Yesterday's Journey's by Michael Spencer



BAKEWELL Removals with year of order.
R1 Elizabeth SIMPSON removed from Dronfield to Bakewell 1720 having served Wm BIRDS 3yrs.
R2 Ann WILSON single 23 pregnant from Lenton, Notts to Bakewell 1722
R3 Ann WILSON to Bubnell servant at the house of Joseph ROTHERAM 1722
R4 Thomas PICKERING, Elizabeth, children from Sheffield to Bakewell early 18thC
R5 Martha JOHNSON to Tideswell 1727
R6 Thomas MILINGTON, Ann wife. Burchwood Park in Leeys, Staffs 1731
R7 Isaac FROST, Elizabeth wife, James, Isaac. to Bakewell from Snitterton and Wensley. 1732
R8 Abraham SHELDON, Ann wife. Grayslay (Greasley) Notts. 1732
R9 Mary GLOSSOP Youlgreave to Bakewell 1732
R10 Deborah BERRISFORD to Wirksworth 1742
R11 Ellen JOHNSON to Hassop 1745
R12 Randle FRODSHAM, Job FROSHAM 7 to 8 yrs, Randle FRODSHAM 4yrs. to Fishlake, WRY 1774
R13 Lydia WOODWARD, Sarah, Jonathan Bradfield Yks to Bakewell 1777
R14 John SMITH, Sarah wife. Alstonefield, Staffs to Bakewell 1777
R15 Thomas MELLOR, Elizabeth. to Anston, Yks. 1794
R16 Martha ADAMS, wife of James ADAMS now absent from her, Charles, Thomas, Ann. Manchester, Lancs to Bakewell. 1799
R17 John BUXTON to Winster. 1801
R18 Mary BEARD (on oath of Richard BEARD) Tideswell. 1807
R19 Mary REDFEARN to Bubnell 1808
R20 Jane BROWN, wife of John BROWN a soldier now absent from her, John 5. Manchester, Lancs. to Bakewell 1811
R21 Elizabeth WIGLEY 8, to Bonsall 1811
R22 George WIGLEY father, George, Phyllis. to Bonsall 1811
R23 William WIGLEY 11 to Bonsall 1811
R24 George HAMILTON, Hannah wife, George, Sarah, John, Thomas. Youlgreave to Bakewell 1812
R25 Sarah ROSE Hope to Bakewell 1812
R26 John WATERFALL, Hannah wife. to Macclesfield,Ches.1812
R27 Joseph TOWNSEND Manchester to Bakewell 1812
R28 Rebecca PUNCHABY widow, to Youlgreave. 1813
R29 Elizabeth BENNET, John 2m. to Ashford 1819
R30 Martha SHAW single Litton p.Tideswell. 819
R31 William FANTUM, Mary wife, Selena, Crich to Bakewell 1820
R32 Hannah SELLORS Wardlow to Bakewell 1821
R33 John HUTCHINSON, Sarah Ann Catharine wife, Eldred, Bertha. to Edensor. 1823
R34 Joseph THORNLEY, Ann wife, Jane, Ann. to Gorton, Lancs. Apr 1824
R35 Suspended Order Joseph THORNLEY, now dead. Ann THORNLEY his wife and dau Jane and Ann removed to Gorton Lancs. May 1824.
R36 Ann NOTON pregnant. Bubnell to Bakewell 1824
R37 Thomas BIRDS, Elizabeth wife, William, Thomas, James, John, Henry. Youlgreave to Bakewell 1825
R38 William PITT Bakewell to Chesterfield 1825
R39 Mary NEEDHAM, widow and her son Robert NEEDHAM an idiot. to Elton. 1825
R40 Mary CUNDY wife of Theophilus CUNDY, Ann dau. to Sheffield, Yks. 1826
R41 Jane BAGGALEY widow, to Scarcliffe. 1827
R42 Suspended order Jane BAGGALEY to Scarcliffe 1827
R43 Margaret CROWDER pregnant Matlock to Bakewell 1827
R44 William MOTTRAM, Ellen wife, William, Thomas. Buxton to Bakewell 11 Jun 1828 (Document handwritten)
R45 Suspended Order William MOTTRAM now dead, Ellen MOTTRAM his wife and William and Thomas, removed Buxton to Bakewell 28 Jun 1828 (Document handwritten)
R46 William MOTTRAM, Ellen wife, William, Thomas. Buxton to Bakewell 11 Jun 1828 (Document printed)
R47 Suspended Order William MOTTRAM Buxton to Bakewell. 11 Jun 1828
R48 Jonathan JOHNSON, Mary wife, Mary Ann. Crompton, Lancs to Bakewell 1828
R49 Hannah BATEMAN single. Youlgreave to Bakewell 1827
R50 Information concerning George WILDGOOSE, wife. George WILDGOOSE was born a bastard of Mary WILDGOOSE, baptised in 1762 at Bakewell. 1829
R51 George WILDGOOSE, Elizabeth wife, George sick. Manchester, Lancs. to Bakewell 20 Nov 1828
R52 Suspended order George WILDGOOSE 20 Nov 1828
R53 Note stating George WILDGOOSE and his wife allowed relief up to last Saturday but it is not sufficient for them. 6 Feb 1830
R54 George WILDGOOSE, Elizabeth wife. Manchester, Lancs. to Bakewell. 4 Feb 1830
R55 Suspended order George WILDGOOSE sick. Manchester, Lancs. to Bakewell. 4 Feb 1830
R56 Elizabeth wife of George BRIDGE ("who hath run away and left her and their children") Martha, William, Joseph. Sheffield, Yks. to Bakewell. 1832
R57 Jonathan BARKER, Jemima wife. Newark, Notts. to Bakewell 26 Jun 1832
R58 Suspended Order Jonathan BARKER Newark, Notts.. to Bakewell. 26 Jun 1832
R59 Rebecca WATERFIELD Wirksworth to Bakewell 1832 (this person is called Rebecca HIGGOTT in the same document, not as an alias, possible mistake by Overseer. On reverse of document the name is WATERFIELD.)
R60 Sarah COOPER single to Cheadle, Cheshire. 1832
R61 Elizabeth BRUNT widow. Sheffield, Yks. to Bakewell 1833
R62 Daniel ROSE, Hannah wife. Heaton Norris, Lancs. to Bakewell 1833
R63 Elizabeth NAILOR (NAYLOR) widow Sutton, Lancs. to Bakewell 1834
R64 Mary BAGGALEY spinster to Scarcliffe 23 May 1834
R65 Suspended Order Mary BAGGALEY to Scarcliffe 23 May 1834.
R66 Sarah HUTCHINSON widow, George, Elizabeth, Thomas, Joseph. Cheetham, Lancs. to Bakewell 1834
R67 Elizabeth SHERWIN widow, to Brimington 1835
R68 William CROWDER yngr, Matlock to Bakewell 3 Jun 1837
R69 William CROWDER Twenty one days notice given to Bakewell before removal from Matlock. 3 Jun 1837
R72 John SHERWIN a prisoner of debt in the Common Gaol for High Peak. Chapel en le Frith to Bakewell. 1838
R73 Suspended Order John SHERWIN 1838
R74 Charles MORTIMER, Mary Ann wife, Hannah, John, Charles, Stanley cum Wenthorpe WRY to Bakewell ? 1842
R75 Examination of John MORTIMER concerning Robert MORTIMER, late of Wakefied?. (This document directly follows that of Charles MORTIMER, (R74) it has the same date, it may be that Robert should be Charles MORTIMER or vice versa.) states; "he was my brother, he married Phillis SAVALL?, now the wife of George ALLINSON of Lementhorpe? (Lowethorpe). Brother told him he had married again, came to me at Rufforth, his elbow had a sore infected in battle. He had been a soldier, fingers rendered partially inserviceable by the wound. 1842
R76 Joseph SHERWIN did not receive relief from Brimington, never did belong to Brimington but to Ecclesfield or some other place. Appeal by Brimington Overseers against the removal? by Bakewell of Elizabeth SHERWIN, wife of Joseph SHERWIN. 1835
SCR30 Francis STERNDALE, Mary Wife. 1711 Bakewell appeal against removal from Cold Aston, to Bakewell. Case lost.
RM4/101 John ALLCARD, Elizabeth wife, Elias, Martha. 1819 Bakewell to Ashford, Dbys.
RM5/197 Robert SPENCER, Mary wife.  Upper Haddon to Darley (Darley Dale ?) 1727
RM5/391 Thomas HURT, Martha wife, Hannah, Thomas.  to Sheffield, Yks. 1751
RM5/470 Ralph WHITEHEAD  Great Rowsley to Scrooby, Notts  1755
RM5/495 David JOHNSON  to Tissington  1757
RM5/655 Edward RIPPON ,Elizabeth wife.  to Great Longstone  1765 
RM5/675 Mary HARRISON widow ,Sarah.  to St Trinity, Micklegate, York, Yks 1766
RM5/702 Ann HAYES (and HAYS) Upper Haddon to Wensley  1767
RM5/703 Margaret INGLEBY  Upper Haddon to Middleton 1767
RM5/714 Richard SELLERS, Hannah wife, Joseph, Hannah, Benjamin, Ann  Upper Haddon to Bakewell 1767
RM5/719 Henry TURNER, Martha wife, William.  Upper Haddon to Bakewell  1767 
RM6/29 James THORNHILL, Mary wife.  Rowsley to Stoney Middleton  1771
RM6/54 George WRIGHT, Catherine wife.  Upper Haddon to Winster 1772
RM6/91 Elizabeth FOGG  Upper Haddon to Youlgreave  1774
RM6/171 Isaac BURROUGHS, Jane wife, Hannah, John, Samuel.  to Stanton, Youlgreave 1778
RM6/333 Sarah BAGSHAW  to Hazleford,p.Eyam  1784
RM6/334 Sarah BAGSHAW to Little Hucklow  1784
RM6/407 Abigail HEATHCOTT  to Dronfield  1786
RM6/787 Rebecca WHITTAKER, Ruth, Samuel, Charles, Mary.   to Matlock  1800
RM7/59 Jane COCKSHILL  to Chapel en le Frith  1802
RM7/364 Rebecca PUNCHABY widow,  to Youlgreave. (On reverese; "Order to Youlgreave to pay Removal expenses"  1813
RM7/366 Rebecca PUNCHABY widow of John PUNCHABY  to Stoke, Dbys.  1813
RM7/406 Dorothy LOWE widow of John LOWE, Harriot, Maryanne, Thomas.  to Ardwick Green, Lancs. 1814
RM7/975 John ALLCARD, Betty wife, Elias, Martha.   to Sheldon  1819
RM7/1024 Mary BLACKWELL widow, Elizabeth.  to Ashford  1820
RM7/1042 William KEELING  to Haddon  1820
RM7/1110 William GOODWIN son of Thomas GOODWIN  to Norton, Staffs.  1822
RM7/1129* Ann TAYLOR single, pregnant.  to Over Haddon  1822
RM7/1150* Ann GLOSSOP  Over Haddon to Monyash.  1823
RM7/1382* Mary BEARD   to Tideswell  1828
RM7/1455 Hannah MELLOR single, pregnant.  Rowsley to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks  1829
RM7/1496 Samuel BOULSOVER, Susannah wife.  to Barlow  Apr 1830
RM7/1497 Susannah BOULSOVER Suspended order. Dead to Barlow  Jan 1831
RM7/1567 George WAIN, Sarah wife, Esther, Elizabeth, Hannah.  Great Rowlsey to Chesterfield  1830
RM7/1939 Ann HAGE wife of John HAGE ( now a prisoner at Derby) , Elizabeth, Mary, Ann, Fanny.  to Ashford in the Water.  1843
RM7/1975 Margaret ASHTON, widow of John ASHTON, William, John, Mary, George, Thomas, Sarah, Joseph, Samuel, Ann, Charles.  Hassop to Bradfield, Yks.  1844
RM7/1976 Margaret ASHTON and ten children.  Certificate of Chargeabiltiy Hassop.  1844
RM7/2042 Matilda DONALDSON wife of Alexander DONALDSON who has deserted her, James, George, Matilda, Sarah.  On oaths of Henry EVANS, Ann GREGORY.  to Calver  1864 

1 Ann SHILLINGS wife of John. Removed from Treswell, Notts to Barlborough 1789
CLSLB 3 Rose CROFT to Brampton 1787
Q2R/372 Elizabeth CARDEN widow, pregnant 1826 removed from Barlborough to Matlock.
RM5/450 Mary ADAMSON, widow, vagrant to Gateside, Durham.  1755
RM5/484 Ann THOMPSON widow  to Anwich, Cmberland  1756
RM5/509 Mary WATSON, wife of William WATSON a soldier in HMS ,Ann ,Elizabeth.  to Winkburn, Notts 1757
RM6/433 Rose CROFT  to Brampton.  1787
RM7/1215 Mary SAVAGE notes concerning Examination.  1824
RM7/1216 Mary SAVAGE single.  to Sutton cum Duckmanton  1824
RM7/1217 Mary SAVAGE notive of appeal by Sutton cum Duckmanton 1824
RM7/1374 George WIDDOWSON, Mary wife.  to Staveley Jan 1827
RM7/1375 George WIDDOWSON Suspended order.  Dead. to Staveley  Apr 1827
RM7/1460 Frances PATTINSON single, pregnant  to Chesterfield  1829
RM7/1788* John NORTHEDGE  to Eckington  1837
RM7/1789 John NORTHEDGE Notice by Barlborough to Eckington of chargeablilty. 1837
RM7/1846* Sarah MELBOURNE, Sarah, Thomas.  to Ansley, Notts. 1840
RM7/1960 James TAYLOR, Ann wife, William, Joseph, Fanny.  to Staveley.  1843
BARLOW Removal - although having its own registers from 1573 Barlow was considered a Chapelry of Staveley. However the confusion does not end there. Great Barlow is considered in older documents as part of the parish of Staveley while Little Barlow is to be found under Dronfield. Bear this in mind when checking for documentation regarding Barlow, and check both Staveley and Dronfield, and for good measure the parish of Holmesfield.
R1 Case re removal of Martha SHIPMAN from Selston, Notts to Barlow. 1824
R2 Catherine KERTHLAND 32 apprehended as Birmingham Warwickshire, as a rogue and vagabond. Removed to Staley, (Staveley) 1716 At this date Barlow was considered a Chapelry of Staveley.
R3 Mary wife of Samuel STEVENSON (runaway from her) 1721 removed from Baslow to Barlow where her husband had been a servant to Rev CALTON.
R4 Children of William SIDDALL, namely Thomas aged 7, Mary, William, Elizabeth, John. Left in Aston, Warwickshire. Removed to Great Barlow. 1727/8
R5 James HARRIS, Martha wife from Baslow to Barlow 1752/3
R6 Mary TURNER Eckington to Great Barlow 1765
R7 Sarah RAYNEY spinster Norton to Barlow 1765
R8 Robert GILBERTHORPE,Elizabeth wife, Ann, Thomas, Martha, Christiana, Robert, Ruth, Rachel. Killamarsh to Barlow 1767
R9 John FRICKNEY, Ann wife Foolow to Barlow 1787
R10 Ann FLETCHER, Robert, Mary Bakewell to Barlow 1788
R11 Elizabeth WILSON, John, Ann, Eyam to Barlow 1790
R12 Samuel WRAGG, Rebecca wife, Mary, John, George, Sarah, Samuel, Elizabeth. Dronfield to Barlow 1790
R13 Mary TOMLINSON Ecclesall Bierlow Yks to Gt.Barlow 1795
R14 Elizabeth GILBERTHORPE Unstone to Barlow 1798
R15 Martha SHIPMAN, John 4. Selston, Notts to Barlow 1801
R16 John CHAPMAN Elizabeth wife, Mary, Sarah, Hannah, George James, Deborah. Dronfield to Barlow 1810
R17 Suspended Order Elizabeth CHAPMAN Dronfield to Barlow 1810
R18 Elizabeth RENSHAW, Berenitia dau. from Chesterfield to Barlow. 1811
R19 Henry PEAT, Jane wife, John, Elizabeth, William. Birstall (Leics?, there is a Birstal Yks.) to Barlow. 1817
R20 Cornelius JOWETT yngr, Hannah wife. Belper to Barlow Sep.1824.
R21 Suspended order Cornelius JOWETT, later died. Hannah his wife removed Belper to Barlow. Dec 1824.
R22 Rosannah MOSLEY, single, pregnant. Newbold to Great Barlow. 1825
R23 Eli JOWETT, Mary wife, George, Ann, Mary, Eli. Belper to Barlow 1832
R24 Sarah STEWART widow, George, Margaret, Augustas removed from White Chapel, Middx as rogues and vagabonds to Barlow. Sarah STEWART born Barlow. 1767
R25 John MORTON, Jane wife, child. from Barlow in the p. of Staveley to Barlow in the p. of Dronfield. 1691
R26 Christopher HIRST (HURST) and wife from Huddersfield Yks. to Essington, Notts. 13 Jan 1698/9
R27 Christopher HIRST (HURST) and wife from Barlow to Huthersfield, (Huddersfield) Yks. 6 Jan 1698/9
R28 Grace LAWTON widow, to Edensor. 1704
R29 Elizabeth PROCTOR to Unstone, p. Dronfield. 1704
R30 Anne ROTHERAM wife of Robert ROTHERAM and two children. to Eckington. 1709
R31 Abraham RIPPON to Foolow 1709
R32 Ann GREGORY single. to Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts.1715
R33 George MORTIN, wife. from Great Barlow in p. Staveley to Little Barlow in p. Dronfield. 1715
R34 Thomas DENBY labourer. to Chesterfield 1721
R35 George OWEN, wife. to Sheffield 1726
R36 Phillip BASON, Bathias wife, Phillip, Thomas, Bathias. to Eckington. 1731
R37 Elizabeth REDFEARN to Ilam, Staffs. 1731/2
R38 Mary ELLIS to Brighouse, Yks 1731
R39 Robert MOORTON (MORTON), Catherine wife, two children to Holmesfield. c.1736
R40 George STEVENSON, Catherine wife. to Newbold 1744
R41 Thomas BASON, Mary wife. to Staveley 1750
R42 Samuel WHITE, Hannah wife. to Brampton 1752/3
R43 Elizabeth CHAPMAN single to Walton 1764?
R44 Ellen SIMPSON single to Bolsover 1770
R45 William BARGH to Oxcroft 1778
R46 Mary WILSON spinster. to Wingerworth 1787
R47 Mary wife of Samuel HOLLINGWORTH, Elizabeth, Ann, Samuel, George, Enoch. to Holmesfield 1794
R48 Ann BOWN single, pregnant. to Dronfield 1802
R49 Edward CHAPMAN, Hannah wife, Hannah, Joseph, Samuel. Wentworth, Yks. 1806
R50 Ann OSCROFT wife of Thomas OSCROFT, Sarah infant. Holmesfield. 1808
R51 Mary DAVIS spinster Brampton 1811
R52 Ann JOLLY Sheffield, Yks. 1813
R53 Hannah CHAPMAN spinster Beighton 1823
R54 Mary WAGSTAFF pregnant removed from Sheffield Yks. to Great Barlow 1820?
R55 Ellen WARHURST single, pregnant Ecclesfield, Yks 1826
R56 Mary WAGSTAFF pregnant Great Barlow to Little Barlow 1829
R57 Hannah SINGLETON spinster, sickness. Sutton cum Duckmanton 1833
R58 Suspended Order Hannah SINGLETON Sutton cum Duckmanton 1833
R59 Thomas BELFITT, Jane wife, inf male 10m Brampton 1835
B46 Mary COOPER single, and John COOPER als WRAGG her bastard child, removed from Holmesfield to Barlow c1709
RM5/186 George OWEN, wife. Great Barlow p. Staveley to Grimesthorp,Sheffield, Yks. (gained serving "George BEIGHTON of Grimethorp, naylor" ) 1726
RM7/187 George HUDSON, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, George, Hannah, John, Mary, Hnery.  Great Barlow to Unstone 1808
RM7/399 Elizabeth GREEN  to Tideswell   1814
RM7/667 Thomas DAVIES, Hannah wife.  to Brampton  1817
RM7/980* Jane BRIGGS, Eliza, Joseph.  to Belper  1819
RM7/1147 Mary BROOMHEAD widow of Robert BROOMHEAD, Catherine.  to Nether Hallam, Yks.  1823
RM7/1477 William WATKINSON  to Eckington  1829
RM7/1490 Lydia BENNETT pregnant  to Brampton  1830
RM1/3 James SWEET, Hannah 9, Wm 5, Mary 1. 1710/11 removed from St Georges, Southwark, Surry, to Barrow upon Trent.
RM5/80 John WRIGHT, Mary, Mary.  Twyford and Stenson to Dilhorn, Staffs. 1717/8
RM5/81 Elizabeth SPERRY, 8,   Twyford and Stenson, to Netherseal, Leics.  1718
RM5/96 John WILKINSON , Elizabeth wife    Barrow to Littleover.  1719
RM6/80 Dorothy BOWLER single  to Mickleover.  1774
RM6/80 Dorothy BOWLER single  to Mickleover.  1774
RM6/140 George SMITH, Priscilla wife.  Twiford and Stenson to Repton.  1776
RM6/440 Mary JOHNSON   Stenson to the Ash, Sutton on the Hill  1787
RM7/63 John FAIRBONES Sarah wife.  to Twyford.  1802
RM7/521 Thomas HALL, Hannah wife, Sarah, Hannah, William, Ann.  Twyford and Stenson to Spondon.  1816
RM7/1181 James ADAMSON, Rebecca wife, Jane, John.  Twyford and Stenson  to Southwell, Notts. 1824
RM7/1231 James ADAMSON, Rebecca wife, Jane, John.  Twyford and Stenson to Kneedsall, Notts. 1825
RM7/1728 Mary SHEFFIELD single, pregnant.  to Beeston ,Notts.  1834
R1 Mary HILL 7 dau of Assinna HILL single, removed from Dronfield to Baslow. 1730
R2 Moses RICHARDS, Mary wife Calver to Baslow 1737/8
R3 Thomas LANGLEY, Susannah wife Wollaton to Baslow 1749
R4 John BARKER, Jane wife, Wm, Lidia, Margret, Mary. Ashover to Baslow 1752/3
R5 Sarah HEWSON (wife of Joseph, who is run away) 32,son Joseph 6yr 10m. Hampstead Middx to Baslow 1753
R7 Francis MATTHEWS Mansfield to Baslow 1775
R8 Saml CROOK, Mary wife, Grace, George. Dore to Baslow 1776
R9 Gervase HALLAM Brightside Bierlow to Baslow 1776
R10 Hannah PARKIN Sarah dau 1yr Markeaton to Baslow 1797
R12 Elizabeth FURNISS widow, William, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Thomas. Ashford to Baslow 1798
R13 Catherine STEWART alias POOL pregnant. Brampton to Baslow. 1809
R14 Peggy HOLMES insain, not able to provide. Ashford to Baslow. 1809
R15 Mary MARSDEN Brampton to Baslow 1809
R16 Martha TWIGG wife of Joseph TWIGG (Private soldier in 6th Rgt Dragoons or Carbineer in which he has been this several years therefore cannot be removed) Halifax to Baslow 1810
R17 John WRAGG Sutton cum Duckmanton to Baslow 1811
R18 Sarah PARKIN single Grindlow to Baslow 1814
R19 Charles STONE, Dinah wife, William, George. Great Longstone to Baslow 1817
R20 William KING, Hannah wife, Matthias 14 wks Smalley to Baslow 1818
R21 William ALLEN, Betty wife, Charles, William, Margaret Manchester to Baslow. 1819
R22 Sarah COCKER Great Longstone to Baslow 1821
R23 John BROOMHEAD, Mary wife, Catherine Hathersage to Baslow. 1822
R24 Mary RAYNES single, pregnant Dronfield to Baslow 1822
R25 Ann HOLLEY Etchells, Cheshire to Baslow 1825
R26 Tho BARKER, Sarah wife, John, Hannah Eyam Woodlands to Baslow 1825
R27 Mary CHAPMAN single, poor, pregnant Oldham to Baslow. 1826
R28 Joshua BURLEY, Sarah wife, Sarah, George, Edward Saint Margaret, Westminster to Baslow 1827 suspended order, Joshua sick.
R29 Elizabeth BELLINGTON als MILLINGTON single, pregnant Manchester to Baslow. 1828
R30 Sarah CROOKS pregnant. Sheffield to Baslow 1829
R31 Eliza FEARNE (wife of Thomas now absent and apart from her.) Charles 3, Thomas 1 Mansfield to Baslow 1830 Her husband confined in Southwell House of Correction which was the cause of his wifes removal.
R32 Gyte MOTTRAM, Alice wife, William 11, Thomas 9, Elizabeth 7, Ann 5, John 18m Beeley to Baslow 1834
R33 Martha FURNISS widow, Wm 4, Hannah 9m Dukinfield to Baslow 1835
R34 Modern ink transcript of removal of Sarah SPOONER to Froggatt 2 Niv 1730
RSE10 Constant or Christon MARPEL Burton upon Stather, Lincs to Baslow 1766
RM6/134 Dorothy BIRLEY,widow, John, Elizabeth, Mary.  Froggatt to Castleton 1776
RM5/35 Alice GRANT single.  Hassop to Taddington  1713
RM5/53 Thomas HILL, Martha wife.  Corber (Curbar) to Higham (as servant to John PEMBRICK)  1714
RM5/204 Barbara BOTHAM  to Curber.  1730 
RM5/258 Elizabeth HADFIELD wife of James HADFIELD, Mary, Martin. On oath of James HADFIELD her husband.  Hassop to Great Longstone. 1734/5
RM5/340 Nathan MORTON, Sarah wife Elizabeth, Sarah, Hannah, Ann  Froggatt to Hathersage  1743
RM5/432 Mary TURNER  Hassop to Bakewell  1753
RM5/628 John EYDES, Ann wife, George.  to Castleton  1764
RM6/461 Joseph ARCHER, Hannah wife.  to Totley.  1788
RM6/467 Richard CROWDER, Alice wife, Sarah, Mary.  to Beard, p. Glossop 1788
RM6/692 Ann HULLEY single, pregnant.  to Holmesfield  1797
RM7/272 Charles MARPLES otherwise Charles HADFIELD 6, illegitimate child of Martha HADFIELD dec.  On examination of Robert ELLIS, Jane HADFIELD, Nathan MARSHALL. Curbar to Stockport, Ches. 1811 
RM7/273 Hannah MARPLES otherwise Hannah HADFIELD 2, illegitimate child of Martha HADFIELD dec. On examination of Robert ELLIS, Jane HADFIELD, Nathan MARSHALL. Curbar to Heaton Norris, Lancs. 1811
RM7/235 Rebecca WATSON, David, Henry.  to Rowsley 1809
RM7/614 Barnaby BARTON, Mary wife, Martha, Hannah.  Curbar to Holmesfield  1817
RM7/1115 Matthew MARPLES, Rachael wife, George, James, Mary, Elizabeth.  to Whittington  1822
RM7/1189* Christian BETTANY single  to Edensor  1824
RM7/1343* Francis HULLEY, Elizabeth wife, Elizabeth, Jacob. On examination of Ann HULLEY now wife of Oswald WHYLEY, mother of Francis HULLEY.  Curbar to Holmesfield  1827
RM7/1643 Esther BESTWICK  to Chapel en le Frith  1832
RM7/2043 John STEVENSON formerly of Sheffield, Yks. now of Curbar. Oaths of Edward MASON, Thomas ROBINSON, William SIDDALL  to Darley Dale.  1864
RM1/4 Sarah DENT and four children, Beauchief to Ecclesall Barlow, (Bierlow) 1712/3
BEELEY Removal Orders.
RM1/5 Anthony YOUNG, Ellen wife, Hannah. 1718 Beelee to Matlock
8 Robert RANDALL, Mary wife, Elizabeth 9, Mary 9, Rbt 6,Wm 3 John 6m Removed from Brampton to Beeley 1796
9 John WHEELDON, Triphana wife and family 1734 to Brampton
SC2R Jonathan ROBERTS Ellen wife. to Mansfield, Notts. 1721
SC4R Anthony YOUNG, Ellen wife, Hannah to Matlock. n.d.
SC6R Mary BRIDDOCK to Chesterfield (as a hired servant with Richard OUSNAM or WOLSTENHOLME) 1723
R1 Mary THORP, ran away and left a son, aged 3, called Edmund THORP als HIGHAM at Hattersleynr Stockport, Cheshire. Removed to Hattersley. 1705
R2 Ann TOWNSLEY Abney to Beeley 1718 gained settlement there by being servant to John GREGORY of Doewood.
R3 Charles WALLWORK, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, Charles. to Manchester, Lancs. 1795
R4 Mary HAMMON widow, Martha HAMMON dau soinster. to Horton, Staffs. 1718
RM7/1130* Hannah TAYLOR single, pregnant.  to Bakewell  1822
RM7/1131 Joseph TOPLIS, Charlotte wife, John, Elizabeth, William, Abel, Mary.  to Edensor  1822
RM7/1168* Joseph TOPLIS, Charlotte wife, John, Elizabeth, William, Abel.  to Wensley and Snitterton  1823
RM7/1615 Joseph STONE, Ann wife, John, Charles, Grace.  to Edensor  1831
RM1/28 Joseph ROBOTTAM, Martha wife. 1765 Beighton to Whittington.
RM5/291 Samuel GREAVES, Hellen wife,  Birley to Orgreave p. Rotherham, Yks 1737
RM7/1008 Mary RICHARDS,  Joseph, Mary.  to Sheffield, Yks.  1819
RM7/1334 Thomas CLAYTON, Hannah wife, Hannah, Elizabeth, Charlotte, George, Harriett.  to Ulley, Yks  1827
RM7/1412 Robert SENTHOUSE, Elizabeth wife.  to Austerfield, Yks  1828
BELPER Removal
RM2/12 Ambrose BLACKHAM Martha wife, Martha 19, John, Mary, Sarah, Matthew, William, Melicent. 1805 Belepr to Tipton, Staffs
RM2/19 John KIDDY, Elizabeth wife, Saml, Hannah. 1805 Belper to Kirk Ireton
RM2/31 William JACKSON, Frances wife, William, Joshua, Thomas, Mary, John, Sarah. 1806 Belper to Hales Owen, Staffs.
RM2/34 John WEBSTER, Sarah wife, Mary William, Samuel 1806 Belper to Denby
RM2/56 James SIMPSON nailor, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, Susannah, Charlotte, Ann, Phebe. 1807 Belper to Hales Owen, Salop, (sic)
RM2/87 Elizabeth (wife of John WIGLEY, late of Belper, cordwainer, but now a prisoner under sentence of Transportation) John, George, Jediediah, Elizabeth, Robert. 1809 Belper to Heage.
RM2/89 William BRENTNALL lab, Mary wife, Eliza, John 1810 Belper to Basford, Notts.
RM2/98 Humphry MILLS, Sarah wife, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Thomas, Samuel, Belper to Pentrich. 1810
RM3/113 Hannah MILLER to Taddington 1813
RM4/8 John BERRISFORD, Milicent wife, Thomas, Elizabeth, John, Hannah. to Holbrook 1816
RM5/373 Elizabeth GOULD wife of George GOULD, Ann.     p. Blackwell to Sheen, Staffs. 1753
RM6/22 Francis KYTE, Ann alias Nanny, wife, p. Blackwell to Derby St Michael  1771
RM7/284 Joseph BENNETT, Elizabeth wife, Joseph, Ann, John, Thomas, Elizabeth.  to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts. 1812
RM7/334 James BERESFORD, Sarah wife.   to Ripley  1813
RM7/395 Elizabeth CLARKE   to Shirland  1814
RM7/491 William CLARKE, Mary wife.  to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts.  1816
RM7/758 John MARRIOTT, Mary wife, Hannah, George.  to Sutton in Ashfield, Notts.  1817
RM7/781 Sarah PURSGLOVE  to Arnold, Notts  1817

R1 Sarah BROWN Bolsover to Eckington 1768
R2 Joseph KENYON, Mary wife, Wm, Chas, Ann, Henry, Elizabeth Bolsover to Worksop 1817
R3 John GODFREY Elizabeth wife, Wm, Sarah, Ann 1826 Shirland to Bolsover
R4 Catherine BROWN pregnant Clown to Bolsover 1829
R5 John JENKINSON, Ruth wife, Eliza, Isaac, Wm. John, Francis, Susannah. Bolsover to Treeton 1829
R6 Joseph FISHER Ann wife Bolsover to Ecclesfield 1830
R7 Elizb. HEALD single, pregnant Bolsover to Chesterfield 1831
R8 Mary MELLOW single Lenton to Bolsover Aug 1832
R9 Mary MELLOW suspended order of removal Sep 1832
R10 Mary Ann ASTLEY wife of Joshua, who is absent. 1832 Hasland to Bolsover
R11 Wm WRIGHT Sutton in Ashfield to Bolsover 1832
R12 Wm WRIGHT Suspended order. now dead. 1833
R13 Mary CUTT pregnant Bolsover to Scarcliffe 1833
R14 Ann UNWIN pregnant Pleasley to Bolsover 1834
R15 James TURNER Mary wife, Wm, Elizabeth, Samuel, James Ecclesall Bierlow to Bolsover. 1833
R16 Mary TURNER Suspended order, signed and crossed through. 1833
R17 Mary COWPE spinster, pregnant Mansfield to Bolsover 1834
R18 Joseph SIMPSON Ecclesall Bierlow to Bolsover 1838
R19 Joseph SIMPSON Ecclesall Bierlow to Bolsover 1838
R21 John JENKINSON Susanna 10, Jonathan 8 Benj 4 1838 Bolsover to Treeton
R22 Ann CLARKE Kingston upon Hull to Bolsover 1818
R24 ------ SMITH and family Bolsover to Tickhill 1768 cost account of removal.
RM5/24 William BENILL, Ann wife, three children to Thorpe nr Headon, Notts. 1713 
RM5/83 Roger WIBBERLEY, Hannah wife, children. to Priestcliffe  1718
RM5/151 Job WILD, wife.  Glapwell to Tupton  1722
RM5/260 George HOLMES, Elizabeth wife, two children Robert CROFT and Ann CROFT.  to Hucknall, Dbys. 1734
RM5/656 John SMITH, Elizabeth wife, Hannah, Mary.   to Ault Hucknall  1765
RM5/685 John SMITH, Elizabeth wife, Hannah, Mary.   to Tickhill, Yks  1766
RM5/747 John BENNET, Mary wife, Samuel  to Elmton  1769
RM5/749 John BROWN, Mary wife, Israel, Ann, Margaret.   to Staveley  1769 
RM5/761 Josiah SIMPSON, Elizabeth wife, Josiah, Ann, Elizabeth, Joseph.   to Boslam ( Burslem ?) Staffs. 1768
RM6/99 Sarah MELLOR single to Holbeck, Notts. 1774
RM6/216 Ann COOK to Palterton.  1780
RM6/255 Joseph STOPPARD, Mary wife. to Sutton, Dbys. 1781
RM6/292 George WHITTLES, Katherine wife, Samuel, George. to Staveley  1782
RM6/542 Mary MARSH  to Scarcliffe  1790
RM6/665 Sarah RHODES pregnant.  to Staveley  1795
RM7/113 William TURTON single  to Warsop, Notts. 1804
RM7/279 Jane WORTH, Jane, Elizabeth, Joseph, Thomas.  to Stanley cum Wrenthorpe, Yks 1811
RM7/656* John CHARLESWORTH, Sarah wife, An, Mary, John, Elizabeth.  to Brimington  1817
RM7/899 Joseph GOODLAD, Luvina wife.  to Scarcliffe/  1818
RM7/1014 William WATKINSON, Elizabeth wife.  to Eckington  1819
RM7/1186 Daniel BARTON, Mary wife, John, Daniel.  to Pilsley  1824
RM7/1187 Daniel BARTON Suspended order.  to Pilsley 1824
RM7/1336 James FINNEY, Ann wife, Mary Ann    to Eckington  1827
RM7/1438 John FOX, Alice wife, William, Joseph, John, James  Glapwell to Ault Hucknall  1829
RM7/1533 George HERRING   Glapwell to Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. 1830
RM7/1588 Henry FOSTER 4, Joseph FOSTER 2 , children of Simon FOSTER a soldier now absent from them.  to Edwinstowe, Notts.  1831
1Hannah YOUNGE, wid, Jacob from Manchester to Bonsall 1810.
RM1/58 Joseph PEARSON, John, Sarah, Joseph, Elizabeth, Henry, Benjamin. resided under Certificate dated 1767. Bonsall to Matlock 1780
RM5/154 Elizabeth BALL, wife of Cornelius BALL who has run away, Edward.  to Walsall, Staffs. 1723
RM5/314 Thomas THOMPSON, Sarah wife, Elizabeth.  to Hopton  1740
RM6/230 Peter SMEDLEY, Ellen wife, Robert his wifes natural son, William their son.  John HARTLE their apprentice. to Ashover 1780
RM6/298 Hannah BROUNT  to Alfreton  1783
RM6/299 Hannah BRUNT  to Ballidon and Pike Hall  1783
RM6/301 Peter BUTLER, Sarah wife, James, Peter, William, Charles, Thomas.  to Matlock  1783
RM6/320 Catherine ROLSTON  to Matlock  1783
RM6/408 Richard HOPKINSON, Elizabeth wife, Job.  to Middleton by Wirksworth.
RM6/749 Sarah CLAYTON  to South Normanton  1800
RM6/458 James WHITE, Mabel, James, Job.   to Ible.  (on reverse :19th Apr 1787  Conveyed James WHITE and his three children to the Over Seares of the Hamblet of Ible) 1787
RM6/592 Sarah POTTER  to Selusion, Wrexham, Wales.  1792 
RM7/147 Mary FROST wife of John FROST, Eliza.  to Chesterfield  1806
RM7/197 Thomas WIGLEY, Elizabeth wife.  to Ilkeston  1808  
RM7/401  Rebecca HIGGETT  single  to Llanverbrin, Carmarthenshire, Wales.  1814
RM7/797 James SHAW  notice of appeal by Middleton by Wirksworth  1817
RM7/798 James SHAW, Catherine wife, Ann.  Bonsall to Middleton.  1817
RM7/1080 Israel SHAW  to Middleton, Dbys.  1821
RM7/1248 Joshua GREGORY otherwise Joshua POTTER.   to Litton.  1825
RM7/1467 Elizabeth ROWLAND widow of Benjamin ROWLAND, David, Hannah, John, Elizabeth, Benjamin.  to Merryonydd, Montgomery, Wales.  1829
RM7/1543 Thomas MILLWARD, Ann wife, John, Mary.  to Codnor Park  1830
RM7/1544 Thomas MILLWARD  appeal by Codnor Park to removal from Bonsall 1830
RM7/1545 Thomas MILLWARD appeal may be discharged without cost Bonsall Overseers.  1830
RM7/1800 Elizabeth WOODWARD, four children. Notice to Overseers of Wootton, Staffs of Chargeabiltity.  1837
RM7/1801 Elizabeth WOODWARD,( wife of John WOODWARD who has deserted her) Agnes, Harriett, John, Alfrerd. On examination of Agnes WOODWARD mother of John WOODWARD.  to Wootton, Staffs.  1837
RM6/595 George SHERWIN, Martha wife, Ann, William, Thomas, Jane.  to Alvaston  1792
RM7/1226 William Alexander WALKER otherwise PEARCE, illegitimate son of Mary Ann WALKER widow, formerly Mary Ann PEARCE Bolton (Boulton, Dbys)  to Radford, Notts.  1824
RM7/1227 Richard Asker WALKER otherwise PEARCE, illegitimate son of Mary Ann WALKER widow, formerly Mary Ann PEARCE. Bolton (Boulton Dbys) to St Lukes, Chelsea, Middx.  1824

RM5/45 John WOOLLEY  to Kings Newton (gained, as a hired servant) 1713
RM7/603 Olive ASHMORE single,  to Marston Montgomery.  1817
RM7/623 James BILLINGE  to Church Broughton.  1817
RM7/885 Thomas DAKIN, Mary wife.  to Shirland.  1818
RM7/1005 Frances PARKER pregnant of a bastard.  to Stanton.  1819
RM7/1100 Hannah COPESTAKE widow of Sampson COPESTAKE, Hannah, Jane, Francis, Samuel.  to Derby All Saints. 1822

BRADBOURNE Removal (See also Brassington)
RM5/10 Richard BUXTON, wife.  Ballidon to Smerrill  (gained as a hired servant to Henry BOWMAN.)  1711
RM5/98 Thomas BLOOD, Ann wife.  to Church Broughton (gained as servant to Mr MOORCROFT) 1720
RM5/406 Ralph TUNNICLIFFE, Sarah wife.  Lea Hall to Alstonefield, Staffs.  1752
RM6/153 John BOTHAM  to Brassington ,on oath of Ann BOTHAM, mother.  1777 
RM6/462 John ARMSTRONG, Aves wife, Hannah.  to South Wingfield  1788
RM6/509 Ann FERN   to Hognaston   1789
RM7/346 George FEARN  (On examination of Matthew FEARN)  to Rodsley  1813

RM2/92 John COPESTAKE Bradley to Derby St Werburgh 1810
RM4/41 Thomas MASKARY, Sarah wife, Martha, Betty, Sarah 1816 Bradley to Shirley
RM5/113 Thomas OWEN, Ann wife, Deborah.  to Ashover .  1721/2
RM7/694 George FRITH, Jane wife, James, Mary, Joseph?, Charlotte, Charles, Harriot.  to Thorpe  1817
RM7/704 George GREAVES, Ann wife, Mary.  to Repton  1817
RM7/927 Thomas NEWMAN, Sarah wife, Lucy  to St Stephen, London  Aug 1818
RM7/928 Lucy NEWMAN Suspended order to St Steven (sic) Middx. Oct 1818
RM1/54 John MIERS Ann wife, residing under Certificate dated 1749. Brailsford to Edlaston. 1773
RM2/70 Elizabeth wife of William CASH and John her son. 1809
Brailsford to Mappleton
RM2/75 Jane LEADBETTER, (wife of Thomas who is now run away) James, Daniel, Hollington to Uttoxeter. Nov 1809
RM2/76 Jane LEADBETTER suspended order. Removed Dec 1809
RM2/81 Samuel SHELDON, Hannah wife, Rhoda, John 1809 Brailsford to Ashbourne
RM2/83 William TWIGG, Srah wife, Saah, Mary, Wm 1809 Hollington to Shirley
RM3/187 Benjamin HALLAM to Spondon 1815
RM3/200 Ann MOTTERAM to Uttoxeter 1815
RM4/25 Benjamin HALLAM to Bristol St James 1816
RM6/11 Hannah PEGG  Brailsford to Derby St Peter  1770
RM6/12 Mary RILEY  Brailsford to Uttoxeter, Staffs. 1770 on reverse; has child Thomas by Thomas REEVE of Brailsford.
RM6/83 Hannah BRYON  to Ravensdale Park, Mugginton  1774
RM6/83 Hannah BRYON  to Ravensdale Park, Mugginton  1774
RM6/240 Mary ANADALE otherwise BRIERLEY  to Ashton under Line, Lancs.  1781
RM6/401 Samuel COOKE, Mary, Samuel, Joseph, John . to Alstonefield, Staffs. 1786
RM6/417 Abraham REEVE, Elizabeth wife,  to Astley, Warwicks.  1786
RM6/556 David TUNNICLIFF  to Ashbourne  1791
RM6/557 John TAYLOR, Sarah wife, William, John, Thomas, Benjamin.  to Wirksworth  1791
RM6/484 Joshua KENT, Diana wife, William, Mary.  to Butterton, Staffs. ( On reverse. "Order may be questioned ") 1788
RM7/112 Josiah FROST  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1804
RM7/1152* Mary HANCOCK single, pregnant  to Derby St Peter.  1823
RM7/1558 Philip SANDERS, Mary wife, Elizabeth, Fredrick.  to Offcote and Underwood  1830
RM7/1747 John ROCK    to Lichfield St. Mary, Staffs  1835
RM5/146 Ann SLACK to Wirksworth. (obtained Certificate by false suggestion) 1722
 RM5/158 Elizabeth LEE to Holbeck Woodhouse, Cuckney, Notts.  1723
RM5/285 Frances SWIFT widow of Godfrey SWIFT late of Mansfield,Notts, Frances, Elizabeth, Catherine. to Mansfield ,Notts. 1736
RM5/725 Ellen WILSON  to Pilsley  1767
RM7/137 Henry STEVENSON, Sarah wife, Mary, Thomas, Ephraim, Elizabeth. to Little Barlow 1805
RM6/577 John BROWN alias NEEDHAM, John Townend NEEDHAM  to Chesterfield    1791
RM6/656 William FIDLER  to Chesterfield  1795
RM6/671 Arthur BRADLEY, Mary wife.    to Matlock   1796
RM6/711 William MADIN, Sarah wife, James, William.  to Oxcroft, Dbys. 1798
RM6/724 Rachel GARRISS  to Sheldon   1799
RM6/728 Ann LOWE widow,   to Harthill, Yks  c.1799
RM6/733 Mary ROSS, widow Mary, Thomas, George, Frances.  to Blocksedge (Bloxwich ?) Staffs. 1799
RM7/121 Ann CLAY Brampton to Chesterfield  1805
RM7/129 Ann HIBBERD wife of Joseph HIBBERD a soldier in HMS, Charles, John.   to Laughton en le Morthen Yks. 1805 
RM7/158 Joseph ROOPER, Sarah wife, Grace, Ann, Ellen, Mary, William, John.  to Youlgreave 1806
RM7/170 Catherine STEWART alias POOL, pregnant.  to Baslow.  1807
RM7/177 William COOK, Ruth wife, George, Charlotte.  to Matlock 1808
RM7/179 Amelia DALE ( wife of William DALE a soldier 76th Rgt Foot) ,William.  to Buxton  1808
RM7/188 Elizabeth MARSDEN   to Chesterfield  1808
RM7/193 Ann TURNER widow.  to Attercliffe, Yks. 1808
RM7/196 Ann WASS to Chesterfield, (On reverse; lived Mrs GRAHAM 17yrs, went to James WILSON Hardstoft, COUP in Teversal, Notts, came to Mr GRATTON. Cannot be certain this refers to Ann WASS.)  1808
RM7/209 Elizabeth GREAVES widow, William  to Hellifield, WRY,Yks.  1809
RM7/230 James SHORT, lunatic. On examination of William SHORT and Joshua COATES. to Chesterfield  1809
RM7/248 Ann LANE a Militia mans wife. Pregnant of a bastard.  to Sheffield, Yks. 1810
RM7/258 Edward TURNER, Ann wife, Sarah, Samuel, Mary, Dorothy, Hannah.  to Great Barlow.  1810
RM7/291 Joseph CAMAMILE, Elizabeth wife, John, James, Daniel, Michal, Joseph.  to Winthorp, Notts. 1812
RM7/363 Martha MADIN, Ann, William, John, Henry .  to Chesterfield . 1813
RM7/393 Alice BOTTOM  to Chesterfield  1814
RM7/404 Martha JONES   to Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts.  1814
RM7/407 Susanna MADDISON  to Chesterfield  1814
RM7/420 Elizabeth THOMPSON  to Youlgreave  1814  
RM7/442 Elizabeth REDFERN widow  to Whittington.  1815
RM7/443 Cornelius ROPER, Mary wife, William  to Bonsall  Feb. 1815
RM7/444 Cornelius ROPER Suspended order. Dead.  William and Mary removed. Mar. 1815
RM7/478 James BRIGHT, Eunice wife, Frances, Mary.  to Chesterfield  1816
RM7/503 Betty DAWSON    to Chesterfield  1816
RM7/522 William HANDLEY, Sarah wife, Mary.  to Ashbourne  Mar. 1816  
RM7/523 William HANDLEY Suspended order,  to Ashbourne   May 1816
RM7/615 Benjamin BATEMAN  to Wensley  1817
RM7/756 William MACKDONALD, Elizabeth wife, John, Grace, Esther.  to Matlock  1817
RM7/948 Elizabeth SMITH   to Lea.  1818
RM7/1211 Sarah REDFEARN single, pregnant.  to Whittington.  1824
RM7/1278* Alice BOOKER single.  to Newbold  1826
RM7/1408 Mary RATCLIFFE, widow.  to Staveley.  1828 
RM7/1443 Joseph HALLOWES, Frances wife, Elizabeth, Samuel.  to Darley  1829
RM7/1827 James WAYNE, Elizabeth wife.   to Chesterfield  1839
RM7/1827 James WAYNE, Elizabeth wife.   to Chesterfield  1839   
RM7/1831 James WAYNE, Elizabeth wife.  Notice of Appeal by Chesterfield  1839
RM7/2020* James CAULWOOD, Mary wife, Louisa, Francis a child by a former wife, Ann WINDLE, George WINDLE children of Mary CAULWOOD born bastards.  to Ilkeston  Jan.1846
RM7/2021* James CAULWOOD delivered to Ilkeston  Feb 1846

Q2/66Rem Hannah BAKER single, pregnant Brassington to Wetton, Staffs. 1809
RM5/227 William BRIDDON, Mary wife.  to Elton  1732
RM5/330 Anthony TAYLOR, Mary wife, Mary, George .  to Alderways Lee (Alderwasley)  1742
RM5/720 George WATSON  to Bonsall  1767
RM6/652 Mary BRIDGE  to Brampton  1795
RM7/791 William SCATTERGOOD, Alice wife.  to Elvaston.  May 1817
RM7/891 William FLINT  to Parwich.  1818
RM7/1232 James BACON  to Lenton, Notts.  1825
RM7/1365 Elizabeth TOMLINSON widow, Frances, William, Samuel.  to Hognaston  1827
RM7/1372 John WEBSTER, Mary wife, John, Martha.  to Belper  1827
RM7/1422 John WEBSTER Snr, Mary wife, John, Martha.  to Bradley  1828
RM3/91 William ENSOR, Alice wife, Ann, Wm, Geo, Sarah, Mary John 3 days. to Ballidon 1812
RM3/92 Suspended order Alice ENSOR to Ballidon. Sick. Removed 1813
RM5/704 John  JACKSON, Ellinor wife.  to Bradley    1767
RM6/500 Mary BAILEY  to Stanton by Dale  1789
RM6/516 Elizabeth LANGTON  to Ripley  1789
RM7/313 Martha MATHER  to Windley  1812
RM7/1290 James George HILES   to St James, Middx  1826
RM7/1513 William DAVENPORT, Ann wife, Stephen, Elizabeth.  to Derby St Werburgh.  1830
RM7/1527 Hannah HANDLEY widow, pregnant of a bastard.  to Little Eaton  1830
RM7/1564 Elizabeth TOWLSON wife of Joseph TOWLSON (now absent) John, Joseph, Sarah, Mary.  to Sturston  1830
BREASTON Removal (See also Wilne )
RM4/139 John LAKIN, Mary wife, Sarah. 1819 Breaston to Stanton by Dale.
RM6/56 Adam BARKER, Mary wife.  to Kellington, Notts.  1773
RM6/62 Sarah DYKES single  to Sawley.  1773
RM5/273 Martha HENSON  to Whysall, Notts. 1735
RM7/1489 Sarah BALDWIN wife of Thomas BALDWIN (in HM Gaol, Derby) Henry.  to Sandiacre  1830
RM7/2030 Mary TOON widow of Daniel TOON, Sarah, Mary Ann, Hannah, Daniel, William, Elizabeth.  to Nottingham St Mary, Notts. 1846
RM1/42 John WHALLEY, Ellen wife, Thomas, James. 1767 Buxton to Macklesfield.
RM5/5 Samuel MYCOCK, family  to Blackwell  1710
RM5/527 Elias VICKERS, Ellen wife, Richard, Mary, Amy.  to Little Laver, Bolton in le moore, Lancs.  1758
RM6/576 Ann CARR a lunatic.   to Ashbourne.   1791
RM6/599a Arthur YEOMANS, Elizabeth wife, William, Thomas.  to Ecclesall Bierlow, Yks. 1792
RM7/901 Matthew GOOSTREY, Elizabeth wife.  to Ipstones, Staffs.  1818
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Ockbrook, Settlement Examination;
SE8 John ARCHER 1750.