7/870 Mary BURTON, (wife of John BURTON,crossed through) Maria Matilda. Newbold to Windham (Wymondham ?) Norfolk 1818  
RM7/888 Robert DUFFIELD, Elizabeth wife, Ann.  Hasland to Chesterfield  1818
RM7/937 Sarah PENNISTONE widow, Grace, Henry, Sarah, Anne, Lydia.  to Alfreton  1818
RM7/972 Elizabeth WRIGHT  Hasland to Upper Langwith  Jan . 1818
RM7/973 Elizabeth WRIGHT Suspended order. Hasland to Upper Langwith removed Feb. 1818
RM7/989 Benjamin HARDY  Brimington to Chesterfield  1819
RM7/1025 Thomas CALOW  Calow to Holbeck,Notts.  1820
RM7/1050 George SILCOCKE, Mary wife, Elizabeth  Walton to Newbold.  1820
RM7/1079 Mary ROBERTS  Brimington to Manchester,Lancs. 1821
RM7/1081 George SILCOCK, Mary wife.  Walton to Newbold  1821
RM7/1088 Mary WAKE  Newbold to Sheffield, Yks 1821
RM7/1200 Hannah HOLEHOUSE single, pregnant.  to Wessington 1824
RM7/1228 John WETTON  Walton to Nether Hallam, Yks  1824
RM7/1234 Martha BERRESFORD, single, pregnant. Brimington to Staveley.  1825
RM7/1246 Joseph DAVISON, Ann wife.  Newbold to Great Barlow  1825
RM7/1250 Ann LIEVESLEY wife of William LIEVESLEY  to Sutton cum Duckmanton  1825
RM7/1254 Rosannah MOSLEY single, pregnant.  Newbold to Great Barlow 1825
RM7/1261 Ann SMEDLEY widow of Job SMEDLEY, Thomas.  to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1825
RM7/1275 Benjamin BINKS, Alice wife, Robert, William, Charles  to St Nicholas, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland Jul 1826
RM7/1276 Benjamin BINKS, Alice BINKS Suspended order.  removed to St Nicholas, Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland 17 Aug 1826. Delivered paupers to Mr SMITH.  20 Aug 1826
RM7/1307 Maria RYALLS, Mary, Louisa, Elizabeth.  Newbold to Brimington   1826 
RM7/1406 Hannah PRICE, Phoebe PRICE  to Wingerworth 1828 
RM7/1451 Elizabeth KNIVETON single  Calow to Alderwasley  1829
RM7/1465 Hannah PRICE, Phoebe PRICE.  to Tapton  1829
RM7/1511 Elizabeth COULSON  single, pregnant  Hasland to Chesterfield  1830
RM7/1566 George WAIN, Sarah wife, Esther, Elizabeth, Hannah.  to Great Rowsley   Jul 1830
RM7/1604 John KNOWLES, Mary wife, Mary, George, Hannah, Julia, John, Eliza, Charles.  Walton to Brimington 1831
RM7/1612 Ann SMITH , James, Sarah.  Brimington to Eckington  1831
RM7/1623 Sarah WALMSLEY widow, John, Maria, Charlotte, Ann.  Walton to New Acrington, Lancs.  1831
RM7/1633 John WOOD, Elizabeth wife, Octavius, Mary Ann, Emma, Jane.  to Whittington 1831
RM7/1634 John WOOD  Suspended order. removed to Whittington  1831
RM7/1651 Samuel FORREST, Elizabeth wife, Ann, Elizabeth, James  to Whitwell  1832
RM7/1656 Thomas HERVEY, Elizabeth wife.  to Bakewell  1832
RM7/1664 Julia MALKIN (MATKIN ?) Deborah, William, Tamar, Ellen, Eliza, the children of William MALKIN ( MATKIN ?) now absent from them.  to Newbold  1832
RM7/1678 Joseph SIDDALL, Ann wife, Frederic, Charlotte, Alice, Elizabeth.  to North Wingfield  1832
RM7/1679 Catherine SLACK wife of William SLACK, Mary Ann.  to Papplewick, Notts. 1832
RM7/1687 John WINDLE, Ann wife, Louisa.  to Edensor  1832
RM7/1698 Mary ELLIOTT, Mary, Edmund, Ishmael, Eliza, Elias.   Hasland to Chesterfield  1833
RM7/1702 Joseph FURNISS, Rebecca wife, John, Hannah, George, Sarah, Charles, William, James.   Brimington to Attercliffe cum darnall, Yks.  1833
RM7/1793 John FURNISS Suspended order.  Brimington to Attercliffe cum Darnall, Yks 1833
RM7/1742 Godfrey FLINT, Sarah wife, Robert, Francis, Mary, Fanny.  Hasland to Calow  1835
RM7/1743 Godfrey FLINT Suspended order.  Hasland to Calow  1835
RM7/1744 Godfrey FLINT, Sarah wife, Robert, Francis, Mary, Fanny.  Hasland to Chesterfield 1835
RM7/1745 Godfrey FLINT Suspended order  Hasland to Chesterfield  1835
RM7/1754 David OSBOURNE to Glasgow, on board ship "City of Glasgow" . Received from Thomas WILCOCKSON Overseer Chesterfield to Capt, George HENDERSON 1836
RM7/1755 David OSBOURNE bill for conveying him to Liverpool. Thomas WILCCOCKSON Overseer of Chesterfield 1836
RM7/1756 David OSBOURNE to Kilmarnock via ship. Account of Thomas WILCOCKSON 1836
RM7/1757 David OSBOURNE  to Scotland  1836
RM7/1803 John GEE, Sarah wife, Ann, William, Henry, John, Ellen.  to Newbold  1838
RM7/1851 Charlotte ASTLEY, William, Thomas.  Hasland to Bolsover.  1841
RM7/1858 Mary BARKER, William, John.  Hasland to Wensley  1841
RM7/1896* William SMITH, Ann wife, Mary, John.   to Brampton  1842
RM7/1897 William SMITH  Suspended order.   to Brampton 1842
RM7/1919 John BOND, Catherine wife   Walton to Chesterfield 1843
RM7/1951 Anne NEALE   Brimington to Whittington 1843
RM7/1952 Joseph RICHARDS, Ellen wife   Hasland to Brampton  1843
RM7/1953 George ROBINSON   to Brampton  1843
RM7/2009 Harriet CAMP widow of William CAMP, James, George, Eliza Ann.  to Crediton, Devon.  Sep.1845
RM7/2010 Harriet CAMP and three children delivered to James SAUNDERS Overseer of Crediton, Devon.  Oct 1845
RM7/2011 John FOULDS, Mary wife, William, John,   to Ecclesfield, Yks Nov.1845
RM7/2012 John FOULDS  removed by Charles NORTH to Mark MAUGHAN,Overseer of Ecclesfield, Yks.  Dec. 1845
RM7/2017 Thomas WALL  to Newbold  1845
RM7/2018 Thomas WALL delivered to Joseph WILSON Overseer of Newbold 1845
RM7/2036 William WILKIN, Sarah wife, Sarah, Charlotte, Jane, William, Eliza, Harriet, Ann.  to Kidderminster, Worcs.  1846
RM7/2039 Rebecca GALLIMORE, James Marsden GREGORY, George GREGORY, Julia GALLIMORE, Joseph GALLIMORE, Sarah GALLIMORE, John GALLIMORE  Hasland to Codnor.  1857
RM3/48 Sarah LEE unmarried with child 1812 Chilcote, Derbyshire (sic) to Tachbrook, Warwicks.
RM6/162 George SHERRARD, Mary wife. Chilcoate, Dbys. to Seckington, Warwicks. 1777
RM6/186 John SHERRARD, Mary wife, John. Chilcoate, Dbys. to Stretton en le Field, Dbys. 1778
RM6/207 Joseph ADAMS, Sarah wife, Joseph. Chilcoat to Osbaston,Dbys  1780
RM7/749 John LEEDHAM, Catherine wife, Mary, Sarah.  to Netherseal,Leics.  1817
RM7/1240 George COTTON, Hannah wife.  to Grendon, Warwicks.  Sep 1825
RM7/1241 George COTTON Suspended order  to Grendon, Warwicks. removed Nov 1825
  These entries are found in the Town Book of Chinley, they are not the actual Removal Orders but part of a list of documents put in the Chinley "coffer" for safe keeping. Unfortunately at present the originals appear to have been lost. Therefore the entries below may be the only indication of who was removed from Chinley.  
William LINGARD Order of Removal  1726  V41/11/7
Jane WARD Order of Removal to Glossop  1718  V41/11/24
George SWINDELL and son Stephen Order of Removal to our Division. 1718  V41/11/28
Mary STORER Order of Removal to Great Hamlet, Phosyde and Kinder. 1722/3  V41/11/33
Elizabeth BURTON Order n.d. (may refer to Bastardy)V41/11/63
Mary HARROP Order n.d. (may refer to Bastardy) V41/11/64
Joseph ROWBOTHAM Removal from Castleton 1757 V41/11/66
Mary DOWN Removal to Heaton Norris 1757  V41/11/67
RM7/726* Anthony HYDE  to Ludworth  1817
RM7/727 John HYDE, Betty wife, Nancy, Matthew  to Bowden Chapel. Jun 1817
RM7/728 John HYDE, Betty wife, Nancy, Matthew. to Ludworth Nov 1817
RM7/1345 Henry JOULE, Alice wife, William, Sarah, Elizabeth.  to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks.  1827
RM7/1380 Hannah BARKER widow of Thomas BARKER, Mary, Hannah, Elizabeth, Thomas, Ellen, George, Samuel.  to Warslow and Elkstone, Staffs.  1828

R1 William HARRISON, Elizabeth wife, to Barton Blount 1722/3
R2 John HARRISON, Alice wife, Jane, William, Hannah, Ebenezer. Burton, (Barton?) Staffs. 1739
R3 William BILLINGE, Alice wife. Draycott to Church Broughton. 1748
R4 Thomas LOFFENHURST, two children, to Boylestone 1750
R5 Samuel KENT, Elizabeth wife, Francis. to Church Somershall. 1812
R6 William LOFFNESS, Ann wife. Barton Blount to Church Broughton 1816
R7 Elizabeth SLATER, 12. Basford Notts. to Church Broughton 1817
R8 Ann ADAMS wife of John ADAMS, Joseph, Thomas. Tatenhill, Staffs. to Church Broughton. 1817
R9 George BROWN, Elizabeth wife, Sarah. to Dethick and Lea. 1818
R10 Appeal by Church Broughton over removal from Yeldersley and Paters Lane of William BENNETT and Mary is wife. 1731
R11 Appeal by Hatton, Marston on Dove over removal of Benjamin WOOD from Church Broughton. 1731/2
R13 Appeal by Uttoxeter concerning removal of Joseph BLOOD, and Sarah his wife from Church Broughton to Uttoxeter,Staffs. n.d. c1767.
R14 Notice that Joseph BLOOD removed from Church Broughton to Uttoxeter, Staffs. Uttoxeter appealed but afterwards countermanded it. 1767
RM4/115 Edward BURN (BOURNE on reverse) Mary dau. 9. 1819 Church Broughton to Bushbury, Staffs.
RM6/473 John JACKSON, Elizabeth wife, Rebecca, William, Ellin, Elizabeth.  to Hanbury, Staffs.   1788
RM7/897 Mary GIBBS single  to Fairfield Head, Staffs.  1818
RM2/2 Ann ROWLEY widow of Joseph ROWLEY, Joseph 23, Ann, 21, Mary 16, Elizabeth 14, William 6, Sarah 4. 1802 Oakthorpe to Pelsall,Staffs.
RM2/3 Suspended Order of Joseph ROWLEY sick. 1802 Oakthorpe to Pelsall, Staffs.
RM3/10 Henry INSLY Elizabeth wife, Mary, Henry, Elizabeth 1811 Church Gresley to Blackfordby
RM3/47 Mary JAQUES, (wife of Robert) Sarah, Thomas, Mary, Alice. Oakthorp and Donisthorp to Cole Orton 1812
RM3/105 Mary wife of Rbt JAQUES, Thomas, Mary, Alice. 1813 Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe to Bedworth Warwicks.
RM3/112 Wm MILES, Sarah wife, Mary, Ann, Maria. 1813 Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe to Charlton, Berks
RM3/194 Mary JOHNSON single, pregnant. 1815 Swadlincote to Woolstanton, Staffs.
CLOWNE Removal
RM1/59 Wm GREGORY, Ann wife, Wm. Sarah, John, Samuel. Clown to Warsop. 1784
R1 Hannah CLARK (wife of Joseph CLARK) William inf son.1788 from Barlborough to Clowne.
R2 Richard BURTON, Ann wife, three children to Tibshelf 1779
R3 John MARSH, Elizabeth wife. to Thorpe Salvin, Yks. 1831
R4 Ann WALLIS single, pregnant 1831 Removed from Stocport, (Cheshire) to Clowne
R5 William WITTON, Mary wife, Michael, Samuel. 1831 Removed from Stockton on Tees (Co Durham) to Clowne
R6 Thomas LUNN, Mary wife to Chesterfield 1831
R7 Robert SMITH, Elizabeth wife, Thomas. to Staley Bridge 1830
R8 James WATERS, Elizabeth wife, Ann, Amey, Edmund to Barlborough. 1830
R9 George SCOTT, Caroline wife, Sarah. to Sheffield 1830
R10 Catherine BROWN, single pregnant to Bolsover 1829
R11 John HAWKSLEY, Jane wife, Thomas, Mary, John, Henry 1829 to West Kesdale? Ferry? Lincs.
R12 George BULLOCK, Martha wife, Henry, Ann to East Retford, Notts. 1829
R13 Mary SIMPSON otherwise Mary TURNER pregnant to Elmton 1829
R14 Ann PLANT single, pregnant to Beighton 1829
R15 John WIGLEY, Martha wife, Henry, William, George, Ann, John. to Bonsall 1829
R16 Martha ALLETSON, Harriet 12, Charles 11, John 8, Joseph 6, George 4. from Whitwell to Clowne. 1829
On this document among religious comments is the name Daniel CONNEL and the place Downpatrick.
R17 Ann GILMORE single poor pregnant removed from Crompton Lancs to Clowne 1829
R18 Thomas POGMORE, Martha wife, Joseph, Thomas, Hannah, Isaac to Wickersley. Yorkshire. 1822
R19 Elizabeth ALLISON spinster to Bolsover 1820
R20 Mary RICHARDSON to Barlborough 1818
R21 John ROGERS, Ann wife Mary, Henry from Clayton with Frickley (Yks?) to Clowne 1817
R22 Ann HOPKINSON Whittington to Clowne 1816
R23 Sarah GREGORY to East Retford, Notts 1815
R24 Sarah WOODHEAD, single pregnant to Boughton, Notts 1806
R25 Hannah BARKE single to Barlborough 1805
R26 Hannah SIMMS single to Worksop, Notts. 1783
R27 Ann REVELL Eckington to Clowne 1830
SCR28 Thomas WALKER, Alice wife, Sarah, Francis, Joseph, Dorothy, Eizabeth. to Thorne WRY (Yorkshire) 1769
R29 John LINTON Clowne to Weremouth (Wearmouth) Co. Durham. 1788
R30 John NEWTON Ann wife from Hasland to Clowne. 1751
RLM1 Appeal by Gamston, Notts. against removal of James CONSTERDINE, Ann wife, Margaret, Thomas, John. 1830
RM6/357 John MAYFIELD  to Scarcliffe.  1784
RM5/208 Thomas HUTCHINSON and wife.  to Handsworth Woodhouse, Yks. 1730
RM5/651 John OVEN a young child ,brought to Clowne as a nurse child by Francis OVEN (who has since absconded)   to Newbold.  ( See also Richard OWEN, Dronfield Removals RM5/652) 1765
RM5/681 Francis OWEN, John.  to Whittington  1766
RM7/1017 Elizabeth ALLISON  to Bolsover.  1820
RM7/1342 Ann HOLT widow, Ann.  to Eckington.  1827
RM7/1393 Thomas JEFFERY, Esther wife, William, Edward, Sarah.  to Worksop, Notts. 1828
RM7/1500 Samuel BROWN, Elizabeth wife, Hannah, William.  to Warsop, Nottd. 1830
RM7/1509* James CONSTERDINE, Ann wife, Margaret, Thomas, John.  to Gamstone, Notts.  1830

RM7/674 James ENDSOR, Abigal wife, Jane, Richard, James.  to Measham  1817
CRICH Removal
R1 Jos MITCHEL taylor, Liddy wife and infant to Wessington 1732
R2 Wm HALL, Ha..... Wilson, Leics (torn)
R4 Ann BROWN, wife of Henry BROWN. Married at Wirksworth, husband died at Monmouth a soldier in Lord Robert MANNERS Regt. Last Aug delivered of a illeg child called Elixabeth now 15m old. Removed from Monmouth to Crich 1763
R5 William ELLOTT, Sarah wife, Jane, John, Sarah, Lavina, Elizabeth removed from Wirksworth to Crich 1766
R6 William CHEETHAM Dethick to Crich 1782
R7 Edward ALLEN, Frances wife, George, Samuel 1794 removed to Brackenfield.
R8 Elizb HOLBROOK removed from Shottle to Crich 1794
R9 Elizb.HARRISON single Crich to Holliway, Lea. 1797
R10 Hannah ASHFORD, WIFE OF jOHN ashford (who has run away) Richard, Hannah, William, Rachel 7wks. 1798 removed to Brightside Barlow Yks.
R11 James WILKINSON to Ashover 1799
R12 William CHETWIN, Martha wife, John, Elizabeth, Solana, Thurmin? to Kegworth, Leics. 1800
R13 George TURTON, Jemima wife, John, George, Ann, William. to Ripley p.Pentrich. 1800
R14 Obadiah STEEPLES, Fanny wife, Mary Ann, William, Benjamin, Euphemia Frances. to Macclesfield, Ches. 1803
R15 Alice OLLERRENSHAW (OLLERENSHAW) to Chelmorton. 1804
R16 Alice SHEPPARD, Joseph son 20 wks. to Kegworth, Leics. 1807
R17 Ann HOLEHOUSE 7, James HOLEHOUSE 4, children of James HOLEHOUSE a soldier Welch Fuzileers by Elizabeth his wife lately deceased. to Matlock. 1811
R18 Hannah VALLANCE to South Wingfield 1812
R19 Samuel FLETCHER, Mary wife, Ann, George. from Alfreton to Crich. 15 June 1812
R20 Suspended order Samuel FLETCHER. from Alfreton to Crich. Removed. 29 Jun 1812.
R21 Mary SLATER to Pinxton Sep 1812
R22 Suspended order Mary SLATER to Pinxton. Removed Oct 1812.
R23 William BOEBANKS (BOWBANKS) Martha wife, Sarah, George, Ann. to West Hallam 1812
R24 Thomas HARRISON, Mary wife. to South Normanton 1813
R25 Jane WRAGG, Joseph son aged 1. to Cromford. 1813
R26 Mercy VALLANCE to South Normanton. 1813
R27 Susanna BROCKLEHURST to Shottle 1813
R28 Elizabeth ROPER Matlock to Crich. 1814
R29 Elizabeth BARROW to Oldham, Lancs. 1814
R30 Shardlow Union, acknowledgement, Elizabeth SHAW 63, residence Crich, Settlement, West Hallam. 1815
R31 Mary FLETCHER, wife of George FLETCHER, who is now absent from her, Hannah, George, John. Nottingham St Mary to Crich. 1815
R32 Ann CHADWICK to Alfreton 1816
R33 Joseph CAREY, Mary wife, Joseph, Thomas to Washington Dbys, (Wessington). 1816
R34 George ROBERTS from Pinxton to Crich 1816
R35 Mary SWEETING, wife of James SWEETING, labourer, who is now absent from her, Ann, John, James, Elizabeth. Nottingham St Mary to Crich 1816
R36 Phoebe PARKIN Worksop, Notts. to Crich 1817
R37 Grace WHEATCROFT to Duffield. 1816
R38 John STORER, Mary wife, Samuel, Mary, Sarah. to South Wingfield. Jul. 1816
R39 Suspended order Mary STORER to South Wingfield. Removed Aug 1816
R40 Elizabeth BARROW, John, to Oldham, Lancs. Oct 1816
R41 Suspended order Elizabeth BARROW to Oldham, Lancs. removed Jul. 1817
R42 Abraham BRADLEY, Ellen wife, Thomas, Elizabeth, Hannah. to Heage 1816
R43 William SAINT, Ann wife, Elizabeth to Denby Dec 1816
R44 Suspended order Ann SAINT to Denby. Removed Jul 1817
R45 Alice HOLLAND Wirksworth to Crich 1817
R46 John PEGG Derby St Werburgh to Crich 1817
R47 Mary VALLANCE to Heage 1817
R48 Robert PARSONS, Abigail wife. to Morton 1817
R49 Account charges of removal of Job POUNDALL and family to Bonsall 1817.
R51 Job POUNDALL, Grace wife, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Job, Samuel. to Bonsall 1817
R52 George MARCHANT, Mary wife Wirksworth to Crich 1817
R53 Mary SMITH, Charles 5 illeg. son. to South Wingfield 1817
R54 William WHITELOCK to Hucknall Torkard, Notts. 1817
R55 Slatien? NASH, Sarah wife to Beverley, Yks. 1817
R57 Ann YOUNG from Nottingham St Mary to Crich 1817
R58 Samuel JACKSON, Phoebe wife. Heage to Crich Jan 1818
R59 Suspended order Phoebe JACKSON to Crich Mar 1818
R60 Frances TOMLINSON, James, Mary, Emily, William, Francis, Henry, Ann, Elizabeth. Shirland to Crich 1818
R61 John HITCHCOCK Crich to Wirksworth 1818
R62 Elias TAYLOR, Sarah wife, Job, Samuel, Sarah, male 7 days, un-named. Melbourne to Crich. Jul 1818
R63 Suspended order Sarah TAYLOR Melbourne to Crich Sep 1818
R64 Hannah WOOD to Youlgreave 1818
R65 William MARTIN, Ruth wife, Mary, Elizabeth, George, Harriet, William, Lucy. Loughborough, Leics. to Crich. 1818
R66 George BUXTON, Elizabeth wife, Ruth, Mary, Emanuel, Jane. from Teversal, Notts. to Crich 1819
R67 Thomas SIMS, Ann wife, John, Elizabeth, William, Mary from Kegworth, Leics. to Crich. 1819
R68 Fanny otherwise Frances ALLEN, wife of Edward ALLEN, removed to Brackenfield. 1819
R69 Elizabeth BELL wife of James BELL (now absent from her) Mary, William, Little Eaton to Crich. 1819
R70 Joseph SUTTON, Jane wife, Manchester Lancs. to Crich, having served 5yrs as apprentice there. 1819
R71 Suspended order Joseph SUTTON Manchester to Crich, incomplete. 1819
R72 Ann CHEETHAM wife of John CHEETHAM (who has deserted her) children include Joseph and a male child 7 wk old. removed from Ripley to Crich. 1819 (part of document missing)
R73 Thomas TONGE Crich to Derby St Peter 1819
R74 Joseph BUXTON, Hannah wife, Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Edmund, Alice. to Tibshelf. 1819
R75 Part only, mentions Critch, William HALL Hannah wife. Sibson, Leics. date missing.
R76 Letter concerning Francis BRIDDON of Crich, belonging Brackenfield. Allowance made. 1838
R77 James STREET, Sarah wife, Samuel, James, Mary. Ashford, Dbys. 1819
R78 John SWEETING, Mary wife, William. Pontefract Yks. to Crich. 13 Dec1819
R79 Suspended order Mary SWEETING Pontefract, Yks to Crich. 15 Dec 1819
R80 James SWEETHAM yngr. Sarah wife, Elizabeth 12m. Derby St Peters to Crich. 1827
R81 James SWEETHAM, Mary wife, Elizabeth 16. Derby St Peters to Crich. 1827
R82 Joseph KERRY, Thomas KERRY. to Wessington 1820
R83 Grace WHEATCROFT, single, and George her illegitimate son 3. to Duffield 1820
R84 Mary HOLLAND single Wirksworth to Crich 1820
R86 Stephen SHARDLOW, Sarah wife, Stephen, John, George, Benjamin. to Nottingham St Marys. 1824
R87 Mary HALL widow, Mary, Alice to Turnditch 1824
R88 Samuel WHEELDON otherwise Samuel WOOD, illegitimate son of Sarah WHEELDON deceased. Upon the examination of Elizabeth WATERS of Heage. Heage to Crich. 1824
R89 Jane COWLISHAW widow of Joseph COWLISHAW. Manchester, Lancs. to Crich. Removed upon examination of Dd. (David?) COWLISHAW Garratt St. 1826
R90 Ann CHATHAM wife of John CHATHAM (now absent from her) Mary, William, George, Samuel. Beeston, Notts to Crich. 9 Sep.1826
R91 Suspended order Ann CHATHAM Beeston, Notts. to Crich. no further details. 9 Sep 1826
R92 Susannah BROCKLEHURST single to Shottle 1826
R93 Joseph NOBLE, Ann wife, Hannah, James?, Sarah, Betty. Bowden Chapel to Crich 1826
R94 John BRADBURY, Elizabeth wife, Samuel to Belper 1826
R95 Thomas CHEETHAM, Eliza wife, Samuel Basford, Notts to Crich. 3 Feb 1827
R96 Suspended order Eliza CHEETHAM. dead, rest of family removed Basford, Notts. to Crich. Dec. 1827
R97 Ann CHEETHAM wife of John CHEETHAM (who hath deserted her) Mary, William, George, Samuel, Joseph. Beeston, Notts to Crich. 1827
R98 Eliza HARDY wife of Richard HARDY (who hath deserted her) James 18m. to Higham. 1829
R99 William George SCHASS, Ann wife, and their illegitimate child Ann, born 26 Nov 1822. St Mary le Bone to Crich 1829
R100 Mary CURZON, James, Richard, Matilda. Derby St Werburgh to Crich 1829
R101 Samuel TAYLOR, Elizabeth wife, Henry, John, Mary, Samuel to South Wingfield 1830
R102 John SHAW, Ann wife, John to Matlock 1830
R103 Suspended order Ann SHAW to Matlock 1830
R104 Ann BENNETT Derby St Alkmund to Crich 1830
R105 Elizabeth HAY single, pregnant. to Derby St Werburgh 1831
R106 Samuel JACKSON, Phoebe wife, Hannah, Eliza, John Derby St Alkmund to Crich 1831
R107 Phoebe WILSON single to Eastwood, Notts 1831
R108 James ROPER 5, Mary ROPER 3, children of William ROPER. Upon examination of Elizabeth KNOWLES widow and grandmother. Matlock to Crich 1831
R109 John COOK boatwright, Sarah Ann 4, Cassandra 2 Nottingham St Marys, Notts to Crich 1831
R110 Suspended order John COOK Nottingham St Mary to Crich 1831
R111 Letter explaining John COOK SUSPENDED ORDER. Father Thomas COOK sawyer of Holloway c1831
R112 William PARSONS, Elizabeth wife, Jemima, Martha. Wirksworth to Crich 1832
R113 Thomas CHEETHAM, Martha wife, Joseph, George, James, Samuel. Werneth to Crich 1832
26 Mary FLETCHER, wife of Geo a soldier no absent from her, Hannah, George and John (since dead). Removed from Nottm St Mary to Crich. It transpires Mary never was marrried to Geo FLETCHER, her name is Mary BRANDRIFF single woman, Hannah a bastard was born Kegworth and George at Nottm St Mary. The Assistant Overseer in Nottingham knew this. Can Crich remove them to Lambley Notts, must Hannah be returned to Kegworth? Opinion sought of Mr Bagluy. 1816
RM1/17 George HOLMES Crich to Wessington 1762
RM2/25 John SWINDALL, Abigal wife 1805
RM2/99 James MITCHELL Martha wife, Prudence, John, Hannah, Mary, Charles. Washington (Wessington) to Denby Jun 1810
RM2/100 Suspended order James MITCHELL ill. James dead. Wife and family removed. Washington, (Wessington ) to Denby. Jul 1810
RM4/83 Sarah LOWE, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah, Francis 1818 Tansley to Alfreton
RM4/97 Ellen WRAGG Crich to Matlock 1818
RM4/127 James FLINT,  Hannah wife, Mary, Sarah, James, Henry, George, William. Lea p. Crich to Crich 1819  nb "Mary" crossed out, and children altered from six to five.
RM5/8 Thomas SUTTON and his six children. Wessington to Shirland  1710
RM5/13 Richard MARSHALL  Wessington to Morton  1712/3
RM5/392 James NOBLE, Elizabeth wife, Mary, James, Edward.  Washington (Wessington) to Crich  1751
RM5/543 Isaac TAYLOR, Mary wife, Samuel  to Belper   1759
RM5/560 John MASSEY  to Cromford   1760
RM5/585 Sarah CHEETHAM   to Belper  1762
RM5/646 George HANSON, Hannah wife,  to Derby St Alkmund. (note on reverse that " Thomas BEARDSLEY Overseer of Crich delivered to St Alkmund.)  1765
RM5/668 John BOLTON, Ellen or Ellie (sic), his wife, William, Ellen, Thomas.  to St Marys, Lambeth, Surrey. ( on reverse; "del to Daniel MASON Tallow chandler in Lambeth Churchwarden St Mary by me Jacob REDFERN Churchwarden Crich)  1766
RM6/181 Ann MELLERS wife of George MELLERS Wessington to Ashton under Line, Lancs. 1778 
RM6/143 George TOMLINSON, Elizabeth wife, Mary,George, Betty, Ellen  Tansley to Bonsall 1776
RM6/63 Rebecca GREENHOUGH  single, to Derby St Peter 1773
RM6/151 Martin BONSAL, Mary wife.  to Heage  1777
RM6/163 George SPENCER  to Eastwood, Notts.  1777
RM6/181 Ann MELLERS wife of George MELLERS Wessington to Ashton under Line, Lancs. 1778 
RM6/188 John WHEELDON  Wessington to Brackenfield, p. Morton   1778
RM6/252 George RADFORD, Grace wife, Thomas  to Lea, p. Ashover  1781 
RM6/526 Martha WETTON  to Highheadge (Heage)   1789
RM6/614 Elizabeth KIRKHAM  to South Wingfield  1793
RM7/194 Ellen UNSWORTH, Samuel.  Washington (Wessington) to Swanwick 1808
RM7/262 Hannah WETTON  to Ripley  1810
RM7/283 Elizabeth BARROW, Hannah.  to Chadderton, Lancs. 1812
RM7/114 Mary WHITE wife of Thomas WHITE.  to Hathern, Leics.  1804
RM7/335 Jane BETTISON, John, Elias, William.  Tansley to Hucknall Torkard, Notts.  1813
RM7/465 Elizabeth BARROW, John.  to Oldham, Lancs.  1816
RM7/466 Elizabeth BARROW Suspended order.  to Oldham, Lancs. 1817
RM7/731 Joseph JAKQUES, Sarah wife, Joseph, Josiah.  Tansley to Matlock 1817
RM7/732 Joseph JAKQUES note by Overseers of Matlock that they have withdrawn appeal.  1817
RM7/733 Joseph JAKQUES older, Suspended order.  Tansley to Matlock  1817
RM7/796 George SEVERN, Dorothy wife, John, Hannah, Rebecca, Joseph, Sarah, George and Dorothy twins.  Washington (Wessington) to Lea.  1817
RM7/807 Mary SMITH, Charles illeg son.  to South Wingfield  1817,
RM7/859 Joseph YOUNG  to Ripley  1817
RM7/1051 Martha SLATER, Martha.  Washington (Wessington )  to Belper  1820
RM7/1283 Samuel GALLIMORE, Thomas, Charlotte, Jesse, Emanuel, Samuel, Joseph.  to Whithington, Ches.  1826
RM7/1696 Ann CURZON widow of David CURZON, Charles, William, Selina, George, Thomas.  to South Wingfield  1833
RM4/116 Joseph CALLINGWOOD 1819 Croxall and Edingale to Alrewas, Staffs.
RM4/117 Thomas CALLINGWOOD 1819 Croxall and Edingale to Fradley, Staffs.
RM6/667 William ROBSON, Hannah wife.  to Fisherwick, Staffs.  1795
RM7/130 Thomas HINDS  Edingale to Barliston, Leics.  1805
CUBLEY Removal
1 Ann RATCLIFF from p. Longden, Staffs. to Cubley 1848
RM3/151 Sarah wife of Geo GREEN, Mary Ann, Rbt, Geo, John, Betsey, Joseph. to Rocester, Staffs 1815
RM3/185 Sarah wife of Geo GREEN, Mary Ann, Rbt, Geo, John, Betsey, Joseph. to Middleton, Lancs. 1815 on oath of Tho HILTON
RM4/74 Jane FORD Cubley to Marston Montgomery 1819
RM6/387 Elizabeth ROBERTS  to Kedleston.  1785
RM5/165 Thomas HOLEY, Esther wife, Thomas.  to Castle nr Stafford. 1724/5
RM6/452 Matthias REDDISH, Elizabeth wife.  to Lowdham, Notts.  1787
RM7/785 William ROBINSON, Jane wife, Hannah, Thomas.  to Boylestone  1817
RM7/1185* Catherine BAKER single, pregnant.  to Draycott in the Clay, Staffs  1824
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.